Newspaper of Evening Star, February 18, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 18, 1861 Page 4
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Tin: EVENING STAR Coimi*iiriAt F*Jtr**? ? Pnrlnc the month of January, 1M>I, 'here were in the United State? 4*6 failure*, while In 'he entire vrar of l**?0 there were but 3.R76 The following table show* the number of failures In each State for January. Delaware Piatr < t of Columbia.. tieorjls lllinoia Indiana .Low* Ka:i?-m Keulutk/ %l iwMiurt............ ..'23 .Nn'th Carolina t .New H impahirc . 4 1 New.Jeraey .. 4 f. Nebraska Territory 2 u .New York .iia Jt> Ohio 10 Pennsylvania 1 South Carolina i II Tennessee in T.... s ? Maryland ...lR|Virginia...... 8 Mianactniwtu 6(> Vrrawl 10 Mlcbig^n I! Mlnnrsnta a ^llaatnippi. Wisconsin 13 Total 166 not*!*' F?it Balling with Sxow ?Take a piece of paper and pla? e it on the akoeaalt la flxrd on tb# hnrsf's foot, with a pencil mark on tbe ir. aide <~f the pep^r, tbe al?e of the Inside form cf tbe ahoe; rut out the p'*ce of paper, and mark th?* jjntti-percha Allow tbe Hgbth of an Inch larger of cntta-perrba on ?rh aide of the front part to go under the ahoe, to keep It from coming out when the bone ia at work. Taper theedge of the gutta percha to facilitate Ita going on under the ahoe, and cut out a triangular piece of the gutta percha *> a? to rrevent an undue preaatire on the frog. 1 * ?*H 11 Wa f.Mi ilmnlo rK*nn <tnH rffftrtun 1 itmedy.?Tkt Fi'U. ID" In the Tout Otflce defalcation case la New Yrrfr, the jury decided that George Law and tius tavas A. Conover were not liable on tbe bondi given for Mr Fowler, he being a defaulter at the time of the signing of the bonds, and the govern ment t? lag rware of the fact. lL/~ The N York correspondent of the Charles ton Courier says Madam Anna Bishop was offered by one of. the Broidwav concert saloons to log one Svjng each night (exclusive of Suudays) lor six months, but she refused. i?7~Tho? Winans, of Baltimore, next to Astor, ?>f New York, Is the wpiltbicst person in tbe United States He Is said to be wortli 9g0.0U0,UJ0 >d made his *rI?-ndUi fortune by railway specu lation* in Russia ID" '-Pea nut?" are the great staple for export In aid about Scott's Hill, N C. Twe hundred thousand bushels a season are raised there, and ?tta?v are more profitable than cotton." So Cot ton is not King at Scott's Hill. ID" Jndge Low, of the Land Court, St. Louis, b s decided that a paper published in the Interest of a religious sect Is not a newspaper and that legal notices pnblished In such journals are null ana void ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. W1L1.ARHS HOTEL..?O Parker, Pa; J II Ransom, NV; H Erbeng,?; M G Ro?eni;arten. Pa: T ? Martin, do: Hon A Wakenan, NY; W W Harding, Pa; T II Parker, Cal; R Mntheson, do; J Va; A Cabuloes, Mass; W Van Marker. I.yons; C H Ammtdon, Mam-, II R Rnrg wym, NC; J M W hi till, Pa; J Tyson, Md; G A linyiii? ai d l.tdy. NY; K C Howes, do; G Wash ington, USA; S P Hutchinson, Pa; J Sioan^, NY; J R obertson. do; H C Phillips, do; Miss J affray and maid, do; Miss laffray, do; Corn Tattnall, L'SN; C Scrlbner add ladv, NY; Hon J L Daw on, Pa; Hon J M Butter, do; I) E Ward, do; \V II Thr>ma*. do, H Wiilkins. Santa Fe; S Hnrlbut, Md; J P Shanks, Ind; P D Patch, Miss; P Wash DC; C A Walhorn, Pa; A Ciimminys, ?; J H Purdy, Cal; G W Merrell, NY; P Masiedo; R M Mag raw. Md; T A \esmitb.O; G C Sternes.M.iss; J R Nourv, II!; D Young, NY; R Errett. Pa; T C Rowland, O; Hon J W Nesmith, Oregon; H A AVebster, Washington Territory; E J Rirlnrds. ]?'ass; J D Richard*, do; C Hopkins, Cal; Col ) ugglea, USA. ? NATIONAL nOTEL.?R Hunter, R Dixon, ISN; R F. Ko-ers, Pa; J M Smith, O; C A Sher man. NJ; W C Doane. W Stewart. NV; J Hud son, H H Ward. Ala L I. I.anler,!, W Williams, Md; Hen H F" ?ter. Pa; J Wtrd.NC; T .Meaher, Ala; A I* Roger. Vj; J Hnrhcnun, Mo; K C Da v d. Iowa; N K?.bert?, Minn; T L Crittenden,?; H Topping, Md; A Shepherd, III; Mrs J M Or.rp^uter. DC; W & Dobbin, Md; J H Coxe,Pa; II L List, V?; L H Mattan, Ma; L A Morrell, N Y; W P Hepburn and ly. W P Clarke, Iowa; C F Roiriell Kv; F Sutro. Md; J C Johnson, G % Cox, Jos Refers, Mrs Kallogg, W F Sparrow. J A Turner, Va; W I Wightraan, Md; A L H6.1ey, NY; II J Johnson, Ct; C F Gaines, NY; John Boyd. Ohio; J C Smith, H ti Potter,P G Sluiond Md; W Lauer, Ga. CLAY S HOTKL?A J George and ly, F L Underbill. Mo; W Davidson, C J Harbert, F H Thowns, M Morgan. NY; J B Ames. A J Holrres T Morgan and lv. XH; P T Hasbrook, B L Shan nnn \\ A H Prit/?K*I I I??? kT ton, Ga; R S Johnson, P P Osborn, III; E Snow, K C Cbampiran, Wi?; C O How;and and fam, S r Dudley . Va; H W Wilkinson, T H Hartman, G K Parker and ly, H P DeGrass:NV; J Sherman A Sherman, F Sherman, 111; T P Putnam and ly, Vt; B West, J P Crook. MC; DS Campbell, W W Monroe, Vt; Chas H Dupres. ISO; Jot Segar, Va; J J Henry, M M Towr.send,R M Harrington f* S Simpson, R Morgan, L Logan, T Hattuck, P? WASHINGTON HOUSE ?G H Kligh, H J Samson, III; W M Stoop, Hon W Montgomery. PJ Stiydam. Pa; T Wood, Ind; J Walker, W urcell, Mrs Purcell, H Clark, H Lord, G King, P Jones. J Uri^bam, R Hutier, NY; C Stedman, R Campbell. J Campbell, Mass; J Thaw ntid sam Va; W Emerson and son, NH; Hon K S Bing ham, Mich, C L Tyler,Va; H S'.ovensou, W liar* ris, Md. BROWN'S HOTEL.?W Willis, Mrs C loncs T D Gray and ly, Pa; J C Foertsch. J S Kady, I) li Harris. A W Mrllon^M W VV I \i lea, S H Holland, Va; c <? Hanaoa, J L? surr. C K Phillip*, L? 1. lir.'ton, J Howt*a.Md; C r>|?rml', NO. F C K*m?y, I'enn; J Kenuetl, III; J Beck rr, J L Jout'S, Mo; J U Whitlier, M .M Maun, T 1> Martin, A L Thoina*. Ind; F l> William*. Maw; F K L?unlop, DC, A Trft, T C Rowland. O; T l> alter, Dr Vnaag. NV; T J Churchill, Ark, t* H Holland, Va. KIRKWOOD HOUSE ?W R Jonea, A Hitrb eock, Maw; W P Constable, T W Gorman. J H Btone, Md, M Friedman. Fa; E O Snowden, Va; J U Slebbt-f.a Conn; L R Long, N'C. WASHINGTON H AND GEORGETOWN PEOPLE take notice. as it wi;i be to tneir Interem to do so, ttiat XV. H RFADt* COMPOUND SVRtP in LIVKK^IlR l' for Couth.-, Co!4t, Crovr aud oilier atfeotion* of the tnroat and otieat, ar.?i aiao hi* it'jRfc XHKOA1' PoWUbH. are nro of tna mo*t lu allib.'e remote* of the de.j,ftml to taniiy should te without them, and liesidea, tiie? are so cheao a* in h? within ?n? . > .? - > We iio not expect atr*n?era to l>elievt? what wni* in regard u> ovrown n.cdioines, ooniniiir.l J? we refer you to the fuUowint well known *f?u t!?me&'fe ce.-tiho&;es, wuiun oaa tx? at t#?< run auces wiieie the axticiea are lor tale; the* ?*j thr? are the beat Couch and ?oie Turoat Mydiciuea Uiey have ever known: Rev. Ja* (I.Brown. Rev. George Hildt. R?t. Sum'l A. VV iiios, Rev. Wra.A, Hioka, Rev. \V m. A. Suively, Rev. JoltnPoleT, Kev. Ja* S. Mo".lurr?y. Rev, Win. K.Miila. Of tk? Baltimore Co.dtrtn.ce. Each artic.e 25 e-nla a uot'Io. W uolesa.e t-y W. H Read & Co,, Draggiala, 63 Broadway, 'iait.more. At retai; by R. SS I. Ciaael &. Co.. Dtncgist, Caari?t>wii. i ltsrl a S'ott, l>riig(l?t, o74 I'a. avetiun. Wm.x. i iioMipso.i. l)riiCKi?t. Fifteenth at. anil New Yoi k avoaue. W a>iiti>?ton. John E. l>at >, I>rug*i?>t, Navy Yard. ja2? 1m 1" rOKTAMf TO HUU^LKLKFERtf. E. R. DlP.KKtft CO.'S JLUJS0. ttnaracUwW not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, tut ground Irom frwh rip.oai, no 1 ecu*l and ee&nea y ai e&precn.y for the purpose without reJerenoe to oost. They are heautual'.y peeked in tiniou. (lined with paper,I to prevent injury by keepics: aa.l are imi vei(hl, wlule Lie ordinary *v>m.d Ppiotur* almoet i?*ariat>i? ?horL We warrant them. W point of ?tren*th as<! of (I&tOY, lp oint of ?tren*th a&d* of fla HEYOND ALL COMi-ARlrON, i a :n?.e truu will arur.daLt. j prove. Maauraotared only by E. R. DUHKEE N CO., folft-if.P* 1*1 Pearl rt.. N.w York. 275 .ALJ.BN- 275 JACKSON, FLASTEKSKS, Plan*. Avuti, Rotw?x?n l?h and 11th etreoti. |e 1?_ DUPO^TR 9UNPOWDER, PorMlo at maealaotcrrera pnoeo,by JOHN J. BOfilK. flioMirr.?- n n SeU Atrmey far Ik* Diitrut if toiumbx*. A larce tupp.v, eiub.AUiUX overy variety, &i?UI atiar.1. no delivered fr** to all parts of the l)i? it. CW?i can a:ao t>e!eft at theolficeof A'-Mn?' pr?m? Corr?n?. Wuhlintnn. t). C. frS-lawlT Tm HR GRKATKST BARKA1NH IN CLOTH ING. rUEN?*^?Nft GfM?D**, HAT* am! CAP:* at No. 4*0 Seventh ?t, opposite ice. fat 6w IfRKNCH A KICHSTKIN, 279 Pkxn. Avtnvs. Are acente for the Baltimore Ame icaa and Kx ohanxe. Oaiie?tt>n Wero*'?. Ae. *<ut.sorih*rs aerred at '.nw rate* Pape * from every eitv in the I'nion?weefclt, iin-nth y and quarterly. C*a?l and eot>?cnl?? N:>w ie the tiw e. New S ork. Phila delphia. Ba U?M?r* nnd mmti d?tiver?-d in the oitjr and boo'^town imn.ediat?iy aiter tn* ar train? >a IS PURK MKUtOtNIM RKCK1VED WKKKLT. On hand wpa Pill*. Mol^eaa Cor M ' diaJ. Afat'fcJ**' ar*i m^i-? MLSCKLLANMOUS. Trk Amal?*matioi or Limmn>- Th?r?iii growing t?n<!e>)nr la this m*(" appropriate the ni"*! "i rro*?ive word* of uthw langaages^iid after a while u> inc?irp*r?ie them into our ownTthns the wo J Coph*tie, which In fro?n thefireek, siunifying "for the ii^ad.'' is now looming popularised ia contention wKh Mr. bpaWins's treat lleadaohe remodj; t-ut it will kooii be used in * more general way, and the word Cephalio will become aa common as K'ectrotype an<l many others whose distinction as foreign words has been worn away !>t common usage until they seem "native and to the manor born." 'ardlr Realized Hi 'ad 'n'orrible 'eadache thia afternoon, hand I u>po<vi into the hapothecariee hand ??? In to the nmn, "Can you heae* me of an 'endache.'" "Doee it haohe Vrd." eaya'e. "Hexoeedingly," f*ya hi, and upon that *e rare ma a Cephalic Pili. band -?nn m-J 'onor it oorad ma bo quiok that I 'ardiy realised 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadaehe. n^flBAPAm* la the favorite airn by which narare make* known any deviation whatever from U<e natvral atate of the brain, and viewed id thia light it may be looked on aa a aafeg nard intended to give notioe of diaeaae whioh might otherwise escape attention, till too late to be remedied: and itaiudioaMon* ahould never be nac'eoted- Head - aohee m*y be olasaified under two namea.viii Symptomatic and idiopathio. Symptomatic Head ache la exceedingly oomrnon and {a the preoareor of a great variety of diaeaaaa, among whioh are Apoplexy, Gent. Rheumatiam and all febrile diaeaaea. In ita rervoua form itia armpathetio dia eaaeofthe atomaoh oonatitutinc ticlr KtadarJ^t, of hepatio diaeaae constituting bilions ktadatKt, of worma,oonati pation a nd other diaordera of the oow el*, as well aa renal and uterine affections. Diseases of toe heart are very frcq uently attended with Head aches; Ansmia and plethora are also afTeotiona whiohfrequently oooaaion h?adaohe. ldiopatbio Headaohe is also very common, being usually dis tinguished by the name of nervous headache, some times ooming on suddenly |n a state ofaMarentlv sound health and prostrating at onoe the mental and physioal energies, and in other inst&noes it oomes on slowly, heralded by depression of spiriU or acerbity of temper. Inmost instanoes the pain is in front of the head, over one or both eyes, and sometimes provoking vomiting, inder this olaaa may also be named Neuralgia. For the treatment of either olase of Headaohe the Cepkalio Tills hare been found a sure and safe remedy, relieving the most aoute pains in a few minutes, and by its subtle power eradicating the disease of whioh headaohe is the unerring index. Bkidoit.?Missus wants yoa to send her a bo* of CephahoGlue, no. a bottle of Prepared Pills,? but I'm thinking that's not just it neither; but per haps ye'll be aflher knowing what it is. Ye see she's mch dead and gone with the 9iok Headaohe and wants some more of that same as relaived her s * Drugtt$t.?Yon must mean Spalding's Cephalio Pilla. PrUttt.?Ooh 1 aure now and you're aed it. here'a the quart her and nv me the Pill* and don't be all day about it aither. Ceuatipatien er C?iIItfku. No one of the "many ills flesh ia heir to" ia to prevalent, so little understood, and ao ranch neg lected as CoativMieaa. OPen originating in care lessness. or sedentary habits; it is regarded as shr ht disorder of too'ittle oonsequenoe to exoita anxiety, while in realit/itia the precuram and companion of many of the moat fatal And danger ous diseases, and unless early eradicated it will bring the sufferer to an untimely grave. Among the lighter evils of whioh Coatfveneas ia the usual at tendant are Headache, Colio, Rheumatism, Fowl Breath. Piles, and others of like natnre,while along trainoffrightfuldiseasessuch asMalignant Fevers, Abcessea. l>ysentery. Dyspepsia. Diarrhea, Apo pli-xr, Kpiiepsv, I'ara'vsis, Hysteria. Hypochon driasis,Melancholy and Insanity, first indicate theii Kr-acuuv in me uj mis aiarming symptom, ot unfrequentLv the diseases named originate in Const' p>ti(>n, but take on an independent exist enoe aniens the cause is eradicated in an early state From si th?se considerations it follows that tn? disorder should receive immediate attention when ever it occurs, and no person should ne*lect to gel a box of Cephalic Pills on the first appearance ol the complaiat, as their timely use will expel thi insiduous Approaches of disease and destroy thii dangerous foe to human life. A Real BUsslBg. Fkvsicum.?Well, Mr*. J one?, how is that head ache' Mrs. Jon*!.?Gone! Doctor, all cone! the pill voi sent cored ine in just twenty minntM, and I wist v?n would send more so that 1 oan have then hanily . PAyrui&n.?Yon can get them at any Dmggists Call for Ccphalic Pills, I find they nererTail, and ] recommend them in all oases of Headache. Mrs. Joins.?I shall send for a box direotly, an< shall tell all my suffering friends, for they ar? area Mujmi. Twentt Millions of Dollam Saved.?Mr Ppaldinr has nold ivo millions of bottles of his oel brated Trep&rcd Gin "and it is estimated that etol bottle saves at least ten dollars worth of trokei fnrniture. thus making an acfregateof twenty mil lions of dollars reclaimed from total loss by thii val uable Invention. Having made his Glue a hoaa* hold word, he now proposes to do the world stil greater servioe by oaring all the aching heads will hisCephal'.o Pills, and if they areas go?d m lui (fine, tle&daohes will soon vanish away like snoi in July. zxciteme!vt< and the mental care an< anxiety incident to close attention to bus ness 01 *,nre amonc the numerons causes of Nervoui Huadache. Tlie disordered state of mind and bo<l] incident to this distreestnr complaint is a fata b'oT to a'l energy and ambition. Sufferers by thii disorder can alwajs obtain speedy relief fron th?*se distressing attacks by nsfnc one of the Ce phalic Pills whenever the symptoms appear. 1 quiet* the overtasked brain ai.d soothe* trie strain M &r:l jarnu* nerves, and relaxes the tension o in? du>h;vii wmcn ai wa7r aoooirpMlei and ag l rav?t?a the d'sordered ooudition <>f the hrnn. h act* worth ?'*owy*<?.-ppal'ting> <;?phAU' Pill* are a rertmn core for Pick He??JaoKe, Bill oiis l!r*.-tache, Nervous Headache, Coati renew SLtjd General Debility. OpiiT DiprovKay.?Amont the moat importan of & ! the great medio*] diacoteriea of thia age ma; be o"naideredthe ayitem of vaooination for protoo tion from Small Pox. the Ophaiio Piil for relief o Hcadaohe. and the n?e of Ouinne for the preven t'on of Fovere, either of which iaa aure apeolfto whofe benefit" wii! be axperienoed by Nofferini h uinar uy leni! after their diRooverera are forgotten frr l?ir yon ryer hay* the t?iok fleadaobe.' D<i yon remember the throbhmt temple*, the fevera< tow. th A Inathm* m A i I u- J Br the dm of thM? Pills the penorfio attacks 01 N'rrov' or Sitk Headache roar be prevented; and If taken at the commencement ol an attaok imroe diate relief from pain and sickness will be obtained. They seldom fail in removing the Nauiea and Htadackt to whioh females are so subject. They act gently upon thebow^a,?removing Cot tinniss. For Literary Mtn, Student*, Delioate Feroalee, and all persons of tetUntary habits, they are all valuable as a Laxative, improving the giving tone and vigor to the digestive organs, and restoring the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. be CEPHALIC PI L9 are the reealt of long investigation and carefully conducted experiments. having Men in nn many yeare, during whioh time thoT have prevented and relieved a n?t amount of pain a.ud suffering from Headaohe, whether ongl uating ia the ntrtxmt ay item or from a deranged fate of the ttomtk. They are entirely vegetable in their eompoeition, aud may be taken at ail times with perfect aafety without making any obangeof diet, mnd tk* mk ttnri of any ditagrtfahlt tatu rtudtrt it aiy fe *dmi*nttr them to children. BEWARE OP COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signature* of Henry C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Bold by Drag state u>4 all othac Dm)are in Mail* eii A Box will to aaot bf Mil pray?4d ruMiHof PRICK, M CKNTB. All rd*ra ahoald to ad4rwM4 to HKNR%C. SPA LOIN#, MU-dAvlf . UMvUrMHiir^ ? raUU UlBKIint OI Hlf ^1 g III fl I (XHI How totally Hubt jou were lor >lea#nre, eonversa tmn or One of the Cepha'io rill* wovld have relieved yon from All the suffering whioh ?o<i then experienced For this and Other pnrpoaei tou should always hive a box of them on haod U use as occasion requires. CURE ^*r NervousHeadache Headache. PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. I pUBLIC N O T_l C E. D*rAaTMfWT ot tat IxTia^a.i Wurkxmtlwn, the. K. 1880. \ PaMic notice it hereby ?i?en that bond* and ooapons annexed, of the deeonptjon hereinafter et forth, have lately bean felonloa?!y abetraoted - from the oaatody of tka Interior Department, the ame beinc the property of tfca United States and held in trust for oertain Indian Uibaa. Notioe naa alao been given to the proper olowi of the reapeo tire Statee to atop the payment thereof; and *11 persona are warned icainat parokaiini or reaeiT mi Mr of aaid bond a and ooapone, aa the olaim of the United Btatea thereto will be proaeoated to the utmoet extent Eaoh l>ond being for the no of on* thoaaaad dollars, ? : Six per oenL Miaaoari Coipon Bonda, iaeaed in Jaae aad Aigaat, 1*51. Stala of Muaiouri.St. Loaia aad iron Mouatala R R. SUM Bond i. Bond No. 2037 Bond No. 1811 187# 1827 lOOft ISM * ?rw 1997 1VV?8 2008 2007 1993 1994 1V95 1891 1990 1892 1991 2003 2001 1821 182U 1819 1818 1809 1817 1816 1816 1814 . 1813 / 1812 1810 iflli 1991 2000 2005 2004 2001 1999 2000 2009 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1885 188? 1887 188R 1?08 2031 2033 2034 2035 203ft 2032 182ft 1828 1829 1830 1831 1832 18ft8 18S9 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874 1899 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 2048 2017 2047 2018 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bonds 1824 Not*.?Bonds No. 2000, and below of this series, issued J one. 1857, and bonds No. 2noi,?n<1 above that, dated Amnet, 1857, j?ajable at the Phtcnix Bank. New Yoik city, in 1W7. State of Misaoari six peroent. oonpon bonds, viz: Hannibal acd St. Joseph Railroad 8txt* Honda? Bond No. 1853 1852 1851 1850 1849 1848 1847 1846 1845 1844 1832 1835 1833 1834 Bond No. 1626 1827 1628 1629 1859 1865 1863 1862 1860 1861 1856 1858 1855 1RS4 1838 1837 1838 1839 1649 1640 1635 1012 1613 1614 1615 1616 1617 1618 1610 1620 1621 1611 1864 1634 1631 1632 1633 1632 1832 1823 1824 1825 1826 182T 1828 1829 1830 1831 1641 1642 1643 1644 1645 1646 1647 1648 1637 1638 - 1840 1842 1843 1650 l?i>7 1810 10M 181T 1610 1818 1039 1810 1841 1820 lft23 1831 1014 MM M bondJ Nr>t??TlbM? brtqd* ir? dated JtDU/r, 1W, SkyaM* at Bank of Coinn*rM, New York, in [ovembw, Im?inter** la January and ulj of eaeh ?ear. Btate of MiMoori ?lx fr e?ot. Coooon Nortii Mle roa/1 K, R. State bonds. Bond No -Z2952 Bond No. 1039 2940 1638 2939 1041 SMI 1042 2942 s 1043 2940 1044 2945 1045 2944 1040 9013 1*1* 2947 2948 2949 2950 2937 2938 1653 1*54 1665 1652 1656 2921 24(18 2612 2513 2614 2516 2616 2911 2910 2811 2918 1648 1649 1640 1650 2922 2923 29 J4 2936 2961 2953 1657 1705 1706 1707 2452 2453 2454 246* 2466 2457 ' 2458 3450 2914 3460 3916 34fll 3915 344] 2917 246.1 2918 2464 2919 2465 2920 2466 2954 2467 2955 1651 80 boodi Notv.?The bond* numbered XSlland Mow, li ned in January, ISO; No 910, und above (Ut, ??oed in Avcuat, l?f7, payable at Phoenix Bank, e? \ ork city. Miaeoori aixperoent. Condon Bond*, n?: North MlMoari R. R. BUM bonda. Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 2763 2784 2787 2786 2730 2781 2717 2782 2734 2779 3731 27M %rm 2711 3733 3712 3733 2710 3730 2715 3716 2777 3737 2778 3734 2765 3731 2768 3766 2769 2739 2770 3718 2771 3716 2785 3714 2778 3764 2728 2772 2775

2726 2774 273S 2780 2713 2732 2767 Bond No. 5M4 MM bUb 5244 b 243 6242 Mil 5240 E*Uttmi BUt* No. MM 5961 6268 6266 6264 6266 5263 5262 I4t1 5238 5237 6235 5234 5233 5232 5231 5200 5199 5198 519T 5310 523(1 5307 5308 5309 5M2 5260 5249 6247 5248 5196 6196 6000 4999 4997 4890 4998 4889 WOO 487* 5267 41 kftfiJa MM Dondi of North Parol in* Comyon ux jor mbL North Carolina us H' Mat*. Bond No. 36 Bond No. 303 33 301 31 300 13 297 9 Tib T 234 340 203 348 lftfl 347 104 34U 20 343 19 342 18 341 17 340 15 339 13 338 8 337 11 IN 10 335 102 328 101 329 100 330 99 331 103 332 0 333 28 334 <32 227 1? 323 21 317 98 Jin V7 31(1 M 29ft 95 239 94 238 62 237 ftO 236 393 72 bonds Notb.?TbftM bonda are dated January, 1?*>, payable January. 1*86, at Dank of Republio, New York. Interest payable in Jannary and Jnly. North Carolina G per oente. Coupon Bonda. Bond N?. 833 Bund No. 736 832 73? 831 758 830 7I>9 829 7ftft 834 701 835 762 838 763 837 7M B38 790 8T1 791 871 7v2 873 793 874 794 875 795 878 79ft 877 797 878 798 879 799 88ft goo 881 Ml 84ft 8?)2 847 803 848 804 848 805 850 806 851 808 854 807 853 811 854 811 855 813 o CA Oli OI? 857 d!5 858 816 860 817 861 818 861 810 863 820 864 821 865 822 866 823 867 824 868 825 *?? 826 870 827 8R3 * 828 881 hvty 884 810 885 843 731 844 7S1 845 733 ? 734 North CaroHn* aix per emt. Coajor bond a. Boad No. 690 Rind Nn iu.1 Aflfl 003 604 <105 606 607 608 610 611 612 613 609 614 632 623 624 623 62* 627 628 641 615 644 646 4U4 496 496 4V7 621 4W 510 511 481 482 483 484 485 486 487 488 489 490 538 539 540 541 542 543 630 531 MJ 648 646 649 654 651 661 616 617 618 619 455 457 458 470 601 439 440 441 490 532 53.1 534 616 636 637 618 619 616 616 617 614 411 646s 646 ' . 647 648 660 58 A IV A mo *. ?<] 433 473 436 474 437 475 417 476 4? 477 414 478 416 479 413 480 411 611 601 513 644 491 119 bond* 491 tE*S3XSS2SS* " ^snsaiaiwitissaisfc0 Forty |n beads of tUM art Iwil bv u Bond Ho 97 98 M 1M 122 123 124 IS 1M 127 128 179 180 Boa* No. 1S2 1?S 1M 1?5 178 191 192 193 194 195 19? 197 198 129 199 130 200 137 144 46 bends 146 Two bon<1a for each, dated April, 1W. Bond No. 9 Bond^No. 10 Fi!i?-n bond* for tJLnne mil, d*te<l Ootnhor, law v s i'ajcbl' at Buk of Retibite, Oot >i*r. IMT.tib: Bond No. 1183 Bond No. 1192 1184 1194 1IM 1194 1188 1196 1187 1198 1188 1197 118* 1190 16 bond* 1191 TtnUIIM ?t? per aob, of loan of IMC. , eity, of the fo, lc*m ary. 1863: Ronrf No 917 K? Ait onL Coifoi Bond*, of 9Lf*T MC payabto 1M la Nnr Yori rim Humbert, MM (Wed Jui 278 419 294 476 297 477 409 491 413 498 414 723 And of the following curators luied Jfcnatry.lMt Bond No. 828 Bond No. 1278 829 1368 830 And of ths following tuBbwi munj Jsiniwy ,1&A6 Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 2655 21lp 2891 2133 2392 2581 3066 2605 3121 And of th? following nimbtri iuiitd iuitrr. 1836. Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 3465 4209 34AA 491n 3467 3469 3470 3471 3472 3758 3894 3941 3942 3943 3944 3945 3946 3985 4199 4200 And of the following Bond No. 5056 4211 4212 4213 4214 4431 4527 4529 4550 4556 45*6 4569 4570 4571 4749 4751 4881 r? issued Jtntmrr, 1W7: Bond No. 5419 5195 5421 532? 6426 6359 6427 63?0 64:S0 63Ai 5434 53?2 6434 5 :m 6437 53?>4 6439 63*5 6439 6440 *M7 6441 63*8 6442 6369 6453 6370 6444 6371 6445 6372 6452 6373 6518 6374 6519 6375 i s in 637ft 6521 6377 6622 6378 6703 6378 6704 6380 6705 6381 670ft 6386 6707 638ft 6708 6387 5709 63?8 5710 6389 5711 b.m 5712 6391 5713 6391 57P9 6393 5839 Ml* 5840 6417 6842 6418 Ornci 07 tb? Hkcbbtabt or tbb Intkbiob, Deoeraber as, l?en. ft13-dtf J. THOMPSON. PerreUry. PLOUR ^A^'I>MCQE>/ S8i*l?MON MERCHANTS, And whol*eaie d*ai<*ra in MILL FEED, CORN MEAL. fe.. *?? Corner of 12th and B atreeta, Waahinxton city. Caah paid for all kinds of Grain. an 2ft ftwi QLDRICH.^^W^PPLRB MONONOAHKLA RYK WHISKEY, Consoientionaly distill**! by Mr. Jampe Bornaide, of Alleaany County, Panna., in the oM-faahioned boneat war, Ttot. the ohoioect and moet car?fa:ly elected Rye, and in no oaee ever offered for sale until adapted to wholesome aee by ace It ik at onoethe most palatable, as it I* empljaticuwi.y one of the pureed boreragee in the reach of the public To the Invalid, aa well ae to tioee ia oommenda itael/ for it* nriTallert <uaiitiea aa a famnlant of the eafeat. en/eat, and moet t?n?6c*fit description, and many of the moat dietinimiahe-' pbyaioiana are it in their ?ra?tiae with ?h* happiest resqlts. CL.ERY *.^T0<;K,DAL^ A feat for the P?oi as M-ftm oy PURK OI.l) RYE WHIBRY.?On hand h ? brand? of Pare Old Rye Whl?fry, Copper Dta tilled, made by the roost reliable distillarsTn penn eyivar.ift, Maryland and VirciiMa, warranted Mrs, ported Brandies, fienneaay, Otard. Dnpj ^tndard bnMaT A?1um a?U-lv J* s. A ohoioe lot of CJtv ? srul To OUN6 * RP.PHART, Areata, i** H? av.. tirtw 9Ui and loth at*. j?CHENCK'8 PULMONIC SYRUP. Dr. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, finds it impos aibts to visit Washington e?*ry weak. and uas made arrangements to positively be id the oity the third Wednesday of every month. He has a anitof rooms at the Aranse House, vhfirft nAti*r?n " v\ nK?ai? ? *? an mi ?IV*' 11 vo, no ''fill char gee when it intoiHu; to tr.akea thorucl examination of tho Loins with the Reepirometor 8. B. Wsite is a^ent for bohenok's J'uliuouie iyrup, price 91 per bottle, for the oure or Couch*, old* and Consumption; Schenek's Sea Weed onin, prioe 91 per bottle,lor Dyspepsia, Schenok's I and rake P.l|?, prioe Sftoents her bo*, for Liver Bilious Complaints and C???ti patio n of the flow els. Dr. Sahenok woild be grat'fh. to thoae who have been oured by Lis remedies if the* woeld leave their oertifioatee of oure with 8. B. w AITK, corner P-wTf nth ?t- and La av. <e I9-Sm gOOTS AMD 8<2iM^8 T? 8UIT We are now SHOES, of eastern persons in want of Boot* and Shoes of eastern ot M. will always find a jood aseortmen Pennsylvania arena*. Ky made work toreand Ml 111 J?tL *IVE HUNDRED TEA A arrived this d ind,irjkfi?_ lies room exhibits at this tima I ( TEVNKS of traralinx r??ki* m<xi?>raU pno?h to b? ?*?. . takes la WALL, 8T mar Sl-tf I NEW BOOKS. Tki Shadow m Um Houm, a mi novel, by J oh waa2Ks{iKiiTi?rau.. ??... war- rtiMBtol th? bMt Military Worka MKniCINKs. BUriHVN > UWI B?'?riui, *+fd iki n?M Ohm. .**????. aai Mh R*m0tt ? Iks fwM, FOE ALL MPKAtt** i?P IWPKi'DKNl J*. L*r *0 FALSR OKt trACt rRgtFt*T. A1TLV IMMl.ii ATKLY. A*9hH WAKRAXTKO. OH NO CHARV. IN FROM ONE TO TWO LAIS VMklMlftN IMI.IWMIIM * MM <(|tl mi IkMw, lanliMur i???ihi ? ? >.< VtiUT HirtHwiB, MM ?( l<Mt. Mfivi'i hMNI?(li|l>lw 4id*?m, p?iu? ' Ik* d, ? >r*. mi k tk.n. 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Pat.cuant, ?i,a??: Ufti-I y Cympfana af CMamptiw, 4c ' MXHTaLLT.?Tha faatfkl ataau aa ??a ara ??ak v? ka dra?dad?Laaa af Mamary, Gaofaaiac af Man, H?araaa.aa af Bftnu, E?il rarkadtnya, A*?faia?af#atia.?, :f bar a af MHida.tiaiwy. ata, ?ra ani a' ika a*i*a yra daaad. IUTOII DII1UTT -Tkaatuili au aaa |?<n wkal U ika aaaaa af ikair daclitiof kaaitk, laaua* 1M11 Ti(a*,k* aataio* wtak. Ml*, rarraaa Li.d amatMtari. taalnr a aar ra r ipftuuw iVmi (ii* a jaa, aaafh h 7?puni af liwtarv*' DISKAtU Or IMPKCDKNCE Wkaa tki n'af aidtd and inaraiiul *?trwj af p'auara #ada ka k?a lm>ikad ih? aaada tt ilia pairfal 4Imw, H im afiaa kaffttii thai n. aai.aa af ikuai w 4rMd (<>? 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PPOMKMicirT or Tiirtrw. Til BAIT ?ll<'VIAni>l?kM4 allkia'a? v.iata lk? laai ai'i iiii Tain, and 0?? niiranu u?f?n*i>i (lift aal apai?ua. a parfariaarf k> Dr. Jafcnaa-, vilraaa>4 kf ua rt^tnin ?f tka papar* and aia; a-.ktr paraaaa, aalltaa ?. wwwmm I|tir II'MI tit l<HkllMuil>|UI ?f IW(UI?t l>3 ?! ? MlUr, Is a ? U* ',? U l? JM OY KOK THE MCK AND I- FKKlNt*. LhT ALL WHO ARE AtVLl'TVD H I" AII' 17/*; HEUKUT AH* REJOICE JN HEALTH. Friend, do yom acffer? Arc yow the victim of any oftbose ntuncrous ailments which arise Iron im enrity of the blood.' What are the?, d.' roa as a ' Rather ui. what are they no*? The blood te the 3oroe of liir and health. and it is the f rat e.emont onr hetnf to reap< n<1 to acj oaaa* winch affect* the system, a* the pulae infal-ih!* atyat* The ever premi inic Nenra (ia, the \n iuldi tr;?ip*.i?,i # ubtie feorofola,tiio at on aim KheunaUero, Nor voaa lability, D*apspM?, LimComplaint with .ta fcoraor ?nd deject ior., and Use no in hen eat ills that ftneh is h<Mr to, derive thoir hideota orirtn from the Bood. Deal kindly thee and gently with the a? the vitalising reeouroea of natare for ito an' and iu ffW as to ?on. mend to yoar c< nfidenoe au aae thai trvly valuh.e medicaaent ktowc aa INDIAN TEoKTAfiLB DECOCT I ON. With retard to thu alnoet infallible aaecifo pqeaiar aentiment ba? awoken in deoided Wrj. and the evidences of this great efRcv* ?re sua tained by oolslant avowals of curative effect# |m th? happiest reenlts from its aae are after all other remedies and the best medical skill hare failed. 1 aa ?Ai. in mn?l ???! "^Ka# o?rM are r.o{ aoQf ht from the illiterate And map* aeial, bat they are rolnnteered from the nn?( r? eeeotable wmrcM end juatify the hi?heat trrma in whiob it ta aoaaible to commend ao valuable a arec.ho to pnVic wproval. We mar Md also the eyatire aropertieaof the medicine ere e? oa.:??1 oniy by it* restorative effeota, the ayatrm wotm - lu from dtaeace with renewed oonatitctioca' vit<?r. For aele by all rnaaoctable Drucciata m taia city, and by the proprietor, MKS. M. COX. None f*ituice cnieea her came ia blown od tM bottle an', her eeal or the eork PT* Prise 91 bottle, aix bottlea for !. whol'rni* At*m. Ja. H. T. C18SK1.. Drcftiat 9anr(ftnvD. i) C.. w holewue A rent for the Ihe tnot, ud will auyyfy the trade at my f rioea. M li t r D R. J. BOVKK DOB'S IMPERIAL WINE B1TTBFS, Are bow be4nc eeerf from Maine to the Great eait Lake, aai the aniTeraa! arrdlet of all who w them either aa a r i? i i*r? ?*?, if tfcfti they are ?aaarpa**i tr ihe wnrH Jir. fxwi.- imm them aa< ^afaUr IB Via praotioe for U year* '4mm we parmaaea #f aim th? eel? r.ebt to manutaotaw and preacut Uara fer aala to the avblie. For Ik* eare of iu- aianl Ceaeamat'os, 1 ndiceetion. Oy? KHlk Plioa. >era?Ka l>lMat*e. Knna.r piaiata, apd a;: ttaei i?a*?riBx a lo&io, th"? a yood doabtaaaeet lsya.'aaiilerameu*. A <l< KX11CWY! ~V\ ^ DltP ATCM I <9^^ *vStfe tkj_fitml -Ks^> At will k**rm. mm * ? f mm Hit t, it ia y*tj *eeimSto to tor* mi mmlnt m tor rtfUrtw 0rMt?r,k?. ifiLDme'i nutrAiu ?Lra meetaaJl iBek MMniwM, and aokoawt " afford to beinthosllt It U ready to tk* ?toekin? toiit. There to no lo?rar I utr for rrapinj ebalra, countered I do fit, udhraiin It to iut tie ir one, tMl. ud other oruceittl work, M . with ladiec ofrefcneireet *b<1 Uato. TfcU Kln.;i?t.e pre**'*'. If aMd oojd. Mac ehem.cA.:y t.fiC lit eoitUor., UN w-eeeeeitg alia# Etw^bie ?uht>ae cf toe bwt cabinet aakwrVlMUl maybe^ted im to* rM? af ordinary WlTtlfrfifr " waxrVL IN MTMRY HOWBM. WkUfU IMpe*. We. 48 Cedar nreot, Nev Terfe, JUTAWiSf. ?.?% . rfc. Ulbov-CtrdaMOMHavm ?*ok p&okat*. BTA mtcl* bottl* of SULBlfrVS TRW by oil pro?>M?t ttAtJocery Unimu. iwve Ukd Knnutmre P?if%, 6 > ocei , u| S?Ir ImK- It will ?t>r??4 ?ry ehn?%A? i?ipy" gKASOW A B L K DRY WOO PjQ Clock a, PK*wl?, ruHd, M?nno?, Ottom*ct, '""V, *?" t^.LU"*l ,rt.? uxfc.eO?*?* r*tJr^k Wh'U ?oort?. I.tuc 8*U, kabrMd^^V Cwu'teiu ' 'fty.r.n' nm., """"kw. 4 WLMCWtL!