Newspaper of Evening Star, February 12, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 12, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS t \ t- : t. ! w* r?TA* J* printed on the Jteitc*t r*?* '* c*e of iWUnure, 1t? edition ! f U'?t aa to require it to br pit to pr*?a ax an r^rlr beer, AilvrrtiMBcotn, therefore, afeeuld he t-r.t la before tt oY.loelt m.; etbcrwlee they may set arf?nr until Ibe next day. NotTCSDMrtek of Colombia Adrertlaetnenta - be Inserted In the BiLTMoai t?rs are reo??i*ed rand forwarded from T?? ?? ? ? Oitt Corscin, Feh. 11?Board if Aldtrmtn. The petition of John W Carr, prav*.ng remMlon of ? fine, rai rfffrrfd. Mr. Bavly Introduced a j^lnt reaoluttfcn. in structing tbe Mayor and Cltv Council* to wait on tbe President of tbe United ^tatn i' tucb time u he may d?-m proper, to t'^ndrr tbeir cordial rea perts to him prior to bla reUxwnent from ottce; passed unanimously. Mr Semmea lntro<* a Joint resolution, ln t rue tine tbecomir whoae duty It la to attend to the Interests'^ the city before Congress, to protest stains* tfce 0,^^ 0f tbe bill pending before that prov<ding for a Metropolitan Police for M clty 0f Washington, In lta present form; pa ^ unanlmocsly. -'?,n . revolution for the relief of F. S. Walab, <ak*tt from tbe table for conaideratlon. and """ t discission. was re-committed to the com n~ .Mire on finance. Bill to provide for a more general lighting of \he streets of the city and for other purposes; laid over informally. The Chair announced that nnder the joint rsao luttoa passed at tho last meeting of the Board, authorizing the appointment of a com mitten of the City Council to receive the President elect, he had appointed on the part of the Board of Alder men Measrt Ward and Semmes Mr. Ward -''Mr. President, 1 most respectfully decline to s^ree It ain't my style." Several members hoped the gentleman would not decline to serve. Mr. Ward ?"1 certainly ask to b*? excused from ssrviuv; In fact, 1 shall excuse myself. There is no power in this Board that can compel me to act in tHa csMeil* ?*< 1 * *?* - ,? ,, ?? aiiau ta>e iuc notrry 01 staying away If not excused. I won't serve on the ? ommitte*. and that's all about it." The P.CMrd. by vote, excused the gentleman from serving. and Mr. Moore w?? appointed in bis place The joint committee, a? Constituted, are as fol lows: The Mavor; Mr Pove. President of the Board of Aldermen- Mr Powell, President of the Boird "f C^mainn Council; Messrs Semmes and Moore, of th? Bgftrd of Aldermen; and Messrs Easby, Van Res**lck.and Ober.of the Board of Common Cci.-ao'.i. Common Council ?A communication from the May?r, relative to a communication *f the com missioner of the western section of the canal rela tive to rrpair of brldgrs.'wss referred. The rr<*sid?-nt appointed the following gentle men on the joint committee on the reception of the Pres'drnt-el^ct of the United St?fe?: Messrs Powell. E*sby, Van Reswick. and Ober. Mr. Jonn - w.n ?? " .....mavw m Ulll UlUVrillDg IDf Mayor to purchase a lire engine for the uae of tbe citv Tbe question of reorganizing the lire depart ment \<>?? referred to by Nesars. Meade, Eaaby, ajfl Powell Mr Given said a bill was now with the com miner for perfection, for the organization of a paid department. Mr Clark offered a lolnt resolution for the ap pcintment of a committee to protest against the j-??age of the metropolitan police bill now before Congress. Mr Borrows said he was about to offer a resolu tion on that subject, probably a little different. 11 is resolution proposed to vest the appointing p wer Ui the Circuit Court. Mr. Ctxrk said be would withdraw bis resoln ;uu, as he was satlstied with one now here from the npper board Mr. Chapin moved to take up the joint resolu tion of the Aide men. Mr Borrows thought the commissioners pro posed the most objectionable feature. Mr. viark thought there wai also another ob jectionable feature?the throwing of the coat on rwe city. Mr. Chapln offered a resolution upon the same subject. I he joint resolution of the Aldermen was taken up. Mr Easbv thought the resolution would have the effect to defeat the bill entirely, if It had any. He hoped that U?e dav of partlzanshlp was paw log away, and that the city would hereafter be governed upon better principles A metropolitan police, all admit, Is wantea. Mr. E. could not agree to either suggestion made, and would vote mgainst the resolution. Mr. Borrows said heat first thought that the bill with those names as commissioners was a joke He went to see some of the members. He asked for Mr. Kllgore, but be could not be seen, bat sent him word that petitions signed by over vuc luviuiuu persons nad recommended the com missioners named Mr. B said be was aston istf-d to bear of such petition* Mr. Morgan fivored tbe appointment of tbe commissioners by the circuit court if tbe bill ia to l?e forced upon ua, but he bad otiier serious ob jection* to tbe bill. Mr. Clark said he recollected when tbe petition was going around for limners, and tbere was no rnmuiseinners named in it. He had no dcubt that a man who had been convicted in the crim inal court would not scruple to insert his own and other name* ia such a connection, which be be lieved to be the fact now. Mesars Emerson and Wilson were in favor of a specification of the objectionable features. Air. Jones favored tbe joint resolution, and thought a general protest against tbe bill in its present form would be best. Mr Raihv 41 ..... -v?. >uc uppvijiMunnui me com miaalnner* by the President of the United State*, and offered an amendment urging such an amend ment to the bill before Congress. Tbe A'.dt-rroen having adjourned, all substitutes and amendmeota were withdrawn, and the joint resolution was adopted. Mr. Mohnn offered a joint resolution in relation to an act now pending in Congress, granting tbe right of way through the city to the Baltimore Washington Branch Railroad, remonstrating against its passage; passed. Mr. Meade presented a btll appropriating 9750 for casual repairs in the Fifth ward; passed. Mr. Thomas presented the petition of B- F. Clark, for remisalon of a fine; referred. Mr. Mohan, from drainage committee, reported a bill appropriating for payment of wharf rent due by this Corporation; passed. vir Muuoy. irom claims committee, reported the Aldermen's bill for relief of Mows Ml aster, remitting a fine. Mr Jones moved to postpone tbe bill till nsxt Moaday evening; lost, and tbe bill waa passed. Alio, a bill for relief of Wm Magee, refunding a license, the petitioner losing bis stock by lire tbe day after it was obtained; passed. Also, a bill for relief of H. C Purdy, claimed under similar circumstances; passed Tbe committee wos d:scbar*ed from consider ation of the petition of A. R. Berry. . bill authorizing tlie Mayor to increase ;be Mr |Mead said that tue original b.ll from the Aid* riaen had been referred to tbe notice com mittee Happening to have that draught in his band at tbe post office tbe evemug the wind was so furious, it was accidentally knocked from bis baud and lost. This is a new draught, and will of courss have to go back t-? tbe Aldermen. Mr Rarrnwt wxi nnH?r tk* '?>r>.?*w*? - ?v iiupiOIBiVU tusk IUC Mayor bad enough police to protect tbe city. r?uch waa tola lnf-rence from tbe Mayor'a letter to M?jor General Weightman. Certainly, if tbe force la already ao strong, there waa no neceaalty for extra* Mr Joaea explained that the Mayor ne doubt, In tbe letter to General Welghtrnao. had reference to the police with aid that tbla bill promised. Tbe aid be bad a right to expect Mr Mulloy declared himavlf a recent convert to Berrelism, and expreaaed himself in rather extatic terms of tbe Mayor. He thought it would be aafe to entruat him with all the power propoeed. Mr. M. proceeded to abuse the aoidiers here on doty, and laid tbe neceaalty of an increaaed police to the fault of thoee who brought them here. Mr. Wllaon would like to reatrlct tbe Mayor to time and number. The bill was read, and It restricted tbe ttaae to tbe occaaloa of the 1 aaogoration en 4th Mareh next The chairman (Mr. Mead) directed "4th March next" to be strtcken oat. Mr Wllaon moved to amend by providing that the number be restricted to not over one hundred. Mr. Joaea moved to strike out "one"' and ineert ftve M Mr Jones withdrew his amendment and called lor iu? ywi Suva umyw Mr. Wilson accepted an amendment to hia amendment, Inserting two Instead of one. Mr Wilson withdrew bla amendment, and the bill waa passed. Mr. ttiren mored to take up a joint resolution from Aldermen, in? true ting the committee before Congress to aak for the transfers of certain engine houaes and apparatua to the corporation; paaaed. Joint reaolutlon, from the Aldermen, of reapect to Jatnes Bachanan, President of the United states; paaaed Aldermen bill for graveling A street aouth, and an act for repair of certain figures, were appropri ately referred Mr Easby offered a joint resolution Instructing the committee before Coogreaa to urge each an amendment of the Metropolitan policeaa will Teat the appointment of the commissi oner a in the Pres ident of the United States Mr Jonas moved to lay on the table. r. M " we have A aupwioon m> aiacuee Demi i called for the quest] [h wlad bere tcalght " i and the board adjooraad ,;arr ? -? >'? ^4* t Alsxaidhu Tbe following itema we glean from the Oaietteof this morning : Preparations fur fUiritmg tkr 224 ?We learn that our Volunteer Companies ure making prepa rations for an appropriate celebration of the Rirth <iav| <f Washington. In addition to the M*unt V rnon Onarda, Alexandria Riflemen, Old Do minion Rifles, and Alexandria Artillery, It Is ex pected that the Minute Men from Calpeper C H , and one or more companies from Wash!n?ton, will be present, as ?ue*t of the Alexandria Rifle men, and take part In the celebration. On that day, handsome flag Is to be presented to the V.? ?V - l.-li? ? - * uiuciucu uy iuc lauiri, ana iac nrcMlon Will fx? one of great interest. At night,* ball will be given by the Mount Vernon Guards, at Sarepta H?ll. The Friendship Fire Company have also deter mined to unite in tbe celebration. Alexandria it never backward In paying homage to the memory of Washington. Go 14 Fit A.?We bad ahown to us, yesterday morning, a Gold Fiah, the largest we ever saw, Which bad been caught on Sunday evening last, lb the Potomac, opposite this city. We suppose It escaped when small from tbe reservoir in tbe Capitol ground Into tbe river, through one of tbe Washington sewers. Renting / tht Fisk Wharf?The Fish Wharf In Alexandria was rented on Saturday last at pub lic auction, John T Crelghton, auctioneer, from tbe first of March until tbe 1st of June, to Thomas Javlas, for S3,135. Cotton ?We learn that the Orange and Alexan dria Railroad Company have contracted to bring lothlaclty, over tbelr road, two thouaand balaa of cotton to be ahlpped from thla port to New York In ateamera i ne Cotton ta from Memphia, and to b? brought to Lynchburg over the Virginia and Tenneaaee Railroad. Thia ta but the begin ning of a heavy trade to be done in cotton by the new rule. Leak * the Alexandria Canal.?The water in the Alexandria Canal hsa be?*n drawn off to repair a alight leak la the road arch at the Four Mile Run. MiLiTAat Difficulty ?Itiaatatod In military clrtlea that the Department has declined to tr commiaaion Captain ScbaefTer, of the National R'flra, on tke ground of hi* refuaal to anawer cer tain interrogator lea put to him by Major General Welghtmaa touching hia courae in a certain con tingency. According to Gen. Weightman'a account, Capt. Scbaeffer waa notified to report himself at the hpjldnniirt>'r? nf th? n.llill. t/1 receive his commission. Before receiving it, he was questioned by Col. Stone, in the presence of Major General Weightman. ai to what he would do in caae Maryland should scode and he hould be ordered by bis superior officers to make war upon her? His reply was that in that con tingency he would resign his commission, Mary land being bis native State He was inform^ that his answer was not satisfactory, especially when coupled with the fact that he had never taken the oath and filed his acceptance of his former commission In the District militia, in point of fact, it would then seem that Captain Schaeffer has never held a commission in the Dis trict of Columbia militia, for no record of bis ever having taken the oath or accepted the com mission issued to blm some two years ago Is to be found Inlhs Ai4ii<ton? r:? u- r\a*-- > ? ... - -v. 41WJU??U? UCIiCIOl o VUIUC. IV IB UII derstood that the Secretary of War baring sus tained the decision of the Major General, Capt 8. has appealed to the President of the United States, and has stated that "he and his company are ready to repel any invasion of the DUtrlct of Columbia from any quarter, but would say no more." Central Gfakdhocse V*!?tk?dat.? Before Justice Thompson.?Wm I... King, charged with being drunk and disorderly; lined 84.15. John Nepps, drunk; S2.0I George.Laskey, drunk and disorderly; $2 !)4 Joseph Tiioma*, arretted for stealing a' coat, valued at ?19, from John Waters, jr.; sent to jail for court. Wm Rollins, accused of purchasing the coat from Thomas, knowing it tn ? -i? * * .nrm iiuicii, oixj coimni'Jpa lor conn. Solomon Holland, col d, disorderly; flnrd$2M. Hannah .Mais', . colored, disorderly behavior and breaking furniture: 9-J94. Elizabeth Drerchy, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 00 davs. - To-day, Wm. Anderson, sr . and Wm Ander son, jr., (colored.) chared with stealing wood from a wood yard in the First Ward, were brought in, having been caught hi the act. Tbey were lodged at Wie Corporation expense, and required to give ball in 9*250 each for their appearance at the Criminal Court. Thk Last Chakci ? We have several times, during the stay of Dr Schlosser In our city, directed the attention of our readers to his testi monials. but he Las now been among us long enough to establish his own reputation, and he has succeeded, for his rooms are daily sought bv manv Who have h?-n nrr f?Ai? ?? ? ?1 , - ? ? - - ? -wwa? OUMV1 illg ?l vial UWI IIV out* other painful diseases of the feet, and none who employ him go away unsatisfied, as he always gives relief without pain. By his advertisement It will be seen that other engagements preclude a longer stay, and that he will leave this city after Wednesday. In the meantime, we advise all afflicted In the manner spoken of to avail them selves of the two days ne will yet remain; call upon Dr. 8. and obtain permanent relief from those disajtreeaole tormenters. Consulting rooms *257 Pennsylvania avenue, south side, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. Peesentatios of Silvee Goblets ? The members of the German Republican Association presented totheir president( \Ir W Krzyanowski) and to their secretary (Mr. J <??*rhBrd) each a sil ver goblet. on Saturday night, at the'.r n.onns on C street. Mr. P Baum^rax was appointed by the committee of arrangements to make tlie present* ttori* Mr. Krzyauow?ki, in reply, expressed his surprise at inch a testimonial of their record and esteem, and declared luir.wlf Jevoted tr. tbe cause of American freedom. Mr Uerbard followed in a short speech, planting hims-lf upon the Repub lican platform, and urging tbe necessity of una nimity among tbe members of tbe ArsociaVon. At tbe close of the meeting several toasts were druuk, and everything passed off pleasantly. "H A D "?It Is not generally known that we bavo a military organization in our midst who are styled tbe H. A. Dragoons. We are told this body is composed of a large number of tbe most solid men of Washington and other places W bat their full title is we are not informed, hut there is evidently something mysterious ab^ut the "H. A." which should be ventilated, and from what we know of some of the members we think It would do no barm for the authorities to have an eye to them. A Good Move.?At tbe first meeting of tbe of ficers of the Sixth Regiment, DUtrict Militia, 1 I Ml J J1 w.i J a-A -M ? , i vvivuu ij. j iniuuicwu, j ucm naiaraajr eveniDg last, It was, on motion of Cap'.. Nicholas Callan, resolved that the first set or the officers of this i regiment should be a contribution in aid of tbe Washington Monument. The sntn wa? placed at one dollar each, and was responded to by every one present. Shall not this example be followed in the organization of each regiment in the Dis trict? Swixisb P*ocliviti*s ? Last night Mr. John Lynch, residing at Pierca's mill, was aroused by the remonstrances of his norker to a forcible ab duction from its bed and ooard. A discharge of Mr. Lynch's gun reminded the pork lifter of urgent business elsewhere, and tb? porker's 1m moittioii for tbe present wai postpo>>?d. Mr. Lvnch waa not able to see whether his visitor received any of tbe compliment! he sent after hint from bis gun, but it Is probable that h? will not be houorea with a similar call very soon. A VorTHrtJi, Art'?t ?The readers of Frank i.raiie ricioriai will tave noticed tome spirited illustrations lately of tceni in Washington?tbe Sappers and Miners at their quarters. Columbian Armory; the Peace Convention at Willards', Ac. >Ve learn that tbeae Illustrations are from the pencil of a voung Washingtonlan, (now hailing from New York)?Theo K. Davis, just nineteen veara of age. He haa just taken a fine sketch of Stone's "Hancock" for an Illustration. Tme Twewtt-Pkcosd.?Among other celebra tions of (he ?2d, Washington's birth-day, we bear that the " Federal Rifles," Capt Dubant, will give a grand " Union Ball" on that evening The following non-commissioned officers have been elected by this company : (Quartermaster, J. R. Qninlln: First Corporal, R E. Moonev; se< ond An MUm 4hu4it- lkr?l U A I-v.... ? w.y V-W mmm IHlIU UW.| U. Ap|HCUy( 1UUI 111 do., D. Vlemeyer. A Littxs too Fast.?Last night, about eleven 'dock, a gentleman paving from Pennsylvania avenue, up Capitol Hill, detected a suaplcloua looking character dogging bla steps ana when opposite the Henate cnamwr, aa the gentleman proceeded down North Capitol street, tke aneak approached him very quietly with a large club In bla hand. The gentleman turned upon hlni with hla revolver, and the fellow made his escape in a twinkling. Union ftioiKKBT?The company officers of this regiment met last evening at Temperance Hall, and had Ave companies represented The object of the meeting was to elect field officers for the regiment capt Gerbardt presided, and Capt. E C. Carringtou, of Company A, wu unani mously elected Lieutenant-Colonel of the regi ment, and J. G. Jewell, of company B, waa elected Major The Twkhtt-sscosda National Holiday ? Yesterday Mr. Sickles, of N. Y., offered Is the House a resolution recommending that ail the State* recognize the ?M of February aa a national boiiday, sad that Hon Edward Everett be invited to deliver mm oration ia the Hall of Bepreseuta tlves upon thstday. After considerable discussion that part referring to Mr. EversM was stricken oat, sad the first clams adopted. Editob Slit: It was Senator Hsmlis at Mains, and mm Senator Huemttr., ss stated In your Georgetown letter In yesterday'? Star, Whs mads the remark about the Georgetown butchers. Licit*! ?Last Bight, Rev. Mr. Lord delivered the first of hiscoune of lectures on the Representa tives of Modem Civilization The subjectof last evening was Michael Angelo and Art. Angelo waa born In 1474, of illuatrloua parents, who opposed all his wishes and aspirations ron nceted with his art, considering nothing worthy of stientlon exc-pt the art of war, medir lue, the ology, or some of the professions He was a rag ged. stern m&n. nurtured in the school of sorrow and adversity, and isolated because Superior to all around him. ' He was a firm believer in the ells teacr or a personal Dtitv, and it Was bta rtflicbt to work out the majrstic'lloamentsof the prophets and boljr men of God. In hiin waacombined a perfect knowledge of tbe three highest arta: pai nt ing, sculpture and architecture, each of which waa developed to the fullest extent. He wns not only a creator but a reproducer, and the Gothic, the Byrantine, the Roman, and Grecian styles of architecture were all worked out In their harnio nlous perfections. H Is statues were noted for their majesty and grandeur, and this waa carried to such a degree that at the age of eighty, when musing upon hia worka, particularly the oattle of Hercules with the Centaurs, executed when he was but eighteen years old, oe regretted that be bad not (given hla attention whollyto sculpture Art only flourished when commercial enterprise was prosperous. The men who accumulated treasure in commerce and trade sought to embel lish their palaces and gardens, and aculpture made progress as its need was felt and taste be came refined. Ills works were not suggestive of demoralization or paganism, but were exalting snd instructive. His gorgeous frescoing, bis ma jestic statues, and his unrivaled architecture have challenged the admiration of the whole world; and though his paintings, his statues, and his columns may crumble away, the influence for Sood which he exerted upon mankind, and the leas he represented in the sublime rreatlona of his lofty Intellect, will continue to exist as long as (ktf nillaM aiinrwvsl ^ sv ri4<?>? iH?>?u|.pvii true U1IITCISO VII UUU. Supekms Court?Monday ? F. T. Backus and Reuben Hitchcocf, of Ohio, and B C. Cook.Jno M Halmer, and Levi Davis, of Illinois, were ad mitted attorney* and counsellor* of thin Court. No. G2. George p. Biisell et al., plaintiffs In er ror, agt the City of Jeff?rsouville. In error to the circuit court of the I'nited States for the dis trict of Indiana. Mr Justice Clifford delivered the opinion of thp court, reversing the judgment of the said circuit court, with costs, and remand iug the cause, with directions to award a vtnir* facias d? novo. No 5<>. John Orecr et al., plaintiffs In error, ayt S. M. Mezes et al. In error to theclrcult court of the United State* for the northern dis trict of California. Mr Justice Grler deli vtred the opinion of the court, ai&rmtng the judgment of the said circuit court In this cause, with costs. No. 45. George H. Kyle et al., plaintiffs in er vi f a^t. rfuun hi at ac c% ai. in error hi iup cir cult court of the United States for the district of Maryland. The judgment of the raid court in this cause wn? afflrmtd, with costs. No. 252. Thomas P Staton et al., plaintiffs lu error, ajjt the Fire Department Insurnnre Com pany of Cincinnati. la error to the circuit court of the United States for the southern distric t of Ohio. On motion of Mr Attorney General Stan ton this writ of error was dismissed at the costs of the defendants in error, per stipulations filed No 63. Leasee of Robert W. Smithetal .plain tiffs in error, agt. William McC&nn. The argu ment of this cause was commenced by Mr. F. L Smith for the plaintiffs in error and continued hv Mr. Malcolm for the defendants in error. Adj'a Companies A and B, Washington Light In fantry liattalion, have leased for one year, with the privilege of live years, the two upper rooms of thp hall t nntim a* PAAmKa) ll?ll ? ? J ~ ? * ? ...v T. U U0 wwuiii '/n uaiij eu li ill #'UC Ui Pennsylvania avenue, near Tenth street, for an armory, and are having tt fitted up in lint rate style for Immediate occupancy. The lower roem which is 40 feet wide uy TO feet deep, is to be handsomely fitted up for a ball ai d concert room, with an orchestra. new furniture, etc , which wif! make it a popular place for holding fairs. T.he upj>er room, which is of th?* r.amc size, will be devoted to the purpose of a drill room. It is the purpose of the two companies to have the im firowu.eiiU in the lower hall completed so as to naugurate it on the night of the '22d of February with a grand military soiree. Police Matters.? E'fore Justice Clark?H. Tree, charged with profanity; lined 84 4:2 Ellen Smith, do ;*} 19. Ann Boone, do ; S3 19. John Hays, do ; 17. Josephine Taylor, do : 29. Catharine Johnson, do ; SI 94 Michael Wall, do : S3.19. John Drw. A rurik anH workhouse 6<) day* Nelly Doe. drunk and pro fane; workhouse 60 day*. Margaret Russell. do.; workhouse 60 day?. J. F. Case, do ; lined 33.15 Joseph Thomp?<>n, do ; S3 19. Geo Williams, do ; S3 19 Michael Kennev,vagrant; workhouse 30 days Win. James, col'd, out after hours; lined S*2 19. Patrick Devlin, profane; 84.19. Arrested Again.?Some time ago a woman named Barnes, col., was arrested upon susptcion of setting fire to the barn of Mr. J. B. Haw Upon that occasion tlie case was investigated before Justics Johnson and the parties dismissed. Last night she was again arrested by officer VV R. Plowman, and committed to jail for further hear ing by Justice Barnaclo upon the same charge, with new evidence, amounting to the. fact sworn to by Mr. W. D. Ball, that Faunce Grayson, col , told him that the accused told Faunce Grayson that fclie flred Haw's barn. Another Villainous Attempt.?On Sunday night, nome fellow, probably on a thievish er rand. rang the bell at the residence of Mr. Frank, corner of Eighteenth and K street*, north, and on the young daughter of Mr. Frank opening the door, be forced bis way in, doubtless thinking that none but females were in the house. Hear ing a male footstep approaching, however, the camp made tracks, and got oft' Should he make a similar attempt, he will doubtless meet with a warm reception. . Fighting Women?Biddy Ann Johnson, (col ) w is arrested yesterday by (>o'iiceman Yeatman, for lighting with another colored damsel, it ap pears that Kiddy had a sweetheart who also ap parently W33 the sweetheart of her antagonist uiuay wouia not recognize the right of secession in such a ca?<\ and determined to maintain ber prior right. Th's caused the tight, which ended in the commitment of Biddy to the workhouse for nfDety days, by Justice Donn. A mica assortment of Valentlne? for tale at Shlliington's bookstore, very cheap. To Persons whose Health is Broke* Dow* It 18 a fact, ??tai iisii: d by mrdioal statistics. tr>at trousands of p rx.ii ci? from ihttr debility, with out mortal oicea.**. Kverr such disease might un quest on?bli bo prevented if catore were assisted to rally with that most aonderfil of all lnvigora tore, Hottettrr'* Stomaek Bitters. Wfieu the flame of ife wanes anu quivers from exhaustion, administer this famous restorative. It will once tnors become vteady and strong. In the debility which follows violent fever; in diairhcpa djreute ry.dyspeptio oomplau.te and ohulic; in the w ak ne?s consequent upon natural decay, or resulting from free livinir <.r nv?r Mdrtinn - ?i ? ? . ?- - ? -. .i ^-n u vi .-id<i tu un'an p' inful and too much neglected ailments to which l*lie* ars exolusuely *uF>ject, the L5i'ter?ar? pre sor.he> by ino*t of our pra?tisin* phynicians. and never fail to five p *rn a~eut relief. For sale by druggist* and duaieri gencaily evory where. fe !2 eo3t Pennies. P?ri>on> dasirmc poiiDi<>? will always find them for exchange at the Star Office ovubter. tf Hollowat's Pill* and Ointment. InHammitiv* of the and Vnno-g<nit<tl Organs.?In all internal intl unmation of thn Kui nejs, bladder, io .csint'd by gravel or other lucai irritation th*ae medicines will effect asp?cdy au<i riKlieai onre Out i.f fivn hunHrail n>a?a ..f ...o I afflicted with gravel ai;d prouonccd hy ?iniii?nt in. mt>or? of tli? faculty a "incurable* a'.l who too* these remedies recovered but one, and he, ?l--npair ing of auooeaa. discontinued 'hem one week's use. >old by all Druggists, at 25 ct?>, ? .' eta., and 91 per box or pot. ja?>-lw Homeopathic Rimkdixs All of Dr. Humphreya A Co.'s apecJho Ilo meopatmo Remediea put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and AO cents each. Alao, tn oaaea, oontaining an viala, from 9i to ,fft each, with l>ook of full directions. For aale by Z. D. Gilman. 350 Pa. avenue. wholesale and retail agent: W. A. FitzgeralU, 353 north F atront; alao by F. B. Winter, corner of Massachusetts ave nue and 9>xth street. Alao, p<mtPi Ertratt oj IV'trcA Haztl, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold aa above. ?>? 1 - To th* Afflictkd!? Be sure to read the adver tisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Puffier, in another oolumn. tf Rusn, have yon ee?n Prof. Wood's advertise ment in oar paper. Rear it; It will interest you. an 30-eoli Codshs,.?The sudden ohangee of oar olimate are nouroes of Pulmomary, Bronchial and Atthmciiic Afeetion*. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act speedilj and oertamly when taken in the early states of the disease, recourse should at once be had to " Brown'! Bronchial Trottui." or Lozenges, let the Gold, Cough, or Ir ritation of the Throat be ever so alight, a? by this precaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded off. Public Speakers and StMfrj will find them effectual for clearing and Btrenjiheninc the oioe. Bee advertisement. de t-ly MAKRIKD On tke?th instant, at St, Mary'. Church, Pi.cit ,0 HABV, * BERRv , DfKOi dsfaaassHs*8*" m / BALLS, PA-BtJeS, 4c. MA8QUERADKBALL OF THI Wa?hington Turn-Verein, On TUESDAY, F*b I*. AT THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS. The WMhmcton Turn-Verein will rive a grand VI . . - o.n.1 > - T uft 1 umo ?uuv? lildfl. u > w| to which the puW'o > respect (n't? invit-d. A js f h oroheeter will be in ?U?nd?noe, end no#7m efforts will be apsxed to give uuivereel ?&tia-mia f (> pr i -??, Tickets 81,adniittirp a gent'em&n and ladiea. committee. Mr. ch. Werner will furnish refreeuneou and ? up per- fe ll-2t Fust m War, First in P*&tt, ntf - First in tin Hemrtf if kit Conntrymen. The second grand cotillon party of the GEORGE washington ft* uuadrille association will tftke jf p ace at thorn's Hall on monday, 18 8?chroed#r'a celebrated ootillon niu-io 11hr engaged for the oceafion. Ticket* 30 cents,adnut timg a gentleman and adiee. By order of the Committee. fe9-4teo* WANTS 1*7ANTED? By ft respectable yonng woman, ft TV SITUATION m oiild'a nurse or ohamtwr maid. He t referenoe oftn be given. Address Box 9. Stftr Office. It* \\r ANTED? By ft rHytoUble woman, ft SITU A "" TION ft* chambermaid or nnree. Beat of ref'renoe can be given. Piease address Box ?. Star Office It* 1*/ANTED? By a respectable young woman, ? ? who ia a good wftaher and kroner. a SITUA TION & chambermaid or to do housework. ran give good teferenoe. Addreaa Box 10, Star Office, fe 12 It* 117 ANTED?Six competent tailors immedi ? ? fttely. Atply toU. Wall. Stephena ft Co.'a, 349 Pa, avenue, between 9th and 10th ata. fe 8 5t 117ANTED IMMEDIATELY?From 95 to WW f 10.000 worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK of all kinds, for which 1 wil! guaranty to pay the hirhe* prioea, and, aa uau&I. at the aborteat no tice. r. bCchly, Dealer in Furniture, Stovea, fto.. oc 9 40^ 7th Ft., bet. O and H east aide. 117ANTED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. " Peraons defining hounekeepin*, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain theoaah and (fiir prions by applyior at 3t>9 Seventh et. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. BOARDING. SEVERAL GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM mcHla.ted with aplendid Room* and excellent Board. between 13th and 13X, on D atreet, three d'ora from the corner. fe 9 3t* BOARDING.-Peraona deairoue of a oomfcrta b:e home can obtain rood Hoard and pietvsant Apartments on F etriv t, No. 339, between <Hh and 10th at*. T*ble Hoanlera oan alao be acoommo dat<>d. Terma reasonable. le 5-iw LOST AND FOUND. FOUND?On the ni|ht of the 8th inat,, a lady'a FL'R VICTOR'NE. The owner can prooure it by applying at Room No. 14, Treaaury Build inc. It* * rw r iKn ?-? a ? in?? k iVM I?jn r*?,> , III H'? V OUICI .U?I" Li kft a butcher's ACCOUNT BOOK. A liberal reward vril' be p<.id the finder on leaving the ume at No 0,5 Center Market. le 12_st? WILSON A DU*N. LOST?About t*o wifkt aince, in the vicinity of the City 'Hall, a li'ac and white wnrated CROCHET SHAWL, wrapped in a white eilk pocket handerohiat. it returned to tie Star office, the firder will he sutably rewarded It ESTR AY.?farce to tiis anbacriber'a premises, on the 7th inst, a small bay HORSE, /rv without thoec; very poor; hsa some grey T?,TI h.vrs in his mane. Th.? owner is req ne*t<v1 Ui c ino form ard, prcve pr?oert*. pa? nharjcm and take hnn away. f'ANIEL I. GRAHAM, fft TAanhar 'IMmtv ?5/>Ka/?I fion ? a ? -W1IU I K I IU>*J ' V. y fc" w II* C'AI'K I.OST.?On Sunday. n coming fr m t?t ' John's Church, by way of Pa. Rveuue and G street, to Ninteen: h and if, a ohild'? b'ack cloth Cape, trin ined with blaok quilled ribbon. A reward will be given if left at 1"?7 II at, l??tween 19th and anth. fe II St* 1 ASTRAY.?Carre to the subscriber, living near J Tonallytown. D C . on the 4th F?bru a y, a red COW, with sharp horns; no ear a| marks; thin in flesh: supposed to be 4 or aJmUs yars old. Bv pacing for this advertisement the owner can take her away. fe tl-2t* 1|BWRY G. DAVIS. L09T-A HAIK BRACELET, with a jo.d clavp, and the likeness of a gentle-nan in the clasp; valuable to the owner as a family relic. It was lost either in a Seventh street omnibus or on I 11 rcl im??'a 7in una mi ni.. un inur?uay IUL A !ibs>al reward will be paid the finder by leaving It at 411 1 street, between 9th and 10th. f?9 3t* FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT-A h?ndsome FURNISHED PAR LOK and CHAMBtR, with |U, No. 4VJ Seventh ?trect, l?n*ween ?? ar.d H stg., near the Patent or Poet Olfioes. The house ia in aaniet neighborhood. fe9 3t? I^IRNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT-No 423 X Seventh st., between G and H. & few doors above the Patont Of5ge. te VIw A VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE OK EX CHANGE F??R 011 Y PROPERTY?Cou tr.nuig 18! acre*, Mituated 14 miieo from Alexan dria, on the <? ran go and Alexandria Railroad, under fooa cultivation; t.'m!>er, waer, fruit nnda!l build ings necessary fhr a firnt rate form. Inquire of G w. BRAY, at the Jewelry Store, 816 Seven-h ft , Washington- ja.21 lm* FOR RENT-Twofr.nnoCOTTAGE HOUSES, containing six rooms, situated on Mass. ave nue and Fifteenth street; puinp of good wat?r in the yard. ja 5 FOR RENT?A comfortable two-story BRICK HOUSE, on Mlsaouri avenue. No 40, fronting one of the improved squares, and is forni?h?>d with gas and wator. Apply to I). A. WATTKRSTON, No 464 Second st. east, and 520 Seventh street west. ja al-2we<>* FOR RENT, in the Firs' Ward?three squads west of the War Dopartmcnt?a small OF FICE, with l>i?ck room, or the former may answer for a shop: and Parlors and Chambers, separate, or suits ol Rooms- furmsned or uifurnibhed; close to the Avenue. Inquire at this office. de 3 2tawtf IT*OR RENT?A three story brick HOUSE.oon 1 timing 8 rooms, in good order, with gas fu tures complete, on H street, between 4th and 5th. Also, & two-ntof j briok COTTAGE, with large yard attached, corner of P street north an-i 14th ?t. east. To pnactual and reliable tenants the term* will be moderate>. Apply at 416 Twelfth street, between G aid H. no 15-tf FOR RKN T?The ri RST FLOOR of the bnild int immediately opposite the west wine of the City Hal.,reoent!y occupied by Chaa. 8. Wallaob as an office. Also the front room in the seoond story aid the third floor of the rarae building, Fot terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. 9 I pup)ape ?Trnn*. ia 15 tf FOR RENT-The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West St., Georgetown, at present ooon pied by the subscriber. It has 12 room*, with gas and water throughout, a fin? yard, stable 4c , and is in acooa neigh l>orhood. Apply to J AS. A. WA t> RUDER. oo 25-tf WASHINGTON AQUKJJUCT. ? * Washington, D. C-, Ja??. 29,1W1. Proposals will 1*> received at this Oflio? until noon of the 16th dav ( February, 1x61, lor the plat - f >rrn o>-vcriiiK of Bridpe No. 3. The work to be Hone will oonsistof the (nrniehing, cuHu t and set ting a'lout 4,?in) cubic feet of grauit?. S*pecifioa tii-UK can be p-ocurad a?d*examined on appli ostiou-a'. this Offio*. Laoh bid mu .t bi aooompaniod by a guaranty that the paity proposing will, if his bid is aoo-.pted, enter into ooDtract withi- ten days thereaft r. Proposals to Le >eal d and i ndorsed "Proposals for Platform Covering," a?d addressed to J A.S. ft MORTON, Lift? of Eot'rs Ch. Eng'r Wash. Aqd't. ja 30 ttSFeb jy J 1 L I T A K(Y TRIMMINGS! ?tiri an... a i .... v?vm wmm fill ??? Al 111; > 'CK-O P> , Military Button* of all kinds. tie d and Silver Fringes, Stars, Coidt and Taaeels, Gold and Silver Bullion. Spongles and Braids, Miliarr Wormed Braids and Boltings, R nana Trin in nun, hashes. Kpaulettea. BHUt<era and Flag* made to order by MRS. LOWK, 29T, I'knn. Avknu* 8?T fe 9 lw South Side. VJIRDS, BIRDS FOR SALK.-l lave just re JL> oei'ed a splendid assortment of Birds fr^mc?j* Kuroce, of (tr> man Cntia i??, fcngh?h Black*jO Birds, Thrushes, bull Finoh?s, Gold Fino!ies,jrtt l,inet*. Sky Larks, Yellow Hammers. I have Parr owners, J^va Sparrow*, Starlens, the Red Mocaw Parrot and g'een ai.d grey. 1 have Mcok ing Birds. R?d Wing Black Birds, Rwt Birds, Dovto.aed Bobolinks. Price3So?nU to 950 Cages of all kinds 1 om 10 oents to ?l'i, at JOHN 4 I'M KARA'S It.r.l dlnrA Vn -? the Capitol"rut*! UiiuOa ft 9-1 m rpHERE'S A BETTER TIME COMING! Victim* of Soil A tame and Secret IMmum ahould apply at SHDMAN'S Souther* Medical House, under the Clarendon Hotel, comer Sixth street and 1?*. avenue, immediate'; opposite the National Hotel, anil try Dr. Southey'a Celebrated London Medicine*. Th*y are warrant**tooure the noit viruieut form? of Gonnorrbcra, Idect. Syphilis, Nocturnal Kmi^sioua, Stricture*, nd Wtaknea* of the Bladder in from S to 6 day*. The Remedies oan be seat by mail. Office hour* frttn 9 a. m to 10 n an. - *-c. p. ni. OA ja W-181* to iuform generally; up in a mei rant at th? l. kvenooaadFiiVh strait _ BVHP pri-par^d to Berre &1 who may bin apt&te'o 7JHbi?ar: drilOWMei ef th? WI wi - A He WiH- at all tiroes bo im with a uxl Cl (t other fe 4-1 m iV?\ % im&k ,Jr** .99 GEORGETOWN. Giouitowx, February l?. 1S61 The antl- Addlaon convention of twentv dd? gate*, (?Ye from each of tbe four preelncte.) met gain last even', np, at the realdence of Mr. I>rew, oppoaltetbe Town bouae. to nominate candl la tea at oar approaching municipal election Mr Wm. Clabaogh pretlded, and Mr C. Matthews waa secretary Pr >. erding to nominate a candidate for the Mayoralty, on the first ballot the vote wm considerably scattered, one candidate receiving two vote*, and three other* tlx votea each. A let ter from Mr. Wm King was then read by the chairman, In which he poeltlvely declined to be acandi<late. On the next ballot Mr R P.Dodge received fifteen vots, and MaJ Brooke B. Wil liams fire votea. Mr. Dodge having received one more vote than the required two-thirds, was de clared to be the nominee Without proceeding to ballot for Councllmen. the convention adjourned until Wednesday evening next Good feeling pre vailed throughout the evening, although the dele gates represent antagonistic political parties Mr. Dodge accepted the nomination of the convention this morning We are gratified to learn that Forrest Hall has been leased by the Government for a period of three months, at HOG per month, to be used aa an armory by tbe First Georgetown Volunteer Bat talion . Tbe various companies here will aacb be assigned a room, and tbe Wee concert room wlU be uaed for company drills or eacb In ro'atlon Tbe arms for several of tbe companies are expected to-day, and will probably be taken directly to tbe new armory. See Miss Thomas' advertisement of Valentine*, below. GEORGETOWN ADYERT'MTS fYtjf?AT A MKETW6 OF THE MEMBERS of Trinity (Catholics) Ckorch, in oonjnno tion wuh the members of the Voting CMlwIlM1 Friend society, the following preamble and reaolo tions were adopted: Whereas it haa pleased Alir.irht? God, in his wicdom. to remove from amon* us, by the hand of de*th.?he late R?t. Father AiKSM.and the mem Mra oi thiieonirrntioa being dMir. it of evincing income measure their affection fir the H ??*>%? r*T, and their heart felt Borrow Occasioned by his death; therefore Resolved, That it is with great Borrow w? hav? realized the deoeaae ot our late beloved frieud an 1 factor. Rev. John P. Aiken. Resolved, That oar oongrecation ha' (attained a Croat Iom by hi* death?the iom of one beloved and revered by ua all. Resolved, That we have been deprived of a moat kiiid ami zealuua pastor?of one who haa endeared iiima-lf to all?of one who haa labored long and ef ficiently for the good, the spiritual welfare, the eternal aa vation ot all under hia charge. Rt fired, Thar Relycion naa loat a moat exempla ry advocate and faithful teacher; the oauae oi edu cation of the poor acd worth* chidren of the town, a kiud promoter and director, and oar oommunity fit large, a moat worthy and uaeful member. Rfsolved. That we will always eheriah hia mem ory with feeling* oi aff <otmn end aindneaa; that we deeply lympathite with hi* s (Dieted relative*, and offer them aa a oonsolation, the hoe* and belief that he haa received the reward of the virtuoaa? that he has been received in the manaiona of a hliasful eternity. Resolved. That a oopy of these reenlotioaa be ..--J ?- -L- r?r. ? uiuiiiwu mi iub iftmiii oi me otoNiN, to the p??tor of our oburoh, ana that they be published Georgetown. Feb 12.1861. (Int ) It VALENTINES! VALENTINES!! A large and beautiful assortment of Sentimental and Comic Valentine*, new styles Also a fite va riety of Laoe. Fancy Note Paper aid Enve.opes for aale at half price at MI?S THOMAS'S. feU High street, near First. MACKEREL, HEKRING. 1*1 AND ALEWIVK*. 5 barrels Extra No. 1 LABKADOR HERRING, 50 do. No 1 do. do. 117 d?. No. 3 Small MACKEREL. T2 do. No 3 Medium d". 15 hlf. bbls. do. do. do. 5 do. N<>. 1 do. ' 5 qr. bbls. No. I do. 10 kits No. 1 do. lo small tits No. 1 do. 10 do. No. 1 SALMON. 1U KIM .XO 1 do. Ail of whioh we look for next week p*r echooner Mary Ann Macoe. ana will be *old on pioa>ing terms on or before &i rival. Also, in tor?? Eastportand Hotton Herring, Gipped Herring, M<*remichi Extra No. 1 Alewive* App.y to HARTLEY A BRO., fell-2w 99 and 101 Water et., <?eorg>t'>wn. Having made up my mind to change my business, I will ?ell at private eaia my Store. No. 113 Hulmtreet, with Fmurfi. If n ?t an d before the 13th February, 1 will then Mil at auotion on that day. fe 9-?t GEO. B. LIPSCOMB. Philadelphia draught /le.-wb are daily leoeivi % freeh auppiiee of Maeeev, Col linn*. to.'i unrivaled Philadelphia Draught Ale, whioh we are ruady to deliver to ouitomera for 0Mh. (feS) ARNY * 9hinn. Muiibr. Munbt ?Aii pcriouvbo have tlie ouh can bay a superior article ol uuvIb tera ted CIDEK. guarantied to be the pure juice of the applea, by applying to %S ARNY Jt 8HIN.N. D* SCHLO88ER WILL LEAVE WASHINGTON Moat Powtirely NFXT THURSDAY. February 14th. FRE6H TESTIMONIALS or THl UNPARALLELED SUCCESS or m. M. SCHLOSSER'S UNERRINGSTSTBX or CURING ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET. The following Waihmton Cartifeoatea ar? simi lar to t louaands in Dr. S.'b poaaeaaion. From Major Ja?. B*lter. U. S. Army. Dr. Schloaaer ha? thia day operated npon my leet, ana, I am happy to ?*y, with the greatest mi(< and haa given me At 11 ratiefaotion. I have rflered for tevara) years with oorna, and. from trie oomfort I have already experienced, I would rec ommend all taoee offering from that oaaee not to defey loneer, and oall at the Dootor'a. JAME8 BELGER, Major U. 8. Army. Fehraary 6th. 18K0. From Cart- 5. B?rr??, U. S. iVary. Dr. SchloMer has extracted reveral oornt from my feet vary nuooeaefuily, and with oat pain. 8. BARRON. DR. SCHLO88ER RMpiotfallr knnoaooM to porti* who vuk to ob tain ft permanent oar* of ALL DISEASES OP THE FEET to CkTor him with ft cftll withoat delft?, m this will bo his LAST VISIT IN WASHINGTON. Intending shortly to rotarn to Europe ud retire from profession*] serTioos. COIfS OT.TINO ROOMS, *9T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (South aid*,) between 12th ud 13th atreeta. OFFICE HOUB8 # ?- : From Wft. a. till*p. m rnmmmmm I.R& VE PftBITlVBI V ^ NEXT THURSDAY, hi t- "* * fc,?7*T? PEDRUAJtY 14TH. i?wT t?H ***** y**?V ? ? Ip-Ub THE LATEST NEWS. TECEQB APB10. The T******** E.erUoa [Special Dlapatcbea to The Star ] Maura , Feb. II.?Ed. S?? Mtapkli baa (one for the Union toy opwarda at 400 a?*Jorlty it wm cxaimea tor cteanlon. you will ranember, by I thousand majority From the rrturai (ran neighboring rounttea, I judge that the State he* vcted against holding any Convention at this time, by a considerable majority A private dtspstrh from Greenville. Tennessee, saya that Greene county (Senator Jobnaot's county) baa gone ngnlnat holding a Convention by t,391 majorltr. Washington and Havrtinn counties are alao largely for the I'nlon Ttiirox, (Gibson coonty,) Tenn , Feb 11 ? Mdam Sft Every Union delegate Is tb? State probably elected. Tbt toIc m cm vention or no convention la thia section to else* The convention U probably defeated, however, throughout tbe State Every contyl* tbt* <Etfe ridge'el Coogress'.onal district voted a majorty again* holding aay convention Nasbvillb, Tenn., Feb II, (4 p an )?T* tkt Washington Stmr: The beet judges here nowflat mate tbe majority la tbe wbole State against a Convention to consider tbe question of L'aloa or disunion, at hrtween 35,001 or 40,uw Not a alngte aeceaaion candidate baa hfM elected ?o far a? re turns have reached Naabvllle Tennmi i tboa expreaaes her fattb In tbe dlapoaltlon of tbe Peace Conference to come to a aettlement of tbe question on tbe terma of tbe border alaveboldtng Mates Sratkrra leafederacy te?*e?tie? Mortoohiit, Feb 11?Tbe Convention Met at 11 o'clock After prayer, a committee waa ap pointed to inform Mr t*tepbena of bla nomination aa Vice President Tbe committee reported tbat Mr. Stepbena would, at tbe request of tbe com mlttee, deliver bia reply In open Convention at 1 o'clock. A reaolution waa adopted appointing a commit tee of five to report a bill for tbe eetabl abmeat of an Executive Department for tbe Confederacy. Mi . ?-1 ..? ?I - * ' " one of the leading objecli of oar aaembllng I in now ready to take the oath. The oath wm accordingly administered A con.mitt** of tvro from each State wm ap pointed U> form a permanent Constitution. The President fclect n mate far Waihlar Ua SraiKoFiiLD, 111., Feb. 11.?Mr Lincoln left home at 7 30 * m., accompanied by a large con course of people to the depot, where nearly on tbouaand citizens had collected After he bad shaken hand* with a number of fr'.etid*. oe spoke as follows: My frlenda: No one not In mv poaitlon can ap preciate the a^dneaa 1 feel at thia partial. To tbla people I owe all that I am Mere 7 bars lived more than a quarter of a eenturv; here my children were born, and here one of them Ilea burled I known not how aoon I a hall see yon again A duty develvtt npo* me trfcuA ?? ptrhmpt Crtaltr than tkat which hat d-r*lrtA upon mmy sufficient for me to sav that it be deemed unques tionable if any good citis?*na can refuae to dla chaVgeany duty which may be aacgned tb?m by their countrv in her hour of need It might be expected thit I ahouid indulge in remarka on th? state of our public affairs, the dangers which threaten us, and the most advisable measures to be adopted to meet our preaalng exigencies, but allow me to say, lu the absence of the distin guished gentleman called to the chief Executive chair. I think it best that I ahouid refrain from saying anything on such matters We may ex Dect film kite In a Cm 4m?riM?lK1V >,.? d'xl ut-sday if he is not providentially detained When he comes, you will hear from him on these difficult questions, and 1 doubt not we shall cor dially and harmoniously concur ia any line of policy hi* superior wisdom and statesmanship In the mean time we may be proCtably employed In directing attention to such matters as pro v d' the necessary postal arrangements, makl ng pro vision for the transfer of the custom-houses from the sep.rale States to the Confederacy, and tbs imposition of each dntiss as are necessary to meet the present expected exigencies, in the exercise of power, and raise a revenue. We are limited la the latter object to a small duty, not exceeding ten per centum upon importations We can also be devoting attention to the constitution of a per miUfnt (inv^rnm >nt ataKU A ?*klA ! the NeT?r and Military Committer* aeparata Also, for appointing committees on Territorial, Public Laoda, etc. The Conveutlon then went Into aeeret session, and subsequently took a receaa for a half boor, re-assembling at 1 o'clock. The Preal dent announced that the hoar had ar rived for bearing Mr Stephens reply. . M r. Stephens said / I have oeen notified by the committer of sty Wtlnn ? VI? ? ? vmvmvh - ivt a irrmcnt Ui icr r rOTlllOMl UOT eminent of the Confederate states of America. The committee requested that f should make known to this body, in a verbal response. my ac ceptance of the high position I have been called upon to assume, and tbls I now do In this presence, before you, Mr. President, before this Congreas, and this large concourse of people, under tbs bright sun and brilliant skies which now smile so felicitously upon us. I take occasion to return my most profound acknowledgement* for this ea presaioa of confidence on the part of this Congress Th*re are special reasons why I place an unusual ly t<igb estimate on It. The ronsiderations which induced me to nv-^nt It l n??4 mi <??? 1 # ' wtmrr #rm? mt tiu*vf rw lie never would bare succeeded except for tbe aid of Divine Providence, upon which be at all timet relied I feel that I cannot succeed without the 01 vine aid which sustained him, and In tbe Mice Almighty being 1 plate uv reliance and rapport, and i hope you, my friends, will all pray that I may receive that Divine assistance,without which I cannot suceeed. but with whlcb. success is cer tain. Again, I bid you all an affectionate fare well. [Loud applause and cries of we will pray for you.J Daring tbe speech Mr Lincoln betrayed much emotion, and In* crowd was effected to tears The train left precisely at half-past eight o'clock Lsalilasa Isaveatisa. New Oblkaxs. Feb. 9.?Tbe Convention has re?oivtrd that under the Dreaant ?i fcWn it is :mo?i tlble for a tingle State to MtabUih a postal tr ran^ement adequate lo the want* of the people, and recognizes the Central Government tt Wun ln?ton to carry it oa. and the Southern Congres* will hereafter be called upon to form peraauect postal arrangement* Tbe President of tbe Convention announced to day tbat Information by telegraphic dispatch fcid *<een received of tbe election of Jefferson Davis for President and Alexander H Stephens for Vtr? President of Provisional Government of tbe South ern Confederacy Tremendous and prolongHi applause greeted tbe announcement from the galleries and tbe lobbies Re?olutloi<s were im mediately offered cordially approving the action of the Montgomery Convention, and (vwsrd unani mously, and a resolution to flre a salute in honor of the Southern President and Vice Presidentelect unanimously passed tbe Convention Oac hun dred guus were tired, and great enthusiasm and rejoicing prevails. Virginia >1< diauaa Uaa auaer to tk? kmdiM kum.< i? Richmond. Feb. 11 -Iot. LttoktrtniailtM to the l^eslalature to day a eoAaienlcaUoa from Judge Robioaoti, CommlalMKr ta Um ?cadi ay Htatra, dated Montgomery, Feb 3d, la whicb be mvs the Governor of ttror^ia ar- rpu tba iidli tlon of Vlfglala, and (lew aaauraacsa tbat the authorities of Georgia will abaiala, during the period contemplated. from all act* cak elated to Sroduce a collision of arms with (he Geaeral oeernment The ComniMwar also state* his belief that the Governor of - Alabama will glee a fewaW* aanrer, and that South Carolina will wsfcWi the Southern Confederation. It waa ordered to be Drln led Nartb ItraliM UgMaiart. Ruuti, Feb. 11.?The Leglelatwa la Mtf engaged la d it patching butlaaa-a. Tbe counttea are cbooeiag candidate fw tbe Convention. Nearly every county will bare tbrtn on bott (Idea la Wake county, tbe Cmou tkiket la Mwn Badger, Holden aad Boaboe 1 be Levlalature will probably adjourn aext week Several Kail;aad bills bin been paaaad, mak 1M State appropriations. Tbe Revenue bill, aow under consideration, lower* tbe tax on many artlrlaa Tbe Caaada Fugitive Kfave Caaa *r /I ttr A a ? * - * uftumv, v. vr .| rru iur cmv m a narr on, tbo fugitive alavr. ? argued it great l?a(tt to4iy by eminent couoael. and tbe uaoe la still EtUtt Ml to-algbt. There will be m dHMv* Kivaa probably till n it week, bat the n<aarJ : m pre?;on to that the Court will 11 borate the pris oner aa a techaicalitjr la the ooaiartUaeat S^L?l*B??i55ll!?V!5ugtoac?ve e?e alterable doclW, Howard atrMt M H* WiTJ

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