Newspaper of Evening Star, February 26, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 26, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR OIR FATHERLA7IO. God nrt our Fjttifr'ajd ! from he* t? shore; G<d nave car Fatherland on* evermore. Wo band shall ?*nl it. >oitrir?iht!!?#virit, Wit, Wwt, &ad N??rth and South! One aver mors! C\orn>.?God out Fatherland ' true home of Freedom! Godia/enur ramer.ana, oas ever Dio*?; Om n her hills and streams. One n her glorious dreads. One .n Love's noblest there's. On? evermore! ptmm in ?he hearta of men Love it thy throne ; Union an<l Liberty crown thee aloi.0; Nation* have s'.thM for thee, <>ur tires i ave d.ed for tliee. We'll ail he trut to thee? All are thine own ! Ckorvt.?God save our Fatherland. Ac. Ride on, proud Skip of State, though Wmpaata lower; Ride on in majesty, gl >r;oua in power. Though fierce the blast may b9, No wreck a' all shatter thee? Storms sttsll but bring thee Sunshine once more. C.torui ?God save our Fat- Maid, Ac. fT~7" The evaooration from the surface of Ameri ?aa Lakes it estimated at 11.8s0.000,000.000 cubic 19-1 per annum, which accounts for the enoraioaa difference between the lar^e volume* of water which enter the lakes, and the comparatively mall quantity which leaves them at Niagara Palls AHR1VALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARD8' HOTEL?9 F Hazard, Rl; S Siprerant. La; J Howitt. do; M F Moore. NY; J F Lever, do; E Maaseras, do; J W WetheHlL Man; O W Barnes. Pa; 11 8 Magruder. do: R 9 Thomis. Ill; W B Morris. C Dewns sad laav, J WebsU-r, Mass; J Wharton, Pa; T H Nelson,Ind; A Keith, Vt; \V Greenonght, N Y; K Baker, Pa; "W Amorv, NY; A A Fisher, 111; A W Cav&rly, do; 8 C Karl, do; W H Wallace, do: A W Brand f rd and lady. Md: Miss Bradford, do; A B Poter, Inwt: P P Wheoler. NV: A T Millar O JH Poroeroy, do. NATIONAL HOTEL ?J P Chamberlain and l?dr, NY; J L Sback^lTord, J? Wbeeler, H A Write. W P Hepburn, T \V Gorman, R H Hart veil. E Davis, S Thompson, Md; S D Law, N V; H Greely, DC; J A Temple. R Miller, Pa; W A Whlteley, O; R Aitkin, D S Anderson, W M Coor. NJ; Hon H Davis. W Hutchlns, EAMer rltt, S H Mix. NV; J Hewitt. La; C C Hutchin son, Kan; C Gill, J C Hilltard, NH; J R Biscoe, R C Chenbur^b and ly, Md; W M Thackara and lr, Mrs llrowu. R E Brown. Pa; A Chesebrough a.d ly. Hen J Stewart, Md; P C Calboun and ly, Ml* Calhoun, Ct; C H Snow, Va; W Forbes.?; J C Norris. Miss VYyse, O K Hallard, Md; C Ab }-aj_'uhsr. La; J Jacotses, Oa; H B W hitney, 111; J Mullen, USA; G Schon, WT; Mr and Mra Har ris, NY; C XV Wlllard, Vt; D VVat?on, Va; A Whitney and lady, Mass; Miss Whitney, do; W C Cattell and lady. Pa; T W Cattell, N J; J Mil liken, Pa; G N Eckfrt. do; S Witt, O; A Stone, do; Col A K Wright. Ga; S Williams and lady, NY; Judge Mason, Md;SD Harton. O; J Baker. Fa: H W Corbite, Oregon; O Delong, Cal; T K Vinson, do; J E Freeman, do; W C Fowler, Ct; W Wall, d-*; J Jeffrey, Md; Cora Stockton, NJ; D S Czddlngton, NY; EH Sampson, Mass; Mr and Mts E Wilkes. NY; Rev T W Conway, do; J W Hamilton. Md; P S Gnflery and lady, NY; Mist Guffery. do; J Wheelwright, Md; H Clarke, Mass; Mrs Firleston, NY: T Keleston. do; T M l>ro, W H Guild and ly. N Waterman and ly, G hn-llinsr, Mass: D Thompson, B D Smith. Pa; H Trent, Mr Harris and ly. Mri Walworth, NY; R ttherburne. W Poard. E Antony, Man; D Mr* Fariand, NY; J E Peyton, Pa; A Thompson, N L Thompson. NJ; N D Folsom. Mr* Brusb and fam, Mr; G Burn*. Pa; Th Karle, Mass; J Hans corn, Nil; Capt Moore, NY. BROWN'S HOTEL ?H T Hubert. A B Cof fertv. C O Faxen, J O Tresevant and daughter, J Hlgglo*. E l.ery, R W Humphrey, Tenn; H Smith, La; A Simons. J E Crabb, H H Dickin son. A H Buruett, B M Bowdle. H Golder, C G Wilson, W 9 McCoy, Md; J B Turner and Iv, llh, J W Turner. T W Valentta, D Watson. E A llulsey. E A Shand, H A Flab, Va; J L Jones, Mo; C R Johns, Tex. W T Wright and fam, Mr and Mrs Gowan, NY; A Galloway, Ky. FIELD'S HOTEL?Capt D Tyler, G E Cow perthait, Ct; G P Smith, J W Duncan, Pa; C Daiia, Mass; Jndge Mason. E Floyd, W Bowie, J P Roman, R W Tyson, R M Magraw Dr W H DeCourrey, Md; J S Thayer, T H Bates, J D Van Burrn. Ki-Got I A Kinv. VV F w.m.i hum CB, Hon L M McCook,PP; A J Ford, J Howard, USA; Maj Maddoq, USMC. KIRKWOOD HOUSE ?H C Mllchell, Ark; 9 Folaoo, Col E Fekina, CN; G W Whitman. La: C Young, G N William*, Fla: H Randal, G W I^t, L*J*A; G W Smith, G Hod^er, J H Mallorv, NY; J Van Voorhia, N Speer. J B Guthrie, Pa; H 8 Gallagher, Va; H Horgla, Ky; J Cobcon, O. T?HK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. 1 EMKICH. at the corner of Pean. A . ? A arnnt and Eleventh atreet, iiaa ^?nK?V greatiy improved recently and now ofiera<Ujm greater luJucemeuU for tbe patroaaje of oitizena and ?traiijcr3 than any other enblio honae in the Oiti. hia oricea hem* 1ms thun ln,??? ?f ?? hote. on "Perm. tvrauo, and his accornrr.o<tatiops lor permanent or transient boarders'a nexoeption abia. 1 nt> bar and raataurant arrangement* of the European Hotel iiave already become very popu lar, bang a'l that can be desired by the moat fu tidtous. Tx.e proprietor pledge* unremitted atten tion aud continued liberal expenditures to give sat uration to all, and thus renews his invitation ?< ail to cive tbe Enropeau Hotel a oalL de 4-U Washington AND GEORGETOWN PEOPLE take notice. as it will b? to their Interdcf to do so, that W. H. READ'S COMPOUND dYKL'P OF LIVERWORT for Cougkf, Coids, Hoartenesn, Croup ar.d otiw affections of the throat and oliest, and also hi? SuKK THROAT POWDER, are two of the inoKt i-:allib!e remedies of the day, and no lami>y sh?aki bo without them; and besides, Ue< are ao cbrap at to be within the reach of all. We do not ex?eot strangers to believe what we write ?d regard to our own ir.edioines, consequent ly we refer you to the following well known gen tleman's oen i^caies, which oan be seen at the i rug tores where the articles are for sale; the? say thev are the br.t Cough and Bora Throat Medicines thay have ever known: Fev. Jas H. Brown, Fev. Georte Hildt. iwt. ^?nc i a. wileon, Ketr. Win A. tlioka, Rer. Wm. A. SnirHy, Rot. John Foley, Rev. Ji? S. Mo Murray, Rer. Wm. K.Milla. Of the Baltimore Conference. Evsh article is c-nia a bottle. Wuoletale by W. H Read 4. Co,, Druggiata, 63 Broadway, Baltimore. At retaif by R. S. T. Ciaael & Co., Draggiat, Georgetown. Chaxlra Su?tt, Droggt?t, 379 P?. avenne. Wnt, S. Thomson. Drocgiat, Fifteenth at. and New York arenue, Washington. John K. Bat*s, Draggiat, Navy Yari. ja7* lm WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. OfUe corn r C street and Lomxtiam* ?., over Bank INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. ?N'S INSURANCE COMPANY or Capital. 300,000 of Woikimtton. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Hunuel Cropiey. WilUasn Wilson, K cl?*rd Jouos, Jorin D Barclay, Jfto<>b Gideon, Andrew Kothwell, Tho?. Parker, Rishard Barry, B. b. French. No ehtrie for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President Abzl 8. Datii, SMreterr. ?o 10 sutai j 0u> rIch.m.^ow AND purr MONONQAHJtLA RYK WHISKEY, Conscientiously distilled by Mr. J tinea Bnrnaide. of Allegany County, Penna., in the old-fashioned honeec w%j, from the choicest and most oarefully eelasted Rys, and in ao oase ever ottered for sal* antll *dMtto wholesome use by age It is at om the most M*aable, as it is Miyhstioaily ons ?(Ute larwt bsvsr??*? i? ???k ftaooo. vol w 14 i? ?>? r< ??.. hM^.em ?d loth ste. j^CHtNCKS PULMONIC BYRUF. Dr. SCHF-NCt, of Plu.tdtlrkl^ finds it impos stt>? to visit waahixutoa every ve?l. and nas made arrangements to positive!* be in the city the third Wedneeday of every month. He hM? suitor rooms at the Avenue Hobsa, where pswets mm obtain adviee free. He only ehargoe ?k'D it is neoesmry to make a thor u;h it nation of Um t.urigs with the itrspirometor. Ikii >bs Uompisinu ana coasupauon 01 in* iwv p. gfsa W-k|s' MSr.fij leave their certificate" of eare witn *. H. WA1TB, oroer fter? nth ?t and La i?. 4e lt-lm pmw^nw,n"1 r uutm vfcky bkst Ankw lot op bhrino bats Jy*i ,s0fct ? ^tot ,n##savi<x i wC>tf c A.' r?Zc W9- CURE w NervousHeadache VtSSuf Headache. By the dm of thee* Pi 11? the penodio attaoka of Nitrons or Sick Headacke may be prevented; and If taken at the commencement ot an attack imme diate relief from pain and liokneae will be obtained. They seldom fail m removing the Naiuta and Headacke to which femalea are ao aubject. They act gently upon the bowela,?removing Cot fitmii. For Literary Mm, Students, Delicate Femalea, and all persona of sedentary \abits, they are val uable aa a Laxative, improving the arretite, giving tome and vigor to the digeetive organa, and re atoring the natural elaatioity and atrength of the whole ayatem. Th? Plf.f .3 ir? thai nunltnf Innr investigation and carefully oonduoted experiment*, having been in nae many years, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved a rait amount of pain and suffering from Headache, whether ongi n&ting in the??r?0M4 system or from a deranged state of the stomach. They are entirely vegetable in their oomposition, and may be taken at all times with perfect safety without making any change of diet, and the ab stnee of any disagreeable taste renders it easy to administer tkem to tkiidren. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on each Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers in Medi oines. A Box will be aent by m&ll prepaid on reoeipt o PRICE, 9ft CENTS. AU orders shotld be addressed to HENRY C. SPALDING, 4? Cedar Strskt. Nhw Yohk. THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDING'S CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHP] THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THEIR REACH. As tke.i? Testimonials were unsolicited by Mr. Spaldi<io, they afford ungues:ion able proof of the efficacy of this truly scientific discovery. Ma?OXvills, Conn., Fsb. 3,1861. Ml. Spaldiho? Sir: I have triad roar Cephalic Pilla. and 1 lik* them so well that i want *on tr end me two dollars worth mora. Part of these are for ttaa mithbors, to whom 1 gave a few out of th? first box 1 got from yon. Send the Pills by mail, and ohiige Vourob'tservant, JAMES KENNEDY. HATuroED, Pa., Feb. 6,1861. Mi. Spalding?Sir: 1 wish you to stud me one more box of jdu' Ophalio fills, I kive reoctved a groat deal *f omcAl from tkem. Yours resprcituily. MARY ANN STOIKHOUSE. Spruce Cm*. Hbstiwotoh Co , Pa ,1 January 18. '861. ( H. C. 9pald:s&? Sir: Yon will please send m< two boxes of your Cephalio Pills. Send them im mediately. Respectfully yonrs, JNO. B. SIMONS. P S ?I kaet Mttd one box of your Pill*, and Ant Iktm exeeiltnt. Bkllk Viisos, Ohio, Jan. 15,1861. Hxmxy C Spa'.dino. Efq.: Please find inclose twenty-five oent- for whion send me another boi of vonr Oephaiio Pills. Tkty art truly the bet Pillt I have ever tried. l>ireot A. 9TOVER, P. M., Bella Vernon. Wyandot oo., O., M&m., Deo. II, 186?. H. C. Spaldiro. Esq : 1 wish for lame circutari or large show hills, to brin? your Cephaho Pilli more particularly before mr customers. If yot have anything of the kind, piease a?nd to me. One of my oustomers, who is subject to seven Sick Headache, (usually lasting two days.) tea. cured of an attack tit one hour by your Pills, whioi I sect her Reipect'uily youre, W.B.WILKES. Rktsoldsbuko, Fkakelin Co., Ohio,/ January 9,1861. \ Hrnet C. HpaLdisio, No. 48 Cedar ttreet, Ne? York?uear Sir: Inoloaed find twenty-five oents (15,) tor whioh tend box of Cepnalio Pills.' Mod to addraaa of He?. Wm. C. Filler, Reynolds bn~f. Franklin oountT, Ohio Your Pill% work like a charm?cure Headaeh almost instanter. Truly y--ura, WM. C. FILLER. Yfsilakti, Mich., Jan. 14,1861. Ms. Ppalu no?Sir: Not long ainoe I tent to rot for a box t*f Cep.'iaio Hills for the oure of the Ner vous tt-atdaohe and Coativeneae, and received th< same, and th'V had so food an effect that I teat t* ductd to send.for more. Floaiesend by return mail. Diran to A. R. WHKELER. Ypaiianti, Mioh. From the Examiner, Norfolk, V*. Ophalio I'llJe aoooinpluh the object fnr whicl they were mtae, vis: Core of headache in all it* form*. From tke Examiner, Norfolk, Pa. They have been teeted in more than a thcotant oaae?, with entire eacee**. From tke Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn. If ycu ere, or have been troubled with the head ache, eend for a box, (Gephaho Pill*,) so that you mar have them in case ci an.attaok. from the Advertiser, Provident?, R. J. The Cephalic Piliat are said to twa remarkablj effective remedy for the headache, and one of th< err beet for that very frequent complaint wnici hu over been discovered. From the We?tem R. R. Qaxette, Chicago, III. We heartily endorse Mr. Spalding, and his an rivalled Cephalio Pills. From tki Kanawha Vallty Star, K*naieha, Ya. W e are sure that persons suffering with the head ache, who try them, wi.l ftick to tiiera. Pr:m the Southern Path FtmUr V??> r>rUn~. ' - Try them you that are afflicted and we are aurc that your feMinony can be added to the already numerous list that haa received benefit* that no otaer medicine oan produoo. From the St. Louis Democrat. The immeuee demand for the artiele (Cephalic Pille)ia rapidly increasing. From tk? Gazette, Davenport, low*. Mr. Spading would not oonneot hit name with an article he did not know to po??eea real merit. From Ik* Jdvtrtittr, Providence, R. I. The Uatimor* in their favor la atronx, from tha moat reapeotab <nartera From tk* Daily News, Newport, R. I. Ceahalio Pilla a. - irr A aiBfle bottle of SPALDINti'S PREPARED OLUE will nntoB time* lU oo?t annul ly, SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOM Y! DISPATCH! C7-A Stitch m TixiSiru Wim."JT1 As accident* will happen, even In veil regulated families, it ia very desirable to havaaoiM aheap anlloonvecicnt way lor repairing Furniture, Toys, Crockery, to. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meet* all suoh rnergeaoies, and no household oaa aff.-H to be without it. It is always ready, aad if to the atlokiac point - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N B.-A Brush aocoapaniea eaoh Bottle. Pnoe I 25 tenu. Address HENRY C. 8PALDIN0, No. 4S Cedar street. New York. CAUTION. As *?Uia anprinoipUd pcraona %n attf pttKg to r?u? to ?iim:r.? b?for? purohfi*.uf, ft&d t? th*t ik< fall D.-nne, lO^SrALDIMCS PREPARED 6LUE??H ib on^Use outlaid* vrMM'i ?U ?then |i?ew^edheg PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pDBLIO N O T I C E. " "lajsMWrae-t Pablia notioa fa hereby riven that bonda and oonpona annexed, oT the deeeriytion hereinafter eet forth, hare lately been folonlonaly abstracted from the oustody of the Interior Department, the Mm* being the property of the United States and held in truat for oertain Indian tribes. Nottoe ha* alio been given to the proper ofieers of the respec tive States to stop the payment thereof; aod ail persons are warned against pnrohasinc or reoetT* inc any of aaid bonds and oospons, as the olaim of the United States thereto will be proseonted to the utmost extent. Eaeh bond being for the sum of one thousand dollars, ns : But per oent Missouri Coupon Bonds, Issued la June aad August, 1857. State of Missiourl, St. Louis and Iron Moantnln R R. State Bonds. Bond No. 3037 Bond No. 1813 1576 1827 ivm 1997 1998 2008 3007 1993 1994 1995 1891 1990 1892 1991 2003 2002 1992 2006 1BZ2 1821 1820 1819 1818 1889 1817 1818 1815 1814 1813 1812 1810 1811 1808 2031 2004 3001 1999 2000 2009 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1885 2034 2036 2030 2032 1826 1828 1829 1830 1831 1831 1868 1869 1870 1871 1CVQ AUW 1887 A9IJ 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 2046 2029 2048 2018 2040 2017 2047 2016 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 .... 1825 99 bondi 1824 Not*.?Bonds No. >000, and below of thia aerlea, iaauod Jane, 1&57, and bonds No. 9001, and above that, dated Aumat. 18OT, parable at the Phoenix Bank, New York oity, in isn. State of Miasoarinx pgroent. ?oupon bonda, Sis: Hannibal and St. Joaeph Railroad Stata onda? Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 1828 1862 1627 1801 1028 1850 1629 1849 1859 1848 1S47 1&46 1846 1844 1832 1836 1833 1834 1836 1837 1838 1839 1649 1640 1636 1613 1866 1863 1861 1860 18&1 1866 1868 1866 1864 1822 1823 1824 1826 1826 1827 1828 183V 1013 1830 1814 1831 1615 1041 1010 1042 1017 1043 1018 1044 1019 1045 1020 1040 1621 1047 1011 1048 1804 1037 1034 1038 1031 1840 1032 1842 1033 1023 1857 1630 1680 1639 1841 1633 1A24 1843 1650 1816 1817 1818 1819 1820 1821 1016 90 bondi Thwe bood# are dated January, law. arable at Bank oTOomiaaroe, N#w York, i? Noroinber. lDM?interest payable in January and July of each year. Stat* of Miaaoana^i ^sr gent^Coq^oaNorth Mlr Bond No^W52 Bond No. 1039 2940 1838 2939 1041 2941 1043 2942 1M3 2940 1 Mi 2945 2944 2943 294T 2948 2949 29 &0 2937 2938 1053 1654 1/55 1652 1656 2921 2468 2512 261S Uli 1645 1646 1647 1648 1649 1640 1650 2922 2923 2924 2936 2951 2953 1657 1706 1706 1707 2452 2516 2464 2616 2456 9011 2AM 291? 246T 291] 2468 2912 2469 2914 2400 2210 2401 2911 2402 2917 24 AS 2918 2404 2919 2406 2920 2400 2064 2407 3956 ____ 1051 80 Not*.?-Thp bond* numbered M16tad bslow. l? MiMoari N#rtk Bond Ko. 2773 Bond No. 2783 2784 2787 2780 - 2730 2781 2717 J78J 2734 m% 2721 2783 2719 J711 2733 2712 2722 2710 2720 JTO 2716 rrrr 2727 22 - 1714 ZL" ?? rna jtw 1770 ri8 m ni6 2H2 2744 1771 J7? 1776 ins 1774 J713 1780 mi 1711 _ / IlMowi fa pf mt Mb M <!??* BUM OMfoa Boau. Bond Mo. IS46 Bond Ho. MM 515* 6>61 6115 &S&A 5266 6243 5254 6?41 5255 5241 5953 6239 125! 6238 5250 6237 5249 6235 6247 6234 5248 6233 6195 6232 5196 S5i 5000 6200 4.QOQ 6199 5198 5197 5310 5236 5307 5308 5309 5262 5306 hAiut* 4997

4800 4998 4889 4888 4876 5257 51 bond* Boada of North Carolina?Goapoa aix per North Carolina ux p?r oonU. Bond Na. 35 Bond No. 303 33 301 31 300 33 397 9 335 T 334 340 303 348 347 346 343 342 341 340 339 338 337 336 166 104 30 19 18 17 16 13 8 11 10 328 101 329 100 330 99 331 10S 382 6 333 28 834 22 227 18 32ft 21 317 98 aio VI 31ft W 29ft * 95 239 94 23d 62 237 60 23ft 303 72 bonda Nora.?Theaa bonda are dated January, 1836, payable January. 1886, at Bank of Rapublfo, New York, lntereat payable i? January and July. North Carolina 6 par oenta. Coupon Bonda. Tbut/i V< QIV d?j *r_ ?? 833 831 830 829 834 836 839 837 838 871 871 873 874 876 OTA 739 768 769 790 791 713 793 794 T90 781 793 793 794 796 853 866 857 858 860 881 882 863 864 866 866 867 868 811 812 813 814 816 816 817 818 810 820 821 822 823 824 Rrs 877 878 879 880 881 840 847 848 840 860 851 m 707 708 790 800 811 802 805 804 806 808 808 807 8fl9 824 870 827 883 828 882 8S9 884 840 886 84S 731 844 732 845 733 _ 734 104 bonda *Msswai North 0*rolin? tlx per oeaL Ooupor bonds. Bond No. 599 600 603 604 606 606 607 608 610 611 612 Bond No. 493 494 495 496 497 621 498 610 511 481 482 013 609 614 622 623 624 625 626 627 628 483 484 486 486 467 488 489 490 538 639 Ml 540 M2 Ml MS 542 615 M3 644 530 MS 531 M7 512 M8 533 M5 5M M9 535 650 536 661 537 861 518 616 529 617 516 618 516 619 617 465 &14 457 422 458 545 476 , 546 602 M7 439 AAA 548 r m ^ 442 430 431 433 433 437 427 429 426 426 ' 423 421 601 644 oou 662 471 472 473 474 476 476 477 478 479 480 612 613 491 119 bondJ |4M Bwd Ho. II Barf No. 1M a i5i M 165 M 154 II IK M IN Ho. 9T 96 Bond Ho. Ill 16S 106 122 12S 124 125 126 127 128 17? 180 129 130 164 165 178 191 192 192 194 195 196 197 1V8 199 200 137 144 44 bonda 144 Two boo'la for *1,006 M*k. dated April, 1MI. Bond No. 9 Bond No. 19 Fi:U<a bond* for ?1^00 *qh,d?ted Qotob*r, UW.?H Payable ?t Mak of R?p?^;o, Oot?b*r> Bond No. 1183 Bond No. 1191 1184 1193 1186 1194 1186 1196 1187 1194 1188 1197 1189 1100 1191 Tenneeeoe itx per Mat. Coupon Bond*, of >1,000 each, of loan of last, payable Ittl in Nev York city, of the following nuabert, and dated Janu ary, 1851: Bond No. 217 Bond No. 416 278 419 294 476 297 477 409 491 413 498 414 723 And of the following camberaiaeaed January,IS** Bond No. 828 Bond No. 1278 829 13*8 830 And of the following number* leaned ?u Bond No. 1744 Bond No. XH 21IP 2881 2133 2892 2581 3066 2605 3121 And of tb? folio win* nun bora issued Jnnnnry, MW. Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 , 4208 3465 4209 3466 , 4210 3467 4211 3469 4212 3470 4213 3471 4214 3472 4431 3758 4527 3894 4529 JM1 4650 3942 4569 8943 4566 3944 4569 3?45 4570 3846 4571 3986 4749 4199 4761 4200 4881 And of the following numbers moed January, I8fl7j Bond No. 6056 Bond No. 6419 5195 6421 5826 5426 5369 6427 5390 6301 S362 bm 5 m 6365 MM 536T 63G8 5369 6370 6430 6434 6436 6437 6438 6439 6440 6441 6443 6463 6444 6371 6446 6372 6462 6373 6618 6S74 6619 6376 6620 6376 6621 6377 6622 6878 9T03 6379 6704 6380 6706 6381 6706 6386 *707 6384 6708 6387 6709 6383 6710 6339 6711 uovm 97 IZ 5391 6713 6191 5799 mi 6839 6418 6840 6417 6843 6418 Ornoi ot ths Hiokitabt ov tew IxTHioa, Doocmber SB. 1MB. a 13-dtf J. THOMPSON, BwrMtrr. GAS FITTING, Ac. a _ WM. T. DOVE 4 CO. /1.RE Nov pr?rvp:l to exeonte ut ordora witt n?HK^dQMui FITTING lL/~ Store on #U? str*?t, a Hf doors north of Pa, fcnaa a oornnJet* aMortmnst OI vn A and other 6AS, STEAV cm WATKit FIXTURES. laZT-ly pLUMBERB AND ?AS FITTERS J, W. THOMPSON * CO. Wosld call the attention ol water taker* to their full assortment of Fixtures necetsarv to ita intro dnetion,a? foIloww-KITCH K.N RANGES,bath tubs, water closets, h6t water BOILERS, KITCHEN SINKS, PUMPS, Cast fr"U. Wrought tron.l-ead ana Galvanised WA TER PIPES, HYDRANTS and pave WASH ERS. RUBBER HOSE. Ac. Havm< superior advantages, with practical k'owledje, we are prep&red to introduoe Water into dwe.uncs with all the latest iroeroreirenta, promptly, ana at prioas that cannot rail to satiety. S6? Penn. avenue, noM-dtMarl bet. 9th and 10th sts . soath aide. ?U OAS FIXTURES. ? E Hav* m store, and we dai.y reo? PI1TVRKS ol entirely " and Finish. superior in offered jn this market. It to oall and examine our ilook of Gaa a&3 Wator P .xturea, feeling confident that we have the boat oieoted etook in Waahinfton. AJ1 Work in the above liae intraated to our oar* Will bo promptly atteuiiod to, MYERS * McGRAN. mar 5-tf 3T* D atreet. IgNY , 1*L UMBER AND 025 FITTXR. Hai removed to tin oorner of Twelfth and F ?ta. So u prepared to introdaoe Water aad Gaa noon o moat favorable term*, and guarantiee entire %U faction He haa on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOvEu, which he will ooll loo* than ooat. aa 1m wiahee to get rid of them. do 1? OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS METERS. tblr toiSfproT poration approved Buy 12.1M0.Um udaraiiaeti 11 now prepareu/'^rhenaiTer rjaulred in writing, and on pro payment of the foa of ?Aj oonta, to inject, examine, teat, proTa, andaaoertaic ttie accuracy of miatntioa of any km motor in ih in tkia city Emj mater, if found mooiraot, will boooadoaaned, and aootuer. aaaued and marked aa true, will be aot in Pa p.aoe. If provod to bo ooearato in its measurement of (M. it will boaetled Moordincly, ?. pat )T 1>-tf Inayootor and Baal or of e? Metora. 07 ftIA AIM The 8 tor* ii for rent ud the Fix tare* for eale. Apply on t?e prrnniaex, Iron Ha.ll. N. B.?The above stock, either in whole or to pert, will be to 14 at private rale. To My one de iiroos of entonnt tap Biot, Shoe and Truuk Bnti BM? to 11 alonli a batter opportaaitp than may acaia b? preeentad. T*r?one indebted will aoafcr a fbror bp promptly oallla? and settling their aoooant* Ja 7 tf >OOlft AND t4HOK? TO SUIT TJLJt Lati TV ORTH OP BOOTs7SHOE8 and TRUNKS, Of a11 StyUi mmd Qmmlitiu, AT A SEXAY ACmiriC* OR OMT. Start fm Rtmt mmd Fixtwru Jm Stk All U* Stock in B. P. HOOVER'S 8TORB, If* I toDiomaa. . T?r?. LOCI lOiriTU, ~ -- C ? -? ? %m iJU rOE ALL D1PKABE8 OF IHPRCDKNCfc. Air JO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY 1WMKP ATELY. A 9WEE WARRANTED. OE NO CHARttB, IV FROM OWE TO TWO DATE ?f*?L _ I . _ I, CuUtrpt, llHUM*, >IMI|| Duhm mt tif hi ? ftwiHjfUw MVn"MV> ?? T?m?? DaM^in tra< ( *>4*?ry of TnA-Umm Draadfk ill DmvM*i Pneutli ?? * ?* Iw Mifik(i tBfMMi, w< tmvrmj tau M? u< BM TOIMMU ifimllT vkikiM kt(?i tM fcBwry Ifctt 4r??e!f?' u4 ImritKi kt>n wkiM iumIIi rw?fm ? an HUniif (i??i tl Tm>| Mm rfiu mi Iiu4 HiMM ui brului MwlliN, *M Btftl M?* HUImM UMMf llUlM VtU Ul IMMtn ?r liNHIII ? *uu m immt ik* Uvi>f 17T*, a>r Mil ?Kfe ndJ >?I UtUitft. HiUiU riucil HTiMfKiiiMMBpuiiHu taxi, kM( inn rf fftfWMl tMtaNi, Hfuii liWMt, MMkm *4., riiiil; <m< *U pteM* InNlIMiM lk? MM W Pt. I. Bay mfcfv Mr m?M? la kM Mm u (m'.tau ul mMim!? W t IfM Ms (kill M a plfM'ti orrtos t ?u rra ninuici nun Ufe tall nil gmng hM I'. tl?w? WHi. hf lim ??? 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Paine la Ik* litl.pianm ef liflutm ?f Mmiui fnit, Patpiuuea ef Iti iMit,Drape pe*. IV?r*e*e WUM4 tf, Dou(inint?(tki I>if lUfffamiwM, win; DaMtMf ertap'en ef Ca<.eei.>piien. * UNTAkLT.-riii hiifal ifiia*a ike aia< in M ke dreeded?Laee ef Mamery,Vaafsawe afMin, [>?preee.ea ef Iptnu, K*ii farbadlnn, AvtroacefSeuttv, Belf-Diawaet, U>ia( fteliiade, Timidity, im.,ui nai W ike e?lle fw <Wi UTOII DBBlklTT.?Tkawaadi eaa aav |i4fi wftai ie Ue (IUI afthm 4MliBl!f fcealtfc, taeine Ifceir ? f??. ?a ea?ia> weak, pale, aeneae and eaaiMied, keemf e eUf?te? iffainaw ikaatike eyee, cetfk ar eyB|^eae ef i niitiiu nr iMratntii'i Wkea tke moafaided and irr prederi ??t- rj at plMMTt M? N ku Ib^iM the ttede ef late p*iafal dlntx. K lee efte* hfflM (tel as lli UMi MM* ef ikint at <im< ' <* leea* '! deter* bin freaa lfflrw| I* Uim? tU,liM >|4 ecepeciaktluy. Ma tieae kefnead Ma. faUe lata tke band* ef ifnereat ?ed deetfaiaf preientfere, vke. l????peki? ef ?inu, ye cautery nl?wn:i.liif Itir IrtlBf eMothaner Bent*, area tiie eatlleei fee ceo ke Uiaed, aedia deepatr leave aim wiik rained ImIiIi u i>jrt kii hw diaappeenuaeatjer ky the aee ef Utaidcad!/ peteer. Mercery, kaaien ihe ce..*iiiatiea? I afmptctM ef ikle temele diHiiMiiHu Affectienee'lfce MM,Threat. Meee, kin.Ac., ( with fnjMfel refidity. UII deeth rat* a aer.ed ta hi* dreedfai iilinui k; eeodmf ha la Mat ? llwiHwi cavalry (ran vktMknrtt a* traveler reietee E- lOBHMUN'CKJCMEDT roR '??9A*IC ? IlUIN AMD IMruT**CT. By Ult pen u< laeenui ntei; ?e?kr ?ee af ike etrue ue epeedUy tared ul fell >^et reeteeed Tkeaeeede ef t*e eat DiKHctad <*e iittxed, eke had teat ail kepe, fck?e l?U ( dlaul* v*i< * wmd All t* M? rr??f? P(?ilul N HNHl PtoaMM* ImiImii, Lni ?f PntnCi'i Pwt, >?' ? UOwWlttf Tr*a?tiaf u< WtiUuif kikiwc* tfUi a?at Y?*rN> Ma4 imi udouimeit or rn ntw TIE MART TBOBSA.MD# f ar?4 ili*>w iMiicMMa ?*? UU lan h'Iuum t??m, u< U>? UMMi i?,p?ri?i Mmrgt i ftrUnati kv l)i JMun, viUmm4 If tM WHtin af tie* ftf?H tad att; U? MHMI, miiih at ?ki*S Itfi imtnd iftn u( t|tli >tlm Iki Nklli, k? MnlliMiMtuui Uintm ul hwmH Mllir, b t ( itit ptnilit U Itl ?AMu4. lu*-lf JOY let Wm IB mrmx 1EAD ATPLT THK REMEDY REJOICE i"HEALTH. Knead, do yos Are yo* the * icticr> of i f those nameroo* ailments which arm from turity of the blood.' VV . are Ujej, do yos a* Rather uk. what are (bey rot.' The Mood la soaroe of lile ai<?i hoalUi. and it is the first ? ? of oar iirinc to respond to auy oaoee whirt stfe thea* the palsr in..'* '.ub'.j attests The* prrvoiUng rteur^tia,th?Irritating* sabtieSoro'na.uieafoLLiinc Rbeamabsm, Ney roni Debility, I>y!y*v-.i, Live: C'onp.tict with its tortor acU dejoctiui. ai.d the lcttiMc m> uia thmt fleah is heir to.deri** tbeir hideona origin from turn Uood, Deal ki'.<My thea and cf.'illy wiU the Mood. Uae the Titit!i?i..c reeonroee of nature for tte aid. Md aoSer ai to evmrnsnd to your a^cfidenoe and aae th4t truly valeaiue ire<J;cament known aa mks. m. cors INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. . With retard to thu a.ieoat infallible im| alar *ept]ment txa apcken in decided 1 tbe endecoea of ttua treat effoacy I tai ned by oonataot itowii of e?.ratiTe etfe lh* happiest reaultt from iu nan %re after al raiediea and the beat aaedieal skill have failed^* L<et oa ear, in ooaoluainn, th*t oertifioatee are* are cot euutht turn tie illiterate and aui ioial, bat they arr volm tr^ ed from the moat 9>eotab:e eoaroc-a aa<i ;u*ti:? tLe whion it ie rcMibi* to commend ?o ralsabift a Moifee to ??pror%i. We niA* *64 ateo that the curative pro per uee of the medio ce u*?tnMM only by iu reetorative efleote. the eyeUrr. reooaar J IPj im i ri w 'i ? n t uooMi uiv ;i in* fromdieeas* with renewed eoaalitntinnal Tift*. For me tr al! respectable DrnfcieU ia I hie ettr, and by the proprietor, MKf. m. cox, None rename an .eat uer name u blown oa Ut bottie and her eea! ou the cork 01 per bottle, HI bottiee for fk WleUtaU jittr.t. B. T. CI EM* el, ?>r?c(iat 8eorjetown.DC.. wholesale A cent for the Dle triot, and will aapply the trade at my pr.oee. an 18-tr Dr. j. bovee dod'6 IMPERIAL wmn Brrrvrnm. Are mow being frt>D Hunt to tbe 61 Lake, ul lee ttnliot oftllj them outer U % or aa a they are la t. c wcr.c,1 Jfl ' iwx^pf' j ;r> tus uaotio* for U V* ?arc:.a?t4 c?fcict *!? ?0i? right to 1 led preecat iWo.^2 fmi o*U to ill 1 tL? wWii oare'of C#D?cni/ticn, iadit eat PllM. }<r??M W???, Ferol plaiblf,aa4ftUMM? iMvinac atciuc,! roL(i 4c? 'vt anert itv?T?*>>le reweay. their ninuoit.k piet.alI* th?r are a jl 3m* a*id oeUxNtfit Br*cr*tt, jr Kluei Miut ezhi^ra^ac ofecu c; Braco; withoit their i?Jvno*? reaalta. Lnt all aamajittr and all ^tmiki of \ 9* ib rabotituinc a.aaine fnt lor the mvsfl t+.*c+ji wr<d i?t with vki*b the r*>. at'r It fioo<2?o. *-cd fret a*.:* in Iaiaj&ici JiteMc ?j>U jikr wanaa kSfcm mffciirsapjRK... f, Por IHnum of the KJdDoya,pi?d4or ar d Ur Or<?ut. u>d wpaeUuy for rom?Jo Ototrue1 dotot f?U to ovr*. and aro nrruM to five i toatlon, d (Searlks w mimm ! ? ir J -vippjriELn k oo.. m AfPt. Wfc?h'.Lt - I* r. 41 V- n 9L SISPtN. fcTEHrE, WiHIHNI, I if* in ttao Ulfl VVor.a bt hrodrtk* UtMM vol* . ttino . cloth; l"** ?* _ Sne of Ti.ein bj CiutrUt l.fcT?r. ? on m*M( f o?Uie?oo. bj Char>oo i>i?koM. f 50 oenti Th? AncrtoM Qiwt ?Kll"? . eMk t pru mdU; by it>l fr?e on rec*!pi of pi too. H??n B MBtot our toro for o??h. r Five hundred tkavkhn? rui bM wnd III* of Solo i^dKc'H Dtbm and P*<*>n? Tr?n*?. Our tronk^ mJmnx>n? exh'hit* a.t thu timo t>i* |r??tort wm af tr?T?.in* ? moi-rUo prioaftJ Un4Ui?aa*e?Ni- ?? *r: ,1 Truck? rrp+irm oc (UN 1* mti WALL. rM -tf oat?00*#. ??" 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