Newspaper of Evening Star, 14 Şubat 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 14 Şubat 1861 Page 1
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THE DAILY EVEMLNii STAR u fOBLtSHRP SVBRT APTERNOON. (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE ST An Bl'ILOIfiOS, CVw of P*n.t*ylw*n.i**99Mi4 and 11<A ?* , IT W. D. WALUCH. Pap*ra in p&ckacee by oarrier<* at 04 a jev, or 17 coBti per month. To mail anbeoribera Hi* price ia f l.v> a year, xt mdv?e*i 9% for alx aontha; fl for three mostha; and for leee ttu nreemonUiaattherateoflJoentaaweek. Single eopr**, o.n cskt; in arrappere, T\fo cents. VET A dvkxti ; B*?.tT9 ? ooald be aent to the offio-? b?!ore 1J o*o.ook m.; other viae they may not tfKV en til then^xtday. V?. XVII, WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 14. 1861 N?. 2.4<?:3 THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Thia axeeijeat Knily u< Nave >aari la'tuni a creator variety of lalareetiec ree*M than eaa he oand ia aay ether - Friday mommi. Tnaa-Ckfi wear* */?.? ^n*i*onpy. par Kive eopiee - - - Trn ocpiee . - - Twenty Eve . I ee . ? n . fee . It tavariahly eontaioe the "Waahinctaa Nave' that' hae made Tk? Daily f?w eo generally throathoet the aoaatry. CT"Singleeopiea (ia vrappera i at the ooeatar, immediate y after the ueae of the PruM-TnBVVPLMUM THE MAYFIELD MYSTERY. [CONCLUDED. J The voice of her eon did restore her; and it U needless to say with what joy that food mo ther welcomed back her loet treasure. It ?ai full hour before any of them eould talk co herently; and then Edward, in reply to a le gion of questions, said, ' I wu persuaded to gamble for one hour onee; and aa I won, and would ge away, a young scoundrel of the name of Petrus followed me and pushed me all una wares over a precipice." "Ah, my dear," said the mother, "we know all that." "You do, mother?" *Yes, and about the pool?the fathomless pool into which it wu thought you sunk." "Oh. dear no, I did not link into it, and no body thought so. I (lid down twenty yards along tho face of the precipice, and caught at some weeds in tho face of the rock, and by rare good fortune climbed up again. The rascal Petrus left the island that same night, no doubt supposing he had murdered me, but beyond a few scratches I was none the worse." ' My son?my boy!" " (*od bless yo?, Edward!" " But who was or who is that person," said Edward, "who jumped through the window as I came in?" "Bless us'" exclaimed both Mr. and Mrs. Cattley, at once; "we forgot Pierre'" 14 Who is Pierre?" "Your friend, my dear, who thought you were drowned in the pool?your friend, Pierre St George. Oh. run out, and see if he is hurt." "Stop"' said Edward. "Is he slight and m ? ? - - (did: i oniy saw aim oa toe top ot tbe steps for half a second." 44 He is?he is!" 41 Has he a scar on his left brow1" ' Oh, yes, yes!" " Ah, then that is Petrus, who woold make me piny, and then push me over the precipice. Dear father and mother, 1 see it all now! The villain, thinking me dead, came to you, and by his specious cunning, got you to adopt him. He is stained by a hundred crimes. You have in deed taken a viper to your bosoms." The Cattleys were aghast with surprise and fright at the knowledge that they had been actually for so long cherishing the man who had attempted the life of their own son. An eager search wa< made over the entire neigh borhood, but no trace of the fugitive could be found; and in the joy of the recovery of their real son, the Cattleys would soon have ceascd to think of their adopted ODe 9 But Petrus alias Pierre St. Ofiorcrft had nnl done yet with the Cattleys. That he entertained the most deady hatred against Edward Cattley there could We no doubt; and that he would gladly give his uwn life, if it would enable that hatred to be the destruction of Edward, was evident. Stained by many crimes in the Mauritius, which made bis return to those islands certain death, Petrus felt that his only chance was the one which he had so successfully for a time carried out at the Cattleys. That chance gone by?through the (to bim) most unexpected reappearance of Edward?he evidently gave himself up to despair and death; but it will be seen how even in death he hoped to be the fate and the bane of Edward Cattley. About two days after the return of Edward to Mayfield House, there was found, partially embedded in the lower part of the haystack which stood in the meadow we have mentioned as adjoining the garden of the house, a dead body. tw- i.u.: v- *?* *- - 1UO isirenug uiiu nau nrst MW 11 D6<1 W11D terror to the nearest public house and spread an alarm, so that before the Cattleys knew anything of it, the ten-acre meadow was full of people, and a constable had been sent for, and the body was laid on a hurdle, to be conveyed somewhere, in ?rder that an inquest should be held upon it. Mr. Cattley and his son ran out of the house to the field to see what wa3 the matter, and they both recogniied the body. It is Pierre!" said Mr. Cattley. " It is Pretrus !" said his son. But now we must describe what remarkable appearances the body presented In the chest was still thm?t ?m?n dagger, which had evidently been the cau3c of his death, for it had touched the heart. In one hand of the dead man was Kmt hair, which seemed to hare been wrenched from the head of lume one, during the progress of a mortal struggle. In a pocket-book that was found upon the bod/, there were several?three in all?ac knowledgments for money, signed Edward Cattley, and amounting in all to the sum of Mven thousand pounds. When these circumstances were taken into consideration?at the roadside public house, whore the dead body was taken to?by an attorney in the neighborhood, named Watson, who had been at enmity with the Cattleys for pome time, about a real or supposed right of way over the ten-acre meadow, he ran off to the nearest magistrate, and after a consulta tion. got a warrant for the arrest of Edward Cattley. At the inque't the next day, the hair that * 1 ** A 1 J * > ? " nu luunu ciuicnea in IDS nantl ot the dead man was found to be so exactly the color and quality of Edward's, that no one could doubt it to be other than his. The Indian poniard he admitted was his own. The acknowledgments for the seven thousand pounds, dated from the Mauritius, and found in the pocket-book of the dead man, he de clared to be forgeries. But after a very long inquiry, Edward was oommitted on the coroner's warrant, for willful murder, on the following grounds : That he had. in the pursuit of Pctras, after he, Pctrus, had sprung through the window, at his father s house, come upon him in the ten-acre field, and after a struggle murdered him. and half concealed the body in the hay stack. memouveoi me murder *u presumed to lie in the fact that Petrus had the acknowl edgments for money, no doubt?as the coroner took upon himself to say?lost at play in the Mauritius by Edward Cattley to Petrus, with whom he a: know lodged t? have had a gaming transaction. fcuch, then, was the case against Edward Cattley. and when 1 was retained for the de fense I bed an interview with him. The Government prosecuted, because killing is murder in this country, whether the person killed be a British subject or not, and what ever may be the character of the slain indi ! j a * * viauai.uniess some circumstances can t>? shown which will convert the act into a justifiable bomieide. Edward Cattley's statement to me was most clearly and distinctly that be nerer met or mw Petrus after his evasion of him by leaping through the dining-room window. Tbe poinard he avowed was bis, but he had not seen it since he came home; and had, on the ooeasion of his leaving home for tbe Mnuri tius. left it in his dressing-room, at Mayfkld lloaM. The hair, he admitted, was wonderfully like bis, only that he did not wear his hair so long as to admit of so much being torn from bis bead in any struggle. The acknowledgments for the money he knew nothing of. as he had never played with Fetru? but tbe once. for the one hour, when he won two hundred pounds. I was quite convinced myself of Kdward Cattley's entire innocence or any part in the death of Petrus, hot still there were the fact* for the jury. Edward had been into hit old dressing-room before the pursuit and search for Petros, and to nitrkt hare poeseesed him self of the poinard. He might not be telling the truth about the gambling matter*; he might have cropped hi* hair Joinowbat shorter after the murder All the<e were uncomfortable suppositions, and by the time the trial of Edward Cattley eame on, I felt uaeaaj on th? *tbj?ot. I never held a brief in a case which I felt de pended more upon the humor of the jury than this one; and when in Court I saw a small box on the barrister's table, in which was the hair whioh the murdered man in his death struggles might be supposed to have torn from the head of tna murderer, and when the identity of that hair would, I knew, be sworn to by competent persons, with Edward Cattlej's, I felt full of fears. And I must confess that I had no means of satisfying either Judge or jury, by any reason able hypothesis on the subject, of the inno cence of Edward. I felt that there was some mystery in the whole affair, but what it was, puzzled me exceedingly. It was to come oat, though, and it did come out in the most marvellous manner. The Attorney-General conducted the case for the prosecution, I thought, with too muoh animus against the prisoner, and made too much of tne "death-struggle, in which Provi denoe decreed that the murdered man should hold in his dead hand the evidence of the iden tity of his murderer." In fact, this handful of hair was the thing that made all the impression against Edward. And we, who were for the defense, had no thing to say to the case, but a simple deniul of ever seeing or meeting the dead man in the ten-acre field, or anywhere else, alter he had leaped through the window at Mayfield House. Everything was going wrong at the trial. The judge looked ominious; the jury grave. I anticipated a verdict certainly of manslaugh ter, when I saw a dirty and mysterious bit of paper handed from usher to usher, and finally to the Judge through the hands of his clcrk. lben the Judge, after reading it, handed it down to the Attorney Ueneral, who then hand ed it to mo The dirty bit of paper contained the follow ing words, in the following orthography : " Bil Simms has seed the go will be a heavy dent* cos wy he hisent to* be nabbed for the cendri go. i?es in-cort." This was a most incomprehensible epistle, and I looked at the Judge with a puzzled air. Then the Judge spoke. ' A paper has been handed to the Court," ho said, * which seems to imply that one Bill Simms is in possession of evidence in this case. I can onlv say, that if such a person comes for ward. and incurs peril by so doing, I will do my best to hold him harmless." " Here you are !" said a voice, and a man in that indescribable eostuuac of half tramp, half gipsy, which is looked upon with so much sus picion in suburban districts, made his appear ance. ' Here you are ! I'm Bill Simuis I'll take your word, my Lord Judge. (Jo it." ' Swear that man," said the Judge, " if he has evidence to give.'' ' All's right! Folks hobjects to my swear ing in usual, but here goes . " What have you to say ?" ' All's right! I'm a tramp Well, in light ing my pipe I set ablate old Farmer Webster's corn-stack, down by Mill Hill Lane; so as I knows a poor fellow has no changes. I cuts a-id runs, and hides a tep o' Muster Cattley s hay stack; and I stays there all day as snug as may ui, ?ut? ? j5wunu uu oi iue evening; am at la?t a chap he comes into the field, and he creeps down by the bottom of the stack, and he says, says he, 4 In death,' says he, ' I find ven geance ' This hair from the packet in the cab inet, clutched in a dead man's hand, will bo death to him ! This dagger is his! Farewell, world I hate; I shall, perhaps, yet know of vengeance from the grave.' Arter that, gents all, he gives a sort of a howl and two shrieks, and then all was as still as smoke. That's it!" No sooner had Bill Simms ceased speaking, than Edward Cattley called out, "I know the mystery of the hair. liefore I went to the Mauritius I cut off my long hair, and now I recollect my mother took it. and said she would preserve it in a cabinet. The villain Petrus, during his residence in the house, has got at it. It is clear to me now." There wu a distinct clapping of bands in the court at this. The Judge looked at the Attorney General, who at once said. "The prosecution is aban doned, mv lord " Edward Cattley was free, and the body of the suicide was buried where four roads met, not far from old Hendon Church, at midnight. And the strong case that circumstances got up against Edward Cattley afforded another instance of how dangerous it is to jeopardize life and liberty upon an evidence, however ap Earently conclusive, that admits of any possi le explanation consistent with innocence. JANE'S VALENTINE. BY MRS. WARHKR. What a singular tableau! Three beautiful girls convulsed with Laughter, and one plain iaeea maiaen Datnea in tear?, it was St. Val entine's Eve Missive after missive had been brought into the baok parlor at Judge Mil ford s by the obsequiouB waiter, ferine of these offerings were large and expensive; some tiny and delicate; somo replete with flattery; fime redolent with perfumery; all eminently Filly. But none cf these had occasioned the mirth of the trio, or the grief of the one. Some vulgar person has sent a vile caricature to the plain sister, accompanied by an exaggerated de scription of her ugliness, in verse. It was quite painful enough to Jane to know that she possessed no claim to personal beauty. Could she have lost sight of that fact she would have appeared very differently at times. But her sisters always managed to bring their own nr?ttinnM into Minh fumiM* w>tl> plainness, that she was rarely free from a ner vous sort of conscious doss of her personul de fects. But she had good sense and a patient spirit, which they ha<Tnot. Still, when they grew so merry over her solitary Valentine, she finally burst into tears, in spite of all her efforts to the contrary; for Jane was in the habit of con troling her emotions when wounded and heart sore, until safely concealed in her own room. "Look!" exclaimed Isabel, opening her large black eyes to their utmost capacity, "the child is really weeping. Why, Jane! you are more like the pieture thaa ever. You would never do for a heroine in a novel, for they are always represented as irresistible in tears." 4> Mercy! how red your eyes are," ejaculated azure-orbed Clara. " You do leok frightful!" The poor child can't help being ugly!" in terposed Fanny, gating complacently into the mirror opposite,where her red lips and auburn ringlets were advantageously reflected. " That is just what pains me," sobbed Jane. " Because <iod saw fit to create me plain, I do mot see why I should be made the butt of every coarse jest. I suppose I have feelings like other people. Should my fault* of temper or omissions of duty be chosen as subieots of ridi oule, I am sure I would not complain; but to ridicule my personal appearance, I think, sa rors of coarseness and ignorance." I Isabel's black eves flashed. Jane, the young est of them all, always *o submissive, always so humble, to burst out so suddenly, with so I pointed a declaration! I * Mr. Lee. in the drawing-room, wishes to see Miss Jane," announced the servant at this juncture. "Are you certain he said Jane ?" demanded Clara. " Yea, mam," replied the waiter. " Lottie is ill again, no doubt," suggested Fannv. '-Jane is snch an excellent nurse;" and Isabel added. "I wish eou*in i1 h*rl p.* com* in to spend the evening in a sociable It would certainly have bees very agree able, for Charles Lee was rich, fine-looking, and Intelligent; a widower and remotely re lated to Milfords. Mo wonder the three graces at Mtlford Hall found cousin Charles an inter acting gentleman, his little daughter Lottie a perfect angel, and hi* oountryseat a terrestrial Pitradinc. * ? a *a_ * jane loiierea on me way to tfie drawing ruon, stririog to efface all trace* of her receat grief " I* Lottu ill ?" interrogated ibe, a* Mr. Lh approached ber. ? | iif.'-. ,** jH .Ht* i? <&? ? " No, Jane," he replied, " Lottie is well, but in want." " In want!" Jane repeated. 4i Yes, in want of a mother, and I of a wife, and I have come here to-night to offer myself to little Jane Milford as her Valentino for life, if she will accept a man old enough to be her father." ' Why, I am very plain!" she filtered forth; "I have just received the most horrid carica ture you ever saw, in consideration of my claims to extraordinary ugliness." " I recollect thinking you plain when I first saw you," he replied; " but now, in my eyes, you are the prettiest of the four. Besides, I do not base my preferences on personal beauty. You are good, gentle, and sweet-toned; and I hove yeu. But about the Valentine?do you consider me particularly lll-looKing "You, Mr. Leo!" said Jane, innocently; " why, yoo are handsome " "Well, I received a Valentine to-day quite as grotesque as your own, I'll be bound," and he unfolded a sheet, revealing a lone widower shivering over a miserable fire. " But this awakened me to a sense of my desolate condi tion, and I determined to appeal to you, not withstanding my fear of your reply, when I considered iny thirty-si* and your eighteen years. Is that a barrier, dear Jane V Dear Jane ! What a charm lingered all around those two little words! Who had ever pronounced them so sweetly and before? No one, she was positive; and she naively replied: vn : i snouia never ttnnK ot tfcat." '* What can keep Jane so Iong?" said Clara, restlessly, "I can't think for my life what cousin Charles could want." Jane entered the room just as sho had spokon these words. " Where is Cousin Charles?" queried Fanny. " In the study with papa," was the answer; and, taking a light, Jane glided from the room to be alone with her new happiness. The next morning, wonder, chagrin and dis appointment could be discovered in the faces of the three sisters, on hearir.g their father congratulate Jane on the very eligible match she had made. 44 For," said he, " 1 have al ways hoped to see Charles Loe my son-in-law, and. though you are no beauty, I think he has manifested good sense in his selection." Jane keeps her caricature. She says she laoks at it occasionally, for fear her other Valentine (Charles) should succccd in making her believe herself pretty. CLOTHING, &c. WMKKt'HANT TAILOKlWi. EW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CASSl MKRS.AN1) VESTINGS. WALL. STEPHENS & CO., 3'JJ 1'ennsjlva niaAveiue, have just received a large variety ol new Fall Goods, to wmoh they invite the attention of their friends and customers. an 30-tf GENTLEMEN'S \J REIDY-MADE CLOTHING. 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On and after SUN DAY, November 25th, 1860, the trains will run as follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: First tr?in at?.2> a. m. Second Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6p m LEAVK BALTIMORE: First train at 4 15 a. in.. Exoress. Seoond train at 8.35 a. m. Third at3.1'ip.m. Fourth at 4.2" p. in., Expreas. The firat, second and third trains from Wash inetou coi/neot through^ o Philadelphia and Nov Y?rk. The aeoond and third o^nneot at Washington Junction with traioa for the Went, South, and Nortnweat; also, at Annapolis J unction, for An napoli8. For Norfolk take the 7 a. m. trai >. ( or the accommodation of the w?t travel be tween Waahincton and Laurel, a passenger oar will he attached to the tonuses train whioh leaves at II a ni. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goes to Philadel phia onlv. no K-d T. H. PARSONS, Agent. THE STEAMER J AS. GUY Will reimme her I. tripe on TUESDAY, Slat of February, 1360. Will leave WASH IMS TON every TUESDAY FK IDA Y, f tI o'clock a. ni.. and A LEX AN DRIA at half-past o'olock. for ClJRRIOMAN and t:?e intermediate Landings. On her return trias. eiie will I*av8 CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at & o'clock a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Profrietar. M1TDM finnuu A _u I ' - nnau uu</v^n? A| U AlSIKDHril. 16 XH FRKNCH FLOWKRSOF TilK VERY BKST quality, and &u extensive variety. nA ? At STKVENS'8 Fancy Store, V*c3 no 23 M S'tft. b?r*. <>th anrt 10'h rts. ATCH REPAIRING ANDSILVER WAKt MANUFACTORY. I have one of the best establishment*, and fur nished with acorpplete Bet of tools for repair ing every description of fine Watches, andj f articular attention give to the mine, l>y nf borough competent workman.aud a. work cuunti tled. Also. every deecrip ion of standard SILVER WARK, plain arid ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision, which my oiist*>m?"-G will hud far superior in quality and finish to northern ware old by dealers in general and represented as their own manufacture. H. <>. HOOD, ee6 33S Pa. avenue. n?*arf?th at. ia lur B EST FANCY GOODS, at* tod IPL'Q <4A i n ivr>o TO SUIT THE TIMES, Akd One Prick O.tlt, At STEVENS'S FANCY STORK, 110 22- tf .136. betw. 9th nt>?l !<Hh ?t?. P OFFICIAL ROPOSAL* FOR ERECTING A COl RT HOUHB AND POST OPF1CE AT PHILA PHIA, PA. Treasury Department, Deeem>>?r 22,IRfio. Sealed Proposal* will he received at this Ds ^(Utmes.t unti' the Xia daj of February, A. D I Mil, at 12 o'oIock at noou. for the oon?tru. tion of tl;a F:ulnde!plua Couri.-tloii*?< anil Pout OfTipe.acord ing to the plana and specification* prepared at this Department. These propo??!? must be for the whol* work; Snt o:toh portion of the work &n>! th? aniour.t b d there for must be s^p&iatc t stated in the bid; the respeo live amount for en.on kind of work carried out, atiu irn lhi;h onuu'ii etaie<i;ine l)f partir.ent :e Ktjrvinjt the right to reject or acoepl tlie proposa* hereby invited, or ary pa.U thereof. w:ieu litems the interest of the United states requires it; the Department reserve* the r;ich: to c delude tie bids of an? person or persons whom there is jo st i?iim to i'eiiove w:l! net faithfully perforin thero'i tracts, or whioh ther have attempted to ohtam ' * indirection; artd all bid ; wh*a thereiihail le parti"* in interest who do not.ioin in the h:Ha, ?,n^ ail b; that, upon investigation, are below a fair price for the work. No contract will I ? "\-#ar;l*d t" f>muntil dft taili arn f,mushed tue JK-p-vrt-nerit of the !?fice?of the ditr^rei.t kindi of voik and maU-nais. wruoli h1 all be sui jt*ct t.i tne rerimon of the Jlej^rt-uent, so that the },"<:es bid shall be equitab> appor?ion?nl upon tiio whole work to guiae the l)epaitme:.t in making payments. Ninety per cent, of the amount Tif work done and materials de'ivered, aeoordms to contract price. <amount to bo ascertained by the e*tnn?teoi an agent of the Department apj>oif.te<i for that pur pose. i will 1m paio from tiqfie to time a? t.h?> work pro*re??<?st and ten pero-nt. retair.ed until the com pletion of tne contract and a?M>Unn? of th? work die., by the agent aforesaid, anrf be forfeits! id the event of non fulfilment of contract. Contiaol* vii be awarded only to master build era or meonamo*. and the aMueunietit theinot, ex uept by oon?eiit of t'e :-ocretary of the Treasury, will be a forJeituie of the x&me. Each proposal muxt Ireaooon panied byawntt n guarantee, signed by l wor> sponsible per8o:ie.(cei tifiext t? lie no by the United &tate? District Judge, or Attorney of the said district.) in the sum if SJfM>on. that the bidder will, when required, il hi* proposal 'is accepted. enter into a contract an<l bond, with proper and suflicient seonntiea tor iu faithful performance. Plans, specifications and working draw nits can l>e examined after forty days, ani otoer informa tion obtained on application to the Dev>artnvor.t. The propoKai* must be neut to thi* department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury. <m Jorted" Proposals for the. Pkiltuidnktn Cihiti H??w atui tost OJfiec, ') Ami will be op?n*d at 1 o'clock p. in .01 the lastdar n*ni<xl for r??ivn:e the *&mo, in the preaeuoe of the Ladders, if an* c!.i'o.i> to At tend. PHII.iP F THOMAS*, de 24 &'<t3t*w Scaretary of the Treasury. To PROCLAMATION THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, Ac. Wktrtat, At the present seuon o the je&r CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA. CHOLIC, DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA, DEBILITY, Ao., Ac., prevail to an alarming extent: And wk'rtnn, It must be of the F.'RST CONSEQUENCE io every lamiiy to kuov of A REMEDY at once Sift, Spec/iy, and EJleatto**, bit. MONTARDE, or Pa*is, offers bit MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER m the most CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that no imposition is intended in the tale of thia Great Medicine, THE MONEY.WILL BE REFUNDED in all cases when the medicine fai'.s to give entire satisfactio Ask, then at any Drue Store for DR. MO NT A R D E*S MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, take m directed, and if not perfectly satisfied Return to our Agent, D. B. CLARK, ESQ., Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, who will refuud yonr money. Pnoe?96 and 60 Cents per Bottle. For ?ale at all Droit Stores erory where. J as. MoDONNELL, General a cent, jfll-eotr Baltimore. W traveling TRUNKS. e Have just received the iarte?t aaiortmect and now offer the moit extensive varift?i n sole leathkr. ladies' drks a,id packing TRUCKS. hat BOX *gj vai.(ses. CARPET bags, satchels, Ac., in this city, whioh we are pell n* at rerr low Frioee. WALL. stephens * CO , onH tf S#!l P*. RESH FRUITS IN tANS, PR e8kr VF.S. BKANDV FRUITS J ELI.I KM _<leja KINO A BHROM el.I.. mm rtnTTi I XV no DDA i niar,H/i^ijtLin W pVt *No-4<w ? srnff* i *H ?,.? i .Jr. i.! WOOD AND COAL. Ywood and coal. OU Will sure It let your idomt'i worth by oalling atlhe PIONEER MIliLS, >mi4?mi cot ntr tf Srrrntk ttrrrt and Canal, (geo. PA(tK, A*?nt.) They sell cheaper and kiv? better ni??aur? than any other* in tiie city?ent, split, and deliv ered free of obarce. If don't hekeve it. n ve the Pioneer Mills a trial, and be satisfied. ja 17-ly.r w O O If NO SO A I. the - Deliverer! to all parts of the city, at the loweart possible rates. T. J. A W. M. 6ALT, Office 99)1 Pa. av., between 11th and 12ih sU.. ma 17-tf north side. CARRIAGE FACTORIES WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " JJ Strtet, Bttnttn 9 tk <uU Struts. We hare iu*t inisbed a naaaber of firat olaaa CARRIAGES, auch m Lttkt *Ww Parli PKf.icmt, Family Ctr "???, Butrxtt, which we will awl at a vor* a mail profit. ?s> fracncaT mecuarica in different braaebea > tiuaineea, we flatter ourselves that we know the stylM and qoa.itT of work that will rive sat;* faction, ocmbining lightness, comfort and durabili ty. ReMicfnit promptly and carefte!!y attended to the shortest notice and moat reasonable charces. WALTER, KARMANN k. Bort?, Coaohmakers, snocesaora to Wm. T. Hook, ip T7-dly T CARRIAGES. HE Svbaenber kancj made additions te hi factor*, makm* it now one o{the larg eetft^BkflT in the Dirtriot, where h:e facilities fnrHBXc^ Wjjbtacturini OARRIA6E tt LI6HT*E^WE AGONSofa'T kinda cannot T? an-pasaed, and from hi a ionr exaeri^nce ia tie h?inaH.k* U rive s?ner*i ntiiuouon. All kixj<U of Ctrnn* iiii klfkl Wt;tn k#pt > llll Ail RKPAIRSMtf.TttMtMtAllvrOrarroMt 1; ?Uc^'.>p<i t?. Bma< Uii Ciurlat? toKenin **th*rt? f?r i ANDREW J. JOYCE, 4 U tf Mrtff ?f 14th bum K rt Dr. J. II. McLEANS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL A>U BLOOD PL'RIFIKR. the greatest remedy ?* tiu world, &nd the niOKt Delicious AND DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL ever taken: It ia ainciMr t aci uulc and bla Gomfoand. rr* tarad by the d-atiMa ti?ii of ro*u. harba, nr.J bark*. Yailcv P':k, Blood R/xt, Black Row, 8- r?*pn rilK, Wild Chtirf riik. and Dandalian a mar* ml* iu cam p?WH. Tna antir* atu?a r?madi?l prjnctpla J nfaach I'ljradianl |? Before taJtiii&?irs^ 25SW^er ,flkiDS diatlllinr, pradiciar a daliei??a, atbilarcjnf apirtt, ?rd ifca ni*at luf?lllhla ' in".uim tba diaa&aad ayatani, and raa:*rirf tha al:kt a?Jarir.f, and 4?billi*M4 la baaivfa rji i atrtn fth. McLKAITS STRENGTHEfftlfG CORDIAL Wilt afactaairr cara L??ar Complaint, Dvarapai*. J??n die*, Curat ic *r Narroaa Pabilit?, !>: if tha lidrtrt, and tl! intiui irwof fr??n a dtiordirid Urti ?r IuihcH, r ri[ip?i(, lunbun. Inward Pi!n, Aciditr w Riekitui *f tba #;<irc*eb, Fa!!. rl Blrol t* th* H**a, Dalt Pain ?f Svimrur.f in th* Stul, Palpit*U?? ft th* Dm. F*!ln**? t W?i(Kt in tha tamaeb. Hour Kractatiora, 'Jhokrnr ?r Itlnr ?i.i.f r?*i:nj ?h*n down,Dryu*n or YtilaW r*? ?f th* Ski: an<". E?*?, Wirnt Ivtu, lowerd F?T*r?, Pain in th* Imai! *f th* E?-.k, Chaat, or Sid*, 8add*n r *?'> * ' N*al, D*pr*M'on of Spirit*, Fright/ai Praama, l>?.af**r, Ptiaa-,'!* *r *?? t.arvom* diaaaaa, Bora* m Cl*tch?* ?n tha 3km, and Fa?ar and Afua (*r ChiU* ud r*T*p.) or Eli A MILLION BOTTLES k?T* b*?r Mid danrj th* la*t an morlht, and in a* tr h?? it fail*?! in fl?inf tntir* i&tiafaetiae Win, than, vftl *a *r fraoi W*f?kn*** 'r DaNUty wh*o MrLLAN*! rrn CJfOTHluSfHQ ' OKPIAL will car* r*a 1 K? ?n w*r ?n ?d*qe? id*? ?f th* imraadi at* ar.d *lml?t miraea'am etanf* prMaod br taking thia Cafdial In th* 1.?* ?"!, dabtlitat*d, and *hatt*rad r ?r?**? T>t<m, *>K*;h*r brskan dawn by ate***. w??k b? aaiar*, *' lmp?tr*d by aiakiia**. th* rclaiad and i i r?r| *rfaru iat.afi U ratlarad l* 11* prmin* haaJth and *if*? KAIIRIED PERSONS. ?r aih?r?, eat.te ** af inability from vbatartr eavaa, will tt 1 SmUANl VTRENaTrtEtflNn CCILPIAk a tha laagk rtf*n?rrl*r *{ th* ayi'tct; tad all wha mar ha?a m lin;, lkaaA?l'u kr ii pr?p?r inda.'f men wili fad in thia Gardirl a **il*in and tpaanr mnady. TO THE LADIES. * S.SAK1 PTRENflTKKNlNG CORDIAL ta !#t> and ? *<? ??r* fc> lncp.tnt '.'jmsc,' *.icn, Whitaa, (iH'.ns'i i ?i Pi#t 't M#n??H8iion, incootin?ne? ?f Trin* ?T TVacharg* tfcaraaf, Kallmg ?1 tha Womb, Minting, una all (Ihmmi incident le Kama la*. THERE JS T*0 MISTAKE AFniTT IT Ce'?r na lenjrar. Yaka it ac,??cdiMf te diractiana. It will Knditt. tr*r.ft'i(n. a-.rt ii?i|?rtt< yru and rawaa |h? fciaom at h?-|th la macM f4t ch?a? ?jnn. K<ari katila it watrcnkad I* [ir* MMx'.in. FOR CHILDREN I' raar Chtldran art aisklv, pan* or tli'.KC, MlLKANH CO&niAl* will mr\* th:n. haa!tr.?, f?:, aid rtki: Dal** nal & rcai:.ard; uj >1, and rat will ft* tauTioCad. it i( da Uciat* i* laka. CA VTiny. Bawara ?f dr?fft?U or <it? 'ar? wt.a ir?? a try ta palm epen yaa aarna l>ittar or aaraaparilia traah, which thay can Icr cfcaar, t t tajui I it n Ini! nj r?d. Avoid such man. A?k far M.LfcAS S 6TR?*?1>ThLn!!?C. CORDIAL, and taka nathing alia !l la tha only ramady that will purify tha ?!? ' ihnrnafhl v nil ai iha aarra lima' a'ranginin t?* ayactm. '/>- J trrrni. j j t t Til III pr?T?nfiv? f*r <hol?ra, ChilU anil Piv?r, Y allow F?fir,0r anv r r?taScnt d:aa aa It u pw up lu lr rga K>Ul?a Pnca ofj 01 r*r ?r * ^aUJaa 1r*r |S J H McLEAN. 0?ia propritt?r of ibia (Jardial; alto, Volcanic '^it Linrrtot Pnncip?l Ptroi an iba cornar al Third and fmi airaata, St. Una, Ma. McLean'a Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLP ) The aily aa'e rnd certain c r.r? for Cucitl, Pil?(, Ta ntn, erallirfeard bron Chile or Coure, Paralraia, N?a raijn, Wa&ki ee? of (ha Mueclae, Chronic or InBamrr.aiory Hheematiain, Sufreea of the Joints, Contracted Maeciee or Ligaments, Enriahe or Toothache. Braieee, Ipnni, Freeh Cats, Weirds, Clears, Ke*er Sort*, Caked Br?nn, Sore Nipplee, Barne, Bcalde, lor* Throat, or any intaiomaiMxi or pain, no liftriuci bow imri or lour the diecase aar na?e stilted, McLEAN* CELEBRATED LINIMENT to a certain remedy. Tfceueai.ile of haman keinya ha*a been aaard a Ufa of dla irapr.acia and misery by the aaa of tine inaalaabla remedy. Mr LEAK'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will re!ie?e pain almoet inetantanesnely, and it will clean, FOR HORSES ASD OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT i* tha oi.!? nfi and rahaMa rainady for tha car* of PpaTlti, Rinrbona, WmdfMla, 3; tuu, Unnatural Lumpa, N-daa ar Sw? :.i. ri It niTtr Ni ad to cur* Bif Haad, Pelianl, Fiatnla, Old Xa.r.n.g Sort*, or 8*i?n;, if proparly urpliad for prvr.a, Bruiaaa, Scrafnaa, Crackad Haata, Coafta, Raddla ar Collar ?i*l!a, Cut*, Boraa, or Woaiida. it ta an infallibla ramadv. Apply it u duactad ai,d a car* > earuin in a?ary tMNM> Than trila no Isnrar wirh tlia many w/>r(fclaaa Lm 'uat.ia 7rradta?oa. Obtain a aappjy of PS MCLEAN'S CELE BRATED LINIMENT. It will enra ro?. J. H. McLEAN, tola Proprietor, Corner Third and Pin* au., 8l Loaia, Ma. CHAKLK8 8T<rrr, rrs Ha. *?., ao.a arant in Waahing i?o; A.8. T.CI?8EL,Ua*'caWVH. aaSt-UAWly ,1 The above PURE W HiSKY.Cofru Di*tillkd rsoM MiLTKr Gbaiji, being itMriw and uniform in ?nality, and highly improved by we, ia preferred by oonsnmere to ail other Wmtkiea, an & particu larly recommended by tha brat phytioana and ehemiata aa ??? ? *ini all the reaairement* of a Ym* Tonic Inwitcrmtor an4 Hrmtdial Attnt. The Sohny!kill Winer of Philadelphia, need ia tha diatiHatioa of thi* Whisky, ia proved by analy ail to be the eofieat and purest water in the United . _ _ <4 *- iU ? i? ? A 1 * u? w mty, ir k ccjrw, 06 il ae exeelleuoe of thiej^bisky. by FREEMANTfc SIMPSON. * PkMlx Distiller*, On the SobsyUuli river. Phiitdeiphi* Office#?96 Wall street. New York ; 109 South Front street, Philadelphia- . MtrV-lf I. UIAB> (.I.MTT. t. k 4TTIT. 'tii practice t?uSi?llu?<^oart of'idrrors Mi Ar (t?e Coarta of tke Hmoth J Mltitl Mi, ai>> wi'l attend *o the OMeetiea cf Claw tb* N k M?*? Mt??i mm >#-w Bma. your moa?y. n 19-lm * .4- .v3 ~ EDUCATIONAL. Those Mir* a thorough and ?yrt* mane eduoai _ thorough ud yrtemane education. .T their phjatoa. training will receive daily aod ?f oial ItfniiOB. ader Uh? moit a?proved nibw *f Call* tnpr..c? and GrnwaaUci. are r*ep*otfki liy invited to visit the Union Fema.a Aaadeay, corner Fonr teenth at and N'? York av. MS. * MRS. Z. KICBARP*. M 9*-U PEMALfc BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL *^MLW The thirteenth tnaatl mniob of tlua Institution WiU ia>mmei?oe on Tue?<lay, fteptoiaher IMk, iitk* hone recently occupied b> SylvwW faott, Eoq.. No. 1M) Km* itrML The course of atudy pursued will aMapriM all the hnnchfi reqmsite K> a thorough Knglish W" oatioo. and Muio. Fi?aok, Latin and Drawing, it MUM. ? _ In addition to day eeholars. Mrt. MoOorn\iok prepared to receive* limited number of pupils aa boarders, w;i<>, constituting a aart of her ova la I ily.will he under her inuaodiate ?are and aapM?i sion. S*be will eadeovor as tar aa poaaihe to ear round then with the oomiorta and kiadlv lainaiia E*q.. Kdgar S*nt>wden, ?m? K?lmund PTwitioer Km-. J^Qfy Marbary. 1 ?a.. Lewia? McKaat.a o^.,,nuii?ri n. nuwin, . ?v . u. liditor Kvfnini ?t?r. BTywnin W?l?r?. K^ .Ju Kntwiale, Jr., P.m..Col. John W.Minor. I,owlo?a Meaars. k&ok.Jok <t Marahall, Mmra. Cor Brothers. BAftrd, vitk Tuition in a* the Knglieh B ratio Km, f 3"' for the annual aeeaion?payable eem acaaailj, in advance. Mukio and I JMunare* at Profeaeort* prioee. |[T No extra charge*. au s*-tf Cmrt Cmmtk, CM, M Jitunt*. mv Irritation er Sfi ?"i U> TAreaf, R?h*rt tkl Hirktmt Cmuk m? ? <mmmr from. Brtmrnih*, # Cmfrrk, Ct*mr *n4 rtr-t ttremttk (? tin rear* BLIC 8 1'KAKKKS and MM.KRS. Few are aware of the importance of oheoti Conch or "Common Cold in ita Bret itue. which io the beginiac would yield to a miM r dy, if neglected,eoonattack* the Lunaa "Brntm'i BtmukuU TreeArji." containing SmmTb 0 .JtlMtil enu, allay Pnlmonar* and Bionohf&l Irritation. _ ,,1 *That trouble in my Throat, <|nr BROWN S which the "Trotkt*" area apeeiftol having made me often a mere whia TROCHES perer.* M. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S " ' recommend their ?ee to Prn.iC 8r kak uit< TROCHES RKV- E- H- CHAPIN. "Great eervioe in eahdnmc Hott>i BROWN'S suae." REV. DANibL WISE. TROCHES BROWN'b TROCHES BROWN'S " Almoat matart relief in the di* treaainc at?or of breathing peceliai to Aetuma." REV. A- C. E69LESTON. "Contain no Opium ot anything DR. A A HA" ES. mjurioua. " A ?imB> Hid a CWwil, Be?lee. iKii TKOCHfcf BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHEE BROWN'? TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES tion for Cocaus, In." DR. <5. r. B1GELOW, Best m. " Beneficia in iris." DR. J. Y. W. LANK. Ihim. '* 1 have proved tb?m ex c?! tent for Whoww* Cor?H." REV. H. W. WARREN. AnMh, ' Benefeetal ?h? eomtallad to poak, i"iirftnni from Colt." 4eV. bTj. P.ANDERSON. St. Lrmif. " Eff*?-tf*l In re?o*in* H *r?* n?w tod Irritation of the Throat. ao oommon with fruiuf and Sine *xe.'m Prof. M.STACY JOHNSON. Lm ii< ?r>. (;?, Teacher of M uaic. S* ntUern Peraaie Collet?. " Great benefit vhtn taken hefora and ?ft#r preaching. ft' ther prevent Poareeneea. From their paatefe*t. think the* will be of permanent ad raniaae to me." REV. K. ROWLKV. A. M. President <if AtUen* Cone*e. Terr. IT^Sold t>y a:! pnunU atT WEN - TY FIVE CENTSA BOX. Jjf rJ,HE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIESKMAR, 1.1 and S-Prot*eted by Rot* Letter* Patent of Enciaud, a'.a secured by the Seas of the Eoole de Pharinacie de Pitis, and the Imperial Collie of Mndnine. Vienna N<> 1 is invaluable for extiaustiou and natorriiea. aiid a: physioal disabilities. No. 2 completely eradicates at' trac?? of th?s? diseases that have Seen hitherto treated t>i the *an aeoeaand pwi.ici us useof copaiva ai.d oaheha. No. 3 has entirely supplanted the inmnons o?e of njercur*. thereb* Insuring to the sufferer speed? relief, dispersinc alt impurities, aud rootloc the ven'-m of disease. TRlK"?KvfAR. Noe. l,<and 3. are prepared Ir the f.iriu >>f a l">er.jce, devoid of taste awl aire.'. and can carried in Uie waistcoat rocket, hold in tin cases, and divided into separate doees, as ad ininislered hr Velpeau, LaVeinai.d, Roui, Rioord. Ac Price 93 each, or four case* for #?, whieh saves } and in #27 easea, wheret'? there ia a aav mc of %;?. To be had, wholeea^e and retail, of Dr. HARROW, of 194 Bieecker street. New\ork. Iu.mediately on reoeivim a remittance. Dr. Barrow wi.l forward the 1 neeemar to any part of the world, securely packed, and addressee to the in atruoti na of the writer. The Book, of all other*, that should he read hi iner with damaged and broken down oorstiUiUon* is "Humar1'railt?, or Pli?aiolo?ioal Kf searches " It is Iteantifuliy illustrated, and treats twine tely of all tn* sr??ip oin" that invanahlv develop the^n rf?' vr?, ??' i?*wi i i uvm.r ikmii wir |i?Mvr" ami viti&tuiK hfcbiunr early youth. innuaeitatinc the victim from ohfcrmt the fruition rtf t).e Mtn inoniai auue. and. if not oheoked in time, deteoe atinc all H e fnnotiona of iuauh?od. and bnucwc him. atep !>? atep. to a liiuermi and untimely <i??th. Sold by l)r. HA H ROW, 194 Rlaecker etrewt.IOMr doora below Maodoural, New York. Pnoa i> oenta. Sent free every where. Sold ?Uo r>y t*. O. Ford. Jr., Dm* Mm*, Waah incton. D. C. 4e ?-*wi cj:jt NO FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPKE AND ENVELOPES TO MATCI. kitt* METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. & SOLOMONS, Attn'f fm Lamrtnet't e*i4brmrml Ltn.m Papmr, "MttTOFc'um* Mills," #c.. #c. ae * ly S3S Pa. b?t.9t? and lrttb eta. 1861 i86| Commmm th* Year trtrA a Diary. A vt ml.!? Pocket Commiob for refictannc eventa put, areeent, tod fOture, containing rMN of poet&ce, a.n.atitc. a blank apao f >r m^irx rauo* for eTery da? in the year, ca-n aoooant for eaoh inonik, annoai cummary of oa?i aoo<>anl Mill payable and receivable. Don't be withoat one of tbeae uaefa! little eoaveaira. Tbe o.'*. eiccant. and dceirable aaaoruneut frer wued.corn pnaitig twene hism aaa Ufvtrai <>i inj njip, it ^HILLINeTlTN'l* Rootrtor*. Odaon Bunding. o6rn*r oftts u4 d? S|n Penn iTWrt. DIARIES! DIARIES Dl A R I KB!!! 1M1. 1M1, 1M1. CHEAPER THAN EVER. Wi will take m axtra a.oooaat ?i & ft o*ni. off of all Di&riaa purchased fro* m for oMi W? t desiroa* of oloainc oat the r*>m*i ndac of ? took of Divies or ail kmd? for iasi FRANCH A RICH8TEIN. it a rnptBii ?? OCT IV|* BSSr^S^. T" /\T FRENCH A RICHi'TETN'g, ?TS Pnn. avenue Marion 6rabam, or Hifti^r th*a Happ rw, by MM* L?n4?r; ltm., 0T0U; Met by ma^, for flAA tebme'a Note* on D?m aoi Daahng ; ltao.. cloth; #1J5 by maiL Sironrne?'* lUnatmtod Po?ma, olotk gilt; #>A? lAnh'i K? f fir I .Aha- Km., nlntk mrtiftil: Ik* Mfcrrei't W(rkl Books fro? the ?tti

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