Newspaper of Evening Star, February 15, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 15, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAK. WASHINGTON CiTY: FRIDAY February 13 1*?1 U7" The rrw Doll'.r Weekly fnller than ??er of Metropolitan news sad gowlp, and choice literary rrsdlng. 1? <*ow on our counter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced in 1U enter taining contents are the following artlclea : A lady's Heart to be Let?a rich story; Training for a Wife, or How Mr Newell was Beat at hi* itwn Rim*: Peculiarities of Parts?Interesting ; My F Irat Fight with the Tiger; The Great Rob bery of the Indian Truat llonda?report of the pedal committee; Progrtaa and Speeches of tte President Elect from Springfield to New York; A Comprehensive Abstract of the Metro politan Police BUI; Facta about the Georgia Muskets; Incldenta con nected with counting the votes for President la the Hoaaeof Representatives; President's Levee, and who were there; Military AflSlrs In George town; Death of Hon. Johu C. Wright, and pro ceedings of the Peace Congress In connection therewith; Military DitBculty; Speaking his mind; Inaurrection In Maryland; Charleston ?nd ita Fortification*; Naval Matters in New York; The reeaon why Fort Pickena waa not Attacked; Poll leal Meetings In Mary land; Operations of the Patent Office, Ac., 4c ; l>*<4!tnrl?la nnnn all tk? mritlnir '.-"nir l of the dav: Latest Telegriphir Dispatches from alt parts of the country; Full reports of the proceeding* of tb? Supreme Court, Congress, Peace Conven tion, Southern Congress. Lectures at theSmlth fonian, Military meetings, dec ; Several {columns < f Agricultural and Horticul ml m scellany, Recipe* for the Household. Workshop, Ac , Miscellaneous items. Local news. Poetry, Fun, Philosophy, Ac., Ac., ad iajiaidisi. Thi* Is just the paper above all other* for per sons sojourning in the Natioual Metropolis to end to their friend* at a distance. Price only three cent* per copy, or f I 00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit ef the Morning Press The Imttll'g'nt'r argues that in the proceed ing* of the Montgomery Congre**, ua germ of a new secession exists," and tUat any fundamental law which imprint* the stigm* of "illegitimacy and Illegality'' on the Institution of slavery, 6jr j rokilitm; tie foreign slave trade, will encounter the determined ornosition of those who claim to be the peculiar champion* of "Southern right*" and "Southern independence." The Republican says that the sorest grief of South Carolina is that the high honors of the cot ton empire are given to Mississippi and Georgia, and that the capital is to be located, not in South Carolina, bat in Alabama. The Palmetto must secede again, before they will be suited. Thi D&ticiexct Bill continue to hang be tween the two Houses of Congress. The only point in issue between them upon It, is the appro priation to enable the Government to carry out the Chiriqui contract. The opposition to that continues to come from the Panama monopoly. That vast Interest of concentrated capital has been able to crush out all competition in the transportation of passengcs ocean wise, to and from California, having successively immolated the Nicaragua and Tebuantejiec enterprises in opposition to Its own. and also all independent lines attempting to run via the Panama Ilailroad It remains to be seen whether it has power over Congress at this time (ancient to def??t the promise of tbe speedy establishment of an opposition line to California ria the Ch'.riqui isthmus, which is Involved in the Government's contract It seeks to nullify; which, when established, will necessarily reduce the price of a passage to or from California, at least one half. The plea the agents of the monopoly are now resorting to is that the title to the Cbiriqul grant Is not valid?a discovery they have made, It is to be presumed, sinr* the Attorney General of the United States snd the New Granadian minister affirmed Its entire validity. Tas Rsroar or tmx Comxittzk ?Tbe Peace Convention's committee of one from each State were in session until 12 o'clock last night, con sidering the question of slavery In territories of tbe United States that may hereafter be acquired. It is understood that their deliberations for two or three days pest have been upon that particular point for the most part. Previously, if we are not mistaken, they bad agreed to report in favor of tbe 3d, 4th, 5tb and 8th branobesof Mr. Guthrie's plan of settlement with. Mrhaoi. r?n? rial amendments TLrw four proportions virtu ally dispose of all the slavery questions i n issue xcept the territorial question From what we ba*? been able to gather with reference to their proceedings for the last two days and nights, we are inclined to believe that the report they are to make to-day will not b?* a final one. SoUTHHX COWFBBKKACY?OATHS. ?Will the Southern Confederacy require their officers to take an oath to support their Constitution ? If so, they should take care nut to put in office certain gentlemen who were lately in Congress and in the Executive effices at Washington Their regard for oatha waa shown in conspiring the destruction of tha Constitution of the I'niUd States while under oath to support it! The perjured members of one Government cannot be relied on to be faith ful to another, if they should have any induce ment to betray it. (IT From the publishers, Derby 4 Jackson. New York, (through French t Richitein.) we hare a stirring tale of the tiooes of the American Revolution, entitled "The Dutch Dominie oftbe CatakiUa," by the Rev David Murdoch, D D. There are aome redundanciea cbout the work that might well be pruned down in a subsequent edi tion, but In the main it ia a story of much attrac tion?telling of the times of the "Bloody Brandt,'' and affording, especially, much curious light as to the part taken by the Dutch settlers of New York In the conflict with Great Britain. __ M Cobkciox Aa it ia deemed wrong by the eceasion leaders to 41 coerce" obedience to the lawa of the United States, it must be equally wrong in them to "coerce" obedience to the laws of a Southern Confederacy. Upon their own principles their goYernment will be Just no troy eminent at all; obedience to It being altogether voluntary. Ejr The New York police on Wednesday took In hand a speculative publisher in th^.t city, who undertook to raiae the wind by an "extra," giving the bogua particulars of an aHault upon Fort Pumter, with a list of the killed and wounded, Ac. 1'he fellow nuade Uis rscnpe, but souse of his emissaries were arrested with copies of the villainous publication Beactus or Sarsssio.i ?Anotkf Soldier Killed tn CkarUston?Mr. Clark Allen, of the Abbeville company, Charleston, feouth Carolina, was In stantly killed on last Tuesday. He was running from one room to another, and was pierced by a bayonet In the hands of one of hla companions In tbs eye, peaetrmt! ng the brain, causing instant dentli Accomc Cocjitt, VinsmiA ?The full returns from this county render certain the election of J4r. CustU, the Union candidate, by twenty five majority The people of the lower pert of the county, not astlsled with the decision of the peo ple, have requested F.x-tioeernor Wise to repre sent them la the Convention. ftarrasssioa or NtwsrAPsas.?The grand Jury In Richmond, on Tuesday, took Inflatory steps for preventing the circulation of the New York World, New York Tribune, and New York Times in that city RtsisasD ?Col Driukird, Chief Clerk of the War Department, has resigned thst position. No appointment up to noon to-<u? *?-? > - < _ j w^u ui?uo in bia place The Ghat Ccaa >v> Duririii ?One of tLe Dost terrible evlla In tbe community It the wide spread prevalence of dyapepela It ia to be found In airrost every family In our land, and thouaanda are (offering f om what tLrv believe to be tbe all. meata of tbe bead, tbe heart, tbe cheat, tbe liver or boweli, which are in reality bat eymptoms and tbs resalta of tbep'esence cf dyspepsia. 80 many form* doe* tbla dire arrangement of the animal function* aaaume. tbat a tbouaand different caaee mlf bt be cited in which tbe complication or com bmatloo of tymptoma ia entirely different Prob ably tbo most efficient remedial ajjeat known u the Oxfg***ttd prepared byS W Fowle & Co . Boston. We have Men letten from Indi vidual whose character and position la aociety ectitle them Is confldeace, aad tbe article baa bees approved by tome of oar most profeeelonal men TrmflUr IVNAKCSIIOilM,. Hsiat*.?After our report closed yesterday? On motion of Mr. Foot, the following resolu tion was adopted: Retnlvd, That a committee of three be ap pointed by the Presiding Officer to make the necessary arrangement* for the reception and in auguration of the President klect on tte 4th of March neit The Vice President appointed Messrs Foot, Pearce, and Foster the committee Mr. Pearce offered the following, which was also agreed to: Roolred, That the Committee on Foreign Re lations b?? instructed to inquire into the propriety of authorizing bv law Cspt. William L. Hudson, of the I nlted States Navy, to accept a compli ~~~*- ?Ia k(m Kit tVia Irm. iiicuuirv icvkiujuuiai piracuicu w uiui wj ?uo um pernr of Russia The Henate then took up the Tariff bill, and Mr Hunter of Va., proceeded to address the Senate In opposition to the pasture of the bill After a protracted debate, the V*enate went Into Executive session for some time, and then ad journed Hoc* i ?When our report closed the House had under consideration the Pacific Railroad bill. The House struck out, by a vote of 95 to 61, that part of the Senate amendment proposing to carry out a central road by Fort Riley from the mouth of the Kansas river The special order for the dav (report of the Com mittee of Thirty-three) was called up, and Mr. Campbell, of Pa., addressed the House Mr Howard, from the select committee Instruct ed to Investigate the truth of public rumor rela tive to the seliurc of th? Federal Capital, Ac., presented hia report to the House. Mr Branch, a member of the committee, pre sented a minority report, and opposed to the oc cupation of the city by Federal troops, and offered th?* fallowing resoluttoni: Rtsolrrd, That the quartering of the troops of the regular army In this District and around the Capitol, when It Is not accessary for their protsc tlon from a hostile enemy, and during the session of Congress, is impolitic and offensive, and, if permitted, may become destructive of civil lib erty; and that,' in the opinion of thU House, the regular troops now in the city ought to be forth with removed therefrom. Mr Howard, of Mich., said he thought bis re port was unanimously concurred in by the com mittee, and be was surprised that a minority re port should be made before the committee bad adopted, or refused to adopt, the majority report. Mr Branch desired to say that he had not pre sent* d the resolution appended to his report as the views of the committee at all, but he presented it as a minority resolution, and In the hope that all of the committee would vote for It in lh? llnnu After a protracted debate, tbe resolution of Mr. Branch wai tabled by a vote of 125 to 35. Mr Howard moved that 5,(NX) copies of tbe ma jority report be printed; which motion wai re ferred to the Committee on Printing; and the Houae adjourned. ? F*idat, February 15. Sesat* ?A large number of memori?ls*n re lation to the present difficultly were presented by various Senators, and laid on th? table. Mr. Thomson, of N. J., asked leave to retire from the Committee on Navil Aflairs; and said permission was granted. Several private bills were introduced and passed Mr. Johnson, of Tenn., from the Committee on the Contingent Expenses of tbe Senate, reported in the case of tbe pay and mileage of the late Senator Lvnn. that tii^ S^rp^tarv nf thp Sorato was justifiable In refuting to pay s*ld p*v, Ac to the widow of the deceased, b it that the Senate should append an appropriation of such sum to an appropriation bill far her benefit. Mr. Latham moved to take up the bill to reim burse the State of California for expenses of Indian hostilities, and make the same a special order for Wednesday next. The Senate then took up a btU for the relief of J H. Sittings; pending which, > The hour arrived for the consideration of a special order?a bill to allow Com Paulding to receive a sword, 4c., from the it?public of Nica ragua. Mr. Wade moved to postpone the special order; which waa carried?yeas 24, nays 21. Hocsx?Mr Burnett, of Ky , called for the regular order of business, reports from commit tees of a private character. Messrs. Grow and Washburne, of 111 , asked lfdivp tn nrAftpnt r^pLtin mumftflsli ?K?* to as out of order. Mr John Cochrane, of N Y , asked leave to present a memorial from the New York Chamber cf Commerce against the passage of the Morrill tariff bill. ?ObJect?d to, and not received The regular order of business wastben taken up. Mr Morris, of Pa . reported from the Commit tee on Commerce a bill for the relief of Townsend Harris, American Minister to Japan, and moved Its passage; which mutton prevailed, and the bili was passed. [ I'his bill approp'lates 510 out) as an additional com pensatlon for services rendered.] Mr Fenton, of N Y., reported from tbe Com mittee on Fensicns a bill granting a pension of S2U per month to Frederick Champagne Parsed. Mr Ely, of N. Y , asked leave to present a pe tition from the citizens of bis district, pravlng the r*eni?tors and Representatives from that State to take such steps as shall lead to a speedy and har monious settlement of the national difficulties. Laid on the table Mr. John Cochrane, of N V.. renorted from the Committee of Claims a bill for the rsllef of Israel Spaulding, passed Mr. Conway, of Kansas, presented a petition from the Legislature of Lis State, in behalf of the early settlers, who are now suffering froiu want; referred to the Committee on claims. Mr. Elliot, of Mass , reports from the Com mittee on P< st Offices and Post Kond* a bill for the relief of liockadny and Liggett, mail con tractors; passed Mr. Carter, of N Y., offered a resolution setting apart next luttday for the consideration of bills relative to the District of Columbia. Mr. Davis, of ind , objected. On motion of Mr Sht-rman, the House resolvid itself Into Commi'tce of the Whole, (Mr Wins low of N. C. In the chair,) and rtsunnd the eor. s.deration of the Postal bill. 1 ?7"The United States revenue cutter Lane It to be temporarily converted into a man of-war. She went over on Wedntfdtv to the Brooklyn nary yard to receive a new and formid able armament Four 33 cwt. weight guna, one 22 pound howitzer, and a quantity of shot and ab* li will be puton board. It la aaid that a marine guard la to be detailed for her immediately. nfy'AT rKNTION ?All p*raor.s wuhiog to join ' [ < tne Zouave Corps to be aitvjheU to the Washington Light Infantry a* company P, wi I aaiemble at Thorn'* Building ou SATURDAY t. V K M.N U, at 7>6 o'clock. By order of Coin. If <> O F.-The members of HAUMONY L3 l,ODGK. No. 9,1 O O. F, will meet at their hall at 1 o'olncic p in.. SUNDAY, February 57th, 1861, to attend the fuanral of Broth t I*. G. Jou.i Bohlayir Members of tiater lodges are fra emally invred to attend, fe 15 ? HKNKY N OBKR, R. 9. rr=? SABBATH SCHOOL EXHIBITION I 3 AND CO.MCKRT.-l'he Sal-bath Sct.ool of Gorioch Chapel will give ao Exhibition and ? on oert fn-the benefit of llio S*chot 1, on TUF.S'DaY EVENING. the 19th mutant, at Kyland Chapel, corner Mary and avenu" and Ten. h ?Lr??t ??? ?>_ mea? me at 7,'? o'oltok. Tickets JfTceuts; c'<il1r?n 5 t?Mi, fe I5-H* (T-ap-KKOIMENTAl. ORI?ER No 1 .-Head JL p quarters P:r?t Regiment Militia. li C?The and CowMDTt'ftieia < ( itefir?t recirn nt are ordered t > meet on SA I'UKOAY EVKNtNCr, lbt.i io*t, at 8 o'cloot, a* (tin (mil ol the O- lumli.a Lr g!ii?- Mouse, C&pitci Hit'., and report far duty. by o der J AS. A. TAIT- Co|. r?tn. lit Reg. M. f). C. K. f. AL.1.EN. A?'j*t 1ft Rf-c. fe 15 2t* 7^5=-UNI VERSA 1,1 -Fverliiftimt Frre Prt <1 p+red for the Deri' and hi* Angels ?The ohtli*i? K skk *i 1 give an exposition ??1 th? p\ra b e ot iho Mtecp and it< at*. vu BUN DA V EVE NING, a? the old Trinity Church, showing ihttit has n<> reference to ui only as a mutter of history. " Depart frocn us ye cursed into everlastii | paed for the devil anl his angels And these sha'l cn away into everlasticg punuhnnnt." t-i 15 2t? r 3? >? ? AKU.-feueralr|KLRft, 1? attention.?Th're wi lba a mating ofth? company on friday. February 5th, at the armory, < Ui ion Buildm**,) r r tre trau action of important butlers* Punotual attendance it re quired. By order of J II. Dl'BANT, CaptAin. A. J. BAKER . Seo. ft l4-2t* Yw^iOHN B. oough. jjj the grf-ateht LIVING orator, will LECTURE IN this CITY t? H 5t MK)N. Y*?fMITH"OMAN lectures ?On FRI 13 DAY evening Rev. Jom? Lobd w.ll le tur* on "Bacon an' Pti'o#o?hy " L*cturo to ooiMuecoa at quarter beiore 8, when the d>or* will be oi.t?ed. ft IMt IliAtQCAKTim* I> C Militia, Awut?t Gknkkal'* ???ric* Wi8Hi?GHiM. Feb. 1. 1861 61. ( DEPARTMENT NKWI. Naval Hoard or Examisui?A Boanl of Naval Surgeona for tbe examina'lon of Aaslwanta Surgrom for promotion and candidate foi ad mtaaton Into tbe Navy, will convene at tbe N aval Aiylum, Philadelphia, on tbe lat of March next. Tbe Board conaiata of 8ort>eonaJaa M Greene, J M. Folia,and C H. Wheelwright, and PaaKd Aaaiatant Surgeon John P. Taylor, Kecordei . RaaiaxATioK ?Lieut Calvin L. Bayre, U. 8. Marine Corpe, (of Alabama.) baa realgned. Itenaa Telegraphed frem WaihlBftei. Washington, Feb. 14.? Meaara. Pryor, Ed ward*, and Maynard compoae the apeclal com mlttee of the Houae to Inquire Into the truth of the allegation that certain 9outhern member* from the seceded Statea have abatracted h<?oka from the library of Congress to form a library for the Southern Confederation. The appropriation bill* have been reported with the usual item* under the existing laws without reference to the seceaalon movements There is no appropriation for the branch mint at Dahlo nega, Ga . that Institution being considered use less. and for years past has had little more than a nominal existence. The criticisms of Mr Lincoln's speeches are of the moat varied character. His quaint, bloat style is generally admired, hut his apparent lack of appreciation of the pertioaa condition of the country, and hlsexpressed determ 1 nation to enforce the laws and protect the public property, doe* not meet with much favor from sauthern mgrnb^rs. Manv of the republicans also condemn hit decla rations as unnecessarily irritating and impolitic. Mr. Morrill despairs of the passage of his tariff bill. The tariff on wool retnaiua as at present in the new bill. A proposition has been made for a sectional caucus of the southern members of the Peace Con ference The Virginia members, however, decline going into it at present, for reasons satisfactory to themselves It may be that they fear losing the control which is now tacitly accorded to them. If they enter a caucus tbey will b- bound by its dec siona, and may be overslaughed. Tnii Weather.?The following r? port of th? wpatber for the morning la made fron the Anaer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to tbc s?mttb aonlan Institution. The time of ouaer?atlon Is tbout 7 o'clock. February 15, 1861. Washington, I). C cloudy, wind NE Richmond, Va. clear, 60?. Petersburg, Va clear, piensant. Norfolk, Va clouay. Of*. Raleigh, N. C clear, 5JK>. Wilmington, N.C cloudy. Charlrstoii, A. C clear, 50?. Augusts. Ga., Savannah, Ga, Macon, Ga... clear, pleannt clear, 30-. CJolnmpus, Ga Grifl'en. Ga.... clear, pleasant, clear, pleasant, clear. Montgomery, a m clear, pieasani. Ja<k*<-ii, AU clear. iiorcmstcr at the Smithsonian at 7 n rn., repr rected for temperature,) *29,50.5; at nooit, 29,434. Tiieraiomeier at 7 a. tn , 43'j at noon, 49' Maximum during 2J boura, ending V f . m. to day, 5! X; minimum 41'. V?*"1 SAY, STRANGER, WHERE ARF IJr yon Rf>ir,g ' You ? etn to h? in * rrwt hur ry^' ":$o 1 a-n. i am ?o SA1 ITIi'6>, No 460 Seventh street, tf? huy a suit of Ciotnes. The 9fj filo raj bo has a very moo &<?ortn<!nt, an-1 they ray i? se'le thou so cher.p." Not'.? I"h? last we uv ( f th? ptianRer. ha was rnciiinc up Seventh street singing out' SMITH, No 4t>0" Ie2-6w iY5?C1TV H A LL. F BatTAKY 9;m ? I In Aa*e? V < sorn having finished their annul assess ment of real and t>?-r una! pr> perty. will meet at tnrtr tooni,iCity Haiti <*aify,as a Hoard of Ap p- a!*, lr<>m th-* 10th to tijo itjrh of Fel ruary. i^clu ?ive, to I ear all cimplvtfcwaii-l t.i make kuoIi cor rections lu over &r*e*sineut as they may deem nta Msary. fe9-td GEO THOS STEWART Soo. fK"^*DEM_I'SBV A O'TOOLE. Js_S WEDDING ASD VISITISG CARD ENGKAVERSl JDl N Importers of fine WEDDING STATIONERY. WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most beautiful styles. 326 Pa. A v., between 9th ami lut.i sts , au 27-6m Wa?hiiwtoiIi T NOTICE. HE COPARTNERSHIP HFRETOFORE existing under the name and style of D. 5>mith fc Co.. was dissolved by mutual ton ent on ih? *8th da? of January last The bu* ness of the late firm will be settled bj Daniel Smith. DANIEL SMITH. fe 15 3t* JAMES W. BAKfcRu ARKWRIGHT SHIRTING COTTONS. Thos? of our customers who have b*?n waiting r... . .4 - c. _ * i.. i . DL'tiriJiriiT iii * u r'fj i'by 3 iur ni" ?'o ouraiwu r\ rv rv ?y n tun i SHIRTING COTONSar- now informed that wo liAve ju?t received ??veral a&seR. ani ai the? ar ve^y rc^rce (the mill* not b?n>g able t? anpply ted 'n ami) we would advi <e t*o?i who wan* them to call on u* early. aa we are the on.y pa ties who have a aupply. lot piee?? of Wam*utta Mil'* 4 4 Cotton. New York Mills and Engliah Lone Clo'h. 9 4 !0 4 and 12 4 Hamilton Cotton Sheetings, fcxt a heavy at.d fine lirown bhuting* and Sheet inca. Spier rill all Linen Towe'i at $1 50 p*r dosen, Dan a<k Napkins, beautiful quality at 91 and ?1,?> per doz>?n, Table D*ma*ic, brown and white, 5 4 "hirting Cumbrioa at all prions, R l'iisn'B, pi?"iiiei?. P*id ramnrie*. Jao uots and all other kin^a of ?bj White Gooda, Ir li Kinei.s and 1,1 nen Shirt h routs. <* o , &o. A 1 otlered at wholesale priop* for <??sh CLAGKTT * MAY, fe !5-6t 324 Fa av., bet. 9th and 10th *U. Wood and Coal. GALT8' CITY STEA.TI FIREWOOD HILLS and COAL DEPOT, Foot or Seventeenth Street. Ft ow War Dtpartmm:. C7" WOOD AND COAL of all *ind?. Wood prepared iu ?nu ma warns 01 (Mil cuiiorner, or uo livtred cord length. C7" Coil kept in Coal Houses, delivered free from elate, dirt, and other impurities. Personal attention given to a!] order*. fe 15?tf T. J. A W. M. OAL.T. Gi It EAT BAR (JAINS IN I DAMAGED CLOTHING, AT THS VSITED STATES CLOTHING STORE. 276 Pfxh. Avrxui. feH 1 w Between tlth and 12th ata. __ eOJ SEVENTH STREET^ COf J*>-r B'tier.m Louisiana *v. and D it i/O*r A freati supply of Groceries just received. A *o?xl article ol' Brown Surar at 7 cents per pound, 5" barrels extra Flour, beet brands, at .$7 per barrel, di? Family Flour, beat brands. Old llosrbon wlueky antl Rye Whisky, for med icinal purposes, Old Frencn Hrandy, PortdWines, Maderia iz* Sherry Wines, pure article foi sickness. Cordials of various kinds. And a grnerAl assortment of goods usually kept in a first class Grocery Store Ca I ai d examine, fe 11 StawSw ISRAEL DEMING. IN VIEW OF THE EXTRAORDINARY stringency of the tunes, and wishing to close out our litany stock by spring. we vilt tell from thia date a* follow*: HICKORY WOOD, 36 50; OAK, 05 50; PINE, S4J0. KKD ASH COAL, all aims, ?6 25; WHITE ASH COAL, all nil, J6; CUMBERLAND, ?6, 2.24" pounds to the ton *ua arti'd iu all cases, uawtd and Split WOOD all ?i*?s. DIt-KSON k KU[6. ja T6-to3w Vard?cor. Vermont a?, and loth it. WINDOW 8HAUKR. ARRANTED Gold Band Window Shades. UulT, Green. an4 Bine Holland Shades, all sum, made to order. Fine, Medium, and Low piioed I'aperhai.ginc s At J. MaRKRITER'S, No. 486 Seventh st . S doors atiove jaMeolOt Odd Fellows' H?ll. REAT BARGAINS IN \J DAMAGED CLOTHING, AT THE _ UNITED STATUS CLOTHING STORE. 276 Pbnih. Avi ue. le u-lw Between llih and 12th ?t?. \1RS M. 8. BISHOP and MIS* E. GAIR, of i*l 1016 Chesnnt street, thiladelplua.jvA . have taken a part of Mmri. Clatett^ llW^ May's S ore. where they have opened I ohaioe assortment of PARI IAN MILINL le 12 5t* 3'i4 Penna. avenue. T HOSIERY AND GLOVES. . HE Largest and beat assortment of Ladies', Gents', a d Children's Hosiery and Gloves, at wholesale and retail, is at HENRY EGAN'8. 3U3( south s:de) Pa. a v., but 6 h aid 7th sts , ft> U-6t New Iron Bin Id lags. BIR1>S, HIRDS FOR BALB.-I ?ave just re oci ed a splendid assortment of Birds fr?n as Europe, of German Canal's, English B ackZ&7 Birds, Thrushes, Hull Finohes, Gold Finches, ** L.inets, Sky Larks, Yellow Hammers. I have Parroque's, Jiva Sparrows, Btarlens, the Hed Moc?w Parrot and green a>d grey, 1 h>ve Mok ing Birds. R'd Wing Blaok Buds, Red Birds, Doves, acd Uoho'iak? 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Tho Nationa Gua*d Bativio.. u recognized as a irra at* or oau i-tion. and i? att*ohed to tho o<i?mand of Cofoael Jaiuoa A.Tait, lat regimeut U&Btlf. III. Captain Henry Baldwin, Jr.,7'h infantry, 1a auiiounoed aa Aid d? Camp to t^e Major <>eu?ral oomma&dirg. the rauk of MiJor; and r li or der* by him givrn, m the name and by tha an tho i ty of the Major General commanding,wi 1 t>e ot> yed and respected accordingly. By order of Major General VV*i<jutm*??. CH. LfcK JUNES, >U? Adjuta' t Geueral. to prayer meetings i Jtttill" week, in thf rtifn?l^ Church, oomor of litli and H

' ' * ?W, ?hl to OODtl.m PROGRESS OP THE PR tfSIDEUT ELECT Mm. Lincoln *rCi?ci*!?iri Cikcixnati, Feb. 12 ?About 5? ^ o'clock this pvrnlng nea? two thousand of ti*- German Fr??e Worktngmen marched In proceaalon to tbe Bur nett House, many of them b< -ring torches. and called upon tbe President elect. Mr. Lincoln was escorted to tbe balcony, and was greeted on behalf of tbe worklnmen bjr Mr Pred oberkieine, who formally presented a brief addrcm. Mr. Lincoln responded as follows : Mr. Chairman?I thank you and those rou re present for the coapllment patd me by tbe tender of this address In so far aa there Is an allusion to our present national difficulties, and tbe sugges tion of tbe views of tbe gentlemen who present this address, 1 beg you win excuse me from enter log -upon It. I deem it due to myarlf and tbe whole country, In the present extraordinary con dition of tbe country snd of public opinion, that I should wait and aee tbe last development of public opinion before I give mv view* or express myself at the time of the inauguration. [Cheera.] I hope at that time to be false to nothing you have been taught to expect of me. [Cheera f I agree with yon, Mr. Chairman, with tbe ad dress of your constituents, in the declaration that workingmeR are tbe basia of all governments That remark la due to thera more than any other class, for the reason that there are more of them than of any other class. And as your address is presented to me not only on behalf of working men, but especially of Germans. I may say a word as to classes. I hold tbe value of life Is to improve one's condition. Whatever Is calculated to ad vance the condition of the honest, struggling la boring man, so far aa mv iudirment will enable me tojudge of a correcting, fam forthat thing. An allusion baa hern innd* to thr Homestead law I think It worthy of consideration, and that the wild lands of the country should b? distributed ao that every man should have the means and op portunity of benefitting hla condition. [Cheer*.] I hare aaid I do not desire to enter into details, nor will I. In regard to Germana and foreigners. I ?st?em foreigners do better than other people, nor any worse. [Laughter and cheers ] They are all of the great family of men, and If there la one shackle upon any of them, it would be far better to lift the load from them than to pile additional loads upon them. [Cheers] Ana inasmuch as the continent of America la comparatively a new country, and the other countries of the world are old countries, there la more room here, compara tively speaking, than there Is there; and If they can better their condition by leaving their old homes, there is nothing In my heart to forbid them coming; and I bid them all God speed. [Cheers ] Again, gentlemen, thanking you for your ad dress, 1 old you good night. MR. LIXCOLK AT ST*rB*WV!LL*. Pittsbcro, Feb. 14 ?The Presidentelect and party left Columbus at 8 o'clock this mornine At S^eubenville, Ohio, a beautiful demonstration took place on bit arrival, tome five thousand peo ple being present at the depot to receive him A aalute was fired, and Mr. Lincoln was formally welcomed by Judge Lloyd. Mr Lincoln reponded briefly. He aald be feared that the great confidence expressed In his ability was unfounded. Indeed, I am sure It la so The position to which I have been called ia en compassed with vast difficulties. I am sure, however, that nothing aball be wanting on mv part, sustained by the American people and God's nelp. 1 believe the devotion of the people to the Constitution and the Union equally great on both sides of the Ohio river. It is only a different understanding?only a dispute as V> what aretLeir right* If the majority should not rule, who should be the judge* When such a judge is found we must all be oound by the decision That jud^."j is the majority of the American j>eople. If nut, ilicu me minority must control, w onid tbat h* right, just or generous? Assuredly not. He reiterated iliat the majority should rule, and If he adopted a wrong policy, the opportunity to con demn him would occur iu four year* Then I can be turned cut. and a better man, with better views. 4>e put in my place. AKBIVAL AT riTTSBrjta. Pittsburg, Feb. 14 ?The President-elect reached Allegany at 8 o'clock this evening, and be and his party immediately proceeded To the Monon^ahela House, in this city. Shortly after ward he was railed out, and addressed the im mense crowd in substance as follows: He said be would not give them a speech, as he thought it more rare, if not more wise, for a public >an to keep quiet. He expressed bis gratification and surprise at so great an assemblage and such boundless enthusiasm, manifested under such un toward circumstances, to greet so unworthy indl j s I 1 1# I* * ? - - viauai a* uiuiseu. n wu unaouDIeaiy, lo Oe at tributed to the position to which, more by acci dent than by merit, he bad attained He remarked farther that it all these energetic, whole-souled people before him were for the pre servation of the Union, hedld not see bow itcould be In mttch danger ("Cheering and cries of ' Union arnl 110 compromise "J He bad adopted the plan of holding his tongue for the mott part during the Presidential canvass and since the election he had perhaps better now bold his ton 6ue [Cries of "Goon"] 1 will speak again in le morning. Mr. Ltucoln and party will leave at 11 o'clock In the morning for Cleveland. ^JOST POSITIVELY. LAST TWO DAYS m WASHINGTON. IN CONSEQUENCE or NUMEROUS ENGAGEMENTS MADE WITH SEVERAL FAMILIES HERE AND IN NEIGHBORING TOWNS. DR. SCHLOS8ER WILL REMAIN TWO DAYS LONGER IN WASHINGTON. During hia ttay in thiaoity, the Doctor haa ano oeaafully operated on ths fas' of pvaonaof the higheat reepeotability. who hare cordially placfd at hia diapotal their teatimonia'.a of the wonderful effect of hia method of CURING ALL DIS EASES OF THE FEET. DR. SCHLOS8EK ha* already pabliahed oient Certificate* from periona well-known here, whioh fal'y prove that HK 18 THE ONLY ONE WHO CURES CORNS. BUNIONS. SOFT CORN9, AND ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET WITHOUT CUTTING OR CAUSING THE LEAST PAIN. MAY BE CONSULTED UNTIL NEXT SATURDAY, From 10*. m. till 6 p. ra , jmt Pennsylvania avenue, (Booth aid*,) between 12th and 19th itrnto. positively last two DAYS IN wa8hinston. T".K.CWW?NE,V jSWT AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEAT E R _ i . ,8, W. 9loh Aotnt Mutftr J.T. RatwojiB * THIS EVENING. Ben?bi of MISS CHAR l-OTTK CUSHMAN. Who vi 11 app??r m Mrs HALLER. In the betutifal pl?r ntitie>i THE STRANGER. A ixi ma? he hiul at tn? mo?io itorM cf Mr. John I'. K lit and W. M?n rott, acil at the atoree <>f Mmih. Ha lantyne, Tat I- r A Maury.Phitp A Solomoua. Blaocharl 4 M<>hnn, Chit*. Smtt, J w. Nairn. HuUiHnvon A Macro, and at the door 01 the evenira of the Concert. Concert to com necce at 8 oc'.ook j?reci??ty fCT" 1 he prooe da of the Conceit to be npp'ied to the liquidation ol the debt dor on the church build - inc. fe 13 St BALLS, PARTIES, kc. jyjIUTARY a.ndCIVIC HIKTIIMGHT BALL Company A, ffat'i Guard Battalion, To be civei at ths ASSEMBLY ROOMS. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY ?9d, l?61. Company A, National Guard B*tt&!ion. beg moit respecttulf* to announce to their nianr frienoa ar.d the public th\t their Annual Bi tnk" place at the Assemb > Room* DAY, Fearua^y iid. friou'ia -?1 al. win JA ' "" tm Mr*. SIMPSON. Inthetsuch vlmirel Comedietta entitled SIMPSON & CO. MR J. B~~8TUDLGY A? the Stranger. f J RAND CONCUR T AT TM SEW YORK AY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, On hRIDA Y EVENING. February nth. UnJer the direction of MRS. CECELIA YOUNO. PROftRA MMK. Past I. I. Or*an Voluit%ry. 1. Inflnmatua Sopragr.o Polo and Chora*.. Roatini a. M?th?r 0 ar. oh P'?y for me?tenor aonc. 4. Duo for Violoncello and Piano. 5. An??:ifv?r Bright acd Fair <by particular reqaectl. Handel Past II. 1. "Gand*imus," qnart?tt? D aSelli 2. "Kve'a I amentatton*' . King 3. Trio (or Fmt*. Pi*no, and Violin. 4. l>u?t for I*" Soprar no*, from Martha .. .Flotov 5. ijratian Aeirnui TiM, with flute ohlitato Gulielm* 6 Viva 'America, (trand National Son< In addition to the ab jve, tevera. Patrclio &>ng? will be *ung. i ii? ?. ompn'i p Fn{? xn^ni'p ves ir-a'*! be wanting on their part to inako tnu one of the moat a#reeao'e and pleaeant Baua of the on. Managers rn therart qf tke Citix'nt. Jaa G Berret, Mayor, Jaa Skirving, W m T l>ove, Grafton Powell. Richard Wallach, ir?orf? W Ku'ta, l>r Joa Borrowa, Henry W Mart'n, Cornelius ttO) le, D H Clark. Jno F Kills, Or R Chary, Oiho Hoawell, 'ihos McGra'h, LFC arke. yam I E Doug ass, Jaroea G Kills, Joseph 1. Petraon, J no A ^tephenaon, M B Frenoh, G Cameron, Ja>re? Urtws, Thou p Morgar. H P ymith, Wri A Mul oj. Dr J K NVilleit, A?;aul (jaddia. Jitu l'liiven, Gto Jilard, James tiordon. ttcnry Pn kiui.orn. Iluaaon Taylor, W m F Baily. J t Hounead, jo* K?*<tlern, Tho? J Fikiier, W in B Webb, Sewl Funtphrc, Keub?n Clark, J no O Cook, (i?a II Plant, J F Ahea, K Mohuu, Thoe Learn, J McL toaoson. Manar'tr on tke part of tkt Military. Maj Gen Weinntinan, Col Middl ton. ?>in n WA G, J no H S?mmeti F MoiXerhany, Job W Angus. EC Dyer, W'm thrown, Chsa Abort, J F Booae.jr, Aij* Btii.y, W G M'turott, Col Bright, Col Fahi<ttack. Col Hoover, Lieut Col ;*ohwerieme.n. L ent Col Feck, Lieut Col Km n Coyle. Lieut Col Holticf (worth, Maj Watt. M/j Wallaoh, Maj Klopltr, Maj Williams. Committee of Arrtmttm'nit. Lieut T k. LI yd, Lieut Kan?. Lieut E S Allen, ? apt McKnn, runt Kin.' Mai lien Force, Mrig (ien Hickey. Brig tien Btcun, Brig Gen Uuid, Bru ijen Caperton, Ailj Gen Jones, Inspector Gen Stone, Col Tait, Co: Davis, Col Coxe, .? U. ,k?. ? -r- ~ e ? wmat < i'vi , Lieut Lackey, Lieut Lishtvr. Lieut t Iftik Bj-etuttre Committer. Ensign B F Lloju, Private J no Ho brook. SergtBartle, Private i tije LA/combe. Prints Joan Cr<>ok. Sergt R. H. GRAHAM, Treat. TICKKT* ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentie miri and ladies. t+ lyit '1^ GKAN U BAI L I O BE GIVE >i BV M?Da?R FELIX, on MONDAY EVENING. Februa j 8 h, !?l, at Vik?T'? Hall, c >ra?r of Tenth ad t. itreet*. 1 icket* On* Dollar?to b? hid at th? doo*. f? 15 St* WANTS. WANTKD-HANDf* to grub. Apjly ti KU " SEV A BARNARD, Georgetown fe 15 at WAN TED-A SITUATION, by a German gar tlonct, who is competent to manage a kitchen ai<d tlower-gartien, vm>) d.grsen house, hotbsda, Ac., Ac. Il??.t'e'erencep given. A?d tatP. Wea A ver'i. No,'^1 JrtftrBon ?t., IfWrfvtuVt, D. C. ft IS 2f W'ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A thn.Mhl? oump*l?r.t C(m ?K. Apply to Mrs. GEcROE PARKKK, porner 4H fdCrt*. ft 13 i' COOK WAN I KI)?Co o:e?i woman who under standi hrr hudiifU App y at SIMl'~ON HOUSE. Tenth Bt. and Pa av. ft 13 St WANTED IMMEDIATELY?Prow fS to SIOJHW worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TL'R E of all kind*, for whioh 1 will ruarantr to pay thehigheiit priocs, and, aa urual. at the shortest no tice. R. BtfCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stove*. Ao., oo 9 40S 7th at., I>et. O ana H eaat aiae. no 17 BONT7. A GRIFFITH r2REAT BARGAINS IN LI lltUir.L'll f?l nrmnn VuMkMVU 1/ V/i?V/ X nlilU I AT THE UMTSD STATES CLOTH ISO STORK, 27? Pm?. Avemti. fo 14-1 w H<"iween 11th and 12th '?. () ranges! ORANGFS!! F1R*T OF THE SEASON ' 100 boxes Orancea and Lemon* just reoeived and 11 be m)1?1 low at PEARSON'S fruit DEPOT, f> IS-St 491 Eighth at., near the av. cue. Have you seen the beautiful Colored Kngravin: of Gen. GaubVdt, in I* e Ldon ll'm.tratf<1 Ne?r?? F?rta!eiy french A RICH'tein, No. 470 Pean avenue, where rlltho Dailies, Weeklies and Monthlies oan be found. Call and sabserit'e. f* H riREAT SACRIFICE! 1* bargains!' BARGAINS'!! Having my large itook of Clothirc damaged by fire and water last w*ek. I will oomm?noa this day by lunomgoff my entire stuck regardless of ooat, and solioit All those that wish to procure a COAT. ^ PANTS, . VEST, k.c., at !? than half the original coat, to rive m? aa early call, ti the clock u,uat he ?<>ld withjn 10 dare. JONAS Irl.ICK, No. 8T4 Pa aT- betw. Uth and 12th eta, fe 13 lw Waebingtont P. C. ^NOTHER FRlWfl^SUFPLY OF GOOD Jnat reoeired br kRKNCH * RICHSTEIN, J78 *Tiiiri. Washington, life la the old Wont, er bredrika Bremer; 3 Tola., 12m<>, cloth; arioe 82 50. One of Them, by Char lea Lever, p%p?r 90 oenta. M?eaagef,omthaSea, by Char lea itickena. paper; SO oenU The American Qneat-on, l*?o , oloth; pnoe 40 oenu; by mail free on reoeipt of prioa. Hean die e<>nnt at oar atore for oaak. re is DR. 8. T. SHUMAN. UllBKX tbi cumrdor HOTBL, tw. Orpotitt tkt Rational Hottl, fM. WasBIBCTOH, D. C.. SPECIAL AGENT FOB DOCTOR 80UTHEVS GREAT BRITISH REMEDIES fob VENEREAL DISEASES aid DISEASES OF THE BLADDER AND URINARY ORGANS. Will OVLT RSXAIB ib WilllMTOI TWO WEEKS LONGER. B:ing oompftUAd to goto Riohmead, Vk, it the ead ofUftlttse. Sufferers ahon'd ftppl; early if they vieh ft fmr mft' est cure. Oftoe hour* from 9 o'eleek la Um motbibc 111 M ? SOlfraEY'S REMEDIES ftre van 3T II? w45iT S?p-?' OTHIN'J. mw 1 to totlTHD. No. 4 aP* AUCTION SALES. Br WAI.l, * BARNARD. Aifionwi ADMINI^TRaTOH** i?A? F. OF HOITRF. old Fri<i ttkt. Will Implvm but* - Bom Dm,k?-Oi WntM>uA\ Mi'HMNfi ?*a SWh intUnt, ?t la n'?!net. Tirt?? of aa ord" of tU? OrpkftBt' C??ri. | ?ili ofi' for Mirit pnli'i* a?ct>oa. at tha laU rr ?i<tanoe of ea??ed ait???*<1 mr tha oora*r f ' Vh ar.d L ?t? . i?th?FifH WH,?il Ik* t imrirf at>4 Hoaa?h? Id k f JOta of U* aaiii PihJaj. <a?.aaaad. MUI ImplrmeMU, Bo tut Dust, be. Ardng V RI DA V. tha ?J in.taat at lfl o'eltefc. at Pe%r?<?- ' Mi l in t!?# O ai'ty of \Vaat>ir.(ton. ca ta n Mill laipiaaanta, * *> aut ty of Uoaa D"?t. Ac Turmi ?*> oatlk! ant that amnnnt. a ara4 t ?/ ?<*? . f*t arpr *ad *n4or?rt <> ? . bianat ia trraat. JOHN 9lttl.E V . AdmiaiatrMnr. f? U WALl- A BARNA K D A?c?? Rt WALL A HA KM A HI). a?c(iom??. TRUSTEE'* t*ALF OF BUII.DING LOT o* Pim ?trw*t K?it at Arcnow.?Ob WEI) E9UAV A FTt.KSifS *nh i n?t?nt m ?S n'tlMk, h? firtti of a 4m4 of traat d?H Mm 4tn.tVt.anl Half wrJ"! ' it*-J. A. ft. I*, lolior Stf. I will tell at rahlM ?Mtio?. is frost ot U* rrimiiM lot*, in mu*t? titkl kuirad Md thirty-'ix 4ItiM mt two I ?U. H?k front.n? tkt It ff*t?i|litw?l a half in'h^* oi?k*?M??i4? of *tk, b*twM>n P ami K ttrert*. And raalBf hack on* IibikImhJ and ir? f*ot ?a# ia k. Tarmi: ? d? icar'.k ca?k; to b* paid oa da? of l?, aad ?h? balano* to m and twelva mottka, bearing tatftwi. A doed jtr*B and a dwd of traat tak?B, All aociBf at tbe?za#n*? of lb* pmrkHrr. M. \V. HARVARD. Tra*ta?. _f'JA WALLA BAHNAHP. Altti By C. W. ROTEI.ER A ftON'fl, Aaotioooora CLOSING OCT ftALR BY CATALOGUE or I?mins** Fa*hiokablb Cloth Cloaks, Ac. Ob*ATIRHAV MORNING. February more.nt at !< ?$ o'oUtek. oa aaoosd floor of oar mIm rooms lr?*ti IIaJI. wt >Iia!I mII Ik* IiaIukoI the (took of a New York importer tod mai.nfao turrr of first claa? Cloth Cloak*. Arahe, Kailiah HmmIoi. Part'to. Kirauii, St?*w a. Ac , A a. Th'?f |irmKU wera awl iu p it vl for fi at o ai< ?tr trade, and are foroe.1 into nurti< n by the prevailing money panio. CMaionvea r<adf and ccoda on exfcibttioa at * o'clock on morMor of safe. The ladle* are invited to attend tbia aale. Bar gain* ir.ay b? exppc'ed Term* oa ?h. f*aJe roai?i re C. XV. MtTK.I KR * RONS. A acta. N B ?Th?re wiM be added a few I aliea* Ppria* Cloaks and iravelirj ln-t<r?. (1st) fe It St FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RF.NT?The <*eara'>'.e and convenient RKSIDKNCK. now oocapied by Sea?tor Ken n dy.oa >ixth ?tr?et, ju>( north > t t!,e t'nra-ian Ohyfb, will Iwr re^tafiar the adjournment of the Unit 4 9* ate a derate. Apply to THuMAS BI.AtrliEN. No. 499 S?tntli atrrot we?t. f? l^b?s? F?OJ? F i:\T-TWO ^LRMSHED ROOMS nd M'A BLK, Willi d?* Hotel. Arplj to KIDWKI.L * LAWKENCE. l>rugci?t?, ra W. >od 14th at. to H-?u2W L^l'KMMlED ROOMS FOR RKNT-No 4*J r S*?witli ft., b ivfn G ana II, a few doora ?bo?e the Patwnt Office >?MW 4 VALUABLE FA K M FOR SALE OR EX A CHANuE FOR ?TiY FROFKRTV-Coa ta*oicB 181 ac.??, aituateJ U mileo from Alexan dria, ob the ? trance aod alexaudria Rai Iroed, ooder good cal<iiat;ori: t>miier, waer, froit a*d all buiU is;j n<w???r> n>r a firat-iate form. Inquire <>f G w. BRAY, at the Jewelry Store, lit t^v#i*k ?t , WeetingSon. _ it *1 lm* FOR RENT-Two frame COTTAGE HOl'Std, o^ntainnif; aix rooms, situated on Ma?e. ave cuo and FilteenUi atreci; pump of good water in the t%H j>| |TOK RENT?A three atory brick HOUSK.aoa r taming 8 room*. In *o?d order, aith cat ?x turea c ir.picte, on H ttrefct between ?tb and 5th. Also, a tco-ttory brick COTTAGE, with large jaru auacueu. comer 01 r rireei norm an i?tfi at. east To pui.-otuU and reliable truants the terms wi.l be UiOiicrtti. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, t??twe?-n *? *?i H. no 13-tf hl^OR RENT, in the First Ward?three sauaree veil of the War Department?a small OF FICE. with liack rt?om. or the former may aaewer for a hop: and Parlors and Chambers, separate. or suits ot K(vitui. fi:rntsiied or unfurnished , cioee to the Avei ue. Inquire at this offioe. deS Jtawtf FOR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the tmiM idc immediately opposite the weat wine ot the City Hal.,reoeaUy oooupied t>y Chaa. ti. wa. vcr 5 an oC<ro. Also the front room id the sec"a<1 glory and the third fl>or cf the same bail dint. For terms apply to KiCHAKD WALLACH.No. i L ouisiana avenne. ta 13 U FOR RENT?The fit.a BRICK HolSE No. lOO W?H it., Georgetown. at preeent ooeo pied by th? Bibecnber. It has TS room, with gas and water throne bout, a fine yard. staUe Ao , and is in a rexxt neirhl>of hood. Appiy to JAS. A.MA fiRlDER. oo?t/ G? tTIKR'H RE?T*URANT. J^OJOL'RNIiBr* Id Waahiogton are reepeotfally info mH that GulTlKR'i RWTAH A R i.\T on fk.ftv?out,lie'v(?>D lAh aDdyfTaAV iSth rtreeU. ia one of the completes'.^UHU, mortele<a?t an<l igrmt<le etUh isnmeota of ite kind in t:*e Unit J Matee. N i U tl t:m*epro Tided with the beet to e tamed in the market* o* al the large eit ?, forwarded to him recuiari? by expr*?a iiia pno-c are in derate aod hit ac e mii.o tattoo* to furni?h Breakfast, l>ioner, Tea and J'upp^'a to tei.tien.ei' rooting oat. are on equalled br any other* lathuoity He addreaaaa thia a tice e-pmnalljr to?tan*ea. a* all oi-i*ena and fre?aenter? rf Waatunct n know w li the superiority of lua houae. He i* prepared to ac c 'n muca e to their entire aati*fac*ion any number ol jei t'e-i en w h" ilture to take th?ir M-a a away fmm wh?re they iodice fe ll-lm 1 WASHINGTON AQUKDUCT. W again* TON. D. C.. Jan 99, 1M1. Prop?#als will be reoeived at thia Oftoa nnUi mot of the 16'h da/ of-February, IHl.for (he plat - firm o-.verinc of Bridw >o. 3. The work to be done will o< ntiat of the inrniahin*. rnttir# and mat. tine of a*?out 4.2?out>ia feet of grant*. boo* c%< M procured aid p acaeiamiaed on appli cation at thia Office. Each )>id muit lie accompanied bv a guaranty 1 the pvty propoainc will, if hit bid la aeo?| enl?r intj cntraot w: tbir ton daye tbereafl-rn proporala t? be teak-d and endoraed "Proposal* fwr Platform CoveriiiS," a?d addreaaed to J AS. S-t :. MORTON. Lient of Ecc'ra Ch. tnf'r Waak. A?d L ja^an tie Feb **I HAVE SAVED FIFTY PER CENT," A X jent'eman remarked * da; or two ainoa, by hoyinr n:j Stationary at SHEPHERD'S, oorner of Seventh and 1) aire* tr. ''THAT'S SO'** The aame ia t?-ae of S H*>01. BOOI9.RLANK BOOKS. MISCELLANEOUS BOOK*. Ac. Alao tne cheaeeat WRITING PAPER in tke wor;d, ererytwKfy aaya. feKlw GHKKA I VIRGINIA REIUEDV foe COUGHS, COLDS. BRONCHITIS. Ao-1H. Pmler'a C'linpounO Toi a.Peterabarc, Va. See oartiboatea of vonderfal rare*, to t*? had at the different <ru ?t?''? W holeaale arenta, KII?W EL.L A LA w RENCE and J. B. MOOKh, West End. ft 8 XV GH REAT RLDfCr ON op PRICE TO al IT THE TIMKS. We are offering *r<at iocuoementc for oaah. Oar entire rtook at a *r?at rediotion. 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