Newspaper of Evening Star, February 13, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 13, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS iz? IT"* Tbwitfh Thk Sta* is printed on ;he fuMt (twin "tin w snath of Baltimcxe, its edition U ** !"r_T * W? It to be jdt to press at an rr'y b~jr; Advertisement*, jerefore, should be s?*nt in I*(ore U o'clock otherwise they may act appear or.ttl the nor",, day. Nnnc*.?Plrtri^ ^ Colombia AdrerttaWneBts to be Imrrted In ^ B^tlMoax BtJN we WCfcWfd tt and for war ^ fHK St a* t)i?. ? ... , /croql ntirn.?a long iM?i improTr. I?hlv A ^ F,rtt PlihW, to the shape of a new . . A bouse, Km been erected tb* present winter f- Jie corner ?.f Fnarteenth and Q streets. Yes # yfdav sftetn<*on. the iwembers of the Board of ruatn* ct the Public Schools ted If by IbtJ and expressed themselves much pleased ^rtth Its appearance The bouse la of brick, and It ewled on a lot 50 feet wide by 100 feet detft. The lot la anrrounded by a strong hlyh pi* Ok fence on three side*, with pallngaIn front, and an excellent play ground for the puptls. Th? building Is two stories Lljjh, having a large, co'inn-.cdlnus. well lighted, and well venttlatM Khm 1-room on each Boor. Vide rooms open from rnch ro-.m. where there la a supply of water f ?t\ne dn*t) on each floor, and convenient wararobea for the use of the children. The school houae Trill accommodate well one hundred and flfty nuDili- Ric-vlUnt WHao k?? _ y- ? ? m m r r ,n,u* " 'V.V |r>lroduc*?L In plfrrr of the old blackboard larga alite aquarcs are .naerte<d in the walla, occupying a ?f>?ce of antr.v forty au per Art a! feet in each room. ThH t? considered a (freat Improvement on the wpo\l?n bltckboard. The general appearance of the house la suhiitantfal and comfortable, and but Tor Ita remote location would be a valuable ac quisition te the school facilities of the First Oi?* trict. The contractors are Me-srs McLaughlin i Wilton; bricklayer, John Foot; plastete*, Joo. plumbers. Chat W. Cunningham k Bro. D'fln^' the vistt of the Board they Wvre hospitably *~nWt:itn?d with refreshment*. substantial and liquid, by the ?nt>-boord of the First District. Prr?tT>*!iT> [ ?r*K* ?l.aat night, the President pve tho rkw-iij reception (evening) of th?**eason. An !mrr?t?e crowd thronged the rooms at an r..?.T uv ?, ativi luciminuoii soon iifCiJine linpoi Ibi* Everybody wore an alt of enjoyment. The l'rr?ident lofk^d bale and well, and teemed to feel rellevfd that be Wan drawing near to a rest fr m Mi wearylnc ' area and labors. Mlu Lane wjii present, extending. a* usual, a graceful wel come to all comers We noticed among those present Secretaries Black, Holt, Toucey and King; Senator Green, of Mo.. Hons John Sherman. Cochrane. Woodruff. Farnsworth, Barrett, and -otliera. Nearly all the foreign Ministers were or-aMit. l^ultea number of military and naval ..IB ers were in attendance, among whom we no Heed Gen Wool. Tb? frientiflc world w?s repre tentcd by Prof Henry and' others of bote, who we e present with their fanr.Uies. Everything P'-ifd off In ? exceedingly pleasant manner; ana after the Irrepresaible Dixie," (succeeded by Yankee D^od'e.) frorHBhe band, th~ throng broke up and retired to their homes The Levee was undoubtedly the !ar*est one for vears It was, probably, the l<ut of the season Tksatk* ?The rush last night to see Miss "Cnshmn* 9% ".Meg Merrilcs"' was about equal In tuvci!-.-?y 10 me wen-remem Derea pressure on a -Jt-aoy Lind night." The theater wis crammed iurrery corner; and hundreds, unable to obtain ??ats, crowded the aisles and passage?. The ladies not only held large possession of the boxes, or chestra seats and dress circle, but swarmedln the parquette. where their more gaily-tinted dre?ses all ndtd a pleasant relief to the sombre black of the male broadcloth usually predominant there about* As Misa Cushman has appeared in this Crt repeatedly in Waebington. it is unnecessary r us t<> dwell upon her rendition of it last night, further th*n to say that there was no faUing off in the intense power of her preTious delineations of the character. Mr Studley was fair as ' Dandle Dinmont The piece was not well cast to bring out the best representation of the ability of tha company. To-night Miss Cushman appears in her great part of "Lady Macbeth." which personation of "hers fs deemed as remarkable in its way as that of last nieht; and in all nrobah'.litw th* ?iw>? wiii i? Trie Good Samaxitax Sour Horst, No. 4i25 Kleventh street, tat h?n ia successful operation for ?bout ten days S<"? pressing have been tbe de mand* for food thnt It bss been deemed necessary t* cpen it dally from 11 to I o'clock Ca Satur day about two hundred and twenty peraona were applied with scup and bread Aafar as possible, laaUs visit eppllcanU for aid, to avoid imposi tion It it sustained w tolly by voluntary contri button*, and thus far the support has been cordial and ample In lta work of mercy, with thousands out of employment, It tppeuls confidently to all who have hearts to f^fel for the needy and helpless. Donations of nao-^gyi bread, vegetables, second band clothing. 4uel, shoes, or anything that can contribute to the comfort of the destitute for the next two '..oaths, will be properly appreciated. If left with m ? (T1?1(011 TtsroiflK # . m ?w M| vumei v? ? nvn?U Oliu I~ ***?*". , Mr Noerr, corner of E and Eleventh s?s , y X?tv J. G. Butler, pastor of the Lutheran Wiurcb, corner ofll and Eleventh street*. Tbi * H A. D Again.?Mr. Editor: My self and many other deeply injured member* of *> iety owe you thinks for on yesterday calling the attention of those charged with the duty or protecting the well-being of society here, to the txiiUner of the secret organization of solid men of u-e Federal Metropolis known among them oelves as the ,;H. A. D 'a." 1 know enough about them to 1* able to say that they are a corps of regular irrrguimrs, who drill, almost r.lghtlv, in hacks?lu thr night line?around the outskirts of the city. Tui l.\;mep Pakimk is thk Uo?ox or oni or trkm. The Aiiutot Noblk (jkation ?Tblsfellow, wao li charged with firing the stable of J. H. Bbrerre oa Thursday night last, was arrested by watchman iirdson the same nigbt. It Is just that be should bave tbe credit; for. having been at work at the lire, hit-clothing w?s frozen opon him, but when be got the information be without de'ay hastened to make tbe arrest Tbe officer who'got tbe warrant tbe next day made bit return upon it. hence tbe name of the watchman did not appear in connectlou with tbe case. A Family or CnoR Mis ro* Srkvick ?Our venerable tnd well-known citizen. Mark Dubant, peak* with great satisfaction of bis f.-mlly of boyi In tbe prevent crisis He has s?*ven sons, all for tbe Union, and two of them captains in tbe vol unteer militia, and the rest in tbe ranks. Tbe old man says that his family is true to the country. If bis seven boys are not a sufficient contribution, and tbe even number is required, though he is seventy-two years of age, he will himself "fall of resolutions in accordance with th'e.d-sltjn with which the meeting was held; which were unani mously adopted Wiiii Ami thi Mr Editor: Please call th* attention of the police to the fact that there is a law prohibiting hacks being on the tUnds on Sundays. Vet 1 find the avenue fre quently blockaded with them on that day, and the j-oliee coolly looking on. If this is the way they do their duty, 1 do not see the use of a police force at all. Citize*. Abeival or Mabisbs ?A detachment of thirty marines from the Brooklyn barracks arrived in this city yesterday afternoon. They were coin mnnded by orderly sergeant S. F Reynolds, and h-ive recently arrived from the Warrington bar racks, Ha. Thi Twnn sbcosd ?Last night the City Councils of Alexandria adopted a resolution re r nmm?ndini' ttaf citizens to a DDroDriatelv observe tu? (ominii vKd of February I bey also appro priated 8*26 for the Artillery to fire a aalute upon ibe occasion PoLfce M attibs?B-fort Justin Clark.?Watt Jonea. (col .) for Ivting out afbr Lour*, was flncd 19 Patrick Devlin, accuacd of using profane linguae, wia fitted Si 17. George Jacoba, do , do flu^d*'*. Anoint* Klao.?An elegant .National (lag has been bo ated over the new building belonging to ibe African Colonization Society, corner of Four-an<l>a-balf street and Pa. avenue. To-Moaaow niobt a Concert la given for the beii' At of Contpanjr C, W. L Infantry, at the Sr?i!hac:i)an. see programme In another col li sin LV >'r roaocT tee concert of cacred music in < Kannl t?.ry?/trvnW nif'ht A tfMt IB1V 11 v" ~-;r? ?m? ? ' be expected- J % 0 in ' and agm r>r me country a^aln. ScriKXE Coc?T?Tuesday.?Hon. Win How ard and Hon. \\ m. Allen, of Ohio, and John D Co^Itrr, K?q , oI Missouri, wc.e admitted at* torneys and counsellors of this Court. No <fc Lessee of Robt. W. ?mithetal., plain lifls In error, agt William McCaun The argu ment of this cause was <ontinurd bv Mr J .Mason r.iinpbi-ll for the defendant in error, and con cluded by Mr H Winter l>avis for the pl.iint:tl? in error. Adpurneti. All ATsnCiDn* ?Th-mWprltin;; firm of Arny & *biau, on Ur<-en St., in Georgetown, have the I ? k^iilU.. t? Ik. * . ^, vt??nM???ui??cu% iia ?ur uwuniry buiiu] ?.f?Juitinnorr Tbeirclder is the pure juice of the appi*. and their malt liquor* have a reputation for ei'-ellence *urpa?sed bv none They *re amenta f?r M??ey A Collin*, of Philadelphia, wLote hie It much nought after by all here and flaewhere who profess to know good liquor* front bad. St* their advertisement* in another column. RmncT r >R the late Hon Jobs A Rock well ? Tti- member* of the bar and officer* of the Court of Claims met yesterday in the court room, for the purpose of testifying in some formal manner their respect and'nteem for the late John A Rockwell. Hon. R. W Thompson in the chair. A committee w is xnooint*d who ?nnrt?H ??(? Ccvut so Tas Vcti? ? Preliminary to tbe cer emony of counting the elec'oral votes In the House to-day, there were tome movement* yesterday and IMs momina on the port of the police and other officials, that looked like precautionary measures against anv possible Interruption, from whatever quarter, of said proceeding. Yesterday afternoon, t.'apt. Qoddard. Chief of Folic#, was at the Capi tol In close conference with the officer* at the Capitol, and afterwarda orders were laaued to the Mt'.atant doorkeeper* of the Houae of Representa tive* to be In attendant-* at their respective sta tlona as early as nlnf o'clock this morning. The Capitol police Were itatloned In the pa? sages around the Hall to keep back the crowd, I Anrl MaHa Km! II ? J H?m? wu* uiruiucts aitu priTiir^cu ptnuin Were admitted on the floor during tbe morning. The galleries were more crowded than on any previous occasion this winter. Tbe counting of tbe electoral votes is now taking place, and thus far everything has passed off qui etly. There w*s a crowd of ratber hard-looking bovs about the lobbies of tbe Hoose Hall, and considerable hard swe&rlnz among them, but no further demonstration. It is understood that Geo. Scott had tbe military forcea stationed here In active readiness to-dav,'If pmhance their services should have been needed. Lkjtt ?This day (Ash Wednesday)commences the forty days, observed In the Catholic, Episco pal, ana Lutheran churches as a reason of fasting. This ordinance was Instituted In commemoration of the last davs of our Savior and tbe sufferings incident to that time of trial, and extends to the - ? ? ith"u ui iue resiirre^iion snrove ruesaay, which precedes the beginning of Lent, l?a day of confession, and in the olden time wai observed as a treat festival In the Catholic rhurch, it being tfce ;aet day previous to the lengthy season of fast ing which follows, "the Roman carnival Is held on flils day Different nations used to observe S*LroVe Tuesday with ceremonies peculiar to them *elvt?. Among the Scotch people it w s it dav for pmn and sports, and pan-cakes. Games of foot ball were rlayrd. and all were expected to parti cipate, and woe to the unlucky hen that failed to lay an egg that .day. In England It was a day of universal and compulsory confessiou of sins. Time changes all things, and so in modern times the day preceding lent is scarcely noticed out side of the church. Alkxamiria Items?From this morning's Ga .... >1: _ At #-ii ? tr'K ?c cup tue louowing: In accordance with a resolution paved by the fire department of this city, recommending the several Are companies to elect five delegates to a convention for the purpose of nominating a chief engineer, the Friendnhi p Fire Company, at a meet ing held at their hall last night, elected Geo T. Whitlln|i|on, Jos Colton, Richard H Hayliss, James Cole and Randolph Javlns as delegates to said convention. At a meeting of the male members of the M F.. CfctiTb, held Monday evening, 11th instant, the following persons were elected to represent that Church In the convention to be held in Staunton next month Wm. N Berkley, Thos. Davy, C. A Ware, B?nj Waters. Reserves?G. W. Clif ford, John T. Creighton. Matrimony Itkits Fpi**t>?hii? ? two respectable young ladies appeared before Jus tice Donn to settle a matter in dispute, which the complaining party alleged Involved a question of larceny. Thev had been Intimate friends, but one of them recently got married. Since then, a Sort of Separation bad taken place. One missed her clothing and some money from her trunk, and suspd!ted tlie other of using her property without authority O-Ecers Harroverand Westerfleld Were ecip'.oycd to investigate the matter, and tbey suc ceeded in tinding a portion of the goods The recovery of the goods and the circumstances con nected, which seemed to establish tbe innocence of the accused of any felonious act. bothered the prosecution, and it was stayed The result was a friendly adjustment, and a return to the-pre murriage status quo or good feeling. Scsax Prisck rr for Sbllihq Liquor ?Yes terday Susan Prince was arr*sted by Policeman Yeairaan with a warrant charging her with sell i?K uvjuui ?? niiuui a ncen*e ir<>m tDe Corporation She was taken before Justice Donn, when Police man Hiettel appeared for the pr<*?cution, and County Oificer Ke??e for the defense. Two wit nn?i were examined ; one of whom srp^red to be an entire stranger, could testify only to thef?ct of buying the liquor, but didn't know who kept the bouse The other admitted himself to be the Informant, and could tell the whole story Ketse, for drfenae. argued that the testimony of the in former, an interested party, could not be taken, and it was too late to release the city from the obligation to fcim Before this plea the evidence was rejected, and the case dismissed. A Flood or Whtskt?Yesterday afternbon, the boopf of a large cask of liquor bursted In one of our avenue stores, causing a *!elujie of the floor and pavement, and scenting the air around for a considerable distance. The old soakers soon got wind of the calamity, and seefned to be the most ? ."vui.iiio luriMl. 1 IfO pU l'HVpay Willi whlob the owners *ubmltted to the loss surprised these chaps. who could not sufficiently deplore this watte of what they regarded as essentially the " faff of life." Thk Philadelphia Committee ?The com mittee of the Philadelphia Hoard of Trade had a l^n^thy private consultation at W Wards' last night, at wt.irh sevrral prominent Pennsylva nia were present. The meeting separated about eleven o'clock The consultation, It is presumed, was upon the business of their visit here, t. t. the promotion of the passage of the tariff bill, which will, it is expected, be taken up in the Senate to day. OCAKcaorsx?Br/mre Justitt Thimpfon.?Jan. I'ejjges, (colored) charged with being drink and dl%>rderlv, was sent to the workhouse Utl days, In default of security and cost*. John Murpbv, do , do ; workhouse 60 daya. A boy named Tolaon was brought 1 iron a charge of stealing a breastpin valued at 93 from a colored bov The case was partially invt attgated, and the defendant held to ball for further examination. Parlor Extkrtaixxzxts ? Pee announcement elsewhere of Parlor Entertainments at odd Fel lows' Hall, afternoon and evening. The bill an nounced is a very entertaining one, the price of admiaaion very low, and eitra Inducements are offered in the shape of handsome presents to visi tors. Who would hesitate to be amused under such agreeable conditions ' ? Thi Putnam RirLKS met last night at Island Hall for business and drill. A patriotic speech was made by Lieut 9 C. Magruder, and after wards the company drilled for some time, and appeared to have improved wonderfully in the manual since their organization. [ADVRRTISEXIXT. n? Dn... .... - I. 1 f-J *- ? ? ?'R u?vin?s IB lU IUUWI 1-U^fU mj U one OI the mot'skillful practitioner* in the United States on those particular disease* which he treat*. We would rdvis^ stranger* Tlsitlnjf the city who tand in need of his services to call upon him, where they can be sure of the very best medical and cubical treatment without fear of exposure. Chi* i* the oldest established otBce Id thla city, No. 179 south U street, opposite Smithsonian. * To irk Afflicted!? be sure to read theadver ti*e-ne'it of McLean's Ptrensthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf R !UD?3, liave jrou *eei> Prof. Wood's advertise meat in our paper. Res* it; it will interest yon. au an-eclT DIED, On the 13th instant, JOHN J , in the 29th year of his itg?, son of John Knirtit. ti; _ tr, ?i n i_? 1 ? ? * ni? win laio pisre on r.iuay, lain mar,, at 2 o'clock p. m , from his father's ruaidenge, 60< .Marj and av., 1'land. " On Wedneadiy more in g, February 13th, WIL LIAM RICH,?on of William R. and Mary Augus ta Hultoo, aged 1 Tear uod 11 montfis. On Wednesday morning, the 19th ins'rnt, Cart. SAML'Kii WKOfc, in tlie 79tn yosr of hit age, one ol the defends a of Baltimore, in-the war ol 1812. Tli* re alive* aad friend a of the family are re spectfully invited to attend hia Itinera], which will tak? plaee from hia .'ate rMioenoe, No 5*6 H at. north, between 4th and 6th ata , on Friday morning at 10 o'clock. I Baltimore papera copy.) * In this ritr. Tueadat. the 12th instant. Dr. SAM* L'fcL J AME^.aboatTSyeara of age Thedroeaard *ai at ona lime a resident of Somerset oouoty, Md , but f r ma y yeara paat he haa ^een reaiding in thia oity, vhere, by hia aorreat deportment and oourtc us mannerf, ha made friend* of all who kn*w him. He was a student of the celebrated Dr. R tish. and at one time large * praotioed his profea si.o ob toe Kastera "hu'e, Md. Hia frieads are invited to attand hia funeral, to morrow. UUi inatant, at 2 o'clock p in, from hia late esidence. on Twantf-MXtli st.. between 1 and \ K >U I>i NewYo'k, February Uth, JULIA CALURT, wife of i>r. E. ln Jon*, and d*u?hror of Dr R. H Stu%it, of Kia* George county. V*. * ^lLiTARY^TBlM MINOS' GoH and Silver Army I ac??, Mill (try Button* of all kinds, ui) *! and Silver Fri*re?, Stars, Coid*and Tacaala, tioid aud UlTfr bull.ob. >pjwulssand Braids, Mai ar? Worsted Urai-tsaud B'itmga, k gana i rin mims, ni"n, r,pau.eue?, banne; and Flar? made to order by MRS. LOWE, a?r P**w. Avim...'..Mr i fe 9 lw Bornh Side. I TAKE NOTICE! I W! LL Take a<l inucts of Virginia Money for mj took J?(>U Mid for Iloou, Sao; a, sod Trunk*. All perauiij wdebod to ate will please call aad settle up, or i siiv 1 be compelled to give their aooouuU " uaoda of a collector, , into the n.i 21 Pa. ^P^HOOVEJL, lroa Hail. ? >y.? hetween 9tVand tftth ata OVKRVTHINGto UieJUt.ooery Lineatari Pi t.. mit the time*, at Shepherd'* ja l?l rioee m AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEATER! Lessee S- W. Glekh Ao'ing Maoszer J. T. Ratmomd THIS EVENING, PortiTely, l?*t nijht but two, and farewell en (icoment of MISS CHARLOTTE CI SHMAN, Who will appear aa LADY MACBETH, Supported bjr MR J. B. STUDLBY And a powerfal Dramatic Company. It QDD FELLOW 8' HALL! TO-NIGHT, TO MORROW AFTERNOON AND N10IIT. Mm FANNY FORREST.thx LYRIC QUEEN, _ aud FENNO BURTON'S P A * LOR ENTERTAIN MENT. CHARACTER CARPET BAG AND SKETCH BOOK. Admission Afterroon IS Cer.t*,Children 10 C?nU, at Nirht Two Dtxaa. A Magnificent Di*tribnt'on of _ FORTY HEAVT1FVL PRESENTS Will be made to tiie audience To-morrow After Two Splendid Drea?ea, 7 Seti of Ric!i J-velrr Ornament. Elegant Articles of Vert*. AH the artiolea are given in good faith end coat the recipient hut 15 oenta ?ach. It fRAND CONCERT T AT THE NEW YORK A T. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, On FRIDAY EVENING. February 15th, Under the direction of MRS. CECELIA YOUNG. PROGRAMME. Part I. 1. Orran Voluntary. 2. Influnatua Sopragno Solo and Chorus...Roasini 3. Mother D ar, oh Pray lor me?tenor aong. 4. l?uofor Violoncello and Piano. 5. Angela ever Bright and Fair (by particular request) Handel Part II. 1. "Gaudeamus," quartette . Diabelll 2. "Eve's Lamentation" Kim 3. Trio for Flute, Piano, and Violin. 4. Duet for two Sopragnos, from Martha... .Flotow 5. Grating Agings Tioe, with flute obluato??> Gulielme 6 Viva 'America, Grand National Song In addition to the above, several Patriotio Songs will be sung. Ticket* Fifty Cent* ; ma* be had at tne music store* <>f Mr. John F. Ellis and W. Mete-rott, and at the stores of Messrs. Kallantyne, Tavlor k. Maury, Phiip & Solomons, Blanchard tc M<>hun, Chas. Stott, J W. Nairn, Hutchinson & Munro, an>l at the door oa the evening of the Concert. Concert to coinmenoe at 8 o'clook precisely ITT Tlie proce- di of the Conce/t to be applied to theliquidation of the debt due oa the church build ing. fe 13 3t GRAND CONCERT AMD Presentation of Colors TO COMPANY t'C," Washing a Light Infantry. At the Smithsonian Institution, THURSDAY EVENING, February 14. Commencing at quarter before 8 o'oloek On which oooasion the justly celebrated Marino Band and a number of the best amateur vooalists of the city will appear. PROGRAMME. Past I. 1. Overture. 2. Quartette?Come where my love lies dreaming . Foster Mrs Dubaat, Mrs. Geiger, Messrs. Kcdgson and Dawson. 3 Solo-TLe UD'rni - Deems Miss Laura l'arscns. 4. Duet?Junia'a. Misses Warwiok. 5. Solo?Rhode's air. with variations for voioe. Mrs. Airasa W King. 6. Duet?T '? lonely bird. Mrs. Popeaud Master PugU. 9 rhnriia Inv ini- franilnm During the intermission there will bea Presenta tion uf Colors, on p&rt of the Ladici, by the Hob. John Cochrane. or Nur York. Pabt II. 1. Ove-t*?re. 2. Soto?The rock b?side 'he sra Conr?;ee Mi*< Flitter. 3. Solo?There was ?itimo Knight Mrs. (ieicer. 4. Quirtetto?la Figliadel Amcre Rigoletto MisEOg CullumaLd Fbnrhach, and Messrs. Noyes and Jones. 5. Solo?La Mano'.a Mrs. Dubant. 6. Song?Kite O'Shane Finley Mrs. Pope 7. The Echo Song, (with flute obligato.) Mrs. Amasa VV. Kin* Flute accompaniment by Mr. Sohutter. a r*U (, u... ... ? > o vuviuo -v/ uni ue, jo irr'5, Professor J. Cook man Adams will preside at tha Piano Musical DPeetor, Professor J. H. Daniel. Ticket? 5) cuts ; cv: bn procured ^t all the hotels, bookstore*, of aptain K C. Stevens. No. 336 Pa. avenut; ar.d at tiie door on the veiling of the con cert. fe 12 St Sg ?.i; i |R'f rkstaurant. OJOI7R NKHS In Washington are respectful'/ iiifo-m-M GAUTiKR'S RKMA*1 A . . Kl.NT ou Pa. ave iue, between P<fth antlYpTWjy )3tli streets, is one of the oomplciest, most elet ant and agreeai.le estab ishmeiiteiirits k.nd in the L"nit:d Matjt, b?i ft at al times pro with the beet to ' e >>M.\ined in the markets ora'l the large cit e*, forwarded to him reguKry by express His pric * are moderate a:id his ac c mmoJations to furnish Breakfast, Binner, Tea and r to geotlemen rooming out, are un equalled b* any others in thu city. H? '.ddressei 'iua n tr ^ e-i ec:alh to *t'ange<s, a* ali ci'izens a r. r ~?*r _ - * biiu iroquen '-r? <i ? asa nsi n Know w II UiQ nuperiority of his *ou?e. Ho i? ptep\re<1 to ac o ' e to their eiitiro catiufaction any>er <>1 )cect!oin?!i who ritxire to talcs their .Men ? Mray from wrhere they lodge. fe ll-lin Ladles, Call Early RIDDLED ORIGINAL ?1 store, RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL $1 store, No. 302 PKNNA. avenue, No. 30a pknna- AVENUE, Additional invoices ju?t received of New and BeiutifuL lf*"elry. From Ocr IWtirk Stock VOU can Take your choice for only one DOLLAR. coral and GOLD sets, ENAMELED TWIST sets, medallion sets, klal ROMAN mosaic sets, ruby and VASE sets. LAVA and BRAD skts. vase ar.-l BRILLIANT sets, run MOSAIC r-kts, camho and GOM? ?TONE SETS, CARBUNCLE hets, Pl.AlN GOLD sets, boquet and RIBBON sft*. LADIES' necklaces. 1-adii S' neck chains, 4 ~% ii.. a\.. ?%*?., * i . mm ~ ? &? f% vmui'nrjii a r,i, iv tiniil^i CHHDKEV& ARMLETS, GH.NTS' VEST CHAINS, GENTS' WATCII KEYS, GKNTS' SKA 1.9 acd CH AINS, UENTJs' *Le.EVE Bi TTONb and STUDS, THIMBLKS. PKNS, PENCILS. KINGS. SILVKK Pt.ATED SPOON*, GOBLETS, CI! PS, icn. Everything u. the store new and perfect, and guarantied to be such am represented |[7" Every article manu fat urtd for the rervlaf rtiatl trade. and warrautrd to b? the name quality aa la retailed Irom five to thirty dollars each. YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR, Kegaruliss or Cost. A a thia great aale continues but a short time, persona desiring to aupply themselves with Jewelry at th?te unheard of prioea wiil please call early at ?Ur ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORE. 304 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and 10t!> streets D W. RIDDLE. lU* Remember the Number?30v?as we have no onniMotinn with nthore nrnfAMins ?" ? - - ? .. ^ .... f i vivsviug ?u av>ii ak^ui prices, in this city. Received thin day a large invoice of SILVER. WARE, consisting of Breakfast and Tea Sem; Card and Cake baskets; Patent Sirup Pitchers; Hutter Dishes; Fruit Knives; Tea Knives, Forks; Table, Deaiert, and i * a Spoons; Tobaooo Hoxes; Su*.ar and Cream 5poon?; Napkin Kiius; Butter Knives, in sets and tingle; Ki.ivee and ^orki, in ?ets;lo? Cream, rie and Fish Knives; Bfakfact and Dinner Castor*; Double and Single faits, * large variety of Plain, Chased, and Gilt Gob'ets, Cups, *o. All the above articles to be sold with* out regard to original cost, at from 91 to 990, and warranted to b* what they are repr?eented, and (ally 100 per oent. !ms than they c*u be bought. 36-tr 30a Pa. av., ht 9th and loth ats. QEORGIA STATE LOTTERIES. Managrr's Ofi't of the Georgia Lotteries, I Savaxnah, Ga , February 1st, 1861. { Our three number lotteries are drawn d%tlr Cap iw rrisen irom 33,ow to fiB.UW. Tickets from 91 to #V frizes of $1,000 and under paid immediate ly after the drawing*; other prisM at 90 day*. The drawinfa of our Imtenea will be pub lahed daily in the National Inteliigenoer. For tickeU or ohemM in an; of our lotteries address MoKlNNEY k Co., Manager;, ja?l tw* Savannah. Ga. MATT,E98E8! MATTEKOTES! AT PANIC PRICES! Ohlt #1.50 Any qaantity oan be had at GRK1SN ft WILLIAMS' iaSl ao?w No- t??8efwnhaailt)ni Faor"?ax.a will boreoonrwi attkia Offioe u?n| of the 16th d&v of February, 1M1,for the plat Soovennj of Bridge Mo. 3. The work to b? ^ oatioi at tini Ofto*. Euh hid must be nooonpaaied b* Proposals t-> b? ceait-4 Mid enJor (or Platform Cot ?no*," *"d Mdr? WAJTTS. WANTED 1MMK0IATKI.Y-A throwthW conptiectCOOK. Arp'y to Mrs. GKoKGK PARK Kit, don?r fd C ?t>. fe 13 V COOK WANTED?Co ored toidio who under hindi her holiness App y at ^IMP'ON HO I' !*F., Tenth st. and Pa av. f?* IS *t 117 ANTED? By * respec'abl* yum woman, a ".SITUATION m cvok, wa?ier and ircner ib aprivs?e family. Good reoomroendalioBs. Apply at No. 99 K U., between Slot ai>d ?3d ?ta? It* %V ANTED?By ft ft rft?p*otftMa your* woman, ft " flTUATION ft* oook, waaher ana iron?r lor private family. He*t of reference oau ttft fivea. A(K'rc-?t Box *o 5 Star Office. It* w anted-8ix oompetent tailors immedi ?*. ftteijr. App v toG. W?il. Stephen* ft Co.'e, 393 Pa. avenue, between 9th and l?th ita. fe? at wantkd IMMEDIATELY?Prom f5 to worth of SECOND-hand furni TURE of all kindi. for which I wilt guaranty to pay tha highest erioea,ftod, ft* anval. at toe shortMt no tion r r. bCchlv, Dealer in Furniture, Stovae, 4c., oo 9 4087th t.. bet. Q and H MUrt tid*. IVANTKD-sfccond HAND furniture. Pafeon* declining housekeeping, or having fttUrpInaof Furniture on hand, oftn obtain thecftah and fair anoea by applying at 369 Seventh at. no 17 BONTZ k. GRIFFITH. PERSONAL. TWO YOUNG LADIK?. of (Hfllent pmtjfct* and nnexcp'ionab e family and oharaoter, one 18 and the other 19, and general!/ considered fine looking, desire to open a correspondence with a view to matrimony, with two )nnng geotlemen of good personal appearance, cnltivated mind, and Amiable di?poaiti<>a. They must be between the Mes of 21 and ?>. All oommumoatioas strictly eon finential. Any gentiemen desirous of ooinmunica ting.with them nay a^drors Box 639.Pout Office. ir AN!S?TA A.5P CORR1XK. LOST AND FOUND. LO#r-On the evening of the 12th, between 11th ard 13 h l.l.r^ . UII'TI.DIVL' " _ ? ? , ...wu , la ? I v/ A '? l\ I I> r . The finder will be ruitably rewarded by leaving it at No. 48 E street south. It* J. VAN RF.8WICK. REWARD.?Lo?t, on Monday evening, at the corner of F and Eighteenth afreets, a SABLE Fl R TIPPET. The finder will reoeive the al>ove reward by returning it to No. 424 Fif teenth at. fe 13 3t* IOST-A HAIR BRACKLKT, with a go.d i clasp, and the likeneas of a gentleman in the clasp; valaahle to the owner an a family relio. It was lost either in a Seventh atreet omnibus or on I street, between 7th and 9th sts.. on Thursday last. A liberal reward wiil be p?id the finder by leaving it at 4411 street, between 9th and 10th. fe IS 3t f OST?About ten days ago, in the Center Mar Li ket, a butcher's ACCOUNT BOOK. A literal reward wit1 r>.< paid tae tinder on leaving the same at No 65 Center Market. fe 12 St* WILftON A DOWN. ffTRAY.?Cairo to the subscriber's prmmses, 1-i on the 7th inst. a small bat HORSK.fiv without ahoes; very poor; li?s some <rey jL*Tv hairs in his mane. The owner is requested j to come forward, prove properU, pay "harg's take him away. PANIKL I. GRAHAM. I fe lz-3t Tocher Trinity School, Georgetown. i^APE LOST.?On Sunday, in ooming frnm ft | John1* Church, by way of Pa. avenue and *? street, to Ninteenfh and If, a ohi!d'* bla^k cloth Cape, trit ined with b'ack entiled ribbon. A reward wifl be giveu if left at 1S7H st, between l!Hh and ?th. fe 11 St* BOARDING. SEVERAL GENTLEMEN OR FAMILIES O oan be aco mmodated w th pleasant Room* and Board at Mm WKSI'8, 3'J5 H it, between 6th and 7th A1 go. Table Boarders. fe 5"iftteo* BOARDING.?Persons desirous of a oomforta b e home can obtain eood K-?ard and pleaaant Apartments on F street. No. 339, between jth and ; loth sts. T?ble Boarders oan also be accommo lUtfld. T?rm? *- * . SCHLOSSER WILL LEAVE WASHINGTON Moat Positively NEXT THURSDAY . February 14th. FKESH TESTIMONIALS or THB UNPARALLELED SUCCESS or DR. M. PCHLOSSER'S UNERRING SYSTEM or CURING ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET. Tli? fullowuig Wachiagton Certificate* are aimi lar to thousands in Dr. S.'a po8*e??icn. t I ? t; ' FVom Major Jan. U. S. Artny. Dr. 8cl longer fcae this day operatod upon my feet, and, 1 a** fcapvy to ?j, with tae erea'c.n uit, and bu given ma fall aatiafaction. I have acflered for several years with oorna, aud, from tne oomfuit I have already experienced, I would rec ommood all thoae tufTerinc from that oame not to delay longer, nnd call at the Dootor'a. JAMES BELGRR, Major U. S. Army. Fobruary 6th, 186^. From Capt. S. Barron, U. S. Navy. Dr. Schloaaer haa extracted teveral oorna from Ill/ / wwvw?ii?n/| ouu wnnuui p?Ili? 8. BARRON. DR. SCHLOSSER Respectfully announoea to partiea who wiah to ob tain a permanent cure of ALt. DISEASES OF THE FEET to favor htm with a call without daiay, an this will he hia f LAST VISIT IN WASH INS TON, Jntendioc shortly to return to Europe au<l retire from profeeeiobal Mrriuoe. CONSULTING ROOMS, 84T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (Sooth aide,) between 12th and 13th street*. OPFICE HOURS r From ion. m. till 8 f. m. LEAVE POSITIVELY WASHINGTON NEXT THURSDAY, f?7 FEBRUARY 14TH. rpHERE'S A BETTER TIME COMING! Victims of Self Abase and Seoret Diseases should apply at SHL MAN'S Southern Medical Home, unuer tht Clarendon Hotel, corner Sixth street and Pv avenue, immediate y opposite th> National Hotel, and try Dr. Southey'a Celebrated Locdoa Medioia**. Th?y are warrant <d to on re the most viru sot forms of Gonnorrlicea, Ole-1, hyphi'is. noocuruai t miHions, Mrieturee, and \Vf?kn#n cf tha Bladder in from 3 to 6 day*. Tne Rem-di*a cut b? wit by mu!. Office hour* from 9 a. in t-< 10 P IB. ja C| 1ARF.NDON HOTKL RES I AUK AM'.? I BKNJAMiN HOBB& Imt# to bit fneud? and th? m< li jeneral y that h* Km taker and fit P in a avperior intan r the Restan rant at the ioutheaat corner of ann. areoua and Sixth itreet He nil at all tmiM he pr -p&r-dto serve al vbo way iavor him villi ? OA'fTirltb the beat WINE*. I IGUORs and G? GAR8.M wall aa OYSTERS toAME a d ot.vr delioivoiee of the ?ea on _ fe4 iu MB UECB1V D, .*l?l 'hhI i GEORGETOWN. Gkokoktowh. Frbruary t3. I9S1. At the DffUiK of the Board of Coidbm Coua cll. on Fridav eTMitng last. tb? following pa pen wrr* recciwd: A nteaaag* from Mayor Crawford, announcing the receipt br Mm of Information by W W Co* coran. P.?n th?t (Ka Hal# lnU?^? A n? a*> the first Mon.liy in Jannarr last, on the Memphis Citv bonds, would be paid, on the presentation nd surrender to him of the coupons thereto at tached and in arrears, and that the amount thereof, viz: three hundred dollars. was this day fished, in gold, and is now ready to be delivered to the almoners of this bounty The tribute of heartfelt thanks from (*tfce helpless and destitute femal* Inhabitant of the town will greet thiswell timed liberality," the Mayor adds. Also, a mrss-itf' acknowledging the reception of a note from a directress of the Female Union Benevolent Socletv. of this place, in which It Is stated that many of the poor, really In need and very des*rvinj?. are still without wood, and that the means of the Society are all expended. and requesting the Mayor, as he now does, to call tbe attention of the Conicils to tbe subject Also, severs! messages enclosing tbe following "papers :?A report of the Chief of Police, i A i>e' tell;) a reply from the same fo tbe resolution of Inquiry paased by tbe board* relative to assem blages of colored people contrary to law, in which he state* be baa round no inch assemblages; an account of Pierce Shoemaker; an account of L H. AGO. Schneider; an account of Geo. Rhinehart for dredging 840 cubic yarda at tbe foot of High treet at 20 cents per yard. (SIG&.) and a letter of Geo. Waters as to tbe necessity of aald dredging. A petition from Martin Holtlen. praying for tbe remittance of a fine Imposed upon him for fast driving, and an account of the Gasl'.ght Company, ( 70 25,) were referred. Tbe committee of ways and means were, on motion of Mr. llodg*. discharged from further consideration of tbe revolution in relation to the lighting of street lamps by the police, and the message of the Mayor relative to tbe non-paymert of interest on the Memphis city bonds. Tbe following resolutions were reported, reac. once, and lay over One releasing J E Reeside from all liability in the tobacco warehouse debt orutlbert Vanderwerken One refunding to Rev. Jew Aschwander certain taxes erroneously paid on Trinity Church property. Resolutions in favor of C. B Ciuskey,of toe as sessor*, of Jos Libbey A }*on, Waters A Hunt, and J. J. McQuillan, of Jos. N. Fearson, (for tnxes paid on property destroyed by Are some yearn since,) snd of the committee who attended the meeting of the Canal Commissioners, (three, at 9&1 each!) and a joint resolution in relation to towing path of Chesa(teake and Ohio Canal. Further tltne was granted the committee on the poor and work-house to report on several matters referred to them The annual tax ordinance was passed. The resolution in relation to the tobacco ware house, (compelling Mr. Vanderwerken to payS40 on the passage of the resolution, and fsllJO every quarter, commencing on the 1st of April next, un til the debt of S3.(XX) shall be paid.) was taken up. Mr. Hill told the resolution met the unanimous approval of the conference committee Mr. Fearson thought Mr V ought to have more ume ior ma nr?i payment or 9300. Mr. Hill Mid he wu surprised to see tbe shuf fling here in relation to this matter, and tbe making of speeches and other means to keep It back. Mr. Stake said it was the gentleman's own fault; be bad descended from the dignity of bis position to turn lobbylte ard engineer this matter through tbe Board of Aldermen, and wreak bis vengeance on a citizen of this town He bad bro<- ght tbe maledictions of tbe people on bla own head. Mr. Hill?The gentleman asserts what 1? folse, and what be knows to be false. I never l?-ft my seat here for any such purpose; but it is a very common practice with him. Last Friday night be drove some gentlemen ont, spinning long yarns, and then moved an adjournment to get rid of this bill. Mr. Stake bad seen tbe gentleman in conversa tion with a gentleman below, but bad not listened to bear what tb< v were discussing. He supposed It was this. Mr. Hill repeated what he had sa'd almut Mr Staked leaving hi? Best for the purpose of lobby ing. Mr Stake ?I don't denv It. sir?I have done It. After tcinf further debate, Mr Stake rose agnin; when Mr. English aaid he would obj??ct to any eentleiran speaking when he had spoken twice on the same subject Mr. Stake said he wanted to state a point of order, which he did. and the resolution afterwards passed by the following Tote : Vtas?Messrs. Dodge, Dunlop. English. Fear on, Hill, King, McCobb, and Wlliiams-* Nays?Messrs PIckrell, Stike. and Tenney?3 Mr Tenney's hog ordinance am fad merit was then taken up. (to keep swine confined two months more than under the present lav ) and aft*-r a good deal of humorous discussion, during which Mr Hill wanted gentlemen to face the music; Mr English want?-d to h?v* an lh?t no family should kfep more than two top; Mr. Fearaon wanted to know how it would be If your ow had a litter of pigtj *':d Mr Stake thought that a matter beyona the Board'a rnnlrol and moved to lay the whole matter on the table; that motion was lost; but on the passage of Cue bill gentlemen would not fare the inosir, (the election is near at hand.) and the bill failed U> pass Mr Stake oflVrtd a single resolution of inquiry in relation to certain orders of Philip Goriuley, deceased; which {>a?*ed, aud the Lioaid adjourned. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Hf**" NOTICE.?On the Fourth Monday o' thin month?being the 25<h instant?au flection will ho held in th" several precict* ol lioorectown, for M??<>rof the Town, ar.d for elevea ineinl>e>s to compose the H"arit of Common Council. <e 13 Jtawt 1 WM KA! K I\ Clerk. Vr A L K N TI KR?! V A L K N T I N K XI! a i?r*e ana itaaotilui ???ortn'?!.t of r*er?imeu'*l jjcI comic Valentine*. new ?<yie? Aiao a fn e va riety of L*?*e. Fancy Note Paper a ad hiivs open for gr.'o at iialfprwe&t miss THOMAS'S. fr? 11 High trw^t. n?ar First. Mackerel, herring. AND ALEW1VE?. 5 barrels Extra No. 1 LABRADOR HERRING, Si do. No 1 do. do. 11? d?. No. 3 Small MACKEREL. 72 do. No 3 Meoitiin do. 15 hlf. bbla. do. do. do. 5 do. No. 1 do. 5qr bbl* No 1 do. 10 kit* No. 1 do. lo small k'ts No. 1 do. 10 do. No. 1 SALMON, in kit* No 1 do. Ail of wluoh we look for next week p?r schooner Ma y Ann Matee, an<l will be toll term* on or before arrival. AUo, in Btorf? Eaetpnrtand Ronton herring, Gipped Herring. M?renr>iehi Extra No. 1 A'ewive* Appyto HARTLEY Jt BRO.. fell-2w 99 and 101 Water Geort??t?wn. PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT \LE.-We are dailj leoctvi % fi??h supplies .?f Massey, Col liua* ro.'s unuvaed Phifaie.pliia Draught Ale, which we are ready to deliver to cnromer* for ckIi. <fe?> ARNYt SHINN'. IVTONEY. money" ? AH persons who h we the A* I. cash ca-.' huj a tuperi ir artinl* oi uua ?u tera teU CiDEK. euM*r.tied lo be ihe pure juice < ! the Jipiiies, by applying to Tet arny Jt SHLNN. FOR SALE AND RENT. For kent~T\vo kurmshkd rooms andSTABLE, i.ea-'di' Hotel. Arplj to K1DWELL tc. LAWKLNUE, Drug*ist?, I'a av. and 14th st. le ll-e?3w" L^URMSHKl) ROOMS ! *<?? HKNX_N? jm* r Seventh >t.t fctwe^n G ana H, a. lew doors ?U>t? the Patent Office. s It-S-iw A valuable farm FOK SALE oh EX I change FOR I Y l'ROPKRTY-Con tainir.g 18i acres, situated U miiea ftom Alexan dria, 011 the and Alexandria Railroad, under good cultivation; timber, wa er, fruit and a'l build mga neoes?arjr fhr a firft-tate form. Inquire of G. W. BRAY, at the Jewelry Store, 016 fev-enh st, Waahington. j?21 1m* FOR RENT-TwofratcegOTTAGE HOUSES, ooctaining aix room*, aituated on Mass. ave nue and 1-iitoenth street; pump of good water in the yard jaS P)R RKNT-A three atory brick HOUSE, con taining 8 rooms in rood order, with gas fix tures complete, on H street, between 4th end 4th. Also, a two ttory btiok cottage, with large yard attached, corner of F street nortn an ? 14th ?t. east. To punotual and reliable tena .U the tern.a will fee moderate. Apply at 446 Tvelfth street, between G aid H. no IS-tf FOR lit NT?The FIRST FLOOR of the build ing immediately opposite the west win* of the City H?i.,r<sc*wiiT occupied by Chas. 8. Waliao& u an ofiot. AJw the &opt room in .tie seoourt 1 ouisiana avense. fa IS tf OR RE-NT?The fine BRICK HOUSE So. 100 WMtit, Georgetown, at present ooou pied by the subscriber. aas 12 ro ?is, wi J> km and water throughout, a ine yard, stable , and is in irood neighborhood. App!y to JAB. A. MA GRUDER. ocgtf IN VIEW OF THE EXTRAORDINARY stringency of tbe times, and wishing to cIom oat uor heavy Hock by spring, we will aell from thin date as follows: HICKORY WOOD, #6 5**; OAK, ?5W; PINE, |(A RED A^H TOAL. all sum. f?2S; WHITE ASH COAL..all sis?a,ft?; cLiiBEKLAND, ?, 2 ?40 poinds to tbs ton rca a-tied in all earn. Sawid and Spin WOOD ail sisss. < ? . v ^ DlOKSON * KINO, jaM-fois Yard?oor. Vermont i*. and ISth St. WINDOVT SHAur.-. ARRANTED Gold B.uid Ruff. Green, and Klua HnlU~< i Wiadow Shades THE LATEST NEWS. fEliEQE APE 10. Tkr Tlrgtala < [Special Dlipatcb to Tkr Max ] Riohwosd. V? , Feb 11.?Tbe Vlrglala Coa ventlon net to day J oh a Jaoner. of (xxrfMa coaatr, ba* bam elected permanent President of the CoaeeatJ<?? The Convention U now ballot la# for a Ctvrk Awtken roaMerxi t oft? Montgomery. Feb IS ?Tbe Coa^rass of the Confederated State* of North a at erica mt ipla thla moraine, purauaat to adjoaraaarat Various Standing Committer* vere auaoaaced Tbe President reretred aad read a dtaratrb from the Louisiana State Convention. cordially approving the ae lectio a of Maarrs Da via aad Stephena aa President nad Vice President of tha Provtaloaal Government Designs for tbe aeal aad ftr of the Coafadasaev were au twitted and refer ted" A resolution waa offrr?4 tUat. nntil Mb*rvta? pro Tided, tbe eeeeral olrwi of rartooM be cm tinued in office. Referred A renolntion *?i offered that tbe CommllW im Fore.11 Aff.ira be requeued to Inquire into tbe p-opnetv and nrrenaltv. U anon M tbe Prwtdent la inangnrated. of Bending ronmailoaeri In tke (iorrraneiit of tbe tailed Stale*, referred. Tbe Congreaa then went Into arc* mhim. du ring wbicb wm adopted Um following resolution, from wbicb tbe injunction of ancmcj wm ifc iu o Ted Rnolrtil, That tbla Government taken undnr ltn charge tbe queallona and dlAcultiea bow exla~*ag between tbe aoTereign Mtatra of tbia Confederacy and the OoTernment of tb? United Utatta, nil ting to tbe occupation of forta. a ram a la. navy earaa and otber nnhl'c MtihiiihmMk iai tk< I'reaident of tbia Congreaa ta directed to eoaann n Irate tbla resolution to the Governor* of the va rious states. Uaiiian Hut* UmaUM NkwOblea**. Feb II ?The ordliuermk log It a penal office for pilot* at Baltic to bring ovrr tbe bar any 1 cited Mm war vroael baa paaaed. Tbe ordinance to accept tberriminal law of tbo I'nlted Staua District Court waa adopted Tbe Portal Coonmlaaloncr*' report waa adopted Tbe report of tbe Inventory Committee on Fed eral Property waa received and read Tbe Convention to-day nnanlntoualr adopted a new flag for Louisiana It cods at of a rello'w atar In a red field, with thirteen atrip**, alternate blur, white and red, emblematic of the origin of the State-France, Spain. America It was hoisted in the Convention amid the cheer* and plaudits of approval The flag will be Inaugurated and saluted formally to-morrow. A resolution was passed inviting Messrs 811 dell and Benjamin to seats upon tbe floor of tbe Coo vention Mlramoa at Hiraaa Niw Ouun, Feb IS ?Tbesteamer Volaaro. from Vera Crut. arrived at Havana, bringing tbt exiled foreign Minister*and Miramon. Tbe Pa pal Nuncio waa inaulted at Vera Crat, and took refuge in tbe French Conaulate Miramon made bis escape in diaguiae, after great danger ?The Archblabop and Biahopa were all axlled A P.... ? -a J * ??? * m ? via viua. iun wac iwacQ UJ UK |HPMUKV and aft^rwarda detained bv the authorities for trial. Got Weller arrived at the Capital on the 30th Kaitklarallaa L*|i*latar( R al*tgh. Feb 12 ?The State Senate rejected a bill to-day to amend the Constitution concerning ad valorem taxation. The vote was however, re considered The House took up the Railroad bill to-day To-morrow evening Hon. Samuel Hall, Cean mlasioner from Georgia, has a formal reception here Federal matters are just now suffering a great calm with us. Jeff Davis ea rente for Montgomery Jackson. Miss . Feb 11.?t?eu Davis arrived Lere tbis evening on hi* way to Montgomery Re was received with grand military and civic boa on In a apeecb at !becapitol beaaid If war must come, it must be upon iiurtbera and not upon aoutbern soil, but if the North la prepared to grant ua peace and recognise our eoualtty, all will be well. He received mi ottciai dispatch at sis o'clock desiring his immediate proewce at Meat gomery. Lmi af a BaJliasara Veaael. CinLifToH, Feb. 12.?The pilot boat VV V Leitch has just reached the city and brought up a seaman who was picked up by a skiff at sea He says he belongs to tbe brig James Madison, of Baltimore, which sailed from Attakapaa on the id of February, and was wreckad on Um Btooe Braekrrs, tb?- ciptaln and crew, exotpttM him self. being all lost. Railroad Accidrst-Marlar Disaster* Nokvolk, F?b li?Last night au engluo ud three rfli|>tt can ran lnb> Uie Southern Branch of the F.hxabeth river, the draw being open and tb? engineer being deceived by the signal. No one in the train wu severely hurt m The schooner Grace Caroline, i>f New Haven, was wrecked at Hitiith's Polut on tbe 7th. The crew have arrived here. Mr. Liurtla at I'laciaaati > Ciscikxati, Feb. 12?Mr Lincoln arrived bore to-day. He made a brief speech, repeating to Keutuckiaus at present what be bad said to wn a year before the election, predicting a victory by the republicans He staled that the new Admin istrati'>n would be conducted on the strict com promises of the Constitution. The Hostile ?r?UB| CrariRMATt, Feb II ? Messrs Moody and He* ren met this morning near Newport, Ky., aad while awaiting tbe *rri?al of a surgeou, friend* Interfered. |'be r bxlienge was withdrawn, when the parties returning, were arreted by tbe sbertfl of Campbtli county. Ky Later trim Inu. New Oklxass. Feb. M ? Later advices from Tews state that the Convention adjourned on tbe 4tb to unet again on tbe 2d of March. Tbe revenue cutter at Oalveston was condemned unsea worth jr. and her armament waa to be re moved. Texas UinatiM N?w Oblzark, Feb 11.?Tbe Texas Coivn Uoa baa paaaed an ordinance favoring tbe forma tion of the tbe Southern Confederacy and elected seven delegates to tbe Southern Congress ri?t uaiiri sum (rum nrpcrtri uii frnurtii. New Oilunii, Feb II.?Five I'oM State* war vesaei* arc re|>ort?d to bare been aeen oil I'ensacola on Friday. Arrival of the KtrU Star trmm talllorala Niw York. Feb. 12?The North Star, from Aapinwall on toe 6th. arrived here tbta evening. bringing 150 paaeengera and ft ,UUU,UUU in apacie Frw NtSlM. \?w Oxlea*?, Feb 12 *The TeniMaaee, froars Vera Cm*, baa arrived here, having among her paaaengera the exiled bishopa of Mexico. tftltiBtrt Rlarktu tf?LrmoEt, Feb 13 ?Floor dull and heavy. Howard atreet and Ohio are held at 95 12. with no aalea; City Milla nominal at 9. Wheat la doll, red fl.Joal 2T; white l.35al 55 Corn doll and ur? y , >rnuw riuviiiuiM^uici u??*wu? Coffee active atlt?al3c Whiaky dullat 17j|tl?c Haw fark Harkau. Niw Yokk, Feb. 13.?Floor decllnln* Wkwt dull and declining. Corn steady, rrortalora dall. Whiaky dull at l&c Tub WKATiaa ?Tbc foiiowia* repurt of the weather for the morning la made (roa the Amm lean ConaoUdated Telegraph Line to tbe Onltfc ontan Institution. Tm Om of iikwwMai la about 7 o'clock Fnittat 13. l?8l. N?w York, N. Y aprlng like. Waahlngton. D C clear Richmond, Va. clear, 40?. Peimburg, Va. clear, plaaaant Norfolk, va clear, plaaaant Raleigh, N. C oTtraut. SO3. Wilmington, N . C ciaar, mild C biirlfttoti, 8. C* clear. Mobile. Al* New Orleaai, La. ffOM Frederick, Md. Hi|?nU>wa, Md Cumber land. Md.... PltMun. h. Grafton, Va.. * clear, 59?. orercael, wind W owcitt. wind W Wbeeilag, v*. clear.3icatn Pvkenburg, Va ctow. cool Cincinnati. O dowf, ml 14 at the ttenitteoalaa at 7 ? m.. (? rature, 3B,0te ala?on,?,lP - at 7 m , 57 ; at m**, 54 ' A art ay *1 hour*, MtAln* I. .ta il Cap*. CHI at JQUWneMiU. art,?iSj?|JS

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