Newspaper of Evening Star, March 2, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 2, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR, WLLIE AND I. BT A351* M. DCOASK*. Wt'n in th? m\rk?t-S%ili? and I ? Ar? th*r? no f?c)>elor? wanting to ' ? <? ?? ?nnn?li ti) OrOIKJf0 2 I^"uo W mi nam v >u> -* * ? ? ? w , Won# who kave wmlum enough to discio?? That the*'re shirts without t?>?oio? aud pioti with out string. They have ve?ts with fringed edge*, and ooate with t irn flaps. >n?' t"eir la-it wfcter's hose are minus of toes, An-1<he*r nw?nvD e?i heels are like U< set fou, For lack of snoh bcd w as Millie an 1 I To attend to the war. ts and the woes we er pj ? We are no ooqnof!*??Saili^and I? lo fre?-loria< dandies rrrd not app')? Beaut*'" a.!:r?irer? or Wit's devotees peed not a?proioh. f>r we rev<?r shall Please; But we know of a oiro'e whose names are un'o'd La Fame'? i iminj t?rnpi?? or mansions of gold, Whose lives without rpot,or b.emiih.?r blot, nave won them t.te houor Ihe world civet a not ? For *i:oh. worthj bachelor*. >*aifie and I Still wait in the market?wilt ye not buy t insuliru v iruie ^a:ne?^u ; Only 01 u i>ff?r to those wno appy? He*l? warm aud loving we've str:v?u to Mend With hand eve- r*adv in neei to befriend ; And our 'ips iieldcnr go?aip, our feet rarely roam the charmed precinou cfooildhood'a sweet home? And to waali, brew, o. bake, inn'1 apluttu we B?k?, F?r "Quiet and Thrift" ! the motto we take? Oh. rare are auch ho??ewives ax Sa ii* atd I; Lonely old tashelor, will ye not bay t We're in the marke'?Palle %nd I? P is'! we be left in the market to die ? fwiflly youti's flMtin* >en.r< uvi-r u-t ?cu, dimmer the rays from Hope* beaoon light glow. And the dimp'es where '.Tueid ha'h nhosen Ins bed. Too Ion* left ucki-sed, will he wru kea iartead? A nd our hearts. l.k< the Mas, will forget to be gay If lov? fragrant bln*.>"n ne er dawn on our a a>: BuitW ?- a.11,? v fcT"vn in vie JTOWVIUH ? f? HO BUU I Offer to b?oh?lor*? pray, will tb t?u>i ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARW HOTEL?J C Horton and lady, M'.m Hortoo. Maas; K H Gllchrlat, Col Stevena, N J; C A Stewart. NY; 8 Ilobert, NY; J Lenlev, Pm; J McClare, Dr J McClare, Tenn; W Hazard, Rl; 9 A PaTTalne. Pa; 8 M key, R D Benedict, O 7. Benedict. NY; A Root. Dr TrenmelllT.MIcb: F Philllppt, Paris; b D Kennedy, J McElvin.Pa; ?* Cameron, H Prentauce, Cai; H M Murray, T S MaHer, Pa; O La thro p. W Degier, NJ; J Ely,La; E F Sbepa'd, NY; F Johnaon. Pa; T O Ranaom. 1U; J L Oamy. O; J W Hantlngton, Ofe; Lt Col Cooaman. L8A: W li Annatrong. B F RupetPa; R Will >n. J F Rusllng, O W Wigging,N J;\V T Atwood, W It; 8 R Snowden, A C Cith, Pa; C Del*field, J Ben. NY: J M Roblnaon, NJ; O D Coleman, E Brooke, M K Moorhead, J M M :>or Jhead, C A Wrjjght, J Uinipaon, E YV Mi 1 la, E T ra; r, *v i uiuer, t, K farry, Minn; R A West, J A Sugdann, E M Mulling, J C Mil ler, D E 8111. H B Baxter and ton. N V; J B Sar dy and aon, NY; F H Re?ienbat?a?. Cal; A Blrsav, Maw; C W Foater. J H F<wteT,P*;C A 8troe*day, IV 8 Campbell. NY; W 8 Buclay, C Chandler, 111; O W McDowell and ly, J Halataugb, A Mur dccb. NY: W Haves, A Marbach, D Aiken, HI; J B (tuple, J Hall. J II Ewing, P?; J Mclean. E 81o*son, NY: C Hoget, Man; A Flore?, Ecua dor; A F Bremiiend,?: J Blood and ly, N Y: F E W cod bridge and ly. Mra Gov Underwood, V?; E Nrrton, Cal; Major Hunter and ly, USA; T 8wan, Md; G Folaon,NV; J W Alexander.Pa; G Keener, 111. Hon G W Wright. Cal; F Armory, J Marab, M Rice, J W Rice,Mass; W Auderaou. W C and C W Simmonds. J D Dunn, NY; J ? Glttinga, J C Coale, W T Walton. Md; J A Erater, Pa; M Grun, J M Bryant and ton, Ark; J 9 Eichalbere. 8C; V Mutter. Va; D ConoTa. D F Cocbmn, NY; E Peck, W Strong, Vt; J P Clark, 8 B Piatt,?; Gleaaon.Va; L Deane,Md. DA Grigga, A Clougb, Maas, J F Duning, Me: M G Smith, NY; S Clark CmL W A Allen, Pa; H J Mlnaen, H L'cott,NY; G >1 Mason. J Dinker, A Goodrich. J Cole M J .Lane and ram, J H Woodruff J D Sprigg, T Fletcher and bro, C Tobey. Maaa, R Pom bo, Bra xil; W Burnside. Pa; J Ho*ay, DC; O Abell, W M Mago, J Bonner, W Horner. NY; J McDonald, Cal: \v H Chapman. Mlaa Chapman, A M Clapp, W D Morrta, D E Whitehead, P A Kobibaon, vV H Anderaon, A B I.awrenre and lv. S S Cherrv and sister, ?; W H Haywood, Maaa; J P Howard, F G Chase, Mr AbeU, NY. NATIONAL HOTEL?Mra Van Lew, J N Van Lew. P G Rawllngs, R Melaon. G K Faddle ford. S A F raiser \V H ? , .. .. v cuinu, ?i n T Poor, N P Alk-n, NY; S D Otcott, G W Garduer. A T Gardner, O; A T Dunham, G W Luckey, N Y?A O Brainerd E B Sawyer, Vt; W H Peek, MIm Hunt, V?; R N Batcheldor, F. Kmerson, N H, A Holbrook, Ore; U B Stopea, NG; C Simon ?n, E F Shepherd. A Benson, G W Benton, N Y; J J Murray, Md; L B Hunt. J Ferguson, L L McOnAa, J A Smith, NY; A H Sander*, Ind; A M Swan. Ill: M S Plummer, G \V Dean. Md; A A Bernard, Va; C J Good, A V Gibbs, Pa; B A Glberson, Md; F Vaughn. Tenn; B W Bites, N i; > antler Dill, Ct; R Fowler, Man: M Law, C Spencer, Md; J C Bradford, G W Fogg, NJ; A 9 Dudley. L Grav, J J Cutter, Maw; M Clark. H Stevens. Vt; C K Jodaon, La; T F Atklnson.M Betts O, A N Hall, H J Wall, Del; D R Stan ford. C S Marshall. F Cobb, G Babsnn, P Jonea. L Wri?bt. NJ*, M Mansfield, Mass; N H P-?rm, F?, J R Wing, S D Faruaworth, O; J R Tysrn, NV; II Sto'.kbridtte, J J Marsh, Mass; J B Robbins, Wis; H B Metralf, Rl; J Stewart, L IVasler, NH; S B Crowu, A G Webster, 111; G L Robert, Cal. BROWN S HOTEL ?S A Tower, C Baldwin, A H Dickinson. J R Gbappan, A Denham, T L Curmao, C Walker, G W Button, L French, H Brad e> J Coolev, J Kinj^TO Messenger, J 9 ,>ini, d utiun, w clay, Mtui Gutltan, Mies Staple#. N F Wilson, J Staples, A Staples ? F Tboraas, J Dickinson. T M V alentlne, J A Legget, Va; L Manerlch NO; J Hannerberg, La, fi C Balrd. Ala; >1 O Bignins. R H Cell, f* Ray mond, O B Smith, J King, G T Luten, O: J Car penter, R Ruallug, U H McCullogb, 8 Wilton, J ^, F Rusting, J King, NJ; J DSteele.F C Steele, L H Hunt, C A Bound, J M Lane, Fa; G N Nutt, E E Rice, Calj D 8 Grant, Miss; C F Jeanlngi Kau; R O Shan, Md; J M Woodward, M A Price, Rev B Askey, M D Stewart. B Coleman, Tenn; M Holmes. NC; S A Glencoe, S Wilson, C G Wi son, .Ud. KIKKWOOD HOUSE?Dr Hsrderty?-B Flck 11 ii, R H Talentt, E I) Klncbeloe, Va: S Pettis. M H Kennedy. H M Murray, Pa; Dr J Beattv, H J Norr s, Ma; G Mealls. R Urennan. R Marten, N Y; ii T A?ken, Dd; C Taylor, On; H C Kirnbal, H Llnrb Ind; L W ard.Mass: K finnrfHrli *"?? J H Howe, J McClellan, Wla; J W Norrla, O May, *V Doffvett, F W Howley. H Murray, la; O W rr*tt, VSA; Dr T Mattiugly, *;la. THK INSURANCE COMPANY or THE 8TATK or VIRGINIA. CA9H CAPITAL #300,000. Inanraa Merohardiaa, Baildinca, HouMhoid Funutnre, Ao , Muoit I?u or (Urnac* by 6r?. nn > miunLliS, Assets, Offios?Room 16 orer Bank of Washington. }?>* F* D. L. MORRISON * CO LOUR A&I> OKNERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And wholesale dealers in MILL FEED. CORN MEAL, ft., tu, Corner of 12th and U gtreets, Washington city. trr Cash said lor ail hinds of Grain. an ?tw 8 ONE PRICK ONLY! AVING on band a rery ht-arr took of DR ESS IMmINGS.I will offer the ian? very cheap for ft, and One Prtoe Cm it. R. C. STEVENS, 336 Pa. av , no g-tf - hrtwwii <Hh ?n<i Wth ?fj. j^AMILY BLANKETS AND COMFORTS. tw o?t? xui on aaad a rood aeaortment of the above gu<)<1?. Atao, Hober kaepiac Good* of every c-ecrijuon, all of wluoh we a.e telling at ooet for fen TAYLOR & HUTCHISON. M l. r?\ * 4 ,to-'fr^5w.cE 6 6 to Sil C "treat, between 4* and 6th etreets, imme diately ia the rear of the National Hotel, where the bwatoeea will be ooatfcwed aa heretofore at the old atand. [aoU-enl ISAAC HKRZBKRO. 275 ALi"N 275 1 ACI?0N. PLASTwamm^ Pmi. Aran, Dtwaaa 1*U tod 11 th rtmU. Je i? WTKAVKMN8 TRUNKS. R H&vajnat received the itr[Nt %a?ortment tad sow ofir the most extenaive nfiniMga o *?M.K LEATHKR. LAWK!*' DRES$K(t?[ *.,<3 P A C K1N ti T R t'SlK H AT BO X * B,*110 VA'-IBES, CARpET BAGS, SATCHELS, Ao., in thia oity, which we are aeil'ni at ?kt low yrveM. WALL, t*TKPHFNBJ^CO^ THE AMKRI .AN ALMANAC POR 1*61. p?p*r: jnoe ?i; half oaif f ljn by nuul. 5? # V?o?r, a law tovai by Oliver Weodeil mva.l col* , 12a>o., o <>th; pi at #1.19 by rati!. _r., 55 nfl ?T8 Pw?. awt. THK BORDER BTATE8; THKIR POWKR and duty in the preaeut (Reordered condition vf the aoantry : b? tha Hon. John P. Kenned*. Price W ?eota; aeut by nail forlSc?cta toMTld -v?Uc ft NervousHeadache TfoaH c? iftl-i r? By the dm o( these Pills the periodic attack? of ffervoui or Sick Hood*eke may be prevented; and If taken at the oommenoement of an attaok imme diate relief from pain and sickness will be obtained. They seldom fkil in removing the N*u$ia and Hmdcckt to whioh females are so snbjeot. They act gently upon the bowels,?removing Oo? iivmn. For Literary Men, Student*. Delioate Females, and all persons of sedentary kabits, they are val aable as a Laxative, improving the appetite, giving tone and rigor to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the hole syst?m. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the recult of long investigation and carefully oonduoted experiment*, having been in me many rears, dnnng which time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from Headaobe, whether ongi nating in the nervous system or from a deranged it&te of the stomach. They are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at all times with perfect safety Without making any ohange of diet, and the ab sence of any disagreeable taste renders it easy to administer them to children. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signature* of Henry C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Bold by Druggists and all other Dealers In Medi einea. A Box will be sent by mail prepaid on reoeipto the PRICE, 30 CENTS. All orders shoald be addressed to HENRY C. SPAI.DINO, 4? Cidak Stxbxt, Nkw Vokk. THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF fit* a nivne CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE 18 WITHIN THEIR REACH. As these Testimonials were unsolicited ui iiui/mnf i'ir: y ujf Tjrttr it/ryr(ej(ivfl* t?A/e proof of the efficacy of this truly scientific discovery. M asosvillk, Cone., Feb. 5,1861. Mm Fpaldi^o?Sir : 1 have triad yoor Cephalio Pil s, an I I lik* tkem <o ictll that I want you to ct<l mo two dollars worth more Part of these are for the neighbor*, to whom 1 gave a few out of the first box I jot from yon. Send the Pills by mail, and oblige Yuar ob't servant, JAMES KENNEDY. Havkrfokj, PFeb. 6,1881. M*. Spalding?Sir: I wisn ?oa to send ine one more box of yuur Ophalic Pills, I hare received a great deal ef tenefit from them Yours respeot utly. MAKY ANN STOIKHOUSE. Sracci Ckekk. Hcntinotos Co., Pa ,t January 18. >881. \ H. C. Spaid:x??Sn: Yon will pleaee send me two box*s of youf Cephaao Puis. Send them im mediately. Kesp?otfu'ly yours, JtO. B. SIMONS. W? ? w ? ? * - r n ?j ii'-e kjea one oox of your Ptl.s, and find tkum excellent. Bills Vinson, Ohio, Jan. IS, 1861. Hinby C Spalding, Km.: Please find inclosed twenty five oents, for whieh send me another box of tour Ophallo I'll la. Thry are truly the but 1 Pilli I have ever tried. U.iect A. STOVER, P. M., Belle Vernon, Wyandot oo., 0. J Beviblt, Nui., Deo. 11,1W?. H. C. Spaldiwg. fcrq : I wish for some circulars or larije show bills. to hnnc your Cephalic Pills i more partiemarly before my customers. If you have anything of tbe kind, please ?'nd to me. Onaof my nu*tom*r?. who la suhjeot to aerere I Hick Headache. tuauaJly lasting twodayr.) tea* cured of an attack in one hour by your Pillt, whioh 1 1 sent her > Respect'nlly yours, W. B. WILKES. Rbyboldsbcbo, Fbanklin Co., Ohio,4 Itnnsr. Q IO?l ' Hrskt C. ^paldijio, No.48 Cedar street, New York?i>ear Sir: Inclosed find twenty-five o?r t*. (25,) lor T7tiioii send bo* of * Cfepfcalio ' bead rn ?ddr?*i of Kev. Wm. G. Filler, Keynolde bu*f, Franklin oountr, Ohio 1 Your Pill* work like a charm?cure Hto/lack* i almoti inttantrr. Truly y?ur?, WM. C. FILLER. Ypulaxti, Mioh., Jan. 14.1861. Mb, HpALDrsa?Sir: Notions ilace 1 vent to von for a box rf Cepna 10 Hiila for the oure of the Ner vous rl"vdaolie an ' Coativenes*. and reoeired the am*. ar.d tkiy kad to good an tfrtl tkat 1 was ?* diutd to tend for more. fieaseaoud by return mail. Direct to A. R. WHEELER. Ypananti, Mioh. From tht Examiner, Norfolk, Va. u'pnano r>ils aioomplnh the object for whioh titer were mace, viz: Cure oi headache in ail tU forma. From tk* Examiner, Norfolk, Fa. They have been teatad in more than a thousand oaae*, with enure auceeaa. From tk* Democrat, St. Clowl, Minn. If yon are, or have been troubled with the head - ache, send for a box, (Cephalic Pilla,) ao that 70a max have them id oaae ot an.attaok. From tht Advertiser, Provident*, R. I. The Caphal io Pilla are aaid to be a remarkably effective remedy for the headache, and one of tha very beet for that very frequent complaint which haa aver been diaoovered. From the Western K. R. Oaxette. Chicago, III. We heartily enrforae Mr. Spalding, and hia un Ii^rl r?.M a?v???iwi VDfUIMiO I till* From the Kanawha Valley Siar, Kanawha, Va. We are aare that persona auSerinc with the head - ache, who try them, wi;l atiok to them. From the Southern Path Fituitr, Hew Orleans, La, Try them! you that are afflioted and we are aura that your teatimony oan be added to the already numerous liat that haa received benef.ta that no otaer medicine can produoe. From the St. Louit Democrat. The lmmenae demand for the artlola (Cephalio Pilla) la rapidly inoreaaing. From tko Gazette, Davenport, Iowa. Mr. Spalding would not oonneot hla name with an article he did not know to poaaeaa real merit. From, the Advertiser, Providence, R. J. The teetimor* in their fkror is strong, from the noit reepeotab e quarter* From the Daily Mews, Newport, R. I. Ceph&Uo Pills are taking the plaje of all kindsj ICT A single bottle of SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE will save ten time* ita ooet annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE'. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! BAYS THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH! IET-A Stitch in Tim Sates Nma."-/71 Aa acoideoH will happen, even in wall re tula tad tamiliea, it ia vary desirable to have aome cheap aadtoonveuient way tor repairing Furniture. Toya, Crockery, ko. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE i??U all raoh ?merg iooim, and no boaeekold ean affori to be w thout it. It >a el vaya ready, and ay to tha rtioking point. - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B<?A Bruah aocompaniea eaoh Bottle. Prio V oenta. Addreaa HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 49 Cedar a treat. New York. CAUTION. me m 111 fZTiii ALDING'S PREPARED GLUE^fl ^ rrfafts?* . PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pUBLIC N O T 1 C E. PmNio notioe is h?r*by giro that boali Mi ooaponi annexed, of the deeoriftion kmiMltir Mt forth, hare lately bm felonionely abetraoted from the ouetodt of the latortor BmMlg ?ke mb? batac tea property of tea United Btatea aad bald in trnat for oartaia Indian tribaa. NotMiH alao baaa (iron to tba proper ottoara of tea mpii tiro Statea to atop th? pvawitUmof; ud all parooaa ara waraad acaiaat parohaatef or roaarr* ins ur of aaid bonda and aonpoaa, aa tba ilaia of tha United Statea tharato will ba proaaeatod to tka atmoat ax tan t. Eaoh bond bainc for tta aam of oaa thousand dollars, rix: 8u par Mat Miaaoari Coapon Bonda, iaanad in Jana aad August, 1MT. State of Miaatoari, St. Loaia aad Iron Mountain R R. State Bonda. Bond No. 2037 Bond No. 1821 1876 1996 1997 1998 2008 2007 1993 1819 1818 1827 1822 1994 1995 1891 1990 1892 1991 2003 2002 1992 2006 3005 2004 1817 1616 181ft 1814 1813 1812 1810 1811 1808 2031 2033 2034 1999 2000 2009 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1886 1886 1887 1888 1889 1890 AAA 2038 2032 1828 1828 1829 1830 1831 1832 1868 1869 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874 1875 2030 4A9U 3048 2045 204T 2044 2043 2040 2041 2042 2039 2038 1825 It 9 J 2018 2017 2010 2015 2014 2013 2012 2010 2011 W bond Not*.?Bonds No. S000, and below of this aerlea Sued Juno, 1857, and bonds No. ami, and abov kt, dAted August, 1S5T, Mrabie at the Pboau Bank. New York oity, in 1?H. State of Missouri syc peroent. oonson bondi Yi?: Hannibal and St, Joeepk Railroad Stat Bonds? Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 1620 1852 1037 1851 1*28 1850 1629 1849 1859 1848 1865 1847 1846 1845 1844 1832 1835 1833 1834 1834 1837 1863 1862 1860 1WU 1856 1853 1865 1854 1822 1823 1838 1839 1649 1640 1035 1611 1613 1614 1615 1616 1617 1618 1619 1620 162; 1611 10/U 1824 1836 1826 1827 1828 1829 1830 1831 1641 1642 ]<U3 X 1646 1647 1648 IUV1 1634 iuwa 1638 1631 1840 1632 1842 1633 1843 1623 1650 1867 1816 1636 1817 1630 1818 1639 1819 1841 1820 1633 1821 1634 ? 1625 90 No*?^??re dat*d,/Miyr.. WW SftTSDia ?i 0UK oi uoouneroa, n?w York, li (oYcmbor, 1886?lnterett p*y?bt? in Jtnn&ry an air oi Moh tmut. Bute of MlaMnri >U mt out. Conion North Ml* ponri ft. K. State bond a. Bond N0J2952 Bond No. 1639 2V40 1638 2939 1041 WIS Z46? 1914 3460 ?16 SMI 191* 246] ?1T 24 AS 2918 2464 2919 2465 2920 24M 2954 246T 2955 1W1 80 boadi Nor*.?Th? bonds num bored >516 and belcw, l? Mw>?i North Bond No. 277S Bond No. 2763 3784 3786 2781 2782 2779 2783 2711 2712 271* 2725 2777 2776 2765 2787 2730 2717 2734 2721 2710 2733 2722 2720 3716 3737 2724 47*1 1768 1769 1770 1771 1785 1778 1771 1775 1774 1780 tm 1707 1700 1710 1718 1715 1714 1764 1738 1716 1713 1715 2941 2942 2944 2945 2944 2943 2947 2948 2949 2950 2937 2938 1653 1654 1655 1642 1613 1644 1645 1646 1647 1648 1649 1640 1650 2922 2923 2924 2936 2961 1652 2953 1656 1657 3921 1706 2468 1706 2612 1707 2513 2452 2514 245S 2611 2454 2516 2456 2911 2466 2916 . 2467 291S 2468 f _ Kftilnwd 8 Cotpom, am M<l mm Mood No. ISM UM 6*1 iiu C*M 6144 6141 iM) 6X1 6140 4139 4188 MBT 6284 6234 6138 6131 Mil 6100 6199 6198 619f 6166 6144 6144

6143 615! 6141 6140 6149 614T 6148 6196 6198 6000 4999 49V7 48W 4998 6310 4889 5288 4888 6307 4076 5308 5*57 5309 ?? 5262 U bonds 5308 W1W nWUHi MW11 | tornt pajabloin. Bond* of North Carolina?Cotpoo hi f?r North Carolia* in r*' oonU. Bond No. 35 Boad No. 303 33 301 32 300 23 297 9 235 T 234 349 202 348 347 346 343 34S 341 340 339 338 337 336 336 338 JMO 1W 104 20 10 18 17 14 13 8 11 10 102 101 330 1W 99 331 108 331 ft 833 28 334 22 227 1ft 82ft 21 817 98 818 97 81ft 99 299 95 239 94 238 ft2 237 ftO 234 303 72 bonds | York, latere*! j*7?ble in J*nuary and J my. North C?roliBA6 Hr Bond N?. 833 832 831 830 839 834 836 8M 837 838 871 >to. Condon Bonds, Bond No. 735 73# 758 759 780 761 742 783 784 T90 791 873 873 874 875 878 877 878 879 880 8R1 844 847 848 849 850 851 852 853 <u 7?a ;r93 794 795 796 797 798 799 8"0 841 802 803 804 805 800 808 807 811 812 ;813 O 1 4 857 858 860 861 862 863 864 865 866 867 868 W9 870 815 8f6 817 818 810 830 821 822 823 824 825 826 827 8? 883 831) 884 840 886 843 731 844 731 845 733 734 104 bonds IMESSfifc North Carolina ?ix f?r Met. Connor bonda. Bond No.'SW Bond No. 493 600 494 603 495 604 496 606 497 606 631 607 498 608 610 610 611 611 481 <11* AQ% 613 609 614 622 623 624 625 626 627 628 641 615 644 646 647 m *e% 483 484 486 486 487 488 489 490 638 639 640 * 641 642 643 630 631 632 OH 646 649 660 651 652 616 617 618 619 465 457 456 470 60S 439 446 442 039 6S4 6*6 686 637 618 529 616 615 617 614 422 645 546 647 648 660 562 490 471 431 472 431 473 436 474 437 475 427 476 429 477 425 478 426 479 423 480 421 612 601 613 644 461 119 bond* 492 North Cftroliaft fix 7*r oca*. 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Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 3465 4209 3466 4210 5467 4211 5469 4212 3470 4213 8*71 4214 3472 4431 3758 4527 3894 4529 3941 4550 3942 4554 3943 4566 3944 4569 8945 4570 3946 4571 3985 '4749 4199 4751 4200 4881 A -A uu ui ujo ivuvwiuf numixri laaiiea January , 18J7: Bond No. 5056 Bond No. 5419 6195 5421 5368 6360 6361 6362 6363 6.VU 6366 6366 5367 53rtS 6369 6370 6371 6371 637S 6374 5426 6427 6430 6434 6436 5437 6438 6439 6440 6441 5442 6453 5444 6445 64 *2 6518 6519 lM7i 637? 6377 6378 6379 6;*fto 6381 6386 638? 8387 6388 6389 5390 6391 *391 6530 6521 6522 670J 6704 6705 6706 ?707 6708 6709 5710 6711 5712 6713 47U4 6^93 6*39 641 ft 5840 6417 6843 5416 Omca or th? Sec*bta*y or thb Inteeiob, Deoember 36, I860. a 13-dtf J. THOMPSON, Secretary. GA8 FITTING, Ac. Awm. T. DOVK * CO. 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E ilavo in aioce, ana are dai.j reoetnnf, OAS FIXT URES of entirely New Patterns and Deaici and Finish, superior in atrle to anything heretoioi. offered in this market. We in rite oitisens general it vu unn uiu <uL?mine oar siook ot Uu atd Water Failures, feetiug oonfirtent that we have Q>? l-est soleoted stock lu Washington. All Work in the above line mtrnsted to our tvt * "?m*' ""HiSkB * M 06 RAN. mar 6-tf ST* D atreet. I SNYDER. j-L UMBER AND GAS FITTER, Has removed to th* oorner of T*i ai<d F at*. 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Stera ft KrnU and Ptxtwru fm Salt, All the Stock in 8. pTHOOVER'S STORK, iialren Hal 1,embracing er?*7 variety KLIN6 TRUNKS are bow being eold,/or lib im.tkj.1 treat aacnioea on neaal retail eelhcclp mom. indeed muoh beiow original ooel The attention of the public ia great laduoementa will be inade to parohaeera. 1ae above oomprieee a large a took of the ftaeet ity French and American G?itera,8hoee,Boota, .0., Ac., for ladiee and gentlemen. Tns Store la for rent end the Fixtaree for aale. Apply oa the prewieee, Iron Ha. .. N. B.?The ahore atoek, either in whole or ia part, will be aoid at private aale. To any one de airoaa of enu .r.< the Root, Shoe and Traak Buai neea thia afford a better opportamty than may caia be preeented. MED1CIMK8. uHBHiSi Mrff \f miM4Wmrtd! POE ALL DISEASED OF IMPAUDKNCB. LET NO FALSE DELtCACY PREVENT. APPI.V IMML-n ATWI V A 9WRM WARRANTED. OR NO CHAM9M. Ill FROM oys TO TWO DATS WwhwutiM lut.lwtiiwi f^in ffcaaa TMmi. P?!ptuu??. 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