Newspaper of Evening Star, February 27, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 27, 1861 Page 1
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THE DAILY EVENING STAR it TVbLlSHBD BY BR T AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE *TAJl OriLDVNO*, C'cr"?' of F*nnrylv*ni+ mvinui and 1 It A it., T W. D. HALLACQ. v*per? rw~t?d la pAckftrea by osrrteri it #4 ft T?kr, or Si cent* per mouth. To nail aabaeribacf %-39 pnoo ia $X5n a year, w? mdvantti #2 for fix m-ntha; SI for thraa month*; and for laaa than tfcre* rrontha ft thar&to of l^centa ft waek. Binjia opto*, om ca?x; ia wrftppara, two csnTa. iCT" Advwitt-b**ntsaaoald be aent to ti>? oSoa Mora 13 ?Vok ex.; othanriaa they may not ftppeftr ftntil the^ itdfty. Ae- *? " iHPfa* r* k r A ' -. > V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 27. 1861 N?. 2.504 THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAB. tea au ba oa?d la f*y Fndftr Siftf la oopy, p?r i Ftm . I aa . i It . ?? ire It iSTftdftbiy Km "Wi IV Ml?j ao naii ally Uromikoat Um < B^0ln*la oopiaa (ia Wff?) ftt the ooactar, lmmadiftta y after Ua laaaa of ?h? DEFERRED ARTICLES. Rkl:oious.? On Sunday, the congregations at tbe various churches were mostly of our home religious community. Tbe city Is filled with strangers, but not apparently of the church going sort Capitol ?Tbe chaplain of the House of Repre sentative* (Rev Mr. Stockton) preached from Csriuthians, 13 11,12. Tbe ReY speaker illustra ted the superiority of saints over men bv the vast differenceex'sting between manhood and Infancy; and tbowed tbat It was impossible for the spirits of departed friends to bold intercourse with hu manity. Those who die in the faith of the Lord and are accepted Into His kingdom become Infin itely superior to the affairs of earth; and the minds of our philosophers and statesmen would )>e more Insignificant, compared with them, than would the mind of an Infant compared with tbe gigantic Intellects of Nvwton or Milton. When we shall enter into the mansions of tbe blest, our spiritual via' <in u 111 nM K# *m It < Ait airtK K?s* vre "ball then not only comprehend the mighty mvkti-r!?'? of nature, but shall be able to under stand the providence of God. and the mysterious *itijjiTi* of our spiritual existence. Compared with eternity, all tht potnp and glory and honor iff the world Is but an insignificant atom; yet men vrtll heedlessly barter away their hope of heaven for the paltry baubles of earth. Gract Ckmrck ? Rev Mr. Holmead spoke in the morning from IVutronomy, 32.10,11.12 This passage illustrates most strikingly the goodness of <>od for bis ancient people He led them, as here told,* journey of many years to reach the promised land, but this was necessary to their instruction. The truth to nature of the Illustrations of God's kUidness and goodness mentioned in the test were treated He kept them "as the appls of his eve," and we know tnat the "apple" or "pupil" cf the eye is the most tender portion of the ex quisite machinery of the eye 80, too, of the rsgle. whose well known practise is to trsin her young to use their pinions 'by dropping them In nud-atr, and when they aink exhausted darta under them to sustain them on her wings. Bo God. when we ara ready to aink, bears ua up under the winga of hla Providence. If we liaten to ki? InatructTona and aubmlt ouraelvea to hla will, he will auatain ua In our trlala and bring ua to hiiuaeif In the hour of death. JU P Ckm-ek, Aim* ?Rev. P. L. Wll on. pastor, officiated during the day, and preached In the morning aervlce froin the text of Matthew, b 41. At nlgbt, from Acta, 3 21.23. The text iaa p rt of Peter's arrmon to those who witneaaed the healing of the lame man at the beautiful gate of the temple. Th~ resemblance between Moses and Christ was noted. Both were prophets aent by God to his people. The Jewish dispensation was introduced and established by Moaea proving the divinity of bis mission by his wondrous works Jfsus raine to introduce the new disinflation and establish it. Most* was a mediator between God and the people. Christ also was the mediator of the new covenant. There la a point of disparity * ? ? >ii ? a r?. ?? oriwctn .iiuki sou i/brni. i of sue w;? me me diator between God and ona nation When Christ mmr the *' middle wall of partition" wu pros trated, and be became the mediator between God aud the wbole world. First Prttbtfterinn Church?In the absence of tk1* pastor, Rm Dr. Girlty preached from He Hi ws. 7 3 Mankind it continually seeking after mt Some seek it In worldly pleasure, some In Honor, tome In riches. but all of these cocue far tfcort of obtaining It. There is but one book that gives any reliable plan for obtaining rest, and Via*, book is the Bible. There Is but one class of people who find it, and they are those who believe n the Son of God and accept of the offers of sal vation They find rest amid all the care and Sin atid cflllctlon of life; they And it wb?n they come down Into the v?liey of death and finally enter Kiio itat eternal rest prepared for those who falth r?;.y wait npoo the Lord. - Ckaptl ?In the morning service. Rev. L F. .Morgan, P E , preached From lit Tlmo 6:11. The discourse was upon the Injurious IIU arising from the habit of polttlcal preach bvclergymen, Instead of adn?rlng to the In on of the Apostle to Timothy, to follow after Iteousness, Uodllness, mtekness." fir. In ifiernoon, a lovef^ast, one of thosf meetings liar to tbe Methodist denomination, was It was sttended by members of tbe Metbo churcbes throughout the city, and was an eatision of much interest. t~^*'tkodut K. Ckwrtk South ?Rev. J A . Proctor thed in tbe morning, In continuation of a ae on tbe Lord's Prayer, from the text of Ma?th. . Subject: "Our Daily Bread." Atnigbtan Interesting discourse upon the subject of44 Hope'' wm preached from the text of Psalms, 22 9 St. Paul's Lutk'tan Church ?The pastor (Re*, i. G. Butler) preached In the morning from Mark, 41? to 20, and at night from the aame chapter, 49th to .Jlth vera** Church ?Rev. V D. Colllna ?on 4Mt<-d th? services. preaching in the morning the te*t of Genesis, 13 12, and at night from t, 10 42 BAKous OrTXAGB.?Another of thoae acts of m which occasionally disgrace the South k every sense of humanity was perpetrated county, Georgia, early last week. A named George, owned by Mr Abel , was suspected of having committed onal outrage upon tbe wife of VIr. Isaac brook, and upon that suspicion was ar lodged in jail. A night or two after lnfurittrd mob, overcoming the opposi 6 Sheriff, broke Into tbe prison, seized jro, ana conveying him to tbe outakirta or i, there chained nlm to a tree, and despite test protestations of innocence. burnt him PA Can reflecting Southern men juatlv tin of the bitter hostility of the Nr-rth to ^'Institution," vrh?n acts so revolting to tation are Its not unfrequent Incidents? 'The New York Evening Pott la In favor of j|g?njc mrnt, and la willing to accept the res tW? of the Missouri compromise?cannot **a?e what possible objection there is to adopting that f?; ' Falling that, the proposal of Mr. Adams to hi N < < Mexico and Arizona Into a Slate, taSffost thinks ought to be considerod. And, al ' i not wholly satisfied with the measure,the inv that, taken -'without any understand i #k? ?.ws.k ? i ' ? ? w wuilu a r-iavc uumflilHUi bull be (tirrendered to alav*ry, It ia it for ua to perceive what tbe canae of free likely to lose by it, or Low it aeriously c?? w;th the principles of our (the Rrpubii certy " A good preacher in Maine, who ex peri ls r eat trouble during the laot political cam on account of the dl viaiona in bia flock, re tbat be would make a final effort before up all hope. He decided to preacb a "do aermon, one devoted to an expoeition of ">a and of the importance of fraternal and ling. So be took for bia text 11. Ktogi, reran 19, "Carry bim to bia mother." w the "ieaaoa" to the beat of bia ability. > bia amazement, not a Douglaa man entered arch from that day. The poor man ia (till wymu. ibl* ?The Troy Ttrnea tells a atory about lady, a very expert and graceful abater, t with a m la hap while enjoying the exer the river. The Times Intimates tbat the ' "panties" disengaged themselves. Impeded amotion, and embarrassed her considerably t coolly went to work and pulled them off, railed them up and put them In her pocket. An ?f"pt <o commlsaerate her condition was met, aa|$r gracefully took to her akates again, with tkeeemark that it made no matter, for a be "bad anjQ.t r pair oa " Sensible and precautionary gUU th?t A correspondent of the New York Timet tbat the sprinkling salt upon the snow In of their doors Inflicts a grievous Injury on th? in race. The chemical action of salt upon Is to cause the snow to dissolve rapidly, and pelting It extracta heat from every thing If fcrs, ao tbat the readiest uiode of producing to will be to put the band or foot Into then) of nit ?nd mow Thg consrquence ii People who tread la It catcb cold*, hs, coughs, consumption, dlptberla, sad "Francis 11., tbe ex-King of Naples, it sp , la not aa Adonis la Captstn Furbe's nev? aboot Garibaldi, Just published lu Loadoa, is a portrait of tbe ex-King, which Is wrrj t from the fancy sketch** previously clr Captain Forbes terms It a " speaking " aud tbe Leaden Times says that It 'Mi adleloat to loetlfy the revolution " bit efgoaalp ato<t la Italy Is that Francti dug*crave la h's casemate at Gaeta, In be means 4o be burled if tbe bombard should go against him \r IHI-II IWfV, llir ? VIVWTTI k/frj y ?-v ^ Standard, Ut? Salnn Gazette, tbe Pal N ?m>?, and IU? Bomtua Traveller, am tin la Ma?chnaeita whlea oppoat mcaauraa ?o aaya U* Boaton Courier The Lut ( the Sent ( Malta. Sal*, under Mortgage, of the Property of Pro tatria Lodge?Swords, Spears, liat tle-Axt*. Helmet*, Shields. Crosses, Mi tree , Crowns, Scrptres, Musitts, Gongs, Sneaking-Trumpets, Homj, Crowns of Honor, the "Sacred Beth" and "Mystic Volume " Furniture, Regalia and Sym bols, under the Hammer. The "ancient and honorable order of the Sona of Malta," whioh is represented as being "ancient because the memory of man knoweth not its origin, and honorable because the great and wise of every age hare been numbered with its firm friends and steadfast supporters," came to a oomplete if not inglorious end, on Saturday forenoon. The furniture of Pro Patria Lodge, the largest, moat thoroughly eauiDDed. trumpet and a quantity of boms were also sold, for a trifle. Under the third head were sold fire "blood less swords." When the auctioneer reached these articles, one of the initiated called out at the top of his voice: "Now, let the stranger feel the nighth of the sword! Now, stranger, be strong and brave, and leap with all your might, for this will put your courage to the test'."?whereupon, those who appeared to understand it, laughed heartily, aud outsider? concluded that thia must nave been a part of the initiation ceremonies. According to the handbill, these ewords were "made of Damascus steel, and used in the terrible wars of the Knights of Malta, with roast beef and plum-pudding, eighteen hundred years before the deluge;" and "were presented to Pro Patria Lodge by Alexander the Great." Among them was said to be the celebrated sword which was suspended by a single thread. The purchasers, however, did and most famous in the United States, was "sold at auotion, under mortgage, at eleven o'clock, together with all the regalia and warlike im plements whioh seem to have entered largely into the initiatory services of this jaystic brotherhood. The sale occurred in the lodge-room, a spa cious hall at 814 Broadway, the first floor from the roof and the fifth from the earth. The hall was fitted up in a peculiar style of ele gance. The floor was riohly carpeted, and the room was surrounded bj long sofas, wbile the walls were decorited with twenty-four knights in armor, with tapestry, and with the r#!/i (*pnai ftf Rt .Tnhn w^iaK annaara trv K??ro been the symbol of the order. The articles sold were olassified m follows. 1st, the useful; 2d, the instrumental; 3d, the ornamental and mjstioal. Under the first head were sold the sofas, chairs, carpets, Ac., one of the oarpets containing three hundred yards, and selling for serenty-five cents the yard, half what it cost. Under the seoond bead was an Alexandre Organ, which waa started at $50 and sold at $9U< Also, a Chi nese Gong, which, the "brothers" as-sert, was formerly owned by the Emperor Chow Chow, and which brought $11. An immense tin not seein to bo impressed with their great value, for the fire sword* only brought five dollars. Then there were five terrible tin spears, which were aold in a lot for four shillings. Then seven helmets, said to have descended from the Crusaders under Peter the iiermit, with visors complete, were also sold in a lot for the same amount. Then came the mail and armor, which went on 'ike easy terms, five or six shillings paying for the whole. Next were sold eight rusty muskotd, with fixed bayonets, for four shillings each Sev eral hundred dominoes, with cowls, black and 1 . > * woue, were soia ai iweive ana fifteen cents apioce. Tho "Rugged Path" was nut sold, | but judging from its appearance, the ''stran gers who pissed over it must hare had a rough journey over the rollers. After the furniture and other articles named 'had been sold, the auctioneer withdrew to the back room, arid proceeded to sell regalia, nbich he said must not be exposed to the gaze of the uninitiated. The mystic volume, said to be a large illustrated octavo work, was sold unseen. The "sacred bath," however, was displayed to the crowd. It sold for $1.50, and appeared to be nothing more nor less than a large punch-bowl. In conclusion, the "brothers" joined in a song, to the tune of "Auld Lang Dyne," be ginning? "When old Malteeia first was born." The crowd dispersed; and thus ends the initio brotherhood of the I. O. S. M.?New Yori Po*l. Prenticeania. An Alabama paper says thit the Seceeaionista are looking to tee what will turn up. Prrhaps their own eyei will turn up when they do see. Tbe editor of the '"Sunny South" boasts of a "visit from the Devil." We guea? be'll return tbe "visit" and make a pretty long atay. Tbe l>oot and ahoe buainesa la unuaually brisk In Maryland. The Union men are kicking all suspected persons out of the party. Tbe question in Louisiana is not whether a man is "right on tbe go?se," but Is be "right on the pelican ?" We don't think that South Carolina has any warrant fr>r her conduct, but she evidently has a good deal of war-rant. President Jeff*. Davis, or Mr Jeff* D*via thr?*t. ens that the non-seced'nj* State* ahall "ainell Southern powder." Hut does be forget that all tQe powder In the South la Northern powder, so that the worat be and hla frlenda can do ia to make the North amell ita own powder Doesn't Jctf. amell Northern powder every time be pulls trigger? i'lt*. Davla. In bla Montgomery apeech, aald : ' Feliow-eitlzena and brethren of the Confederate States of America?for now we are brethren not In name merely but in fact?men of one flesh, one bone," Ac The Confederationlats may be of one bant with their new President and Vice-President, but If they are of one Jletk wltn them, they are tha lankest nation of bipeds ever known to natural history. Jetf Davis and A. H. Stephana have taken oaths to support the Constitution of the aew Confedera cy We wonder whether they will keep these oaths aa faithfully as they bave kept their oaths tc support the Constitution of the ola Confederacy. T?i AvaicAN Slats Tbadb?The Charleston Courier (Ives the follovring glowing statistics ol the protits of a slave voyage, for the bene tit of Ita readers: The captain of m slaver goes to Havana witl one-half of a ship's register and a false bill of sale which be forwards to the Now York Custom House, accorulni; to law, and in the meanwhile presents himself to his prlueipal with the follow lng balance-sheet: DE. To flrst cost of ship. t7,000 Advance wages 1,000 Captain's wages and venture 10,000 Supercargo and boatswain 5,000 Cost of negroes at *50 ( 750) 37,500 Crew, S7fi0 per-man 1,500 Bribes, he loo.uoo 186,50* cm.. 500 negroes, at S800 a head 400,004 Net profit 5231,50* A Fai* Hit ?General Butler,of Massachusetts Is a wit The Boston Courier reports that he wai in Washington the other day, and during a con versatlon with southern men. one of ibem, i Georgian, said: "1 do not believe there la on< bonnet man in Massachusetts " Aft** a momint'i reflection he added: "I beg to unra you, Mr Butler, I mean nothing personal." The Genera responded: "1 believe there are a great man; hottest men In Georgia^ but In ssying ao, sir, d( not mean anything personal." A V*.lc*blk C*aoo ?The ahlp Phantom, ar rived at New York laat week from Shanghai brought one of the moat valuable cargoes ever tm ported la thle country from Cnlna. it was valu?< at nearly i?iO,UX>, and consisted of teas, cassia and raw silk. Of the latter article there were S3( biles, and of these lit contained Jspanesa ra? silk, bruught from Japan to China. ICT The total amount of th? State debt ot lilt f poll li now $10,346,017 06. ARRANGEMENTS FOR THK INA DfiVRATION OF THK PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, OS TBI Fourth ( March, 1861. The door* of th? Senate Chamber will be opened at 11 o'clock a. m , for the admlaaton of Senator*, and otbera who, by tbo arrangement of tbe Com mittee, are entitled to admission, as followa: Ex-Presidents and Vice Prealdenta. The Chief Justice and Asaociate Judges of the Supreme Court The Diplomatic Corpa, Heads of Departments, and F.x-Membera of either branch of Congreas, and Members of Congress elect Officer! of the Army and Navy who, by name, t..^ *1 I 1 * ? uoic icrturu me luanii ui i/nitKreu Governors of Statesand Territories of the Union, and Ex-Governors of Statea. Assistant Secretaries of Departments, and the Assistant Postmaster General; the Comptroller!, Auditor?, Register, and Solicitor of Ibe Treasury, Treat 11 rer, Com missioners, Judge*, and The Mayors of Washington and Georgetown, and the reporters In the Senate. All of wnora will be admitted at the north door of the Capitol. The families of the Diplomatic Corpa will enter at the north door of the Capitol, and be conducted to the diplomatic gallery. Seata will be placid In front of the Secretary'a table for the President of the United States and the President elect; and, on their left, for the Com mittee of Arrangements. The Chief J ustlee and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court will have seata on the rlirht of the Chair. The Diplomatic Corps will occupy seats on the right of tbe Chair next to the Supreme Court. Heads of Departments on the left of the Chair. Officers of the Army and Navy who, by name, have received tbe thanks of Congreas; Governors of States and Territories of the Union, Kx-Gov ernors of States. Assistant Secretaries of Depart ments, and tbe Assistant Postmaster Geners), Comptrollers. Auditors, Register, and Solicitor of th? Treasury, Treasurer. Commissioners, Judges, and tbe Mayors of Washington and Georgetown, ylll occupy seats on tbe right and leftof tbe main entrance. Members of Congress, and Members clect, will enter tbe Senate Chamber by the main entrance, and will occupy seats on the left of tbe Chair The galleries will be reserved for ladiea, who will enter the Capitol from the terrace, by the principal western door of the central building, and be conducted to the gallery of the The Rotunda shall be closctf, and the passaged leading thereto kept clear. The other doors and entrances to the Capitol, except tho?e to be open uuder this arrangement, will be kept closed. At 11 o'clock the President and the President elect, accompanied by two members of the Com mittee of Arrangements,will proceed in a carriage to the north door of the north wing of the Capitol, and entering there will proceed to the President's room. The Vice President elect will be accompanied to the Capitol by a member of the Committee of Arrangements, and conducted into the Vice Pres ident's room, and afterwards into the Senate Chamber, where the oath of office will be admin (.?..?) WI ... V... ?1 - ** * - - ?? ? * ioirim HI mill uy lur vice rrwafllt. The Diplomatic Corps and Justices of the Su preme Court will enter the Senate Chamber a few minute* before the President elect. The Senate will assemble at 12 o'clock. The J*enate being ready to receive them, the President and the President elect will be intro duced by the Committee of Arrangements to the seats prepared for them in the Senate Chamber After a short pnuse, those assembled in the Senate Chamber will proceed to the platform on the central portico of the Capitol, in the following order: The Marshal of the District of Columbia. The Supreme Court of the United States. Tiie Sertiesnt-at-Arrc? of the Senate. The Committee of Arrangements. The President of the United States and the Pres ident elect. The Vice President and tht Secretary of the Senate. The Members of the Senate. The Diplomatic Corps fields of Department*, Governor* of States and Territories, the Mayor* of Washington and Georgetown, and other persons v.'ho have been admitted into the Senate Chamber On reaching the front of the portico, the Presi dent elect will take the seat provided for him In the front of (he platform. The President and the Committee of Arrange merits will occupy a position in the rear of the President elect. Next In the rear of thesfc the Chief Justice and the Associate Justices of the Supreme Conrt will occupy the seats on the left, and the Vice Presi dent, f*e< retary and Members of the Senate those on the rl<>ht The Diplomatic Corps will occupy the seats next In the rear of the Supreme Court. Heads of Department. Governors, and fcx Governors rf States and Territories, and Hx-Membera of the Senate, Kx-Men.bers, and Members, and Mem bers elect of the House of Representatives in the rear or the MenHien of the Senate. Such other persons as are Include.! in the pre ceding arrangements will occupy the step*, and the residue of the portico. All being in readiness, the oath of office will be administered to the President elect by the Chief Justice; and on the conclusion of the President's addrt-ss, the Members of the Senate, preceded by the Vice President. Secretary, and Sergeant-at Arms. will return to the Senate chamber, and the President, accompanied by the Committer of Arrangements, will proceed to the President's House. The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate, with the Marshal of the District, are charged with the ex ecution of these arrangements; and, aided by the police of the Capitol, will preserve order. All horses and carriages will be excluded from the Capitol square. Ik. H ?-!_ .1 >7uuuiu *uc ncatud piWTC U Ilia YUIO Uir, IUC LTf" eniony of the Inauguration will take place In the Senate Chamber. Solomon Foot, JiMta A. Peakcz, Howard b Baker, fe 22-d Committee of Arrangements. CLOTHING, Ac. I ASTONISHING, BUT TRUE ! T IS Very atiange ttuvt SMITH aiiould r?t in New Good* when every bod* ta orjring hard tim<>a. But he aalla hia good* at nunti low prioea that the people will bur them. N B?Ju?t received a lot of CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS, whioh will be aoid at 90 per oent leoa than their ac tual value. At HMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh at., opposite Poet Offioe. ja2t-lm !V JQ?AUr<JiTi TAlLJJKinH. Hew fall styles of Cloths, cassi mers.and vestings. WALL. stephens A CO., Saa Pennsylva nia Avenue, have just received a larre variety ol new Fall Goods, to wmoh they invite the attention of their friendk and customers. an ?>- tf GENTLEMEN'S U READY-MADE clothing. R OnrvrMent assortment of 6entlemen'S KaDt-MADE clothing offers to oitisens ^ad strangers wishing an immediate out fit supe nor inducement*, embraoing, at this time, all styles and eualitiee of Drees and Buaineea Gar mepta and Overooata in all rari*tiea. Fine Shirta and Under-clothing of all kinds. Kid and other Gloves or beat qna'itr- Soarfa, Tiea, Cravata, 8to?ks, Hosiery. Ac., to. All of whioh we are oflanngatour usual low prioes. IZT Clothing made to order in the most superior manner. wall. stephens A CO.. no 16-tf .Via Pa. avenue. CIO TO THEPEOPLE8'CLOTHING STORK, V No. 460 Seventh at., to jet your CLOltl ING, FURNISHING GOOisS, hats and CAPS. fe2 6w W MERCHANT tailoring. E Invite oar oustomers, and oitisena ceneral 1-, to>an inspeo'ion of oar present new, at a* tractive, ana elegant assortment* whioh we mil make to order in superior ^mm tyle at very low prices. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO? oo ?-tt 38a Pa. ar., betw. 9th and 10th ate. i 1 T'BdP^ SSK'aRa^.S ivenue and Eleventh atreet, baa beenflfaV ireatly imp roved recently and bow offers l&aiU greater inducements for the patronage ofcitizeTi tnd at ran* era than any other pnbho house in the MtT, hia pnoee beia? leaa than thoee of aay other hotel on Penn. aveaue, and hia aooonunodationa or per nmnent oMranaiaat^ boarderOiaexoep11on - tidioua. Tae proprietor sled feean remitted atfen tioa and continued libera] ezper.ditoreato givesat sfhetion to all, and this renews hia invitation <* til to give the European Hotelaeall. de4 ti A NEW LOT OF BPR1NO HATS JUST J\ received and for aale at very low prioee, at No. UNION INAUGURATION BALL. MARdl 4. 1*61. MANAGERS. Hoi Jeremiah 8 B'aok, Secretary of State, H<?n J A Dix, Secretary of the Treaaury, Hon K M Stanton, Attorney General. Hon Horatio King, Poaimaater General. On the part of the Semite. Hon Wra H Seward, " I W DmuII " H \Vi1? "Hi, M Win Bi?I?r, " H M Rice. u II V I AtlltlTI fl S Laths i : D Baker il S Latham, m r wiiKinaon. Andrew Johnson, ' C Durkee. " g jjl Anthony, Simon Canieron, J Dixon, PKlne, I.M Morrill, John R Tbumioa, l&: , - W?!#, " Holomon Foot, On the. part of the House of Representatives. Hon Wm Pennington, 8 Coltax, " K G Spauldinc, " Robt McK night, AH Rise, A B Olin, T D Kliot. C B Sedgwick, W Keiloc*. W B .Maolay, T Oorwin,

J F Farniiworth, W H Hooper, A J Hamilton, H Winter Davis, i) l.oomu, O Ca??, J R Woodruff, J A MnClernand, (' B Cochrane, P B Foukf, W H Holman, W W inrtom. Hon J M Aehly, " I. C Carter, " W Vandev?r, " K Joy Morris, " K B Uashburne, " J R Barrett, " J Humphrey. " I) S FerTy. " J C Rohinnon, ? T M Kit wards, " J G Dans, " J Craige. *" Jno A. Gilmer, *' C Robinson, " DWGooch, " G A Grow, M A K1t, " JH Reynolds, " J B Alley, ** J H Campb-ll, * Johu Sherman, " JohnCovnde, 44 Rrim Cjru? Aldnoh, (ireen Adami, W a Howard, G R Adriin, J E Bonlignr, A Rurlingame, R Conkling, H L Uawet, J A tfuriey, M F Conway, G Mars ton, W 8M>Uward, C H Tiain, Lieut Gen Scott, ?en Wool, Col H K Craic, <V.| J P Taylor. Col K V Sumner. Co-rmodore Stewart, PnmiiiA/lnr? I na Vmitk " FW Kel o*k, " John Cochrane. " KB French, " JK Moor head, " RE Ponton, " G W Palmer, - J C Buroh, " SK Curtu, " JN Morrn, ** A l rank. " W K Nihlaok, " 88 Blair. Army. Col g Cooper, Lieut C?i i Thomas Lieut Col KDKeyes Maj G D Ram?-y Capt \V R Palmer. Navy. Capt C RinccoM. ?wr VHUI>ni I JVUW VY II U 11 9 S Archbold, eng'r-in oh , Col H*rn?, Marine C' 'apt K Buchanan, Mnj W W RiiMell, Capt L M Powell, Surgeon \V Whelan, Citizens. Ma*or Berret, Robert C Winthrop, Samuel Hooper, H C Cary H O Kent, Gm Opdjke. J Vincent Brown, J) Field. J T Heald. K H Ro Una, W B Thorn**, Reverdy John*ou, lludaon Taj lor. j T Wadsworth, Thurlow Weed, A H Beilowi, Wm Kei?n, F A Se?ard, T I< Till lock, * aa > Edw*rd Kvere.t, C A Dana. J C Abbott, M O Robert*. M W Michael, J A Duncan, K Riddle, J H Ha!eat?n, */ K Pungborn, W Ourtu Noye*, Hea H Plant, Fiizhugh Coyle, C II Pulier, P**a:i Richmond, Tim othy D*via, D S Diokinson, 8 G Andrews, Amos Tuok. Aaron V\ ard. A "II l/l&pp, y T Vinton J K Harby. R PfrTiy1? , J W {*iinonton. V W Smith, W 8 Wood, W O t*nee?h?n. Hlch&rd Wallaoh, J T v itchell, J F Coyle, Nathan Sargent, J J Coombs, Jmpph F Krown, Andrew Wyiie. jr, C W Boteler, jr, A *< Polomons, V B.anohard. Montgomery Blair, Geo ? Fotg. Tho* E Franklin, Aina*?G Parker, JM8 Will,ami, E Corninr, Mospb H Gumeil, Simeon Draper, wm "niton, Franklin f>hilp, JwC?W* J H MoBlair, ?>er) llinton r B J N Arnold, J ?? rime haw, Wm Habe, T 0 A'vora. Aljphnn Hardy, J W Tillman, A W Fletc.ner, B B French, George Pa-k?r, M '.otrnt'e* Jackaon, John L Hay?s, M H Steven*, J C G Kennrdjr, John fa-, a^e, HGFant. J W Thompson, John A Lint?n, W I> Wa'ach, ' n R C n euntmaii, W FI Coram, L Swebt. ?*eorge F Fisher, BMIM Ashman, Kz a I.inootn, W \V S?-aton, M Brown Wm Schooler, Horatio Seymour, P V Kellofr, Thomas I. Smith, Thomas Berry, K C Oarrisgton, J H l.athrop.jr.. J W Forney, J-?s Medill, S P Hantoomh, V\m L Marshall, W B Or den. W A Washburn. G C Davidson, A B D'.ckinson, John A Goodwin, L Clepi-.aie, f a H McKiid, John P Kiidih, VV B S?h%w. Th-odor? Wheeler, J W Angus, George A Basflett. \V Rrzyzanoweki, . A fiobncht, \V 3 Bartiett, Governor Sprague. The several Committees of Reception, Ac., will hereafter be announced ientlemen deMring invitations for Ladies, will please leave thf-ir name and addrcs at Gautier'r, l'hilp & Solomon's, or Stevens* Furnishing Store, Sutmoription^ received at these piaoes. fe 2?-eoiMlst,td TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. 'HEACCOMMODATION UN E.-The steam er jamk" GUY will reinrae h<?r tript on TUESDa Y.iflth of Fe*> iu\rj, 186 . WiU leave WASHING TON every IL'ESDA V and FRI DAY. a' 6 o'clock a m., and ALEXANDRIA at half ra?; 6 o'oiook, for i'L'RRI'>MaN and the interm- d ate l.andincs. On her return trips she will leave CTHRIOMAN very WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 6 o'oiook a. in. LUC! AN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOt'sh. At't. Alexandria. le 17 OALTIMORF. AND OHIO RAILROAD. 13 WASHINGTON C RANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. unina aner su n u.\ ? , lOTemHr zsuw I8bt<, me tr&ius wilt run U follows: LEAfE WASHINGTON: Firat train at ?.2? a. m. geoond Tram Hi 7.40 a m. Third train at s.l? p. in., Kxpreaa. Fourth (rain at 6 o m LEAVE BALTIMORE: Firat train at 4.15 a. in., Expreaa. Secoud train at 8.35 a. m. Third at3.1<i?.m. Fourth at 430 p. in., Kxpreea. The fir?t, aecond and third traina from Wash ui?lon o .n'oeoi through o Philadelphia and New The aeoond and third connect at Waahington Junction with traina for the Weat, ttontfi, and Nortiweat; alao, at Annaaolia Junction, for An napolia. For Noriolk take the * 40 a. m. trai-i. tor the accommodation of the war travel be tween Washington and l.aurel, a paaaenger oar will be attached to the tonnage tram whioh leavea at 11 a m. On !4*iarday the 3.H> p. in. train goec to Philadel phia only. no ?-d T. H. PAKSON8. Agent. DENTISTRY. DKS. i OCKWOOD** DAKKRt'L AKK PKK pared to insert ThKTH m VULCAN-^ 1TK BAHK, a new and improved mode.? \Vh"n made on this plan they are com forUMe to wear and ir.uoh cheaper than any other. Alao T*"th icaeited on Gold Plate, and all Lental Operations of any kind that may h* derued Of fice Koom No ft. in the WasDington building.oor uer Pa ar. and Seventh ?t. ja <0 2m* c TFETH ill; msi M&tn fsa.'ss ten<ia at Ilia oftce iu this c n? mmsa? Many peraoni oan wear theee teeth who*1-1-"-" oannot wear otheri, and no paraon oan wear others who oannot wear theae. Persona calling at my offioeoan baaof oTnm'?iat<>d with any atyle and prioe of Teeth the/ may dee ire; bat to taoae who are particular and wiah the parevt, oleaneat, atronteat, and most perfect den tare that artoaa aroduee, the MINKKALt PL.ATK will be 3re rally warranted. ooma in thia oitr-No. 338Pa.aveoae.betwaaa and 1?U sta. Alao, 907 Arch atreet, Phuafiel ptua. MliU FLOUK CO&MW8ION Aud^whol SKSfEuu cJ^?il&?WSLt^0. CT CMk md for all kuuU of Grain. M 1Mb CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Sinn, B'tw?n 9U and IMA S:r?u. W? have inat fiaiahed a nimbtr of &r*t oiaaa CARRIAGE?, au<vb M Light Watv*.<, Park PKiattmr. ftm.') ''" HHE ruuts, and Burnt}, which we will Mil at M " M? a Terr email profit. Bring prviticai mechanioa m different branchee of the Svaineee, we flatter ouraelvea that we know the etrtee and ^oaHty of work tnat will aive aaUa faction, combining hghtnoea, comfort and darabiu tj Repairing promptly and oarefally attended to tfco ahorteet notice aud moat reaeonabte cuarcea. WALTER. KARMaNN > m?p"b t,i>a.cniE?*orp, M w^Iir TmE ?itr?ertbeV** Ji if ^ tutor?. uiajcinc it aow one i lathe Diatriot, wit?r* kit 1 w^srjfSfKtfai1 i.. isi Fiirn ^*KK7"c2 !iK,2t uiuvi AilREPAl*8BMtiy <?M,u4all*r4?r? r rt ?( It u. fcsa-wa o.r^T>w.{;V??f8,.am. 4 M tf Mrir mf Mtk M K sift. THE INSURANCE COMPANY or THE STATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL <300,000. InturM MerohuxltM,' Building*. Hon?eho!d rurmturs, to , against lou or (Umacc by ftr*. HEATH ft KNOWLE8, Anentt, Office? Room 16 over Bank of WMhinrton. ja lo Dr. J. H. McLEAN S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AM) BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY t* tki WORLD, Aud the moat Dxlicious AMD DELIGHTFUL | COKDIAL EVER TAKEN. It li (tnctMr ?ci r.t: c and Vifiu kit Cfmpoand, pr? tvrij ct t*i? difjli* titn ?f VmU, . ?rb?, kurkt. Y*ll*w Dock, Blood Root, Bi >ck B. ran pa- ft <1 rtlla, Wilt Charry kfU^ Berk, acd Daadaliaa nt?r? lata 1M c*m- WCbi pmiuw. m | Tn? totlra ietiT? W z r?>B?ili?l mncirla fc-fiJhi. of aach iDfr.ditntuT^^^BH? ^St'EZW^w diatillinr, pradaciar 4?Iich>m, axhiiaratinf apirit, asd tk? maat iofaiitbla raroaly far rtneT.ui.f <k* dmuM ayaaam, and raataring tha ?i-k. aaffarinf, ud dtkililaiad la rajId ta kaaith ud ttrtDfU. MtLEAPTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will af?c;?all<r eat# L.??r Complaint, Dmipaii, Jaaa diet, Chraoic er Marraaa lability,ninuai aftba Kidnaya, and all diaaaaaa ariairf fratr. a d'ao-darrd LiTir ar Btansack, DyaptpMa, Haartkvm, [award Pilaa. Aeiditv ar Bickaaaa af tha B:rniac.k, rallo??? af Bkod ta Uia Baad, Dall Pain ar wimrwof Id tha laad, Palpitation af tka Kaart, Pa:icaaa ar Waifkt in tha Btaniach, Boar Eracuuana, Chaktnr ar Bafocattnf Faa'.inf whan I'jinf dawn, Drynaaa ar TallaV naaa af tha >kii. and Eyaa, Hijht Bwaata, Inward Paaara, Pain in tha nail af tha Back, Cfcaat, ar Bida, Baddan Plaahaa af Baat, Dapraaa.on of ipirita, Prifhtfal Draama, fcaaraar, DtapatK'aocy ar any rat-rasa diaa&aa, Boraa at Blotch aa an tft* Skia, aad Farar ud Afaa (a* ChiUa aad P#r?r.) or KB A MILLION BOTTLES kara ?aai a?,a eum| ma lut us month*, ud ic na ta luaei haa it fu'.ad in firing antira art'afacuan. Whs, than, will taftr fran Waati-aaa or Dattlhy wbu MrkEAM'f rmrsaTr^ume cur.dial?ui car* yaa i Ha larjaiga eaa MoTay an ada^rata idaa af the iiamadt at* and alntaat-tairaea!a?a ehanja prod?cad by taking thia Cardial la tha diaaaaad, dakilttatad, and abauarad narraaa ay stain, wbaihar krakan dawn by, vaak kv auwa, ai Irspalrad ky aUknaaa, tha ralaiad and ieiiiui arjad ILtlaa la rtttarad ta ita friiatiaa baaltb and rifat MARRIED PERSONS t r rtkara, aacaeiaaa af inability from arba'arar caaaa. vtU fced McfcEAKI CTKEHGTHEMMQ CORDIAfc a tha raafk raft&aratar af Iba ayatan; and all vba ?uar bar a la |mi*d Uamialraa ky iir jrapar indalgancaa will fad ta Uta Cardial a rlain and apaady raiaady. TO THE LADIES. McblAVS STREKtiTI ENINQ CORDIAL la a aarar alcn aad tpaady cara far Inciplant Canaaaptiaa, Whitaa, Okatraetad ar liflcalt Manatraatian.l acaotlnanra af Una* ar !n?alantary Ducbarra tbaraaf, Falling af taa Wamb, IJ-iiriM, P?inlin|, and all diaaaaaa ineidaatto Famalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT atar m laog ar. Taka it aeeacdmf ta diraeuata. It will tlicalata,, and lnTigaraia and UUI tha klwir ( haaltli ta iMMt nir thiik iftu. Erary k?uli ia Tunatad ta g:* Huiheuw. FOR CHILDREN If_? ? cblldian ui aiekly, pacy or aliclad, MCLEAR'S CORDIAL will isaka lham baalihT, fat, and rabaat. Palay nat a masar.t; UI it, ud yaa will it cmtuimI. H it da ticiMi lataka. Al. CAUTION. 0 * wan af dri(|uu ar daalara wba may try la-fapao yaa lain) ar aaraapanlla traah, wbisb thay bs? cbaap, by MV'>C it ialaat aa rocd. Aaald a?ch oil. Aik far MCLEAN'S rrRKNUTHENlNG COED1AL, aad uk? natbinf all*. It ia tba only ran tdy that will rarify tha Elaad UioraafklT and at tha taaii tint airtnfthau tba ayataia. Ooa taaapaaoral takan a*ary naruinj faatir.f la a cartain pr??ar.tiTa far Chalara, CUilla ar d F???r, Tallow Ftaar, ar any pravalaBt diaaaaa. It ia pat up la larra bottlaa. Frist aofy #! par battla, ar battiaa far #S. 1. H McLEAN, all rrepriator af thia Cardial; alaa, McLtua'a Tp.canic Oil biDimant. Principal Ptpat ao tb* camar af Third aad f ma tuiiu, St- Laaia, Ma. xuci/e&ni voic&mc uu xanimenty (mx but lihiment in the worlh.) Tkt auly ufi ud etrttin cara fur "?acm, Pilaa, T*. aaara, Ivailinga ud Brar.ebila ar Caiua, Putlnu, 6iaa raljia, Waainaaaaf Iba Moaelaa, Chranic or Infammau-ry Ebaamatiam, Btifcaaa af lha Jatcu, Contrautad Maaclaa ar hifsintnu, E&naha ar Toethacha, Brviaaa, Ipraina, Praab Cat*. Waauda, Clean, Farar Bnraa, Cakad Brtut, Kara Hijpf laa, Barua, Scald*, Bat* Throat, or auy mlanamaiiao ar CHb, ua diftraue* baw aarara or lana iba diaaaaa *< ta ai.atad, McLEAlTB C EkESiU HCD LINIMENT 1a a cartain ramady. Thnaaanda of baunar bain fa ha?a boon aand a lifa of dia arapiiada and cuaary by Ua aaa of ibia iuvalBabl* ramady. MCLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raliara pain almoai laatuuaoaaaly, and it will c1aaa, p arify and baal lha faalaat aoraa in aa ineradibla abort lima. FOR HORSE* AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAK'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ta tha only aalb and raliabl* ramadr for iba cara of Iptaia, Rinrboca, Wm Jfalla, Bplinla, (Jacataral Lampt Modaa ar SwaUmra. It narar tailed to csra Bi| Head, Pallani, Faa-.a!*, uld Rauuinf Kara*, ar Bvaaay, tf pro parly appliad. Par Bpr& na, Braiaaa, Scratehaa, Crackad Haala, Chafaa, Saddla ar Collar Ualla, Cata, Boraa, ar Woudt, Uiaaa u.fallibla ramady. Apply it aa duaeud and a ear a ia eanaia ia a vary laataaea. Thai, mi a no lan far wttfe tba many worth 1 aaa Ltmmanta afarad to yor. Obtain a aapply of Da. MCLEAN'S CELE BRATKl) LlNlM Kirr It -ill rmrm ...? H MrLJCAfJ, Soil I'r.prt.ior, Corn r Thim and Pill ?u , li Lo*ia, Mr CHAKL1C8 BTOTT, ITS Pt. ?., Mlt imu la Wiihtnf *?M-PtWly YWOOD ANDjCOAL. OU Will turelf set y?J\i?- mouey'e worth by Cftiiiniitth* PlOIVhKR MILLS, tor nrr of frrmlk ftrett and Cnnml, (GEO t'AUK, Agent > The; tell cheaper and *1 ve hetttr mawur* than any other* in the city?ont, iplit, acd deliv ered free of char**. If > don't halieve it. give the Pioneer Milla a trial, and We aatitfted. ja 17-ly.r THK GRKATK9T HARM AI.Nh IN CLOTH ING. FtR.NiKHlNG GOOD*, HATS and CAPS at No. 460 Seventh at., opposite of fioe. *w F" ""RKNCH A RiCHBTEIN. STS PIRN. AVZNPZ. Are acenta for the Baltimore Ame iran and Kx ohan?e, Charleston Mercury. An. S*i*enber? erred at low rate* Papers from every oit? in Ui? Union? weekly, monthly and quarterl*. t'a'l and uUoriWw Now lathe time. New *ork. Phiia selphia, Batimore and oth?r papers delivered la theoity and <jeor|H?)Wii immediately aftti the ar rival ot train*. ja 15 r. e. . LiMit. e. i. mot*. ?tgv. ?^ Will praatiee IB tfefHUM coirt ofTbrart u4 i| Wiut Jacison. the Federal Co?rt at Poatotoe, the Court* of the Seventh J?c c il Dirt net o/ mie waHSii Fyou want to save the union Call at ha1ve Y's. jwr wrtfuTS/wat' vhioti he will mrre to eaatoir.ers at the horv?t Di>t w aad oa liberal term. p. s.?Oyetere Mrrad to fkmilree and hotel* arc not icaldfsl; the? are oaij soaMevl for mtxjh eafr ioc them at the saloon. i?? t. m. harvey Best fancy goods, at prices to suit the times, at?? ElOTKStelSffir 4 OT-iaKIift U&nTB EDUCATIONAL. TFKMALKI HOSE P??nU who ?*! ? * thorough ud iti ghMdeyi their ?hjMO*l trtimnx will i ajttrntion, u rider the is oat prorad iiiitK of CalH tHVnioa&nd 0) mr,ut,ri.?j? retpootfi. ? ir.* it? tail the I'mon Kunn.c Ao4i!fii;, corner Fovr tantk at. tad N York m. MR. 4 XRS. Z. RICHARD?. 1/EM A Lb BOARD r al~ Mr?. 8. J. L The thirtieth annual Jtriu&u?. wtU Qpirtmence on Tuesday 9*ptemt?r t*th. iltlit b<>dl? rt^BCT omi^ S >mt?r K?*i. F<h^ No. ISO K.i.g ilfWt. The ooirm of t?dy the brar.ohea ottion, joor?e of .tmdf par-rued will eompriqpall r.ohM rt^Ditit* to % iMKii|t Kaniafr B4a aiid Mntic. French, l^stin and Dratria*. >< MXIMn.WAirtbBaCitutiac * f*rt of her ovn tkni itT,*ill b* inMr Mr nmMdikU ?m? Md wmpmrt ioq. Sb? will mMni.h Ikr a* powibte tt? Nr round them with the ooajforta and kindlv ihmmm of Borne. Rrftr'tuts.-Her. Geo. B. NorWi. R??. Dr. KliM vvvraer fW< Conth. Cold, Hwiauii, / -. /vat* any Irrumttm wr 8*rr ? "? U' T\ro*l. Rtlxrr* tk? Masking Couth Ht Owmv r ? Ff/w?in?, iitaM, # fatarrk, VUmr ?U rm #irn?|J? 10 (M T>9% M 'l' "li.s.bma."'' Few are ivirt of the importance of oNmkibc a Coach or "Common Cold * in IU t'?t iUir, ifcat which i? the begging woaM yield to ami C reme dr, if Becloetod.eoonattaoketfco Lena a. "Prmmm'* MrtmeMimi Tr&eke*." contaiunf dwau.cer.t iBfrail enu, allay Palnionar? and B/onctial Irritation ! "That trouble ta hit Throat, (for BROWN'S whioh the "Troth*'" araaapooifcei troche? isw -* ~ mrffiar [!ROWN'? ^Li**; to Piail TROCHE? REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great aervioeinaabduing Hoa*?l BROWNV OM." REV. DANIEL WISE. t ivuv/nbs BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES treMint i?lx?r of t?re?thint poo?li&r c. EGG1.ESTON. ** Contain bo Q?iaa or %mytfciiu injinoos." DR. A. A HA^ ES. Qumiat, b**tmi. " A (imp r uxl tion for Cor?H?, w. DR. 6. F. BI9ELOW, Jwrw. Beneficial in Bio?ci'n?.r DR. J. F. W. I'c, LANE, fin, " I have pror?4 tkam for enefioifci who* tMfdM ( " Bew&oiti r?k, BROWN*? r ti?. o, ?. * ' TROCHE* g? BROWN-? ^ OD ??th Brmxxna^iwl g?*. TROCHE? Prof- * 8TACY JOHNSON, BROWN*? TROCHE? " 6re*t b#n?*t *k?l tekw^Tor* fid after preftfftiirc. a* they pr?ytnt BROWN'S H<nnmi. Fro? iS*vmJ{ TROCHES ^ ? ' BROWN'S yJ AuSni *T?iiii. trocbK?i wfflF&fcfirisrzs'' da 1 1y " ^EK, ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIE9EMAR.1.S and 3-Protrotfxl by Royal Letter* Patent of En?.a:>a, aod M-^u-nd by the Smii of Uu> Kcole de Purintrit de Pans, acd Um ii..prria: Collect of Medisio*. Vienna. No. l u in?aTaable lor ox* tuition ud natoirbaa, and all phytic* d.aai.wiuae. No. J completely ?radioat*a all traae* of thoaa diMHN thai kaw been hitherto treated by the mm ae^ua and pernict aa aaa of MHin and on bate. No. 3 haa entire* t aupplaatad ?be iniurtcua aa* of raercnnr. thereby laaancg to the aafferar ayndy relief. aisp^raing all ltaparibea, and rootiaf oa the venom of dianaa. TRIE*EMaR. Noa. 1,3and S.are prepared ta th<- form of a loaeaje. devoid of taata aaiaaMl1. and oaa l>e oarned 10 th* waiatooat pioket. fcvM a? *ir, ? ~ ? m. n/i iiviiW i ntn aansrftia dnaaa. WLM WkA >u H" VJUB1 V-W ?u ? ? r? ?? ? ? mm - miniatered fa* Ve<p?eu, La> eai%i?t. Kuu, ftio>>r4, Jtc Puce #3 eaeh. or foar cmm for #9. which reh* ttere ta a ud rrtoii, ( Dr. WmL New V ork. aareafS; awl in #tTaaaM.wberebr tn?r? ta a aa? - inc of f9. To be had, wholesale anc reu.ii, of Dr. BARROW.of 194 Uleecker otreel ^ lmmNitt?if on rtttmni a remittance. nr. Harrow will forwar* Um I near aw r to any part of the word, eecnrely packed, and addreaeec aeoordin* to Um ia atruotiena of Um writer. Tfte, of all o there, that ahoaM be reed by men with damaged aud broken dowi. ooratuatioiM is "Komar FraTltr, or Phyaiolocioal Rrsearchee.** It ia bearsifuliy ilieatrated, and treat* ""inutely of" ail t&a ar<ap om? that invariably aeveiop tbeu. e'rea. eooner or later. reeaitirK from Um frailuea abdvitiaUoc habitaor rurl-. yoath. . r. cm pao italic* the viotim fr-.?n ahariaf the fruition at Um matri tnoQial atate, and. if not eb?ek?d in tine. deeener a'.inc ali ti e funotioa* of tmu.t d. a?d brlmem* hint, etea by rU?. to a Iiimtina. atid amaaaly death. M.d by l>r "A k ROW, 194 R:e?K:ker at/eet. foer door* below Maodohical, New York. Prie* ceuia. irn? ev?ry wriwr?. Sold alto by 8. C. Ford, Jr. Drag Ston>, Wuh ir?ton. n n. f ? FOR STAMPING A FACK1CT OF PAPER AND ENVKLOPKS TO MATCH. METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHI LP A SOLOMONS, Armtt for Lm*rmW? c*U*r*t?4 Ltma UiiU," +r., 4%. hMIt S39 P*. mm* mk 1861 IfeOl Comuunu Uu Yuu tntk m Dfry. A n'ttblt PmIM Coapuioi for r*ci?l?niur Vhuu rMt i'Mcnt.uii hur?; >f postage, almtufto, ? bUak i|M f >r n?ar n.ou'.li. untii iimmui of omIi M?o?al aad r*oeiv?M?. DobHI* viUoat mm ?t th?M will little aoirmir*. Tk? MMt o<>rop<*t*. ^Minbltiwoifumr iwyW.xiB c'"? """ ^ ^ i or?r i>i*x^y I),a",b^ia?ibsV l*vkr a per^tha WATC"Kt^eA I k?w (> of tkf ImI MtabliiliiMiiti. tai (kr miih?4 wiU ?ou?l?U Mt of tool* for rfmtr imc #mj dwriMiot of Im Wmim, ?mJ Aj ftrtionlftr attention riv* to the am*. h? ?JH| ST van tupvrviuHii, which a) in?v ami win bbv r aupar.or in* and iwk to umlbiii ww? old b* f **!? ? IB gawwftl and rntrr aant*^ %? th?ir own nacufikotura. R. O HOOD. Ml ??? f?-T? KyWlV. j^CHOOL AND COLLR9K OUTFIT?. Youth*' mmd Bmi' CiodUn# fmr Drms Wmr. Ptrwtt aad (Mrtiai vithn i to riuidraaMiiWrda with ftafcwv ?rd Ck* ,*>*>+* tor tlM oomia< a?a*cn, ar? iuvi'?d I* mximyt* ?-?r but3 MnttiMni \ PJ ou fttVltb*u ?Jk^smpK