Newspaper of Evening Star, March 1, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 1, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS IP" T'oruih The &ia* la printed on the fastest iKcni prem In nse to nth of Baltimore, lta edition Is sn large es to require It to be pnt to press at aa e?-rly V?ir, A'iTrrttamenta, therefore. should be ?cnt In before 12 o'clock m.; otherwise they aoay a* \rp**r until the next day. Wiawa* Last Night The irst noticeable oblect that oreamtrd Itself to the reDortorial eve last night, within the Wigwam, wu'the appear ance agai nit the wall, back of the chairman's desk, "f a goodly siaed placard, bearing upon ita face 'he following significant aentencea: Rkckcits Waht*d! Abl?hodU4 Mtn Wanted ft Struct M tk* Aaxr or South Carolina. Bounty. *2; pay, Sll per month. Ratlona,eloth* lnv and uedical attendance Included. Term of enlistment, one year. Apply to Capt 0. T. Andkiws, Recruiting Officer, No. 42 Monroe Htreet. Upon inquiry amonv; the crowd, we ascertained that th? placard was dropped In the street bv some enterprising recruiting agent, who was engaged in posting similar ones up about on English Hill yesterday afternoon. This being the regular meeting night of the Republican Association, tbere was a Dig crowd present of course, and we noticed numerous lone Hps of paper circulated aboot the room and eagerly presented to favorable consideration by 'be bearers. Tbese slips of paper generally bad a beed and a tail a piece?ao to speak?and it was remarkable to notice bow much alike tbey looked, each having a handsomely Inscribed address at tbe top, and a loos succession of indifferently written names at the bottom; and yet tbe possessors did not appear to be half satisfied with them, aud hurried about in all directions to look for more autographs, which they generally obtained, the signers In most cases having similar ones uf their own, and expecting a similar courtesy in return. Down ?tairs In the caucus room, or Detltion room. there were more of these Ion;; lists of names, and hey grew apace in longitudinal dimension* e? he evening wore away. The following names were read out, (their own ers having presented them to the Association at the previous meeting. for admission Into the re publican ranks,) the Chair stating that if no one objected to them as read, they would be consid ered as admitted to full membership: H. Messer, F. Wyle, Chas. Harron, J. H Van Buren, F. B. Van Buren, Albert Chllds, John Robinson. J H. Wynn. A Mesaer, E. Grind all, Jas A Harrover, Jaa Frailer, Theo. Thellkell. Another name was read, when? Mr Blgley objected. Mr Cohn ?Mr. Preslden, vat have the shemle men's objections be? Vy he not like him?" Mr Blgley?1 it ihe tirst place, it Is pretty sure ba? be is not a voter here, and rumor states that he Is not a white man [Liaghter ] A Voice?That 1* so, Mr President. It ia said so ail over Washington; ana I think his name ought to be stricken from the roll. Mr A.C. Rirbarde? If these rumors be true, Mr Presideut, I do not think we ou^ht to ballot for him. 1 move that a committee be appointed to investigate this matter, and report at tie next meeting?the question on the confirmation to lie over in the maritime. A Voice ?His uncle was not allowed to vote in Alexandria, where he lived, on the same ground. Mr. Richards' motion was carried. io? iitwiv-*irriru mriinxn were requested 10 come up to tbe captain'* office and aettie, which they did Mr. Secretary Clephane stated to the Asaocla tion that It bad been deemed desirable to give Mr Lincoln a aerenade to night The Associa tion bad not authorized it; but many members desired that it should be done, and the executive committee bad made tbe necessary arrangements, and hoped tbe Association would endorse what they had don* It would oe remembtred that they had made arrangements to serenade Mr Lin coln on bia arrival in Washington and had b*en disappointed, Mr. Lincoln expressing his pleasure that it should not take place on that night. To night the band waa in waiting, and ready to give 4* U- ...tu 1 J % (uc ?cicuBur ouvuiu it uc aumuriZCU U\T IUC? A WO rtition [Cries cf "Good."] Before giving it. however, it wai necessary that the fundi be raised wherewith to pay the band, which would cost thirty dollars The speaker hoped several gentle men'would pass among the crowd and receive contributions for the purpose of paying the bind, so as Dot to draw upcu the treasury of the Aiso clatlon. The proposition was well received.and the col lectors started out on their mission, and soon re tamed with $12 The Chair here made an appeal to the crowd to dive deeper Into their pockets Mr. Cohn moved to appropriate the balance from the Treasury. Mr A Hunt, (explosively.)?I object. Hewent on to say that he tnought the money already col lected for the serenade ought to be s'oent for some charitable purpose. The serenade world not BMkc the President elect one bit better, nor add a MttW to bia glorr If tbe Association has got amy Mrplus funds let it b? applied to some useful purpose, and not squandered on a useless serenade. Mr Hunt's remarks not being agre'.ablv re ceived by tbe members, tbe CbMr renewed bis suggestion tbat further contributions be made, aad It was carried. In n few minutes the collectors returned with W more, miking f 17 in all Mr. Wood was In favor of authorizing tbe ex ecutive com ta It tee to use the money of the trear ury without any vote of tbe Association. It bad been done on a former occasion, and why not now* The proposition gave rise to a rather exciting debate*, in which several leading members par ticipate?, and Mr. Clepbane entered Into an ex planatlon of tbe?fforta of the Executi vecominlttre and the WldeAwakeain connection with this nuie tert-nade It bad been determined that Mr. Lincoln abculd have a reception on bis coming here. That bid been upset by hiaaudden arrival bare on liat Saturday morning An atttmp* b ;d heaa made to aerenaae blm on that night, nut be bad requested tbat it be postponed on account of Ma fatigue; but be bad not amid tbat be would otyei t at a more favorable time. And the speaker hqf ad tbe Association would see no impropriety I alba proposed aerenade to-night. Let them not Ml aa a aecond attempt. He thought it waa p*Mir la appropriate tbe amount necessary to <ftfnr tke expense, and accordingly moved that aach aa o-der be made. Tba prapoaltiou wu second td by Mr. J. H Wim, aad carried. Tbe Chair announced the committee to investi gate tte charsea aealnat tbe candldatM u-rniHl nf Belnj colored, as follows: Meurt. Ilenshaw, Wilaon, and Dr. McK<m. Mr. Blgley here moved to reconsider the rote by wkleh the subject had been referred to a com mittee. It was rery delicate thing to tnvestimate, and wms a subject out of which litigation ionic time* grows He hoped the vote would be recon sidered and the question be taken on his conllrma ti?B. It only took tea black bails to constitute a rc|ttl'iQi "Mr H?nt thought it was singular tbatany indi vidual CwM bring up a subject bere that be was QnwlUing to have Investigated by tbree Impartial nes. Why not let the committee do their duty aa|NMrt? Hr Big ley's motion was carried, and a ballot or4?Mk?Iii almost no time at all the ballnU N*t %<*? * led with black balls, and the chair de < laiMvat the obnoxious applicant was duly re rail moved that the association now ad j?M, to proceed to the contemplated lereaiile. Mr^Ciephane said that Mr Lincoln waa dining oat tfthe National Hotel, and would not probably be t$ hi* room? for an hour. In the meantime he 1 tome gentleman would address the aasocl attto. >pearlng to apeak? tane made aome alluiiona to the pro tbe coming Inauguration. Tbta Aaao I been assigned a prominent poaltlon In Ion on that day, and he hoped there be a republican In Washington absent i tin line on tint occasion, In order to abow la a republican association iu this city, that at least l,(JUt republicans wsuld be Th? Executive Committee bad waited }tt and requested him to order all bis m here to take a position In the line, and ,._,a ki? ?iiit. J- ? ? - J* I twHw i u; ur?i hi* wuiiH^niH iu uu su [ap? Tb? Republican Association designed car la the line from which should float onal flag, bearing thirty-four star*; thirty young girl* would occupy the car, repre ] the thirty-four States, each bearing In ber the epreaeatatioa of the coat of arm* of a Hunt, (excitedly.)?I hop* they will be Icaa young ladies. [Laughter] Chair asked if Mr. t ooper, of Portsmouth, present. If so, the Association would like to from him. ?Is UC.C Cooler* [Laughter J TUBIBRX5A0B. Wigwam folks now descended to ibe where they formed under Marshal Knight, eded by Scala's band, started for Wil Hotel, their ranks palpably swelling and lengthening apare as they marrhed hope <.. tke miMrt?rt r\f Ah# " tn tliW iirilu of tbe well known air, ' Tbc I'm fondly dre?it>lng " 4t Wll lards Hotel thr crowd vti Iro tbe cheering vociferous Mr. Lincoln petted calls preseoU-d blmself at tb? of hi* apartments, which was thrown d bla appearance wu the signal fur the nd moat enthusiastic cheering Having ay to stand upon tbe President elect out upon tbe window till, and holding ndow blind*, spoke as follows: MM. lijcolr's antra i: 1 suppose tb-it I mar take this as a t paid to me, and asanrb please accept ks for It 1 bsve reached this city of b?f uuder which any other man eM It I am hrn f*r ttw purpose of ?a oAcial position un ongat the people, all ?f whom wera politically ?ppo?<d to arc yet oppoMd to me, ac fa r t re rrlataken la that;" " Indeed yoo are."] I pro pose no lergthy addreaa to too. I only propoee to ay, aa I did aay on veaterday, wben your worthy Mayor and Board of Aldermen called upon me, that 1 thought much of the 1U feeling that hai ex latrd between vou and the people of your aur roundlng* and that people from amongst whom I came, baa depended, and now dependa, upon a m1aund?ratand1ng [' Thit'aao!"and applanie.] I hope that, if thln^a ahall bo alonv m nrn???. onfly an I believe we all deal re they may, I may b?ve It in my power to remove something of thia misunderstanding; [cries of uG"od'" "Good!" and applause;] that 1 may be enabled to convince you and the people of your section of the country that we regard yon as in all things being our equal?in all tbinga entitled to the same respect, and the same treatment that we claim for our selves; ["Good'" "Good!" and applause;] that we are in no wise disposed, If it were in our power, to oppress you. or deprive you of any of your rights under tbe Constitution of the United States, or even narrowly to split hairs with you In regard to those rights, [prolonged applause.] but are determined to give you. as far as lies in our hands, all VOUr riirhti under the Constitution ?not grudgingly, but fully and fairlv. ["Good!" sod applause J I tope that, by thus dealing with you, we will become better acquainted, and be better friends [Loud cheers 1 And now, my frlendi, with these few remarks, and again re turning my thanks for this compliment, and ex pressing my desire to bear a little more of your good music. I bid you good night. Mr. Lincoln retired amidst three big cbeers. The band played Yankee Doodle,and six hear ty cheers were given for the Union The crowd then proceeded to the residence of Hon. Thomas Corwln, on O St.; where, after the band had performed several popular airs, and the crowd bad given three cheers for Mr. Corwin and the Union, Mr C. appeared at the door, and was received with great applause. He was introduced to the audience by Mr. L. Ciephane,and spoke as follows: mr. coKwiif's srncB. v>"-iiurmrn: i cnnnoi misunfterstand tne objects which brought you here I know It is the passion which every true American feel* who loves hi* country, the Constitution, and the Union of these Statrs [Applause.] I think the time in which we live has come upon us for the purpose of reviv ifying that ancient lo7e of true constitutional liberty, regulated by law, [cheers;] and it gives me great pleasure, under these circumstances, to see this number of men united In that general idea and for that general purpose. ["Good."] I am happy to say to ycu to-night, gentlemen, that the Congress of the United States in one of its branches to-day has said that that portion of your Constitution, made by your fathers and mine, which secures to cach State the right to mold Its own domestic institutions according to its own ideas of policy and propriety, shall remain so for ever. [Great applause J 1 think that the develop ments of to-day, accompanied by such as we shall be happy to see in the course of a few weeks, will iia>r iup rurt'i 10 aupfi mum of tbat misunder standing which hat led to the late unhappycou sequenreg we all bo much deplore. Gentltmr n. it is a time when men are required to cease talking, and go to work. ["Good."'] To atw?t tb'ir feelings of patriotic devotion to this great and glorious country of ours?not so much by words as by deeds [Cries of "Good, good "] each of us, therefore, remember that since we i have a constitutional President, elected in a con stitutional manner, it becomes our duty to give to i tint President, and the policy which he may hap- j pen to present to the country, a liberal and fair consideratlrn. ["Good."] If it shall not square With the dnrlriiiM t? ? Miv. H WV IVII? kV ?UC tion and Institutions of this country, be will find 1 himself abandoned by tbe very men who have i elevated him, and be left at the mercy of the few ["Thai's so."J Gentlemen, If I were able, and It ? was your purpose or mine here to confer together upon tils subject for ten would benotblng \ more or lrss, at least.than I bave said. Letenr^b one of us remember that we are citizens of one Gov- , ernment; let us remember that this country is In our bands, to be saved or lost, as our inadnee* or our wisdom may determine. Gentlemen, I again return you my thanks for this mark of your kind ness. [Applause ] ( At the close of his remarks the crowd gave three i hearty cheers, and calls for Sherman and Wash burn were made; but as neither of those gentlemen were present, the procession again formed and proceeded to the rtsidenceof Mr. Seward, InF st. Arrived there, it was announced that that gentle man was nst in; whereat great disappointment was manifested The march was continued to the WliKlnohtn ? ?*?-?? - * ~ *. ?jvu0c? luinrr Ui 1 UirCft 11 3I1Q F5 avenue, the rts'.dence of Hon Hannibal H*mltn, Vice President elect. Mr Hamlin appeared on the balcony, and ipoke at follow*: mr uamlin's kpbeck. My friend*: Whether amid the snows of the Northern States, or beneath the genial sun that smiles upon you so l*ere, ?v?rywiicre in this broad land. I am rejoiced to meet American citizens. [Tremendous cb-eringl We have a , common country, and it is a country we ell love, however bounded, or by whomsoever governed [Applau<e ] W e, at least, as republicans, bold to the Con stitution and to tbe rights tbat It guaranties to everv State. [Vociferous cheering J Andltlsin tbe light of that Constitution, and on the princl (ties in which It has been administered In years ong gone by, by sa^es and by patriots, that we meiin to guide and direct It now. [Immense cheering ] And come what will, come weal or come woe. It Is in the maxims of Jefferson, of Mafiltnn f*f Wr ? * "?4 ... ? , .. wuiu^k/u, aiiU U1 J Ol K3UII , lUJll w? will stand by our common country, and main tain its integrity, and the Constitution In its purity. Gentlemen, I am gratified to meet you on this occasion, and I thank you for the kin duets and tbe courtesy which it manifests; but more, much more, for the principle which it exhibits In your bosoms .is loyal lovers of the land. [Applause.] You will allow rue to bid you a kind good night. Final Heakino.?Yesterday evening, Justice Donn took up and finally disposed of the follow ing cases: ? H'nrv Cry, a free negro, was arrested by police man \ eatman for an assault and battery on a white girl named Ellen Daley. They were both eir ployed at tbe Avenue House, and in tbe course of their business some words passed, and tbe pri soner attacked the complainant, and threw a omniltv nf bnillni/ ural^r nnnn v.? -i j ^ -rw- Mv,t neck. He was held to ball In *300 to appear at the criminal court. The case of Patrick alias Thomaa O'Donnell i and John D alias Daily, waa fully Invalidated. They were charged with assaulting and stabbing Charles Finnegan, which case was reported In the !?tar a few days ago. Finnegan has recovered so far as to be able to resume his business as a driver connected with the " Night Line," much to the rstonlshment of those who saw bim when first taken to the Infirmary. Finnegan testified that he was in a house on the Island (Seventh Ward) where these men were, and they com menced to quarrel with him. At the request of the lady of the house he left, and waa immediate ly followed by the prisoners He was first struck by Daily, who was followed by O'Donnell In the m ttnf Ir wKa Kim * ? i *** ?* J ? I . uua HIM* ^ ??U, uc ? stone. and knocked blin down. Wllness wa? unable to get op; but wai not aware of the (tab* until be cot to the Justice's office, before going t to the Infirmary. Hla clothing waa cut through, and be exhibited five cuta, one In tbe aide and four in the back. O'Donnrll was held to ball In S54IO to answer tbe charge of assault and battery with Intent to kill, and Dally In 9~M) for simple assault and battery. At the Wiowix, last night, during tbe pro ceedings. Mr. Brown, of tbe Navy Yard, cried out that bis watch had been stolen, and requested that tbe doors be closed This waa immediately dona, and a general rush was made to the place where Browu stood Here Mr. B stood confront ing one of the hardest kind of a specimens of a three-lingered Jack. He had on a red shirt and this coat, and over that a lopg cloak, which was wrapped closely aDoul Llm Me ?ened that he was a j^eutleinan, and denied that he bad the stolen watch, and politely proposed to step one Ide and be searched. Tbia win done, and no watch, or rather Mr. Brown's watch, was not found upon him, though another one was. which he asserted be bad purchased during the day at a jewelry store in Seventh street, opposite the Center Market. Everybody at once cried out that tbere was no jewelry shop in the neighborhood Indi cated, and things begun to look squally for the strange man with seven lingers ana two thumbs. After a few minutes, a man In the crowd close by wbere the three-lingered Jack had been standing cried out In an' excited voice, ' Here is tbe man's watch. I found It right here on tbe floor." Of ficers Wise and Duvall immediately rushed up snd arrested the man In the red shirt, amid cries of "bring him up here,?let's have a look at the thief," Mr. Brown got his watch, and the wstch-hoase got Mr. Red Shirt. When the of ficers arrived at the watch-bouse with tbelr man, tbe Chief of Police recognlxed him as answering to the description of a noted pickpocket concern ing w do in d? naa receivea a leic^rrapnic aispaicn that morning from Baltimore. He was immedi ately committed to jail for further examination next Tuesday, to aa to keep him tight till after the Inauguration. Orricxa Tiomai Gokxan, who baa been in Washington city for aome day*, at the requeat at the authorities of that city, to attend to the light fingered gentlemen who bare flocked there la unprecedented numbers, paid a visit to this city ou yesterday, and as soon aa he landed discovered awell known pick-pocket on King street. Ha entered Into conversation with him, and accom panied him up the street until be met with officer Padgett, and civtng him a "wink" the gentle man wascarried before Justice Price, and upon the oath of officer Gorman was committed till the 4th of March, for further hearing?by that time #V.. l..s?fiii?stlAa willl Viava tak*n viIbm mr*A kl. Fez, the name of the worthy, will ho too late to commit any depredations upon the unsuspecting. Al*za?drim GmxttH. Msmuts or thi Tsistt-sixth Coioriss can obtain photographs of themselves at W hltehursfs Gallery, No. 494 Pennsylvania avenue, for om dollar a copy. Bos his photographic rlstttng cards, now si) tfee ng*< > v Jt 4mir Union NoMtNATina Contortion in Alkx a>dh a ?Last night, the Union men of Alexandria met in Liberty Hill for the purpose of nominating candidate* for municipal offices. The following nominations were made: For Mayor, W B. Price; Attorney, D. L. Smoot: Gnager. 8. R. Shinn; Measurer of Wood and Bark, J. P Cole man; Collectors of Taxes. J. A. Field ana Wee ley Avery; Surveyor, C. S Halloweil, Auditor, J. A English; Superintendent of Police, Junes Fad?ly; Clerk of the Market, Thoa. Wfcittington; Assessors, P. G. Henderaon nnd H. L Monroe; Chief Engineer of Fire Department, J L. Smith; Measurers of I.umber. VV H. MeKnlvht and W R Howard. The Convention not burn; able to raise a two-ttalrda vote upon anv gentleman for Superintendent of Gaa, it wu decided that Mr. Jaines T. Crump and T. M Smith should both run a* candidate*. The Convention then ad journed tine die. AlllVU o? THE U. 8. Stxamkr Paw*i?.? The sloop-of-war Pawnee (teamed up the river yesterday evening, and row lies in the heighbor hood of the arsenal The following list compri ses the names of her officers Commander, 9. C. Rowan; Lieutenants, Sam'l Marcy, R. B Lowry and J. C. Chaplin; Lieutenant Marines, E. McD. Reynolds; Assistant Surgeon, Francis M. Gun nell: Purser, Charles VV. Abbott; Master, F. B. Blake; Captain's Clerk, Wm. H. C. Bavlv: Pur aer'a Clerk, Win. Robertson; Surgeon's Steward. I.G- Bell; Engineer*?Chief, Geo. Gideon: lat Aaalatant, James M. A da ma; 8d Aaata , Philip Inch and John Johnaon; 3d Aaata., David Hardie and Joaeph Tulley; Paaaed Midahipmen, A. V. Reid, G. B. White, H. L Howieaon and H M. Blue, Boatawaln, Janiea M. Miller; Ganner, Wm. Burolece. The Pawnee ia one of the largeat class aloopa. Dinnkb to Pkkotdent Lincoln.?The Hon. E. G. Spanldlng, of New York, gave a private dinner party yesterday evening, at the National Hotel, to the President and Vice Preaident elect. Tt.fl l.-U.J - ? uv rnvtivmuE uifucunucBW were prewm ^ LjiCUi General Scott, Edward Bates of Missouri. Caleb B Smith, Gov. Chase, Judge Harris, the Senator elect from New York; W. E. Dodge of New York, a prominent member of the Peace Congress: Thurlow Weed, Gen. Webb, Judge Davis of 111., Senators Seward, Cameron, King. Crittenden, Hale, Chandler, Representatives E. B. Wash burne, H. Wluter Davis, Pennington, Sherman. C F. Adams, and J. A Gurley. Before leaving the hotel, the President accepted an Invitation to visit the ladlea' parlor, where he received a hearty welcome from the lady guests of the hotel. Thk Drrmiz ahd Grrrx Otkra Trocpr con tinue to draw like a team of elephants at Odd Fel lows' Hall The company is a large and excellent one. and their performances are really the most amusing and interesting ones of the kind we have ever witnewd. No Wtt*>r rumMlv could be devised than a visit to Odd Fellows* Hall during their stay here They will give a grand matinee on Saturday afternoon, at half past two o'clock, for the accommodation of families and children, when no doubt the hous*> will be filled to overflowing. They appear ta-night; alto to-morrow evening at the above place. Thkatkh?To-night Miss Gougenhelm takes bcr benefit, appearing as Jeannie Deans, in Bour cicauit'sadmirable adaptation from Scott's thrill ipji story, "The Heart of Mid Lothian." The stre ngth of the company will be brought out to give the performance due effect, and it will have tbe adjuncts of new aceiierr by Lamb, character istic music, (Scottish.) arranged by Withers, and in fact all possible pains will be taken to cause the play to jgo off with cclat. Tbe amusing farce ui "Deiiv ua*et ' concludes tne perforniancet. Sctremk Coort?Tkurtiiny ? Chas E. Strong, of New York, was admitted an attorney and Counsellor of this Court. No. lul. The Board of Commissioners of Knox county, plaintiffs in error, agt Wm. H. Aspln wall et al This cau?e was argued by Mr Porter fortbe piaintitrs in error, and by Mr. Vinton for tho defendants in irror. No URt. Pierre A iiertbold et al , plaintiffs in error, agt. Edward Goldsmith This cause was argued by Mr Hlair for the plaintiff* in error .and by Mr. Carlisle for the defendant In error. Aaj'd. Mr Likcol.i To-hit.?Another hungry-look ing crowd abounded in the neighborhood of r>ar lor No. 6 to-day, and Mr. Lincoln wai as excln ?ive with reference to them a* heretofore. Among U:ose who held interviews with him during the morning were Mr Seward, Mr. Hamlin, Judge Bates, and a few delegations from the West. Horace Greeley wai bobbing about 011 the out ilde, lobbying with hit usual tact and persever ance . Thk Inacgtratjok Cosi ert.?Metrerott, who In entirely an fail in musical matte: s. Is busy with the details of the ?.reat Inauguration Concert, to come off the 5:h of March Among the specialities of the evening will be the performance of Nico lai's great work, the overture to the " Merry Wives of Windsor," which rank* among the very best compositions of the age. Thk Southwestern Mail.?There is a meet inij of railroad officers her- to arrange a schedule for carrying the (Jreat Southwestern mail, so as to avoid pas*itig through the seceding States. The route will probably be via the Baltimore and Ohio Road,Columbus, Cincinnati, and across Kentucky direct to Memphis. iNArorRATtoN Ball Invitations ?The man agement nave just discovered that, from the neg licence of their carriers, many ladies' invitations for the Inauguration Hall have been lost and mis carried. They much regret it, and ask that tbey may be notified In all auch instances, as they desire to omit none. Rarky, the renowned horse-tamer, gives his last lecture in this city on to night, and from the great interest created by hi* performances of Wednesday night we doubt not there will be an Immcye attendance to-night. Tuk IT. 8. Marine*, 200 strong, rank and file, (two companies ) Major Terret, are marching up the avenue as we go to press, to be reviewed by President Buchanan. Falsi Alarm.?Y^-sterday about 6 o'clock p. m.. an alarm of Are was given that caused a gen eral turn out of the tlmncn. It was a false alarm given in the direction of Seventh street South Att**tio!? Is called to the advertisement headed "Dust! Dust!" ... Thi Grasd l.iAUfjRATiox Ball. Ladies in want of Wl i e Kid Gloves. Wristints, Fleev<*s, Flowers. He ad Dr*>* s, Ao., Ac, for the above hali o-n get thein at Mn. R. G. Etrhisom *, No 1*2 Peun avenu*, between 8th and nth its., who will, on the 1st of March. reoeive a lar?e con signment of the above goods, all of tie finest French material and the best quality. Especial attcnt on is called t > the assortment of Flowers and Wristlets. Also, real Lace Seta and Co lars. fe 25 at Wants to Dyk in thk Union. I shall be p eased to dye in the Capital of this Un'on all oolors on *'l kinds of ladies' and gentle men's apparel. W. H Wbiatlit, Dyer, No. 393 south aide Penn. avenue, between and 8th us J,0'ik out for the Blue Sign under the window, a 23-91 Dykiho to Livk. your coat*. cunts and vests nioely olnaned or re eoloreu at VV. H. Whutliy'*, Heam Dyer and Scourer, No. 383 %>uth side Penn av nue. between 4>2 and 6th stft. Look out for the blue Sign under the window. fe 23 9t MARRIED. On the 28th of February at Mount Pleasant, near Washington, the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. J.O. Chase, RICH A UD J. DOBBINS, of Phi!adel?hla. to C. E. WILHEl.MINA, only daughter or Win. Kmert, K*q (Intsliiuenyr and N. U. I'rue Delta oopy.) DIED, On the jgth February, after a lingering and pain ful illness, Mrs. HANNAH ALLEN, widow of Henrr J Allen, of Suffolk, Va. Her friends are invited to attend her funeral. f om her la;e residence, No. 520 Virginia aveuue, on Saturday, March 21, at 2 o'olook p. in. " In Georgetown, on Friday, March 1,1861, SAM i al h&iinm , in me win year 01 his aite. lie emic'ated to this country from Antrim county, Ire land a'd has b**n a olo k in the Ordnanoe Uepa. t ir.ciit for the last 9) years His friends and acquaintances are requested to attend his faneral, from his late residenoe, No 17 First at., oa Sundav evening r oxt, 3 o'olock. * (Intelligencer.) W SPECIAL NOTICE. ILL Oar easterners please ooroe forward and aettle their accounts by notes or otherwise i We are ooinpelled to make this appeal owing to the pressure of our own engagements in other places It oan only be hy a prompt reaponae on the p*rt of our oustomers that we oan expeet to be ready to nonet our obligation!. fe27-St SIBLEY A GUY. M NOTICE E^SRS. NARDEN k. COLUM BUS take this method of notifying tne publio, particu arly stran jers who design spending luaugurati'ii W<*e* in inn ony, uiti mey are p ppareo 10 lurtnsn iHWiltl All honr? u4 at moderate prioae doting the ruah of people here oonaeeuent upon that occasion, at their Houae, on Ninth at., adjoining the Center Market Look for the aign, aouth aide of Pa. a v., corner of Ninth at. fo i7 3t " liROPS HaV ta MOORB S SQUILL SUGAR OROI inc fully Mutained their oharaoter very pa aUb<e and certain cur*.tive for Cough', Bronchitis, Croup Aathina, to., thefrvprie * WABfrS. THHRRE BOYS WANTEDi to in * ?u>>t bBalneal for a short Hire. AddreM ALBERT T. LLOYD, at Nation*: UotM, stating *h?'? to b? o?n?d on. mar l St* VI7ANTEI>-B/a wpeotahl# ><-an? woman, a SfTUATuN aa eoofc. ruVr and iroi er. at ohw^naaid. A?ly ?t N?.WK ?t, between flat **1 ate. it W ANTED IMMEDIATELY?4 compoteat M AN ^ERVANT. toMUnd t. iiinin?-r^om ...... wet I rirrcncsa r?quirfO. AfW W WHS. l.KO PARKER, corner F<nr aod-a ha f and C Utreeta. FT'a' 1 4t WW"??>> JOIPI *ob?u, a SITUATION at laundreta or to do the (im erftl housework of a imi:! f&mi'f. Beat of refer ence given if repaired. Call at St. Joeeph'e Mala Orphan Asylum, ti ?treet, between 12th and 13th. fe2U-*t* WANTED-A CHILD'S NURSE, capable and efficient. Must know how to aew. The beat reoonnnendationa required. An American pre ferred Aleo, a Chambermaid wanted. None need apply exoept thoae havinx the daaired reoommend ationa. Apply to 389 F at fet7 It* IIIANTUn lUMfni . KI ? ? ww ? - - liumni/iA 1 fib 1 ?r TOm Jf3 U) If SlO-pon worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TUR E of all kinds, for which I will cuarantr to pay the hifheat prioea, and, as usual. at the shortest uo tioe. R, BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac., 03 9 4 OS 7th st.. bet. G and H east aide. 1*7ANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. ?" Persons declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain the cash and (air prioea by applying at 269 Seventh st. no 17 BONTZ * GRIFFITH. FOE SALE AND BENT. FOR RENT?A large three-story BRICK HOUSE situated on the no-thrast corner ol Thirteenth atreft and New Vork avenue. For further particu ar* inquire either next <!oor, on Thirteenth street, or to J. T. FEN WICK, No. 171 south P ttrut ?1 ?"

- Wv.?t wu i/i aiiu wu ci rri?, Island. ma l-3t* s MALL FURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT, or Houm for rent and Furniture for aale, on Seventeenth atreet, Firat Ward, cloae to ail the Departmenta. inquire at ALBERT WOOD LV.V'S Katie Re?taurant, I'a. avenue, between 17th and 18tk ata. fe g-3t' |7*OR RENT-MARKET GARDEN a fine lot r containing about four aores. the beat possible aoil, and well adap'od to the culture of ve?etablta of all kinda. Will bj let at a low roct or on aharea. GEO. E MA TT1NGLY, f" 2:-3t Corner Sixth at. and Pa avenue. OOMS TO RENT. Inquire at 410 Sixth *t., near G. W 27 3t* R FOR RENT?Two or three comfortable FUR N1SHED ROOMS, without board, at No. 17.1 Second atreet, between U and C at*., within five minutea'walk of the Capitol. fe27-3t? IfOR RENT-A two-atory FRAME HOUSE, on O atreet, Itetween *>*h and 7th. containing 5 rooma. Apyly to BALDWIN BROS., Firat ana D ata., near Depi t. f??7-3t* L^OR RI-NT-Fine, pl.aaant ROOMS (Fur I niahed.) with or without I'ar'or, as may l>e wanted, within a few momenta' walk of the ?"itv n-vi. inquire si ino. corner Second *r<1 fc nt roets feS7 3t* FH>R RENT?The four story BKICK HOUSE. No.423 Fifth between E and F. in eseel lent repair, with modern improvements. un the premise* ; or o( DUVAL.L BROTHbRS, 434 Fa. avenue. fe 26 St* Ij^OR RENT?Several fine ROOMS in house over Douglas'* gr*en house, opposite the Sra*e Department, burner Fecn. avenu* ami G street. The number of Room* will accommodate a nie?s wishing to be together, or singe g?i teir.en. The wimiows com main: a full view of a 1 the ohjr-cta of interest, prooessons, Ac . passing on th*avenue? with or without Buaid. Applj at No. 852 G str<?et, Mxt Coor. f< 25 51* / ?OMFORTAB L E ROOMS F<>R RENT.-For v> rent, on K street, south side, between 8th and 7th sts., two large and oo:r!ortal>te Rooms, with or witnout Board,during the luaucu anoi. t ine fe 25-Iw MRS. V R GARCIA. IT1 OR RENT-A handsomely FURNISHED r HOIISK ?.i?K * I -? M n>?u u I VIIV HiVUCI U IIUpIUVrIHR!]lB, ill a central location, will t?e rente?i (or one *? ar, or a term of yearn, on ver* rev.a-n&hl* teiins. Put session tsiven lmmediatly. Apply at No. 404 E st, between 9th ami loth -t? fo25-iw |^OR RENT?Six larcemnfurnsr.ed' ROOM8. E over our store, 309 Pa. avenue, between 9;h and ! tii iti. feiSlw JOHN R. EL VAN?. I/'OK RENT?6 laree. nicoly furnished CHAM Uh/Rr* and two PA K LORS. at No. < JJtev en'h et., between G ami H tt?., west side. fitf-lw* |^(IR RENT?'The>-* and convenient r RESIDENCE, now occupied by S*>nntor Ken n dy, on Sixth tWect. ju?t north cf the Unitarian Church, will I e for retit after the adjournment of the I'nitfd States Senate. Apply to THOMAS BI.A'i DEN, No. 499 street wett. fe l?-2a?3w IjV'R RENT, in the First Ward?thr<?e squares I west of the War J/epartment? a smalt OF FICE, with back room, or the former ni&y answer for a shop; and Parlors and ilhunh# Suits ot Rooms, furnished or unfurnished ; close to the Avenne. Inquire at this office. de 3 3tawtf FOR RENT?A throe stor) brick HOUSE,con taining 8 rooms, in good order, with gas fix tures complete, on H street, between 4th and 5th. Also, a two-story bnok COTTAGE, with large yard attached, corner of F ftreet north an-' Mth *t. east. To punctual and reliablo tenants the ter ns will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between G aad II. no 13-tf FOR ifENT-Tue FIRST FLOOR ol the tuiid int immediately opposite (lie west wing ol the City Hal., reoontly ooonpied by Chas. S. Wallact M an offioe. Also the front room in the second tory and the third fio-.r of the same ba'idine. For terms apply to IlICHARJ) WALLACH, ?o. W i nni?i?m svsnu*. ia IS tf FOR RENT-The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West St., Georgetown, at present oocu pied by the subscriber. It ha? 12 ro??ms, with gas and water throughout, a fine yard, at&ole &c , and Ujn a pood neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A. MA tellUUKK. oc 25 If_ SEVENTH STRKET. REMNANTS PAPKRIUNGINGS, In quantities sufficient to piper an ordinary nixed r-'Om <ir pu.-ate,alo e tiiinllcs* than th? uiual prices,ai J. M*RKRITER'J?, No. 4<*6 Seventh st.. 8 doors ab v? fe 19 m? Odd Fe low* Ball. FOR TWO WEEKSX.ONGF.R WE SHALL continue to run off our whole took of rioh Dress Goods Shawls and Cloaks, in fool, ail Win tor Goods at cost. nuny at let*, fur caatj, lu o dor to o:om out thin month. Call at onoe if >t>w> wi?h the a ticlos at the lowest prices. J. W. I'OLLEY & CO.. fe 11 Tw 523 Seventh st.,ahov- Pa. av. PREPARE FOR THE FOl'RTH oi MARCH ? by aying in your supply of? Blankets, Bed Comfort*.Quilts, Linen a?Kl Cotton Shcetinss, Pil'ow C*?e Lu.ens a^d Cottons, Table Cloths. Table Napkins, Tab e and Towe:in* Uiapers, Curtain Damark, Curtain Muslin, Oilo'oths, Car peting#. All selling at reduood prices at HENRY EGAN'S, 343 Pa av., south aide, bet Sth and7th sis , fe21 lot rew Iron Uu ldinrs. POR BALLS AND PARTIES. *?AVi?a\jauw. A II'. / SI U W llfdili vu UUID H1U muck viruient forma of Gonnorrhaa, Gleet, Syphilis, Nocturnal Kniiaeiona, >triofurea, and Wraknesa of the Bladder in from 3 to 6 day*. The Remtdi*e can be sent by mai!. Office hours from 9 a. m to 10 p m. ' f> 13-lm I NOTICE. N View of the imjxirtanoo of effecting at an early dav a s?tilem*ut of the affair* ot the late him of Cla'.ett 4 Doditon, I respectfully call the attention of all peraons uul- b'ed i" ti em to ihia notice, and nrgea speedy raj met,t of thu amoonta still dinthe firm WM. H Cl.AGKTT, fe 19-co6t Adminait'r on ?yate of t). lag'-tt OUR BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of the vary latest sty le?, ar.d in aU oases ??*'--^CN ofjhe beat material. Call at onoe a?d RrtCCJ ohoiee. . At STEVENS'S, *o22-tf SXR. l?etw. !Hh au 1 tntfc ata. MOORE'S WEST END DRUG STORE, 113 Pa. tviM'j south mo*.?Mranjer* ai d^^ others r*4air n? Medicine Corgreaa Wa'fiW T oth Bruahe*. Nail Brushes Hair Rruaitea^p and Comha, Fauna Uol-rnee. Lub.n'a Extrnoia, Toilet Soapa, l*on a^ea. Hair < re an'! I'jea. or any a<tio a m the Drag l<in?, ah<>nM patroius* the above weii known eitlhll. hiiiAnt f?MJw 8 Ann CHOICE BUTTKB. ,UUU LKB. GOSHEN BUTT BR olt.?verr bMt ooality. AUo, PENNSYLVANIA BUCKWHEAT. CALVERT'S HONEY. V RING A Bl'RCHEI.L, f<86 aonw Vermont Fifteenth it. LIOBT AND BAKK CALI ach#d and Brovr SHIRTINGH, ?nd Kr? ohSriillllX "te WM. *. IILEV * BIO. TTMM?u4\ ^ Ladies' White Kid Gloves at 75 cents, 4 iijhtco ored Gloves atS7>? ?naS!o'n(t, Gents' White Kid Gloves from 50 cents to 3<a5, " " l*ilk and Cotton G<ove* from ii)? cents to SI. HENRY EGAN, 333 Pa. av., south side, hot 6th and 7 h sts., fean-lOt near Iron Buildings. YykHAT THE LADlteS WANT TO KNOW. Where they can l>u? Jouvan'aKid Glore?, white, black, and oolorcd, at 75 eta.; good quality Kid Gloves. S7H,5n. and eta.; I>?st Kwl Gau-tlfta, ?H; best Fjenoh ( orseu, $1 25; all the bes' qua; ties of English and Gern.a Hosifry, for a<Uej and ohildren;!4ilk Li?lc Thread and Cotton Gluvea, of ail si>j? and qualities; Linen Cambric Hand kerohiefa, at 75ota. " rt'ow; fine embroidered and hem atitchrd liaLKlkerohi^fs, at reduo&d pric*f, Bonnet Ribbons, at half prica;_B ack Laoe Falls ani vena. at low pnc?s; Mik Robes and Fatcr Siiks. at naif price; all woolen I)rem Goods, at creatlv r doocd prioer; P?ra*ols and Sun Shad- ?. Cloak* and Shawls, all ir* at reduced prioen, a' HK.NKY KG A. 323 (south side ) l'&. av , b t. 6th *n<1 ?ih ie?o K* New iron Boil it'gs. rjniEKJi'8 A BLTTER TIMt COMING! Victim*of Self Ahune and Secret Diaea?es should apply at BHCMAN'8 Southern Medical Hou*e. un fer tho Clarendon Hotel, oorner Sixth street and Pa. avenue, immediately opposite the National Hotel, and try Dr. Southey's Celebrated London VI A.lininaa 'I'W. .. ? ??? -*-J -? l- " ? ?-* GEORGETOWN. Correspondence of Tks Star. Gsoscrrown, Match 1, 18S1 The annual commencement of tbe medical de partment of Georgetown Colie*e wu held v?*W day afternoon In tie refect?rr ot that iaatliution, which had been fitted up for the parpoae, ana which wae crowded to tta utrao?t rapacity. Tbe dean. Dr. Joakua Kliot, of your city, opened tbe rxerciaea by ending the act of Congrea empower ing Georgetown College to coo fir U>e degree of M. D Re?John Earl v. preaident of tbe college, then addreaard tbe candidate* ia a truly eloquent manner upon their dutiea and reapoaalbllittea; after which, be proceeded to confer upon them the degree They were called upon tbe platform aad received from tbe banda of Father Karlv their diplomaa In tbe follovintr nrA?r?I. f ??"??. Mo_: J. M Hinckley, Ohio; W. W. Hm. Md.; A. R Barry. Md ; Charles McCormlrk, D. C ; CbtrlN Allen, Va.; W H Gardner, N.C ; J. H Potter, D. C It was then announced that Mm honorary degree of M. D bad tteen conferred upon John Morgan Kvans. of t*outh Wales. Knjjland Several of the young gentlemen received beautiful bouquets from the hands of their fair friends, hut we tblnk the ladles might have been little more Impartial In the distribution The valedictory address by Prof. Thomss Ant?, sell, M D.. was a fine production He apoke at some length of hygiene and sanitary mrssurea, and alluded to the new diseases produced by the peculiar state of society in this pi ogress Ire age. In speaking of climatic influences l?e said that man was not cosmopolitan, and proved his position by historical facts He said tbst Europeans could never be admitted in the tropics, and that In cer tain unhealthy localities the natives themselves sre poisoned by miasma, and are dying,' it maybe sold, from the time of birth. He contended there was no such thing as tntral insanity. To produce lnsinlty there must be a disease of the coporesl substance of the brsln or of the nervous system He closed with words of kindly sdvloe snd en couragement to the graduates, and was warmly annlaudMl the exercises were interspersed with familiar tune* from Ksputa's band. A great number of ladle* and gentlemen were asaembled at the realdence of our eateemed fellow citizen, Judaon Mitchell, Ksq , yesterday, the occasion being the return from their wedding tour of the boat's son (John T.) aud his accom plished bride Ainnngat others present were Mr. Hamlin, the Vice President elect; Mr. Addison, the Mayor elect, and several members of the Council elect, and the clergy were represented by Rev. Henry Slicer, Re*. Dr. Edwards, Rev. N B. Morgan, and others. The Anderson Rifles, company A, Capt Rodier, and company H, Capt. Jones, paraded yesterday afternoon, and made a tine appearance. About 10U men were in the ranks, and tbev proceeded to Analostan Island for target practice. Of company a, inr urn prize (a silver cup) w*s won by private John Davit; the second prize, (a let of gold shirt buttons,) by Sergeant Clements; and toe leather tnrdal by Corporal (iray. Of company B. private Mr MrKenly got the first prize, (a uniform.) Tbe'othert are to be awarded tola evening. The Potomac Light Infantry drilled by the tap of the drum last night, and went through the Manual without a noticeable baulk. Leave your advertisements at C rand all's, at fiarnard's, or at 44 Bridge street. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS | 1ST OF LKTTEKH REMAINING IN THE I A P(W i Of k'Ii'L' ?" i'T/kit-v r\ ^ ?? ? ? x?? a ivctt uijvnuijiu * * 1/. V/?| lor the month ending February *8, 1861. \\J~ Person* applying for letters in #he following li?t will p!ea?e eay thr? are adverbsed; otherwise ttiev ma; not receive them. LA 1)1 K?- LIST. AiIiiou, Miu H M E>iu>, Eliza Pinrai, Miu A E Aihlord, Mrs Ellis, K-te Peufe, Mr* H E Utidi'>i<l. Mm A Kr.nk?, Mim 8 1 Kou, Mn tm?lnn Bo ?>?, Mrs Ami* Preiser, Mui Kda Rowl*a4, Mu Ellen Brilev, Miu E Fletcher, Mrs M Reeses, Mi?s M Bonien.Mrs Ellen oii'ne>, Cloey A Reed, Mr* tk>p)n\A Biker, Alu Mirgt t<eiberi, Mis S C S :ew-rt.Mrs Ayn M Butts,Mi?s Frances H'uesiy,Georgian* Spicer, Cslheno* Brusn, M>h H H shi. s >?. ,\d i Kperrj, L ,ur P Boftrer, Mis Marfi Hu :t, Mrs J.iue B Ki oei Mrs ML BruJerick.Mi>*JY A Uelsotier, bopbis Sullitji , Mrs Mary Boiler, Mrs Jane Kemp, Miss A L Simpson, M'?s MC Br and. Mrs Lotus A King, Mrs Ani.stm Spencer, M.u MA Beil, Miss L.mra Keiser.Mis Lidia A Shoo- s, Mrs M C Bruss, Mis M<r; kuustji Mrs l< Hheia.Mis* Rebecca U*?ey, Miss Mar/ Mooie, Mrs C A T?fi, Mrs Currsn, Mrs V Montgomery, Mia* Willett, Mrs Ann E Clements, Mrs E Miry H Wallace, Mis? E1U Uallou, 8 >rab Martott, Miss M E Wilson, Mrs E J Clemetitt. Mr? J McCarren. Mri Whitt,MmC E C.irtwright, Julia M-amn, Mra Lucy Wiliiaifia, Mra M Mogdy, MrtSiiik Walker, Mia R I)odaon,j9eepninc 2 NVlan. MiaaC Wetiel, Miat R Ih?, Mia V J Ncwinan.Mri B Watktna. Mra 8 N Doraey, Mua A Ndiuu, Mua M C Youu|, Mra Stiaaa Derereue, Saith A OtSl LLMEN?S LIST. Aolim, DrTF liurixi, Win Adimaoa, Richd fl Green, Thoa Aitfathfr, Augim Guiaiif, Jaa H B<ktr, Z Beeicy, Wm Bilk, Win H Br union. 8 tin I Br\dy, T'.ioo Bro-.ka, Puickuaj Booth, Juo W Grirnea, Joaep-, bucuo, Joaeph Orufui, Harry T (>laoMi?a, D inui Galhreth, Ilaftiel (ijidiuar, Krtucia H tH.iltcii, W iliac Baltlcr, Dr Jno L 2 Haokiua, Ralph B<rtholow, J B Hunt. J?e G Bryaal,Jno W Biuait, H W~* Baker, H !-2 Bruwmnr, Geo W B-non, E B Bentoai, K T?2 Burriaa, Chaa R Brinaon, C H Hint, Juo 11 II -trmaia, M G Harraa, F At H;idi, Ed ward Hawkaria, ?<iaard Hcaier, Chaa H Jon re, John Jouea, Joo H Moore, Jno M >ddo*. Juo 8?2 McCollura., W XI?* McGaeern, Jai? Mc Duaif . I It to Mclntyre, Robert Neall, Juo Naclaolaou, A Pel, Wm Perry, Saauuel Page, 8 P Pij?, Ha?k?? Power*, Richard A Pji>?ater, Leaa Packaug, J P Paerce, Joavua Phillpott, Edwin Robcru, W Henry Roberta, Col B 8 Rnodier, An'houT BurriM, A mot Com, Win F C <rusi, Samuel Cuihly, P Crrti lej, P Coleioiii, James Clements, Juo Clark, Prof Jaa (j Carter, Geo L C<tiRcroi, Chu E Dun ilrison, Thos Deuiiitoit, San.l Du'ldf, P Donol.ue, M?riin Davis, Jos W Day, Jno P Daly, Joseph Dudley, Asa P DonneIsjn, A Esler, Samuel En:?r?ou.Capt Wait Eifrliu, Chat Kl'nu. Witftte Einbrv, Richard Etterfj, George Liilou, Geo n Pishear, W W Foster, Moses Fink, Casper?2 Jones, Win T Jackson, Daniel Jackson, Geo W Jackson, H H Jonson, Robert Javiug, Edmard Jenifer, Abraham Jeuii'er, Jno Karnaugh, Win Kete, Owen Kennedy, Mr Leetaau, Wis C Larquerx, Joo Lane,G A Lvlle, Master G A Lee, F Linn, Dtvis Liyton, Caleb 8 Montgomery, Chas Minor, W n? M.-.son, W m R M*ddoi,CaptW AT M s6n, W in T T Mason, Thus Moore, Thos Me*fl?tr, Patrick Mahsrnt, Jno J Morgan, Jos T Rittle, An'houy Reardm, Tun Ristou, Thos M Ratcliff 4. Kennedy Rbfuer, Mark Hife, Or sou Simler, Mr Stewart, J M Scally, Juo Stockhouse, Henry 8tinpson, Falk?U Sire nunc U, K L H? npson, K F Seward, Alexander Talbott, Robert Tmbusn, Ch ?s Violette, Chas W WiUou, Andrew White, Thos C Willt-ons, Ot*io Wilson, M B Wt>ueuhaU, Rev M WalUce, J.*s W ithers, Juo Wolitrcraft, Jno T Wooden, H G Wllson, Robert Yoiuif, Ales H ?;WCKLl.ANEOC8 ?i. G\; Bo* S3 Wr I'KTTKRS IN ALL CAW BR MURT BK PRKTAID. M?r l it HENRY WIRT TILLKY, P. M. rTS^>GEORGETOWN MOUNTED GUARD. Air?mbl? for parade in full unifotn, irmed ard r<|iiip?d iu frobt of i.inn'o Hotel, ti?o getown, at8<> clock precisely, on MONDAY AiOKMNO, tlie 4th of March, liy order of tne < nptam. ma I 2t JOHN H. NKVVAN, O. 8. BOARDING.?A frw respectable persons ma) be accommodated with Hoarding and Lodging for a short or ionic time, if immediate application is made ?t No. 110 llr.dgo str-set. Ge-trgetown, uot one hundred feet from ihe Omnibus Stand. fe 2H 3t U*OR RENT OR LEA^E-A very deeirab e " Market or Ourf FakM, in po le t ord r, for rent or lea?e. Th-re ia on it a coirf- ?rtah.e an J ca pacious bnok dwelling, with dry ?, and a purr p of good water a' the doc; substantia stab e? and out-bui dints. It is os the Hlghts t hovo G-orge town, adjoining the LOrthern boundarjr thereof. I n" nuucingsare in excellent oraer, an<1 ttie laud <n*ty acrea, or leaa if required,* ia in a fine ai d highly cultivated condition. The dwelling aud gar den would b rented ?epa'aiey to a re pec'atile and prompt tecaut. Application to be n.ada to C^At* H' >M I >-LKR, at atand in Centfr Mar ket, \\ a hington, or his dwelling, oa th* flirhu of Georgetown. Je28 2w PJU8T AKKIVKl). ER Propeller 8. 8e?mour, ff??m Philadelphia, 75 ba'rels and l?<0 half barrels of Maniey, Coluna A Co 'a Philade.phia DRAFT AL.E. For aale b* fe22 ARVYA&HISN. DtfOO KB* b PRIME CIDER AILY Kxpsctid per achooner Mary Ann MoGm from Bonton 'Jhia Cider ia A No. 1, and ia lor tale in lots to suit purchasers. ARNY A SHINNU fe 22 Union Bottimg Depot, Georgetown. DINNER PARTIES. y ITIZENh And Sojourner in Washington are r?speo:fully reminded that the <nbaoriber ia pre pared to furnish DINNER ENTERTAIN MENTS, for any number of gentlemen, in a style qua] to that of any sum ar establishment in the United S;liei and oil v?r* iiiulfnitf* Lurtna Hie suites o| Parlor* am Dining rooms for tbe aooom m of Dinoer And Suop-r Parties his Table auaug-Miiocta. Cooke, Sevant*. Ac., are unsor p<iR&e '; as wril i??ci* Wines. vhioti njvy muoh celebrity. He respectfully asks a continuance of tbe pMroaaeeof the puMio heretofore so liberally bestowed upon h in, a d pledges bis l?est exertions to cive entire satisfaction fell 1m C CAUTTER. OIRDS, fURD* FOR 8ALF..-1 i ave js?t r? D o??i ?tl a splendid assortment of Birds lr.?mMr^? Fnrope, of German i? s,!i-h B ac Bi ds, Thrwohet, Bull Finches. O Id Finou**,^* Libets, Sky Larks, Yedo* Hammers. I haw Pa-oqlie's, Jiva Sparrows, St%:l?ns, th? Red Mooiw I'arrot an?* r. ten and grey. 1 hire M ck inc Birds, K d Wing Black Birds, Red Birds, Doves, and Robo'icka; als . Trained f irds. Prio* nconiiid ; > ivkp? o hi ?iuu9i <>m iv ocnn m JOiiN O'MKAR A'8 Bird Ptore, No iM a. axeijui", at the Cap;to, ats. fe 9-1 m Wood and Coal. G ALTS' CITT STEAK FIREWOOD BILLS AJH> COAL DEPOT, Foot or Sbtkxtebkth Stuit, &*imw War Dtportwumt. frr WOOD AND COAL of all anda. Wood ^refw?d to auit the vuti of euh oiiloair, or tf - hv) r.-'d aord !?nth. (7 Cm: ktri m Ctml Hoium, delivered free trom late, dirt,and otbw impariuee. Personal ttteaboa gives to !! order*. *?*-?* T. J. * W. Jf. SALT. THE LATEST iSEWS. TELEGRAPHIC. The Nwtli CtrtllM (atTfatUa E fS?Decial Dlao&tek } Raleicv, > . C , Feb. *= ? Kdum tkt Wmtk tugtom stmt: The return? it Ibe Coormtlon elec tion a? Air received, ere few and meagre, bat In dicate i Union victory, la thla (Wike) coenty, we gain heavily aver the DHwlMWa aari thaa a Ujouaand. when compared with the rreetdeatlal electioa In Noveanber. In New Unaover county, (Wilmington.) they held their owa, apparently. In DupUn county, we (the t'atoninta) aewn to have gained nearly a thouaand. and la Weyae ?euaty about ive hundred In Brunawlck our gatna have wvcu vviNiuriauir ? ft MSV ITV III Mif COUBUQI o far hnrd from, and tbf reliable mwi from them la bat fragaaantary If tbe raat of the Mata does u well, though there u; b? a majority for holding coneeatloa, la tha cbolea of <ili|rtw to It the Sec east on tali p*r m kara boa* raabi, horae, foot and dragoona Saatkara la?raaa Mo!iTaoiinT, Feb 27 ? Mr Wright* raaolu tlon for the public diacuaaloa of tha parana Beat Conatitution will be eonalderad to-morrow Mr Chilton's resolution Instructing tbe Naeal Committee to Inquire aa\*> tbe propriety of cm atructlng several iron-plated fricatea. *r*a adopted An act to ratae provisional force* for tbe Coo federate States and for other purpoesaa. which baa been passed. direct*, among other provisions, that tbe President take charge of all the military ope ration* between the Confederacy and other pow ers. An act baa been paaaed to raise money to eepport tbe Government. It autborlxea tbe Prealdent to borrow *15.MOO,000, payable In ten years, at aa la threat of 0 per cent The last aertfon directs aa export duty of l per ceat oa eeoh pound of cot ton exported after tbe first of August aext. to create a fund to liquidate principal and latere* of the loan. Tbe Committee on Flags have aot yet reported Moxtoomht. Feb. ?Tbe Congress paasad ip-aar xne iouowing acta Providing, until suitable stamps can b? ob tain ?1. that the Postmaster General may order prepayment In money. Authorizing contracts to be made with steamer companies to carry the mails. The following bills were lutrodoeed : Providing f >r a conflict at arras between the old and new Government* In caee of a refusal by tli" old to recognize the new Government That the Confederate Co-'rti are not to take cognizance of civil suits in the Stales of the aid Government or against the cltliens thereof. Ex-President Tyler Deaaaaclag the Peace Ceafereace. Richmond. Feb *5 ? Mees.t Tyler and 9addoa were serenaded here to night Both spoke, and ez-Preeident Tyler denounced the result as a wnrthlpfll iffkir and laid th* ftfuith Kh<l hlnr to hope for from the Republicans Mr Seddon said It ?u delusion a ham. and an insult and offence to the South. Lieutanaa' Governor Montague la now making a wcwilwi speech The enaion sentiment Fa Increasing among the people and, If any measure* of coercion are adopted the North may reel assured that Vir ginia will secede. The action of the Peace Con fess is generally aondemoed The Attack the Overlaad Mall Trail by the l?4iaB? St. Lorm. Feb. 28 ?The Arizona correapoo d?-at states that the day after the attack of the overland mall the |wrtlea at the station were called out by the Indiana with a white flag One Welsh waa shot d*-ad, and two brothers named Calver wriu f?nniucu # nmrw i . ?? viuh-C Lcpiuicv. Eight bodies were found with the remains of the train, two were chained to the wagons which were burned. The road waa obstructed with rocks for the apace of two milts Csritoectlcnt Republican ktaU Usnstlu. Niw Ha vis, Feb. 5* ?The Republican Stat# Convention n.rt iu this city to-day. and waa largely attended Daniel P. Tyler, of Brooklyn. was chosen President. The us'nl Committee* were appointed E. K. Foster, of New Haven be ifcg prop sed for Governor, handsomely declined, and recommended the renominntmn of the pre sent Governor; and thereupon Gov Wm A. Buckingham, of Norwich, was unanimously nominated with great enthusiasm Arrest sfs "Cssfldeace Operator " Boston. Feb. P?Tbomu Hutjr,i voung man of the confidence school. waa arrested here to-day, charged with ofct lining two thousand dollars war III of wat-Les and jewelry from a New York Arm by a*aumlng the name of a a reliable trader of Huxtom, Maine. The property wa? recovered, and Haaty locked up for au examination. The Virginia (saveatiaa Richmond, Feb 'Jb ?Mr. Merton made aapeech In favor of immediate seceaston. He denounced the result of the Peace Conference aa a miaerable abortlou. Mr Baylor, of Augusta, commenoed a Union speech, When the Convention adjourned .^larder af a Tax Callectar* Gbaxd Rapid, Mich , Feb 2* ?Daniel Barber, a Tax Collector, was murdered on the highway near Lappanvllie. He la auppoaed to have had considerable money .>o clue naa oeen aisccTerea u to the perpetrator of this crime. Ctirtnir* l? >lea#rs Crlutadn nad J?ka< MB Ciscm*ATi, Feb. ?The City Council bu adopted a resolution unanimously inviting Mr. Crittenden and Andrew Johnaon to accept tb? hospitalities of tbe city on tbeir return bom- and to addreaa tb? citizens of Cincinnati Resignation lathe Rertaae Isrrle*. NoaroLK, Feb. 2b ? Edgar Murden, of South Carolina. First Lieutenant of tbe cutter Dobbin, baa resigned, to tske effect on tbe 3d of March If accepted, be goea 9outh. Effects ef Crista. Philadelphia, Feb. 28 ?Tbe "Glrard House' closed it doors to-day for want of patronage, con aoquent upon the present political troubles,which has curtailed {Southern travel fnluaaers market* Baltimoib, March 1.?Flour dull and heavy. nowini i??. anu \/uiu ?uu nr- w, ?? w ??. Wbt-ai flrto ; red 91 25ai .JO; White tl ?0al 00 Crtrn active; mixed 55*57; fellow 57aOOc. Provia lona dull; ineaa pork 017 25 Laid !0c Coffee to Irm at 12fcalJc W biaky firm at lOalO^c. Haw York Market*. Niw Vobc. March 1 ?The market U dull and pjlcee arc unchanged riaiacltl> N?w York, March 1 ?Stocka are lower Chi cieo and Rock (aland 61: Illlnola Certial aharee t"2W; do. bouda 97%; Michigan Southern M; New York Central 71) V; 46; Hudson River RR 45fc: Va #>#0*, Mo ?'iN)t Gov't 6'a8l; regletf-r. d do. BSjf. Traeeory U'a 108 Tat Wbatibe.-?The followlmtc report of the weether for the morning U made from the Amer ican Consolidated Telegraph L>lne to the rtmlth aonlan Institution. The time 0/ ?heerv?ttoa la about 7 o'clock. Mates 1, 1861. N* w \ ork, TT * * .clear. pieesu?# Washington. D. C clear, wind 8 h-> *-?h ? ??? ?1 IT jil^r I Petersburg, Va. clear, pit? nt Norfolk, Va clear, W?. Raleigh, N. C clear, <1?. Wilmington, N.C. claar, mild. Augusta, 6a> tt?**clftrf Macon. Ga. ...dear, ColunDtn, 6a.... ...clear, Grlffen. Ga. Mm; ! Jackson, rioa rai win. Pittsburg. Pa overcast ; Cleveland, O cloudy, ?? I Barometer at the Boxlthaontea at 7 a ?.. (Mr reeled for temperature,) 29,9M; at noes, sM. Thermometer at 7 a m , 51*; at saw, 7 Maximum daring (4 dnv 70 ; mtalBUi 47*. Wk?| can be foutd, tue yaar^^^^^^ t'l oi^h.a I tha Delicacies that ear'h aud w tar can prodaea and served by ?*< . ka wh<> unn I bo surpassed is this oountrr or pianoe. (iant erne i who r are tak-n rooms cm fcad at all honra plewaat and ooiuf stable Boom* to lUne and Break fast, aad have their aieaia to oc.l to anil i heois- 1. #. ? a I od meal oaa Le set for ? e>iU, ard from tint to ?1". Meats aorvad to parties at l*etr rooms ; ao extra oharge only (or time of ervant- Mt atoofc a hail at Ml um? oompare with the rwwt a<>aooa ta this ooaatry. Witt aa experenoe of fifteaa iaara. 1 flatter ayaalf ihat. with mw aaumded attoatioa to tatiaaaa. I oaa pieaae the most feanutoaa. or any o'hor man. Aa reg%-ds Wines and Lnuoca and t'lfars. (t^'psak ?Jeia-? for Uj?a