Newspaper of Evening Star, February 21, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 21, 1861 Page 2
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'Hi K l-VENliNG STAR WASHINGTON CITY: THI RSIM Y Frbrurr 21 Spirit *f the >l*rniu( Pre?s The lmtfllig'nter argues the Impolicy of insist ing. at though tbeT vrere essential to an adjust ment of pending difficulties, on any regulations for the administration of territory which has not yet been acquired. The Republican contends Mr. Stanton's army bill " doe* not propose to confer upon tfce Prest dent any power to ' coerce a State,' but limply to protect the public property against robbery and plunder." Tai Sbttlbxest of the Tbocble* or tiib Ttxbs ?Editor of tk* Star: 1 agree with your correspondent, '-Union," that the conservative members of the Peace Convention, now assem bled 1b this city, should not permit the disorgan iiers to defeat its object by preventing action; but that, in such an event, and in the event alio of Congress doing nothing satisfactory, they should unite with the conservative members of the latter body in recommencing unofficially a plan of settlement of their own But I do not agree with him that It Is absolutely necessary thev should sulimit a definite proposition, though It would be advisable to do so. They have only to recommend the call of a National Convention by the Legislatures of the ?tafs In pursuance of Ha ItK setio I a e\t PnnvAntlnn B nH Ia ran naat the Border State# to await the rtsult of such appeal to the sober second thought of the people That a paper alined by the eminent conservative leader* now In tbta city, and who, in virtue of the revolution which h*s taken place in the opin ions and feeling* of the maawi in both sections, are the representative men of the American people, would accomplish its object, cannot be doubted by any intelligent observer of the signs of the times Tbe fifth article of the United States Constitu tion provides that "Congress, whenever two-thirds of both Homes shall deem it nccessary, shall pro post amendments to the Constitution, or on appli cation of Iht Legislatures of two-thirds of the several Slates, shall call a convention for propo sing amendments, which, in either case, shall be ralnl to all intents and purposes, as part of the Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of inTit-j uurin j or i?? itrerut oiatej, or ?y ecmren fimi in thru-fourths therftf, as one or tht other mode of ratification shall bt proposed 6y Co? gretsV Note.?The writer of the above communication, like many other truly patriotic men, ia deceiving himself with this idea that the promulgation of a mere proposition to hold a National Convention will be sufficient to hold the border states in the Union. Upon it alone, the-Union party would be wept oat of existence in three months, in tho#e States. Such is the belief of every member of the Peace Congress and every member of the Congress of the United States, except Mr. H. Winter Davis, from thnir Statn What is really required, Is a report from the Peace Cougres* recommending term* for the set tlement of the fugitive slave question, and the questions of slavery in the states and in Territo ries already the property of the United Slates, and the simple submission of whatever the Feare Congress thus recommend, to the people of the United States in National Convention assembled* bp authority of Congrcu. If some such a settle ment is not obtained, our correspondent will find bis panacea of no avail whatever in the border laveholding States; or every one of their legiti mate representatives are woefully In error with reference to the true state of their popular mind ust now. Tib Pkaci Cosvbuti02i yesterday discussed the various propositions before them, without coming to a vote upon any of them. The speaker* were Messrs James Smith, Dudley Field, and Dodge, of N. V ; Fre'inghuysen. of N. J ; Tuck, of N. H , and others. They are ?-jtpected to con tinue the discussion to-day. Many of the dele gates desire to come to the vote to-morrow? Washington's birthday?and will probably cjrry that point We find that the friends of a proper settlement of the troubles of the times among thein eem to be, satisfied that when the vote may be taken, a proposition upon which the border Slates can be kept true to the Government of the United mill v ? - J?- 1 . ? W ?A* ?-X suupteu . Captaik M. C. Meigs, of U. Engineers, re turned to his home In thi* city last evening, and this morning, we learn, was restored to his late position In charge of the construction of the Gov ernment Aqueduct, by order of Secretary Holt. It seems to be understood that he will also soon be ordered to resume the charge of the work on the extension of the Capitol and Tost Office De partment building. We are very sure that his return to these positions ere tbe authority of tbe existing Administration expires,will give as gen eral satisfaction to the Washington public as aught that ccnld possibly occur in such matters. Thk Militaey to-xoiiow promises to be one of the finest ever seen in this city. Fall particulars of It will of course be found in to morrow afternoon's Star. Advertisers desirous of ailing themselves of the Immense demand fur to-morrow's Star should be aure to send their ad vertisements in before 12 m Thb laAvecEATiox Ball saloon is rising as if by magic, under the handa of the army of skillful workmen employed upon it. We hear that appli cations for tickets are pouring in upon the mana gers. H7* Through Messrs Taylor 4. Maury, the agents for Washington, we have the admirable reprint of Leonard Scott it Co. of the Kdltiburgh neview lor j an nary. r?ri?Ml. Got. Hicks, Md.; Gov. Sprague, R. I ; Col. Huger, U. 8. A.; Capt. Carlisle, do.; R C. Dram, do.; A. J. Foard, do., are at Willards'. - Col Samuel Colt, of Hartford, is in poor health, and tailed hence a day or two since for Havana, where be bopea to recuperate. -Mr Brown, late editor of the Constitution, Is deputised by the seceding States to inform the Federal Government of the election of Jeff. Davis as President of the Southern Confederacy. Mrs Lieut fclemmer reached her home, Norrlstown- Pa - on th? Oth ' ----- - ?' ? saying -wltb her mother. Sfce was serenaded by the N^rrictown bran band on the night of her arri val. **Mr? Gore, the well-known novel writer, la dead. For more than a year p??t Mr* Gore bad been alraoat entirely blind, and a few mon'.bs lnce an unauccesrfui attempt at an operation to restore her sight was mnde The result was dis astrous, and ber constitution r.ever recovered from the palatal shock. Mrs. Charles Matthews, better known to theatre goers as Miss Lizzie Weston, play?d at Windsor Castle on February 1st, before tLe --- ?i - - - n?vi< uiiu mjc yuunger a.?nwrj or tbe royal family. She took the part of Mrs Honeybun, In Tom Taylor's comedy, "The Coutested Klsc tlon " Her husband also appeared in the play. Mra Margaret Jefferson. the wife of Jos Jefferson, the comedian, died at tbe residence of her husband, la New York, oa Tuesday morn ing, very suddenly. Mr* Jefferson was tbe daughter of Thomas I.ocbvrar. fcsq , an ezten stve forwarding merchant of New York She leaves four children, and her death has bad a most unfavorable effect on the already delicate health of her husband Letters received In New York city from Isaac V. Fowler, la tbs city of Mexico, state that tbe report that he was at>out to take rhitM silver mine Is not true. He has taken the super intendence of a large cotton manufactory near Mexico, at a salary of three thousand dollars a year, and a boose to live in Living Is so do^ rheap there, that Ave hondred dollars a vear la equivalent to five thousand In New York. He writes in capital aptrita. Robert J. Walker baa auddenly become a millionaire by the decision mnde In the Supreme Court involving the title to a quicksilver mine In California estimated to be worth 910,OU) UOIt. Mr Walker la the proprietor of one-flfth of this val uable mine,ard was offered not long agoSS.lMJO.UUO f< r It. provided th? Court should ?iv? <1.. ,?ion I'bat decision baa now been given, and Mr Walker, who was, to use his own words, " a beggar in tbe morning,-' want bocne to bis din ner a millionaire The dlsaatroua condition of ibe wontry may, however, prevent hi* Immediate realization of bia41 expectations." \rr The following significant hint appears in ! tbe Chtfleetoa Mercury: Coptkmht ?Pome enterprising Individual, might make a fortune by reprinting Northern' copyrighted works at tbe Moth We depend al moet wholly upon the North for our books, and there is now nothing to prevent Southern publish er! from ptrating Northern works, a* tbe North ern publishers have pirated from the English. Any one disposed to embark In tbe business should do so Immediately, la advance of any copyright law. i pa* a?ncre ircm ? MlMiaitppl . _ , si, ?Dd wib^soenUy mrresUd in f* fw Orie*aj for expft?iftg abolition r? COIGRKSIIIONAL. Sexatk.?At the close of our report clo*?d yr* torday? The Senate took up tbe tariff bill, and after a protracted discussion. passed it by a vote of yja? 24, nays 14. Dy a general understanding, it wm agreed that ou to-day (Thursday) there should be a recess from 5 to 7 o'clock p m . so as to give an eve ning for speaking only. Adjourned. Hoc**?When our report closed? Mr. Vallandigham was speaking upon the re port of the Committee of Thirty-three. At the conclusion of his remarks, the House went Into com mil tee of the whole on the Navy bill? The amendment appropriating twelve hundred thousand dollars for construction of seven steam crew sloops having been read Mr. Uarnett 08*red a proviso that said ships shall not be used to execute Federal laws, or aid either a land or navalforce in anyStates claiming to be without the Federal jurisdiction Mr. G spoke In favor of his proviso; and in the Course of his remarks some discussion took place between himself and Mr. Stanton and other mem bers; when? Mr. Anderson, of Ky..asked the gentleman from Virginia (Mr. Garnett) if he was for the Inlon ? Mr. Garnett replied that he was for Virginia seceding at the earliest possible moment. After a lengthy debate, the committee rose and reported progress, when the Hout took a recess until 7 o'clock, and upon reassembling Mr Riithn of .North Carolina, made a secession speech, after which the House adjourned. Thursday, February 21. Senate.?A large number of memoria's In rela lion to me present crisis were presented by Messrs. Blgler, Wade, Fesscnden, ana others. Mr. Bright, from the Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds, submitted a report in relation to the property oyer which it is proposed to extend the Capitol grounds, Its cost, Ac.; which was ordered to be printed. Mr Bragg presented tbe credentials of Hon. Thomas L Cllngman, Senator elect from North Carolina from tbe 4th of March next The Senate then took up Mr. Hale's resolution, providing for the discontinuance of postil service wherever it Is interfered with. Mr. Hunter said that If those States were within the Union the Government had no power to de prive them of their right under the Constitution L> haw rr>?(l U. ,11.1,1...J < a * ?* *v utxii iuviii>iv?. iiv uioiiQiu nn; iur WDiU "inwrrection " It looked to coercion, anil was the ttr?t step to war and unmitigated horror*. If reconstruction could not be made, the best step was to have a peaceable separation. If that was understood to-day, commerce and trade would resume Its regular channels and the country he again prosperous. Mr. Dootittle said this was not a cotrcive measure, but a measure of pea e Mr Hunter was glad to learn that the Senator from Wisconsin did not vote for this bill as a co ercive measure, lie boptd no party would com mit Itself to coercion, but if such was not the in tention, he saw no netd of the bill. Mr. Powell thought that this bill was int< n<l< d to compel the postmasters of the slaveholding Mates to distribute incendiary publications or ebc leave the mall service Mr. Fessenden defended the policy of the bill The southern Senators wished to make that side of the Chamber acknowledge the lawfulntssof secession. Mr. Douglas thought the measure one of but believed thai offensive terms should be stricken out. He believed that there were as many dis unionlsts on the nortLern as on the southern side of the chamber. He twlieved there was a plot to break up the Union under pretencc of preserving it Mr. Dnolittle responded upon general topics Air. Wade advocated tbe bill, lie hoped i's friends would not kill it by talking about it. Mr Green opposed the bill. Hocsx?The Speaker laid before the House a communication from the Secretary of War. trans mitting to Congress n statement of the expenditures of that Department f >r the fiscal year ending J uue 3U. Is60; laid on tbe table. Mr Adrain, of N J., presented to the House two memoriais from the citizens of bis State. praying the adoption of the Crittenden proposi tlon, or some other like basis of settlement; laid on the table. Mr. Cochran moved that when the House ad journ tn-day, it adjourn to meet at the usual hour on Saturday next Agreed to. Mr iMvii, of Md . reported from the Committee on Pension*, a bill* granting a pension to Mrs. Mary Wallbacb. T be bill whs passed Mr. Dawes's report from the Investigating Com mittee on the abstraction of the Indiui trust bonds was received, and. with the written opinion* of Mr. Branch, ordered to be printed In the Con gressional Globe. Mr. Kellog presented a remons ranee signed by wi citizens of <be county of Knox, 111 , against hts proposition offered in the House a few days since; laid on the table. On motion of Mr. Burnett, the special order (Mr Ptanton's ariny bill) wis taken up, and Mr. Bocock, of Va., proceeded to address the House In opposition to the bill. (Y*S*AT TENTH?N, COMPANY A. W. L I 1 L " B ?VOII BrU nrAmrmA * 4 . - ?. ? ? ? ?? tr** ?v iif'ok ai j"ur Armory niTTf>-MORKO\V, tne 22<1, at 8 o'clock a. m., in full winter unifo-m, for parade. IS y order of Colonel Davis : LK.M TOWERS, Capt. J. Coleman, O. 8. fe2l It yxT* attention. company' B, \V. L. I. \ l < B.?You are heteby or<'er*d to meet at your Armory fRll>AY MORNING, Fe!>ruarjr SUd, at 8 o'clcok, in winter uniform. Be punctual P. M DUBA.Vr, Capt. C. P P. \V?m O 3. it attention, NATIONAL GUARD B* *TAI.tO.N - You aredircctnl t<> aajf-ni >!e at the Columbian Afr.t ry on the 22J instant, at 10 o'ciocic, for para ;e. Bv order. JAS. A. TrtlT, Col. Commanding. E. 8. Allkn, Adjutant. It* Y^atrtN'i ion,company a. nation IL5 AL (iUAKIi BATTALION.-Vo? ao hereby ordered to moet at jour Armory on to MORROW,the *Miim?ant,at precisely >0 o'clock a. ii-., in lull winter at iforro. THi'S- i.i nvn i f? K.Baetlk.M 3. It* NORTH KK N MARKET ? In cons-quenoe UJ3 of the observance of Frida*, tha 22d .ustant, as a National holiday, in oonpliance with the rec ommendation of the Mayor, tt'?*re will he no mar ket held as usual on FRIDAY MOKMNG; tli? usual Saturday evening ma:ket will l>? held. fo 2*->t <lnt) T. A^ BKUW X, Clerk. Y5??KVNK OF THE METROPOLIS, F*b tL? evarv 20 1861 ? Underftamtin* thit the corporate authorities of Washington purpose reo ou>in-nUiug that >?-'a?h;nKtoii'B birthday, the iUl February, shall be kept as a general holiday, and an th-? House of Ketre?entative? havo p.T.-sf-d a res clntiou to the ?aine eff-ot. it is deemul due arid f - xpro'fn. to thf *ai<l huh authorities to confirm to suoh recommendation. Th1* Bank will not, thvre ore, be open for general business on that day. an it i* requ?. tad that not?" tneu payahlo at tho Hauk te attended to on the 2 itinst. An i fio^r, however will bo in Bank on tne 274 mst., to receive j.ay moi.t for euch notes aa ir.a> not Lave becu attended to. " ? IU ?u it (YTS1* NOTICK ?The Hon. Joii.n C< riiKANE, of IJsJf N*** York, wilt deliver M* ce'obrated Lee tore on "The Union," in the Kabt Washington M. K. Church i Rev Dr. Ryan's,) oo THURSDAY 15V KNiNG.2l*t instant; to oowimonoeat ha!l-tast 7 'cl'rt.-k. Tickets of admission 25 ret u. Pro ceed* for the f<enef|t of the Church. Navy ^ ard ommlii-og lun within two *<|uarea of the Church. r? 19 T* r *-?l'KUF. I< ti- M&RIM.ftt tke requwt of hi" pupil*. will K've another f*oirn.< |!au ?actp,nthu Aeadesty, orwr of Niith ati-i D ?rt Till. RSDA Y KVn-.N'NG, Felu-ua y 21, 18ol Tickets for gentlemen to be had of his pupils. _fe t9-?* ry*=?THK ANNUALCOMMKNCKMKNT OF the Natiocal Medical College (medical de partment of Columbian College) wi 1 behel'l at'he SmithMoian Institution on iHl'KSDAY KVK M1NG.21 t iiutai.t at 8 o'clock Th? va'edictory add'es* will be delivered by I'rof. Jas- J. Whihs, afW whi<'h the d?vie?-s will be conferred on the giaduates. The profession and the publio are re sp?ctfulW invited toatteitd. _ _ JO mi t, KlI.f.Y, 1>1. O., Dean. f?j?GENKRAL ORDKKa?ISo. H HEAK'rAHTKas D. C. Militi*. i W A*HIBGTOJ?. Feb. 18, 1861 S la honor of the Anniversary of the Birthday of Washington th? umfnrinivl miti:ia. nf the t>i,trict of Columbia will parade in full uniform on Friday, the 2Jd it it. Division commanders will Rive the neoeaeary oracrs f ?r th* p <-p*ration of*heir command*, and will report in person to the Major General com manding on the Slat instant for detailed instruo tiona. Commanders of uniformed coinpaniea unattached to regiments or brigades will report in person to the Major General commanding betweeu the hours ol 1 and 3 o'clock p m. oc the 21?t inst., when posi tions in line will be assign'd to ?h*m. By order of Mvjor Genera! Wnoiiriii* CH. LKK J ONE*. fe 19 3t Adjntant General. GENERAL OKDKRS-Nu. 9. IlKADQUABTtBH 1) C. Militia, ) AWCTANT (jKNKBAL'S <?KPIC*. > Washington Feb. :8,13?jl. \ I. The fo kwint oompamH of volnuteera arc <>r?*Diie<i as % battVien, under the name of the"Fi'at Rule Battalion," viz: Washington Rifl a, '? uroer Rifle*. Metr<>poii an Kiflea, Putnam m ifl -a. II. The firkt Rifle Battalion la attached, nnder t?i tempo arv comn?nd of ita senior eaptain to tH- ieoo d re?iroent o< infantry. Col. J. Da via ill The Pre idai.t'a M:Minted Qua*rt laasaicned ui- '?* nrirsaetna will o* reported bj i ooiu iri'ndi. g officer to Bruadier Gen- ral Bacon. IV. i Tie Washington Luht Guard is a'Uchrd to th* third r (im?ntof infaniry and will be ro~ pt)ft"!.l to Col. M. E. Bright, commudioi that i?sims t. By order of Major General Wiiohtma!*. CIT. LKK JoNES, fe 19 3t Adjutant General. I. 0. 0. P.?MAGBNENU ENCAMP. MKNT.?Patriarch*: Tke reialar rsaiona _ lagen'nn Eneamvment.No. 4 will be held here after on the SECOND and FOURTH SATUR DAYS ? f eaeJi month, commencing fiom next Sat - atu'&^mtaK' JOSEPH 8. TUCKER. Borib*. DEPART'nKIT JfliW*. Krsir.sED ?Tbe resignation cf Comm?>dore Jrsiab Tatnail, of lia , has befn acccpted by the Navy Department. Items Telegraphed iroia M u>liiu?t?n. VVuHisoms, Feb 20.?Tbe mail contractor* In tbe ' ceding States are continually nskin? whether they will be paid as heret-fi>r<% to which tbe I'ost Office Department responds affirmatively, stating that drafts will be issued to them on the Postmasters, to be paid fr in tbe potfcd revenue collected within those States The Postmaster Generel has removed the route i^rui uriwrrii uruum nuu i amrrsuurg, va , on the ground ttiat be left bis b'.?!ue?s, without per mission, to engage in secession mevements in that State. Several Pt-stinasiers in Kentucky and Teanessee have also hern removed for a slmilai cause. The House Select Committee of Five on the President's Special Message, transmitted January ?th, will to-morrow mike a report relative to the stationing of vessels, etc , saying that the defence of the Atlantic coast has been neglected, and con cluding with a resolution censuring thv Secretary of tbe Navy without delay or inquiry, the resigna tions of clti-ers who were !n arms against theO'ov ernment when tendering tbe same. ib ijus umi iiHciwiuru uj-u ;i larger num06r cT war vessels are afloat now than for the last twenty years Other vessels may be fitted out in three or jour weeks. There Is, however, a deficiency of lieutenants, miditiipmen, masters and medical ofll'-ers, bs well ns seamen, the iaw limiting the last natn?d to S.5M) men. There seeins to be quite a dissension in several of tbe Foreign Legations litre growing out of the secession question. For instance, it appears that very contradictory reports have reached the French court touching the secession of the cotton Statis M. Mercier, the new French Minister since his arrival in Washington last fall, has been in the constant keeping of Senators Benjamin, Slidt 11, Mason et omm ztnus. The con*rnii?nrp ia \t Mercier is a thorough aeccaaionlst, and has report ed to hit Government views altogether favwrable to the ?ecedt<i states and against any hope of a rem edy or .econstruction. Very different reporU have in the meantime reached Napoleon through his Cor.suls and other source#, and 1 lenrn upon relia ble authority that some explanation has been de manded of the Legation here. Baron Stoeckl, the representative of Russia, also draws nil his views of our national :?itairs from southern statesmen. These he faithfully communicates to Lis imperial master at St l'ttern bur^. The well established rule of European policy is to rec.oirnize t!ie indencnddir* of iu> n?w i: "? ment until tbe same Lai been recognized by tbe Government out of which tbe new one Laj been carved There 1 ai been but one exception to tbi? rule in F.urot e for a century past, and tbat was tbe recognition of tue independence of iiel^ium by tbe Congrtss <?f Vienna in Ip3l. The better tin piessi<>n bue among European diflouiaU is tbat tbis policy will Le rigidly adbirtd to. The ({urns'* Speech ?The Hritish Parliament was opened ?>u the5ih Instant by Queen Victoria 111 dciftoh. litr thcfwr.itinn it , ? ...t uvivii IOVWMUHCU mainly to fcr? ii!i? att'airs, including a reference to the unhappy dittlcul'les In thisrountry asfollows: 'Serious differences have aris?n among the States of the North American Union It is im possible for me *o look without great concern upon any events which can atfeet the happiness and welfare of a people nearly allied to my subjects by dsscent and < losely connected with them by the most Intimate and friendly relations. My heart felt wish is that these differences may be suscepti ble of satisfai-torvadjustment. TLe interest which I take In the well being of the peopleof the I Ult^d States rannot but he inert a*ed by the kind and ? 1J.. I ? *t ? - *' > j;iveil lat in w iue t'rince of Wab-s during his recent visit to the continent of A merit a.'' Thk Wiathkr ?The .VIlow!ok report tfc?* weather for the morning is made fr<>ui the Aaier lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The lime of observation is about 7 o'clock February 21, 1661. Burlington, Vt overcast, 27?, wind N New Vork, N. Y ..clear, pleasant. Washington. D. C clear wind VV Petersburg, vs clear, 40', wind N Wilmington, N.C ciexr, eooi. Augusta. Ga ...clear, warm Maeon. Ga clear, cool. Columbus. Ga. cieir. pleasant. Griflen. Ga clear. Montuomcrv. A1a HntiHv i nl.l Jackson, Ala cloudy. Mobile, Ala cloudy, o"2\ New Orlcaus, La cloudy, FROM TUX WIST. Frederick, Md eloudy, cold. Hagerstown, Md cloudy, cold. Cumberland, Md cloudy, cold Pittsburg, Pa cloudy, 30*. Orafton, Va cloudy, cold. Wheeling, Va cloudy, wind MV Cincinnati, O cl?r<r, pleasant. Cleveland, O overcast. Harpmeter at the Smithsonian at 7 a ir. (cor rected for temperature,) 29,M2; at noon, Thermometer at 7 a m , 35'; at noon, 3H Maximum during 21 hours, ending 9 s. rr. to day, 49)|*; minimum 33%'. rr"S=? ATTENTION, REPUBLICANS-Ali iJw3 those voters in Mie I'istrictot Columbia. Tho Pftliere to vote ia either of the StatOH, am! ape-d tiiriK Md ru?nev i > tli"> Koi uh ifitn caaa<\ with Lin coln and Hani in for its standard b< acer.-, about w- o?e fidelity to ihn -'au'e there iH no cause of dis pute. arc rfmpectfully invited to met at (i.<arhart'g Hotel.nn C areet.nextSATUF DAY KV KNING, at 8 o'clock, to takrt insaeure* with a new to march in proc?*sion on the day of'he iu&uturatiou, with an appri'p'iatr- bad tee of designation, tl.aUheir num be-K and States may to knuvi: to all and every body, to prepare for tt-e iiiauciira ioii l.a l and for other prudent at"1 proper |>nrpo>:e8. All those in office, or *li??-o anxious to get in, who ran thow no ster'inj; evidence of th'ir devo tion to th?? K-puhVan cans", and are aiming to a? - comp if It their e eventh hour desires through p*tti runt in/utnr.t, neoil not attf rnrt to attend t' n meet ing. for tiicy wiil ha ipjtted, oven MM f np fe13 M* SV\M. STRONG. fY^-CITV HA LL. Ffbhuaky 9rH ?'I he As-co*, LL*4 Horn having ft niched their anusl a>;?-.ri<a ment of teal and per-onal nn pcrty, ?il! meet at tlieir room,(City Hall) ''ail*, a: a Board of Ap naala 1 k , ?? *1 - '"** ' r 1 ' Y inrj arviii ill'1 mm iu the -XMfl OI f f-i riliry, P'CIU ive, to hear *11 nompKintn anil to make piicIi tor rcctiocs in uver a' segment as tliej may (teem nto e*?ary. f?9-U] GKO TH08 PTKW.ART See. SAY, STRANGER, WHKKK AH K LLjJ you Koine f You ?fern lo liein a ;roit luir ryv* "5kj I am. I am Koiii? lo SM ITH'S, ,\o 460 Seventh street,to huy a suit of Clothes. The pen file say ho ha<i a \>sry moe a^ortiijent, lurl they *ay 10 Hells thern so cheap." Note.?The laht wo raw of the stranger !? < wax ruunnis i>p Sown'>i stnet singing out* SMITH. No.4b0 " fa 2-6w ryrilK UNION PRAY KM MEETINGS Ij will l>e ho!.|eii every <Iav thin w*'< k, mi the English Lutii Tail Cliurcii, ooiiior of IUIi and II treuU, to ooinmence at 4 o'clock, an<l to continue one hour. ja 7 ryTS^DEMP^KV A O'TOOLE, LLS WEDDING AND VISITING CARD ENGRAVERS, I reporters of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the mofct heva'rfui stylos. 390 Pa. A /,, l>atween Ptli aart loth *t? , U 27-tira Wa?hi!?itO!I. SEKHOI.l) ft HRO.'S <*K1,KUKA'l'K.n KAI. T1MOR!. TOMATOKS can n-w l>? Iia l at Still* No. 325 Oentor Market am! 93 Northorn Market t."ok ftir the il-is. f" <;! rT^<> UOUfKKKKPfcRS.?Webavejii't .<vj-i ved 1. a bu^p't of the osIebrat?d COSCKN'l'RA TED LKAVh.N It is h ghly rwoninie i'lM a* a titule for ffcaii and y -awl i^rs'ofo.e ui>m) HI Mi &. HUR?'HKLL. fa 21 ??r. Fifteenth o;. ami V*rm.?"t av. rpHK UKRNIHJN HOL'SK, * Coknkk K and Ninth Sts. 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feZI-lir* Prepare for the fourth or march by laying in yoar supply of? Blankets, B?d Comforts, Quilts, Linen a: d Cotton gheetmts, Pillow Case l.irenaand Cottons, Table Cloths. Tat.le Napkins, I an e ?nu inwe inc Diaper*, Curtain Danuwk. Curtain Mualio. Oile'otha. Car peting. All telling at r-duoed prtoee at . HENRY EOAN'?, f 3*3 Pa ?v., south ude, b?t 6th aadnh .U , ,e *1 lot new Iron Baxldmn, diifi i? >flOGRESS OF THK PRESI0EMT ELECT Mr Limcolh in Niw York Tbe President elect having arrivrd in New k'ork, and run tbe ganntlet of policemen who in rest* d tLe streets, guarded the hotel, and ;oned tbe passages, and vainly endeavoring to ivoid speaking, was iiually compelled to mount :he coping of the doorway of the hotel, from which he held forth aa follows : Fellow-citiicns: 1 have stepped before yon merely in compliance with what appears to be four wish, and uot with the purpose of making a ipeech. 1 do uot purpose making a speech this ifteraoon. I could not be heard bv anv but a t rerv small fraction of you at best, t>ut, what is still wora>? than that. 1 have nothing just now to wy th it is wi rtby of your beiring. [<\pplau?e] 1 you to l?elieve th?t I do not new refute to tddreM you from any disposition to disoblige you, but, to the contrary. But, at the same time, I beg of you to excuse me for the present. [Ap plause, during which Councilman Harney said "That's enough"] Alderman Cornell handed th" President l ack through the window. Mr. Lincoln frequently expressed a desire to re tire, but it wns not until the Superintendent of Police had sent in some of his force to help out he outsiders I bat all but the members of the Pommnn Pnnnoil i?a*A - ?41? * %? VV....HVU vwiKu nciv tiiuuiru iu rruri'j ana .ur. Lincoln retreated to hi* bedroom Deputations from the Old and Young Men's Central Committees, the Wide-Awake Central Committee*, (Knglish and German.) the Central Campaign Club, and v.triout other republican organization* in the city, numbering altogether one hundred or over, having met to mike arrange ment* for we.iting upon Mr Lincoln at ?\ o'clock in the evening, formed in a line and marched down Broadway, two abreast, to the A*tor House, when thev were ushered into the large diuing room. Alter waiting until ail thingswere ready, they were admitted into the Presidential presence with a rush and ireneral scramble Gen. Delafkld Smith addressed .Mr Lincoln in a speech of welcome, alluding to the fa<-t that the hall had only been occupied on three occasions for the reception of public men?once for Web ster, once for Clay, and now for Abrahun Lin coln. Mr. Lincoln responded as follows: Mr. Chairman : 1 did not understand, when brought Into this room, that I was to make a speech. It was ?ot intimated to me that I was about to enter the room where Webster and Olny had made speeches, and where, In my position, 1 might be expected to do something like those men, or something unworthy of myself or my au dience. I have been occupying a position, since th? Presidential election, of ?ilenc.e, of avoiding pub lie speaKing and public writing I have thought, upon full consideration, it was the proper course for me to pursue. [Applause ] I have not kept silei t from any petty wanton ness, or from any Indifference to th?? anxletv which pervades tiie minds of m?*n in regard to the threatening aspect of the political .1 ft airs of this country. I have kept silent for th?^reason that 1 supposed it was peculiarly proper I should do so, until the time arrived when, according to the custftn of the country. I should speak offici ally; I ?lludc to the custom of the l'resid>-i?t ele't, at the time of entering upon his office, to submit his views upon political questions. [Cries of "That's It '"J 1 did suppose that while the political dfama at present being enacted in this country isso rapidly Binning iie scenes ana changing every Lour, for bidding any anticipation, with any degree of certainty, of what we shall see to morrow. ltiit it win peculiarly fitting that I s.tould see all, up to the last minute, before I should take a position v. hi' h I might, through some change of stent, be compelled to abandon I repeat what I have before s ated, that when the time rto<s come for me to act. I shall take the ground that i b?-i:eve to be ri^ht (appliuse),that I think Is right fur the North, the Sautti, the Kast, and for the West?for the whole country [Cries of '?jood,?'ch-ers and applause.] Aud iu doing so, I hope to ft.el no necessity pressing upon me to say anything in conflict with the Constitution? in conflict with the Union of these ^tate*-?in con tiict with the (wrpetuation of the i!ber!i?s of this people, or, I may add, in contra-distinction with anything I have given you reason to expect from me. [Applause.) aow. my irifiids, have I said enough ' (Cries of NoNo! J Ttiere appears to be a diffVrence of opinion between you and me, and I shall insist upon d'-cldinjr the Question myself [l.oud ap pt inse and laughter, during which Mr Lincoln Ifft the platform ] The President elect speke in a very loud and d!s t.nct tone, without indications of hoarse n? w? He appeared tol.?e jwrfe-tly self-tio?cwt-d. At theend of b'? brief ks he ^ot in at the window, evi dently ylad tli ti the reception was over, lie then d^voltd about Ave minutes to receiving commit tees, and such citizens as bad been ab:?-1-> make their way through two flies of inquisitorial but polite policemen, to hie rooms IIis st>le of shak ing hands arid ( hatting with people is prepossess ...Jt. ?? 19 Haul, ^cuiai, UUIHIIUIIII^, BlIO, 111 a word?\V esteru. Mayor Wood formerly received Mr. Lincoln yesterday in the Governor's room of the City Hall The Mayor said the city of New York had never cilercd its hospitalities to a min rloth< <1 with more exnited powers or resting under greater nspocsi blllties than these which circumstances have de volved upon you. Coming Into office with a dis membered government to reconstruct and a dis connected and hostile people to reconcile. It will require hlyh patriotism and an elevated compre hension of the whole country?its varied interests, opinions a-id prejudices?to so conduct public af fairs hs to brini/ hwk airjlll ?lllr f.irmor i.nmnnl viia. consolidated and prosperous condition. Mr. Lincoln responded as follows: Mr. Mavor: It Is with feelings of deep grati tude that 1 make my ack:iowe<lgemeuts for the reception given me in the ^reat commercial City of New York. 1 cannot but remember that this is don by a people who do not,by a maj jrity.agree with me in political sentiment, it i? '.he more grateful because in this 1 see that the gr?>*t prin ciples of our Govtrnmeut the people .?re nearly unanimous. In regard to the difficulties con front us at this time,aiid "f which your houor h^s thought tit to speak, so becomingly and justly as 1 suppose, I can only say that I agree in the senti m?i.ts expressed by th? Mayor In mv devotion to the I'imoii, 1 Lope i ain behind no man in the nation In the wisdom uitii which to couduct the att'ai rs temli nir to th? nmsmatinn ?>r < i -*1' ..i.... ? p '? V lllt'il j 1 fear that ti?o ureot coulHtnoc may have been repoacd in me; t>ut I tni sure I bring ? u^nrt de voted to the work. There is nothing tual could ever bring me to willlnu'lv consent to the destruc tion of ILls Union, under wiib-li not only trie ^reat co:i>me:rlal City of New York, but the whole country bas arquirfd 1U greatness, except it lx: the purpose for which tin- Union il-elf %vs* formed. 1 understand the ship to be made lor the carrying and the preservation of the rargo, :md so lou^ a? toe ship can l>e sav? d witti I be ? *rgo, it should nevtr i?e abandoned, unless it fails the possibility of its preservation, and shall erase to exis'. cxcept at the risk of throwing cvi rboard both freight and p-tssengers So lon^. tu>'n, as it Is possible that tb<- prosperity and tbe liberties of lb?- people be preseived in Ibis Union, it shall be iny purpose at nil times to use all my powers to .iA .>- ? ...? *>?* - .... .... uiauiin^ you ior me reception given me, allow me to come to a close. Tiie Montgomery Congress.?The Montgom ery corre?|K>nd iit of the Baltimore American, ur*der date of February 15. says : The j>rinrtpsil business just now occupying tbc *1tention of every one is the inauguration or Mr. Davis, the Pr?sident elect of the Confederacy I'ntll this act is luotuiiiiiiatnl the Congrtss will not do much, though .ill the Committee* are rap idly carving out a huge in. s?o! work. The i'ostal Committee, of all otiiria, has the greatest amount uf labor lo perform Mr Chilton, of Alabama, the Chairman thereof, a< knowlcd^'-d in tbe Con ^r< b? this morning that the Committee had tuore work to do than it could perform, utile** the Cou "rt ss allowed llieni a clerk I have rwifln U> believe that the result of the la bors of the I'octal Committee, a# well a* the Con gress, in establishing postal ur;augemeuts and fa riliiies will prove anything but satisfactory to the people (nice accustomed to the tUree c? nt rate, ihey will reluctantly give it up for a high'* rate, in order ta show the r patriotism by paying Ave cents per letter, carried so many milts, and ten cents for so many more. That it is impossible to charge less than live cents on each letter you will readily recocn /.e The distances are greater here than the North -there are fewer letter writers,and the p< st offices are scattered over immense tracts r>f country little travelled save by mail lines, sap ported by the Government You also are aware rf th<t fact, and an undeniable fact it Is, that It has nil along been the southern mail routes that have kept the Post Offiee Department at Washington so :onstar.tly in debt. Inauguration Ball. TUCK EK'8~COIFFURE8 a vn GARNITURES ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE COMING BALL. 759 BROADWAY, feil-iot NEW YORK. JJECIDED SACRIFICE IN SILK GOODS, fce. 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Hlrki tiprmrd a desire not to connect anf I name* with bis testimony. ? It might possibly | lose up avennes of information that mlgnt here- . ifter be Important. The chairman then read an extract from the Governor's proclamation of Jan Id. 1^61. In relation to arizing theCapltol. ke. To which Gov Hick* replied that he had no personal knowledge of that, but would glre the basis for hU belief: I Urit, a letter written by ? firm In Charleston, S. I n Ian in 4^ . - ?? ?1.1 t"..I w ? "? ??>. iv, ictv, w I'uuuru 101 111 r muit . Second, a publication or programme In tbe Rich mond Knquirt r of tbe 17th December last, and tbe substance of which was published In the National Intelligencer of tbe 3l*t ult That publication stone would have imde very little lmprraalot upon bit mind, but several distinguished gentle man, whose names he would prefrr not to uae? nne a commissioner from a (later State?mad* statements that aa'.isfied him that an effort would be made to defeat the Inauguration of Mr Lin coln, from which be formed tbe opinion that there would iv an attempt at violence on or before tlie 4th of March. He then bad an interview with a committee from Baltlmo e, who urged him to callthe Legis lature together. The interview was held tbe day before Christinas, in which taunta were uaed and mni9i';ui msue to mi j^r?"iuu wifiy u dc per* listed in his refusal to call the Legislature to gether, together with threats of shedding blo<d, and preventing the inauguration of Mr Lincoln, i On the nut morning afVr the interview be re- ) ceived two anonymous letters, in which he wm advi?ed of a movement on foot to bring to bear u|>on him a pressure that would compel him to call together the Legislature, and then. If the Legislature was called, to pass resolutions carry ing Msryland with the South, in order that the Capitol might he seized by an armed force The following ?ab>>ath a gentleman from Washington called upon him?four or five others were pres ent?who went over very much the sam* grounds set forth by the Richmond Enquirer of the 17th of December, that the design was to break up the j Government, carry Maryland with the 5outh. I that the rmlon of the District to the United State* should cease, and they mlghtget p< sv-asion of this Capitol and the archives of the Govern ment His brother manifested some feeling that b?' should be < ounected with tho?e engaged In this movement, and he explained by saving that be could not help knowing about It. He described the leader of the movement, and after he left the room they al! atrreed upon the same Individual as ; the one he b*d dfscribed. He gave the exact ' number of men who were rccent'y organizing 1 here and in Baltimore. With reference to Judge Handy, of Miss , Gov. Hick* said : ''Judge Handv s*ld to ine, among other things, that Lincoln nnrt Hamlin never would be Installed into office I reminded bim of what the Consti tution said about one State entering Into an agree ment with another and he said they bad watched that point, and did not Intend to violate the Con stitution I ashed him how he would obviate the ' difficulty? H*- s<tid they wanted Mississippi to go out. say to-day, Maryland to-morrow, ft?d so on, until all tbe >'nt<s south or Mason ana Dixon s | line were out and then they would form a South- : era L'uion I relied that though I deprecated j the election of Lincoln as much a* he or any man | could, I did not think it was a cause for breaking up this Union; that If the devil had heen elected President of the United States. In a lawful man ner, I should not like to sec the Union broken up bcc;uise of that " He bad become satisfied that there Is no present dinner from without the State of Maryland of any concerted action against the District of Columbia or the Federal property there He did not helleve that any such party now exsted In Maryland, al though at one time he believed It was seriously contt in plated. During the trouble and excitement consequent upon the John Brown raid, he received h number of copies of letters from Got. Wise, all of which were anonymous but one, and that was written from Washington county. He thinks it would bave been far better If Secretary Floyd had p liu miciiuuii i*i ur irimi nc rtiei vra, ana woiCD I subsequent event* proved to be of Importance. | The l"tters he (Gov Hicks) received. at this time were much more specific, and entitled to more I credit than th'?e were. If be believed, for a mo ment. tbat It would conduce to the public inter est or safety, he would leave all this pile of letter* with the committee, wblcb he deemed so import ant to himself In concluding his testimony, he said: "I be lieve that there was at one lime an organization to attack th?- public property In the District, but I do not believe it exists now. though It may. I have no doubt that there are secret organizations now in Baltimore, limited in numbers and power, I for the purpose of thwarting the regular course of public affairs, not to attack the public property in this District This is mere opinion, based upon such information as I have stated here. Hut I cannot put my finger upon any fact directly connecUd with it " Ml L ATER?TWKATER! LOOK OUT~FOR THE HIDDEN HAND HIDDKN HAND HIDDEN HAND HIDDKN HAND HIDDKN H*NI? HI DDF..N HAND HIDDEN HAND With the Bkaptifdl aid Brilliant Co?i?DiEti">K Hkactifi l ahd Brilliant Comkdiknm Blautifll and Brilliant Comkljknmb Ml *8 MISS Ml 89 MISS JOEY GOIOENHEIM JO- Y OOUOKNHEIM JOKY GOl'GEN HE>M IMl'v i. V u t I w ? vu WUU Uil II L?i 1U Am CAP-T??LA. CAPITA- A. OAPITOL.A. CAFlTOUA. U [V B G R O GIRL FOR IIIRE-A mart 1 * nerro (ci 1, U y *ars old, for hire for the balance of th* j?>ar. 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Fait yaite of Biaok, Bade to order, tor MS; plain Mite of Steak, readr made for fie, vita a large iiwrtawt of Geau' Furnitbing Goods. Miitary Over Co?u made to order for ft. WALL. STEPHEN'S h. CO.. jaSl-dSw 389 Pa. av.. bet 9th and 10th *U. TH??SUfiKMBVIM>,,"r - SAVE vor SUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEK LY STAR. TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE* IT IS THE BEST DOLLAR WEBKLY IN THL. WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS I NK<JWAL LED ! ITS GENKRAL NKWS IS I NSI RPAMKI> BY THAT OK ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMKR A HUN DRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST ITS HOUSEHOLD RECITES WILL SAVL TEN TIMES lTSCt?ST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. 7A* Nnmfxrfor tki* WW, to kt out on F'i datt Morning?price Tkrtt Conta?tct/l ff ? rrw9<*r***Wy Iff (C Every Fertom at a distance *cko tronld Joejf Potted with reference to trhat is reedly going on here m these interest ing ttme* should receive it regnlar/y. CALL AT ONCK AT THK 8TAR OFFICK AND St'BSCRIBL FOR IT. fcb UT-3? AUCTION SALES. By GREEN A williams, Aaotiooeera. 1UTKN8IVK 8ai.K Of HOUSEHOLD and a kiuikk kih.ti'ii. Vitrei MtmiMni H i K * BctttfT at ArCTWfl.?On SAilR D\\ . the -3d mtiut, weehail eell.m iront of oar Ahouod Hinrr. at !< o eJoek a. m . a Ja'*e and ton er*! iu rin m of? New aid i*?o nd hand Paraitare, M&Ureeeee, Chin*, Gl?e? aod Cr?otery Ware, One line Horeeaod B?k>i ... Wilbm%n? other artiolea whioh vt deem niee eeaary to enamerate Terms CMh, exorpt for horee and Mur. viirk wi'l he on a credit o<*? and 4odaya, with later eat, and propei i| aeoar*d fe ?l d 6KK EN A WI M.I A MS.A aete. i^OR SALE.?The bitcher ST A LI, No. 4 6, lately ooonp.ed l?y T. O. Shoemaker in th? Northern L'l-ertr Market, will he eold to the hiih eit biJder for riuh oa MONDAY MORNING next, at 10 o'clock. f" 21 St T. A. BROWN, Clerk. By WAI.L A BARNARD. Auotiooeere. Household effects, and stock of PiMrr h<intia a r A rr rinN ?On M()\HA V MOKM.NG, Fehruri SS.oomnieneiDf at 1, we wnl II. At theeMre and rteMenoeof }* Hain ia,, M 'i?, bit eH->n?rho d anchM? H ah of** j|S Tm and Chair*, l'.ano, Bru?a?ls and other Carpet#. Rcrean*, Tahle?. large Mirror, Kitchen Fjroif.r . Auo, Large ct<>ck of Faney G<>oda and Millinery Good*. Homery, G an Cum, Ac With many other goo*:* not here mentioned. Sa > xitive. Term* cash, le21 d WALL A barnard. Asotc. THIS AFTERNOON fr TO-MORROW. Hr J. C. MoGI'irk A CO.. Anotioneer*. to nan corporation of alexan V'J,UVU DEI* tflOlK AT ArcTiOR.?On FRI ItAV A FT F.K.NOON. February aid. at 4 o'clock, at th? A iotion Rooina, we ahali ael!, in sun* to ait ? mm Corporation of Alexandnar jwr oent. Stock. {arm* cash in mrrem land* 20 a J. C. McGUIRK A CO.. AaoU. FUTURE DAYS. fcy J. C. MoGL'IRE A CO, Auotioneers. ^OVKKNMGNT BAI.E Okr HOR8ER.-Oa VI ?ATLRDAY MORNiNO. ^ehraary 28d, at in o'ciook, at the Aaotion Room, we ahali eel!, for aooonnt of the Government - A au^enor t?orr?l toddle florae; Il'? Bay Mare vorka ki id y in Harniaa, and aboi't 8 yearsold. T?rm? oaah. ie ?>-d J. C. MoGUIRE t Ch'-, Aucta. By J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. A uouon "ora. EXECUTOR'S ?ALE OF GROCERIES. FiXTC??*,Fnimiii, Ac.?On 8ATUI? DAY M 'KM SG- February 2id. at tti o'olock atth? Mir ti ?n m ma, wa ahali eeii the Peraonai Fffootaofthe latetfvinuel Jamea, oompria ca ? Small ? ok cfGr?cerie? ard Store Future*. 8'lver atnh, 26 Silver Sp one. iiuno m un *a. ? )r?ri oiu.pnr II DB'?rpi iu a cook. pteterver, pastry maker, Ac A Girl of 12 ?eera, l>k?!?, Miiar*. and very useful at a nurse ; and thre* Hoys, 12 7. and 4 years old r*spfctirely It is demr*d to dispose of them tofether, as they are one family. Any gentleman deairinc <? parohase ruoh a family of af-ivaot* wil< please address a not* to A T. C.. Star Office, and the adre Uaer will call on kiiu. lis 19-1 w o PER A CLUAKS !?Ol'KR A CLOAKS! FOR the JNA UU VRATIOS BALL. BEEKMAN A CO., 473 Broadway. N*w York Cirr, Are prepared to revive orders aud to ftjuah iath* quickest and most satisfactory manner. OPERA CLOAKS For thi Abovi Ocraaioii. A Handtomr A$*mtmeni mow la Stork. Anions th<?m is an elecant artieie trimmed With the National Colore, which may he fitly termed "THE UNION OPERA CLOAK." fa lo-6t ^HERE'S A BETTER TIME COMING! Victim* of Self Abaae and Secret DiMtMKkn 14 apply at SHI' MAN'S* Southern Medioal House. t under th? Clarendon Hotel, oorner Sixth etreet an<t P*. menuo, imniediMe>y opposite the National Hotel, and try Dr. Koatkey'a Celebrated London Medicine*. Tht v are warranted to care the moat virn.eut form* of tionnorrbrva. Gleet. Syphili*. Nocturnal mi*cion*, Strictuie*. and Weakneaa of th? U tedder lu from 3 to6 day*. The Remediaa oan be aeut by mail. Office hour* from 9 a. m to ! p m. f* ll-le j* $ A0~000. r IFTY TUOUSA.ND DOI.hARS WORTH *. Ml' JKWEI.RY. v at ONE DOLLAR THE CHOICE. in*t received on oouticnment. from th? aaantneaa of the manufacturer, and meat be offered aa above ' to liquidate aocoant* and oloae the baaiaeaa. Aa ' aoine people miit profit by the miafortaoea of Vtarri, wf Iiupr our iricaat Will D? WnOUK UM BID her to a^enre aBpreoed#ated hvnioi m Gold u4 Jewelry,at E. A. LAKE A CO.* Marble Hall Buitr, 3T0 Brown's Hotel. 370 A f* W-?t* t.ouid mm to bMITH*. No. 460 Seventh at. fe ? 6w AH BARB CHANCE For berceiBa id &ohool liw?? Blank Book*. M <.oellan?K u? Books end SUtiooery, Writing Paper. Kcrelopee, Aft., a A c., et SHEPliKRD'?, oorner isereeUi end bate. . eelliec oat to reduce Mock. j* D-la _ e OHt'l BONNETS, HATS. end FLATS of Ute err taieet is ?U oeeea m\n* of the beet neUriei. Call et oaoe end iri^D ? At BTl-Wwa* mon-*S XM.'hkV.iu ut? A**WB1G|1T ?HI*TlMO COTTOMi. SHIRTING COTTONS are bow iJonMd tut weh*<e just roowred KV?(*I mhi MM M Uwy , aroTVry ?o*roe<the nr.! It not bfir.j ?ble to supply the duud) we would advise thoe? who wutthen to o*ll on ue early, ae we are the only paitiet wko WHfvtmSfor WaaMtla Mille 4 4 Cotton. NtvTork Mills am Kngliah I out Clo'h. * 4.10 4 Mid IS 4 Hamilton Cotton Hheetino. .r mn unr nrown MUiUlfl Ud SfeMt *11 Lane* Towel* at fl ? HJ ~ ? Duiwk Nafkiae, bea?uf*i at fl and 9LSn Ta^lVDamask, brown and white. ?-4 gjurttnc Cambric* at all prio?? r BriTliai?'?7n*?ioej. Pmm d C?m ?>" ?. ? A "o?'?may. fltf | " HI Pa ar< bet. ?Ui aad WU aia. {. , Hone prick only! A WtW? a--- - ) i?wrPMr? ?uc aootoMM, l.ot of B" k? tn'i Book Sne.vee. To(*th?r with a cental assortment of HoiNbtM Effect* H? order of the E> ecu tor f?jnd J O. MM?HIRK k CO.Aaote. B* WALL It HARVARD, Auctioneers ADMINISTRATOR'S SAIK OF HOUSE holo KcBNiTmc, Mill Imtlumt*- Boirv Pi m.4c.-On W r;DNESUAY MliiNlNftTt** 3(>Ui iiifUnt. at I* o'clock, h? virtue?! an order of the Orphan*' Oourt, I will offer for aale at pahhe auction,at the late residence of Jamea SiNey, de umrnu, iiobu-u iiwr in" corner ,-i mm ana L it* . in the Fir*t Ward, til the ! rni'ur?.Good*.and Household t" ffoeta of the said SiMey, dacwitd, Mill Implement*, Bone Dn*t, ($-r. Ar.d ob MONDAY, theSSth inatant. a* lAo'olnek, t> Pearao- 'a Mi.I. in th? toint) of Waahiucton, ce ta n Mill I mpleuif-nta, a quantity of Bone Duet, Ac. Term*: f3">, oa*b; over that ainonnt, a oradit of 90 da;a. f?r apcr ved eqdoraad notaa, baannc la teroat. JOHN SIBLEY, Adainiatrator. fe lft WALL A BA&NARD, AaoU. I7?OR SALK-A FAMILY OF SERVANT*, r fire in > umher, vis: A ir?t rate Cook ami