Newspaper of Evening Star, February 23, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 23, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS fl^Tst Sta* publishes the List of Letters remaining In the Washington City Post Office ?nd*r the provisions of the l*w directing them to be printrd In the newspaper having th<- largest circulation within the delivery of the offlce. Its tcM dally circulation Is more than double that of any other Dally printed in the District of Co lumbia. Thi Paradk or the vairid Ptatbs Tboops now quartered la this city, at 3 p. m vrsterday, was a sery ioe one 1 ndeed. The public had been <llSIIIDOlnMl In not *M?tnir lh? An* ? lh? morning psmle, and therefore felt the more In to r?st and pleasure in witnessing tbelr maneuvers til ibe afternoon. The United States troops a* semblcd and tA?k position precisely as had been ordered in the mortilng, the leld coropar.'.e* form ing a line ** Pennsylvania avenue, opposite the Cer.:rr Market and the foot companies In Four teenth atrert, their right resting on Pennsylvania venue The inspection was by Cols Rrooksand Brown, after which the programme Intended to be carried out in the morning wis observed In all particulars. The three artillery companies, beaded by the cavalry, marched up the avenue put Fourteenth street, where they were joined by he foot companies headed by th?? excellent com pany of sappers and miners, and thus marched {hrtmgh the avenue to 81 xteenth street, through Mxteenth strert to H street, through H street to Seventeenth, and thence to Pennsylvania avenue, entering the western approach of the Kxecutivr Mansion The President of the Inlted States. general svott. jud^e Black, and a number of uther dUtln^uished personages stood on the pave inrnt in front of the White How. and aa the troops patted received the marching salute of the < IB'?rs, the Prea'.dent remaining uncovered the while. The several companies then marched hack to the place of formation, the infantry being dismissed and retiring to their several quarters Afv-r th<* paradt* the three fi?ld bitter in proceeded to fire aalutr-a of thirty-four giina each, at the fol lowing points : .Magruder'a battery in i*evenfe??nth ?!r?tt, south of Winder's Building; Barrv's bat terv on the mall, south of the Treaaury building; iind (iriflin'e battery nt the City Hall. The ord nance troops attacked to the Araenal were not In the line, nor were the United States marines at tach- d to thefMarine Barracks. The Ralls last jtght were all well attended. Ratber too much of a crowd at the Assembly Rooms; but it is the fate of the National Guard tJTUlaltnn to have big crowds. Cause?to imnv S?od-l >oking men belong to 'em Withers' band made excellent music; the ladies bad no lack of partners for the dance, (nor the gentlemen either;) the night was auspicious; the ball so gaily deco rsterl with banners of all nations that not to enjoy one's self would have argued a very fastidious disposition indeed, so everybody did enter upon tbe pleasures of the occasion with a zest. The field officers of the militia we*e well represented during the night by Colonels Middleton, Tait, Davis. Cox. Scbwarzeman, and Morgan, Major Waters, Major Wall, and others Quite a ltoa am?nK the uniforms, as well as with the ladies, was tbe handsome Orderly Sergeant (Pierce) of the sappers and miners corpa now stationed at the Columbian Armory. Tbe Infantry Battalion had a thoroughly so ciable and enjoyable soiree dantante at their new armory. The new drill room has been hand somely fitted up, and make* a capital rendezvous for the members. The dancing ball is as cozy as uuiujii luktduiiy ran ia?uio:i sii<-q a place, and we never mw a ball-room Inaugurated by a more lively company of 1 idles anil gentlemen. The nwsic wm excellent under Prosperl'a leadership 1?h? Federal h'fles alio had a merry time at franklin hsll Tfee company was not so numer ous as at the other balls, but the enjoyment was *very whit as great, (rood order reigned, and the ball was kept up until almost breakfast time this morning. The Federal Rifles certainly un derstand bow to get up sociable entertainments of his kind. Arth't Band supplied thtlr music, which was good. TmUsio* rkouiistehteetaijuirst ?After the parade yesterday, Company A. Union Regi ment, marched to their rooms in Temperance Hall, and, to their surprise and delight, found a bounteous repast prepared for them by the officers of the company After the command * break ranks?march," they were welcomed to the table. Their appetites having been fully satisfied, a number of spirited toasts were given for our I'nlnn r .... k * r.. o.VI ? ? V I.tun J m v o > u l u uuv L-ninii a:iu V/OU1 UCl. IUC Army and ISavy of the United State#, the Presi dent elect, the loral press of Washington, the Old Dominion, the City of Washington, the ladies of the Third Ward, the City of Georgetown, "the hero, patriot, and statesman. General WInfield Scott,v General Hickey, General Stone. Ac . 4c Patriotic and humorous songs were sung by Capt. Kelly, 1st Sergeant Murphy and Selbold The quartette band of Company A was loudly called lor; hut their leader, Mr. Atwell. begged the tympany to excuse tbem, as some of the band were vhaeut 1 he entertainment went off harmoniously And to the satisfaction of all present. Gen Carrlngton requests us to state that he feceived a beautiful letter, signed 'Anxious Mother," requesting him to have no Intoxicating drinks at the companv dinner, and that her re quest was regarded. There wa* nothing to drink but cold water and weak ale. The drinking was mere matter of form. DsspxaATm Attempt at Assassi*atio*.?Last night a desperate attempt was made to assassinate Hon. C- H Van Wyck. of New York, as he w:js going from the room of Senator King, on Capital inu, nioe .-*anonai. ?*ir. van wye* ifix sena tor King's about 11 o'clock, and while f>a*aing down tbe north side of the Cap'.tol gronnds be was attacked by three men, one of whom struck biin upon the left tide with a large d'.rk krtfe. a hole In his overcoat, was driven through a Congressional Globe, and gc, leathern covtred memo* ? ran (turn book Mr. Vnn W v< k knocked his a? nt down, when another man approached him I a knifr, and In warding oil tbe blow Mr \Vyck received a severe cut upon the baud "'man was also knocked down; and having > time ifot hold of his pistol, Mr. Van Wyck e one who flrtt attacked him. He was then : ?ensel*-*s by a slung shot in the bands of iird person, and when he had recovered, the les were not to be seen. Mr Van W yck IChed bis room about 14 o'clock, and is now ider the medical care of Dr. Lee. Had it not for the paper and memorandum book, Mr. K nr %. i j m , _ i *_ - - v?n ?jci wouia uive oeen insxanuy Killed lie is now improving, and, It is hoped, will soon re cover. Mull WissTaitLsT.?Messrs Duprey & Green' original New Orleans and Metropolitan Minstrel Tro>ipe and Brass Band commence next Monday ?vei.;n* a series of si* concerts at Odd Fellows' i Ball I ue Mobile Advertiser speaks of them in the following terms :?The bestclrcus we ever had Mrc never drew, for four consecutive nighst bet ter houses than have graced the amphitheater since the commencement of the engagement of the New Orleans and Metropolitan Burlesque OperaTroupe On Wednesday night several men ~ who cime in late were compelled to stand up for k of seats, and last night again pretty much same state of affairs existed This is the best omtuendation of their excellence that can be Clven. It would scarcely be doing some of the j*ff.>rmers justice to pass their Wednesday night's 'flfcnrtrt over without saying something more than smply "the performance was a good one " The sjng. "The Mocking Bird," with imitations, was a S[>.endid thing, and the piuno performance came In for a good sture of commendation from lovers and true appreclators of music present. The 'coee* mane ana me operatic lmicauou were <^MjCoo<i. ?nd need to be seen to be fully appre 4UP?1 Some of these thing* will be done over The Ikskfks??iblb CosrLici ?Last evening, sbcut half paat five, a young roan passing up New r* Jersey avenue froui the depot, was attacked with clubs and atone* by a party of drunken men who ahouied "kill the a?d republican son of a bitch," and prrated him ao closely that he waa compelled , f? self defence to u?e hia revolver. After firing two iboti without taking effect, he started on a ran for the Capitol, and darting up theatepa, van ished in the north door and escaped at the aouth wing The drunken crew were brought up Standing by the watchman at the door, who be came at once the (object of their special anger, and for a few momenta a row seemra rather pro bable. It waa remarkable that no dsmage was 4 done to the windows of the Capitol, as a perfect itorm nf brickbats and navlnv itnnM w?re hurljul a against It Ute young man approached the door, beveral arm's were made, but the young man, 4oubtless, has not yet (topped running. f Ainmi AT TM? PixiTHTiiiT ?United tale* Vartb*l Moreo, of Key West, baa aent on kv his deputies four negro sailora to the District mi Columbia Penitentiary, for tbecrime of mutiny os board of an American ship, named the Ch^m (On. oa the high aeaa. The ship belonged to ''Boston, and contained eleven sailors, all black, fid are from Canada, with the exception of one, 'Who says that be was born and raised at Liverpool. ,*m Cbhtkal Gciihoosi Casks.?Richard Lee, Arunk and disorderly; fine and coats, 94 15. John " tea. do ; do. >2 12. Harry Shaw, (col.,) do ; 96 15 PP. Hoock, carrying concealed pons, do fell. M Coyle, throwing stonea; a do S3 15 Wiu. Masaey, drank and disorderly; ; do f* 15 Jerry slmmea, (col.,) do.; tea *t^pes. W _ n . ... * mm - " ' -? - AlIITALOr . ?!?. ?1U? <H.<r>twun? Act vrived in this city laat night, in the 6 o'clock -fcln, wm! waa quietly received at tbe Depot by Mr Seward and Mr Waahburne, of Illinois We Vttderatand that Mr. Hamlia baa taken a auit of rooms at tbe Washington House, corner of Third street and Penaaylvauia avenue. *!* Exaisiriox of tbe pupil* of tbe inatltotioo tor ibe deal and dumb and blind, announced ?I 1 | Ovm VolCht*** Mm itia ?The parade yester day: on vine ed everybody bere who wltnesaed It, tbat we have ?uch an inatitutioa aa volunteer mi litia In the Diatrlct of Columbia. Previously, the ?ii??tion of whether *t had apank enough at the pdrral Capital to make a creditable turn out of well drilled offlcera and men, waa a debated one Fifteen companies of volunteera pnraded oar atrteta yr*ter<1ay, nearly all of tbem full; all of ttiern well offlrf-red, and the entire affair panned off moat aatiafactoclly. So much for having proper and efflcientmen at the head ofanch move menta. Brigadier General Bacon, under wbme rhartra Im?it! ~11 ??? * 1 whoi^v ? ? y>-i*s<iv*?r wn? maur, WM T* CI 1 III pfUTU'U by Col Tait. of the Firet Regiment; Col Davia end l.leut Col. Schw?rz?aian, of the Second Regiment; Major Wall, General'* Aid; Major Lverett, and Brigade Quartermaster Bartholow Police ?Before Jmstict i)?i? ?YeiteriSc-S-r; John Fearce was standing in the street talking with some acq ual ntances upon the secession topic, and declared that he could ' whip any d?d se cessionist " This aroused the ire of two of the Auxiliary Guards, not In uniform, who were standing by. One of them exclaimed " take the son of a b?b to the watch-honae." Both seized him by the collar, and he went to the station. Justice Donn h< ard both aides of the case, and fully dismissed Mr. Fearce. Johd O'Bryan was Mrr^atarl Kir aiiasdaman W ?# ????I ?* ? .. guuiu?iuuu ?f iui iniuwiu^ avunm, fined f'J 15 George Langlev and Tbos William ton were arrested bv policeman Bright for fight ing in the Seventh Ward; Lang'.ey was lined 92 ana Williama 81 M. It la important that every person in the city should refer to the list of letters in to-day's Star, and subsequent liata during the stay of the great number of visitors now in the city. The great number of names similar to those of our citizens, bave caused Post Office clerks to uee great care that no letters be Sent oat unless the names be per fectly familiar, and in ao doing It cannot be thought strange if the letters of some of our old citizens are advertised. A MKKTisr, ofthecitizensof Waanlngton county, held at Burnett's, Seventh street road, on Thurs dav afternoon, the 21?t inst.,toform a company of "cavalry in connection with the militia or the District of Columbia, was organized by the elec tion of E. J. Middleton, Captain; Alfred Ray, 1st Lieutenant; Henry Queen,'2d do ; Theodore Masher, ;ld do : Dr John C. Fairfax, Surgeon; Jesse B. Haw, Ensign. A Grand Concert in tub Inauguration Ball Koom.?Our enterprising neighbor, Metzerott, bat, we henr, contracted for the us#r>f the Inaugu ration Ball-room, for the purpose of giving a "rand concert on the night of the 5th or March, lie Intends to secure tbe beet musical talent pro* curable, and give a concert on a scale of magnifi cence worthy of the place and the occasion. Thi Inauguration Ball Room la getting on famously. Tbe roof Is nearly finished and at 14 o'clock to-day the floor of the dancing saloon was all laid. The upholsterers will be at work upon the drapery ana decorations at once, and the building will be completed In all likelihood seme days before the 1th of March. Mr. Rarey's Card?Parties owning vicious or badlv broken horses, and feeling interested in iny system of subjugating them, will confer a special favor by sending me their address at Mrs. Weedon'?22l Penn. avenue. 3t John S. Rarey. The Par*dk ?vv? ? ? mmwrnrmm a . ?T V 1 IIDU f CUCUUy omitted to mention. In our report of the parade yesterday, that tbe Georgetown Battalion was commanded by that efficient and tine-looking officer, Lieutenant Colonel Holllngsworth. Have you seen those Album Cants, taken with a beautiful fancy background, that Wbitehurst, 434 Pennsylvania avenue, Is daily making? Kemember his price* are arranged to suit the times. 2t# Thiatxr.?A great house last night, and the play of the "Hidden Hand," with MissGoujjen h?iin as "Capitola," went off with prodigious eclat. It is to be repeated to-night. Wants to Dtk in the Uxion. I shall bo p rased to dye in t..e < apit&l of this Un on all oolors on a I kind* of ladiev and xontie men's apparel. \V. H Wiieatlky, Dyer, No. 383 south side Peon. avenue, between 4?t aud 6lh *ts, I.o >k out for the Blue Sign under the window, f- 23 9: Dieiso to Li vs. Gentlemen, if you want adycing man to Jive, have year coats iant? au<l vests nioely cleaned or re ooloreaatVV. H. VVhkatley>, rtram Pyer ar.d Scourer, No. 393 south ? ?! Penn av cue, b^twwen 4'? and 6*h sta. Look out fjr the Bine Hign uuder the window. u3S 9t AnnTCii Nicst or Cor?T*Rr*iTSK?.? Beware of t o?'o? ? Informal"!.>n naviug been reosived by th' proprietors of Hostetter'a momach H;tt-;rs tiiat their oel brared restorative has been extendi vey o- ui.ter eit d, we reor>min?nd the thousands who aredaily applying f?r it at the drux stores in all Cfcrts oi th? u'ni n, to ?ee that every bottle they buy ?ara upon its labl a fao airriiw of the proprietors' ?i,n%ture, acd has the words 4 Iloit ttei's Stomach Kitu r?" unissued on the class of the bottle, and impressed on the cover of the oork. As a remedy for freb'enees aud debility in youth or ace, for dya p p ia, liv-r complaint, tiiairhrca, djspur-rv, r>?r voumi s'. imperfect <tige>ti n.and for ajI tfie diffi ou tie* l'-cide t -o every oris:* of fr ma e life, Hos teiter'a Br.ters a>e the most oelebrated of the prep arations for similar pjrpo?es now before the world. For sale by drugguta and d?a!era generally every where. fe 20 eo3t I K WItTAR'S tiALSAM OF WILD CHKRBY. Virginia Tbstimo*t. C-rtifinate f'oin Mr. Norborne Norton, of the Examiner Office, Richmond : Ktcimojin Va , Feb. 23,18fi0. M""!1 S. W Firflt f Co. Rorton Uea'l in n: I vitii plasura t stiff to the great m-rit nf Tour invHn*?.le lunif ni dicn*. Dr. Wts tnr's Hi-fun <f WtH Cherry, which is likewise hwlily vi u d i y insn* of o>ir esteemed citizens, wiio have le t-d its virtue- by trial. I ti ct in via use of th s B l<a.i. some three tp?m iro< tot a violent a d di t e*sing cough. whi h b.flleitie skill of physicians aiid torn joy,ex p-ri ''i-o'<l icnh gratifying r* li-f as to induce me to p r evne in its I always k'-e9 it by ine, a d ever ti d it to bt ui.fai in* in iti ?'fl'?cts. No medi cine t-a I have ever used has given such'pe-dy relief. Yours truly, Nckborsk Moiio.i. PreparH t>* ><?th \V. Fowle A. Co., Boston, and for sale in Washington oit* O. Stott, S. B. Waite Z. D. Oilman, John Schwane. Nairn A I'a.rner, John WiI^t, J B. Moore, and ti. H. MoPherson; in Georgetown by K . S. T. Ciss-ll, and G. M. ft J. Southron, and by druggists everywhere, fe 19 Iwj CoroH? -"The sudden changes of our climate are o-ireu of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Afectiom. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act sp?edily and oertainly when takm in the t arljr states of the disease, reoourse .k^.,1,1 ? k.J is r* y _ b ? - ? B'lvuiu unuo wo iiau w z1' inx>a 9 Dfencniai Trof.k'*,'" or Lozenges. let the Cold, Congh, or Ir ritation of the Throat be ever ao alight, an by this precaution a more serious attaok mar be effectually warded off*. Public S fakers and Stngtrs Will find them effectual for clearing and streng'.henine the voice. See advertisement. de 1-ly Hombofathic Kkmkdim All of Dr. Humphrey* A Co.'s specifio Ho meopatiHO Remedies put up expresaly for family use, in bozea, at 36 and So oenta each. Also, in oaaea, containing SO viala, from 94 to 95 each, with book of fnll directiona. For aale by /. ft. Gilinan, 3^0 Fa. avenne, wholesale and retail arent; W. A. Pitzgeralti. 333 north F street; a!eo by F. H. Winter, corner of Massachusetts ave nue and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Extract qf Witch Hax*l,tor internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ma9-ly Rkadkk, have you seen Prof. Wood'a advertise m^iit in our paper. Rea>' it; it will intereat you. au aj-ecly PlIflTlKS. Peraons desiring pennies will alwaya find them for exchange at the Star Offioe counter. tf To thb Arrlictkd !?ll? sure to read the adver tisement of McLean's Strenglnemng Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf HARRIED. *>n th?2i*t instant- by R?v. W. Roby, Mr. WM, BROOK EDMONSTONto Miu MARGARET ANN HURST,alio? Georgetown, D.C. DIED, On the22d instant. JAMKS, in the 26th year of hi* a**, on y son of Walter and Ellen Link*. May he r*at in p*aoe. Hi* funeral will take plaoe <>n Sunday, 34th in stant, at 2 o'clock, from the reel enoe of hie pa rent* on E street, between 2l*t and 23d at*, west, to which the friend* and acquaintances of the family are invited to attend, without further no tice. * On tin 23d instarr. Miss SARAH W. RIALS, la the lith year of bar age. Dearest daughter thou haat left us. We tjy losado deeply feel ; But 'tis G"d that hath bereft us? He can all our sorrow* heal. The frieada of tha family are r*np?ctfully invited to attend her funeral, to morrow (Bundav) after aoon, at t o'o.oak, from the reaidence. No. 291 Pa. avenue. On the worning of the 23d instant, 2n minutes paat D ... P I I V I'fi ffKi r ... "Zjf j v wiwai n?vi cut i mi mc iin ymr ui hi* a*e. altera painful illn??* of7 wtekr, which he Dor? with ohri*M?n fo tcude. The fr eed* of thi tamuy are invited to attetd hie fjneral, from Aabury Chapel, on Monday, at two o'olook. On the *?d instant, at 4^ o'olook, MILLY 9AN FOKD, in the 7$th tear of her a<e. The re.ativa* and friend* of the family are re ap ctful.y iavited to attend her funeral, on Sunday a te n<>on, at haif-pa-tto'alook, from the re*iden"e of her a<n-in-'aw, W. A. GriJti-h, on Ninth street, between G and H. * On the 21 et instant, BENEDICT RANDOM, long known a* a reeid nt of the Firat Ward. The friend* of the family a-e invited to att nd hia fnn-raJ, from hie late rxtKlenoe,corner of I and 21it tref t* weet, on Sunday, Mta, at 3 o'olook p. m. fe?-a JUST RECEIVED AT FRENCH * RICH STEIN. 878 Penn. avenue, Washington. 'T'he t*ickwiok Paper*." being the hrat of the elegant boutohould edition of the worke of Charles I>iek en*: illustrated by T. O. C. Dar e? and John ml. b?ru K i voi?ul* pr. m. CaJJ ; d ?x wait* them. Also. % n*w ?upj>lf of IHrUy'a lil unrated Cow p?r, tit* biiMt edition published. fe l IN GOOD SECOND jo, new Piano* U piio? C2RKAT BARGAIN* IN GOOD 8ECOND * H AND PUN-'S. Also, new Piano. at p.ioa. to suit the Ubm. Cail ud r? fc IS IMfl. tttV rmmr-n \ RemainiS?F(f0?, Washington City, d. C., February JS, mi. [Ordered to b? inserted id th? EmiNt Sr*m, it being the aawipaper having the largott >ircui*tioc of any daily paper published in Washiiuton.) All persons applying for letters iu Ike fo!lov ing lift, will please ut th?T are mnn<iD. LADIES' LIST. Adams, MiuAddii Korrm.MraCrsw'd Roach, Mm Jot M U.?rwoutl,Mi*aAlt>i Rom, R?bscc? Addison,MiaaBaKi* A Rowland,MmL <uim K Gordon, MwaM'y M J Uliil X LliiUCill o Allen, KmC Amos, W U Applston, Will Appltton.T D Adams, Tbos A tkiosoii, Turatr Ailuni, Theo Abbott, Thoe Atcorn, Jno Ath, Jtcob (inner, J no Graham, Jno A Goodrich, J L Gilliss. Juo P Gibbous, Geo T Gr.ih.ini, Geo W Glerioui. Geo Grimes, Ge? D Gather, Francil Garrison, O K Arnold, Isaac N?3 Grohnwald,C E Appleby, J?s H Gesford, Chas Ai'irk.H Grander, BP?3 Aiwater, Geo M Geit.nger, B P Ashmua(Geo Gardner, Addison Arruestead, 1'r.inek Groshoo, Aug W Appleioii, Dnul F i Helretian, Cooled Albright, Chas Rep of Alexander, C A Harper, W C Allen, Chae Hariejr, Will B Allen, A T Hughes, Wui A Abercrombie, A R Hardin, Win U13 1. Pratt, Jim T?8 Pugh, Joseph Polk, Jainee Pennington, J F Pattou, John?3 Powell, James Palmer, J M Parmelee, T N?i Pettit, John Perciral, Geo Philips, G Jeukia Parker, G A Picket, Geo B Porte r.MaiPuxJobu Phillips, P A Perine, Franklin?S 'a Powell,Urd Sergt t Perry, l> B Page, Beu P Perkins, Benj W Parker, A Rickette, Win Blanchard. V* in U Bartlett, Wath'n Burdon, Wm Buraon. W W Barker, Wilton 0 Brown, Wm E Bowler, Thoe K Browned, Capt T Bogen, Thoe Blake, 8 H?2 Be in, Saml 8 Baker, Stephen? 1 Browu, 8 T BUke, Saml Bell, Col Saml BUkeiy, R Beurne, R P Browumjr, O H Barton, Oliver C Beiter, Norman 8 Beuuett, N S Brown, N S Borden, M Bache, Lt Bngge, J R Botie, Jno Minor?3 Burr, Jno Blyfh, iu Beuy, Jno A Be?th. Jno W Holmou, Henry, W P Hutctu .gi, Wm E Harritou, Thot Holder, 8 P Hampton, Jit W Harrington, 8 H?1 Hoi ton, Kobt Halter, Riclxi Hughei, Robl Hitchcock, P W?6 Harberger, M Hanchet, Luther?S lUyi, A J Home, J H Herman, J P Hick ley, J Hamilton, Jno Hulliday, J P-2 Harmon, J J Howard, J M Hermou,J P Hanaker, Joe Hickey,Jno G Hickman, J R Hogan, Jno Hemplnll, Jai Hiiencock, Joe Heiakili, J B Hourh. H?'2 Kutiiou, wm a Richaidion, W A Robert*, W Rogers, Wm B Ryou, W U1 Root, R C Richardenn GenRV2 Robe rta, M P Renney, Maunce Roreri, Lewie Rolir, 1 G Reed,J E Route, J T Rice, John H Rice, Johu M Reditrake, W J Roby, J II Ripfy,Jae L Rice, Henry Rider, Geo'P?2 Roee, D G Randell.CH Rhodea, C C Rater, Cnoe?2 Rutieil, C A Rundeli, C H Reed, Abner Rodger* K.eward, W A Slienherd. W J it C Buc ki;i/lum, Jno T Beckiiain, J it Braddock, Jno Browutil, Isaac Bergtn ?nt Josf ph fJrnjaiiilii, J OS 0 B tker, Jas H?*2 Bailj, Jot Bogan,Jno K Bowen, Jas L Breckenridge, J B Bond,H B Broadhevi, H C Brook. Howard Bonuham, H 8 Berry,Geo A Boweu, G?o W Berg, tico Barry, lien R-2 Browtiior, li 1?3 Billn g, t redenck Bernmb, Kr von Bate*, Edwd?3 Baruuin, K B Bc*ird, K G Berryman, E L P.rn.n n P?J HallT Milliard Hill, Geo 8 Heaiey, O H A Hastiii?s, Geo H tir, Geo O HurM, t Hiydeu, F V llorrell, K M-2 Hall, Edward Hays, Echo Hat irda D L Hart, Dr Haskill, C T?'2 Hall, C >1 Hottsiellee, Chat Hess, C D Harrestein. C Haney,Judge Chat Hill, Andersou Hirlan, A H tckerns, A Haden, A D Jones, Win Ingraham, W P Jar vie, J .?mea Jr St rs, At N Johnson, R*? P A Iai. ? a t) wr *n Small wood, W Selltrger, W Heirs, W L Sailer, W Sir un, W T Snatiack, W P Small, Wiu Sotheroi-, W B Simoie, Cap W K Sen fl , Thos T Sherman, I)r S Strong, Sylvester Smith, Saml A K'eminou, Saml Shellaberger, S Sitcer, S W Seldiu, Robt Schuyler, P Hull I van, Pat Su.enuker, Pierca Stall worth, Nicolas Stecke,M Cke*er, Col M Sbaughueasay, M Smith, >1 Sneedy, Martm Suiiih, Moaes bickel, D A-a Brown, A P Bun ton, D A fiorc?,ChM Bonsall, C burt, Cramer?1 Barou, Chat (i Bishop, Cha* K Briukman, Chit bajley, Ben) bsrthoucl, A P B^rrj, Arthur Choppin, Wiu Chrk, Wm R Cromn, Wm H Currier, VI m Collins, W H Couuei, Johanuss Cutmnui rs,Thos W loyler, Ric'id M Campbell, Richd Cronin, Roht R Cla&tou, R W Caasse, P Conell, P*t Coy Is, P-t Clayton, P C Ju?M, N B-.3 linhrit Johnson, Jno N Jacsson,las H Juiuptrtx, H Johnson, Jos lugieson,J R, Henry S Johusou, H P Julian, Geo W Jumps, L Jutiusou, t Jones, A Kibtey, W D K.sley, W H?2 Km*. W KayuOt, W F Knot,W J Keller. 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Col >1 Lane,John L Htiniey, Geo Blajel, K?2 Steel, Krauklin ftst-ickton, h C htr !U?a, C A1 bmun, fcl N Spilluiaii, ii Schuabel, L B? 2 Siurjresa, Edward Stoke*,Ah*l Saioman, U Speuce, Cbaa bu iih, A Jackaon fc?iker, Cha? s Snyder. Ciadou Mkiuiier, U f Sterling, Ctiaa R Tlioru;oii, Tom i'a* d VUHCI,^ V Chamberlnia, J P Campbell, Jaa Crawford, Juo P Clark,H F Clarke, Ueo W?4 Chaae,Ueo W Croe well, Edwin Cowan, E Cheesman, D W Carter, D K Carter, I) A Cad wall, if CliveUii^, C F Coleman, C Curtia, Ch.ta T Carr, W B Crary, A C?2 Crana, Dr Albert 6 Co linaworth, A L> Cleveland, A A Colboro, Abuer liuuu, 1% i lie Uuuit,ReT W T Dodiioci, Wilha Luui. John Geo Lord, Ka? John Lyude, M ?j J N Latta, J M Law, Judfra Lotif, Ja? U Luckett, Joe J Lorick, J a* A W

Loraeinan, John Lane, Heury L?5 Lew... K VV H Livelette,Com?AF Lawrte, h McLaughlin, Pat McCaiiy, P F McNarnar*, Patt Mr M ihon, Michael Molony, Michael Murphy, Murphy Meech. P W Moloney, P Merian, Lewis Moore, John K?J Miles, James 1_- A V.. I iwi , I u Tormgttou, Ph Turner, Thoa Turner, Sitol R Thompson, R i) Trowbridge, R C Tomukiu*, P J]?% Todu,Juo Troael, Jca P 2 Thompson, Juo H Taylor, J T Thorapaon, J no H Trine, Henry Threckntls, Henry Taylor, Henry Truatee, M L Turpiu, E A Tiggeit, David?7 Towusend, Dwirbt Tyler, C N T rmohoaky 8 tunde "a Van Buskirk, 8 Vnrro, Piof Van Horn, Juo W Veriuiiiiun, Jas~~2 J'luieii n o U*ueho><(,W W burner. T A Da?is, Timothy Dorsey k Kouu Duii, f C Davidson, Nat i1 >. > Mr Devhrif, Mien Dupree, L 1 Dituii, Jacob D Davis, jno H l)?rbor, J??aa K Douglas, Henry Duprey, Heury W Doyle, Prancie Dauiela, Prof Ed Deckerson, E N Deckioeon, Edwd Dano, E W?a Davis, Edvd M Dainsls, Edwd Davis, David?S Doer, Denning DeUu?, Columbus Dove, B M Dauu ft Butler Edwards, Richd Edwards, L A Eekfelat, J no M-2 Eletou, J C Emrich, Henry Emert. Geo iTKI/UWIII, l/[ JH1 ? anir II c , J Q Murray, Jae B Vale, Joe M iaou, J K Van Br^krt, Juo Miller, Jacob Villard, Heury?i Murray,Jas D,L"SN Vaiideverr, i. Miller, Jae J Wiuder, W H M.irlow, Mr Walker, W >' Martiu, JuNu L Week*, W II Mitchell, James Whitney, W R M.iiwell, Heury 0 Whittlesey, W A Myer, GeoC Webb, W H IV. ears, P Ward, UWH Murdoch, P B?S Warlord, V R My era, franklin > White, Thoe My ere, Rev (i H Wilson, T R McCaiiu, Edwaro Washington, F A McCarty, D R Wilaou, SO MakepeaceDavidB3Wallacn, 8 McDonnell, Christ Williamson, S O McCarty, Ch*a I Waters,RP M-tcaleeter, C Williams, Rich Mitchell, Chae B Woodrick, R Myere, Chae G Watiou. R R McDauiel, Albert Wright, R McKimm, Dr A 8 Whiting, Pat Morreil, Anson P 3 Williams, Or inn Merrett, Ll W Mitchell, W H McInure, Win McLeod, Wm McKe nuoti, Wm Moeller, Wm P Mslcolui, W B Weill, M Wigiiir, Mr Waason, M Wells, M L. Williams, L A Wright, J W W lies, j is EJ(tu,OioW Miller, Hillard M W enu, J W K?UI. Krtd Moore, Kev Win H Waddle, J C Kiliworlh, ? E Mitchell, W M W hippel, Jno Elite, ? W H?i Mirtiu, Thue B Wieritueke, j Erwiu, Chae H Muou, T B Wilaon, Jno Enf uah, Cnpt Mnwell.T H W illume, J K Edimaton, A A McDonald, Thoe C Whiting, Juo Fowler, Irmet ft Co McNair, Shepherd Weber, J P Franklin, Win Mjrere, R B Wilaon, J Flyuu, Thoe Martha!., R H Wallace, Juo W Frieby, Ruaaell Mtlltr, Kiuou Wuofii, Henrt B ford, Pat McKinoer, Kobt 1 White, Heur* F Ford, Mania Miller. M B Wilh-une, H C Ford, Mich Moloney .Tlioe orSte Welti, H Fitsrerald, Mich Martin, 8 U White, Geo Fleet, Jno Newton, WmO Wer.e, Prank Fowler, Jae I Nichole ft Wheeler Warren, Piu Henr* Fremont, J C Norru, Wm Wright, Frank Paruajn, Henry Nichole. 1 P?t Winter, PB i Fogg, Geo Q Power, Edward Priltf, Or PorbM, Cbu Picklm, B P Oiu, Dr W W ?I Geffroj, W V Gray, Dr W H Galiif ber, Thoe Groea.T B Gordou, Smith Gtoweki, C 8 Giddinfe, 8 Garlul, R & Gr>bin,& H Grow, Minu Gilt*, Jmo Grim**, J W Note, Jee E NeUoo.J ftl Norton, Ch?? B Northrop, A B Nilaac, Alex H Olircr. Thus O'Reille/ Thoe O'Brien, Maubew Orr. James O'Conner, John O'Rtl, G H Oriaui, Domioito P?t?i Cept Win J Porter, W O Parker, 8 W Peuu, Semi M?* Peua.RA ? Porte r^Dr R H Webeter, E D?it W iliou, ? C Wullenbucher, E Waruer, Ed in Wertbeiuue, B?4 Webeter, U U Wenue, ? W Walen, E p Worcester, D J Wileoii,C ? Winder, Cbee 8 W.ltoii, Clue W Wright, Cr.iite J?I W.ltou.C W Wilkinsou, A t? Worrell, Alei-1 White, Albert? Young, Howard H UMdili, >BO I*? rtf?, r Tttiu, Wiliim (ttlkcrl, Uuc P*u41?toa, N O T?u|, Ju* A Giddian, J R? Psrrisk, Mr Yon(, J J GoodllUUffa, J M PUU.JoSSph Yo??f, J.S fSks/Wt miscellaneous ?P m Briiuo; To the PrMtltal rf tk* Q rut it* Cutters Association; Ssc'jr Washiafloii No. ft, L O. O. P-f 'Aduo " HTLmm nut m all caiks uPtirm. *?i>a3 wm. junks. r. m. a MSW L>uT OF 8 RING UA1& JiT^f ffewsaaur ,w'To* "iMsr.;' Adim*,Mi**Rich?l liroaa, Md* 8?r?h Robrrti. Mr? Sarah Birch. Mri Rom UroM, MraJoiephui Spring rr, Mri R* Belt, M?r; E Ueowen, Mm A betci Brwti, Mri Jan* Henrr.Mn Marjr A 8muh, Mr* M fUrki,Miutl>len'< Heart, Mra K L) Sloan, Mri Ratu A lindlUld, Ann Howard,MiuAumt 8toii, Mri Jno nm, Mri JaliaA W IHU, Mra ? J IWckua, Mri J?ha Haape, Mri H fUndfoH.MraFanor DinilT.MniMarr V Johnnx. ,M riLt una Stewart,Mia* M'y fc Bamb?rf*r, Mri M ,Mn.S irah Sinclair, Mm Sar?b V Kidweli.Mm Loo'.i Franc ? Bak*r,MraR*b?cea Kidwell.MmMa'ioaStrother, Mn Lac* Balcock,Mn (JioD Uncuttr, Mlii M Towtr*, Mn tmh Burin, Mra Ann Littell.MnColuin'* Taylor, Mm Virj'i* CliSord, Mra B Link, M igdaiina Turpm.Mm M iuiu* Cunningham, Miu Lie, Mm Frank* Tucker, Mn Mao MoUi* Morn, Mn Elm- rice vaiu?n. uiiii'iai r uidi n invmni, huh Nllil AM. Marah*ll,MiaeSarali A Chieholm, Mix Manahan.MiaaCaUl Thoiu.\e, Miaa Mar/ Emily Matbewa, Mri Jane Ann Careon, Mra Car'e K Thompeon,Mre Har Claytuo, Miaa Con Miller,Mre Mary A rict Collina, Mra Hattie Miller, Mra Mary J Vao Brrnuth.MraFr C MormjgMiuMu; Woodi.Miaat'rtncia Crocker, Mr* Ellen Morgaa.Miea Qeoc- Wall, Mra Michael Cahill, Haauora reauna Wade, MraHanoaiA Derly. Mra MacUill MraEmily Wood a, Mra Ariou l>eiuiieo?, Mra Attn McClare, Elii'ui Williarae, Mra W H Dunne, Miaa B McRea, MreJae Webaicr, M;ee Vir'a Ellia.Mra Mary CB Norton,Miaa Mollit Wallace, MraJahaP Ererline, Mra Payne, Mm Roea Whitnty.Miaa Huaie Charley Peal, Mre Carolina E Eikdi, Mra Jane B Plimpton, Miaa H H Wincheeter, Miee farmer,Mra Louie* Prater,Mre MaryE Alice L 1'itihofh.MraSattie Run, Aliaa Sirah Williaiue, Miaa 8v J Rice, Miae Annie rah A ncVTi n tr i? *? ia r arm AMUSEMKNTS. QDD FELLOWS' HALL! StTtegn Performert, U>'?q*nJci and Iunm parabl< BIX NIGHTS ONLY, Comment * MONDAY EWNING, Pi*.*. CiiA?es or rftcx?itAii*? N.guily. Donb'e Troup* and Hrk>i Bud of Duprez St Grcen'i flricrinol W-?- A_l J 1 vxg.uai now uneans huu meiropoi ltan Burlesque Opera Troupe W li give Si* Grand Ethiopian Courts at tba above hall, introdven g each evening an entirely r'f w (election of Aota, reiecied from the geina oI E'hiopian Min?tret*y. Grand Serenade ?>abh evening in 'rout of the hall previous to openinc the doore, by the Mew Orleans and Metropoli an Troupe's flrats Band, led by Mr. J P**1T. D' ora open at 7; Conoer I to cmmcnoe at nutrter of i o'clock precisely. Aomitaion oenta: reserved reals V> cent". C. H. llUPREZ, _fj 23 71 Manager and Bu*Uie?? Arii'. COLUMBIA INSTITUTION FOX THE DEAF AND DUMB, AND THE BLIND. An EXHIBITION of the pupils of this Inatitu tion will be given in the lecture rcom of the Smith sonian In<titntfon on TUESDAY EVENING. February 26th, commencing at half past 7 o'cl >ck. The public are invited to attend. fe 23-3t JOllIi S. RAREY Respectfully Announces that he will give HIS FIRST LECTURE AND EXHIBITIOX OF HORSE-TAMING Ix Washington On WEDNESDAY EVENING. Feb.27. At ha'f past seven, I* a Mammoth Bcilping Now being erects express'* for the occas.on, at a great expense, on the eit* of the O.d Natiocal Theater, E street, near Pa. avenue. No pains will l>e spaiei in rendering the building STRONG, cow Kill R**T, au(I COM FORT A BI.E. ltWll| b9 P1RFKCTLT WATER-TIGHT, WELL IIRATKD, LIGHTED WITH OAS. Fl'RXIiHRD WITH THE MOST l-umfobtabi.k skats, and properly ventilated The Carpentnr's Work under the Mipsrmnend enoe of Messrs. En'.wistle a Birron ; Ga?-fittinic snd Plumbing by Messrs. Win, T. Dove & Co ; Water-tight r ofing Hy mr, Park?r ; aad Uphol stering by E. W. Simmons. This Leo'.ure will be practically illustrated by the introduction and subjcoation of the most vicioas aid da.noeeous horsxs which ca.i be PRODVCRD. The Horse"CRUISER," formerly the property of Lord Do'chester. of England, and ocoe renown?d is the most unmanageable hoiae in the world, hav mg defied and succsif l!y resisted for je\rs the efforts of the most oelebrat:?d hor?emen, but tamed by Mr. Rarey, and by his system now reduced to perleot tractability, will be exhibited. Also, the smallest Shetland Ponies in existence. Mr. Rarey guaranties the perfect order and de sorutn of this lecture. A full corps of ushers wili be engaged and every UiectioR paid to the comfort of ladies. Admission?Parquette $1; the rest of the house aiogue of Uuriosittes a*. I'r.tfiit Office List ol Pat ent*. Old Book* bought and fold Catalogue for nithed. ALFRED HlTNTER, Bookseller, fe22-lm* Willarde' Hotel Square. WANTS. A respectaale young woman wisbe-* a SITUA i ION as rnrse orchamb'r mai I. Best city rt-fe-encea c?u be given. A'IiSt-s Box N'o 'iO. >tar Offior, I * WANTED?A iood COOK, WASHER, and iRuNl'IK.ftt.'UO New Yo:kar. (Jo'id rec ommendations required. _ le2i WANTED?An e* COACHMAN to goSoiith. None bu' those who can Rive the m st raMsfa-'tory r^fcrenct* need a-ply at tie Foit Office of the United Stataa Senate. f?22-2t W AN TEI>?A WOMAN to o?>ok. waaii and ' iron, at No. 30* C t-treet, noar4>x >>t. fe21-3t* Wanted soon?aniphage of fi rm TURE, d'reot to Trenton, N. J , via De a ware river ani Delawae an 1 Karitan raual Any oan*i b"at. propeller, or oih r nai' tu c 'iiveyance, that will taVe ?aid freight to abov* toint on her re'uin t > N'?w York, will apply at the Post Offioe Department, Washington, D.C. <e21-3t* B EN J. NA A R. VI7ANTK0 IMMEDIATELY?From S5 to Sl0,n0n worth ol SECOND-HAND FIIRNI TURfi of all kinds, for which I will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and, an usual, at the shortest no 4IAA d Dnnui xr UUUlOi The sale of reserved neat ticket* for Mr. Rare;'a first lecture in Washington will commence Monday morning, February 25 at the office of the above building, E at., near Pa. avenue. fe 22-2t Grand musical soiree. For the Benefit of St. Matthew's Washington Infant Asylum, AT THI ?*MlTHSO!iia?f, monday EVENING, February 25. Pragrammi?Part I. 1 Sextett?Oweiture of Don Juan Mozart 2. Carita?Quartette and Cltorua f >r le male voices Roaami 3 Non fu Sogno?5olo from 1 Lombaroi Verdi 4. Cjuando di Sague tinto?Duet from Beliaario Donizetti 5. Bella F'glia?Quartette from R:gol?tti.. Verdi 6. Crowned with the tf in pout?Solo aud Chorus from Hernani Verdi Part II. 7. Sextett? Instrumental . 8. Ah tator? Duet from Lucia di Lamer moor Donizetti 9. Ceaaa una voita?Trio from Eliza e Claudin Mercadante in. Miserera?Solo and Chorus from 11 T\ ovst.ire Verdi 11. O'er the foreat, o'er mountain?Solo and Chorua from Mosea in Egppt ... Krssini Tickets to be had at the mnaia etoree and at the door. Doors open at7 o'clock; performance to com mence precisely at 8 fe 19.91 ,g,Z6 (1 -:tel.. States. Confed.) HllH nnn ? BLUE BOOK -Inform %p Hi on as to all the Offnea iu the sonnl'v. salary. 37 2 contain* trie same matter as tin Great Dine Book ooatinc $5 5K Oinittine the nanus which are not r.eocasary. Oat uw< i\. uuunij i ? Dealer in Furniture, Stove*. Ac., oc 9 40* 7th st.. bet. G and H east 117ANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. "? Per*ODi d?*o!ininu housekeeping, or havin* a surplus of Furniture on hard, can oiitain thecauh and /air pnoes by applying at 3tt9 Seventh rt. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. "LOST AND FOUND. (OST?Going from the corner of Thirteenth and j K st?. to New York avenne and Fifteenth t., aHng CASHMERE SCARF. with ?> ack oe-1 r I ?o!d c-nds. The finder will he rewarded hy t .'in? it at 3f:i H st., t> tween 13th and 14th sts. IO?T?On the 3d instant, a white and grey ItuII < terrier PUP, 6 month- ol?i; whit' fao*,<?^_ j with a It.ey *pot arorrd the right < yo cropprd ears; answers to the name of? =?? Hero. A ljb?-ra' rewvil will h* given to any one returning him to No. 6*3 Sevor th ?t.. Island. U* Estray.?Came to my premises. on Kidge at, between Maud N su , about 9 '*i" g|t fJI ago, a mail red (horn?d> COW. 'rha]Mf* owner will p'rase ooroe forward, pr >v( AmJrnmm property, pay charge* and take he' nws v. f?2l 3f MICHAEL lynch. BOARDING. A FEW TRANSIENT boarders can re aooomiuoq%t?d at No. -2* street. fa 23 1 w* BOARDING.?Persona de*iroua of a o wr.lorta b e home oan obtain jooJ Hoard and pleaaaut Apartment* on F street, No. .139. between tth and loth *ta. Ttble Boar :era oan alao be accommo dated. Term* reasonable. ff 5-iw FOR 8ALE AND RENT. For rent?Bix large (unfurnished1 ROOMS, O?0r our 2AU P* iranna K*?wuan Ui h and lt'th at*. foa3 lw JOHN R. KLVANS. I/OR RENT?4 larK?, nicely fnrmahrd CHAM BfcRH and two PAKL.OR8. at No. 433 Sev enth at.. hetwoeu G anil H ?U., wMt aide. f.-? lw* 'I'O LE T?FURNISHED APARTMENTS-A 1 Parlor and < 'hamtmr, or two Cha r>bera ; loca tion very deki.ahlb aud eleaaant?4?0 New York av. ?erond door from '5th at, and near the Pre?i dent'a Grounda and State Department. fe 21 31 FOR RENT-A three atory briok HOUSE, oon Uuntng 8 rooma. in good o/der, with gaa fix ture* ootnplete, on H street, between 4th and 5th. Alao, a two-atory brick COTTAGE, with large yard attached, oorner of P atreet north ant 14th at. ee*t. To runotual and refeabl* Uaanta the term* wiii be noderato. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between B and h. no 13 tf For IBf 1BDI? City HaL, r? J ? , aa aa offio*. Aiao the front room in the second > -ottnt*a> >T*?nne. la 13 tf I?OR RKNT?The fine BRICK houhfc No. r tOO WeitiL, Georgetown, at preeont ocou pied by the subscriber. It lias IS rooms, with gw water throughout, a fine yard, stable 4c , ar.a wjrn a^ood neighborhood. Apply to JA8. A. MA UKUUteK. i' GEORGETOWN. Correjrftulmti* / Tk* Star. Gboejitow:*. February *23, l?*t Wr wer* fortunate In wltneaaJng at Forrent Hall Thursday evening" moat pleaalng incident, br! ng thf |*?*rntat1on of a national tajr to the Carrion. ton Doom- Guard*, bv our Mtwmtd fellow-eltison Wit'it 9 C?x?\ Esq , on behalf of tbe ladies of the S rond \V ard of our city. Tu< company la a An# one, being composed of large, able-bodied, substantial cittlzeus. and tbe uniform consists of dark pants with red stripe, army overcoat and fatigue cap. At tbe boar appointed for tbe pre sentation. tbe company marched into tbe large room at Forrest Hall, and after drilling In a very creditable manner,were formed into line by Cspt Goddsrd, eliciting general adm.ration bjr tbeir soldierly appearance Tbe order being gWen to "present arms," Mr. Coxe stepped forward and said: Captain and soldiers of the Car ring ton Home r* j . is - ? * uuaru . ii a a orai me pleasure to be the organ of the ladle* of tbe Second Ward in present!ng to you this beautiful gift, the workmanship of their fair hands The present is a time of intense and psinful Interest to tbe patriot Mr Coxe then in eloquent terms depicted the unbounded freedom. substantial prosperity, tbe peace and plenty which prevailed throughout our Vorders a few months ago, and said, "but in a moment, as if Providence intended to rebuke our rridv, this fairest of human prospects is overcast. No foreign foe could have wrought the change. Those of our own hold bare done the evil work. Treason and re bellion, under the specious garb of wcresion are seeking to mar the plorlous handiwork of oar fathers" He then said our country In her hour of peril rellea upon her sturdy yeomen, and be was gratified to see bow promptly Georgetown responded to the call. He said there was no stronger sentiment with the soldier than devotion to his flag, and alluded In eloquent terms to the deeds of valor and heroism thetrlumphsacblrved In the shock of battle, or the peaceful pursuits of commerce, by our country's standara He re minded tbem tbls flag waa the gift of tbelr fair countrywomen, and buped they would rally around It in the path of duty and honor fant - - - " ...ruumu icspuuuru in urni ifrmi, returning the thanks of himself an?l company to Mr. Coxe, and through htm to the ladies. for their beautiful gift He alluded to the galaxy of thirty four stars on the fl?g, regretted there -re dis unlonlata Sortk and South, and said hia company, though compoted of men of all political partlea, contained none but I'nlon men, end he thought he would be sustained by them in saying tuat there waa not a man In the ranks who would rot abed hia blood In defense of hia country"! tl?_' That aymbol of our hopea he now held mliib be rent and torn in battle and blsckf-ned by the amoke of contllct. but they would atlll rally under ita folda. Capt Goddard (poke at come length, but we are unable to do him juatfee without making thla report too long The ensign ia of a fine but heavy quality of ailk, made up aa only ladies can do auch work. The thirteen stripe* are all there, and ao are the atara. arrayed on the blue field In a circle, inside of which are theeagle and uiciU) lur eagie oearinji in nis oea* a scroll with the Inscription. "Carrinnton Home Guards " Altogether. the gift Is a beautiful one, and the company have reason to be proud of It W e hope other ladies here will follow the ex ample of those cf the Second Ward, as they have heretofore given but small encouragement to the military Our city Councils were in session last evening cloeisg up the years' labor. and disposed of all the business before both boards previous to an adjournment sine 4u. lathe Board of Common Council a resolution of thanks to the Presideut (Mr. Pickrell) for the able and impartial manner in which he had presided, was offered by Mr. Ten ney In a few complimentary remarks, and puted unanimously. Mr. Pickrell responded in el? qutnt terms. Our local politicians are exerting themselves ac tively, vs Monday is election day. W e have three candidates for the Mivoraltv In ttip S?M ?n<( ih? friends of each are sanguine ai to tbe result. The contest will probably be a close one. Leave advertisements for tbe Star at Dr Geo. B Bernard's, or at Mr. Crandell's. GEORGETOWN ADVERT MTS r?^5="SOLDIERH:?The Lieut. Co onel, Adm it ? tant, Q uarterm%Rter, Surreon an-l i t ant Sure'on. tn a word, the staff of the Fir t George town Vo.unteer Battalion, has be?n app-unt <o from one company an<i from one class rf persons, ;m?anine r.o disrespect to the individuals nor class.) Th:* was do. e b caase th? pr>o ic^aiwms has prevailed of taking tbe staff irom the o dest coirp tny. and for other reasons which when official ly explained will appear ina? nifioeut. Mechanics in t ther companies, wnea it comes to yon to?1 ri val* a man tooompany or regimental < ffice, pif.oe th-re men whose aaxieties are the same as yonr*? your jo*i and troubles their joys and tr< ?b;ee? whose hcarts, by long association, heal in uni on with your own. AN OLD SOLDIER OF THE fA 9^ i it t*r L'j *? ni * " ?* UV it CiO t V> IjA ry"^ TO THE VOTERS OF GBC<R<JE< UJ} TOWN, D. C ? It having b??n statwby certain persona that I did not with t? be i candi date for the ofhoe of Ma>or. and that I did not care whether 1 was or not. thia is t? atat? that 1 da y aoo pted the nominati >n which was made by the only convention tuet 1 have he*rd of making at.y nomination a! ali, and that I am still a candi date and will he Rare to remain one until the o:ose of the elect-on. In all suoh maters I saeaic fi r my self, and give no authority ?f th* kind to my ene mim. (te21-3t) HEXKV ADDI-ON. TO THE PEOPLE OF GEORGKTOWN. ik3 We, the undersigned, members of a conven tion which lately assembled to nominate candi dates for the Mayoralty and Beard of Common Council at the ensuing municipal election, tmljr believe that there are many vote a who are desir ous to break down patty lines in our town govern ment, and destroy, if possible, the acerbity and bitterness of f-eling which has character!**! our local politics for some jra-s past In this belief we I acted, but a want of harmony in the convention, i and the subsequent withdrawa' ol our conserva tive candidate for the Mayoralty, Mr. Robert P. Dodge. rend-'r?d further nctioh neoeasary. Still entertaining the be'iet that a great nan Roud cm- i xeus aesito to vote lor candidate* treatise of Ihnr htoe*n for office irrespre iveol part* divuinns, we rofpootful * t" ih" profle ?'f Georgetown, for their lav rable conai-'eiation, the "Conserva tive I'nion Ticket" hereto appended. KKANCiS WHKATLKY, JOHN FOWLKR, JOS S SIMMES. fH KV A. SHINN, HEO. F. BOTCHER. JAMKS II. RID'JWaT. JOSEPH HKt NOLl>9. MAM'L OROP1.EY, JtiHN S. Hf>KV, CHARLES M. MATTHEWS, A. OFFU'I T. f?21 3t THOMAS DOXVLING. UNION CONSERVATIVE TICKET. For Mayor, WILLIAM KINO of Wil'iam. For Common Council. Wm. H- Godey, Etan Pickrell. Jamac 1. Barrett, I. Titon a* Davit, Joseph I.itihey, Sr., F. W. Jones, Johu T Banc*. John Stake*. H. L Offutt,' James Gcddard. William L. Dunlop, ID* are requested to state that the above A icket ?u intended lor pnblioation, in connection with the Card in the Star ofjesterd-y evening, but, bjr some nadvertenoe, was omitted t>/ or fail* t to be i-ent to that paper. fea-2t v?? GEORGETOWN M A Yt>R A LTY.-To prevent any doubt, at the instance ol my friends, I hereof rive notice that I shall not wrh itrav as a candidate for the mayoralty at the ensu irz flection. [y^*N(lTU'K.-lin thr Fourth Miibdajr o' tins 1, ? morth?beinu the 2Sth m'tant?a.: will Ikj h-ld in th* several precmtn ol Georgetown, for Mayor of the Town, ard foi eltven members to oomposethe Board of Common Council. fe 14?tf RICHARD R. CRAWFORD. fe iS 3ta? 11 WM. LAIRD. Clerk. rfc #00 BBI b. PRIME CIDER LfAlLiY kxpectedjperactiooner Mary Ann MoGm irwm tiixton. Thia Cider ia A No. 1, and ia lor i?.e in lute U> auit purohaaera. ARNY & SHINN'S ff 2i Union Bottling l>?pot, Georgetown. \1 ACKKKEL, HERRING. I'l AND ALEWIVE9. 6 barrela Extra No. 1 UBkadOR HEKK1N6, AO do. No 1 do. do. 117 de. No. 3 Small MACKEREL. 73 do. No 3 Medium do. 15 hlf. bbla. do. do. do. 5 do. No. 1 do. 5?r. bbla No I do. lokitaNo. I do. lu sinal! kta No. 1 do. lo do. No. 1 SALMON 10 kita No 1 do. Ail of which we look for next week per echoorer Marjr Ann Maiee. and will be sold on piea?in< teriri* ou or before arrival. Also, in atore? Eaatport ami Hoc ton Herrinr, Gipped Herring, Mereiniohi Extra No. 1 Alewives to HARTLEY * BRO.. 99 and 101 Water at, Georgetown. App i to fe II iw /\KFICERi, PETTY OFFICERS. AND Sea - - ni'ii ?nv wvi v vti M wj MJ V O. ?Uip? *1 the oapture of u; ?l?y?r can b?r? their olaiaaa for s3r.72 4rlterS* Washington. D C. )* l?-tf EVERYBODY IN want of CI.OTHIN6, FURMSHING GOOUS, HaT* Mid CAPS, tould oome to smith's, No. 460 Mvoath at. Mw AM RARB CHANCE For bviiiai u School Beoka. Blank Booka, Mieoellaaeoua Books g^gaB@5^Ka3gm>a: selling oat to rwlaoa atoek. ja l?-ia Om I'R BONNETS, HATS, and flats of Ik* \ #tj l*t?at at) 1m, aiid in ail ? aaa nad*^| I c"LrVf?t^.v? THE LATEST NEWS. TEIiKQHAPClO. Later Irmm Eartp* Halifax, Feb JC ?The >l?nw Aoof-rtoa fVom Liverpool on tbr Mta Inst , Lit arrived hera, brl?g Injf ?34 two ! apaeto. mmtm ( Biuif riu>D nao ihvh m iviiunciv mi order* bad been mt to the Oowno* (*<-u?rml of Canada not to give up tbe fugitive Ande*ann to the I'nited State* Minorities. vlUiont e?f>n?<?r dera from tbe borne<><>rernineat I here is. there fore, no chance of lilt surrender without the point being fullv dlarusned The new Indian lau of XJjwQ.OW baa been awarded it^)( The prospectus of 'J an. air a Cotton CrMrnt" baa been Issued Tbe Bank of F.ngland baa ondet consideration a proposition for reducing tbe allowance for tba management of tbe national debt to ?VjUOfl a year. Tbe telegraph le cable from Otranto la Carfn baa been aaielr submerged The Paris Moalteur aaaoaacea tha aaaaaa'loa Monaca to France A reduction of rites by the Baak of Franca la shortly expected The King of Prussia Is to be crowned at Kaalga> > erg la Msy. The Parts Bonne < loaed on Saturday ?t <H fr. He. Strong column* of Sardinian t*oopa were marcb Iuk through L'mbria toward* N spies Disturbance* bare taken place at NopU, Aakeil ind AneUlDO The SUrveai ladlaat-Aa Alfectlag A^mI Atrmios. Kanaaa, Feb. ?A deputation from the Pottawatamlr*. conalatln? of three chiefs, same la yeeterday and applied for relief for their tribe After sitting a few momenta In <ieu Pom rroy'a office, Taaaorabarrc, a venerable chief, arose tnd aald? ' We have beard that you are a great fitter mt the whites, will yoo Vj?o?> a fhtherto mr Mars ing people* Two of dot trtbe are dead already, siid many are In danger of etarvatloe tf not Imme diately supplied Our wives and children were crying about ui when we left. They aald If tou -ome bark empty we will starve The annuities b.tve betn cut off?the traders will not *e?d ua food for we bare no money?our bosses and catt e ire dying, and we have no aeed to plant W? len our borne on LAke Michigan My wigwam itood where now it the great city of Chit ags. We were removed from Council Bluffs Ne?er in my life have 1 seen such suffering among my people If you help us we aiiall live, if Aot w* ihxll die." The chief ia a fine looking Indian, and spanks fluently and with grea emotion. He represented that i50 of hl> tribe were in the mod destitute con dition. which was corroborated by atateiaenta from that part of the country Gen I'omeroy loaded len wagon* for them with provision. whlob will last them till spring New Orleans ( s*Usi-H?i ? Affairs St Lori?, Feb it ? Messrs. Child. Pratt * fez ieny the report recently published that several thousand dollars' worth of English goods belong ing to them had been seized at New Orleans to tecure the duties A letter from the Collector at New Orleans to the Collector in this city says that the business ef Ks P.. *?>? U .* #W? / ? ?'??? 4- ? '"v vu??viii i v w?r a? iur luriun pio*-T im i uu - iuc'ed as heretofore except tt.*t transportation bonds are required to be executed Foreign Im portation! are in no wise Interrupted. North Carolina Lo|iilatarc Raleigh. Feb. ?A large amount of bust mm is yet unfinished, and the d iv fixed for adioaro ment has not yet been postponed. Two moro Railroad bills passed tbe House to*day The Revenue bill, with tbe Senate amendment, is now up in tbe House. Tbe contention U about tbe land tax. Much anxiety la felt here concerning the actio* of tbe Peace Congress. Lincoln's speeches are doing tbelr work of darkening the prospect. Still, all hope is not surrendered Michigan Repabiican (bsrestiea. Ditboit, Feb. 21 ?The Republican Pule Cob vention for the nomination of justices ol tbe So preme Court met at Lansing vterday and notn Miated Kaudoipb Manning for re-olectlon. Tbe Convention unanimously adopted resolutions fa vur the malnteoance of tbe ConatltuUon with put romproraiiM. Perfect harmony prevailed Tbe l^eglalature haa taken no further action rela tive to the appointment of Commiaatonera to tto Peace Convention, and none will be sent relrbratiaa la Ralrtfk. Raliigh. Feb. 22.?The In lot Clab are now mikttnj extensive drmona*ratluna In oAlrbrat ng the day. Waahtngtoa'a Farewell Addreaa baa been read, and fireworka dtaplayed. Tbe Legitla'ure are ruahtnff through with bogl nea*. a.d will certainly adjourn on Monday morning. The conteat for delegates to tbe Convention ii wax'.ug warm in Wake and aorae other countlaa. Pniuty i vauia Uea.crattc Ceaveatiea. i niLimi FH t, reo u ?iae rrnniyiwnit Democratic State Convention Uv-dsy unanimously adopted a series of revolution* ofiered by tbe Hon Ellis Lewis declaring la favor sovereign ty, expressing attac hoirut to tbe I? .i?n. snd rec ognizing tbe rights of tbe Sou lb In tbe Territories. A Committee was appointed to convey the resolu tions to tbe President, after which tbe Con rent! on adjourned. Msvsrnent*sf Mr l.lar?li Habbifbibg. Feb. '23.?Mr Lincoln started en B special train last night for \Vosbihgton, in con - equeuce of despatches requesting bis ..mnedist* presence there Fhiladb phi*. Teb 23.?Tbe populace are in i great eacltenirnt here to learn the caua* of Mr. LIdcoIii'i sudden niorrcifpt Antlhrr Krprkftal la Gr?r|la. Savannah. Feb. H ?Gov Browij vrvWdaf elzedtbe ships Martha J Ward, ILr bark Ad juster and tlie brig Harold, all belonging to elti I'M of New York Tbey will be rrtaluod until the armarecently seized at Now Vork abaU be delivered up to tbe New Vork authorities. The l>ay at New York New Voii, Feb VJ Tue weather here is clear and mild Flags are displayed throughout the clty^nd the military are out In full foroe S?lut>-i w?re tired this morning from varloaa Crfata. At nooo a salute was tired from the bat if. The Tweaty-MC*rd at Richmond Richmond. Feb Jfci.?Tbe anniversary of M ?b ingtnu's birthday waa well c?l*-braW hereto day. A full national aalute waa fir?d and tbe military paraded The American flag waa displayed, ud the day was generally observed as a holiday. Baltimore Mark?M Hti nioii. Feb. 23 ?Flour frm; Howard and Ohio #5.37; City Mills *5 12 Wb^t active and Arm; red ?l -2ial.31, white SI .45*1.65 Corn itrsdy; yellow 5* .6le. Provisions dull. meas pork PI7 5(i Lard lue Ci<Se? steady at H*al3c Whiaky Arm at lHc. Yarn Haiktu. ( N*w Yoke, Feb. *3?Flow ateadf Wheat ?t'?dy and generally unchauged Corn dull Pork quiet. Lard heavy. W tilaky quiet at 18c. Wood and Coal. GILTS' CITT 8TCAI FIKKVMI IIILI . UM COAL DEPOT, Foot or ^irtitTiuTi Stiut. War Depmrtmml. Cj" WOOD AND COAL of all and a. Wood pri par<-d to aait tha wanta of aaoh oaatooMr, or do livtr-d oord length. (ET ' ?I kept ta daJirarad fraa Toni tint* dirt.ud ntkar ibhiiuil I'eraoiu^ itUBtiM iitm to*11 ord?r?. frU-tf T. J. * W. M. OAI.T. MPOBT FOREIGN WlSKS^BhAyt^SS, GIN8, K, N^No.t. Ci^uji mm, noB-ly lyiucU, Hky L*rk?. V*lov J'lY* _ ?I Moc w Parrot ?o ( im ? d gny. 1 k?r? M ok lug Bird* E?4 Biuk Bird*. K<4 Birds, l)ov?i,* d nohoioki Pri?ea<M*uu<|n Cwn o ail kiads f um to miU to fl-, J(MIN O'tftKARA'8 Bird Store, No iM P* ?* >.? , ?t tli? Ctyitol ??t.<. ftl-iw Cm?A? liMpMfoily PAKTISB fjo? I U. v\ I * feWTLf.W r J