Newspaper of Evening Star, February 16, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 16, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: SATURDAY February 18, !??! cf ib? n?rnlN| Press Tbe Jnttlhgtnttr argues that the aettlemer.t K the national difficulties should not be etubar >UMd by a demand for guarantees of any sort with regard to ter itory boreefter to be acquired, but that tbe Government has territory enough, and any auch nunrasiM would be but a bait and temptation for fllibusterism, and an endless source of jealousy a?id contention. * uc nr^-i?vnv??? ?aja . ?' The Republican Caucus, Inst night, unani mously approved Mr Bingham's force bill,which authorise* the collection of rrvenueon shipboard, outside of Insurrectionary p >rta. It will be pressed to its passage next week ?* Thi Piacb CoxFtKK?ict ?Washington Is filled with rumors to-day concerning violent opposition In this body to coming to any settlement of the questions before them. There la doubtless too much foundation for them. The radical wing of the Republican party In the body, as In Coagrtss, are bent on trying the dangerous experiment of pooh-poohirig the troubles of the times, and rely ing upon the next Congress to appropriate the means of maintaining the authority of the United State* over the seceded States, and npon the peo ple of the border slaveboldlng States to aid In upholding that anthorltv under circumstances In which they will find their Institution of slavery liable to be disposed of by a northern majority of two thirds or three-fourths of the States, in accord ance with the terms of the Constltutloa : seven or eight extreme Southern States having withdrawn from the Union. * Now, they may not reasonably rely upon either. it tne rrace congress rail to initiate satisfactory terms of settlement, the party which is now as suming to be the regulators ef the policy of the Incoming administration, the coerclonlsts, will find themselves utterly unable to control the next Congress^ and ere that can meet In called session, the border slavebolding States will be in conven tion by themselves dtvislog means for the protec tion of their rights out of tkt Union. That they are loth, indued, to take any such step, all now realize. But If the ideas of Messrs Sumner. Wade, Fields A. Co , are to prevail in the Govern ment, with seven or eight slavebolding States out of It, the question of the secession of the rest of tbem Is simply one of time?and very short time at that. We have done onr best, as all know, to resist the current of secession, and still believe that under almost any circumstances it will be best for the border slaveholdiug States to remain in the Union. But it is our duty to state frankly that there is no more prospect that the Incoming Administration will find tbem under Its govern mem *ix roociLS nence, witn the uuir State* gone and Sumnerism and Wadelsm the policy control ing its council*, than that they will be under the | government of the man In the moon. Our private advices from Richmond asiure u? that the Vir ginia Convention will cordially accept any reason, able settlement of the questions In issue by the Peace Congress?not tying themselves down to the Crittenden platform; but ttwt if the upshot of the action of the Peace Congress, be, simply, to leave the remaining slaveholdlng States to look to the radical wing of toe Republican party here after, to conserve their rights in the Union, with half the late slaveholdlng power of self-protection In the Government gone off, tnose in the Conven. tlon who think with us upon the issjes of the times, will go to the wall in twrnty-four hours after It Is known that such is the result of the action ot the Peace Congress. The report of the ommtttee of that body will be accepted by the Virginia Convention promptly, .ncwi i yier, bpouod ana Brockenbrough to tbe contrary notwithstanding; for no border slave holding State will follow tbe Giftf States out of the Union, because, forsooth, an amendment of tbe Constiutlon regulating tbe domestic Institu tions of territory whose condition this Govern ment baa no more lawful or constitutional right to Interfere with than with that of tbe French Empire or ihs Kingdom of Great Britain, may not be consented to by tbe North. If, however, its adoption by tbe Convention be defeated by the votes of Iowa, Wisconsin, Massachusetts aad other extreme Northern States, and the In trigues of Southern Disunionists p?r *?, all that has recently been gained for the cause of tbe Union in tbe Virginia and Tennessee elections will be Instantly lost, under circumstances making assurance doubly sure that permanent dliuuion on tbe line of Mason and Dixon's ltn? i)t not upon a three-confederacies plan) la to be the future condition of our lately so happy and pros peroua country. THS COSTBST tOB PRBS!DB3T or THB VlBfrlNlA Cosvssvtion was a close one, between John Jan pey, of Loudoun, and Valentine W. Southall, of Albemarle. Mr. Jauney was supported almost ntlrely by those members wLo may be regarded as being moat earnest Union men, while Mr Southall, who is a conditional Union man, prob ably pledged to vote tot secession unless the Crit tenden platform be adopted by the Peace Con vention, was voted for by the immediate seces sionists and the conditional Union men, with here and there a vote from gentlemen whom we know to be disposed to accept the Guthrie plan or the border State settlement. Mr. Jar.ney's ma jority wss ten. and there were thirty-four absen uia urity 01 wcom?being from far distant (western).counties?are earnest Unionists I nder these circumstances we are satisfied that those who are calculating (as aisunlonists la Washington are) that the Virginia Convention will pass a secession or-llnance unless the Critten den p.atform. pure and simple, be agreed upon by the Peace Convention, are reckoning without their host. Our own belief Is that any settlement that will satisfy a fair majority of the border States ss represented In the Peace Convention, will be sustained by the Virginia Convention by reso lutions of instruction to Virginia's Commissioners here, if ttiat may be necessary to secure the acqui escence of a majority of (hose gentlemen In It. Mabk thk DiffEKE.tcs 15 Tbe:x Toss! ? Which is thk Riprksi.itativx Man*?All the world know the tone of Senator Mason's disunlon ism, as illustrated by his ever-blatint oratory, up to the day of the recent election. He maintained xnat Virginia was for whisking herself out of the Union Immediately. If not sooner; and Lis every allusion to the North In Virginia's name breathed naught but hostility as deep, unrelenting and bitter aa aver was felt by the Colonies towards Britain during our revolutionary war. The State baa, however, spoken in tba election of her Con vention, and In her Convention's election of John Janney, of Loudoun, to be ita Pr?-sld?nt. Now, mark the contrast between her sentiments upon the all-absorbing question aa he enunciates them, and aa they wr-re not long since assumed to be spoken by Mr Msson in the Senate, and in the taa-slgned manifesto, and the supplement to that from the pen af Mr. Wm Smith, of the Houae of Represents tivea .. . iu< iiMU|[urti udrwa ot Mr. Jan ney on oar flrit page to-day, that the contrast may be duly appreciated. Will the North In the Feeoe Convention respond like men poeaeasing oula. to Virginia'* aentlroenta, aa thus enunciated by the man whom the haa especially authorized to announce them * Ts? Com*itt?? of toe Peace Congreae dined with the Prealdent of the United State* yesterday at the Executive mansion The affhlr was a pleasant one, and free interchange of Ideas con cerning the preaent sectional troubles wss In dulged In At night they visited Secretary Holt, and were handsomely entertained at hta hospit able mansion Tib Csasb.?We bear tnat aereral well-estab lished bueinese bouses In Baltimore snccumbed 7 w vac nnancui pressure. One of these feousee supposed Itself to have a safe margin of 140,OW, but found it Impossible to realise to meet liabilities Misa Lark's last Ricmioi or thi ?eason took place at nooa to-day, and was very numer ously attended by apparently a very happy com pany Indeed liy From Shilling ton we have an early copy of Harper's MafaxlJM tor Mwfc, with aa lavltlng table ot eoatoati. COK6RESSIONAL. Sknatk.?Yesterday, after our report closed? Tli?* Senate took up the tariff bill, and, after the adoption of certain amendment*, adjourned. Hop**.?When our report closed, the House waa in Committee of the W hole on the I3oat Office Appropriation Bill After a short time spent in discussing the bill, th^Commlttee reported It to the House with amendments, and tbebill was passed. The House then resumed tbe consideration of the special order, being the report of the Commit Up of Thirty-three. Mr. Vandever, of Iowa, oppoaad secession as traitnrious and u' justifiable; and said th*t if either the Crittenden or Border State propositions were adopted thev would only tend to increase the ? citement and agitation. In conclusion be said he would never vote for any proposition that would guarantee protection to slavery la any of the free territories of the United States. Mr. Dejarnette, of V*., said that the Southern Confederacy bad been constructed upon tbe only basis which could secure a permanent and consoli dated government. That basis was African slavery, and that institution was tbe keystone in the temple of liberty Hecharged the disruption of the Union to the republican party, and declared that If Vlr gInia's equality was not recognized in the Union, she would be found In the war path also. The House then adjourned.*day, February If. Sk3ati.?The President of the Senate being sick, on motion of Mr. Powell, Mr. Foot was called to tbe cbair. The Senate took up tbe resolution for printing of a number of extra copies of tbe report of the agrlcultu.'al bureau; which resolution was agreed to \ The vote excusing Mr. Thompson from service on tbe Committee on Finance was reconsidered, and the Senate refused to excuse Mr. Thompson from said service. Mr Fearce, from the committee of conference. reported a nnmber of change* In the bill?one of them abandoning the appropriation in favor of A. W. Thompson, on account of the Cblrtqul affair. The Senate then took up the special order, th* bill organizing the territories of Dacotah aud Nevada. Hook ?The Speaker laid before the Houae a communication from the Secretary of War rela tive to the salary of certain officers In the Army. Laid on the table. Mr Kilgore of Indiana reported from the Com mittee on the District of Columbia a bill estab lng a Metropolitan Police system in the city of Washington. Mr. Thomas of Tenn. desired to have the bill read. Voices?"Oh, no." "Too long " Ac Mr Thomas then objected to the consideration of the bill. Mr. Mavnard of Tenn. offered a resolution au thorizing the Special Committee of Three on the abstraction of books from the Congressional Li brary, to employ a reporter and clerk, and to hold their sessions during the sessions of the House. Agreea w>. Mr Kellog of 111 presented to the House, from 200 citizen* of hit district, remonstrance against bit proposition off- red a few days since. Laid on the table Mr. John Cochrane, of N. V., presented to the House the proceeding* of a Democratic Conven tion In the State of New York, favoring the Crit tenden proposition*. Laid on tbe table. The House then took up the regular order of business. (reports from committee*, of a private character,) and, after the passage of certain pri vate bills? On motion of Mr. Tappan. the House resolved Itself into Committee of the Whole on the private calendar, (Mr. Wanhburne, of 111., In the chair,) and took under consideration a bill for tbe relief of John Hodges; pending which oar report closed. The Virginia Convention. Correspondent* of The Star. Richmond. Feb 15, 1981 The State Convention to-dav ha? eration a resolution offered by Mr Conrad, for the appointment of a Committee of Twenty-one on Federal Relations, to be appointed by tbe Presi dent, tp whom all subjects respecting Federal re lations should be referred without debate Gov. Wise appeared for the first time to-day?having only reached the city last evening?and moved to so modify the resolution as to require the commit tee to report daily; which modification, after de bate by Messrs ise and Clemen*, was accepted. The Convention are waiting the action or the Peace Commissioners at Washington. This is perhaps the most saf? and conservative body of Virginians ever assembled?embracing among its members some of the ablest and best men of the Commonwealth. All honor to their constituents for sending luch a body here If we had been favored with precipitators or secesslonits per sg, and the people had not Insisted upon their action being submitted to them for adoption or rej ctlon, bv Saturday night this State would have been, along with the rest further South, out of tbe Union. .. .. . i^uiimauic iaci idii cannot oe denied, that a large portion of tbe press In thla city, ana their correspondent* In your city, are availing themselves of all aorU of reporta and fabrications to keep up tbe excitement, and nothing would be uch a God tend to thetn now,as that tbe Peace Con gress should fall in sgreeln? upon a basis or plan of adjustment, to be submitted to Congress All their efforts, all their exertions?let them say what they will-are bent to accomplish this Does any one doubt this? Look to a paper printed in Balti more, and sec what efforts are made to stave cff action by the party who hope to precipitate revo lution in Marvland^nd are keenly disappointed at the result of tbe election in Virginia and Ten nessee' It is hoped therefore that all of our friends or our enemies, who really do not wish to see this great Government broken up?the hope of the world, the hope of down trodden humanity throughout the world?will rally to the standard of tbe stars and stripes, and disappoint these gen tlemen It is hoped now. and expected not only by the Legislature and people of Vlrgirla, that our Sen ators and members of Congress will cordially con cur in all measures tending once more to restore the Union and Constitution They are doubtless AI J it-. ui?|i(i?>ii>tu iuauD? j-eopie or Virginia did not take their advice and send a different set of dele fates to the Convention. But they profess to be . e ve that the will of the people should be obeyed. I#et them do so. cordially, honestly, sincerely; acknowledging that they were only mistaken in their views, and now havlug found out their views, are ready to obey It is certainly remarkable that now all danger is past, that it is discovered that there was no neces sity for Gen Scott's concentrating troops at Wash ington If he had not done so, what then, and an outbreak had occurred' The gallant old hero de serves the thanks of the country for his prudence and precaution. A. Nominated.?The Hon. W. E. Nlblack, M.C. from Indiana, was to-day nominated by the Presi dent to be Chief Justice of the Territory of Ne | bruka, vice Augustus Hall, deceased. irrFrom V??noK 4. DI.w-.-i? * ? ^ , . .vm >wmvu ?. mgu>;cin, una I ayior & Maury, we have the readable March number of Harper's Magazine. vwhml Catbartne Hayes is making a musical tour through Ireland. Prince George Galltztn is giving concerts In London, Introducing the finest Russian airs. "Dixie's l>and,:' the popular Ethiopian melody that the Southern Confederacy has adopted as a national air, Is tbe composition of a Pennsyl vania Yankee, Stephen C Foster, of Pittsburg. Thb Great Ccm* rom Dtkpifsia ? One of the most terrible evils In the community Is the wide spread prevalence of dyspepsia It Is to be found In almfipt every family in our land, aid thousands are suffering from what thev believe to be tbe alU ments of the head, tbe heart, the cbest, the liver ui uwwria, which arein reantv but symptoms and the results of the presence of dyspepsia many forms doe* this dire arrangement of tbea#imal functions assume, that a thousand different cases might be cited In which the complication or com bination 6f symptoms is entirely different Prob sbly the most efficient remedial agent known is the Oxygrnaitd , prepared byS W. Fowle k Co . Boston. We have seen letters from indi viduals whose character and position In society tn title ttqtiri to confidence, and the article bits born approved by some of our most professional men ? Bolton Trattlltr. The above expresses our opinion of this well known remedy. T?? VV*athb* ?The following report of the weather for the morning Is made from the Amer ican Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The time of observation is rboat 7 o'clock. Burlington. Vt overcast. 32?, wind S Philadelphia, fa clear, pleasant. Washington, D. C clear, wind 8 Richmond, Va. ...clear, 45\ Petersburg. Va clear, pleaaant. Rnlelgh, N. C clear, 49?. Wilmington, N C clear, pleaaant. Charleston, 8. C Clear, pleaaant. Augusta. Ga. cloudy. Savannah, Ga dear, pleaaant. Macon. Ga. cloudy. Coliimbna, 6a clear, pleasant. Griffen. Ga raining. Montgomery, Ala. cloudy. Jackson, Ala cloudy. Mobile, Ala.. clear, 46'. nuM TBI WIST Pittsburg, Pa.. .clear, 40^. Cleveland. O clear, Barometer it the Smithsonian at 7 a m... (cor rected for teinpmtiin.) 49.7!?i: 94 **? Thermometer at 7 a. m , 35'; at noon, <e Maximum daring til bonra, ending 9 a. m. to day, S3*, m 1 n 1 muHi 32 Bi/oii asd Arts* S*c*mio? ?The State at Twm -fto Rapnblic of Tm**t.?Frt%tUi. DEPAKTMEXT .1E\T?. Appointed.?Mr. John Potto, long a r.letk to the War Department, has been appointed Chitf Clerk vice Mr. Drlnkard, resigned. Rksishkd ? Commander Raphael 9emmes,now of Alabama, has resigned bis commission In the Navy of the United States. Items Telegraphed fr?m \V Butting so. w A9ni,ibTiM i rru w ? i uc cuminmf? op pointful to prepare matter for the consideration of tbe Peace Contention to-dav reported a plan of pacification. It ia under?tood to be compounded of the propositions of Mr Crittenden and Mr. Guthrie, and of the border State committee's res olutions, and, (iroong other things, applies tbe principle of the Miaaourl compromise north of 30? 30', and popular sovereignty south of that line. The membe s of the Convention have been in constant consultatlon with their respective Con gressional delegations, and have derived some en couragement as to a successful result. Every effort will be made to carry the plan through the Convention before the close of thfa week. It is said that assurances have recently been re ceived that no attac* will be made on either Fort Sumter or Fort Pickens, and that as soon as Mr. Davis shall bare been inaugurated President of tbe Southern Confederacy he will send a Minister to Washington, with power to negotiate with this Onvarnmont />nnAn??l 44 * v wva u(h\ vuuvci niii^ iuc mriuul luaucri IF) dispute. However this may be, tt If certain, as ascertained from an undoubted source, tbat Major Anderson feela himself secure in bia position, and, should he be assailed, no doubt is entertained that be call hold the fort until succored by Gov ernment. From Pk5*acola.?The Navy Department hai official Information of the arrival of the t*abine at Pensacola This is one of ihe ships belonging to the Home Squadron. All the National vessels are lying outside the bar The Brooklyn has landed n?lther men nor provisions at Fort Pickens. Capt Hazzard, of the steamer Pocahontas, hai been condemned by a medical survey,'and Lieut. Alexander Murray has been ordered to the com mand of the Pocahontas. Vns/nlW n*.? D?.V. - _ _ . .. a ?> ivi b 4 'H > uin's oa ? s that the U. S revenue rutter at that port bu been ordered to proceed to New York at onre. IYk? SMITHSONIAN LECTURF,S*-Rev. .l*o iIJ5 I<orp will lecture on MONDAV KVK NTNG, os Oli ver Cromwell. fe 16 2t [V"3? UNITARIAN CHURCH-The R?7 M' _5 Ritt*b of New York, will pr ach in tim Chinch TO-MORROW, Feb. 17. ?erv:oe At 11 o'clock a. in. It* (VyTHKRKV C A SCULCEOBL. PASTOR I L ? of St John s German Lutheran Churehor the laland, having received the ute of the BaotiM Church on Tenth street, preaches there renulaMj on SABBATH AFTERNOON, at a quarter he fore joVook- It* (Y*=? I. O. O. F-GKAND LOI)GE.-Pa?l LkJI Gianis: Attend a meeting of the R. W Grand Lo?;ge of the Dis'nct of Columliui. *t th< Se-enth ?tr?et Hall, on TO-MORROW (Sunday AFTKR NOoN, at 1 o'olnck, preparatory to at tending the fnneral of our l*t? Rroth?r P G Jons Bohlatsr, of Harmony L^dte No. 9 By order It john T BANGS,Q. 8 y*?pi:nday school anniversary 'L? The Anmverw? Exerci?e? of the S?bl>?tV School of the Fourth Preiby?e>ian Churoh. wil t*ke plaoein theohorchTO-MORROW (Sabbath AFT KKNOdN, at 3V o'olock. Aluresups hv Rev Varsc * D. Collin*, the ?h rati an t-avrlcr, anc by Rev. l)r. Smith, the pa*tor. Single by th< School and Ch<ir. The public are cordial j invi ted. It' Y^?AT a meeting of company h Jjf Union Regiment, he>!d laat night, thefol lowing wa* aJ<p'ed : On motion of t*. O. Wilson a vote of thank* w*i ten'ieml to Ja"tpg Kvrri->tt, suprrjntendent o wiiter's Kui'ding, for th? use of a room it Wi' der'n Building, to b$ used a* an armory foi thu company. Rr nrrlAr nf Prtmnnn. ry"5F?CITlKf* OF THE BIBLE.?The Kev. M* IJ^S? ?ns Noblk wi i preach a seriex of sormoni on the (' iti^s of the Bible, in the Sixth Pre- hfteriAi Churoh, corn?*r of ?ixth st. south and Ma-*lan( avenue. The first sermon of the oonrto will be tli Wvered on SAUBATH AFTERNOON. the 171) instant, at hall-past three o'clock. Suij<-cr?"An ci^nt Ninevah '* The public are respectfully invr t?d to attend. It* ry^-JOHN B. GOL'GH WILL LECTURE 0> LL? WEDNESDAY EVEN1 NG, Fobru?rr ? at tneSmuino.iian Institution, fur the l-enefitnftH \ oung Men's <!* ri?tian Association. Tr.i? will b( tha only oppo:tunity of hearing in tins city th< greatest living orator. Tickets 51 c nt*. f eservart seat* 81. ''or rale ft th? principal l.o'eis. book and music stores. Doors open at 7 p. m. Lecture will commence a 8 p. m. fe 16-4t Tr*=?I. O O P.?The members of HARMONS 11?>? LODGE, No. 9,1. O O. F., will meet a their hall at 1 o'olook p m., 8LNDAY, Februar; 17th, 1861, to attend the funeral of Brother P. G John Horn ?v*? V1?mhiM nf >? ? ? ........ VI. */? HII lUUgCl VI fraternally invited to Attend. fe 15 2t* HENRY N OBER, R. n. Irg?? SABBATH SCHOOL exhib;tio> II R AND CONCERT.?Th? ?ar>bath Schoo of Oortfloh Chape! will give an Exhibition and Don oertforthe benefit of the Schorl, on TI'KfDAl EVENING, the 19th instant, at Ryland CLapti corner Mar* and avenue and T?n'n street coir, mencing-at 7>* o'clook. Tickets 10 cents : cnildr?*i 5 cents fe 15-*t* rry?REGIMENTAL ORDER No. 1 .-Head quarter* First Regiment Militia. U C ?Thi FiHd and Coirpai't Officers of the first remrn n are ordered t ioeet on SATURDAY EVENiNG 16tn inst. at 8 o'clock, at the hall of the C< lumb.i Er.gic? House, Capitol Hill, and report for duty. By ordrr. J AS. A. TAIT.Col. Com. 1st Reg. M. D. C E. 8. ALLEN. Adj't 1st Reg. t? IS 2t* UNIVERSALIS! ? FveUastimr Fir? rre pirrd for the Devi", and hi* An eels ? The oh ii.cs Kiske will give an exposition ih? para boot iho shecD and *<>at>- < > wd NING, a* the old Trinity Church, showi'i>r that i has no reference to us ouly as a matter of hi*tor> "Depart from us ;e curseo infoeverlastue J're.pre parrd for the de*.il an1 his angels And theBi shall *< away into ever.astir* punuhmMii.'' f" 15 2t* IJ. GOUGH. Jjj THE GREATEST LIVING OKATOK W I L L L E C T U II E IN THIS CITY fe 14 St ^<>?>N. lfy?THE UNION I?ftAYER MEETING j Jf will holden every day thin vek, in th< Enxlish Lutluran Church, corner of Htli and li streets, to comm&noe at 4 o'olook, and to oontirui one hour. ja7 rr?=?"I 8AV, STRANGER, VVHERK AR* ILf? you going ? You s:em to he 111 a <reat hur ry. "So 1 am. 1 am going to SMITH'S, No 4Kf Seventh street, to hoy a'suit of Clothes. The peo. pie Kay ho has a very nioe assortment, arrf they saj h? sells them so oheap." Mote.?The last tt<3 *a? of tiie stranirfir !> ? w?.? a? "?* - n- ? uy kjovoil' il SK'TCI tinging out *'?MITH, No.4t>0" fo2-6w (Y>r*ClTV HALL. February 9ih ? I ho Aaaev i_k_5f aora having finished thfir annual iirrn mentof leal and p?r?on:?l 'property. will meet ai their room, (City Hall) ?iaifr, aa a Board of Ap P'ala, from th* 10th to the 26ih of February, irclu aive, to hear all oomplainta and to make ?uch cor recti ona in over aeaesainont aa they may deem doc esaary. fe 9-td GEO THOS. STKWART S?o. fTjF?l)EMP8EY A O'TOOLK, lUS WEDDING AND VISITING CARD ENGRAVERS. Import* office WEDDING STATIONER., WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful styles, 3'JG Pa. Av., between 9th and loth st? , au 27 fim WARHtNsros. ICE! ICE!! I C E !!! 3(W tona of pure Flint Ioe for sale, cot thia wit tei and wail preaervod. Apply to JOS NICHOI.SO>, opposite tae Alexandria Aqueouot, Undje atreet, Georgetown. fe 16 8t tnjAL. Ar?L> woud.-On haad and for sale at > the lowest ouh prioes? R- J As.n and Stovo Coal. . Whit? A*h f ug and Stove Coal. Onk Wood, Pine Wood, Charcoa', A o. Term* cash. R WJ|URR, fe 16 3t* Corner of Seventh *t. atirnUii. av. ' HE ACCOM MOD ATI ON LINE.-The?team * ?r JAMK" ?IJV will r'lum* ^11 "? k her trip* on TUESD A YJ&th of Feb ruary, 186'. Will leave WASHING-*" *? TON <*very I UE?DA V and FRlDW.a* 6 o'clock a it., and ALE XANDRIA at half pa*r 6 o'Aok, for CtRRIOMAN and the intermediate<iin*n. On her re'nrn trip* she will leave CIJRRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 6 o'clock a. in. JuatOpnninK at Moi.AUG fe 16 St Between sth and loth ?t*. F #50.000. IFTY THOUSAND DOf.LARS WORTH IIP II? WW I D V AT ONE DOl'la'r 'tUE'CHOICE. Just received on consignment,from th- asurnees of the manufacturer, ana muit b? offered a* above to liquidate accounts and olose the bn?i> eta. Aa aome people mnnt profit by the miafortunea of othera, we hope oar fri?nds will be among the num ber to aeoure unprecedented bart?ins ir Odd and Jewelry, at & A. LAKE k. CO *8 Marble Hall Bazaar, STO Brown'a Hotel. 370 fe '?-'t? dfEHA CLOAK)? !?OPh RA CLOAKS! \J FOE TUB WA UP VRATIOS BALL. BEEKMAN * CO., 473 Bkoadwat, Nbw You Citt, Are prepared to reo'ive orders and to ttnish in the quickest and most satisfactory manner, OPERA CLOAKS foi tb> Aaovi Occasion. A Hand tome Aaortment now in Stodc . . "Tse union otmjljl cloak." PROGRESS OF THE FRESfDEST ELECT Speech or Ma. Likcol* to tkb Pi?hi or ALLKGHAXY CoCSTT, PaWSSTLVASia. Pittsbcro, Feb IS ?The weather this morn ing opened in-insplclonsly. a heavy rain falling opto eight o'clock, when it subsided. Daring the morning .Mr. Lincoln was waited npon by the Pittsburg Council* in a body, and many Visi tors calling to psy their respects In accordance with Mr. Lincoln's invitation to the people of Alleghar.y county last night, a large crowd gathered this morning in the vicinity of the Monongnheia House, to hear his speech on the peculiar interests of the country When he was iniroaucea. ana advanced to the railing <f the balcony, he was greeted with vociferous chorine Mr. Lincoln then addressed the assemblage as follows: Mayor Wilton, and cltirens of Pennsylvania? 1 moat cordially thank his Honor, Mayor Wilton, and tbecltlzeiis of Pittsburg generally. for this flattering reception It Is the more grateful be cause 1 know that while It Is not giveu me alone, but to the cause I represent, yet It Is plveu under circumstances that clearly prove to me tnat there Is goodjwill and sincere feeling at the button of it. [Enthusiastic applause ] Ar.d here 1 may remark th*t In every short ad dress 1 have made to tbe people, In every crjwd through which I have passed of late, tome allusion has been made to the present distracted state of tbe country. It la naturally expected that 1 should say some thing upon thfs subject; but if I touch upon it at all it would involve an elaborate discussion. The great number of the questions and circums'ances would require more time than 1 can at present command, and I would perhaps unnecessarily commit myself upon matt?rs that nave not yet fully i developed' themselves [Immense cheering and t cries of "Good," "That's right "] i Tbe condition of the country Is an extraordinary i one, and fills the mind of every patriot with anx ity and solicitude. Mv intention la tn ji?? thi? subject all the consideration that I poa'.bly can, before I speak fully and definitely In regara to It. [Chetrs ] So that when 1 do speak, I may be a* nearly right as possible. [Loud and continued applause ] When I do speak, I hope I will uy nothing In opposition to the spirit of the Constitution, or con trary to the integrity of the Union, or which will prove Inimical to the liberties of the people or to the peace of the whole country. [Vociferous ap plause ) And furthermore, when the time arrives for me to speak on this great subject, I hope I will say nothing to disappoint the people generally throughout the country, especially if their eipe? - tations have been based upon anything which i may have heretofore said [Applause J Notwithstanding the troubles acros* the river (the speaker pointing southwardly to the Monon gahela and smiling,) there Is really no crisis, ex cept an artificial one [Laughter and applause J What is there now to warrant the cond.tlon of affairs presented by our friends over the river T Take even their own view of the questions In volved, there is nothing to justify the course they are pursuing. [A voice?44 That's so ] I repeat, tLen, that there is rtA crisis, excepting such a one as may be gotten up at any lime by turbulent men, aided by designing politicians. i?iT iu<in iucn, unuer toe circumstances, 18 to keep cool. If the great American people only keep their temper on both sides of the line, tbeae troubles will come to an end, and the quaitlpn that now distracts the country will be setiied just aa aurely as all other difficulties of a like charac ter, which have originated in toe Government, Lave been adjusted. Let the people on both sides k> ep their self-pcssession, and just as other clruds have passed ana cleared away in due time, so will this, and this great nation continue to prosper as heretofore [Loud applause ] But, follow citi zens, 1 have spoken longer on this subject than I intended In the outset [Cries of '-Go on, go on.' J 1 shall say no more at present Fellow-citizens : As this is the first opportunity I have had to nddress a Pennsylvania assemblage, it seems u fitting time toindulge in a few remarks on the important question of the tarltt". a subject of great magnitude, and one attemifd ma no difficulties, owing to the great variety of interests i involved So long as direct taxation for the sup J p*rt of the Government is not resorted to, a tariff is necessary. A tariff is to the Government what ~ meat is to a family; but while this is admitted, it still becomes necessary to modify or change its - operations, according a* new interests or new cir cumstances arise. So Ikt, there is little difference of opinion among politicians, but the question as 1 to bow far Imposts may be adjusted fur th? pro 9 tection of home industry, gives rise to numerous b views and objections 1 must confess tb^: I do > not understand the subject In all Its multiform beaiings, but I promise you that 1 wUl ^Ivc it my closest attention, and endeavor to crni(.'reiiend it t more fullv. And here I may remark that the Chicago platform contains a plank upon this sub r ject, which I think should be regarded as a law , for the incoming administration. [Immense de r monstrations of applause ] In fact, this question, . ?s well us all other subjects embodied in tbatplat ? form, should not be varied from what we cave the pcupic w uuu?-isiana wouia oe our policy when we obtained their votes. [Continued applause ] Permit ine, fellow-citizens, to read the tariff plank of the Chicago platform, or rather have It read in Tour hearing, by one who haa younger eyea than have. Mr. Lincoln's private secretary then read auc tion twelfth of the Chicago platform, aa follows : 41 l'hat while providing revenue for the aupportof the General Government by duties upon imports, sound policy rt quires such an adjustment of these Import* as may encourage the development of the Industrial interest of tLe whole country; and we commend thit policy of national exchanges,which securo to the workUi^tnen liberal wages, to agri culture r-inu erating prices, to mechtnics and manufacturers an adequate reward for their (kill, labor and enterprise, and to the nation commer cial prosperity and independence " Mr. Lincoln continued: Mow. 1 mii?t that there are shades of difference In construing even this platform, but 1 ain not new intending to discuss these differences, but inertly to give you some general idea*)? the subject. 1 have long thought that if there be any article of necessity which c-J 11 be produced at hotne, with as little,or neariy the s-rn?: labor as abroad, it woi:1u be bet ter to protect that article of labor at its true stand ard of value. If a bar of iron totout of the mines l:i Knglattd, and a bur of iron taken from the mines in Pennsylvania can be produced at tlie same cost, it follows that if the English bar be shipped froai Manchester to l'itucurg, and the American bar from i'ittiburg to Manchester, the cost of carriage is appreciably lobt [laughter j If we bad no !ron fcere.'h?*n we would encourage the shipment from a foreign country, but when w? can niukt It as cheaply In cur own country This brings u* bark to the Urst proposition, tlist if any article ran be produced at boine with nearly the same cost as abroad,the carriage has lost labor The treasury of the nation Is in such a low condition at present that this subject now demands the atten tion of Congress, and will demand the immediate consideration of the new Administration The bill now before Congress may or may not pass at the present session. 1 confet-s I do not un derstand the precise provisions of this bill. 1 do not kuo v whether it h? nnh?. ?v>- ? - y. ?>j J ?UC pi ricui \ ConurtM or not. It may or may not become the law of the land, but If it doe* pass, that will be an end of the matter until a modification can be effect ed, should that be deemed necessary. If it doe* not pass, and the latest advices I have are to tke effect that It Is still pending, the next Congress will have to give it the earliest attention. Ac cording to in v political education, I am inclined to believe that the people in the various sections of the country should have their own views carried out through their representatives in Congress If the consideration of the tariff bill should be postponed until the next session of the .National Legislature, no subject should engage your representatives more closely than that ?f the tariff. If I have any recommendation to make, it will be that every man who Is called upon , to serve the people in a representative capacity, i should study the whole subject thoroughly, as I niieuu 10 an myseir, looking to all the varied In terests of the common country, ao that when the time for action arrives to advocate that protection may be extended to the coal and Iron of Pennavl vanla, tbe corn of Illinois, and the reapera of Chi cago Permit me to express the hope that thla Important ?ubj*ct may receive auch conatderatlon at the hands 01 your representatives that tbe Inter est of no part or tbe country may be overlooked, but that til sections may share incommor benefits of a ju?t and equitable tariff. [Applause.1 But 1 am trespassing upon your patience, [cries of "No, no" "vo on," -'we'll listen,"] and must bring my remarks to close Thanking you moat cordially, for the kind reception vou have extended to me, I bid you all adieu. [Enthusiastic applause ] At the conclusion of the speech, Immediate ar rangements were made for leaving tbe hotel, which occupied considerable time, in consequence of tbe density of the crowd. The procession then moved through several atreets, tbe route being shortened, owing to the previous delay. On ar riving at the depot, tbe solid maas In waiting was almost impenetrable The enthusiasm manifested exceeded anything aver before witnessed. In a it* ui mum lli?* special tram approached, and the p&rty embarked amidst the shouts and cheers of the excited multitude. , ^JREAT BARGAINS FN DAMAGED CLOTHING, AT THE UNITED STATES CLOTHING STORE, it76 Prsvn. Avi ci, fe 14 lw Between llth aud 12th ?t?. ~ HOSIERY AND GLOVES. I UK Latest and best assortment of Ladies', Gonts , a d Children'* Hosiery and Gloves, at wholesale and retail, is at HENRY EGAN'S. 3431 soulh side) Pa av., bet 6.h and 7th sts , fe ll-6t New Iron Buildings. A RARE CHANCE For bargains in School Hoot a. Klank Books. 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Thirty two acre* of ti e above land c wm and under AUtivatiou, twenty liwn in wheat with clover and ruaro. 8 ho a Id me underpinned well, o ly one-eiglitn will be required in ca?h; anoa t the expiia i. n or two years. For particulars addrec* H. P., Mvuut Pieroe, Fair Fax county. Vs., oar# of Mi as .Naney Burns, f- 2 l*w3vr A VALUABLE FAK \I FOR SALE OR EX CHANGE FOR CllY PKOPKRTY-Con taninr 131 acres, ?i lulled 14 miico f. om Alexan dria, on the ? 'rar g-aml Alexandria Raima* . under food oultivat: >r.; tin , ? n or. f uit and a ! build tags neocasary fnr a first-iate fortr, Inquire of A. . HR AY. at the Jewe.ry Store, 316 * , Washington. j* 21 1m* IT*OR RENT-Two frame COTTAGE HOUSED I ocDtaininR six room*, situated oa Ma>?. ave nan ar.>l Fifteenth kU#rt; pump of good Water to the rar l ja 5 l^OR RENT-A UrM story brick r tainine 8 room?, In good erd?>r, with |U fcw tnres oomplete, on H street, between ?th and 6th. Also, a two-story briek Ci>TT.i'.'K, with tare* yard attached, oorcer of K itrmt noith aa i lith ?t. Mat. To puuotua. and reliable lena it? the urn will be moderate. Apply at 446 f welltfc street, ?- ?* r* ? - j ti -- - - IHnwr^JD V JU n . HO IJ-W FOR RENT?The FIRST FLOOU of Uie btuM idc imi&Mhat?<* ?ppo?ite thr wr?t win* of tlM City Hal., reoecrly cocupied by ChM. S. WtlMh m an ofioe. A Jo the front room in tiMHtnad atory kad the third floor of the urn* tmildtnz. For t*nna apr-iy to SICHAKD WALLACHTNo. ft I ouminr.* >w>r-n?. ia II tf FOR RENT-Tbe fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 VVeet at., Georgetown. at present oooa pied by the aubeorilwr. It hu is ro-nrn, with km and water throughout, a fine yard. staMe Ac , and la in agood neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A. MA 6 RUDER. oeStf Great sacrifice1 bargains:* B A RGAINS "" Having my large atock of Clothirg damaged by fire and water .a-t w*ek. I wi I oomm*no* tnia day by running off iny entire ?to k regardlee* of ooat. and ao ieit a., those Uiarwi?n to procure a COAT, PANTS, .t |u. ?k.. k..r.? . . VEST. Ao.. ? .... .. .>1 m<7"?i ff i ui%< cuii v) kiw m? ir. earlj ca>i, &k the atcck u.ust he m.|H wiihm 1<> daw. JONAS Gl ICK, N?. 274 Pa av.. totw. llth and 12th ?U , f* 13 Iw \N asMi go n. D ?T. ANOTHER FKt^H SUPPLY OK GOOl) l?OOKS. Jaat reoeived hy Rli.NCB * RICHSTEIN, 27?Pins. ?rnri. Wa* hi so tow, I ife la the Old Wona (it fredr>U Hremar ; S vols., 12nio .cloth; prioo $2SO One of Thorn. b? Oharl<-a i-erer. pap*' oenta. Mec?a( the Sea, by Char e* inckeua, p&par; SO oenu The Am*r<oan Qneat on, l)-?o .cloth : pnoa $0 sent.; by mail free >n rcceipt of pnea. Hearr dla sinnt at our itore for oA?h. felt DK. 8. T SaL MA.N. __2 Tw I'kdii thi Cliiinw* Hotbl, T*r jy Crponu ikt Xatxomnl Hotel, H Wa*hi?qtox, D. C.. SPECIAL AGENT roa DOCTOR SOCTHEY'8 GREAT BRITISH REMEDIED roa V *I H WE SAVED FIFTY PER CENT," A. I gantaman raroa^kad ? daj or two nao?, by iTing my Stationary kt fHEl flERDS, ooriw of a nth and II atra-U. Slant 4 THAT'S ^O!** T^aaarae i? tnja of S H Ol. BOOKS, BLANK J^WAflffSR? pJp'^8;. & ror'.d, *Y*rjb?dj aaya. fa IMw GRKAI-VIRblMA REMEDY p,.bCOLOH8, COLDS. BRONPHlTIS. k.t ?Dr. Pa ler'a >a*ogiKl Tol , Patar* bo r* V*. Soa ?aru t oa?aa if voaderfal car?*. to tea had at ?ha diffarant dn?* t?'?n Who;a?aiaac?ota. KIJiWEi.L k UW. HENCE and J. B. MOOKK, Waat End. feljtw pRhAT REDUOr ON F TRiCE TO tftIT IT rut TIMK4 Wa a'a offannc art at ludooamanU for oaah. Oar icbra stock at a *r at rad iation. Fall aaita of 3 aok, r aiatoonirr, f .r 9^, p a i auiU of Blaok, aady mada for ?1?, w tii a iaica aaa run*Bt of xants' KaiT)i?hin? 'JooJa. V L?l\C<ALi l/ise.A?bB and DISEASES OF THE BLADDER AND URINARY ORGANS, Will 0*lt R KM A ik is Wa*HIKOTOH TWO WEEKS LONGER. 3 ing oorapeiled to goto Richinoud, V*., at the end of tba*. time. Sufferer# rhould iprly early if they vitb a per na> ?*ut oure ^ l?>>ur? from 9 o'olock in the morning t.ll 10 t'clook at i uht Dm. SOUTHEVB ? EMRniM ? ;o our* in from 3 to C daya. fe iJ-itt* nnd in the United MU??, Mi g at al time* pro r;de?l with the :*at to <<l tamed in the narketi >f all the large eit en, forwards! to him rejgu.artj ?t expreaa Hi* prio-? are Moderate and nia a? ?<x1atlon? t<. farniah Break fact. Dinner, Tut uid Mippe e U> ge^tiemen rooming oat, are un quailed by any others id thie city. He itddr?eee? iiie n tice e peoiaily to ?t angers, a* ai: ciusena ind fre??enter? of Waehinct n ki.-ow w> li the inpertority of hit houae. He la prepared to ac K'trrrxxla e to their entire aatia&otion any namtxr >! gent emen who<1*aire to take their Mea a away fe 11-1m .Hi itarr Orw Co*.t* rWo to 01 der f <r ?6 WAl.L,. Hl KPHK^f ja? d3w 3?? Pa tf.. t?*t. 9th and i*th ? r? T5ISNl?R"PARTlEs L> 1T1ZF.Nh A^d S jouiB?tr? tn w * tra aapACifuI y reminded trat the ubao:th*r ; are tared to io'ti?h DINNER FNTFRTAIN (K^T?1. for uf aamber of gentlemen m a ?t? ia i-al to that of My tiimtar raUhlwfeme'.t in th? )oitedHa?e? and or va > n."derate toina. Uta aitea-l Parlora acd f imna r"

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