Newspaper of Evening Star, February 26, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 26, 1861 Page 3
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4 . 11 " LOCAL NEWS U7 Tb-"vu Th* Star to printed en Ike (utMt train pr"-* 'a ?w wAk of 5?Wtt?ore, Its edition to w Iw**1 n fci r*^nil* It to W put to prm at u (*Hr t*rir; AdW4?rcaents, therefore, ahouid bo ra< la Ww It o'clock m.; atherwtoe tbey My *** arpeer untfl tbe next day. City Covxciii, February 25 ?Board of Aldtr m*n ? A communication wu received from the Mayor, approving an act to amend an act provi ding for the erection of Ayre'i aide walk Iro !>?? ? _ . . . _ _ mmu. a resolution aumorizing Jonn s. Rarer to erect a frame building within Ihe city limits Also, a communication from tbe Water Regls mr. recommending an appropriation for the dis tribution of water and erection of fire-plugs; re ferred The luertdent presented to tb? Board a letter from Me. Sllaa M Crane, inviting tbe Mayor and City Oo'incila to attend the annnal commence mrrn c f his school on tbe 0th of March next, which *o*V.ation was accepted. "i he President laid before tbe board tbe follow ing correspondence: Washisqtoh, Feb 25.1861. Gentlemen ?I have tbe bonor herewith to en close a letter from tbe President of the United States, and Uke leave to suggest that the members rf your board assemble at the Mayor's office on Wednesday next at half-past one o'clock p In Very respectfully, Jas. G. Bkbkxt, Mayor. \VAtHmeTOM, Feb 25. l?0l. My Dear Sir:?I have received with feelings of profound sensibility tbe resolutions adopted by the Corporation of the City of Washington, In tin in in 3 me vu<n idc mayor, noara 01 Aiofrmen, Hud Board of Common Council propose to wait upon me, on anv day 1 may designate, for the purpose of taking leave on the eve of my departure from the aeat of Government. For tbis honor I feel deeply grateful, and It will afford me cordial satisfaction to receive them on Wednesday nest at two o'clock, and to expresa to th-m, and through them to their fellow-citl zena, mv warmeat thank* for their uniform klnd nesa evrr aince I flrat entered Congress. now nearly for'y years ago. Youra very respectfully, Jambs Bccha.rar. Hon. Jax? O. Berrbt, Mayor. On motion of Mr Brown, the above correspond enre waa ordered to be pabllahed In the National Intelligencer .Mr McNerbany offered a jeint resolution that the two board* of City Counclla meet at th? Mayor's office on Wednesday next, at 1 o'clock; agreed to. A communication was presented from the Water Regiatrar, transmitting a llat of water takers for tbe years 1P60 and 1961. and referred to tbr committee on drainage. Mr. Price offered a resolution Instructing the committee on drainage and distribution of water to report a bill directing the proper officer to shut cff the water from the premises of those w!ao have failed to p?y their water tax. Mr. Donoho thought that the resolution was superfluous. Thev already bad laws upon their statute books teaching that matter. After some debate, the resolution was with drawn. Mr. Brown presented the petition of John R. Stuart, praying the remission of a tine Imposed upon Messrs. Flint & Brewer; referr ed. Mr Krnurn frnm tk? rAmmlHAA ported an act to extend the time ot tbe sueuori to bear and consider tbe complaints of excetsive nsarssanenta until tbe 4tb of Marc 'a next Inclusive; pawed Mr Drown also Introduced * joint resolution providing for tbe adjournment of the City Coun cils to March II, 1H51; adop^. Mr. McNerhany, from th^eommlttcf on c.lalir g) reported a bill for the reli ef of William M.agee; passed Also, a bill for the rvlkf of Henr*C. Purdr; laid on tbe table. Mr Coyle, from t'^ uinc committee, reported a bill for tbe relief cf j0hn R. Bourse; passed. Mr Bohrer pr' rented tbe report of the lutendant of the Asylum for tbe vear ISO I, and moved that It be placed < .ppn the llle? of the board; agreed to Mr. Fish' from the commiltee on dninaar*. reportea a bill authorizing the payment of wharf i rent due 0y tUe Corporation to Morgan Sc Rhine hart, pi .Med. Mr Price ottered a resolution instructing the W*1/r Purveyor to inform the board why he had t*?'< caused the water to be shut off from the prem ies of those who bad failed to pay their water . taxes; adopted , The following bills, Ac., were received from the lower board, and referred: \ A bill to construct a cesspool in square No. 4o3; a bill authorizing the Mayor to cause to be con ducted stench traps at the corner of Filth and E, ^lfth and G,and Sixth and H sts ; a bill authoriz ing an appropriation for repairs of the causeways at>d footways of the bridges across the canal, at frVour-and-a-half. Seventh and Twelfth sts ; a bill JBffcosstruct a flac footway at the Intersection of y* iwnue and Third st The following bills and resolutions were con curred Id: An act for the prevention of nuisances; joint Resolution of respect to Hon. Jobn J. Crittenden; Vint resolution relative to (be inauguration of the President of tbe United States. i Adjourned till Monday week. .'4 Common Comm'iI.?A communication wis re ceived-from tbe Mayor enclosing a communication from tbe Pres'dent of tbe Unttrd States Mr. Jones offered a concurrent resolution for tbe adjournment of the two beards till tbe ltth of March next; adopted. t Also, resolutions of respect to Hon. J. J. Crit tenden. as follows, which were unanimously adopted : Jc\nt Resolutions oj Respect to tk* Hon. John J. Crittenden. , Whereas the time is at band when tbe Hon. j+an J. Crittenden is about to withdraw from the onai uuuncus, aiu*r a career of illustrious :c service running through a period of mere forty years; and, whereas, daring all that "Je has steadfastly evinced bis devotion and lent to the Union of the States, no leas by irged and comprehensive statesmanship bla liberal courae of policy in conue< tlon ie interests of this the capital citv of the Mlc. aelected by the Father of our Conntrv rmanent seat of government, and s amped its own immortal name; therefore i?clreJ, 4'c That a committee, consisting of [Mayor, tne President and two members of tbe " of Aldermen, and the President and three ibers of the Board of Common Council, be Dinted to wait on Mr Crittenden and present a copy of these resolutions; at the s*me time ?aaveylng to him our deep sensibilities at parting one who h s been so long among us as to be rsfardrd almost as one of us, and whos?* absence from the social and political circles of Washinu toa will leave a vacuum not easily filled. The petitlsn of Sam. C H. Uoston. for remis sion of a fine, wis referred. ^.^(r. Given offered a joint resolution in regard jMrfhe inauguration, proposing that the councils shall attend in a body, aud ordering the appoint MBit of a committee to arrange for it; adopted f?- Given, from tire department committee, fitted a bill to establish a paid fire department laft'.s city; laid ua the table for future conaldera "ym. >lr. Jones, from the police committee, reported f|hi Aldermen's bill for the prevention of nuisan. t?*. with an amendment. making the bill appli cable to coal, lumber, and wood yard* only. The *Miginal bill applied to sbops used by carpenters, *4lackamltbs, and wbeelrigbU, prohibiting tbeir Zction within UftT feet of any dwelling The end menu were adopted. The title waa ordered be changed to "A bill regulating the location coal, lumber, and woodvard?," and the bill tubr, from the select committee en the r relief of John Fitzgerald, appropriating rnts with Interest for several years, made a >al statement as a report of the special corn ice, and stated that tb? claimant was paid witbin ten cento of the amount of the contract vffice ?"Mr. Eaaby said be doubtless lost by the nature be work, the grade of Fifth street being altered ring the execution of the contract; and be was early entitled to some compensation for the loss ?e sustained As a matter of abstract justice and % Bhrra.'.ty, Mr Easby Introduced a ioint resolution k authorising the Mayor to pnytojno. Fitzgerald *:*>, provided be receive the same in full of ali claims against the Corporation. On motion it was recommitted to the com mittee. The concurrent resolution of tbe Alderman, for 4 Adjournment till March 11, at seven o'clock, was pissed r,.r. The concurrent resolution to wait on tbe Presi ' den', was passed. An act to extend tbe time allowed by law for tbe hearing of appeals from tbe assessments by tbe board of assessors; passed. Tbe Board then adjourned for two weeks. Bvsslast.?Last Sunday night some daring karglar or burglars broke Into the pawnbroker's hop of Mr. E. Ward, in l.oulsiai.a avenue, and robbed It of about #100 worth of goods Tbe en trance was made bv breaking through the panels ?JW tho Kark doer and the articles taken consisted f conti. t?u. pents, etc.. and aboes kept by Mr kM ird f >r Mle Mr. Wtrd coDildm It a Inckv . aire u instance that the part of th? bouse In srhich kg keeps hi* p*? oed goods waa not entered by ?s thieves. Caiuix csb o* a Pistol.?Yesterday a/ier jason. Mr. Whaley entered Mr Swift's sboe tbop la Flrat street, near Pennsyhrsnla avenue, for acne bualnraa purpose, and while there palled ?at a pistol and exhibited it to Swift, telling bini It waa not loaded Hvrift took tbe pistol, and ?>intlnji It at tbe door, polled the trigger, wben e weapon exploded, tbe ball peseta? ?broaKh aw. mmA tifikin? s wooiin narucd O'Nflftl In the forehead, and lottlctln^* a aerrre though not dan^rroua wound nai Chickbbmo Piajio uaed at the cob ? egrtUat nljtlitfor the benefit of the Infant Aayluin, vu kindly loused by John F. Ellla, 3V6 Pa av?! IT ^ tabvmxTs of Mb. Likcolk.?\V> mentioned, yesterday. tbe vfclt of Mr Caa?, Ex-Secretary of State, to Mr Lincoln. Tbry convened aome time on tbe preaent condition of tbe country, and the veteran statesman, it is raid, evinced great emo tion aa be addreaasd Mr Lincoln In relation to tbe diflculties by wbicbbe was surrounded. Mr. Lincoln was mucb affected and expressed himself aa fully appreciating bia position. at the capitol. Yesterday, about thre* o'clock, Mr. companied by Mr. Seward, visited tbe Capitol. * t ___ *?a ?? ? - - - ? eating that he and Mrs Lincoln were " receiv ing," which proved to be the caae. Gentlemen, unaccompanied by ladle*, however, found con alderable difficulty In effecting an entrance to the pretence, and bacbelordom waa tbua at a decided dlacount. The fine second-floor promenade pas sages and halla of this hotel we found brilliant with ladles and their attendant cavaliers. Thread ing a devious way amongst the crlnollnean diffi culties of the path, the parlor In which Mrs Lin coln waa holding her reception, was attained Her pleasant face won readily upon her vlsltora, aa did the unaffected kindness and ease of her nvinner. The verdict of the ladies, who. of course, critically scanned her, as Is the wont of their sex, waa that " she will do" for the White House. The path to Mr. Lincoln waa rather more rug ged; for after hla room was reached, lo! he was hacked up In a corner, and so button-holed by uccoutc iqusas 01 eager Individuals?each of wbom, by Lis earnest gesticulations, bad some thing of vital importance to communicate?tbat quiet folks who went there simply to paytieir rmpects to him os citizens, contented themselves with a bow, and a look at the coming man. The eve, in glancing around his apartment, could not fall to note the large pkno literally loaded down with the cards showered upon the President-elect by those who would button-hole him. In the course of the evening, Hon John Bell, of Tennessee, by request of Mr. Lincoln, had an in terview with him, which was of some length. "DIXIE"' FOR THI BKNKF1TOP YOUN? MISCOLN. After dinner there was some turning of eyes in the direction of the smoking-r-aom at Willards', it being noticed tbat Mr. Robert Lincoln was en joying a cigar there, 1-j rompany with some friends A couple of ^ell-known harpists were performing thereat (hesame time, and a group of disunionists had /i>- - ??? . vau M0IC (U IIIUUUC VUC U?Tf p- | Uts to play " l?lxie," tbe adopted national air of Secessia, X'jt the benefit of young Lincoln. Tbe muslcis^ however, on ascertaining the purpose for Wflich tbey were being used, made the thing ev.en by performing ? Hail Columbia," with all the extras. TO-DAT This morning Mr. Lincoln was occupied with engagements with his friends, many of whom called from 9 a m up to 2 p m. At 10^ o'clock Mr Lincoln rode out, and was gone till 12 m Among those who called upon Mr. Lincoln to* day,were Gov Seward. Senator Sumner, the New York, Pennsylvania and ludiana Congressional delegations. Judge Harris. Vice President 11am lin, and others. Gov. Hicks, of Maryland, also called upon Mr. Lincoln, and held a protracted consultation with him. The only exception made to the rule prohibit ing the admission of strangers was tbe case of a number of Virginia ypntinn?n wKn ? ' were at once admitted to an interview They af terward! expressed themselves very much pleased with tiie President-elect. Polic* Ditictivis, 4c.?The usual arrange ments relative to the peace of the city upon the eve of all great national events, which cause tn influx of strangers at the Metropolis, have been made. The city police has been divided so as to assign a portion for service as detectives, who, for the occasion, lay aside the uniform and appear in the guise of citizens. A number of detectives from the cities of New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore have also been directed to cooperate with those of Washington. Notwithstanding the vigilance of these officers, there isa number of the light-fingered gsntry in Washington, who arrived knnl tk. ' * ?v?> 1UC utiir mnr IUU H1C UfWTIIVfl HOm abroad caine. Tb<se will be narrowly watched. In addition to the?e, tbe independent detective firms of the rlty. upon th'lr own authority, are closely observing all that 1* pawing, and It la quite probable that the thieve* and pickpockets will not find it to easy to carry out their pro gramme, which, from present indication, is very similar to that they were so successful with on tbe occasion of the Inauguration of Washington's statue. Ml. Rarkt in Washington.?On Wednesday evening Mr. John 9. Rarey, the famous tamer of horses, Is to give the first of his extraordinary ex hibitions before a Washington audience lie has erected for tbe occasion a mammoth building, on tbe site of tbe old National Theatre,wblch will he perfectly adapted to tbe purpose, and fitted up with every regard to security and comfort He lately delighted great crowds In tbe magnificent new Opera House in Brooklyn?the ladles of that city forming a large proportion of his audience. In fact, tbe only difficulty experienced bv Mr. Rarey in this country ins been in obtaining houses of sufficient capacity to contain the people wbo hAv#? thrnnii&A tn kau> Kfr*% l?h/v.?nrl? K? 1 ? ... ?v vw u i u< aituoi^lt ?C the Academy of Music In Philadelphia. and Nib lo's Garden In New York. In Lonaon, Paris, and all the European capital*, Mr. Rarey's surprising power over wild bone* baa bttrn exhibited before royal and noble audience*?queens, duchesses and countewee taking aa much Interest in it as tbe "lords of creation." We bear that be baa secured some vicious horses, admirably suited to teat his power. Thb Goob Samaritan Soup Horse is not. as we erroneously stated, under tbe auspices of any p?? tbular denomination of Christiana, but is sus tained by voluntary contributions of the friends of tbe poor, both in and out of tbe church, and extends its aid to the worthy suffering of every class?Protestants and Catholics, white and col ored. During last week It baa fed about 2,(>U0 persons?1,100 children and (MX) adults Besides aoup and Itread, relief baa be*-n afforded In other reapecta to extreme caaea Reapectable citizeaa would aid tbe nianagera In dlattngniabing t>e tween the worthy and unworthy by giving written recommendatlona to tboae -who apply for aid Donationa of money, vegetaldea, fuel, breed, aec ond-hand clothing, ahoea. tec . Sec , are aolirited. and may be left with Mr. Noerr, corner E and F.leventh ctreeU, Mr Fuaaell, corner Twelfth and F atreeta; Mr. Leecb, at tbe Poat Office Depart ment; or Rev. J. 0. Butler, corner II and Eleventh atreeta. Thx Coxcekt at the Smttbaonlan laat night, for tbe benefit of Si Mattbew'a Infant Aaylum, waa one of the beat of tbe aeaaon, ao far aa the perform ance waa concerned, but waa only meaaurably aocceaaful financially?the attendance not Ming numerooa Tbe program me embraced thechoiceat zema of Mozart, Roeaini. Verdi, Donizetti, and Metcadante; and no further comment need be made upon the auperiorlty of the performance than the mention or tbe fact that the entire pro gramme waa vehemently applauded, and nearly all repeated in reaponae to the peraiatent ealla of the audience. All waa sood; but tbe duett of ' Q uando dl aague tlnto" was to > ur taate the very best vocal performance of the evening Admi rable, too, was the sextette (instrumental) from Parlclna, an exquisite harmony, and played with exceeding good taste. Prof. Francia la a superior accompaniment, and wu well received last night Cassias* for President Lincoln.?A few fentlemen of New V'ork have presented to Mr. .incoln an elegant carriage, made to order by Messrs. Brewster A Co. of Broome street It Is a full-dress coacb, with maroon hammer-cloth front and handsome carved stands behind. The lining Is of crimson b roc a tel. It Is provided with steps which open with the door, and are concealed when It Is closed It has also a speaking-tube, and all the conveniences ofamoaern carriage, and waa made at a coat of about 81,500. It was forward to Washington on Saturday. Thkatss ?Sheridan's brilliant comedy. "The School for Scandal," was peformed with fine effect last night, Miss Ooagenbelm winning new laurels as " Lady Teazle.'' To-night the great nlaaf UTK* nla 99 Will niBHiu.i ^/mj, a ur i^nu v? wviuV) will wc K formed, with M 1m Gougenbelm as " Lione liforet" and "Mrs Norl," Mr Roys as " Den llle," Mr Bland aa Vulcan," Mlas Shaw aa ' Kat?? Kvt*." (with song,) Mra. Mann aa " Lady Lllzaberh," and Mra Bland aa " Kolougoura." Tijitib Htuii ? Tbe market opened thla mornlnv with a fair aupply of provtaiona The demand wai moderate, and prices about tbe aame as at tbe close of last week. The lad market waa not ao Urydv aupplled aa might be expected, now that tbe regular aenson la approaching. Small lota f pork we-e offered, at prices ranging from M to 6.90 per 100 lbs Tut hoimth comni for the 5th of March, to take place la the Inauguration Ball-room. I rooiUc* to be a great mnalcal performance Met zerott is making his arrangemenu to have the hMt mualral ulmt Drocarablc In New York. i pun rniering ice ?*ena?e many or I tie Senators on both nldes arose and shook bands with bim, and after remaining la the chamber about twenty minutes he retired aa be entered, accompanied by Mr Seward His unexpected appearance in the hail of the House of Keprssentativea created no little sensation, and for a few minutes business was suspended. Having received the congratu lations of the republican members, be passed over to the southern side of the Hall, and waa courte ously greeted by the southern members with some few exceptions The President, after spending about ten minutes In the Hall, passed into the post office of the Houae, where a pleasant chat w? held for* few minutes. Mr."Lincoln and Mr. Seward then entered their carriage and re turned to WUlarda'. While at the Capitol, Mr. Lincoln paid hla respects to the justice* of (he Supreme Court In their consultation room. Mr. Lincoln's fhee haa not yet become familiar enough to be popularly recognized here when he appears in public, ana be puaed to and from the Capitol yesterday without catching the attention of the multitude. TBI LIVII. Last night, between 8 and 10 o'clock, there waa a uoticeabie swarming up the stairways, at Wll larda', leading to Mr. Lincoln's aDartmenti. Indl Tax Auahoixxsts for the I^afgcbatiok hut Morday ?The following la the programme issued by Chief Marshal B B. French, Esq.. of the order of the procession at the Inaugural cere monies next Monday: Marshal in chief, and alda. Military escort of District of Columbia volunteer militia."and Plait ing ditto, under orders of their commander-in chief. National flat;, with emblems The Pres ident of the United States, with the President elect and suite, with marshals on tbelr left and Marshal Sflden. of the District of Columbia, and hia deputies on their rtirht ften?t?'a MmmiHM of arrangements Hx-Presldents of tbe lTnit<d States Washington Republican Association The Judiciary. The clergy. Foreign ministers. Corps diplomatique Members elect, members, and ex-members of Congress, and ex-members of the Cabinet. Tbe Peace Congress. Heads of bu reaus Governors and ex-Governor? of States and Territories and members of tbe Legislatures of the nme. Officers of the Army, Navv, Marine Corps, and militia. In full uniform. Officers and soldiers of the Revolution, of tbe war of 1812, and of subsequent periods The corporate authorities of Washington and Georgetown. Other political and military associations from the District and other part* of the United States. All organized civil societies. Profensors. schoolmasters and students within the District of Columbia. Citi zens of the District and of States sod Territories Tbe various organized bodies of citizens, civil and military, intending to join in tbe inaugural ceremonies, will report as soon as possible to the Chief Marshal, In order that they may be assigned proper positions where they can form before taking position In tbe line of procession. The procession will be formed In front of the Ulty Hall and vicinity at 9 o'clock a. m., and at 11 o'clock a. m the procession will move from tbe parade ground, by Louisiana avenue to Penn sylvania avenue, thence along Pennsylvania ave nue, and so far past Willarda' Hotel (where the Presidentelect will be) upFlfteenth street, as will enable it to countermarch, and halt on Pennsyl vania avenue in front of the hotel. The entire column will, under orders, left face, and tbe military will present arms. The President and President elect will then be received into the line, and the column will, under orders, right face, and move, escorting them to the Capitol. Proper banners and adornments will be allowed In the procession; but no emblems or devices that are offensive in any way will be permitted. At the Capitol the procession will witness the inauguration according to their own pleasure, taking care, at the same time, not to interfere with the programme published by the Senate's Committee. The military, tbe marshal, assistant ditto, and aids, are expected to cooperate in the execution of the arrangements of the Senate. After the inaugural ceremonies are concluded, the military, with the marshal, assistant do . and &<>) ??< i I ? -A * - ? ..... iMt, win ncvri lue rresiaeni ana suite lo me Executive Mansion. The following are the marshal* of the day: Marshals.?J. J Coomb*, George H. Plant. Ja?. W. Deeble, W Krzv7.anov.vski, John L Haves, Wm. Simpson, Lewla Clephane, Albert O. Hall, 9. A. H. McKlm, Foster ilenshaw, Col. John Keyes. Aids to tkt Marshal-in-chief ?Wm. Rabe, John W. Jones, i/a Goodenow, Nathan Darlimr, G. Alfred Hall, John P. Hilton, R J. Stevens of Cal., Clement L West, Z. K. Pangborn, Isaac Bassett, Reuben B Clark. One hundred and three assistant marshals have been appointed The marshal-in-chief and his aids will wear orange colored scarfs with white rosettes; the marshals blue scarfs snd white rosettes, and will carry blue batons with gilt ends. Tne assistant tuar-Lals will wear white and rink scarfs and rosettes. and will carry pink batons with white ends. The marshals, assistant marshals, and aids are expected to drew in black, with white or yellow buckskin gloves. A Defkn?f. ? Editor Star: Under the h?ad " Humiliating'' in your issue of the '2vid instant, 1 observe an absolute misconception of the purport of my addrrsi on the evening of the 21st Inst , at the Smithsonian Did I not fear that my position in all political matters would be misunderstood, 1 should not now depart from my rule and Intrude myself upon your columns, i am glad. however, that your local reporter has given me this oppor tunity of defining my pobitlon as a physician In this community. I belong to no political organl zatlon / ttcketo all politic*; have never voted but once In the years that I have lived here, and never intend to again except In a case c.f serious emergency. I desire no oillce, have never sought any, and never will seek any In the gift of any political patronage In showing th?* hieroglyph of an Ethiopian face f.nn, IK? ? 1 r B. * ... ? !? hjiiiu w r\.1 mies i, my mir onjeci wai to how how ineffaceable were the feature* of that rare through 3.(XJO years. In allowing* hieroglyph from a Theban tomb of an Egyptian Scribe renis tertng hi* black slaves, my object wa? not to jus tify ?lavery, with that 1 had nothing to do. but limply to point out the fact that through 3:UU0 veers the docile submissive Inferiority of the race had not changed In provi^r the r.atural law that dominant races destroj'weaker, my object was not to bolsu-r up anv political creed, but imply to point out the all-powerful,all-pervading, utic nanifeable character of this i aturul law through n??nv ages and over manv races In saying "We dfx-tori are apt to think, I do not sav we are right in thinking so," that the religious tendencies of a race are nnder the control of a natural law?thnt the Celtic Gaul and the Celtic Irishman preferred the forms of a Catholic faith, whilst the Anglo Saxon preferml the forms of a Prot^stmt.?it wa* not my object nor my desire to condemn or praise either the Protestant or Catholic forms of faith, but merely to prove that race characteristics might lead a people to prefer one form of faith to another In saying that if all Africa were chris tianized to-morrow, a stern natural law would make a Christian Africa barbarir. my object was not to ridlrultt the mission work, with that 1 had nothing to do, but timply to point out and prove an unchanging, all-pervading, all powerful natu ral law of race In proving that our disposition to do good or evil it somewhat modified by the physical condition of the body, whether of health or disease, my ohject was not to deny the threat religious doctrine of free agencv, but simply to point out that there were natural Uw? influencing us even In religious matters. In conclusion, Mr. Editor, let me say that In my rounds to the sick I attend both the rich and the p"or, the bond and the free, the Catholic and the Protestant, the democrat and the republican. With all these I have warm and attached friends, 111 justice to them will you permit me to Insert the nbove correction of a mistake into wh'.cb your loci reporter unwittingly fell on the evening of the 21st lust With great respect, Ja.mkk J. Waking, M. D. Washington. Feb 23, 1*61. Supreme Court? Monday ? Hon Ch*s R Train, of Massachusetts was admitted an attorney and counsellor of this Court. No. 70 The Union Steamship Company or Philadelphia, claimants and owners of the steam ship Pennsylvania, Ac., appellants, agt the ,\>?* York and Virginia steamship Company Appeal from the circuit court of the United States for the eastern district of Virginia. Mr Justice Clifford delivered the opinion of the court, affirming the decree of the said circuit court Id this cause, with costs and Interest. No SI. Charles McMicken Perin et si , appel lants, agt Wm G Carey etal. Appeal from the circuit court of the I'nltcd States for'the southern district of Ohio. Mr Justice Wayne delivered the opinion of the Court, ntflrmlni; the decree of the mid circuit court In this cause, with cos's. No. 203 J aim s D Porter et al., plaintiffs In er ror. agt Bushrod W. t'uley. The motion to dis miss this cause was argued by Mr Mooar In sup port thereof, and submitted on a printed argument by Mr. Headington In opposition thereto. No. 154. Arnold Midbery et al., pla ntiffs In error, agt. the State of Ohio. The motion to dis miss this cause was argued by Mr. Edwin Stan ton la snpport thereof, and submitted on s printed argument oy Mr Pugh In opposition thereto. No. 83 John J. Wheeler, platntiff In error, agt Andrew J. Nesblt et al. This cause was argued by Mr. Phillips for the defendants In error, and submitted on a printed argument by Mr. Under wood for the plaintiff in error. No. 84. Jacob E. Curtis, plaintiff, agt. the County of Butler. The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr. Edwin M^ Stanton for iar piainun, ana continued i>v Mr. Black for the defendant. ? Mr. Chief Justice Taney announced to the Bar that the court will adjourn on Thursday, the 14th of March, and that no argument will be beard after Friday, the 6th proximo. Adjourned. Makylaxr Annual Confbkikck ?Tbla large body of mlnlater* and laymen of tbe Methodist Protestant Church will convene at Newark, N. J , early in March. The stations and clrculta are now electing their delegates to represent tbem in that body. It Is said that the session will be at tended by about one hundred and fifty ministers and laymen. Rev. L. W. Bates, formerly pastor of tbe Ninth street station, Is the president of tbe bod?, and among the members are Revs Joslah Varden, K. Yeates Reese, D D., Silas B. Suth erland, John J. Murray. 1). J> , and other distin guished clergymen of tbat denomination. At t meeting of the members of East Washington sta tion last night, an election was held for a delegate to represent that atatlon. P M Pearson, Esq., - i a*- m*r a#--? -? 1 wMm cikku, who >v m luaccey, biq , aa an al ternate. The session will be very important. Not Tici?The statement of an evening paper called the Confederation, that the city paper* wbieh publish the inauguration-ball advertise ment are to " take the bill out la bell tickets," t* not true, ao far aa the Star la concerned; and we have no reason to believe it ao of any other paper here. Siwnw MscHiwas aoiwo Poirra ? About two

hundred tewing machines, manufactured by the Wheeler and Wilson Sewing Machine Company, were taken through this city yesterday morninp by the Adams Express Company. Tbelr deetina tion was New Orleans ? Alexandria Gazelle A Fuji Alum ?t-amt niarbt. h*tvun o 110 o>otock, a false alarm of fli? was given, wb called put the firemen for a short time. *ii . (1 '*] PoLlc*.?Be for* Jnatitu thmn?Veaterday. T. Crogftin, J. T. Holbrook. J. MeFaul, John Cob oor, J. Mac raw, Wm McElUent, hack owner*, were ordered to pay a fine of ?1 5P eneh, lor per mitting their coaches to eo to the atanda on the f^lbblth d?v TK^ ?? J. . uo*v "ic vi*^?iww?w wou, J^run slly avoiding anr conflict with the law, and In this case Immediately confessed judgment, and tbe tine was made llgnt becauae or tbeir excellent demeanor in all the'.r lnterrou'se with citizens. Kllaa l.omax. col'd, atood a trial, and proved his violation of the law; fined 9? 13 These cues w?re accredited to Policeman Yeatman Police man Aahe arretted Columbus Kckcla, col'd, for throwing atones and atrlkins a small boy; be waa fined 93 94. Ckxt&al Gcakd llornt.?Tustict Cfarfc?Sam uel Dorser, accused of disorderly conduct and profanity, was lined SI 94. John Moriaty, arcuaed of profane and obsc-ne language, was fined 92 17. Wm Rlcbardson, col , found sleeping la tbe market bouse, was fined SI 94. Ws yotJLD commend to tbe favorable attention of our readers the exhibition of R viand Chapel Sabbath School in'Ryland Chapel thia evening. An interesting time is anticipated. To-kight the pupils of the Columbia Institu At * - .... - nuii iui toe aeai. aiiiut> ana mind give an exhi bition at the Smithsonian Doubt lew the lecture room will be crowded upon this occasion. Th* Gra*d I^acjratios Ball Ladies in want of \Vtii o Kid Ulovea. Wristlets, Sleeves, Flower*. 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Look out for the Bluo Siicn under uiu wiuuow, _ Ia23 9t Another Nbst or Connr?riiTm.-?iic?r< of foisoH ?Information having been reoeived by tin proprietor# of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters that their oel*brate<l res?orative lias been extensively ononterfeit-d, we recommend the thousands who are daily applying f'>r it at the druc stores in all parts ol th? Voi >n, to -ee that every bottle they buy boars upon its lah*l a fao of the proprietors' signature, and has the words' Host'tter's Stomach Hitters" embossed on the (lass of the bottle, and impressed on the cover of the cork. As a remedy for frob'eness and debility in youth or age, for dys pasia, liver complaint, diarrhoea, dysentery, ner vousness, imperfect digestion, and for ail the difli cn ties inoide'it <o every erisis of fema e life, Hoj te'ter's Bisters are the most celebrated of the prep arations for similar purposes now before the world. For sale by drufgisU and dealers generally evry where. fe 20 eoSt IID \vrro-. n . , ? >i'.. - r< ?? iQinn o uf *? ILU Vlir.BKTi Virginia Tkstijhojit. Ortifioate from Mr. Norborne Norton, of the Examiner Office, Richmond: Richmond. Va., Feb. 23, 1860. M'tsrtt. S. IV. Fair I e 4" Co., Boston Gentlemen: I with pleasure testify to the great merit of your invaluable lung medicine, Dr. Wi.t tar'.i Balaam of Wild Cherry, which i* likewise tighlv valued by manr of our esteemed citizens, rho have tetted its virtues by trial. 1 first made use of thia Balsam some three yetrs ainoe lor a violent a d di^tresaing cough, whioh battled the a kill of phyaioiana a^d torn* joy, ex pennnecd anch gratifying rMi'f aa to induce me to p> r*evere in its use. I always keep it by me, ard over find it to be unfailing in its effects. No medi cine tiia 1 hive ever used has given such epe?*dy relief. Yours tru'y, Norton. Prepared bv beth W. Fowle ft Co., Boston, and for s*le in Washington city G. Stott, S. II. Waite Z. D. Giiman, John Schwarze. Nairn ft Pa.mer, John Wiley, J B Moore, and H. H. MePheraon; in Georgetown by R. 8. T. Ctaa^ll, and G. M. ft J. Southron, and by druzgiata everywhere, fe 19 Iwj Header, have you aeen Prof. Wood'e advertise inent in our paper. Rea>' it; it Will interest you. au30-eoly n...... Persona de^irin* perm.os will a! wars find then for exchange at the Star Office counter. tf To thk Affi.tctkt; !? Be sure to rea<t the adver tisement of McLean'a Strenelhenmg Cordial and Blood Pullficr. in another column. tf DIKD, On Monday. February 25, JANE, wife of Donald MacLeod, K?q..rf this city. Fur era! s*rvioes at the Church of the ? piphary 0 street, on Wednesday, Feb. 27, at 2 o'clock p. m' On the mornine of the 26th instant, after a lin gering illness, which ah? Intre with christian pa tience.Mra. SAKAH CRAMP TON, in the C7th rear of h?r ace. She was loved by all who knew bar. A member of the Church for 51 years. Our loaa la her gain. Dear mother, we hope to mret jron where pain and sorrow are no imr*. The relative* and friend* of the familv are in vited t' attend her fun?ral. from her late residence. No. 495 12'h Mreet. on \V?dne?day, 2Hn instant, at 2 o'clock, without further notice * On the 26'h instant, JOSEPH. a*ed 17 montha and 20 days youogokt son of Nathan and Elizah* tti A. Bruir.ti"M. One we loved has lef; our number. For the dark and silent tomb ; Cloned his e?es in dea'hless slumber ; Faded in his early bloom. The Irierde of the family a-e requested to attend the funeral, on to-inorrow, Z7th, at J o'olock. * Inauguration Ball. TUCKER'S~cblFFURK3 AND GARNITURES ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE COMING BALL. 759 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. 7T R E A T S A C R I F~7~C E~~ II or Parisian Goods. Ladies wialiins to get handrome PARTY DRESSES, already maiH or i<a Dre?a f*att?rn?; aifo, eeraut WREATHS. HEADDRESSES, and EMBROIDERED ZOUAVF.S in Si k and ?;)otfc, Ac., cau purcliaxo hern at great;) reduced prices,of M. 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All selling at reduced prices at HKNRY KUAN'S*. 343 Pa av., aoutb side, bet 6<h ai.d7th iU , fe21 lot new Iron Ba'ldinge. I\KCIDKi) sacrifice in sii.k nonn* *?. Vn REGARD TO SILR8 AND SILK ROBES AND WOOLEN DRESS GOODS, ladles in pur suit of any <>i the abovn article* are r?-q<ie?tfv) to examine the lariest and o> mpwi stock ii thi city, the whole of which la put down at "punio p ices," in order that we niajr have room r?r spring supplies, (many items of whioh we are now opening ) Our stock of DKV GOODS STAPLES, for the every day want* of families, is low complete in all departments CARPETS, CUMTAIN8. OILCLOTHS, SJlfcfkP'ANO and TABLE COVt-.RS, MAT TINGS, fco , upper floors. ID* A* inspection of stock solicited, it incurs no obligation to ourchaae. PERRY A BROTHER, . _ Penn. avsnue and Ninth street, fe81-at "Perry Hol ding " pOR BALLS AND PARTIES. Ladies' White Kid GN.vea at TSoenU, t ** . li*ht co ored Gloves at STH ana & cnt?, riant*' V,.. tr.A nu r ... a. . ? ., ? ?* iitv?7 uiu utwTva iiuui uruii bv k*ilk aod Coitm sitivM from l*k OtnUtptl. HKNRY KGAN, fa gy ? "-? | f\U* &ONNKTS, HATS. Arid Fi^T? of U* V?rjirsL??' .c? i* 1 ' GEORGETOWN. ? Correspondent* of TKt Star. GmmTOVH, February ?. 1961. At tha municipal election held bere yeetarday, tbc opponent* of Mr. Addison auiUtned an "Irre preaalble" defeat, being utterly routed, "boree, foot, and dragwa." Th# wuthrr m ful. and we are happy to add that food order and qnM prevailed throughout the day. The vote for Mayer waa aa follow* Henry Addlann, 491; R R.Crawford. 34S; aod William King. 159 Mr. Addison's majority over Mr. Crawford, 143 The vote for member* of the Common Council waa aa follow*, those receiving the highest num ber being placed Brat: William H. Godey, (k.) 61*; H . L Offutt, (k,) ?7; Joseph L'bbejr, (k.) 615: Jamea Isaac Barrett.(k.)(JOB; John T Bang*, (k.) 591; Wm. H Tenney, 558; John Mar burr. jr., 5'J5: Caau Plckrell. (k.) 5VI; Anthony Hyde, 531; Leonard L. Clement*. 493; T A Newman. 483. The above-named eleven are elect ed. J.Tbomaa Davis, (k,) 481; Joseph Nlcbol aon, 4j6, Jamea Goddard. (k.) 453; U L Dan lop, (k,) 434; John M Wake, (k.) 433; F XV. J one*, (k.)393; John W McCobb.373; Joseph N. Fearson, 3?f; XV H . 8 Taylor, 352, Bladen For rest. 33s; Z M Offutt, !MW Of the eleven mrmtxn elected, all were on the "Union (Addison) ticket'' except Mr. Esau Pick rell Of tbe eleren member* not elected, all were on tbe "People's" or " Jackson (Crawford) ticket" except Mr. Joseph Nicholson Tbe (k) opposite eleven of the above name* means that tbe gentlemen thus designated were oa (? ? tickets, being all of them on the "Unioa conservative (King) ticket.'* and also on one of the other tickets. Of tboae members who voted in the last Corpo ration to sustain Mr Addison In his contest for tbe mayoralty, all who were candidates this time, It will be seen, are elected by handsome majori ties The official " scrutiny"' In progress this morn ing may alter the sbove figures somewhat, but not probably affect tbe result The people have spoken very emphatically tki* time, so much so that it is hardly within the range of possibility that tbe courts will be called upon to decide wbo is Mayor of Georgetown. The defested parties seem disposed to submit, " not humbly, but be cause they can't help it," acting on tbe principle, w. innnM. tv..< .. _l--. 1. 1? J 1 ? ?V tuai nuai toil I Ut curra D1UVI DC endurea." Our City Councils were In session on Friday evening last Tbe Hoard of Aldermen passed resolutions in favor of the Georgetown Gas light Company; to reimburse the expense Incurred ov the committee to attend the meeting of Canal Commissioners at Berkley last summer; in fsvor of L. H. & G Schneider; to pay for repairs of a county road; in farorofG. K binehart for dredg ing at tbe foot of High st j In fsvor of C B Cluskey. (balance of bis 5 per cent;) to pay for a pavement washer at the bead of the market bouse; authorizing the Mayor to rent tbe wharf at tbe foot of High St.; appropriating a sum sulllrientto defray the expenses of the poor and work-house for tbe quarter ending Dec 31,1WX); appropri ating SI5 to enable tbe 8urveypr to meke an ex amination of tbe condition of the bridge acrosss the canal at thp last nf tK? *> ?<* ascertain if It can be repaired; and In favor of Trinity Church, remitting taxes erroneously paid The board then rejected the resolution In favor of Job N. Fearson. and adjourned ?i*< die In the Hoard of Common Council a nenge was received from the Mayor, recommending an appropriating for flag foot-way* across certain streets, and enclosing \V H Shirley*? bill for clerical services In connection with Georgetown water works; referred. A resolution in faver of Win. Ellis, for remit* sion of a fine, was lost. A petition of I,e?nldas Knowles was referred A resolution authorizing the Clerk to have the last annual report of the water board printed, was lost. The committee on the Georgetown school, and the market-house committee, were discharged from further consideration of several matters" re ferred to tbem during the session Mr. Tenuev's resolution reauestln? the Trustees of the Poor and Work-bouse'to retain Mr. Kezin Stephen* as superintendent of the Institution, was warmly debated, Mr. Tenney comparing the ex pense* of the institution under the superintendent of Mr. Stephens with the same under the manage ment of bis predecessor, (Mr Duffv.) going to show a gain to the Corporation of tOOii annually by Mr. i^pheits. He then gave statistics of the pounds of nam, ditto of tea, ditto of fresh ttsh, ths sauces and relishes bought by Mr Duffy for bis own use, and eschewed by Mr. Stephens; after which? Mr Stake moved to substitute his resolution directing the Clerk to enclose to the Trustees t Ur Recordt-r's opinion as to the Trustees authority to make a change In the suoerintendencv. This motion was debated, and lost by a tie vote; and. the question recurring on the passage of Mr Tenney's resolution, It was lost, the vote being 1 to 9?himself only voting in tbs affirmative. A unanimous resolutions of thanks to Mr Pl^k reil for the able and Impartial manner he bad pre sided over the board?offered by Mr. Teun^y?was passed; and Mr Plckrell responded !n an eloqu-nt manner; after which the boaid adjourned die On Saturday even! as, the police officer* arrested a negro with a shoulder of bacon supftosed ?o be stolen The owner can "save his bacon'* by calling at the guardhouse and Identifying It. GEORGETOWN ADVERT MTS rfy?GEORUKTOW\, Fkbruabt 25, 1861. LL3 Person* supplied from the H if h Servios of tue Aqueduct in Gtorjetown are hereby notified that tneir hvdrants must not be suffered to waste, yji Hi" 'UfBiT Wi'I nr cut on. fe 25 3t EDMUND T. P. MYERS. Eng'r. ^LITS OF FURMSHKD APARTMENTS ^ FOR KENT?Beautiful suits of Furnished Apartment*, ruitab.efor families, it *J37 Bridge Bt , Georgetown. fe 26 St PJLST ARRIVED. ER Propeller S. S?>mour, from Phi'adelphia, 75 i>arrelf and lfti half barreiaof Collies A. Co 'a Philadelphia DRAFT AL.E. For tale bj fe22 ARMY A SH1NN. DSOOBBI& PRIME CIDER AILY Exp*ct<?d per schooner Mar r Ann McGee from Boston This Cider is A No. 1, and is lor tale in lota to suit purctiasers. ARN'Y A SHINN'3 fe 22 Union Bottiinn Depot. Georgetown. \f ACKER EL, HERRING. LU AND ALEWIVEP. 5 barrels Extra No. 1 LABRADOR HERRING, 50 do. No i do. do. 117 ?l<?. No. 3 Small MACKEREL, 72 do. No S Medium d ?. 15 hlf. hhls. do. do. do. ft do. No. 1 do. Sir hh!a No I do. lOkitsNo.1 do. Id s>mall k ts No. t do. 10 do. No. 1 SALMON lo kits No 1 do. Ail of which we look for next week per schooner Ma-> Ann Marne, aud will b? sold on pl?a?in< term* on or before arrival. Also, in store? Kastpo'tand RosU-n Hernn<, Gipped Herring, M-reimohi Extra No. 1 A'ewives Arp i to HARTLEY ft BRO., fe II -2w 99 and 101 Water st . neor>et"wn. JUST RECEIVED 10 hhd?. prime Porto Rico SUGARS, lfiobbis. w,d Rjre WHIfRV, 260 hbls. HERRING and ALE WIVES. SO bbis. Crushed and Refined ^UGARt*. 9< 1'Ac* Rio aud Java COFFEE. 10 hiids.dow priced ) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. ?e W Ladies, Call Early at FipnLIT? ORIGINAL fl STORK. RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL Si STORE, No. S0? I'ENNA. AVENUE. No. SO* HENNA AVENUE, Additional invoice* juat reoeired of N?w and Beautiful Jewelry. From Orm Extikk Stock _ ? YOU CAN TaKE YOUR CHOICE FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR. CORAL and GOLD SETS, ENAMELED TWIST SETS, MEDALLION SETS. REAL ROMAN MOSAIC SETS, RUBY and VASE SETS, LAVA and BEAD SKT*. VASE au<t BRILLIANT SETS, RUIN MOSAIC J?ETS, CAM KO and GOLD STONE SETS, CARftU v CLE SETS, ELAIN GOLD SETS, (KjUKT and RIBBON SKTi. LADIES' NECKLACES. LADIKS' NECK CHAINS, CHILDREN'S NECK CHAINS. C1IP.DK K Vb ARMLETS, GENTS' VE^T CHAINS, 8ENTS' WATCH KEYS. ENTS' SEAL* and CHAINS. ?ENTS' bLuEVE Bi'TTONS and STUDS. HIMHLES. PENS, PENCILS. WINGS. WlLVEK PLATED SPOONS. GOBLETS, CUPS. to. feiTsrythH f in the atore new and perfect, and guarantied to be auch as represented Krtrv mrtielt man* far nrt4 ft tkr titular ni?ii trad', and warranted to b? the eame quality ai ii retailed from five to thirty dollara raok. YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DULLAR. Rugakdlesi or CoeT. Aa thia great aale oor.tinoea hut a ahorttime, peraona daairing to aoppiy tinMiiael vea with Jewelry at theee unheard of pnoea will pleaae call early at our ORIGINAL ONR DOLLAR STORE. 303 Peoca) lv%na avenut*, between 9th and 10th at-eeta D W. RIDDLE. irr Rrmember the Numl**?30w?aa we hare kin AAainA??t?B _?*L. * * " ? vvuuwtiuu w ivii uvurn, pruioaauif nWlllbUf pnoea, in tma city. Received tni* day a iarce invoioe o( ULVKl WARK, einaiatin* ol Hreakfaat and 'I -a Smi; Card ana Cake B&?keta; Hn'eu. J??rup Pitchera; Butter lhahea; Fruit Kmv??; lea Kaiwa Korkt; Tabic, l)r??frt,ard ?t-a t?p<,on*; Tfhacco Hoxea; &u<ar and Cream V?o?;i Napkin Kinga; II utter Ki>ivM, in te(a aad siacle; Kt'iT"* and 1 ock? ia a-U; lev Cr?ani, Pie and Fjah Rmvea; Br-aktut and Pinr.e Ca*tcra; l>< ul.le and Single rata, a large variMjr of Plain. Chaeed, and Out Gotveta. C>pa, Ao. All the a hove article* W< be eutd Witt? oat regard to original eoat. at froan $1 to and warranted to be what they are tepreee&tert, and (ally M* OMi leea than they oar. m? bought *-tr 30% Pa. IV., bet. Kh and 1?U. eta. THE LATEST NEWS. TELEGRAPHIC. Mretlag " UlrkatM. Ririaosft, Feb. 2S.-A tron* ?peecb wm midrlBth^CoDwitlcnltv-dijrbT? MfD Mmt* of Rorkbrldc*. (Got Letcher' ilitrlct), tkeavb aUnoeof wbich wm Inimical to tb? rtfbta of Vlr ? irfiaia kithuh. Ricivoxt, Feb S5 ? In the CoanatlM to4if Mr. Moore, of Rockbridge. offered a resolution de manding security againstfuture wrong*, opposing the African aiave trade and direct taxation, ap proving the Crl'tenden Compromise. and declar ing. In tbe event of that or an equivalent not be Ins adopted, that Virginia abould be ready to enter Into compact with auch Statsa aa ah all agree to aatd rompf omlae and constitute a new CimiI eracy, from which aU disagreeing will be ex cluded Mr. Moore, in offering tbe reeolutlona, made a apeech In which heaaid that Virginia bad no community of Inteieat with tbe seceding State* He waa opposed to aeceaalon aa a revolutionary remedy Mr. tioode, of Bedford, replied la a apeech which created much aenantion. Tbe galleries applauded and were cleared br order of tbe Pres ident, pending which proceedlnga tbe Coovsa t on adjourned Kant hern ( eafederacy (n|rm. Most?om?rt. Feb 23. ?A revolution ?m adopted to-day by Congresa 1 natracting tba Com mittee on tbe subject to Inquire is the condition of tbe public lands Mr Rbett announced that tbe Committee oa a Permanent Constitution would report on Wedaea day Tbe injunction of secrecy has been removed from tbe Postal bill. Also, from tbe following appointment*: Henry T. L'lett. of Mlsslasippr Postmaster General, J P Benjamin, of Louisiana. Attorney Geuera); Commissioners to Washington; Messrs Alroman. of i^oaislana; M i Crawford, Georgia, and John Forsytbe, of Alabama It Is rumored that Mr Mallory, of Florida, la lo be Secretary of tbe Nary. Later frem 1*1 eiice. Nkw Obliars, Feb. *5 ?The steamship Ten ' nessee, from Vera Crcs on tbe Slat last , has ar Col. Pickett baa resigned bla Consulate, and came a pam?nger with the exiled Blabopa The Constitutional Government la reorganising faj: and successfully. A circular baa been Issued to tbe States to enter Into no more treaties, and taking power from the Federal Government Tbe army Is to lie organized, and liberal schemes for colonisation are arranged The stesmtblp Macedonian bad arrived at Vera Cruz on tbe 20th. Tbe Powbatt&n and Cumber land were about to sail for York. Pesple's Ceareatlea Imxiiipous, Feb 23 ?The People's Cenven - tlon Is being held here to day Delegataa from nearly every county are present W in K Ed wsrds. of Vigo county, waachosen President, and there are Vice Presidents from each Congressional district. Rfeoluttons have been adopted declaring it the duty of all citizens to throw Mid? partisan in terest# nnd nuiit In any plan of adj ustment to settle our national difficulties. recommending a Nation al Convention, to be called by Congress, of ail the States, to which to refer oar national dlArultles, deploring the condition of the country, and de precating all attempts to maintain the Union by war Arkami CMmtiti Klecttaa. Van Bvux.r'eb. 2$?It la confidently MmC here that Arksnsas haa gone largely against seces sion The West and Northwest, as far as beard from, are nearly unanimous Fokt Smith, Feb 25?Returns from ten eoan tles in Southern Arkansas show tbev have gone for a Convention and for secession candidates It is conceded that the msjortty for a Convention will be four or five thousand in the State. Surrender of Federal Property la Tsiss New Oslbahs, Feb 25 ?The Texas mi.; brings intelligence thst all the United States mil itarv property In Tezaa baa been quietly surreo dered to the State authorities The Federal troops have been allowed to leave the State with faclll ilea me property aeixea ia reiuea it * 1.jw>.u ? . New Orleaai ( ntta Haaae DfcUlra. New Oiliam, Feb SS ?The ColJwtor baa decided that all good* pure baaed and Invoiced bv the >tb can be anipped by tbe steamer B ten villa from New York on tbe lat. free of duty. Alexandria Markeu Alixaxdria. Feb 26 ?Flour?Family 06 37a ?7 50; extra *5 ST^aC; auper ?S I'JaS 25. Wheat, wbite?l >?SI 4c; red ft 25i#l 35 Core?whit* 'tw?rt(kr v^llnw ViMr mivMl .Vx.SOr R r? 6&?60 0ato-2*a30c Corn Meal <H?a72c per buabel Seoda? 1 iroothy ?3aS3 5U; Clover MttaWItt; Flaxseed ?1 4??a*l 45. Provialona?Butter, roll, l<?*)c ; Bacon Ilal3c.; Pork ?T H0a?? Hi. Lard 13al4c. Egga I4al?c Whisky 24a30c. B*itia?ra Rltrdttr hai.timoHi Feb. 48?Flour doll; Howard at and Ohio *5.37 Wb>-at firm Corn, declining tendency, mixed 55*5-; yellow SMOc Provisions dull and unchanged Coffee U firm I2*al3c Whiaky higher, ?t l#c. N?w T*rk IHark*u Niw Yore . Feb. 5? ?Flour dull and generally unchanged Wheat ateady and quiet. Corn qul?t Lard steady. Whiaky dull at toe. One Dollar. 1?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI?01?Si?SI?91! 4*6 Pa. At. EVANS'S. 4T?r*.Ar. YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE OF JEWELRY 'IN OUR STORE FOR ONE DOLLAR. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE Sett for fl F. egant LAVA Sett for R1 E'egtnt GARNET Settlor ?1 F tenant J FT Seta lor St Elegant CORAL and GOLD. ?Sett for SI Elegant MEDALLION - Sett for S> Elegant RIM MOSAIC ? Sett for ?\ Elegant PLAIN SOLD ? Sett for SI Ladies'GUARD CH * INS -for SI Ladies' CHATELAINE CHAINS, for SI iAdiea' NECK CHAINS foe SI GMt'a VEST CHAINS, <10 diformt mi ) ? i > * Jot ^ 1 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARE. oo*ata&af of TABLE. TEA &nd DESERT SPOONS, PORKS. CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BaSKKTR. CREAM LADLES, tea SETS OP KNIVEStnd PORKS, BUTTER KNIVES, CUP8. *o.. * Alto; a Lv(t AMortnMt of JEWELRY, vluob W mm mU K 8* eonta pr* mrtul*. bookCbooes. CLOSNG OUT OUR STOCK at a GREAT SACRIFICE. tlAO BOOKS SaUiag for JBmoU US BOOKS Solliac for JBto?o*iu roc BOOKS Solliac for.. R1 to fl * mow m vnm timf to en BOOKS m*d JEWELRY LOWER THAW EVER B Ik PORK. CALL KARLY*XT IT? Pa. A*. EVANS'S. 4T? Pa. At. f? IS tr OALTV CITT IT 111 riftlVHB IILLI CT WOOD AND COAL ot mli Uw- r ?i eer4 leeetk. H7 ? ??i fcpt M CM N?w<i.Mi<*rtd |m f dirt, tad ?U* i?rttt? riiMHi ?u??uoa dtw to All ortn. h I^a T. J. * W. M. CALT. *?-*- T ginia, uj? wooie T*ootD and tbf people or Kick mond It wm dwldrdlr I'nlon In lta iMdMrjr, and MmaglT ag<tlnat tbe action of ftoutfc Ctwllaa PubaeqnenUr th?- at oeaalonlati cauaed bandbilla to be circulated, calling upon every true aoutbern man to attend an Indi^atloi mrrdnf. A band of maaic wm engaged. aad a great crowd aaM bled aear the Kir sup ire Hotel, hpeacbaa wara made of a atrong aoutbern character, bt John Goode, Jr., of Bedford, and W F Gordon. Jr , of Albemarle Calla were mad' for e*-Gor W taa. bat be was at bta residence. and unwell Tbe meeting then adjourned to the !? potto wood UVU.T, .?? k wb WWT (ITN IOC ar. M?or?M paaalnjj tbr Amrrlcia At the 9pottawood Houae apoecbea ware mad* by Mmn Dickinson of Prince Kdwtrd. AMiw on of Botetourt, Hall of Wftul. labell of Jefar ?on. and Ullmor of riltsylvaula. Calla wer* made for J M Daniel. An attempt to barn Mr Moor* la ?A(y waa froatrated by tbe Mayor. The proraodiaya wore a decided aeceaalon demonatratloa About l>w peraona at leaat were engaged la H It waa got tr* up by partiea in the negro trade bualneaa At 10 p. na , the proceeding* were all 11 progreaalag.