Newspaper of Evening Star, February 23, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 23, 1861 Page 1
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THE DAILY EVENING STAR u rUBUSHBD BVBRY AFTSfiNOON, >SUNt?AY*5 8XCBPTED.) %T THK ST All BUHJMNGS, Ceraf of Fmnsyfcarti**vtwt4 MilltA it-, ?T W. D. WALLACH. I'ss^'s purred io ee by c? rtieri it 94 ft y~*r, or ST oents per month. To mail ? bconben he pnoe is f SJft a year, w? a4raa??, $2 for tlx month*; 91 for thro* months; sod for lees than three months at the rate of li oents a week. Single aop.??, o!?* cmxr; in wrappers, two crave. C7" AomnmuTii should be sent to the ofto before 13 o'oiook rxu; otbei wise they may not appear an til thenoxtday. V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 23. 1861 N?. 2.601 THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. taUiac a Friday ffinxiseoyy. per Five oepies X?s eepies. ire oqpih It la variably eon tains the n< Mi* ao c?ially thronchest the (Z^Sinfleeoptesda . I ? > 4 T? . a . ? N swe at the eoaater, tin mediate y mir ??I - - PIT eef the DOG FIGHT IN FROG TOWN. The most remarkable dog fight on record oust off at Frogtown, on the frontier of Maine, tome years ago. It engrossed the entire com munity in one general melee, interminable law suits, or suits of law raits, distraction of the town, its downfall and ruin ! A fanciful genius, named Joe Tucker?a man about town, a lounger, without visible means of support, a do-nothing, liquor-loving, cigar smoking. good natured fellow?owned a dog, an intelligent and rather prettj beast, always at Joe's heels, and known as well as his mas ter, and liked far more bj the Frogtowners. One day Joe and dog were passing Bunion's grocery store, when a groat pie-bald, agly Tonkin* iUnHin<f nf m ? ?? n ?Q, vr* W nwu " a ?on, bounded on to Joe Tucker** dog, knock ing him heels over bend, and so frightened Bob Carter's wife, who was then passing to irirJi her husband's blacksmith shop with his dinner, that she stumbled backwards, and her eld run-bonnet flopping off scared the horse at tached to the wagon, lie started, bit Lather em's barber pole, upset the load of wood, half of which, felling down Gumbo's refreshment cellar, s'ruck one of his children on tho head, killing it for a time stone dead, and s^alarm ed Mrs. dumbo that she dropped a stew-pot cf boiling hot oysters into the lap of a custo mer. who sat waiting for the savory concoction. by a table in tho corner. Mrs. Gumbo screamed ?the child screamed?and the customer jell ed! "0, oh, oh, my poor child!" cried Mrs. n mv Wa 4'Eh, ch, e-e-e!" screamed the child. " Oh, murder-r-r-r ! 0. my everlasting sin; I'm scalded to all eternity: Marder-r-r!" roarod the customer. The horse,.and part of the wagon, and some of the w-M)d, were on their mad career. The owner of the strange doz came oat of the storo just in time to see Joe Tucker seize a rock to demolish the savage dog: and not waiting to fee Joe let drive, gave him such a punch in the ba-'k, that poor Joe fell forty rods up tha street, and s^rikin* tho foot of a long ladder, upon which Jim ETaerberry was perehed. paint Cot in hand, some thirty feet from terra firma, rought ladder, Jim and paint pot sprttwliDg on the earth, crippling poor Jim for life; and epriQKiing blue paint copiously over the broad cloths, satinets and ealicoes of Abraham Mil ler, a formal and even-tempered Quaker, who ran oat to the door, jast as the two dogs had gene fairly at it, hip and thigh, nip and catch. A glance at matters seemed to oonvince Abra ham of the true statobf the case, and in an un usually elevated voice, he called out to Joe Tucker, who had righted up: 'Joseph Tucker, thy dog's fighting." " Lat em fight it out," yelled the pugna cious owner of the strange dog. 44 Let em fight it out?I'll bet a load of wood my dog can eat any dog in town, and I can eat theowner." We have said Abraham Miller was a mild man; Quakers are proverbially so. But the gauntlet thrown down by the stranger from the u-jmtmwj r.mcj mo (5?n ui Aoraoam. and Do rush*J into the store; from the back yard, having slipped his collar, Abraham brought forth a brindle cor, strong. long and powerful. " Friend," said the excited Quaker, " thy dog shall be well beaten, I promise thee. Hike, ?eize upon him. Tuck,there boy!" And the <log went at it. Bob Carter, the smith, coming up in time to hear the stranger's defiance to the town, and bent on a fight with somebody, for the insult and damage to his wife, clanped the oollar of %he -'-anger, and by a series of ten-pounds-ten upon he f*ce, back and sides of bis burly an tagonist, Bob stirred up the strength and ire of the bully stranger to the top of his compass, ud they made the sparks fly moit dreadfully joe lucaer saog. reinforced by that of Abra ham Miller, took a fresh start; and between the two the strange dog was being cruelly put , to bis trumps. Deacon I'ugh, oi^u of the most picas and substantial men in Frogtown, came up; indeed, tho whole town was assembling; and Deacon Fugh, armed with his heavy walk ing stick, and shocked at the spectacle before him. marched up to the do^g, exclaiming, as he did so: ' Fie, fie, fie, for shame! disgraceful! you men, citisens of Frogtown, will you stand by and" " Don't thee, don't thee strike my dog. Dea con Pugh!" cried Abraham Miller, advancing tu the Deacon, who was about cutting right azkd left among the dogs " Your dogs!" shouted the Deacon,with evi 4?nt terror. j. * Nut my dogs, Deacon Pugh," echoed the T1*What did you say ?o for, then?" shouted tile Deacon. "I never said dogs, Deacon Poeh." 'You did!" responded the Deacon, with amcitement. 44 Deacon Push, thee speaks groundless !" " You tell a Falsehood, Abraham Miller !" " Thee utters a mendacious assertion !" reit ??nted Abraham. " You?you lie !" bawled the Deacon. ' Thee has provoked my evil passions, Dea ?Pugh !" shouted the stalwart Quaker, *' I chastise thee!" nd into the Deacea's wool went the Quaker. Tbo Deacon, nothing loth, entered into the spirit of the thing, and we leave them thus, "nip and tuck," to look after the stranger and Bob Carter, who fit and fought, and fuught and fi^ht, until Squire Catchem and the town con stable came up, and in their attem|ft to pre serve the peace and arre?t the offenders, the scire was thrust through the wiadow of a neighboring watchmaker, doii^ff a heap of dauioge, while lawyer Hooker, in attempting to ai l the eons'able, was hit in a mistake by f furiani K1 oWcmi t K ? * -U--a ? 1 ... . V.-VB0*U>^U, iu IUO IUUII HUB, niiU went reeling down Qumbo'a oellar with fright ful velocity. The frieada and fellow-charch MD?n of Deacon Pugh took aidea against tha Quaker antagoniat, and the ahop boya of Abra ham aeeing their employer thus beaet, came 1 fio* rescue?while two Iriahmen, fall of fan d frolic. believing it to be a "free fight," triad their hands and atioka upon the com batants indiscriminately; so that, io leas than boar, the quiet and happy village of Frog tewn was shaken from its propriety by one ^^and, sublimely ridiculous, and terrific battle. ' Meads and window* war* imuhcd?children aad women screamed?dog* barked?dait flew ?labor ceased and ao furious, mad, and ax oiled became the whole community, that a quiet tooker-on, if there had been any, would bare (worn the evil one* ware all in Frogtown. A hearj thunder atorm Anally put an end to the row; tha dog* were ail mora or las* killed, child eererely wounded, a man acalded, a wagon broken: tha horse ran himself to death; his owner was beaten awfullj bj Bob Carter, whoae wife and tha wirea of manj other* were daugtroualj scared; the painter waa crippled; d r*r-good* ruined; a Deacon and a Quaker, two ^ A?i*bmen, Joe Tuoker, town oonatable, Lawyer * Hv?ker. Squire Catchem, and soma fifty others ahamefully whipped. Lawaoit* ensued, feuds fbliowed. and the entire p??c? and good repute rogtown wm annihilated?all by one re kable dog fight. II~r T be Kngliah paper* claim a right to na*l gate the MtMiMippi wblch ibejr aay aeceaaion cannot abrogate. By the treaty of Paria, signed *thc 30th November, ITtM. It ?u stipulated t'tbe navigation of tbe Mtaalaeippl, frotn tu ?Warre to tbe oe?an, ahall forever remain frre and X. to the subjects of Great Britain, and tbe sens of tbe United States." Kit Caraon. tbe rimoai tranter, guide, and natalmpt, la 1it1?c at Taea Now Mexico, as Ian agent to the I'te tribe of Indiana; hta aal iat? to tlJMO per toaun Kit to not n ltby man; his property la eetluialed at about ? Ha keepa tlfiv or alxty cowa. Are bun bead of a beep, and acverai bom-a nod ponUs. wirried a Mexican lady, with wboui be llvia 1 A Western paper aauouurlng the death of in Iowa, says: ? Ue w?a a grant ad of Horace Greeiey, but othywln ^ Vmry Vick iff BiLGirx and Kxqlajid.?One of the English medical journals calls attention to the striking oontraat to be found among the visions women of London and Brussels?the deplcra ble state of the former being illustrated by the fact that out of sixty-three women examined lately for admission into a penitentiary, fifty nine were so seriously diseased that the sur geon could not give his sanction to their being taken into the institution until thev bad been cured. Another illustration is cited as having occurred at Windsor. During the last sum mer, the first battalion of Fusileer Guards waa quartered in this royal garrison, and out of six hundred men, sixty-four were laid up in hos pital with venereal affections. This state of things arose from the infected condition of the women of the town, as was well knjwn to the tnen. nffioer* and nnlion antlinritini i-uc mumps mjr waicmug me ciock, and saw that it was time to give the fever pa tient his potion, lie was unable to speak loud or to move any portion of his body except his arms, but. seising a nillow. he managed to strike the watcher in tne face with it. Thus suddenly awakened, the watcher sprang from his seat, falling to the floor and awakening both the nurse and fever-patient. The inci dent struck both the sick men as very ludi crous, and they laughed heartily at it for some fifteen or twenty minutes. When the doctor came in the morning he found his patients vastly improved?said he had never known so sudden a turn for the better?and they are now both out, well. Who says laughing is not the best of medicines??New Haven Palladium. Rather Rich.?The Montgomery (Ala.) tor respondent of the Charleston Courier tells the following creamy incident: In Brussels. however, according to this same journal?whatever its vices, the jouth may return from his school unchallenged by loose women?the drunken mechanic is not carried off almost by force to the prostitute's lair?the soldier, reeling home to his barrack, is not I waylaid, robbed, and infected. One and all may, and can, if they wish, even in Brussels, seek out the tempter, but tho Belgian Govern ment conceal* the unfortunate sisterhood as much as possible, and vice is not allowed?to parade its attractive form before the half-wil ung vicum. Thk Power op Hkartt Laughtrr?The following incident comes to us thoroughly au thenticated, although we are not at liberty to publish any names : A short timo since two individuals in this city were lying in one room very si?k, one with brain fever and the other with an aggravated case of mumps. They were so low that watchers were needed every night, and it was thought doubtful if the one sick of the fever recovered. A gentleman was en gaged to watch one night, his duty being to wake the nurse whenever it became necessary to administer medicine. In the course of the night both watcher and nurse fell asleep. The uu Hiuuouig luuiucui uocurreu fli ico Theatre last evening. Miss Mitchell was per forming the Wept of the Wish-ton-Wish, in one of the scenes of which it is neceesarj to iotroduce a young child. This was accordingly done, and said infantile production regaled the audience with a series of operatio screams, in consequence of which the curtaiu was dropped and the audience left in doubt as to whether it was the child or the actors who fuiled in their parts To settle their minds upon this point and to apologiie for the interruf tion, one of the Indians, clothed with all the toggery of the savage, but who was evidently a very modest novioe to the stage, oame in front of the green drop and innooently delivered himself of the following speech: "Ladies and (rentltinen :?We must ask your indulgence for a few moments, as the child we had in the last aot disturbed this play, and we have to delay the second act until we oan get another child." n it* neeaie#a xor mo to say that the effect waa terrific. Disixfkctant Powkr or IIkat.?The Brit ish Medical Journal gives au account of the experiments of the late Dr. Henry of Manches ter, on the disinfecting power of heat. In these experiments Dr. II ascertained, first, that cot ton. silk, and wool, may be exposed for several hours to any tempeiature under 212 degrees, without being in the slightest degree damaged; seoondly, that vaccine lymph doos not lose it* characteristic properties by exposure to a tem Jerature below 120 degrees, but that it is ren ered totally inert by exposure to a tempera ture of 140 degrees; and, thirdly, that four children, between the ages of six and thirteen years, who were well ascertained not to have a/>nrlat - ?:?u : : - ? wvwi iv? ?vio( f nui v Willi lUi|JUUllJ JHORC13 worn duriog the bight of the eruptiou by scar let fever patienta, and afterward corked up in bottles, and exposed to a dry heat, varying from 200 to 20t) degrees, for a period varying from two to four hour*. Dr. Henry likewiso tned some experiments on his own person, with the infection of typhus fever, flannel waist coats being similarly employed with negative results?but on these he did not lay much streas. These experiments form the chief ground, and the only scientifio basis, of a belief 10 the disinfecting power of heat. A Good 6? uce Stobv.?A lady of my ac quaintance once displayed greater presence of mind than I, with my impulsive, shuddering terror of the dangerous reptiles, could have SQDDOted DGUiblt Rhn w?? lv!ni? aurulro />?? _ V "? " " " ?" v",u dark night, aroused. ebo believed, by a slight noise in her room, and felt something come softly on the bed, and pau softly over her feet; it glided on, and pushed, gently and coldly, against her arm, which lay outside the clothes, across her breast. She then knew the moving thing was a snake, and that to stir was to die. With what wonderful self-command, every nerve thrilling with horror, she lay perfectly still, while the reptile endeavored again and agaia to nestle itself beneath the warm arm; failing to do this, it glided slowly on over her shoulder and the pillow, and thence dropped ob the floor. With one convulsive plunge she gained the door and called for help; and when light eame, a large black snake was found and killed; but my courageous friend suffered with ill health for some time, from the fright of tHlklUI fftW flwfnl tm V? JLf-?JJ+L. ? . I wvimvuvu. iurJ. mcroaiiAr # Over f/te Straits. Thirst Worse tram Hpnqer.?'The dis turbance to the general system which is known by the name of raging thirst is far more terri ble than that of starvation, and for this reaaon: Daring the abstinence from food the organism can still lire upon its own substance; but dur ing abstinence from liquid the organism has no suoh source of supply within itself. Men have been known to endure absolute privation of food for some weeks, but three days of absolute privation of drink (unless in a moist %tmo? nhere) is, perhaps, the limit of enduranoe. This is the most atrocious torture ever invented by oriental tyrants. It is that which most ef fectually tames animals Mr. Eastly, when he V./4 k..? ?J ?? ? Hwa ? av>?-v?v*j UUIOV) <U If a J O UflUU IUU?? ma the moat effective power of ooereion, giving a little water as the reward for every act of obe dieooe. The historians of ahipwraeks paint fearful pie tare* of the suffering from thirft, and one ef the moat appalling cases known ia the celebrated imprisonment of 140 man in the Black Hole of Calcutta.?BlaeJneood. JJ7"The Hartford Times telle a atorr of oae of It* elttseos, Who, annoyed by a dunghill chanti cleer belonging to one of bla neighbors,purchased a gamer ork to light the other oft but at the laat dura "old yellow legs" bad "lajtd out" two notrd cocks placed there to suddue him ? ? crowing mort vociferously than em. fr?U the Boston Directory th*re are 305 Salli nm, M of whorn are John* One of the latter complains that be "aeldoin Uer gtu his litters rlglir" IDT la Path, England, woman boat her hi? bicd to dull on tbe 14th alt , because be ^V4 found fsnlt With ? beo(*fak she bad cooked fbr Ksaifcf ARRANGEMENTS FOB THI INAUGURATION or THK PRE8IDENT OF THE UNITED STATKB, Oil TBI F*?rth of March, 1861. The doom of the Senate Chamber will be opened at 11 o'clock a. m . for the admission of Senators, and othera who, by the arrangement of tbe Com mittee, are entitled to admission, aa follows : Ex-Presidents and Vice Preaidenta. The Chief Justice and Associate Judges of the Supreme Coart The Diplomatic Corps, Heads of Departments, and Ex-Members of either branch of Congress, and Members of Congress elect. Officers of the Army and Nary who, by name, have received the thanks of Congress A# T.?U-.1 ***- - ?*- ? will occupy seats on the right and left of tEe main entrance. Members of Congress, and Members elect, will enter the Senate Chamber by the main entrance, and will occupy ssats on the left of the Cbalr The galleries will be reserved for ladies. * iio will enter the Capitol from the terrace, bv the principal western door of the central building, and be conducted to the gallery of the Senate. The Rotunda shall be closed, and the passages leading thereto kept clear. The other doors and entrances to the Capitol, except those to be open under this arrangement, will be kept closed. At 11 o'clock the President and the President elect, accompanied by two members of the Com mittee of Arrangements,will proceed in a carriage to the north door of the north wing of the Capitol, and entering there will proceed to the President's room The Vice President elect will be accompanied to the Capitol by a member of the Committee of uvKiiiuioui tJMt^aauu 1 Ctl ilUl ICT Ol IUC U (liOIlf and Ex-Gevernors of State*. Assistant Secretaries of Departments, and the Assistant Postmaster General; the Comptroller*, Auditor*. Register, and Solicitor of the Treasury, Treasurer, Com missioners, Judges, and The Mayors of Washington and Georgetown, and the reporters In the Senate. All of whom will be admitted at the north door of the Capitol. The families of the Diplomatic Corps will enter at the north door of the Capitol, and be conducted to the diplomatic gallery. Seats will be placed in front of the Secretary's xaoie ior me president of the United States and the President elect; and, on their left, for the Com mittee of Arrangements. The Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court will have seats on the right of the Cbair. The Diplomatic Corps will occupy seats on the right of the Chair next to the Supreme Court. Heads of Departments on tb? left of the Chair. Officers of the Army and Navy who, by name, have received the thanks of Congress; Governors of States and Territories of the Union, Kx-Gov ernors of States, Assistant Secretaries of Depart ments, and the Assistant Postmaster General, Conoptrollers, Auditors, Register, and Solicitor of ths Treasury, Treasurer, Commissioners, Judges, and the Mayors of Washington and Georgetown. j>iiai>^iuciiu, ami conuuciea into me vice Pres ident's room, and afterwards Into the Senate Chamber, where tbe oath of ofllce will be admin istered to him by the Vice President. The Diplomatic Corps and Justices of the Su preme Court will enter the Senate Chamber a few minutes before the President elect. The Senate will assemble at 12 o'clock The Senate belnc ready to receive them, the President and the President elect will be Intro duced by the Committee of Arrangement* to the scats prepared for them in the Senate Chamber After a short pittite, those assembled In tbe Senate Chamber will proceed to the platform on the central portico of the Capitol, In the following order: The Marshal of tbe District of Columbia. m u?j t-?uprrme i ouri ci me unitM State*. The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate. The Committee of Arrangements The President of the United States and the Pres ident elect. The Vice President and the Secretary of the Senate. The Members of the Senate. The Diplomatic Corps Hends of Departments, Governors of States and Territories, the Mayors of Washington and Georgetown, and other persons who have been admitted Into tae Senate Chamber On reaching the front of the portico, the presi dent elect will take the seat provided for him In the front of the platform. The President and the Committee of Arrange ment? will occupy a position iu the rear of the President elect Next In the rear of these the Chief Justice and the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court will occupy the seats on th? l?*ft, and the Vice Presi dent, Secretary and Members of the Senate those on the right Tha ninlnm>?l? ^ 111 " m u - 4/i^ivnnnn. vui |w win occupy me RfftiR reit in tbe rear of the Supreme Court. Heads of Department Governors, and Rx-Guvernor* of States and Territories, and Kx-Memlwn of tbe Senate, Kx-Men.bers, and Mernlx?r*. and Mem bers elect of the Hous* of Representatives in tbe rear of tbe Members of the Senate. Such other persons as are included in the pre ceding arrangements will occupy the steps, and th? residue of tbe portico. All being in readiness, tbe oath of office will be administered to tbe President elect by the Chief I Justice; and on the conclusion of the President's address, the Members of the Senate, preceded by the Vice President. Secretary, and Sergeant-at Arins. will return to tbe Senate chamber, and tbe President, accompanied by the Commlttes of Arrangements, will proceed to tbe President's House The Sergea nt-at-Arms of the Senate, with the .>inr?uai 01 tne District, are charged with the ex ecution of these arrangements; and, aided by the police of the Capitol, will preserve order. All horses and carriage* will l>e excluded from the Capitol square. Should the weather prove unfavorable, the cer emony of the Inauguration will take place In the Senate Chamber. Solomon Foot, Jamks A. Pkarcb, Edward 0 Bakrr, fe 23-d Committee of Arrangements. CLOTHING, &c. I ASTONISHING, BUT TRUE ! T IS Very strange that SMITH should set in New Goods when every body is orying hard umes. But he sells hia goods at euoh low prions that the people will buv thera. N B ? Juat r*n<tivA<i ?. i?t of CLOTHING and FURNIsTUNG" GOODS", which will be aold at 3n per oout let* than their ac tual value. At SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh cL, opposite Post Office. ja24-)m ,V MERCHANT TAILORING. HEW FALL STYLE8 o? CLOTHS, CASS1 MERS.AND VESTINGS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3*3 Pennsylva nia Avenue, have just reoeived a l&rce variety of new Fall Goods, to wnioh they invite (he atteatioo of their friends and customers. an CIKNTLEMEN'S f READY-MADE CLOTHING. Snrgresent assortment of GENTLEMEN'S AdY-MADE CLOTHING offers to oitisens and strangers wishing an imm3diate out fit supe rior inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles and eualities of Drees aa<l Business Gar ments and Overcoats in all varieties. Fine Shirts ?td Under-olothing ot all kinds. Kid and other loves nf Iwut nn?.i?? -T- 1'? ^ ? n?* > / wv?i taf i irat viavai?, Sto^kn. Hosiery, Ao., Ao. All of whioh we are offnrint at r>ur usual low prioea. fET-TClothins made to order in the moit superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. no 16-tf 339 Pa. avenue. /^OTOTHEPEOPLES'ClOTHINGSTORE, "I No. 4frO Seventh at., to get your CLOTH FURNISHING GOOuS, HATS end aw Yt E Invite oar oaatomera.and oitizens general ly, to an inapeo*ion of oar present new, at *, tractive, and elacant aesortmrnt <>f^H wnioh we will make to order in eaparior"-" atyle at vary low ow prioea. WALL, 1QO Da > STEPHENS A CO., .... _ N<., Iivkw* III! kUU lum III. THK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. 1 EMEICIi-ftk the oorner of Fenn.aV. ir?nne wd Eleventh atreet, haa bNnVfl|V greatly improved recently and now offer* l??9U greater indaoementa for the patronage ol oitijeus od atrangera than any other publio honae in the eiti, his pnoes being lees than those of any other hotel on Penn. aveaue, aid hie aocominodationi for permanent or transient boarders nnexoeptiou able. The bar aad restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very nopu Ur, b?ing all that oanbe desired by the most fas tidfous. Tne proprietor pledgee nremicted atten tion and oontiaued liberal exneoditureeto giveeat Wpuition toall,and tbue renew? ht? invitation *> m w ht? m fcBrnfwn now * am. de 4 U BUY YOUR StetioMrc *Bd Bakool Books tt BHBPHERD'ft, vkila 7ou Uti ? oh*noe to ?n j*Br moa?j. j? lMm TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. THE ACCOMMODATION LINK.-Th?rUft? * er JAMU* WUV will resume k?r tripi on TU K9D.\Y.itth of Fab mart, 196-. Will leave \VaSHING-* TON every I UKSDAV ai d FRIDAY.a'6 o'clock a in.,and ALEXANDRIA at half pan' 6 o'e'ook, for CLRRIoMaN and theintermediate l.aodmx*. On her re'urn trip* ?he will leave CTBRIOMaN

very WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at ? c olock a. m. LUCIAN 8. P*GE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUall. At't. Alexandria. fe 17 UALTIMORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. I> WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANOK OP H'iiipu Ob and art?r 8UNDAY, November 25th, I860, the trains will ran u follows: ? LEAVE WASHlNOTOy: First trnin at a ro. H*tx?nd Train at 7.4f> a. m. Third trail, at a.1# p. m., Express, Fourth train at 6 p m. LEAVE BALTIMORE: First train at 4.15 a. m., Express. Second train at 8.35 a. m. Third at3.10 p.m. Fourth at 4.2) p. m., Kxpres*. The first, second nn'l third trains from Wash ington oou'neot through^ o Philadelphia and New Y?rk. The seoond and third oonnect at Washington i>,?/>?</> < ~ri?u ? * ? - - ~ wikM viaiuB iur \a" ?esi, J?outn, ftnd Nortiiweat; alao, at Annapolia Junction, for An capolia. For Norl<>lk take the * 40 a. m. trai l. t*or the aooommcxiation of the way travel l>e tw*en WaaMugton and Laurel, a pa?a?nicer car will be attached to the tonr.aje train whioh leave* at It a m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train froes to Philadel phia only. no 26-d T. H. PARSONS, A sent. DENTISTRY. r|KS. 1 OCKWOOl),* DARRE'.L ARE PRE I "pared to insert Tfc-ETHon VULCAN-^-^F^ ITE BASE, a n^w ai d improved mode \Vh?n made on tlu? plan 'ney a-e com ^ '11 v fortable to wear and nrtuoi cheaper than any other. Alao. Te?th lnaetted on G< Id Plate, ana all Denial ?iperationa of any kind that may l>e derired Of ? ? ? u lil. * * ? ' > * ? - ? " utv nuvm 110 ?. in me asm eg ton Huildint.oor ner Pa av. and Seventh st. ja ?0 2m* M TEETH. LOOM19, M. D., the irrentor and patentee orthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH. tend* personally at his ofliee in this oity gwSTjf Many person* can wear these teeth whnNi111 * cannot wear others, and no person can w*ar others who oannot wear these. Persons eallir.r at my oflioecan be accommodated with any style and prioe of Teeth th<-y may desire; hut to those wfto are partioular and wish the purest, oleaaest, strongest, and most perfeot denture that artcan produso, the MINERAL PLATE will l>e more fu'ly warranted. Roams in this oity?PTo. 33* Pa. avenne. between 9th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Aroh street, Phlla-iel phia. oo is tf French flowkrsof the very hest uahty. and an extensive variety. nA . At stevens'S ilW?' Fanoy Store, yfrrl no 28 tf *3K. betw. ">?h an<1 10th Best fancy goods, at prices to suit the times, A.vd Own Prick Owlt, At stevens'S FANCY STORE, no 22 tf S:t6. betv. 9th and 10th its. VV $10,000 ? orth of BOOTS, shoes and TRCNKS, Of oil Styles <%nd Qualities, AT A GREAT SACRIFICE ON COST, Store for IUnt and Fixtures for Sale. All the Stock in S. pThoOVEK'S STORE, Mvrv&Ircn Ha l,e.nbra in< every vari??y ? jjc-? K'5jr?i>f l.vlie#'. Gonts', Children's audSMI WO^ervants' SHOES Also, tr A V fRl r.i.inu i u l are now Ireinr sold, fur" ta?kj*t great saortfioAa on usual retail sehinidprioes. ib4*m muoh b?low original ivhI, Th? attention of the public m solicited, as g'?*t inducements will b? mad* to purchasers. The above o>mprii?* a largo stock of the finest Juality Frenoh and Apwoau Gaiters.Siioes.Boots, ,o., 4 o., (or ladies an<l gentlemen The Store is for rant and the Fixture* for sale. Apply oa t-<e premise*, Iron Hall. N. H.?The above stook, either in whole or in part, will be sold at private s&lo. To any one de sirous of entering the Boot, >*li<>e and Trunk Busi ness this affords a bettor opportunity than may again be presented. Persons indebted will confer a favor by promptly calling and settling their aooounta. ja 7-tf ITU REM EN'S INSURANCE COMPANY or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 77T...t!i00,000. UHc? corn r C itre't and Lottttiana at., over Bank j of Washington. INSURE HOUSES A.VDOTHKR PROPERTY J AGAINST LO88 BY FIRE. I Dikbctoi*. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, SJ%muei Cropiey, Wnliain Wilsou, ( J,io!iird Jone*, Johu D Barclay, aoob Gideon, Andrew Pothwell. TUos. Parker, RiuUard liarrj, U. H. French. No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President. Abil G. Davis, Secretary, oo lo-eo6in PROF. WM11 RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AHD BLOOD RENOVATES Is precisely what its mime indicates, for, while rileasant to the taste, it I* revi vrfjing. exhilarating, nvigorating and stren thening to the vita, power*, and at the >sm? time revivifies, reinstates, and re newt the Blood in a I its original pu<J thus atonoe restores and rewUrs iht tysinn invulnerable ttmttacks of tixsease. It ia th? only preparation ever oiTereu to the world, so chemically and skill fuliy o^mbined astoiiettie n oat powerful tonic, and at the same time so perfectly aoapted to. as to aot in perfect accordance with the laws of nature, and hence will tooth* the and , ... ?v. - .< ? ?. -A wuo u y ?nv ui^vcii V O VI BU-i iUUE fWiift) fii > U t' T - vousa id other irritation. 11 is perfect!v exhtlara ting and at the name time it is oomposnd entirely of vegetable*, yet *o combined a* to produoe the most thorough tonic effect, without producing any in jurious oonse*uences. Snch a remedy has lore oeen felt to he a desideratum in the mwtioai w "id, for it needs no medioal ?k II to see that dehility f llows all attaoks of disease, and prooeed* ar.d in dead lays the sy.teiu opeu to the insidious attac ks ot many of the most fatal, such, for example, as the following: Consumption, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, oss ot Appetite, t-aintness, Nervous Irritability, Bfturaifia, Palpitation of the heart, Melanohoiy, lght sweats. I Angor, Giddiness, Retention ol, as well as Painful obstructed, too prefnse, or foo so?nt M*n?trua'ion, aid Pallinc of the Womb These all depend upon genera! debilit*. Thi* pure, healthy tonic Cordiai and B'ood Renovator i# as sure to cure as the sun is to ree and s*t. There n no nrntak* a^out it . Hut this is not all If the abstain ia weakened we are open to hiliona M taoka, the liver beooinea torpid, ur worac oaeaaed. the kidneya refuse to perform their function*, ana we are troubled with noelding and inoonUnence of urine, or involuntary diaonarge ofthe aame, pain in the baok, side and between the shoulders. ex oeedinily liable to alight oolda, oouxha, and if en cneoked, aoon emaciation foltowa.and the patient goea down to a premature crave, ffut aeaee wi i not allow us to enumerate the man* ilia to wnioh we are liable in a weakened condition <>t the ayatem. But we will aay in thia Cordial and Blood kcnova tor you have a perfect- safe, pleasant and effeolua remedy for l?>s* of Apptite. biliouanean. Flatu lence, weak an-1 tick Stomach.*?ur. t.iver Complaint. Chiliaaud Fever.orant Biliuur attack Co?tivenesc, Aoidity oftbeHt maoh, N^rvou*ne?a. Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Degression of Spirits. Soi tsa, Pimplea on tho Fane, or any dis ease arising from impure blooa, nuoii aa Scrofula, brysipelas, Bronchitis, Couch, difficulty of Rreath ing, and all tbat olaaa of diaeasea oal ed female weakncaa. and enumerated above. We will aUo any the traveler exposed to epidemioa, ohan?e of olunate and wat*r, will find it a pleasant. safe end aure remedy, and no one ahould ever travel with out. Resder. try it,for we aaaure you you will A mi In tl a fa?-1 "! ?- ?-1 ? ? ? J All persons of sedeutary habits will find ita p#( feot Preventive of, as well as & cure for tho^e ail ments which they are particularly exposed Henoe ministers, students, attorneys, literar* gentlemen, and ladies who are not acoast med to much out door exerci?e, will find it to their advauta<e to keep a bottie constantly on hand; and above all mothers or those t-eoonuni suoh, wiilco through that most dangerous period not only with all their aocustomed strength, but safe ana free from the thousandailments so prevalent amotu the femaie portion of the world. In short, la indeed a mother oordirU. Try it old and young; no lo ger rat. the risk of d?lay: it will relieve and prove it*lf emphat loallya fU *t orotic Cor dial mmd Blood R**on*tor. O. J. WOOL?, proprietor, 444 Uroadway, New SottTt. *** >vv>* ?/ I "w vuv w PROP. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AMD BLOOD RENOVATOR. Bold In tku 01 ty bf C. 8TOTT, 374 P*. M mw [ r-Mwaii;? 4? 8 KING 4 BURCHELL, CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " ' D Strut, fiiinn 9tk VHh Strtut. We hare ju?t finished a number of first claae CARRIACK?, moii u {.?*( Wtiumi, Park Pkratcnr, Pnmtlu Cir-UnSK n<M?it i?x*n'j, which w* will ??ilM-*?=?*? rer? aman profit. Bmaz prftct.oVi mechanic* in difforeat branohee of the Dueir.or*, we flatter nnreelree that we know the atyloe and qnaaty oi work that will cive eau* faction, combining Ughtneaa, comfort and durabiii ty. Reeaiorc promptly and earefn'.ly attended to the ) lorteet notioe and ir.ort reaaonahle oharcet. WALTER, K ARM ANN * BOHP. Coaohiuakeri, aocoeasora to Wm. T. hook. ap n-dly mm i unjiaa^mi i? ovir uac OTWif In the Distrtol, ?'n*r? hia fo' VK2MM; a&B?laet?nnf OAKR1ASK A i,^HT*=* W A6UNSor all kinda oanaot m aurpMMJ, u< from tin ion* ciper>?n9e in ihe tiuuMi, i? 1?H? ! rirr carer*! **tief?ction. AU bid* a! C*rTi?i?iu4 kitkt WK"U kapt > kAQd. Ai) R KPAIRS neatly * *?,* * *11 artara preapt If attfided ta. 8*Mi4 ku4 OarrtacM take; id Mateoc e far Mi im. AKDREWTToYCE, J It tf Mritr ef 1Mb IM K Ik, THE INSURANCE COMPANY ov THE STATE or , VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 8300,00?. j'l'toiiana.ce, nuiums*. Moutetold Furniture, Ac , axainit lou or dairies by fire. HEATH A KNOWLE8, Agents, Office?Room 16 over Bank of Waahinfton. Ja IQ STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AMD IILOOD PIRIFIEK THE GREATEST REMEDY t? tk* WORLD, , Da. J. II. McLEAX'S J and the most Delicious and DELIGHTFUL i CORDIAL ( EVER TAKEN. nufic ud tlflli kit ("wopoaiid, pra caraJ by ;!.* dn'ttla Uoa if no?, . ?rb?, and barkt. Y allow Pack, Eload Root, Black Rom. Itmpt nil?, Wild Cherry Bark, and DindiliM antira luU its CM* paalllaa. Tm antir* aeu?* riiMdul principl* of iteb ir>fradiant is taking. by my civ ratlh^ cf ? ir t 4?licio?i, ibiUr Mia* spirit, and Ui distilling, pradaeiar * dalieioas, sihilaratinf spirit, and Us mast tr.filhMs r*D>?lyf*r rsrio?auiif tha 4iaiu? sraisn, tod rsstarinf ths si'-k, safsruif, ?cd iabllitaud laaaiid ta bssJth and strsoftk. MfLKAPrs STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will sffsctoally ear* Ui?sr Uauiplsint, Drtpspsn, Jaan dtcs, Cbranic ar Nsr?o? DstilitT, Disaasas sflba lidns?s, and at! dissasss irur g fraro a disordsrsd Livsr >r Btatnaca, r>T?p?F?ia, Bsmbarr, inward Pilss, Aciditr ar l.cknm af til Stomach, FaHaraa af Blrnl laib< R?d, Rail Pain a* m w uniiii n| in VU? * IJ'" v-?i.WU Of ( irt, rannaaa ar Wt r*>t In th? Iten-icii, gear Kra-uuoct, Cbekmf w afacaunf Tttliof whao uju * down, Drynaat ar TilhV d*m ?f ih? Skin RD'l Nif' Inward F???ra, rain in lb* mail af tba Sack, Ufcaat, ar iidt, adltn riaabaa af Haat, DtprtMian of Bjnnla, Frifbifal Draama, kaaraar, Daapauda icy at a?y narroaa diaatat, torta at iatehaa an tba Skia, and ra?ar and Af (at ChUU and ** '> OVER A MILLION BOTTLES bava baan aald darinf tha laat tn naatha, and la na In tlanta baa U faliad in rlTiif tntira aauafactMn. Vht. than, wfll tafar (ram Waakntn or Dthihty whan MtLlAll rrftLXflTIurine CORDIAL will cart yaa 1 Ma laufaafa can tan?ty an adaqaata idaa af tba Imraadt >la and almaat nuraeaiaaa cbanga prodactd by taking tbia Cardial In tba diaaaaal, dabilit*iad, and abautrad narraaa yaitio, wbtthar krakan davu by aacaaa. waak by natara, ti lapaitad by aitknaaa, tha ralaitd aa4 anairaaf atfmaU latlati la raaurad ta tu prittina baaltb and rifar MARRIED FBRSON8t h atban, aantciaat af inability from vbaiartr taaaa, vill kd McbKANt rrSEMOTiKNine CORDIAL a tha raafb rafaaamat of tba aya'.aia; and all wba ma* bara in (mtad tkarataltaa by lvpraaar lndalf aucat wtll iad la tbia Cardial a aartaia and apaady ramady. TO THE LADIES. MiUAHt BTKKNttTHKHlNd CORDIAL it a aatar Irn and apaa4y cart far Inciplant Caoaamptian, Wbltaa, Uktiracud ar D;Sealt Mtuatrc^Uon, Ir.mi'Unanea af Drwa ?r li<T<i;antara Diacbarya tharaaf, Kalltrf af tba Womb, iddiiiaaa, Fuutiiil, ana all diaaaata incidaat ta Pamalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT fir na laoftr. Tiki it aec*rdu>f la diraeuaca. It vlll itinmUtt, I'jtnja.iu, and tu?ijor\!i ?aa and taui tba klaam af hAlib i* waaul j?ai chalk aftlo. Eoary bauli it (UK.U4 to fi?a lauafacuac. FOR CHILDREN If rami eh'.ldran ara aicklj. p*n? ar alicud, MrLEANt UOKinAk will maka than; liial-.Lv, fat, and rabait. Dilaf nat a momrt; u7 It, aad jaa will ka Mi<vlii?ad. It la da iiciaai :a laka. CAUTION. vara af draffiala <w daaiiri w La La; ity la fain apac. faa aama klttir or aaraaf tnlla traah, which tbiy can bar eliaap, by attuif it la tut u rood. A raid aach man. Aak lar McbKAltl BTREIIOTHKNiNG COEDIAL, and uka nothing alaa. It la iba oolj rimody that will panfy U>a Blood thoraafhir *nd at tba a*ma lima atranfthan lia aratair. Una taupaaon! takan i??rj mcrninj failing 11 a cartain priTintioa far Cbolira, Chl!ii and Fa?ar, Yallow Ka?ir, or mi priralaat diiaaaa. It la pat ati la larri boc ai ft-ica irify fl par tauli, or I lattln for #5 J H MiLKAN. tali yireprlator ft thil Cardial: o'aa. M:Laaa*> Vol&anie Oil Liuimant Principal Dapol ou iba earner of Third ui Pu.* atrtau, Sc. Loaia, Ma. McLean'i Yolcanic Oil Liniment, (TEE BEST LINIMENT IS TIE WORLP) T?it only ufi *nd ttruin ear* for Caneora, Pilaa, T* ari, BwalUnfa and Bronchi la ?r Court, Ptnlrui, Naa ralfia, Watkniu of Ihi Muaclta, Chronic or luunatw; Dm inauim, Buffnto of tba Joirta, Contracted Maaclaa or kifaraanta, Ear?dba or Ttoihacba, Brniaaa, tpraiua, Freeh Jau. Woa:ida, Clean, Fe?er ftoree, Cakod Braaat, Bora Nippee, Bam, lea Ida, Bora Throat, or any inlammatioa or sitfn, no difference hoar ?a??r? or long the dieeaoe may win eiieied, HcLUHl CEUB&im LINIMENT ia 1 certain remedy. Thovtfl 1 -d0 of Luu ben. ft boon oared a life of dia irepitade and miaery by the nee of ihia inralaable ramady. MeLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT fill relieve pain tlmeet ineUntaneoaely, and it will e'ean, Fanfy and lieal the foalaat aoroa in an lacrodible abort tiao. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. ncycA^ ^biiC.ctVA l &lJ uniMKNT If U. only oil lq4 raiiabla raroady for lha ear* af Spi'io, Riofbooa, R'icdf ?ili, ej l.LU, Uonataral Lmpy Nodaa ar Bvailiojra. It na?ar failed is cara Bif Haad, Palla*il, Fic.iU, Old Kenoinf Sotu, ?r l??ra;, if pnetri; iipliid. Far krt i t. Brut**, Icnichia, Craekad Rcaia, CsiIm, kdili >r Olitt Gilli, Ctu, Ioiii, a# Wavodi, uliu uifvllibl* ramady. Apply it a* diraciad aid a cara i* ciruii in mry auiti. Than ml a aa l?nf?r witfc tba many vartklaaa Liamama iCarad la ?i?a. Obtua a aappiy af DR. M CLE A Ml CfcLK BRATJtn LllllHtNT. U wilt ;nra Toa. J. H. McLKAN, Ma Prapnatar, Carnar Third and Pin* aa., h. Uoaia, Ma CHA&LKM rrOTT, rs Pa.. a?., aaia a#ant in Waahiaf M;K.S. T.CUMIL.tia*'cata??. aaM-D*Wly Ywood and coal. OU Will surely g*t jow money's worth by ?l!ini at (hnPlONEF.R MI L.Ls*, trmttifft tor net nf fertntk ttrret mud Canni, (6KO PA6K, A rent ) Tliey sell of?e*per aad five better meaaure than any others io the city?out, split, acd deliv ?red fiee of charge. If v?u don't liehere it. (ire the Pione-r Mlila a trial, and We satisfied. jalT-ly.r l.'PO\T'S? 81'NPOWDER, Prtr bA.!a tt nifcnnf*y>?^?ra h* JOHN J. BOSVK.'GEo*?rr?ws."d'o., ScU Atmty for tkt Dirtnrt of Colvmbta. A larte MQpp.T, ?inbiaoin* every vsnrtv, livtti ?t) hac<f. "nd delivered (m to all parta of the Di? t'lot Orders out also be left at lb?nftM?f Adam*' K*Pf?? CnmHOT. WashiBftoti. D. C. f?9-lawlv THE GBKATKgT BAR9AINJ* IN OI.OTH INK, FURNISHING GOOD*. HATS ar.d CAPS at No. 4?0 Seventh St., opposite joe. f?l 4tw I7RENCH A RICHSTEIN. Jf 87S Pkww. Aviwrs, Are acents for the Baltimore Awe ican and Kx* shanje, Charleston Mercury. Ae. Subscribers icrved at low rata* Papes from every wt? ia the Union?weekly, monthly and quarterly. Call aad puhaerib# Now lathe tima. New York, Phila delphia, Baltimore and other papers delivered la the oity and Beorjetown immediately a:ter the ar rival o| trains. ja IS EDUCATIONAL. TFKMALK M)L'CAT1?*N. HOSE P?r?nU who wia* tWr <U??KUr? to f eeireMhvroaih Md eyetewitie k1uc?i<?b. liM U)*ir ph; moV tr%i otLf will r***i<rm4m j *?tl Utenbon, uuder th?> no*t upruvwl raMra ufCrn sod Oyronihmoe.5* resp^ctkiiy inrij*d to nut thw Union F?ml? ANMr, ?*B?r Fvmt Uenlh at. and New York Mr. M? tf . - - _ _ .r* %r. Ma. 4 MRS. 7. mc L^KMALK BOARDING AND 1)AY UCtfoOL The thirteenth an una. iaiiiud oi t?ii ln?Ut?Upe wiU gpvnm^Do# on Tundiv. Z+mtrnmlt+r imk .? ??. oeoupied by HyirMter fkutt, ? ?.. The course of etady punned will ooropriee all the hraoohae ro?uikite to a thorough hii?.i?h &1? o*ti<>Lj*cd Mhbic. Fr?och, l^tio ud Drawing, if li tdditiM h> Mkelkrt tin. M?Cor?iak ie prepared t? receire a limited rnmWfof pop ? fca boarder*. who. conatltaimg a part of ber o?a M ily.will M UDwt uer imiiiMiM* care and eapervi aion. Sue will cadearor. a* tar a* poaaihle. u? ear round then with the comfort* and kindly latiesoM of Ho**. Rt/frmttt.?Kvr. goo. H. Norton, Rn.Dr, K >u Harrieon, Rev. D. F. Sprigg, William B.JPow)*. Ka*., Edgar Suovdan. Km.. Kdmnod F \Vitner is: te. steins. w "u wa Tun. Board, with Tuition in ail the Rttftiah Rraachvn, fjnr for the auoual tension?payal?e aemi aunaail?, jr. u?io ana LMcnftfl** Profeaaora' prv \l_r~ Mo extra ffharcaa. m Cmrf r?wt, Colli, iloatsnu'f. M . Jtumza My lml?im o? $?r? k ?"? I*- T"i"w??. Kilter* tkt Harking C<m*k Ml CMMVWtr Imm, Bronrnin i. iiaixi, Bronchial c importance of oheemn? a Cold*' in ita Irat atacr; that woald yield tnamiia rem* dr. if ne?lected. soon attaoka the Lucia. B'onrhiai TVotJUj." eontsiqj-cg eonuToertmjreol ?nti, aliay Pulmonary and Bocchi*. Irritation. ' _ 1 " * ' " wi * #1 #w ~ * | # Cmtmrrk, rirmr and nra ttremttk le tfc? roir? V UBLIC SPEAKERS AJto SINGERS. Prw are aware of the Conch or ' Common C which in the begininc woald field BROWN'S TROCHES "That troahle in my Throat. ( which the "TV?4??" area ?r*oiL hannc n^&de a>e t {\cl amrrawkia ferer* N.P.WILLIS. ? BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S | " i recommend thttr ue to PvtLir Sruuu." _ REV. B. H. CHAPIIf. "Great serrioein NJaiDf Uc*m?? hem." REV. DANIEL v\ ItfL. " Almost lastact relief ta the die trepmnc labor of breathing peoo.>ar to atthma.." REV. A. C. EGGLESTON. ** Contain ao Opium or urtbinc DR. a-A HA*KS. Ckmin. Beiem. st ooir.btna injnnoae.' " A mmpl? and fl? tion for Cocaiu, Ao." DR. <*. F. BIG K LOW. " I haT? proved them exoeliect for W*^Kf*KV;. WA.RKt. lull. " Beneficsai When eomee'ied to iKOL IIES* SROWNf rROCHKS JROWN'81 rROCHEP BROWN'S i rROCHEP JROWN'S rROCHEtf JROWNf rROCHES 4* l It pe**, ?t?f ' t'from Cold." REV. ?. 1. P. ANDEJtSON. " Eft*ct?aa fn rmpniji Hottte neMtnd Irr;t?t)OB of the Thrutt. ?o common with brcAURp ud Sine "' prof M.BTACY JOHNSON. M6r??t Hit wbta toUro befoiw tnd after preaching,M the? errreut Honreen^n. Krom tiisir p*j> I think they will b? o! p*rrp?ceut ftJ natwe to n<i." REV. E. ROWLKV, A. M. President of Athene College, T? Ifn^jugmsca11 pHE ALL-BUFF1CIJKNT THRKK. TRIE* EMAR.1,2 and S-Protected by Royal .etter* Patent of Ewaod. and on red by the leal* of the Eooie da Pliarmaeie ue Pane, and the inpenai Colleceof Sjix'K-me. Viaima. No. 11? in valuable for axhaaatioa and natcrrhea, jid all phyaioai diaatniitiea. No. J completely eradicate* all traoaa of thoae laaaaea tnat have >>een hitherto treated t.y ti.e ui eou? and pernio.> u? of cofafta aiid oabebe. 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Kekearehea." t ia beautifully illoetriiu-d. and treata ? nui?ly mt II tii* army obi* that ii> variably dmlot them # vea, aoober or later, resulting from the fVaityea nd vitiating habita or eart? roath, lBeaeaeitatin* ae viotim from ahariac tu* fr anion of the main lomal atate, and. if sot checked id time, dweter tine all t-e fanotiona of manhood. and t>rin*w.? in, *te? by *t*?. toe io?erica and urMMi? death, ola by ur. MAMRf?W, 194 Blercker at. aet, fullr oora b-low MaoJoucai, New York. Pr?*e B enta. Sent free every where. Sold alto by 8. C. Ford, Jr., Drug Store, \Ya?b itton. D C. f m FOR STAMPING A PACKKT OF PAPKK ini) KNVKI.OPKS metropolitan BOOKPTORK. TO matcb Klkl PHI LP * solomons. Atwmtt fm c*l0br?ttf L*?m " M*lror< itam #t. 1861 ""i1"' 1861 Contmsnet Ik* Y?r witk a Dt+ry. 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