Newspaper of Evening Star, February 26, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 26, 1861 Page 2
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g ' THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TtCSUlY rrtmn <K 1991. Spirit ( Ike >l*rnl?g Prm The Imttlhg'Berr argues that while a portion of the politician* lu the Border Shareholding State# are urging the people to Identify their dectlny !mmedia'ely with that of the Seceding Statea. the more ugaclou* ritizena of the latter clearly per - * ' ? ?- -?- tflTC ini( ine wriwre miu Muiiy v> , U> My nothing of their political harmony, will be better consulted by a retention of the former In their present Federal alliance. The H'p*H>tan says : "It ia a great mistake to suppose that the Union men, either of Tennessee or any other Southern State, are opposed to the forcible maintenance of tb? authority of tba Gov ernment It is the very thi n? tfcey are most anxious to witness, and if they exhibit any weakness, it it from an apprtktntion th*t tick may not b* tkt a/ i km J? ? >*?? A J i+Mm u II Tub Gms&t National Dijoeack:?It Is be* lieved at the War Department tbat the news telegraphed from tfae South yesterday to one of the Senator* conspiring againat the integrity of the Government?tbat General Twiggs had treach erously surrendered hia whole command to the revolutionary Convention of Tezaa?ia too true. Not long aince dispatches were received here from him, intimating anch a purpose on his part. Whereupon, orders were immediately iaaued to Col. Carloe A. Walte, (second in command in the deportment,) of first Infantry U .8. A., to relieve A wiggv. i ur ruuivi ?ua? \*?/ hli commlMton In the Army of the United States ) untrue, though he vras certainly some time since elected to be the commander-in-chief of the Georgia army. Ob the 8th of February Inst., he (Twiggs) ap pointed icommln'on, consisting of Major David H. Vinton, (qnartermaster,!MajorSackfield Mac tin, (paymaster,) and Capt. Robt. H. K. Whltely (ordnance department) " to meet th? commis sioners on behalf of the people of Texas?Meters. Thos 8. Deyine. ^??'l A. Maverick and T. N. Luckett?at such time and place as may be agreed upon, to transact sucb business u relates 10 me disposition of tbe public property, upon the de mands of the State of Texas." It was on tbe re ceipt of a copy of this order here, that Colonel Walte was directed to assume the command of the Department. According to a dispatch received at the Depart ment yesterday afternoon, the appointment of this commission had resulted as disgracefully as Twiggs Intended Vis: in orders from kim to every officer in command of a post in tbe military department of Texas (seventeen in number, in rlii<finv Han lnlnnln Iks nirtort ^ tn tnr. render to the agents of the revolutionary State Convention, without a tingle man in arms to en force their demand*, (aa far aa ia known here,) every particle of the military property in them, amounting to an aggregate of million* on millions of dollar* worth probably?arma, accoutrements provision*, horae*. cattle, wagons, Ac., Jcc. The advices reoeived \esterday represent that among the terms of this so infamous set of treachery, waa a stipulation reserving to the officers their side arma, and another aaying that the disarmed troops were 10 oe permutta xo oe carries to ine coast, for shipment out of Texas, In th? Govern ment wagons, which were subsequently to be accounted for to the revolutionists' The whole number of enlisted troopa under Twiggs command in Texas was 2.9U0, and they were scattered about for the most part over a frontier fifteen hundred mile* long. There are nearly all the etficers belonging to four regi ments?all the third Infantry, all the eighth in fantry, all tbe second cavalry, five companies of the first artillery, and live of the first infantry?40 companies in all?2U> commissioned officers and 8,9U0 enlisted men?being more than are in any other one Department of the service. It is yet problematical whether the officersccm manding porta there have not refused to obey Twlgga' treacherous order, which he had no power to enforce, we apprehend, If restated. Our b?U?f is, that such wholesale robbery and treach ery could not be worked to a successful conclu sion at all the posts of the Department. The Infa mously disgraceful scheme was doubtless con cocted here by the men in high places, sworn to protect the rights of the Government of the United States, who plotted the seizure of the forts. 8cc., la the Sooth All of the latter were surrendered to overwhelmingly superior military force. In this, case, however, if the orders of Twiggs have been obeyed, the surrenders have been made without there having been brought a man in arini to sostain them, to far as is yet known here. Tax Trace CosvxaTio.i ? See elsewhere, ir to-day' Star, accounts descriptive of yeaterday'i proceedings in the Peace Convention. The ex cltement in its midst waa far greater than on anv previous occasion. It grew out of persis'entef forts of the anti-compromisers, under the lead ol Mr. Field, to stave off final action on the on< hand, and of extreme demands, (made by Mi Heddon. we apprehend,) when it was clear tha urging them was only likely to further the end of those bent on defeating all and an v com pro mlse whatever. Mr. Guthrie la understood t have become excited to the point of starting t leave the hail, upon the ground that the anti-corn promiser* were evidently trifling with those wb were discharging their duties as rommiestonei in good faith; bat he wa? persuaded to remain and subsequently again took his leading part 1 disposing of the business before them. Whe they sdjoarnsd for dinner the friends of compr< miss were nearly nil hopeless of being able to a( eompUsh any final result whatever; as, und< their rules, the minority, if ^determined, coul prevent n final vote from bvfog taken, by inaistln on proposing nnd speaking toamendmertawhoU to kill time. On reassembling, the majority mads up the minds to alt all night, If that might be necessai to get through with the labor of conaidering a propositions to amend any portion of the rspor that might be essayed That was accomplishes however, by half past f o'clock a m ; when tb? adjourned, having entirely finished their work < considering amend meats to the report by sectloi or branches. Tbia left before them for to-da>'a eonalderatloi merely Bach propositions u may be ottered In tl nature of aubatitutes for the whole report; i which we now know of but two. One, to be o fared by Mr Chase, to adjourn over until the 41 of April, la order (aa lie frienda allege) to teat tl aiaearlty of tbe Ua ion lam of the border slaveboli lag Males; aad another (probably to be offer* toy Mr. Field) to adopt, Inttesd of tbe report fa for* them, a propoaltloa referring tbe whole au jeet to a National Convention whenever tl raqulalto number of State Legislatures may see to call one Neither of these can prevail; aa the friends com prom lae now, have a clear majority la tl toady, by BUtca, aad aa overwbelmiac one a mi7. m ??* i? i? ??y: u?eir majorities In t irlTg'""-* from the States favoring present act! are overwhelming ; while the majorities of th< opponents In delegatlona voting (as a unit) agaii Btloa, ars very small. Tbe labors of the tlon will doubtless be brought to a close to-day As remarked yesterday, tbe Franklin amen Mat Is tbe one agreed oa with reference to t Territorial slavery question Ne material amen meat to any other braaeh of tbe original re fx baa triumphed. Tas Puci Cosvkktios To-DAT ?Tbe C? ??j ? u? proceeaea consider various proposition* offered as addltlo to the plan of tettlement We have every rses to believe that all eo offered up to 1 p. m. w? voted down by the friend* of the plan already v tually adopted. None of these proposed additia so tor offered bave been la any respect mater' ones Mr. Dudley Field's proposition came before the Star went to press, and s point of or<J raised against it wss being considered AWOTBX* MABTTB IS III ClVSB Of Bsci sioi.? ffa M- Martin, ot Colombia. Sou Carolina, a young man of brilliant promise,ai woU known to tb? nsdin of tbe Carolina pr< as a writer of remarkable abllltv. died at Calm M Agrtfc liia?a Ch*tirLam*hubot*'du?n^ 1 - ssyssr?~ -^-a. ' r i?u< m*ij | I coneRiuioNii. PtftATt ?When our report cloeed yeaterday? Tbe Senate had under consideration the follow ing act: Be it tnatttd. ft.. That whenever. In the opinion of the Poatmaater General, the poaUl service can not be safely conducted, or the post oflce revenaea collected. or tbe Doatal lawa maintained, on any poet route, by reason of any cause whatsoever, tbe Postmaster General Is hereby authorized to dis continue tbe postal service on such route, or sny part thereof, and any post offices thereon, till the same may be safely restored, and shall report his action to Congress. After a protracted debate, the bill was passed Tbe Senate then took up th* civil appropriation bill; and after some ti me spent in the consideration thereof, tbe Senate adjourned Housi?At tbe close of our report, the House was voting upon tbe Senate amendments to tbe tariff bill; sll of which were concurred in except that fixing a tax on tei and coffee. Oa motion of Mr. Sherman, a committee of con ference wss appointed upon the said amendment ** ? -? "- ?K_ Uahu uimt la UO UlUtlVU VI 1U1 . OWUH/II, ?UC meet to-day (Tuesday) at il 'clock, and take up a special order?the Army bill. The House then adjourned. Tuesday, Febuary *26. A number of memorials on the pre sent crisis were presented and laid on the table. The annual report of the Smithsonian Institu tion was presented, and ordered to be printed The private bill, for the relief of George Fisher w*s taken up and discussed, and repea'ed. The Senate then took up and passed a bill for the relief of Catharine J Rns?ell The Senate then took up the Oregon war debt bill * ? S.J IL. VIII mr. ii?uc lupporKu ?uc um. Mr. I*ne moved that the Senate non-concur in the amendments to said bill and a?k a committee of conference; which was agreed to. The Senate then took up House amendments to the Colorado territorial bill. After debate bv Mtssrt. Douglas, Green and Baker, the amendments were concurred in, and the bill stands passed The Senate tnen took up the Nevada territorial bill Mr. Douglas offered a substitute, giving the people of the Territories all the powers of the people of a State, except admission into the Union; which was lost?yeas 4, nays 31. The hill was then passed The Senate theq passed the Dacotah territorial bill. Ilorss ?The Speaker laid before the House a communication from the Poat Office Department, transmitting to Congress a Hat of contract for carrying the U. S. mail; laid 011 the table and or dered to be printed. Alao, the petition of a Democratic meeting held in Pennsylvania, praying the adoption of the Crit tenden proposition; laid on the table. Mr. Kellog, of 111., asked leave to present a memorial from the citizens of his State, praying the adoption of bis proposition; objected to. Mr Da via, of Ind . presented the proceedings of a convention held by men of all parties in hi* State, recommending to Congress the adoption of the Crittenden preposition; Uld on the table The House then took up the special order, Mr. Stanton's army bill. \f 9 f-J A ll'? ?<4 nf \f IaK In aViA?t V* ti*rr*>sl i'l uww ui mitu ) in a ?uwi? ui ^ ru its passage at once. Mr. Prior, of Va., opposed the bill, hut If it teas to pass, he. earnestly desired that It should pass at ouce. so that the people of Virginia might take warning of the perils menacing her If the bill was passed, the South would resist to the last any attempt to carry out Its provisions and inten tions. Mr. Curt's. of Iowa, regarded the people of the seceding States as revolutionists and traitors to the General Government, and ur>:ed that the bill should be passed, and if the public property of the United states could not be reclaimed peacea bly, it should by force of arms. Mr. Burnett, of Ky , proceeded to address the House in opposition to the bill. He considered it a declaration of war against the seceding States, aim am uaug tuuuaijf iu vue }'(Uflliuui ui lur Constitution. Cabixkt Maiisi.?The Republican leaders are Intensely busy to-day, Cabinet making. Horace, the redoubtable, is flying about like a shot out of a hot shovel. Now at Wlllards' for an interview with Mr. Lincoln, next )u a House committee room, closeted with some leader of his peculiar school, then rushing out towards the Senate cham ber, flanked on one side by Mr Judd, of III . and on the other by Frank Blair, Sr., Esq. It is very evident that Horace refuses to be com forted In the state of thlnga be finds around him ?very. Thp lilt "slat*" that flndi hprp nlxr?? Mr. Seward, of course, in tbe State Department, Mr. Cameron in tbe Treasury, Mr. Bate* for Attorney General, and Mr. Caleb B. Smith in tbe War Department. The conservative Republicans were this forenoon very generally sat is tied that those appointments would be made. We have every reason to believe that tbe war made upon Mr. Seward has only operated to warn Mr. Lln coin that be cannot listen favorably to the sugges tions of the ultras without driving from him all bat themselves [FT From French A. Rlchstein we have a con venient little " Blue Book" with all Uncle Sam's offices and salaries put down for tbe convenience c\f IK /\aa trlaKinrf tn m axt! um Alto, the superb number of " Harper' Weekly" for this week. DkClRtTk ACTIO* OF LlkCTkSA*T SLkMMkk ? H? Dtmandi llu Dircontinuance of tkt Work of Ereettnf Batterifs and it Obeyed ?A corresfion dent writes to tbe Columbus (Georgia) Time* from "Fort Barrancas," Pensacola barbor, on the 13th instmt, as follows : Soon after the arrival of the Brooklyn, of wbicb I told you in my last, tbe other ves^ls belong ing to Gulf Squadron came in sight, and since have been cruising outside the bar. never ge ting entirely from view. Sunday another bearer of diiruitrhft for Fnrt Pirkpni ippIvoH snH urna pa aaed over to the fort. HI* mission mint Lave been a peaceful one, for since matters have some what changed The work of mounting gum on Fort Pickens Is stopped, and also the work going on the Navy Yard. Lieutenant SMemmer sent a note to Col. Forney, who has succeeded Col. Lorn ax In command, demanding that no more guns should be mounted upon the battery which bears upon bis fort. As the demand was made In conformity to the armistice, which Is understood on both sides, It was regarded as right, and the work upon the battery was suspeuded. One heavy ten-inch Columbisd was already upon Its carriage, andhei just ready to mount, so it will be but little laboi now, should occasion require, to place It in work ing order Near night tne Wyandotte ran up tb< harbor sad sent a boat ashore to inspect the work No opposition was offered, and they returned satisfied probably that the bat'ery was a good one even if built bv volunteers 1 learn also that fm two weeka put, several men have been busll] employed in mounting sea.-oast howitzer* at For McKee, and in other preparations for defence Tbia, too, Is now stopped. 1 have seen no pub llsbed account of tbe reasons wby hostilities were suspended, but presume tt has already been mad< public, as both parties are acting under truae. Thb WiiTPti.?J'be following report of tlx weather for the morning la m-ule from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the tfmith sonlan Instltatlon. The time of observation I about 7 o'clock FnavARi 26, 1661. BlUlUlflUB, T I. ...........ciuuuy. New,Vork, N. Y cloudy. Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleaaant Washington. D. C clear, wind 9W Richmond, va p eaaant, 44?. Pcterabuqj, Va ....clear,38 '. Raleigh, N. C clear, 4lr Wilmington, N. C... clear, cool. Charleston, 8. C clear. 43J. Macon. 6a. cloudy. Columbus, 6a.. .....cloudy. Griffon. 6a cloudy. Montgomery, Ala. cloudy. Jarkaon, Ala clear. Mobile, Ala clear, pleaaant. New Orleans, La rainy* 00? VBOM TBI win Pittsburg, Pa ....clear, 36?. Barometer at the Siriitbaonian at 7 a in., (coi rrrted for temperature,) 30,333; at noon, 3u alC Thermometer at 7 a. m , 31%at noon, 5o?. Maximum during ? hour*, ending V e. n>. w day, 44*; minimum 29 . N oar on Iran* ?We clip the following froi the Norfolk papera of the '23a inatant: On Wedneaaay laat eighteen exceedingly rai looking recruita paaaed over the Sea board k Roat oke Railroad bound to Charleston, South Carolim and aa a art off to which, a Urge party of Quakri with their famlllea paaaed oyer the other wi bound to Richmond, Indiana. We aaid the r cruita looked raw: but we cannot judge the ao J I.. ... * a it - ' a * uirr <rmii wuwnni j 1UW Old DfFi Rough and Ready, wan once taken for a tea mat In bis own camp. Yesterday waa a clear, pleaaant day and the n tlo iai >alnte at Portreaa Monroe waa dlatlnet be rd in tbla city Discharge* of the heavy plec of ordaaitce arc frequently beard In tbla clt while strange to aay, the beavleat of them all, tl Fiovd (jun, cannot oe heard half way. The R'rrmn* Cutter Dnant ?Tbla veeael whli bad received order* to proceed to New York to I Teoaired. and waa ou of ttllins ku ceWed counter-ordera to remain whe<e ibe ta ar have bet repair* done at the Qoaport Navy Vard ll~T The wbole of the London Hunch from I beginning la to be laaoedia Monthly eolan under the title of the "Htatory of the Uat Twen Yean ?? DEPARTMENT NEWS. Tn Win PotiiT Acadkmt ?Major Alexander 1 Bowman, Cor pa of Engineers, USA, baa >een appointed superintendent of the W?t Point iltlltary Academy. A capital selection, Indeed. PerMBat. Jno. Mwllan, U. $. A., and G 8choa, W. r ., are at Wlllardt'. Hon. J. A. Stewart, Md ; Horace Greeley, M.Y; Judge Harris, of N Y , Senator elect fa Mace of Senator Seward; Hon. H. E. Davit, N. are at the National. - -Among the strangers of note recently arrived here, are tb* Hon John Bell, of Tenn , wbo :imr ws'erday afternoon, and the Hon. Jcebua R Giddinga, of Ohio. Hon. Joshua R Gi lding*, of Ohio, ap peared on the floor of the Home of RepretenUtlvtx *> "?? * aHvarttw) nn liftlo ? ??n f I <\n I'll* UiVI iiiu^f auvi ??* ? ? a?ivu?jvM> He wm warmly greeted by the Republican mem ber*, and teemed to be much Interested in the proceedings. \ WhatThbtSat is Baltimore.?The Balti more American of this morning says: "The state ment we gave yesterday of th? causes which in duced Mr. Lincoln'* passage incognito through Baltimore is now confirmed upon unquestionable authority. It appears, as was then stated, that certain partlea here desired to give Mr. Lincoln a public and partisan reception, and applied to Slarshal Kane for police protection in carrying out that Intention. Col Kane Informed them that he believed the President elect, if no partisan ovation was attempted, would be received respect fully and properly by the citizens of Baltimore, but in the presence of such a demonstration r.a they proposed be doubted whether it would be possible to restrain public excitement and to pre vent the occurrence of acta that mlghtbe Insulting to Mr. Lincoln and derogatory to the character ol our city. The intention to have a public parade was persisted in, and Col Kane Informed Mr Lincoln's friends in Washington of the facta ol the esse and of his own apprehensions, and upon the information so given the change in the pro gramme wai made and tUe President elect pa?fd through Baltimore In tbe manner that baa orca atoned bo much excitement and remark. Tbli explanation effectually disposes of tbe "fearful plots of assastinatlon" invented by tbe New York reporters, and also shows tbat tbe movement, although evincing perhaps a somewhat excess! v< prudence upon the part of Mr. Lincoln's advisers was rtally aesig'ied simply as a precaution sgains events tbat might have been very unpleasant t< Mr Lincoln a:id productive of a hew element o excitement In the already over-excited state o |>iiuiic leeuii^ Cei-kbkatios of Washington's BiRTHDAT *1 Fort Scmter ?As the steamship Columbia wai leaving Charleston H?rbcr on Friday las', Mnjoi Anderson Hied a salute of thirty-four guns fron Fort Sumter, In commemoration of Washington' Birthday. Fort Moultrie, not to be outdone li patriotism, followed with a similar salute. YtP? YOUNG MKN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCl II,S ATK'N?Hall Penna. a-enut, tppo it Rroim's Hotel ?Union Prayer Meeting ?voiy <ia; th b week, at to f>% o'olnck p m f 26 .it* rr5??EXHlBl I ION.-Th? Exhibition of Gor tk_3 ?uch Ch^Vol Sabbath School will b?? ri> p?r.te<l in n > land ? :li*p?l, corner of TVntli and 1 streets, Inland, i HIR^UAV EVENING, tlie2i? I inst i at ',Ji o clock. Some new and attrac'iv piece* bav<> been addrd, and a v?ry pleasai t <n tartair.ment >8 insured to ali who may favor wii their p'esetce. f 26 31* G. W. G A R R KT. ?upt_ Y=?tiMITII?OMAN I. ECTU If K8.-0 l? Wlii?\K&D\Y EV - NING, February * Kev Jon* I ord will ierture on < ciumbn* Th public ?re invited to attend. The lecture wi!l coin tnei.ce at & quaiter before 8 o'c ock fe 23 3t rrg?TII?*9ABRATH SCHOOI ATTACHE] I t KVLAND CHaPEI. Wil give * ON CERT in the ct urch, corner of Ten li a'd Data Ii a d. on TUESDA i KVEN N'?. 2G:h inataiii at -<% o'clock. < arda of adniiaMon f r adults 5; child en lf> cent*; may be had of m?mtere t the Bch ol or at Hie door on the evening of the o?e oert Our fr:e> (la north of th* canal ?r? ocpeoial. notified that we have not "aeoeded" a* yet, an will l>e moat happy to have them with ua on th occasion. fe 25 2t* J. THOMAS PETTY, Sec. n^g=?HISTORlCAI- I.E'VTURKS "N OREV 1L3 REPRESENTATIVE WOMEN.?Re' Jons Lord, who ia now lecturing at th? Smith*' man lnntitntion, will give another comae of e< tu es, for the benefit n.n l under theauapicea of th Fira' Pres!>?tcii*n Church, commencing on MO> ll A V L'tr PV I \'i' f . V -?e- . 1- aL 1/a i ri?"ruiir> n ? u ciuci, in u: spacious Lecture Boom of the Church. Subjects. Leotnre I. (Feb 25 ) I'aula and St. Jerome?Chrii tian ^ riendship. Lecture II. Phiiippa?"Hie Woman of Chivalry. Lecture III. Heloise? woman's I<ove. Lecture IV. Elizabeth?Woman as a ?overei*n. Lecture V. Madame de Mamtenun?The Woma of Society. Lecture VI. (By request) a Lccture on Galil( will conclude the series Tcketa fur the oenrse .?1? single admission oents : to be hsd at BallantyDe'a. Taylor k. Mai m's. Shi Imiton's. and at the door. fe 33 St* or Tjr " I 8AY, STRANGER, WHERE AR you eoicg ? You seem to be in a great hu "So 1 am. i am going to SM?TH'S. No. At Seventh street, to huy a auit of Clothes. The pe< pie ?ar he has a very nice a<?ortmont, and they ?i he sells them so oheap." Ant*.?The last wo ea of the stranger. he was running up Seventh strc singing out "'SMITH, No. 460" fe 2-?w rirg?DEMP8EY A O'TOOI.E, - LkjS WE DDI NO AND VlSlT(N(i CARD ENORAVBR8, Importers of fire WEDDING STATIONERY WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most beautiful stylt t>l? P< iv ??r, o*>. inik .t. ? A n ? If l/Wk ? WU f?U '???*? an 27- m Wabkhmtoii A special BARGAIN IN TWO piano perf'ct y new, left on rale at sacrifice# Al? Melodeonb lor s*l? or rent very !o? JOHN F. 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The insured of Washington will p'ea?? oall Iwmii the hour* of 9 and 12 n'olock to reoeivetl scrip dividend of 25 p?r o?nt. upon the cash | m>uma paid in 1H60, and 6 per o*nt. oash upon < dividnd* issued from 1H 6 to 196X All ierormal on Lrfo Insntauce fr?e of ahnrae Capital. ... 8 1.071,148.93 fe 28 law3w* I BOOTS ANn SHOE'S JUST RECEIVKO ANOTHKR Cfe>NSl( MENT OF mM LADIES' AND URNTLKMRN'SWg BOOT a AND SHOES. Ladies' double sole Moroceo Bo >t?. $1, worth M c? f double sole Boots, $125 worth $ ' cloth * city made. fl.75, worth Mis*e*' " " 88 o?nts, worth Ladiee* leather h?el Boots, 75eent>, w?rh f " t-ootoh Hoots. flJt worth $ " Calf Heln orals. it 12, worth i Geutlemen's fine Calf Boots. #2 an. worth ft C*'f Water Proof. 3J.75, wrn B"T?' Bootoh Hboes, S3 cents, worth ft m ?? - ? ' miin i?iii?r nrii noon, an centM, worth Ladiea' rubber walking Boot*. *2, worth MaRsj/\I,L i f\GK tn 26 3t under Odd Pellowt' Hall. 7th It. AH AMMACK'S fl AAf HKSTM'HAyT. mJU No. 90S Pa. Avkktti, Weet of Willarde'. y||| Where oan bo found, the year through,ail the Delioaoiee that earth ami w oan pr<*ian?, and eerred by oooke who oann urpaeeed in thie ooantry or Prano*. (ienfre who have tak-a r omi oan find at all honre plev tnd ootnf >rt?t>l? Rooms to Dine and Break last, ave their mealt to ooet to eait theme 1?t i - ?? ? ?? ?vr ? o ma, mnu noia tha #li?. Mealt ttrvi-d to parti** at their iinM extra charge only tot Hm* of errant Mr ? hall at all iin,e_. rompar* with the i*et i? u?o thie oonntry. W ith an experiecoe of fiftee .,? I flatter mrte'f that, with my nndividnt atten to butinxM. I oaa pleaee Ukamoit fatidiou her man. As tefardi win?? aad Liq My ? a?w ww tiiw WU ijlfl 'SSfir-fturBfiSirftSfcrfs^ WAKHiseTON. Feb. 29.?There are Tarioua apeculattoaa afloat aa to the probable complexion of the Cabinet of Mr. Lincoln. Tbe following ap Clntmenta are aald to be tbe only onea yet de tained upon: Secretary of State?William H Seward Secretary of Treasury?Senator Cameron a i li. Aiwrnry uriicmi?ifi r . o??r?. The balance of the Cabinet will not be settled upon, it ! Mid. until the Peace Conference baa closed Its deliberations, and some sat sfkctory plan of compromlae Is acted upon bv Congrert. It la generally concedrd that Mr deward will have the lasting vote in Ita formation, and he la desirous to have in auch men aa Mr. Summers, of Virginia, or Win C Rivea. of Virginia, Mr Gil mer. of North Carolina, and other auch national men from the Southern States These ineu cannot be approached on the aubject until our national troubles are at an end, ao far at least aa tbelr 1 respective States are concerned, and the policy

of tbe new Administration haa been developed Poatmaater General King haa made an effort to secure the bullion fund of the Government In tbe New Orleans Mint by drawing upon Mr Galnot, ths Assistant Treasurer of Louisiana, for three hundred thousand dollars Dispatches received tk;. .... ?w.? a.. r? ..... Ex-Secretary Floyd will be out tbl* week with a defence, bearing, It it said, severely on his as nllanta The Peace Conference spiritedly debated to day, wl'bout corning to a rote, the third clause of Mr. Guthrie's proposition : " That neither ihe Constitution nor any amendment thereof shall be construed to give Congress power to regulate, abolish or control within any State or Territory the relation of slavery, nor tbe power to Interfere with the inters'ave trade," etc The 1'eace Conference are in session to-night, but no important action is anticipated Several , .amendments proposing changes of phraseology are pend!ng,and unless thingsare much Improved there may be protracted discussion upon linma , terial matters To-day nothing has been done worth mentioning, because speech-making has monopolized the precious hours. rr I ^ A. I * 1 A A. _ A 1 it. I .J latterly <> carried himself in the convention as to gain credit wttti the conservatives of bis own tmrty. He and other ultra republicans are keep ing aioof from Mr. Lincoln, and ere OBaetflg to bring him into submission to their dictatorial programme, which culls for the proscription of Gen Cameron, if not of Mr. Sewaid. R INTELLIGENCE OFFICE ECKNTLY Kept on tb?oom*r of Ninth and E r moved on F street,No. 321. between li th and lltk sts. fa 25 3t*_ rfHE PI AXO to be used at the Concert for the 1 liif?nt Atyium m Chicke ings*. and if sold within six days 1 will present the profits t<> th* In stitution _ (feZS) JOHN F ELLIS. BL AN K E T 8! BLANKETS!! if you want Dlanketa call at VVM. K. KIlKY 4 HUli V'n IK W* , .w*m ?h*> arA I#1%V'. I-, il" U v# VCUtlUI UVUICD( kllOj Ol D BV llll| them very low for cash. fa 25 6Uf IMP OKTANT NOTICE TO STRANGER8 VISITING WASHINGTON. A view o| the National Capitol wiil be presented to aU purchases of Books, stationery &e., from the welt kn >wn establishment of FRENCH Si RICHSTEIN.S7SPa.av., I * 2? near Kirkwood Home. BED COMFORTS, MAKSEILLES QUILTS, I'AlJLh LINEN, TOv\ELS, NaPKINS. t.lNEN mid COI TON SHIR TINGS, ted all j kind* of Housekeeping DRY GOO' S cheap for cash. Call at i*o. 3b Cent al Stores, opposite C titer Market. fe 26 6tif WM R. RILEY A BRO. [\/lOORE'S WEST END DRUG STORE. 113 I"1 Fa. avenue covin side.?Stranger* ai d?^ others "nutr n? .Viedioii.e Congress Water.^Br T <>th Brushes, N ail Brushes. Hair Brushes and Coin1 s, Farir.a Col-cnes, Lubin's Extrton, Toilet Soaps, Po?> a^e*. Hair ? i s and Dyes, or nnr a. tic o >n the Drug I .in*, should patronise the above well known establishment fe25 Iw > I'll O UuO COK L,1UM1 AWJJ L?AKH UALl 5 ??t ran'* Blanched and Brown SHIRTINGS, Lieu and i-'re. eh SnlR1L>G LINEN. Wo are il> mm out ou' *?ock of FANCY SILKS and SILK ROUES at very low prices for caab. Call ar>d reo ti.em. f?25 fctif \VM H. R I LEV A BRO. INAUGURATION BALIi-Mr.. 8. M. BISH OP aid Mm E. GAIR. of 1,016 Che nut ?t, Phi adnlphsa, have jua received a newf snt elegant aa?<'itineni of W re*th?, Head < rfHi p. and ? apee, auitahle fur the inauguraioo HhII. They will op^n a handsome araortin<nt o| Spriog Uoiin<*t8 ou -"aturday, March 2d, at Clagett A Ma>'a Store, 3^4 I'a. avenue, betweon 0 h aud l"th aU. fe25-lw* WaO CROCKERY, CHINA^ lJM mjy GLASs\\TARK. V-X We ha- e in st-re a very lire a?ao:t- r?tS* mentof the at<ov,- gnoda, to which we ir.viie m? atten'ion of all pu>chaeeni wishing go jd artic eia re&^onab e pn ea. Alao, aup<ri'?r CUTLERY and PI.ATEI WAKE. KERO?INE LAMPS ia great variety CHAS. S. FoWLER & CO.. Wholesale and Retail IXal?r?, fo23 6teo 04d Fellows' Ilall beventh it. T iMi U1E IIERN DON HOL'SB, Cornku FandNinth Sts. It is the most e'icililjr situated fit at ciass 1J aid inx-houi* lo the oit?. with la^ge scd airy rooms, nUiat-d centrally be'ween the Capitol and PresHeat's iMansioa and ?!1 . th? Public Departments. 21-oteo* SEVEN TU STREET. REMNAN ?" ? PAPERH? NGINfii*, It. qua .tines sufficient to pap-r an ordinary *ia* room-oi pahca^e, ato e Hurdles* than tue usua prices, at J. \M KKR ITKRS, No. 4?8 Seventh st. 8 d ore at> ve fa 19 12t* Odd Fe Iowa' Hall^ ^OR TWO WEEKS LONGER WE SHAM continue to run off our whole stock of ric Dre*s Goods. Shawls and Cloaks, in faot. all Win t?r Goods at cost, m*ny at less, f.roa* to c o?a out this month. Call at onco ifTt'u wis tue articles at the lowest rrics. 1 J. XV. < IJLLKl & Ull., fe 11 2w Sii3 Seventh st.. abov ? Pa. av. r|"* NOTICE. 1 HE STEAMER THOMAS COLLVER wil iecua.e h?r trip* to VOU VT VKK NON oil SATURDAY, F*br?aiy, S, leaving her wharf at 10 o'oIikjIc a* m oo Tuesdays, '1'hursdavs and i(aturJa?s. SA.MI EL llAKER.Capt. Not*.?All persons visiting Mouat Vernon l> laud are ex pouted to pay 25 cents each oo eutenn Ibn s round*, for the beneht gf the Association. fe21-lw* I NOTICE. N V lew of the importance of ?-ifectins at an ear] dar a settlement of the affairs o! the late firm i Cla.ett St. Hudson, I rti"pootfuily ca.. the attentic of a I persons in?l-b'ed to ti em to (his no'ioe. ar urgt a speed; payment of the amounts still due tt firm WH. Ii CI.aGETT, fe 19-eoGt Adminsit'r on estate of D. < lagett .131 STREET. ? unive'H ?v. uw? i' 41 w A Crash supply of Gron?ri?? jut received. A cood article of Brown Sugar at7 cents per fonn S0 barrel* eitra Flour, best brands. at $7 per Dftrrc >1 d > Family Flour, best brands, Old Hoarbon whisky and Rye Whisky, for ma< it. inuai purposes, ? Old French Hrsndy, Port Wines, Maderia ai M- Sherry Wines, pureartiole for siokness, Cordials of various kinds. And a *ener*l assortment of goods usually kept a first class Grocery Store Ca I and examine bv fell-3taw3w ISRAEL DKM1NQ. Jri- ipLARKNDON HOTBL RESTAUR ANT V/ B F.N J AM IN HoBBS r*t? leave ^ ^ Lion to inform hu iriends and the putlioi^^tt /_ f en?ral y that h? has taken and Gtied up in a superior manner the Restau L? rant at the southeast corner of .'enn. ? avenue and tfixtn street. He will at all times prepared to serve al who may tavor him with >N- ca f. with the best WINKS, UOTORS ud C 1(iA RS. as well as OV'STKRS trAME a -d oth delicaoies of the season. fs 4-1 in W "traveling trunks.-" '? fc Hare jn?t received the largest aasortme and now otfor the moit extensive variety prioes. no JS C DINNER PARTIES. ITlZENb And Sojourners in Washington a respectfully reminded that the ?ubeoriber is pt pared to form eh DINNER ENTERTA11 MESTS, for any number of * equal to that of any similar ei United States, and on very m suites oi Parlors and Dining rooms for the aoooi m'>dation of Dinnar and Supper Parties, hia Tat arraug?ments. Cooks, Servants, Ac,, are vnsv m wtu ai? w tun, vmon enjoy ma oelebrity. He respectfully uki a cnntinuanoe the patrnoace of the pobho heretofore ao liber* BMtoved upon h:m,a<.d pledgee hii beat exertio to rive entire aatisfaot.on <tH lm C flAL'TIKB Piokwicft Payers/' being the fcret of the eie&i hoo?ehcnld edition of the vorka of Char lea Die ue: illustrated by T. O. C, Dar'er and John O foert. K iveraide pr<aa. Call aud exareiue them Aua a&ixar3?*??; i ue adoption 01 an amenurueut to iup tuiru sec t!on of the proposition of the committee quite ex asperated Mr Gutbrle, who said that he believed | that there was little prospect cf a harmonious If* ' suit if there was to be persisting in factions oppo ' sition to what (he border slave States tiesirrd. > He proposed to retire from the Convention, but 8 upon being convinced by ills friends tli?t the ' amendment wn misunderstood by him, and was, In fact, frivolous, be reconsidered his deU>rmina I tlon of leaving, and made a sp?ecb, which was - rrtci vru wiiu appiniiar, auu may uavr iuc tMtxi 1 of Inciting action in the Convention, and an abate ment of that common nuisance?talking. New York and Massachusetts are moat conspi cuous in opposing compromise Other Northern States which are less injured pecuniarily than they will interpose in such factious opposition as contemplates a denial to the people of an opportu nity to amend the constitution. The ultra repub 1 licans fear this and are talking about adjourning the convention until April, to see, as they sav, whether we shall Lave a government or not after the 4th of March I Mr CliaRv. who is to make the motion, has not AMPSEMEfTTB. WAiH ? ? ;*"/ S5?? laMng Hwor rr.i. T. Rath OKI) THIS EARNING. koond w.yk of tii? Mlobratwf Mtd C dima* 1 O s. e MI90 JOEY GOUGENHElM. Who wtll Appear In tha (r*?t Ledger K. mar.o* f the DO* M OF THE DEVILLE. aboandicf in Be&titiful Imposing Si'aa'iont. and Striking No other piecffwiii be perform**}. riRANO I.VAIGURATION UNION CUN " CbRTi TURSDA Y. March S. INAUGUH A"Ao?PSaLL ROOM. For pu-ticuikr* *** future ?dT<r?i?m?aU. I?? QDD FELLOWS' HALL! r Sixteen Performers, Vn^queUed and In com- 1 parable SIX NIGHTS ONLY, Commtneing MONDAY SySJflSO, Feb.9^. ! Ch*>gk of r*ooEAMJi* Nightly. J Donh'a Tronat And Hrui Bud of Duprez k. Green's < Original New Orleani and Metropol itan Burlesque Opera Troupe Will kit* Six (jland Ethiopian '"cc-rU at the aliovf hall introdosi % Moh Teniae an ?n'ir?iy 1 revr selection of Aote, selected frcin the (em* of Ethiopian Minstrelsy. ] Grand Serenade eaoh evening in 'root of the hall previous to opemnt the doors, by the New Orleans < ?n?i Metropolian Troupe's Brave Band, led by Mr, I J PlItT. D ore open at 7; Conoe-t to (omneno* at quarter i of 8 o'clo' k precisely. I Admission 25 oenta ; reserved seats & of nts, C. H. DUPREZ. 18 23 7t Manager and Business A**a'. COLUMBIA INSTITUTION FOR THE DEAF AND DUMB, AND THE BLIND. An EXHIBITION ofthe pupils of thi* Inrtitu tion will be given in the leatnre room of tWe Smith sonian In?tiiutfon, on TUESDAY EVENING. Felvuarj *th. commencing at half past 7 o'olck. The public are invited to attend. fe25-3t JOUH 8. RARE! neepecunuT Announce* him tie win inn HIS FIRST LECTURE AND EXHIBITION OF HORSE-TAMING Is Washington On WEDNESDAY EVENING. Feb 27. At ha'f-paiit eeven. Ha Mammoth Buildihs Now t>eing ereot.d express? for the oocaron, at a great expens*, on the sit* of the O d National Theater, E etreet, near Pa. avenue. No pains wil! I>* spared in rendering the building TSuvn. rowitw:*?t. and coktoitails. It wil be perfectly water-TIGHT, WILL 1IB4TBD lighted with Oil, fcbmifhed with the XMT comfort*blb seats, Rod proper!jr ven'ilatd The Carpenter's Work under the suptnnnend ence of M*sirs. Kntwistle tc. Barrow ; Gaa-fittiug anil Plnmbing l?y Mensrs. Wm. T. Dove ft Co; Water-tight Roofing t?y Mr. Parker ; and Uphol stering by F.. W. fcuumona. This Lecture will be practically illcstratbd by the introduction and st bjlgation of the xon vicioc8 Rati DANGEROUS HORSBS which CAM bb pro DC crd. The Horse "CRUISER,** formerly the property .of Lord Ucchestdr. of England, and once renowned as the most unmanageable horse in the world, har icg defied and suocessf :IIy resisted for jmii the effort* of the moat celebrated hor*emen, bat Lamed by Mr. Rarey, enl by his system now reduced to perleot tract&hility, will be exhibited. Also, the sma'lest Shetland Ponies in existenoe. Mr. Rarey guaranties the perfeot order and de oorum of this laeture. A fall oorps of ushers wiU be engaged and every at'.entioi paid to the oomft.rt of ladies. Admission?Parquette 91; the rest of the housa SO oento. The sale of ret sired seat t'okets (or Mr. Rarey's first looture in Washington will oommenoe Monday morning, February 25 at the ofiioe of the above building, E at., near Pa. avenue. f? 33-51* HAll Ann ?BLUE BOOK-Inform (VJjV/WUtUv'U# ation a* to all the Office* in the onntry, aad salary. 37K contain* to* >amt matter a* the Great Blue Bnok ooatint #3?">. Omi'tinc the d'rim which are not t?cee?ary. Cat alogue or Cunoaitiea at Patent Office L.iat oi Pat ent!. Old Rook* houcht and (old Cata ocue far ni*hed. ALFRED HUNTER. Bo. kseiler, fe22-lm* Wiliarte' Hotel Square. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. i ^jjRAND INAUGURATION SOiREE t Comra1 les A and B, Washington Light Infantry t Datta ion. wou'd rtspectfu 1; invite their friet.da (th-Mr lady friend* in particu ar) and tne pub 10 generally to th*ir SECONll SOCIABLE AS [ hEM BLY. at their new Armory. on th? Night of the 4ta of March. 1861, and pledge themselves to leave nothing undone to render it th? m<?st aooept ab:e and entertaining of the k.nd evor given Tick ! eta Si; to i>e had of th-Committees or at tne door. 1 Committees i Compmny A. C-mw+ny B. Robert W.Goggin, N. W K'ng, J as Coleu an, Jas. A S-ioehan. Henry Keller. W. E. Morgan f. <v o* ir *X3 ov WAJNTS. WANTED?An active, inte'ljjent YOUNG MAN, to attend tue Book S*t\nd in Brov?'i Hotel. On* ?;io can ooine we 1 reooinmenU-d for hone?ty, ndaetry, and stability mey apply this eve ning^bj^sw?en5and6o^olook. It* TEI'-BOIS to sell Hlne Hook-, *7*. _ oe Books. 37)6, Blue Bo. ks, S1%. Blue Hooks, 31%, Blae Books, 37%. K'ue Bo<<k?,37)<, Blue Books, 37)6, Blue tfo^ks. 37**. Bice Books, 37Si Blue Books, 37S. Blue ttooks, 37%, Btne Hixjkv 37Hi, Blue Boo?*. 31%, Hlu M-ofc?,S7)%, Blue Books,37*. ALFRED IIUNTKR. f A "C 1?? IV .IU .J>1 U u . \VA,it I" gy ^ 'UBim nut"! WANTED -By a jot n< lady. a SITUATION aa chambermaid or child'* ruree. Apptv at No. liii Se-oud at.. betw^eu B ar.d C fe >6-2t* YV AN TED?By a respectable wom?n,?SITUA " TION iu? wet nurse. Apply at No. 490 F at., between 2' ai.dSI >U f?25 2t* VV'ANTED?A competent tilRL to do general '? homework. It wi I l>? u4?Im? to apply with out the beat reoomme? (latiu:.*. 164 Pa avenue, between )7t < a-:<l 13th ?U fe >5 ft* ANTED-A CHILD'S NURSE, that under stands her tusineas and cao do plain sewinf A white preferred. Satisfactory reference required. inquire at No. 443 Twelfth at, betwe t r: miH ii. t?-? ? WWM ANTED IMMEDIATKI.Y-Froa $5 tc *10,00'worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURF- ofail kinds, lor vhioh 1 will inarantT to paj the highest prioee,and. u usual. at the shortest no bo*. R. BCCHLY. D*aler in Furniture, Stove*. to,, oc 9 4OH 7th st.. bet. G and H east tide. no 17 LOST AND FOUND. V OST?On Monday last, a pair of sold KYB Li GLASSES. The ftnder will be suitably re warded by leaving them at this ofloe. fe ? St* | OST?Between the First Presb'tartat Cburol 1J on St.. and the oorner of tth st.. conaiai Mnwn 1 nniaiAna av?nn? a V arilk If RKWARD.-A lady loat her poeketa ii Waamngton on the 21 at mitut, ocntainini oroa?ea attaohed to it. one an Mate trnoifix, witl figure and inountu.c of gold; tha other a old eror with tha letter* J H. S on it; the ohain of peou!ia workwan&hip. Tha finder will flease leave it the Star Oftoe. $5 Waamngton on the 21 at inataat, oontaininc i large brae a key. Th? abore reward will he paid 10 the key, on being left with G. F. GlLBb.RT.Eaq Aglet at the Depot fe? ?' LOST?Going from the oorner of Thirteenth in K at*, to New York avecae and Fifteenth -t along CASHMERE SCARF, with black oeet and goid end a. The finder will he rewarded b leavinc it at 3&3 H at., b. tween 13th and 14th ete. fe28-at? BOARDING. BOARDING.?Several transient Boarders wt find aocomm'Klationa al No. 4 A3 Ninth etree one door south of F it It* e M A FEW TRANSIENT BOARDERS CAN Bi A aooommo4?ted at No. 28 4H street. fe SI 1 v le he lit SEVERAL' GENTLEMEN OR O oan he mo ramoUated wth iImni Board itMri Wfc8T8,l? H *t , and 7th. Also, Table Boarder*. FAMILIK it Room* ae in il* tr t QB ' H be fcatwen 6t fe SIMeo* A .L.&aS?* PAWN uVriCB the butntH viil be continued ae h?r oldetand. (no it-fan] ISAAC HB r, b&'jea smi# ? lMPORTEli'BUAi!d^v l^maU a^ Vatail 1>m. iVIN? niOiBR. AUCTION SALES. Bt 6HKP.V ft WILLIAMS A?t.??r?w* / Et eXtkwivk pawn ' >JJ.? o? l w??r*E*i:'/LEtw?? AT ArrTio*. a TIUUKDAv ant HIIUaY M* oh m h, ?t 10 o'vloek . n w fea'l ia I at oar ?Mtop ooir a. lornr R-r*. cta im i> * rt+'m a vary arji* i<1 r?tloa of inmlMnM ib r ? ixtra fti.a g?M aad flilvar HaaMa? CLtrer and <>th?r W atohaa. fowl Nack aad F??h Oh*in? aad Rreiuitjina, mantr Gold P;n* and Karri n??, ! >?>? ot 0 'Ia n UxS Fancy Fi-?|or Rincs Togothor with ar ritmirt vtri?j ol LMirt' KK&SfcfiSnL** Ulk 1M other Dr*?'i 'loth C?k? ? <! Coota Fore, ifnt.rnwu't Wearing A???r?l in |r?t rasivtr. k!*>. K?vo rera, tiur ? and PiaUila. lad many ot&or artioo* too mmmi to Mo Tm raU will on*"o* with Watohoo. frWrod ORKKN A WII.HAMi. AacU. Br J. C. MoGUIBK A CO . Aae rRL?TKE'S 9ALK OF HOUPKHOLO AND JCucaa* rnmirti. Hoata*. Brooia*. >Vaoo5?. C??t ?]>p Haixim, r..*r, Ac -Br rir?L?a, kdMd of lri?t fro* J "Ob Hohlayor, Jr., tHriu d?t? m toe lat d*j 1>( Jan*. ilS.Md re i mrdtTu Liber J. A H., tN?. ITT, folio Ml o< ha aahaonbor viIImII. at pab to ?aJ?. ?a FR1 [>AY,Nie9tb d*t ?f Mercn. IWl. at tho ialo r-ai I 'BM of Mid John Bohlajror, Jr, on the t .rw ?f 3 at. DOftn and Fifth at. M4t t ttookou**, ] Sofa, 9 . nin<M. 5 Ta" l?a. I Bareaai, 3 cafpeta.3 H?u? and B*<1 disc, 18 Cbaira, 3 pair ?oa'*?. I Clo?ke. t Looking tiiMa**, 3 S*n?a?e MmIuiin, 2 Ketiea. Lot of Crook"'? and Glaaa Ware. Lot Kito^o" l*ten?i!?, 3 H?reoa, I Cow, 3 Bu|(i??. I WtfOBi, I Cartaud I ?t of Harnea* A T?tmi: All a?m? of #90 and andor e*ah; all aoaaa 1 B?er 090and inim #} at 90d??a; all aaata over |9>kn "t'or #100 at CTaod 90 day* and a'l aoiaa di #10 and over at??, and Ml daya' credit. <or r>tea with approved eadnraera. bearing internet om day of aai*. rale to eoH'inapce at 10 o'e'oak a an. CHAI*. * WALi^Cd.Trattea. * ? - - * J- * r? a* ? r i r? * a < ?/? a ?<?*> Hj clearv tt Oil KEN. AoetioaMri. i06 JViWt ?w?. ami K iTCH K.N FCRNI rril at Arctio* ? On WKDNKpUA V Mi>RNlN9iFti<r?u! 8T*h. At 1? o*cW>ck. w? ? ill ?ell at pablic AOOticn. At No. Fourth aU-^et, l*t*rM IndiADA Arenae And K street, Aw th? HoncKoH Kff'ol* ? !** iA?ly deoliBiRf kvKNiwy inr. \V? da'ti* in Part? WA'nut Hat aeAt&.faAnd P?rlor ChAira. Ncai W(H?d Mar->letop Center .'ml Side 'I Ablea, I R0HV1M4 Silk l>AinMk-eov*r*>? Gothic Chair. WAdUflt Hair ifBt Rocker. Whatnot Marble top tVairat and other Bursas*. Do do Wa*h*ink and tttaoda. Iota! French pate *ianr?l Mirror, Walnut Hatra k IHninc Tabl?, Qllo < th SUMr roda anil Eyea. Bed*te :.d?. MeUreaaet, PheMa and Pt'Jov Cam. Superior F?*at!ier B*da, Kolat?r* And Pillewa, Cab? and Wood Beat ChAira. Kooiara, ffraaa?!?. Three-ply And $t*?r Carpet*. Ch*mi er Sto?f?. Clooka, Toi et war*, 1 anterior Cook t*tov- An * fixture*. Radiatora, Crockery, G'aat An-! T n WAre, ^ " *' - I -A Y l?AkA. I diriniv WIW1 m JKa-r?i Hnraam *' nmwmm i r uri.iture, unnecessary to ei,saieratr T?'?? 9?ih. fe? d?ds CLKARV k OK KEN, A sots. Br J. C. MoCUIIK A CO , Aeotioneors. DEKKMPTOR V 8ALK OF FRK!?H FMUITS. I Bkardt *^d !t|i)iii.-Oo TMIRSPaV AF TERNOON February Sttn. emamrt.diai ?l S o'eivok, we aha 1 set,, on the fir?t floor of tMMa tion room*. SB iMM frosh Prawrred Fruits, *m braeinj? Whort ebernes, Blackberries, Plum* Ao. Alao. fresh Pmi in caus, and ft oases Walmt Cat sup. And for aooount of whom it mar oonoerr. a*"ut Havana and IKxneatio 8rfari, of the follow in* brand'? La I*nrma, Joe* de (Vonsalas, Fiar d e Cabanas. I *M*nsrva. Pn: ttulidtd, La Pnorlia M*molia, Si ra, Ao., Ac , m atria Conofcos, Loa I dres and Kecai >aa, Ao Also, lor aooou' t Peruvian Minister? 4 o&i?i very ni? \> it?. i aoa n cmb, 6 " tnperior Modno C a"* 2 '* * 1 >-&M H&nt Brim Olare?. 1 dusen. 1 ba*ket Moidaiik Champagne, pint*. And abost >0 La?kcta London Dook Brandy, 1 d sen each. 3 small Iron Pafe*. fa Fo*wive. f?'mi ?uh. ff 25 .1 J C. McGI'Ha k. CQ..AsoU. rpRU9TEE?8 SALE ??F REAL ESTATE* 1 by virtu* <>f?d ?l of tra?(, eieont*d to IM br Rioh ri Wii iaa>? and wife, recorded in Akzu> drit County Court. in Lib?r U .N'i. 3. folio 41*, and at their reqno: t 1 vil* offe- lor sale, at tsMia ?ietirp, to th- nighest bidder for ca*h, o? WED NE?bA^,tM6ti dayrf M\rch, 1*61. i" fro"tof t c Major's ofeoe, in tt-o oity of A.*i*r dn?, at II - I ? a?-/ I ? A .. ?L. A? . I._ O'Oinrft , ? vrwi ui i.?uu in iiie ot'iuij ui nir* *n ina, cort?<nin* about m him, 1/inc on the Co lumbia tu n.ike, about 2,Si raiiae from the city at Ww'i'r.ftgi. | f??du M. H. BERRY. Truatee I ?????????Mi???? FOR SALE AND RENT. COR RENT?A Ff?RNI*BED FRONT PAt F L.O-1 and CHAMBER. m El van'h at., ka l*wg C and Pa. avenue, oppoaite the Theater. ! f? ? Sf TO THE M EH CHANTS OK * A8H1NOTCWL Anui ( the beat Bu-in??? >tan 1a m thu oitv ia ' tha Warehouse recaitlv erected on ifce eouth no* I of Penn. avenue, near tha oo ner of Seventh atreal. The antire huiMin?, or aueh portion <d it aa may ba applied fur, ia noar oflerfrd for revt upon very inoa* era e t?rma. Ajpljr to COVLE BROTHERP, Fourteenth etreet and Cana:, or FlIZIJL'Olf COYi E. 395 C atraet. fa 26 6tao* i TV* Din'ttr of Rornna will accoto!Y>?date wiahing t<? b? ?o?ett?or.or ?inr |t*pt<?aiL_ vin^ovi o^irmand a fn'l vi#w of a I the oty i Dtp reft, proo*t?i'?a, *c , putiai om tfa* ??' with or without B'-aid f? puR R KNT?1*1* iar*? ( afurntsuad >ROOI :J5 51 { 1? over our iture, 309 Pk atd 1' th *ta. j fo33 Iw JOHN R. KI.VAIW. I COR RENT?6 l?r(*. Ufl?!r firniilifd CH 'r BKRS and two P&RLORS. at No. 4S3 aotk at.. f?tv?N G a?a II tu., waat aide. ; fcssiw | COR KfcNT-TWO K^HMSHhO ROOMS r mm) s?TA BLK, aear Wula d?' Hotel. Appla to K1 DWELL k. LAWRENCE. DragcMU. Km. and 14th at. fennoftr )R RENT-A UrM story brick HOUSE, ob taining 8 roomi, in good order, with raa ia turea ootnpieta. oa li lUMt, hetwaen ?th aad t*k. ;! Mil vo . VII II ' w w*:u w?M ' Alao. a two-tiory briok COTTAGE, with iaraa < yard att vhM, c.rner of F atroet aorta a?< lith St. mk. in pat c(u*i ua ri*ii&D;e tei.fcnU the Utm will be ni<>Of r?A. Apply at 446 Twelfth Mtml between U *ad H. w l> tr P)R RKNT?'The rte?ir*t> e ud eorremeM RE8I DENCE. now occnpied by bemtor K?? n~dy,on Sixth ?tr?*et, ju?t north of the Um !*<> Ch*r?h, will * ? for rei.t after the Mfjon'ameat ( Be Unit d StatM **enete. Apply to THOMAS LAODEN, No. 499 Serentn street wnt ft FUK KENT, in the Firet Ware?three mum weet ^ the War ? ?mni! OF FICE. wiflrback room, or u* fwraier my ui*? > for a ?bop: and Pnrlore nod OhMnhori, separate. or i enite ot Rooau, formatted or arfurmnMd; oioee | to the Avecue. Inquire at Uue oftoe. I i VOK RKNT-T?? FIRST FlAK>R?fUa term. apply to *? 1? tl POR RENT?The fcoa BR1CR HOUSE No. r 100 WNtil. Gturcttotn, at praaaat ooca ~ pied by tfea ahaenbar. It dm H room, with gaa r an< vatar tkroacboat, a fcne yard, ?tat>la A.a , and : j iftwssr*3^^A'*10 3 di~ ; U ONE PRICK ONLY ! - Jtl AV1.NG on band a very hear? .took of DKKM I SkhKSIw** ttoM.mT.taJC uu UM rnw UOJ. R C. STEVEN6, 3?? P*.??. aofl tf M??hi ?h tml l?Oi tU. TOPH.-VM* PREMIUM TRUNK MAS V FACTORY, 499 SKVKSTB Mlllt, VVxf H I iwjtoii, D. C. Vi m M?lal ?? ** <?. ?*y Jlaryt^ InstatvU ?f HlUtoio IS.-vemh^r 7, 1MB Alto, M*xial b? M? roj? it*n WwlimtoB, D C., 1857. . -kskisrssrarsHRM ?? i "ih'. J:.;-:agya'tyJiSC!ft M I "sifts""*'^'jara-e-TofmiLic \ A Htm '-ine i >?r morj umtMi HU15L, No. 4J3 Fifth at.. between E and F. in ?u*i lent ropa r. with m>-d*rr. improvements. Inqoue on the pr miin ; or of DVVAlL UKUTRbRtf, 4*4 Pa iMBVf. f? XX' SEVERAL COMFORTABLK ROOM* MAY C5 be obtained at ?o.4i3 Thirteenth at. Mv?w E and F.__ h 35 4t*_ FOR SALK-Th# GOOD WILL and FIX I UK E> of a restaurant and a feardioc hoM situated on Peon, aveuae. No. 444, ktw??r |? and 2J >ta fa ii aT / 'OMFORTARLE ROOM- F ?R KENT/^fw >-/ r?ui. on K street, south aide, between 6*4 JU?d 7th at? , ivn large ana eo*?iortat>ie Koom, without Board, durinf the Inaagaratioc ti fe 25 lw MKtf T R G * FOR RENT-A hurdeomHy PUR HOISK with t the modern imvro in a centra, local on, wih b? rer.Xi for on< a term of yrare, on vwrr re?*onabIe tern MMM jiren inurnxJiMly. AppljatNo. 4 between 9>.h a??t l' th u. * ... RKNT-Ser*ral fine ROOMS over Doutlaa'a ?r*en fcouee. opposite ti Department. <w?nier Penn avenue and fl F??