Newspaper of Evening Star, February 28, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 28, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR ID" 5o?? year* ago the Knickerbocker M?ga Xtne offered a brat* quarter dollar to tha peraon who made a rbjrn?e to the word "window.* Th? tallowing u the effort of tba eucceaafal rhrtner . "A cruel man a beetle caugbt A -^ ?k? ?w*ll Kim r*i nn +A oh ' nuu me ?-* r ' ~ Then said tb? beetle to the crowd, Though I'm ?tuck up I am not proud And bis sou 1 went out at the window " fnr The Aven'r Commercial gives some de vils respecting tbe new coinage to be Issued in France. All tbe pieces are to bear the Impression of tbe Emperor'* head, crowned with laurel, la taken of his Italian victories On tbe gold and osm of tbe silver coins the present reverse Is to be replaced by tbe imperial arms, mantle, sceptre, Ac. A Inouiw Ociam ?Tbe appearance of the c?an, as seen from our sbwre, yesterdsy, was cu rious. Tbe vapor rolled up in immense volumes high la the air, overtopping the highest portions f Nahant. and oresentinsr slmost the semblance of a mi on fire. We have rarely, If er#r. seen the Mlt water pert with ltscalorrc u It did yesterday. Lfn* R'porttr, 117" Boston used an average of 17.238,000 gallon* of Ccchituate water dally, laat year, equal to 07 eillora a day to each Inhabitant. The receipts of the city for the water last vear were *334.544, and th? expenditure on maintenance and Improve m?nu #146,304. *AKRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL ?Col Shear, Md: C Da V.dson, USN; A E Beach, NY: J Jamison, Wm Brown, DC: W E Johnston, Md; W Parker, M Ha;rls, J S Kelly, Ml; J C Blrdseege. Cai: L O Cowan, Me; D K Green, 111; SCoffln, A H Gib bons, Ore: C A Washburn, Cal; W M Warren,N J; 9 Noble,111; R Kingman. Mam; D M Duostan. Va; E B llarovey, Pa; E C David, Iowa; R P Bpauiaine ana ly, U; vv r heiio^, ^ c nab cock. 9 Wilkinson, J as Knox, Jno Arnold, 111; J C HiUman. J Taffe, NT; L Davis, C Dickey, A B^cb, K T Lovell, NJ; C Froat, U VV Travis. NY; O Miller, H Taylor, B F Tavlor. Md; H E l^n;an. Pa; Dr Wooster, Cal; E F. Rice, Japan; Dr Gentry. NC; T F Bowie. Md; J R Dow, J I. Harway. E North, NY; N N Bingham, Pa; GW Cahoon. Vfc F H Bartholomew, J H Bartholo mew, F M Bartholomew* NY; Dr Steek and ly, Arizonla; Mr* Cutting, Mass; A C 9peir,AG Be mon and ly. NY; W Olapp, VI; A Roger, Man; J B BowdUh, Col Bingham, Vt; G P Kane, Md; K W Jackson. Me: J C Wood, H A Williams, Pa; W Babcock, H G Wells. D May, Mich; G G Lynch, NC; B F Dow and ly, NY; W M Lee, O, C Savles, W F Saylea, Rl; J T Jones, W Hurr, C C Hutchinson, Ran; C H Wills, Dr Miles, PA Brawner, Md; Dr Knox and fam, Cal; E Good fellow, U9CS: J W Anderson and ly, Mlsa Ellia Turner, Md; W D Gaggans, SC; L Prosper,Pa; G B Elf, Wto. WILLARD9' HOTEL?E M Norton, V?; A AV Gr la wold. E Leonard, NY: J Rice, La; J VV Grlger, O; J F Hobebron, C W Goddard, NY; J M CowpII, J Blackburn, C M Reed, Pa; J Mat her. NY; J Bartlett.?Pa; J H Bartlett, NJ: W R Smith. O; J BlaM, Jnd; D H Slier, Mo; J Butler, low*; W Gilpin, Mo: H N SoperSN Holme*. NY; J 8 Page, Cal; 8 Bushnell, Ct; W P 9mlth, G Carter and lady, Va; G Anialer. J B Carry, Ky; Mr and Mra Whipple, Maas; K McCloakey. H F Kerr, NY; Com Price* l"9N; H D Moore, J Casey, G Bergner, W Van Martin, Pa; Mr Ja*r and fam, NY; 9 Strorer, 111; VV Hown, Wia; A J Bell Minn; J P Craig. T J Moffett, J C Bordaey, 111; J John, on. A A Johnson. C A Rostra. J Randall. C. K Randall, NY; C Lee, Maw; R Stone, Tenn; lion 6 W Lane, 9 B I ewes, N Carratb, Ala; J Casa nova and lady, NY; Hon W Deminson. ?; L M Cole, Md; i J Blair, J Blair, A McAlplo. NJ; W H Hanna, 111; L N Vance, M Little, do; C Sbr rell. NY; O Vandarlis, Ct; G W Bun and lady, B D Lanier. Mr J Winslow, C Van Bentbeneya and ion, NY; Hon J Rodney, Pa; E T Gills.Del; Capt Glllia, USN; C Enaeraon, Mass, J Danning, We; H Fairbanks, F Fairbanks, J P Paddox. T M Howard, C M Stone, Vt; J C Ainawortb, Ore gon; G H Potto, V S Hubbard, A Nelson, NY; A Lawrence. Mass; H Bogle. J B Chaplain, Md; J Nowbray, W K Bogden, Ala. CLAY'S HOTEL ?H Vlllar. W WSirer.NY; C W King, Maine; C Firn, NY; D Riadle, do; T C McCracken. i?Id: T McAlister. do: B a Jar. n?r, do; L M Poweri, Ct; J A Murray, do; R Brown, dd; T Wlif, Maw; J Kane and lady, Ct; R L Johnson, do; J A Morgan, 111; 8 L Long, do; M P Powell, do; B A Goodrich, do; Y 8 8amuela, do; T A Hart, do; M P Hargrove, do; 8 P Cam ming!, do; J 6 Hemphill, do; 8 M Way, do; O "W White, do; A H Eme^aon, do; A R Rodgers, do; 8 M Martin, do: \V R Rankin, do; 8 R Gold lng and ?on, do; J H Hartman. do; O 8 Morgan, do; W W Warn bold, do; 8 8 Trarii, NJ: C W Ttompaon, Iowa; G W More, do; L C Walker, do; 8 M Henshaw, do; M M Morgan and lidy, Mo; E Cooke, NY; W B Wright, do; J W Cha n?v,V?; C D GllflUln, Minn; J G Doran and lady, Ohio; GBP Carpenter and lady, do; J A Hardy, Vt; E Nlrhola, England; A H Bean, NY; G G Errrbreok. Pa; WE Wlmer, do; T3 Morgan and lady, Va; J G Jonea and daughter, do; Col A W Porter, Iowa; j 8 Carpenter, do: 8 M Carrinctn? Ml-. BROWN'S HOTEL ?A B Howard, T Brown, J Gray, A L Thompson, E G Low and ly, 1 M Smith, B A Owlngs. W W Harden, La; J Rod man. Cr 8 Gentry, NC; B F Wyaon, C C Tate. D Gnham, J 8 Porter, L Wesson, T L Chipley, B Harris, T Harris, M Bird. T Sweeney, A R Meem. Va; J l.ammond, J Fowle, G M Burnsand ly, NY; D WUIa, C W Moulton. O; E Dwight, G M Wai/ner. A B Howard, F R Warner J Crock ett and It, Fa; L A Bean, J C Lewis, D E Wood, Wood. J C Lewis, G R Andrews, Dr M A Fox, Wis: R Turner, D Clsrk. Md; H Holloway, J G Kiencb, G Tanner, Toledo; Mrs M Stilling*. Miss M T Miller, Mo; R Wallace, G Mayo, J Lelleate, Teun; E T 01115s, Del. WASHINGTON HOUSE ?WS Walker, Va; R C Burnett, NJ: B S Disbrow, E Cook, W B KhiRht, NY: J D MeCollouah. T Stribling, Va; D Vclntosb, Iowa; 8 H Wattles, Neb; G B Hoi ceo, wis; B Van Horn, C A Martin and ly, NY; J M AsLI ;y, Tol;T Cox. NJ; T Marshall, J Hob on, C True, S Dorliog, R T French, C L Corson H Cbaae, Mr; J M Pendleton, S J Harris. RI; VV Tovrnarnd. *>rs Evans and fy, Mich; J K Klrk ham, Va; R Tr^adwell, W Morehe.d, NY; S G Turner Mleb; B West, Mlaa West, S Castle,Md; Tuttle, NY. KIRK.WOOD HOUSE ?S S Covington, G K O'Neal. J R Brown, B Rugner, J D Fulton, 8 TLomson N V; C McDonald. F M Wright, L H Ba- bus. L Geiger, G W Fisher, O; J M Cowell, J Blscaburn, Fa; W R Glover, Ky; W W Gltt; W H Cook, G D Thomas, W B Richards, Va; F P Allen and daughter, H H Ruckers, Tex; Hon 8 A Smith, Tenu; C T Cone, 111; Lt Hat gerty. U3N. THE 1N3URANGK COMPANY ow Kir. Ja* 8. MoM array, Re*. \Vm. U. ftifille. Of Balttmort ConfIrene*. Rtoh %i tie.e 25 OfBU % bottle. WDo.mif by w H RtU * Co., Draggtata, t>3 TO bjT R 8.*^. Cieael * Co., Drnggiat, Georgetown. _ Cbarl-f Stott, Dnialit. 3 ?'4 Pa. avenue. Wm.s. Thompson. Dra(<nt, Fifteenth it. and Nev York avenae, Washington. Mi K. Baft, Druggiat. Nary Yard. jaP Im ^CHtNCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP. E. 8CHENCK, of Philadelphia finds it impoa i to viait Washington every vmI. ard naa Sla arrac <?m?U to oaitivelv be in the oicy the d Wedneaday of every month. a has a amtof room* at the Avenne Houee, >re patienta can obtain adrioa free. Ha only charges vh?n it ia aeoeesary to makaa thor< agb eunaticn of the Langs with the R aspir ornetor I. Waite ia agent for Setienok's Palmonio a, prioe ?\ per bottle, for the eare of Coocha. a ao<l consumption; Schenok'a Baa Weed ?. anoe II aer bo?U?- *<" ,k"~" o k P.Tls, prioe 89 oents ber fcox. ToMLirer ?laiatsand Co&*tipati?n of the How woud be grat'fu to thoa? who bjr his reaaediee if the; would jateeofoarewith#. B. WAITE, flmilk at. u4 La. ??. de l*-3m HCTKL. KEPT corner of Penn. trwt, hju b??o ?ruvM reoeutir ud now offers aoemcots for the patronage aeot or traasieat boarder r a cexoep lit e bar and reeUaraat arranceaenta of I ?ean HoU. have aiready b^ronie very eoj vacjuj that ? be tolrid byB aeeropnetor led fee aareaaitb ft?".? Uberal exseadYtareetq in& STATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 9300,000. Icsnree Merchandise, Buildings, Household Furr..ture, Ao , ?R-.inst loss or d&m&c* by fire. HEATH A KNOWLES, Afnti, ()?ce? Room 16 over ifer.k of VVuhinctoii. j* le ^ASHINGTON A.ND GEORGETOWN D P/kD * ? rM/riiCi i&KO polio*, ae it will be to their lctoreat to <io ?o, that W. H. READ'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF LIVERWORT for Couth*, CoUt, Hoarsetust, Croup and o;her affection* of the throat and che?t, and also hi* SORE THROAT POWDER. are two of the moat iofallibte remedies of the day, and no family ahoald be withou' them; and besidea, tne? are ao oheap a* to be witmn the reaoh of all. We do not expect strangers to believe what we write tn retard to oar own roedioinee, consequent ly we refer yoa to the folio well known gen tlemen'* oertiSoaten, whioh < an be seen at tne rrug stores where the artioiea are for wile; the* say they are tae beet Coagh and Sore Throat Medicines they have ever known: Rev. Jaa H. Browa. Rev. George Hildt. K- v. Aun'l A. Wi eon, K?v. Wm. A. Hioka, ReT. Wm. A. Snrrelv. Rev. !? >" _ __ . . . _ k NervousHeadache Headache. By the in of theee Pills the penodio ittuka of IftrvMtt or Sick Htadack* mar be prevented; and If taken at the oommenoement of an attack Ira me Aim SA];A| m. -A .UW.... Mill V. .W...AJI The genuine have five ?n natures of Henry C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Druccut? and all other Dealers ia Medi cines. A Box -will be sent by mail prepaid on reoeipt o the PRICE, 35 CENTS. All ordere ihoald be addressed to HENRY C. SPALDING, 48 Cedar Strut, New Yobk. THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDING'S CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THEIR REACH. A* these Testimonials irere unsolicited by Mr. Spalding, they afford unquestion able proof of the efficacy of this truly identijic discovery. Masoxvilli, Conn., Feb. 5,1961. Mft- Spaldii*o?Sir: I have tried jour Cephalio Pills, an'i I like them so well that I want yon to send me two dollars worth more. ui?w inioi fTviKi paiu ?uu ituauvM wiu ur uvm?iuou? They aeidom fail in removing the JVaniM ud Htadatkr to vhioh femalee are so anbjeot. They act gently upon the bo well,?removing Ct~ (tfllUII. For Literary Men, Students. Dehoate Female#, and ail persons of sedentary habits, they are val uable aa a Laxative, improving the appetite, giving tone and riicor to the digeative organs, and re storing the natural elaatioity and strong th of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of lone investigation and oarefully eouduoted experiment*, havinf been in use man? years, during whioh time ther have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from Headache, whether ongl nating in the nervous system or from a deranged state of the stomach. Ther are entirely vegetable in their composition, and mar be taken at all times with perfeot safety without making any ohange of diet, and the ab ulia of any disagreeable taste renders it easy to administer them to children. BEWARE OF COUNTER FRITS ! * an i/i tiion bio iui 1110 n"iinmiri, xo wnnm 1 gare a few oat of the firat box t jot from yon. Send ths Pills by mail, and oblige Yonr ob't servant, JAMES KENNEDY. Havkkfokd, Pa., Feb. 6,1861. Mb. Sfaldijig?Sir: I wish you to send me one more box or you' Ophalio Pills, I Hive received a great deal tf benefit from tktm. Yours respectiully, MARY ANN STOIKHOUSE. Srarc* Crkek, Hustinoton Co , Pa ,1 January 18. <8t>l- \ H. C. Spaldijio?Sir: You will please sand me two boxes of jour Cephalic Pilta. Send them im mediately. Rrspeotfu ly yours, JNO. B. SIMONS. P 8 ?I hare used one box of your Pilit, and find mm Belli Vxbnon, Ohio, Jan. 15,1881. IIzifBT C BpaldiN'i, Etq.: Pleaae find tnoloaed twenty-fire eenta, for whioh Mod me another box of jour CepnaHo Fills. They arc truly the but Pills J have *vtr tried. JJirect A. STOVER. P. M.. Belle Vernon, Wyandot oo? O. Bkvkily, Mam, Deo. 11,186". H. C. Bpalci^o. K?<i : I with for lome ciroolara or large ?how *illa. to brine your Ceph%lio Fiila more particularly before my on-jtomera. If you haveauTthin? of the kind. please a?nd to me. O;ieof ray customer*. who la aubjeat to aevere Hiok Heaiaohe. (usual It lasting two day.) u>a.i cured of an attack ia on* Hour by your Pills, whioh 1 aer.t her. Reapect'iiily youra, W. B. WILKES. RtmnT-MiirBft FDimrrrw Pa AWU ? January 9,1?61. *V" Hf.iii C. No. 48 Cedar rtreet, New York-JJ?ar 9ir: lucloaed find twenty-five oenU. (25,) lor which ?ecd box of 4 Op n alio Pille.** >end m Adiir-?4 of Kev. Wm. C. Fiifer, fteynolde btt*c. Franklin cnuntr, Ohio Yomr Pith tcork like a charm?cure Headache almost instanur. Truly yours, WM, C. FILLER. Yp8ILanti, Mioh., Jan. 14,1861. Mm. Mfald'So?Sfr: N?t Ion* ejnos I eeot to ron for a box "t Oepua to fiila for ihe oare of the Ner vous ri^artaohe and Costi v?*neia, and reoeiwed the umi>. mid th-y had mo good a* tf?ct that I teat in duced to send Jot mart. fiea?e ??cii by return mail. Dire-t to A. R. WUKKLER. Ypaiianti, Mioh. M-rvrn ?r%c Xi jrammCT% IIOTJQiK% V CL, Ophalio r'rll* aioompli'h the object f"r whioh they were ra&o#, viz: Cure ol headache in all iu forma. From Ike Examiner, Norfolk, V a. They have been tested in more than a thonaand case*, with entire aucwosa. Prom tkt Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn. If you are, or have been troubled vith Die head - ache, tend for a box, (Cf phaho Cilia,) ao that you may have thorn iu oa?e cf an_attaok. From Ike Adrertiter, Providente, R. J. The Cephaiio Pi Ha are oaid to be a romarkabjy eff.roiive remedy for the headaehe, and one of the very Deat for that very frequent complaint which baa ever been discovered From Ike Western R. R. Oaxette. Chicago, III. We heartily endorse Mr. Spaldini, and his un rivalled Cephalio Pills. From tkt Kanateha Valley Star, Kana%rha, To, We are cure that persona suffering with the head ache. who try them, will stiok to them. Frnrn tke Southern Path Fimiier, New Orleatu, La, Trv thetn ! you that areaffltofwl and we are sure that ynur t?a'im<>?y can be added to (he already numer jur list tiiat has received benefits that no otuor medicine can prr-duoa. From the St. Louit Democrat, The immense demand for the artlele (CephMio Pills) is lapidly increasing. From tkt Gaz'tte, Davenport, Iowa. Mr. Ssaldinc w?u;d not oonnect his name with an artiote he did not know to posse?? real merit. From tkt Advirtiftr, Providtnce, R. I. The taatiraor* in their favor la atrong, from the moat reapeetab ? <uarter? From tkt Diily N*wt, Tltvport, H. /. Cephalip Pills are taking the plaoe of all kiada. ' * fry A amgle bottle of SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE will aave ten timea lu ooat annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S P~REPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH! |?T"A 8titch !* TimiSivu NmE.M-TTI n? twiuniH wui nappan, even In well reguiated families, it is very denrable to have some oh ap ai.d;o<>nvenient way for r?pairing Furniture,Toys, Crockery, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE mffoU all such fm#'f enoies, and no household can effort to be withuut it. It is always ready, and up to the sticking point. - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.?A Brush accompanies eaoh Bottle. Prioe 2ft oeuis. Addiess HENRY 0. SPALDING, No. 4S Cedar streat, New York. CAUTION. A a Mil.>? 1 ? "* .? Kupimuifivu f WIWH ?ri MMBpbBf to gift afira^ruw&3S& ona to mmiM be for* farohhaiag, tod iwtktt the full n&rae, Q7"8f ALDIN01? PREPARED OLUE^fl uon thgo?Uid? WT?f??r; til oth.n F* "^ha* ooiflwnwu, to p-oaww i PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. |' pUBLIC N O T I C E. Pahlio notioe U hereby firen that bonds wd eon pom annexed, of the deeoription hereinafter eet forth, have lately been felontoesly abstracted from the oaetody of the Interior Department, the eame being the property of the United State* and held m trust for oertain Indian Jribee. Notioe has alao btta (Itoii to the proper oaoera oT the mfit tire SUtea to atop the payment thereof j and ail pereona tra warned acainet parohaalnc or raiair lax any of aaid bonda ud oonpona, m Um olaim of tha United Btatee thereto will be proeeonted to the ntmoet extent Each bond bain? for the ana of on* thousand doilara, tis : Sut par oent, Miaaonri Conpon Bond*, leaned to Jane and Anfut, is91. BUt? of Miaalonrl, St. Loaia and Iron Monntaln & R. State Bond a. Bond No. JO37 Bond No. 182S 1878 1990 1W7 1827 1822 1821 100 2008 2007 1993 mi 1996 1891 1990 1802 % mi 2l>03 2002 1W2 2006 2005 2004 2001 1999 2000 2009 1877 1R7ft 1809 1817 1818 1816 1814 1813 1812 1?10 1811 1808 2031 2033 2034 2036 2036 9032 1826 1828 1A9Q 1679 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1886 1884 1887 1888 1889 1890 2045 2048 2049 2047 2044 2013 1830 1831 1832 1868 1869 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874 1875 2030 2029 2018 2017 2016 2015 2nn 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 20W 2011 2038 1825 V>9 bond) 1824 Not*.?Bonds No. 3000, and below of this series, Issued June. 1857, and bonds No. 8001, and above that, dated August, 1897, parable at the Phonix Bank, New York oity, in 1887. State of Missouri sue percent, coupon bonds. via: Hannibal and Bond*? Bond No. 1863 1852 1861 1850 1849 1848 1847 1846 1845 1844 1832 1836 1833 SU Joseph Railroad State Bond No. 1026 1827 1928 1629 1859 1865 1863 1862 1860 18U 1856 1868 1855 1834 1854 1834 182] 1837 1823 1838 1824 1839 1825 1549 1826 1040 1827 1635 1828 1613 1829 1613 * 1830 1614 1831 1615 1641 1616 1642 1617 1643 1618 1644 1619 1645 1620 1646 1621 1647 1611 1864 1634 1631 163) 1633 1623 1857 1636 1630 1639 1841 1613 1634 1626 1648 1637 1638 1840 1842 1843 1650 1816 1817 181ft 1819 1820 1821 90 bondf < noTfc?FWM domi are dated Janaary, 1457, payable at Bank of Conuneroe, New VoMf, in NoTffmb?r, 1886?interest payable in Janaary and July or each year. BUte of Miraonn ?Lx per aent. Coupon North Mlr ronri R.jR, State bonda. J Bond No .?2952 Bond No. 1039 ? 2940 1838 2039 1841 2941 1842 2943 1643 2948 1844 2945 1845 2944 1848 2943 1847 2947 1848 ZV48 3949 3960 3937 3938 1653 1654 1655 1653 lfijrt 3931 3468 3513 104V 1640 1650 3933 3923 3924 2036 3961 3953 1657 17C5 17C6 1707 3d LS 2514 2616 2516 Mil 2919 2912 291* 2914 2916 2011 291T 2918 2919 8S 2955 1A&1 245 S 2451 2454 2455 2456 2457 2456 2459 24 AO 2461 2462 2463 2464 2465 2466 . . 2467 OV WBUI Not*.?Tb? bonda numbered 2516 ?a4 beiov. i? ^avsscAfe Miaao&ri 0*njj C^ou^c^&ondi^Ti*: North Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 2763 2784 2787 2784 2730 2781 2717 2782 ' 2734 2779 2721 2783 2719 2711 2733 2712 2722 3710 3726 3777 3776 2785 3768 3760 3770 3771 3785 2778 2720 2716 2727 2724 mi 2766 2729 2718 2716 2714 97*.t BOW isc, Bond No. 63M iM 61*1 Mtf 5368 5144 6156 AMI 6354 5243 6155 6353 5141 9340 z a IS m 5149 irn 5147 8S 9231 5300 5199 6198 6i sn 6310 &230 MOT 6148 6196 5196 5000

4999 r 4998 4$89 4?88 487B 5308 6267 MO# 6262 SI bonda MM sSSsSE'gSSfflBSBBF Bonds of North C?rotin??Oonpoo *U ft oanL North Caroluui tut par Mute. An.J v- VK. *? ? J M MM 33 32 23 9 T 840 348 347 344 343 342 341 301 300 ?7 235 234 203 106 104 20 10 18 17 340 15 339 13 338 8 337 11 336 10 335 102 328 101 329 100 330 99 331 103 332 0 333 28 334 22 227 18 o?n 21 317 98 318 . 97 31fl 9? 2V? 95 239 94 238 02 237 60 238 ? 303 72 bonds ?56, v Notb.?Theee bonds are dated January, 1A56 payable January, 1886, at Bank of Kepubllo, New York. Interest payable ia January and July. North Carolina 6 per oents. Coupon Bonds. Bona a*. ?.? Bond AO. 735 832 73<* 831 758 830 759 829 7ft0 834 781 835 782 836 7B3 837 7?4 838 WO 871 791 872 792 873 J793 874 794 875 795 87U 7W *77 797 873 798 879 799 880 881 846 847 848 849 850 851 85] 653 854 855 856 857 858 800 861 803 803 800 811 8u2 803 804 805 800 808 807 811 812 813 814 815 810 817 818 81V Rfrt 804 811 885 822 800 823 86T 824 868 826 W9 820 ?70 827 683 828 882 8-39 884 840 885 843 T31 844 TBI 845 733 ? 734 104 bond! 1MSM8S North Carotin* aiz per oent. Coopor bonda. Bond No. 509 Bond No. 493 000 494 003 495 004 490 805 497 606 607 608 610 611 613 613 609 614 633 633 634 636 636 637 638 641 ? 621 498 610 611 481 483 483 484 486 486 467 488 489 490 638 539 640 641 vno 015 Mi 543 644 530 646 531 647 532 648 533 645 534 649 535 660 536 6*1 # 637 663 618 616 629 617 616 618 615 619 517 455 614 457 422 468 470 602 449 440 442 430 431 433 436 437 427 429 435 645 546 547 548 560 562 471 472 473 474 475 476 477 478 430 479 433 480 431 613 601 613 544 491 119 bond* 493 "on Theae boixlaui d*Ud Juiifcry, 1UT7? North Carolina fix yar oant Coapoo Bond*?Coi poaa Arabia in April m4 Ootobar, ria: A'JS iSU'i^'SS.tKVSS?. &S>.^'!SLS^SS.'uiSt% B"4 g m 68 1U 64 14* M 1*4 M "* ?*** vn . Bond Ho. T 96 106 122 123 134 1* Boa* Ho 162 161 164 165 178 ltl 193 IQt 138 1M ir im is m 179 197 180 198 129 199 ISO 300 . 157 ? 144 46 bondi 146 Two b?oia for #1,W fmoh. dttad Aki>> 1OT. Bond No. 9 Bond No. 10 Jj!?? 'Xfr&JIA TW.'SittS-. BRiVui Bond No. 1183 Bond No. 1192 1184 1193 1185 UN }!5 UM 11M 1108 1197 1189 119? 15 bond* 1191 'gPMSBB&SS Bond No. 217 Bond No. 415 *78 419 2W 47? ?7 477 *09 491 iid ?ys 414 723 And of the following cumbers tuned Jtnu&ry.lSM: Bond No. 828 Bond No. 1278 829 1358 830 And of the following nnmbera leaned Jtnaarr.lMfc Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 2656 21 ip 2891 2133 28V2 2681 30M 2605 3121 And of the following numbers tamed Jtnuiry, 1696. Dai.iI V? Itiu *? 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GAS FITTING, &c. ??s?u a^vw piovwru w oxruovr Airy union wi\m Vbict the* mai r>e faired ;r, the PLUMBING, GAB OJ^^TEAJIl FITTING ID" Store on ?th afreet, a tew door* north of Pa. arenae, where may be found a complete a*?orUnea1 of CHAN DELINKS kcC otaer OAs, 8TEAMiu4 WATER FIXTURES. ia 27-1* pLUMBERS AND GAS fitters J. W. THOMPSON * CO. Would ea I the attention of water taken to their Sail a?*ortro?nt of Fixture* neceaaary to iu lutro inoti. d^i foliowa? K ITCH EN R A^l?ES.B A T H TUBS, WATER CLOSETS. hot water BOILERS. KITCHEN 8INKS, PUMPS, Caat rr"n. Wroucht Iron, I.ead and Gairacieed WA TER PIPES. HYDRANTS and PAVE WASH ERS. RUBBER HObE.&o. Hav.i.J superior arivanta?ea, with practical kr?wledie, we are propared to introdnoe Water iuvu uwoiuiiEi wnn an iat? meat lmproven-ente, promptly, anil at pnoes that oannot fail to satisfy. 369 Peon. avenne, no M-dtMar 1 bet 9th and i' th sU. sooth aide. W6A8 FIXTURES. E Hare 111 store, and are dai y reoetTinc, OAS glXTURES of entiroly New Pattern* and Designs and Finish, superior in etyle to any thing heretoior* offered in this market. We invite oitisens reueral It to oall and examine our stock of Oas and Water Fixtures,feeling oonfident that ve hare the best delated stock in Washinitiin. A.1I Work in the a bore Tine intruted to oar ear* Will be promptly attended to. mar 6-tf T SNYDER PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER, Hu removed to the oorc*r of Tw?iRh ud F ats. Hen prepared to introduce Water and Gu upon the most favorable tame, and guarantiee entire aatiaiaotion Hetiaa on band a lot of COOEIN6 and other ?TOVKS, wtner. ne will eell leee thaa ooat, aa ha wiahea to get rid or them. ao 11 QFFICE NOTICE IS PEREBY*ffiriTl?ilH?}S+ ably to the aroviaiom of the ordinance of the Cor poration approved Mar 12. lean, the underait: od I bow prepared, "whenever reaaired in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to inapeot. Ofloe No. lid Seventh ?tn??t, (war Odd F*1 0W? It It-tf laa?eotor and Sealer ot 8m Meter*. WORTH OF BO?>?s?8&OE8 a*d TRUNKS, Of *U Style* and QmtditUt, AT A SSKAT ?AC?ificb OH CO?T. Start fmr Rmt and Piztwru J or SaU. EL.IPIU TRUNKSin now being told,/or* tmtk At great mo n 6 cea od nasal mail Mill I. rip r 1 oea. ledeed eon helox "riginsl oo?L The attention of the public ia solicited, aa g-eat induoementa will be mtde to perohaeers. I The abore ooinpriaea a large atockof the Lreat ality Freooh and Amtr-owi Gnitere.9hoee,Boota, .0.. Jke., lor ladim and (MltiMn. Tne Store ia for rent and the Fixtnree for ?le. Apply on the premiae*, Iron Ha.::. N. B.?The above etook, either in whole or ia part, will be eoldat private eale. To aayoaede airoae of entering the Hoot. Shoe aad Traak Beai aeee thia afford a a better opportunity than may ? ?resented. indebted will oonffer a fhvor by prometlT caning Ma x>tuinf th?ir aoooncU. >7tf gOuTI AND IjH jw?carta of etatern made work of 17 &t^^^inw?UukM SrtM im tku ?ty| wyum w^- V a WW BS4 tM&Lttsrxsi ^?ariJtsps ht? pu MB?r, >? 19-la MEDIO INKS, FOE AJLX, IN8EA?K9 OF IMPBl'DBNCF LET NO FALSE DKL1CAC1 rtitWRNT APPLY 1MMPD ATELV. A 9WRE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAR9R. IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS aa4 IMMi, hmImhi laMmu, t'lu*J Klltf, r* ?, w*r (Niln IfiryV r*?i?a a# I <! * , rf?(VMn.^e.i4ftt.lWlkik l> r J? mi Bifkl ? M4.W, t'tH lu< Tkn,! wtM H?,th,jniWl>i L?>r. hw itl m ... Itm TmhWi P.mtMi umu| Na >?lmry ^ Ytatfe?IbM Dr?i4f?l i?4 DouiH ii PntMn wk.ak r*? 4m airmii l?r?nikto, am4 Onr?? M; u< Mm toim an epeelaily vfea ktn >?? i Uk? ???!* ? i s.ltarr tea, tfcti iiMihi u< imumti.?? kutn wfcia* (mmII; >?m|I m u tnUiMit fnittWtii'idi WTmi| IUi, W?? mm ?t. i)i*4 uUaau tiU kruUat kcMllxi, *! awtt MMrvai *?*? 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VkM tb# Ri>*f-aid*d acd i"ia<?4ant af p'.aarar* k< kUlBhM til dlMMI, II tM (All UfflM iMttii iU'IUM4Mr.M ?'ih?iritrtfriid if<wu<>7 tiUri hill IVta app.aiag ia thoaa frtm arfaaattaa aad raapacut^u?, a?r. *1Uii kafr:?ad b>f? Ma tell* IBM tbt ban da af ifnaranl ai,d dtaifiiirf vk*. lowfat i af tmr.t.r. >lcb kit pacaaUry kVmum, Itap kia |nti>| Mth tlut mv'Ji, tf as ki f a* tk< fa* taa k??> taioad, ant! la daapair ;aa?? bis witb ran *4 baakbtaaifk a?ai biajaJliuj disippaunrcai.t; ar k* tba af tkai data * Mm, Karcary, haataa tha caaau'.auaaal i;niMM t( U'i ttmkla diaaaaa, aaeb u Afaeii?n?a'ika Raan. Tkraai, Hmi, kin,Ac.. prarraaainf vi.k fr.jMfal rapid"?. till daatk pata a panad ta bit iraadfal aaffanr.f a ?? aai.dinf bua la (bat aa Kaihsrut.whatare fT.e? nut.' Tne blood latlM aouroe of lite and healtii, a ud it ia the f it alaip? t of oar being to rt??oct to acr cmh which affeete the ar?tem, aa tha palee JroEubjj atteeta The avar prevailing Neura'gia, tie. irritating Eryaijeiaa.tb? eoMl?Scrofula, the agon'ring K '.<*uirtauair, N?r voua Debility. l>T?pepr.:a. LiverComplaint with ita toraor aud dejection. acu the number ?aa Ula tkal fccift ia h< ir to.derive ?neir h^ecaa ongin from tt* bioo-i. I>?a kind:t the* and gently vita the btooa. Uae the vitalising raaunroea of nature for ita and naffer ua to cmmer.d to yoar oonfideuoe aae that Iraly va.nai' e medioament known m MRS. M. cors INDIAN TLiiKTABLK DECOCTION. With regard to tma almost icfa.ible pops tar aentiment haa apoken in aeoidi and the evidenoet of this great eftoacy *tf tamed by oonatar.t a*owa.a of ebrative ef < " bta? hapain*! reau.U from ita aae are after remedies and the bext medical akil: have fi Let na aay, in ooneloaion, th*t cerUfi oaree are not aoiigtit from the illiterate 4o:al, battney are volunteered from tl apeet%ble aoarcea'and joetify the L;lieit tr-w which it ia poe'ibie to oomirrr.d ao vainaata Mc:ke to pnbio approv?\ We n.ay Md iHthkl the cjra'JYe properties of the ir.odicine are e* called iu.r by it? restorative effect*, the i?<ilern re< luc from with renewed conatitat'ona. Fo- sale by ?li re*?*etabte Drngriitt in 1 OitT, and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None ler.ntne oulera her paoets blown on bottle serf her aee! on the oork irr-I nM M\ per bottle, six Nott.'ea for |L w\ol**al* Attni. F e. T. CISSt^L. Drs(| Georgetown, triot, &i>4 will an '8 tr A,int. P . R t ClSSkTZ Brad* , D C.. Wholesale Ac ant for the Ka il supply Ute trade at icy prioes. Dr. j. bovee dod's IMPERIAL WIXE B ITT EMS, Are bow being saed from Maine to the 6'ial Salt Lake, anl the isnr ~mJ reruiot of all wfe? tneni either a* imWw<<h or aa a b**tr< they are anssrsa;*-*. in the world. Dr. them saooewsfrjiT 13 hiryraouee for U y we psrofca*e4 of Ue eo.e ncht to ? and present fer sal* to the p* oare of Insight Cenranptioc, Jadjj pepsia, Piles. KtiTtm L*!aeeaec, r piair.te, and ail taiK ntunu * tonic, rond doabtr. ?e*? mvaJnablo remedy. leir medicinal o??rr,ea U>ey are a acme and deiitatfs: fltverace, prod pleasant esh:leran:tg effeota of Brt without their inJsrioaa recc.U. L.ot ntunamtv an<i ail t<*- r>r lit ntftitiiulli?H nluU* for tits and mI tith vh'eb the eosnL'j ta flooded, fectta.iy aid la baauuunc D: tram tta 0 i UHARLK8 WU>D1F1KL.D * (Ur^ rr??n?t\>r?, T? W?trset, New Ymk J. PCHVYARilti. Acent, wwkicgtoa, 1). C. PR. J. BOVEE DOBS' IMPERIAL till* BJTTE, Pot DUmim of ti?? Kid: e?s, Bladder a ()?ui, ud Mftottllr for Fnul* O never Aul to cvre. and are warranted to *8fiXkLKS WT Proprietor*. ) ? It J HBDIFIELD * CO A font. W FpEEHAN {( SIM The abort PUR TftOM Miltih Gi HMMe w h iskt. Co rrmM oh Maltkb Ceaiw, being inferior u4 *uahtj, ud kirhiy lnirowc by ? , tsi oonMiMri to all other Whiskies, and rno?wiwl br the beet yhy?l litta m aoeMcsing all the reeair Tgmit Invxiormiormmd ? ? ! ? iair?i _>?*, the dtatdiadea of thia Whial ads to tx> the softest and fare States i and to Uaa mar, in a ir?a? d?cr^( w trlbcWHi u.e exoe..ete< of u\.? Whiakjr, For saUsbr KP KKMANTt ftlMpfcON. Ob U>? Bchaylkili Ofl?tt-N Wall atreet, N< Front street. Philadelphia. Phetj Diatiliaii. i nrer. PkuiadoIatU. v York; lOftKtt ANOTHKR KREt?H MJPPL.Y OP A BOOKS. Juat received by t'RKNCH k. KICH8TEIN, 97? Perm. \Ttiri, Wuiimtor l ife in the Old Wor.d, br Krednka Bm Tola , Umo , c loth; ariee f 2 50. One of Them, bj Charles I.tnr. ?aeer MssaaisfiomtheSea, by Charles Dick SO eenta The Amerloan Question, 12 *0 , el oth; eenta: by mail free on reoeipt of price, n onaat at o?r store for oash. UVLUNfi Tl ibraoing an ?aalH iliM'iitd cwt; fr?n wbiM^MiM uinlii n'?m ML JOUMUlf IKMtOT TUB OBOBVIU WI1UM 1RU IMPOTEMCT. By llli rt?ii u< Icmuu r?u.?dy ttUMMtfiM ?r?M in pttduy > r* d tod Alii f?r rmwii !> ? :i Mtl ntntu ud dtHitwuC, *M kid iMt all *?f?, fc??? ktii InnidlttAiv itLivtd. All lisptduatLit m Mtrrtif*. rift It* at M?au IH?aai J ihuni, b*w *r r>Nnui'i r???u ' y Yiaakluif tad Witkiw r? Bxhaatuaa af ifc* Miihutd klad apaaaditj lirac BMQpiBKMEJrr Of TBB PBEBB. TBS BANT TBOVIAML4 imtad atlfcM irMIMlM vHfcl* ? iuiii'idiiii jtin, u.9 < < I.?W layHBHinp Ml m|h parfaraad ky Or. JtkMM, MM ky Ui ilHmn af tka fiptn u< May <i<i mImi ?f viiU ki'i >rpa><0 afala tKl afa'a kafar* U? kilt, ka Mai UtMuilt| u fitjiau ml UiiuMiaal iNMatf fclilty, la a aalaitu fiutun ta tk? afliaiao taa It JOY FOR THE PICK AND BCFFJKRJNO. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED AT FLY THE REMEDY REJOICE JJVHEALTH. ?end, do yon user.' Ar? yon the Tictim of say dm nimeroii tilciecu vbi?li from up parity of the blood.' W fiat are they, do yon ui'