Newspaper of Evening Star, February 20, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 20, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS 117* Tbough Tbs Stab to printed on the taste* pr?w la we smith of Baltimore, its edition s to large as to require It to be put *o preas at an f '!y hour; ArtTerTrementB, therefbre, should be tn*. In *?-foTe 1- o'clock m.; otherwise they may act arpw nntll tbe next dsy. Nones ?District of Columbia Advertisements ? ? ._r .? hi mk ouiMttM c jnirc raciTni rt ki<1 forwarded from Tux Star Office. M*. Chaslks Ds Villtkxs altas Augustus Bkattokt oiiM Mo*s. auoustu* Dilakovcz? Yesterday, ? good-looking, polite Frenchman called at tbe trunk and harness manufactory of Mr. H 5 Johnson, aouth tide Pa avenue, oppo site tbe National Hotel, and purchased a aet of 'i*iwn and a small trunk, which be ordered to be lent at once to the following address: -'Augus ta* Beaufort, No 401 Sixth at " He said be had routes at tbe above-mentioned bouse, and would pay for tbe Kood* wben delivered. Tbe harness waa packed in the trunk, nnd a young man sent with it to tbe above addreaa Mr. Augustus Beaufort was there, waiting for tbe things, and on delivery bend?d tbe messenger a check on Riecsi Co for the imomk.Tk? >u?un the articles and went immediately to tb? banking fionse of RlggsA Co. and presented the check Th? teller looked at It and (book his bead, saving ^rieCv, " No good " Tbe boy hastened back to Jobiifou, and informed him of the affair. John acu immediately sought the assistance of Detect Ire Officer Boss, to whom he gave in detail the partKulars of the affair The officer at once sus pected a Mr Charles De Villlett, whom be had dealt with t efnre In connectfon with certain trans actions, sod took his ???%suree accordingly Pro reeding to 401 8 xthst , he ascertained that Ml. Peaufnrt h*d left, and taken the (rank W.*h him; be also learood that the man had only just en roonm with the good lady at 401, and sus pected, therefore, tbst he did nol intend to return. After * short search h? found the hsckman who had conveyed Mr. Weaafort from a point on Sev enth street near the Northern Market to a point on Pt nnsylvauta avenue near Four-and-a-baif street, t reteedlug at once tos house at the southwest un vi rour-ana-a-Qaii street and Pennsylvania ??enu?, be searched it, but found not hitman Coming out he discovered a man on the pavement in froui of the house in the act of hoisting a small t/unk on to bis should^ Officer Boss walked tip to him and tapped him on the shoulder. The Y renchman turned around, and Mr. Chat. DeVll lit rs stood revealed. He was takes to the guard house and searched Among hi* papers was a receipt from Mr $tlnemetz, battel, on Pennsyl vania avenue, between Twelfth and Tblrteen'h streets, for *35 for a set of fur* which Mons. A. iteiarogue had purchased of that dealer tba day b?f;>re Mr. Boas went to Mr Sttatmetz and qnestiooed him It seems that M Augustus De larogne had parebned a set of furs for S35 from Mr. 8. tbe day before, end bad paid him with a ';beck on Kig^sfc Co. Mr. S. thought the trans action a legitimate one on M Delaroque's side, and bad not presented his check at bauk. taking it for "irntea that when he did so It would be duly fconcred. He now learned that Mors A. Dei#^>que wasquit?a dlttVrent sort of person from Nvirat be had supposed Mr. Boss went to a pawn i*-oker's and found the set of furs, which M. De 'nroque had Dtwnetl for the sum nf tk? pawnbroker gave them up instantly, and they w?re at once returned to Mr. 9. Mr Cbarl-s DeViillers. with the two aliases, was then tried before the Chief of Police on a t hcrge of obtaining goods under false pretenses, and fully committed to jail for trial at the next term of the criminal court. 'Ihis morning. Mr Stinemeti sent M. Dfla fiqu"1* check to the bank of R'ggs k Co., and it i? i ?s-dlv necessary to add that It was not hon Obvhans' CotraT?Judge rurrell.?Yesterday, the ca?e of Owner agt Johnson was called up for a hearing, it was open a petition for the guar dianship and custody of a small boy, the son of .1 aires Owner, and an answer to the same. The pirttes agreed to refer the case to the discretion of the Court to appoint a guardian with or without -regard to relationship, and the petition and answer -were withdrawn. The cue of the minor boy, Harvy Larker, con tinued from the last sitting, was resumed This is the case Where two sets of indentures conflicted. The evidence of Mr. Cull and Air. Dorritv was beard with regard to the fitness of both the parties -claiming the apprentice to have him. They indi cated nothing discreditable to either The boy hlmseif asserted hi* preference for Mr. Roby, whom be had first served, and made some com plaints of his usage by the other party, Mr. Toombs, and of the nature of nis employment there. Judge Purceil gaw him a lecture upon the danger of evil association, and advised him to accustom himself to good company and the Sabbath school, lie directed the parties to appear at the ?atu<day'a session, when he will select a proper guardian, without retard to the indentures drawn if ?> find* tucb a election best for the training of the boy The settlement of the estate of the late 8. G. Deeth was resumed and continued. Tm P*acb Cokfkkksck ?The Peace Confer ference had a five bvurs' session yesterday, with rather an animated discussion of some points, though they adjourned in good temper and fra ternal feeling. The boprs and fears of tfce border *t*tates vacillated with each speech, some of whieh were very intemperate from both the extremes?; abolitionists and secessionists having, apparently, the same object In view?tnat of defeating all practicable plana of conciliation. The sootntrn Vaion men are confident of seme effectual agree ment. Tbe amendment of the Hon Reverdy Johnson wan adopted Monday bv a vote of 14 to rt?nil t?,? boutberd States except Maryland voting in tbe negative, considering themselves under instruc tion* to support Mr Crittenden's plan. TheSoutb, however, acquiesced after tbe result was an nounced, and tbe amendment was unanimously agreed to. A resolution was adopted yesterday limiting speeches to fifteen roinues, tbe object being to come to a final vote as early as practi cable. *~ Tiutii -Miss Cusbman gave ber closing performance last ntgbt before one of the largest Loans of her remarkable season here. Tbe play, " Oliver Twist," was, taking tbe average of the eaat, performed with great, almost painful fidelity to tba story, abounding aa it doea in some of tbe tnoat repulsive characters tbe great novelist ever . cooceivad. Singularly striking aa was tbe por traiture of tbe poor outcast. ' Nancy Sykea." by Miaa Cusbman. It waa aearly rivaled by tbe " Bill t^ykea" of Mr Studley and the " Faain" of Mr Roys Very good, too, waa the " Bumble" of Mr Bland tbe 'Mrs. Corney''of Mrs Mann, and the " Artful Dodger" of Raymond To-night, we are to are the beautiful and vim .ttte MIssGoey Gougenbeiai, of whom fame apeak* wo high She appear* is "Heater G'azebrook" fit Tom Tavlor'a new comedy entitled " An Un equal Matr'h " There la much interrat felt to are both the new play and the bewitching actreta who baa turned the heeds of her audiences else where. and of coarae the house will be jammed tD-mght. . Was*i?otoii Milita*t ? Dropping in at the binmbian Armory Monday evening, w- had tbe pi'aauraof aeeiag Company C, National Guard, Cap* McKim, lately organized in the eastern *e< - B of tbe city. Tbev noaaraa all th? nm l. Tattoo* which are ?aaei>Ual to good Bol^ler*. Companies A and H, of the battalion, were en ;iffd nader the efficient Instruction of Sergaant C H Pierce, In the marchings, wheelings, ud MAiiual. exhibiting proficiency In every more By toe by, Cwnptnr A baa a blrth-nlgbt ball on the ensuing Jyd. Thla company baa been eight w*sn la ex late nee, daring wUeb time they bare L^yaallclted ooe eltliea tor aid It la hoped jyilhr cltlsena will attead tbelr ball m ?miji . will guarantee an eqa 1 Talent for the small expenditure neceaaary. Kits a.?There la not mncb doing now at oar whtma. The coal and wood dealers my that 14fcev hare run nearly out of suppti?a,and that bat 4m the moderate winter, the supply of wood and fsl on bend at the eloae of navigation would tee been Inadequate to meet the demand; as It , It happen* well for cooaumer*. At the flab r- V.-k-l- -M ? _|^uci<w, uuvilfli v| VJMCTM wait purchaaera thla morning. The Ice crop Jblls a good deal abort of that of last fear Mr. Charch. who dors the principal lee bualneea al*nj( that section of the river, Informs ua that %1s crop falla abort of last year*' by aa anuch aa van huadred ?ona Wi win now* a few days ago a beautiful piece of art, Um work of a young Philadelphia j'wellar, Mr John A. Lehmaa, engaged In tba .ea-abllabnient of K. W Bally k. Co., of that city. It >a a miniature Ire engine, composed of silver. fflald with gold. The whole of tba Intricate aoa blnery la copied?the wbeela, tbe locker, the loi.goe. even to tbe beL'a with their little elap arri, are nearly aa delicate aa tbe lege of a spider, _ .J aa M MB anal ft OS ft/ tk# UfOMt 8'1 wui aiu| mm ?- ? vmK...w This riquialte ud lagenius piece of art is s? small that it esn stand on a half dollar piece, ii ? Un admiration at all who have seea It. *'Militia Daill.?The officers of the sixth rwl jpent of mllltla ban engaged a room for drill Brpos?, aad meet three nlgbts in the work for itraetton under the bands of an aacsmpHshod pfflcr Lmt aight nearly rrrrr ofteer of the natmeat was prrseat, aad the drill was conduct ed with much spirit for two hoars?most of the ( fleers evincing a disposition to place themselves Without deUy^n s position to be of real asrvtre, Tailsiui of CnmasaWa A. sad B, Wsshlng - ? II i (a k* i/l?*n it thrlr too Liiai i?M"ir s-^r oew Ball oo the JBd, la to boa brilliant a#ilr We would advlM thoao who wtafe to attood to MtweHbo early, aa the llat. la aaqly jUiod u * "ooaen wbo bar* aabaorlbod ud mat racet ? .'y.ry - ?t?n ? 3 Mr. P RstTArftAKt, lti the Sixth NVard, picked up some bard customers the other day. A Trrv good-look iny woman, wbo bad just returned to "the bnty world aftrr a aomewbat lengthy toaton of retirement at Qiieensville, en tered the place and demanded wherewith to raise ber drooping spirits, but the baf-keeper politely refused to cotm>ly; *rhetfcupon the went out in a ureat rage, ana with ber fis's att&rked the front window In *o energetic manner that before tbe tnan roold interpose tbere was not an unbrck*n pane left therein. Great wai the bar-keeper's in nation, but his wrath was mild compared with that of the gowd-looking woman a few minuses subsequently, when Justice Call adjudged hrr worthy of another ninety dajV residence at her late rural home on the picturtsqae banks of the Anacotlia. Mr. Cole's barkeeper, seeing the lady thus dis posed of, left the magistrate's office highly satis fied, but he had been gone bnt a very short time before hfc returned in a greater rage than ever, hnMinrr K? 4Kb aa!!? >?!!??? ?js o^ui wj iur V/Vimi a io*j 1WB 1 "? i^uww, who, while be had been engaged at the oflce In testifying against the woman, had entered the restaur nt and disposed of a doliar'a worth of ovsters and drink* and refused to pay for them The fellow finding himself 111 the presence of the law begged to be stcuaed. saving he would pay He watlet go Upon his promise, and It waa then discorded that he bad only a five cent piece wherewith to liquidate. The barkeeper let him alide. While the barkeeper waa engaged with this laat customer, lo ' another one of the same sort had been to the reetamatit and feasted sumptuously on the good things (for let the reader know that Cole keepa good things) spmd upon the counter, and flatly refnsed to pay Mfr Cole's barkeeper, In censed beyond endurance, seited the fellow's hat, which he held siftecurlty until it was replerlned by a policeman,^vbo waa compelled to Interfere 111 t/> atavo nff Klr? HoKt ?* grow oat of the transaction. Thk Explosion at the Fikx Yktiidu ?1 city paper, in giving an account of tbe Are voter day, erred in making the water registrar the Ylctlm of the gas explosion. The water tapper, Mr. H. L Gettler, wu the sufferer. Thefactaare, that tbe tapper seeing tbe Perseverance Fire Coin pan v approaching called them to the four-way ping at F and Thirteenth streets. The boxes around those plug* are always more or leaa filled with ?r 'o?l While tl>e tamper was lean ing over the plug !n the 4ct of opening It, a per aon foolishly approached with a large lantern and put It In the box to give light to the tapper. The explosion was Instantaneous, and a blaze issued from the box lllumiaatlng the whole street. The lantern was blown away the distance of a squsre, and with It the tapper's eyebrows, moustache, a portion of bis whiskers, and patches of skin from h!s hands and nose. The lantern man ran off, yelling " Oh, Lord !" while the tapper. Indignant at the spoliation of himself, yelled after him to come bark with bis moustache A gentleman standing by, noticing the conduct of the singed attache of the water department, remarked UU ? . ? ? - * * * lira niav umn ac idiiiii more oi ms moustache than his head " The personal damage will *11 be repaired in tbe course of nature, without expense to the corporation, and will call for no action by the drainage committee. Thi Zouaves.?This company, recently orea nized for the purpose of being attached to the Washington Light Infantry, held their second meeting at Thorn's Building last night. The roll has already been signed by 45 members. Thev adopted a constitution similar to that of the In fantry, and elected for Treasurer. Mr. Crt?*rleyj for Secretary, R Betts; and for AsslstantSecretarv, Mr Irving. Ths committee on uniform sub mitted a report; which was adopted. The uni form is the full EounVe, save in the colors which are to be mode to conform tn those of the Infantry Battalion. The company meet again Thursday n ght next. ? ..r. iiimiiriu.i vi ioe ^aooaxa ??cnooi (Mr GcvW. Garret superintendent) ofGorauch Chapel at R viand Chapel on last evening was quite a suc cess The youthful orators acquitted themselves handsomely, and the singing by the children de lighted the large assemblage. We understand that the exhibition will be repeated shortly During the evening the Rev. Mr. Combs, Rev. Mr. Lemon and R Thompson, Esq , were com plimented by receiving handsome presents from the children. ThiWashix<jio!( LiohtInfastsy Rattalio* parade this evening in full winter uniform, and will be reviewed by their battalion offlcer. Look out for a handsome turnout. Yesterday. a line mast was taken to the top of the armorv. Coombs' Building, where it will be dressed, rfgged and erected on the '22d lnst , and th<? User nf th*? l'n!A? *- **- ? 1 '**' p, ? ?v t>u>wii uiiiuucu w tue urcczc. 4 DP mast will be over forty feet in hight from the top of the building. Cestkal GcarDHoLkE This morning, the only persons docketed for trial were Charlotte Mason and Elizabeth Boston, two sable nymph*, who Indulged too freely in whisky, got drunk, and used language in public not tolerated by mu nicipal law They were each fined 90 15. and in default of payment were sent to the city farm for 9u <lnys Pete Douglass, (col'd,) also was drunk and behaved disorderly, for which he was sen fenced to a like term. Wn in always pleased to be able to inform the ladles where they can get goods the cheapest and make the best bargains, and we do think that nowhere can they get better articles of jewelry for onedollar than at "Evans,' " 476 Pennsylvania avenue One advantage in trading with "Evans" is that be tells vou ctmdidly what his go^ds are. and urarfftnti"fWim fn h- k? *w ? ? wW?*a w ?V T*MH? UV IC^'IOCUM tlirili. See advertisement elsewhere. It Police.?Be/or* Justice Donn.?YVm. Rich ard*, (col d,) was arrested by policeman Bfitz^l, for driving ou a gravel walk, andwu lined SJ 27. Quil Boston, (col'd.) hackman, for leaving bis reins at the railroad depot and disorderly con duct, was lined SI 58. Win. O'Brien, for lnde ccnt exposure, was lined SI 31 Or cormss the Ladies wiU attend the sale of Millinery goods and clotb Cloaks, Arab*,Ba?que9, Hhawls. Ac , Jcc , advertised in another column, by C W. Boteler & Sons, auctioneers, to take nllfo at 10^ nVlnrlr tn.mnrentw mAvnlnn ?* ?Mvr Wi notice by advertisement in anothercolomn that tbe New York and Washington line of packet steamers have resumed their regular trips between tbe two cities. The first trip will be made from New York to Washington, starting next Saturday. Til Yoirif* Zouavis, of Georgetown, paraded tbe streets of Washington last night, commanded br Capt JohnKodier Their excellent marching and soldierly appearance were remarked by all who witnessed their maneuvers as they passed np the svenue. Wi havx received from the publishers, Deve reux 4 Co., Philadelphia, through their agent, Oeo W. Francis, now In this city, an elegantly illuminated copy of Washington's Farewell Ad dress. Hon. Juan Cochsank. of N Y , dellvsrs a "Union lecture" in tbe East Washington M E. vhuivh i ui? ? mo same xecuire ae Itveitd by AJr Cochrane in Baltimore a short time since. Rev Jon* f.oan gives the last of his course of lecturrs at the Smithsonian to-night The subject for this evening is Madame de Stael. Sbillimton has received the American Al manac for 1891. Asonn Nut or Couirrnrstma.?finear* / rato* ? Information having been received by Us poprietors of Hostett?r's Stomaoh Bittsrsthat tfaeir oelrbfated restorative has been extensively ouaoterteit'd. we reoomin?nd the thousand* who are daily apply in* for it st the dras stores ia all Mxtaoftiis Onion, to aee that every bottle they boy hears upon its lat?*i fee siSMle of the proprietors' mnatore, and hM the words' HosUtter's *t.in4eh: Hitt?r?" embossed on the glass of the bottle, and impressed on the cover of the oork. As a remedy for frebleneM and delrili^inj^outhpr age, for dya ffviBi uTri wnifiuaii uwrrnir*! uiinoirrT, nw ToaiieK, inpcrfpot digektion, and for all the diffi ou tie* incident *o every enaia of female life. Hoa tettcr'* Bitter* are the moat oelebrated of the prep arattnns for eimiler purpo*#* now before the world. For eale by druggist* and dealer* generally every Kuon, have yoa aeen Prof. Wood'* advertiae meat la our paper, ft ear it; it will interest yon. afo-eoly RMUla Poraoaa doairiog peaniee will always find them for esabange at the Atar Ofioe oeunter. tf To ma Avvlictvd !?Be sun to read the adver tisement of MeLeea'a Strengthening Cordial ao<l Blood Pernor. in another ooluiun. tf MARRIED P.Kn..r. Uk U. WII I ? U PiUDI > - - ??* j w??i| in * auu< rtiu vamvun iu nil MARY fr- RHODES, of WWMifton City. j** ? uieii, j On Tn'adav, tke lMk inat%nt. at her raeidenae, in th*?:h year of h*r a?e. JA1>)k. Wife of Richard. Keuhley, ud 4?agktar of the lata Daunia !> * Her funeral vill takaalaeana to-morrow (Thara day) aftsrn >on,at2 u'c look, from the oorner of 4th ud L iU.i Ntn Yard. * ' J&attSI&B&WaVg? The fanera! wsli take ptaoe from the residence of k?r fithar, No. 4?? etreat. batvaea 9th Had loth ta t on to-morrow, 21 at loataut, at 3 o'otoek. * ?S3S3gS5SfiBrES mmTHR*lww ?otor?d by a l?rg*4troM ^wSr tfck?,?''*9?o?> T fcyredw^Fafc. tl, viUd to attend. Matoi's 0?tie*. I Wa?his?tor, F'-bruarv 20, 1961. J 1 have this day approved the following join resolution of the City Council?, a Ml earnestly rec onimenri to the citizens of Washington an observ anre of tbe 22d of February* a* a national holiday (iiven under my hnnd, at tb* City Hill, thii aotb of February, 1S?1. J\*es (j. Bkkket, Mayor. Joist RmiLrnn ?Vservin; tbe22d diy of Feb ruary as a general holiday. E? ^- j t.. ii . r? 1 .r i ? * -? nr.'i;ii cu ay i/te Doortt oj AtiMermfn lid HOflTd of Common Council of ike City of Wathington^ That the !Vl*vor be requested to iMue tils procla mation recommending the citizen*of Washington to observe the -jU day of February as a general holiday. Gbaftjm Powell, President of the Board of Common Council. William T. Dnrn, President of the Board of Aldermen. Approtrtd Feb. '20. ISfll: fe'20?4t Jamb? G. Bbbkbt, Mayor. One Dollar. SI?SI?81?It?si?SI?SI?#1?#1?#1! si?si?si?si?si-si?si?si?si?sr. 4T? Pa. Av. EVANS'S. 4T6 Pa. Av. YOUR CHOICE OP ANY ARTICLE OF JEWELRY IN OUR STORE FOR ONE DOLLAR. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE?- S?t? for 81 Elegant LAVA .?.. Sots for 81 Elegant OARNET Seta for ?1 Elegant JET ,.?.SeU for 91 Elegant CORAL and GOLD.? Seta for 9> Elegant MEDALLION getafor 81 Elegant RIM MOSAIC... ....? Set* for 81 Elegant PLAIN GOLD Seta for 81 Ladies'GUARD CHAINS for $1 Ltdiea' CHATELAINE CHAINS for 91 Ladies'NECK CHAINS . for 51 Gent's VE8T CHAINS,(10differed patterns) for 81 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARE, oonsisticg of TABLE, TEA and DESERT SPOONS, FORKS, CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKETS, CREAM LADLES, TEA SETS OF KNIVES and FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES, CUPS. A.O., to. Also; A Large Assortment of J EWELR Y, which we can sell at 5" cents per article. RdAK snnnu s_ CLOSING OUT OUR STOCK AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. 91.00 BOOKS S?llinf for 90o?n!> 51.25 BOOKS Se!lin* for .60 to75o*nt* $3.00 BOOKS Selling for $1 to 31.25 NOW#IS YOUR TIME * TO g*t BOOKS and JEWELRY LOWER THAN EVER BEFORE. CALL EARLY AT 476 Pa- Av. EVANS'S. 476 Pa. Av. fe IS tr l.adlPM f'nll F.nrlv at RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL ?1 STORK, RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL 51 STORE, No. 30!i PENNA. AVENUE, No. 30U PENNA- AVENUE. Additional invoioes jaft received of New and Beautiful Jewelry. From Ovr Ehtikr Stoci YOU CAN TAKE V'OUR CHOICE FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR. CORAL and GOLD SETS, ENAMELED TWIST SETS, K MEDALLION SETS, EAL ROMAN MOSAIC SETS. LUBY and VASE SETS, i.\VA and BEAD SfcT?, V iut' .?.4 duii ? i * W'r a i-'fa t noc< cum uniLiuaAii t rri i <7| KI'lN MOSAIC >ETS, CAMEO and GOLD STONE SETS, CARdU*CLKSETS, Ft.A IN GOLD SET8, BOQUET and RIBBON SI T*. LADIES' NECKLACES. l.ADIKS' NKCK CHAINS, CHILDREN'S NECK CHAINS, CHILDKE Vb ARMLETS, GENTS' VEST CUAINS, gENT?' WATCH KEYS. ENTS' SEALS and CHAINS. GENTS' M-bEVE BnTTONB and STUDS, THIMBLES. FENS, PENCILS, KINGS, SILVER Pl.ATED SPOON*, GOBLETS, CUPS, Ac. Everything in the store new and perfect, and guarantied to bs such as represented fCT Ewry article mmujac urtd for the regular mail trade, and warranted to )> the same quality as ia retailed lrotn five to thirty dollars each. YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR, Rbsahdliss or Cost. As thla great sale oontinues but a short time, pei sons desmngti ^supply themselves with Jewelry ai inu?? unearu ui prices win piosso can early si our ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORK, 302 Pennsylvania aven>je, between 9th and 10th streets i> \V. RIDDLE. IH7" Remember the Number?30^?m we have no oonn??cti<>n with othem. professing to sell at our prices, in this city. Received this day a larne invoio" of SILVER WARE, consisting of Breakfast and Tea Sets; Card and Cake Uavket*; Patent Strup Pitchers; Butter l)i?hes; Fruit Knives; Tea Kuives, Forks; Table, Dei>?ert. and i *a t*poon?;. Tobseoo Boxc-a; Sugar and Cream Spoons; Napkin Kings; liulter Knives, in sets and tingle; K.-iv?s and ' orki. in arts: lea Cream, fie and Fish Knivrv. Breakfast and Dinner Castors; Di-uble and Singla halts, a large variety "I Piain. l!ha?ed. and li:Jt Oobiet*, Cups, Ac. A<1 the above artioies to be sold with out regard to original cost, at frjra 31 to S?>. and warranted to b? what they are represented, and fully 100 per cent. !eas than they can be boacht. 'J6-tr 304 Pa. av.* bet 9th and loth sts. Birvus, hikus rwR PAbr.-i ?ave just r? mi edt splendid assortment of Bird* from tp*. Kurope,?fGerman C*na 1*?, Englith Bict/ Birds, Thrushee, ffnli Kiciohes,G->ld Fiuehen, ?* l.p.ets, Sky Lark*. Yeilow Hammers. I have I'arro^ae'a, Jwa sparrows, gtarlens, th? Red Mocaw Parrot an<i g>een grey. 1 have M<<ok ing Birds. Red Wing Black Birds, R?1 Birds, Doves, and Hobo ink* Prioe 25cents to $50 Cages oi all kinds f orn 10 oents to 91", at JOHN O'MKARA'S Bird ^tore. No. 566 Pa.avenue, at the Capitol gat?. fe 9-1 m CLARENDON HOTEL RE8IAURANT. BENJA.MIN HoBBS 'egs luve to inform his friends and the pir liol generally that he hat taken and fitted up in a superior manner the Restau rant at the (outheast corner of .'*un. avenue and fcixth street He will at all times be pr*par?dto serve al who may favor him with a call, with the best WINKS#, iJOUORS and 01 - GARS, as wt-11 as OYSTERS U.MK a d other aeuoaeies oithe season. fe4 'm I TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take ail kinds of Virginia money for rnj book debts *nd for Boots, Sho*a, and Trunk*. All p?r?<>na indebted to me will pi ease na.i and settle up, or 1 shall be oompe'.led to uive their accounts into the hands of a collector. s. p. Hoover, iron Haii, no 31 Pa. av.. between 9th and loth sla. T NOTICE. HE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE existing under the name and style of 1). Smith A Co., was dissolved by mutual consent on th? 28th day of January last The bn? ness of the late firm will bit settled by Daniel Smith. DANIEL SMITH. fe 19 at? JAMES W. BARfcER, Woo* and Coal. GILTS' CITT STEA9 FIREWOOD HILLS AND rn* v **v ??l Foot or 9itihtiiiiti Btrsmt, Below War Department. Q7" WOOD AND COAL of a.11 Binds. Wooi prepared to anit the wants of each cuttomer, or da liveredaord length. (X7" Coal kept in Coal Houxtt, delivered fraa fioii lata, 4kit,and other impurities. Personal attention given to all orders. fe U-tf T. J. It W. M. GALT. V> ITlZKNh Acd Sojourners la W mhimton are respeouully reminded mat the ?ubsonl>er is pie ?ared to furnish DINNER ENTERTAIN MENT8, for any nnmber of gentlemen, in a stvle u?>l In lh>l ?r ~ -1 ? : i . ^... -paanvl J am i mi nWUIlllllllOUk 1U 106 (Jnite4 States. and on very moderate terms. Hit suite* of Parlors and Dining rooms for the aoonm mod&tioo of Dinner and tapper Parties his Tabl? arranierneuts, Cooks, Servants, fco., are unsur passed; as well as his Wines, which enjnjr much celebrity. He respectfully asks a oontinuanoe ol the patronnie of the publio heretofore so lil<er?ll) bestowed upon him, ?cd pledges his beet exertioni C. 9AUT1KR. bestowed upon him, and plei to^gnre entire satufadt.on. QRBAT RBDV^JON^IPPRICE TO 40M great tndvoemeits tor cash, Oii great redn?tlon. Fall suits ol ' plaiasaits of Black, Mt|SI rst&xtpii . h.. Ka* ask uii .n. fOkdonlil

8EKN <mni( of tod N?w*> lHi WrnkSli i art robMribt. WA!*fc. t WANTED?By a ?onn* roar ieJ woman, with a " good brent of milk, a ^IT I. ATI ON a? wet nurte. Address E. Star f?r t*o d?> *. Sw? 1 WA.NTKD-??TUATlON>, y two H'teta, T? fu;t-cl\*a cooks. Noa" n ea apply bui hr?U o<??? Pisces. Apply at G?n?:a' Cut'i and S nator (Jwm a. to the l? of Maeh. It* t ANTED?By a yours *H. i.ear 14 yean- old,a ** SITUATION fo do cha? berwork. ?he is Meand willinc to wok. and will etrire to p'rae* A i employer. Sbeoanbewti i#?i nmen led. I*l< ave ad ir< *4 a note to Box No. 17, Stv c Sice. fe J? WA\TED-By agirl, neariayweold.aPlace " a? a nurae or to do ?cjr thing t? be required of oo* of h?r ag* in a family She wi I call ti? aee an? one who wauta such a girl, if Mving a n?t*. ?tat ibg where to oa 1, iu iiox No. 19, ftar Ofboe. feSn at . WANTED-A WHITE ?IRL, 12 or .14 Tear old. to go into the country with a lady. A tool heme, iibe al waiei, and a permanent ?i.tna tio* inaj tx> obtained. Good reference required. Call at the Columbia Market, for three day*, fe 2-1 3t 1M/ANTKD?A oompetert NURSE and 9EAM 8TRKSS, who c?n ooim well reoomm?Drl*Ki App'y at 3fj6', C at., north tide, btttHn X and streets. tc 18 at' 1VANTED-A good WHITE UIRI, that can *? *uh and iron for asm*!! lamrir. Musteome we^rpgotnmended. Apply at the Star Office. WA^TKU IMMEDIATELY?From *5 to ***">??? worth ? SKCOND-HAND FURNI TUREofall kiuds, for whioh I will eu&ranU to pay the highest pnoee, and, aa usual. at the phorteit no tio#. R. BCCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stove*, Ao., oo9 . 40ft Tth at., het. G and H exit side. \ETANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Person* deoiiomg housekeeping or having a surplus of Furniture on hand.oau obtain thecasn And ikir a- *L * ivviTiuK c?i. ??u j crveiii n bi. BONTZ k GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. IOST?On Moctar right, roing from Third i street to the Capitol, a plain QOhD BAND, witk the initials "M. K. MThe firder will be suitably rewa-ded by leaving it at the bookstore of FRANK TAYLOK. Pa.arf.ii.if.. If JOST?On Sandar evening la?t, in the neighbor -J hood of the Northern Libert* Ma ket House.* SILVER WATCH and Gold Cham. ?K\ A liberal reward will be given to the finder&fUa on returning it to COI UMBF9A MAROON'S K?tin< Saloon. Center Market, on Ninth st It* LOST?On Monday evening, 18th instant. be tween 8 and 9 o'clock, a fine set CAM HO BR ACKt.K.T, at or coming from the ladies' eallery of the Hoa?e ef Representatives Anj person leaving the same at l)r. MoCO Y'S, 629 Penn av enue, between 2d and 3d streets east, Cantol Hill, will b> suitably reward -d. fe 2<> 8t* T78TRAV.?ClUTI? tnill, nmirlMt nw, ll? Mli mad. near the secorrf toll rate, two jonnn STEERS, alike in oolor and car wUr marks. The owner or owners a'e request d^aJUa edtoonmn forward, prove property, pay charges, an<l rake thern away. fean-St* LOUIS L. BRUNETT. PERSONAL. T NOTICE. HIS is to notify the pablio that I will ptvy no debts contracted by my wile afW the date of this notice 'Feb.20,1861.-It* PATRICK SUM-IVAN. BOARDING. URVKRAL GENTLEMEN OR FAMILIES v? can l>e aco mmortated wth pleasant Roomr and UoaniatMrs WfcSf'S, 523 U st, between 6th and 7tU Also, Table Hoarders. _fe 5*i0teo* OOARDING.?Persons rfe?irous of a comforta II I. - L ' * * ?? o uuiiic can uuiam ("in n<?ara ana pleasant Apartment* on Fstreet, No. 339. between ^th and li'th kU. T\l)le Boarders oan also be aconmmu dated. Terms reasonable. P5-i* FOE SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT?A two story and attic BRICK HOUSE, eont'i'iiiR 8 rooms, on Second street, between B and C. Terms moderate. Inquire next door-No. 179. It' FOR RENT-Thefour story BRICK HOUSE, No. 423 Fifth st, between E and F. in excel lent repair, with modern improvements. Inquire on tho premises; or of DUVAL.L BROTHKRS, 4*4 Pa avenue. feao-Steo" tpOR RKNT?The desiral>'e and convenient RESIDFNCE. now occupied by Senator Ken B'dy,on Sixtit ttreet, just i orth of toe Unitarian Church, will he for rent after the adjournment of the Unit'd States Menate. Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No. 499 Seresth street west, i" 15-tawSW I^OR RENT-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS r mad STA ULK, near Wnl%'d*' Hotel. Apply to. KIOWELL & LAWRENCE, DrugfisU, F? av.1 and Utb st. fe 11 -eoaw * A VALUABLE FARM FOR SALK OR EX CHANGE FOR CI i Y PROPKRTV?Cen tal niiiR 131 acres, situated 14 inlleo from Alexan dria. on the < >rai>g? and a lexeindria Railroad, under joou cultivation; timtier, wa!er, frnit and a'l build mes neceneary fhr a first-rate form, Inquire of G. w. BRAY, at the Jewelry Store, 816 Seventh st, Washington. ' j% 21 lm* FOR RENT?A three etory brick HOUSE,con taining 8 rooms, in good order, with fix tures oompiete, on 11 street, between 4th and Sth. Also, a two clary biick COTTAGE, with large yard attached, corner of F street north &n-< 14th at. east. To punotual and reliable tenant* the terms will be moderate. Apply at 440 Twelfth street, between & and H. no 13-tf FOR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the build ing immediately opposite the west wine ot t/?* City HalMreoently occupied by Chan. S. Waliach as an offlee. Also the front room in the second lory and the third floor of the same baildin*. Fcr terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH,No. ? Louisiana avenne. ia 13 U UOR RENT, in the First Ward?throe squares r Vfl?t r?f lh? VV*-P (UnArtmaut ? ?%m o<ni*i i */r FICE. with back room, or the former may answer for ? shop; and Parlor* and Chambers, separate, or suits of Rooms, furnished or ur>furn;aiied; close to the Are- ne. Inquire at this oflioe. de3 Jtawlf FOR RENT?The tine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West st., Georgetown, at present ocou pied by the subscriber. It hM 12 rooBis, with cat and water throuchoot, a fine yard, stable Ac , and is in a good neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A. M A GRIDEJR. nc 86-tf GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS fy-g^MR. EDITOR:?You Will please inform 1 L the voters of tteorketown that I am uot a candidate for the Coram n Council, the us9 of my name being unauthorised, at.d that I conceive my declension to serve both courteo-aac.d positive. it wili.iam *r uuvaiJL. fYl^NOTICE.?The undersigned, with thanks 1L ? to his f lends for the honor done him, re speotfuliy dec in*s to have his name presented to the vote s of Georgetown a? a canddate for the Hoard of Common Council at the ensuing munici pal eeotion It HENRY KINO. GEORGETOWN MAYQRALTY.?To I H prevent any doubt, at the instance ot my friends, I hereby cive notice that I shall not wi'h draw as a candidate for the mayoralty at the en?n !dk election. fe 14-tf RICHARD R. CRAWFORD. fV^??niTICE.-On the Fourth Monday o' thia i month?being the 25'h instant?an Election will (> held in th" several preoiaU ol Oeor^etown, fur Mayor of the Town, and for eleven member* to oompoMthe Board of Common Council. ieiSStawtt WM. LAIRD, Clerk. MACKEREL, HERRING. LTl AND alewive*. 5i barrela Extra No. 1 LABRADOR HERRING, 50 do. No 1 do. do. 117 d?. No. 3 Small MACKEREL, 73 do. No 3 Medium do. 15 hlf. bUa. do. do. do. 5 do. No. 1 '0. 5 ?r bbla No. 1 do. lokitsNo.1 do. lo small k>t? No. 1 do. 10 do. No. I SALMON lo kits No 1 do Ail of which we look for next ?Mk per schooner Mary Ann Ma?ee, and will be aold on pleaamf wihi? uu ur iwiurc srrim. Aleo, in store? F.a?tport<uid Boston Heiring, Gipped Herring, M-remiotn Extra No. 1 Aiewivea Apply to hartley A BRO., fe 11 ifw 99 and 101 Water St.. fieorcetown. ? . < TJHU-ADELPHf A DRAUGHT ALE.?We are K daily ooivt k fesh supplied of Muiti, Col lin* a (.o.'e unrivaled Pbifalelpliia Oraurht Ale, yrhich we are ready to deliver to cuaiomers (or cash. <fe?> ARMY SH1WN. J SoIhf.f^r^^rtT) Rioo SUGARS, isa hMa.oid R*? WHISKY, 250 bbls. herring and A LIB WIVES, ?0 bbla. Crushed and Refined aUGARs, !?> bevjc* R io and Java COFFEE, 1" ?Sda.(low prioe<0 MOLASSES. For aale by JOHN J. bogus. ae 10 .. * > > Great bargains in DAMAGED CLOTHING, UNITED STATF*S CLOTHING STORE, Pun. Avi pi. fa 14.1 w Great bargains in DAMAGED clothing, us it Id state*? Vlothixg store, 37? Pbub. ati vb, f? 14-^r Batwaaa iltfc and Itthrta. Foe two wkeks longer we shall oonttaue to tub off our vfco!a stock of ncn Dr?*a Goods, Shawla aod Cloaks, ia Ami, all Wia tar Good* at oost, nany at laaa. tar oaatLta o der to oioaaont this month. Callatoaoa if jba with the arttolaa at tha lowest pnoea. j. w. < 0/vHSY * OO.. aaa 'Savaath at., altorw Pa. iv. GEORGETOWN. CortK'pondtnc* / Tkt Star, Gioiuitowj, February 90. 1?1 As ear municipal e Ire Won approaches the la Writ Inert .u<? Tbe foUewlnif ia tbo romplet Democrat! ticket For Mavor. K R Crawford vuunuVll vctinrii, tuu ficxreu. Jos > Fearson F. W JoM. J. M 9takr, Wm. L Dualop, Ju <?od.lnrd, Henry Harron, I Thninas Davis Jobs MeCobb, Bladen Forrest. And C Htnrv Rodier. Thv plot thicken*. and we haw (till anotbe ticket la the fl. ld It wu formed by the with drawing members from the late l>odge" con yntlna, and is called the " I'aion Conservative' ticket It reada aa follow* : For Mavor. VV lliiaii King, of Wm ; Common Council. Eaau Pickrell Wb H Godey, I. Thomas Davis, J as J. Bar rett. F. W. Jom. Joseph Llbbev. l*r , Wm L Dtinlop, H L Offutt. James God<iard. Wm T Duvall. and J. T. Bangs. We understand that a card " To the People of Georgetown," will b* published bf the gentlemen who formed the above ticket We respectfully suggest to Mavor Crawfjrd the propriety of proclaiming the 22d aa a general boll day At this time such a token of reapeet to the memory of Washington would be peculiarly ap propriate. ? UBVHUirvwn CORPORATION LAWS. An Obdinakcb levying a general tax'and special direct taxes for tbe year 1*61, and providing for the collection of tbe nine. Sec. 1. B* it ordained fcjr tk* Foard of Aldtrmm mr | Board of Common Comaeij of tk* Corporation of Urcrgttotm, That tbere hall be, and hereby la, levied a direct tax of aeventy cents on each and every one hundred dollar* of ibe aaaeased value of real ahd personal property liable to taxation, as tbe same stands valued ana issrseed at this time on tbe books of ?w-sapient now on fie In tbe olBce of tbe Clerk of tbe Corporation; and, also, that there shall be. and b^rehv la an perlal tax of Ave pents tor the Metropolitan-rail road debt, and After n r enta for the gai tax. on earh and fwy hundred dollar* of the valoe of real and personal property, u the aame standi valued on the boeka aforesaid. excepting, In each Instance, public burying ground*. the female orphan asylum, and bouses of public, Worship And the Clerk of the Corporation ia hereby di rected to keep aeparate accounts of the receipts and expenditure* of the general and apecial direct taxes hereby levied, and to apply the latter ac cording to the provisions of a law of Congress, entitled "An act authorizing the corporate an tborillea of Ueorgetown to impose additional taxes and for other purposes," approved March. 1-6.', and to no other purpose 9ec 2. And bt \t further or da in* d. That each of the taxes hereby levied and lmp>sed shall be col lected by the Collector elected by the two Boards of tliia Corporation in Joint meeting on the first Moa day la January, 1MH, and la two weeka after the passage of this ordinance the Clerk of the Corpo ration ahall make out and deliver to the Collector the taxes hereby levied, and the said Collector shall, within fifteen days after be shall have re ceived them, make out an account of each of tbe taxes hereby chargeable on all real and personal property under this ordinance, and shall. Within the period afMnaU tl?ll??t to the proprietors of aaid property, if he. abe, or they be a resident within the town, and demand payment thereof, and ifbeo Any proprietor ahnll be a non-resident be shall deliver tne ?aid vcounts respectively; in the case of real property to fbe tenants or occupants of the lot ?r lota on which the aame ia chargeable, if auch property be let or occupied, and In case of peraonal property, to the person or persona In whow use or possession it may b?, and demand payment thereof from auch tenant, occupant, or possessor, in the aame manner and within the same period. 8ee.3. And b* it further ordained. That Inevery instance la which either of the taxes under this ordinance shall be unpaid by the first Monday in October next. the said Collector Is hereby author lzed and requested to proceed to enforce the pay ment of sala taxes by aistrain and sale of auy per aonal property belonging to the persons properly chargeable with said taxes hereby levied and im posed, wherever found within the town; and if there be none such, then by sale and distrain of such personal property as may be found on the premises chargeable with said taxes. except such property ai the act of Congress extending the jurisdiction of justice* of the peace of tha District of Columbia exempts; and it shall be the duty of the Collector, before he sella any personal property so distrained, to glre thirty days' public notice, as follows : Kv putting up a notice at the Town Hotiae and market house, and also serving one on the party whose goods are distrained, If to be found by him within the town, of the time and Clace of sale, and the amount of each of the taxes er?in levied, due, and for which distrain is made. Sec 4. And be it fvtker ordained. That when there ia no personal property liable as aforesaid for the payment of either of the taxes hereby charge ouir vu any iui, ur iui*. ut paru III iuu. WD>-lDer tbe tame be the property of tbe resident of non resident proprietor, and if tbe Mid taxes be unpaid on tbe day beforementloned, it shall be tbe duty of tbe Collector, and be Is hereby required to enforce tbe payment of such tain py the Bale of such lot, or lots, or parta of lota, or ao much thereof as maybe necessary; and the courae of bia proceeding* aball be aa follow* : He aball adver tise property, when owned by persona residing within tbe District of Columbia, for public sale, in some newspaper published in Georgetown, and if there be .none such, then in a newspaper pub lished in Washington city; and wbon the prop erty is owned by a person or persons uot residing in the District of Columbia, also In the National Intelligencer and an Alexandria paper, once a week for twelve successive weeks previous to the day of tile, and in the Jid*atiaenient shall be stated tbe time and place of sale, the rlimber of lot, or lots, or parts of lots of ground lntende*! to he cold, the vaW. and the amount of each of tbe taxes due and owincr nlan th# n?mM nf the persona to wh?m the same are respectively assess?>d and if before the day of sale advertised aforesaid, tbe owner. bia or her agent or attorney, shall not ymy tbe amount of each of tbe taxes hereby levied, with all coats thereon aaaeaaed, tbe said Collector shall sell tbe aaid lot. or lota, or parta of lots, or as many as may be necessary to pay said taxes, to the hignest bidder for cash, and a certificate shall be issued by said Collector, setting forth that auch person la tbe purchaser, and tbe amount paid by him; and If, at or before tbe expiration of twelve months from tbe day of sr.le, tbe owner shall not appear and pay te tbe Collector, tbe Mayot, or tbe purchaser, the amount of each of aaid taxes and costs accruing subsequent to tbe sale, and tea per cent Interest on tbe pur chase money, it shall and may be lawful for the Mayor, and he is hereby required, at tbe expira tion of aaid time, to convey the title in fee simple of said property to tbe purchaser, by deed, under ilia uauu, scai qi loc vorpunmon. 8ec. 5. And t< it further ertUnmd, Tbat the Collector shall settle hi* account of his collection* by virtue of thla ordinance, with the Clerk, by the flrst of Janu<>ry next, at which time a list >< all insolvent tax payers shall b- presented by the Collector to the Corporation for their allowance, In default of wbich the Collector shall be charged, by the Clerk, with interest monthly thereafter for any deficiency not paid over, and the Collector in settling h s account shall be allowed a commla*irn for his services at the rate of three per cent on hll money collected by him and paid over to the Cor poration; provSdea that nothing in this section shall be construed to deprive the Co'poratlon ol the right and power, at any time after the first of January, te sue the Collector and his sureties for any deficiency not pnid over by that time. Pec 6 And b* *t further ordained, That when either of the taxes hereby levied are due by tb? same person on more man one 101, or iou, or paru of lota, and tbe Mid lot, or loU, or parti of loti ball be offered for sale aa aforesaid. It stall b? tbe duty of tbe Collector to advertise and sell foi the sum of tbe taxes due on tbe whole number of lota, or parts of lota, at tbe same time; bat be sbaU ell no more of the said lots, or parts of lots, than may be sufficient to raise tbe whole amount of taxes hereby levied and in arrears, and due, with tbe expenses of tbe collection thereof, which shall include but one execution fee, which fee. with all other expenses of distrain, advertisement and sale, shall be raised and peid out of tbe property sold in tbe same manner and at tbe same time that Uh sum of each of the taxes herein levied is raised and paid. oec. 7. And to it fmtktr oThat the col lect* r In every Instance of diatrain of personal property for tbe taxes hereby levied under thti ordinance, or whether or not W shall in^easale, 1m> mithnriuw) to rKam? #? WU as well the fee of one dollar, ? a commission ol live per cent on the amount of tuM In arrear, fa be Included, and recovered In like manner with the taxes, and as an expense Incident thereto. and In every cane" of advertisement of real property fui sale for tbe aald taxes la arrears, and whether 01 not a sale shall be made, the said collector In ad dition to the fee of one dollar, shall be Mlowed to charge for his cost and trouble a commission ol two ana a half per cent, on the amount of the sum of both the taxes hereby levied, and(n arrear, to be Included and recovered In like manor with tbe said taxes la arrears, and as an expense inci dent thereto And la no future eaae or dlstrew ol personal property ft* tbe taxas hereto levied, ahalJ k be required at the collector to give personal no tice thereof to any other owners than ss reside within tbe limits of the town ?nA k?v. j>rwse?Icn Of the property dlstraln?d at tbe Uu of filch til (train, any ordinance at this corpora tlon to the contrary notwitataadiag And it sb*U be tbe duty of tbecaUaotor. at ike appaiatadtiHM of closiag hi? collection*, to report to tbe corpor alloa a llat ahowlag tbe name* of tbe peraons U arrears for each of tbe taxes herein levied th? aroonnt due by each respectively, together with i statement of the coats and amounts of eharjrs roadi by him under tbe provision* of this ordlaaace. 9ee 8 And be *t further orHmtned, ThM thecal lector be, and b* la hereby auttiorii-d and direct to allow a discount of eight par talw mm ai THE LATEST NEWS. + TELEGRAPHIC. ? ? Tkf Arktaiu Cmt?bU?i Cl?ctM? [ *p?la] Dwpatcb to The Mr ) HiLni,Aik, Ftb K-Kiiir Stmt ?|q this rounty the t?IW candtAMw lr# #*IWti'H K* m Ur > MMtll* their opponents la not more thaa a boot JOO oet at a poll of kmh 1.6*0. Their majority to atoo tkt maj rltjr for holding a coaveatlea ?the other qneatlon auhmitted The convention baa d?ab? lm bees ordered by the people to be bald, bat aa ret It to not known whether tte Mate ba* olocted a majority of Seceaa'.oalato to It, or of oandtdatoa (I'nionlata) who are Against aece?>on ao long aa It can be honorably avoided The >liaaeart t eareatioa Elartlaa (ppeciai unpneiiiTMiat ] St Lovii, Feb 19 ?K4ttor ITaiinfro* Itc The victory of the nacoodtttoaal I'a ton party ta tbia city and county to omwtMlw nj?perbapa l.ittO majority So tor wo ba*o not board of tbo taction of a Seceaalonlat jut i? to tbe Conrew tton Oat of tbto county, all elected, ao tor a* we bin beard, are ooodiUoaal fntoafto tor remaining ia tbe Caioo If i H?> of tba rational difficulties can be obtaiood rrtB%-Miu?nira wj wmmj r.iprr??. 8*1 rtinciw#, F?k t.?tb? Pnay K.ip?m reached ha Krsaelac* on tbe 31st alt , with eastern new* telegraphed to Port Ketrnn nf Ikr Mtb. ronUlnlni a drilled teeanit of sfTltrs at Cbulfitnn. afVr the Star of ilw West wm Irtd into, the del?aU thereon la tb? 1'itM rttnSrs Senate, and tbe proceedings la tb* New York and other Legislatures It it altogether tbe araat alarming intelligence yet iwoeleed here The legislature has spent most ot tbe times1 ace In debating the trerious serins of Union resolutions formerly introduced, with a prospect of continu ing tbe debate for some days before reaching any conclusion Aa was ei pec ted, moat of the Brack In ridge members sympathise with or Justify the secession movement. Another Ineffectual effort bat been made to get the Douglas members Into caucus on tb? -eriatort al question It 1? believed that if a oaucas eon Id be bald with a full attendance Denver "*ould yet the nomination.andsforwards receive a suAcleat Breckinridge support to aecure his election. The state Agricultural Society has just held tts annual meeting, and derided that all general Slate Fairs ahall hereafter be held at Sacramento. flier the discovery of tbe YVaaboe and other silver mines, on the eastern alope of tbe fttorra Nevada, flftr-three silver mining companies have been rexclariy organised, under tbe lawa of Call fornia. for tbe profeaaed object of devetsplag the various sarlferous districts vrltb tbe nominal cap4 bave their headquarters at San Franciaoo. Captain Richard L- Whiting, long in the vice of tbe Pacific M?'l Steamabip Company, died nddenlv of apoplexy at 9aa Francisco, oa tbe evening ai the 3lat. after having been about the tal of over SU.UOO.UiU Most of the* city in usuai beaitn an aav. There are again various rumors In circulation of a secret movement among Southern politicians to precipitate a criaia in tbft Stale under the watch word of a Pacific Republic. The Federal employees at tbe Mare I aland Navy Yard have received no pay formmtweaki. and all that could poaaibly be spared are dis charged Virginia Unutin. Richmond, Feb. 10.?Tbe Convention to-day was addroaaed by Hon. Mr. Preston, Commis sioner from South Carolina His speech Is pro nounced to have been the greatest oratorical eflort ever made here.and it excited immense applauae His principal point was that South Carolina bav ing uornt vnn di legranoi ia Mac vm*b fimiied the right of secession and was prepared for resistance to tbe death Tbc Union coo Id never be reconstructed utile* powtrshall unfix tbe economy of God. No sanctity at human touch could reunite the people of the North and of Um South He expressed full confidence In Virginia going with the Southern Confederacy Mr. Hall of Weteel. introduced resolutions tha* Virginia baa the letf&l right to socede; that tbe mere election of Mr Lincoln la not a iuat and suf ficient ground, but since a portion of the South tias seceded. leaving the Border mates greatly in the minority in Congress, Virginia should de mand additional guarantees and proper amend menu to tbe Constitution, should present her ultimatum to the Northern states and fix tbe Unto beyond which abe will not wait; and It this Ml. tbeo Virginia should take steps to secure her Just rights out of tbe Union Referred to tbe Com mittee on Federal Relations. The Convention then sdjonrned. A Ntakfr ! the !*f* Y?rk Lf|l(litar( Ar rfU'd Albiitt, Feb 16 ?Jay Gibbons. member of the Aaaembly from the Flrtl District of this (Alb&nv) conntr. was arrested this mtmlng on a warrant issird bv Police Justice Paraona, on complaint of District AttornevHbafer, < harming the said Jay Gibbons with bribery and corruption In demand in? money for his v?ite on a bill to Increase the silary of the Deputy District Attorney of Albany county. Gibbons offered to cast hla vote In It* favor for 91U0, and Intimated that ha could defeat the bill, and, and wonid do ao If be was not paid ?e amount The evidence of his crime la IndlapuUble He waived an examination before the magistrate and waa committed, but aubaeqnestty was taken be fore tb# County Court, where an application to admit him to bail ! now being heard Lttrr (rta larap New VoRC.Feb.19 ?Tbe steamer Fultoe,froa Southampton on the 6th, Lm arrived Tbe latest advices My tbat tbe Em per of N spo leon's sp*v< h it ave great dissatisfaction, and tbe hngllata and French fund* bad declined Cob soli r-losed at9l\a9l^ for money In tbe British tfarli-ment Mr White offered a* amendment to tbe Address to the Qurvn. In the sbspeof a paragraph on reform was uagatl v*d by a vote of lz9 to 49 Tbe Liverpool cotton market cloaed stand y and quiet; sales to-day of O.UUO bales Tbe Independence Beige savs that Mentene and Roouelme have been ceded by France for four million francs. Rerth < nreltna Legit intare. Raleigh. Feb 19?The House, te-dav, con curred iu tbe amendments to the Military Mil by anil fKa Kill ami ?n JPAMfid kUC r The ad vmlortm taxation bill U bow under dis cussion lu tbe House. It meets with strenuous opposition The Senate la occupied on the Revenue bill Busings* la progressing slowly toward* comple tion Both Ho oars are ki.idi two dalH aeeslona The cmtw for delryatM to the Puts Conven tiou la getting animated throughout tbe Mate Niw Yobe. Feb, It.-fbe stesmer Quaker City, front Havana on tbe IStb laat., arrived here tbla evening. Tbe drought throughout the Island continued, and the Government a Hoot to ad mit all ktod of vegetable*. bogs, ftsh, tic , free of duty, aa Tears were entertained that the supply would be entirely cot of The Ppaaiah Ante sidor to Mexico and (ieaeral Mlnaiss embarked on the 1Mb, la tbe war steamer Valaacn for New York, en route tor Europe. Irrtsilsi ProceedtBf* la Rrkraika. Mnuu C!tt, rmo. tv ?WW ran ??? take* pnaareaion of on Meaday eight, by tbe *?c?aaloniata. who bottled the Palmetto flu Tbe Union met mustered and retook tb? fori, tot* down tbe flag and botated tbe 8tw* and atilpaa St Lovia, Feb SO ?Tbe ftute bat gt?en an orerWhrtmlng majority for Union delegatea to tbe CooveaUoa, not tea aeceaaioaMi ba*t been elected. Tbe Arkwi K'erttea Memphis. Feb. *> ? Return* from Onrk, Mad iaon, and Heteaa a bow Seceaaloa majorltlaa Is tbaes towns. Little Rook firm* Umlea majority N?w York, Feb ?Flour Mm4f. Wb?at . ud Corn steady. P?ck qoM; |w er*iiv uucUau^r<i Lwd !?d J. W birtjr qut?t at I7j?c ; |M!-U*TA*T To HUUIIUBTJUt r ?? anaooOTtSjZiiDeSrScTLr rva.t.. 1 ?n>aad truac frdhfe gpmi, m4 - t*rnd HHMUMali fat U? UfMM viliflal MMiaOt w> ?'~?kTr fa?r W? bWnt'Tiillj is t aioti. urutrsit icn^a^'rsa jMH mv mum wnn?M| awit W? w%x?'4 ??*???* ^fteagWfc. Jbnu K(>ltl*hk fTAi Kf ; t UHUL 'Uttftft I IM <at? > U? irwm 4, ?<*? *4 J?liBH Ilk* Mitri; bt Vkt Hui < uF. li4M4|. eE"^ ^VY-.TiiAgr^wS