Newspaper of Evening Star, February 21, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 21, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS \^f Ttoowgta 1 at Stab to printed on the ffesteat ct??<n per* t? ??e BO?tb of Baltimore, lto edition H1 bo tar^e m %r> rr^n'r* it to br put to preBB ?t an A?l<rwt,,*mcnu) therefore, should be ?..n? <11 WnM 1.1 - -! v. ? . - ! ' - - ? " ?* V Vi\Ay ft IU .| OIU'JIW IVC IOVJ U*?J t ?t appear nntil the next day. XoTicm.? District of Colombia Advertisements to be Inserted la the Baltmosr Soiiare received nrt forwarded from Thi Stii OSes. LtcTraa ?Rev Mr. Lord lecturedat tbe9mlth onian last nlgbt to a large audience on Madame i>ef*tael Tbe lecturer prefaced bis lecture with a few remark* relative to tbeapbere and Influence of women In early time# Scarcely bad women to be recognized In society before she as tonished the world of literature. Tboae wbo adorned tbe European capitals in the sixteenth and seventeenth rrnlnilM wm? dlitlniriiiibil fnr their tact, wit, accomplfabmenta and attainments. The* were sought swr by princes and nobles, and their namn bare been honered In later yeara. Modern time* had ?fen a new development in tbe history of woman. They bad become writer* and author*, and bad come to be reapected for tbeir intellect and talent. Female anthora bad become a cUm In communities, and claimed an equality In the tank of mind with those who asaerted to her master. Sbe had ihown her abilltr to cope wtih man In Intellect; and as poet, novelist, critic or hWorian. sbe had borne off ber share of prize* ard distinction In tbe world of literature But no truly Immortal female writer arose until Mad ame IVStael astonished the circles of wit and genius with her brilliant productions. She was born In Paris in I71W, In an era of great revolutions, not only In political but In aoclal life. The great minds who flourished In tbe reian of I.ouis XIV were servile In their style, and clung a pertinacious tenacity to the writing of antiquity But In tbe reign of Louis XV and l<ouis XIV. the greatest lights of literature broke forth with a brilliancy unequalled before. The French, English, and Germans were all strug gling for superiority in the tleMp of philosophy, and that liitellertiial freshness tucceeded which, lufldel and demoralising as it was, gave a bright ness and a luster to tbe age. Her father under a?i>od her r.haractcr much better than her mother, aud he sympathised and aided her, and she, iu return, clung to hiin to the las*. Her mother was c?>!d and exacting, yielding nothing concerning hit*! ne?s for what ahr deemed to 1*> trlflinir. and r atrictrd ber daughter to the limited sphere of her rAvn ideas Her father, however, gave her a plendid education, and at an early age Intro duced her into so<ie:y, when the soon made her ppwr felt At fifteen the wrote a work that ex cited much attention, but health finally^ave way under her Arduous mental labors, and she was compelled to suspend her writing for a season It waa no doubt beat for ber that she wm com pelled to do so. as it removed ber from the rc traintsof a rigid system to a life of poetry and mental freedom Bef?re she was twenty she wrote poetry; but growing impatient under the trammels of French, ihf ahnnilonofl it ftw ??? rnlly beautiful, but there was an attractive neat about her face that wu Irresistible, while her conversation entranced the listener She was able to talk upon all snbjects, and wh said by a great wrifcr to b<2 an expression rf many souls blended lain cnc. Highly educated, talented, acconri r>l??.h?t and fascinating, as well at the richest Hru?**a in the kingdom, she win eagerly sought art. r by the great men of the times, and heata ?nd fortunes were offered at her shrine In 17S6, wh?n at the age of twenty, she married Raron Hoistein, and presented him with a dowry of V ?: 0 mill francs Their married life was neither ?n>?-*rable nor h*ppy. They Anally separated without a divorce, but she r?turn?-d to him and nurstd him in bis last Illness At her country eat. near Geneva, she wrote ber first work of d i imcuun In 1799. upon the very dav that Napoleon, as first consul, ??".zed upon the Government, the re turned from ber exile in Switzerland ana came to Paris tbat sbe might pay ber tribute of homage to his genius. But when she saw him, sbe turned from him with aversion and dislike. While sbe felt awed before the gleam of his cold gray eye, ytshe saw in him, a? by intuition, the destroyer < f her happiness and the liberties of France. Na poleon's tact at once detected her sentiments, and nc immediately hated ber?not through envy nor fear, but because sbe detested the principles that governed bis career Her house became the center of opposition, the headquarters of enmity and wrath; and afraid of the lnflnence of ber writings, Napoleon Danished her to within forty leagues of Paris Sbe tarried a short tinte In Wlemer, and then traveled through the German States, accom panied by the translator of Shakspeare, who was totor to her son. Her history of Germany vras then written, and sbe astonished the world with tbe brilliancy of her genius, the acuteness of her perception, and tbe extent of her researches. Na poleon destroyed this work ?nH u ?nncv?H h?i In Swtticrland that the was forced to leave. Her second marriage was to an officer In the Spanish army,who was twenty five years old, and be twenty years his senior. This marriage proved a nappy one; and soon after she went through Austria, Russia, aod Sweden, to Kng laad. There she wm welcomed with grest en tiMSlMm. and taken from pi lace to palace. At the death of Napoleon she returned to I'aris, after in exile of twelve years, and enjoyed her pnudrst reign. Chateaubriand, I.afarette, Gni xot, Wellington, filucher, and Humboldt, with iiabv other ?r?at men, sought her society; Louis XVIII sought the fascinatiou of her conversation; the pr?-M sought the power ft her influence, and all France paid homage to her genius. But sbe did not live long to enjoy her triumph ?be dUd ft - ?* " * I lur ?nc "? uiiyuur?a victim 10 opium, I]tea not to stimulate tbe in! nd, but to enable tbe phys ical system to eudure tbe toil and labor Incident to her life. At a woman, the was greater than her works. nd ber memory will never pass from tbe world ofllterat ure, but sbe will rank?d witL the mas leg ?tnds of tbe age; with tbe Napoleons, and Wishing tons, and \Vebsters of the world. In her prtvkht character she was ambitious and worldly, an* CSMrd ingly grtrdy of adulation. She was teaAjrMpted and sympathetic, and was almost wsnkl0a& bv her friends. She was declared by jMMhMpt Macintosh to be tbe greatest mind Ism Vattalre and Rnarau, and as a woman su pfjsf'Wiuy that had ever lived. TJfe l^ttiirer discussed at coasidrrable length of women in civilized countries, and that ahe would ?tand tide by tide with " the arbievmenU of intellect and genius Ma Ch irlca De Villikr*. mentioned in the 'SUi" i>f yntrrday in connection with certain tnaaN^ni wherein he bad displayed more pwdaeos than honesty, was tried yesterdiy t>e i the chief of police for swindling Mr Stin oat of a set of fnra worth S.U. by means of a > check on tbe banking houae "f lliggs &, Co ' of tbe purchase, the id- ntitv of tbe pris r man who gave the b-wna check, and hi of the bank officer to honor it. were all ftvea la detail, as well aa the testimony of delea ve o?eer Boss to hia having recovered the fur* from |ti?n broker with whom tb- polite l-'rench maaMl pawned them for ?? Mr Charles Dc VMi ihas M Augustus Beaufort */>?* Mons A JMmoque, was accordingly committed to j ill "mit ^lt'Mork M K Convkkkncb ? As the 'tiug of the Baltimore Conference at V* . apprr.acbrs, much Interest ic frit n-'tion of that body, which wtll constat of Itw^Kcbera Seven districts, vis: Baltimore, Wi?paa, Alexandria, Winchester, Rocking Roinoke, and Lewlaburg. White mem ktpSB 519; probationers 3.550; local preachers ~*i 3i),4tO Colored 13.559. They have ;ti? t. valued at ?773,960; 61 paraonages inday schools 337; officers and teach txilan 23.3U!, volumes In libraries ?ldest member of this Conference la ina Wtll*, of Baltimore, who en t^.r*. m :> to tbk Wist.?A detective ellcer In foJnk'Mtbat at the present time there U a tang IJOVK '1'10' the swell-mob order lurking Fourteenth blngton, watching for opportunities le exercise of tbeir skill. Most of them e largeclties, North mid South, and are n to the detect! ves In these cities A game la the patent-aafe lock* are Passage thieve* have been loitering city for *ome time A eloae observance iou* strangers will be of advantage e crowded state of the city, which will till thegmiddle of the coming month. bt a Hobs* ?Yesterday, private Shoe cavalry corpa quartered at Burch'a, horse at street, while attending hi* NaUo'** stible, was kicked by the animal, and " sufficiently to unit him for Immediate * While feeding the hone, he spilled 9 behind him, and golog to pick them up, fc?> near the animal without the usual sa, and the horse kicked him upon the hand The injury, however,Is not so rtk anil the anldier will umn Mr ri itt Py ordrr of the Sfcrttary of War, i |dM0lki yesterday holatrd on the top of the *r?LAwr*??"t Hf'wbiit'lderi Co , bran founders, have iVrje flat; iltf which thfT prop ae to (illii wtfeftrtirf a-lop of It on the ?ld tact. llHia <1 to be rajard over their armory to omv k? Companies A and B, Washington jjK ftei-r*, is presented by Wail * Stephens It is !<*<! feet In sine. Mossy?There has been nothing of ?4one*tn this market since Saturday, nts rat* st the following prices: ISO to warranto aee baying at 37 cento, artltag at it 8S cents New Yert city hanks at par; Sute, # per cent New Jersey, Pennsylvania, DA* narivinta. D^Uware, aaUlaaa >u( U?TV< PoLifiM?TTM?-B>/?? Junict dark ?Robt. J one*, back driver, waa charged with violating the lawa of the Corporation reapectlng farea. He bad, it appeared, charged a paaaenger Juat twice the regular fee He wan made to pay a floe of 5 71. James Fogertv waa brought In charged with aa asKHiilt and battery on John O'Hagan. Thla aaaault grew out of a personal affair between tbe two the day previous, In which tbere was tome reason to think that O'Hagan bad commit ted a similar offence against Fogerty, but as the testimony was exceedingly dim upon the point, no notice could be taken of it, ana Fogerty was held to hall for court. Be/ort Justict Barnaclo ? W. H Hawkins, (col ,) accused of disorderly conduct In the street, lined f? 94; alsoWrtised of knocking down a little boy with a billet of wood. For the latter offence be was held to bail for court Ann Klrby was accused of being a drunken vagrant, and in default of security and coats, was sent to the wore house for 00 days Peter J uvenall, brought up on a charge of aelllng liquor without a license, was fined S21 27. Jamrs H Small wood, accused *u uiwramy tonuuciin idc nrww,wiii nneu W' w. F. A. Harper wu accused of Belling goods and merchandize without first obtaining a licence from the Corporation, and was lined SIS 58 R'fort Justice Thompson ?Jaa. Cole, accused of being an Idle and disorderly person. In whose house In Ninth street there has been for several weeks a perpetual row, to the Infinite annoyance of the Inhabitants of the neighborhood, was ar rested and brought in to answer. It seems that Cole has been keeping a gang of dissolute fellows about his place for some time past, and that one Bernhard Dal lev, one of th? crew, yesterday got a J*- ? ? J -> * ? ?'-- ? * - ? 1 to "vi.nwuoiy uiuni aim umiQcri; vo nuirin Cole to the extent of ending for an officer to bave b m taken away. The officer not onlv fastened oa to Dailey, but alto to Cole, to Dailey's inrinlte satisfaction, and both of them were sent to tbe workhouse for 90 day*. Mark Howland was lined 1 91 (judgment confess* d) on a charge of viola ting the rules of the Center market by refusing to place his cart In a position designated by tbe marketmaster Thi Par ape To-xosmow ?In consequence of tbe late hour appointed for perfecting tbe pro gramme for to-morrow's parade of the military of the District, it Is Impossible to give any pesitive foreshadowing as to what companies will be out, or their placefn the line of procession. We learn, however, that the following companies of nnl fnrnifd vnlnnt?r? will i ? * ? ? - ? ? i iwi ! ?iu mu ?/c in iuu hoc:; Washington Mght Infantry Battalion, companies A, B, and C, Col. Davis, Captains Towers, Du bant, and Steven*; National Guard Battalion, Col. Tatt and Capt king; .National Rifles, Captain Schaeffer; Washington Rifles, Capt Balbach; Company A, Union Regiment. Capt. E.C.Car rington;' President's Mounted Guard, Captain Owen. Georgetown.?Potomac Light Infantry, Capt. McKcnny; companies A and B, Anderson Rifles, Captains Rodirr and Jones; Scott Rifles, Capt Owens Betry; Home Guard, Capt. Goddard; Georgetown Mounted Guard, Capt. Stuart; Dis tort of Columbia Rifles, Capt. Blunt. There is some doubt as to which of the new companies will parade, as they have had their arms 1< n than a week, and consequently have ririile?t but little in the manual. It is thought, however, all will be out. Th k. i tee ?The numerous attraction* el*ewhere ?nii;ht sesslonsattbe Capitol?military parade*? Smithsonian lecture, Ac , Ac., last night, hin dered the rush somewhat theater ward, out there was yet a large and thoroughly delighted audi ence. t) - new comedienne, Alt** Gougenheim being 11 tar of the occasion. She ha* no end of personal attraction* and graces, and identifies tiers* If with thorough earnestness with her mimic part, mi it Is no wonder that she carries the sym pathies of her audience along with her unceas ingly. In sprightly dialogue she is everyway charming?not quite so good in declamatory pas saged?but altogether the most captivating young ' star'' actress we have seen here of late. The play. Tom Taylor'* " Unequal Match," Is a capi tal one, abounding in pungent hits and tellinu po nta. It was tineiy peiformed, nearly every character deserving commendation, and the "Mri. Montrtsser" of Miss Mann, a spscial expression of admiration. The afterpiece, "The Persecuted Dutchman," with Glenn in his unrivalled Teu tonic character of "John Schmidt," vraa of course a screaming bit of fun. To-nlgbt. the excellent play, the ' Unequal Match," will be rtpcated, with MiuGougenhelm as " Hester Grazcbrook." Alixasdeia. Iiimh? From the Alexandria papers we glean the following : A telegraph dispatch received from Richmond yesterday afternoon, announces that the arms for the Volunteer Battalion had left that city and u/ill /! ??? ? ' ? C ---?? I V ?*WH Ml I I ?W-ur.J Via J i A J'l CM . Yesterdiy morning, a tail boat, In which wn onlv one person, a lad named Kelley, was rap sized when opposite the Plaster Mill of Whiting k. Wright The lad was rescued from his dange rous situation by a boat from (pe mill. * The schooner Rough and Ready was towed up to this cltv. on Tuesday, having had her masts blown out off Indian Head, during a gale on Sun day evening. NzkdkbWo*k ?A good opportunity was offered this morning for the emptying of the stench trips at the streets intersecting the avenue, and the com missioners profited by it. The hands were set at work to remove the accumulated filth of the traps. Dim ?urjr n^aiu nic til bUIIUIIIUn Ml receive IDC washings from the street*. \Y> notice also tint men are engaged In piling the mud and sand which has accumulated in the U e?*U aud gutters of the avenue between Seventh aud Four-and-a half streets This stuff it regarded as profitable as a fertilizer, and If removed before It becomes dry and musty, can be used advantageously by gar deners. It may be that the work this morning is done by private enterprise. Thi W ahhijqton Light I s fantbt Battalios. companies A and B. paraded last night iu full winter uniform, making a fine appearance, and drawing n bin crowd all the wnile thev were out Thev wi re first reviewed by Col Davis During the evening, Col Mears, of Chicago, 111., was prrsented to the battalion by Col. Davis, and be proceeded to Initiate the corps into the minutla of the battalion drill, in a mauner which Indicated a pretty thorough acquaintance with the art of war. Police Rkgi'latios* ro? Inacgckatio*.?The police regulation* for the Inauguration are com plete. I?arge ii'imbers of the Washington police will accompany all the trains between tbl< city and Baltimore next week, and the police of Balti more will accompany the train* between Phila delphia and Baltimore, to prevent the congrega tion of disorderly characters In this city. Resimint?The following captain* h.-ive Imtii appointed in the Seventh Regiment of Oistrx t of Columbia militia II. Bald win, jr., Tho* P Morgan, H N Easby, Geo C. Whiting, Alfred Ray. W K Huat, John Waters, Joseph HelMe, Charles Abert and Ch*s Calvert F S Myer h?? been appointed Brigade Inspector with the rank of Major. DAGUfEREOTYPK.?Woodley,on Pennsylvania avenue. north side, between Eleventh and Twelfth tr?w?*. is making remarkably flue pictures at re markably low prices Strangers In Washington, as well as our fellow-citizens, who desire to realize the rapid progress of the Daguerreao art, should call and see the beautiful pictures in his exhibi non room. Comti^t B, Unto* Regiment, have received tht-lr ariM and equipments, and are busily engaged in placing themselves on a " war footing " Mr. John Ball is their orderly sergeant, and bean a high reputation as a drill officer. Their armory is in the Winders Building. A Cavalby Company, formed of cltiiens of the city and county of Washington, has been recently organized here, and has already sixty members on Its roll. Capt A. Dodge, of Georgetown, iatbelr commander, and the company meets to-day In the city at a private bouse for the purpose of taking the Initiatory steps for drilling. Wi wiat In error yesterday In stating that the "tficer searwhed a house at the southeast corner of Pour-and a-half street and Pennsylvania avenue in ma uuiiuii ui mi. v?!?* ut; t uiirrv nr uicmy -ntered the honae and asked for his man, and learning lbat he waa not there retired without searching for him there. Dmteict Miutaet?Starr Appointmihts.? Dr Wm. B Mag ruder baa been commissi on<*1aa surgeon, and Or 8. A. Storrow aaalatant surgeon, of the seventh (Col Fahenatock'a) regiment of the militia of tbis District Shillixotoh has got Washington's Farewell Addreea to the People of the United States, handsomer printed on a large sheet of paper with ? beautiful border. Every person should procure a copy at once. Ma. Lincoln's Stopping Placs ? We learn that Mr. Lincoln will occupy the bouse In Frank lin Row lately occupied by tbe commissioners front South Carolina, prior to hie inauguration. TO-hioht tbs amnval covmincimint Of tbe Medical Department of Colnmbla College will be beld at tbe Smithsonian. An Interesting time may be expected. Dom't roaosT Prof. Marini's soiree of to-night, at bis dancing academy. P.... a /iw TVtm <l/u>Wat do cuw (of trial thl* morning*. lutn yon ???n Prof. VVood'i kdrortiM m?nt in oar ptpor. Bmr It; it will interest 70a, m SD-ooly . . P*>M>M(i?MriMfoiiaiM wtU always find thuja for uobut* M tM Bfr <> ? oounUr. tf . T? wrwlltf.^w uaemeni <>i jnci^MUi SMXwncineniiig ^oruiai Blood Purifier, in another 40 hi ran. DIED* Oa th? 70th i wtent. M AOGIE. iafcat dsushUr q| 0*of|? A.ftoa R.Mr U**,M*4Wn?onthf. f PrMlmatUa. Mayor's Orrict, ( Washington, February20, 1661. J 1 have this day approved the following joint resolution of the City Councils, and earnestly rec ommend to the citizens of Washington an observ ance of the *<ftJd of February as a national holiday. Ijlven under my band, at the City Ilill, thla Qnth nf F?Krnapv I James G. Bekkkt, Mayor. Joint Resolution observing thp itd day of Feb ruary as a general holiday. Rttolved by tk* Board of Aldermen nnd Bmrd of Common Council of the City of Washington, That the Mayor be requested to issue tils procla mation recommending the citizens of Washington to observe the 2vfd day of February as a general holiday. Graft jn Powell, President of the Board of Common Council. William T. Dovr, President of the Board of Aldermen Approved Feb. 20, 19RI: tfM?'tt James G. Bkxret, Mayor. AMU HEME N1\S. w A B M 1 n (IT U N T H IS A T K R ! ? .8. W. GLYNX Ao'in* Manager.._ J.T. Raymond THIS EVENING, Trinmphuit Suooess of the Beautiful, brilliant and aooompliahed Comedienne, MISS JOEY GOUGENHEIM, Who will appear in her celebrated character of HESTER GRAZEBROOK, In Tom Taylor'a beautiful com*dy entitled AN UNEQUAL MATCH. To oonoluda with The Popular Faroe of BKTSY BAKER. M outer Mr. Rarnond Betsy Baker Mim Mary bhav In rehear**1 THE HIDDEN HAND? lt_ C2*AND MUSICAL SOIREE. * For the Benefit of St. Matthew's Washington Infant Asylum, At tbs Smithsonian, FEBRUARY U 5 T 11. Pkaobammk? Part I. J. fextett? Overture of Don Juan Mozart 2. Carit??Quartette and Chorus for fe male voices _ Rossini 3 Non fu 9o*no?Solo from I Lomhariii Verdi 4. Quando di Hague Unto?Duet from Belisario Donizetti 5. Bella Fiflia?Quartette from Ri*oletti... Verdi 6. Crowned with the temDeist?Solo and Chorua Irom Hernam ?. Verdi Part II. 7. Sextett? Instrumental 8. Ah tator?Duet from Lucia di Lamer moor Donizetti 9. Ces&a una volta?Trio from Eliza e Claudio Mercadante 10. Miserere? Solo aiul Chorus from II Tiovatore? Veidi 11. O'er the forest, o'er mountain?Solo and Chorus from Moses in Egppt . Kossiui Tickets to be had at the musio stores and at the door. Doors open at 7 o'clook; perforra&nos to com menoe prromely at 8 fe 19.JI ,23.25 (Intel., States. Confed.) BALLS, PARTIES, &c. Ball to bk given by thk vqung mkn's bhnkvolent society. ft* at Vikot'* iiali-, corner of Tenth and e j|9 stR ,TH l'ksi)i\v . i nb-niry 2 Kt iw Tickets cent*, admitting gentleman ladies. Doors open at 1 o'clock. fe 20-jl* C< r AN u uni O n b A L L i or iuk Federal Bifles, At FRANKLIN HALL, corner 9tk nwl D sis., friday evening. February 2Jd. The Federal Rifles, in annonnoing this Ball, most mi nArtt fit 11 w anlmit Iikap*1 ok? ro m ^ iv0|tvw?hii; ?"?'vi? iiw* ? ouai w wi fcil*/ tronage of their fellow citiaeua, as notning JH will be left undone on th?ir part to mike eaoli^lM and evei y ore that may honor them irith theirUMB pretence enjoy themaelvea. No invitation o#r<ta wi'l he sent out, and the ladiea are cordially in vited. , . Ticket* One Dollar, aainittmg a gent eman and ladiea. Monoon pari cf th* Military. Gen R 0 VVaightman. Capt Dugs, Co; J V Davis, Capt A K Allen, Col J A Tait t 'apt Thiaai Itou, Wen Co' Col ...... . Col SJ Middleton, Capt tierha dt, Li*ut C"1 Schwarzoinan,*'apt Ra'baoh, CiptS WOwena, Capt Rutho. ford, Capt l.em Towers, Capt Kelly, Capt P M Dubar.t, <?pt (icv'.dard. Capt K C Htevc-ns, CaptHerry, C? pt T 0 Sch#?f!er, Capt Marka, Capt K C Cairington, Capt Kcdier, Capt I* H Kin*. Capt Arnold Capt Henderson. jyjILITARY asd CIVIC BIRTH NIGHT BALL Company A, Nat'l Guard Battalion, To bs given at th* ASSEMBLY ROOMS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY a#?, I*G1. Comp&nv A, National Guard Hattaliun, l>e< mn>( reapectlull? to announce to their many Iridium artl the pnblio that their Annuel Bali will take place at the Aanerably Rootun, FRI DAY, February 22d. The Company ptedee them'elvea that noiniux hall wanting on their part to make thia one of the moat agreeable and pleasant Balls of the aea aon. Mnnmrert on tktpart of tke Ciltzens. 4 On rart of Hon T G Berret, Hon W VV t?. aton, Richard Wal:aoh, K?q. Ben ??dU Taylor, E?q. J M Carlisle. Erq. Geo t< Gideon, Esq, W D Wallach. E?q, Jno lavage, Ksq, Lewis Olephan-, Eeq, W F Bayly, t Thot Donobo. Eq, 9aml K*q, Ferdinand Butler, E??i, Woodford Stone, Eeq. On part of Capt J H Diibaut, Lieut Goodrioh, f? 18?4t* tkt Citizens. DriUU ake, W in T Dove, Eea, Grtf'on Powall, Eeq, J Alexander, fc>q, i*r J E Moigan, C J Burrh, Era, (>eo H Plant. E' q, M. Smith LiiioHu, Esq. Jno P Hilton, Etq, Jno PetuSote. E?q, J no 1' Given, Esq. Jno F Coyle, Eeq, K K Doyle, E q. C W Cuuiunghaiu, Ei>q. the Company. Ouarte'maater Uuintar. Paymaster J E tjtuart. JA? <j Berrei, mayor, Win T l)or?, Grafton Powell, Richard Wallaoh, <i(x.rK? W Rues, Dr Jok Borrow*. H?*nry VV Mart?n, 6r Cornelius bo tie, B Clark, J no F Kills. Dr B OiMrr, Ulho BrikweH, Thos MoGrath, L F C arke. :'aml E Dou^'ais, James 6 KUu, Joseph L Pearson, Wm H Ward. J do H Sentmes, F MoNerhauy, Job \V Anguf, K C Oyer, Win Brown, J has Abert, F Boone, jr. Alex Bully, m r? ti ,?4 J as ?mrving, J no A Stephenson U B Freaoh, G Cameron, James Brown, Th??n I* Morgan, B I* Smith, Win A Mul oy. Or J K W'illett, Adain Gaddis, J no T Uiven, G*d Jillard, James Gordon, Henry Polkinhom Hudson Taylor, Wm F Baily. J K Holmeart, Jos Kedfern, Thos J Fisher, Win B Webb, Saml Pumphrey, Keuben Clark. J no C Cook, Geo H Plant, J F Abe.I, F Mohan, ?** ft . n v? nicunuu, ? hob i.ewn, J MoL tia-.?on. Mannftr? on tk<t pi ft rj the Military, Maj Gen Weuhtman, Ool Middljton, Maj Gen Force, Col Bright, Krift (ieu Hickey, Col Kahimtack, rig Gen Baoon, ('ol Hoover, Brig Gen Uuid, Lieut Col tfchwarzeman. Jn< Son Caperton, Lieut Col Peck, dj Gen Jones, l.ieut Col Ran'h Coyle. Inspector Gen etcne, I ieu' Col HolliDgoworta, Col Tut, Maj Watt. , Co Davia, Maj Wa 1 lach, Col <'oxe, Maj Klopfor, Col J b Mornan, Maj Winianu. Commute* of Arramttmtnti. Lieut T 1? Ll?yd, Lieut Kane, Lient K 8 Allen, i'apt MoKiin, Capt King, Lieut Barber, Lieut Laokey, Lieut Lighter, Lieut Clark. Executive Committee. Ena:gn B F Lloyd, Private J bo Ho brook. Hergt Bartle, Private 1'boa Laroorabe, Private John Crook. Sergt R. H. GRAHAM, Treaa. TICRRTS ONE DOLLAR, admitting a jentle ia?n and ladie*. fe 15-H f^REAT BARGAINS IN VT DAMAGED CLOTHING, UNITED STATf^S CLOTHINU STOKE, 3t6 Pknn. Avi ub, fe 14-lw Between 11th and 12th (U.

FOR TWO WEEKS LONGER we shall oontmqe to run off our who!* stock of rich Dress Goods, Shawls aud Cloaks, in Ckot, all \Vin tar Goods at cost, many at leu. for oath, in o der to oat this month. Call at onoe wish the artiolea at the lowest prices. J. W. roLLKY A CO., fe 11 aw 623 Seventh st., above Pa. av. C GALTJER'H RESTAURANT. ISth streets. is one of the eoinsletest. ll"0? moat eletant and agreeable MUb iihmenU or its kind in tie United State*, N | at al' t;m?a pro Tided with the beet to obtained in the markets of all the large cit^ee, forwarded to him recnlarly by e*preM.^upri^ we moderate aod'ffu ao r RVI to ae on any nnmter & gentlemen we* deei re fee take their Meat away m where they lodge. fe 11-1 m r A * WANTS. WANTKD-A WOMAN to cook, wash ud V ,ro"? No. 361 C etreet, near ?S at. U7ANTED-A WOMAN to eook. nth aud '* iron. She mint b<- a cikkI lirnd laker and C"rar"t?nt oook. Alao, a y or* Uirl m nurirund efwiirh*rmaid; family mail Inquir* at No 119 ?r en street. Georgetown, D. C. R< comin*r.'ia tlOB . rp*nir?j *" ~ WANTED SOON-HHIPPAGE OK Pt'RNI TURE, irreot to Trenton, N. I , Ti? De a v?re river tad Delawa-e *ni Kiritan Oanal Any o*nV b^at. propeller, or o*h r Mil n* c??nTey*noe, t*%t will take ?aid freight to above point on her re urn t New York, will apply at the Poet Ofiioe bppannieut, Washington, D.C. . fe BEN J. NAAR. WANTED?By a young girl, near 14 year* old,a SITUATION to do chamberwork. She is able and willing to work, and will atriTO to rl*a?? an employer. ?h4c*n be well reoo-rmended. Ple**e addm# a note to Box No. 17, Star Office. fean 3t Vl/" AN TED?By a girl, near 12 yeare old, a Place ' ' aa a nurse or to do ary thing to be required of one of her age in a family She wi 1 call to tee any one who want* inch a girl, if tearing a note, stat ing where to oall. in Box Nn. is nt?r fesn St U/ANTKD IMM EDI ATELY?From 9i to worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURE of all kinds, for whioh I will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and, as usual. at the shortest no tioe. R. BCCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac., oo S 4 OS 7th st., bet. G and H east side. %VANTEI>-**KCOND HAND FURNITURE. " Persons declining housekeeping, or havinc a snrplus of Furniture on hand, ean obtain the cash and fair pnoes by applying at 3A9 Seventh st. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. TJ* ST RAY.?Came to my premises, on M street, ?i between 4th and 5th sts., about 9d*T8^H?n a*o, a small red (hornsdj COW. TheVU^ v?nrt win p'ease ?om? lorward, proveJknAM property, pay charge* and take her away. fo8l 3t* MICHAKf. I.VNCH. LOST?Yesterday evening, la an omnibus, or in going from the corner of High and Bridge to Poypeot atreet. and up Prospect street to Mr. Poe'a residence, a I'dKTKMONN AI E. containing 9* and two ooncnrt tiokets. A reward will be given if left at METZER<?T I'S muMc slore, VVaahing ton, or liEO. POE.Jr.'a residence, Georgetown, fe 21 It* f (1ST?On Monday evening, 18th instant, b? 1 j tween 8 and 9 o'clock. a fine set CAMEO BRACK LET, at or coming from the ladies'gallery of the House ef Reprea?ntanvea. Any person leaving the tame at l>r. McCOY'S, 6S9 Penn av enue, between 2d and 3J streets east, Ca??itol Hill, will bssuitably loward-d. fag' 2t* t'STRAY.?Came to iny premises, on the plank Jzj road, near the neoord loll gate, two Wr?|| young STEERS, ahk? in color and marks. The owner or owners are request JLJka ed to dims forward, prove pronert?. oav oharcea. aut tait? them away. fe 20-3t* LOUIS L BRUNETT. BOARDING. BOARDING.?Persona denrous ofa comforta l? e hom? can obtain rood Hoard and pleaaaut Apartments on Fatroet, No. 339, l>?tw?en >Hli and iwh sts. Table B<?ar lera can also We accommo dated. Term* reasonable. fes-iw FOR SALE^AND^RENT. _ TO LET-FURNISHED APARTMENTS?A Parlor and Chamtier. or two ChaTibera ; loca tion very demabH and pleasant?4 ??0 New York av.. reeond door from 15th at., and near the Presi dent'* Grou ndsaud State Department. fe21 St A VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE OR EX CHANGE FOR CUV PROPERTY?C?m taming iti acres, suuaieu 14 inilco Irom Alexan dria. ou the Oraogt>and Alexandria Railroad, under good cultivation; timber, wa'er, fruit and a!l build legs necessary (lira first-rate form. Inquire of G. W. BR AY, at the Jewelry Store, 516 beventh st, Washington. js 21 1m* FOR RENT?A throe story brick HOUSE, con taimug 8 room*, in good order, with gas fix tures complete, on H street, between 4th and 5th. Alto, a two-story brick COTTAGE, with large yard attached, oorner of F street north ano 14th st. east. To punotual and reliable tenants the terms will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, betwoen G a .id H. no 13-tf FOR RENT?Tho FIRST FLOOR of the build ing immediately opposite the west win* of tne City Hal.,recently occupied by Chan. S. Wallach as an offloe. Alro the front room in the seoond tory and the third floor of the aamo building. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. 9 Louisiana ayenue. la IS U FOR RENT, in the FirBt Ward?three squares west of the War Department?a email OF FICK, with back room, or the former may answer for a shop: and i'arlora and Chambers, separate. or suits of Rooms, furnished or unfurnished; oIom to the Avenue. Inquire at this offioe. de 3 3tawtf l^OR RKNT?The fine BRICK HOUSE No. r 100 West st.^ Georgetown. at present oocn pind by the subsoriber. It has 12 rooma, with km aud water throughout, a fine yard, atable A.o , and is in a rood neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A. M A 6RLDF.R. oc?tf One Dollar. si?#1?*1? *1? SI? #1?si? *1? Sl-Sl! S1-SI-SI-S1-#1-#1-S1-?1-?1-?1! 476 Pa. A v. EVANS'S. 4T6Pa.Av. YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE OF JEWELRY IN OL'R STORE FOR ONE DOLLAR. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE -?Set* for $1 Eiegant LAVA.._ .....Seta for 91 Elegant GARNET Setafor S? Elegant JET Seta for .$1 Elegant CORAL and GOLD..?.... Set*for 91 Elegant MEDALLION ? Seta lor 91 Elegant RIM MOSAIC ... ~ .Seta for 91 Elegant PLAIN GOLD Seta for 91 Ladies' GUARD CH A IMS for .?! Ladies' CHATELAINE CHAINS for 81 Ladis?' NECK CHAINS _..for ?1 Gent's VEST CHAINS,(indifferent patterns) for SI LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARE, consisting of TABLE,TEA and DESERT SPOONS. PORKS, CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKETS, CREAM LADLES, TEA SETS OF KNIVES and FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES, CUPS, Ac., fco. Also; A Large Assortment of JEWELRY, which we oan sell at cents p*r article. BOOKS-BOOKS. CLOSING OUT OUR STOCK AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. $1.M BOOKS Sellinc for SfleenU 81.25 BOOKS Selling for fl0to75o?nts f2.00 BOOKS Selling for -...81 to $12S NOW 18 YOUR TIMEf to get BOOKS and JEWELRY LOWER THAN EVER BEFORE. CALL EARLY AT 47b Pa. Av. EVANS'S. 476 1'a. Av. la 13 tr BIRDS, HJRDS FOR SALE.-I lave juat re oei e?l a splendid asf-ortmant of Birds rri>m?.# Europe. ofGear an Cttaa in, English B tc?C? Birds. Throstle*. Uuil Kiriuhoe. ti.'Ul Finnlio.-.** tineU, ttky Lark*. Yeilow Hammers. I have arroqueU, Java sparrows, St&rlen*. the Red loc?w Parrot an'i g'een a> d grey. 1 h*ve M ok ing Birds- Red Wing Black Birds, Red Bird*, Doves, and Boho'ink" Prion 25 cents to #50 Ceres of all kinde f om 10 oents to fl?, at JOHN O'M KARA'8 Bird Slur?, ISo 366 I*a. avenue, at the Capitol gafe. fe 9-1 m CLARENDON HOTEL R E8TAU R ANT.? BENJAMIN HOBR8 ' *m lenv* to i..f<?rin hie friend1! and the pit ' general y that he has taken and fiti up iu a superior maun r the Rejtau rant at the southeast comer of . errn. avenue and feixth street He will stall times be pfjar-dto strve al who inajr lavor him with a oalfTwith the bent WINKS, 1 IQUOR8 and CI GARS, as well as OYSTERS OAME a d other dehoacies of the sea?on. fe4-lm M;n. I TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take all kiDds of Virginia money for tnj book debts end for Boots, Shoes, and Trunks. An persons indebted to me will ple^xe oaH and settle up, or i hmi uo ooinpptifwj ? give uioir wuounu into the hauda of a oolleotqr, 8. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, no 21 Pa. av.. between S?tn aud luth ats NOTKE. HE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE existing Hiider the nair.e and style of D. ?l Co., was dissolved by mutual ?on?ent on ih* 28th day of Janaary last Th? harness of the late farm will be settled by Daniel Smith. SMITH _ ?A *? IB ? 3* ^Aiwr<0 n, DAB W TRAVELING TRUNKS. E H?w just received the largest assortment and now offer the moit extensive Ttrirtiacra o:SOI.eCEATHKR. LADIES' DRE*sSUftf( Md PACKINGTRUp/Kfe.HAT BOX* 8^*iU VAI J8KS, OARpKT BAGS, SATCHELS, Ao., la this oity, whioh we are selling at Terr low H>om. . WALL. 8TEPHENS * CO , no Wtf DM Fa. avHM. AVERY FINE SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO, having be?n in a few weeks only, will b* old for ob* hundred dollars leas than the original ?MtT . To I** seo>n at w ?mn "w*"i w.h.wk lYKMurr. mii |FFICBR?, PETTY OFFICERS, AND *?a ? ?> war? on boird 01 lajr U. 8. thipi at of any slaver oao have th?<ir cl&im* for - ** P* *WALLAcS D. Q. , w .It e ' > GEORGETOWN ADVERT MTS rj^? PROCLAMATION. MAYOR'S QFFIOE. 6? borrow*. D. C. In aooordano* vith the teMraJ viik,J karatiy rMfectfally rooomrnrad that the citii-na of George town unit* in the pat-info obaervM?ao( the SMof February, the Nrth^ay of tue Father of biaCoan 'ry, a *tion%! ho i ,ay. Given acder my haad ?"*n u?* i reoruary, 1S61. _ fell-tt EIC,\ARDR CRAWFORD. Mayor. nTap-MR. F.DIIOR : Pleaoe inform tha toUti of J^3 lito'iH Tn *b&t I am not. under any cir umataneoe, a candidate for the Common Council at fhet iigmc <-!eotion. lt? _ C. HENRY ROPIER To THE VOTERS OF GEORGE IL9 TOWN, D. C ? It navinc boon atatrd by certain permm that I did not *iu to bo a candi date for the office of Mat or. and that I did not care whether I wax eleciet or not. this i* to etat* that I du y acc 'pt?<l the nomination which waa made by thf only convention that I bare he* rd of making any nomination at all, tud that I am atill a candi date and will bo tare to remain one until the oloee of too election. In all ?aoh matters 1 Meak for ray eelf, and Rive no authority of the kind to my eat roiee. <f?a-3t> HENRY ADDISON. rrff-TO THE PEOPLE OF GEORGETOWN. i|Js W#, th? underaigned. meraberaof a conven tion which laUly assembled to nominate eandi dates for the Mayoralty and Hoard of Common Council at the eui>oing municipal election. truly helieve that there aie many vote who are deeir ?n? to break down partv line# in our town govern went, and de?troy. if possible, the aoerbity and bittern**! of feeling which has characterised oar local po'iMos for some yea's pa?t In this belief we acted, but a want of harmony in the convention, And the rubee^iient withdrawal oi cur conserva tive candidate for the Mayoralty, Mr. Robert P. Dodge, rendered further action neceesary. Still entertaining 'he belief that a great maty good eiti K4nade?ire to vote for candidate* heoanae of their htnlfs for office irrespeo ive of part* divmons. we respectful y submit to the people of Georgetown, for their favorable consideration, the "Conaarva uvc union Ticlc*t" enclo??Ki h*r?with. francis wheatley, JOHN fowler, ios 8 simmes. lilky A. SHINS, 'HEO. F boucher, JAMEJ* H. ripgway, juskph revnolm, sam'l cropley, JOHN s. RKRRY. charles m. matthews, V. a. offutt. resi st thomas dowling. Y^? georgetown MAYOR altv.-To I. V prevent any doabt. at tk? initMioe ot my friends, I her?hy civ?rnt:ce that I shall *ot wi'h draw aa ft oftcdidatn for tne mftyorftlty ftt the ensu ing election. _ fe M-tf richard R. crawford. Mackerel, herring, a\ dale wives. 51 harrele Extra No. 1 labrador herring, an ao. no i no. ao. 117 d?. No. 3 Small MACKEREL. 73 do. No 3 Medium do. 15 hlf. bbla. do. do. do. t do. No. 1 do. 5qr.bbU.Nol do. 10 kita No. 1 do. lo 8UI&1I k>t* No. 1 do. 10 do. No. i SALMON 10 kit* No 1 do. Ail of wlnoh *e look for next week per ehooner Mmj Ann Ma?ee. and will be sold on piea?in< ternia ou or l*?fore arrival. Alao, in store? l^aitport and Ro?ton Herring. Gipped Herring, M?reniichi Extra No. 1 Alewtvee App .? to HARTLEY * WHO., fell -^w 99 and 101 Watsr it. RMrtetnvii. Philadelphia draught ale.?we are daily reoeivi g freeh supplies of MatMT, Col lin?* (Vi uanva<ed Philadelphia Praucnt Ale, which we a.e rnviy to deliver to cnetomera for ca?h. (fed) arnv A SHINN. MONEY. MONEY ?All pereoca who have the oa*li can buy a *uperntr article ol unadultera ted CIDEK, guarantied to be the pur* juice of the apples, by applying to fr8 ARNY A SH1NN. J~UST RECEIVED? 10 hhda. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 1*? bbla. oid Rye \V Hl^KY, 25nbbla. HKRftIKU and ALEWIVE8. 60 bbia. Crushed and Refined *UGARb, U.a Din an/H I > ,r? f'HL'L'L* 1? 9<> bags Rio and Java COFFEE, in hhda.(low priced > MOLASSES. Foraaleby JOHN J. BOGUE. ?e ? Ladles, Call Early AT RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL ft STORE, RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL #1 STORE, No. 30? PENNA. AVENUE, No. 304 PENNA- AVENUE, Auuiui'iiai invoices just received 01 r*ew ana Beautiful Jewelry. From Orm E.itieb Stock YOU CAN TaKK YOUR CHOICE FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR. CORAL and GOLD SETS. ENAMELED TWIST SETS, MEDALLION SETS, REAL ROMAN MOSAIC SETS. RUBY and VASK SETS, LAVA and BEAD SET*. VASE and BRILLIANT SETS. RUIN MOSAIC fcfcTS, CAMEO and GOLD STONE SETS, CARBUNCLE SETS. ELAIN GOLD SETS, OQUET and RIBBON SET* LA 01 KS' LAD CHII GENTS' VEST CHAINS. DIKS' NECK CHAINS, ILDREN'S NKCR CHAINS, CHILDREN'b ARMLETS, tifcw is v?Mtn rms. GENTS* SEALS and CHAIN?, GENTS' bLKEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, THIMBLES. FENS, PENCILS. RINGS. SILVER PL.ATED SPOONS, GOBLETS, CtPS, Jto. Everything in the atore new and perfect, and guarantied to be auoh a* represented. IO~ Every article mnnufac ure4 ft the regular rtiaxl trade, and warranted to b- the taine quality aa it retailed from five to thirty dollar* each. YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR. Rbgardl&ss or Cost. As this great sale continues hut a short time, persons desiring to supply themselves with Jewelry at theee unheard of prioes will please oall early at our ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORE. 30'i Pennsylvaniaavenae, between 9th and 10th streets D W. RIDDLE. \i_J~ Remember the Number? 30*?as we have ni> connection with others, professing to sell at our prioea, in tins city. Received this day a large invoie* of SILVER WARE, consisting of Breakfast and 'l ea Seia; and PalrA UaxL a t a - Pntm.t 4a pita Pit/? kera ' '?? ? '?" ?-?anv i?i?' in w* T u f a t rv ?i 1 p, Butter Dishes; Fruit knives; Tea Knivrg Korku; Table, D?-esert, act! I ea i*pion?; Tobaeoo Boxer; *u*aranl Oroam 5poons; Napkin Kiujb ; Hotter Knives, in sets aud tingle, Krives and ^ ork*. in sets; Ice Crevn, Pie and Fish Knives; Br. akfast and Dinner Caotorn; Double aud Single Salts, a large variety of Plain. Cliasod. and Gut Goblets, Cups, Ac. All the above article* to be sold with out regard to original oost, at fr -in SI to 43ft, and warranted to be what they are represented, and (ally per cent, leas than they can be bought. 26-tr 304 Fa. a*.. bet 9th and loth sla. COJ SEVENTH STRKFT. C Q 4 wt>T Louisiana ?r. an4 D *t i)04 A fresh supply of (jro^eriea just received. A rood article of Brown Sugar at 7 oents per pound. JO barrels extra Floer, beat brands at #7 per ba< rel, da Family Fl< ur, best bra> ds. Old Koarbon Whisky and Rye Whisky, for mod icin&i purposes, Old French Krandy. Port Wines, Maderia and Sherry Wines (Hire article to siokness, Cordials of various kinds. auu nrun rti asnMk'UOU? ui |uuub houbii; irpi first class Grocery Store Ca I ami examine, fe 11 gtawSv ISRAEL DEMING. IN VIEW OF THE EXTRAORDINARY etnn?ency of the times, and wishing to close out our heavy stock bjr spncg, we wilt sell from this dato ax follows: HlrKORY WOOD, $6?; OAK. #55n; PINE, RED ASH COAL, all sum. ?*; WHITE A^H COAL, all size*. ?<>; CUM KEN LAND, #6, 2.2<> pounds to trie ton tua antied in all oacea. Sawtd and Split WOOD all size*. DICKSON & KING, ja 36-fo3w Yard?cor. Vermont a?. and 15tb st. [nCB TOP HAM *8 uj VBB PREMIUM TRUNK WU MANUFACTORY. 499 Sivihti tu?T, Wasuimton, D. C. Silver Medal awarded by Mary lard Institute of Baltimoia. Novem??*? T, I*** Also, Medal br Me ropo'itan Mechauios'Institute, Washington, D. C., 1857. I am oonatantlv making, aod aiway* bare 01 hand, of th* best material, avery deeoription of Fine 9o e Leather. Iron Frame. Ladi*' Drees, Wood Buz, and Packing Trunks, felhsier. Carpet,and Canvas f ravelin t?&. School rtatcfc At L*e Prtctt. Members of Congress and travelers will pit examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere Truuks that are made in other cities. Superior Leather and L>re?s Trunks made to order. Srutks oovered and repaired at short aotioe. ood? delivered free of charge to anytpart of the eity. Georgetown,and Alexandria ja 33-lyoo J AMEp tsTQPH AM. PiokWMt Paean," tb? ftrat of tie tieiut liou?eh- ird edition of the ?ork? of Char leu Diol ena; illBctrAtad br T. O. C. Dar ey and John Gil bert. Riverside pr> ? . C*U ?t d -rrinir* th?m. a&tJSbi?5?s.t Also, a n-w per, the finest C DINNER PARTIES. ITlZENft And S.joarnar. UWMkuttoi an re^tfallTraaniided that the - ubecnher 11 ?re Ifff&jS lacnuh DIN N E R , ENTERTAIN MENTSj fwany MUicher of gentleman. la a atria renal to that of aa* similar r alabhahineut in tka United and on wy moderate term*. Mia afiteaof Parlor* nod Dining room* for tM aooom m dttion of Dinner and Superr Pauiea mi Tabic arrar (entente, Cook a, Pa-vantn, are ai i IP" hw# ^ ,n#*? ?U ?T celebrity. He reepeotf.llj aeka a oontinaaiK the ?atro?M? of the public heretofore ao beatowad upoa him, a*d piedjaa hia \ tocire entire natufadt oa fall 1m t THE LATEST NEWS. TELEGRAPHIC. Th? niiMiri tad Arlnaia* UanaUm' UllltlM. We bare quite a Bomber of special diapatcbaa concerning results of these slectloos. sod Ukt oe cuion to sum up their con tenta As follows Vli:? Missotat.?Yesterdsy morning. la W 1/Oats. It wss conceded that the VeoesslontslB per ?* had elected some eight delegates In all. and the conditional I'nlonlsts about twraty-three. The rest of the delegates chosen stand where the mss of those elected to the Virginia ConveaUoa stand That U: for keeping Missouri la the tf the North will accord to the border slawholdlng States thf guarantees the latter think necesnrjr for their own future security, now that seven Gulf States have seceded. Amanitas.?Northern and Western Arkansas have vtrted heavy majorities for the t'aioa aad Southern and Kastera Arkansas have elected a majority of secessionists Nevertheless, thorns jorlty of the convention elected are clearly agslnst Immediate secession, and for making common cjuit vim iuc i>- ruer bwm ruarr iui witn ttf Hctdrd SUtei Their CmtciUoii bM bewi or dered to be held, and the result of Its action will depend wholly?as will thoae of Virginia, M laaourl nnd North Carolina?on the ruault of the Peace Convention "a action Later fram Enrape Poktlsxd. Feb *1 ?The steamshipNora Mco tlan, from Liverpool on the 7th, rk Londonderry on the 8th, arrived here thl? morning The sales of cotton at Liverpool for the paat week footed np 49,000 balea, closing V** lower than on laat Friday. The market closed quiet The atork la port amounted to 910 SOU balea. Including 547.WW of American. Hewlll & Co.'a circular ear* the decline waa only la IM ala. Wd ob iDe wwi upon fair quaiitu-a The market cloaed stand v. Flour and wbetl cloaed qnjet and ilradf Corn cloaed firm ProTiiloni ruled ateady. Lohdos, Friday noon ? ConaoU ?l *a9l G&eta, Feb. ?.?A terrible expioalcn of three magazines occurred to-day? tbe aide curtain of tbe citadel The garrlaon asked an armiatloe of two diya to bury their dead,?which vt aa granted by Gen. ri aid ins Gen Caldlna alao aent nec?s aary supplies for tbe Injured. 'I tie sultan of Turkey continue* Lit refaaal to prolong the French occupation of 9rrla Tbe Montenegrins were ravaging Tillage* of " Nlcls ?et"?killing men, women and children, and burning their houses Kngland haa been Invited by Frsrvce to atop Garltaldt'a carrier, [probably career.) oat the lat ter had d?r lined on tbe ground that the NmmmII tani ought to be left to Kettle tte matter for ti?n A letter from Genoa atatea that while tbe eler tlona were procrediag tn om of the romitiuuea of tbe province of Mraslna. a party of Hourbontata entered the ball and butrbered la fold bloed tbe prealdent of tbe electoral college and hta two aona Tbe Paria Monttrur coaftrma the ceaaion to France of Monume and . Virginia State r?anallti Richmond, Feb 'JO?A large number of reeo lutlona on Fcdt-ral relitloua were offered In tbe Convention to-day. They renerallf eipreaa at tachment to tbe 4Jnion and deaire an equitable settlement, but denounce coercion and declare the purpose to resist Otbers declare that tbe anion or tbe South is the safety of tbe Sooth, and that each State should speedily resume tbe powers delegated to tbe Government A resolution was tabled for raising s committee to Inquire whether any movement of arans or Ma has been msde by the General Government to any fort or arsenal in or bordering on Virginia, indi cating preparation for an attack or coercion A resolution for holding a Convention of the Border States st Wytbevllle, on the last Thursday In March, was offered snd referred A resolution was offered calling on the Com missioners to tbe Peace Conference for Informa tion whether any settlement aeceptsble to Vlr [ glnis is likely to result. Tabled ^ ^ meat that be bad franked Tn<?d^ ^ free nevroe* la Virginia, and pronounced the franks forgt-rlea The Committee on tbe subject reported that all but sixteen count!ea bad been beard from, aad tba majority lor a reference of tbe action of tbla Con vention to tbe decision of tbe people waa 49,837. UlaMcknitU Personal LlkeHy BUI. Boston, 1 eb 30.?Tbe Leglalatl ve committee on tbe personal liberty bill reported a declaratory act to tne Senate vsterdav, requiring tbe writ of habeas corpua to be made returnable to tbe Su preme Judicial Court, or tbe judga thereof It further modifies those sections or tbe old bill which refer to tbe pleadings and evidence on trial upon tbe writ, making the rules tbe same aa tboae or tbe common law It also p'ovidea that no fliultl** shall h* tlkM frnm th? I'nlUit fltataa marshal who bold* him by legal proceaa. except to teat the validity of toe action of the federal court Another section provides, that If the the claim ant gets the wrong person in custody, be aball not be punished, unless tt Is done with unlawful la tent. The last section provides that the militia iuay be called to enforce the lsws of the States, but not to assist In the return of the fugitive Virginia Legislature. Richxoxd, Feb. A) ? Hon J. J. Crittenden will soon be Invited to addrrss tbe people her* mi national question* by a large number of prominent men In the the State Senate to-day Mr bouglas of ferid iolnt resolutions setting forth that there bad been sent to Virginia resolution* from Northern Legislature*; and that Virginia reiterates her de clared purpose of real stance, and pledges herself to meet force by force la the effort to matntala the true principles of the Constitution, and uphold the common rights of the slaeeholding Slates Jt was ordered to bo printed. The Michigan resolution* will be sent back without comment. The Wtr Feeling la Lsn stann Uaton Rouge, Feb 19 ?Sine* Mr. Line-Ola's iste speech, foreshadowing coercion a poller,war is deemed Inevitable. No spprebeasions are felt of the conflict In (he (South. On the first demon atratlon by the Lincoln government tbe provis ional government will sand immediately a large army to tbe North. The South will never wait to be Invaded One hundred thousand dollars ware asked for to-day in th?- l^egialatuae to put the forta on tbe Mississippi in cetmpiete defense. An appropriation bill, amounting to one million five hundn d thousand dollars, psssed the House I.arff Fir* is Hirkmtnd Rjchhokd, Feb il?Fltzbugb Mayo'a tobacco factory wu dcrtroyed by flr? lata morning, to gether with itacu'.tenU. in- lading a large amount ufu>bicc? ready for ah) patent Tbe loaa la very heavy. It waa partially Inaured Tbe building originally coat 930,01)0. It vac owr.ed by Mr. Warwick.and w?a tbe anae of tbe famous Clav dinner la 1836. A small factory ad joining, owned by Maaon h TlmberU*e, waaalaa destroyed. The iMtfeari (eagres*. Mostoomibt, Feb. )9 ?la tbe Congress to-day Mr. Breoke reported a bill for tbe organiutloa of tbe liepartaaatof State. Tbe Congress ww.t into aecret c-asion oa tba subject. It la understood tbat tbc KrcWOrnl it ivuuif; 10c orginimia va tUe Executive Depertmenta. which will probably be organtzMl to morrow, aud tbe Cabinet will be nominated on tbe aucceeetng day The PwHwt Lh? not ret determined upon iu^ie m?ih? of hi* Cabinet Ntnl. New You, Feb *).?The United ?tatea mm frigate Niagara waa at Aden (the depot *f tbe British Kaatlndla Steamahlp Com pen r) on the 14th of January. Mr WarU, the American Mln later, Col Ripley and Surgeon Woodworth aalled thence oa the 19th, In the English ?waw Orlaaa, and the Niagara departed homeward rU Cape Horn late that tbe Spanish war ?tmmer Vtluro will ooon Mil for the United l*tatoo with gvaor Pachero aud other political exile* Iton Utile*. The Cap tain Grmeral had riven a grand military review to 6m Mtr boxao Bo hfc of rorto CI kr Tfiu II Foot Smn, Feb SO.?Tba overland mall eoaab fro* Shertnaa, Texaa, brlava o_report of the aeli irae and re of Podi C bad boo rae aad Belknap bt T? troop* A loo tbe ?!torr of tbe overland coach aad noil aad other property, tbe i ployreo of the Company belaf 1 Mr. Y?ac*y UkIImi Irtt ta U* C?MaM Moitsohiit, Fab Mi.?It la ntentoo* thftt Mr. Viae*? a ml Is tW Cabins of 'bm Coof(Unrated State*of America pr#ferrli>*, at t*a nggaatton of U> fhrafc, to n pnaaot Ula Crr rrnmrii ta mnm Berepaae C*H. Mr 1 Uaala aa mu tor Wwllaftoi. Niw You, Ffcfe ft ?Mr Ltaoala Ml bm a? 6 o'clock thW awnlig kM * *v?abi?.? to kfa wta ?r< r otpMritd to tbe dapot Wy a lattf* r ro#d. ?*! Wt\ am:4 ?> # !*? of artJUary i %