Newspaper of Evening Star, February 21, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 21, 1861 Page 1
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THE DAILY EVENING STAR it TUbUaUED EVERT AFTERNOON, (tJl'NDAYt* EXCEPTED,) 41 THE STAR. BUILDIAGft, C*rn*r of renti*ylvanu? wwnit* and lllA ?t-. BY W. D. WALLACfl. P??era wtm in p%ok<vt?a tor caralara ?? 9* a T**r, <?r 3i cftru i*>r month. To m-vl oh*fib?r? Ire ?>ic? *a ta-y? * year, ** adtantt; 9* for ail ">ntha; 91 for thics montftai and for leaa than H.r<?e ir.or/ha at the rata of tfoanta & ??k. Smile a^w*, or*i cant; in trrappera, two cxdts. Tr^AnviRTUaMESTiaooBld heaenttothe otto* b?f >r* IZc'e.ook in.; otherwise thoj may not appear antil :he nextday. ftbrnim V^. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 21. 1861 Ne. 2.41>9 THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Tlk (JMjttl Pfealli m? N?*i 4 taiauu a craatar variety of ikail oaa ba oaad ta aay Frvday morulas. Tuii-CkiL Biaiieocpy, pm Ki? oopiaa ?? Teaoopiea .91 ? > ? v> . aa T*?aty lw eo>iaa 11 larariabiy ooctaina the "Waahinstoa that haa made Tk* Srmmt Am ao faeeraJly thron* boat the eoaatry. CTSiufleeoneeOa wrappera* oaa I at thaooanter, immediate y afUrtka a >riAA_TU DIP /1PW-I FASHIONS FOR FEBRUARY. [From Le Follet ] The extreme severity of the winter has caused fur to be much in request, and there is in this material aa in all other things, a fash ion This season Astracan ia moat in vogue We find fur used, not only aa a trimming for mantles, but also for dresses. Two or three bands, about a quarter of a yard in width, placed upon a velvet skirt, produce a good ef fect. Long paletots of cloth or velvet, are trimmed with martin or American, iu wide bands. Large basquines of velvet cloth?bluo or white?edged with Astracan, are very dis tingufs. The little velvet shawl, trimmed with wide lace, is reserved for visits of ceremony, and the color of the v^'vet must match that of the dress. For young persons very charming scarfs are made of black or blue velvet, piped with white aatin. It is very graceful and simple, and more novel than thecaraque, though this is far from being abandoned, Monk** far ia also very fnhinnihlii PKtn<?KtllA AMAmina ?ram ma and swan's down is much worn on pelerihos for the theater, and to trim wedding dresses. The Zouave vest is more and more indis pensable for indoor dress?for the more sim ple as well as for the richer toilettes. It is Miad<* either in braided cloth or velvet. The ftvorite colors for those of velvet are black and Solferino, with einoroidery of gold or silver, and pearls. Astracan is also used to trim them, but this is equally suitable for oloih. El&ck, brown, and Louise blue are the colors preferred for the Zouave. Opera mantles are now made exceedingly cleg tut, some of white cacheuiire, bordered with crimson or black velvet and gold, with gold and white tassels. The Sultan is one of white or colored cachemire, richly embroid ered with gold. The most simple and suitable for joung girls is a burnous of striped thick jind transparent white, alternately lined and edged with wbite silk. White cachemire, or white satin sorties de bal, are frequently trimmed with white plu*h. A burnous is sometimes made entirely of white plush, with beautiful tassels of dead gold hanging from the hood. The material called droguet is in great re quest for home dress this winter, and it is made ucw in *uch rich and elegant designs, that it may rank next to velvet. Velvet of various colors are worn. For evening dress there are many light and bctturiful fabrics. Tulle is more in vogue than tarmtane. though that is sail fashionable for young girls. Thero are many dresses of gauze, checked with colors or embroidered with gold or silver; other of striped gause; and some of grenadine, worked with velvet. White grenadine, with a pattern in roso color (rose de roi), or with natural flowers dotted over it, and silk tulle embroidered with chenille, make exceedingly pretty and tasteful ball dresses. Very elegant ball dresses are mode of satin, either of rose de roi, green, yellow, axure, or lilac. Satin is also worn for visiting dress, in brown, with a black pattern, or of violet and of Russian leather color. Tulle spotted with gold, forms a charming tunique. opening over a dress of tarlatano covered with narrow flounces, or tulle worked with rings of chenille and gold, or in silver. Flounces are more and more rarely seen, excepting in full dress; flat trimmings placed round the bottom of the skirt being decidedly more stjlish. Thick materials arc gored. Bodies, high and plain, with a point or a band. Sleeves, tight or open; the farmer certainly teem the most suitable for the cold weather, but the latter permit a greater display of lingerie. Low bodies are now made straighter across the top than thcj were formerly. Plastrans of velvet, or of g?dd or silver cloth, are fre quently placed upon the body instead of savhes. Pointed bodies are still generally in vogue, and are made either with drapery or with a berthe trimmed with rows of lace. Codies, cither drawn together or plain in front, very low on the shoulders, with a scarf sash, are much a la mode for young girls. Flowers are used greatly for trimmings, placed either in bouquets or in long garlands. Passementerie surpasses almost any other trimming in richness and elegance. We not only find it forming haDging buttons, braids, Ac., but beautiful ornaments are made of gui pure de Venlae or of Spanish point, which trim the front of the bodv *nH n??n th? f?.m? the skirt, widening toward.* the bottom; revers for the sleeves, and a loig gash to match; and from the revers a fringe hangs. Plaques are bo made of it, of different colors, violet and Mack .grotcille, green, brown and black These V* placed either at the sides or in front of the Sfrt. Bonnets are still worn very large, and high over the forehead, and the trimming is worn ttther on the top or round the crown; and ometimes a wreath of small feathers is placed round the front. Velvet and silks are used to gether, and often the featbers are white and black, whatever color may be used for the bon net. Touquets are much worn. The one styled llenri III is a padded hand of black velvet with a gold cord twisted over it, and orna mented with a white feather. Another is of Batted gold fastening a magnolia. Gold nets with pearls, golden ears of corn with dia monds, or a coiffure of vine leaves with blaok grapes and daisies, composed of diamonds, are .all much admired. Railroads or America.?An annual statu. p>.CDt of the various lines in operation on the 1st of January, is published in the Railroad Journal. JTnn aggregate is 31,16Sj miles, which is sufficient, after belting the globe, to leave two lines extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The coat of these works are com puted at $1,177,993,818, or $37,800 per mile on *n average. From the division as laid down bj the Journal,we find in the New England States 3,715 miles in operation; in the middle Atlan tic States, including Delaware and Maryland, A0J2 miles, in the Booth Atlantic States 5,398 tfee; in the Gulf States 2,048 miles; in the ftoath Interior States 2,Mi miles: in the North Interior States 10,333 miles, and in California 70 miles. The slave States have a total of 10,671 miles, and the free States of 20,497, yearly dooblo the former number Last year the aggregate earnings of Auierioan railroads were probably $140,000,000, or 12 per ceat. on the coat. Or this sum It is estimated that >60,000,000 were net profits. There a^a no government stock* extant which can at all compare with the magnitude of the roalroad \ interest. Mr. S. C. Hall, the writer, has bean re cently deliver! 3g a lecture in London, relating to the various literary celebrities with whom he had comc in contact for the laat 40 years. He told aaeodotes of Hook *nd others, hot the following about Miss Mitford * as especially relished by the audience. When she visited Mr. Hall'* house, a number of literary and other persons were assembled to meet her An arm chair?the seat of honor?was appropriated to her un. In this she reclined luxuriously, l>ut the visitors began to titter at something which they saw about the lady. All eves were fixed on the "something"?all laughed and looked pleased. Miss Mitford. in the course of the morning, had been engaged in making Htme purchase* in London?a place wiucb she mrelj visited. and bad brought with ber to lir Hall'a a cheap bat ehowy turban, which f he placrd near her own chair. On this waa written?for poor MisJ Mitford waa innocent of all knnwlodge of the faet?"Very cJiast4. only *a. 3d " j, 43ft __ ITT"The Rocbeeter Expreaa announces the con elusion of a singular lawault. The artioa wra brought for tb? reeoT'rjr of ?wx> wrmooi, which the plaintiff. Rev 4 R Pair*. loetaonwtwo , 4 ?!i?c* n?*ar tl?# ?f IVrry, *?nd whirli nfu-r w p ? ??? Into Uw ttsnda of ib? dfff-ndint R?t , * J U. Wentwc-r'h. 1*be plaintiff '>btalu?-d judg m-nt for itw restoration 01 tba wfiwni, valued at 50?a sum aufllcient te laapoee tbe entire coeM ^ \ Ufoo tbe defendant not fbx from ?*?. Frsm ?nr Richmond CsrrrspoBdfat Legislation for the Prtdtricksburg and Potomac Railroad, and for the Arcotinck and Mount Ver non Turnpike. ? Sensation Dispatches from Washington.?The temper and purpose of the Union majority in the Virginia Convention, fc. Richmond. Feb. 19,1861 The Senate and House of Delegate* sat only for a short whlla yesterday and UMiay?the members Wing anxious to bear the commissioners from Mississippi, Gtnrfcia, and South Carolina. The two former addressed the Convention yesterday, the latter to-day. The crowd to bear them was immerse, particularly of ladles. The House to-dav passed the Senate bill author- i lzlng the Richmond'and Fredericksburg and Spa- i board nnd Roanoke Railroad Companies and the ' Baltimore Bay Line to purchase Interests In roads farther South, to prevent Injurious competition between them; and the Senate passed a bill among others to authorize the Mount Vernon and Acco tinck Turnpike Company to Issue preferred stock j or 7 per cent mortgage bonds to complete the , same. The General Assembly will doubtless ad- i journ from the 4th to the 10th March, at furthest, i unless something Important should previously J occur to keep them here longer A telegraph message was received yesterday, ' which was on the bulletin board of the Enquirer, , and Is in the Examiner of tc-day, announcing the passage of a force bill by Congress?ayes 110, noes 76?which produced quite a sensation ves- I terday It is said to come from a member of Con- ] f ressj but as the proceedings of yesterday, pub- < ished in to-day's paper, do not confirm ft, it Is presumed there must be some mistake about It. Little reliance Is now placed In st-nsatlon tele- i I# *VL -1 1 J * * A- U fei?|ruii, ?,/* . II mil IUUU1U IUMI Will IU UO I o, tbev will Lave to tend terrible ones to alarm | thp present Convention, who do not intend to act without proper deliberation. It Is a waste of time to tbink the Convention of Virginia are going to be " sen sated out ol the Union" on force bills, by telegraph They will wait for the slow mall, , anvnow, to confirm before they act. The diffi culty about joining a Southern Confederation would be greatly removed If we could b? certain by doing so, that parties connecting themselves 1 with it \? ould be relieved from tbe curse of J Adam's sin. Unfortunately, however, let what may occur, we are all under it, and have got to j encounter jealousy, passion, prejudice, and all the t matter connected with poor fallen human nature. ' While this continues, and it will continue until i the last man or woman Is born In the world, we j cannot have perfection, and by joining another . Confederacy we cannot get rid of it. What we wnnt is kindners, conciliation, renpect for tke | opinions of others, and a mutual forbearance, and i witdom (which we are told by the royal preacher) Is better than weapon* of war. With this, we may hop* to band down to posterity the ble?slngs of a fre* Government, that ha? conferred no m^ny comforts lo the people of the Union. Let, there fore, the Peace Congress. as I have 110 doubt they will, act wisely and prudently, and submit to Congress the result of their deliberations; and let Congress promptly act on th? in and submit them to the votes of the States. If some do not con sider this necessary, let them remember that we arc not only anxious to remain as brothers, but de sire to give to those who contend they are now not of us, an opportunity to retrace their steps, and return once more to the Union and the Con stitution, and then what a jubilee we shall have. B. P*st Office Oddities. We offer our readers a few more "novelties" in the shape of odd superscr)pttons upon letters: Ob, my heart it is a "bustln," Because 1 can't see Sarah Dustin, But my "feelinks" 1 must fetter, niia connae n>y love to lener, So stamp me quickly?drop a tear, And tend to Dover, New Hampshire. To William E. Griffith, a vender of pills, Who makes a good livjpg on humanity's ills, He lives in New York, with his name on the door. Corner of Norfolk and Grand, No. 271. Now, my dear Mr. Tostmaster, please this letter send To Susan M Latimer, my very dear friend. Who llveth in quietude, free irom all harm, In a populous village on Uncle Sam's Farm, W'tnl Troy, N Y., is the plare 1 refer to, I mention this fact that naught may deter you, To the care of her father, II. Latimer, Esq., \\ ho has, 1 am told, a big law office there. To Mr. James Rooney sity of New Yorke 7 between 8 Avenue on "2H street or D Gorg Dunlap hugh McCleary Maro Welsh Gorg n tmrtn * wtau wiuuw vi u ** luiaiu mnrrdy or Jame? McKinn or IJarnet farrel Patrick farrel or patrlck McAlurrow M ichael Mc W ade To Mike Donovan, or to bta cousin Elizt Mao Farrely, Postman will find him by ttiidlnsr B?t?v Breii imn who rntJKwl to Mike before they If ft Ireland and may be married To Jacob Hammond Eaq Chicago III. and If any rogue (teal this letter, may tbe I.ord. In bis Infinite mercy recover the money and uae bla own dlacretion aa to punishing tbe offender. The following ualque letter was received by the Postmaster a short time ?l nee, and we feel diapoaed to "back hit" against anything yet produced : Watsk County, Miaa , Jan. 1, 18C1. Postmaster New York Dear Sir : I tvk tbe oportunlty to wr'te vo'.i a few ltnea to 1-1 you Kno that I rote a letter to Mr La Croat, and 1 hack hit wron? and I will write VOU a few lines to let vou kno hit and in o?t ,i to back bit write If you please to hack hit to Al bany New York and you will oblige me verr mutch If you will back th^t letter back that Is back to Mr La Cross New York If you will back ] hit to Mr La Cross Albany New York you will oblige me 1 sende this to the posemaster of New < York. J. B. Carrington. Hoi brook's V S. Mail. , Uxiox Pkktimixt m Mississippi?President ' Jtflmon Doris at Home ?The Natchez Courier denies that the announcement of the election of Jrflerson Davis as President of the Southern Con federacy occasioned auy rejolciug In that city, and adds: Mo far as the news of the appolutment of Mr Davis as Provisional President being received with alacrity It was received with regret Neither In character nor in politics has he auy hold upon the confidence of the people. He has at last at tained .what he has been struggling for for ten rears past?a Presidency. We may admire the ingenuity with which he has attained his object. and yet desplae the trick* by which be haa crawled . to It. I Ax IxrosTAitT Motixint in Niw Mexico ? The Legiaiature of New Mexico haa pasted an act J for the election of delegates to form a State Con- * stttutlon. which la to be held in May next. The J delegate* are to meet in June to discharge tbe dutiea which will thus be lmpoaed upon tbem, s and tbe Conatitution they form is afterward to be i aubraltted to the people, for ratification or re jection, at a general election to beheld In Sep tember. Thus tbe way la rapidly being paved for the admlsaion of this regloa into Unioi., and after J that event we will have no Terrltoriee whose des tiny In reference to tbe Slavery question is doubt- t ful enough to furniab a decent pretext for farther J angry agititlou on tbia subject. A Liscolsism ?At Utica, New V'ork, Mr. Lincoln delivered the following apeech: r I ana<utv. /* \j ? uu t ^ uv ?purvu iu make to you and no time to peak in I appear before vou that I may aee you and that you may are me; and 1 am willing to admit that *o far aa the ladlta are concerned. I have the beat of the bargain, though I wiah it to be understood that 1 do not make the aame acknowledgment concern ing the men. [Laughter and applauae.J ' Pool Tommt."?A letter from Japan, the latest | daUa rwflved, aaya: Poor Tommy la supposed to have met an un i timely end. The Japanese say he died of delirium tremens (a aew American introduction), but we all believe bis betd baa been cut olf ^ |?7~ The rttewpt cf th- South Carolinian* to ' s**cure protection lo the men upon their floating i . A. I... n(IUn nn/.AHA. kaU. r.. A J _ X r.iit* uy piling upvu?w!*'ro?# uaa uui furcerarn. Co:tnn hre*?t-work? have proved a failure with th* men though no doubt a aucccaa with the women.? Prmtiet. fry*A *'? faabloa la ladles' stocking* haa com* ?ut In England. They are of woolen or cot tow. but are parfl-colored, aa red and white, red and black. msnveand fny When harmonizing In color with the drrsa, the t ttrct la said lo be v?rv pfHtf. tX.7" Kadlshea, dande'lona and fresh chad have lr appt-araate i? ihe Boston market. CT OcaJs during tte lata aevwe weather 111 fwli w^rt fold ? *W per cbaldrotj. CLOTHING, &c. I ASTONISHING, BUT TRUK! ' IT 18 Very stiange that SMITH si*>uld cet in New Goods when every bo?iy is oryinp; hard time*. ? But he sells hi? poods at such low pnoee that the J people will buy them. N B?Just received a lot " if CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS, J irh'oli will be sold at JO per oeut le?s than their ao- ( tual value. At SMITH'S, N?. 460 Seventh ?L, < apposite Post Office. ja24-lm * N MERCHANT TAILORING. EW FALL STYLES o? CLOTHS, CASS1 MKRS, AND VE8TINGS. ; WALL, STEPHENS * CO., 3?8 Pennsylva nia Avenue, have just reoeived a larje variety of new Fall Goods, to wmoh they invite tue attention sf their friends and customers. an 90-tf I r GENTLEMEN'S i-T READY-MADE CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S READY-MADE CLOTHING offer* to oitisena mdatranjera wisnin* an immediate outfit supe rior inducements, embracing, at this time, all itylea and eualitiea of Dreaa aad Uusinesa Gar raenta and Overcoats in all varieties. Fine Shirta ind Under-olothinc ot all kioda. Kid and other Blovea of beat quality. Soarfe, JTies, Cravat*, 3Uy>k?, Hosiery, fco., fto. All <^wbioh wa are offering at our uauai low prices. iU~ Clothin* made to order in th? moat superior manner. WaLL, STEPHENS A CO., bo 16-tf 3 U 2 Pa. a venae. f J.OTO THE PE(?PLE3'ClOTHINGST<>RE, *JT No, 460 Seventh st., to get your CLOTH ING, FURNISHING GOO^S, HATS and CAPS. fe2 6w W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our customers, and oitizena ceneral T, to an lnspeouon of our present new, at . iraotive. and elegant assortment of^BB ?LOTHS. CASSIMKRES, D?ESKINS, I* v h STINGS, OVERCOATINGS, &o. tfjf srhich wa will make to order in superior " * itjle at vtry low prices. W A LL, 8TEPHENS * CO., oo 26-tf 322 Pa. av.. hetw. 9th and loth sta. > GAS FTTTT\Tft bo. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON tc CO. Would call tli? attention ol water takers to their ull assortment of Fixture* necessary to its intro Ination,ai follows:?KITCH EN RA.NUES.BATH runs, watkk closets, ii6t water boilers, KITCHEN SINKS. PUMPS, Cast fron. Wrought Iron, Lead and Galvanised W A rKR Pi FES, HYDRANTS and PAVE WASH ERS. Rl'B"ER HUSK. Ac Havinn superior advantages, with practical Knowledge, we are prepared to mtroduoo Water nto dwellings with a'.l the latest impn>verront<i, >rompt:y, anil at prices that oaunot faiT to &atisfy. 1269 Ponn. avenue. no 24-dtMar 1 hot.9th aid lutli sta.. south <nle. A WM. T. DOVE A CO. rXRE Now prej-aied to cxecute an? orders wiU irhieh ther ina,y be favored ic the PLUMBING, GAS OH STEAM FITT1N# business. IC7" Store on 9tli wtreot, a lew door* north of Pa, ivenue, where may he focnd a oomniete assortment >f CHANDELIERS aril other GAS, STEAM aa4 WATER FIXTURES. ja27-lv Wgas FIXTURES. E Hava in store, aud are dai y receiving, OAS VIXTUKESot entirely New Patterns and Designs ind Finish, superior in stvle to anything herotoiOre > fie rod in tins market. We inviteoitizons general y to call and examine our stock o( Gas ana Water Fixtures, feeling oonfideut that wa havo the l>act leleoted stock in \V as tin g ton. All \% oik in the above line intrusted lo our oais Pill be DromotlT attended to MYERS A. MoGHAN. mar 5-tf 37 f? I) street. I SNYDER, I. PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER, Has removed to the oorner of Twelfth and K it*. Me is prepared t*1 lutrodnae Water and Gas upon he ino?t iavorab'.e tertmi, and guarantiee entire latisfnotion. Hehas on hand a lot of COOKING and other JTOVKS, which will sell less than oost, as he Irishes to met rid of them. no 17 rfcFFICE or INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF OAS METERS. WA"niw?Tor?, JbIt It, 1M0. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVES. That,ajree kbly to the provisions of the oidiuance of the Cor K)ratmn approved Mar 12. lfW>, the ondereuned is low prepared, "whenever r??nired in writing, and >n pre payment of the fee of fifty oent?, to inspect. ?*aminc. t**t, pr vo, and aecer tail. tb? triouraey of etistration of ant jrvi meter in i'?e in this oity." Every meter, iffouud iiioorreot,wili beooudcinned, ind another, neal.^d and marked as true, will be letmi'* place, if proved to be accurate in it* n4aaurt.Tpent of ga3, it will bes^Alod accordingly, md acam put in jnnKiov lor us?. office No. 31 ( Iwmntli atrnot ln??r 11H<1 E"?l owa' mai! ) ocea frorn8 *. ra., to 6 p. m. charges W. cunningham. jj m-tf inspector and Sealer of gne Meters. Ig. O. demuth * CO., IMPORTERS And Wholesale aud Retail Deal ers in HAVANA CIGARS. FOREKfN WINES. BKAXD1ES, GINS, ft.. No. 40 Nortu charlk* stkeki, fim doors ahoct Lexington St.. no22-1y_ baltimore. WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN PEOPLE t&ke lotic*. a? it wil! he to their interest to <1<> ?<>, that w. if. reads compound syrup of liverwort for Courhs, Cold<, Hcirtfness, [Troup find other alteotiorih of the tliro&t and chest, ind aliso hi* 8(trk THROAT 1'uWDKR, me wo ot tr?a most inallibfe remedies of the day, and do family should te wi'jiout thom; and b^titles, lhe? are bo ohcap a? to be within the 'each of all. We do not expect stran?ur* to believe what wn wnto in regard tn our own niedioinre. eon?e*uent i* we refer yon to the following well known gen tleni'mi'h rerlifieu'ei, wnioh can be ?e?n at tne r rug Mures where the Article* are for *a!e; uie? nay they ire the b?tt Cough and sore Throat Medicines they haveever known: Pev. Ja? H. Brown. Rev. georeo Bildt. R*v. fiivm'l A. Wilson, Rev. Wm. A. Hicks, Rev. Wm. A. 8cively, Iter. John Foley, Rev. Jas 8. MoWurr*y. Rev, Wm. R. Mills. Of tk* Baltimore Conference. Each artioi? 25 ornU a lottle. Wtiolesaie b? W. II Read A Co,, Druggists, t>3 Broadway, Baltimore. At retail by R. 8. T. Giasel A Co., Druggist, Seorgetown. Chart a Stott. D'usptst, 3T5 Pa. avor.ue. Wip. t*. Thompson. Druggist, fifteenth at. and New York avenae, Washington. J"hn K. Mat's. Druggist. Navy Yard. ja2? 1m FIK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT DY P. EMR1CH. at the corner of ponn.A * . A ivenue and Eleventh street, haa l*euYr>M>Y jreatly improved rsc^ritly am! now "<ror*Jfli|Hi [reater iuduooment" for the patronage ol citizens knd atrangers than any other puhlia houaein the lit?, his prions ueing lean than those of ar.? other iota; on Penn. aveuue, and hie accommodations or permanent or tinrisient hoarders ucexneptiou ibli. The bar and ret.*aurant arrangements of the iuropear. Hotel have already beoon'e ver* popu ar, being all that can be desired by the most lae idious. The proprietor Diedgea unremitted atten ivn auu uumiBuni unarm pxwnuiiures 10 *lvo 8?l afaationto all, and tfcua r*n?<wa hn invitation ** ill to give Uie European Hotoi a cail. de4-U [F YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION I Call at HARVEY'S, Vho has just reo?ive<i a larse supply of fresh LOB STERS, FIs*H, and fine OYSTFTRS.^ai^j^ rhioh ho will aerve to ojiatomera at "'"^7 - tt*3 ihorteat nofoe and on liberal term*. P. S?Oyatera aerveo to fainiliea and hotel* a e lot aoalded; they are only scalded for persona eat nr them at the saloon. deS T- M. HARVKY. I H 1 have removed mj |# V PAWN OFFICE o 361 Q street, between 4? and 8th streeta, imme liatrly in the rear of the National Hotel, where he buainesa will be o?ntinued aa heretofore at the ?ia nana, tnoia-smi i^aau Hi;K/,bKRO, THE INSURANCE COMPANY ow THE STATE OF VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 9300,000. 1 mures Merchandise, Buildings, Household furniture, Ao., against loss or damaga by fire. HEATH A KNOWLEB, Agents, Of&oe?Room 16 over Hank of Washington. * la 10 nri TPH DFPilBINR ANinait VCD ur i d f VI M'a"nufac?(5rA\ * I have one of the baet eatabliahmenta, and fnr uahed with aoomplete set of tool* for r*pa<r- tv n? every description of fine Watohee, and gy|j >artioular attention give to the aame,by horooih oompeU-nt workman And a. work cuarnn ied A loo, every deaonp ion of standard SILVER W ARK. plainand ornamental, manufactured under ny owa eupervmon, whioh njy eustomers will find fcr superior in 9uahty and finiak to northern ware told bf dealer* in renerai and represented a* their jwn war u feature. h7o. HOOD,

*e C Pa. av?nne, near 9th at. EVERYTHING in the Stationery Lmeatenoee t.. tho timee. at Khephard's. i* It 1 in W& CAN'T BE BEAT IN BELLING CLOTB Port ljflUc?h<*P> 41 * pfTtata ?t, TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY rHEACCO*t MODATION L1NE.-The?team er JAM K* riUV will r?*ume ier trips onTl!Es*D* \\19th of Keh uurT, 1*8. Wi'l le*ve WASHING-' rON c,vt.rT HES&AY and K KID \ V.?' 6 o'olook l m.,an<l ALEXANDRIA at half eat'6 o'oiock, or (H'KRIUMa N and thninterrord'ate I.*r>diru?. l?n her return trip* the will leave CURRIOMAN >very WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. at 6 t'uloek a. m. LUCIAN 8. P\OE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUHH. Af't. Alexandria. fe 17 BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. unand after SUNDAY, November 25th, 1800,the jauia wilt mil aa folio wa: LEAVE WASHINGTON: Firat train at PJ20 a. in. Seoond Train at 7.4? a. m. i hird train at 3.10 p. m? Expreaa. Fourth tram at 6 d m. LEAYK BALTIMORE: First train at 4.1S a. m., Expreaa. Second tram at 8.S5 a. m. Third at S.W p. m. Fourth at 4.2) p. in.. Expreaa. The first, seoond and third traina from Waah nptnn ootfoeot thromW o Philadelphia and New fork. The aeoond and third oonneot at NVaahinirton 'unction with trains for the Went, South, and 4ortnvest; also, at Annapolia Junction, for An lapolia. For Norfolk take the t 40 a. ra. trai'i. hor the aocommortaUon of the war travel be vcen Washington and l.auiel, a passenger oar rill be attaohou to the tonnage train whioh leaves ,tlla n. .... # 1 n 4btiirHa Q 1A ~ nL"!" " v ? ?*??j miv u.iw |fi iu? vimu |uoi iu rniiftQCi* hi* only. no ?-d T. H. PARSONS, Agent DENTISTRY. |\KS. I OCKWOODA F>ARKKLL ARK PRE 11 j.ared to insert TKK'IHon VL'LC \ TK HASK, a new and improved mode.msagS rVli?n made on this plau ihey ate com **<1X123 ortahle to wear and rounh cheaper than any other. Mso Te?th insetted on Gold Plate, and all Dental 'perations of any kind that may he devired Of ice Koom No 5. in the Washington Building.cor er Pa av. and Seventh st. ja I'm* VI TEETH. "l? L.OOMI8, M. D., the inventor and patentee fths MINERAL PLATK TEETH, at ends personally at his office in this city.Aul^s? Many persons can wear these teeth wnoH**rrn Annot wear others, and no person can wear others rbo cannot wear those. pi-rsnns calling at my office can he accommodated ritli any style and price of Teeth th?y may desire; ut to those wtio are particular and wish the purest, leanoat, strongest, and most perfect denture that ,rt can prod use, the MINERAL PLATE will l?e nore fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 33* Pa.avenue. I>etween Mi and loth sta. Also, 907 Arch etreoi, Philadnl lua. oo 15 tf 7RENCH FLOWERS OF THE VERY DEST quality, and an extenaive variety. . At STEVENS'S Fanoy Store, VraH no 22 tt hetw. <m> and loth xta. REST FANCY GOODS, l> AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, Aid Or?K Prick Owlt, At STEVENS'S FANCY STORK, no 22 tf 33*?. My. fHli and loth it*. L*/ 9 1 O.OOO IT ORTII OF BOOTS, SHOES and TRUNKS, Of all Styles ami Qwilitut, AT A GREAT RACHITIC* ON COST, Store for Kent and Fixtures J or Sale. All the Stook in 8. pThOOVER'S STORE, CTtftlron Hail, embracing every variety? M?f[<>r Ladiea'. Gen'*', Children's nrulHMJ ""SerTOnti' SHOE8 Alto. TRA V f HI il.ING TRUNKS are now being ?old,/or* a:hjit er^at sacrifioo* on usual retail seliin^f ieea, r?d#rd muoh below original oost. The attention of Lie pnblio is solicited, aa great inducements will e made to purobaaera. The above ooinprise* a larce at->clror the finest iiahty Fronohand Aroercan Gaiters.Shoes,UooU, r. A* t..? i.h,? .1 >WI| ?V| lUO fllKi K *3H UCUlCII ThJ Store is for rent and the Fixtures for sale, ipply on the premie, Lon H?H. N. K.?Tho above et"ak, either 111 whole or in art, will he sold at pm ate :alo. To any one de irous of entering the Hoot. f?hoeand Trunk Unl ess this affords a better opportunity than may gain be proaented. Persons indebted will confar a favor by promptly ailing and setthn; their accounts. ja7 tf P OFtlCUL. ROPOSAL8 FOR ERECTING A COURT HOUSE AND POST OFFICE AT PI11LA FH1A, PA. Treasury Depart* *, December 22, IW. Pealed Proposal^ will be reoeived at tins De a>tm<-nt nntil thoSici day of February, A. 1). 18fil, 112 o'clock at noon, for tho construction of tne 'hiladelphia Court-House and Post Oflioe.accord r>K to the plans and specifications prepared at litis onartmOTit. These proposals mutt, be for the whole work , bnt ?-oh portion of the woik si d the amouiit b d ihe'e i?r must l*? *eparat<v v stated in the bid; tin respeo ivoamount for each kind of woik oarned out, nd the total amount sute?i; the D*partin^nt re erviue the n*ht Vo reject or tco^pt tlis proposals ereby liivited. or any pails thereof, w .et, ltd-en * he interest of the United States require* it; tii? )ej>arlnient Also reserves the rtgtr to f-xclu-lo the nils of any porson or perrons whom there is just r.?se to lM>iieve will not faithfully perform thooo-i raots, or which th-?y havo attempted to o!>tain by ndiroation; and all bids when there sh*!! I.e p- rtiea n interest who do not join in lbs h ds. and all bide hat, uooh investigation, are be.ow a fan prioe for be work. No contract will he awarded to hinders nntil de ails aro lurnial.ed the Department or t!ie prices of he different kinds ot work and niatenale, which i.all t>e suljeot t?> the revision of the Department, o that tii? pu bid shall beequitab 1 apportioned pon the whole work to guide the Department in nakinc payments. Ninety per oent. ol the amount of work done and naterials delivered, aco?rding to contract prise, said amount to be ascertained by ti?e estimate of u agent of the Department appointed for that par ole,) will be paid from time to time as the work rogreases. and ten per oent. retained until the com letion of tr.e oontract and acoeptanoe of the work, 10., by the acent aforesaid, and be forfeited in the vent of non lu'blnient ofoontraot. Cont^acta wn. bo awanled ooly to master build rs or mechanics, and the asuienment thsreol, ex apt by consent of t>-e Secretary ot the Treasury. nil tie a forfeiture ol the same. Kaoh proposal mnrt be acoowpanied bvawritt-n uarantee, M|tned by two r-apncaibl* peraona (eer itied to l>e bo bjr the United State* Diatnot Judge, r Attorney of the said dstnot.) in the amn nf iaofi*in, tli<vt the bidder wi'.l. when required, if ropoc^l M accepted, enter into a contract and ond. with proper and sufficient seounlies for ita uthiul performance. Plana, ?pecifioattona and working dr&winr* can e examined after forty d*ya, ani oth?r infoiim lon obtained on application to the Department. The propnaA'E must be aent to thia Department, ddroaaed the Secretary ol the Treasury, (m OTsed" Proposals Jot tK* fhiladtlpkin Court Houst i%d Pott OjUct,") and will be opened at 1 o'olook . m .ol the laat dar named for receiving the ume, 1 the preaenoe of the bidders, if an? ohooae to at >nd. PHILIP F 1'HOMAB, de M frxQtaw Seeretary of the Trea?nry. rU^ PROCLAMATION O THE Washington! e^Cm&^TOWN, *0. Wktr $AS , At the preeent season o the r*i "0LERA fceouc. ""KNTKKVi.vSpBp.IftliBluTY^t>_ rerail to an *l%rnuni extent: And i?We<u, PfR?T CON^Etit^ENCE " fi?V?Sr^lSS)Sf" or Pais. ffer" h MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER lEMEg?RFTC.VWH3SgSSttAlNT8 In order to u>tiafy. THK PUBLIC that no imposition i? intended in th? aale of this THE MONEY^ILL BK*tlEFUN D ED tn all (Aiii 'hen the nedioine fai!? to fire entire wlirtwho ilk, then art any Drue Store for DR. MONTARDE*8 MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, take u direoted, and if not perieotly aatiified leturn to oar Agent, D. B. CLARK, ESQ AH Street and Pennsylvania Arena?, who will rafknd your money. Pnoe?80 and ftO Cents t*t Bottle. rur ma m mi i/nif 9M>rva wntrji JAB. MfiDONNELL, p-mo \ .1 CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ? D Strut, Iktwun 9(4 and 10(4 Strutt. We h%ve io?t finished a number of iret o'.aee C ARK I AGES, such M Lirit Waronr, Pa-k P Kent on r, htmtl* f'?r uHlR ruuttt, and Bnrm*, which we will mIIuILiJU a ver* ?m?H profit. Being praotioa! merhanios ia different branches of the Fusmese, wo flatter our?*)vee that we know the styles and toaHtv of work that will give cat is faction, combining ught&ess, comfort and darabili ?y. Repr. ar.g promptly end carefully attended to the shortest notice and most reasonable c .sr'm, WALTER, R ARM ANN * BOPP, Ccechmakere, successors to W m. T. Hook. _e? r-dly TM CARRIAGES. I HE Sebeeriber L*Yiag made add mens la hi factory, making U now one of the .irrnmt- Me In the District, where t.- fcoilttiee fori nuotrtiinniCARKiAUK it L19HTJ WAUONBor ail kinde oaaaot fa>o ici-pasted, u? from hn loaf cxr+niL?* in tk? bumineee, te a?pM U t> *e t*ner?A Mb<l*ction. Al< C*rTi*c???a4 Llfkt Wk|?n tn1 ? Ail RBFAIHBrnvfttlrail r4?rspr*Mfl ty ?;teca?4 tc. C*rrUtH (tin in Kimtr for i *?t. ANDRUW Y/JOYOtt, &M4t^-U.U >*? _ _ * i ? -If Mnir ?f Mtk dmi E Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S STREHOTHEJTINQ CORDIAL amd BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY in tk* WORLD, and the most Delicious and DELIGHTFUL Jt i'<Ki m * ? M WW VA1# A vuuviAL EVER TAKEN. It ia atrictr* aet auuie and V?f(li bit Compound, pro carad by the diaulla tien of rootf, harta, and bark*. Yaliow Dock, E.cod Kn?(, Hick Roat, artapa mU, Wild Cfurry Bark, and Dandaiiaa antara into iu cmb fMltl?. Tbt an lira aetira ramadial principle of aacb ipf reliant ia . ?. ib.r^rhi..,trae;.^After taking. 'by iry na w malbod < diatillinf, prodaciaa a daltcioaa. aibiiaratinf apirit, ard tha moat infallible ramiiy far ranOTiaiiif tba diaaatad ayatas, and raaiarir.f tha ale*, aaStrn.f, ted Aabtliutad invalid U kaalUi and aua&glb. MrLEAfiTS STRENOTIIENINO CORDIAL Will a(teta*;iy eara L:?ar Complaint, Dyapapa;*, Ja?n dlea, Chronic or Naracwa nobility, Hiaaaaaa of tha Eidoaya, and al! diaaaaoa anair.f from adiaorderad Liaar or Itornacb, Dyapapaia, lairibar'., lnwmi Pilaa, Aridity or Bickuaaa of tha Stomach, k'allneaa of Blrod ia u>a Maid, l?all Pr.-r or viRiminf lnthaBa?d, Palp>;->tioai of tba Mean, Tailnaaa or Wtifiit In tha Btnniach, Hoar Kraeuuont, Cbokff l| M Hliag W"?U "TH'I U??a,i/Ijnill T I r ?f tba Skin and E;m, Nijfhi Swiiti, iovud Fi'tri, Palo in lb* Imal! af C.a Back, (Jar Sid*, Ikddan IMaahaa af Baal, Dapraaai.m of Spirit*, frig btfal Dtmm, U-nf aar, DuMnltr.CT ar lay narraaa dmtit, lorn at Blatchaa an lb I Skin, and Farar and Area (at CblUa aiid FithJ OYER A MILLION BOTTLES ki't kaan (aid dariaf tha laat ail monlha, and In na tn atanca baa U failad in raring antira antiatacban. Wba, than, will ufar fram * ??!"> ar natality whan McLEAll riMAriUmu CORDIAL will cara ;aa 1 Ma Ir.r.gaaf a can aar.Tay an adaqaata idaa af iba ireroadi ala and rlrnaat rairaca'.aaa elm (a predacad by (akinf tbta Cardial la tba diaaaaad, drbtUialad, and ibauarad narrama ( ttm, wbathar brakan dawn by ai'aaa, wank tr natara, ai tmjhtitd by aiekaaaa, iba ralaiad an* anamnf arfaal att'c. U laaiarti la ita pnatrnt baalth and *ifa? MARRIED PERSONS, ar atban, eanaciaaa af inabilicr fram wbatarar eaaaa, vlU ftr.J M"iEAD1 RTRfcWOTllElllNa CORO'AL a iha raa(b itftnarala^ af tba; and all vba mar bara ia lazaO ibaataalrii by iicj-raaa* irdnljaocta will led in IbU Card I-.1 a tartua and apaady rkrnady. TO THE LADIES. trkCAHt ITUbiTIKNlNl) CORDIAL la a ht?i alrn and apaady cara far lnclpiam Catrfatcptian, Whiiaa, Oa?traci?d ar DiBcult Mtnatraaucc, Ineootiaanca af Orina aa lavaianukr* Dtacbiraa tbaraaf, FOt.qg af tba Wouib,, Fainting, and all diaaaaia incidant la Famlaa. THERE IS NO MISTAEE ABOUT IT afar na latifar. Taka it accardmf la diracacna. It will aumala'.a, atrauflban, t .d iaaiforaia yaa and caaaa tba klMni ?>' htclfh (? maant a ar r # k?A k n*?i? ! ' warrant <1 t? girt MMifietiM. FOR CHILDREN If tw tblldrar art tickly, ytaw or aS.ettd, McLEAlf'A CGClflAL will ra*.k? thtui bt?ltb?. fat, and raLati. Delay n?t a maratDtj u? It, and yai will it c^rircad. ll it dt iK.aaaiaukt. CA VTION. vara af inifUli ar daaiara ?M may try U palm ?p?o jraa tacit Mtlir ar taraapanlla traab, which lN?y caa ba? cbtap, by aaunr i; ia )att aa rood. Avoid aacL ntn. Asa far McliKAlfa rrRKKuTHtNlNO COaniAL, and tika nathinf alaa. It U lit only rtaiady that will parify tht Bl?*<l thoraaf hlf laduui eao.t Uona ttrt: flhao tot a rat am. Una ttupoon'a! takan t?try warning faatmj u ? ctrtain pra?auti?a far Clialata, Chilla aod Ka'ar, Ttllow Ft?tr. ar tar rrtraltnt duaaaa. It ta pal ?P to larra betilat. Prica n'f SI par battJa, ar ? baulaa Mr *5 J. H McLEAN, la a praprlatar cf thlt Cardial; alto. McLtatTt Taleaiuc Oil Liji'mant Principal T>tj/at au tiia eeruar af Third and Pint atrttU, Si. Lauit, Ma. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TH I- V !JT UUtlMENT HITHK WORLH) Tha Nil; a\fa a.j 1 cartAir car a for Cancara, Pilaa, Ta aara, ? tlllnja and Brrachila ar t.'m'.ra, Par* traia, Nta rvjia, Waakr.tttaf tut Moacltt, Chrome cr Inlan.i iitory JUvawomv.ani,fitiVuaia af (ha Jcitiit, (^ootracttd Vtaciaa or l?, Eai-tha ar Tncifcacha, Brotara, Hrraiiia, Frtah Cat*, Waauda, I'lcara, Ft?ar toraa, Cxktd Braat*., Bora Nippita, Barnt, Bcalda, dart Throat, or aii? inflammation of l* difaranca haw mm or Im.r i?ia 4>c?-?? ww h*i atiatad, Ki LtAHt CELK SKATED LINVMKNT it a earuin raiaady. Tkmniiilt of haman bttnfs t *?? baan aarad a lift ?f die arapitada and muii; b_? the ui ?fU.ia itiTalaahla ramady. MCLEAN'S FOLCAA'JC 0//. LINIMENT W'll ral!??a pain almaat instanUnaoaaly, and it will claan, parity aud baa) U>t foulatt aorta id an ii.cradibla (hurt tiaia. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN* CELEBRATED LIN1ME.VT ia th# only aafo aa4 raliabia remedy for tha care of Sp&via, Kuirbout, WiudfxUe, Splinu, Unaatiiral Lampa, Pi-viae ar Ear tiliars. It oaear fatlad .o cara Bif llaad, PalleTil, Fiattia, Old Kenning Boras, or Sweaty, if properly applied. For Spraioe, Braieee,, Craekad Kaala, Coafee, Saddle ar Callar GalU, Cats, Borai, ar Woende, it la an u.fallih'.a ram a 4 7. Apply it at directed aad a cara ia certain 10 e?ary IMMM. Than trtle na longer with tta many arrtMeae Liniuanta affarad ia yon. Obuun a aapply of Da. MCLEAN'S CELE BRATED LINIMENT. It will cara tob. J. H. McLKAH, Sola Proprietor, Carnar Third and Pica ata., St. Lmia, Ma CHARLES STOTT, 178 Pa. aa., aala agent 10 Weening taciSL. S T.ClflSEL.Oe-rgetowii aeM-DSWly PURE MEDICINES RECEIVED WEEKLY. On hand i*pa:cing'a filla. Mol.ran a Cor-^J thai. Aiei'i, Jayar'a and Sohanrk'a Mrdlomoa.^V Moorf'i tM?ilf D'opa, 4c. fhyaiciata' pre rei ipkiuii* iocoitd pproiBi ftdrmion. T flWI lO ft GUI the t:mea. At night nog th* dc-or boll. MOORE'S \V??t Hnrt Drag Store, jalQ ?w 113 P?nn. iv?n<i?. 275 ALkEN 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, Pnxi. Avmi, BMvmb loth and 11th itrMU. ) M At c o s t i AT 0 O 8 T! In order to redao? oar rtoek orevioua to laying in our spring ?uppii?f>. we will from this day antu let March, fcel' onr entire stock of DRY tiUODB at cost for cask. Panor Silka and Silk R obea we offer for much 1m? than coat. Mouaan, Barege and Lawn Robes at Kalf prict. fiuyeia wouM do well to examine oar atoek be fore rarchamnr elsewhere, as we are determined to offer great inducements 10 purchasers i_ q TA VI AD A. U fTmn*tlo/\ai v m i n i *-#* ?a- rxc l ' *1 I^HE GREATK8T BARGAINS IN CLOTH I 1NG. FURNISHING GOODS, HATS a:>d CAPeat No. 460 Seventh tt., opposite PoetOf 6c?. fe? Bw 1 FRENCH A RICHSTEIN. V 278 Pzkn. Arim. Are agent* for the Baitimrre Atis ic*n Ex ohaif, Ch&rlecton Mercarv, Ac. Sabeoriber* erved at low rate* Pape>* from ?vwy oity in the Union?weekly ..monthly and *aart*r!?. Call and MbsoriWn. Nov is the time. New \ork. Phila delphia, Baltimore and other papers delivered in the oity and Georgetown immediately after tbe ar rival oi train*. ja M i,?.?. lama*. c. x. xort. i. a. am. Rout BriiWi Si* Y?? W.? AND COAL. ?. - - w ?un>ij jei your money'a vorth by oallinK at tn? PIONEER MILLStiwUwd car net nf firvntk ttrttt and Cnn*i, (GEO PA'iK, Acent ) They mII ehaap?r ud give halter meanara than mi* ciltara ib the city?? (. aplit, ?ul deliv ered fie? of chArge. If yoa don't betaere it. pn tba Pinner Mill* a trial, ud fee satiated. ja It-ly.r Coia^onnr Tota.PatarilwrK.Va. ** eertifea'ea of voadarfnl car**, to ha had at th?dii>r?-ni drat win . ? \N ar^nta. K1I? W F. I..L ft !^A W K KNCR f ?>i J. U. MOORfc., W?at fr.MI. EDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOt*K Parent* who wiah tkmr flMchtara r* o#tvi a thoronjh utHiTttmMtie tdaaMoi. ilrni tneir phyMcsJ tr?i ma< will receive diui tneir pnyMcfe training will reoeirei attention, uoder theigoet approved tWnioa ud GTmnMbce, tre rMH< Tisit the Union Female Ae?<ierw teenth at- *ud New York ? . .?.* " " """IT.:, FEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCllOOL Ttie thirteenth unul Ntuon of tote Wlij Qpmrrifnoe on Tneedsy, Seyteeher iRh. in tie The o.>urae of study puraaed will oo^priM ail the brtMhM r*?mum m ? iKnrm.k Cm-i.-L. cj cation, and Mnno, French. Latin and Drawing, if deaired. In addition to da? aeho.a't. Mra. MeCormiak ia prepared toreoeirea limited number of pupiia aa hoarder*, who. oonatitntinc a part of her ova lajo iiy, will ha under tier oara and auperrt ion. Ska will endeavor. aa tar aa poaeible. to ear round Ut?wi with the ooaaforta and luadW mtnaiai Rtfrrtnctt.?Rer. Geo. H. Norton. Rar. Dr. Kliaa n. Rer. D F.9?ri(|, wilhaaa R Fowle, igarSnowdenTliea.. Ediannd F Witiaar Sss tf'fe.'fii .Vvw,b .*uvsk Kvenin* iHar, Benian. n Watert bM.Jaa Tuu. Board, with Tuition in ail tha Engliah Branobaa. Ram for the annua, aeaaion?payable aenu annaallj, in advanoa. Muatc and Lanxnacae at Prafcaecra' price* CT No extra ciiartea. aa I Curt Co+tk. Cold. Mhtmbwi, 1m Jtvtma mi Irrttaixtm e? Sere nn? of I he Thr?t. Kiiim tk4 U*,L.m. c mk ? tten, Bronrkittt, Aikmn, t CatarrK, Cltmr n*4 fm strentrk to tk* rout o! PUBLIC SPEAK E R 8 arv SINGERS. Few are ?w*'? of the im porta no* of ahaokio* a Couch or "Common Cold'* in ita ftr?t atate. that which in the bacmicg would rieid to a miid rem? tir, if neclantod.aoon attackable "Broken'i TrorktieontaiiMig CemuToentiticreai toU.r.M Pa mon&ry ai.d Irritation. "That troaMe m my Throat, (for BROWN'S whion the "7>?eJlf*" area having made ma often amerewhte TROCHES farer. N. P. WILLI*. ^ BROWN'S raoommand thair aae to Prauc TROCHES rKXlCE* RKV. K. H. CHAPIN. "Greateervioain mMum* Hoik?i BROWN'S iiuk." REV. DANIEL WISE. mnpuL'ti "Almost loatv.t relief in the dia iRumw trr?*i?e lai><jr of breathing faoaliar BROWN'S ** A"T|TtV. A. C. KGGLESTON. mounts BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S rROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S rROCHES BROWN'# TROCHES BROWN'S rROCHES JKOWN-S TROCHES i;onmn bo Opiam or injurious." OR " ' " Avkivtar Ckrmtrt, Battm, " A iimplf and ooatbtnB tton lor Cocbb*. Jko." DR. <J. F. B16ELOW. Bottom. " Beneficial is Hkqwchttih.'' I. r. W. LANK. DR. Ji i ** I h*v? proved tbra exoollent for WAHKN. MM. &ot*l *hm eorapellod to fltonncfrom Coi.p.** V. S. J. P. ANDERSON, ~ . Limit. " nen^fie.&l i, pafle - ErrKCTVAL in rtpnu Hotri* ? ud lrr)t?Oon of tbo T fa root. so common ?>th SriiiUi mad Km W'p.Mt M. STACY JOHNSON. L* Go. Teuhrr of M umo. S* uUtarn Female Collece. "Great benefit whoa takes before PLD. tftw BrflMKini. ft! (Km Dr*vin( BROWN'S H?>*reaneaa. From Umit pMlfffwt, I think they will be of perm*a?nt ad rROCHEP mtu? to me." I RKV K. ROWLEY. A. M. jROWN'S; Preau'.ent of Athens College, Tana. moc.* frttfrjittrftvzH" d? 1 1y pHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIEtfEMAR.l.S and ?-Prot?otad by Roral .titers Patent of Kdi fcixi, and aooarad by Ui? totla of the fcci-ia de Fnaririaoie da Ptfta, %od tua mperiaJ Collate cf Madiaiae. Viat na No. 1 ia invaluable for exuaaauoo a&d oatorroea, iad al phyaioal dieabUitiaa. No. 2 c^irpletely aradtoatea all trao?a of tfcoaa liaaaaaa tb\l ha?e been hitherto treated by Ua ui (?oaa acd pen;ioiu? aae of ocaaita and oubeha. No. 3 baa entirely aapplanted Ue injarioaa nae of nercarr.thereby insuring to tha mffe'er *pe*<lT liefT Cifa-rninf al! imparl Uea, and rootiaf oat ha venom of dia?a*e. TKIK>'KWaR. Noa. 1.3 and I. are areaared in h" form of a maqpa. devoid of taste and sinel'. nd can ba carried m tLe waistooa: pooket. hold n tin divided lutoeeparat* dot^.w ad uii.isteied by Valpeaa, UH*m?wl. Rcsx. Rioord. to Price 93 each. or row otmen for 09. which nv"? S3; and in 0??oa?es,wh<?te!>v tnrrena aav 1* of fi9. To be had, wholesale aa<i rntail, of Dr. JARROW.of 1?4 Bieecker f-treet, N?r York. uiiiMiat^'r on receiving a remittance, Dr. Marrow ri!l forward the i rieeemar tc. am part of the wor d, icO' fi? packed, an i a^dressm. aeooidtn* to the in tructi ns of tlie wnW. The Boot,of al! others, that shoatd be read ky nen with damaged and broken down aonstitations i"H?ma' Frailty, or Piiraiolostoa! Kesearohes t is t-aaniifuiiy illi'*t'*trd. and trrat* ?>nat?ly of Ji tou ??np om> that mvanabr uerelop them e tw. sooner or later, resetting from the frailties od vit.atir.c habits of earlt ?ooth. lnoapaoitatiac he viotim from sharing tha Purion nf the matri noma! utate, and. if not ob^cked m time, deserter tic* a 1the of manhood, aw) brlamf lim, step by step toa Un*erin| and untimely death, kila by l)r. ?A K ROW, 194 fcleecker street, fr>?r loors h-low Maodoagal, New York. Prtoe A r.ts Sent free every whera. Sold also by 8. C. Ford, Jr., Drag *tore. Waah njton. DC. de ?-tni run DiAinn^a PACKET OP PAPER AND ENVELOPS* VO MATCH. M the METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHILP A SOLOMONS. ifMti /?r Lattrenct't fidffd Lmm Pmr*rt, **Mill*,'' tt., tc. ? * ly 338 Pa. ?t.. bot. ??th md lOUi ?tm. 1861 1861 tks Ytar with a Dtmrf. A T?1uabU Pook?t Companion for rvfiBtannc iT?nti rut. wMmit.ud ft tar'; eoBUi?i?? rttM >r poat&ce, tliDUM, ft bUiik i?m for imb tmu or every da? m the ye*', oe>a monii ror msi nooth, untti iimmtit of ouk im>mI Mi kftjftbie end receivable. Don't be entboet om o iese netful little aoarenira TM Bioat o<??plete, uerent. end deeireb^eeeeo'tmerf ever Mied.oow ; twel (Mm ?SI l?w?t',?u?o't?#r,f ever uttd.w tnaing twelve eisea ead apvard* of Afty itflM, it SHlLUNerON'* B-ofcemre. Odeoo Banding, oorner of/4* ?tr?et end d?? P"? ereee a. Dm 1 R I E ?! DUKIIlt! f I A ft I K ?2! 1861. 1MJL. 1M1. _ chEAPEh tAanmtA. We will take en extra dieoount >t is per o*pt. of >f Mil Dieriee paroheeed from for <-e?h. We ere leeiroey of oloeioc oat the re*ieioder of o?T AT re itook of Dieriee of iwl kiode for i*M FRENCH * RICUPTKIN, )ea a?* Pern avorn*. A jurr RECEIVED r*T FRENrH * RICH*Te7i\ B, tTf Peea. iveaae. Menon Grabeaa, or Ruber th i. Hupp; lepa, by Meter Leooer; ISsu, eloth; eeat by Mil m Haala anJ r>ii m nr - I (ma - >ioth; flJ8b* Mil. ^UMnwr'i dleelreted fn?t; alotli fill; ^ "rt~u All of Lonffcllov'a ud Ik* M*rr*."? WoHi )?r b?J br?n diaoovol on Book* from Ott ro" Mhors* pnoM lor oult. FRENCH * RICHSTEIN. J*1 roii* ivfuit, I^CHOOL AND COLLB9K OUTFI re. TmUks' mmi CUtking ft Srk?l mmd br tb*ooarni mini,art uni^ tr txiaiMMr R^ft5w.S6^',SrS t?^KS?? 91*11 fif? III with