Newspaper of Evening Star, February 13, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 13, 1861 Page 2
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I UK K.VENlMi STAK. "WASHINGTON CITY: WFDSRSWAV F^fHtrr 13 Spirit sf the n*rat*g Prr?a The iMliiiigenttr a^uc* that unina the preernt *ta'.e of political appr^henalon la allayed capital. !SlS Will rot t,e very tfg.rT ID iwuu.uuw I.U'CII mortey by taking up the Fii.ono WO loan, tad urees that in rf the f*ct tuea should direct tb?ir n>:nds towardi c*>-operation lu well directed rtfc?Tt?. Icokirg to the ^pe^vf-doptiou of concilia tory a: nres The RrftrWsee* uy*: " The question of the airly trva. '.i.Urfereuce, cf tUrery in the Stafcs, la the only thin<( wLItjh mil) touchea southern fteeling A* to tUa territorial question, so fa. as the prcaeol Terrltorita Me concerned, they are quite indifferent to It, as they understand very well that there are no such Territories into which slavery can be carried " CossrjicTtoK Mamna, ton. irrici ? If tho Congress of the so-called Southern Confederacy hare an ounce of brains, by this time they most lK? 9*/? fKal (Kn 4 ta/n rrt? nil 4' rul crvc" of their Constitution will signally fall of accom plishing the object for which they were retorted to. Vis: To get the border siaveholdlnz States to join their southern " agency." We refer to the els use prohibiting the African slaw trade, and that anthorising Its Congress to prohibit the in troduction of staves from states that refuse to cast their lot with tLeoi. Their Constitution is only to be operative for a single year. It wlU be recol lected, and therefore its anti-African slave-trade clause eiplrrs, by limitation, in a twelvemonth. If that was not the case, the civilized world -per mitting (as It wlil not), in that time the negroleas supporters of the new order of things in the se ceded States would compel th?- prompt repeal of that clause. The people of those states beyond all mwillan favor tLe rrnnrulno of the Afrlc.m slave tr?de; to bring which about the revo!ntlon wu supported by nearly ull of lt? supporters who nre not more soliritocs to secure an oligarchic despot ism. The seceded States are all slr?.ve buyers They must have wore, if their people are to con tinue to thrive industrially. They want to get them for as little raouej as possible; but certainly to get tbeni,at any price. If they cannot carry out their darling scheme of getting t?ein direct from Africa at at>out f&)0 per head, (which they have no more chance of doing than to get them ftom the man in the moon,) they muti buy them from the border sivrelioldlng States, or go with out tbem. This feet is so patent as to exhibit this clause in their Constitution (.toendure for a single year only) as the baldest threat Imaginable, to operate upon those who have slaves to sell, to the end of frightening them into infidelity to the I*? i Art But the Virginia and Tenneseee election* have doubUeas by th.fc time satisfied men of their Con gress poaaeMin,; b'alns. that in such constitution making as that on which we comment above, they have simply laid the foundation for the future cmbarnuanjent of what mutt be the policy of their "Confederacy," if any additional portion uf i s territory is ever to be devoted to the pro duction of the:: suple crops, the Increase of their ne?ro labor being tte condition precedent to an Increase of the aggregate amount of their crops, while a natural increase of siavts to speak of, Is unknown in the cotton and sugar producing regions of the South. Still Set Bacx?The election of Jef fAT Aon Davis tu h?- Pp^'H^nt ?t.A a u c??t to be Vice President of the *'Southern Confed eracy," and its adoption of the Constitution of tb? United Stales, even with amendments, is a blow tc the sch; ints of the South Carolina party among the revolution; its, scarcely lr*a griping than the results of the Virginia and Tennessee lections. Davis and Stephens, are notoriously In favor of bringing the seceded States back into the Union ?n the first decent pretext, while the South Caro lina oligarchy a bitterly opposed to say such policy. The latter hate the Constitution of the UniWd States, too, with unparaieiled ferocity, and contended that ita adoption and the election of Davis and Stephens would speedily lead to the feturn of the rest of the seceded States to their uegiaaee to tte United Stole*, leaving South Carolir.a '-out ta the cold." We ball the action of tbelr Congress, In tbe matters referred to above, M embracing proof positive that to aocn aa a ae: tlemeut nay be made that will keep tbe bearta of tbe people of tbe border siaveboidicg State* true to tbe Union, tbere will be mueb very fast travel ing among tbe leaders of the seceta on movement everywhere cut of South Carolina, to get over upon the popular?re-unlou?aide of tbe fence. Tat rear a Cos"tMi0.i'? CoxxiTiKi to report plan of settlement, adjourned yesterday after boob, after a busy srssiob, until 1 p. in to-day. We are now satlsfled that they will not b-) abl- to report to-day, though we have no reason to dcubt that they will sou a report a plaa of aettteriieut upon the basis indicated in the Star of yesterdry. rr Our enterpriiliig neighbors, French k ftiebsteta, send us tbe Loudon Illustrated News f Jan. 28. a sucerb number. Ertchtalkmbkt ?Senator Douglas entertained the Peace Commissioners la handsome style, at bis residence. l??t night. Firwul. Got. Hieka, of Md., arrived in this city yesterday, and ia (topping at Wlllnrda'. Hob C. B. Cochrane. N Y ; Capt. W. T. Magrudrr, U S A ; Gov Buckingham, Conn.; Messrs J. Mull!kin, Cb<s Levering, Dr \V Oil wr. J. C Grubb. 8. Calwtll k Son, and Geo N Tat bam. cou unit tee of the Philadelphia Board of T<ade. on boainesa wtb tbe Government; and Bon E B. Blgelow, Mum , are at Willards'. Tbb GikiT Ccaa mi Di>rar?ia ?One of the oil terriMe evils in tbe community 1* tbe wide spread prevalence of dyspepaia It is to be found !u alia oat every family In our land, aad thousand* are Buffering f om what tbev believe to be tbe all. me:<ta of tbe head, tbe bear.', tbe cheat, the liver or bowela. which are In reality but symptoms and tbe results of the prtaence rf dyspepaia mauy forms dues this dire arrangement of tbe animal functions assume. that a thousand different casea migbt be cited In wblcb the complication or com bioatiou of symptoms is entirelv u*-k ably the most efficient remedial e^eut known la the Oryttnai'.d Bitttrs, prepared by 8 W. Fowle Jt t.o . ttoetou. We hare seen letters from indl Tldntla whose ebai4cter and position In society entitle them to contldeote, and tbe article baa been approved by soii.e of our most professional men ?Boston Traveller Tbe above expresses our opinion of this well known renfMv Mcsdia by a Nbgbo?On Tuesday last a wLIte nan named Hanson Poole, residing at hnoxvllle, Frederick county, Md., interfered to separate two negroes who were fighting. In doing so, be wa? eatspsllrd to tauploy kb? force with one of tbe negroes. Mined Goto*, who, seizing a Urge stone, hurled it at Mr Poole wltb such force as to erush his shall behind the ear Tbe Injured man lin gered until Friday, when be died. Golns was ar ranted Foob roaSonn Caboliba.?The Wilmington (N. C ) Herald states that there arrived at tbat part, one day last week, a dcxen vessels from tbe northwestern counties of tbat State, loaded with corn to the amount of 20.1541 bushels Between 70,LOU and 100,000 bushels have been shipped, tbe Herald adds, from the same counties to the city ef Charleston E7" Tbe Sent* of North Carolina, oa Tburs dtf, laid Um resolutions of tbe Pennsylvania Le gislature ob tbe table, because tbey were regarded as u offensive to tbe Sooth " Geo Dockery, one of tb? a rongeet In) on Men la tbe State, applied tbia language to th*m. and aald be thought they sboeld be treated with silent contempt Tbe Charleston .Mercury sdrises South Carolina to bold on to her cotton six months so st to stsree Great Brltlsa and the North Into an cknowledgeiijeat of her Independence. 'Tls a torlgbt laggrstloa "Whv d?B't you keep your eJothee la a trunk. Pat?" What: an' go tucked." N*w Yosk Pucc Commissohbb ?The Hob ?ra >k Granger bas bren appointed by the New York Let'lslatu'e to All the vacancy in ihe Waab tnptou Peace Conference commission caused by be reelgnatioo of Tburlow Weed, Eaq. (IT A "Constitutional lalon" Convention has been called for tbe 26th of February, la Rhode Island, to Bommste a State ticket and two Repre sentative* la Congress Tbe Democratic Conveo tloa meets oa tbe tame day. New Hampshire will be the first to vote tor members of Congress under the administration gMr UimI" *" *.r,T^7*wM.rth ?S5"T puC oa V EH1*# ? ?* ?* ??<?rn Short of i " ftuJum.. Vj&'oZ u*Mr" Y"> .,<H >?. romicssioitL. After our rt-port rlowrt ye^trrdav? TU? Senate U ok up Ibe Mavjr Appropriation hill, wbloh, ?fUV Mmc debate. waa read a third time and patted After an Executive aenton of about half an hour, tfce Senate adjourned. Horsi ?After our report closed Mr Morrla. of 111 , reported from the Select Committee of Five, appointed to Inquire Into the abstraction <>f the Indian Truat bouda. and after a stormv debate the report was read and ordered to be printed. The House tbeu took up the Pacific Railroad bill, and after the coin.deration vf certaiu amend ments, adjourned. Wimwuy, February 13 Sisat*.?A communication wai recelvtd from the House, announcing that tbat body was ready to count the vote for President and Vice Presldeut of the United ftites The Senate then proceeded to the Chamber of the House of Representatives, in the following order: Serjeant-at-Arms; Vlf? President and Clerk; Messenger with the vote ; Senators, (two abreast.) The Senate had toot returned when our report closed. Horse ?Mr. Washburne, of 111 . Introduced a resolution Instructing the Clerk of the House t>> inform the Senate thai they wace ready to proceed with the counting of votes for the President and Vice President of the United States; agreed to. Mr. Sherman, of Ohio, presented to the House a uuniuiuiiicaiiDn irum iup r?fciTWiry ui itit" Treasury to the chairman of the Committer of Ways and Means, asking that a loan bill for M .000,000 be passed to meet the liabilities of th? Government dur on the 1st pr*xltno Mr. Sherman then reported from th? name com mittee a bill to amend an net authorizing a loan, and moved its passage. [This bill authorizes the Pr.-fldent to iMue Treasury notes of the sum of S50 each, at 6 per cent. for a term not exceeding twenty years J Mr. Garnett, of Va., objected. He said that since the President elect bad made his declaration of war. be would oppote all meas res for the aup. port of thia tyrannical Government. According to the rulea of the Ilonse, an objec tion being sufficient to prevent the receo'lon of a bill by the House, the bill was not considered. Mr. Sherman then announced that after the spe cial order, he should move to suspend the rulea, and again bring bis bill before the House. Mr. Morrill, of Vt , asked leave to present a pe tition; objected to, and not received. After a few moments (the House not dolnr anv business m(anwbile) the Doorkeeper of the House announced tbe Senate of the United State*. The Vice President then took the Speaker'! chair, and tbe Senate having seated themselves in tbe front row of House seats and chairs pro vided for them In tbe space immediately before the rostrum, the Speaker took a scat beside tbe Vice President. IMie House then twnmed their seats (having risen when tbe presence of the Senate was announced ) The Vice President, riling, tben saidThe two Houses of Congrew bavin? met to couut the votes for President and Vice President of the Uni ted States, and it having devolved upon me to open the roll, I now proceed to toe performance cf that duty. Tbe tellers will take their respect ive stations. Tbe tel.'ers (Mr. Trumbull of thr Senate, and Messrs Phelps and Wasbburne of tbe House, flanked on either side by the Secretary of the Senate and Clerk of th; Houss.) then piocceded to read aloud tbe returns from tbe several States, tbe results of which were announced after them by the Secretary of the Senate and recorded t>y Colonel Forney, Clerk of the House. The Vice -* - u ?- -1? 1 1 v?v ?ut ?coi *'* patU Q3QU* ins each to Mr. Phelps, (teller ) Up to the hour at which the Star went to press, the impressive ceremony was quietly progressing, amid breathb ss silence and profound att?-nt:on on the p*rt of all present Not oaly the galleri?s, but tbe lobb:fS leading to them, were crowded, the ladies filling every seat appropriated to their use. P. S The Vice President having announced that Abraham Lincoln aid Hannibal Hamlin wer* elected President and Vice President of the United State*, the Senate Withdrew from the Hall. Ytp'ATTENTION. METROPOLITAN Rl * LES ? Von are hereby orJered to rr-eet ni voura-mory onTnls ( WeU^oe i&y > EVfcMtNU, t ' >3'.n last., a: 7*? o clock It* A- R ALL^'.V. Ca?t&.n. v*?HH1TH^?N1aN LKTI'RKS-On FPT l 3 1)AY EVENING Rev. Jolfa Lobo will lecture on "Oaliirotu i Sfieucd " otura to efi'n merc* at quarter before 8, when tho <l>ors will be closed f?13-3t Tj- l-UNi'AMV C. VV. L. |. M*et at f. nrai-ir.ory THIS EVENING, at 7H o'clook. for dah. Ever* roernker who mteuua paradiog lo-uijrruw uuit t>? present U? order. cap ain STEVENS. R. r, t.F,Wli>,n, g. It -TV*1- ? F--WASHINGTON LODGE. _kjc No. 6 ? rne members of tli* lor1?? are re quaat^dto mM at th? Hail on FRIDAV EVE NING, the 15.h in?tant. *17 o c'ook prre^ely, to pay a Fraternal V uii to Eaatrn L^c-. N?>.T fe I8>'* J. K. MeKKAX. K?-c. S'e. "Y3=*I. ??. O. F -The mlinker* of ORIENTAL LL5 LODGE, No. 19, " etlto attend a lneetmi N1NG Febrnary 13, at _ Hal .to make arranteirenU for tiie fauoral of tneir late Biother. P. G Marti* Hktzel n? P >.Ei KEK. N. G. O?ATTENTION. COMPANY U, UNION K EGIMENT?Thi* company will hold a in-eting at their h* 1 < n S-ventf n?h street, on TH18( Wedne-dav) KVKMXfl *t i r.'..i ir ? 19.1. O ? ?. F ., are reqo'at lhIS (Wednesday) ftVE 7 o'clook at Odd F* low#' punctual att*rdar.oe u r'quert-ul; biuir.aa* of iui purtaroe to b1 trantact'd. By ord-r of the Coinpauy. It* rW^ATTKNTION. OPFICKRB OF THE il# UNION RKGIMKM OF WASHING TON ?I rUfryo thi* morning, for the fh*t time, tntt th?uffio*r? of .he S^^enta Ward 0'n:p*ny did BDtMrnm; rec-.TnTrecdation to th^ Pr*adent f.r the ofl|M'T l.mtMSOt Co'onel OmttiamlaDt if the L'liion Re^iTiei.t. 1 do not (lemre n-titt tha> p.uUlo. un!?a? th?'e in p~rf??ct iif.anin.lij nf urm'l ment *inoa< the ortmera i am wll ?ati fi<*d with ioj pr*aent politico at inn head of my xa^anteom pa j (A ) That eoinpaii* is*iR)90'eJ <>f try neigh bor* and friends, and perfect unaiumitr <-f aeoti ment exiat* a nong ua. I hop* tlie < ffioera w?l amemMe at Temperance U*ll on THlKSDAY, the 14 h :n?ta'it. at 7 o'clock p. m., and make tame other aeieotinn agre able to the who e regimen In addi':on t? the officers preie .t at the laat meeting. Captain Llubaot, of Second Ward company, and , hia lieutcnauta, and Captain Allen and hia ii?u'en- I >.?. ..rik. t i uuiiu >? ?ru <-ump*ny, ?'? inp?t full* invit*Hl to atte d The Cap'aim aiid I/.euteii auta are ali ev ue t y inv.t >?1 to atteiJ, at we haw n? time to loae. fel3 i Repab. j EDWARD C. CARRIN'GTON. GENERAL ORDERS?No. 7. Hr*r<ii'*RTRK* D C Militia, ) Awct?it GlKKRAL't J Wasjiirgtos. Feb. .2. 1861. \ I. The Washington Luhi Infantry Battalion it hereby recoj:rii*<i an a separate orcanizat'ou. and will l e fro'n th r, date attached to the command < f C. !onel Ja es V Davit. 2d infar.try. II. The Nation*1. Guard Battalion is recognized at a tera'ate or tan zation. and it attached to the or namand of Colonel Jamet A. Tait, lit regiment it fantrr. III. Captain Henry Baldwin, Jr.,7'h infantry, it annoancrd at Aid de Cairp tr> ti?e Major <>eiieral commandirg with the rank of M?jor ; end ?tl or dert bjr lini giveu, in the name and by tbe authori ty of the Major Ge- eral coKimaiu'ir.g.wi 1 boob yed an<t respe?:ie<l accordingly. By o:der of Major Genera! VVughtmA5. CH. LKK JONES, fe 13 St Adjlita tGf>n?r?L (V"tf*ORIIKR No li?HintJqunrtfrnSd Rtt tnrnt !L_3 Miltrta. O C? Th? ai d Coinpau* t>f. | n ?'* of t? e accord reiim ut are hereli* ordered I tooiMtT'i MORROW ( vV edneaday> K V EN INO, at eight o'clock, at lb* bail of the \V? iii i?-ton l,irht iiif.<n:*?, I'oomb*' Huild n*. Ka. ave:iue, near Tauth f t, ar.d-oport for diity Uy o-dar. J 8. Y. DAVIS*. Col. Coiu. 2d Re*. M.D C. M P FSHKR. Adj t ?d Ro< la Vi-tP rr"5=?IO Oi K KKI LOW CITIZENS OK U3 'l'HE DISTRICT-7*? Federal RiO*, a ua? r iiitarf orraLii .t.n, (ha iog fjr it? <-i>ipct tfc<* protection of taa lives and proaarty of tbair fallow oitizena.) baa l>eau formed in ?ha Second W? d.aud i?co:n?< ?ed of a larg? number <f ita oit zeua Many of tliein are n >v unt of employ ment aed canr;. t properly aauiD tli4?.aelvM> ti. woui?, in?i6 oie tiirow 'hernae vea upon the ill) era'itjrof the citizen* of the District lor ma eral a;d. The tallowing in'inba have been authorised t aclicitoontru utjop*: A m. Gtx'drioh, A. !* Dent, Jainet H. Powi, R.*fc. M m ney, Wm. S*hedd. B? order of the Co<npa y. f* 12 St* (r ^? 1 i? I'Ht, lA lKiOIS* ?tf washing TON ? Company B. U*iom Hegimmt. Waahington o.ty. con#i?U of up* arda of a hacdred >ouog men of t;.e Firat Ward, ami are being per fect. <3 lu their drill every night, and h?ne to make a e wpaoy creditable to the citv. but we need eo:ne hMII iiJ, and app^a' with confidocoe to the oitiscu* of Waab.ugton who love their o un try. their c n?ntution and the !twa o! the land. Some i f the membera are poo-, bat proud, and we we would lb*refi>r? ca ! upon ?heo tisenar f Wa h ingtou to give a* liberally aa thT can The ooiu mittee eoLiorixsd to ool eo: oontribu una con'iat o; th )f -Uowiug: apt. Jamee Krlly. J J Calvert. H ?: Wi ton, \V*i H. F >r at, J. Bart ett, Col. J. W Irwin, IJ. T (torirtt, J*onh Ca1-!, 1 he as wij wait ufn thecit z tia ct WMhtagton with a abator ption list. Hv ? ? . ? ? v,. -uwyf i'ya J. i> u s? Yj-TUK UMON PRAYER MEETINGS k_? w!li In lioijen every day this week, in the E tilth Lu?ii? ran Church, corner of 11th and H atreetc, to ooiurnenoe at 4 o'clock, and to oouti ee ok? h-jur. ja7 ,-nP?"I SAY, nTRANGKR, WHERE ARK ii.* ?<>u t-ai:g ' Von em to l?e in * great hur rj." "S*o I am. ] am going ?oSM'TH'b. No 460 seventh atrcet. t<> hey a suit of Clothe*. Tu? ?? ? ?le ?a? he i-a? a verr moe a ?o'tr.etit, aul thay ?ay he ?? : them ?o cheap.** .Vote ? Tite J act we aaw of the etranger he wm raoniu< up Sov?ntii etre-.t taging outr SMITH. No 4<>0'' fe 2-6w nr*?ClTY HALL. Fk?au4KV ?.m ?I he A?*e 1E t tor* hartsg ftui?fctd their a. naal aetee< ment of real and per onal property ?ili at tli*u 100m.tOil* Hall) lai'jr.a* a Bourd of Ap p ale. iroia th- "0th to Ue Sfiiti ? ( P< * ruary. i e.u i ear ail ooinpl iuu aa4 t<> make aujh cor rcotiona in ??\er aeecaiment an tb?* <ie?,.? ? seo TBOe. flTEWAft? KM. . :? * 4.5 DEPAKt^iMt U.S Naval Cor*t8-itA*tul Aeboad, &c.? The Nary Department have dijpa'rfaea from the F.ast India squadron. dated Hon? Krng. nth De cember last Lieut. Bifi' N \\ ??tcoit bad been trt'd fcr.d sentenced to be diimlsaed the tquadron and suspended from rank and command for a year, on furlough par. Richard Hewson, a sea man, bad been fo-ind rutlty of matlnous conduct and sentenced to forfeit all pay due Mm. and be confined fur a year In the District of Columbia, tr! tkAi-t natr Commodore Strlbbllng bad been left bv Mr. Ward (the returning American Minister to China) in charge rf the Leu**lon, ? acting American Charge d'A fiV.fs ad inurim The health of the aq uadron w-ta good. Th* Bkazit. ?qcad*oji ? Official despatches from the flag officer of the Brazil ? uadron. dated Rio de Janeiro, Dec. 7, h*ve been received by the Nary Department. The Semioole sailed from that port Dec 6 for the La Pint*, a ;d the Congress (flag fhlp) waa to sail on the 8th for the I.a Platr.?iraking a eruiae at aea for some weeks Flag Officer Sands contemplates visiting Assun elon either in the Seminole or Pulaski, perhaps both. The Seminole Is reported to tw in good condition, and tbe health of the entire squadroa excellent. Thk Senate yesterday confirmed the nomina tion of Horatio Kin? as Postmaster General, to getber with a number of Deputy Postmaster* and other minor appointments. Extra Session or thi Sisatk ?The Preai* dent has issued a proclamation call 1112 an eitra teaaion of the Senate, to be convened on the 4th of March, at 12 m. Rr?ioikd ?Captain David R. Jouea, (of tia.,) Asa'stnut Adjutant General, V. 8. A , haa rf algned. Itema Telegraphed frtm Wiihlnglta. VV ashihgtow, Feb. U ?In consequence of the seizure of the Arsenals In the Southern States with ordinance and a'ores therein, including gun powder Intended for the B#-rvlrp of th? fiirllllra. tions of the Gulf, Col. Craig, of tb^ Ordnance Bureau, through the Secretary of War, has askt-d the House for an additional appropriation for the armament of fortification*, including the pur "cha?e of gunp<?M'der, of $100,OUO; and for ordnance and ordnnnce supplies an equal amount The Select Committee of Five dispatched 'wo of its meml?ers yesterday after Governor Hicks to testify as to the "existence of a conspiracy to seize the Capitnl While they were on their way to Annapolis, tlie Governor was/in the train f?r Washington, and he will be examined tomorrow. The Collector i?t New Orleans, after opeuing the custom-Louse under tb? authority ?f the Slate of Louisiana, l-rgan by refusing to pass goods in bond for ports of delivery on the river, unlets the authority cf tint State was recognized by the L S revenue otllcers at those ports, lie also refused to take tran&nortstinil hnn/i*frlv??n in IC+ nhi^lrir and exacted the payir.eut of duties at New Or leans These exactions produced so much excite ment at the principal cities on tbe Mississippi river that the goods were abandoned. The Gov ernment have received official intelligence to this efl'ect from the Collector. It is now understood that t;i'ods may pnss as usual, but tbe duties col lected at New Orleans %o into the treasury of Louisiana, instead of that of tbe United states GENERAL ORDERS-No <i. HEAT<vr:*RiKn? D. C Militia, / WASHINGTON, Feb 8th. 1S.')1 $ Ui d.rection of the Hon. Secretary of V\ &r, all thit poi ion ?>f th? hfth r, ginieiital d.strict 1 i k outsid" the citT lirni t> will horeafter ba embraced in th? fc venth re-imo tal duriet. By orJer cf Major G?nei?i xiihtmhn, CH. LEE J??!NE*, fe!13t Ad)ufi.tO n?*r?l. 7^=-" UEM PHEY fc O'TOOJ-K, usj* WJbVUIjyir AXU VlSITlXlt CARD ENGRAVERS. import*"^ of fire wedding (stationery. wedding envelopes. the moit t?autifal styles. 326 Pa. a v., between 9ta an<l l?t!? st*.f fta37-?ni VV AAHIN0TON. what did HE say Okangfcs ' ORANGES!! F1R*T OF THE SaASOX ' wo b^x^s Qrscces and Ltmoai just reoeivHti and w> 1 be?oldlowat pearson'S, ft' 13.1t 191 e-ghth rK'ar th?? avmie. WHAT did HE SaY? Have you seen the bk*"tiful Color. ,t f~r - ? ? u &jw|i w> ui( vi utvi it?? "i, in r e Lt> don Uii<"'rated %???.' For hale t>y FRENCH A. N 1CH *TEIN, No. *479 Per.n avo iue, wier* 11 tho i'ailio*, W<-ekli?* and Mocthtea c%n be f und. Call and auhscri' e. f? 13 WHAT DID HE SAY ' /"'REAT SACRIFICE* O HARG AINS" BARGAINS'!! 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The committee,after setting forth that tber pro reeded with their duties with at much expedition a* possible. ?t>te that It soon became evident that the mere abstraction of certain bonds from the Interior Department?a fact easily ascertained, and indeed admitted by the person who took them?was an incident of minor lmpo-tance la comparison with the transactions preceding and connected with that act, and the committee there fore consider it Incumbent upon them to trace as accurately and thoroughly as possible, through the tortuous windings of vast and complicated interests and extensive (though concealed) ram id- j CLtlons. the motives and purposes and deeds of those who have been the parties to a during and unprecedented fraud upon one of the departments of the Government The committee state the nature of the bends; | mey were purchased from time to tlmr by au thority of l?w with the money of the Indiana. ?ri?ir.4i from treaty stipulations Originally they were in chargp of the Jndian bureau, while that bureau waj connected with tb? Department of War. and remained in its custody aftrr It became one of the bureaus of the Interior Department in 1819, and trom that time up to 1S57. In that yeaf the cu?tody of the securities was transferred to the Secretary of the Interior. The government hav ing the bonds in its possession was the trostee for the Indians, who were tlie actual owners of them; and presuming that Its agents hare exer?M*d or dinary dillgtuc* and care as their cust.-disns, the question arises as to the extent of its liability for their loss The question, however, the commit tee do not derm it necessary to purisue The re Eprt states the manner in which the bonds were eptand severely censures their insecure arrange mont 11 \r ilia n>oH V, ? y a t/i tuc ' vi .luivui, uuwrTn , no loss wan sustained during previous adminiitra tloni; nor is there the slightest ground to l*>lieve that the Hon. Robert McClelland, of >! Ichlgiin, former Secretary of the Interior, whose supervi sion of the trust while it remained in the Indian office Las been called In question, and whose letter was referred to your committee, acted at anv time or in any way unfaithful to it. The committee deem it but justice to a?ld that they have discovered nothing to involve the late Secretary, the Hon Jacob Thompson, In the slightest degree in the fraud, and nothing to indi cate that he had anv complicity In the abstraction, or that be had any knowledge of it until the time of the disclosure by Godard Bailey. Tbcy think, however, that be soould have exercised a more wjtchful guardianship over the stocks and the movements of bis subordinates The whole amount of the abstracted bonds is at-itMl tn Vi? ?l (M O In all ?CNl rum WW W v? ^7 A jWW V.?v u J II Utt ^JV ? )V/UV . The negotiations between Bailey and Wm H. Russell are stated. Wm H. Russell is the bead of the house of Russell. Majors & Waddell, a firm widely known as contractors with the War De partment for transporting army provisions over the western and southwestern plains Lest sum mer Russell became embarrassed, and communi cated tbe fact to a >lr. Luke Lea, on his way to Wasbingttn, a former Commissioner of ludian A flairs, aud a partner of Russsli't iu ? hanking concern in Kansas Russell,it seems, staU-d that he bad heard of a Mr. Bailor or Barley, who was a rtiii'ion of Gov. Floyd's, and asked Lea if he knew him l.ea said he knew a Mr Bailey, and Russell supposed that was tbe man. The report eiiv* that Lea was both an artful and unwilling witness It turned out tbat a' Russell's impor tunity, Lea saw Ballev and told bim that unless Russell wns relieved Gov. Flovd's acceptances would be protested and be would be compelled to retire from tb? Cabinet Mr. Lea does not state thnt be su^wted to Mr. Bailey to rifle the Indian trust safe, but be subsequently knew that the opt* ration was going on ana endeavored to dissuade them from it. He obtained the mobt solemn pledget from both Russell and Bailey that hli name should never be publirly known !n connec tion with the business Mr. Lea did notintroduce Russell to Bailey, but a ine' t/v took place at the War Department about the 13th of July. The parties were intro duced to each otfcT by Ccl W R Drlnkard. chief clerk of the NVar IVpartme.nt, and Secretary l-'loyd's most intimate friend. Col D , as shown by his own evidence, impressed Bailey with the belief that Russell was a gentleman of great respectability and pecuniary resources, and that if the acceptances were allowed to go to protest, he (the Secretary) would be greatly agonized and disturbed. Russell and Bailey held a p ivate in terview In the third-story of the Department, and within a few hours thereafter Bailey delivered to Russell one hundred and fifty thousand dollars of bonds at the room of thelatUr person in Washing ton city, and cn the same morning the recipient return?d with them tc \*-w Vork Snhun.i?nt!if In September, 33? bond*, in addition to tue first, were transferred to Russell, the note of Russell, Major* It Waddeii being left a* security, as in the first case In December, R.iwell a^ain appeared lit Washington and received333 bonds additional Tbe arr-ngement was tb-.t the fln>t boi **s were to returned within ninety days, but when t-.e second instllmcn was takes the time w&a extended to the Ith of March, Isfil. Why Bailev afcstractrd the bonds is a question the committee ciuuot satisfactorily answer. Rus ^eLl and Hailey both deny that the latter received uuy valuable cons'. d? ration for what he did. His baiik account rose to borne between July and December, which, on a salary of (IUO per ai.num. istte only peculiar fact !n this connec tion. It appears that the transaction w?? express ly to protect Secretary Floyd from disgrace. The account of the confession of Ha.!!ey, as made through Mr. Wagner to Stcret.iry Tbomp sou, is already known to the public I be imme diate exposure of the fraud is ascribed to the refusal of Auditor Fuller, who refus-d to approve Bailey's stock account, for the reason that the coupon account did not accompauy it. From the testimony ther" procured, it wt* ap parent that the bond* had i<e??ii disposed of by Mr. Ruufii and L 4 aui?r.t :?nH that u? n ..?.-.11 did ?.wt Uav? It In hU power to restore ?ny of them A liiijittd iiiimVr of them u ere traced into the pcurtslon of certain individuals and corporations. Huswll appear-d before the committee, but being sdvis-d ihat be wai under a ertin nal pros ecution, and fright answer or not, at be chose, be expressed a wish to make a statement in writing. T Lis he was permitted to do; but the committee refer to bia letter as a mere evasive and technical statement. The prlnelpal part of the report refers to the pro ceedings of Secretary Floyd in the matter of ac ceptance* issued by him. On tbla subject the committee say: When the iniqultoua art perpetrated by one of the subordinate officers of the Interior Department In tlie abstraction of bonda was made known, 11 was discovered, at the same time, that acceptances unauthorized by law, and deceptive and fraudu lent In their character, had beeu issued by the Secretary of W ar, in favor of Messrs Ku.-sell, Ma jors and Waddel!. Asa portion of these are In separably connected with the his:ory of the bond eirtbezzlement. it <s proposed first to inquire into the circumstances attending their issue I U 1... *-?- O -? m% looMtru uy mt nu?3cu iuai mi iae any up made his last application for securities. Mr Itui ley c^reed to furnish them on the condition that there uould !* deposited with Linj. In their plice. the acceptances of Gov. Floyd a* Secretary of War Mr Kussrll, it woflld appear, had then on hand even hundred and thirty-live thousand dollars of acceptances, seventy-two thousand of which were unconditional, and the balance conditional and payable out of the earnings of Russell, Majors and Waddell for lttOl The amount of the bonds he re ceived on ILat and previous o< casions was eight hundred and seventy thousand dollars. There waa therefore wanting to make up the requisite sum of securities one hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars and we accordingly find that there is an accepUi.ce bearing date December 13th, for that precise amount. When it is remembered that that is the date of the last dr livery of bonds, and of the receipt therefor, the inference seems una voidable that the ace epiance was Issued to make up au ascertained deficiency, and that it was an ticipated that it would go into the possession of Bailey Upon a general summing up of all the facts, the committee arrive at the conclusion, that there la an entire deficit of SS,13?,385, to fall upon the holdera of acceptance*, or to be assumed in some wav by tbe government. The report proceed*: 'lo avoid all appearance of unfairness, your committee consider It proper to give Mr. Rus sell's estimate of the amount of acceptances Is sued, rs set forth In the following extract from his testimony: Question. State as nesrlyas you can, of your own kuowledke and recollection, the amount of acceptances of Gov. Floyd shown by that [his] account to you? Auswer. I have got but an idea about It. It was very larg*. 1 cannot tell bow large. 1 believe tt exceeds 83 000,000. Q. Does It not exceed $1,000,000? A 1 /1a i?aI Q Do?* it not exceed $5,000,000? A. I judge not; it U all impression on my part. Q Can you state that you have not received hit acceptor c a to an amount exceeding ?6,000,000" A 1 don't think 1 have. Q. How mur-b leaa than ?6,000,000 can you My was the amount? A. I will not fix the amount, I know it was very iarge. I know it was millions. <4 Will yoa fix any amount short of 96,000,000 which you can aay coven It? A I do not think it exceeds S4 000,000 U. Can you state to the committeewlthia a half miilloa of dollars the smouut of tbe acceptances of Gov. Kloyd which yon have paid ? A. No, air. I cannot. We have certainly paid vpwarda of $3,000,000, and probably (3,500,000, and cancelled them or retired them. q. Does ttJBQOflUQ cover that amount ? A. I Must ?y positively \ ?v \% tm % Q. Can you name a sum which too eu b? positive dors c??er the amount? A. 1 am sure we have paid #8.000,000 Q Are vou ?ur?- you nave paid and canceled I $ < i?"j ?t? A Well. T sm pretty confident in mr mind that j w? hare Q Can jrou Itali ppt amount lirpt than that. , which too are confident In yc?r awn mind was paid and pancel*4 ? A. No. air. Q. Did you no* pay and cancel Oct Fiord's acceptances to an amount larger at the outside irun uui.v* ? A. t think #3 500,000 will cover the turn I mm ( ery cor fllent In rit own mind tb?t It will. , Mr Russell tbrn stated tli>t besides tbe accept- \ slices be bad rscd ?nd those still remaining !n Ma possession, (tbe latter somewbst leas than tvro . millions la aiiMHint.)Gov Floyd jjaveftfm otter*, t which be returned linusM to tbe War" f>ep?rt- , meat If e?!d*n<*e should be j*i>en to these ei- p plsn*Mon? tbe smonnt of sf?epbif<-es still out standing Is v?ry lif^". Buf IWr. ftixseU't AaU- , uents sre so rambling, vague add uosatisf&i u??v, I and be shows such utter ignorance of tbetjetalls , M his business, snd sucb Incapacity or unwllltrg ness to make sn exhibit of his s(fairs, that *?uf ' i committee hsre considered It mnch safer to base | < their roncluflORS opon the records furnished by | tbe \V?r Department. These records are of a character too "peculiar to be pasted without com- | merit Br reference to the Wtimony of Mr. frvla, a J clerk in the \V>r Dejiartment, it will b? ae*n that he kept a rrtrlitrv of the acceptances on looap piece* of paper, only aa they were repored to him from j time to time, and no other waa made He ataUa, loo, thnt there wag no regfatntlon of the ??{>* not) : of conditional .icceptancea which fell Into Mr. I Bailey'a hand*; and that Immediately after I be discovery of th?> iihetractlon of the Ixtnda, Got Floyd went to hia uttce and directed him (Mr. I Irvln) to enter an order of cancellation of thoee acceptances, which he did upon a aliped paper aa j | he had entered the datra and amount* of others 11 Is^A 1-- A Tl - ? I? - I 1 n.n? ii iu wrru irauru I iiT" nrr*-jnatiGri ifTi*i in the hand? of tie Hon Ja'ob Tfconn>?o*i. having bent pliced {hw by Mf. Bailor In 1 tt of th* ab stracted bond*, bf nn order of cancellation. at such a time, wsi simply an order against the tiovern mrnt. Find the ?cr*ptincM l>een Lrld by other rnrtles. the order would have been equally fntile; for. if lejrailv iMurd, It con:d no* Invalidate tbera. The report further states tbat Mr S-'iia'or Ben jamin. bavins; !>?en written to by the holder* of one or more "f theme acceptance*, called '?p*?n 'he President and Informed b 1 lit of tbene acts of the Secretarrof War; and that the President replied thf.t he knew nothing of them, and. with many ejprewlnn* of confidence in the Secretary of War, referred Mr B to bim for the Information be sought as to the rutborlty under which the acccp tances w*re jjlrrn In tLe Interview \* lilch fol- j lowed with Mr. Floyd be admitted that the prar- j tlce wsi wrong, and promised that no more ac- ' i ceptances should be given It appear*, however, .that, snppcsing the note to Mr. Benjamin, before referred to, to hare been written a year ago, there have been Issued by Got. Floyd since that time acceptances to the amount of 91.l6IjNi. Til: In '( April. MO.000; In May, KSO.OOO; June. *350.0110; ' Jnlv. ?05 0l*:; Ancust. ?713,000; Septemker, | $125 000; October, S270.000 To this amount most be added the fT&S.OOO of unconditional accept- j ances, of which there Is no reg'stry, and the gfand t total Is as above stated The committee offer no recommendations in reference to tbe particular case, but clove as fol- ; lows As one of the results of the examination tbey Lave made. tbey submit a bill to provide for tbe ; more certain and effectual punishment of crimes such at those that have been brought to their notice, and a!*o amendatory of th - second section of the act of Congress, approved January 21th, 1M7. entitled "ap act more effectually to enforce tbe attendance of wtn eases on the ?uinmons of either House of Congress, and to ccmpel them to disclose testimony " They also be;; leave to sugjest that the fluctu- 1 ations of the stock market, and tbe delay and nn- j certiinty in the collection of the interest on tbe : bonds, ?r?m to demand tome further legislation in regard to tbe Indian trurtfund. as ? measure of obvious Justice ar d humanity to the Indians The i report 's cor.carr'd in by all tbe members of the committee consisting of Messrs Isaac V Morris of Illinois. 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His suite* oi Parlors ar.d Dining room* for the aooom in dition of Dinnsr and Hspper Parties his Tsbla arra if^niCLts. Cooks, Servants, tu., are uncur p*se ; as well ss hi?, ?hioh enjoy macn celebrity. He respectfully asks a of the pntrun*K?of the public heretofore so liberally I renewed upoc him, a< d fudges his beet exertions j to give?ctirs s- tisfact on fe II Ira C. GAUT1ER ? nwEBAvei) fifty per CENT," A 1. gent'tnto remarked % day or two vinee, bjr baying ?r<y Ststionfry at shepherd'S, oorner of Seventh and i> itre'U. 4* TH at 8 SO ! The Mine ia true of S h"OL BOOKS, BLANK BOOKS. MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS, Ac. Alto tee WRITING paper in the world, everybody ?;>. fe ?-lw Our bonnets, HATS, And PLATS of tfcn very lateet atyie*, nnd in nil oaeea rnade^A of the beat material. Call at onoe and getGEf ohcioe. At STEVENS*, una tf SSH.hetw. 9th and 10th at*. QREAr yiReiNiA remedy micoiioh?. "VJ? I.ULIIJ. liKOIMCHlTltt. *.0?Ur. Puiler's Compound Tolu, Petersburg. Va. c*rufic*'e? of wonderful cure-, to be had it tbe different drug fton Wbol?al? aerate, KIT WELL * LAW RENCE and J. 0. MOORE, We* End. f(I4v 534 *?ZE2?&rJiS9?. 534 A food article of Browa Sugar at 7 oeotu par found. 50 barrel* extra Flour, beat braod*. at ft per barrel. sn dp Family Ffrur, beet brand*. Old Hoarbon w hisky and Rje Whisky, for med icinal purpose*, Old Frenoh h rend jr. Port Wiaes, Maderia at-d Sherry Winr*. pure artiole fo. stek Cordial* of various kind*. AMK?,C^NOP,SB,g^OENCV. laud WAUAMTS to* malm. . irr ; r,? Iiinirolti Wikmnmtwu *?r? M|i buiinttA it trm*smtt ?* Gtrtnmm* art tm ' vtlcrf 10 ovr fmc litu*. * rM* ^.^aiK.'aggigk .HOIlJtR bTATKK; I M KIR MtVVfcR h?u?L? F'lrl&J- ?sb TO SHEPHERD'S. eorMr nk^nLr rhf PrnMfit Elect ea r??t? UrWtiMtf Ua?Hl? Rfcfptl*! ? IntftaatflU ta< Addrraa t* the ?t. hwixtroni. K?h II ?The approach of tbe train bearing the President elect and Ua parU r?? announced by flrlnj a aalutc of th1rtf-foo? (una. The Trealdent elect waa received at tbe dej?ft hr dor Hunter, and eorortod la a carriage drawn r?y four white boraea A large priwatw waa formed and treat entbuaiaam manifested alotig Lbe lire of ijjirch. Mr L:acaln atood erect in blacarr'aireackaowl rdt*i njj*ko Weloa?e of tboanrrouodt ng tbonoutda On raariiinc tba Klcbart Bate* Hooae. U? pro reaaion Uaitod. and Mr Lincoln waa rarortod * lite balconv. wbirt be addrraaed tbe tbrono of people > follow*: fie aald be came b're to thank tbeno t-n tbe rapport flw* by InHlam to tbe trae and Jur now Coercion and lnmrl on are terma much uaed iiow wllU temper ltd bot blood Let na *e? mlauaderatand tbrlr mraalog, M>r tbe Bnali| nf tboae who i:ao thorn }<et a* yet tbelr inraning from tbe roea wbo deprerat" tbe thing* tb?r would rewmut br tbelr me Wbat Ittbr n?*anlni(of tbeae wotda * * ould marcbfng an irmr Into South Carwilaa with boa tile latent be an l:r? ^rton, I think ?t would,and It wonld b? 'rwrrltm alao if Houth CavolHrn w?g forced to an bm if Bat If tbe failed !*t?tea ahowld. merely bold and retake ita own forta. rollart da Ilea or wltbbold maila. where habitually Rotated, woald any or all of tboae thing* be Invnaioa ar eonrlaaT Do profeaalonal Uniotilorera, when they f?ao?re to reaiat eoercloa. underatand aurh thing* on lb* ffrt of the United M*toa to be oo ero'on or laraa*oa ' If they do. their ?d*a of prea^nring tbe I'nlon la* '\reedingly thin a.'td airy. In tbelr view, tbe ('aloa aa a family relattan would aeem to be b<> regular mj-rrlipe. but a aoft of frrt-lort mrrang' vm', to be maintained by pasa!rmal attraction \ow In what roHM the apecial *<cminr? of a ^tate? I ?pe*k not of the position n?rtitrted to a Ptate In the Union by the Conditution. for bt that bond we all recogn re that position a ( tate cannot rirrv out that position If * f*tate and Territory |m>wm equal rights in a Territory and ita Inhabitants, in ? bat, aa a matter of pr?*cl pie. it a f*tat?? better tban a country ? Woul<# wr rxclitnge of namea be ao exchange of righls. npon that principle * I pon wcat rightful prlnci* ple. by what rijtlitftil principle, may a State, being not more thin one fiftieth part of a nation in aoll n<t (Krpulatlsn, break np& nation and tben coerce a larger division of Itaelf? What mysteriooa right to play tbe tyrant la confined In a district of rountry, with ita people, by merely calling It a ?tnteT Mr. Lincoln. !n eonc!o?lr>n, (aid he was not aaaerflng anything. but merelv asking questions for them to cwi?td?r and decide In their own minds what v as right and what wai wrong. tiovcrnor Morton londlv rolled for, bs appeared ;<nd (poke in congratulatory toraa to tbe multitude, which bad now become immense ?eemimg.?AX aercn o'clock (be members of fte W r|i IMIKU 1*1 II, W UV? it UVW bold)iik a reception at tbe Httei H?i?e Tb< crowd, jwavln^ to and fro. forget a!) etiquette, each seeming to outdo bis elbow companion. Mr. Lincoln and bit party leave tbe city loraor row at lo o'clock fur Cincinnati Dirurrit no* IxsitKiroMi lNBiA^?roL!*, Feb ? President elect Lincoln left here ttie iiiorn lig to continue bit journey to tbe Federal Capitol Before starting be tbauked bia friends tor tbe reception they bad given him and Mid be trusted tfcatttev all might meet again under one flag and In one Union Tbe train passed through Morris. Indiana, tfcia aflrrnocn, making a Vief halt, where Mr Lincoln spoke a few words of greeting in acknowledge rat ut of tbe appiau?e of Ure-people TbrrtighoiU tte road every precaution was takec to avoid accidents Flag-men were statioaed at every cross road, displaying tbe Americas tag ss a signal that nil was -Igbt mm vi.hi.i Cikcissatt, Feb. It. p m ?The train bearing the President elect and bit company arrtYed ben at the appointed time, and .Mr Lincoln waa re ceived by an iu>iccr>ae dt monatratlon of entbval arrn Tbe city waa gay with flag* and olhA token* of welcome. AUCTION SALES. Br BARNARD & BL'CKFY. Aactioneera. Ceorgf t&wn. D. C. SUPFR'OR FfMStW OD PIANOFORTE. SXC?LLZ>T HoPSKboLS FC*N.Tr*E. Cl'Nt, Olah? akb CtociitT W ki a r Acctioj,.?O* Till R&uAY Morning. 14th n.??arL ** ! > ('coik ve will ?e'.atth?rMid*noeof Mra. >f*? . o*? Kirat, near Mwk't a reel, Georgetown I>. C.. bar Hou.ehjid ana Kitchen Furniture, oomirii L?~ i: nArir.f Rna*w.'wv?t Pi * Port* Pnr*r am/4 c&nr ?,ka.ff. r.?nt?r ac Side TaM*?. Cvrt*. Rs'i?k1 Of.oiotfc, Cn-taina at.d Sh*dea, Mahogany '.V"ardro?>?a. Hfdaiaada, Wuhitudi ai.d TouatSeta. t* deb >?rd F.tscere and > m?h, Cane and Wood r*at Chai-a and Rocker*. F?atii?r Bafa. tool'tera and Pillow*. Car ad Pa r, Skuok acd Cotton Mattreeaaa, a"d B?d<i i ne. r itm g I able a-id rha<r?, China Glaaa and Crock*rjr War*. Cwtlarr, A.?. And a rood anuitiuRit of Kttoiiea Fnrnitare D* Term* eaah. It BARNARD A BUCKF.Y. Ai?U. By THOP. HOWLING, AooUonoar, Viorgttown, D. C. Groceries at aLCTIon.?o* Friday MORM.Nh.iM '4t i ii<?tar.t. a' o' front of tha Aaation Siora, we aew a atook of irear, GrowlSa, Ao . ooi.aiatinr of? R*rr?!a 1 rn*n*d tod 3rown ttugara. i>o Moitaw-t. Gunpowder acd Black Taaa, C< ffe^a. l?ox?a Brown 6<?sp, March. Bla?. Ginger an?l t*?r pa-, Chewiuc *u?i f-iookmc Tobacco. J^jara. Ao , Ac. Ala', 3? harre'? J^'??un U d MoLQficahala and Monument* W ?u?kr. B*rre sntt UiU, Wohds A xt? fir??w, i qu?rt? r oa/ k<t ? ?? ?Bper?or o'.d Port Win, 4 do Msitft * i e 4?,k?. fell 4 T3Q8 DQWLlNO.Aiat 2.1 J. C. McGl'IRE * CO. Aacti.inaare. HHOC9FHO:.D FUfcNlTURE am> KIT^HKN* R*Qrj?iiE? at Acctiojc.?On THL'R^DAV MOK\i.NO Bfxt. Fel-ruar? 14th. <w>?nii>?noinc %t in o'clock. we ?. ?>! ?H1, at the reeuleaae of 4 1 |i> t ? n ?<mi m \ tuc * * ? " ""w _ Uem&n d'f'iciiig h^uaftk?*pinc. at No. *79 L *t. h'tVMD 15th and l?tb eta.. H?%eeb??M Fnrr.U?f? and Kitchen Rrqaiaitea We enumerate, ti part? Mahogany reotre and Side Tables . D? Card T&M? and Corner Whatnot Maple Ciurt t and P*ibI#?1 WoW iHt Chair* Mahogany Din?nr awl 9i<l? Tables I>o ao<l PaiaH BirMii Cine-teat R< eker. Fainted Wa?httan<3? H*'i, Huak.aiH Cotton and Hu?k MattfMM C >t'ac" Bodeteadii, Flower Beuch Stair Carpet, Straw Mttticc Radiator Stove. Hip Hatii Cooking Stove and Kitchen Requisite*. Terms cash. fell-d J. C. MeGITIRE * CO.. Aaata. By 8JKBCI A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. H(M SF.I'OLD AND KtTCHLN Fl'RNI tc?b. Piamo Fomrm. *c., at acctiok ?On THURSDAY, the Utn i net act, w ?hvi salt. at 1? o'clook &. m.. at >he re?'d -noe of Dr.L R.Dana. No 54?? norh eitle o H, l>?tweei 6tt? and 7U ?t> . an exoaiient a??urtmerit o' Fun iture. v s: Fi:i" rerec-octave Pi no t orte, made by Knabe fire tone. *?&?'><?K?i*y wr.>i n*.DUi ;>'ja, ATB ftbd l*arior Sprin* Chair*. Mah*any Otto mica MarMe top ud olhai Ti b!ss, IHm\?k and Wirdov Curtain* and Fixture*, Mm ile-f'-p iKMslbf aud other Bureaaa, aud Hat Oil PM't'sir, Mvitnl Vaaeaar.d On amenta. China, S:a?a and Crockery Ware, Knive*. Porka and ?pi>oa?, . Fine Paitted Cottage Chamber Set and Ward rohe?. Owe and \Vood-e?at Chair*, Waahstardi and Toilet Acta. Feather B.dtand Bedding, Hair and otlitt Mat - tre*aea, ienny Lind. French ar.d other Bedateeda, ir>j*ae'.a ft"d other Carpela and Oilcloth, CuuIubi. Kauiator a d other ?tovea. With a good lot of Kite-en Reeaicitee, and many other artioiaa which we deem ucneoeaaary to IDIIQ9r&fA, Term*: All ?atni of $30 and anderoath; over #an. a credit? f*1 and So dara for aotaa aauafac tonly endorsed bearing mtereat. fall at GREEN * W1 LI.IAMB. A acta. Greal^reduct'o* *>f price to 4lit I the Times. _ W? are offering (rnt ilOuoemanU (or euk. Oar a* tire stock tt a grrat r?atetiun. Fall eaita of B Mk, B ade to order, for iltitMiU oiBtMk, ready ?adr for witfi % tare* aeaartai?> of Gum rirankiM tioo<l?. Mi itary Urer Coau inade to o ?+ fjr #?. wall. SrEPHF./?'8 a CO., jail-daw S'iS Pa ar.. hat Kk and Wh su That n<?tice about persons call I IM to p*t BfOTKadby aaay di?ref?rdM *i want it aaoaratoo* we are in caraaat; wa want the money for all Willi due a*. tTj. a w. m. oalt. peaSa.k >a W...^ ai.d ?:<*!, ia a *t>i Pa. ay.. >>#C nth and 12tk 1*. U 0*E prick only! mta^txSTsj^irJBSK Cash. aad One Pnoe On]/. r. c. ?TLVKN8, ass Pa. Mr , nog* tf Www? mk awd laU it*. <> 7*; jTl l k m ? ? * ?/ A m I if JACKSON, P L AS T E R L A 6 . rniUL. Avsnrs, nil A UICKOAY WtrOD. A No. 1 art4*io of HICKttfc Y WOOD. Alw. P'Nlp Md Oak wool). pr*??r?d or d?hT?r?d ATord ?rV ' 'hoo W b? aoor??MlM4 VlU tfc? oo?T ; drirtn d-u ta^rrr UMi(?oii * W. H. GALT, r? >?.. b-?. inn %mS ?& M iftCZKES?S'& SKSFIBM:

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