Newspaper of Evening Star, 15 Şubat 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 15 Şubat 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS ?jr 1 'I he ptj? la printed on the fbntwt ?nm pn?a la ok aoath of Baltimore, It* edition t? ?o large as to nquire It to be pet to preaa at an f*trSy b?nr; Adrerf omenta, therefore, should be Bt>nt In before 12 o'clock m ; etherwlae they may act appaar on til the u?'st day. Noxin ?ffltrlfl Af rnliimhli to be Inaert-d In tha Baltimore Susare receive* nt and frrwarded from Th* Star Office. Tb* Co*C*RT AXS P*Bil!?TAT10!l I-A*T Nl?UT. Company C. WiiMagton Light Infantry, have "jwn to feel proud of tbe flattering testimonial t<> the estimation In which they are held In thla community, a* indicated bv the Immense gather* Ing at ibeir concert last night. The occasion * as one cf much interest. Inasmuch as tbe company were to he presented with a beautiful act of Marker's Colors, the gif: of the ladles of Wash ington. which were to be presented In their bebalf by *he Hon John Cochrane, sf New York The volunt? er militia of tbe Dtsrrict of Columbia was well represented, several companies In foil uniform being pr>sent, as also a number of officers of tbe District of Columbia militia. The concert, under the direction of Prof J H. Daniel, and performed altogether by amateur singers, was decd? dly a good one, and creditable to the iinprofenlpwel musical talent of the Federal Metropolis Some of the piece* were deservedly encored, and were kindly repeated Among these ? i a 1 t -U 1 i W- a - ? a aj-r! m? niraova VUVIIIU it UIBOf OI IDC (!Ufl * Junta**." song by two misses. whose sweet voices delighted the audience; "The lonely bir*i." duet; ''Joy, jov, freedom to-day," chorus; "The rock l~cside the sea," solo; "La Msnola," solo, rii-ft-dipgly well rendered; and "The Echo Jirnz," with Ante obllffato The overture plsyed by the Marine Band at the (ommerremrnt of the second part of the concert, Prof, r'cata'* arrangement of tee .Miserere in V?t d'.'s popular opera ' II Trovatore," was a matter piece of instrumentation. J. Cookman Adan.* pre*ided at the piano In acceptable style. At the end rf the flr?t part of the programme Company C marched on to the stage, and formed y ilonJile l':ne In the rear, the markers bearing the co'nr* attached to two handsome musketoons, ;>pin? to tie front. Hon. John Cochrane, of "Sew York. wrstben conduct, d to the stage and introduced to the audience by Dr. E. M Chapin. Tli* prevntatlon was marie to private Clampitt, of ihe company, on their behalf. Mr. Cochrane said that he was commissioned iu ltehalf of the Udies of Washington to present *h;- rotors to the company. After a complimen tary allusion to the gallantry and chivalry of the company, ana the virtue. patriotism and beauty of tiie fair dono-s. be said that this occasion was one rife with more associations than were con nected with the conference of a g'ft. We stood here in the focal llirht of events which applied m<*st Intimately to the bosoms, the. family llre tdes, the beurthst'inscf us ail, the story of which even now was making its way across the waters and awakening from their slumbers the potentates of Knrope, and sntnmonlng to the contest the jpiriM of malignity. as well as those of pood,.the vcrldovfr. Mr. C. dwelt at some length upon th? present position of the American Union be fore the eyes of the civilized world, and upon the ?Sorts now being made to stay the avalanche of disunion. Mr C spoke of the assembling and quartering in this city of a portion of the regular Army, and of what has been alleged in relation thereto; of the charges that we are to be au?>jected to a mil itary deapoUsui, mid that the great captain of our bust is to be converted into the tyraut who is to control our liberties, etc., etc. Were it not for this defensive array; were it not for the arms of the soldierv; were it not for the strength of our citizen soldiery about us. we in'.eht at this time be in the midst of the havoc cf civil war rt hUe war ^net desolation are threatening around, to whom are we indebted for the peace and the safety we now enjoy if not to the conservative strength, wtiich, organized and disciplined in the regular Army and in the army of tte titlien soldiery, i> extrhdrd around u> by night and djv * .Mr C went on to sp*ak cf toercion,'* and asked whv. then, are >*e gree'ed witb objections to coerrioi.? Why is it proclaimed tbat no force hall be administered upon the refractory? Why 11 it tbat tbe fruits of disobedience, instead of being visited upon the heads of the refractory, shall be returned upon the beads of the innocent; tbat we who abide by tbe laws shall sutler fur the misdeeds of those who violate them?" He then went on to printout tbe difference between the "coercion of force" and tbe "coercion of the law," which neexplained at length, and th-n proceeded to say that it is to exreute the law for which our soldiery are enrolled; it is to proclaim that fo long as lurre ?i^or iu meir arms xutir leuow-citizens Dit^ dr-pend upc-n their patriotism to execute tbe law, ard to preserve peace and order within this city of Washington. Mr. Cochrane, after an illusion to the earnest gaze directed by all eves to tbe States of Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee, closed by an eloquent appeal to the women of America to rise in their majesty and peaceful might to tbe rescue We uk the mo'.ber toi:npre*s upon her boy tbe lesson that the disseverance ?>f this U niun is tbe destruc tion of tbe freedom of tbe world We ask her to teach all b*-r children, by all her influence, this great lesson: "Patriotism first; interest after wards" [Applause] Mr C then, in the name of th?- women of the *ity, presented the colors and arms to tbe com pany, saving that they symbolized the patriotism ai:d virtue of those who presented teem, and he was sure they would ever be an incentive to th? recipients to deeds of chivalry and military val' r Mr. Clampitt replitd. saving that it was with prid- and pleasure that he stood there to receive, hi r?-tjau m iue corps or wii!ct? Be was a member, tbe beautiful tokens of friendf.uip which the ladle* of Washington bad,through the honorable gen tleman, so kindly bestowed Mr Clampit proceeded in a glowing tribute to the character and worth of woman, aa exhibited in all nations and times. Company C feels proud to-night that in these tokens of friendship on the part of tbe ladi<>s they* (Company C) have a knowledge of their (the ladles) confidence io tbe military ? f our city, thjt la the darkuess and gloom that now overshadows our land-when tbe greatest Government on tbe face of tbe earth seeti.s about to be rent asunder, Mid this mighty pillar of liberty, whose founda tion was laid upon tbe immortal Constitution under wdicd we Dave uv?-d nud prospered. and whose wall* are cemented bv the bKod of our patriotic fatt.ers, seems about to foil to earth and prove a mausoleum of freedom?that we will stand H'm. and. invoking tbe aid of the tind of battles, protect their homes and their firesides from tbe Land* of ruthless Invaders .Must the land of our fathers run red with the blood of American brothers? Must a nation of surh noble lineage perish, and the great Govern ment which our fathers bequeathed to us by so much blood and toil, fall to perforin it* mission ? Must ouf land, great center and sire of light, key stone of the world-built ar< h of freedom, fall to the earth, and ll? a mournful, mouldering relic of tke past' God forbid It' Forbid It, high Heaven! Let us, tben, in order to avert such direful calam ity. tr.uch at the root of tbe evil Let us as a na tion and people stop the tide of fanaticism that is sweeping tit to destruction. Let u* grant to nil sections of our land the inalienableand immutable rigitts which tbc Constitution grants. preserve the eq ia!ity it proclaims, and respect the Immortal r-r.nciples of liiierty and justice, which it em orar.n. Then, as a nation and a people, let us wander to that American Mecca, the grave of Wiwtin^toii, as be slumbers beneath the shades of Vernon, in that long deep sleep of death; ai d as we bedew the soil with our tears, swear by the billowed ground o'er which we bend?swear by the brave deeds and tolls of our fathers?swear by the land of our birth and the home of our child hood, before the God of battles, that while the tars shall shine la the heavens, and the sun shall * con '.nue to move on Ita glory, we will never dis * serve the American Union. [Applause] Mr C again thanked the Indies for the gift be stowed upon the company,and retired amid rem ptstuous applause. TnXATXK ?Notwithstanding the attraction* cImwhere last night, the theater was crowded as on every night teas far of Miss Cash man's en gagement. To-nigut she takes her benefit in a bill of great attraction, she appearing In two parts?as " Mrs Haller" in Kotzebue's celebrated play " The Stranger," and as " Mrs. Sim peon" in the admirable comedietta entitled " Simpson t Co " The opportunity of seeing Miss Cusb inan in comedy and in serious drama on the same night Is one to be made much of. 1 be beautiful and graceful coinmedienne, Miss Joe Gougenheim, will, we believe, succeed Mias Cusbman as the " Star" at our theater. film ?Yesterday afternoon, Company I. Sec ond Cavalry. Lieulenont Holiiday, quartered at Burch's stable, corner of Fourteenth and D sta , paraded for drill and the exercise of their horses The detachment Includes a number of recruits, who bare sever oeen in i&ataervice, ana not ac customed to the management of horses The horses, too, had been (tabled for a considerable time, and were not very easily managed by new auidi^ia The detachment prccee.n d over Four teenth (treet br d^e to the Seventh Ward, ard, after a brief practice, returned to their quarter*. Tn E^tirxHTi or thi Militia Pibld asd ^TAFf ? fbe tieuerala of the militia of tb^Dis tr.ct bare b*-en receiving their equipments from th? War Department fur several days past. The Lorae equipment! are of the lateat* pit tern, and emcii offlcrr entitled receive* the complete outflt. '1 be alyie la ?o new to this aectlon of count y that tbe grooau will find It difficult to arrange tbe harow properly unl?ea thoroughly inauneted beforehand ExaiBiTio* ?See adrertl?enr.ent elaewbere of tbe comlag exhibition of tbe Gonuch Cbapel Sundav School Under the faithful care of lla auperlnfend nt (Mr Geo W Garrett) thla aohool b*a bcea tigoly proaperooa, and ita previous ex. hjbiuooaof eacoedtag latared Boca, we doubt pot, will be the one oa Tu^eday maHf aext Rspcblicak Mketix).? l.aat night a Urge j crowd of the "faithful'' congregated at the Wig wam, and as the presiding officers were invisible for s?>tne litre, a buzz of impatient demonstrations xnd conflicting opiniona at to the beat tonic for th- "constitution," pervaded the vicinity, pre senting to paaaera-bv evidence of some internal commotion, not unlike that of an assaulted bee hive The delinquents Anally made their ap pearance. and at I wo minutes and nineteen seconds past eight o'clock a startling collision between the desk and the President'a cane fully aroused the crowd to a realization of their presence K 8. Frederick. Charlea tiaaketl. D. Giddings, and T Lowe, were elected members of the A?so clation. Mr. Blgley offered the following resolution : Reolvtrt, That we, the republican! of the Dis trict, entirely disapprove of the name of James A Wise as a Commissioner of Police, as reported in the Metropolitan police bill. [Awful suspense ] Mr Hawkins moved to lay It on the table. Agreed to. The Secretary desired to know if Mr. Pang born. of Boston, was present He had expected a speech from that gentleman, and If he was present h? wished to hear from him. Mr Pang born not being present, the President announced the presence of a delegation of thirty from the Republican Aisociation in Baltimore, and in a few remark* welcomed them to the Wig wsm He was informed that the editor of the German Republican paper in Baltimore was pres ent, and he was desirous of hearing from him. The editor being to* also, the President of the Association, Mr. Gleason. was Invited to ad dress the meeting. Mr. Gleason said be bad been called upon so auddenly to make a apeech, that he was at a loss what to say to them. He was gratified to meet with the Republican Aisociation of Washington, and congratulated them upon their growth and suc&rss He could say, with confidence, that .Maryland was true to the I'nion [Applause] She would never falter; and. no matter what other Stares might do, she would remain as she Is [Applause ] It had been said that if Virginia s*> reded, Maiyland would follow. He denounced the assertion as a libel and a falsehood. Whatever course Virginia saw fit to take inade no difference with Marylend, but she would do as she saw tit. and woula never desert the star she had placed in t^e 11 iv <>f the Union. Virginia would nut do it; Kentucky, Tennessee and other States would not do It; and Maryland would walk In their foot steps and remember them in the hour of danger She would stand by the Constitution and the laws; and, if nectssary, she would send her columns to help inaugurate Abraham Lincoln on the 4th of March The secessionists could uot get three out of ten of her citizens to engage in any such damn able scheme as breaking up this Government. [Laughter and applause ] In the next election tney expected to carry the city of Baltimore by a majority of 8,000 votes. Th?y would hav? carried it before, but the Ger mans aud laboring men were intimidated by threats of discharge by their employers If they voted for Lincoln, and consequently they lest the victory. They had hoped that Hon. H .W. Davis, from the 4th Congressional District, would affili ate with the republican party. His vote for Mr. Fulier and Mr Pennington had encouraged them to believe that h* wauM ? ? ?? ?-w uiuav a LUlIlillUil I/OIIBC I with them, and bad he taken the stand at borne | which he did upon the floor of Congress. tbey I would have carried the city bv a large majority. | He could say for the republican party of Baltl- < more that tbey would make no concession con- < fi.ctipg with their principlies. He would con- i rede to no set of men who would destroy<he 1 Government because a majority of the American | people wtre opposed to the extension of slavery, a i system at which civilization blushes and crimsons j with shame \V hen Mr. Lincoln should take his < seat, he could only execute the laws and carry out ] the provisions of the Constitution, and it behooved i every roan to rally around him undar the stars and strides, instead of the contemptible rattlesnakes 1 ard |?lmettoes. [Loud applause ] ) At the conclusion of >lr G leas .11's remarks, on < motion of Mr Bigley a vote of thanks were ten- I dered him amid cterrs and applause \ Mr Blumberger was then invited to address the I association. l'|>on tikinu the stand, be said that I it would be extremely difficult for blin to speak ia Knglista, but if any of his German friends were present he would address them in their own ( tuii?uc ?'-Aii rigm," "go ahead"] Our reporter not being deeply versed in that tongue, was not able to appreciate nor furnish to our reader* the eloquent remarks of Mr. Blum berger - A voice in the crowd called upon the President to yive an account of himself. Whereupon that gentleman (Mr. B B French) said that he did not wonder that they wanted him to "give an account of himself." ax he had been prevented from meeting with them fo/ a long time He hid been very anxious to be with them, but sickness in bis family bad prevented it It bad been several months since he had met with them, and in that time a dark cloud had gathered and was then settling down upon the republic. Then all was bright, and fair and promising,? now danger, disunion and civil war stared them in the face Y? s?erday they were hoping, to-day they were fearing; but he did not believe that this grett nation would be rent asunder. It should not be broken up neither by flre-eaters of the suuiu nor oy crazy nnaucsoi the JNorth. [ \(> 1 plause J Virginia, Kentucky, and Teu;:r?wc bad I urukeu the back of secesa.un, iind he believed that i i>ll the weeding Statea would finally come back to the glorious old Union. He was confident that the Peace CumiiiiMlonera would unanimously , :dop! a plan tint would lead to a speedy and har monious settlement, and that the threatening ! dangeri would be averttd The republican party bad established tb??tr platform, and on it they j would stand; but if there wan anything they aouid { give or do, not sacrificial to their principle*, they would cbterfully accord It They knew very well what a war would bring down upon this section of the country, and ttielr only hope was in the preservation of the Union. He thanked them for their attention,and inclosing would say from the bottom of his heart 4,God save the United :*tatesof America." [Loud and prolonged applause ] Loud cries were then made for " Hunt," "Wood," and otl.eis Mr Hunt said that be was exceedingly gratified to meet with so many of his republican friends, especially the delegation from Baltimore. He thought that the historian who should attempt to write the history of these times would find it a k?.i) UK ?? rv..t ?? Ik- ? ? * -? uuiu j\?Kt ?v J/U? VII papci HIC pousrn VUAl iia ve ltd to the present distracted state of ?.a";iir*. A pi t form had been established by the republican party Tbat platform had been freely discussed wherever free speech was tolerated or Intelligent newspapers circulated; and the majority of the American people had expressed their approval of these principles by electing Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal llamllu President aud Vice ('resident of the United States. He believed that when the people of the Southern elates found out how they Dad bet-n deceived and wronged by their leaders, snd that they could not eat dry cotton, they would return like tne prodigal sot who found tbat dry husks was rather poor food [Laughter.] Mr. Hunt reviewed the past history of the Govern- . ment to point out what the aggressions were of whirh the South complained, and closed with a declaration that he would never consent to the Constitution being patched and amended. Mr Kryzanowskl proposed three cheers for Mr. 1 Lincoln, the next President of the United States Several Voice* ?" Three for Mr. Hunt," " No, no," "One at a time," Jcc , Sic After the crowd had let the noise out of them, Mr. Uigley said that a friend of his, Mr. Semple, would favor them with a song iur. xju. pie nnauy iuiue nis at but on the stage, and.afu.-r sundry explorations In the cavernous depth* of a large bag, extracted therefrom an an cient banjo The Secretary stated that In order to give Mr. Semple time to tune up his eultir?ah -ah?banjo, he would give the association a little good news. Mr. Semple.?He! that's it; jest what I want. The Secretary said that they had just witnessed the formal declaration of Mr. Lincoln's and Mr. Hamlin's election to the Presidency and Vic* Presidency of the United States, and the Senate and House of Representative* of Tennessee bad unanimously endorsed the position taken by Sen ator Johnson and Hon. Mr Etheridge of that State. After a few remarks, be announced him self ready to hear Mr. Semple. Mr. Semple ssld be should sin^ a little ditty manufactured by himself. He had never sung it but once, but it sutted bis sentiments exactly, and so be should give it again. A Voice?Did you make tbat banjo? Mr. Semple ? Ya-as, 1 made tbat banjo. Mr. Semple then performed the following hymn, to the tune of Old Zip Cson: You all have heard It said of late Tbat South Carolina was the State i u*? im ?uc vuioii j(vju? w 4U11, Headed by a named Keltt. Chorua? But the people will make tbem know That aeceaalon la do go, An' they will find It a very bad plan To Interfere with Uncle Sam. At Fort Moultrie, I believe 'tlaaald, Tbey thought that tbey hid everything dead, But in tbe morning, tbe atory runt, They'd left the fort and spiked tbe guna. Chorus? But the people, Ac. Tbere'a another fort below Charleston, Commanded by one?Anderson: And if tbey e4fe make him mad He'll shoot tbem down; be will, by dad. Chorua?Bnt tbe people, Ac. Ani when tbe battle baa begm, The? think they'll scare and make him run, But he'll make them scrape, and kneel and nob To Anderton, so help him Bob. fntr? p--?? - 4, [Th't tons "must be heard to be appreciated."] Air. Bemfrte's son* WM received with cheers ana up-oartoas laughter; and alter another song of rather a sentimental character? The President announced that the 'xecutive committee would meet at the Avenue Boom torn the Durooee of compie tinc the arrangements far the inauguration of Mr UnoeU 4 Mr DuvjII moved that the president of the Association (B B. French) be appointed marshal of tfce repubilcaa yPMWlWi upon the occtsjoa^ The Secretary atated that a committee from their association ha<f waited upon General Scott to leirn what arrangomenta would be made upon the In auguration relative to the proceasion, and that Gen Scott had informed tlwtn that that matter would be left with the President and hla republi can friends. The Secretary hoped that Mr. Du vall would withdraw his motion for the present, as the executive committee had the matter in hard. After some discussion, the motion was with arawn On motion of the Secretary It was agreed to display the new silk flag recently holshd over the wigwam upon the 4th of March Th? asocial Ion then adjourned with three r been for Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin. Th? Coimpibact aoaisst th* Capital.?Mr. Howard, of Michigan, from the aelect committee to which wa? entrusted the duty of Investigating the truth of public rumor relative to the existence of a conspiracy to seize the Federal Capital and preventtne Inauguration of the Preaident elect, yesterday presented the report of that committee to the House. The committee, the report says, have pursued their labors with a determination on their part to ascertain the real farts as far as possible; and if sometimes they have permitted Inquiries and ad mitted testimony not exactly within the rules of eTidence, or within the scope of the resolutions, it Is to be attributed to their great anxiety to elicit the real facta and to remove unfounded apprehen ion*. The extraordinary excitement existing prior to the late Presidential election tod disaffected per sons, of high and low position^ afler the result of that election had become known, to consult to gether on the question pf submitting to that result, andalso upon various modes of resistance. Among other modes of resistance to counting the ballots and the Inauguration of Mr Lincoln, the seizure of the Capitol and the District of Columbia were discussed inf rmally in this city and elsewhere. Hut too much diversity of opinion seems to have existed to admit of the adoption of any well or ganized plan until some of^>e States commenced to reduce their theories or secession to practice. ?ince then perions thus disaffected seem to have adopted the idea that all resistance to the Govern ment, If there !s to be any, should have at least the color of Slate authority. If the purpose was it any time entertained of forming an organiza IS *- - - - ? nun? **ctrc? ur o}>pii, to wize IDU DlSiriCl or to lunibia, attack the Capitol, or prevent the inaugu ration of l\lr. Lincoln, It teem* to have l>een rendered contingent upon the secession of either Maryland or Virginia, or both, and the sanction ot one of those States. Certain organizations In this District and in Ma ryland. that prior to the election sqpm to have been an y political clubs, have since assumed the char acter cf military organizations, are now engaged In drilling, and expect to provide themselves with irms, some from the State authorities and others from private subscriptions. But, as far as the ;ommittee were able to learn their purposes, while they sympathized strongly with secession, there s no proof that they intend to attack either the Capitol or the District, unless the surrender should h# ripm*nHa/1 V>w /* wKuk *v?? ? ~ >x...x?vu tuj u k.?uMy w nuitu lucy ^ruicH a bigh degree of allegiance. Some of these com panlea tn Baltimore profess to be drilling for the lole purpose of preventing other military com panies from passing through the State of Mary land. Whether these representations of the pur poses of thrse companies be correct or not, the :ommittee have failed to discover any satisfactory vidence that they have any purpose whatever, a% i mere mob, without the aanctlon of State au thority, to attack the Capitol or any other public property in this District, or to seize the District. If It should be admitted that any one of these or ganizations were hostile to the Government, or :ntertatncd unHwfiri purposes, they are in no proper sense secret, and are therefore not such as ire contemplated in there-solution of the House. The committee are unanimously of the opinion that the evidence produced before them does not prove the existence of a secret organization here or slsewhere hostile lo the Government, that has for its object, upon its own responisbllltv, an attack upon the Capitol or any of the public property bere. or an interruption of any of the functions of he Government. OEPH*!(s' Cor?T On TllP*H*v aftsmnnn > ;ase of a novel character wa? presented before Judge Purcell, which requires a little investlga :ion before the ri^hU q^arties can be estab l?hed. It li of a young white boy, the ton of a woman who wai regarded as unlit to have the care of him, ihe having offered him for tale for ten cents in the itreets of the Navy Yard. The bov was taken by lustices Cull and MuHoy, who bound him an ap prentice to a Mr. Roby. Subsequently, Justices Donn and Jounson bound the lad to a gentleman named Toomb^s The law empowering justices '.o bind, empowers them to do so only during the rer-eu of Orphans' Court, and then the bonds ?re ubj'^ct to the approval of the Court Both these indentures were presented before the Court for the approval of Judge Purcell The Inden tures <'f Donn and Johnson were filed at the last term, and under the rule were laid over one week Tor objections, and it properly came up at tbe ast silting, wb<*n the indentures of .Mulloy and LTull nrpii-ntpH I'rv>n (KU I Md^e Purcellordered a postponement until Satur iay next, expressing the liope that If the boy had been bound by any other Justices of the Peace, they would then be present, and he would settle the matter in dispute according to law. L'sitko Statfi Ca?es ?Yesterday morning, Officer Ke?-ge arrest# d James Perry,col .a servant tlie Clarendon House, for whipping R"Se Mac lllan, a white servant girl. He was taken before Justice Donn, when it appeared that he accused (he girl of being drunk the nluht before. She loid him she was never drunk in her life. The negro persisted, and she struck him with a dish rag. lie turned upon h? r ai.d whipped her se ve ely. He was sent to jail,Jhe officer securing Ulin well by puttln" tnndcuQ's on him. J*ophta Butler, col., was arrested by Officer Har rover for having on a dre-?s l>elonging to Fanny Harris, slave of H. !* Joh'ison, which had been stolen at tbe name tiff"* with other property from Air. Johnson's dwelling. The goods were re turned to the right owner and the girl dismissed, a white witness testifying that she bought the dress from a colored man and gave it to her. Wednesday night, Mr. Johnson caught a man under suspicious circumstance* upon his prem ises, hut released him because of tils prayers and promises of reform. Almost a Scccfssfui. Forgert.?A youth named John Hawkins, In the employ of tbe Ad jutant General's office as a messenger, was ar rested and placed in the custody of officer Harro ver and policeman Arnold, charged with the forgery of a check upon the U. S. treasury for 8?j The youth had heen In the bablt of carry ing checks for the office, and was not suspected. The blank was stolen from the office, ana tilled up by himself, and made payable to C. Van Horn. The check, however, was not numbered, whir.h fK'itfd minlnion and nr*vpnUil i?? , I"" * f "J nient. The boy w*a examined, and bis anawera not being aatisfactory, he was placed in tbe cus tody of the officers. lie dented, with ter?ra and the most eolemn aaaeverationa, all knowledge of tbe forgery. But the writing of the check and hit own too nearly tallied to leave room for doubt. He subsequently confeaaed to hla mother the conception or tbe plan and the attempt to carry it through, lie waa held to bail for court by J uatice Donn. The President's Mounted Guard held a meeting laat Thursday evening at Benter's, for the purpoae of filling vacancies l'i tbe ?dices of the company A lar^e number of names were added to the rolls of membership. Tbe following oncers were alerted: 3d Lieut Henry \V . Martin elected 1st Lieut ; John F I'.ssex, Enalgn. elected 2d Lieut ; Wm F. Benter elected 3d Lieut ; Ser geant George Seitz elected F.nalgn; Private Geo. W. Flood elected lat Sergeant: Kobt. W Leakey, OA ftArffMnt1 A linn Dnrapv !W ? m 1 ? J!"? "IS * "J Casaidy, 4tb Sergeant; and J oa F Hodgson, 4th Corporal. The company unanimously resolved to parade on the iWd instant, with new horse equipments, Ac , that hive been furnished by Government. A convivial entertainment will be given by the newly-elected officer* on a future evening, of which aue notice will be given to the members, both honorary and active. Alzxakdkia Salary Bill ?The bill establish* ine the salary of city officers, passed by the Alex andria Board of Aldermen Tuesday night, tixec the salary of the Mayor at 96<u; Auditor. &5U)c Attorney of the Corporation, #50; Superintendent of Urns Works, S*SW; Superintendent of Folic* and Street Commissioner. $600; Clerk of tbe Market, S350; Measurer of Wood and Birk, 7? percent, of the gross emoluments of bis office; uuagrrui sua inspectoral ppinu, M per cent, of the gross emolument! of bis office; Col lector of Taxes in the Second and Third Warda, 'l)i per cent.; Collector of Taxes in the Firat and Fourth Warda. per cent, ef the amount col lected; Chief Engineer of the Fire Department, 75; each Aaaeaaor, flOO per annum. SurBSMK Covmr?Thursday.?Nathan O. Rom. i K?q , of Indiana, waa admitted an attorney and counsellor of thia Court No. flfi. MyraClark Gaines,appellant,agt. Dun canN. Hennen. The argument of thiacauae was continued by Mr. Janln, of couaael for the city of New Orleans, submitted on a printed argument of Mr. Hennen, appellee, and concluded by Mr. Cashing for the appellant. Adjourned. Assault and Uattht ? Last night John Burk and Columbus Kelly had some hard words lo the National Hotel, but that not being deemed the proper place to settle the dispute, on* in Tiled the ntkas am# TKa - ? v*uvi ww*. ?v ?u?i?i?ivu wmm augcptni , UUI OH tbe way, Buxk struck at Kelly and tbe blow was

followed by another from a friend of Burk. Po lieemaa Carter arreeled Bark aad took blm before Justice Donn, who bckft blm to ball for court. RoaanT.?Wedneeday night tbe boot and shoe tore of Mr. Bea Jobaeon, Sixth street, near Vir ginia avenue, lalaad, was entered, and goods to the amount of about S30 waa carried away. The property waa moetly work done for hie customer*, whlob (be proprietor waa least prepared to loea. No to u? thief bae b^ea obtained. Hi 1 Fa.taj.itt amoiio QDANvria In the Vrtath "Ward there hiu bfcn found a great nnmber ef hoc* tying dead tn various pf"?. which required to Of burled by the Corporal'on. Con?ml?s oner Taylor gave direction for their collection and burtal,iod the aggregate ws? foor cart loads. W.fcat caused this suddea fatillty is a mystery In the First Ward a similar fatality has prevailed amongst the dogs and cats, and resulted in the destruction of i large number, and among them some valuable animals Fven "Did Philon." the re?pe<-ted guardian of Aylmer'a corner, Peven teeuth Street and the Avenue, was among the victims. Phlloa was the intimate and faithful friend ef the police of the ward, who generally take their stand on that corner, and bis loss is deeply lamented by them. Tn* Pbacx Cohvutios Coxatmi held a firotrarted session last night, up to 1 o'clock, and t wa? understood that they adopted a series of propositions, by a small majority, which were unfavorably received by the border slaveholdtng States, and the friend* of conciliation were much depressed ahont It It is understood, however, tbat tbe committee met again this morning, when tbey rescinded the vote by which tbe propositions of last night were adopted, and adopted other measures of adjustment of a more acceptable character. IThk Corporation Flao ?In compliance with a recent act of the Counclla, tbe Mayor has given order for the erection of a flag-staff on the City Hall. This morning the mast was placed In front of tbe building, and workmen were engaged in rigging the tackle for hoisting It to its position on tbe center building Tbe mast is forty-live feet in length, amply sufficient for a flag of the largest size, which Is to be hoisted upon it. Evksy lady In want of a fashionable cloak, sacque, basque, Arab, or shawl, abould attend the auction sale of these goods to-morrow morning, at iron mil. the advertisement of C. \V. l5ote ler k. Son?, auctioneers, in another column of to day'! Star. Remember that these garments can be worn two mouthi before the season for spring wrappings. Great bargains may be expected. Rar*t in Washington ?Rarey, the renowned borse tamer, was in town to-day, and bas beet endeavoring, unsuccessfully, to get a suitab room for an exhibition Unfortunately, all our placet of public amusement are up-stalrs rooms, where horses cannot be introduced; consequently, hit exhibition here must be deferred for a time. Mori Coming ?The dragoon corp? of West Point, which was ordered a few aayi ago to repair to this city, Is on its way hither by this time They take six pieces of cannon, of which' four are formidable Arid pieces, two are howit zers, and seventy-eight splendid horses. At noon to-dat quite a heavy shower of rain fell, and several claps of thunder, accompanied by lightning, were heard. Frnno Burton?Amusement of the liveliest sort, handsome gifts and everything attractive the parlor entertainment* at Odd Fellows" Hall. To-i*ight, Rev. John I.ord lectures at the Smithsonian, on Bacon and Philosophy. Stkam Pcousiji?. Gentlemen, I am prepared to CUan and Re-pre*s ynur Coats, Pants, ana Vests in the very best man ner. Give me a ca I. W H. Whkatlbt. No. 393 (south side) Pa. avenue, fe l4-8t Betv een 4'? and 6th sts. WlLLISO TO DyK for TH* PtOPLK. I shall be pleased to Uye lor tre prople of \V ash ington all oo:ors, on all kinds of material. W. H. VVhkatlit. Steam Dy'int and Staurimg Estobli*k>nent, fe 14 3t 383 south side Pa. av? bet.-IS audCth. To th* Afflicted !?Be sure to read the adver tisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf Homeopathic Rkmvdiu All of Dr. Humphreys & Co.'s specific Ho meopathic Remedies put up expressly for family utd, in boxes, at 35 and 50 cents each. Also, in cases, containing 20 vials, from S4 to $6 with l>ook of full directions. For sale by Z. I). Gilm&n, 350 Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail agent; W. A. Fitzger&itl, 343 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, corner of Massachusetts ave nue and Sixth street. Also, PcmVi Ertrntt of Wit eh Hazel, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds, bo id as at??ve. ma ?-l y CoraHs ?The sudden changes of onr olimate are onroe1! of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthma lie Aftetinns. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act speedily and certain ? when takTi in the rariy states of the disease, recourse should at onoe be had to " Crown'* Bronchial 7>ochcs," or Lozonges. let the Cold, CougJi. or Ir ritation of the Turoat (> ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded off. Public Sptaktrf and Simttrt will find them effectual i'or oiearing and strengthening the voice. See advertisement. de 1-ly Rkackr, have yon seen Prof. Wood's advertise ment in our paper. Re*' it; it will interest you, au 2?-eoly DIED, On the 14th instant, JAMES McDONALD, in the *>th year of his age, a native of ire'.and. Coun ty Ant-im. but for t h? last 7 > *ars a resident of this ciH. He leaves a wife and four children to mourn his loss. The f ienr!* of the farm!* are invited to attend his iuiio'oi at ma i?t? remaeiice, oil J_? ?l , .>o 4^2, oh Sunday, at 2 o'clock. * ^jr eat BARGAINS in damaged clothing, UNITED STATf" CLOTHING STORE, Pkwn. an<de, fe 14-lw Between 11th and 12tti sts. One Dollar. si? si?si? st? st ? SI? *1? si? *1? *1! st?si?si?si?si?si?si?si?si?si I 476 pa.^v. evans'S. 476 pa.Av. your'choice of any articlk of JEWELRY in our stork foh one dollar. splendid assortment. .Eleeant carbuncle sets for si eiogant lava soufor $1 el*ont garnet *eu fjr fl Elegant jet . ?? Srt* for si eleeant CORAL and gold. sets far 31 E eK*nt medallion fret, for ?i Elegant KIM MOSAIC... ?? .?..Setsfor$l Elegant PLAIN BOLD Sots for 81 Ladies' GUARD CH * INS f.r 91 Ladies' O H ATE LAI N K CHAINS for *1 Ladies' NECK CHAINS ?.for $1 Gent's VEST CHAINS, (10 different patterns) -.?........for ?1 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARE, consisting of TABLE. TEA and DESERT SPOONS, FOB KS, CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKETS, CR E * M LADLES, TEA SETS OF KNIVES an<1 FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES, CUPS, 40., to. Also; A Large Assortment of JEWELRY, which we oin sell at 50 cents per nrliclt. BOOKS-BOOKS. CLOS'NG OUT OUR STOCK AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. $1.00 BOOKS Selling for 50o^n's $1.25 BOOKS Selling for 60 to 75 o?nts ,?2(0 BOOKS Seiltnr for *1 tn . ! m NOW 19 YOUR TIME TO GIT BOOKS and JEWELRY LOWER THAN EVER BEFORE. CALL EARLY AT 476 Pa. Av. EVANS'S. 476I\l.Av. f?> l? tr jy|ILiTARY TRIMMINGS! Gold and Pilver Army 1 ac?s, . Military Button* of all kinds, God and Silver Fringes, btara, Cords and Taiuli, Gold and S>iJv*r Bullion. t?p%n?Ies and Braids. Mill arr Worsted Uraids and Bfltircs, R^gatia T' 111 mings. SimM, Epaulettes, iianueis and Flax* mod* to order by MRS. LOWK, 89T ?Pmh. ATlsn ?9T HERE'S A BETTER TIME COMING! Viotimsof Self Abtn-e and S*crot Diseases should apply at SHUMAN'S Southern Medical House, under the Clarendon Hotel, corner Sixth street and P*. avenue, immediate y opposite the National Hotel, and try Dr. Houtney's Celebrated London Medioines. Th?-y are warranted to cure the most viru.eut form* of tionnorrhcsa. tileet. Syjhi.ia, Nocturnal H missions, Strictures, and Weakness of the Uivid^r in from 3 to 6 itaya. The Rented:** oan be sent by mail. Office hours from 9 a. m to 1ft fe9 Iw South Side. p ni. jara-tn" rl? at all times be prfteartlto serve al who majr lavor him with a oa;f. with the brat WINES, t lUt'ORg and Cl GA R8. ae well aa OYSTERS OAME a <1 other delioacies of the itaion. fe^;m_ Im TAKE NOTICE! ' A WILL Take all kind* of Virrfaia money for ntf book debt* and for Boots, Shoe*, and Trunks. All persona Indebted to me will please oad and settle j up* or 1 shall be compelled to give their aooounta into the hand* of a oolleotor. _ 8 P. HOOVER. Iron Hall. noil Ha. ar.. between 9th nvl irwh ?t? FOR CLOTHING, H*TB and CAPS'. Call at 8*fl H'S, No. 460 gevesth opposite Hoe* Oflloe. f? 2 fiw irejnjTgigGb o.jMg. GEORGETOWN. Correspondent* / Tkt Star. GtoictTowR, February 15, 1?*1 The ronrrnt'on which nominated Mr Dodge for the Mavnraltr weembled again laat evening, all being preaent eirept three n.emhera. and afw a report from the committee appointed to wait on nomine** for the Board of Common Council, it waa finnd that there waa one vacancy to All, rtniMl h? -a-*?i n*-*- '~ ** " ? ? ?j ?ui vi v?pwiii incivpony. After several ballot!rigs. much dlscunslon. and many Ineff. < toal effort* to comnrcmiie on can didate without any definite retult. several gentle men withdrew and the remaining ten filled the vacancy rir? rtee. After which the convention (what waa left of tt) adjourned, aubject to a call of the President Harmony did not prevail at this meeting; "on the contrary quite the rvverae," aa some one elegantly expreasea It The Council ticket la aa follows Jaa I Barrett, Samuel Cropley, I. Thaa Davis. David English, J?? N Fearson. Jas B Goddard. Wm H Godey, Geo Hill, jr , F \V. Jones, Ksau rick rell, and Chaa ?!einmif Tbe Scott Rifles, Capt Berry, received their equipments on Wednesday, and the Carrtngton Home Guards, Capt. Goddard, their arq^s yesier d'J: - - company U, Washington Light Infantry. of yonr city, marched through onr streets yesterday, attracting roach attention. LOST AND FOUND. 17STRAY.?A liver colored POINTER PUP, 1-J eight months old. A liberiJ rewatd?^_^\ wi l be paid for his return to No 314 between llth and 12tb ste It* ??? L< ?ST-On Fifth or G street, a HAIR HRACE LKT with a gold clasp. Th* finder will be rewa ded and rec-ive the thanks of lh? owner by leaving it at the l>asemer.tof Assembly's Church, corner of Fifth and 1 sts. fe 15 at LOST?On the evening of the W?h instan'.in the vicinity of Island Hall, a FITCH FUR VIC TORINK. The fir.der will be rewarded by leaving it at No. SS5, corner of Seventh st. and Virginia avenue. fe 14 St* | OST- On yesterday morning, between Perrs's 1 4 store and the corn'r of H and Terth sts . a'.adv'sUOl n WAWHin^riiiiM _,.u aea!a, etc. The finder will Ke puitahlv re warded l>y loavint it at No. 334 New \ ork ?>?., between9th ami lothata. le U 8t* TIPPFT LOST?On Saturday night. ?th luttanU a lady loat a inink sable Fur Tippet, lited with htne Milk. It waa dropped on F street, between 7:h an?l 13th ata., or on Thirteenth atreet, between F and H ata, A uitabie reward will be paid on ita dal' vrr at No. 41 7 Thirteenth at. #e_l4 St* LOST?a (old link BRACELET, with the like neaa of & gentleman in the locket; initia'a K. Y., from C. R., engraved on it; auppoaed to have been loat between 3d and E nt? and the Navy V'ard. The finder will be rewarded by leaving it at thia office, or at No. 494 E atreet north, betweeu 2d and 34. fe 14-St* C?Q REWARD.?Loat, on Monday evening, at yO tiia corner of F ar.d Eighteenth aireet?, a SABLE FUK TIl'rF'.T. The finder will receive the above reward by returnin- it to No. 424 Fif teenth at. fe 13 St* I OST-A HAIR BRACELET, with a go.d 1j claap, and toe likenesa of a centleTtan in the claap ; vaiaahle to the owner aa a family relio. It waa loat either in a Seventh atreet omniboa or on I atreet between 7th and 9th tta.. on Tiiuraday laat. k. liK ?i.l ? > ?ill i " f. " -?! win ov pmu mo nn.ier Dy iriTing it a*. 4 41 1 street, between 9th and lflth. fe 13 St BOARDING. SEVKRAL GENTLEMEN OR FAMILIES can be ace mmo<lat?1 w th pleaeant Rooms and Hoard at Mrs WKHT'8, 525 H it, le'wwn 6th and 7th AJao, Table Boarders. feS#.?tco* BOARDING.?Persona desiroua of a oomforta b e home can obtain e<>od Hoard and pleasant Apartments on F street. No. 339. between <Hh and l<)th sto Tibie Boardora can also l>e ac'ohimo dated. Terms reasonable. f?5-iw GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Yf? GEORGETOWN MAYORALTV.-To ?k_X prevent any doubt, at the instance ot iny friends, 1 herohj sivo notice that 1 s tall m: with draw as a candidate for the mayor a!', j at toe ensu ing election. feH-tf RICHARD R. CRAWFORD. Yy*NOTICE.~On the Fourth M rday o' this Jv5? month?being the 25'h instant?an Election will !>e held in th- several prec:at? of Georgetown, for Mayor of the Town, anil for eleven tnembara to compose tho Board of Comm?" Council, fe 13 3tawM WM LA IK D. rierk. SOLD FOR FREIGHT.?Eight bbla. APPLfcS and ONIONS received from Boatou come two months sinoe, marked Francis Carter to A. Law rence, io *tnre, and if not oiled for immediately, will be eoid for treight and exaenaea. HARTLEY A 8HOTHF.R, fe 14 -4t 99 and 101 Water St., Georgetown. PU T A TO E S! POTATOES!! 1,500 Imahela Mercer and Jackson White Potatoes now lauding from schooner silver Cloud, and for aale in lots to suit purehaa?ra. Alaa, *0 boxea pome Scaled Herring, bir J. ?. WATKR9. 109 Water at., fe M3t* or J. M MAY. High at. VALENTIN E 8! VALENTINE?!! A large and beautiful assortment ol Sentimental and i oinic Vaientinoc, new a'yles Alao a 6te va riety of Lace. Haucy. Note Paper aud Enve opea for sale at iialfpn?eat MISS THOMAS'S. ? .1 nun nnrt. nra.7 r ir?t. \v ackkhkl, herring. 1*1 AND ALKWIVEf*. 5< barrel* Extra No. 1 labrador HERRING, .V) do. No 1 do. do. 117 d#. No. 3 Small mackerel. Ti do. No S Medium do. I5hlf. bbls. do. do. do. 5 do. No. 1 do, 5qr bb'.a No I do. in kiu No. 1 do. In small If'ts No. 1 do. 10 do. No. 1 SALMON 1? kit* No 1 do. Ail of which wo took for next week p<?r schooner M&'jr Ana Ma:ee, and will be sold on pleading te.'iu* ou or before arrival. Also, in itore? Eastpoftand Huston ?<e ring, Gipped Herrinjr, M-remichi Extra No. 1 Aewtve* App y to hartley A BRO., fell-aw 99 and 101 Water ?t.. <?eorgetr>wn. Philadelphia draught ale.-w* are daily reoeivi % freah auppiiea of Master, Col lin* A. lo.'i unrivaled Philadelphia Draught Ale, which wo are ready to deliver to cuaiomera for oaah. (fe8) ARNY A SHINN. THK EUROPEAN hotel, kept by p. EMRICH. at the corner of Penn. A . A avenue and Eleventh street, has !x?o 11 tI-TR greatly improved recently and now greater inducements for the patronage of citixeus and strangers than any other public house in tne city, his pricas bring lea* than those of any other hote. <>n Penn. avenue, and his accommodations lor permanent or transient boarde;s unexception able. The bar and restaurant arrangement* oi the European Hotel have already become very popu lar, bring all that can bo desired by the most fas tidions. Tne proprietor pledges unremitted atten tion and coutisuwl liberal expenditures to give sat isfaction to alt, and thus r-news hi? invitation all to eive the Kuropean Hotel a call. de 4 ti Ladies, all Early RIDDLE'S* ORIGINAL 91 f?TORF? RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL ft STORE. No. PENNA. AVENLE, No. 309 PENNA AVENUE, Additional invoices just received of New and i>e%utifui Jewelry. Fku* Oca Ebtikk Stock YOU CAN TaKE YOUR CHOICE FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR. cora!, and gold sets, enameled twist fctrS, medallloft sets, real roman mosaic SETS, ruby and VASE sets, La va and bead sfcts, vase ?rwl brilliant sets, ruin mosaic ??kt8, cameo and gold stone sets, CART>U ? cle sets, P..ain gold SETS, boquet and ribbon set*. LADIES' necklaces, ladll-S' neck chains. children's neck chains, chi'.DK e ARMlETS, gents' vest chains, GENTW watch keys. gents' seals and chains. gen TS' sLtEVE b? ttons and studs, thimbles. pens, pencils. kings. silver plated bpoon*. goblet*, cups. Ac. Everjihi' % in the store new and perfect, and guarantied to b? such at> represented in? c. r ,? -i ? to c uf i>nt ini? uuiuoco* irTM ?M ti?? ? tielw at th? lowMt prior*. ,.u? riditfzsztje*. - - .&H 1 **H jfvm wtf-* *k * . .' * f j j ov-c?f wi ??v?t mTtnnrnt ?rra J UT lJ?f T CWW tUT re,aii trade, ud warranted ?o b- the same quality a* la retailed Irom five to thirty dollars eaoh YOUR CHOICE POK ONE DOLLAR. w Rco4aDLtf>* or Cost. A this proat sale o?Dtinaes hat a short finr>e, persons dexirief to "apply themeelvea with Jewelry at these unneard of prioea will pi rasa call early at our . ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORE, SOS Feansylvirna averni.', between 9th and 10th afeets D W. RIDDLE. Remember the Number?307?aa we have nn minnMtinn with ntliori BrnfMiin* ?? ?!l " ?" prices, in tfcis oily. ! Reoeirod thi? Ay a laree inroio* of SILVER WAKE. eoDiiitinf of Oraakfa.t and 'I* Ifeti; Card and Cake Basket*,; I'a'ent t*?rup Pitcher*; Butter Di*hri; Fruit Knives; Tea Iwniven, Korks; Tab e, Dessert,and i<a Spoon:; Tobacoo Boxes; Sugar and Cream 5poom; Napkin Rin^s; Butter KnirM, in seta and single; Kiiv--s and * ork?, in s?U: Ice Cream, Hie and Kick Knives; Breakfast and Pinner Castors; Double and 8m?U Sam, a larce\ariety of Plain, Chased, and Gilt Goblets, Cups, *o. All the % hove articles to be sold with out tegard to nrigi< al eoat. at from f 1 to and w*rrarted to be what they are repreeented. and fatly 190 per oent. less than they can be boucht. 36-tr IOH Pa. *t? tot tth and lath e?e. FOR TWO WEKI8 LONGER we shall continue to ran off oar vhoe stock of rich Dre?* Goods Shaw.s and Cloak', la fact, all Win t"i G ods at oost. m?ny at lau for oaafcjja dfr THE l-ATES I' NEWS. TKLEQKAi* H1C. ftprrrk ( 6??. WIm ( Rl(kan4. R!r?MoKn, Feb 14?Bi-?o* Wlir vh m? nadrd brrr to-aigbt and waited upon by an lat menar crowd, in reaponae to whoaecougratulattoaa bf made a intrch He aald b? vaa for Virginia rat. but If ibf a.drd with aggrMatoa be waa againat brr He praoouocrd aa filar and lafoiaowa the report that be ever eon tea pia ted aa le*aal<>n of Waablnutn* tn ? ? ?fc? Lincoln Re ?ru r*m on President BurtaMn and Groffil Scott He Mid be deprecated civil war. but counselled active preparation to reelst coercion He wai for tbe I nlon and tbe CoMtl tutlon. but nfTitwoold submit to a Northern Con federacy-. Ho believed tbat If Virginia would take a firm stand and do her dutv faithfully. all wo?ild vet he well She should demand that lbs (iovernment vacate all th? forts and arsenals la dispute, and stand as a mediator bdwess the North and South Rsitk Csrsllu Lefltlstflre RALEioa.Feb 14?Tbe Senate baa beaa en gaged on the irillftary bill during yeat<rdr>jr and to-day. and the hill is not vet through 'I be House has Passed several Railroad bills and others are pending. Tbe House has lust received the Minneaota res olutions embodvfne tLa M rj roMolAB They were Indignactly rrcel?nd and will be rr turn?i wbracf tbey came. No day for an ad journment baa yet bee* flied upon, but tbe L*g-. ialature will probably ad jour* next week. The Lm? ! the Brl| Jaaei Madlaoa. Chailutok, Feb. 14?Cbarlea 0. Morton, mate of brig Jamea Madtaon. aa before reported last on thla coaat, waa found rllng'.o* to a apar, and baa been brought to tlilarttv Tbe body of tbe captain waa found on Kiawatii beach, and waa burled by the volunteer* on that Island Tbe Madtaon waa a Baltimore roaael A few dare alnce. it will be remembered, a a?airan of tbe aame vaaael waa alao reamed and brought In here Fira la Baldwtaaville, N T. Balpwissvill*. Feb. 13 ?A Are at ten o'clock laat nigbt df-atroved tbe flouring mill owned by Johnson, Cook k <"o , and ronteata I/ai, 110(1, (MHI on tbe mill and 4<UMj on grain luaured for about moatly In the following roan panlea: Hartford. ConDectlcnt; Fulion. New York, aud liemuden. ?;irin?l?W Tk* Brr It supposed to have ofl-liiTu-d by the friction machinery. The distillery adjoining wash?h! (>lrtr?tl*a sf ike Frtllral ef Mtril Ora*. Xiw < )RLf * >? Feb 12 -Mudi Gras is being celebrated with unlverssl pomp Thedaylswarm and delightful Tbere la a grand dlaplav of inask cn In open reb!"lei, m foot and oo boraeback. with l.lncoln riding on a rail carried by Myrow The Myatick Krewe of Comus, In masked char acter* are making a magnificent parade, aad will have a grand ball to-night. I'alta Meetiaf at ElkUa, Nd. r.LETOK, Feb 14?Tbe Union Convention which aaaembled here to-day resolved not to aend delegates to Baltimore Reaolutlona were yiaaasd In favor of enforcing tbe laws at all ha tarda Tbe Disunion Convention Leld here yesterday was de nounced Tbe Working men's Meeting was verr lsrge. and resolutions were adopted la favor of maintaining the Union nnk'd 1 he Canada Slave lase ioeoxto. hrb 13 ?Tbe English writ of kmt*** corpu% in the And*rion rw wti aerre<1 on tbe ^berilT Monday. If tbe prisoner is r^tnaudrd by the Canadian court be will then be taken to Ens land. ftoathera Isafedermt y ( oagresa MoNTdoaiRT. Feb 14 ?In Cdbgreas to-day m model fla^i were presented and severally referred to tbe Committee o i tbe aubject Tbe remainder of Ibe day was spent in secret session. Laalslasa < eattoa N*w Oklkars, Feb. 13?Tbe Stale Cooveo tlon adjourned yesterday to meet on tbe 4th of March, to await tbe action of tbe Southern Cou grvss ifiHlltrt narktu. riaJLTiaoKt, Feb. 15 ?Flonr more active; How ard at. and Ohio *5.12; City Mills tS.On. Wbrat is steady; rwl ?1 ?>al -it, white 91 4Ual Go Corn la active; yellow35a57c.; mixed 35c.; wbito GSaGTc HrOfllinm nnifl ?nd nr.rhar.i/wl Cnff#* itoili atl2*al3c Whtaky dull at fte. Haw Yark lUrkiu. Niw Yost, Feb 15 ?Flour Urns and quiet Wheat atrsdy Corn firm. ProTiaiona dull Whiaky quiet at l?^c TOPHAM'8 PREMIUM TRUNK MANUFACTORY. 499 Stvr*TH tmn, Wamimoron, D. C. Si rer Medal awarded ^y Maryland Inatitata of Haiti ?o* e, November 7, l(Wli Alao, Medal t?y Me ropo itan Mecbamoa' lcatitate, \Ya*hi:i*U-n, D C., 1*57. 1 am oonatantlr making. and alwaya hare on haad. of the beat material, every deaonpUon of Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. LadieT Dreaa, \V ikmI Box, an<l fack'nr Trunk*. Fallieier, Carpet.and canvas Trarelmi knvaa Traveling Baca, Soho?i Satcne.t, to* AI LMT rrttt l. MemSera of Corgress and travelers will platM exaimce k; before pu?chasiuf elsewhere Trunks that are made in Other cities. Superior Leather and Dress Trucks made to order. Trunk* ?overed and resaired at short ootioe. Good* delivered free of charge t > any|part of the it*, Georgetown, and Alexa*dr;a *j*23 lyeo J A M K** 8.TOP HAM. MATTRESSES! MATTRESSES! AT PAMC PMCiS'. OsLT |1.i0 Any quantity can l?e had at UREEN A WILLIAMS'. ja 31 so"> No governh and D sta. W ft 10.000 ORTH OF BOOTS, SHOES akd TRUNKS. Of eUl Style! and ^ssiuui, AT a 91UT SACBiriCK OX COST. Start (or Kent and Fixtures /#r SmU. All the Stock in S. pThOOVER'S STORE, ? bi' il 1 rop Ha'l.e nbraMng every var ety L<ad>?*'. Gents*/Children's and SSI ^ **?Ser van's' SHOES Al^,TH\V-fW EI.ING TRUNKS are now bein* so!d./sr* vt'kjil cr?at sacr.ftoes nn usual retail selliarlprires. inde^-d much l*-iow ordinal cort. The attention of ilie puU'.ic i? auiieited, m groat inducements wii] be to purchasers. Theal>ov? ooinprisos a la-te stock of the finest Juniify Franch ami oan G*iters,S?hoes,Boots, ,o.. ft o., for ladies anil gentlemen Tn Store la for rent and the Fixture* for sale. Apply on t' precise*. Iron Htil. N. B.?The above stock, either in whole or in p?rt. will he told at private taie. To ?n> oned? irouci ofeiiteniis tiie D<hK, Sfboennd Trunk Buai ness tins aSOrds a better opportunity than mey agvin l>* presented. Persons imietjiod will o^nffr a favor by prompt!? oalting and settling their aoeoonts. ja7 U |AtrOKTANT TO HOLSKkKBPKfte. K. R. 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