Newspaper of Evening Star, March 2, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 2, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: miTURDAY Marck 3 1961. Snirtt ml tk* MimlM PreM ?uc uuuuin ai mil inuc?uv\ mcy. a wiurracni new, on any terms, will bury the Disnnionlsts per *4, aa public mri, ao deep tLat the band of resur rection will never reach them Hence their poli cy of aiding the extreme Republicans to keep the question open aa long aa possible. Nevertheless, we by no means despair of a satls factory settlement in dae time. The fact that Messrs Hunter and Mason are notoriously play, log into the hands of Meaara Hale and Sumner, and are as justly responalble for the failure of tbe Pesre Convention's plan as those acting with Messrs. H and 3 , will surely have due weight in inducing the Virginia Convention to move cautiously in all they maydo. EmisarUsof tbe Disunion conspirators are now striving to work the Virginia Convention sp to the point of once pass ing* secession ordinance, under tbe plea that Congress will surely reject the Peace Convention's nlan: and have rprtalniv anvMuiMl in orutlnx much more intense excitement la Richmond than previously existed there. The game sought to be carried oat at Richmond Is to precipitate the State into secession without referring the question to the people, In the face of the msjorlty of 30,000 cast in their recent election, expressive of a preference for such a reference. We fear, from what oar private dispatches and letters say, that the failure of Congress to pass the .Peace Convention's plan through the opposition of both extremes, will result in the adoption of a Virginia secession ordinance, to go into effect on being accepted by the people of the 8tate. We hope, however, that if the majority of the Con vention think some action on Virginia's part necessary before the people of the North can get ? i^uouuu uriure lurm, laey will iall upon tb( plan of calling a Convention of all the border slaveholdlng State*, that they may take common measures, and at the aame time. The calling of uch a general Convention by the exiatlng Vir ginia Convention, muat resuit in an immedate proclamation for a called aesaion of Congreaa ; aa the new Admtniatration tannot poaatbly otherwiae meet the altered atate of thinga growing out of the Impending aeceaaion of the border State*. At that (called) aeaaion of Congress the Peace Convention7* plan will be adopted, beyond all question. Now, with reference to the safety of the border State* In the Union meanwhile (with the (iulf State* out) we have atmply to point to the action of the Houae on the Corwln report yesterday, Which if rAnsummaUil W? *V. ? O- A- 4 .....uoiwku uj uie oensie vo-aay, will Instantly make It plain to all that Congress hu already given the South every poaalble guar antee the latter baa aaked with reference to every slavery question In issue, except the territorial question, in which there exiata nothing subataii tlal?practical?at tbla time. Under auch circumstances, we are very sure that the border slaveholding States may, If they will, delay final action as long aa they plesse, with perfect aafety to their rights; and when act ing, may if they will, aecure the adoption of the Peace Conventions plan of aettlement, beyond peradventure. CoBacion.?In view of the fact that the incom ing administration will be utterly without power to aaaay force against the aereded Statea, the hub bubboo beinv raised In Rlchmnnit "? ?rclon" la neither more nor Iras than a trick to vow tbe pro-Union majority of the Virginia wentlon off Its balance?to urge It Into an ex erne poller. What la called Mr Stanton's force bill baa not paaaed and cannot paaa Congress ere the 4th of March; and the only military means which the new administration will have at ita command will be derived from the appropri ations la the ordinary army appropriation bill, which are granted upon the most meager scale? perhaps leas than ever before of late years. The losses of forta, arms, atores, Ac., which the Gov ernment has met with at tbe South through the secession movement, will render tbe appropri ations of the bill referred to lnsafflclent to equip tbe ordinary small standing army of tbe United States, as not long since, without leaving a dollar to be expended In military operations in the Held or elsewhere So, even if so disposed, tbe new ?um:ni?ir*uon cannot send a single reglmevt against a seceded State without previously calling Congress together and getting appropriations to that end, snd then obtaining further loans to make then available. These facts blow sky-high all the humbuggery being practiced in Richmond relative to this point of coercion. Tax Vtaainia Sisatoxs os tri Plah or thi Pxacx Cos vxstios ?We have letters from Rich mond this morning, giving assurances that If Congress carry out the plan of the Peace Congress the Virginia Convention will also place Virginia upon it by a majority of qalte two to one. This judgment is borne out by such members of that Convention as are now here It exposes the oppo sition of Messrs. Hunter and Mason to the nl?n Muyrd In tbe Senate yesterday, in lta true light. Thus It shews that they are not striving to obtain settlement of tbe troubles that will be entirely satisfactory to an overwhelming majority of Vir glnla; but to defeat any possible settlement, in ordsr, if possible, eventually to consummate the purposes of the conspirators against the integrity f the Union, concaived in secret consiave here and bow being batched out from time to time in the South. Taa Ca.mxit M AEias continue their labors with Intense energy. We never before saw any thing Ilk* it. They are inducing Bellites and Breckinridge and Douglas men to aid tbem, until really hundreds of the latter seem to be working m hard to secure tbe selection of this or that gen tleman by Mr. Lincoln as tbe Repnbltcana bring, lag then np to tbe Job. We have fifty rumors of changes la " tbe alate" published In 8tmr, la bom of which do we place confidence. Wo dmt, however, any, that this morning the beat-Informed persona around us arc mtiafied that the question of Mr. Chaae's position and entrance late the Cabinet la not finally settled, while they believe that that of Mr. Cameron la. We have no plaioa of oar owa on the subject?the matter haelag become too complicated to permit na to entare one upon it. Ma. Accsaaaa'a Naioaaoaa WaLcoa* in Horn ?A committee from Lancaater, Pa , will arrive la this city to-night, charged with the doty ofeeoortlng Mr Buchanan home, after he lays dawa the cares of oflce Theee gentlemen are old neighbors of Mr. Bachanan, and leading fibers of the community la which he has spent no many years of his life Their names are : A. Paters, Jama Patterson, Or. Isaac Winters, ? McSparraa, H M. North, Henry E Leaan, Dr. laaac Weldler, Wm Miller, and Oea. O In. Melaaaa. Mr. Bachanan will leave Washington it 3 D m on Tuaidav ?-* fiiiitTiSl'i Im picture. ? Laramio Pnk, Rocky Mountains," now on tthlblu?a it Phiip A Solomon's boQfcrtOM, tttrmrU ranch atteuti?n Bomt nquUlto water-color rd picture, recrnt importation* from London, ire now to bm awn at rtiilp t gallery, and am worth tfao (tody of all low of tfcte boauttfol acbool of art. / . % w * The InuUtgtneer cites the language of Mr Stanton, used In the House of Representatives, on reconsidering the vote on the amendmenta to the Constitution. ?a being Indicative of the spirit of the majority of the Republican party, and thinks that the incoming Administration will be ren dered conservative and conciliatory by the very necessities of Its position. The Rtjmhlicmn argues that the finances of the Southern Confederacy are In such a low condition that the government will be compelled to fall to the ground, either for want of fundi at once, or eventually by the hands of tbe people, who will resist the necessary taxation to sopport It. Tn Pmci Cojivejit ion's Plax.?We m* no reaaon, to-day, to change the opinion expressed yesterday, and Intimated on the day before, that the Senate will not legislate In pursasnce of the recommendation* of the Peace Convention?none whatever. Even If sufficient Republican party Senatorial votes could be obtained, the position taken In yrsterday's debate by Senators Hunter, Maaon and Oreen. prove that the Dlaanlonlata ptr t? of the body do not mean to permit the settlement of H CONGRKMIONAL. Sixati.?WhfB our report closed yesterday? The Senate had under consideration the propo alttnna adopted by the Peace Congresa. Mr Hunter offered aa an amendment, to come in before tbe substitute of the Senator from New York, (Mr Seward,) the first of the resolutions offer-d by tbe Senator from Kentucky, (Mr. Crit tenden.) which was read. Mr Seward thought that Congresa bad no right -1 t 1 ? .a- .i?i TV \ I iv uiuuuv ur cnan^f iue prupuviiivns. ury uau bfen laid before Congress by a convention to be submitted to the people, and if they were amended they would not be what tbe convention bad recommended, but what Congress would recom mend. He thought that the (repositions,whether good or bad, ahould go to the people without any amendment or patching up by Congreaa Mr. Hunter and Mr. Trumbull thought the Senate had a right to amend them, and urged that it be done. Mr Crittenden aald the amendment offered by Mr. Hunter would change the whole rbar-cter of the propr?itiona of the Peace Congress. If they adopted the amendment It was the same thing as saying that they would not submit the propositions of tbe convention. He ahould vote against the amendment, and hoped that the Senate would not adopt it. Mr Mason could not approve of the propositions as they then were, and believed that they would not secure to the South any of her rights Mr. Lane could not vote for the propositions: and denounced them as a cheat, a deception, and ii hiimhiior The Senate tben adjourned. Hocsk ?AfW our report closed? Tbe House took up the bill for the admission of New Mexico. On motion of Mr. Hickman, tbe bill was laid on the bble. The next motion In order, on the series of reso lutiona and bllla reported by the Committee of Tbirty-three,was an amendment of tbe act for the rendition of fugitives from labor. ^ [This amendment provides for a trial bv jury, of slaves escaping fiom labor or service; and also, that do man shall be compelled to a'.d a U. S. Marshal in arresting a fugitive.] Mr Corwin moved the previous question. Mr. Hickman moved to lay that motion on tbe tabl?; on which the yeas were 73, nays 104 The yeas and nays were tben taken on the passage of tbe bill, resulting?yeas 9i, nays 82. do the bill was passed. Mr. Corwin then moved the adoption of a prop. oflition Drovidlfll/ that snu ncrmn fl??fncr /?Am r n I | justice In one State to another should, on drmand of the executive authority of th? State from wbent e he fl> d. be arretted, taken before a judge, and If It is proven that he la guilty he shall be ren dered up. The proposition was rejected?yeas 48, nays 126. The Speaker asked leave to lay before the House the proposition of the Peace Congress. Objection was made, and the Speaker overruling the objection, an appeal was taken; pending which the House took a recess. Evening Setsion ?The question then recurred on the appeal pending when the House took a re* cess. On motion of Mr. Hickman, the House was called, and it was ascertained that a quorum was present Mr Hughes, rising to a question of the "high est privilege," moved that the Speaker direct the U.. & - A ? ? - ... cerj;t-am-?i-ariTii io oring to tliti Houw tbe mem bers from tbe Sta?e of South Carolina, who, to the best of bis knowledge. h?.d been systematically absent since early in December, very much to the detriment of the public service It was time to assert the authority and dignity of the House. Mr Stanton hoped the motion would not be sus tained. He was ready to express his conviction that the public service had received no detriment by tbe absence of the gentlemen referred to. [Laughter ] No action was taken, and tbe subject was dropped Tbe bill for the organization of the Territory of Nevada was tak?n up and passed. Tbe bill for the organization of Dacotah Terri tory was also passed After some other business the House adjourned. Satciday, March 2. * Skxatk ?The Committee of Conference on the h.???: vii iuc muian approprinnon Dill, made a report, which was read a ad agreed to. So the bill stands passed A- large number of memorials on the present crisis, were presented and laid on the table. The Journal having stated that the House reso lutions for amending the Constitution were read yesterday a first and second time, Mr. Sumner moved to amend by striking out "second time " After considerable discussion by Messrs Dong Ins. Sumner and Pugb, the Senate agreed to read the(Corwin) resolutions a second time?yeas 31, navs 5 Pending which, Mr. Collamer presented the credentials of Hon. J. Collamer. Senator elect from the 4th of March next from Vermont. Housk ?The Speaker laid before the House a communication from the President of the United States relative to the seizure of the United States Mint at New Orleans; Also, a communication from the same relative to the stationing of United trcM in thiirJtv- ??* _ -J , ? w IIU ^VIIIUIUUI I catlora fri>*m the War, Navv, and State Depart ments; all of which were laid on the table and ordered to be printed. The Speaker alao laid before the Houae the rea ignatlmi of T. II. Ford, Printer to the Houae of I Representative*. Mr. Sherman preaented to the House a report from the Committee of Conference on the disa greeing Tote upon the Senate amendmenta to the Indian appropriation bill. Not accepted, and another committee ordered Mr Spinner introduced a resolution Instructing the Committee on Accounts to settle the accounts of the pages In the Ho'iae of Repreaentativea for the Thlrty-alxth Congress; which resolution wae agreed to. Mr. Haskln reported from the Committee on Fubllc Printing a resolution authorizing to be primra zor me use or Congress several thousand copies of th? report of the Select Committee on the abstraction of the Indian trust bonds, and other committees. Agreed to. The Houie then went into Committee of the Whole on the post office appropriation bill. A 9iG5iriCA*T Vote ?Ere we went to press this afternoon, what was regarded as a test vote on Mr. Corwin's proposed amendment to the Constitution was taken In the Senate, resulting yeas 31, nays 5. There can now be no doubt that it will pass the Senate this afternoon by the con stitutional two-thirds vote required. Thk IsAroc*ATioi? Ball.?The promise la now, that this ball will be a most brilliant and successful affair; and certainly the responsible gentlemen who have the management of it are la boring most actively to that end. We are re quested to sav that tickets r ?.i- ?? ? mic iiww uuiy n* Willards' Hotel, Stevens's(under Drowns' Hotel), and at the committee rooms? Gautier's. Visit to the President.? At 1-2 in. to-day, tbe officers of tbe Army, In full dress, beaded by General Scot: and General Wool in citizens dress, called at tbe White House to pay tbeir parting respects to President Bucbanan. The officers cf the Navy, also in full dress, paid a like visit of respect at U p. m. Gxxekal Twioos ? As intimaUd yesterday, General Twiggs has been dismissed from the Army of tbe United States by the President of tbe United States, for bis revolting treachery to the flag of his country. ArnoriD?The President thi? ? IMWSUIUg p proved the tariff bill recently paaaed by Congreaa rr-S^UNITARIAN CHURCH-The Rot. Mr. 'I 5f Cctlbk vill preach in tbia church TO MORROW. 8 rvicea oonmi?noe at 11 o'cl'k- It* fVy-COI.UMBIA TYPOGRAPHICAL SOCI LU? F.TY.?A ataUd meeting of thi? Socie'jr wll Fe h?ld in t&e Cfunoii Chamber THIS EVE NING, at 7,H o'olook. It* H.W.BOWEN, Sep. ;y"W? EXCEl.SlOR LOCGK. No 17. I. O. F.. 'J. 9 mil meet TO NIGHT, at 7* o'clock, to make ar> ana omenta for the fnneral of their de ceaaed Brother, Jaxkb Rub. B? order. It* 8. H MOORK, N. O. ITW-THE REV. MASON NOBLE WILL 1L? deliver Ma third dmco rreo- the oitiea of the BjMe in the Pre?t jterian Charon on Kiith at, nearM*ry|ind arenne.on SABBATH AFTER NOON . at3H o'c o'fc gubjeot? Anoieat Tyre It* ATTENTION, NATIONAL GUARD II g BiTTii m?i . .... .?mm ftl your armory on OTNDaV, the 4th instant, at S o oiook a. m., for doty. B, order j> ^ ^ E. 8.. Adj otaut. If rr^?OPFlCK OF BIGG8* CO , W??H!*o J f TOM. Maroh 2d, 1881.-NOTICK.-Onr oioc win be o!"?ed on Monday, 4th Maroh, and person* hiving rot?? falling due that day vill please attend to ?f#m pr-viontly. n Rieqa a co. (Y W ATTENTION. PUTNAM B1FLES.?You 7 a e requested to meet at your armor*, on Foar-aiid a half street, THIS (Saturday) EVE >iNG at?o'o'nek. toa-ra >K* your aooutermenta aal oU?r I utinesa preparatory to Monday's pa M??. By order if GEO. THISTLETON.Castain. y HE4DQUAKTERM SECOND RF.GI ii.f MhN I Mi LI I'l A. D. C.-The uniformed ^ompa- ie ait eh d to the e >nd jejim^ut are ry-. ' j Kvsrniu ?OD I)A Y AH >O \? _*rT'5HErR^T.^^i;:::rVt fTSStfSjS V5V^ PrrMial. The well-known Mm. Langenachwartz, chairman of the "People'a Union," New York, la In town, and topping at 336 E street. Judge Geo. W. Hopklna, formfrly mem ber of Congreaa from Virginia, la now lying at ! the point of death In Richmond, and cannot poa- I lihlv iiirvlm Vantlle Mack, tbe fat boy recentlr exhibit ing at Barnum'a Muaeum, died on Wednesday. Tbe boy waa seven year* old, weighed 240 Iba , and died of exceaalve fatneaa Gen. Paez, late Mlnlater Plenipotentiary from Venezuela to Waahlngton, left New York on Wedneaday for I>aguayra via Philadelphia. He waa accompanied by hia aon, Mr Ramon Paez, and will take naaaage in a few daya, In the bark Joaepb Maxwell, from Philadelphia. Mr. Ten Broeck, the American turfman, haa entered Umpire. Satellite and Magglore, in a free handicap of #150 each. Si00 forfeit, to be ran on the Tueeaay of the Newmarket Craven Meet ing. There are eighty-alx entrlea, ao that tbeatake mutt neceaaarily be a large one; for If they all paid forfeit the money would amount to 88,600 Thi Rhodx Iblaxd Co5vxstio?c??Adjourn ment to tk* 6th of Marck.?The Democracy of Rhode laland met on Tueaday, at Providence, for the purpoae of makln* nomination* to be anp ported at the approaching aprlng election. A motion waa made early in the seaalon to poatpone all action until the 6th of March, and itwa* de bated through tbe day, and Anally carried, with only one dltsenting voice. The reaaons elven for thla couraa were that the disturbed condition of tbe country, which calla for conciliation andcom Sromlae, ir.akes it expedient that tbe action of ongrtst, andi the tone of thecomlng inaugural addreat, should be known before action la talcen. The plan waa bitterly opposed by two or three partiea, but there teems to have been no. strong objection to it. The Conatitutlonal Union party alto met on tbe tame day at Providence, and followed the course adopted by the Democrata. d^The Naval Remitter for 1881 el vet the fol lowing li?t of naval vessels:?10 line-of-battle thlpa. 10 aaillng frigates, '21 sailing sloopsof-war, 3 aailing brigs. I schooner and 6 store* bipfl?total, 51 tailing vessels, and 7 first-class ste?m propeliert, 6 second-class do; '2 second-class (old and worm) do , 1*2 steam gunboats. 2 screw tendert. 3 first-claf s ? ? ~ -- U(-?U<X1 at auirrl, I H-conU-CIIH no , JIDlra clau do , 1 side-wheel steam W-nder, and 2 steam stores hips. Total, 4'2 steamers?99 ships In all. About 20 of them are serviceable men of war of modern stamp. Thk Pkack Coifkrxnck Skttlemkntin Vir eiitiA ?Tbe Rlrbmond Whig of yesterday com mends tbe Peace Conference com promise as a fair, just and complete adjustment; one, It says, which will meet with tbe nthnsiastir and almost unanimous approval of tbe people of Virginia and of the whole country. ,Y??ATTKNTION. COLUM BIA CA V A LR V 1? You will meet at the Lichan House on SAT URDAY, March 2d, at 7 o'o'ook p. m. A full meet ing is desire<l upon important business. By order of the Captain : mar 1 2t* JOHN PIPKV. Sec. ry?=? DUST, DUST, DUST.?NOTICK ? All LL3 porgona dfaing busineHi on Pen*. avenue a>e reque- ted to meet in the room over Oa!t 4 Bro.'s Jeweirj Store, on SATURDAY EVKNiNG, 2d inst.. at 7J$ o'o1' ck, to adopt some plan for scraping and watering the avenue. ma 1 2t (Vy?UNIVKRSAi l?M-Rev. JoH.f M. Acs !k_3 tin, alitor nf the New ^ oik L Iristian Am basrador, one of the noit t&'orit?"1 Cl-r^ym<*n in Ihe Un ^ers:?l??t Deuor taction,will j,re?c!i at ibe Old Trinity Chu-ch. Fiftn et-eet. o.i SUNDAY EVENING, ftfJH o'olock Seats free to a'l. The public are invited to att< nl ma 1 St* fTy?BANK OF THE METOPOLIB. March IIJI 1st, 1861.?As this t a k wilt rot be open for ?en^rnl burinrM. according lo cu tom,on Mon day, the 4th of Maroh,<ii<auguratioj day )i-. i? re qu?st. .l ti a' parties having notes <hen due in Bank will attend to them on Saturday, 20 ft. arch. An offioer will, however, remain in Hank to reccive payment for such uotoa as may not have been at tended to. ma 1-it fY-5=?YOUNG CATHOLICS' FRIEND SOHI E 1 Y.?Th^ reguiar monthly meeting ofthe Society will be held in the school room o1 &t. Pat rick's Church, SUNDAY A*TER:N<'ON, March 3d. at 5 o'clock. Tlie sem> -annua report of the So ciety will be read. _fe 28 P. J. McHENRY. 8-o. mi?UN10N INAUGURATION BALL.?On |>3 &n<1 after Saturday, the 2d of Maroh, tiokets to the Inauguration Ball will be for sale a*. Wu lards' Hotel and M H. Stevens's Oindar Brown's ) partes noiaiiu tickets wi l make return* on the moroicg of that t'ay to the Treasurer. fe 28 4t II ? ATTENTION. UNION REGIMENT !? LkJS Companies A, H,C, and D, (Federal Rifle*,) First Battalion, Lnion H?(im<>nt. will form line for pa a/1 e on MONDAY, the 4th ?>f March, in front of Temperance Ha I. on K street, prompt!? at 9 o'olook a. in. By order : J. GREY JEWEL'-. Maj Jamfl P. Phkli-ckqm, Adj. fe 28 3t* nf^^M ASONI<"\?A special nommumostioi of Us*? Federal Lodge, No. 1, will be held at t;?n tral Ma?onio HMI, corner of Ninth and D streets, on SATURDAY, Maroh 2d, at 7 o'clock p. m. Punctual attendance of the members is earnestly requested. Master Masons in regular standing are cordially invited to attend By order of the \V. M.: fe 28 3t J. F. I. McCLERY, See. 7 visiting CARDS I OR Ptrangers, engraved at the shortest possi ble notice by mar 2-5t DEM PgFY A o'toqi.*' The fashionable note paper, Tinibd Boedbb, To be had at DEMP8EY ft O'TOOI.R. Card Fngrarers and Fancy Stationers, mar 2 3t Pa avenue. a n a n a S! oranges! 15,CO Sweet havana orangfs, 25 lunches bananas, Just received, p -r *'eainship Ua'timore. at PEA SON's Fruit Depot, mar 2 3t 491 Eighth st., neax_p^av*niie._ Jouvin's FN dressed KID g? OVES! UNDRESSED KID GLOVES! We hav> iuit recciv< d from Paris. Jouvi.:'? colortd ard btack l'ndro*i?ed Km Glovr-s Also, Jonvm's white, b ack, ad ool./red Kid Glove*. Hosierj of all kind*. Our s.ook of all kindi of Dry Good* is very large, and we will cffer grea' harg'tn* for cash. n ar 'i 6*. \VM. K. K|r KV ft HRO. JOHN F. ELLIS, SOLE AGENT KOR THK BALE AND RENT CHICKKPING AXONS' PIANOS, 306 Pkhha. A vKftu -t. Between 9ik and V'tk Strut*, ma 2 North Side gALE HORSES JUST ARRIVED. HORSKS FOR SALE At ROBERT J. RAiNEY'S Stabl'?. Eighth St., l.etween D acd E. Several rood and fanc> <ev driving Hors-s, ei'her single, double, or jL^^I onde' the raddle. One good Jers^f team ^ One fast-trotting Horse. hesu ifnl in stria and ao tion. On? large jiied Horse, suitable for fanning or family carriage. All person* in want of good and iancy stock of Horses will p e*.ae call at the Sta ble*. mar 2-5i* DANCINU AC a DEM V At Feasklin Halt., Corner af Ninth and D streets. Prof. L. G. MA RIM has u.e lienor to announce V. Ill* |/mruui aiiU CIIIZCDS OI Washington that hi* la*t aiiartfr of the ?ea*iM will com- <M ineno* on TUESDAY, March 5th, 1961, wh?n #! he will prepare hi* pupil* fur hi* May Hall ufll Day* aud hours of tuition, T ie*day. Thursday a .J Saturday, from 4 to 6 p. m., for mi- ses and master*; and every Monday, WMnndiy and Friday, from 8 to 10 p. rn . for ladies *nd gentlemen. mar 2 3t* (Intelligencer! I^ALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. Special Notice to Western Travelers. On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY MORN INGS, 5th and 6th >n extra train will leave Wa?hin?-AiM Hi ffiMBSKg ton a* S 20 a. en , oonn?o?ing**^ at Washington Junction with mail train from Bal timore. whinh - * m/i?'j? - 1 " ........ ...?? ?? ?? liornaid r art ere bore it I p. in aame evenmc, oonnectii.g thence with tains for all parts of the West. South and Northw-at. W. P. SMITH, t> ? 2 3t Master of Transportation ITNION RE'TAURANT, Southwest corner Pa. av and Sixth it. The anderaicned having taken tae above eatab liahineut, it b?ing remodeled and refitted A . . A tnrmirhout, will open this day to thMrflfmV BU't"i?er* ad<1 the pablio in general. Their JJUfiLL Bar ir filled with aU the choicest brauda uf I.IQUOR9 that th? market afforda. as w?ll as the M o*' A I,KS. PORTKR.CID* R.Ao. TOBAC CO, CIG * R9,fto., of the pnreat quality. 'I'D" Hating B\r haa all the delicacies of the rea ion that wiirs&t'sfy the appetites uf al! tho*e who nsy favor thorn with a oafl with the b*at of GAME. FISH, KOWl-, &o. Ac. t-YSTERS aerved up n every style; in fact every thing the fancr of the mind may cat1 for cm ba Mid at theahortest notice. A fre* Conoert wi'l be given by Proaoa.i's cele brated brass and string l>and on Saturday evrnine. JOSEPH L. NORWOOD maf-aMw* RICHAKD IXjUGHERTv EXCHA^OE. EXEXCti*NbE tA^nA.>u L, No. 96<l F?N!?*YI.VAN!A A V. No. >I6? PxRMaiLVAitiA. Av. No. W6tt Pxnii?tlta.ki4 A v. 1 you wanta nioa Breakfaat, go to the Exchange, . U68 P?. avenue. f you want a fir* Dinner, go to tha Exohanga, 960 Pa. avei.n*. f you want any thing iu the Kating or Driakinc billVcoie lxohftam-tt6tt billy COIR billy COKR a at tha haad of tha Culinary Department of tha Exchange, 960 Pa, aTeoue,an4 would behapey to aerre hia oid fiienda aa in days before, avrnua. B-?th oaa ba aanrad there. AlUan ba pleased. wine0, liquors?and cigar8 nay ba had there, and iher* lagood a hear for all. at th* Exohanga. ?6? Pa i?..., jhsrs? ??? * >* |, The Trxn Military X?T?Btat?Captare el the Alaaa?Fear n? Weitdfd. [From the New Orleans True Delta, 28th alt ] On Saturday laat the telegraph announced the surrender of the San Antonio Arsenal to the au thorities of Texas. By this morning's mall we received the following particulars of the surrender: Han Antohio, Feb. 16?3 p. m.?Four dsysago U.P..11 v ? * *- ?* vTMvt? Kicvuiiuco ctiifa ior Yomnieeri under order of the Committee of Safety, in the coantlea east and south of Bexar county The time and place of rendezvous was to be ltat night, on ftala do Creek, at thecroaslng of the Segutn road which is four mliea from San Antonio. The call was promptly responded to by about four hundred men ready for immediate action.

Besides the above named forces, he knew of some three hundred frlenda in the city prepared for co-' operation. The camp on the Salado presented a very lively picture. There were companies from Guadalupe, Comal, Gonzales, Caldwell and other counties After aeveral hours of Impatient waiting, the order was given at half-paa?l o'clo k a m. The companies from Guadalupe and Comal took the lead on foot, next followed the others la close order on horseback. On the edge of the city a halt was made, all the uorw? werciiN id a morquito thicket, and a given signal having been answered from the cltv, a dl virion, composed ef a detachment from all com* panlea. advanced and entered the city from the east by the Victoria road. This was at fifteen inlnutes to 4 o'clock a. m. The balance remain ed ready to support the first division by a direct attftrk "pon the various rc upl^d positions The first division, with the forces of the city, were quite successful, the Alamo was taken by surprise and the other places Isolated without fir ing of a gun. At daylight the reserve that had remained out side th* town entered the city on horseback, passed in a direct line and in fine order to tL? main Plaza. All bualneea houses were and are at'.U closed, aa were all drinking places, and the beat order pre vailed. The Alamo property bad been Riven up by the gallant Capt Reynolds, aa true a patriot aa Texas can boast, who baa resigned hlscommisslon under the recent llnl ed Statts Government, determined to adbere to the cauae of the South. At present three o'clok p. m , two companies of Infantry are attll besieged. one In the roamilsnrv, about 125 men, and the other in the araenal, and their unconditional surrender demanded General Twiggs hod been supersrd'd and another officer appointed to take tbe command by the 1-cdtral Government, before the attack waa made. The Lone Star flaj now floats as of yore over tbe renowed Alamo. Negotiations are now going on for tbe other property iu this city, which, if not given up in a few hours. will be taken. Through tbe accidental discharge of a gun four men were wounded on tbe Plazv A letter in tbe Ualveston News adda: The Raneert will return to their camp on tbe Salado, and will at once march to take possession of the other United Statea forta and garrisons on the frontier. It ta thought they will be surren* dered without resistance, so large will be the force brought against tbem. MADAME GODDARD, 1"! Thb Ast*olooist, Cai be consulted on the Pavt, Present, and Fu ture Kvents, at Mo. Sb Grai am's Alley ; entrance uii v> di ? (jcbwr.cii i^in anu lain bib. mar I Ji" BUGGIES! BUGGIES ;; BUGGIES!!! I have on hand and constantly putting ?p firat clasa Bugtic*. which will be sold to suit the tiroes. AWo. seveial good Se"ond-hand Burgiea. mar 1-lw* HOB'T H. GRAHAM,8th at. FOR *ALE LOW-Two young COWS, with Calves. Ala?>, SPUING WAGON.^k# HORWE and HARNESS. Will b? sol JfUT separate if desired. F r t*rmi apply t< JOHN ROBERTSON, Agent, No. 60 Froap-ot at., Georgetown. D. C. mar l-3t* P NOTICE. ERSONS Wiahing Furniture and Heavy Arti clea Removed can, at all timea, by on J. A. &TE I'll EN SON, At Rjulkoad Pbfot, Find Good Wagons and Careful Drivers. roar 1 lin 1MPI)RT*\T \nTIPL' TA owu . unnna _ M i? v? i iwt< A v/ x iVAil U LK\S 1 VISITING WASHINGTON. ^4 Vrz>ir of the National Capitol Will bk Prkkextxd To everv purchaser ol Books, Sta'ionerr, Ac, from the ktown establishment ?>f FRf Ni'H A It ICHST " IN Bookseller*, Stationer*, and Pe rio<lio?l Dealers, No. 27S l a. avenue, tear th? hifkwood House, Washington, D. C. roar 1 JNAUGURATION NOTICE! MARSHALS' SASHKS. BATON0, GILT KAGLt'S, bPF.ARS GILT *CORNS. KO ShTTKtS BADGKS, Fi.AUS, ko., 4tc , will be furnished bj MRS. E.-LOWE, Trimmi.18 Ma^ufacitrk*, 29T Pa Avenue, soutu tide 29T N. B. Paddle Cloth* trimmed to order. H-23-lw CNOTICK. HAS. WKRNF.R, No 353 Pa. ave-.ue, oppo site Brown's Hot* , will feed the huncr* A . . A ILnli - r-<> ~ .,au.v>i ?ii.i vim ??<i coin?rs uurnu TI**'I? W th* inauguration of the President e.ect U"MS I Hi* h?.u>e has l.een refitted throughout, and for cmifort ar<i accommodations cannot l>e heat. His ^alo-.n up stairs will be furmsiied with the t<e?t of Eatal les, clioion Winrs. Ale and J*c*ar?, and the K Ktajrant with every thine the appetite can crave. Ca:l and see hiir>; <'ha>ley is a clever let ow, and supplies all with Fish, F.esh and well as Wine*, Ales, Be<>r and l.iquors. This Mouse a! ways op n (or the early tramp. le 28 3 * HENRY SOHAEPKR. BARBER AND IIAIR-DRESSER, E PTRIXT, NKAR 9lVK!ltH, Opposite Ike Poft Ojfice Departm'nt, has fitted up, in connection with his establishment, convenient accommodations for affording to hii customers and th* pub ic the luxury of COl.D or WARM BATHS, at any time during business hours H s charges will lie moderate? I wnty-five o*ntafor a nin^ie bath, or five baths for a dollar when ticket* lor that number ae pLrcr.asrd paid for in a^varce. Mr. Schaufer takes tins opportunity to inform hit fliist'<n>eri> that this desirable addition t? hi* estab lishment will in no manner int>-rf<?'e with his reicu lar professional business. On thecoi.tiarj.h" hopes t<? a-'id to his prefcent facilities for insuring prompt ...... ?vr uuiiioiiMin paironi in mo iine 01 SHAVING and HMrt DKKSSlNli. Acd 'o the Ladifa w/iO patronix* liim in th? line of Cuttingor Trinnniiig tb*ir* ? n <t th-r ohild-*k'a t air, h<" b *pg to >at th\t he ha% provided for them b tier aoromm 'ditti'ii s, in having fittrd u a small room a d arpronr.atea it excluairely to t) r uee te a 1m I^OK THE INAUGURATION BALL. f adiea' ard Oentlcm^n's be t quality WHITE KIL) GLOVES, all ?ix??. Jr ellinir off all Farcy I r?M Pi ka, Popliaa, Merinoi, ard Dela ne? at l?.-a than coat. J. W COLLEY fc CO., to 27-ivr ,5'i.t Saventh atreet, above P v av. Theod established PAWN OK- /On J. JLF'CE, foriner.y on Penr. avenu* JL \ Q 0between 3d ard ?>? Ha., fcaaiaMj? Vv b-en it-moved to 351 C at., between 4K aud 6.a eta., back of the National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! a 10,000 to ie loaned in air.all anma on ?>nld and Silver W atohes Jewelry, and all other artiolea of ... I- 11 ------ *?iuv, uuaiuo'i auioiir tna conndentiaMy don*. Don't for*et to oall at No. 331 C at., between and 6th eta. fe27-3in I. HF.RZBERO. SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS.?fancy NO TION9 and toys, ohe*p oaah, at fo a-it* LAMMOND'8, Seventh at. T^O strangers AND VIS1 TOKS.-Vievs of the Publics Uuil^inna, Letter hh^et Viewa of the Capuol and ol the Preaident'a Houae; Uni, n N'^te t'aper. Hand xook, Guide and Cata ojue of Wa?hington, Map of YVaahiugton, for aale ><j FRENCH 4. RICHSTE1N. fe 23 W aahinctoo, D. C. Calicoes at 3 cents per yard, do at A do do .do at 6 do do do at 10 do do Suitable for makinc Coxforta. Aleo, 15 balea Cotton W adainr. 50 realy made Bed Comforte," 75 pair Bed Blanket*, wiling at reduoed prioe* at HF.NRT LOAN'S, S'23 aouth aide Pa. av., bet. 6th and 7th ata , <*28 at New Iron Building*. gEST NORFOLK. OYijTERS.-The nnder suned re*pe"tfu'ly tnforma the pubio that hia establishment will be open night and day until after the 4th^nLl# f March. Hecanfuiniahany auantity HT or March, Heoau furniah any quantity of OYS l'FRS from one pint to athoo aand gallon*. Alao, LOBSTEKS.Ci AMP, FISH. &c, deivered to any part of the eity free of charge at the loweat market prioe Let me hear from you in time. T.M.HARVEY, No. 261 C at., bet. 10th and 11th eta., fe 28_tf oppoaite the Theater. C1 WOOD AND COAL. V^ONSTANTLY On hand a large aaa<utment of the very beatqoality of RED and WHITE ASH COAL of all a >e?, which we will deliver to any part of the oity at tne ahorteat notioe and at mod erate prioe*. 2.240 pound* to the ton in all * Alao, HICKORY OAK and PINK WOOD ??> l.a,U... p ? *D?I WsTlJ.""*1 South aide Pa. a*., bet. 3d and 436 ata... fe tl-tw and weet aide 4K at. and the Canal. N. B -We will nnload a cargo of Red Aah Not Coal in a few day*, whioh will be aol l at SS oenU per ton l*ea than oar uaual price if d*lirar*d fmm me (ft 27-4q bad. |.8l AM D kmpor1um. boots, SHOES, hats. ready made clothin^^*** purnishyno goods At putu to avtT ru Tins, Far Cm* k. 10 collars for 84 cents military caps at 8ft cents to fl. geo. c. hennino. b*r?nth ?t, m>-1t nt%r balthaoaiaa ?roond?. AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEATER! . ? L>?et__ .8 W Gtwirx Ae?iat Mtntf?r j.t. Ratmorb this evening. Sooond Night of the Talented Co?n*di nne, MIPS JOKY GOU6ENHEIM. la J K ANNIE DEANS; Or, Thi Rua* or Mid Lotiui. To eoncSnde with The Mntical Faroe of THE LOAN OF A LOVER It l?AUQir|ER AGAINST THE WORLDI r Ti.ere are on exhibition in this city.yysiW by Mr. Coehraa, of Virginia. on th? At 1 enue, near the Cap<toi. two of th? 6oeetHx"g CATTLE erer exhibited in tkieoity. one* of them meaecring from tie to ti?16 feet 4 inchea, id S fret high, * raxed by Mr. B. F. Rixey, of r a? quier county, Va.. named the J. J. Critenlen and the Wm. H. Seward. mar t-?t* \f AMMOTHPROMENADE CONCERT. i?i TUESDAY, Mareh 0th, AT THX INAUGURATION BALL ROOM. Ry the Piiscipai Membrb* of tii The Beethoven Society, Together v.til an IMMENSE ORCHE8TER, 1'rider the direction of J Chaslu Limchow, Fimj. ( rioaiiuMt-PiiT I. ! , 1. March* <!u sfacre?Hropheti Meyerbeer 2. Overture? Mt y Wive? of Windsor... Niooiai I i s. Walz?r?Venu* Reiren (I j 4. Overture- Gazza Ladra Roasini 5. Kl -c?eby Erret??olo Trombone Lenechow 6. Gallop? Caati inner Lumbye , Pa.xt II. 1. Overt a re?Zam pa . .Heroid , 2. Wa'i r?Dreannon the Ooean ?Gungl 3. Overture? >tradMla? rlotow : 4 Nato&al Aire? 'Union," "Star Bpinc 1*4 5. Finale?Oa Hop. Ticket! Fifty Cents, for sale at Metierott's Ml tie St?>re. Doors open %' 7; to oommence at? o'o'ook. mar t ^;K\V NA1IO.NALTHEATER! JOKIIV 8. RAREY Has the honor to annoanoe hi* THIRD LECTURE AND EXHIBITION OF HORSE-TAMING I* \Va?hinotom SATURDAY EVENING, March M, At ha f part seven, If a Mammoth Brit-mso Erected express'? for Mr. RAREY'S Exhibitions, on the site of the Old National Theater, E St.. , near ra. avenue. The building t? sthoho, co!*vi5i*?T. aad com fortabli, PBRFSCTLT WATIR-TIOHT, will HUT id, LIOHTID WITH Oil, FC RMIIHID WITH com fortable skats, and properly ventilatrd. Several herses of the most Vioious an4 Unman ageable Na'ure have been tecnrad for the Praotiotl Illustration of Ihia Lecture, and will be mtroduocd and sucjugated in the preaenoe of tlie audienoe. 'CRUISER" nu t ma cniBii'BV DO?i:U9 t OB1N II ui6 World vi 1 alto b? exhibited. Mr. RAREY guarantees the perfect order and decorum of this Lecture. A full corps of Ushers has been ensued. and every attention will be paid to the comfort of La dies. Admission. Parquette........... |1 All the reat of the house..... 3n centa So&ts may now be eecurcd atthe Box Offioe of th? above building, K atreet. near Pa. avenue, and at Me^serott'a music store, Pa av. it QDD FKLLOW8* HALL! vixieen rerjormers, uvequaled o*ui incom parable J SIX NIGHTS ONLY, CommtHcinx MONDAY EVENING, Ptb.tS. CHOOS or flOOIAMXI NlflHTLT. ] Double Troop- and Braes Basd of Duprez & Green's j Original New Orleans and Metropol- ? itan Burlesque Opera Troupe Will give Si* G>and Ethiopian ?ope *rta at the above halt , introduoi g eaoh rv*ning aa en'lraly new (election of AoU, selected from the gems of E'hiop<an Min?trol?y. Grand Serenade eaoh evening in 'roat of the hall previous to openini the doors, by the New Orleans *n<i Metropoli an Troupe'a Brass Band, led by Mr. J P*?.TT. I> ore open at 7; Conoe-1 to oommenoe at quar'er of 8 o'clock precisely. A dniisaion 25 ceuta: reaerved a^ata V o?nt*. C H. PUPRKZ. Is 23 7t Manager and Huainess Ag>a*. AAli nnrt -BLUE BOOK -Inform ^o^jUwvJilJUU# at on as to all the offices in th* ? unt-y, md salary. S7)g cents. Contain* the san e matter as th* Groat B un Book eoaung S3 SO. Omrtiiig the ciin?s which are not t?oes?ary. Cat aln^UA of l ? 1 1 ?- VV 1 r?H'U? * 'UIUC VI rw* rntn. Old Isimka bought ?r>d im-Id Cftta ogue fir ni he<l. alkrel) HUNTER, Bookeeller, f*22-ln?* wih^rd.'Hotel square. balls, parties, &c. Grand military complimentary BALL the raemteri of the GEORGETOWN mounted GUARD wou d rtupeotfu'lr i*. * vite their fii^acaft'id the public gene a i? to jffl a ('omplimenta'y lift i, to be given ftt POM /1a peian H A li. (Unio?i H te',) on the micbtmm of the Fourth of Mareh. 1*61?the ooc&tion ben g th'vj*re?*n fttion of ft Fla? The rotmittee pUdge thrmie tm to inti nnth ick undone to reader it the muit p Miftst of the - a?on. Ticket* One Dollar, to be had of the Committee. Commuti. Lieut. 8. Gough, q,>rp'' d. Colin?, i.irot 8 D. L.inn, Private J. L. Carberry, Quaiterm'r J. b*rbour. Private J no. M t**>rj't J. A. Newman, Private Ccu. Wood, Skrc't P. Dill, Private J. B. Tarton. fe28 4t WAJSTS. WF.CKf?SION MONEY WANTED.?6o'd to ^ give in exchange for Sou'h Carolina or Georci* bills. Call eoon at No. 441 Ninth at., hflfwii F an^ G. mar ?-3t* THREE HOYS WANTED,toumtin a'uht btifcinean for a ahort time. A*rireaa ALBERT T. LLOYD, at Empire Hoaae, 496 Pa ar, stating where to be called on. mar 1 St* ANTKD IMMKMATELY-A competent MAN-SERVANT, to attend t > d mine-room work. Beat referrncee required. Apply to MRS. GEO PakKEK, oorner Your aLd-a ha f and C atreeta. mar i 4t vv WANTED 1M M EDI AT E L Y?Prom ft* to worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TliRE of all kinda, for which 1 will f uarantr to pay the highest prioea, and, aa u-ual. at tne ahortMt do tin* "* "" - - - _ IV. DliUllLiY, Dealer in Furniture, gloves, ie., oo 9 408 7tli at., bet. G and H eat aide. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. FOUND?In on* of the omnibuses, on Friday, 1st instant. a POi KKT a mall om of money. The owner ean bar* the etna?by deeoribing it and paying for thie advertisement?on appioation t-? J AM Kb H. UPPKRMAN, Waat bate, Capitol Ground#. nar I >? I 08T?Last nine, cither on the Amuor L seventh street, a (T6> D BREASTPIN. The finder will be rewa-ded by returning it to R. C. 8TfcVKNB'8 Faaoy Store, 116 Pa ay. ?! f OST?On Monday, February IB, on High atra* Li between the CacaJ and Bridge George- gy tween the Caeaj and Bridge. Qfcrtt- gv D C., on# opan fsoe GOLD WATCH fX1 nder will be libera ly rewaded by leaT-fHB ing the a*me at No. 46 Montgomery atraet Geoiga town, D. C. sal-it town, v v The finder T>/\ A DUAiU/iiNU: BOARDING-etrtniera naitin* Waakluftoa can be acoommodatad with Rooms, with or without Board, on rea?on*.h!a termi, at 3?? D at., pear 7th. on* n?ar> from Pa. > . waMt* ERMaNENTOR transient lodgers oan be ?cc< mn c>Jat*d at 391 E atreet north, b-'tween 9th ao<1 10th ate., (in the central part of the city, aad near Pa avenue.) Tea* ? BOARDING?Traaaient and permanent board era o&n obtain pleaaant apartments aad food Board on F street. No S39, between 9th and loth sta. Table Board era also aooommodated by the day, week ^or month. lean* Inauguration Ball. tucker'8~COIFFURE8 AND GARNITURES ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE COMING BALL. Tff broadway. fcg-W NEW YORK. R E A T S A C * I ? ? " - l??llw P >1 AUCTION SALES. Br BONTZ A GRIFFITH. PEREMPTORY SALE OP L4D1K8' A!fD 5. VZ&S& GOT; )'eloek, w will Mil ?t (tor* No. Vr?U ?t_ )?? ? B ud I iU..t ?t Book, *ho*?. ^tiUn, Ac,Ac. l*m? U*? ?>ook of a |W Jtm ?n vt^nninK cnsi uw. v ?> ? Lidian' H Mk and Colors Lasting ttaitorj. Ladi??' Murooeo BooU, ft.ipf*ra aad Walktac Cki drtn Morooeo. Kid,Black m4 WortdLMV rJStfZSi* F* en t] Amen'* Calf and Kip BooU, Bro?aa BooU. r, Cloth and PaUnt L^atk?' GajUrs. Pair and Patent L<?U*f Oxford Tim, ft*. Men'* and Bcj?* Br?tar-?. *' Ca;f aad Pa?rt Leather Oaitora. Yoatha' CafaiKl Ki? BooU. vnnini a i??, no i w-o. Tot tb*r with a larj* a?*ortm?nt of Boot*, Sbooa, and Gaitara to? n ia?r< urto venUon. Al*o, G*nta*. Roy and Children'# Soft Hata, Cloth and Nary Ca*a W wraid oalitfe* *p*eiaJ attention of shoodMi are to the a ore *. *. Tb* aiook ia - ry pill M &omyl*t*, and Iim n?ar, y all b*on yurobaaod wtUua Ui? Htt t??lrt montba. T?rm?: ?A?ad iiiilw oa?b: omtbatn* i wWIt of 6? ud 90 day a, for aaM?f*otoriiy *ndora<<d ?p<a?. baarinr iat? rat RONT7. * GRlKFITH. mal-d Aaota aod Com M?rcbat*. *6t Ttj> at. \|AR?HAL*9 SALE.?la nrta* of a writ of i*l 6?n f?o:u maunl from tb* Clark'a Ofto* of tbi Circuit Court of tbe Diatriot of Cogwbia for Lb* Coanty of Waahiii|U>n. and to m* diraatod, I will uiom to pabli* eaT*. for oaab. in froat of tb* Coart HngN door of aaid ooaaty, on FRIDAY, tb* ?d day of Ma-oh next. 1M1, *oniini>Qoiai at If o'clock ro- tb* following describe proj*rti, to wit. vis: Lot No. 15. in i*qua * No 4'. i.otNo. t, in Ur ~ * ? i*v, i >, au r nv ^ Fquar* 43. Lot No (, in ?aoa-e No.4S, in ttquar* No K. L.ot in !*?uar* L I ot No. IS in fquar* No. 76, al in tb* oity of WaabicrH.a. D. C.. to**tboi wth a. and aincuiar tb* imp'or*n)*r.t? th*roon, M>ia*d and imod af?n . . al.. - ?/ ? a. ai t i I a i X.i2 mm piumt* *.*1 Oruui maoiftiii MiU w 11 ur wa K Mut jadioiale No.43, to Janaary term. 1M1, la or of Hooc, ttrotner A C??. t> TJ df W 8KI.DKN.Uff Marehai. Br GREFN ft WILLI*MS AvotiosMra VERY KXTENSIVK PAWN BROKKR** iiior UnnriKi' Hlkdob* at Arcrion. On Tl K^OAN UJ WKDMmiuV. Mareh * a?d 6, at 10 o'aloek a. ro.. ?? tha i 4* I at our Auotioa Roon , eorotr ud D 1 rM j t r?rj ^r|? col roUoBof anredeeirei fledjee, computing ia fiue Gold aod Silver flanUcc Ciea, Lev*r and other Watchee, Gold Neck and Fob Chain* and Breeatpina, Ladiee' ?uper;<v Gold Pinaand Earring a, aiegke or in aeu. Plain and Fancy Finger Riege. Ton ether with an eatenaiv* variety of Ladiw' Whtiij Apparel, *uh a?? Blanket, C ape and other Shawl#, Bilk and other I)rea?ee Cl^th Capec a?d Coata. Furn, Ac. ueniiemeira w earing Arp*re4 in * ir?t rmrietr. Also, Kevo vera, ttuni and Piatola, And many utitr artio.ea too oamercaa to oaaaW At# Tna f?> will ?o riboim with Wttokaa. Term* o%ali in aaeci*. ISAAC HERZBFRO, Pawnbroker fe?d ORKKN A WILLIAMS. A?to. Br J. C. McGL'IRK A CO . Anotioneera. TRt'bTKE'tf HALE OF HOl'!>KHOI.D AND KlTfaE* Fc?MiTr?i Hotiu, Vraaiii. W?so?, C*ir and Hakxf**, Cn#t Ac ?Br virtue 01 a deed of truat from J?hn Boh.ayer, Jr.* hearing date on t t l?t d?f of Jid-. i85B. and re corded in Liber J. A. H. No 177, folio 36 at ae^.. the aabaoriber wi!l aeli, at pat> ic a&le on FR1 I)A V, the Bth d%? of M?rah. 1K1. at the late real S-ooe of aaid John B 'hiayer, Jr , oa the oornar of B at. nort:; and Fifth at. ?uut - 2 Mooko\a*>,l ? fa. 3 ' ounfaa. 6Ta iaa, I Bureaua.3 Ca p#ta,5 Deutteada, Bada and Bad din*. 18 Chaira. 3 pair foa ea, I Clooka t Looking it anaer, j Saoaace Maohinea, 2 Kettiaa, l.otofCr^ick* r? au<i Gla?a Ware. l?"? iviio e i i M fwi, I Cow, 2 Bu ?i?f, S Whom, I Carl aid I't of Harne?? Term*: Ail iimi of #30 and under o*?h; all timi j?fr #30%ni urder f5> *i an day*, ail ?urr orar (ytan u-iier fine nsn &nd 60 dt??: and all aanM ?t 910 and over at ?>, 6"ani *> dar?* oradit. tor not?? with approved aadoriera. bearicg interMt f om day of aa ?. ?-a!e to oonm~nc? at in o'c r.#k a at. OH AH. J* WMi.^CH.TnitM. f>?-?otdt J C MoOl'IRE A CO . Atott. TRUSTEE'S ?Al*i OF REAL EWTATE. By Ti'ta* of a d**a of tratt, ?imiH tom? It f icth rd Williaino and wife, r^corai^i m Aexao ri? County Coart. in Lib?r U.. No. S. folia ?> , md at their riuuert I wi! < .far for sale. atfaMJa inftbdB Li '?? -1- *"* *' _ w ?' hi^u< ?v 1VF" U?p U ? Pi f E<1/* Nh**UA* . th?6Ui day ? f Maroh, IHI. in fro'l of I <o Mayor's olfig*, in t*a oit? of A.ex%i<lr a, ki IS m , a tract of I.and in the ?nigty of *1(1 'n-ris. oortfc'ninr at out ss noee, 1/iag oft the Co a nt a u-B^ike, about SS mi.ea from Ut eity of VV%ahingtoi . fa28 dta H.H BKRRV.Trmt**. FOR SALE AND KENT. |7?OR r h < ... RENT?A larga thraa-atnry BRICK HOlSK situated on the no'tbraat ooraer of rhirtocnth ilrnt and N^w \ ork arena* For artbor jarti a art inquire eitbar nest donr, oa rhirtMnth ?I reel, or 10 J. T FENWICR, No. 171 south F trert, between 4?? aid 6th stroeU. Island. ma l-?* SMAI.L FURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT, or Houae (or rent and Furniture for sale, on <evant<entb etre^j, First Ward. o!<?a? to ail iba at ALBERT WoOD ant. Pa. aranua. bat wean [>epartmenti li quire LKV'8 Kacle RaeUu s 7th and lsih ?t? |7>OR RENT-MAKKKT GARDKN a in* lot r eoutajnict a> ou' fojr aerea. the beat poerthe *>il. and well a-Kp'ed to th? nature of vecetaMea >f al. kind* W ill be let at a low rent or on aha i.l,i E WITTINGLY. f*38 3t Cornar ?ixth at. and Pa aveaaa. rOTHK MKRCHANTSOF WAPH1N6TON. Amor g the beat Ha*mee? 8tta4l m thia wtl la ha WarehoD-e r^ca itiy erected on the eoath aid* >f Pa in. avanae. near t;.e oo ner of Ss*anth atr The entire, or aaoh portion i ipplied for, la now offered for r*ut u irae t'rrna. A; ply to COYLF. 'oarteenth rtreet and Canal, ZOYlE, 395 C atrael. ? n iiocuwuia lin?, WlfWD i tta ?t?., two large and comfortable Room*. rithout Board, during the Inauguration time fa 26 lw MR;* T K GKRCXk. tjKJR RENT?A haodaoinely FLRN15UEI> HOUSE, with a : the modern im?rov?niHU, 0 a central iooato n, will be rented for one year, W 1 term of 7 ear a, on very rtuouble terme. Pee leaeion given lmmediatlp. Apply at No. 404 E at? >etween 9th and 10th ?ta. fe iV lw F| OR RENT-A three etory brick HOUSE, t _ taining 8 rooma, In good order, with gaa ki aree complete, on H atreet. between ?th and Ma. lleo, a two-atorj briok C<rTTAttK, with lari* rard attached, corner of F a treat north ani Uth at. taet. To punctual and reliable tenant* the teraa n.l be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth atraflE, >etween B aad H. no l?-tf IT OK RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of tta baAt r tac uniaadiatoij oppoette the west wing of gh? 2:ty Hal.,reoently oocucied b. CI? * ?> ? an offlc*. A lab the'front room IB"the mood4 a^fSiBvviBaKS onimatw. ?T?n?? ^ ? U It LH)R RK.NT-Tne bra BRICK | r lOO wNlrt., GturiotovB, at tied by the 'beonbor. it hae it rooae. i tod w%t?r tli. .?ur nojt, a fine rati, etahle i a ib a good neichLorhood. Apply to JAB. ?RLPKR. ? One Uoilar. i-?i-si-?i-si_-?i-si-si-si?en ITS Pa. At. EVANS'S. 4TS r*. At. YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE OF JEWELRY J* IN OUR STORK for ONE DOLLAi. SPLHNDID ASSORTMENT. Slenmt CARBUNCLE Sato far H ?l?C*nt LAVA. GARNET Settj (legaiit J ET Seta I tlMftnt cobai. uul n - llnut medallion Acta i stacmit kim mosaic ft uacut plain cold ? b*tafor LtdiM* guard chains .for ?l Lmiim' chatelaine chains..for ft! Ljmiim' neck chains for ftl shfi vest chains, (iodiftraat j?m?)... $1. large lot of plated ware, tosditiii of rable,tea uki drsert spoons, porks, cream pitchers, cake maskkts, cream ladles, tea sets op knives tad forks, butter knives, cups, a?? a*. Jaot a Ur|i AMortm*atof jewelry, v* ou Mil Sfi owu jmt mrttcU boo&sIbooes. :los ng out ol-r stock at a gr sacrifice. flM boors Srtluu for i J J IUI BOOKS for MtoM |LOO BOOKS Selling for f 1 Vo NOW IB YOUR TIME to mwt BOOKS Mi JEWELRY LOW KB THAN EVEB BEFORE. CALL EaRL,Y AT T?Pt.Af. EVANS'S. 4TIP*. liUli ,*?V2tf?2:? iW&tfJlP1 ^ TV. COLLSTIOO. h P M