Newspaper of Evening Star, February 28, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 28, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. (?7* Tbooffb Thb 9tak 1b printed on the facta* m+?m prM In a*>< f?uth of Baltimore. its fdltlcn l? ?' Ur^r m to require It to be pat to pre* tt an w>rlT bocr; AdvrrtiK-inenta, therefore, thou Id be w>nt In before 12 o'clock m.; ether* 1* they may appear until the n?xt dsjr. Movimijts o? Mb. Lijicolm ?Yesterday af ternoon the President elect bad interviews with various persona and delegations. Mr Horace Greeley, Senator Douglas. Hon John Hell, Got. Hicks'of Md., Messrs. Guthrie of Ky.. and Fives of Va . were among hla visitors later In the day. At night, Mr and Mrs. Lincoln "received" in their ronaa, and tbe throng thereabouts was Mvewha* r^i the densest, and even the policemen stKtioued in tbe paasages with difficulty main tained tfeir foothold. tmeilKW or THI c1tt acthokitiks with MB. LIUCOLB. The city authorities >esterday, after their fare well Interview with Mr. Buchanan, proceeded to >vuiarnt Motel to welcome tbe Prudent elect to this city. On arriving at the Hotel they were vsbered Into one of the parlors, and In a few minutes It wji announced that Mr. Lincoln waa ready to receive tbem. .Marching up tbe ataira In doable file, tbe party with the rear brought up bv the Chief of Police, Capt Goddard, were In troduced into the pre tence of our future President. Mayor B?rret having been introduced lo Mr. Lincoln by Dr Uiake, Commissioner of Public Buildings,'proceeded to address him as follows : Mr. Lincoln : As tbe President elect, under the Constitution of the United States, you are soon to stand In the august presence of a great nation of freemen, and enter upon the discharge of the dutlea of the highest public trust known to our form of government, and under circumstances t??. iuc ltuuc anu ^riiianfnrv 01 inf At1-" public, which nave no parallel In tne history of our country. It it our earnest wlah that you may be able, a* we have no doubt you will, to perform tbe duties In such a manner aa shall restore peace ?nd harmony to our now distracted country, and finally bring the old ship of State Into a harbor of safety and prosperity, thereby deservedly securing tbe universal plaudits of tbe whole world I avail myself. ?lr, of this occasion, to say that the citizens of Washington, true to tbe instincts of constitutional liberty, will ever be found faithful to all tbe obligations of patriotism, and aa their rhief magistrate, and In accordance with the honored usage, I bid you welcome to tbe seat of Government Mr. Lincoln replied i>s follows: Mr Mayor: i thank vou, and through you the municipal antborltles of this city who accompany you. for this welcome. And as It Is the first time lu my life, since the present phase of politics has presented itself m this country, that I have said anything publicly within a region of country where tbe Institution of slavery exists, 1 will tike this oc<~?slon to say tbat 1 think very much of the ill f?eling that has existed and still exists between the people in tbe section from whence I rime and the people here, Is dependent upon a mism.der tanaing or one another. 1 therefore avail myself of this opportunity to assure you, Mr. Mayor, and all the gentlemen present, that I have Dot now, and never have bad, any other than ns kindly feelings towards you as to the people of inv own section I have not now, and never have bed, any disposition to treat you !n any respect otherwise than as my owa neighbors 1 have not now any purpose to withhold front you any of the benetlts of tie Constitution, under any circumstances, that I would not feel myself constrained to withhold from my own neighbors; and I hope, In a word, that when we shall become better acquainted? and I say it with great confidence?we shall like *-arh other better. 1 thank you for the kindness of this reception. The members of the City Councils were then severally Introduced to the President elect, to gether with a few of our private citizens, and after a few minutes of social conversation the parly re tired In introducing the Chief of Police, (Capt. (ioddard,) Mayor Brrret pleasantly added, "the gentleman who attends to th?? rimo of tv>? " to which Mr. Lincoln laughingly replied. u I hope he will continue in his folly." Everything passed off pleasantly, and the visiters were not a little gratified by the "western'' cordiality of > their reception. TO-DAY Senator Crittenden bad an interview with Mr. Lincoln this morning, as also did several Repub lican Janitors. and a few delegations from New York and other States, representing various in terests; but the vicinity of the Lincoln parlors was almost entirely free from the rush of place-hunters * * with which it was yesterday thronged FaBKWELL IitTIKVlKW OF THE ClTT ACTHoRl Tiss with Pbsmdint Bcchasam ?Yesterday, the Mayor *nd Boards of Alderme i and Common Council took formal leave of tbe President, prior ' to his retiring from the Executive office. Tbe Municipal authorities met at the City Hall at one jktock. from whence thev dkwj^mI in twwtu in itfco Executive Mansion,where they were received Vy Mr Buch&rtan at two o'clock p m. ia the Eaat wmm??T'..ri.Ki t Mr. President: The joint resolution adopted by l unanimous vote of the Boards of Aldermen and Common Council of the city of Washington, and which I have the honor to present to you. so fully ??ipre?e? the respect and regard which they en ffcrUln towards you, that it only remains for me "to say, no beha!f of my fellow-clt! zens?and In ? which I cordially shire?that In your retirement on Monday next from the highest public station known to a republican form of government, you !* will carry to your native State and home the grat itude of this community for the many acts of Social kindness received at your hands, at<d the deep Interest you have ever taken to advance the e.ty^a material interests; their and my own best wishes for your health and happiness. KKPLY or THE PJtEflDK.1T. Mr Mayor and gentlemen of the Corporation : I ' reciprocite with all my heart towards vourselvt-s willies you have exprr-ssed for ute when to take leave of the city of Washington. a few word* more. I rime to this of the House of Representatives in 1821. A period of nearly forty year* since that time, during which, with exreptlon, I have been treated with kindness and respect by the citizens of Your fathers have treated me in the that you have done. Among all who are now present 1 do not recognize a individual whom 1 then knew, with bat u exception. (Gen Force ) But good will me has aescended from father to son, acd the greatest gratification in knowing and that I am so kindly appreciated, as i to be at least by them. President seemed much afl-cted daring his concluding took leave of the visitors individually, the municipal authorities we noticed Crawford of Georgetown. Commissioner Deputy Marshal Phillips, District Attorney Com Smith, B B French, esq , Dr Jones, and Rev Father Magulre BAB.iBCK.ixas ?Oar readers will recollect ^bout the 15th of October last the barn of Haw, jr., at tbe corner of Seventh and ry streets, was tired and burned to tbe I, together with a number of valuable cows. 4cion attached to a colored man named John , B servant of Haw, with whom Haw bad b personal difficulty, snd also to Catherine iks, wife of Johu,but they were not arrested at f lime Some time subsequently a second barn King to young Haw was Urea and destroyed, 1 circumstances pointing to some one llvlnu i vicinity as tbe Incendiary, and on the 15tE February instant, John and Catherine Banks tarrested and pot In jail, and afterwards held ' examination on the 23d Instant. On le examination took place before Justice i at the jail, the prisoner being defended lessrs Chilton and Phillips Tbe snbstance i testimony was that some eighteen months Ir Montgomery (witness) heard Catherine i say that as soon as young Haw should come ssession of his property she would burn bis own, and It fell out that soon after Haw did Into his estate the barn was destroyed by r doM -7* i?li j(r Plownsan testified that be vu present at fires, and noticed the behavior of John aod 'fine Banks. At the second fire Banks was great race, and made use of threatening ian je about Haw, and alluded to the fact that aw bad shot him, saying that he would yet >*e complete revenge .The magistrate having Information of other dence of a more direct character, but not to be ~l at the time, felt juatifled in holding the prls rs to ball for court, when it is alleged the vidence will be forthcoming to inculpate them lixasdsia Items ?From the Alexandria pe i of this morning we glean the following : .Yesterday evening, about 6 o'clock, a yonng lan, residing la toe Fourth Ward, attempted ommlt auir/ide by throwing herself into the imac from the Foundry wharf The water too shallow for her purpose, and in striving h a greater d'ptc.sue was seen by Mr. i an, who instantly jumped overboard to her nee, and succeeded la preventing the coo sanation of her design. extra train of cars will be run from Lecsburg Alexandria on Monday nest, 4th of March, f r accommodation of all who naay desire to wit the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln Tbs will leave Leesburs at six la the mornlns leave Alexandria at tlx in Um evening; fare ' e round trip SI 30 fee Union Prayer Meeting to-morrow eve at A% o'clock, prajrer will bt oibnd for college*, MBluviniu at^tooteof out couo rimi -Jai Buchanan, Eaq , of Pennsylvania, Rufua F. Andrews, , of New York, and Edgar Kftcbum, Kaq , w York, w?r?odmltted attorney* and coun of Utla Court. M. JaoM H Suvdam, plalntUT In error. ' H. Willlamaoa. Tb!? ?om wm argued Plaid for tto ptouturumor. A<jV Rabit ? Mr Rarer, the renowned horse-tamer, lectured last night before an audience that would have aeemed large In any other build!ug than tha immense atructure erected for the purpoae. Among it the audience we noticed Vice President Breckinridge and Mr Hamlin, the Vice President elect, Mr. Reward, Senators Bright and Kennedy; Meaara James B. Clay, Sherman, and Henry Winter Davis, of the Houae, 4c , Ac ; and moat of our own leading cltlzena, including, of courae, all who consider themaelvea knowing on "hoa?" rmttera Meaara. Davis and Naat. of the N. Y. Illustrated papers, were bobbing about too, taking sketches of the building and audience. About 8 u aa. n ?? ?V - - - u ciuci mr. narey waixea imo uis arena, an ele vated earth-and-straw-covered platform, bounded by ropes, and made bla bow He la of good figure, but not robuat, and wears neat aide whis ke a and a mustache, altogether not quite the stripe of mau one would Imagine as a horse con queror. Mr Rarey commenced his lecture by a descrip tion of bis experiences In taming the celebrated horre Cruiser, the story of which is familiar to most newspaper readers, but which was made in teresting by Mr. Rarey's animated recital. After s.ime further remarka upon prevalent mistakes In the manner of treating the horse, which is natu rally affectionate and disposed to be friendly, the famous horse Cruiser was trotted out. He is of elegant proportions, (race home,) and In appear ance did not come up to the ferocloua Cruiser of the mind'seye. The lecturer, however, explained that the Cruiser of to-day is a very different look ing animal from the Cruiser of old, who, In hia vicious, unhappy state, showed hia temper in his eye and motions, but who now exDressea th* nna. ration of a peaceful conscience. Cruiser waa now put through a variety of motlona, shook bands or hoofs. with Rarey, went to bed in the straw with Rarey, Ac., Ac., in the most docile nianner Next waa introduced a handsome cheannt horse that had been aent to Mr Rarey for experiment lng. He was described as not eminently vicious, but as baulky in harness and under the saddle. The animal was permitted to walkabout for a few minutes to get the bang of the gas-lights and the audience The lecturer then proceeded to manipu late the head and fore legs of the animal with light caressing touches, and having established a good understanding, adroitly strapped up the near fore lee in the manner so many times described Meantime Mr Rarey was carrying on the work of his lecture in desultory style atlnvcrvals of his work, and hereabouts took occasion to ridicule the assertion that he affected his control over horses by using drugs, the oil of rhodium, Ac. He thought that tying a bottle of oil to the nose of a refractory boy would be quite as likely to prove effectual as the same process upon a horse In taming the horse it was necessary to give him time to try bis strength with the operator. Kind I?>icu< c1 aim (irocvrrauce were me requi site* The bone It so constituted that be will continue only a brief iwrlod to otter resistance when be finds it ineffectual. Noticing tbe methods variously resorted to to suhjuga'e tbe horse, be mentioned tbat tbe shyness of the animal under treatment about having bis head touched, was occasioned by tbe fact tbat Its owner, having tried various means of compelling him to move when baulky, bad bit tbe horse's ear severely, occasioning tbe sensitiveness to touch witnessed ! Mr Rarey concluded bis usual strapping, throwing, and taming bis subject, and then proceeded to give some useful lessons in tbe proper manner of mounting a horse with as little leverage as possible, and snowed by experiment that It is easy to set foot In the stirrup and effect a seat, while the saddle simply rests upon the horse's back without girtb-fastenings Li /V?.T -? A _ I " - * vu ibiri a nurse vol woui go," was next shown. This is simply by drawing on therein to the right or left, and turning him in a circle, a compulsion he cannot resist, until he gets dis gusted and concludes it pleas^nter to' go ahead " A plain snaffle-bit and single rein w<is recom mended for breaking horses to the saddle Considerable amusement was now created by the Introduction of a couple of Shetland ponies, one of which, weighing 7?X pounds only, the lecturer supposed was the smallest full-grown horse in the known world. {Mr. Karey here picked the pony up in his arms and carried him across the arena, causing great laughter.] .Mr. R said he Introduced these ponies to Illustrate the influence of climate upon animals There was no doubt that the ponies of Shetland had deterio rated from the horse standard In size solely from the severe climate and poor fare they had been accustomed to for centuries. There was no telling how small thev would grow If taken yet further north. [Laughter ] Mr. Rarey next Introduced a young hors*, the property of W. T. Naylor, of this cltv A letter accompanying the horse, read by Mr. Rarey, stated that it was an unbroken colt, never yet backed Several attempts had l?*n tn mount him, but the parties had always be?u thrown. Rarey bad rather a time of it to get hi* inevitable strap* upon thla colt, who kicked up before and behind with no little vim Mopping his brows with his white handkerchief, ana re turning with unflagging patience to his charge, the great horse-tamer at last bad his subject on three le^s, and after some puzzled wonderment the animal turned a penitent look towards his conqueror, saying unmistakeably, "Its no sort of use. Mr Rarey, I cave," and down he wilted Into the straw, and from thenceforth was a borw of another mind. Mr. Rarev's lecture was conclusive and satis factory we nresume, to every mind present, as to the value or bis system of training. He was list ened to throughout with the closest attention, and the disposition of the audience to applaud inces santly was only restrained by the repeated requests of tbe lecturer, as the noise was calculated to dis turb an animal so sensitive and nervous as the horse. Mr. Rarey give* one inore lecture on Friday nlgbt, when be will have a number of the mo?t vicious animals procurable, to exoerlment noon Thkatek.?To-nlglit the popular Ledger story drama, ?' The Hidden Hand," with MIssGougen helm In her celebrated part of " Capltola," 1* the attraction at the theater. On to-inorrow niyht, the occasion of Ml*s Gougenheim's benefit, will l>e presented Bourci cault's aifecting drama of "Jeannie Deans " This charming comtdienue has perforiutd most accept ably here, and deserves a handsome benefit. The play of "Jeannle l)e?ns:' is a spirited adaptation from Scott's celebrated novel, " The Heart of Mid Lothian."' and will be brought out with all possible historical fidelity and attention to local coloring. The celebrated trial scene, for instance, will be reproduced In strict accordance In grouping and details, with the well known Scotch picture illustrative of that striking chap ter of the tale. Liavk Takixc. or Mb. Hcchasaji.?Yesterday the officers and clerks of the several Executive Departments met at three o'clock In the Kast Room of the President's House for the purpose of taking leave of Mr. Buchanan. The President entered the room accompanied by Dr. Blake and Hon. Horatio King, Postmaster General, and pro ceeded to bid farewell to the several offlcars and clerks. There were no set speeches, but each Craon was introduced by the chief officer of his r\arfm*nt an/) ? ?...t ??? w?uiut muoac oa ?uc uanu nnu j a brief expression of good wishes for future health and prosperity completed the ceremonies After the close of this interview the judges and officers of the Court of Claims were announced, who, In like manner, paid their respects to the Chief Magistrate. Commission Refused ?It seems that the reason why Capt Henderson, of the Henderson Guards, resigned bis command of that company was that be did not feel like taking the customary oath of allegiance to his country. On bis way with his lieutenants to take the oath, he expressed > hesita tion about the matter, when tbey immediately informed him that they would accept his resig nation, as loyal soldiers desired to be commanded by a loyal captain. The resignation was accord ingly tendered and accepted, and the company tendered the command to Mr. Foxwell, whs is a thorough-going soldier, and he accepted the place promptly. Tn Onu and Dcprez Opera Troapeat Odd Fellows' Hall, continue to draw more people nightly than the room will possibly hold. In fact their performsnces are " immense" In the comic, ciitiuiciiHu, ciiHtiuDu, pauvoiuimicti, ana va rloua other lines. Thev never tire, as their pro gramme la changed nightly, and they have no end of im promt a wrinkles to heighten the fun of each presentation. W alk up! Police Matties?Before Justice Don*.?Yes terday Bill Carpenter, col., waa arrested by officer Lloyd of the Seventh Ward, for getting drunk, behaving In a disorderly manner, and ending hla frolic by whipping his wife, much to the annoy ance of his neighbors. Justice Donn lined him 2W. J Falsi Alarms ?Last there were two alarms of fire, both caused by the burning of foul chlm nisa. The first was about 7 o'clock, was on Fourteenth street, In the Second Ward; the sec ond about 11 o'clock, was on H, between Ninth and Tenth streets. Little damage was done to property, but the alarm caused a general turnout of the fire department Tbs Ihacocsatioii Ball.?The Managers of I iistnoriirmfirtn 11*11 kaw* ?? ** that ibey desire to be M genera?In tbe Invitations of ladlrc as possible, but that mistakes and omis lona will unavoidably occur. They ask to be In formed of all mistakes and omissions, that they may be corrected. A t>ALVT> or oki hckdbed ochs was fired at noon to-day by order of General Scott, by tbe company of artlllary (Lt. Griffin) stationed at tbe CUv Hall lot. la honor of the pacification agreed on and recommended to Congress by the Peace Conference. MsMBsas or THE THiait-sixTH Conskbss can obtain photograph* of tbemselrea at W bitehurst's Gallery, No. 434 Pennsylvania avenue, for one ' I wi. -k-a?. n- - aoiwr copf. dm uw puunyrj|imc Tuning cards, now all the rage. Ji To-HiGHT tba Goraucb Cbapel Sabbath School glvo an exhibition la Ryland Cbtpel. A* inter ejjjy and ploaatag eatertaj assent may * ?H|cJ. A Bolpte* Mnums it aia ComtADi.?Laat night, about ft o'clock, a soldier named Jamea Foley, attached to tba corpa of United States Ar tillery tinder Maj Haaklns, stationed on B street north, Capitol Hill. shot one of bla comrade* dead with a musket, under tbe folio * ing clrcumstanca: It u... ik.< r.-l-? K.J K... 1 ? am VVVM** tuttl r w?rj uau iaxii VUI VII ir.iTr 01 BO ence sad had eot very drunk daring the day, for which offence he bad been placed In confinement as a punishment, and a guard placed over him. By tne direction of Mai. Haskina his hands were tied, and be was placed in a vacant room by him self. A gun ana cartridge box bad been acci dentally left In thisroom unknown to the corporal, and Foley bad been there but a few minutes when he succeded in untying his band*, and taking the musket proceeded to load It. Corporal Murphy, under whose charge he was, heard the noise and sprang to the doorlo get possession of the weapon. Just aa he pushed the door open Foley had finished loading It, and Murphy drawing back, attempted to cIom the door. Foley sprang up and pulled tbs door wide open, and presenting the musket to Murphy's breast, discharged it, the ball passing entirely through the body of the unfortunate cor poral, and through the coat sleeve of private R. H. Langdon, the sentry then on duty Murphy sprang into the air, crying, "Oh, mv God, I am killed," and fell dead at the feet of his murderer. The renort nf th* mmWt hrAUffkt pot, when private Nolan went up to Foley, who charged upon him furiously with the muaket. After a severe struggle be succeeded in wresting the weapon from Foley's hands, and the desper&ta fellow was placed under strict guard until the ar rival of polioeman Ashe, who was sent for. The oflfeer took him in custody and conveyed him to the Central Guard-house, where the cir cumstances were examined Into by Justice Clark, who committed him at once to jail to answer the charge of murder before the Criminal Court at its nrxtlerm. Foley is about 25 years old, and a fine looking soldier, and is said to be a tnan of amiable dispo sition when sober. At the Guard-house be be trayed no feelings of remorse, but stated that the murdered Corporal had abused him. tied his bands, and otherwise treated him with what he considered excessive severity. The muider?d man was aoout Foley's own age, and Was a favorite of his sunerlor officers and ox. tremelv popular with all the men, who held him In high esteem on account of hit good qualities. Both men are native* of Ireland. The inquest over the body of Murphy was held at 9 o'clock this morning by Coroner Woodward, and the verdict was in accordance with the above facts Murphy ia to be burled thla afternoon, at the new Catholic Cemstery, (Mount Olivet,)with the customary military honors. Skkkrades ? Last night the workmen upon the Capitol, Post Office, and other public build ings, procured the services of Schneider's brass band and serenaded several of their friends. They first proceeded to the residence of Capt. Meigs on II street, and were received in a hand some manner. On entering the parlors, Mr P. Crowley. in a neat address, welcomed Capt. Meigs to the city, to which that gentleman re plied in a feeling manner. After partaking of refreshments, the company visited Capt Frank lin in the First Ward, and Secretary Halt on Capitol Hill, by both of whom they were hand somplv PnlPfbiineH Wi cmdkrstand that Capt. M. C. Meigs, of the Corp* of Engineers, recently restored to the charge or the Washington Aqueduct, was yesterday also placed in charge of the Capitol and Post Office extensions and of the new dome. Capt Wm. B Franklin, thus relieved; was transferred to the Bureau of Construction of the Treasury Depart ment, and Major A. II. Bowman, heretofore su perintendent of tLe Treasury extension, having been appointed Superintendent of the Military Academy at West I'oint.? Ittielligtnctr Oca rkadkf? will hear in mind the grand In auguration Union concert to be lield in tbe In auguration Ball-room on next Tuesday night. An unusually rich treat may be expected A pro gramme will be published hereafter. The Gra.nd I.nau.jration Ball. Ladies in wantof \Vl>rc Ki<l Glovos. Wristlets, Sleeve*. Flowers. Head Dre*s'S, A <?., Ac.for the above ball c?n get them at Mr*. R. (f. F.lrkisnt s, No 12 Penn. avenue, between 8th and !Un sts.. who will, on the list of March, receive a large con sisnment of the sbov? goods, all <>t tf? French mat-Tiai and the heft quality. E*pAeia! attnnt-on is called ti ttie aftsortineiit of Flowers and Wristlets. AUo, real Lace Sets and Co:iar*. (e 25 6t Wajst* to Dye is tu* Uxion. I sba'l b? p eased to dye in tu9 capital of thu IJn'on all ooloia on I kinds of lading' and nentle men a apparel. \V. H Whkatley. I>yer, No. 383 souMi a;do Penn. avenue, between 4}? and 6th sta. I.o^k out for the Blue Sign under the window, fa 23 9i Dteiko to Livk. Gentleman, if tod wantadyting man to live, have your coat", i ants and vei?ta nicely cl??ane<1 or ra oolnred it W. H. Wiibatlky**, fteain l?yer and Soourer, No. 3S3 acuth *'de Penn av cue. between 4?? and 6th sta. Look out for the Bluo Sim under the window. f*23 9t G'REAT SACRIFICES IN 1 RICH DRESS GOODS. A full atoak of Genera! S'aple Artm en a iaptrd to the wants of families. all of the beat class, and at the lowest cash prices J. W. COLLBY * CO , fe 27 5t 5 33 Seventh street, above Pa. av. W SPECIAL NOTICE. ILL Onr oostnniera p case come forward and aettle their aocoun'a bjr n^tea ot otherwise? We are oompelled to make this appeal owing to the rressure ?>i our own eiiKis'-'meuts in other places t can only he by a prompt response on the part of our eu?torp?r? that we c&n expect to be ready to m?et onr obligations. [? Tl-3t SIBLEY A OUY. MNOTICK K>SRS. NARDKN ft COLUM BUS take this method of notifywr tne public, partiou&rly st'an errs who des-gn spending I nanKuration Week in tliisnity, that the) aro p epared to furnish Meals at all honrs and at moderate prices during tne rush of people here cons???nent upon that occasion, attheir O lf*e Hourc, on Ninth st., adjoining the Oentor Market, J.ock lor the sign, south side of Pa av., o mer of Ninth st. fe<7 St M OORKS tHIUILL. SUGAR DROPS HAV idk fully sustained their character as pa atab <* and oerlain curative for Cough*, ohitia, Croup Asthma, fto., the proprie very i Bronohitu, Croup . , . t >r, for the greater convenience of ner^onn reruii in th? central part of the oit?, hai appoint d J . \V . NAIRN, Druggist, corner of kt. an'l Fa. kv , agent for the ca!e of the same. Priee 25 and 5<) oen's per box. J. is. MOORK. Hrutm t, _fe 27 3t 113 Pa av . VVest End. WT\ CROCKERY, CHINA. Jb*/ AND GLASS WARE. We ha*o in store a very lare aesort- 1 mentof the above goods, to which we invi'e the attention of all purchasers wishing good artioies at reasouab e pri-es. Also, superior CUTLERY and PLATED WARE. KERORINK L AMPS in great variety. CHAS. S. FOWLER k. CO., Wholesale and Retail Dealers, fd 23 6too Odd Fellows' iiallbeventh st. INAUGURATION XOTIPR! 1 MARSHALS' HASHES. BATON*. GILT EAGLFS. 8PKARS GILT ACORNS. KO ShTTES, BADGES, FoAGS, Ac., Ao., will be furnished by MRS. E.-LOWE, ^ Trimming Manufacturer, 897 Pa. Avenue, soutn tide '297 N.B. Saddle Cloths trimmed to order. fe?3 lw Inauguration Ball. TUCKER'8~COIFFL'RES ANI) GARNITURES ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE COMING BALL. 759 BROADWAY, fefl-iot NEW YORK. Q R B A T SACRIFICE or ..lolno a muiau wwus< Ladies wiahing to get handsome PARTY DRESSES, alrea<lv made or in Dreaa Pattern*; atao, e.ecant WKEAiHS, HEAD DRESSES, and EMBROIDERED ZOUAVES in Si -k a.,d Cloth, Jto., oan purchase rbem at greatly reduced price#, of M. WILLIAN, Importer, ^'2 Market Spaoe. Washington. D C.: fe? tMar4if and T. CITE TREVISE, Paris. SGAUTIER'S RESTAURANT. OJOURNERS In Waahington are reapeotfully informed that GAUTIER'S RESTAU-k M. A RANT. on Pa. avenue, between 12th audycM^Y 13th ctreeU, is one of the oompiete?t,A?*|j^X muat elecant and agreeable eatahMahnier.u of it* kinu in the United Slates, bei-g at al t:me* pro vided with the beet to ' e obtained in tho markets of atl the large citiea, forwarded to him regulars by expreaa. His prions are moderate ard hia ao oommodationa to furnuh Brenkfaet, Dinner, Tea and Suppers to gentleiren rooming nut, are un equalled by any others in thia city. lie addressee this notice especially to strangers, as all oinxens and freauentera of Waahingt n know w-h the superiority of hia houae. He ia prepared to ae oomraoda'e to their entire aatiafoetion any nuini>er ol gentlemen who desire to take their Alfa away from where they lodge. fe U-lm OUR BONNETS, HATS, and FI.AT8 of the err latest styl??, and id all oases made^fb of the beet material. Call at once and ext^Ef ohoioe. At STKVEN?% 5^

nog-tf 333. hetw.fltli ao.i l"th ?f. JVIOORE'S WEST END DRUG STORE. 113 1vl Fa. avkkvk south sidb.?Strangers atd^^ other* i?quir ng Medieine Congress Wa.vt.V T 'oth Bruchea.Nail Brushes, Hair Brushes Y and Coral's, Farina Cokgnes, Lubin's fcxtr?ois. Toilet Poajs. Fox.a^es. Hair i/Hs and Dyes, or any a.tio e m the Drag Mn?. should patroms* the above well known establishment fa35 aw 3,000 LWS.^O,8HENUBU*fft:R ol the very H00f^Ifif*BUC,WHEiT KINO * BURCMELL, fe 36 eoi ner Vermont aT. and Fifteenth at. BLANKETS! . By.NI.ETH!! 9 f ? I WANTS. Wanted immediately-a food car V *iAGE painter. appi> at nbtuHtR ty A BURFORD'S. 6eor|etown, D. c. It* W ?rO#M Il'l, II ?MJI of U?. I ? SITUATION M ourta or oHautb*rmaid Cti pr* raferencai. AdJr??s K B.,0*orf(to?i ml7anted? By a resectable your* woman, ? " SITUATION as laundren or to do the *en era! homework of a ma I family. Hast of refer, er o*? given if rea aired. CaU St-m?i? O.phan Asylum. U street, between 12th and 13th. f *?-? WANTED-A HOUSE Mid LOT in Wasiung ton, in exchange for a mall Farm in Virginia, 6S mil?? irom this city. A house with6 or 8 rooms and a passage preferred. Call at No. 3*7 Tenth street. fe 27 2t* WANTED-A CHILD'S NURSE. oapableand efficient. Must know how to sew. The best recommendations required. An American pre ferred. Also, a Chambermaid watted. None need apply exoept those having the desired recommend ations. Apply to 389 F st. fe?7-St* WONTED-BOYS to sell Blue Books, 37^, "Blue Books, SIX, Blue Books, J7S. Blue Books, 37*i, Blue Books, 37>%, Blue Books, S7K, Blue Books, 37H, Blue Books, SIX. Bine Books, S7K( Bine Books, S7H, Bine Books, Blue Books, 3T7X, Blue Books, S7H, Blu? B"oks,37>$, Bine Books, 37*.? aLfkED HUNTER. tm. QC IM* * "* ** * * ~ w mar<U' Hotel Square. VI/ANTED IMMEDIATELY?From *5 to TT S10.000 worth of second-hand FURNI TURE or all kinds, for whioh I will guaranty to par the highest pnoes, and, as usual. at the shortest no tice. r. bOchly. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac., oo 9 409 7th st.. bet. 6 and H east siae. vvanted-second hand FURNITURE. " Persons deolining housekeeping, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain theoasn and lair prices by applying at 369 Seventh st. no 17 bontza GRIFFITH. One Dollar. gl_Sl_?l_81?81^81?81?81?81?81! SI-81?81?8I-8i: 476 Pa. Av, EVANS'S. 476 Pa. Av. YOUR rimiok ni-* aw abthm.k JEWELRY IN OUR STORK FOR ONE DOLLAR. SPLIiNDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE.? _8et? for91 Elegant LAVA ?- Sets for 31 Elegant GARNET ? Seta for SI Elegant JET ...... Seta for 91 Elegant CORAL and GOLD SeU for 91 Elegant MEDALLION ^Setsfor 91 Elegant RIM MOSAIC... ?.S?Ufor91 Elegant PLAIN GOLD Seta for 91 Ladies'GUARD CHAINS..for 91 ladies'CHATELAINE CHAINS for 91 Ladies' NECK CHAINS for 91 6ent'aVEST CHAINS,(lOdifferect patterns i _ ? for $1 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARE. , oonsiftting of TABLE, TEA and DESERT SPOONS. FOR KS, CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKETS, CRFAM LADLES, TEA SETS OF KNIVESand FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES, CUPS. Ac., &o. Also, A Large Assortment of JEWELRY, winch we oau tell at 50 cents per article. HOOKS HOOKS, CLOS'NG OUT OUR STOCK AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. BOOKS Selling for jooente $1.25 BOOKS Sellicg for 90 to 75c?nta BOOKS Selling for 91 to $1.25 MOW IU VI1I1D TIML' W *? M KJ E V*?' 1% A A 1U u TO GET BOOKS and JEWELRY LOWER THAN EVER BEFORE. CALL EARLY AT 4 7b Pa. Av, EVANS'S. 4 76 Fa. A v. fr 13 tr 486 SEVENTH STREET. REM N A NTS FA PERU A NGINGS, In quantities sulli jient to [ \p-r an ordinary sized room or passage, at o,.e third Jess tlian tiie usual prices, ai J. M aRKRITKR'S, No. 4S8 Seventh st.. 8 rt. ore ab >ve _fe 19J2t* OJd Fe lows' llaM._ If OR TWO WEEKS LONGER WE SH ALL r continue to run off our whole stock of rich Dress Goods. Shawls and Cloaks, in fact. all Win ter Goods at oust, m*ny at less, fur casn, in O'der to oiose out this month. Call at once if jtm wish the articles at the lowest pi iocs. J. W. r.OLLKY 4. CO., fe II atw 523 Seventh st., ahov? Pa. av. PREPARE FOR THE FOURTH or MARCH K bjr laying in your supply of? Blankets, Bed Comforts,(guilts. Linen and Cotton Sheetims, Piliow Csso Linens a"d Cottons, Table Cloths. Table Napkins, Tab'e and Toweling lhapers, Curtain Dainatk. Curtain Muslin, Oilc'oths, Car petings. All selling at reduced prices at fi ir at n v'tvs a ai ?a nni^A i runii r?, 323 Pa av., south side, bet 6(hand7thst? , fe21 lot new Iron Bu'lding*. pOR BALLS AND PARTIES. Ladies' White Kid Gloves at 75 cents, light oo ored Gloves at S7X and 50 crnts. Gents' While Kid Gloves from 50 cents to $t.?5. " " Silk and Cotton Giovm from 12>4 cents to 91. HENRY EGAN, 3*23 Pa. av., south side, bet 6th and 7 h sts . fo 20-10t near Iron Buildings. NOTICE. HE STEAMER THOMAS COLLYER will 'eyurr.e her trips to MOUNT VER NON on SATURDAY. February 23, leaving her wharf at 10 o'clock ni on Tuesdays, Thursday and SatnrdaTs. SAMS EL, Cap t. Notf.?All persons visiting Mount Vernon by !%nd are expected to pa> 25 cents eaoh on entering the grounds, for tko beualit of tlie Association, fe 21-1 w* HAT THE LAD1KS WANT TO KNOW. Where they c*n bu? Jau van's Kid G!ove?. white, black, and oolorrd, at 75 cts ; good qualitv Kid Glo?es. 37K, 50. and 62*t ots.; b?st K>d Gaui'tlets, 91; best Fiench Corsets, 91 25; a l ihe best qua! itiea of English and German Hosiery, for iadies andoh:Idren;Silk Li loThread and Cot'on Gloves, of all siz^s and qua'ities; Linen Cambric i'and k ArnhlftfV Itf Ti i t*. n#tr -?1nn?n* ftrn cmhmiri a.-aJ and hem stitched Handkerchief*, at reduced priors. Bonnet Ribbons, at hall price; H ack l.a-e Full* an l Vol i, at low pnoea; fcnk Kobe* and Fancy Silks. at half price; all woolen Dre<>* Goods, at greatly rduood prices Parasols ami Sun Shades, Cloaksaud Shawls, all ? ?! inr atreduocd price, at HENRY EGAN'i*. 323 (couth side) Pa. av., bet. 6th and 7th ata., te 30 Iftt New Iron E*OR SALE-A FAMILY OF SERVANTS, X five in i umber, vn : A fir t rate Cook and House Woman. 3J yrars old ; the is tin?nrpisscd as a cook, preserver, pastry maker, &o A Gin of 12 yeara, likely, smart, and very useful as a nurse; and three Hoys, 12 7, and 4 years old n speotively It ia desired to dispose < f them together, as they are onefamily. Any gentleman desiring 'o puicha-e such a famil* of servants will please address a note to A. T. C., Star Offioe, and the adve'tiser will rail on him. fel9-lw ^HERE'S A BETTER TIME COMING! Victims of Self Abuse and Secret Diseases should apply at SHLMAN'S Southern Medical Hoiibe, uuder the Clarendon Hotel, corner Sixth strov and Pa. avenue, immediato-y opposite the National Hotel, and try Dr. Souttiey's Celebrated London \i i: 4m a i a 4L. A mruiomoa. i nrj arc wivr raULCMl lui urp 1110 niotsi virulent Turin* of Gonnorrhoea, Gle?t. :*yphri?, Nocturnal KmuBions, Strictures, and WeiknMi of the Bladder in from 3 to 6 day*. The Remedies c&a beaent by mail. Office hours from 9 a. m to 10 P m- f? 18-lin H.,..* ONE PRICE ONLY! AVING on hand a very heavy atook of DRESS TRIMMINGS, I will offer the time very cheap for Caah,*Ed One Prioe Only. R. C. STEVENS. 336 Pa.av . nog tt between9th and loth ?U. |^AMILY BLANKETS AND COMFORTS. We have-?tili on hand a rocd assortment of the aboTegood*. Also, HousekeepingGoods of every des npuon, all of which we at* sellinc at cost for o&eh. f?? TAYLOR A HUTCHISON, yy K OPEN THIS DAY Our aiual assortment GEN TLEMES' S EEL ONUINO S. S?leoted with oars during the past week, via : Silk, Wool, anil Gauze and Merino Under shirts and Drawers, in great variety, Also, Kid and Thread Glove*, Castor aud Buck do. Buck Gauntlets, Cane* and Umbrellas, Gent*' Neck Tiee ami Soarfs, Perfumer*, ac Butia* as usua exc'uii vely for cash, we cff >r the newest and b *st goods at tlit lowest prions, ai , ?.:.VF.N*\ fe 22 6t PaVsrooin, Brown s Hot"! Inauguration ball -mrs. s. m. bish < ?p and m<s? E. GAIK.of 1.016 che nut^ttk st, Phi adelphia, have jim received a nevQUI anl elegant m^- rtinent of w re*tha, mead r-ressrs. and apes, suitat l?s fir the inau;uia i<ui bul They will op n a h%nd-.oo?'> a?sorlin rt of Fprmg Bounds ou Saturday, March 2<l, at Clagett a Mat's Store, 3U4 Pa. avenue, between a h an l loth eta. fc 25-1 w* LOUR d. L. MORRISON a CO.. AND GENERAL COMMISSION U l'Drll * ntfl iuunvunn _ And whol*?&!? dflfktfra in _ mill Feed, coh.'i ?lb^i Corner of Utlt And B struts, VVaebiugtoi, city. H7* Owt KUd for ?H kind* of Gt?w m g-ta A NKW LOT OP H^RINO HATS JUHT i^^raoeived agd far ?ale at v?n low priomy GEORGETOWN. CorrtMfamdtmm ?/ Tk* St*r. GBOiaCTOWH, February 29, l?l. The revision, on Tuesday, of the rotas cut at the election hrre on the day before, resulted la tb? verification of the returns as published to the Star A Baltimore paper of yesterday contains a typo graphical error, made In copying those returns. In correction of which it Is necessary to state that Mr tioder wax the i?Fntlem*j? who ?>? highest numl ft of vctK We Irani that the efllclent auperlntend^nt of the poor and wotkhouae iMr. K Stephen*) haa received from the tmatee (Mr Knowlca) btadla miaaal, and an order to aurrender the premiaea to Mr Daffy on the lat of March. Thia tuddrn chanire i? much deprecated by oar clt ten*, aa Mr. Stephen* it an old reaident and faithful pub lic aerr*nt; and bta taper)n tendency baa been a auceeaaful one If economy la an object, at the re port* of the truateea will ahow. Mr. Stephena, In a communication directed to the trnnee, and dated the 27th lntt , aaja :?" You allow me two daya to get a houae far my family to live In. When I waa elected by the late truateea to serve one year, I had every reason to believe that I would be continued my year, and be permitted to remain until July, aa waa Mr. Duffy. I truat Su will modify your notlceao aa to give me until e lat of April to find a houae Bealdra. 1 have now no money to buy anything for my dependent >aiu}, un> i tm umq me corporation wiu be able to pay me ray last vear's salary by that time " Since writing the above we are glad to learn that Mr Knowles has directed Mr. Stephens to retain bta petition for the preaent. It may not be generally known to your ret ders that there will be two lnauguratlona on Monday neit?oae in which "all the world and the r*at of mankind" are intereated, and the other affecting more particularly the people of Georgetown. The second and ltaaer event (It la needleaa to dlacusa the flrat) ia the inauguration of Henry Addlaon, Eaq., aa M ayor of Georgetown, which. if the program me ia carried out, will take place on Monday morning next?previous to tbe national ceremony The Georgetown Mounted Guard drilled yester day, and made a flue appearance. By the adver. ttsrment in another column. It will be seen that they have a flag presentation on Monday next (tb? 4th of March) and a ball at tbe I'nlon Hotel on the evening of that day. We predict for them a crowded bouse and a good time generally We hear it reported that this llnr company will be detailed aa a guard for tbe I'rcsident elect on niau^urauuii uay For boarding or rooms in Georgetown, tee ad vertlsementa. GEORGETOWN ADVERT^MTS BOARDING.?A few respectable persons may be accommodated with Hoarding and Ixxl*in* for a short or lone time, it immediate application la made at No. 1 40 liridge street. t?eor?etown, not one hundred feet fioia the Omnibus Ssand. fe 28 St FBM>K KENT OR LEA*E-A very desirab e Market or Dairy FAKM, in perfect ord?r, for rent or lease. There is on it a comfortable and ca pacious brick (1 welling, with dry cella'e. and a puma of good water a? theduor; substantial stab es ana out-bui dings. It is ot the Hights above George town, siljoming the torthern boundary thereof. Ti? buildingsar^ in excellent order, and the land (sixty acres, or less if required,) is in a fine and highly cultivated condition. The dwelling and gar den w?jl<! b ? rente<i separately to a retpectable ? ? - I * ' i-ixitici iri.ouu A|ipiK?iiuD w re n>ia* 10 CH.\S H<?.MU,LKR. at rn stand in Center Mar ket, \V&fMr.*ton. or his dwelling, on the Highu of Georgetown. Ie28 2w SUI fg OF FURNISHED APARTMENTS FOR R E.N T.?Beautiful suits of furnished Apartnents, tuitablufor families, at 43? Bridge st.. Georgetown. fe ife 3t PJl ST ARRIVED. ER Prop*!I<?r S. fie*mour, from l'hi (v/!?lphi%, 75 ItaTAl* and 1W half I arrelsof Ma??ejr, Collins 1 Co 's Philadelphia DRAFT ALE. For sale b* fott ARNY Jt SHINN. D 200 BBI.S. PRIME CIDER AILY Kxpected per schooner Mary Ann McGee from Boston. This Cider is A No. 1> and is lor tale in lots to suit purchasers. ARNY A SHINN'S fe 22 Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prinie Porto Rico SUGARS, l*tbbla.<Ml RreWHIfKY. S5?) hi Is. HKRftiNG and ALEWIVLS. 5>i bt>!?. Truehed and Rchned SUGARS, 8" I'Acs Rio and Java COFFEE, 1?? hhds.dow priced) MOLASSES. For sale bj JOHN J. BOGUE. se I" Diwku PiRTina Vy ITIZKNb Ard Sojom ners in Washington are respectfully reminded that the ?ubscrit?ar is pre pared to furnish DINNER ENTERTAIN ME^TS, for any Ntunher of gentlemen. in a style eq neI to that of any similar establishment in the Dotted Star**, and on very moderate terms. His suites of i'ariorsand Dining rooms lor the accom m d\tion of Dinner and Supper Parties, kia Table arrangements, Cooka, Se' vants. Ac., are unsnr pas?e>; ae well as his Wines, which enjoy much coiebrity. He reapeoifully asks a oontiuuanoe of the patronage of the publio heretofore ao liberally bestowed upon him, and pledges his best exertions to give entire satisf&ot.on. fell lm C 6AUTIER. BIRDS. HIRDS FOR 8ALK.-I lave jnst re cei *ed a splendid assortment of Birds fromat* Europe, of German Ca&a iea, English H Hirds. Thrushes, Bull Finches, Gold Finches,^1 biuets, Sky Larks. YeUow Hammers. I have I'arroquets, Java sparrows, Starlens, the Red Mooaw Parrot, an^ green ai.n grejr. 1 have Mock ing Birds, Red Wing Black Birds, Red Birds. Doves, and Bobolink*; also Trained :'irda. pnoe lieenu t<> $5" Ca*e? of all kindif om 10 cent* to fin. at john o'MKARA'8 Bird Store, No 466 Pa. avenue, at tlie Capitol (ate. fe 9-1 ra Ladies, Call Early AT RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL fl store, RIDDLE'S original fl store. No. 302 penna. avenue, No. 3051 PENNA- AVENUE, Additional invoices ;uat received of New and Beautiful Jewelry. f*?m Oca Extikk Stock vou can take your choice for only one DOLLAR. coral and GOLD sets, ENAMELED TWIST sets, medallion sets, REAL ROMAN mosaic sets, RUBY ami vase sets, LAVA ami bjiad sets. VASE and bkillia nt bets, ruin MOSAIC t?ets, CAMEO and GOUJ STONE sets. CAK&U*CLE WETS, PLAIN GOLD SETS, BOQUET and RIBBON SET"?, LADIES' NECKLACES, LADIES' NECK CHAINS, CHILDREN'S NECK CHAINS. CHI I.DKE.V& ARMLETS, GENTS' VEST CHAINS, GK\TS' WATCH KEYS. GKNTS' SEALS a,nd CHAINS, GENTS' sLtEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, THIMULES, PENH, PENCILS. RINGS. SILVER Pt.ATED SPOONS, GOHLETS, CLIPS, to. Everyttii r.g in the store new and pnrfeot, and guarantied to auoh as represented (IT" Ewry article manutie urtd for tkt rttular mail trad*, and warranted to b* the tame quality aa is retailed Irom five to thirty *aoh. YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR, Kegardlxo* or Cost. As this great sale oocUnues hut a short *ime. persons desiring to supply themselves with Jeweiry at these unheard of prioes will plea** call eaily at our ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORE. 30*2 Pennsylvania avenne, between 9th and l<nh st'eets i) \V. KIDDLE. ID" Remember the Number?30sl?a* we have no connection with other*, professing to Mil at our prices, in this city. Received this dar a large invo'oe of SILVER WAKE, oonsi sting of Breakfast and Tea Sets; Card and Cake Backets; Patent Svrnp Pitchers; Batter Dishes; Fruit Knivee; Tea Kmv?s; Korku; Table, Dessert, and 1 ea Spoon*; Tobacco Boxes; Suitaraqd Cream Spoons; Napkin Rings; Butter Kuive*. in beu and single; Kriv*? and ?*"ork?. in sets; Ice Cream, Pie and Fmh Knives; Breakfast and Dinner Castors; Double and Single Sa.ts; a large variety of Plain. Cha?ed, and Gut Gob et*, Cups, *c. All the above article* to be sold with out regard to original oost, at fritm 91 to #?>. ai>d wairar ted to bt-what they are ieprra?nte<<. and fully 10" per cent, less than they can be bought. 26-tr 30*2 Pa. av., bet. 9th and loth ets. Wood and Coal. GALTS' CITY ST ? All FIREWOOD BILLS AM> COAL DEPOT, Foot of Street, Bfltrw War Department. WOOD AND COAL of all un<1?. W.wvl prtp&fd to guitthe w&nts of each ouklomer.oi tie livrrrd oord length. I!~r ( oai kert ?* Coal Haunt, delivered free from late,dirt,and other impurities. Personal attention Riven to all order*. fe 15-tf T. J. * W. M. OAI.T. ()()() YAltl>SS LIGHT AND DAkK caln 5,ou* trarde Ui>ache< aad Hi own ^HlRTTNtit*. lust aimI I-re ciiMnlR'l'lMi LIAifcN. We are 'I- eint ontewr s oek of FANCY SII.K8 ad MILK HO ?ES at very low p.ioej for c??b Call ato . ee Uie.u. Cl.ARKNDON HOTKL KfiS I AUKANT. BKNJAM1N H?>BL<8 l?'i a ^ to inform-hi* fr.auda ud the pu lig # general ? that h? his taken ai.d np in a superior minn-r tht Rtitta- Vgfl rantatth* ?outiieMt oortter oi ?-in. aveme acd Mxtti itrwt H? wi'l at all t.maa pr#par au. m? ai vfeo may taror tun with calf/with tb? WiNKS, 1 IGUOKK aaO 0 OAtH.uvllu OYSTER^ OA MK a rf oth 4*Ucaoi?k of Um ioax'ii. fa 4-1 I- Si till W >1 K. KllJiV A RHO. THE LATEST NEWS. TELEGRAPHIC. F?ar Dtft LtUr lr?? Earvpr. Pobtlard, Feb * ?Tb* rtwnnbip Cut41?. with Kuropraa advlcca to tb# IStb, ?rrlT?4 bar* laat night She left Liverpool oa Thursday. Um . 14th. and touched at Londonderry on the follow latmalaf. The city of Carta had capitulated, and the royal family bad retired on board a K reach war steam er The garrlaon were to remaia aa prisoaees *f war till Nessiaa and some other piaceashou Id Mr render Comncui. Lirnrwi. Friday morning ?The week' cot ton market rloaed dull, and holders were pressing their atocka on the market at a considerable de cline on middling and lower grade* Hewitt'a Wednesday's report quotes as fellows Middling qualities k lower, and lafrrlor grade* \ik lower The last report quotas aa seerag* decline on theae grades of % The sale* of the week amount to oaly 39 000 bales The stock la port la accumulating, aad the consumption largely declining. Breadstuff's quiet and steady, Provisions dull The Bank of hnglaad had advanced Its dis count rate* to 8 per -at Consols closed at >l|a W The North Brltou vrived out ea the 14th aad the Teuton I a on the ISt?. % Frea Ctllfsraia, by Posy Fi press ?*!? Faa*naco, Feb 13?Attachments aBMabt ing to tIk,IKK) have been laaurd againat Tufr, McCalutt A Co . aud this la the only additional embarraaament Tbe Pony Kipwan that left St. Ixwis on tbe Dd and 26tb of Juuarjr reached here y ?t*>day on tbe aame steamer. They arrived at Caraoa Valley within a few hours of each other. Tbe Kaatern d'.apatcbea telegraphed to Fort Kearaey on tbe '.29th alt., were tcle^r*froon Ctrwn Valley to ?* Pranciaco on tbe moral** of tba 9th tnat . rrowing tbe contlaent la tea dava. Tbe debate on tbe I'nion resolutions baa coa tlnued la each branch of tbe Legislature. and tba Assembly Anally paaaed a resolution endorsing tbe Crittenden compromise, and tbe views ex - pressed by Douglas and Breckinridge la opposi tion to tbe uae of coercive measures Tbe Democratic papers urge a concurrence la this resolution, which la regarded as aa Indication that tbeae two wings are to unite la one Democra tic party as It existed prior to Bucbaaan's admin istration. Several more attempts have been made in tbe Assembly to eoocur in tbe Senate resolution fixing tbe 'JOtb last, for a convention to elect Felted States Senators, but each time without success, tbe Republicans and Brerktnrtdge Demo crats acting together so as te prevent sn election Fram Hew Xexlc*. IxDirKKPEKCB, Mo , Feb *6 ?Tbe Santa Fe man, wun dates lo the 2-th ait., arrived here to day. business at Stanta Fe was extremly doll, except In provision*, which commanded good prices and quick sales This mall cams In with an escort of soldiers, and tb?-lr stock giving out was the canse of ths delay. The weather on the Plains was line and warm. Thousands of Indians were seen on the roed, and among them the "Prince of Deri la." bantauk. tbe Kiowa Chief. He offered no molestation to the party, and tbe conductor asys the com mending offlrer at Fort Wise treats him as though he was a great friend to tbe whites; and for feer he will be sbot by tboee whom be has lnjored. bad placed a guard over him every night to protect him France ta4the Seeth New Von, Feb ?M Galllardet writes to the Courrier des Ktatt I'nls from Paris, February ^th, as follows : "A friend of General Stevenson, of South Cere Una, assures me that that gentleman had bad aa audience of tbe Kmpebv, who bad listened In a tucnuij unniicr w uiu arKumena in iitot OI tuti new Confederacy of the SUveSUta "So 11 if of the provincial journals add that, la order to secure the alliance of Napoleon 1(1.. the Southern aeceders bad offered to pot his < oualn. Jerome Bonaparte, of Baltimore, at the bead of their Confederacy." This last paragraph -hows the absurdity ot all these rumors about France and the South. bombers (?S|rM Moxtoombbt, Feb #>?la the Congress to day several models of flags for the ne<r Confederacy were presented. Several acta were peased to be engrossed, and the Injnnction of aecrecy removed, lnciodiag the following: An act to define more accurately the exemption from duty of certain goods. An act modifying the navigation laws. An act in relation to the alave trade,and punish ?hvu? xva i ? ?lUiauvu uruuru . An act organizing tbe general staff, of tbe irmT An act established additional porta of entry and delivery. The Otoe ladlaa Troables. Nebraska Citt, Feb. 'Tbe communication from this place in regard to tbe Otoe Indiana, pub lished In tbe paper*of tbe 21st, was erroneous Tbe Indian Agent, though long conlnod to his house by serious Illness, has to the letter followed tbe instructions of tbe Department, which he will fearlessly continue to * secate, although his own life and the peace of hla family have been endan gered by tbe lawless mob. Tbe Indians were uncomplaining until sbout thirty of thena were induced by s few debased white men to come to th's city, knowing tbe Agent was unable to reach them Tbe whites were making threats, and not the Indiana. Death af aa iray Officer, fcc Nobfole, Feb. 2? ?Major Gwvnne, of the United Slates Army, died here last night He rendered a long and toilsome service la the 8am! nolewar and in the Went. Ills remains were taken to Richmond Lieutenant Colonel Groner. of this city, left here yesterday for Montgomery, to join the south ern army. The a!oop-of-war Umnintown r?mf off the dry dock yesterday, and will be fitted out immediate ly InptrUiit Iron Ltaliltaa. Batoh R <>ro z. Feb 26 ?'The bill appropriation one hundred tbouaand dollar* for placing upon complete war footing Fort* St. Philip and Jack on, on the Miaaiaalpri river, paaard the Houae to day unanimously In the debate war was be lieved to be inevitable. The Nerth Car*lias Electiea Ralxigh. Feb *7?Every >>odr la la anxioue expectation here for the election to-morrow. Tb? Union Club are holding a meeting to-night. The houae ia crowded and there la conaiderable ex e'trmrat. but no disorder. Conarrntlva trnti. ir.d u-?w offer the o fOi.KLKA fcud PACKING ui.(s&i : in thu city, wh noes. mS tf 1M1. THK AMER1 AN aLMANAC FOE 1 PM-r: ?r,oe tl; half J? by "ill E i t Veuer, ft let uorei uj Oiwr W?M U<i Bi*?tS vol* , ttm-v, o otk; jnoe fl.7S tor iftftD. t., *... * lea *r?p? I^HK BOKl>KR STATES 1 and doty in the er? eat di of tko oonntry; b* til Pnoe M oftftU; aent by LXr THEIR WW iJobal fe? humrif~ioTl<ECfcTV7BrTUT_c< H\T^ft T&feVUM* tf.0 ?uth *t let I /^KlUtKtt, PETTY OFFICERS. AND Ba mrnta generally prermll. flew York UltrktU. New York. Feb. ft ?Flour b?f]T tod decli ning- Wheat doll and drooping. Cora het?v and lower. Provision* caiot tad WbUky H?dv. Th* vv ?atmi? ?Tbe following report of tto ??U?? for the morning la made from the Amer lean Connolldatod Telegraph Line to the ttalth cnian Institution. The fame of oUeervnttee la ibout? o'clock 2S. 18*1. ? B I ??? Wnblnjfton. D. C clear, wind NW Richmond, Va_ clear, Sel?. Norfolk, V* clew, plwi Raleigh, N. C clear. 50\ Wilmington, M.C clear, pleasant riOH tbi win. Pittaburg, Pa cloudy, damp. Cleveland, O cloudy, 47*. Barometer at the Bmltbaonlaa at 7 m., (? rerted for temperature,) 30,270; at naoa, MJT. Thermometer at 7 a. m , 40*; at mm, Maximum during -<M boon, ending t a. m.1 d?v (VI'; minimum 37*\ VV TRAVKLlNe TRUNKS. ? F Hare jurt reoeired the largest a<