Newspaper of Evening Star, February 13, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 13, 1861 Page 4
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THK KVRMM, STAK ?Ho*t-Liveb Hosetmooji ?A MIm Whiff, nyi tbe ffarrtatairg I>!?**raph of M'Kun. who n.airiiil to a ;;i ntlenirn from MlraiMlppt. a few week* j-o.Hiid ar ccmpanteil her hu?bnJid to that Matt-, wblch sb*- lati ndrd Biaklnt; b'f future revden< e. r? 'nrnrd to llarrU'-'irs 01 day afternoon buln^ tv?n ordt-fe?1 t?> leave tbe Southern dpin ; it at 4 tttihin d U-. before tbe n ? - t ?... ii a.-, tn* that she made fret- ui* of L?-t northern iciitiiin'itU. \\ bat wj done with her bnstwrd w?: do not learn. J[T? fn Phil .delpbia. on Wednesday. a woman v*a* found by I tie po!l?-e lyinjj dead hi bed with bet drunken hwtwMl beside her The offlcer touh'l up the hi;s'w?d and U>ld Mm that bis wife ?i< dead. *fc?n the brut' rrpll-d that she waa ?nH'dead drunk. a:td stru> k Ibr corps** in the face will? his #"1 He w-a arrmted and t.iken to the tatlon-hcwse A little boy, three or four yeara of ajre, who bad been sent out by the father for liquor while the mother wea lying dead, was aent to the Northern Home for Friendly* Children. Fkltox ox Stuel Pkss.?At the examination of the Fruuln^ham (Mass ) Normal School on Tuesday. President lion spoke in truny t-rras of the serious eHVcts of steel pens, their tendency to injure or paraltze the nerve* of the arm. S-id proof of this influence had coine undur his own knowledge. Kis predecessor, Dr Walker, and at least aix of his acquaintances had received permanent injury from the habitual use of steel pens Opium Katisg ox tui I>crka.*e ? One ofthe curious facts revealed by the pnbl cation of cus tom bouse tabiea. is tb*t there was imported into this country, last year. StiO.OOO pounds of opium Of this amount, it is estimated, from reliable data, that not more than one tenth is used for medicinal purpctea. fH7" "f he Herald's Paris correspondent says: "By the b*?lnnin/ of .\I>irch France will possess an army of 150.(WO men. ready to march at a few hours' notice, b'?;dM the Imperial Guard 40,000 ?> * ?? *_ i ii ? ro?z. Who art* Kepi on a war looiin^. in audi tion to this-fc*),)**' u?en are distributed in various garrisons of tiie ?*mpire " ' irr After a litigation which has cost ?1.000. J>*vid Pritllij s l.a-t recovered* verdict of ft cent f'om Mtrhiel Martin, conductor on tbe Hudson Rl?er RM road for ejecting blor. from 'he cars. The origin*! turn in controversy was 20 cents. Th- d>frndant will appeal. Ps< TLIAK A Wor RTMKST OF A KESTrCKY COURT. In coi'S'-qoenre of tht- straitened condition of the merchants 'Jnd business men of honisville, the JetT-rson Circuit Cin t, on the petition of the lawyers, fcas been adjourned till May, in order that judgments may not be rendered. J?7"Tbe iosacs by the insurance com panies in Boston have heen very heavy within the past few weeks, several nrst class ship*, with val uable cargo's have hern lost. One otfcce has lost aud another 1XK). within a month. z?now irn at vorpm vorieii, i exu, on tne ni?ht of the C^th nit.. anon* two inches deep. and the mercurr wrnKlownto blue-nose pitch Such weather. tiiyslhe Riiiebrro, Is unparalleled in the memory of "the oldest inhabitant." Tar and Fbathers ?On Monday ni^ht a man wmiflird in Smyth eo., V* . tarred, feathered, ridden on a rail, and committed to jail for ex pressing abolition rentimrnts Sale of a Pater ?The Petersburg Bulletin wm ?old on Wednearta? last, by Mr T Pannill. The type *nd Kxt'irer were sold for ?4~0 The large Hoe press was sold for S7?0 PmsilRJ FOR 1UR SoCTH ER f COMI??-TbC rropnttu of the Montgomery Advertiser have r-een ele? ltd Printers for the Southern Congress SMMiriCAftT ?TLe Charleston Merrury notices th? result of the Virginia election undtr the blad ing " Bad W* is* " AKKIVA LS AT TUB ffOTE 1,8 WIL'.AKDS' HOTEL?L Que r. Fa. J M EckMdt. r.,1. A U aUb Pa; f> Noblel! do, J JMoblrt. do, li G J'lik-r, NJ, E B. ftie. Pa. Mln Battle. do; C U.-ttle, do; \V M M*r#fcall. NV; E M JUfCnf'k. Cat Ttr, Hon t > Olden, N V; >1 l'll ton Ind. K Bender- P.", H B ^cngust. .Maw, T II Oliver. Md; W J Morebe ad, Pa; N I) Stnitb and ladv, NV; >!!?? S do; ^ I. Harding, Maas, A Sp?*Hr, NV, W T Troy. Ala; T S K^n*:!. N'?"; I' t^uit? an, Md; A Kimiwl, do, Mr Plade, O; Mr !?!ev?n?, do. W T MagriwW, USA; J J I?owrll, Mese. A Watkinsand; J Mulltkm do; C Livening, Prula, Pr W Oliver, do; S Uoilwell. and toil. d-'. G N Tatbani. rto; W Wilson and lndv. Maw, E T Gerry, NY; J L) Van Buren. do; do, Rov Bjckinj;ham. Conn; J L Ripley, do; U Williams, do; E A Robinson, Man, D Gruly, do; W B CWker and lady, NV; J D Tbompaon, NJ; S C Smith and family. NV; II Gray, 111; K VV" 11 )Umi, do, J Hammond and lady, NY; Dr Van Evero, do; E B Blaelovr, Mm; W Cosbm and w>n, do; G P Smith. T's: E Lununiaky. Md; ? Blisa, III; Hon C B Cochrane, N V; PR l'uatua and Jadv. DC; A Batterlo.-d and lady, Pa; G Grif; An, A Gr Din. Md. N ATIONAL HOTEL.?C Moore, NY; R Hal dt-nnn. Pa, T J l.ovejjrovp. J H Howdon. Md; F Rudd, DC, R Hadfleld, NY; Dr Grimahaw, Wm Cannon. W L C?aen, Del, T King. Ore, Capt Glaaaoti, IS.N, R C WmUoii and !y, NY; S Wood J Carli'.e. Ye. J Crune, O; S Fetera, Md, C A Likmiui, NY, II D-ivia. Maw, J Bond, Tenn, PP Dickinson, Va; H E Leman, N Mercer, G Mon tany, E O Goodrich, Pa; J and iy, N V; M s* Whiting, Caj; H T Taylor, Mo; G P Skowln, G-i; W F D. iu*-nt, G \V Tubman, R G Taylor, S* 1. Winch, Md; R B Carpenter, Ct; J H Chiaiben, E G Duraahant. NY; Jo Hyneman, A R Cooiev, R T Hurlbutt, \V K Bray. J Brod head. Pa. W B l?obb1n, W Chancey. B F Ltiaca haugh, Md; f* A Calkv. C Bacon. Ct; J W Ham mond and lv, NY; D ft Matt)*, Fla, J* Z^adon, St!. R Col!.* MV * U vv VI.. I 8 Colgate, N V; Geoiye W Butt, Va; Col Spen e?f, Md. BROWN'S HOTEL ?A Seemellcr, W Walea Ron J oilman, Dr H lyiiir.s, Md, A M Baile. W II Peters, E T Btamin.S P Randolph, C Davis, C J Stuar*, B Wilson, J W .Mneposer, II Peyton, HT Prtrn G W Bailey. Va. R C Me Re*, J W Atkins, NO; S A 0Mfll, Tenn; A M Sea, Ot; A T Levlo?, Pa; M Til ton. la; W F Tbedford. Ala; E A Hollln^swortb. L Whitney, Maaa. T B Sykea, Kan; E W Turner, Ky; C P Dayton. NJ; 11 T Taylor, Mo; J Brooks, \V Moore, NV; C Her bert, La. KIRK WOOD HWSE.-E McGowan, E O W Hall, P Wainwrigbt, E B Kinder. W H Al l?n J Wilkinson, Ma; W H Bube, D Norham, LTownsend,J Acktrmm. MV; J M Eckfeldt, Cal. I ASTONISHING, BUT TRI E ! IT IS Vary strange mm SMITH stionld get in S^ew Goodi wtasu every body i?oryiu$ hard tim??. nt lw ?el;s hia goods at stioii lovr prinna ?h%? wil'r>av them. N ? a lot ??l ULoiMl.NG anl FTRNIftHiNO wli ch will be ?t>W at 3> per o-nt lea* than th?iF ac tual value. At fJVUTH ft, No. 460 teveutu Kt., opposite To?t Oflioe. ja^t lin 'f J. k. W. M. GAL T 1 Uuiui in WOOD AND COAL Ol vl kmdi. Oftoe-'i^i I'ean. aveiu?, ja 23 between lith ani 13th ?lte>-tn. OALTiilOEL l> BL'TTKK HOUSE. !>?)!? f fcesvia* fr???h and i*d??, in Go?heu p&ek eta. K'.eo, Obio tinU*r, at l<v* aid U'/i cent*. KLLIOOTT 4 HbWfciS, ? k iu HIkp*. n%ltimor?. 1/ttKN'Jll A. rTcH^TKIN 1 PE**?. AvKSCK, Ar? &K?eU f??r the Uaitim >re Am" ic&u ivi.U ti cu?n*>*, Cbar.-^t-ja Meroarj. Jto. :*u!>?oui>or? orvnl at low ratoa Pjh>?? s from evarj oit? in the l,'u;ou?weekly, mouth / -...i quarterly. l*il aua abeonbe. N??w u tne tm.o. Nt* Vork, Phila delphia, Rvbiaore au<i ot!?er ptv^er* delivered it ttw oity aad beorgetowc intra ediALdiy after the ar fi v?i <>t train*. ja 15 H'HK ttKEATKHT BAK?AlNS IN CLoTB 1 IN(A PURNtSHtNU GOi>l)"?. HAT# and CAPS at No. 4M Scrnth ?t., oppoaite Hunt * ?f t?a fel 6w JL't*T RECEIVED AT FRFNCH A Rl' H ST KIN, 'i7b P*nn awenuo, Waahingtou. "The Ciekwiec Papers." being the hret of'he elegatt uMltuaM edition of 1M work* of Cha. iee Diok na; illH"(rated by T. O. C. liar e? and John O.l t ert. Kiveraide pr m. Cai. at d examine tli-m. Ai*o, a new "apply of Dariey'a Iunetrated Cow per. the fiaeat edition published. fe 1 Slc. U^UUMS, COLDB. gO^RSENESS, COMPOUND SYKUP 0% GUM AR Tiii* mad popu'.a' Coam hat ?o iuoc kaovaaod extanaivaly ased, that muel it*n? have be coils ftuni ;ar vitfi it* ?x'.faordina r? (ftevf. It eac b? hvi at all th? prir.o-pa. drar itoiM at Hami Mi oonta a hoitla. m2S d2mAro4ia" FLOURDA$?I)' W?h*l* Suft.MlttSlON MtR :HANTS. And vuuir?4A dealer* in MILL HiEO, CORA MkAL, #?.. ft.. Corner of ink and B WaaaiQftOB o?ty. IlT Caaii paid w ah *.nd? of Ormia au SS-Am ^U.TANA RAISINS ?> L.A W.R RAISINS. KR RAISINS. D.UER8 RAISINS. DEAUX PRUNES. SRK CANTON 6IN6ER d?a KING * BURCBELL K- MKUIC1NKS RECEIVED WEEKLY. M (>< hand dn*'? I'll:n. Mol.dUi ? < r m d *J. Aiei'i. M?4toiii*a.l M . , . D oa- A.r>. I l.jrWO!* ' pf I , n? rwnv- a'tfntion. Piimb to a?it Ui? At eiyht n rg ui- <! or b*U. MOokE'i* VV#at Knrf Drn? et"Te, ? rm 11* Poitn. Virtue. JOW i!7? Pi* YRICH8TE1N, sn. Amn, Hll'ip't M"*-* - \je?, 'in now iiostni l.itarary F<tit{hn Rivnr aid*Pre?-?; Kin |M| lr ma : Tba nut' l?a*v? ?he<v>>.r.t at t>nrtt<r*. A<#?>, tha a*Mtr edition' of MuCauiei. Hw#? tti? K n. P.?rii? ?. Iam.' <*? ?* ~| U8T KhCElVfcD A LOT OF CLUfHIN* J -LKMSH1N6 GOOW, HAT8 UHlOA^ M 41TH'S- N?. *??? - MISCELLANEOUS. Thi Amalgamation or Las? casks.?Thereiea irowicc tendency in this age to appropriate the n?"?t **rre?sivo words of< ther I*ngnages.and after ? whil? to i*corpan?ie Umu into oar own; thus the woid Cephalic, which is from the 8reek, signifying "for th? heed, i? now Incoming popularised in o?n?ect'on with Mr. bp<il>ling's great Headache remedy: hut it will soon be u??"d in a more general wa?, and the word f>p!j*lie will become as common as l^eotrrljpe and m*oy others whoee A i at i nnfion aa ft** aim wr.i ?la hMn Wfirn aaaa 'ardly Realized* Hi *ad 'n 'orrible 'eadache this afternoon, hand 1 ateyp*d into tli* hapotheoanea han<t nyi hi to the mM,"C?n foil hfM? me of an 'eartacl?e:"' "Doea it haohe'ar<l," aaya 'e. "Hexoeedmaly," nay* hi, and npnn that > care me a Cephalic rill, hand ' on m? 'onor it cured m* ?<> auiok thatl'ardly realised 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadache. C^Hiadachz ia the favorit* men by whioh nature make* known any deviation whatever from the nataral state of the brain, and viewed in this' light it mar be looked on aa a safeguard intended to give notion of diaeaxe which might otherwise Aa Aa aa Aftatifinn till ?Ai% i??a ?<\ ka . an<l BVH.UHVI1, fill IWV ICaV~ kU W ininouiUM, BIIU its indioationa ebould n?vr be neeleoted. Head achea m%y bo oiaeai&ed under two duiw, vis: Symptomatic and Idiopathic. Symptomatic Road ache is exceedingly o<>mmon and fa the preouraor of a treat variety of diaeaaea, among whioh are Apoplexy, Gout. Rheumatism and all r?brile di?eas?a. In ita rervous form it ia sympathetic di? eaae of the atomaoh oonatitutinc nek keadarAt, of hepatio dieeaae constituting bilious ktndnrht, of worma.oonatipation and other dianrdera of the oow ela.aa well as renal and uterine afftotinna. Diseasea of the heart are very freq ueutl y attended with Hf ad aohea; Anaemia and plethora are also atfeoOona which frequently occasion headache. Idiopathio Headache ia alao very oommoi, beinc uaually dia tinguiahed by the name of nervous Ktadacht, aoire timea coming on aaddenly in a rtate of apparently aound health and proatrating at onoe the mental and phyaical energiea, and in other inatanoea it oomea on alovly. heralded by depression of a'pirita or acehhity of temper. Inmost inatanoea the pain is in front of the hpJLd. over <m? or hr>th <?? *n/4 sometin e? provoking vomiting, under this olass mar a'ao be numw) Neuralgia. For the treatment of either olass of Headaobe the Cephalic Pill* have been found a sure and e&fa remMjr, relieving the moit aonte pains in a few minutes, and by ita subtle power eradicating the Jiseate of which heatiaohe is the unerring index. Rkidoxt.?Missus wants yon to send her a box of Ophsl-o Glue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pills,? but I'm thinking that's not just it naith"r; but per haps ye'il be afther knowing what it is. Ye see eh?'s ntth dead and gone with the 8iok Headaohe and wants some more of that same as relaived her before. Druggist.?You must mean Spalding's Cephalic Pills. Bridget.?Och' sure now and you've sed it. here's the quarther and giv me t-he rills and don't M all day about it aither. ( nttlpatien ?r CntlveiiM. No one of the "man* ills fieah it heir to" is an prevalent, to little understood, and to much neg lected m Coativenee*- Of>en originating in oare loaaneaa. or aedentary habitt; it fa regarded aa a alight diaorder of too 'ittle conaetuenceto excite anxiety, while in reality it it the premier and companion of many or the moat fata! and danger ona t'taeaaea. and nnleta early eradioated it will bring the er.flTererto an nntimely grave. Among the lighter evila of which Coativeneaa ia the usual at tendant am Headaohe, Colic, Rh?umati*m, Foul Breath. Piiea. and othera of like nature, while a long train of frightful diaeaeeKauoh aa Malignant Fevers, Abceaaea, Dvaenteiy. Dy?pepaia. Diarrhea, Apo pi^xy, kpuep*v, raraiyaia, Hyateria, Hypoohon anaaif,Melancholy and lnaanity, firat indioate their rr^aence in the avatem by thia alarming armptom. Not "infrequently thediaeaaes named originate in Conatipatior. but take on an tndf???ndent exist filing tinlMI l h? PA. II14* ia in tan From all these considerations it follow* tha* the disorder should reeeiv* immediate attention when *ver it occurs, ar.d no person should netlect to yet a box of Cephalic Pit:* on the first appearance of the oomplaipt. an their timely n?e will expel the uniduouB approaohea of disease and destroy thia daojeron* foe to tinman life. A Real BleMini. Fkv'ieutn.?Well, Mre. Jones, how ib that hatd aohe? Mr/. Jrmet.?6one ! Doctor, all gone: the pill job aej.t onred me in juat twenty minutes, and I with too would eecd more eo that 1 oar have them aandy Plyiuui*.? Von can cet them at any Drncgieta. Call for Cephalio Pilla, 1 find the* never fail, and 1 rlAnmtnAn/i thnm in all Mrs. Jonu.?i shall send for a box direotly, and hall tell all m; suffering friend*, for they are ar??i Utimi. Twkktt Million* ot Dollars SAVfD.-Wr. PpaSdinghas Mold two milliona of bottles of hia cel ebrated Prepared Gloeand it is ettimated that each bottle eaves at least ten dollars worth of brokan furniture, thus making an aggregate of twenty mil lions of dollars reclaimed from total loss by tHi valuable invention. Having made his Glne a house hold word, he now proposes to do the world still greater servioe by ouring all the aohing heads with his Cephalic Tills, and if thsy areas good as his Glne. Headaohes will soon vanish away like snow in July. fETOVKR Exr-ITKMKNT. and the raen?*.l n?r? ?nH anxiety incident to oloso attention to bua<ness or staJv. are amon? the nnraerons oansea of Nervous Headache. The disordered slate of mind and body incident to thia diatreealn* complaint ia a fatal blow to all energy and ambition, Suflerers by thia disorder can aTwara obtain aaeedy relief from th??se diatreasi"K attacka by aaiajt oneoi the Ce phaMo Pills whenever the aymptoma appear. It quiets the overtasked bra:n and soothes the strain ed and Jarr:n? nerves, ar-d relaxes the tension of the which always acoompaniee and ag gravates the disordered oondition of the brain. I; act? woun iiwwim.-Spalding's Oaphalia Pi lie ar? a certain cure for Pies Headeehe, Bili oaa Headache, Nervous Headache, Costiveness, and Qeuet$l Detxiitj. Gssat Discovibt-?Amonj the most important of all tn* rreat medtoal discoveries of this ace may it ejsiBin oi r&ootD&tton Tor protoo lion from Small Pox, Ui<? Cephalic Fill for relief oi Meariiiohe. and the u*e of Uoinine for the preven tion <>f Fevers, either of which it a sure specific, whose benefits will he experienced by suffering humanity lone after their discoverers are forgotten. ID* f>T? jou ever have the Siok Headache i Do yon remember the throbbing temples, the fevered row, tW loathing and disgust at the sight of food. How totally unfit you were for pleasure, conversa tion or studT One of the Cephalic Pills would have relieved you from all the suffering whtoh voa then experienoed. For this and other purposes you should always have a box of them on hand to use as oocasion requires. r.U Rr ^ A NervousHeadache Headache. By the tie of theee Pille the penodio attaeka ol Nttfams ?' *?!. ?"' w ? ?ii wH/ie iosj dv provoniMj &nd if taken at the oommeno?ment ot an atUok immo diate reiiel from pain and sioknees will b? obtained. They seldom fail in removing the Nausea and Headaeke to whioh female* are ?o mbjeot. They act gently upon the bowels,?removing Cot rtwm For Literary Mm, Student*. Delicate Females, and all persona of tuUtumrt .habits, they are all valuable as a Laxative, improving the appetite, giving tome and vigor to the digestive organs, and restoring the natural elastioity and strength of the whole system. he CEFBAL1C FI LS are the remit of long investigation and earefully conducted experiments, having been in use many years, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from Headache, whether ortgi uating in the nerromM system or from a deranged stats of the itommck. They are entirety vegetable in their eompoeitton, and may betaken at all timee with perfect eater without making any ohange of diet, mnd tka mi imce ?/ any dimgretabU tatti r*?dmt it mmv re diHiaulir Hum 10 ck*idr*n. BEWARE of counterfeits! The genuine have five signature* of Henry C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by OracgMts aad ail other Peal ere in Medi I oinea. 1 A Mo* will be cent by mail wwmH on rwdXai PRICK, B? CKNTS. 11 orders ahoald be addraaaad to HKNftY a SPALDING, ??V-ikT\j * Mm n? T?r*. PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pUBLIC NO TJ C E. DtrAKTMBKT OV tU lNTB&IOft,( Wa>k*MKt<m, Dec. 28. inn. { Pablio notice is hereby *iven that bond* tod ooopoua annexed, of the description hereinafter eet forth, have lately been feloaionely abet rao ted from the oaetody of the Interior?Department, the eame being the property of the United States and neia in iruei lor oeriein inaien inoes. nouoe bu also bten (fven to the proper offioera of the rwyw ti ve States to stop the payment thereof; and all persona are warned acainet parchasigg or receiv ing any of aaid bonda and coupon*, as the olaim of the United States thereto will be proseonted to the utmost extent Each bond being for the sura of one thousand dollars, via : Six per cent. Missouri Conpon Bonda, iaaaed in Jane and Aagnat, 1867. State of Missionri, St. Lonis and Iron Mountain R R. State Bonds. Bond No. 2037 Bond No. 1823 187fl 1W? 1997 1WS 2008 2007 1003 1U1W 1827 1822 1821 1820 1810 1818 1809 1R17 1W5 1816 1891 1815 1990 1814 1892 1813 1991 1812 2003 1810 2002 1811 1992 1 1808 2000 ? 2031 2005 2033 2004 2034 2001 2035 1999 203? 2000 2032 2009 1826 1877 1823 1878 % nivA 1829 ? ntA iOJV ioow 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 1868 1883 1809 1884 1870 1885 1871 1886 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 188# 1875 I6i 0 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 204ft 2017 2047 2010 2044 2015 2043 2014 . 2040 2013 2041 Aa a a 2012 AAl A 2049 203* 1825 1824 2011 991 bonds Noi*.?Bond? No. 20*0, and beiow of thu aeriee, icnued June, 1657, and bonds No. 2Wl,and above that, dated Auxuat, 1857. payable at the Ptasnuc Bank. New York oity, in 1887. Plate of Miaaoari iu percent, ooupon bond*, vis: Hannibal and St. Joaeph Railroad State Bonds Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 1029 1852 1851 1850 1K40 1627 1928 1429 1859 IMS i?oa 1847 1863 1846 1861 >845 1860 1844 1861 183] 1854 1835 1858 1833 1855 1834 1854 1839 1822 1837 1823 1838 1824 1839 1825 1449 1826 1640 1827 I #35 1828 1612 1829 1413 1830 1614 1831 1615 1641 1614 1642 1?17 1618 1619 1620 1621 1611 1864 1634 1631 163? 1633 1622 1857 1636 1630 1639 1841 1623 1624 1626 Noti.-TIim# bonds Are dated Strahle at B?nk of Comm?rt?, New York, ii loT#mh*r. 1886?intereat parable in Jannary ami illy of each iear, State of Miatoart tlx Hf Mat. Coupon North M ie ronri R. R. State Honda. Bond No.J2952 Bond N0.3in.i9 2940 29*9 2941 2942 2941 2945 2944 2944 2947 2948 2V49 2937 2938 14W 1438 1641 1442 1443 1444 1445 1444 1447 1448 1449 1640 1450 2922 2923 2J24 1654 29*6 1655 2951 1*52 2953 1656 1657 2421 1705 2468 1706 2512 1707 2513 2452 2514 2453 2515 2454 2516 2455 2911 2456 2919 2457 2912 2458 2913 2459 2914 2460 ivm 24nl 2915 2462 WIT 3463 2918 2464 2919 2465 2920 2466 2954 2467 2955 1651 80 boodf Miuonri N<"? Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 2743 2784 2786 2781 2782 2779 2783 2711 2712 2710 2725 2777 2778 2765 2768 2769 2770 2771 2786 2778 2772 2775 2774 2780 2787 2730 2717 2734 * 2721 2719 2733 2722 2720 271# 2727 2724 2731 2766 2729 2718 2715 2714 2784 2728 2728 2723 tris 2733 m7 Hbmd* 0 Miasoari ftiT pi o?I Coiroi Bond No. 5146 UM 5)46 5344 SMS 5142 5241 5240 5139 lUilrotd 8UU No. 5160 5161 5158 5156 5264 5165 5153 5152 5261 5238 5150 5237 5249 5235 5247 5134 5248 5133 6195 5231 5190 5231 5000 5C00 4999 5199 4997 5198 4890 6197 4998 5310 4889 5236 4888 5307 4870 5308 5257 5309 ______ 6182 61 6306 .Not*.?Thaw bond* ftri datad M*rok. 1147; m V>1? March. MOT, at Phoenix Bank, Nnw York; in tnroat payable in Jaaaary mm Jolj of Moh jeer. Bond* of North Carolina?Coapon aix r?r North Carolina sue par oanta. Bond No. 35 Bond No. 303 33 Ml 32 300 23 297 9 236 7 234 349 2u3 348 1M 347 104 346 20 Hi i u 342 341 340 339 338 33T 33? 335 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 227 m 31T 318 Sl? 29 ? 239 18 17 15 15 8 11 10 102 101 100 99 103 ? 28 22 16 21 98 97 ?? 95 94 237 AO 23? 303 72 bonds NotE.--Thee? bondi are dated January, 18*. Mnblt Juun,lW,?t Bank of Republto,New York. Interecf parable in Januar? and July. Nort'i Carolina6 per oenti. Coupon Bond?. Bond Ne R3.< Bond No. 735 832 73d 831 758 830 759 839 780 834 7?1 836 792 6M 7?3 837 7*4 838 790 871 7VI S72 792 873 793 874 794 875 795 era 3T7 878 879 RRfl 881 H44 w 848 849 860 851 852 853 854 855 * fLSft 707 798 799 ROfl Ml huj 803 804 805 800 808 807 811 812 813 814 815 Rift 880 817 861 618 8M 819 863 820 864 821 865 822 8ft6 823 867 824 868 825 869 826 870 827 883 828 88J MV 884 840 885 843 . 731 844 TSJ 845 733 734 1 04 bondi MS 648 633 MS 634 A46 636 650 636 661 637 652 518 616 629 61T 616 618 615 619 617 465 514 467 423 458 546 470 546 603 647 469 648 440 660 44* 662 460 471 431 473 4U 473 436 474 437 47ft 427 476 439 477 436 478 4)6 479 433 480 &13 Ml *11 644 ? 491 119 booda Bond No. 599 600 603 604 605 606 607 608 610 611 612 613 An ti g?ut< vuipoi i unnit Bond No. 49H 494 495 496 497 621 498 510 511 481 482 483 w r 614 622 62.-S 624 "625 626 627 628 641 K 615 644 646 485 486 487 488 489 490 5.18 549 540 541 542 543 530 531 4V2 Forty^y bowto ?f fi^ObO b*r, vis: N?. in 151 64 144 J'fci". || . 15 Bob* No. ft 98 99 106 122 123 134 126 m 127 128 No. 162 163 164 163 178 101 192 193 194 193 IlM 179 197 ISO ]9S 129 199 136 900 137 144 43 bonda 146 Two bon^a f -r I.w e*oh. dated April. 1W?. Bond No 9 Bond No. 10 Fiite n bonds for 91.** af?k.<Ut*d Ootobor, MOT, vs: t'tyabl at Buk of Repubho, Ootokir. 1887, vis: Bond No. 1183 Boad No. 1193 1184 1193 1185 1194 1188 1195 ^ 1187 1198 1188 1197 lift) 1190 IS bond* 1191 Tennessee tlx p?r o?ot. Coupon Bopds. of ftl.000 each, of lonn of IMS, pnynbte 1M in Nnrl orl city, ol ths fo icwinc numbers, nod dnted Jnun ?ry, lBjg: Bond No. 217 Bond No. 415 279 419 294 476 297 477 409 491 413 498 414 723 And of the folio vine numbers issued Jnnus.ry.18i4: Bond Nr. 82S Bond No. 1278 829 1-58 830 And of the following numbers issued Janunry,18?: Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 2A5& 2133 2892 2581 3066 2605 3121 And of thefolloving nnmberainued January, 1SS6. Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 3466 4209 3466 4210 3467 4211 3469 4212 3470 4213 3471 4214 3472 4431 3758 4527 3894 4529 3941 4550 3942 4556 3MI 4565 3944 4569 3943 4570 3945 457 398.i 4749 4199 4751 42O0 4881 nd of the following numben istued January Bond No. 50.c6 Bond No. 5419 5195 5421 5326 54-26 5359 5427 5360 5430 5351 5434 5362 5436 5J63 5437 5354 54 ;8 5355 5439 5355 5440 bm 5441 b*6S 5442 53W M53 5370 5444 5371 5445 5372 5452 5373 5518 6374 5519 5375 5520 537ft 5521 5377 55R 6378 5379 5.<80 5381 53fl6 5384 5387 5;?8 5*89 b.m 5591 5W2 5393 541* 5417 5703 5704 5765 6704 6707 5708 5709 5710 6711 5712 5713 5799 5839 5840 VUf 5418 Orvtc* P? THB SBrBITT&BT or th? Intkrioe. December 2&, I860. * 12-dtf J. THOMPSON, Seoretaiy. 01 LD RICH, MELLOW AND Pl'RK DURNBIDE'8 MONONQAHELA RYE WHISKEY. Oooscientioualy diatilled by Mr Jidin Bo made, of Alle*any County, Penna., in the old-faahione>l honeat way, from tneobnieeat and moat OA'-Mnlly elected Rye. and in do oaee erer offered for nalt nntil adapted to wholesome uee brace. It taat onoethe most palatable, at it la emphatically one of the purest beveracea in the reach of the pnbiie. To the Inrnlid.aa well aa to tboae in commends iteelr for ita unrivalled qualities an a atimalant of the aafeet. sureat, and moat ?fioent description, and many of the most diattncniahed hyaieiana are nainf it in their praotioe with tiie h&ppiMt results. CLKRY & STOCK DALE. Pro?n?tora, 329 Wuuut street. Philadelahia WM. C. CONOVl R, Acent for the Proarietora. i?24 p?- *? ee Zthiri op?osfte W [Hards' Hot#1. DURE OLD RYE Will SKY.-On hand ??r.r? A brand# ofP are Old Rye Whir ky. Copper Di? tilled, made by the moat reliable distillers in Peon eylrania. Maryland and Virginia, warranted tire. Also, Imported Brandies, Hennessy, otard. Dspay ' >* Robin*, Ac. Also, Peach and A?vlr A Co., Jnlet Robins, Ao. Also, Peaoh and Aftlf B in'ly, pure Hon*cd 6in, old Jamaioa anc ?t Croijt Hum, and Wines of every variety, ah of nds. A choioe lot of (Ittars and To YOUNG A KEPH A RT, Afents. 8*8 Pa ? .. hetv. Mh and mh sts. urtr' i m \Je. ^tagK"' ^ CAUTION. PURHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY T0 SEE THAT IT IS WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.BLDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR H SUTH WILLIAM SI NEW YORK. BOM BALM IN WASHINGTON MX T VIt litBOfl* HRMMM ari rm. tma?, it ti* only in Uw ?M* vlMri V. w. terySHff Wjw Ymt ClrSSufoTthe ChSSSKjlar. I J* ?* _ ' % MEDIO INKS. Lr luriMNR lock aoinvifc. Hmi Wwwt< ik* ? ##? C?r?#t? 5fi?4|,4M FfittmfU n (4? W<?W, FOft ALL, ASKH OK IWritl'DfcNCE. LrT HO FALSE DFLfCACf FRFFRHT. APPLY IMNFD ATKLY. A9WFF WARRANTED. OK MO CHARHM. JN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WittKMifUi l??t hmnni M IkMc, n^tiirun nwbtipt, (MxtMt, ?m-1 MMMr. Iimin ?h, i?nNMi,Ur?.U( PjttiVOm taataa *4 Mmi, IVIfluuw tltM Mniv>iM4iM1mmMil NcmWli(fin M4irm, Pi**?** ('.kllMf Tkm\, Rhi > nn,Alik,wnt(ift l>r>n. Iwitd ( ItTiit IkT*rrtM* Pmr<?w intwf frr* * fm> ik??? IWMI ? < Dwimiim hiitKN vkwt * ? ?m Hwrafi lafMikU, u4 ?? Ik1 ? u< ?> ? TOtMHU fcpMHUy ?k? kt*i k?(*r->? ik* >wuaa #f a*.t ur Vim, Mil(iHlfli ul Imumuii kill vlul lunlli twttft t* M mmI? ft*** H??m?t>4* ?f Ti*?| Mm rftt* Mat *i lit*4 ulMU *(M* knllr at ini*!lMV vM Btfli nk?t*M k? IMIUCll IIUlMf Itiiiu wUk ikiitaMin < *>?BI*?I? H V%k*^ M IHUI1 tk? ;?!*, M> Mii VMk Ml ml MA K. IX* ?m. iuuii rauom ? TmiHi* M*it*ftMt| n**. dafermiu**. *?., ?fn?l .? iwH a vka ilttN knwdr *adtr lk? Hr4 af Put. Bt) aa*l? *aald* La kta kaear a* a (inltau aad iMUMtl; rii| fx Ma tktU u a pky?;?ti.a urricE Pa . t torn rtiPMucimiir, Ml ku< aid* ><Maf fna laiUBN* wmi, h* 4wn D?? ltiMn*i rati bm M*kwn* ? * aad ???W*r. MMH sat k* paid ud mull t tww. Ml JUBMTOV, tin af tkt Ufti UU?|i Nn.fttaa, k*a*aa. md*N (Ma as* *f tk? mm aatnaat t>Uaf ** ta ?k* > :<?d Slat*', aad lk* fr*?t*r part af vktai Ufa (u ka?a *p*rt la tk* k*t MUlnf Lacdaa, IKra. Pkil? dalpkta aad ?W*aka?i. k? a* faaud ho* ?( ta* Mai aataaiakiag aara* tkat vat* MM kaawa; nuv tmMld arnk nn|i*f ta tk* **ad ud a*f* *l*a uitti: rrnt aarvaataaa*. k*H.( tl*naad ad aadd** aad*. ka*hfa.r#?? ??tW frtqaart klaakmg, attaodad ?a> to* ?tU (*iwfa>i*t ?fMi, vara rand iMadUulr. Till PAiri 'VbAK IIOTtC*. TNa| Mm aad a*k*r* vka kara u.;*r?d UHtaMlm ky Mnata prtcuc* lalilftd la ?k*a alar.*?a kakti fr ?qa*a y laaraad fran aril eaiapa&.ana. ar at achaa:, IM *f*cu rf Vkick *r* aifbtly fall *?*l *rk*n **:**p, *?<! If oat *ar*d. raadar* mirriu* tmpa**.ki*. ??4 da*tr*r* katk Blad aad - ? * * .__|. * ?' - ' mwmj, otiu ""' tuH.ij Tfeatt >ra !?.? at tkl ltd ui **lu?k*l; i(iimin<hH k? uiti hiktu af raaui ?'V Waakaaaa af tka ltd ?< Itak*. Put.. ia tfc? ?I Eiffel, L*tt *f r < > > Ptvn, hlfxudki rflki (Hrt,nnri|4i ,NmHi IrnliM t ty, Daraof tmtni af th* rh|MU<i fv r. m, Etntn ? 7>Mmi of OlM^UW. At MENTALLY?Tnt litrfal ilnu n u? ?M in wt M k? 4rMiit-L?n of V?rr.?rt . Ctr.fatian tf Itlll, PiwimMI af ptntt. EtiI r?rt .ft A ttniatiaf St: <t it li f I'liui.i, ba*taf Balliadt,Tl?4iu?, in .hi nt ' tkt a?ilt ?r? lull DUTCH DUIklTT -Ttiuudiui M?|t4f? rktl U tkt ctaat ?f tktir <JtcliDing ttiJtk, l??u * ikttr tIf ?f l?m *tlk, P?I?, t?rttll toC BtUtUi.UtUI Ml (lilt i^tiruti IM1 ski ?y ?, tfft. ar Iftipuni tf if tfftltt DillAlU or IMPENDENCE Vktt tka lalag aidid lad icnprwda:.; ?? :? af plHitn ka*< kt kula>iM Ui mi^i tf Uu pusti. Imin.nim alWa tlffw ikit ii ai-uia?4 ttBM at Bit ar 4in< af Mna? dtltrt kin fratn ipplviaf ia thaaa vka, frata adaaat<aa lad kuti af and iin|?iB| trau^tn, wka. lattf^V* af ttnuf, iitkkH F?CBM?rr iimmxi. kaap kw aanife ana? atn-h, ar > l??> u ika amallaat tu ka a* Mlaad. and ia *aapa,r laa ?a W vuk rainal feaahfc la awra a?ar-*kat d?aappa??tr:aw. ar ky tha aaa afihai *aa*!? paiaao, Marcary. haacaa tka cwmwitml nnMMiifttii larritla dMNN, iKkti Af<"j?n?'iki Inn. Tkraal, Ikir .Ac.. prarraaatuf vith frtfkiNl rapidity, till <1??U mm ? tanad la ki? draadftf acfam ra ky trr^i j Mfi la akaf dlaaaaatad uwitr; ?km Htrtx m in?iln i?m?' ft. JOBftftOftft ft CM EOT Toft Oft? AUK: WCAUM AJfD IMFOTVfCT y tkta |Ni| aad Inaaram ran>a4y ??kr?i af tk? wnM w? apaadily earad ar>4 fall ?ifai r ** Tkaaaa?<?a J tka aal ??' ? u4 daMlliaud, ?ka kad laai all kapa, ka?a ka?a Intaadi'ltly raluaad. All iiaftdiaaau ta Fkrilatl a* Maaial aaua?a. Lata af P?aaaaa?l?? VttTtai IrfiuMhif Tiaaklinful Waakaaaaaa CtkiuilN (fUi aaaibtrfil klad apaaadtly aaral CHiKiurkiuT or Tft? r* TIE MAHT TftOVCAJtPC f K*d illka ?M>a tka ten aaaantaaa tiwi. ir,4 iki fl aal afintlm parforead ky Pr. JakoW', ? ika ra^aatara af Ika ya^ara and ia?*y Mk? Hrw>, >mH? www ?? ? 'j" ? ?? ?? r*?' . MuklntiM?(ui |i?tli"ii w4 tWi?IUt??j MWit. h i Upt [umi? i? tk? iat?u< JU OY FOR TRKB1CK"aNP HI'FFKRIN*. LET ALL IT HO ARE APTLICTEV APPLY THr^REMEDr R E JO ICE /?' HEALTH. Friend. do to? ernerf Are yo* the notim r?f ic; ofth<*M mmernn ?ilm*iiu which arte? Tm* in fnrity of the WhUtr# tfcej, <to yos *?k ' ft&tber s*k. what are they The (MMwtM ecwroe of life and ?i?*!th. and it u the *ret e!*??M of oir hmnf to respond t? eMW whiob a#?~?? the Kvst*m. M the polne Infallibly Tk?vr~ prevailing Nenr*.fia, :hf IrritV.Dg brT?ip*ia?, raMIe Horofsla.jthe agonising KbruiMUun. S?r oui I totality, Priyiywi, Uwr Cow. plaint with ita joraor and d?jeo:ion, an* tne Bint>erMH nt* that fleeh is heir to. der*e *bei; hxieoasonrin frnwithe blood. Deal kiwfiy thei and geutlr witii the Mood. I'M the vitalising lee^croec of nature for ita a>d. sod rtlhr us to cowmer.d to yoar corf donee and M that tmly vaiual-.e medirwner.t knows u jyD1AH TK0ifj?BLMXl&COCTlOIir. Wlth regard^ to this ilmnit infallible BfeaiHl firiiu nuunriii uh vpOKOD ID MKION HTSh an? the orideoeee of tine *rrH HRcaor are teiDMl by <*ct of ol rat ire effect* and th? happieat resmte from ita un> Ere after a.I ofl?? ramediee and the bent medioal kill liar* fad tad. |y*( ? aay.ic ooncmmon. thM rftlioalaa eurea ar? not ft. m th? ilJHeiat* and ????r toial. bat the? ?r? vok^vrrod from the n>??f if electable aonroee and jn??fy tbo hut.ert t^mn in which it ic ?ot*ihie to ooromeud ao valuable a aaecific to pibiie approval. We mar aid aiao that tne curative profvtieaot tti* nedMiae ai* ejna'iH oo't by lie reatorfcOre etfoet*. the phUki raeovet inx fromduaaae with renewed oonktitatiunal rigor For aale br all r?v> portable Drucciete in thia eft*, and b* tne proprietor. MRS. M. COX, None tenain* eniese her name la Now* on tbe botl>e and her ?r*-i or. the cork ITT-Pfioe ! per bnttie, at* Iw-Ulen for ?f. ytkm.riu attmt. ft. H. T. CISHKL, OrutM Qeorcetowo. |) Wholesale A rer.t for lha Dta thct.and win aappiv Uie Ua4e at mi pnoaa. an 1* tr . Dr. j. bovee hop's imperial WINK pittmkr, Are now bainc aeed from Main* to the Great Baa Lake, an 1 the n-.verna! *eT?H?t of a<l who ?e* warn either u a. iA>?m ? ?? ? ?L-? thej are nnMr?a??J u Ue wori? T>r. fVwi* J them earoeacfft'tv in fc;? fjiaUo* for M ??an beloia weJIMMN al k n> ;br bo c r'rht to majianetar* ?w >r?aei t >k?ra |?. ?r'e to the pnMi?. For tt-a care oj lDatpet: ron?*r??tion, IsiurNtiOBi, Dya pcpm.x, Pilaa. narrava I*rea?f>*. Feir,a)? Coin plaints, and all aa*ea rMaincr a iome, U?r art foa rond doabt anoat iBTa!ac.l)?e .*u>edj. Aeidafrcn their m>vj]ein& profeiLea thej a.e a >i r?, wimia eome and deuffctlwl Bewe?nce, arolaoia* all tha >lea*art -xMieraMiif rCeata of Pracly or Widp witnoat their irjsnca* remi'U. Let ai! fnenda of unmanit* aL<1 a;l advaaam of temperance awl? oa is uheuminc tboee ?*JaaMe Vegetable Brttori for the mm fl ?>?? tpr iMiintW I.fumi with which the coa. trj ta Aaoaea. an<*. iheraby ef feetna. j a>d La bMM&bg Diaeaae and Drankeneaa traia the laod. ChAkLK* W'nniFIFJ.P * CO rra^riatore, William rtreet. New Varfc. J. ?v-HWARZfc. A cent* tVvmiutM, 0. C. PR. J. DO*VKK WP3' IMPERIAL tiIS BITTERS. For i*ie?a**e of the Hidnejs, Bladder and I'tina*? Oriaac, and especially for Female Obatraetloae, nerer (ki! to onre. aad are warrants n> ??? -*** *$?URLK8 WIPDIFIBLP * CO, Propnetors. 'C VV llliua Vi v '"V )?* If j AfWit. Washington, D. C. Mil I' *"W IUII. J. hCH\< Ah7tf ' Mil 4i kUoii wi?i tvym. ?*? * fn it it mry 4?wribl? U1 Iwn irrae ei '?? eesvebUnl ?r*7 f?r rtptirn l irciiart, Ye?r, SFAliDlVMJ'ft niKTiRRD 8LVI mm hi ?uvn i'iiivr(ui,um? dg no nonnekoic m Mord to be vithoct it It ta ftivftr* reMy tM ':ttl point. TW ii po ioiiwimmi fUg '"BWH. h?a^T|>i irokai] ortoie*. it ia just Um trttete fcr axel eruaft'-O work, ac L*r of r?fin?m?nt at<! tut*. Lir&bJe prc?a-i a4Jon It aaed oomJ, I j hew ia aoiitioB, i ttaJitiaa of the ia q^ora i - VBMFVL IV BTERY HOTS*.9 sir-iwsk Meonipajuee e?eA bottle ITUUaaia Dare*, No. 40 C?d*r atraM. H*~ TmV ?' feratflW! MPDotr-Card k??oir^?iHBi oach ruiiir. K7" 4 *?*!* * **? of SF ALP ISO'S FAB FAKKD 9LTB Wiil ^tc let tune* lt? ecrt iv Milj to rrerj uot?*boi4.^j| by all troaiDort Dranuta. ira tad Ymrrltare I)*, finxxn, aad Moree. O'-'jrtrf jr ?ro*i?ji?? efcooM mate ft note of SflL DI/*6'S FhsfiuKL, VLVZ, vWm mMm m It will rt?n<l ?bt ttilwal* f? REASONABLE DAY ?OOD?! Cloaks, J?h?wl?, t-'laaaelt, Menuoe, OttomMi. Blankeu, FallCkHhe. . Liaeer*. t'anrj Siiki, ?*?lk Ko?>em. Popliu, Vwsneiat. K^fs, Vanu. hoo^M tffcirte. Inah Line*'. PfceeUete. N?f4in?. Bearer Clotk. Peek f iMnw. Wh i* r.wwt> - -

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