Newspaper of Evening Star, February 25, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 25, 1861 Page 1
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THE DAILY EVENING STAR FUBuISftED BVBRT AFTERNOON, fSUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, 4>r??r of Phinrylvzni/i avenut and 11<A tt., >T W. D. WALU?H. P&ptds ivn! in FMkHM by oarsleTt M ft ? rmr, or ft oeaU per month. To mail rubseTibers the prioe i? 93J0 t, rear, m d-om.tut; 42 for six r>oath*; ft for three months; ud for 1?m than Ir.ree isostiis at the rate of 13 oenta a week. 8intle opjrt, ohsccrt; in wrappers, two cuits. iJ^ADr**Ti?s*K*TSM^?!d be sent to the o?o? h->?ure 12 o'c.ook otherwise they may not appear "til 'he aextday. ?Irmtug V2S. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. FEBRUARY 25. 1861 N-. 2.502 THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. This axMLeLi Family aMI News J ?aiwac a ?m wMr of haa can be oaad la any Fnday morning. Tuns- ftij Sintle oopy, per Fire oopies - Ten oopiee Twenty fire II Invariably .?l ? . ? n . ? Tkt Dmtif ly thronghont the ooantry. CTSitlle copies (in wrappers* at the oonnter, Immediate y tmt Ue DEFERRED ARTICLES. Ths Ricixtlt-sstablishxb Despotism orn the Cottos Statu?Not long since we tock occasion to publish a new Georgia ordinance, lsitlng Inn, imprisonment and death upon any citizen of Georgia who may venture to disputa the Immncul'cy of the usurpation by which the au thority of the Government of the United States baa been deposed in that quarter. What that ordi nance meana, practically, may be gathered froin the following brief extract from the Columbua (Ga ) Times?a paper that was not long since pub Jlablng elaborate articles In favor of the eatabllah inent of a limited monarchy over the South. Aa follows : A Word of Caution ?reraona residing In the " Confederate States of America'' who still con alder themselves cltixena of the 41 United Statea" would do well not to make public tbeir profes sions of allegiance Georgia has not only spoken but arf?ttnth1a matter, and tbe time for tolera tion of all such idiosyncrasies has well nigh ex pired If any of her citizens cannot find it in th*-!r hearts to sympathize with her conduct and position, they had better find shelter In a more congenial latitude, or remaining, hold their peare. They may find out that the above Is good adrice. Now all this tells with unmistakable force that free speech ba? been obliterated from the catalogue of rights enjoyed at tbla time by the subjects of tbe Southern revolutionary government?having at tbla moment no more existence there, than under the government of Austria, if aa much. We are not among thoae who believe that the people of tbe South will be willing to live under any auch despotism aa now rides upon their necka for four months after aucb a settlement of the aec tlonal questions in issue may have b?en initiated as will reuder It apparent beyotul question, that the border States will not strengthen the bands of their masters, by foolishly Inserting the uecks of their people under the yoke they (the people of the Gulf States) are bearing So far as the people of Georgia are concerned the yoke was imposed on them against the will of a majority of ten thousand in electing tbe Convention that imposed It. And to this hour mey t?ue pcopic di tieorgiij nave never oeen permitted to vote on the question whether they are willing to bear the yoke of the usurping oligarchy, or rot Ob.-icts or Sickssion?The Charleston 3f?r furj has given us in a letter from the noted seces sionist. L. W. Ppratt, en insight into the motive ta which secession originated and the kind of ociety which it was Intended to Inaugurate. Mr. Spratt complains of the insertion in the constitution of the Southern Confederacy of the provision prohibiting the African slave trade. He svs in so many words: "If the clause be carried Into the permanent Government our whole move tntnt:? aijeaud.'' Tbia it a direct admission, that the renewal of the African alave-trade was the first object of se cession, on which depended all subsequent ad vantages which were cxpected to flow from it And what were those anticipated advantages? Mr. Spratt tells us: Ttiey were to introduce slaves enough to perform all the labor of society, me chanical as well as agricultural, and produce a community composed entirely of masters and slaves ' All free labor waa to bedriven out of the Confederacy, and negro slaves were to take the glace of the white mechanics and laborers now so wxvuiiTcij ciupinycu in mr iiBvcDOiaing stales. So Intent is Mr. Spratt on carrying out the .-'outh ^Carolina theory of a community composed only of masters and slaves, that he distinctly threatens " another revolution " in case the prohibition hall be made permanent, which he says may k> painful, but we must mulci il." So, we are to \e dragged Into a round of revolutions by this little State, to last until she bas opened the African slave trade, driven free labor from her borders, aad exhibited to the world a community coin posed wholly of masters and slaves ! Men of common sense are beginning to think that a little " coercion" applied to this refractory Plate may aft< r all, be of use in preaervlog the f?ture peace of tbe country. THK OUTPOST. Dentil" ia aa Ambuscade Towards the lat;er part of the year 1751, the Ich, aided by the rut bodies of Huron and pis Indiana, had begun to make them fverf disagreeable neighbors to the Brit American colonists in northern Vir /Ohio, and the northwest portious of New [State?the French by their enroachmenta frontier, and the Indians by their num Is forays and savage barbarity to all who re unfortunate enough to fall into their pat a atop to these aggresive prooeedinge, ameroui bodies, both of the "regulars" end tke colonial militia, were dispatched to the sev rtl point* assailed; and among the rest, a Col. Henry Innea, with a company of thirty men, among whom were a party of some doz<)n Vir git'* riflemen, was ordered to occupy a small >"Salpost, or log tort, which at this period stood within a few miles of the north fork of the Allegany river. Having arrived safely at their quarters, the little company set acout righting dd the old post, to make it u comfortable as circumstan ces would permit; and this being done, and or?ler once more restored, sentries were placed at h]| the advanced points of the station, while %k* e trie test vigilance was both enjoined and exercised by day and night. .. Among tno Virginia riflemen who had vol unteered into the company, was a tall, manly, linr-looking young fallow, who, from his fatal and unerring skill as a marksman, had reeeiv rd the somewhat awe-inspiring /torn de plume *>f?Death. Bat with whatever justice his same had be?n applied to him for his skill, this 4fe|po-ition certainly entitled him to no suoh ' ttrrr spreading epithet On the contrary, be was the very life or the company. His rich fund of mother-wit, large social pro !?! 1 a. ? * * i-ensuies. ana coqsudi gooa nature, renaereu Dim a general favorite with the men: while the never-failing stook of game, whieh hi* skill ' enabled him to supply the table of the officer* with, not only recommended him to their good graces, but caused many a little "short com ing'' of hi* to b? winked at and pasted over in silence, which otherwise, perhaps, he might not have got over so very easily. The company had not been stationed at the fort for much more than a week, ere Death, in one of his excursions for game, discovered that at a small farm-house, some three mile* or so distant from the fort, there lived a certain Miss Hester Stanhope, whose equal in beauty and . ?miable qualities be had never seen before. .'And to render himself moreoertain of the fact. Be oalled the day following, under cover of the pretence of having left his powder flask. 1 luutU wad invifcH tn i*<>tnn fti/mn Kr Kftrin?r Stanhope, who happened to be from the unit parish as the father of our hero; tod we need v*-*arcely say that the invitation whs both agcrly and joyfully accepted, ami. an often a* circumstance* would permit, complied with. The second week after this occurrence took -place, was marked bj two events, which. ?thjugh both affecting the little community at * the fort, were of widely different degrees of im ||orttaee. ' The first was, that Death bad suddenly lo'v .#11 hia skill as a marksman, or, that the game ' hut removed to a safer and more distant neigh borhood, t')T the officers' larder had been found kidlj wHDtin? in the items of woodcock, black _f.wk, ptmarigan, ew . for the week past, end the seconi end most important of the two . event* was, that in regular succession, four sen tinels h?d disappeared from the extreme left Hue. with-.ut leaving the slightest trace to eiuciiate the mystery of their disappearance. . ThU lut circumstance struck *ueh dread )?w the breast* of the rast ef tha company, U?%* no one could be found filing to volunteer to taka the post?well knowing that it would be onlj like signing their own death warrant to do ao; Col. Innea, not wishing to wilfully sacrifice the lives of his men by compelling tbem to go, enjoined double caution to the re mainder of the sentinels, and left the fatal post unoccupied for a night or two. Two or three reconnoitaring parties had been dispatched off round the neighborhood, in the hope of finding some clue to the mys tery, or of obtaining some intelligence of the enemy, but they had each of them returned as wise as they had started, with no reward for their troubles sare weary bones. Tt ... r.n Ik. n;Xh? nf tk. Af the post, that oar hero,^)eath, was returning to the fort, after paying a visit to Stanhope farm. The moon was up, but her light was nearly all obscured by the dense magses of clouds which at every few minutes were driven by a pretty stiff breeze over her face; while the huge tree*, now in full leaf, creaked and groaned, and bent their tall forms to and fro, as the heavy gusts rushed whistling in among their branches. Our hero had advanced within hundred yards of the termination of the forest that skirted the small, open space in whioh the fort stood, when suddenly he paused, and crouch ing down on his hands and knees, crept cau tiously forward a few paoes. Having remained in this position a few minutes, he again steal thily retreated in the manner he had advan ced; and plunging into the forest again, emer ged at a point considerablv lower than where he had intended to leave it before. Col. Innes sat reading alone, in his private apartment, when an orderly entered and in formed him that one of the men wished to speak to him. " Send him in," said the colonel; and at thf? next minute our friend Death had entered, and made his best bow to his commanding officer. 44 Well, what scrape have you been getting into now said the colonel, when he saw who hi* visitor was. 44 None, colonel,'' replied Death; "but I have come to ask a favor." ' Let us hear it." said th? ?o1nn?l ?ni) w? will then see what we can do for you." " Well, oolonel. it is simply tbis : if you will put the ' rifles' under my orders to-night, and let me occupy the deserted post. I will not only clear up the-mystery of the disappearance of the four sentries, but make the post tenable for the future.'' ' But how?" aaid the eolonel. in intense surprise. ' i guess, colonel," answered Death. " you had better let roe hare tbe men, and order us off, and I'll tell you the affair after. I promise you that no one shall receive even a scratch, that is if they will follow my directions im plicitly. " You are a strange man," said the colonel; " but I think I will let you have your own way tnis time w nen do you intend to st^rt ?" " In aboot an hour's time," answered the elated Death. " Very well, I will give the necessary orders, so that you can start when you think proper; and what is more, if you perform all that you have promised, and don't cause me to repent having humored you, you shall have poor Campbell s place.1' Hector Campbell was a brave but a very head-strong young Scotchman, who had occu pied the post of Lieutenant at the fort. In a sudden freak of daring, he had volunteered to '.and sentry at the fatal spot from which three sentinels had already so mysteriously disap peared, and ho paid for his rashness with his life. ' Now, my lads," said Death, as, in about an hour after hi* eonvaraatinn with TrJ Fmin he approached the deserted post, at the head of a dozen riflemen who had neen temporarily placed under arms, " I will tell you what wo are going to do. The long and the short of tbe affair is simply this : It's a gang of them cussed, thievin' Iroquois that have circum vented and carried off our men?shootin' them with arrows, and then decamping with their holies." "To-night, as I was returning to the fort, I suddenly thought I heard the souud of several voices, and creeping on my hands and knees towards the spot, got nigh enough to see and hear that about a dozen Iroquois were then ar ranging their plans to surprise the fort to-night intending tosteal in upon it by the point which their cussed deviltry had rendered so easy of accoss. i only stopped to learn this. when I hur ried off to the Colonel, and asked hiin to place you at my disposal, and here we are. I did not gay a word to him of what I had learned, be ing determined that if possible the 'rifles' should hare all the honor of exterminating the varleU. And now I ask you, are you willing and ready to follow my orders?" I Every man cheerfully answered in the af firmative; and with quickened pulses and san guine hopes, the little company again moved forward The poet consisted of a long, narrow space, bounded on each side by a rocky shelving bank, while its extreme end was closed by the dark and impenetrable forest. The bank of each side of the pass was thickly covered with 1 .L 1 1 -l * - ^ 1 uruau auu uuuerwooa, ana among tnese l'eam oow carefully concealed bis men?taking care to arrange them so that their fire would cross each other, and bidding them not to fire until he had given the signal; and after they had fired not to stop to reload, but, clubbing their rifles, to jump down and finish the struggle in that manuer. With steady alacrity each man took up the post assigned him; and in another minute, the pot presented the same lone, still and xolemn appearance it had worn previous to their ar rival. The little company had begun to grow very impatient, and Death himself began to fear that the Indiana had either rued to make the attempt, or had ehan^ed their plan of attack, when suddenly his quick eye detected the form _f ?? v:- f.- ? : i ? VI uuo VI U1B OIUVJ 1BBUO IU B OrUUOUiUg position from the deep shadow which the lofty trees threw op from the pase. Three?six?nine?twelve?thirteen ! count ed Death, as one after another they emerged from the wood, and with quick, cat-like steal thiness of movement, advanced up the pass; their rifles in trail, and their faces and bodies rendered still more hideous and ferocious looking by the grotesque marking of their war paint. On they came, swiftly and silently, and all unconscious of the fate that was in store for them. The foremost of the band, whose commanding stature, wolf-teeth collar and eagle toft at once J reclaimed him as chief, had advanced until was directly opposite the bush in which Death was hid, when the latter with startling distinctness suddenly imitated the cry of a night-owl, and discharged his rifle. a*- - T_ II *_? 1 *1 a a a^ a ?.igm 01 idc xnuiaus ieu vy me voney wnien the remaining riflemen now poured in apon them; but, strange to say, one of the five who did not fall was the chief whom Death aimed at. This unusual event was owing to the fol lowing cause: The branch of the bush on which he bad steadied his arm in firing, had suddenly yielded at the moment he discharged his pieee, thus rendering harmless his other wise unerring aim. Uttering an imprecation at his ill lock, Death prang down the oank with the rest of his com panions. and with one bound reached the side of the Iroquois chief. They grappled, and both fell heavily to the ground, clasped in a fearful embrace, and darting glances of savage hatred at %*cb otber. beneath tbeir knitted and scowling brows. " Keep off," shouted Death, u he saw one or (woof his companions in the act of stooping down to sasist him; " keep off, end if he mas ters me, let him go." Orer and over thA rolled, writhing and ? t ? _ f iL ? ? straining, qui seemingly neuner oorcinea any advantage over the other The bead of the Iroqoou suddenly came in contact with the point of m rock that protruded from the bank, stunning him bo that be relaxed hit rice-like grip of Death's throat; and the latter, thus re leased, springing to bis feet, finished his career bj bringing the heavy breech of his rifle with sledge-like hammer force down upon his head. The remaining four Indians had been like wise dispatched ; and the victorious riflemen, none of whom had received any wound worth mentioning, now sent up such a shout of tri umph for their victory, that the echoes of the old wood rung with it for minutes after. AaCol. Innes had promised. Death was pro moted to the vacant post of lieutenant; and now, dear reader, we beg to inform you that uur uriu auu iuc uucuuipruuaisiug votemu. Gen. M >rgan. of revolutionary notoriety, were one and toe same individual. About a fortnight after thin eventful night, Stanhope Farm became the scene of aa much mirth, good eating, and dancing aa could be posaibly disposed of during the twenty-four hours; and though we think it will be almost superfluous to do so, we will add, that the eauseof this "merry-making" was the marriage of the beauteous Hester Stanhope with Lieut. Henry Morgan. ARRA\OEME\TS FOR THE INAUGURATION or THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, O!* THK Fsnrth of March, 1961. The door* of the Senate Chamber will be opened at 11 o'clock a. in , for the admission of Senators, and others who, bv the arrangement of the Com mittee. are entitled to admission, as follows Ex-Presidents and Vice Presidents. The Chief Justice and Associate Judges of the Supreme Court nt r*?ii ? # * a * uv j/ipiuuia?iu nc4ui ui it jjaruurniB, and Ex-Members of either branch of Congres*, and Members of Congress elect Officers of the Army and Navy who, by name, have received the thanks of Congress Governors of Otatesand Territories of the I'nion, and Ex-Governors of States. Assistant Secretaries of Departments, and the Assistant 1'ostmaster General; the Comptrollers, Auditors, Register, and Solicitor of the Treasury, Treasurer, Com missioners, Judges, and The Mayors of Washington and Georgetown, anil tKo rAnAf^AM *? uiiu ??*v a* j'vi n. a i u ?uc Ot: u i ic All of whom will be admitted at the north door of the Capitol. The families of the Diplomatic Corps will enter at th<* north door of the Capitol, and be conducted to the diplomatic gallery. Seats will be placed in front of the Secretarys table fur the President of the United States and the Presidentelect; and. on their left, for the Com mittee of Arrangements The Chief JustUe and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court will have seats on the right of the Chair. The Diplomatic Corps will occupy seats on the right of the Chair next to the Supreme Court. Heads of Departments on the left of the Chair. Officers of the Armv and \??? irtin - j ? ? have received the thank* of Congress; Governors of States and Territories of the Union, Kx-Gov ernors of States, Assistant Secretaries of Depart, men's, and the Assistant Postmaster Genera!, Comptrollers, Auditors, Register, and Solicitor of the Treasury, Treasurer, Commissioners, Judges, and the Mayors of Washington ^nd Georgetown, will occupy seats on the right and leftof the main entrance. .Members of Congress, and Members elect, will enter the Senate Chamber by the main entrance, and will occupy teats on the left of the Chair The galleries wiil be reserved for ladles, who will enter the Capitol from the terrace, by the principal western door of the central bullaing, and be condurted to the gallery of the Senate. The Rotunda shall be closed, and the passages leidlng thereto kept clear. The other doors and entrances to the Capitol, ATrpnt (ho?P In K* nruin nndiif r. ? ? V ?v -?V, v^VU UtiVkVI ?ut* UI I un^CIUCU t>) will be kept closed. At 11 o'clock the President and the President elect, accompanied bv two member* of the Com mittee of Arrangement*,will proceed in a carriage to the north df>orof the north wing of the Capitol, and entering there will proceed to the President'* room The Vice President elect will be accompanied to the Capitol by a member of the Committee of Arrangement*, and conducted into the Vice Pres ident'* room, and afterwards into the Senate Chamber, where the oath of office will be admin istered to him by the Vice President. The Diplomatic Corps and Justices of the Su preme Court will enter the Senate Chamber a few minutes before the President elect The Senate will assemble at 12 o'clock. The Senate being ready to receive them, the President and the President elect will be intro duced by the Committee of Arrangements to the seats prepared for them in the Senate Chamber. After a short pause, those assembled in the Senate Chamber will proceed to the platform on the central portico of the Capitol, in the following order: The Marshal of the District of Columbia. The Supreme Court of the United States. The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate. The Committee of Arrangements. The President of the United States and the Pres ident elect. The Vice President and the Secretary of the Senate. The Members of the Senate. The Diplomatic Corps He'ds of Departments, Governors of States and M. - L? * J i n i iiui ira, iue msyuii ui ty j?u:iil;u)II ana Georgetown. antj other persons who have been admitted Into the Senate Chamber On reaching the front of the portico, the Presi dent elect will take the seat provided for htm la the front of the platform The President and the Committee of Arranee ments will occupy a position in the rear of the President elect. Next In the rear of these the Chief Justice and the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court will occupy the seats 011 the left, and the Vice Presi dent, Secretary and Members of the Senate those on the right The Diplomatic Corps will occupy the seats next in the rear of the Supreme Court. Heads of Department, Governors, and Kx-tiovernors of State* and Territories and Kx-Members of the Senate, Ex-Meti.bers, and Members, and Mem bers elect of tbe House of Kepresentatives in the rear of the Members of the Senate. U...W a 1 _ -? * ? At rutu uvuci pciwui a* arc inciuacu in me pre ceding arrangement* will occupy the step*, and the residue of the portico. All being in readiness, the oath of office will be administered to the President elect by the Chief Justice; and on the conclusion of the President's address, the Members of the Senate, preceded by the Vice President, Secretary, and Sergeant-at Arros, will return to the Senate chamber, and the President, accompanied by the Committer of Arrangements, will proceed to the President's House. The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate, with the Marshal of the District, are charged with the ex ecution of these arrangements; and, aided by the police of the Capitol, will preserve order. All horses and carriages will be excluded from the Capitol square. Should the weather prove unfavorable, the cer emony of the Inauguration will take place In the Senate Chamber. Solomon Poot. J AMKS A. PUKCI, Edwahd D Hakkh, ie '23-d Committee of Arrangements. The european hotel, kkpt by p. EMUICIL at the corner of Poan.Aa, A avenue and Eleventh street, hai beenVcifl&Y greatly improved recer.tly and now offere^iyBB* (reator inducements for tho patronage of oitiz^ua aud strangers than any other public houao in the mtv, his prions being less than those 01 any otner hotel on Penn. avenue, and bis accommodations for permanent or trauaient boarders unexception able. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very p?tpu Kr, being all that oan l>e desired by the moat faa uuiuua. I III nuyi miur >i?|N DrrBimnM atten tion and ouiiUbuM liberal expenditures U> give sat isfaction to all, and thus rmews lus invitation *" all to rive the European Hotel a call. tie 4 h F YOU WANT TO 8AVE THE UNION Cal! at H A R V E Y'8, Wlto liM Jn?t received a larfresh L?B STEK8, FISH, and fine whioh he -will serve to onnomers ax shortest notoe and on liberal terms. p. 8 ? Oysters served to families and hotels are not scalded; they are only soalded for persons eat inc them at the saloon, del T.M.HARVEY. npO HOUSEKEEPERS.?We bare jut revived 1 a suipiy of the oaiebrated CONCENTRA TED LKAv^N It is h (hty recommended as a u > titute :or j.-aa mi r&?t po?'?n hire oo.? UK?d KINO ? BUHCHELL ( 'A or. Fift?nth it. and Verm j?t ?t? EVERYTHING ia the SUUonerj Luwtt crioe. to mt the tiMM, ftt 8h??h*rd'i. j? Wira I TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. rpHRACCOMMOD&TION LINE.?The'Wwu 1. ? JAMKe GUY will rwanne jf her triptonTl'E^D vY.iSth of Feb m?ry, 186 . Wijl le%ve WAgHINO-*fr" TON every I U1?!*Da v and FKiD\Y.&" Go'clock a. (I.,ud ALJ-XANPRIA At liaif pat: 6 o'o oek, for i/liKRI<>M a N and thomterni'diate l.&ndin**. On her re'urr. trips she will leave CURRIOMaN very WEDNESDAY aad SATURDAY, *t 6 o'oiook a. in. . - I.UCIAN S. P*6E, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUfH.Ai't. Alexandria. fe 17 BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAII.roan. M-f WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November JSth, lfifin.the train* vili ran as follows: _ LEAVE WASHINGTON: First tr*in at?.20 a. m. Second Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p rn.

- w LEAVE BALTIMORE s Fim train at 4.15 a. m.. Express. Second tram at 6.35 a. in. ?hird at3.10p.m. ourth at 43p p. m., Express. The first, seoond and third trains from Wash ington oon'neot through* o Philadelphia and Nov York. too second and third oonneot at Washington Junction with trains for the West, South, and Northwest; also, at Annapolis Junotion, for An napolis. For Norfolk take the *? V> a. m. trai?. hor the accommodation of the wa? travel be tween Washington iind Laurel, a passecger ear will be attached to the tonnage train whioh leaves at 11 a m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goes to Philadel phi* only. no 26-d T. H. PARSONS. Agent. DENTISTRY. DRS. I OCKWOODA DARRKLL ARE PRK rared to insert Tfe ETIlon VULCA>i-/??Ci ITh BASK, a new ai.d improved mode Wh PII in A/* ft ?i? thi? nlan XUJ_UJ fortable to wear and 11.11311 cheaper than any other. Also. 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All of which we are offering atr ur usual I jw prices. IPT Clothing made to ordtr in Hie most superior maD3er._ WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. uij a-j\i ra. avenna. i lOTOTFE PE ?PLE8' C OTHING ST" RE, "T So. 4(50 Seventh 8t., t?? eet ?our CLOTH ING, FURNISHING UOOlS, HA!" and CAP:?. fe 2 6w ^ W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our customer a, and oitiz&ns jfenerai ly, to an inspection of our prese.-t new, at tractive, and eleeant aasortmr r>t ?P CLOTHS. CASSIMEHES, DOESKINS, Vt, STINGS, OVERCOATINGS, &o. wbioi we will niak? to order in superior tyiafctrery iow prices. WALL., STEPHENS ft CO.. oc S-tf 3S'i Pa. a v.. !>erw. 9th and 10th *?. riior?i l 1 FRENCH FLOWERSOF THE VERY BEST jallt?. ar.u au ex'wnsive viriet*. At STEVE.SS'8 Fancy Store, no 9 tr 3 oth lorh ?t?. DEBT FANCY GOODS, f> AT PRICKS TC SUIT THE TIMES. A*d Ot* Prick Oxlt, At STEVENS'S FANCY STORE, n* 23-tf S:{6. betw. 9th and Hth sta. W $10,000 ORTH OF BOOTS, SHOES and TRUNKS, Of all Styles and fatalities, AT A GRKAT SACRIFICE 0.1 COST. Store for Kent and Fixtures Jot Salt* All the Stock in S. pTHOOVER'S STORK, mveslron H?il,embracing every var et jm of i.tuJira*. fteniV, Children's ?n.| J Wul)ua.Mn4.i au / |L*Q a * tu * \ r V Mis ?*onie ci?vc?o a.w/, a rv r% > m^b ELNti TRUNKS are i.ow being sold,/or cuk&i Croat *&oufio?a on usual retail iieliinglpiioes, iud??d much below original oo?t. Ths attention of the public is solioit?d,as g~eat inducements will be made to purchasers. Tb) above comprises a la'ge stock of the finest Qualty Frenoii and Arror can tiaiters.Shoes,Boots, 4o.. Ac., for iadieb and gentlemen Ti' Store is for rent and the Fixtures for sale. Aprly on the premises, Iron Hall. N. B.?The above *took, either in whole or in fart, will be sold at private sale. To any nx;e de tiroux of entering the Ur?ot, Shoe and Trualc Busi ness this affords a tatter opportunity than may igain be presented. persons indebted will confer a favor by promptly tallins and settling their accounts. ja 7 tf i PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZF.N8 OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, ft#. At the present season o the rear CHOLERA MORBUS. DIARRHEA. CHOL1G. DYSENTERY. DYSPEPSIA. DEBILITY. Ac.. Ac., prevail to an alarming ox tent: And vktrtat, It most be of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE to every family to know of A REMEDY or PaJUS, jffer* his MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER an nii'Bfc * CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL rtEMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to aatiRfy THE PUDLig that no impoaition ia intended in thaaale of thta Great Medicine, THE MONEY WILL fiE REFUNDED t? nil easet whan the medicine i&i'e to give antira aatiafactio Aik, than at any Druz Store for DR. MONTARDE'S MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, take aa direotnd, and if not parieotly aatiifiad Raturn to our Agent, D. D. CLARK, ESQ.. 4X Street and P'-nosylraaia Avenue, who will refnnd your money - Price?si4 And SO Canti ner Rott'e. For sale at all Drug Stores everywhere. J AS. McDONNELL, ?meral Agent, ivll-eotr Iwltinioni. WAKE flZATCH REPAIRING AN IJ SILVER MANUFACTORY. ! hare one of the best establishments, and fur nished with a complete set of tools for repair inc every description of fine WatchM, and #711 particular attention Rive to the same, by a^MK thorough competent workmaaAnd a. work cuaran tied Abo, every deeortp u>n of standard 81LV KK WARE, plain and ornameutal, manufaotu- ed under nay own supervision, which my customer* will find ikr superior in aualitr and finish to northern war* oia or an&ieri in geofrw ftnu m ineir own nuumftotare. n. O HOOD. ??6 *3* F?. ?r??nn? n?r9th<t. BUY TOI.'R Stationary aod Pohool Books U SHKPHF.RDS. while you h?r? a ohaoo? to yowmonoy. j? 1?-1ib CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. '? D Street, B*tw?n 9tk and VUh Struts. Wf bare Jnat finished a numter ot Ural eiaa* CARRIAGES, cuoh m Lirki b, Wa?mj. Pari Pktutons. (>ir riant, and Burnt*, whioh ve Will ic!i?t*=?tS ft ver? im!; profit. /Mac pr?otio&i mechanics* in different t ranche* the bnuneca. *e flatter onraelvee that we know the ?ty:os and *cahty of work that wili five Mtta faction, oombiuinf Lichtnoaa, ooinlort acd durabili I y Repaid at promptly ar.d oarefn'.ly attended to the aborted nctioe and moat reasonable eharcea, nn.nWAkTKR. Rjt jg<S* S?iTv vw 111 ? BHvwasvia w ** in, M (lUUKi M r-dir T CARRIAGES. HE SvtMariber banne rr.v? sdditiocet# kl Ivo'ory, nudci&x it rvorr oh ofllje lathe I/iitrict, where h;? faciiitire forwKMgg; aanotactnncrCARRIAGE ft WAGONS of *11 kitdi ofcurol be cvrp?ued? wd4 from oia lonj expmenoe in U? b?nr.?. he kofM to five (vceral utiaftotioa. Aii kind* ol Cvrinu tu Uikl Wt|>u k?yt h Ail RKPAIX8bwHt<ni,ta<iUtriin ir>Uer.o*4 to. S*9?a4luii OtrrterM t?t?c la estk&arn for ] wm M. ANDREW 1. JO\CE, , l#_tf -l t*?w --J 1r THE INSURANCE COMPANY OT THE STATE o? VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 8300,000. Injures Merchandise. Building*. Household Furniture, fto , against loaa or damage by fire. HEATH ft KNOWLE9. Agent*. Office?Room 16 over BarJi of Waehingtoo. ja in 1?R. J. 11. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AMD BLOOD PURIFIER. THE (iHEATEST REMEDY *n tkt WORLD, and the most DKLiciore amp DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL EVER TAKEyr It ii amctW ?ct rti^e ??id Vtftu blt Coni^aud, pre carta liylba diaulla tian of r~>w, ..arba, u<d fearka. YclUw Deck, Sim4 Rott, Rack Raot. h'ttpt rilla, Wild Chirr; tark, and Dandalian run m?a 1U cms Th? antira ac.l?? ramadial principU idiant ia of aach mf radiant ia tSoraa gbly aairacu<lftfr tfikiOE. by BTnav raatbad af^ ,UnlU6* liatillinr, pradaciar a daiicioaa, arbiliratioj iplrtv, and ?M naat icfailibla raraaiyf?* rtnoretiuj tk? diaaaaad 171110, Lad tha al"-k, iaf?ru.f, and dabilitalad invalid M tai'J) and autnf-th. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL fill afaetaMly eara ti?ar Cotrplaini, Dy?c?f?.i, Jaau Uea, Chronic ar fC?t?oti liability, K'ta&to af Lb* Eidr.iyt, nl ail diiaaaaa arising freri a ditordarad Li?tr or inriacb, [>/apapaia, Baaritarn, Icvard Pilti. Acidity ar t'.cknaaa of 41 KiMrach, Fahnaaa af Blcod ta tha Haafl, Dall Pain ar ' w.n.rr.n f in tha Maad, Palpi-.ttian af tha Htan, rallnaaa >? Wairfct In tha tiaioach, Bovr Kracutiana, Chakic* ar lafaeatinj Faalinf whan lay ' f dawa, Drynaaa or TaiioV. :aaa of tha Skin and Eyaa, Bifjt imtu, Inward Fi'tn, fain it U.a tmal! af ih? Eaek. Chat:, ar irii, taddan TlaaUaa af Baal, Diproa.oL of 3,-nu, Frifhtfal Draajna, aat DaaMnllan f? ar ? s r aranr a <)iaaaaa * ? ilaichaa' ?a tGa Sklo, ?i4 Fa?ar aoJ Agui (a* ?hiUa ud n<u.) OTER A MILLION BOTTLES ia?a kaai mI4 dtriu| tha l??t us uwitt, ud ?a na in anea hu It fcilad in artira Wk?. than, r':i aufar fr*ta Wulntu cr Da^uity whc. MclCAll rr> KnariKMiHa cordial will car* i Wa larfiafa can MaTif an adaqaata idaa af tha ioamadl it? a--J alcHt miracaiaai char-fa prodacad by taking <tia >rriial ta tha diaaaaad, dabiliuiad, and abattarad nar*aaa y atari, vkathar brakac dawn by azcaaa, waak by eatara, ? impaltad by attknaaa, tha ralatad and ar<atrecf arfaaU atiao la iaata>ad ta it* priatina haaltb nod near MARRIED PERSONS, * athara, aanaciaaa af inabi'.it* frcra vbatavar taaaa, Vill Dd McbXAKt rrKZR&TltKMiNQ CORUlAb a tba <t(k rtfanarataraf tba aya-air; and all vSa traa bava in trad tkamaalaai by lupmar irds (aneaa vtli lad la tkia a I a ruin and apaaay rarcady. TO THE LAB1ES. McklARI ITRCMSTIKNIHti CORDIAk ta a aa?ar Ifu aod apaady eara far lnctpiant Canaampuaa, Wbitaa, >*?:raetad ar U !*calt Maaatraatlon, Ic.canunanca af Crioa r li.ralai'tarT ihacbaraa tbaraaf, Falliof af tha Waak, Ei<!luia*?. F:u.lwff. ana n'l dlaauai iudriant ta Fimilu ;au, WmrHi, Ulctra, ra?ar Boraa, Caked Brtut, Sort (ipplta, Enm.?, Bcal J?, Bar* Throat, ar an; inltmitituoR ar imh, n? Cifaronca baw ii'irt ar long tba diataat mi ia?a axiated, McLEaN* CEkXBRATKD LINIMENT > , (irteli raratdr. _ Tbiaaandt af hamar bttaft have btao aarad a lift af dli .rapitada and miaary by lb* aaa af ibia invalaabla raiaady. McLSAfPS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raltava pais almaac iaataataaaaaaly, and it will claaa, and baal tba foaiaat aoraa la an lncradibU abort una. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. V.LKAN'I CELEBRATED LINIMENT M tba aal* aafa jid raliabla remadr for tba cara af pa Tin, Rinrbona, Wind(&!U, Splint*. Cnnataral Larrpy Nodaa ar Bwallu.fa. t n???r faiiad ta cara Big Haad, Pail am, Paiaik, Old lanu:i f Soraa, or latin;, If propari* appliad. Fa? Ifr -.m, I', Bcratchaa, Craekad Hull, Chafaa, Saddla r Callar GaUa, Cata, lorn, ar Woaoda, it la aa infallible 'amid/. Apply it aa diractad aad a cara la earula in a?ary oataac*. Than trite aa I Mirer wit* tba raaay vartblaaa Linimeuta iffored ta yoa. Obtain a eapplv af Da. McUCAMV cELE 1RATED LINIMENT. It will cara ?*. J. H. MrLKAN, Bala Pupniur. Core a r Third aad Pint eta., Bl. Loaia, Ma CliRI.KB BTOTT, fT% Pa. a*., aala eject ia Waefataf an ;R. a. T. ClASEL.Oaarf atava. aa H D4WI; VWOOD AND COAI?. OU Will surely ret your money's vorth by Milling a? the PIONEER V 11-Li*. .?<> <?*wt.'t car iff Qf Frvtnlk rlretl and Canal, (?KO PAOK, K:*ul ) They sell cf>??p?r and sire better m?Mnrt .han *n? otheri in the city?out, split, and deliv ered I^Mpf ohsrite. If t hi can't r>eheve it, (in ihel'ione-r Mills a trial. and besatisfied. Ja ?7-ly.r DI;PORT'S GUNPOWDER, For *a!e a* 'manufacturer* priooe, by JOHN J. VOGUE, C Sol* Attn** far the LHurilt qf Coiwmbia. A Iwre Hupp.y, embracer every variety, a. vaya >n nan.!, ?ud delivered free to all parts ot the Di? t-iot. Orders ear a ?o be left at tiieofljoaof A Jam*' Rspreet Company. VVaal-icvton. D. O. feS-lawlv TPHE GREATEST BARGAINS IN CI.U'IH * 1NG, FURNISHING GOOD*. HATS and CAH?at No. 60 Seventh ft., opposite ?'< ft Of fice. f*t *w F-'RENCH A RICHSTEIN. D. at * i c rinn. Are a*erte for the Baltimore Amr ican end t-'x shanto, Charleston Mercury. te. SaSeeribere served at low r&tM Pepe from every oit* in the Union?weekly, monthly and ^uarUsrly. 0?>i am. ?nb??*rihe. Nov is the time. New York. Phila delphia, Baltimore and other enpera delivered in the city and Georgetown immediately after the ar rival of train*. Ja 15 t,?.?.U)UL I. I. MOTT. I.I.IVT1T, LA?A?, KOTT * ,M.?W Mei.LT 8n:??,M!if., Will fraoUeem the H (It Coirtof fcrror* uui^ Baia at Jaot^-n, the *r^t>rai Conxt at Pontile*, e Ocru of the iSevaath Jnd?oi*l D:str.ot of .'d is r?p:,antf wi '. attei.d \o tie "* ? -''' uni I t|i * K* nrf w V " mm H-if C^REA T VIRGINIA REMEDY Ton COl'GHP, R i'OLPS, BRONCHITIS. Ae -??r. Pa.ler'e C< mp um roln,Peter?berr.Va. !*e? certifiaa'ee of wonderful cure*, to l?e hvl at 'be different 4ru* W hofoeale areete. Kll> WELL A uA KENCfi L!id J. K. MOORK. Weal Km! THERE IS XO MISTAKE ABOUT IT ?r & l?nf ar. Tut* it accarduif t? diractiaoa. It vill unilm, alranfthac, and lr? for>si ; ? and caaaa iba .laam ( baalUi ta maant J9mt cbaak ?*arj baula la rananMd la (Ifi aauafaeuao. FOR CHILDREN It * *? ehlldcan ara aicklp, pan* ar afltctad, MiLtANI 2G&D1AL will maka tkam batlthr. fat, and rabaav Daley ia; a roainaut; UJ U, ud j%m will M Mttuiai ll la 4a leiaaa la uka. CAVTION, *i ui?||?w v* uw~- wiw wow J \aj W pailB ipVU rei Mtr>? bitter > earearnrUla tract, which they cu b?? heap, by uunr it I* Jut ae rood. imd utk bu. Atk r McLEAN-S bTRE^UTHKNIKG CORDIAL, and uk* irjiiuf ilit. It ie the ?nly remedr tktt vill ciriiy tki Hood taoreafhlr eodexth* Mm* tint* rtnjohtn the tTtttra. One LtupMcnl taken e*?ry norainf feaunf it a e'lrtun for Chelera, CMlle tod Fever, Tellow Feeer, or bt jre?eleot dieenee It ie pat ?p in lar*e bottlee. Price 'd:t |1 per boule, or -et"?? far |l J. I. McLEAN. proprietor of thie Cordial, alee, McLiui'e Volcanic Oil Liniment. Principal Depei the cerner ef Third and Pine t'.reeu, St. L*?i?, Me. UcLoan's Tolcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEIT LUKMENT IH THE WORLD ) The only life end certain car* for Cucert, Pile*, Tm. cere, lv*lllr(* ecd Brer.chile cr Coitr*, ParalTtie, Ne? alfia, WeLkueeeef the Mueclee, Chronic or Inlaramatory liMiuxeutm, I'.ifneee of Use Jointe, Contracted Mneclee *r ifemertt, Earache or Toethache, Brvteee, Bprauie, Freeh EDUCATIONAL. T? ? FEMALE BOUCATU HOSE PtrnU who *iik Uitt < ION. daufhUr* to oeive a thorough and ryutemaUc tdaouoa. 1 their phjaioal truaui will raoMTadaur aod f Attention, u nder the njoet approvad TaUoi o tfWnic* ami Gymnutirn, are reepectMiy ia rieit the Union Female ' " " wvhui .^cv 1 ?rt tT. MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARD*. m ?-tf Prtiwf h tpEMALE BOARDING AM) DAY SCHOOL * M kThe thirteenth annus.. mmioii of tnn Institution wiu qpmmcuoe on Tu?edfty. September ltth. ijtllM at* reoently oooapied bj Sylvester Soott, Eh, J. ISO Kini street The coarse of study port tied will oomprlee ftil the brftuohes requisite to ft thorough English Eds ofttion, ftcd Musio, French, Latin ftud Drftwinj, if desired. In ftdditioD today eehol&r* Mr*. MoCormiitk It prepared to receir*a limited number of pnpilf as boaters, who. constituting ft eftrt of ber ova (ta ily,will l>e under her immediate oar* a?d supern sion. She will i. -STor.aslar fts possible, to s?r round tbea with the leahrtsM* badly klmM rtf ll wf "j(</?fe?M?.-RoT.G?o. H. Norton. R?t, Dr. KliM Urrifoo, Rtr. D Jr. Sprm, William J|, rr ., Kd?ar Snowden. 1s.mT. Edmund F. Witm?r H?nry Marbary. L Wert H.JJm Jmuna r. w iimer ML editor Kvenini !*tar, Benjamin Water*. ^ reSBbrirBSPBCTF Tumi. Boa^C with Tuition ib aJl the Rnjthth B-anohM, 300for the annual mmiod-payable ? mi-ann ally. in ad vanoe. Kutic and Lancna?M at Professori' priM*. T No extra oharcea. au M-tt Curt Cmmt*. Cold, H?rtmiu, / - Jltumta Mr /mlstiM e? 8?rt ??M lit nrMI. Kiiirt r lU Harktnt Cmmfk ** Cmmiv lim, 4Un*. # r?f?rri r/j P u flTfttk to tk* TOttr Qf BLIC 8PKAK EPS and SINGERS. Fev are aware of the importance of eheekinx a Coach or '"Common Cold*' in lU firit ?ut?; tut which in the begming wonld yield to a aula r?m* dr, if neKiected.eoonattaokathe Lnnie. "Browm's Brmukial T"rocket." oontainj-nc oemuToent iccredi nta, allay Pulmonary and Bionehiai Irritation. "That tronhle in ray Throat, (for BROWN'S vhioh the "Trockf" areaepeoifcoi havicc made me ofter. a mere vhin N. P. WILLiX TROCHES perer.1 BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S ** I recommend their nee to PvBLir bftiiikf. REV. E. H. CUAPIN. "Greateernoem en brining IIoAEtf Mil." REV. DANIEL WISE. " Aluioet in*tar.t re ief in the die trees:nit tabor of bretUhing peenii*r to Asthma." REV. A. C. EGGLEBTON. " Contain no Opinin or anything icjnriuok." DR- A. A HA? ES, Chemist. Boslrm. TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S t oouibina " A'* and pl< uon for Cown?. kc." J>R. Q. T. BI6ELOW. MM. Benefice in B*o!*chiti?." DR. J. P. W. LANE, " I have troTed then e*c?ll?nt for WaorriM CorGH.** REV. H. W. WARREN. Btrtm " Beo? when ocmp?.,?d tn iiw> -f-rnr f Coii>." kt:v. 9.7. P. " Erricnu in rtnonu Hotrt* ne*s and Irritation of the Throat, a* lnon witn tnum aad Sim Prof. M.8TACY JOHNSON. " Om. Taaoher F of huifttkVih?r*' otnal? CoIi?c?. IKUUHtS "ur?w line iftien iwrt and after preaciung.aa th*v irtvMl BROWN'S Ho?r**iM(. Frotr Ur:r putdM, ; 1 think th*y will b* of permanent td TROCQE9 rantftcc to in*."* REV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. i Coll. - BROWN*?1 President of Athena Coiiec*, Tata. TROCHE? da 1 It Y'HE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIE9EMAR.1J and ?-Proteot*d by Roy*j Letters Patent of England, aod ik-utM by to# i of the Eoole 4e Pharmacia de Pan a, mm tae Imperial Co .eceof Mediaine. Vienna. No. 1 la invaluable for exhaaation and natorrhea, and al' pb*aioa! diaabilitiea. No. 3 completely eradioatea all traeea of tfcoe* ditaaaea that have been hitherto treated by tit* Ma a?"ui acd pernioi aa aae of eoaaiva and eabeba. No. S haa entirely aapplanterf the injnrioaa aa* of mercnry. th*r*b? inauring to th* aoflerer ape*dy relief. disp?r*mg all lmparitiaa, and rooting oa fhn VAr.nm nf it mna nfi TKlKfeE Ha R, No*. 1,2 and 3. are prepared in u. form of a loxenje. devoid of taste ih im', and can be carried in the waistooat pocket. botd in tin hum. atd divided into aepsrate dueea.aa ad minnt?-red f>y Vetpean. La' *ma.i,d, Hoax. RioorcL Ao Price #3 eaoh. or fuar oaeee for St. whioh savee S3, and in Mil oaeee, wherein tbera m a a? in* of #9. To be bad, vholeeeleAod retai., of Dr. BARROW,of iv*4 B.eecker atreet. New York. immediately on reoetving a remittanoe, Dr. Barro# 1 will forward the Tnoeeiiiar to any part of the world, ecu rely packed, and addressee aeoordtnc to the ia etrocti'-na of the writer. The Book, of all others, that ahoald be read by men with damaged and broken down oocstJtutioas la "Hainan or Fhrcioiocioal Researches " It is b?autilully illaatrated. and treata ""nutely of all tfla ?r?? om> that invariably develop then ce Tee, sooner or later. resaltinc frois the frailties and viuatiu habitaof earl? youth. lnoaMoitatin* the victim lrom sharing the frairion of the matn mocia. state, and. if not oheoked in time, decener ating all tne functiona of manhood, aid br.nua aim, atep by step to a lingering and ontime.y d.-eU Sold by Dr. MAR ROW, 194 Bieeeker street, (our doors below Maodougal, Ne?r York. Prioe B Mnt? H?nf fr?M ?r?r? wh?r? Sold ano by 8. C. Ford, Jr., Drue Stor*. Wwt icfton. D C. f FOR BTAMP1N6 PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES NO TO MATCH. ttt* METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHI LP * SOLOMONS, Art*tt for L*mrenrr't t*l*b++t?d Ltmtm "MitU," tt~, ft. ?V ly S3S P?t. ?*.. b?t. 9t? and 10th ate. n i a i K s 1 o/* A valuable Pocket Cuapuioi for recMtanag events put. ereeent, fatar ; c [.Uidi?| rates of yotUfl, WiaMM, blMk l?M far HMHnat for every da? ,n the r?r, oash tMMatMrttoli month, ar.naal iinMr; of c\?ii aoooaat Mils payable and reo?ivabie. IKm't tx- without om of iww iNfil little MHimin Tin morteoByltU, ei?*ant?*riil desirable assortment ever mM,** prising nrsln slm and u?*ard? of fifty etyles, at t4HlLLiN<BTON fi Booksu?re, Odeon Buiuaii oorner vf.*% street and de>P P*bb aveaaa. DIARIES! OIAKISSa D 1 A ft I K 8 !2 IM1. 1M1, 1M1. CHE A PER THAN ETEK. We will take aa extra disooaat > *r per o?nt. of cf?M purchased from m f-w oarfc. Wear* deeiroai of olosn c oat the ramai ader of oar tare* took of Diaries of all ki.ds for iM. FKKNCH KH WBTtini, t>8 ^bd anti?. 4 ju8t UtrKIVKD At FRKNrH * RICHSTKTN'8, ?#P??b. itmk. Hrioi GnkM, or Hirt>?r U c BimI: bv Metor L?k?r; lm., olotfc; i??t by mi! it***, r Stbioe'a Not** ob DbbIb Bad DaaliBf ; 11 oloth; tut by mail. ( t*i*o?rD*?'? illuatrBUd Poaaa, cloth filt; |S?' ' UaM>-< fortra:': All of LoscMlov'a ud Ik* Marr^'a Wrk? Our ufui h**rj di?<M>BBtoB Hooka froa ttif ??v FRENCH ft ?ichstf.IN j>7 >T* fwn S>Ca00L AND OOLLEflK OUTFJ < > Mtfit* mmd Bmmt' Clmtkim* far Srk?( mmd l}rm? for Ui? onminc hmod, mn uivitad l? *???* ?< r, Ksfcaw.^xris trpat *'.r j'ns ^rss^sasra pMK WE.-B?H*. Dwteiu SvlM. iWiwud ^1NC BUHCJHKLL.