Newspaper of Evening Star, March 4, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 4, 1861 Page 1
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V2i. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. MARCH 4. 1861 N?. 2.508. THE DAILY' EVENLNU STAR It rVBLWHFjO EVER Y AFTERNOON NDAY8 EXCEPTED,) \t THE MTAK BVILDIKOS, Amr of Pennsylvania m*fnu4 and IliA M W. D. WALLACH. P???f servad la fMU(? by ?airl?rs k> l< > year, or r oects per month. To WU1 ?mbsorlbors tso ttio? ia txao a rear, ?% adraw??; > for atx Months; #1 for thro* rooaUs; and for Imi than tare* roootha at the rata ef u oasts a week. diagU o?s curt; ia Wayf ?rs, two cum. KT Advb? Juaj-tfT, mould bo seat to Us ofto* before 12 a'c.osk,^ otherwise they mar aota??ar MARI A DK OIADALOI PE. Br. A* AVERTCA5 OFFICER. After M splendid riotories of Palo Alto and (is Is Palms. It i* well known that Gen <r' a Tsylor occupied Mstamoras, where ho ^.aitod soms weeks for ro-infurcemsnts before tie moved towards Csmsrgo snd Monterey. The regiment to which I wu attached ?u the first that reached the scene of action onder "Old Zack'a" requisition upon the Governor of Louisiana for volunteer*. We arrived about a week too late to participate in the glorious Motions of the eightn and ninth of May, having fatied in two detachment*, on those very days from New Orleans, our whole regiment being recruited and equipped in single week ! We were enoamped opposite to Matamoraa, on the site of the present city of Brownsville, until a short time before Gen. Taylor was ready to begin his movement towards Monterey, when we advanced some ten or twelve miles further up the over on the Mexican side. It is not my purpose, in the present sketch, to f >Ilow any of the military movements of the campaign; but to relate a touching story, which caiae to my knowledge about this time, and wuu mo smjuci ui wnicn i was, 10 a certain degree, mixed up. It waa while encamped at this place that 1 may say I saw my first mili tary duty, and, in consequence of my knowl edge of the Spanish language, was frequently in oommand of small scouting parties. While on one of these expedition*, accompanying a small train of wagons returning to Matamoras. I first passed through a little place called ItucnR Vista de Guadeloupe, where we halted for water. I was a little surprised it the dis courtesy of a venerable-looking uld Mexican to whom I first addressed myself, ami who seemed to regard us with aversion rather than positive hatred; as if it was the profession of arms that was distasteful to him, rather than iuvaders of his country. Perhaps I should not have re JH'ined so, in distinguishing his sentiment, but or my subsequent acquaintance with him. Determined to make the old fellow commu nicative, I resorted to diplomacy?for it was not the policy of General Taylor ta use any unnecessarily harsh measures with the inhab itants, and our orders on that point were ex plicit. Seeing that he wore a rosary, with a large ?ilver cross pendant, removing my cap, I took this reverently and carried it to my lips. In an instant the old man's eye brightened, and he demanded of ine : " E*ta uittd Chrittiano, Senor ?** Lif?r?lly biaquestion was : "Are you a Chris tian but it implied " are you a Catholic ?" I answered the question directly in the affirma tive. and beariug my arm exhibited a cross which hid been punctured there when I was a midshipman, which I informed him was done at the holy city of Jerusalem?a fact, by the WIT. This ?<?tal?lish?(l mt> in fjrnr ot nn/?i and procured *11 we needed. During the bait I converged freely with the old Mexican, who I found to be very intelligent, and 00 much averse to war in the abstract that he would have made an excellent member of the l'eace Society. Poor fellow! he had strong reasons. While we were conversing?there were one or two females and several children near?one oC the former, who particularly attracted my attention, was a girl, whose age might be about twenty, with a sweet, interesting countenance, marked, however, by a sorrowful expression. Observing that I noticed her Senor Valdez (such he informed me was his name) called her: " Maria She came forward without hesitation, a very alight flush suffusing her otherwise paleoheek. " Bring wine for the Senor: he is a Christian. and has been a pilgrim to the holy city of Je rusalem." She retired, and soon retu/ned with a drink ing vessel made of a gourd, filled with a oool and delicate sangaree. to which I did ample >"> * justice. She was then permittrd to see. and * 0 * even to kiss the cross on mj arm, which was done with such simple and pure faith, that one unholj thought could not hare had birth even in a worse heart than mine. Indeed. I felt ? some conscientious twinges at the auasi deceit which had elicited the devotion and confidence of these people. But the ie<unsters were ready, and I oould not linger for romantio dreaming*. I bid the ' old mac a friendly adoii, and received a warm 1 ? ?# - ? - - - lovuauon 10 "mue dk rancQe and everything in it my own whenever passed." An extrava f sa at form of Spanish ceremony, which, in this Instance, implied a sincere welcome, aa I af <* tcrwards found. On my return the next morning I determined 4>".. to halt for a few hours duricr the heat of the Senor Valdez received me kindly, and ' *> fearing given direction* to provide ample re frtakments for my men, he invited me into bis ,r. own dwelling. Again Maria waa my cup bearer, and I could but notice the drooping of Cba head and the soft sigh which indioatea a aefldd grief. When she had bone out, the old man said: You observe tho sadness of my grand daughter, I perceive, senor. She is all that cruel warhss left ine out of a family of five ons and their offspring. Poor girl, her own _ . i _ . ? ' ? siory is cnougn * I intimated that if it were not an intrusion upon family matters, I should be pleased to hear it. "You appear to have a feeling heart, and I f Will comply with your request senor. It may ' illustrate the true nature of the profession you r bare chosen. It is true that my misfortune is bj fr?ra the interneeiue strife which has so much " afflicted my own unfortunate country through Sib- the elti-'h ambition of base men; bat who shall( h?w f>oa your own proud and powerful na jr Uwo may feel the name curse? We are all bro z- then in the sight of the great God, and war is , A deadly sin " Ho paused a moment, and than proceeded : ' I said, senor, that I had fire sons. Three of them fell in oar own revolution. The other w ?two married and settled near me. While I * grieved for tho*e I lost, I rejoiced in the es Lablishment of a Republic which I trusted Ki rru bring petes and happiness But, alas ' V Mrife grew up among oar ambitious mili bur/ ihieftains, and the p?ople who should ~kav? been united were set to cutting each throats. Another of my son*, following fertunes of what he deemed the Liberal , fell, tearing an orphan boy. UU re ng brother, who waj a peaceful, kind man, took him under his charge when about ten yean old, and reared him lly. He bad but one child' himaelf, Ma hout you sea. She wu at the time aiz old. Henrique, that is my grandson, then likely to t>? the only male descendant afa.. -?i ' ?- *' L' * ? * a?uaiij, ?uu lurju^u me una omcM ox bishop we obtained i dispensation frem the holj father, ?o that he might marry his .^^ MM'in. which seemed desirable to my son. i?? children thus grew up with feelings of the fondest affection. We were all contented and heppj; for if I remembered my losses, I also _j.lfca.Mie J tfod for the blessings still left me. "Alas ' that tho?? who pretend to seek sta for the welfare of the people should scat ter to much misery, in their struggle for it, tr our beautiful eountry, carrying rapine .w*rae| murder to oar very homes. My sorrows -^9* W0n not ended, senor, but are a sad illustra r the heartless cruelty of eiril war. One rhen Henrique, who was about twenty old, and who was to be married the next 'to his cousin, was coming in from labor his uncle, they peraeived a cloud of duxt i road about a quarter of a mile from the ing; and aoon a doien lancers, headed by ; -ffioer. rode up and halted. The alarm _ imily was great, for it was at once seen key belonged to one of the foroee of our ^ ? * ? *?maI vva pf t?an laa<la ?_! ^myrr i (" <w>l>, 'follower* war* notorious f?r their vio Tu? loader duuiouated aa<i ?it?nd the rudely followed Kt Henrique and hia Maria, who w?a jaat arr?uging the for dinaor, shrank behind bar mother, m tilting near. himself and gaxing with lioentioas eyes upon Maria. Mj son directed Henrique to eomplj with the order, whieh he seemed in no hurry to do. " March! you young scoundrel, march!" ex claimed the officer, giving him a blow on the back with the flat of hi* giber. Henrique turned very red, his lip* quivered, and he cast a menacing glance at the aggres sor; but at a beseeching glanoe from Maria, and aoommanding gesture Crom his unole, he went to the stable. " That fellow is no friend of our party," said f aAaa* 44T* J a * t- ? ? ' ? ? ? ? iuv viuvvi xh to juu, 1110 iniuurj X BUpp^BQ) who hat made him oar enemy?" 44 Not so, senor," replied my ?on; "we are peaceable, hard-working people,who mind oar own business, and have nothing to do with parties." " Mind your own business, do you? Then you shall mind ours also; so go along and help to water and feed our horses." My son felt the constraint that was upon him, and turning to his wife and daughter, he bade them retire. 44 Not so, my fine fellow. I want some re freshment, and I see it is already prepared. I have need of an attendant, and here is a charming one; so away with you and help my men, or they may help themselves,, in a way you will not like." Though reluotant to leave, my son thought he oould hurry the departure of his dangerous visitors by quickly supplying their wants, so he went at onco. LL ? 1 V _ a 1 * x am uungry, waai nave your" demanded the officer. My bod's wife placed food on the table, and he begau eating in earnest. Maria seeing him engaged, attempted to leave. " 'Stop, stop, my beauty, your presence is desired." " I can wait on you, senor," said her mother, uneasily. a " I prefer that you should wait elsewhere," said the officer, sharply, "and you lny angel, bring me pometbing to drink." She handed him a cup, which he drained, and then starting up, seized the trembling jjirl round the waist, attempting to kiss bur. She fnilcH Ki? niiMwa^ 1 ?!lL u>u |/u? j/udvj oticaujiu^ IUUUIJ i ttUU, Wlin bor mother's assistance, breaking from bis grasp. At this moment Henrique and bis father entered. The former threw himself between his cousin and the ruffian, and might have struck him, but the officer at that instant stumbled over a stool and fell heavily. lie sprang up with rage in every feature, and fix ing his eye menacingly on Henrique, bo de manded in a hoarse voice : " Your name?" " Henrique Valdcx " 44 Are you this man's son?'* 44 No. 44 Ah! his son-in-law, or about to become so. I see it all. It cannot be. I have need of your services, and you shall join my trosp in stantly." " Oh. no, senor, he is our only hope. Save i ? ' o t i m ?? - - ' in in tor uou g BttK# u? is indeed betrothed to my daughter. lie is our oousin, and the lust of our name." *' Betrothed to his cousin7 Sacrilege! I must prevent that. Get along, or I will cut you down," cried he, turning to Henrique, who stood his ground firmly, though the other had drawn his sword. My son threw himself between them, while Mitriaand her mother attempted to shield Hen rique with their arms. " Oh. spare him, sir; we have a despensa tion. If yon will not spare him, at least leave him until some preparation made for his departure," plead Maria's mother At this moment a soldier ran hastily in, ex claiming: " To horse, captain! the enemy are ahead of us in foroe!" " H?' M?1 --J TT 2 fcuou?mm juu, neurique, rc* Sort yourself to-morrow in Matamoraa to Capt. uan Meodosa. Fail, and you shall be shot." With this the brutal officer hurried out and galloped off with his troop towards the city. [TO BR OONTl.fUKD.J Hilpib at a Discount *vis ia Ohio?The Dayton (Ohio) Empire, of tbe 19th, five* tbe author of tbe "Impending Crisis" the following I "first r?t?s notice:" The Cincinnati Commercial, of yesterday, an nounced that the author of the " Impending Crisis," Hlntoa R. Helper, would lecture in Day ton lost night The same train which brought us tbe Information also brought to our city Mr. Helper and his agent The former, we are told, "stopped with an acquaintance and friend up town." the latter oallfd at our otllce, and ordered a notice In the paper, and a lot of circulars for general distribution, announcing a lecture on tbe "t'oited States." at Huston Hall, last night. The Ilall w. s lighted up, twenty-three tickets were oiu, una arirr waiting a reasonable time for more rmtomers th* agent "slipped awav," nnd the gas wa? turned off I'be proprietor of the Hall wsi, at a late bour laat night, endeavoring to find the 'Authoroftbe I copending Crisis," who, ltseemed, wji endeavoring to escape the consequences of hla own work We werenotan entirely disinterested observer of tbe course of events, as the agent bad neglected to meet an ''Impending crisis" at our counter Helper bad some printing done at tbe Empire Job Rooms, which bis agent managed to hive taken from the office by dawnnght lying, in tbe temporary absence of the foreman. The bill was presented at the door of tbe ball last evening, when the a^'ent promised to call and settle it in fifteen minutes As be has not yet called, and we leipi that a number of our citizens are yet watting for tbe expiration of tb? aforesaid fif teen minutes, we give biin tbe benefit of this notice, and tender it as our receipt In full for our claim ageinst Hli.ton Rownn Helper, who enter'd tfce political world asthe calumniator and vlllilhr of his own (>eopie, puffed into notoriety by proml neni ttrputmran tenders, and now, as when in bis n itl v>- State, swindles those who truat bias. P 8 ?Juit as we were going to prraa we heard a rumor tbat Helper's agent bad been arrested upon complaint of the gentleman who rented the hail. From Fort Scmtir.?The following la an extract from a letter dated Fort Sumter, Feb. 35, 1861. There la no truth In the atatement circulated In Charleatnn and published in some of the papera tbat Major Andaraon baa been 111. The command generally fa quite health? and In good apirlta Dr. Crawford, the medical officer of the com* mind, has been quite 111, but baa nearly recovered. Work la still actively going on at tbe batteries aud works around tbe Fort New embrasurca for , heavy guna are in progreaa of construction on Cummlng's Point Thes* will bear directly upon the rear of the Fort A large command are now stationed on Morrla Island, at tbe different bat fries were. At Fort Moultrie they are (till at work at the exteniloa of the glaces around the southwest side of the work. But few vessels are In port Some of the to Idler* whose term of en listment hive expired have determined to remain and share the fate of their comrades A ScaitDtL-Mossik Attkmpts Suicjdi?The Chicago correspondent of the United States Police Gazette? 'Whiplash',?was arrested there last week upon a charge of libeling several respecta ble citizens. Upon searching his apartments an unfinished communication was discovered, con taining an iufamous libel upon several judicial oflice.-s of Chicago When arrested be attempted to cut his throat with a razor, and subsequently, during his examination, sent to a drugstore for prussic acid The druggist, suspecting something wrong, dispensed colored water instead, which, upon receiving, the prisoner swallowed. He was held to ball to answer the charge of malicious libel. WITH the r?EW UOMVEDEEACY. An order baa been promulgated bv tbe "C?ufede rle SUUa of Aawrlct" to tbe effect thai on and after February 88 In to! era muat accompany all gooda aent into tboee fttatea, according to tbe eua t?iin now in f.>rceconcerning all ex porta to foreign coantriea. Tbe Btatea to which tbia order appllea re 8 >atb Carolina, Uoorgla, Florida, Alabama. Miaaiaaippt, Louiaiana and Texa*. Tbe Seceded Snria-^a AJmitud ?Only two of the aeccded Statea-Sooth Carolina ana Georgia?Were original membera of the confeder acy The other* oam? In In the following ord?-r: Louisiana. April , 181*; Miaalaatppl, Dtcambtr 10, 1817; lllfliai, Deewnbar 14. 1S1*, Florida, Hareh )*U, aad Texa., Daoambar ?, 184?. u i v.!?. ? I union INAUGURATION BALL. MARCH 4. 1961. MANAGERS. Hon Jeremiah 9 Black. Secretary of State, Hon J A Dia, Seoretary ofthe Treasury, Hon K M "taoton, Attorney General, Hon Horatio King, Postmaster General. On the. part of the Senate. Hon Wm_H Seward, Hon Stephen A Douglas Ww roweu, ^aulsburv, K J* Bingham, D Clark, W P I'emendan. J F 8immo?B, M P \Vilkinson. Andrew Jonugon. C Pu'kee. H B Anthony, B F \V*.le, J Collamer, John P Hale. Polomon Foot, J C Un Ejck, H Wilaon, Win Bijler, H M Rioe, M 8 I.a'h*m, E D Dakar. Simon Cameron, J IHxon, Morrill, John R Thornton, Z chandler, L Trumbull. On the part of the Houxe of Representative* Hon Wm Pennington, S Colfax, It Ml u I J! Hon J M Ashly, " LC Carter, r, u r*pnuioiiiCt Robt MrKnight, A H Rise, A B Olin, T D Eliot. C B Sedgwiok, W K?I'orc, W B Maclar, T Corwjn, J F Farnsworth, W U Hooper, A J Hamilton, H Winter Davis, 11 I on In It,, O Ca?e, J R Woodrnif, J A MoCIernand, C B Cochrane, P B Fouko, W >? Hoi man, W Windom. Ctrus Aldriob, Green Adnms, W A Howard, G B A drain, J E BoulignT, A BurJingaiiie, W vannever, E Joy Morris, E B washhurne, J R Barrett, J Humphrey, ? M Kerry, J C Robinson, T M Kdwardt, J G Davis, J Craige, Jno A. Gilmer, C Robinson, D W Goooh, G A Grow, A E1t, J (I Reynolds. J B Alley. J H Campb?ll. John SMifrman, John Oovode, Geo Brigp*, F W Kel oW, John Coohrane, EB French. J K Moor head, R E Kenton, G W Palmer. K<*onklinK, " HL Dawes, " JA 6uri?T, * M F Conway, G Marston, " W 8 Millward, "OR Tiain Lieut Gen Scott, Gen Wool, Col H K Craig, Col J P Tajrl?*r, Col E V Sumner, ' J C Burch, " S R Cuitu, " JN Morris, 41 A Krank. ? W E Niblack, " 8 8 Blair. Army. Co| 8 Cooper. i.ieut C<>! I. Thomas, Lipu? Col EI) Kayos, Mnj G I) Ramsey Ca,->t W R Palmer. Navy. Commodore Stewart. Capt C Rine*old. Commodor' Jos Smith, Lieut Woodhull, 8 Archhold. eng'r-iu ch , Col Harris, jklarin* C'pe, ? i*pi r nncoanan, Capt L M Powoll, !?I8J >v w K U'aell, Surgeon W Whelan, Citizens. Mn?or Berret, Koliert C W inthrop, Samuel Hooper, II O <*ary H O Kent. Geo Opdjke. J Viroent Brown, D Field, J T Hea d. K H Ru Una, VV B 'i'homiu, Reverdy Johnaon, Hudson Taylor. J T Wa?'aworth, T>urlow Woie*l, A H Bellowa, Win Rem. K A S??ard, T L Tullock, A M Clapp. ? T Vinton, n n/Siw'' Kdward Kveielt, C A Dana, J C AhN>tt, M O Hohe.ts. M W Miohae), J A Duncan. K Riddle, J H J'aleaten. V. K Pangborn, W Curtis Noyea, Geo H Plant, Fi aliurh Coyle, C H Fiaher, Dean Richmond, Timothy L??via, D 8 Dickinson, 8 O Andrews, Arnoa Tuok. Aaron \\ ard, Wm wntton. Franklin Pnilp, J O Willard, Win Wall. B W Uac*. ? Perky i'oore, J W Simonton. V W Smith, W 9 Wood, W O Snenthen, Wloharrt Waliaoh, J T jw itohell, J F Coyle, >athan Sargent, J J Coomb*. Jnaepk F Brown, Andrew Wylie, jr. C W Boteler, jr. ' A M ?olom?na, V Bianohard, Montgomery Biair, JJao ?f Fojtr. J H MoBlair, Veo Hinton C B Smith, j N Arnold, J 'Jnmshaw, Wm Rabe, T O Avon., Alplieu* Handy, J W Tillman, A \V Fletcher, B B French, Georgn Pa-k?r, H ( own; e? Jack?on, John L lltHia M ii f'evcns, JOG Kennedy, Aohn *?a a?e, 6 Faat. t no* r. i-, Ainanatj Parker, J MS William*. K Corninr, Mai'i H Gunnel!, Simeon Draper, ieorge P Fmhor, Oe. r<e Ashman, Kt a Lincoln, W W Beaton, W Brown Wm Sohoolor, Horatio Seymour, P V Hello**, Thomas L Smith, Tboina* Berrj, R C Carringtoii. J H Lathrop.jr.. J W Foruey, Jog Meditl, S P Hanjoomh. a m L> Marshall, J w Thompson, John A Linton, W D Waltaoh, (? " R C Wfi/cntinan, W H Corwin, L Swebt, w u _i Orden. W A Washburn, O C Davidson, A B Doktnson, John A Goodwin, L Clephate, HAH McKim, John F Knuis, W B Shaw. Th-orlore Wheeler, J W Annua, Ueorge A Ha?sett. W Krsyzanowski, I. A (iobruht, W 8 Bartlett, Governor Sprague. Jos Gerhardt, The several Committees of Reoeption, 4c., will hereafter be announced. Kentlem??n doHirinc invitations for Ladies, will please leave their name and addret at Gautier's, Plvlp& Solomon's, or Stevens' Furnishing Store. ;vii?>uripu<>n? received at these p:aoes. TIIK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. EMRICH- at the coiner of Per.n. A . ? A avenue end Eleventh stroet, has great}/ improved recently and now nff.r. UnH i greater inducements for the patronace of oitiz"ns and strangers than any other pnblio house in the eit?, his prices being loss than those of any othor Jiotel on Peun. aveuue, and his accommodations or permanent or transient hoarde's unexception able. The bar ami restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very popu lar. bring aii that oan be desired by the most faa tidinus. T.;e proprietor pledges nnwmitted atten tion and ooctiBued liberal extendi tares to give sat icfantioD-to aii, and thus renews lus invitation *f all togirathe buropean Hotel aoall. de|-t? l/KKNCH FLO WKRSOF THK VERY HES'f 1 *ual?4y, and an ext?naiv* vinotr. At STEVENS'S Fancy Store, no M t 336. batw. f*th and M)'h ?U. JUST RECEIVED AT FRENCH A. Rir-H STpIN>9T8 Penu avenue, Waahington, "The Piokwiofc Papera," being the hrat of tne elegant bouoehould edition of the worka of Charlea Diok em; illnntrnted by T. O. C. Dartey and John Gil bert. Riveraide prtaa. Call and examine th*ip. Alao, a now xipply of Darley'a Illustrated Cov per, the fineat edition publiahed. fe i SGALTJER'8 RESTAURANT. OJOURNERS In Washington are reapeetfoDy informed that GAUTiER'S RESTAU f RANT, on Pa. avenue, between 12th and" I3th atreeta, ia one of the oornpletea:,, pectfol'y & uv? sinawi ?uu lirowuie Win iinmtDU l>r 1(1 kind in the United rMatea, bei g at al t:mea pro vided with the beat to < e oMained in the inarkpta of ail the large citiea, forwarded to him reruUrly by expreaa. Hiapnoraare moderate and hia ao o >mmodationa to furniah Breakfast, Dinner, Tea and S'uppw.a to gebtlemen roo.ning out, are un I equalled by any other* m thi* city. addreceec

thia ntioe e-peoially to atrancers, aa all cMisena and fre?nenters of Waahin/tcn know w?ll the aupenority of hia hooae. He ia prepared to ao o?aiinodate to their entire aatiafaotion any nnmher of gentlemen who deaire to take their M*a a away from where they lodge. fe 11-lm THE INSURANCE COMPANY o* THE STATE ow VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL tSOO.OOft. loraree Merchandise, Biiildinca, Household Fnrniture, Ao., atainst loss or damage by fire. HEATH A KNOWLEB. A|Ht>, Ofltae?Room 16 over Dank of Washington. Ja 1ft - rhof ' i&Ti. [IS8ION dafKhlB MILL FMMD. CORN MEAL, fc., *e.. Corner of tit* and li street*, Washinftou oity. ITT Cash eatd tor all kinds of Grain an ONE PRICE ON VI MA ?- - ??? V ?. || 4 ONE PRICE ONLY ! CARRIAGE FACTORIES. Washington carriage factory. " D Strut, 9tk and 101A Struts. We have jnat finished a number of tret-claee CARRIAGES, ?uch M LiAt fWy^JHKA watons, Park Pkeattmt. Family Car-YjKjnE^ m?j, o?<f Bumtt, which we will sell atW ** ft ? " email profit. Beini praotioal meohanio* in different branohee of the boaineea, we flatter oorselvei that we know the atylee and toaHtj of work that will tire aatia fafltiou, oombimag lightneae, oomJort ana durabui 'keaaignc promptly and oarefally attended * the shurteat nctio* Mid moat reasonable oh Art#*, WALTER, KARMANN A BOPP. Coaclunakera, aaooeetora to We T. Book* WtT-dly T CARRIAGES. E Bnboerlber harinc lpace addition* to kl Jaotery, making it now one of the I a.- f mttMfi'nV in the Diatriot, where hia facilities furU^^MK manslaotouinxCARRIAGE A LI8HT*=? WABONs or al: kinda oannot be aarpaaaad,and from hie lone experienee in the baimeea, he kopss to live general sati?f*o;iun. Al'. kinds of Carriages and kigkt Wagecs keptes land. Ail REPAIRS >afttlrd*M,u4 all aitai prompt [j atterued to. ReooM-kaad em. d ta-tf Carriage* taken in oKekance Uran ANDREW J.TOYCE, ?ramr of l?tk and K eta. AYER'S COMPOUND EXTRACT SARSA A PAR1LLA. No one remody la more needed in thiaoonntry than a reliable Alttrntir*, but the aiok have been ao outraieouBly cheated by the worthless prepara tinnaft* tie > ? J *1?4 ** * ,tvH* v I rvm< anpol Alia BUI UftU f lu&l IIJB JT &T0 Q1 li 116(1 even witn thena e. Yet tt>?drug oanr.ot l?e h amad for the impositions from which the* have suffered. Most of tke so called Sar apanlias in msrket con tain little of the virtuet of farsaparil'a or any thing eiae. They are mere alopa?inert aud worth lews, whre a cocoentrateH extract of the active va riety of Sampan 1 La compounded with Dock, Stii Imgia, Iodine, etc., is, as it ever will be, a power ful alterative and au effectual remedy. Such la Ayer'a Extiaat of Sarsaparilia.aa its truly wonnr fu\cures ot the great variety of oomplainta which require an alterative medicine, i.ave abundantly ahown. Do not therefore, discard this invaluable medicne, because you have been imposed npon by a< mething pre ending to be Saraaparilla, while it was not. When you have used A yir's?then and not till then, will you know the virtues of Fart-a pariila. i*'or minute particular'of the disea*t*a it cures, we reler you to Ayer'a American Almanac, which the aort b?iow tamed will furnish gratia to a<l who call for it ayer'b cathartic Ph-w, for the cure of Cos Jaundice, Dy<p'v*ia, Indigestion, Vy^en tery. Foul Stomach. Erystpt'as, Heada'ke, Pile$. Rkmmatism. Heartburn. arising fro*i Disorder'd Stomieh, Pain, or Morbid Inaction of the Bowels, Fiatuteney. Loss of Appetite, Liver Comp.amt, Dropsy. Worms, Govt, NtitraUia, a* a Dinner Pill, a.idfor Pur Hying tie Blood 'i'ne* are f-ugtr coatrd, to that the most sensi tive can tak" them pleasant'*,and the? are the l?est A peiie^t in the w rid for alt the purposes of a family phrsio Frice 25 cents per Box ; Five Boxes f?r #1. IK) not be pat rff by unprine'p ed dealers with other preparations which they m?ko more pmht fn Demand AVer's, end take no others. The rirk want the best aid tuero is for them, aud they should have it. Prepared by Pr. J. C. AYKR ft CO., Lowell, Mass. and sold by Druggists and dealers every rhftra. '* *" ?* io 10 coim T PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, he. Wktrtmt, At th? proaeat season o the year CHOLERA MORUUS, DIARRHEA, CHOLIC, DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA. DEBILITY. Ae.,ko? prevail to an alanninj extent: And whereat, It mn?t be of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE to every family to know of A REMEDY OF Paeis, offers bis MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER &a the most SERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL Y FOR THE AMOVE COMPLAINTS In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that no imposition is intended tn the>a!eoft>ua Great Mfx)icine. THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED in all casts when the medioine fails to c>ve entire ratisf&otio Ask. then at any Drue Store for en at any Lmig **tore lor DR. MO'iTARDE'S miKAUI'ljUUP t'AIN' K11 I KK. take m directed, and if nut perleotly aaUafied Return to our Agant, D. B. CLARK, KHCJ., 4H Street and Pennaylvaiu* Avecue, who will refund your inouey. Prioe?84 and 90 Cent* par Bottle. For sale at all Drug Store* every*hare. J AS. MoDONNELL, General Agent, Jyll-eotr Baltimore. PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL ahx> BLOOD RENOVATES la preoiaelr what ita name indicate*. for, while ?lea?antto thetaate, it la revivifying, exhilarating, invigorating and atren;theuing to Ute vitai powers, and at the ?anie time revivibea, rematatea, and re newa the Blood in a 1 ita original pu'ity. and thua at onoe rertorr* and rtudtrt l*< *y*(?m invulnerable if diteate. It ia th- only preparation ever offered to the world, ao ohemioally and skill full* oumbined u to hotn? ir.nrt miwnrfnl t?,> /? and at the same tune so perfeotly adapted to, as to act in porfect aoo^rdanoe with the lavs of nature. an<t henco will soothe tk* tcraJust stomach. ai.U tone up thedigeative oreans, and tnusailar a.I nf-r vou?and other irritation. It is perfectly exhtara tins and at tbe same time it ia composed entirely of vegetables, yet so combined as to produce ih?> rnofct thorough tonic effect, without producing any in jurious oonsequenoes. fenoh a remedy has lore been felt to lie a desideratum in the meriioal w < Id, for it needs no medical sk il to see that dehility f llows all attacks of disease, and prooeed a: d in deed lay a the system open to the insidious attacks ot many of the most fatal, auoh, for txttmpie. ?.? the following: Consumption, indigestion, OyspfpBia, I oss of Appetite, Paintn?<a, Nervous Irritability, Nmira gia, Palpitation of the heart. Melancholy, Night sweats, ljir.gor, Gid-tiness, Retention ot, aa well JLM pAlfiflll ohltruftt^rf- tnn nrnfr.crt nr tnn 1 o*nt Menstruation. aud Falling of the Womb. Theee alt depend upon general debilitf. Thia pure, healthj tonio Cordial and B ? od Renovator if aa ?ure to oure a* the auti is to r?* and eft Th?reia no mistak* about it . Dutthia la cot all If the ayatera la weakened wo are open to b:liou? at taoka, the liver beoome3 torpid, or worae disaa?ed, . th? Iri nAta rhfuiA ?a borf.>rm ?k?ia f.. - J *MW > IHSV <? ITVitw* III Vlfl I IHIIVV1UU*) BUU wo are troubled with aoaldinR and incnntine'-oe of urine, or invoiunt&ry disonarge of the same, pain in the back. aide and between the shoulde**. ex ceeding ly liable tn alight colds, coughs, and if un onecked, aoon emaoiatio.i follow*,and the patient goea down to a premature grave. ilut acace will not allow ua to enumerate the man* ilia to which wa are liable in a weakened aondition oj tne avntem. but we will aay in thia Cordial and Biood Renova tor you have a perfect aafa, pi asant ar.d effeotna r*ne4y for loaaof Appetite, bmouaueaa. Flatu lenoe, weak and aiok fctomaoh. Lantour. Mver Complaint, Chillaand Fever.or ant B hou' attack Co? tivenean. Acidity of the t?t maoh, Nervouaneaa, Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, l>epreaaion of Spi'ita. Sorea. Pimple* on the Faoe, or any dia eaaearlaing from impure blood, each aa Scrofula, Krvhipi aa. Bronohitia, Couch,difficulty of Breath ing. and all that olata ol aiaeaaea oal t-d female weakneaa. and enumerated above. We will al?o a*y the traveler exposed to epidemioa, change of climate and water, will find it a pleaaai.t. *afe-nd ui>i<i wj,iuiiuiiuu9 iuuu;u ever travel wiui oct. Re?d?*r, try it. for we assure yom ?ou will find in It a friend indeed,as well as a friend in need. All persons of aedeUarv habits will find it a per - feot preventive of, as well ns a cure for thu?e ail ment* which they are particularly exposed lleooe ministers, students, attorneys, literar* gentlemen, ami ladies who are not aooust'-med to inuoh out door exareUe, will find it to their advantage to keep a bottle oonstautly on hand; and above all mothers or those beoominc suoh, will go through that most dangerous period not only with all their aooasiomed strength, bat safe and free from the thousand ailments so prevalent among the femaia portion of tha woild. In short, is ndaad a mother s cordial. Try it old and young; no lo ifr run tha rl*k of ilaiay: it will NHMWMd prove it?elf emphat ically* Rettorativt CorJuiland BI*od R>nor -tor. I). J. WOOD. pro?ri?Hor, 444 ilrotd#ay, New Vork, and 114 Market Street. 8t. Lnaia, Mn.. and o dby all good iftugguU. Prioe One Doliar per Bottle. PROP. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AS D BLOQD RENOVATOR. Bold in thia oity by C. 8TOTT, 374 Pa. kmil. an *>-?clTtaiw j4?ey'n8,s ; W|gwa?vgi;ltfgsa5l^0^t iUI4 ,0 .V x - O t. - 9 ^ J* *? CLOTHING, Ac. NMKROHAyT TAILOR JJfO. KW FALL STYLES or CLOTTBS, CA8SI MKRS, A.NU VESTINWiL WALL. STEPHENS & CO., 3d* P*nn?yl?a nia A venae, have just rmirfd a large variety ol new Fail Gooda.tu vnioh they mviu the attoabot) of tberr and evitniMn. au Sn-U JJENTLEMEN'S READY-MADE CLOTHING Oar present assortment of GKNTLEMKN'I RKaDY-MADE CLOTHING offers to citizens and itmnftri wishing an immediate out fit ?upe rior inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles and aoalitiea of Dress and Business Gar meet* and Overcoats in ail varieties. Fine Shirts ?rU Uader-olotlung of all kind*. Kid and other Glove# i>f beet qoaity. Soarfs, Ties, Cravats, Stocks, Hosiery. Ac., fto. All of whioh we are offering at r>nr usual low prioee. ICT Clothing mvle to order in the moet superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. no 16 tf 339 Pa. avrava. ^OTO THE PEOPLES'Ci OTlnNGSTORE. "I No. SflTMith it., to get tout CLOTH ING, FURNISHING GOOi>S, HAT?* and CAPS. fe 2 6w W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite oar customers, and oitiiens general ly, to tvn insp-o'ion of our present new, at ? traotive, and elegact a#s.>run-nt CLOTHS. CASSIMK.RES. OOKSKINS, KK VfeSTlNGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ac. W whioh we will make to order in superior"-^ style at vory low prioes. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., oo IS tf 329 Pa. av.. betw. 9th and 10th ata. Db. J. H McLEAN'8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AMD BLOOD Fl'RIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY in tk* WORLD, and the ino?t Delicious a.nd DELIGHTFUL i CORDIAL >ETER TAEENr It i* strict)* a ?ti notc and Vi(iu kl* Compound, pr? tartd by m? dicillt ti?n of r?u, . ?rt?, od birki Y?l!sw Dock. Blood Root, B*>ck rilU, Wild Chorry Bark. ud D*od*li?a nttr* into it* com nfaach in(radiant M Before takinf.;^^^^" tflkiBS diaiillnf, pradaciar * dalicioaa, ?ibuarauaf apmt, and tka matt inhllibU hih? !j f? :?n???Uuf tka diaauad ymm, and r itaring tba alek, aaf tni.f, aod daktluaiad icraiid ta kaalth and atrtbf Ik. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will affastaally ear* L.?ar Complaint, I>?apapat<i, Jaaa dlei, Ckmiic tr Nirrtta Dability.MmmH ? thi Kidniyi, and all diaaaaaa anair.f fr?a< a aiaardarad Lirar ar Suraack, Djapapaia, Baartkmrc, Icvard !*uaa, Acidic j ?r af tka Stomach, af Blrod u :ha Baad, Dall Put ar vuiimuif to lha H?ad, Pn!pi-iuar, af lb* Baan, Fallnaaa ar Wairht In tba Itamiek, ' car Eraeut:an*, Chek-nf ar afa'atinf Fading whan l*?nf dawn, l>rjna?a or TallaV> Mil af tka kin ud Ijaa, Wijht laitu, toward Faaara, Palo in tka Imtfi af tba E*ck, Chaat, ar lidi, Maddao Flaahaa af Brat, Dapraaaiao of Spirit*, FrigbifoJ Drat ma, kanrkar, Daraar.dacer ar 1?? narvaaa diaaaaa. Brraa ? Klalebaa an t&t Ikib/aQd Ftv'aracd Ant (*r Ch!U? axi riTMj OYER A MILLION BOTTLES kl'l k**o raid dlrinr th? U*t ui mantha, aud ib di In lULne* hat it id riTinf antira utuficuw. Wh*. vh*n, will (ffir frtm Wrlnin or Dabiiity whto McLEAAt rrnr.?8TH>:*!I?0 t 0*1)1 AL will cart yta 1 a l&nywy tan * "? )r ui idan af tha Imiatdk Ui nud ilirM'. m, racata# cbunft pradaetd by takinf thu Cardial la lb* diMCMd, dabiiiutad, u.d abaitarad n?r??a? tyaltra, wktlhar kiaktn tlawi. by aictat, vt&k by auara, r ir?p*l?td by al?in?ta. tha raiaiad and at.afnuif affaiki ttUaa U raaiarad la IU pnauna baaltb aad Tifat MilihlEU PJiHSOnS, a* atkart, aaeaoaoa ?f Ibabthty ttwm vhatavar caaaa, will kaJ McbSARf arB.BMttTriCMiR? CUtLDlAb a tha laaffb MfiaHtM af iha ayataa: aud all wba aJV h*r? ia Ivad Uiuu.tai by lu.praaar tbcaa vlU lad Id ikli Cardial a iiiuia aad tptady rtroady. TO THE LABIES. McWlAMV aTRKXCrHEBINU CORUUkla a aa?w atfn aad aptady ear* fat Indptaat Caoauptian, Wbitai, Obatracud at Ihflcalt Mtaatraatiao.l i.eaoliaanca af Drina at lD*alani*ry DiacWaa ibaraaf, Falling af tha Wmb, iddintaa, Faiutliif, and all dlataita tncidaot ta Panala*. Titunjs is nu mt>TAB.t? about IT taffrr na lar.gar. Tit* It aceardiof la dtracuaoa li will atirnmlala, atrafkfthao, and inrtfor*ta Jand ttui ih* klaara af health la n:a?ol mm thaak t(iiu. k>try baula la wtrramiu la fir* aauafacuati. FOK CHILDREN UjW children tri aickly, J-?n j or aSictad, MrLKAKt COti/IlL will make thtrn ktilu.r, fat, ui raUaai. UiU; ul a Bantam; uj u, cad yea will be MkimttiL It la de lltlaaa la lake. CAUTION. ware af UriffUu ar deaiera wha mar try ta pain apaa yea aaaia kittar ar aaraaparUla ircah, which they cau bar cbt ip, t-r ituuf it lalaai n ra?d. A to. .1 each man. Ask (ar McLEaM d VrRENt/l'K?NlNU CUlDIAL, and taka natliing aUa. It la the enly remedy that will parify the lead tberaafMr end at tba eame umi etreoflhan i*a eyetem. Ona teiepaacfal take>. itarj n?nln{ faatinf la a certain preventive far Chelera, Ohllla and Fmr, Tallow I'atar, or any prevalent diaaaaa. It ia pat no in larr battiee. Price etjy #1 par bailie, ar I betUee far ?3 i. H HrLKAN, Bala proprieter af thie; alee. Mckean'e Volcanic Oil Llnlniaat. Principal Depot au tLe corner af Third and Fin a atraata, St. Uaau, Ma. KcLean't Voloanic Oil Liniment, (TIE BEST LINIMENT IN TIE WORLP.) TV* Mil; idt ui tiruii ear* for Cucin, Pllti, Tm. U'l, Bwtl.inft tnd Bronchi!* or Court, Paralr*u, N*o nl[li, WiikuiHtf ttii Mudu, Chronic *r It immitory tiiiuuuin, SufotM ?' th* J?nu, Contracted MwcIn ?' ** ramlii E^r??:-.? *r Tocthacb*, Enrflai, (rruu, Ptwb Ctau, Woand*, L'lc*r?, ? ?? Bar**, C?k*d Brtut. Bor* Hipp'.**, Barn*, Bc&ld*, Bor* Throat, or any ini?mnatioe or min, do diff*r*nc* h?? **?*r* *r lonf th* di**a*? roar ha?i *ii*t*d. M('LEAH'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT i* a errtaln r*n>*d*. Th?ct?nJi *f uiiOAQ bainf* h*?? b**n **T*d * Uf* of di* r*p?tad* and rcn*ry ty th* u* *f ihi* ioTalaabl* r*m*dy. Mr LEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Wiil r*li*v* pain aire**'. iotlajiuuiaoaaly, ud u will claw, paiify and h*al lh* f*?l**t *or*? in an Iscrtdibl* abort urn*. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LIN1M ENT t? th* only *af* and raliabl* r*m*dy for th* ear* of Sfifia, Kurbt**, Windfall*, Br lint*, Dnnataral Liirfk Nod** or Bw*llion. It n*r*r foiled to car* Bif H*ad, P*ll*?il, hralt, (Jld Rancin* Bor?a. or Ivaui*. if p? Spree*, Brai***, Sera ten**, Crack*d R?*l*, cfi*.f*., Stddl* r OII?r 0*11*, Cbu, Per**, *r Wnndi, ti U u iofallibl* ? r*ii?dy. Apply it u dir*ct*d tad a car* 1* ettum la ?>*ry Willi Tr.?n [nil na lMig?r with tba muy worth loo# Ltniiraau of?r?d to yon. (M tkin a ?ar>pl? af D*. MlUCAHI CLLfc LRaTKD LlKlMfcNT It will cara tob. J. H MCLEAN, 8*1 Proprietor, Cemir Third ud I'm* ma-, II Uoaia, Ma CHARLB8 BTOTT, ITS Pa. a*., aala a*ant in Waahio* too : 3. T.C138feiL.Qaor(ata?n. aa M-PAWI? IT-HfiRCF FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH, t th? Mrtbnpm it?m BOOKSTORE. phi LP * SOLOMONS, Agentt ft Latrtnff'f Ittiw Parttt, "MttroptHtan Millt," ft., #e. ( a V It 3.VJ Pa. ? ., bat. ?tt and l?th its. 1861 0>AR_IE8. |86| Co?WM?rt the Year with a Diary. A valuable Proket Companion for registerinf everts past. ?<eaent, and futur-; containing ratea of poataKe^alinauao, a blank spaa f >r tuem ranoa for every day in the year, ca*ti aovoant for raati inontk, annual summary of ovi*i aocoant bl!la payable and receivable. Don't be without on? of tiioKf useful littie souvenirs Tut m?*toonpi?te, *>cant. Mj<1 desirable as?<>i tinem ever priamc twelve iixm and upward* of fifty styles, at SHILLINGToN'S Kookatore, Odeon UundmA, oorner or.4\ rtreet and dean Penn avenue. WATCH REPAIRING AND silver WARE TV manufactory. I have one of the beet establishments, and fur nished with a porpplete set of tools for repair tug every d'notif >o of fine Watches, aad Ml earliotilar attention five to the a*me. by t( orooib oumpetont workman .aud a work cuaran tied Al>o, every descrip ion of standard SILVKR WARE, plainandornamental, manufbctu ed Rjr own auperTiaion. whioh my customer* will fcnH r mperior in yealitjr and finish to northern w?i? old (air dealer* ia general and rejreeente-1 their own manufacture. H. O HQpD, ae 6 JJi Pa. arowie it. SCHOOL AMP COLUtWH Ot'TFi ft, YonfAs' mmd Boys' Clotking for School mU Dress Womr. Parents aad inar&aaa wiakibc to ftoraivh their children ana ward* with Softool ard Oo*lrf? oatita for thnooininc aeaaoR. at* invited to examine oar e and e*trtjstT? aatortii.fn? BOYS' f?, where they ran It o?t th-ir children ^ tssssi&jss.isrsi M ?-tf 348 fens. M ' *v? r .<1, ? . w * ' THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. wiuag ? (TMttr T*rtMy or tim inn miiac :fc*s ?u bt cuad la m *ttw ? m Friday noruv. ltU.??ory, fM MM*. ?- ? Flva oopiM 4V> TmooyiM -- Tvaatr in ooftm ? It laraaabiy ooataiaa ttAwwkta#H Pteww" that ku Mdt 7\4 DmiJtr ImiM fMr diMiM to geeersily Urouhoat Um Mutrr. UTi^fc oo?t?<ta wrm??T?) mm te pi iwril it tk? ooanUr, ! ? * f altar tM mm mt Mm Ptim-THKEE CENTS. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. CHANSK OP IOU1S. Ob art after SUNDAY. Nevwnlwr ?U, UK. U? wMiu win ran m ioiiowi : leave WASHINGTON: tnua at ftjo a. m. Ml Truokt T.4* a. BL ? J train ata.10 p. Fourth train it 6 ? m _ leave Baltimore. b ir?t train at 4 15 a. Exprmm. SMomd train at ?Ji a. m. Tktrd at &.io ?. m. Fourtii at ?Jo p. na? Kiirm. n&srtrflst timE?sis's5i337;5S^a For thy aooommooauon of th. w*. trT-i cWaahmcton and LAaral. > will be attaohed to th* tonnage trait which ,?i?m at 11 a m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train com to Philadat - phia only. no 36 -d T. H. PARSON& A (rent DENTISTRY. DRS. I OCKWOODu* DARRELL ARE PRE pared to insert TfcETBoa VrLCAfT ITE BA^K. a new and improved mode. When made on this ihej a eoom fortable to wear and Kuoh oheap<-r than any other. Alio Te?tb insetted on Gold Plate, and all Dental Operation* of any kind that imt be destrad Of fice Koom No i. in the \Vaehin?ton Bnildinf.oor ner Pa av. and Seventh *t. ja > 2m* TEETB. I/OOMIB, M^^D-Jhe iwjeptor and patent** I tend* personally at hi* offioe in thi* city Many person* oan wear these teeth who eannot wear others, and no per sob oan wear other* who cannot wear theee. Persons caliinc at my o?o?oan be ?'v-r?nrr<?(1??^ with an* style atwi pnoe of Teeth th?y may deaire; bat to those wno are particular and wiah the pnrest, oleanest, trontest, at.d most perfect derture that artoan troonee, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Roorr* in thi* city ?No. 33* Pa arenaa, between 9tn and l?th sU. Also, WOT Aroh itseeu Pkiladel phia. M tf EDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE EDUCATION HOPE Parent- who wilt their aauthtera to re oeire athorough and anteniatio education. their plijuoai training will rtMrfduIr and i. attention, under the tQOft approved ?T?tem of Calia tilftniea and <> jmnaaUo*, are reapectiolly inn ted to nait the Union Female Academy. corner Foui toentb at.and .New York av MR. k. MRS. Z. RICHARD*, au 30-tf I'nncipata. IT* EM ALE BOARDING AND PAY SCHOOL r ALEXANDRIA. TA. Mr a. S. J. MoCORMICK. PimctPti. The thirteenth annual eeeaion of tsiia InaUtuUon wi|l opmmenoe on Tueeday, September Ittk. ijjtlie Ik kMnnv y and areola, >V V^"??'aiwMuc vii a wdbuwj , [^i'lvhiuwi ivkH, i nee recently occupied fey sylveator Soott, ^flM^Mraat, o. 190 King l The oourae of atndy puraued wi.l oomprlaeall the branchea requisite to a tborongh F.ngiuh Ed a luaio. French, Latin ana Drawing, oation, and Muaio, French, Latin and Drawing, if desired. la addition to day aeholar*. Mra. - ?.r?P?r?<l tn rw;vf a limited num^r of ori.? m boarder#, who. oouatitutinc a fart of b?r own Uw ??>a*r N* immodiateoare and aaaem ion. 8m will ^Da^ftTor, u i%r m pouihlA to air oiUnorooftm ooozforti&Qd kindif icIlnfroM Ac/rrfVii ^Rev. Ow.fl. Norton, Rut. Dr. K iU r^r&p**:b.-waci Tuition in the English Braaohaa, th* oanaJ aeuioD?payable aemi -anaaaZly! auo and UafUiM at Professor*' pri Mo extra charts*. Curt ('o*r/k, CM, Jk /Imrnz* Ml 'rrtlMtM ?r Soft ness tf (A< Throat, fitii*9i tkt HusLtnt Couth * Cmmmp (ton, Bronrk\.:it, A'km*, ' f ru?rrA, citar mmd Mtx ?tre*(fA to fh? fMU Of PUBLIC SPEAK BR! am SINGERS* Few are aware of the Conch or "Common C rhioh in the bejicin* would riri ted, soon attaoks the Lucas. "Brtwm't Toentinrredi I rritation. "That troaMe in my Throat, tjor which the "J\ocJu>" area specia*) having maUe me often a mere whie Bponch'al $?o c*^ e importance of oheaclnc a Cold*' in its feret etacc. that . _ won Id yield f&amild reme ir, if Deflected, soon attacks the Lucas. Bronrkiai Trockm,** oontun-c? eemuToeot >nts, atiar and 0 <-oc?ia. Irnti BROWN'S rRnnava BROWN'S rROCHES BROWN'S rROCHES BROWN'S rROCHES BROWN'S rROCHES BROWN'S rROCHES BROWN'S rROCHES BROWN'S rROCHES rv>wi? I^t r? vy ILLiP* ** 1 recommend tbair u?f to Pvbuc SrEuiu." REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Groat tfrriMic iuUj|ir( Hwa1<I nut." REV. DANIEL WISE. ** A1 mint 1 utact r?!i*ri> U< di? tr*Minc labor of broathi&c pooaUar to Aitimi." REV. A. C. E66LE8TON. M Contain do Qriin or kartklsi injuriou*." DR. A. A HAvES. Cmrwi, " A ?impe and fleaaabt oomU na tion lor Cor?a?, lc." _ DR. 6. F. B1GELOW. ImM. - Hooofiotal in BaoMcatTin." DR. J. FTw. LANK. Dmim. " I have proved Uon exoollout for '""RffiV Bo* tm. 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