Newspaper of Evening Star, February 14, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 14, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS l^/" J Umgfe 1 ita Pta* to printed on the fastest iv -R> f ? ?* in oaf sculh of Baltimore, Ita edition )?tr hr*t u to require It to bt- put to press at nn #erlv h?nr; AilTer'iwments, therefore, should be s. rt tn Wforv 1? o'clock m.; otherwise they may sot appear until the next day. Not ICSDlitr'ct of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted In th?Baltimoii Square received at and forwarded from Th* #tab OSce. R iTLXt ? Ctrrespondent*. ? The correspondence )i?iwffn 6m Welgbtman and Capt. Pcbaeffer In relation to tb? refusal of tbe Department to com minion Capt 9. baa appeared. In letter No 1, I n? per tor General 9tone Informs Captain 9. tbat be baa been commlaaloned major ?f tbe 7th regiment Dtatriet of Colombia militia. No 2 la the reply of Capt. 9 . declining the ma jority. but states that bimaelf and company are ready to march at a moment'a warning in defense of tbe Government or public property of tbe Dis trict of Columbia,when attacked or threatened by violence from any quarter, come it from th? North, Month. East, or Writ No. 3 Is from Gen Weightman, requiring the return of tbe howitzer In the pci?tssion of th? ItIflea to tbe Columbian Armory, and giving notice that their howitzer drills must be hereafter conducted at the Armory. Capt Schaeffer replies, saving tbe demand haa been complied with, and adda, " With every dls BelUon, aa It la my duty te obey tbe orders of tbe a J or General. I feel constrained to say that aur.h unreasonable commands, If not so intended, only a#r?* tn h?mn#p mt? rnmnr??n<l In (K?i> n, - v f -? ? ? -? Ml?? a as ?utll ruui w, hitherto perseverlngly made, to become proficient in military tactic* " This communication la returned to Capt S., en d-reed : " Respectfully returned to Capt Schaef fer, tbe General Comd'g decline* to receive a communication from a subordinate officer, char acter! sing ooe of bis ordera 4 unreasonable.' A repetition ?.f aucb language, in official correspon de ice. will meet with different notice " Capt S. repliea to Gen. Welghtman : " Your endorsement upon my brief note is to me vague and ambiguous. and in language Inharmonloua You are pleased to say 'it is respectfully returned;' thereby and thus far correctly assuming that no disrespect waa intended by me, which ia a fact. The unlntelllglbility of the language of your eu doraement consists In the expression that similar communications upon official correspondence will meet with 'different notice' I am of opinion that correspondence of an official character should be conducted in perspicuous language?especially In military matter*?hence I sddress you this un official note." Thi* note w?* al*o returned to Capt R .en dorsed : " Respectfully returned to Capt. Schaef frr I be Major general (jommandlng does not see (It to enter Into private correspondence on of ficial business " On the 5th of Feb. Capt. S. received the fol lowing vote : "Mosdat, Feb 4. 18AI. ,;Ge* Weightman will thank Capt Schatfferto call at the library room of the Patent Office as toon at bis convenience permits "J At the Interview bad with Gen Weightman, In compliance with this request, Capt.tfebaeffer was informed that his comiiitnlon was resdy for bim. but that as rumors, the correctness of which tbe General bad no reason to doubt, had reached blm. touching the loyalty of Capt S., be deemed it proper that the Captain should respond to a few questions, which were put to htm by Inspecton Oeneral Stone, viz: In the event of the State of Maryland acceding from the Union, would Capt. S., take up arms against Mid Stat*-' If the State of Virginia should secede from 1he Union, would Capt S. aid the general govern ment with force of arms to coerce said Slate? To the foregoing questions, Capt. S answered ?'l would not." To the question what would Capt S. do. In the event of the secession of both the states named, be replied that he belonged to the .Maryland line. Capt 9. was Informed that be rould not have bis commission. He then asked for the interro gatory In writing. snd was answered that they would be furnished him. February 6th, Gen. NVeigbtman writes to Col. Cooper. Adjutant General U. S. Army, returning Capt Scha*ffer's commission to the War Depart ment He writes:?'-1 deem It improper to de liver said commission to Capt. S^haeffer, for the reason that be has declared that, in case he should be called upon by the government of the United States to defend the property of said governifient against the action of a particular State, be would not render tbe service, but would Instantly resign and Join tbe forces of said state." On tbe same date, Inspector General Stone writes to Capt S that his commission has been .? .J A. At ?t? ?"> * -? rxurnra w iar ? nr ucpinmrm. On the 7th of February Capt. Schaeffer write* to Gen Weightman, requesting to be furnished In writing with the Interrogatories propounded to him at their interview. On the same day General Weightman replies : 'Atthelnterviewalludedto, you were informed, verbally, that certain reports bad reached these headquarters concerning declarations made by you. These reports you requested to be furnished you in writing, and you were promised that tbey should be so communicated. Positive information bis been received st these headquarters that you bave, at various times, declared that in crialn contingencies you would not serve the United States Government for the protection of its prop erty la this city, as against the forces of a state, bat would resign snajoin tbe forces of that State The Government of the United States desires no unwilling service, and I do not deem it consistent with my duty to band a commission to any officer who makes bis fidelity and obedience to orders In any manner conditional." Capt. SchteflVr replies on the 9th of February, cnaracierizing ite leuer or oen. w. as ;'"disia genuoiis." and adda:?' Had you Intended to do ine the leaat justice, you would have stated wh?.t rou knew to be the fact?that the proposition dis tinctly made to me was, would I, lo the event of tkt state of Mqfyland or tk State of Virginia se ceding from the Union, take up arm* against said States, or eicber of them? Such was the test of loyalty applied to me, and which I, on the in stant, rej-ct^d; such Is the condition upon which. In my bumble opinion, every honorable man, native and citizen of Maryland, should accept a commission for service In this District." The Concbet To-sight ?Read the programme of the concrrt to be given to-night at th? Smith sonian Institution, for the bent fit of Company C, Washington Light Infantry. It will be seen that the selections are well made, and that some of the >*st amateur singers of Washington are to par ticipate. Tbe full Marine Band has also been engaged, and will perform in its beststvlesvvcral popular overtures. Hon John Cochrane, of New York, will be present lo behalf of the todies of Washington to present a beautiful stand of murk er*' colors to the company, and Mr. Clampltt, of Company C, will receive the gift on the part of the corps There will be a fine display of uni forms, as Company C will be out la full number*, snd several other volunteer companies from Georgetown and Washing ion have determined to be present in full dress uniform A great time is anticipated, as Company C has determined that in all respects this shall be tkt concert of the seasuii. Tub Astill kkt comfaky stationed in the City Hall lot, paraded this morning, for tbe purpose of exercising their horses, snd made a handsome appearance. They took the route through the Northern Liberties portion of the city. Some of the bones lately purchased for the company have not yet become accustomed to their military harness, and aometlmes give tbelr drivers no HUle trouble, as was tbe rase tbis morning wben an unruly animal bad to be removed from tbe fourth cat son and replaced by another. Company A, U S. Artillery, stationed at tbe Arsenal, alao paraded through Pa. avenue to tbe First Ward, making a very tine appearance, their old artillery bata with the red plumes, attracting considerable attention. A itiw Daaaica ro* t?Capitol ? Mr. Rives, the assistant engineer at tbe U 8 Capitol exten sion, has Just completed a plan for a new iron derrick for the dome, which has been adopted by tbe contractors, far tbe erection of that structure, and la to be Immediately built. Tbe new derrick la composed of rolled Iron benms, with wrought iron braces, and wben completed will weigh not more than one half aa much as wooden one; can be made for half tbe cost, while It is expected that it will not he llahl* tn uv>h km befel the one lately attempted to be hoisted on tbe new dome It is supposed that tbe new der rick will be built and In operation In one month. A CarnL Hoax ?Yesterday the Washington public were to a considerable extent deceived by a handbill posted opon tree boxes, Ac , announ cing the surrender of Fort Sumter, after a desper ate straggle, and stating where the particulars mU:bt be found In the afternoon Aa the officers and men garrla?nlng Sumter have many close connections hers, the handbill caused lnteossdis tress In this community for some hours. It turned out, boweverer,that to advertise a drinking house was the HtmsibU cause of Inflicting so much pain on Innocent persona Ths popular lndlgna (ion against all concerned la ths trick Is not mors general, than deserved. t n.' " t/v a ii'.i ' *? ?v? j ? v? j vu>vi nimiim^ii ts that furnished bv this gentlrmm, at Odd Fel| low* Hall In It Be reprrsents all aorta cf drol < baracters, grumblers, dandles, apl listers, ''aareent |C?1V b"h?ya, kc , Ac., la th? moat amusing manner. How any one oaaa can get through 10 mueb la a wonder. Mlaa Fanny Forrest baa made great bit aa a vocalist, and laat Bight wura cored again, and again, and again She baa a in oaf attractive face and figure, aa well aa a fine olce At the afternoon performance yesterday, oumbtr of handsome presents were distributed A Goibt to Orrici SaasBfta?The blue book, which contains a liat of all th? offices in the United States, and tba salaries. dhlUlagtoo has Item foe ?ai?, wd Uw prjoa If only 15 oeal#. Jt Tits Militia Bill or thi Distbict or Co LCMtu ? In tbe Senate, yesterday. Mr. Wilton moved to take up tbe bill for tbe better organiza tion of tbe militia of the District of Columbia. Tbe bill, be said.was prepared and offered under tbe approval of Gen. Jesup, Major Lee, General Weightman. and Col Htckey It b?d paaaed tbe House laat year, and waa agreed to by the Senate committee. Mr Maulsbury wished to ask wbat was tbe re? aon why this bill for tbe reorganization of the militia was preaaed at tbia time? He did not know whether any particular reasons exlat, but if they do, what are they ? .... .. vw>v< >uu? vvujc *wu */i lurrr* tto there wag an effort to rt-viae the militia lawa of the District A committee waa appointed to do ao. and their report waa approved by Oot. Floyd, the r*ecretary of War. It waa not origi nated with any view to exiatlng difficulties, but laat year bad the approval of the Committee on the Militia, and waa warmly urged by Col. Htckey. Mr. Saulabury wlabed that the public ahouid not mlatnke the motive for which thia bill la now nrtred upon Congreas. He waa attached to the Union, and aa much oppoaed to aeceaaion aa any body, but thought there waa no neceaalty for the paasage of thia act at thia time Mr Maaon called attention to the section pre a^rlblng an oath to aupport the Conatitution to be taken by the privates or the militia. Mr. Wilaoti aald it waa aimply an oath to aup port the Conatitution and lawa of the United Statea Mr Maaon knew It waa cuatomary, at least in Virginia, for the officera to take auch an oath; but be never knew that the men were called to do ao. T&ese militiamen are compelled to serve without their will, and such an oath might be against their conscience. He would therefore strike out the provision for administering the oath, except to the officers. Mr Johnson, of Ark., said the bill bad been prepared years ago, and the committee had full confidence in It. but he believed it had never re ceived any serious consideration by the commit tee. He would confess the truth with regard to himself that he had never read It. He wished the bill to pass, bat thought it best to recommit It to the Committee on Military Affairs for reex amination. Mr. Bragg thought the bill was the old bill, but now found that a section providing for the oath to privates is now incorporated. He thought there was no propriety in compelling privates to take the oathT Mr Mason moved to strike from the section prescribing the oath tbe words " non-commls sicned officer* and privates." Mr. Wilson said the bill was placed in bis ktnili )? C?I UI.V- ?j J ' * vv. U11.BVJ, urn waa ^iriiliru 19 DC DBQ received It. The provision In regard to the oath was different from that which came from the Houae, and to which Senators objected aa a "test oath " The Trcslding Officer said that the motion of the Senator from Arkansas to re-commit took pre cedence of the motion to amend. Mr. Wilson would not object if the Senator bom Arkansas wUhed to have an opportunity of reexamining the bill. Mr Grimes hoped the motion of the Senator from Virginia (Mr. Mason) would prevail. A man who Is a coward or a traitor at heart will still be a coward or a traitor, though he pile oath on onth mountains high. Mr. Hale thought that now the provision for the oath was in the bill It ought not to be stricken out Why should privates be excused from swear ing to maintain the Constitution and laws of tlieir country? For what had we marred the public Srounds and built an armory If not for the ?ske of Hiving a militia here to aid in the defense and protection of the Constitution and Government of the country? Why such sensitiveness amongst gentlemen on this subject ? What is there In the state of the tunes that the Senate will not pass a bill until the provision for an oath to support the Constitution and 1?M nf n?i??? ?. ?. .X u va IUV UUltCU Cwlt'8 IS stricken cut? Mr Hemphill stated that officers and private? in actual service were required to take the oath, but not privates of militia. The bill was then recommitted to the Commit tee on Military Affairs. Look Oct tor Robbers ?About 6 o'clock on Monday ui|(ht a thief entered the provision store of Mr. F. Stinzing, on Seventh st . near M,a?d emptied the mon?y till of some 950 in s[>ecie, while Mr !?. was in the sitting room back of the store, with his family. The thief has not yet been caught About 1 x o'clock yesterday morning the family of Mr James Reeves, on New Jersey avenue near I. itrM t U'cru vammH K?. ? ? " * ~ * " ? ? -j ? v?v vuacu wj a pctuuar uuivc at iuc basement door. Mr. Reeves got up and went softly down stain, where he surprised a man named Murphy, running away from the door. Murphy took to his heefi, and Reeve* followed and captured him, and, aaalsted by members of his family, took hi in to the watch-house. He was tried and adjudged worthy to be sent to the work house for 60 days. \V hlle the police were making preparations to take him to the workhouse he es caped, anAbss not yet been captured. BrrBSMi Court? W>rf?ejd?y.?Elbrldst^ T. Gerry, Esq , of New York, Thomas J. nirner, Esq , of Illinois, and Levi Underwood, Esq , of Vermont, were admitted attorneys and counsellors of this Court. No 49. Win. S McEwen etal , plaintiffs In er ror, agt Leasee of Charles Bulkly et al. In error to the circuit court of the United Statea for the eastern district of Tenrtesaee Mr. JusticrgCatron ucincicu iuc opinion 01 me court, reversing the judgement of the Mid circuit court with coats, and remanding thecauae, with directions to award a venire feclas de novo. No 66 MyraClarkGaines, appellant,agt. Dun can N. Henrien. The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr. Perrin for the appellant. Adjourned. Tub Tcekverris Masquerade Ball.?The ball of the Turnvereins, on Tuesday night, was an exceedingly pleasant affair Everybody seemed iu high spirits,and the variouscharartersaanumed were well represented, and caused no little amuse ment. Two transparencies were borne by the procession upon entering the hall with th< mot toes, "Keep step to the music of the Union," and "Virginia, the saver of the Union." At twelve o'clock the masks were removed, and a pleasant scene of agreeable surprises ensued. The dance was kept up until near daybreak, and notwith standing the crowd, nothing occurred to mar the general enjoyment of the occasion. Central Guardhouse ?Btfort Juititt Thomp son ? Henry McCormlck, charged with drunken snd disorderly behavior; tinea S^'M. John Mc I'herson, do , do ; fined S3 !M. Ksthsr Jnhn??n and Margaret l,omax, drunk and disorderly; each fined 3 W. Thomas Kiley, vagrant; sent to the workhouse for 60 day* Patrick Ritey, charged with remitting an officer in tbe discharge of bis duty; fined SI M. James Alnion, do , do ; fined I 1*1 Mathias Sexton, charged with being drunk and resisting the officer in tbe discharge of bis duty; flatdS5 M. Young Toison, charged wltb stealing a gold breastpin from a colored boy, was held to ball in 9250 for his appearance at court. . Leaves Most Positively Satuedat Next.? Sufferers from corns have only two days longer a chance of getting rid of their tormentors, as it will be seen from Dr. Scblos*er's advertisement that be will leave next Saturday, and a long time uiay elapse before they have a favorable opportu nity of doing so again. If thev neulert it th*v will have themselves to blame t)r Schlosser hat done much good here, having saved a vsst amount of Buffering of a more aerioua nature than a corn to tome of bis patients who have been fortunate enough to consult ktm. Every one, of course, who nas not aeen him ahonld call on him aoon. Thi Voltmtkib Cavalet ?Early thla week a number of boxes, containing cavalry equipments, were received at the Columbian Armory. It Is understood tbey are Intended for the use of the volunteers of the District who may select that arm of the service. The boxes contained saddles, principally. To-moeeow eight there will be a concert of the New York avenue Church, under the direc tion of that accomplished vocalist, Mrs Cecelia Young By conaulting the programme, it will be seen that the music selected for the occaalon la most acceptable to all lovera of melodv. The Koc?*-da of the concert are to be applied to the juldation ef tb? debt of the church, a worthy object, which should be cheerfully seconded-by the public. Tub Twebtmkoh? la Alxj&nbbu?At a meeting of the committee* from the vsrtoui mili tary companies of Alexandria, yesterday, Kosci usko Kemper vu chosen orator of the day, and Dr Harold Snowden invited to read the Farewell Address of Washington. Col. Chas. E. Stuart wsj selected as chief marshal. The fremen and civic societies will probably join in the procession and unite ia the festivities of the day. I Good Naws.?The public will be glsd to bear that Mr Glenn has effected an engagement with that charming brilliant and versatile comedienne Miss Josephine Gougehetm and that she will ap pear very shorty at the Washington Theatre. Glenn is carrying on his thestrlcal campaign >?ith infinite enterprise and spirit in the face of the dull times. Tub Eoiorui Hotbl, corner of Penuylnnii aveuue and Eleventh street, bat its rooms well furnished for the una of travelers. The terms are reasonable and on the Europ~ an plan, by which guests may take a room and board elsewhere, or inay take their mealsst the hob*. UrDticoiM Rbpaiks ?The steamer Mt. Ver non , of tb? Potomac River Mall Line, laat present undergoing repairs at the ship yard of the Messrs. meucetLent of ( Rutuxo a P l.roke lato tbe tli- (tixib YVsrd, fl.?e Jowto. rl^ht w iac com* - Lttt nlgbt, tone thief of policeman Smith, of bU bea boiue of line rooster. Smith do-? not blunt t*o potto?, MT toqutoo wboro tboy ?t?c t DiATRor Hon. JohnC. Wrioht ?WUhgreat regret we announce the death, on yesterday after noon, at. W Ilia'da' Hotel, of the Hon. John C. Wright, of Ohio, a member of the Peace Cnngreaa now sitting In thla city. Hf waa eevnty-efgbt year* of age, and had Wen 111 some alx or eight aavs prior to his demise Mr. Wright w<? a member of Conyres* from the year 1823 to 1M9. three sirccwslvc terms, and waa universally re pect*d aa a gentleman of great legal nnd a u tea manlike ability He was eminently qnalifi- d for the Important mission upon which nc wna sent to Washintrton in this tim? of nnr natlnn! Mr. WrSgbtwMflNtrd trmnnmr rhulrnnn of the Peace Congrraa, a poet which ne tilled with dignity until a permanent organization wai ef fected By hiaaeath the Convention has lost an excellent and upright fellow-member. The Com mlaalonera met to-day at 12 o'clock mcalled together by their President, to take order for the funeral of their late colleague. Prtcttdimgi of Ik* Peact Congritt in cmneetion wtlh the dear A of Hon John C. Wright?The Convention met at 12 o'clock m. to-day, (Presi dent Trier in the chair,) to take action concern ing the funeral of their late fellow-member, Hon. Judge J. C. Wright, of Ohio. The remalna of the deceased were encloaed in a coffin and placed In the ante room attached to the Hall. The alttlng opened with prayer by Rev. Dr. Hall, of the church of the Rpiphany ; after which, the Prealdent announced that he had re ccitiu a leiier rrorn (nr. u. J. W right, aon of the late Judge Wright, Informing lilm of the death of hla father. The letter waa read to the Con vention. Gov Cbaae, of Ohio, then addreaaed the Con vention upon the event which had deprived that body of one of Ita moat patriotic and able mem bera. The apeaker gave a brief hiatory of the public career of the deceaaed, and concluded by offering a aeriaa of reaolutlona expreaaive of the aenae of the Convention at the death of their late colleague. The reaolutlona were aeconded by Gov. Wlck liffe, of Ky\, In a brief addren, in which the apeakerapoke of hla own acquaintance with the deceaaed, and of the conaervatiam and Integrity that ever characterized hia public acta. Mr. Loomla, of Pa., followed, and waa auc ceeded by Gov. Ewing. of Ohio, who bore teati inony to the high character of the deceaaed aa an a(lvnrj)t? ? ii/giaia?ui anu a JUU^C. Got. Kwing was deeply affected. so much so m to make his remarks unintelligible beyond his im mediate presence. Hon. Wm.C Riv?s, of Va., neit apoke atsome length, referring to the career of the deceased In eloquent term* and repeated the wiih expressed by the deceased just prior to bla death "that the Union might be preserved In all its glory and prosperity." The remains were then removed to the Hall and the burial service was read by Rev. Dr. Hall in an impressive voice, the members standing the while; after which, on motion of Gov. Chase, the Convention adjourned, to allow the members to accompany the corpsc to the railroad,where it was Immediately taken, to be carried to the late home of the deceased, In charge of his son. St Valrktim's Dat?To day, the fourteenth of February, Is St. Valentine's Day, be It remem bered. Stkam Scourisg. Gentlemen, I ain piepared 10 Clean and Re press Tour Co&tB. Pantt *nA Vo??? ? k-"* ? ner. Give me a call. W. H. Whiatlkt. No. 383 (south side) Pa. avenue, fe 14 Retv een 4} j and 6th sts. Willino to Dtk for thk Paori.*. I shall be pleased to l>te lor the people of Wash ington all colors, on all kinds of material. \V. H. Wn?*TLII, St?am Dytinn and Scouring Establishment, fe 14 No. 393 south side Pa. av., bet. 4>? andtith. To thk AFFLifTKD!?Be sure to rea-l the adver tisement of McLean's t4trenz(h?ning Cordial and Blood PuAfier. in another column. tf Homkcpathic Rkmxdiix All of Dr. Humphreys & Co.'s spec?lio Ho meopatlHo Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and >' cents each. Also, in caaes. containrm; vials, from $4 to 96 each. With hock nf full i-'"- ?1? ? uii vvmvuai "I P1IO IIJ 7.. 0. Oilman. .'130 I'a. avenue, wltnlesale and r?tai! went: W . A. Fitzgerarti, 3A3 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, corner of Massachusetts Ave nue and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Extract of Witch Haiti, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ma9 ly Coitsh* ?The sudden chances of oar olimate are source* of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic AfrcHons. Experience hiving proved that simp:e remedies ofien aol *p*edi!y and certainly wnen taken in the early states ol the disease, recourse should at once &e had to " Broxnn's Branchial Trofhes" or Lozenge*, let the Cold, Cough, or Ir ritation of tho Tnroat ns ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attaok mar he effectually wariled off Public Sprakerx and Sinncrt will find them effectual for clearing and strengthening the voioe. See advertisement. de 1-ly R kxdsk. have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise ment in our paper. Rev' it: it vill interest tnu. au 20-eoly DIED, On the morning rf the 14th inatant, at his resi dence. oomer of north B anil Fifth at* , Mr. JOHN BOH LAY KR, in th?37th year ?f his age. The frienda and relatives of the family are re spectfully invited to attend hia funeral, ou Sunday, the 17th inatant, at 2% o'clock. * On the 13th inatant, WILLIAM GREER, print er, in the 8l?t year of hia age. Hia friends are invited to attend In* funeral, from the residence of hia son. on Twentjr fourth street, between M and N sts., on Friday, the 15th insta nt, at 2 o'clock p.m. * On Wednesday, 13th inatant. JULIA, second daughter of James H and J u la Mead, aged 7 years and 6 months. The relatives and frienda of the family are invited to attend the funeral, thia (Thursday ) afternoon, at a _ ? , - I r - - a u ciocn, iroin me residence ot her father, oorner D street south and Sixth ttreet east. * The friends of t'ie late \VI I.LI A M H. ROGF.R8 (irul of his fa.iT.ily ure respcotfariy invited to attend the funer&l nervio-. at his lat? residence, ;<90 4th street, this p. in., I-elirunry 14th, at 7 o'clock. * G'RF.AT BARGAINS IN I DAMAGEIi CLOTHING, AT Till UNITED STATE , CLOTHING STORE, I 17ft Pxun. An r?, fe 14-lW Between 11th and 12Ui *ts. One Dollar. si-si-si-si-si-si-si-si-si-sr. ! ti?#1??l??i??i??1! 476 P?./kf. I YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE OF JEWELRY IN OUR STORE FOR ONE DOLLAR. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE .Set? for $ Elegant LAVA Seta for Elegant GARNET Seta for Elegant JET . - Set* for Elegant CORAL and GOLD.~ ? Set? for Elegant MEDALLION . for Elegant RIM MOSAIC... ? . Sets for Elegant PLAIN GOLD ? Sets for ? Ladies' GUARD CHAINS.. ? for SI Ladies' CHATELAINK CHAINS for SI Ladies' NKCK CHAINS for 81 Gent's VEST CHAIN'S, (10 diflorei.t patterns) ? ? for ?1 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARE, Consisting of TABLE,TEA and DKSERT SPOONS, FORKS, CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKKTS, CREAM LAbLES, TEA SETS OF KNIVES and FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES, CUPS, to., Ac. Also; A Large Assortment of JEWELR Y, which we oan sell at 50 cents per article. BOOKS-BOOKS. CLOS'NG OUT OUR STOCK AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. 1.00 BOOKS Selling for so 1.25 BOOKS Selling for 32 CO BOOKS 8elling for. .60 to 75 o*nts . 91 to ai25 NOW IS YOUE TIME TO SIT BOOKS and JEWELRY LOWER THAN EVER BEFORE. CALL EARLY AT 476 Pa- Av. EVANS'S. 476 Pa. iv. fa IS tr D REMOVAL. R. MUNSON Has removed hie Office to No. 304 Pennsylvania avenue, next door west^-aM^ of BUis's Music Store. is ft eo |^EAUT1FUL AND VERY CHEAP. CURTAIN MATERIALS AT A SACRIFICE, Se took now on hand at the old store of CkA T * DODSON of all kind* of pretty and de ile materials for Parlor, Drawing and other room Curtains is still veri complete, and in vif>w of the state of the times will b*aold off at a very rain AMU3EM3NT8. A S H I N G T O N T H K A. T ?? ! Lmim 8. W. Glw* Ada* Manater _ J.T. Raymond THI9 KVKNING, Positively, laat ni<ht bnt on* of MISS CHARLOTTK 01 SI1MAN, Who Till, by particular r- qi:c?t. rop'a*. her wpb derful creation ?'f MEG MERRIL'KS. Io the drama of GUY MANN K RING; MR j It ?iTlTni IfV ?- a VJ Aa Dandie Dinracnt, To conc'ude with POOR PILLICODDY. Poor Pilliooddy T.Mr. Raymond 8arah_BIant Misa Mary Shaw A~CONCERT CONCERT OF SACKED MiJJMC will be givenia U?ion Chftpel M E. Church,<*>th atreet,) on THIS (Thursday) EVENING. Wth inaUnt, commencing at 7>? o'clock. The Cheir of the Church will be aaaiated bv ?om? mast exoellent musical talent from the eitiea of Baltimore and Georgetown, all under direction of Prof. Hcwt*e. A rich treat ma* be expe?t?d. Tioketa 25 cnt" : to be had at \V. H Perkina' dry good* store,and Mr. Hidgeley'a and Mr. Moore'a drug atorei, and at the door on the evening of the Concert. tt* QDO FELLOW 8' HALL! The Original NIGHTINGALE MINSTRELS! NIGHTINGALE MINSTREt S! NIGHTINGALE MINSTRELS! In oonnection with the Favorite SongatreM, MISS FANNY FORREST! TO NIGHT, TO MORROW APTERNOONand NIGHT, RICHARD PARKER In hi? great Ongina1 Banjo Soloe?for One Hon dred and Thirty six Night* the chief feature at the America Mum* Hall, New York City. LITTLE ELLA. The Fairy Sylph ; the great Favorite of I.adie* and Children; enoored in Bal'imore with uniform regularity three and four time* an act. R. J. BUCHLV, FRANK LA FOLLE. FENNO BURTON In kia truly great Character Sonca, LORD LOVELL and BILLY BARLOW. Adminion?Af>ernoon, at. 2o'clock, 15ct*.,chil 1A??. - V.-L* ? -* u?*7?i *y ?*??.? m n v9 av 7 u ciock ? two aifnep# fD" To-morrow afternoon ft beautiful Alpine GfftoiT Spring Silk (#25 > will b* presented to wme one of the visitors Fort? Splendid Presents, Jew elrr, elegant Ornaments, Silver-wftre, Ac., Ao. It PRANDCONCERT v< xt the NEW YORK AV. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, On FRIDAY EVENING. February 15th, Under the direction of MRS. CECELIA YOUNG. PROGRAMMB. Pa*t I. 4 1. Organ Voluntary. 2. InflSmatus Sopragno Polo and Cbonm.. Rossini 3. Mother D'ar, oh Pray lor me?tanor song. 4. ljuofor Violoncello and Piano. 5. Angels ever Bright and Fair (by particular request). Handel Part II. 1. uauueamuR, ' qu-vri?"iio ? ? .Diaoeni 2. "Eve's Lamentation" King 3. Trio for Flute, Piano, and Violin. 4. Duet for two Sopraiuos, from Martha Flotow 6. Uniting Aeiinus Tine, with flute obli*ato..^ ?... Guliclme 6 Viva 'America, Grand National t*on* In addition to the above, several Patriotio Songa will be snug. Tickets Fiflv Cents: mar be had at the music stores of Mr. John F. Kills and W. M*tx-rott, and at the stores of Messrs. Ilallantjrne, Tavl?-r 4. Manry, Phi!p A. Jfoiomons, Mlanchanl ft Mfhnn, Chan. Stott, J W. Nairn. Hutchinson A Mwiro, and at the door on the of tho Concert. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock p'coieely JCT- The proccd* of the Concert to lie applied to the1 iquidation of tiie debt due on thechurch build ins. f? 13 3t rin a iw a rnvrvoT and Presentation of Color* COJirASY " ty' WMhiDn a Light Infantry, * At the Smithsonian Institution, THURSDAY EVENING, February M. Commencing at quarter before ft o'olcek. On whioh occasion the justly celebrated Marine Rand and a nunit>er o( the beet amateur vocaiuta of the citjr will appear. programme. Part i. 1. Overture. 2, Quartette?Come where my love lies d ream i ng Foster Mrs DubatU, Mrs. Geiger, Messrs. Hodgson a;.d Dawson. 3 Solo?The Union Deems Miss Laura Parsons. 4. Duet?Jonia'a. Misses Warwick. 5. Solo?Rhode's air, with variations for voioe, Mrs. Amasa W King. 6. Duet?The lonaly bird. Mr*. Hope and Master Pugh. 7. Chorus?Joy, joy, freedom to-day. . During the interni'Mion there will b<>a Presenta tion of Colors, on Dirt of th? Ladies, by the Ht>n. John Cochrane, of New York. Pait II. 1. Overture. 2. Solo?The rock beside the sea Conr?;se Mis* Ritter. 3. Solo?There was a timn. Knight Mr?. Geisor. 4. Q?art?tte? Heila Figliadel Amore Ricolotto Misses Cullum aod Kb-nf-ach, and Messrs. Noyes and ionea. 5. Solo?La Manola.* Mrs. Dubant. 6. Song?Kate O'Shaue.... Fmley Mrs. Vope. 7. The Echo Song, (with flute obligato.) \1 r? 4 nio c W I? ??? Flute accompaniment by Mr.Sohutter. 8. Chorns-O hail ua,ye free. Professor J. Cook man Adams will preai<le at the Piano Musical Director, Professor J. 11. Daniel. Ticket* &>c*uta ; can bn procured at all the hotels, bookstores, of captain R C. Stevens. No. 336 fa. avenue; and at the door on the evening of the oon oert. fe 12 St I^RAND MUSICAL SOIREE VI ATTHK SMITHSONIAN, February 22d, For the Benefit of ST. MATTHEW'S WASHINGTON INFANT ASYLUM, Corner of Thirteen and a-halfand E sts. This Institution. under the charge of the Stater* of Charity, is of recen' origin in this city, and has for its object to aiioviate the physical ?ort-rings and to avert the spiritual ruin of infants wh are atiandonrd bytheir natural proteotors. It now con tains twecty-tiv* children ?h < are nursed and in every way provided for under the maternal oare of the bister*. At this food work depends for ?up port entirely upon the effort* of the charitab e. its eondaotors appeal with confidenoe on this oco??ion to a oen'vnfcnt public for that patr< nste whieh will insure the success of the proposed musioal en tertainment. Programme in a future advertisement, TICKETS* FIFTY" CENTS each; to be had at the Music stores, and at the establishments of the Sitters, on 10th st.. 13S n , and ISth st. f<j5,7,12,14 (Intel, States, Confed.) balls, parties, &c. First in War, First in Pxue, and First in the Hearts nf his Countrymen. THE SECOND GRANDCOT1LLON PARTY of the GEORGE WASHINGTON QUADKI Ll.E ASSOCIATION will talc* JB p aoe at Th En's Hall on MONDAY, F> h/MA 18. Schroeder's celebrated cotillon mu io isUMB engaged rnr th* nooumo. Tiokata 50 cent*, admit ting a gentleman and ad<os. By order or tne Committee. fe JMteo* WANTS. WANTED?A good BREAD B*KRR. to take charge. J AMES H. SIMPSON. It* Alexandria, Va. WANTED IMMKDIATELY-A throughly " oompetent COOK. Apply to Mri. GEORGE PARKEk, corner and C ?t?. fe 13 St f^OOK WaNIED?Co ored woman who undar V/ utande her bu?ine*t. Apply at SIMPSON BOUSE, Tenth ?t. and Pa. ay. fc 13 3t WANTK1J IMMEDIATELY?Prom to worth ol SECOND-HAND FLRNI turk or All kinds, for whioh I will guaranty to pay the hiRheet prices, tod, as u?ual, at trie shortest ao tice. R. SCCHLY. Dealer ill Furniture, Stoves, kc., oo 9 40? 7th st. bet G and H eastsida. Wanted-second HAND furniture. " Pemons deoiininf housekeeping, or havinc a surplus of Furniture on haad.oan obtain the cash and fair prices by applying at 169 Seventh st. no 17 BONTZ & GRIFFITH. 'pHERE'S A better TIME COMING! V iotims of Self Abuse and Secret Diseaaes should apply at SHUMAN'S Southern Medical Hou?e. ' under the Clarendon Hotel, corner Sixth street and Pa. avenue, immediate'} opposite the National Hot^l, and try Dr. Soutney'a Celebrated London Medioines. Thu ir? wirnuitml in/.nr? mn.i virolent forum of Gonnorrhrca. Gleet. fyphiiia, Nooturnai I-missions, Mriolure?, and Wriknen of tha Bladder in from 3 to ids;*. The Remrdiea oaa be tent by mail. Office boar* from ? a. m to 10 p_m. ; ja?-W? /CLARENDON HOTKL RKSI AURANT ? V> BKNJAM1.N HOBBfe rega leava^^. to ialorm bit friendi and Uje pu f-J general y that hehaa uken and fitted ^5AiJ# up in a auperior nianu'r the Reitau rant at the ?oothe*at oorn#r of' . enn. aveove and Sixth atreet Ha Will at all-t inea b? preaar-ato nerve al who may iavor hun with a calf/with the beat WINK#?! lUUORft acd Ci OARg.aa well aa OY8TKRB O AM K a d other delio&ciee of the aaa^on. fe4|m flONT BB DKCtlVrD. BUT COMh. TO UU? BAOriUOO. Ucmbtri of Control* and others who would Mdd to the beauty and comfort of their home* will find a great saving and advantage to make their eur ohaees hare, a* the oouoers r>?it be closed o?t to ??* ?* jy| IL1TAR Y TRIMMINGS! Gold and Silver Army I/aoM, Military Buttons of all kinds, ?siias!i;s s,:.k8U"-0',,,u and Beltings, R #arm.Iim. Trimminri. A&ahM. ktt&uUAoa "ff.uftSE" "" } Ey?TO'2S? GEORGETOWN. Ctrrufndmt* of Tk? St+r. Gkobsbtowh, February 14. 1961 At a meeting of tbe anti-Addiaon nominating convention laat evening, tbe following letter waa read: ^ roaoiTows, D C., l-eb 1.1. 1*11 Wm dabn*gk, C>q , Prrstittmt.?Dear Wtr : rndtmtandinv that tbe convention over which you prcaide ia one entirely irreac tive of party. ?..? 1M I1IJF iu;;rfa Ultl I MT? Offll Dominated for the mayoralty by the convention with tbf view to iiMid all ptrirlln# and pMcc*. ind t?> carry out sih b measure* as may be for the l?est Interests of the town. I allow my name to be used a* a candidate, although I do ao with gre?t reluctance. and under other circumstances would have de clined the honor. Be pleased to present my thanks to the convention for the evidence of their regard. Your* very respectfully, Ron P. Dor*;k The convention then, after balloting, nominated a Council ticket, and appointed a committee to wait on the gentlemen nominated, said committee to report to the convention to-morrow evening, to which time the convention adjourned. Forrest Hall on Tuesday passed Into tbe occu pancy of the Government as an armory for our volunteer soldiery, and the accoaterments of the bcorertown Mounted Guard, and of Companies A ana B. Anderaon KI flea, were received in the course of the day and deposited In the new quar ters of those companies The stage, seats, sod other obstructions have been removed from the large exhibition hall, and It is now sn admirable drill-room There is but one objection to it; acoustic* were not regarded in Its construction, and the high, flat ceillag and dead walls rever berate tbe sound of the voice in s most unpleasant and confusing manner. This may be remedied, however. Residents In the northwestern sect'on of our City complain of noisy gatherings of colored people about the street corners, particularly on SllItHlV TV-- ?11 - *- - ? ? ? ??J A uc pvncc Will piCfllC ??*" notice The water has been drawn off the Georgetown level of the canal. LOST AND FOUND. L OST?On the 13th inttant. TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS. in note*, between the stile on lith rtreetand 13th and C ata.. Island. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leavin, the ml tee at 443 Thirteenth at.. Island. It* f OST?(in the evening of the 10th instan*, in the Li vicinity of laland Hall, a FITCH FUR TIC TORINE. The finder w>ll be rewarded by leaving it at No. 382, oorner of Seventh at. and Virgin.a avenue. fe M 3t* ff OST-On yesterday morning, betwaen 1'err l_i store and the corner of H and Tenth i " a lady's GOI D WATCH and CHAIN, i aeals, etc. The finder will be snitablv warded by leavtnc it at No. 334 New York ave. between 9th and 10th sta. le 14 2t* fFll'PKT I (|?T 11- w.i 1 ?-? ^n Ferry's _ .. m.?vii k ??uiu?j nunn'in J. a ladr lost a mink table Fur Tippet. lined with blue ailk. It was dropped on F street, between Tih and 13th ata., or on Thirteenth atreet, between F and H ata, A suitable reward will be paid on its delivery at No- 4 I 7 'I hirteentti at. fej4 St* | OST-A (told link BRACELET. with the like Li neat of a gentleman in the locket; initiala R. Y., from C. R., eneraved on it; supposed to have been lost between Sd and E ata. and the Navy Yard. The finder will be rewarded by leaving it at this office, or at No. 491 E st.eet north, hnwetu 2d and 3d. ft 1t 3t*_ LOST?On Wednesday, in New Jeraev avenue, near the Railroad |) not, a ainail, white French POODLE, with pink rib bon round her neck. The finder will be rewarde.l by returninc her to Mrs. MeALLIS TKM'S, No. ii Four ar.d-a ha f at, i.e*r City Hall fe 14 2t* REWARD.?l.oat, on Monday evenine, at VO the corner of F and Kighteenth atreeta. a SABLE FUR TIPfET. Tne finder wil! receive mo anove reward t>y returning it to No. 444 Fif teenth at. fe 13 3t* LOST-A HAIR BRACELET, with a co.d cla?p, and the likeness of a gentle-nan in the clasp ; va'uable to the owner a> & family relio. It was lost either in a Seventh street ??inmr>?is or on I street. l>etwecn 7th and 9th kts.. on Thursday last. ^ liberal rewar>! will he pod the fin.-W b* leaving it at 44 1 I street, between 9th and loth. fe 13 3t LOST?A bout ten days aeo, in the Center Mar ket. a butcher's ACCOUNT BOOK. A literal reward will b? paid the finder on lea', ing the same at No. dS Center Market. le 12 31* WILSON A PI NN. EIjTRA V.?Came to the subacrilier'a premises, on the 7th lust-, a small bay H()R5E.r\ without ulices; very poor; has some *rey hairs in his tnai.e. The owner is requested w> ciiio lurwara. prove propert?, pav chuffs. and takehimaway. JTaNIEL I. GRAHAM, fe 18-3t Teacher Trinity ftcnool. Georgetown. BOARDING. BOARDING.?Pertong desirous of a cnmforta be homo can obtain good Hoard an<l pleasant Apartment* 011 F stre?t, No. 339, between oth and loth sta. Table Boarder* oan also be acooinnio iaie-d. Terms reasonable. fe s .w GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS jy-g- GEORGETOWN M AYO*ALTY.-To il 7 prevent any doabt, at the instance ol my friends, 1 hereby rive notice that I shall m>t with draw as a oandidate for the mayoralty at the ensu ing election. fel4-tf RICHARD R. CRAWFORD. COLD FOR FREIGHT.?Eight bbla. APPLES and ONIONS received from Boston some two months since, marked Francis Carter to A. Law rence, in store, and if not c%l ed for immediately, will be cold for freight and expenses. HARTl-KV 4 UH OTHER . fe 14 -4t 99 and 101 Water st., Georgetown. T? I) T * T n I' 8 1 f ~~ "POTATO ESS 1>*1 bushels Mercer &xd Jackson White Potato now 'an line from schooncr Mlver Cloud, and for esl* iu lots to suit purchaser*. Alsj, 2 0 boxos p;ime Scaled Herring, b* J. G. watt RS, 109 Water st. _fe 14 St* or J. M M AY, H l( h st._ VALENTINE 3! VALENTINES!! A large and Unautifu! assortment of sentimental ai.d Comic Valentines, new *t*!e? Alto a hie va riety of Lace. Fancy. Note Paper and Enve (.-pee for saie at half prive at MISS THOMAS'S, fe 11 High street, near First. Mackerel, herring. and ALEW1VES. 51 barreli Extra No. 1 LABRADOR herring, 50 do. No 1 do. do. 117 de. No. 3 Small mackerel. 72 do. No 3 Medium do. la nil. unis. an, ao. do. 6 do. No. 1 do. 3<r. bbli.No. t do. in kits No. l do. lo small k'ta No. 1 do. 10 do. No. 1 8ALMON, 10 kit* No 1 do. Ail of which we look for next week p*r schooner Mary Ann Macee. and will be sold on pleating terms on *r before arrival. Also, in store? Eastportand Boston Hetrinc, Gipped Hernn*, M^remichi Extra No. 1 A'ewive* Appyto HARTLEY A BRO.. fell-2w 09 and 101 Water St.. Georgetown. Philadelphia draught ale.-wc are daily leceivi: g fresh supplies of Masrer, Col lin** ( o.'s unrivaled Phuaieiphia Draught Ale, which va are ready to deliver to cus omen for cash. (fe8) ARNYASHINN. Ladles, Gall Early AT RIDTlLK'i ORIGINAL ftl PTORF, RIDDl.K'S ORIGIN Al. 4 1 HTllB in. No. 30'i PENNA. AVKNL'E, No. 304 PENNA- AVENUE. Additional invoice* joat received of New m<1 Beautiful Jewelry. F*o* Ocr Eithi Stock YOU CAN TaKE YOUR CHOICE FOR ONLY ONE 1><)LLAR. CORAL and ?OLD SETS, ENAMELED TWIST SETS, MEDALLION SETS, REAL ROMAN MOSAIC SETS, RUBY and VA8E SETS, LAVA and BEAD SETS, _ VASE and BRILLIANT SETS, RUIN MOSAIC f'ETS, CAMEO and GOLD *TONE SETS, CARBUNCLE SETS, PLAIN GOLD SETS, BOQUET and RIBB??N SET*. LADIES' NECKLACES, I.ADIt S' Seck CHAINS, CHILDREN'S NKPK CHAINS. CHILDREVb ARMlETS, GENTS' VEST CHAINS, GENTS' WATCH KEYS. GENTS' SEALS and CHAINS, SENTS' t?LnEVK BI TTONS and 8TUD8 HIMKLKS. KENS, PENCILS. RINGS. SILVER Pt.ATED SPOONS. GOBLETS, CUPS, Ao. Everything in the sture new and perfect, and rum-untied tn be Ml oh as represented 117" Ervry article minttfmc ur?d ft tke rtnMr retail trait, and warranted to b* the name> as i? retailed trom five to thirty dollars raofc. YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR, RBSAaoLBs* or Cost. As tku great sal* continues bat a short time, persons desiring to supply themselveg with JowaJry at these unheard of prioes will please call early at ??r ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORE. SOS Pennsylvania a venae, between 9th and loth streets it w mnni.?? [U" Remember the >unbor?30*?aa have DO connection with othera, profoaaia* to sell at oar prioes, m tlua city. Rwived thi* <i?v a lar?% inroio* of SILVER* WARE, oonaiating of Breakfaat and T? Seta; Card and Cake Haaketa, Patent Stray Pitchers; Butter piahea; Fruit Koivea; Tea Knivra, Forka; Table, Deaaert. and I ra 5*p *>n?; Tobaeoo B?xea; Baaar ana Cream Spoona; Napkin Riii(i; Butter Knivoa, in aeta and aincle: Kotvea aud "orka. ta *'ta: Ice Creaiu, Fie aod Fiah Knivee: Br-akfe?t and Dinner ? aauira; Uouble aiul Single Sata, a lartft variety oT Plain, Chaaed, and Got Gobiota, Cupa, Ac. AH the afcora artielea to beeold with out regard to oriftaai ooat, at from |l to 991, and vxrrarted to br what the* are >?^rn*iiUd. aat fully 100 per oeut. i?aa Uta* they can be bought K-tr 302 Pa. av.. bat 9Ui and inth ata gygaggaaM*. . l ?a t - 1 -tk THE LATEST NEWS. T p; I. K G K A F 0 I 0. The ktithfra tt?|rrn Montoomcky, Feb 13 ?Vice Preside*! **pb ena pffrnMl * model fl and the model oft de rice for the aral of the Coafederary, referred Mr Wright pr?*ented a communication from Mark A ?*^un <k.l ?<>. I u-_?_ Georgia, as suitable pLt( for a foundry of tb? Confederacy; referred Mr Curry aald be bad arveral memorials for a similar ob?rct from Alabamlan* Mr Coirad olrtrd a resolution lb a I Ibr Com mlttee on Military Affii % lie lniitrucUd to Includ* In any plan tbev prepare tor tbe organisation of tbe Armv and Nary anlUble provision* for aoch offlcera of tbe Army and Navy of tbe Ualtod tMatea aa liave tendered tbelr realgnatlona In consequence of tbelr adhesion to any or all of tbe Htatea of thla Confederacy; adopted. Mr. Crnwford presented a communication froan a Postmaster; referred Mr. Mcututlnger offered a rea.-latloa tbat tbe Commercial Committee be laatructed to Inqalre and report upon tbe expediency of repealing tbe navigation law* of tbe Confederated stau-s, and have leave to report by bill or otherwise, adopted Mr Brook* offered a reaulutlou that lb* com mittee, In selecting a flag and aeal, be laatructed to Bitnnt mnA - a... ? "? ??- - ? ? - ?? f ivjTi hu W MWim H pmoif M* the flax of the United Ptatee, making oi?)r aurh changea aa mar be neceaa-iry to dlatlngaltb eMilr one from the other, and adopt an arrangement by which the atripea ahall number the tea of tha Confederacy Mr. Brooka accompanied hla resolution with aome fellcltoua remaraa, la the courae of which, referring to the "?tara and trlpea," be aald, that flag la an Idol of ibe heart, around which cluaaer memorlea of the paat. which time cannot efface or cauae to grow dim Mr Mlleroppoaed the revolution He aald he Lad regarded from bla youth the aura and atripea aa an emblem of opprraaion and tyranny The debate grew lnterrat ng. and. at the aug geatlon of Mr Strphrna, Mr Brooka wlthd*ew hia motion Congreaa then Immediately west Into eecrt* aeaaion Oar Day Later front Eir*p?. New Vob>, February 14.?The Wamthir New York from Southampton. ha? arrived with South ampton date* of Tueadav. the 2#th nit On Monday the Liverpool cofon market ruled quiet, and Saturday'a quotation* were barely maintained. The eatimat?d aalta oh Monday were about 7.0UU baiea. Conaoti 91 \ American railway atocka had allgbtly advanced al nee the laat report The newa generally la unimportant. So Liverpool marketa received In London wheat had declined laM? The Italian Parliamentary ele^tlona resulted fa eorablr to the Mtnlatrv Count favour waa re turned from Turin, ana Garibaldi and Poerlofroin Naples. The Tex a* htate (anventlon. Niw (Iiliah>, Feb 12 ?The Texaa Conven tion adjourned on the 4th inat to the 2d of March A Committee of Safety waa appointed to remain at Auatin in the meantime The Convention adopted a resolution thanking Sfmlnn U'l.fall . ...4 U II -_J D ... tlve Reagan for their Congressional course. and ccnsurlng Representative Hamilton There waa much di*position-shown either by the Convention or the legislature to trust to Gev ernor Ho.iaton The Legislature waa engaged in the discussion of financial matters There waa much opposition to the atay law, but it will doubtless be paased Arrival of the Pair Liprett Fort Kkakkkt, Feb 13 ? San Franctaco datea to the Mlb ult. have been received by the pony Hi press A resolution hed been adopted bv the House of Represrntatl vca of Cafifornia estranging the vote of c^naure agatnat the late Senator Brod erlck. by a former Legislature. for opposing the admission of Kanasa under the l.ecoapton Consti tution. Numerous lTnlon resolution have br? n Intro duced in the Legislature. none favoring' or excna lug of aerrsaiou but urging concession by ths .> orxnern r>Mies i - r.r??? Flead tt AIHbt Alb*nt, Feb 13 ?The Ice In tbe river abo?* here broke away thia morning, doing loomena* damage in the city by rmialng the water above the banki Me* men barges canal boeli, etc , were driven on the docka and into the streets State atrret bridge ia a complete wreck, and ae* eral store* aloni the docka have been demoltahed Th* water la atill rlalng rapidly, indicating that tbe Ice ia gorged below. Much further damage ia feared. lrnnestee Electioa. Nachvilli, Feb 12 ?The returna are still me* Iter, bat tbe Indication* are that tbe Union eaadt date* Uave an aggregate majority of over SO.UUO, and that tb* question of calling a convention li negatived by probably 2ti,(KK) majority. a* rar u beard from, only two J^ecesslontsU have been elected. Progress ef "Presldum" Jeff Davll Mnjircomir, Feb 14 ?Jefferson Davis. Pres ident elect of tbe Confederate Htates of America, left Jackson. Mies , last night for this city He cornea byway of Grand Junction and Chatta nooga Tue inauguration will take place on Monday next The Vlrglala (MrratUa. Richko!?d. Feb 13 ?TbeMate Convention met at tbe Capitol at noon. Hon John J aimer, of Loudoun county, was elected President, and on Uking tbe Chair made a I'nlon speech, but aald Virginia would tnaiat on her right* as a condition of her remaining in tbe Confederacy. MaiMckaietU l^egtalatare. Bost*M, Feb. It.?Tbe Houae to-day laid on table a resolution to arm and equip two thoo?and volunteer troopa for active service, and alao ta bled resolves contain ialng instructions to the - 1 - i . -i ? ? .inwi nuwm V/onioiiwoufti now in m uuidc> ton. Ktatackr Leglslatmre Lovi??-illf. Feb. M.?'Tbe Kentucky L^glsla turf, without doing anything of a national char acter, adjourned yeaterdav, at noon, till tbe 10th of March, to await the action of tb? Peace Con. uilaaioners at Wasbtngton * Sei/nre cf Ammunititi far the 9??Hth at New Yerk. SN?w Yobk, Feb. 13.?Three boxes of amount - on vix: percuaaion capa, ball < artrtdgsa, etc., bound for Savannah, were set red by tbe police to day on board tbe steamer HuuUvllle Ltiiiiaaa New Ori kans. Feb 12 ?The new flag of the Sovereign State of Louisiana waa unfurled to-day from tbe top of tbe City Hall, amid the firing of cannon, the ringing of bells, and the cheers of the populace. Baitiasrt Alarkstt. Butihoki, Feb. 14 ?Flour Is active; Howard street and Ohio Cltv Mills *3.06 Wheat is firmer; red ?1 i&al ?; white *1 4oal ?' Corn is acti re, ye How .V>ao7c j mixed o5c., wbi?S 65a6?c Provisions quiet and unchanged Coffee Matdv at 12^al3c. Whisky nominal at !7)|alPc. York n?'k?U N iw Vosk, Feb. 14 ?The flour and wheat mar ket* rule quiet, without an v noticeabls change Corn steady Provisions rule dull. Whiakv is quiet at 17\c FlMMltl New Yoac. Feb 14 ?tMorks are bettor Chi ratio and Rock Island i'\, Cumberland 7)?, Illinois CerYial shares TSfc, Lacrosse 1p: Mlchiftn Southern J4\; New Yori Central 7?V Rmdlnr 42V: Hudaou River RR 43*; Va ?'s 7*. Mo 0% w 486 .oval frames, Aa. different etylee ud him oval frames for PICTUkYV; KDud TASSELS, aM HtN MM colore, I* P- R HANGINGS,til iradee ud pnoM, EMNVnTS PAPfcR H ANSINGS. at oic foirth le?? than ooat, at JOHN' MARKRITER'S. No. 4M Seventh el, > d?K> ?bo?? ia?-eoM>t Odd f>II?W Mall. Worth of eo^mshoes a*? trunrp. Of all StyUi mmd QmtUuttt, AT A HUT ACBiriCB Oil CO?T. Stort Ami ??4 Fixtwrt* fm S+U. All tk? Stock in 8. 77HOOVER'S store ib s. p. hoover'S iron HUi,?nbrt ini trr; EI.IN6 TR I NKS ara now baini Bold./er" VhL t+fkM treat aaci fioee on uaua. retail tf iiKtorinn. ipdoed apach on*inal oo?t. Tfce aUaaltou of the public ( ao.tciu... aa |*?M inrtaoemenU be mad* to aarchaeera. I Tbe above oomprieee a large aU>ok of the fcne?t quality Freach and Airtar oan Gaitara.Shoo*.B(>oU. ke.. *o.. lor lariiM and f^utloinon Th PU>r? U for rtBtuJ til" FixturM for Ml*. Aprij on t c preixoM, Iron Hail ft. B.-The ? *>** took, itkw in vbot* or in P+rt, wiii t*> told at private sue. To my oof df iroBf of antoriLi tin U.kH,l*ho?and Traak B?* MM th afford* a bettor opportnnit; thaa mar wjsgast win eaili? and ?ttli?? taair aooownu jaT-w |>6? CLOTMtNO, H T? ax CAW. CaU at t^wTufW ? No. 4*0 ^orarth UR ??r Piano for Mali partura, I?ai? tout <? *? .i;M* F. fcl-U v ao? Pa a? VioliM^ltn*. * o ?-.* . H?r r-at. ft U t wwwiiA""*''* n-s" # ? a #

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