Newspaper of Evening Star, 27 Şubat 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 27 Şubat 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. BABT. , tip toe I entered the bed- room i f . Ir feo??ra were tio*lin< cU?r oat to their tij-euae i h biiaafu ex^.^otancf'e luacioua aw^et f*Ter; trentMmg | t:i# imMn^r curtum Wh-re B?l)> l?y, f?)r %k a fr??ti rn >rning glory, Qoft oa*hioned on fold* of the Mueat of rt?lT?-l? A roee hod dropped down on a bed of bins liliea. 1 ike petal* of pureat ud * nkMt prtucia*. Four delicate finrera crpt oat of their neatling*. Tr?r?p?rent acd cftub'ty, they rest on the orib'a edge, And draping the finger* a fringe of croehet work, A* &i,H light u ? ii#t-w?li ol snow-'.M*, I*y. kiaaing them daJnU.y?evor Bo daintily ! Nail* eoft and *o tiny, and tinted like p.nk-tmda, JLooked to me temptingly?'' evec ?o canning;*' And aaked me to kiaa tnem.acd oa, how 1 longed to, fat dare not, for baby was smiling so sweetly kLew he I eheld then an ang?i fvoe r.eir him. Loot? ringed, on bi? tempi* of par* alabaster. Lap onrls of the softest an>l iihtest of t>-2iore. As sketched by a cr?T"i ol delioa'e gold-tint; C?oh onrls as the rods gare to rnpid a d P yche ! Those kissab!* earls, with their live, sprinting _ tendril*. Came ?p to my lips and went d >wn to my heart strings. Those aye-lids so filmy, tianebicid as amber. Were colored and toned by the blue e>ee beneath them. To the softest of purple. O, marvellous eye-lids ! Ah. what it this olingin; ao close a' my heart tnnf s' Tli fear? that I know by the thrill in my bofom: *Tis bora of these ringlets and fingers and eyelids; B ~n of this b?auty too p poiou* Jor mortals; b tells me I lo ik on the face of an angel That liea there dec'ivint my soal by concea'tnc lu pinions beneath the bne waves of the velvet. i'll wake him ! with kisses that even an angel 'or snoh rare enjoyment woo d foil iu winjs clad) j: Would cling to mortality long for the love of! There ! there! I have redc'enxl ti e white brow of Baby, J?etwe^a those two limmnrs of delioate !aoe work, 1M r?reat of eva-browa: his iau;h rea?? ure? n.e ! I'U cruab him down tard, wing* ani all, ou tny bosom. And Mtr.iah th?(i.rin* with ro'? rnvfe of kiaaat. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARD9' HOTEL?C J Anthony, Maw; C H Kerner, NY: R Major, do; B Pomeroy, do; H C Cardj, do; C O P?urr, O; J T fberman.NJ; J W Morr . do; D N H albert, 111; EG Hnlbert, D B Morgan, do; J A Htearnea. do; Hoa H J Red flHd, NY: R FChaae. Pa; J R Allaben, NY; J S Slaebt, do; J M Maria, Pa; A Cutnmlngs. do; H E Mills, NY; Mr# Mills, do; J C Tatum, Pa: Ocl J Monro#. NV: G P Ed^ar. Ill: T B Knl??r r*l Capt Eddy, U^A; J SkiTas. J Vetch, R R Petri >en. Hon L Chine. C A Walborn. M E Roj** . H D Owen, of Pa; B Van Horn,NY; O Smith.Ill; F Nichols, Minn; C; C A R-^d, W B Burbank. Vt; D H l.athrop, Mass; Dr S J Wil liams. R H Acber. Md; W Irvin. Pa; J Arnold, 111; E Rlcknell, S G Fiaber, Wis; D 8 Wilton Pa; Mr Bell,?; H Lorrinjf, C Page, Bait; Gov Hlcka, Md: C H Gunb^rt, 111; D Uormon, A 8 Throp, J F Sheppard, XV; E R Wilbur, R Ratfabun, Pa; J H La'robe,?; F 8 Corkran, Md; A H Osburn.lll; D Thomas. 8 Thomas. Pa; J N Levmour and ladv, NY: II J Jewett. VV H Clements, J Swan, O; Hon H White, A S White, Dr Carpenter, J 8 tl VI C.ttlft A W U-l ? ? - - a ?Ki uc j j u i** v? ttif /\ ?? r .liiiirr, j? oarscr. *\ l } \V B Wooster. E Tomllnson and son, Ct; W A Reed W Dwlpbt' Mass; L G Cannon. J Bridge man, NY; G J FffrlH, H E French, Mo; H F7y, F Stokes, Pa; W Jackson. NY; K. A:instrong, B M Smith, A Rose, Pa; W Fowler, J A Burden, T Weed, NY; O W Barnes, Judge Prlngle, Pa; G Allston and ladv, Miss Allston, Master Allston, Ky. NATIONAL HOTEL ?W Pettlt^NY; J W Stokes, J Newton, Pa; J \Y Beach, Ct; R F An drews, T B Oakeley. N V; R Coatee, G Lennon. Md; U E Roeder, NY; J R Meedith, Neb; J C Berry man. Ga; N Paige, 111; D Small.Pa; MrsR Cbenery, Cal; A H Dorr, Va; W C Llppincott.E E Smith, Pa; R A Hudson, Md; A KeJi>g. J K Glddln^s, O; D S NVcodward, Tei; W Hoblitiel J Cushlnif, Md; Col Bent, BF, A C Sands. N A Van Vorhis, G B Well, O; A J Atooha, Md; H L Brown, Mo; J L Stri ke;. NY: E G Rradlev N' R Smithers. Pyuinleyl Or Gnmshaw, C Brooke, J Moore, Del; Capt Grander, Capt Willows, USA; J Aihmrad. L> Ashmecd, * Wright,Hon W Ross Pa; Dr Williams and ly. Ct; J W Taylor. Io; L Hurst. M??; H W DeHeniji. Neb; J N Mcff<?tt.C M Shins. J McMurray, W rh on arson. J Thom ii?on. XY;T B Lamoorue, F W \\ Lite, Col Pax ton, Md. BROWN S HOTEL ?R A Fish, DC; J Bar clay, J Smith and ly, C A Bruud, T Harris. J A Ball, T trans. A R Farrall, D Robinson. I Wist, H Darting, Pa. T Eagle. .Mass; M Cochran, Wis; >V Gogan, J l ook, T J Flint. Ill; J Granger. J A Alexander, M.u Alexander, Miss French. J Shep p?rd. L Striker, A L Griffin. M Fisher, NV; W Wells. J Woodhouse, C B Gardner, I. Chipley, L Wilson, J Browner, J E Panton, C Williams, J Grove- W \V P * > " ???1 9 . - ? -* ? ? f 9 % 4?* ?-?? J 1 " T } T yarnann, J E Edaall, Va; D G Tonnell, Ky; T L Fortane, Kan; W Nixon, Ala; J Matthews and 1 v. Del; T W Walker, USA; Miaa H B Johnaon, N J, W R Bernard, Mo. WASHINGTON HOUSE?HonS Feaaenden. "W Eawer. C King, L Smith, S Chaae, C Clark, S Elttle, L Dincler, J Perklna, M Bunnell, Me; J Marks, T E Tomlinaon, S Peaers, G Williams, G Madlam. vv Wilde, NJ; L Mix, NY; L Water ii an, H Kllbourn, Mrs Junkin. R Sterenaon.Capt Hathaway, K S.mpaon, G Birrtncer. Pa; J Joins und ly, W Karr, Kan; J Aa'l, iMlch; Mri Rober' on, R Conover, Miss Grandon, J Littleton, J R Paley, E Allla and sis. .Mass; J Drake, O; G Ste venson, Ind; J Paachil, Ark; A Simpson, 111; I Be*-*. S llutcbins. Ct; J Hou^h,Tcnn; A Brechle no; k. 'jrauam, 111. KI UK WOOD HOUSE J Copeland, F Barry, A H Barber. O; J Watklnaoo, Dr Collom, D Rcsteta, W W Bradley.Ind; J H Conrad, J Gow M, Fa; J Blen, X E Paine, NY; L C Cowper, H Hoarkelford, Va; D A Elliott, NT: J Gamble, C N; I Rogers, Del; D Williamson, T Shepherd, J B L iwreitfon O Smith, Md. WASHINGTON , " AND GEORGETOWN PEOPLE take potio*. as It will he to their lntereat to do so, that W, H. R EM)# COMPOUND 8YUUP UK LIVKRWOR l' for Comtks, Cold', H?tr^nuts,\ CroMf xtA oih'r affrotioLs of the tUruM acd cheat, aixJ alao hi? Si'RK THROAT PuVVDER. are two ol the moat m allibie remedies <>f the day, and no lami y ehoulJ L-e without them; and Imaidea, { t..e- are ao cneap a* to be within the reach all. W a Ha ?? - ? ? * * " .. v mrii:i(Kri to rHMieve what we W7i?e in regard :<> car own n.rdicines, conv^uent 1* we refer you to the following weli known gpn titinrti's oeniSeate*. wr.ioo can be seen at tfce? rug store* where the articles ?re for sale; the? ?*y the? re the bnt Cough ar.d More Throat Medicines titey have ever known: 1?e?. Jas H Brown. Per. George Fildt. Est. ?ain"l A. Wilson, Her. Win A. Hioka, ov. Wm. A. Snirely, Rev. John Foley, ev. Ja* ?. M#Mirr?y, R?r, Wm. R.Mill*. Of the B*U\mor? Conjtrtnc*. Fnon urUc.e iS o>mt a L-ot'ie. WDoi*?ai# by W H Read 4 Co., Druggists, 63 Broad w?y< Ba!: mure, At reta- by R. ?. T. Cisse! k Co., Druggist, GeergeCjwn. Chan -s Sintt, Druggist, 373 Pa. Wm.t?. Tiion.??o.i. Drncgiat, Fifteenth st. and New York avenue, Washington. Jokn fc. tfat's. Druggist, Navy Yard. ja?> 1m ^CUfcNCK S t LLMONIC bYKi r. Dr. SCH1.NCK, of Philadelphia finds it iinpos tit e to vm; Washington aver; week. ai.d fsa* Side arrangements to positively fca in the city the ird Wednesday of eveiy inonta. He hut saitof r ooine at the A vent;* House, where pVietiU can obtaia advice free. He oulf charges when it is necessary to ma Wo a tnor-u*h examination of the Lungs with the Rospirometor t*. B. Waite is ikceot for Scneocs'a Pulmonic Bymp, prioa 91 par l<ottle. for the oure of Coughs, Colds and Consumption: Scheook's Sea Weed Tonic, price $ 1 par bott a. fur Uyapepsia; i*chei;ck's Mandrake P.iia, prio-? 25 cants bar box. for Liver Buioaa Compiaiau and Constipation or the Bow Ei. Or. Suhenek wonld ba *r*t?fu to those who va bean oared by his remediee if they would kve their certificates ot oure withtt. B. WA1TK, e?m?r Wavfnth st. and Iji av. de REMOVAL. amovM my FAWN OFFICE u.i ??i v etreet, Mtwi a ?* Mm tf:li ?treet?, imme diately ia the rear of the Natipnal Hot?!, where the bueiueee will be contained u Heretofore at the ofa?and. tno 15-<oi] ISAAC HKRZBP.R6. 275 "k" 275 JACKSON, FLASTKKKRS, Pb.wha. Avi.ivi, H?tT??n loth and Utii etregM )e 1> OLD RICH, MKLLOW AND PL'Hli U Bl'KNSlDE'S MONONG AILKLA ET1 WHISKEY, Co oec lentional y d nulled by Mr. James Rnrnaide. of Allegany County, Penna., in the o.d-ta?!uoned bosMi war, Ron tne ehoioeet and meet oarefully elected Rye, and in no oaee ever offered /or kale mntil adapted to wboleiomt ate by a<e It iaat ?ioe the mo?t palatable, aa it ie emphatically one the par eat beverag ee in the reaoh of the puMio., o (he Invalid, aa well ae to thoae in health, it i*?' * ? , ivw.i tor hi annTilled tuthtiaa u & 0timiii*Qt of th* a&feat. nrMt, and moit beneficent and mil? of tbe moat diaftncairt?d are mini it in their pr&ctioe w^th the ktiiiMt re?u:ta. CLERY * STOCK DALE, Proiriatort. "^Al'curo.4^W 3i? Aiont for th? Pn??rletora. 9i)3 Pi. ??> oppo?ft? Wi!!*rda' Hotel. i? H Cm opt<?l v*r? ? ' ad. ri*da ht the moat rtU?b diaullara in PaiiB Muilu I a no Vuriwa, warranted ??r?. a to, imported Hratu.oa, Hannea*?, Oiard. Daynj it CJalM Rohipa. ij. Aiao. Peaoh ana *" " MM-'r ? *** ?* . 6?t w. 9th XT.d loth It*. FWSlSE^SBp5"** t STEVENS'S 8^ MSV 1M NervousHeadache He attache. By the nse of theee Pills the periodio attacks of Nervous or Sick Htadatkt mar be prevented; and If taken at the commencement of an attaok imme diate relief from pain and siokness will be obtained. They seldom fail in removing the Nausea and Htadatkt to whioh females are so subjeot. They aot fently npon the bowels,?removing Co* tivenus. Vnv T # HaIlAtta FamalAfl ? vi M-t ??i? wr f jrj c?t| wiivnw A viii?iva| and ail persona of sedentary habits, they are val uable as a Laxative, improving the appetite, living tone and vigor to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long investigation and carefully oonduoted experiments, having been in use many years, during which time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from Headaohe, whether ongi eating in the nervous system or from a deranged tat* of the ttovnack. They are ontirely vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at all times with perfect safety without making any ohangeof diet, and tkt ab ????t D l??*y I*?I tSUVIJi ?> #* ??#KW # W admmistiT them to children. beware of counterfeits! The genuine have five signature! of Henry c. Spalding on eaeh Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers in Medi oiuea. a Box will be sent by mail prepaid on reoeipto the price, 38 cents. All orders shoxld be addressed to henry c. spalding, 4s ckda.r Street, New York. THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDING'S CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SrEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THEIR REACH. An these Testimonials irrre unsolicited by Mr. SrALDiNG, they afford unquestion able proof of tie efficacy of this truly scientific discovery. M A*OWVII-I-?- Conn ? C?h K IUKI Mb. 8palm7?o?Sir: I have tried your Ophalio Pilia, an'i I l\kt tk*m so well that I want you to end mi two dol are worth mwe Pr.rtof theae are for the n-iahbora, to whom I gave a few out of the firat box 1 gut from you. Send the Pilia by mail, and obliKe Your ob't asrvacr, JAMES KENNEDY. HAVxaroKC, Pa^ Feb. 6,1891. Ma. Spaldisq?Sir: I wiaty ?ou to a?nd me one nioro box of your Ophalic Pills, / have received a great cU*l tf tenthtfrom them. Yours re?ft?ct.'ully. MARY ANN feTOIKHOUSE. Spkcck Cbkik, HuMTTfaTo:t Co , Pa i. Hr.iTiwaTOS Co , Pa ./ Jacuiry 18. >861. \ H. C. SpxLDise?Sir: You will ploaae send me two boxra ol your Cephalic Pilhi. Send them iai mediately. ReapeocfuHy youra. JNO. B. SIMONS. P ?I \<ft used one box of your PiUt, and find tk.m trcellfut. Bsllk Vkr.ion, Oi>io, Jan. 15.1361. HsnnY C Kim - Pieaae find inoloaed twofcty-five oenta, fo, whio.i aend me M other box of tour Jepbaito Pilia. They art truly Ike be*t Pills I Aire erer tried. Direct A. STOVKR. P. M.. Bele Vernon, Wyandot oo., <J. Beverly, M&as , Deo. 11, H. C. ?ralding Ksq : 1 with for anrce oiroulara or larg* ahow Hiili. to briur jour Cephalic Pitla more partioniariy before my oastomera. If you have anything of the kind, please a*nd to ;ne. Oiie'.f my outtomer*. who i? aubjeot to aevere giok Healache. (uaaill* '.dating tworfpyr.) ?"ij cured of an aitack i* one hour Lv your Pills, whioh 1 aeut her Keepecfu.iy youra, W.B.WILKES. RKT50LD?BCaG, FRA.XKLI3 Co., Ohio,/ January 9,1861. f Hrnkt C. ^paldiso. No. <3 Cedar itreet, New York?liear Sir: lucloaed Bid twenty-five oe&ta. (Zi,) lor whioti aeud l>ox of Gt-o|i%ho Pilia." S^ail t>> adrtr -as of K?v. Wra. C. Filler, Keynolda bu-jr. Franklin o?nntv. Ohio Your Pith xeork like a charm?cure Hemlock* alrnott instanter. Trul* v<iiitm wm n en t-n j ** iu* v ru YP8ILAHT1, Mioh., Jan. 14,1861. Mb. * PiLn so?Sir: Notion* eiuos i a?:it to tou for a box of Oepna io filU fur the cure oi the Ner von? Headache an<l Cottivene**, and reoclved the am". and th y had so good an effect that 1 was t? duetd to send for more. fljaie ?au(l bj return mail. DirsM to A. R. WHKELF.R. Ypsiianti, Mich. From the Examiner, Norfolk, Va. Ophaho rMlt ariompiuti th? object f<?r whioh they were mate, viz: Cure oi headache in ali its forms. From th* Examiner, Norfolk, F>*. nnliiotK... ?' - - - j ..... v cu tisKu iu muro uinn a moussna cuci, with entire auc?e*?. From the Democrat, St, Clowt, A/>??. If you are, or have b?*n troubled with the head ache, aeiid for a box, (CrphaMo Hills,) bo that you may nave them in case ol aa.attack. From the Advertiser, Providence, R. 1. The Cephaho P>U? are ha id to be a remarkably effective remedy for the headache, and one of the very beat for that very frequent oompiaiut whirn has ever been discovered. From the Western R. R. Gazette, Chicago, III. We bearti'y endorse Mr. Spalding, and hia un nvaliad CephaLo Piila. From the Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, 7a, W e are sure that persona ?urf>rini; with th? head ache who try them, wi.i ttick to them. From the Southern Path Finder, tfeut Orleans, La, Try them ! ton that areaffl.oted and we are auro that your tel'lmofii <?*n ? 1 - w- wuvw ?v? 11 o airriwy numemiii lut that h&a reoeivod benofita that no ot.?er medicine oan produca. From the St. Louis Dtmcerat. The immeoae demand for the article < Cephalio Pilla) la rapidly increasing. From tk4 Gazttf. Davtnport, lowa. Mr Syading would not oonnoot hi* name with an artioie he aid nut know to fowmi real merit. From tkt Advtrtistr, Providence, R. /. 'I he te^timur* in their favor la atrong, from tha moat reapeotabe quarters From tk* Daily Mews, NtwpOrt, R. J. Cephaiio Pilla are taking the plaoe of all kind*. in- A tingle bottle of SPALDINti'S PREPARED GLUE will HTitfs time* lta eoat annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE ' SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY' DISPATCH! K7*"A Stitch is Tim? Save* Sm."-/Tl Ae accident* will happen, even in veil refBlatmt familiee, it ie very detirable to haveeome clivap acdlconveuient ? ay for repairing Furniture, leys, Crockery, &o. rnrV/2'O nrr-n i" u j. i\ rj\ t\.u, Lt (JLUE ra??ti all snob rnerReooiM, and no household oaa afford to be withont it. It la always ready, and up to the sticking poist. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUBK." N B.?A Brash accompanies eaoh Bottle. Prioe is cuts. Add'ess HENRY C. SPALDING. No. 49 Cedar street, New York. CAUTION. An Certain unprincipled person?are attempting to palm < tf -xi the unsuspecting peM.c, imitations at MiPBl'BinaAn'"''" - . ..... nnT,ii woyia caution all p?r on? to eiareite tefoi* jirohfi*.&*, and that the fall name, C7>St'ALDING'M PREPARED OLUE^Q iiStipf.ri""1* " ?u>"' rifassf PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. )UILIC N O T 1 C E. JJ4C, ft, 1HI>. \ Publio notlo* ia hereby liren that bonds um1 coupons annexed, of the description hereinafter t forth, hare lately been feloniously abstracted from the oastody of the Interior Departaieat, the same being the property of the United States aad' held m trust for oertaia Indian tribes. Notice tsi also been given to the proper officers of ths respec tive States to stop the payment thereof; aad all persons are warned against purchasing or receiv ing any of said bonds and oospons, a* the elaia of the United Statee thereto will be proeeonted to the utmost extent. Each bond being for the sam of oae thousand dollars, via : . Blx per cent, Miaaouri Coupon Bonda, iaaaed in June and Anfunt, 1857. State of Miaaiouri, St. Louia and iron Mountain R R. BUta Bonda. Bond No. 2037 Bond No. 1823 187? 1827 1?9? 1822 1W7 1821 1998 2008 2007 1993 1994 1995 1891 1990 1892 1991 2003 2002 1992 2006 1820 1819 1818 1809 1817 181A 1815 1814 1813 1812 1810 1811 1808 2031 AUW 2004 2034 2001 2035 1999 2036 2000 2032 3009 1826 1*7* 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 ' 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 1868 1883 1869 1884 1870 1885 1871 1886 1872 103/ 1888 1889 1890 2045 2048 204? 2047 2044 2043 2040 2041 13/3 1874 1875 2030 2029 2018 2017 201? 2015 2014 2013 2012 AVtA Jb'JIV 2039 2011 2033 1825 99 bonds 1824 Not*.?Bond* No. JOOO, and below of this series, issued June, 1357, and bonds No. 2>*>',and above tha>, dat?d August, 185T, payabe at the Pl?riux Bank, N?w York oity, in 1887. State of Misaonrt tut peroent. oonpon bonds, vii: Hannibal and St, Joseph Railroad 8tat* Bonds Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 1626 1852 1627 1861 1628 1850 1629 1849 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 1846 1862 1844 1832 1835 1833 1834 1830 1837 1838 1839 1049 1040 1035 1012 1013 1014 1015 1010 1BOU 1858 1855 1854 1822 1823 1824 1825 1820 1827 1828 1829 1830 1831 1041 1<U2 1(517 1618 1619 1620 1621 1611 1864 1634 163J 163? 1633 1622 1867 1636 16$0 1639 1841 1623 1643 844 1645 1646 1647 1618 1637 1638 1840 1842 1813 1650 1816 1817 1818 1819 1820 1821 H523 90 bonda Nott.?These bomla are dated January, Jc3J, arable at Bank of Oomm?ro?, New York, fa November, 1886?interest payable in January and July of each jear. State of Miaaouri elx per cent. Coupon North ML? roari R. R, State bona*. Bond No.^2952 Bond No. 1039 2940 1038 2939 1041 294J 1042 2M2 1043 2940 1044 2945 1045 2944 2943 2947 2948 2949 2950 2937 2938 1*53 1654 1655 1*62 1656 2921 2468 2512 2513 2514 1646 1647 1648 1649 1640 1650 2922 2923 2924 2936 2951 2953 1657 17C5 17C6 17(17 2452 24 .'3 2315 2454 2516 2455 2911 2456 291# 2457 2812 2458 291* 2459 2914 24AO 291? 2461 291ft 2462 2917 2443 2918 2464 2919 2465 S20 2466 54 2467 2955 1651 80 bonda r*.-Th? bond, numbered 2816 mM Mow, it ?S; Bond No. 3773 Bond No. 27ft3 3784 3787 rw 2730 2781 3717 3782 3734 3779 2721 3783 2719 3711 2733 3713 2722 3710 2720 3736 3716 3777 2727 3778 2734 3786 3731 3768 3766 3769 3729 3770 3718 3771 ?n 27S5 2714 2778 1764 2772 2728 - 2775 272# 2774 2723 2780 2711 2732 2717 i4 koadf w JfiMoari 8U W Bmi Railroad 8Ut* Bowl Ho. 6248 Bond No. IM 5261 M? 5158 5244 5256 6243 5254 5242 5255 5241 5253 5240 5251 523# 5251 4238 5260 5137 6235 52S4 5833 * 5232 6231 6200 5tf9 5198 6197 6310 5236 6507 5308 5309 5202 6249 5247 5248 5195 5196 6000 4999

4997 4890 4998 4889 4888 4879 6267 61 bondf 5306 t*r m Not*.?Th?a# boiuU an daUd Mfjoh, 1397: pa able M?rch. 1887, atFbcrntx Bun^, N?w York; 1 terest payaolo in Jtaarr ud J uu of ?aoh Bonds of North Carolina?Coupon aut par oant North CaroUaa >ix p?r omU. Bond N?. 35 Bond No. 303 33 301 32 300 23 297 ? 236 1 fXA 296 . 95 239 94 238 ^ 62 237 60 236 ? 303 72 bonds Not*.?Ttaeee bond* are dated January, 1856, payable January. MM, at Bank of Repnblia, New York. Intereet payable in January and July. Nort'i Carolina 6 per oenta. Coupon Bond*. Bond N? 833 Bond No. 736 832 7 36 831 758 830 759 829 760 349 203 348 1M 347 104 34# 20 343 19 342 18 341 17 340 15 339 13 338 8 337 11 335 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 227 32* 317 318 am xu 102 101 100 ytf 103 ? 28 22 1? 21 98 97 834 835 83# 837 838 871 872 873 874 875 876 877 878 879 8M 881 846 847 848 849 761 742 763 764 *0 791 792 '793 794 795 796 797 798 799 800 831 802 803 804 805 S9V 851 861 853 RM 855 856 857 858 869 861 862 863 864 865 mm 808 807 811 812 813 814 815 816 817 818 819 820 821 822 chio 867 824 8?8 825 aw 82? 870 827 883 829 881 8X9 884 840 885 841 731 844 7? 845 733 734 104 bonds Thee* bond" are dated 1887, at Bank of abt? in Janunry rsjttLWi ntfss&W: j and Jiwy. Nnrth P.nrnlinn aiv 1..J. Bond No. 599 600 603 604 605 606 607 608 610 611 612 613 609 614 622 623 Bond No. 493 494 495 496 497 62! 498 510 511 481 482 483 484 485 486 4A7 624 625 626 627 628 641 042 643 615 644 488 489 490 538 539 540 541 542 543 630 #4? 531 647 632 648 533 645 534 649 635 650 636 661 * 637 65] 618 616 639 617 616 618 515 619 617 455 5*4 457 in 468 470 m 439 440 442 430 431 433 430 437 427 429 425 428 423 421 646 640 647 648 600 602 471 472 473 474 475 470 477 478 479 480 612 Bond No. 51 61 61 64 06 * Bond No. 161 162 161 164 166 m Bond No. 97 98 99 106 122 123 114 136 US 127 128 Bond No. Its m 1M ltt 178 191 192 192 194 19& 196 179 197 180 198 129 199 180 300 137 144 46 bond* Ml Two beads for #1^W? e*?h, dtted April, 1W. Bond No. 9 Bond No. 19 Fi-'Usn boixii for ftl/KB MOh,d?tO(l Ootobor, 1m7* Ootibor. Bond No. 1183 Bond No. 1192 1184 11M 1185 1194 1180 119S 1187 1190 1188 119T 1190 15 bond* lift bSsrUtHMft ; number*, ud feUd Jul Tennesi** alz w oen e&oh, of Ioao uf ttit | city, of the to;lowin* nry, IISS: Bond No. 217 Bond No. 415 278 419 2V4 470 ?7 477 409 491 413 498 414 7U And ofth? following combori iMaed Jtnutry.ltt* Bond JXc. HZS Bond Ko. 1278 829 1358 830 And of the following number* leeued JMntry.lUfc Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 2655 211.0 2891 2133 28V2 l. 2581 3066 2605 3121 And oT the followini numbers leaned January, 1S56. Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 3465 4209 3466 4210 ??WI 34?y till 4212 3470 4213 5471 4214 3472 4431 3758 J? 452T 3894 4529 3941 4550 3942 455* 3943 45A* 3944 4549 3945 4570 3944 4571 3985 4749 4199 4751 4200 And of the following number* Bond No. 5056 S< 5195 5S26 5359 5^60 5301 5362 5363 5364 5365 5366 5367 5366 5369 4881 Bd January, 183?: No. 5419 M21 5426 5437 5430 5434 5436 5437 5438 5439 5440 5441 5442 5458 6370 6371 6372 6373 6374 6375 637* 6377 6378 6379 6380 6381 6.385 638? 6444 6446 6453 6518 6519 6530 6531 6533 6703 6704 6706 67W *707 6708 6387 6709 6353 5710 6389 6711 6390 6712 6391 6713 MVJ 6799 6^3 6839 6414 6840 6417 6842 6418 OTttCB or TKX CKCtmiT OP THm lllTUIOE, December 28, I860. a U-dtf J. THOMPSON, Secretary. nit? T mm T\?n c uao rn iii>u, &C. Awm. t. DOVE * CO. RE Now preeju-pd to exeeut* Any ordar* wttk Wiyoh t!i?j inf.? d* ?"<rred id Utt PLUM BIN 6, 6ASO| FITT1N# irT Store on Wh street, a lew doora north of Pa. I ayenne. where mart* iound a oon.aiete aaaortment ?! ^H-\NDELJER8 and other ?AS,8TKASi ani WATER PiXTURKS. j*37 It i pLUMBERS and 6AB FITTERS j, W. THOMPSON A CO. Would oa:l the attention oi water tokera to thnr tall acaortment of Fixture* neceea&rr to ita intro- 1 ductun.&ii followa:?RITCH KN RANDES.BATH XHSVyiA1 M..?Lt.'SETS, HOT WATKR u-iiLtns, arruMKN SINK?, PIJMP8, Cut Ir -n, Wroutnt Iron, l.ead and Galvanised w A TER PIPES, HYDRANTS and PAVfc WASH EKS, RUBBER , . flavin* M'porior Kivsrit?{M, with practical krowledj;e. we are prepared to wtroduoe Water 1 into dwellings with all the lateet iro f.iven enU, promptly, ana at prioea that cannot fail to satiaty. i69 penn. avenue, no 24-dtMar 1 bet.9th and N>th sts.. south aide. VII 6A8 FIXTURES. v E Have in store, and are dai.y rewmcj, 0^6 , FIXTV RES of entirely New Patterns and Deeifoa and finish, superior in strle to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite citiiens general |r to call and examine our sto^k of Oas and Water ' FUtures, feeling oonf^dent that we hare the beet elected stock in Wasuinfton. A11 Work in the above Tin* intrusted to oar MM wiii uo prumpuy anenoea to. MYERS Jt M06HAM. mar 5-tf 37 6 D atreet. 1 SNYDER. VlUMBEJI AND OAS FITTER, Has removed to the corn* r of Twelfth and F ata. He ia prep*r-<i to in'r<><iuo? WiMr Mid Oaa upon the moat favorable terina, and guaraatiea tbiii* aatUtaotion He baa on hand a lot of COOKING and other BTOVK8, which he will a ell laaa than ooat, aa ha wiahea to get rid of them. no 17 QFF1CB OF^BPEg^^ND SEALER poration appro-rod May U. 1M0. tflnmminin now pr?v?rM, "whenever repaired >0 writing, and on pre payment of the fe* of afty wtu, to inrpect. Ualaa. teat. iron, and U>? r?fi?tr&tion ofany giu meterin naelntiua Every meter, if found i coo rroot, will beoondemned, and another, oa&ied and pHtm m true, wiii be set in 1?< pi&oe, If proved to be aooarate in ita moMurvsnent of (M. it wfl! be sealed aooordingly, and Main put in pojkioa for tie. Oftoe No. ilOBerenu at reel, (near (KM Pel WORTH OF BO&VkftliOBB ah? TRUNKS, Qf *11 StvUt mmd Oumluist* AT A HUT BACairiCB OM COeT. St or i ft* Real and Piztmu Jm SaU. 11 the Btook in 8. P. HOOVER'S STORE, i n? epove ooinpnee* a iwje ftoek of the fineet fuality French aud Ameroan <raitera.!*hoes,Boou, 4 o.. *o., for tadiee tad gentlemen for fyf&sr ittir sorer*** Applj on the preimeea, Iroa Hail. V. B.-The thovt atook, either ia whole or ia aoee Una afford* a bettor opfomutr than may 2tr mm'indebted will ooafer a fkror by promptly inf and eettling their aoooanU. Ja7 ?f CKjT* AMD TO SUIT TIN >or, made expreeel? "Fttraona In nit of BooU aad ptom of pity m6 york. wtU iinrilmjoMMMnMi _ >?t-T 114 PWMllTMk WWW 1 BUZMhSFXIll JS ?tn Sgzji * MSD10XNK8. if 9m IWiimiri tbt mh OHM* f/KlMi Ktm^f m lt? World, 'OR ALL DISEASES OF IMI'KI PKNCf A*T ATO FALSE DELICACY FEEfENT. APPLY 1MMEP ATKLV. I 9wrf warranted, or no char**9, in from one to two dats DmUu|h. W ik* | Hum?, HitTHMMt. tl?? to.nVo?. mm rut.i, rvju. .#? ?riK? Mn7*>??4Nr1TrMBk Kg. hMM W kfM n iidtlMN, P him tfUl if.Tknat, |mi > Skin. AftviMM mi Ifca ki?n. kmil * 1??U |m* ?r llw. km r*rnM? blun. MMHIl i ' fT . I DtMitel u< DMimUM PnMKM ttlW FH TOIMMU hpnllltr *U kifi kttMl 111 f iium rfk'llf tlM Wi IrHdhi u4 (iwwaM kitii vkitk * ? :<> ? IB ULkniij grow a Ui??| ?4? W Tmi| Mm / iM > *! > it#4 IUMJ u>4 tni> *M ?<f ? 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Mtaia af LanJac, Pun, Pbilaialpiua aa4 :>a*kar*, kM ?6 MU' aama af ika aaat aatan-akiag cara* tkal *4n a?a? taawn, i?u>T traakiad rut nr.finf la Ut kttd u< aaa Vtioulltl; mti iirMMMI, klir.f >lira?4 at mM?* M?4|| kubnllllN Vttfc fttOMItt klctMrf.aUtadtd (MB* mm *M t?n?|taMl af i&rnd. tlN cuii TAKS fAITUIKI OTIC*, Ttm-g Mta a*<* ?c - wha b*?a i:>*arad ikanaalvaa fcf t MiUw praju<t ludaif ad la tkta tiara -a baktt fraqaaa< t taarntd tram a?t) canp?iuant. ? at tebaal. tat tfttta at vhlah art aifkti* fait tata ?kw aaiaap, >*4 If tat aaia?. raadtra awrWft In.paaaikla, tad IxiriTi katk ma? ul ka<T. tfcaald apply immtdiatt!f. Tkaat trt tarnt af ika tad and aajanckaly tfaata aaa-latad k> Baria hcktla af raatk ?i? i VukntH aftka t<al > ? luaka, hint u> tfca Baad, Dirai.ata af Ii(MlUh af MaHtlH Pavtr, Paipitauan af ikt aart.ftatpapST, Htraaat IrHteMt ly, Dtnnftrotniaf llta IHfaau* a f aotiana, auatai DtktKty tjn p*anj tf Caa.aaanptaan, Ac. UTTAUiI ?Till mrril HtmM itl BIM in ?> k? dr*?d?d? 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UJnti, *?<) la datpair laava >lia witfc raieai! knl|lui |t fir nu|-ii?| aiaarpatnusaiu: ar ?y ifca ?? #' l*?i *' J fataaa, Warcary. kaatan tka cara-itaitae?l i^nma af tk'a tamkla < '? * ?. aact> u Afaeuanaa'iha lur.. flrnti, Fmi. km.Ac.. prarraaair.f vilb fr.jt.^a: tapaditT. till daatk yaw Nm4ubii draadflu iifiniifi k; a?adinff Mnl<*?tM ilMOMii CMmr; fraar. ?kMik?UTM m iraaalat nt*m ML J01NI0I1 REMEDY TOft ORMAWK' W B? -? AMD IMPOTk.NCT. By tkli mil u< iBNrum riittd; vaakaaaa af tka ar? Ua ayaadily carad at n fall ? j?r ihwiiI. Timhi<i a? tka Ml iirrni aad daa.htatac. vtt kid I Ml ail a?ya. ka?a kaaa 1?raadlata y Mttwl All trayadirnanta ta Nar-1- fa. Fkyaiaai ar Maatal B<r?maft aauaoa, Lata a( FrMrafi ?a Patau Kantn Irfhaw!''.? Pvamklui(ud Waikaui at E^ktaauaa a'tka aaaai'a?r>i. kind ayatadtly rartu. tmi"utMi(T or tii rem m MART T? C?AW; ? tint auMi Inaaiwai MUM Ika lax aavciuaao raua, ar d tka ninaitu i>fant?t ? (' Ml ayaraUai a ?arf? ky Dr. vuiaaaad ky :?a laMlirt thapapara aaJ a>af ntir yaraa-a, aajaaa mi vatak bi?7anatrai afata aad afala >ahra tka aakha, ka lldfti hlllUh(l<!.*aaa # ?k.?a?a?. ?-* - ? -.?-J Witty, U l last (lu?l?a t* tk< aZuuY Ua #1? J|OT FOK THtWlCK A>I? f*?1FFFRIN9. LET ALL AFIUCTED APPLTTHE REMEDY REJOICE /iV KKiLr//. Fused, do job eaffer? Are job tl>e viotlm off or Of tnow numerona which aria? trom ia furtty of the blood.' What are titer, do yoa ask I Rather ask. what are rjcy cot f The blooo it '.fa ooroe oi iile and r.atn, and it it the firat element of onr being to reepttad to acr caaee which effoca the aye'em, aa the ?c!m> lrfh?:ibiT areata The rrflv preTjuii: g Neuralgia, the ImtattBc Kryt'?e.aa,th# aubt e Scrofula, the agonlaJng Rteiimatum, .??f toui lir tiijity, Dyapepeia, Liver Com plaint with iS oracrand drjectioi.. ta<- the ninr.bcrleas ills thA eeh ia fc^.r to.denre thair Lideona uni.t from ti<e iood, T>aa! kind' j th?? a - d t~ctiy with the bi?o& Ue* the Yitailauif ree<>iiraee of nature foriUr.d. and aufi>r ua to oomn.ei>d to yoor o?<ienoe and ?o that traiy v&JuaNe mndicamitt tuowr aa fSHS, M, COllS inVIAn FA?STABLE DECOCTION. Willi retard to this a.!moat tufa 'ihle iMetta Q?Ui&r aanUroent hits imIad in decided lernu B the evideuoM of thil freat nftoto* are um tamed by cocftAiit avow* * of cura'.ve ffwti ta? harpicet reaulu from iU tf are after a., -* maadiM and the boat kill nare fai' 1>K n? t*j, in wr mion. th*t oertifii* eurn are not aoufbt from t1i? illiterate and I tjoial, tmt tne? are roinnt/wrad from the mod 0ootab<e anarpea'and ji.nUfy the t.cuaatterml which it ia roMtlil* to comn*.ud ?o Taluabta aaeoific to piibfic approval. We ni&j add ft-ao tJ the pq rati ve propertsa of the m?*;ioine arae^aaa on.i by iu restorative ? tfecl*. the ??( '<-rr, reoo^F ina from diaeaae with renewed oonatitvtiona vicar. For aa'e pt all r^ayectaOle iirutriata lo this oiti, aad bj trie proprietor, MRt* M. COX, * None *sa?:t.e ualeea her uuse u blown on Qfe bott e ana her seal on *-he cork ?T I'nw WnoUtaU . (JeorfetowB, (riot, and an li-tr we furctcjick ef # ? the ?s.<! rif fct to mauup U(! frewent tkcra ?* ,4 V> L." aobllo. P| oareof Inrplait Uiaa?f >ticn, In :|?M>tion, peje'a, ILaa, Norr^rs Incffuse, I e:'ale~< piainU,and til r?;i inc a! >&! , read doabt?tuo-i 1b <a/B*b> remedy. AflM their menioioal a rm?r?>M tbey are a mra,? K>m? aoc d*lljhtnt: B?Terare. jrocinoii* J t fluast oatulervinr effect* of Brai^? w without their injan >7* u, a.. (M aamar.itj ud all cdroaatea of t?n prranfl^J Dr. j. bovke m?i>? IMPERIAL WIVE BITTKMt, Are now heliif nerd bi m Main' to th? ftreat f Lake, ar.t the tnucui rerrtsot of all who them eltliar at: a mMtcin* or a* a Igrtra#?, la 1 the? are an**.r$am* it tSa world Dr. Do'U thorn eao~eaajiuj? Is Si ^ yraAti?* for tt yeara r ef t 'A the tola rictt to mauuA ? m nirr?iiaiii| iii . fi. cr\''.r V < for th* an<! sd*\twd with which the ocrMtT U flooded, and m feotn*jiy a;d la baia^E* CtmMud Dn tr"m C^&HLKB Wi.PDIFIKLD * COjM frefneiir*, 7 ? Wliti%*iitreet, 5r* V?IW* J. fcCU'.V K*i. '.E. AtczU S>* Waaiucjtor D. C. ,Kfgki,*g. Bot D'.wfei of the ty<iner a,B Ladder and Vrmftf ixaca, and eepeeiaiV lor renale O^'rtto^K sever mil to care, and are varractad to i: ? MV Tt HARLE9 WIDDJFIELD ft CO Proirtetorc. T* WAl.? - Xr? ? - Jel lyj yrrfCHvtfARZ Agtml. WuhiDftoiu O. JTb? ?bove_PUH_E WHIBKT,Copra Dun OF GO?l* J lit r?e?i v*d bj * ?' RKNCR A. RICHPTF.IN, mm tH 8 PtWK. *T*wr*, WaaamaroK, l.i#a In Um Old Wornl ft* Fredrikft Br*>m?rj<| rola . ttim>. cloth; J ? Oae of Tfearu. b? CUrld Lrrr. *? oen'i Mmimh f. ow Um 8ea, by Char.ea L iok*na. pt| IWDll The American Qu*?ton, It "o , oloth , jr bU; Lj mail trr* on raoaipt of prio*. Hmv ?iil at onr i*ori for oaah. {7*1VK HUNDRED TRAVELING TEC arr. ??U t'.a? !%*. omliracii ; a. m and aia?a of Sole Leather, Lviici'H traaa aad Patent Tmuki Oar Irack^ al?? rooa rxhibtta at thia tuwa too ?r*awt rv T travail oc rmiMtN at moderate ffa. WAIA- "KPHKNjSIt CO. I NEW BOOK?. 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