Newspaper of Evening Star, March 5, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 5, 1861 Page 1
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V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. MARCH 5. 1861 N2. 2.509. THE DAILY EVENING STAR n rUBUSHBD BYBR.T AFTERNOON (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE KTA.fl BFILDIKQS, i ?-n?r jf rnntyiveni* mnd lllA ft BT w. D. WiLLAfH. Papfn eo^ed in ^oiafM by oarrlera it 14 I ??*t, ot *? oenta per month, to mail aubeenbora Ine pnoe in #3A: a rear, Mt mdvmnc*; #3 for all mouth*-, 41 fc. three mo n the; and for lew than ts ree raonth j at the m?? of U oenta a week. Siacie :>>!**, or s c**t; in wrappers, two csrt*. iLr M>* fRTt'Km^Ts Mould be sent to (he oftoe freior j K o'oioc* ra.; other wiae iher may cot appear ar'U'oeitextd&r. 11 MARIA DK GUADALOUPE. fCORCtCDBB.J Tbe wretchednesa of the family at thia alarm in(5 and unexpected Tiaitation was extreme. Mw ann immo^l'ltolv <?ntnmnn>Aat?/1 ??tV> j ovu ? u< ?MV? .??vy vvauiu?UIV*l?U n ?iu UiQ, nr.d we all consulted together. Henrique de termined never to join a band who disgraced both their country and humanity, and, if the opposite party had come up, I verily believe wuuld Dave taken refuge in their rank* and become a soldier; fortunately, as we considered, they turned off to intercept the fugitives by a -near cut, and we saw them no more. We knew Matninoras was in the possession of the party to which the ruffian belonged, but it was the first time they had ventured in our neighbor hood. We finally agreed, all except Henrique, that it would be better for him to leave the country for awhile. He strongly opposed it, until Maria, with tears in her eyes, besought him, for her sake, to go out of the reach of dagger. "We soon arranged the rout* he was to take. I had a friend l.ring at San Antonio, in Texas, to whom I gave him a letter, and that night he crossed the Ilio Grande and was on his road. The young ones pledged their truth till death, with promises of as frequent communication as !LI. %_?%_ T * * ? ? - pwioie, wnue i was 10 wrue 10 our triCDd tbe bishop, then at Monterey, and endeavor to have the affair arranged s? that Henrique might return to his home. Alaa! man pro rose*, but God disposes. Several days passed, Mud nothing was heard from the officer, though several parties of his faction, as well as of the opposing one. were heard of in the neighbor hood. A troop of the other party, which was Teconnoitering, halted at my house. I knew the commander, and, relating the circum stances to him, he advised me to visit Mata inoras under a flag of truce, which was to be sent in, and see the chief in person, with whom I mi^ht be able to make some arrangement offering to one placed under the protection of the flag. I gladly accepted the opportunity; hut. alas, instead of listening to my remon strances. he threw me in prison, refusing to recognize my rights under the flag of truce. -- in io? meantime, me rumamy outcoer, for such was and is bis reputation, had hoard, it seems, from his subordinate, extravagant ncooants of Maria's beauty, and determined to have her as well a? Henrique seized, for of course I had said nothing about the latter'a flight. I learned afterwards that negotiations had been arranged under tbo fl ig of trace for his evacuation of Matamoraa in tw# days, during which there was to be a suspension of hostilities. " That night, ae my eon's family were sit ting up later than usual, expecting my return, the clatter of horses' feet was heard. My son started up, and ran to the door, lie saw, by the moonlight, half a dozen lancers, whose equipments he knew. lie immediately closed the door. and. scizine a loaded nistol. r>l ? ' o ? i r f ~ ?? ?? it in his boecm. Man* and her mother eat pale and trembling. The lanoers halted at the door, and in a few momenta three of them rushed in, headed by the brutal officer him Mlf. "Where is a recruit, Henrique Valdes ? Produce him instantly !" exclaimed Captain Mendes " He is not here," said my son, calmly. 44 Where is he, I say ?" demanded the ruf fian "He has rone to San Antonio on business," ens we red his uncle. " Hell and fury seise him !" exclaimed the officer. 44 Well, I am b*und to take a hostage for his appearance; so, comrades, do your duty ?carry that girl along, and mount her on the spare horse we brought for the recruit; we must hurry back." 4 Take my daughter Never !" shouted my on, placing himself in front of her, and grasp ing his pistol. " Ob, spare rey child'" exclaimed the mo uci . vioopiug .'i?' ia 111 usl aruil. ' L UU BUBII not' 70a shall take me first!" " Dare jou resist us, villain ?" said the lead er of the party, furiously; " stand aside, or I Trill cat jou to pieces. Take the girl away, I say." My eon instantly drew his pistol and called *>ut: " The first who touches my ohild ahall perish !** The leader aimed a blow at him with his sword, which, striking the pistol, glanced off; but, alas.! fell fatally on his defenceless wife, whoac blood gushed over her daughter, as they both fell together, the one in a fainting fit, end the other in death The old man paused a few momenta, over come by his emotions, then he resumed : Well, even the bloodhounds were for a mo ment arrested at the sight of that terrible deed, isd my son started back horror-stricken, fixed his glaring eyei a moment on the beloved of hi* heart covered with <>lood; then, with a yell of madnes?, he seised a knife from the table, and a terrific conflict ensued Maria remained aenseleM amidst the tumult, &nd was spared the sight of what occurred. How long she con tiaued in that condition she could not tell; but when she awoke she was at my house, lying on a bed. and an elderly military man was lean ing over her. ' How ia it with you, my good girl ?*' asked be, in a kind and feeling voice. ' My father and mother !" waa all she oould y ?' There, you will hear from them presently; 4?> not excite yourself?we are friends," Mid he. soothingly "Generaf, I think she is safe," said another and younger officer, who was a surgeon. "And the other V' asked he, Ik a low voioe. May last twenty-four hours." Dwort a euuiu ia? oetn w comma - nioatafto him th? sad newa, he accidentia heard another version of the affair, by whieh it appeared that we had all been Bordered. My i friend wrote in reply to my letter, when at laat I had an opportunity of sanding it, that he immediately joined your compatriot*, who had raiaed the atandard of revolt in Texas, and were preparing to tear her from Mexico. Be fore any more oorreet aooount ooald reach him, he fall, desperately fighting against his Cn countrymen, whoaa Tory name had become tefal to him. And now, eonor, hare I no teaaon to detost the bar barons custom of whole sale murder whieh is called war?" I could not contravene his judgment. It was growing lata in the afternoon, and I pre pared to leave. I bid the old man adieu with feeling of reverence for his sorrows,and raiaed tfctXair hand of Maria de Oaadaloapa? bow |3iwmed the title seemed !?with reapectful jjrvotion to my lipa. "When I am gone (be will find paaaa in th? of rclifina," were th? old lO U* t tu a lut *?*r of U? LoouUm volaaUwi art by miaanderttAading M to tft? ' Well I will leave a sufficient guard with jou, for I mam be off to Matamoraa. Let them want for nothing, for her uncles were brave eoldiers, and fonght bj my aide." " It waa on tne third daj that mj priaon ioora were opened I had been aware of the change of aentinels, and aappoaed the city waa yvaoukted Why I waa left and ia tar bed I never leaned, perhapa the tyrant forgot me. Tteguard by whom I waa released, eondooted ll||to the new commander, in whom I found 8a brave and noble-hearted General Arista, a party of whoee aoldiera had aarpriaed the fvffiana at their bloody work, and reeoued Ma rl* unhurt, and her father, though too late to tre the latter'a wife. He atill lingered, how Mr. The General oommunioateiTthis in the Moat feeling manner, and offered me at once the means of departure. I? leas than a hoar I was beside my dying son, and hia stricken child " Again the old man's head tank, and it was some minntaa before he raiaed it again; when he did ao, there was a record of sorrow, sneh as a feeling man never likes to read a human countenance. After awhile I ventured to aak: "And Henrique, eenor ?" ?>.# r :_u ?- - i a of tbeir enlistment, and a well-drilled and gal lant body of men, inared to the climate, who had proved their eagernesa to vindicate the honor of their country bj the promptness with which they left their avocations and rushed at the first oall to the field, were deprived of op Eortuaities which they so well deserved. Many, owever, determined to remain and see a little fun on their own account. Some of these joined the gallant Texas rangers. It was during the siege of Monterey that several companies of rangers were engaged in a severe conflict with a splendid regiment of lancers in a cornfield For a time the rangers were worsted. The leader of the Mexicans en countered a ranger whose carbine was dis charged, and whose onlj effective weapon was a revolver with but a single oharge left; there was no time to reload, for the lancer was upon him; taking the best aim he could, he dis charged it, as he intended, full in the Mexi nan'i fiknm an inatant K?fnf? *Ho on^nAntai ? - *"w v-v?v-?v., but, with the splendid horsemanship of his countrymen, tho other had thrown himself oat of the saddle on one side, avoiding the shot, while the ranger's horse, rearing, received the lance full in his chest, and went down bearing hirf rider to the earth. Abandoning his lauce, the Mexican drew his sabre, and in another minute, before the fallen man could have risen he would hare-finished him; but another form interposed between them. It was that of a youthful horseman of powerful frame and fln)ihin<r a vHa wiroW * KIaa^v aaKr* in Kt# right hand, and carried a large revolver in the left, whilo his splendid black charger seemed to obey the volition of his rider. ^ Ha! Juan Mendet! we meet at last," he shouted, as he intercepted the impending sword of the Mexican with his own. At the ame moment bis steed, as if trained, caught tbe lancer by the arm, and slang him from the Faddle as a terrier would a rat. The youthful warrior was on his feet, and at his side in a minute. Placing bis foot on bis breast, and hissing some bitter reproach over the fallen man, he drove but weapon again into his breast. All this time his horse stood by calmly and quietly. His work finished, heapproachcd the ranger, who had risen to hia feet, and ten dered his thanks. 44 Yon owe none, senor," he replied in a tone altogether different from that with which he tbundered defiance into the ears of bis foe; "but if yon will mount that villain's horse, which seems waiting for yon, I will guide you to our men, who are following tho retreating esemy." Bat mny I not know to whom I am indebt ed?*' I asked, as I took advautage of his sug gestion. 44 Henrique Valdcx." was the replj which stunned me. Need I tell the sequel ? How I rendered Henrique the hitppie.' t man in the army, in return for eaving inv?life, at the same time he had rid himself of a'toe. that night by the fires of the bivouac? Or how. some weeks later, after so armistice had followed the capture of Monterey, I accompanied him to his old home, and acted as his groomsman ? Header, are not these conclusions the legitimate property of your imagination? Ah! while gazing on the soft radiance of her lovely face, as she stood before the altar with her lover, how truthful did I find her name, Maria de Guadaloupe ! Can we make real Diamonds??All the world knows that nineteenth century alchem ists, ever since the date of the discovery that the diamond is composed of pure, crystalized, colorless carbon, bare been trying to transform carbon into a erystalised and colorless condi tion, that is. to turn gas into diamonds. Many a time the announcement has been male of the BfiATAlfl of lATTiA Anthnaiftatirt nrvArtin tKia i direction, but result* have always given the lie to the announcement. l)r. stockhurdt, of Leip zig, and Messrs. de la Tour and Despreti, of France, all thought they had made diamonds by galv&nio action on carbonio acid and hy drogen, but each were mistaken. We also re member reading, a year ago, of some galvanic process by which a Parisian chemist nad suc ceeded in producing crystals of carbon, but *> small as to require a microscope to*3!scorer them. But the French papers whioh have just reached us contain one more announcement of the same kind; and, if any skepticism had been engendered by the past failures, there would really be hope for believing that the long An Avt /vf inolrSni* ??* ' U'IU"""J" u?u, ?k ion, been discovered. According to these French reports, published by M. Rossi, of Toalon, crystals, twenty in number, baring all the properties of diamonds, were made by Professor Gannal. They were obtained by the action of phosphorus, water and bi-sulphide of carbon upon each other for the space of fifteen weeks. Tne crystals made were found to be so hard that no file would act upon them ; they out glass like ordinary diamonds, and scratched the hardest steel; in brilliancy and transpa rency they were in no way inferior to the best jewels, and some few possessed a lustre surpas sing that of most stones. Last?not least?the subsianoeao produced was crystalized in do decahedra, (that is, having twelve equal sides,) the crvstaline form characteristic of the real diamond. In fact, if all that M Kos?i asserts should prove true, there is little doubt that Professor Gannel has already succeeded in making diamonds. If he has done so, the reve nue* of Oolconda and Brazil must suffer an in calculable decrease, and a large number of millionaire diamond houses of the great capi tals of the world will inevitably subside into bankruptcy. Valve or as Explanation.? A certain king, it is said, sent to another king, saying : ( Mnn/1 ma a Klna nl<v with a Klanlr tail else'' The other in high dudgeon at the presumed insult, replied: " I have not got one, and if I had" On which weighty oauae they went to war for many years. After a satiety of glories and miseries, they finally bethought them that, aa their armies and resources were exhausted, and their kingdoms mutually laid waste, it might b? well enough to oonsalt about the pre liminaries of peace; hut before this ooula be concluded, a diplomatic explanation waa first needed of the insulting lancuaee whioh had formed the ground of the quarrel " What eoald you mean/' asked the second king of the first, 44 by aajiog, ' Send me a blue pig with a black tail, or else?'' " Why." aaid the other, '-1 meant a blue pig with black tail, or else tome other color. But," retorted he, " what oould you mean by sxying, 'I hare not got one, and if I had?' "? 44 Why, of course, if I had, I should have tent itan explanation whieh was entirely satisfactory, and peace waa ooncluded accord ingly. A TiaaiaLK Compart.?They are organizing a new military company In Memphis, to be called "The Deflanta." The Avalanche sajre of them: "Their uniform la to be black homespun, with fd plumes. Their banner is black?the arms ot the State of Tenneaee being lnarrlbed on one side, In crlmaoo; on the other side will be represented a right hand grasping an unsheathed sword with the name of the company?the Df Hants?written In red letters above The whole outfit will be rmoiemaiic 01 aeaui ana aeasnce, ana will coal forty dollar*. fTT The reo?nt publication of unclaimed divi dend* and depoalta. In the banking bouse* ol Newark, N J , baa baen the mean* of informing many partte* of money* lying to their credit, which they had entirely forgotten In one case the amount had boon lying In one Inatltution foi over thirty-two year*, the iir*t intimation of it be ing conveyed to the owner by the published notice. Mamacrcsbtt* Town Klsctioxs?The town election* la Maaaacbuartta will commence to-day, and, a* they are of considerable local importance, may serve, to soma eitent, to Indicate the tone ol popular feeling la relation to matter* of national inwrff EA child ire Tean old swallowed a piece ol tooth comb, la Coot county, New Hemp i shire, i few daft el ace. and died three houn after. MISCELLANEOUS. One Dollar. 1??1??1??1? ?1??1?#1? !??1? !??1? !! EVANS'S. 476 Pa. At. YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE OF JEWELRY IN OUR STORK FOR ONE DOLLAR. SPLENDID .ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE? __Set? for *1 Elegant LAVA? ? SeU for 91 Elegant GARNET ? 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All the above articles to bo sold with out regard to origif'R.1 oost, at from $1 to 1|30, and varrai.ted to b* 'what tliey are repr^nente-i, ami failj 100 per oeut. ie*s than they can :>e boncht. 2B-tr ilfli Pa. av., I>et 9th and 10th sts. THK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. EMRICH. at the oorner of penn. A . i A avenue and Eleventh street, haa !"en Vf/SLy greatly improved recently and new offers greater inducements for the patronage of citizens and tranters than any othor public house in the prioes being loss than those of any othor hotel on Pecn. avenue, and his accommodations for permanent or transient hoarder? unexception able. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very popu lar. being ail that oai: be desired by the most fas tidious. 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Also, a n'W supply of Darley'a Illustrated Cow p#r, the finest edition published. fe I S GAyTIER'S* RKSTaURANT. OJOURNKR9 In Washington are reapeotfally informed that GaL'TIKR'S RKSTAU-4A RANT, on Pa. avenue, between lith and 13th straeta, is one of the oompletest,JUidBJL mostelacant and aareeable estab ishmenw of its kind in tna United states. bei * at al ? timfli nrn. tded with the beet to "a Attained in :he markets or all the large, forwarded to him regularly by expreee. Hie prio^e are moderate and hi? ao o-roinodationa to furnieh Breakfeet, Dinner, Tea and Hupeeie to gentlemen rooming out, are un equalled br any othere in thu oity. II < itddre??*s this notice e.peoially to gangers, a* all citizens am IrAananfcari /.I VLT ? t ? i, MWT?V?**71V* ?f wiuiiit u m uuw Wr II mt superiority of hia house. Ho la prepared to ao eominodtit to their entire aatiafootion any numtwr ol gentlemen who deaire to take their Mea away from where ther lodite. r? li-i THE 1N8URANCB COMPANY OF THE 8TATB or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL #300,00n. Insure* Merchandise, Bnildinf*, Hontehold Furniture, Ac, MUnit Iom ?r dimtie by fir*. HEATH A KNOWLE8, Ainto, Offioe?Rooir. 10 ot?t Bulk of Waahing ton. ja 10 n f_ MORRIM1N * fin MISSION Corner of 13th and" B ?tT??U, WarnhfuiVon oily, fry ffwh paid tnr >11 kind* of Brain au X fro LI ONE PRICE ONLY! lAAVIN? on hand a very hearr *took of DRESS f RlMMJNGS^l will o^er the mine very obeap for ?UU l/UV I IUV V/IMII r. c. STEVENS, 336 p*. av , bo a tf )mtw?w wth >nj 10th ?t?. DEBT FANCY GOODS, 13 at prices TO buit THE TIMES, jo**-igtofiKs CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKETS, CREAM LADLES, TEA SETS OF KNIVES and FORKS, BUTTER KNIVE8, CUPS. Ao., Ao. Also; A Large Assortment of JEWELRY, whioh we oan Mil at 50 cents per artitU. booksHbooks. 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B?nc practical meohanio* in different branch** of the busineea, we flatter ouraelvet that we know the ttylea and qwtHrj of work that will five eatia ?ctioa, oombiruoj lightneaa, oomfort ana dnrabui hutiriiif rnmitlf Riul mmMI. ? WMy

T CARRIAGES. HK Svbeeriber fcaviaf made addition! to hi faetorr. marine it now one of the largect, " ~~ la the Diatriot, where hia fiaoiiitiee fori masaiaotnnnrCARRIAGE A LIGHT J WAGONS of all kinae oannot be anrpaeaed, an# from hia long exjerienoo ia the bmaueae, he hoyat U firs general eati*t?otie&. All l&dm ef Carriacaa as* Jblckt Waeetw se?t aa * Ail REPAIRS neatly dene, and all art are rreail 4 lft-tf wmr ?t Utk and Km, Wood and Coal. 1 TURKMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OT WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital "..*200,000. Qfic* torn r C street and Louisiana ar., over Bank of Washington. INSURE HOUSES ANd"oTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Director*. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redferr, gamuel Cropley, William Wilion, Riohard Jones, John d- Barclay. Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Rothvell, Tiios. Parker, Riohard Barry, it. B. Frenoh. No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President. Abxl G. Davis, Secretary, oo 10 eo6m ^YER'S COMPOUND EXTRACT SARSA PARiLLA. other preparation* which th?r rnrVe more ?" fit -"n t?>-nian>l Ater's, and take nit other* The rick want the best aid there it for them, and tliey should have it. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYKR 4 CO., Lowell, Maes, and aold by Druggists and dealers every where. fe 18 ?olm PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIV E CORDIAL AXD BLOOD RENOVATER la precisely what ita name indicate*, for, while riloaaantto the taste, it is revivify in*, exhilarating, nvigorating and atrou thentng to the vita power*., and at the *ame time revivifies, rein it* to*, and re new* the Blood in a.l it* oruinal purity, and thua at onoe restores and renders the system invulnerable to attacks uf disease. It ia th* only prep*:ation ever offeree to the world. *o oiiemioally and skill fully combined aatobelne noat powerful tonio, and at the same time ao perfectly adapted to, a* to ant in perfeot aooordanoe with the law* of nature. an<i lienoe will soothe tke weakest stomach, and tone up the digestive organ*, and thus allay all ner vous aud other irritation. It u perfectly exhilara ting and at the same tiino it is composed entirely of vegetables, yet so oomhined as to prodnoe the mo?t thnrmlzh tnnlo Vithnut rnHnninr ?n? in iurious oonae^uenoea. bach a remedy haa lone been felt to be a desideratum in the medioal w?i 'if, for it nceda no medioal tk 11 to ?<*e that debility f llows all attaaka of diaeaae, and proceed.- aud 111 deed laya the ayatein open to the insidious attacks ol many of the moat fatal, moh, for example, aa the followinf: Consumption, Indigestion, Dyspfptia, I oaaof Appetite, Faintuesa, Nervoua Irritability, N*uragia, Palpitation of the heart. Melancholy, Night sweats, I.anror, Giddiness, Retention ol. aa well aa Painful obstructed. too profuae, or too ao*nt Menstruation, aitd Falling of the Woinb. Theae all depend upon general debihtr. This pnre, healthy tonio Cordial and B'ood Renovator ia aa aure to oare aa the eon is to nee and set. Th?re is bo mistake aoout it . But thia ia not all If the ystem ia weakened we are open to bihoua at taoka, the liver beootnea torpid, or worae diseased, the kidneya refmae to perform their functions, and we are troubled with aoaldingand incoctiner-oe of urine, or involuntary disoj.arge ol the aame, pain in the back, aide and between the shcuidera ex oeedingly liable to ajight oolda, oougha, end if an cieoked, ooii MMiatioa folio ?a,and the patient . goea down u?a prematura crave. Mat apace wi.l not allow ue to ennmorate the mini ills to which we are liable ia a weakened oondition ot tne ayatem. But we will my in thia Cordial and U'.ooJ K?n?va tor yon have a perfect aafe, p! aaant and effeotna remedy for Icaa of Appetite. biiiouauesa. Fatu letioe, w?*k and nick Moroaoh. l.anconr. I.iver Complaint, Chilli and Fever.or an? llilion*attack Cot tivnnesf, Aoidity ofthe t*t maoh, Nervouaneaa, Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depreamoa ofl*piriu,j*or?a. Pimplea on the Face, or any die eaaeanaing from impure blood, auoh u r^orofula, Kryaipelaa, BronohiUa, Couch,diffi'-u ty of Breath ing, and all that olaaa of diaeaaea oai ed female weakneaa.and enumerated above. We will al?o aajr the traveler expoaed to epidemioa, oimr.p.e of and water, will find it a pleaaant. aafe end aure remedy, and no one ahould ever travel with out. Reader, try it,for we aaauro you yon will ti>4 in it a friend ind-ed.aa well aa a friend in need. All peraona of eedeutary haMta will find ita per feot preventive of, aa well ae a onre for tho-e ail menu whioh they are particular!/ expoaed ilecoe miniaUra, atudenta, attorney a, literarr rtntlemen, and ladieawhoare not aoonat m>*i to uch oat door exeroiae, will find it to their advantage to keep a bottle eonctantly on hand; and above aU mothera. or thoae Iteooming auoh, will go through that most dangerona period not only with ail their eocuvometl atrength, bnt aafe and free from the tbouaaad ailmenta eo prevalent among the female j indeed mother ; no lot gar ran the prove it?e!f emehat O.'f. WOOD, proprietor, 444 broad**j. New York, and 114 lllarket Street. St. Louie, Mo., and it t*l cood "rn*<i*u- Prio* One Dollar per PBOF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL A1IS BLOOD RENOVATOR. Sold in this city by G. STOTT, 3T5 Pa. avenue, eu an ecly, aiir No on? rem?HT la more needed in thia country thA'i A Alttrative, l>ut the nek have ;een ?<> oatrareoualy cliM^d by the worth'.eea prepara lions o' abroad, that the; aredisguated even vita the n& e. Vet the drug cannot he h irrud for th? imposition* from which the* have auffrred. Moat of ttio m> nailed Sar apariliaa in market con tain little of the virtue* of ??ra?parill* or acy thing > ?. They are rnoro alope?inert and worth le*a, whi a oonceiitrate < exi act of the aotive va riety 01 Saraaparilla compounded with Dock. Htii hogi*, Iodine, etc., la, a* it ever wm be, a power ful alterntivo and au effso'ua! r*mrdj. such la Aver'a Ext' act of ?ar*apnrilla,aa ita truly *nu or fu'i cu:e? oi the great variety of corns.aint* which require aa a lerative n.t-di^ir. , i avo abundantly uiiwu. iwiivi mereior.', oii-oard inn mvai table medic'De, becauho iou have !>ecn 'inp.>red ?<p?>n i.y at methmg pre ending to he Sarkapanlia, wuile it wm rot. When you have used r ykr*??then- and not til! then, will you know tha virtues of t'area tor minute particular* ot the dta'area it curer, we refer you to Ajer*? American Aimanao. which the arert b*-low tamed wi.l i'urnsh *rati? to a 1 who oali for it AtkR> Cathartic Pn.ui, for the cure of Cos tireness, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Indigestim, L>y*'n tery. Foul stomach. Er*sipe!a?, hfratia' he, Piles. Rhevmttism, Heartburn. arising fro-n Disordered ftomaek. Pain, or Murhtd Inaction of the Bowels, iatuUncy. Loss of Appetite. Liver t'empmnt. Dropsy. Worms, tiirut.Niuralgia, ?.< a Dinner till, aA'lfor Pur rtying the Blood The* arf mik .r coat- d, ?o that the most sensi tive can ink-; them pleaaanty, and they ar.> the t*eat Aperio-1 in the w- rid for the pur^osra of a family ph?mo. J'BICB 25 cksts vkvl Box; Fivk Boxb< IM 81. _ . , ili) not bd Dut i?H iiv unirinft m ?-'?H GILTS' CITT STEAH FIREWOOD BILLS AJH) COAL DEPOT, Foot of Skvzmtizxth Strut, Btloie War Department. JET WOOD AND COAL of all Kinds. Wood prepared to auit the wuti of eaoh customer, or de livered oord length. VTF Coal ltABt Ifl rv*rt/ TJnmt ?? slate, dirt, and other linpuiities. Personal attention given to all orders. fe lVtf T. J. * W. M. GALT. BIRDS, BIRDS FOR SALK.-l have just ro osted a splendid asrortmer.tof Bird* fnnne* Kurepe. ff German Cana ies. English Bac Birds, Thrushes, Bull Finches, (iold Pinohe*,-*^ Linets, Sky Larks, Ve!lo?r Hammers. I have Parroquets, Java Sparrows, Starlen*. the Ked Mocaw Parrot and green a^.o grey. 1 l^ve M-ck ing Birds, Red Wicg Black Birds, Red Birds, Doves, aod Hobo'inks; also Trained f-irds. Price 2.5 cents to ft.y> Cages o> all kind* f om 10 cent* to If, at JOHN O'MKARA'S Bird Storo, No ?b6 a. avenue, at the Capitol gate. fe9-lm CLOTHING, Ac. {\! MERCHANT TA1LORIXQ. WKW CA9#I WALL. STEPHENS k. CO., 3tt3 Pentnylra nia Avenue, t.&ve just received a large ranett of new Fall Goods,to waieh they innu the atteatioa of tbeir fneod* and onstnnw*. an *i-tf g GENTLEMEN'S \X REVDV-MADE CLOTHING. Our prM?nt assortment of GENTLEMEN'S REaDV-MADE CLOTHING offers to oitisens and strangers wishing an immediate oat fit tup* nor inducements, emoraoinc, at this tune. all trie* and sualities i-f Drees and 8a*mss? Gar ments and Overcoats in all varieties. Fins Shirts and Under-olothing ol all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best qua-it*. Soarfs, Ties, Cravsu. Stocks, Hosiery, Ac., A a. Ail of which vs are offenni at oar usna< low prioos. Clothing made to order in the most superior manner. WALL. STEPHENS ft CO no 16-tf 329 Pa. avenae. tf.2QTO THE PEOPLES'Ci OTHINGSTORE, Ut(o. 4M (Seventh ?t., to j?t Tomr CLOTH ING, FURNISHING GOOlS. HAT* and CAP*. fe? 6w WMKRCHANT TAILORING. K Invite oar customers, and oitisens general ly. to an lnspeoMon of our present new, n?ou?c, ana UVnrim^Dl OX CLOTHS CASSIMfcHKS, DOESKINS, VfcSTlNGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ac. iW whioh we will m&ke to order in ?f?nor"?^ tyle st rerr low prioe*. WALL, STEPHENS * CO.. oc 25 tf X9S P&. ?r.. h?tv. 9th ud 10th it*. Dm. J. H. McLEAN S 8TREN GTHEJiTN0 CORDIAL AND BLOOD PGRIFIKR. THE GREATEST REMEDY tm tkt WORLD, find the moat Dcucion A!tD ? ? DELIGI1TFUL Jt Li .1 CORDIAL U M&m*. ETER TAKEN. It It ttrietW tet ntile and Vtfftu kit Ceeipoaad, pn cartd by tht ditlilU tltn tf rwu, . trbt, and kirh. Ttllrv Dock, B ood Root, BUck Ror, krupi riil?, Wild Chtrry B*rk, tod Dtodtlita nttrt ir.lo iu cmb fMlllwt. Tm tntirt teu?t rttntditl pnoeiflt; oftteh infrtdiMt it . - , , . ISXSSitteMlkMJ. prtdttii't dt'.iciott, tthiUrallng tpirlt, tod tkt Dttt ioftUiblt rtmtly t?t nniftlkf tkt Ann* 'T**". tad rtf.triof tfct tlct. ttfftr.Lf, ud dtkUiititd lar&Ud ? kulth t_id ?Lrtn?Ul. More taking, s dittillinf, pr?d?ei?? * tftlieiost, i MtLEAITS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will afactaally car* Li?ar Con.flaint, Dtaciput, Jau dlea, Cbrmie ar ICtrftn Dtbility, Dtaauaa ?f U>a Kidneys, led all diiiuti uitin{ from i <itwdirid Li*ir ?r tu.ntcb. Dyapapaia, litrtkii, Inward Pi!**, Acidity ar lickoM M tk'a Itomteb, TiIImh ?i Blrod x? tne Raid, DmJ Pub oc Swirsnucf in the Baad, Palpiuuao tt the Heart, Ps.lneee r Weight In the iior.iech, Sou Lri:uutiii, Chckinf w r??i:n( when iawn, Dry ran cr Ti.ItV. cm ?f the Bkiu uid Ir?i H'fhtlwtiu. Inward Finn, Pain In the Small ?f the Back, Cheat, er tida, Sadden r:xsbaa af Baat. Depreaaian of Sp'.rna, Prifhtfmi Dreame, Lananer, Daap* . la icy ar any narveca dueaee, Seree ?t Bletehee an the Skia, and Ferer and Afee (m CbiUe and flTW.) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES kin kiln aald dinr| till laat an n>ci.tha, and in na in unca haa it failed i- f i??'f entire aauafacu?o. Hfci. than, will atftr frcm Weakneae or DeVilitv whan McLElI'l rrKCS?r*EMlIf8 CORDIAL will em TNl H? :.!>( *(< c<ui e?3T?y an xiiquu Ida* af tba trriaaJI ili aod almeat minsalaaa ehar.f* prodacad by taking thia Cardial In lb* Oiaaaaad, Jabiliuuad, ard abat'.arad oirmi wbtUar brakan dawn by ii'.m, aaak by uuii, > lrsy?i/*<J by aitkr m, lh? ralaxad aoa auatraaf arfVkii ntlau U rrttarad : iu piiuirt haaltb anJ ?tgt MARRIED PERSONS, at athait, aataeiaa* af inability fro-E wbalaaar out, will on .MckBAifi rriXMOTaisntiie cordial a u>* N1{I| rag anaraiax W UM I^un: aod all wha ma* lavi la 5?d tbaaialTii by lncpraitr lodr'fancaa wUl tad la Uia rdltl a urt'ie and ifiil; ratnady. TO THE LADIES. HcblAill rrilKMaraENIHUCOKDIALU a *a?ar alyr acd apaady eara far laeipiant CaoaanpUMi, Whitaa, Oaotraciad ar DiScall M*n*tT?rl>?o.l neentizxnea of Cnm ar laaalantarr Diaebarsr* tbaraaf, Palling af tba Wwb, idd'.naaa, Painting, aod all diaa-iaaa toeidant to Taut la*. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT #>f*r na lapftr Tak* it aecardi- g ta diracuont. It will liroalata, atrangibaa, a-.-l isTigama r*a acd uui tba bl?am a' b*aiih la tuaut yavr ebaak *.g-:u. Crary baula ta vuraaud la git* aauafacuac. FOR CHILDREN If raai cbildran ara aiekly, paof ar aflieud, MrLEAKI mr\ a v in a.? L ? ?^L ? -?a . a* wisafcuiAB# VIII urn IL'VUI Bftiirriifl, ?nu rr>vaaV- L'lltJ nat a laamaot; tn it, and f?i will t< uarintti It U da UtituMtati. CATJT10N. Bavtra af draffltta at daalara ?ht nvj try ia palm a pan yaa aarra bittar ar aaraaj anlla traab, arbicb tbay ian baa ebaac, t>? aaunr it ia luat u rood. Avoid aach maa. Aak lar McLtAIftVTRKWOTHEfflMG CORDIAL, and taka nathinf ?laa. It U tba aoly ramady that will parity (Sa lac 1 ttiToafiilT ?ad it Uia axma lima atranftbao Uia ayaitm. Out taaapaoofal takan a-ary i..annr.jr faafli.r ia * cartain praraoliaa far Cfcalar*, OblUa a:.d Ka?ar, Tallow Favar, or any praaalaot (iiaaaaa. It ia pat aj> In larva borjat. Pric# ?x?j 91 r?r ! ?lUat ar far ?J 1 1 McLEAK, Bala prop!laiar af thia Cardial; aiaa, M'.Lau'i Tnieame Oil kiumanL Principal Da pat ac lb a cornai af Third and Fina airaaM, It. Laaia, Ma. KcLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIE BEIT LINIMENT IN TIE WORLD.) Tha aoly ufi and cartain ear* far Cue<n, Pilaa, Tm. uri, Ivilliup and Bronchila ?r Coitra, Panlraia, Naa ralglt, Witintu af lb* Moaelaa, Cbraoic or L.i>mmatory HlvtBinauain, Btifnaaa of tba JouiU, Contraetad MucIh > k(ira<DU, Earaafca orToothacha, Brviaaa, Sprain*, Fraab Cau, Waanda, Clear*, Fa*ar Saraa, Cakad Br>ut, Bora Htrplaa, Bursa, Bcalda, Bora Throei, or ao_? inlmaauaa or ptlD. no difarace* bow **?*r* or lour tha diataaa ma* ea*a asiatad, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia a cart tin ranad*. Thoaaaoda af banu baicf* hava kaan aa*ad a lifa of dia tapltada and miaary ky lb* Baa af thia inralaabl* r?m*dy. McLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raliava pain tlmoat inauntuaoaaly. and u will clau>, parify u-d bail tba foalaat aoraa ia an ucradibla abort una. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia tba on!* aafc aad ralisbla ramad* for tba eara of Spavin, Kinrbooa, Vindf alia, 8pl:nU. UanatarU Lempt Nsdaa or Kwdlinr*. It aa*ar fallad to eara Bif Haad, Poll*?il, Pniala, Old Eanainf Boraa, or Svaaay. if property applied. For Bprama, Braiaea, Bcratebea, Cracked Haala, Ckafee, Baddla ar Collar Galla, Cata, Boraa, or Woaoda, U ia aa tnfallibla .im<d;, Apply it aa diraciad and a cam ia certain ia ovary fcaetaac*. tH*? w>p? * win ui? inuir wjinclUI LtniDIDU ( rid ? Tea. Obtain a mppij tt D< McLEAlft CELE SEATED LIKIMEKT It will car* roa. J. H. MCLEAN, Sola PrtpmtH. Orntr Third and Pin* ata., k. Uaia, Ma. CHARLES BTOTT, ITS Pa. a?., aala afaai la Waahwf Uo;R.B. T.CIMIl.Owfwan. HM-DtVI? k_Mt NO QHARGE] FOR STAMPING A PACKET OP PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH. lltH METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHILP A SOLOMONS. Attnts for Lamreiui'* Lxnm Po?r?, m v it 338 Pa. av., b?L 9tf and loth sts. 1801 ""I1"' 1861 Commence the Year mtk a Diary. A valuable Pook?t Companion for registerinc events past, pi eeent, and fatarr; oontaioin* ratM of postace. almanac, a blank spao f ' mem randa for every day in the pear, ca-h account for each month, annnal summary of oasfc ao?< nnt bii'a payable * ad reoeivable. Don't be without one of these useful little souvenirs Tu# most complete, elegant. and desirable assortment ever issued. pnsioK twelve six?8 and upward* of fifty styles, at SHILLINGTON'S Dookstore, Odeou Huudint, eorner of.?>* rtr?et and de 90 Pens avenue. WATGHRK^Rl^G a^ver ware 1 have oue of the best establishments, and fur nished with a complete set of tools for repair K every deeem-,<>n of fine Watehes, and /X] particular attention five to the same, by nM i: "iuaf CHOOL AND COLLE9K OUTFIT*. iruiJu' and Boys' Clothing.for School mm4 2)r?i Wmt. THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAK. ni(ii 90fj, par miw. ...?? ! * PIT* OOpIN __ MM. ... < TJ Tn > ? It lavMUkblr toilUH tti M WMhln*t?? * *+' ttet bM mtd* IV itour fMMi Mr o c?MrmUy tkrotfkovt th? oomnlry. U7*SiM'??optM(U www) mm to irwwN at th? tout*, lw?4i?i y titer (to mm of tfca PMOT. Prio*?THftEK CKNT8 TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. CHANGS OP HOrlK. On and afUr SUNDAY, 1 tfUM wil: ran u fo.low i LEAVE washington: *r?jn m. Tr?.;n at 7.?tft. ml tniDMllO p. a.7Kxpr?M. -OBrth traan ftt 6 ? m leatk Baltimore. ?** !& J?2 gMODd tnu p at IJt ft. OL Kxirwi. Tf.i:0 fttM??. m Foartli ftt ?J0 *. Tm woond ftod third wmB?ol ? ? J u notion with tr?lw for sssrwisw&tsiwri ? w t&Ssys at 11 a m. ' tha SJ4 p. n. trftie fow to Philadol T. H. PAR SO N S. imL DENTISTRY rfcRS. I OCKWOWDu* PAR RE IX ARB PRE IIpared to insert ffcGTHua WTI n _ m _ ITfc BASF., a new and imprnco mo rftpAEiS When made on this p an 0?ey a.e oom <?lld fortable to vetr and ir.uch cheaper than any other, A to. Te-th matted on Go 14 Plato, aad all Dental Operations of any kind that ma? be c-urad Of fice Room No A. in the Washington Bui dmj.aor aer Pa av. and Seventh st. ja M) tia* M. LOOMIB, M. u!e%r*nter aad of the MINER ALP LATE TEETH, at tend* personally at hia offioe in this oityJ Many persons can'wear these teeth who cannot wear other*, and no person oaa wear others who oannot wear theee. Persons nailing at my office can be aoeorsmodated with any style and prtoe of Teeth U?e>j may desire-, bat to those who are partieewaad WUh the pnreet. oleaneet, strongest, and most per foot dentars that art oar prod nee. the MINERAL PLATE will Urn more ftxlly warranted. Bnnma i n this ail* Ma n-vvlll? 1U ?M?? Vl? A? ? WW* I TWH?Cll[? 9th and lOUi eta. Alio, 907 Aron etreet, PhlfW)*. phia. wlHf EDUCATIONAL. T female education. HOPE Parent* who wish their aaaghtera to r* oeivc a thorough and systematic education, where their phjMoal training wi.i reoeire daily aa?ssssial attention, under the (goat approved iTii?mofC?<i? tnenics and 0 > mnaetioo, are reapectnilly mnle-1 tn iait the Union Female Academy, corner Foar teenth at. and New York av. MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARD*. ao 3H-tf Prinoip&i*. If EM ale BOARDING AND DA V SCHOOL r ALEIAyDKIA. fA. Mri. 8. J. McCORMICK. Pkikctpal. The thirteenth annual eeesion of Lni* I nartltntioa will gfinmrcoe on Tueeday. September lWh.ip the houae recent,y occupied by ?jJreater Soott, Lh-i No. 1*0 King afreet. The oourse of stady puraued will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorough English Edn uouuu. ftiiu im ttiiOt r rpcon, i?win mw i/nwiQ|, if desired. In addition to day ssholars. Mrs. MoCornaiaii is prepared toreoeivea limited nsmkcr of pupwt as boarders, who. constituting a pert of her ova turn ily. will be under her immediate oere smi snperr, sian. She will endeavor. M fsr m possible to ssr round them with the comforts and kindl? iclbbsuom of Home. K^ffrtnrr' Rev. Geo. H. Norton. Eer, Dr. Klili Harrison, Rer. D. r. Sprigf, William If. Fowls. Be*., Bdesr SnnwHen. Keg.. Edmend r. Witmsr k- te. ^^TBT^T.'waiar Board, with TuitioinnVS the Kncltah Branches, aonfor the anneal session?payable semi-annually, ib advanoe. u?ic and Languages at Professors' prices T Mo extra charges. au X-tt Curt Covgk, Cold, In Jtumxa ??y 'rnfMlM or 5or# ?i.? of (4? Throat, Rrlisv* tk4 Hatktntt C?ufk tn Contmmp Hon, Bronrhit%*, A'kmm, # C?f?rr4, CUar mmd r*r* itremttk to the row/ af PUBLIC SPEAKERS a > SINGERS. Few are mr? of the lmporUuio* of oheecini a Cough or ' Common Cold" in ita first *tAcr. tM' which tn the beg-nnif would ri*J?l to a mill ?? " dr, if negieoted. aooo M.acka the Lanaa. "Jn?r> E onciia. T~or\'t," oontatD^-of <'eo.ti.seBt ini'*"0 t enta, ailar Palwonarj and flonehia. Irritation. BROWN'S TROCHES "That troiWe id j?j Throat, '(or whioh the "TVecJU*'' area apecifcal hax'iuc made me ? {ten a mere wkla perer. N. P. WILLlf*. RRnwV'N ** I rtoooiiMBd Umr imW rime BROWN . TROCHE* REV" E- H- CH.VPIN. *'GrwU MTrio*In vbdtiBf Hoau BROWN'S REV. DANltL WISE. Td m"n ch " inatait r*li8* is th? dia TKUlntr tr???in* lftbor of braftOuDg ^eiltv DDnwvo to AlTHMi " BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES KsmJGittKsrsR V*~ *AE$.^ ROWLEY, A. M. PrMidwt of Atkana CoU?gr, Tma. wmttumvufisF rpHE ALLrSUFFICIENT THREE. TKIE8EMAR.1J m4 f-ProtooU?l to Roy?i Letter. PtlMt of Eulol, ftnd Mmt bj (to * c Illipri iBi vvii?mv vi m ! < ~ f i? No. 1 la isTwiublt for axhaaatioo and ? dirwtet tti%l hav* bate hlSertr treated by tba BM m>q? and ^enuoi^M mm of oatn and MMte. No. S Km entirely aa planted Um injgrtoaa mm 94 meroarr.tbervbT ir.iarini to the enferer *f??? re > (, diap?raini all impart bee. tad roottag oa the venom 01 C. >?aea. TftlEiEHAll, Noil.tMl I in >hwkI f th? form of a losenge. devoid of tafia ?nd and oaa bo o*rn?d ic tha waietooat pocket. Kud ft.o. rfioi n cttft. Of loir omm for fy, VU9B !Si"iS5SI? aeoerely MaM'tbt1 It U baaaurallj ir.a*trat#4. and trate ? aatH* -t all tli* iT*f obi that mr&rukb.T <J?r?4<>| a'Taa, aoonar Of rtniUni (row Um fratltta* and nUabac babita of aarl ?<>nth. laaaaaattaliiis the Tiot'.m from sharing tka f-tido* ? U? matn mora*1 state, and. if aot abaakad la tlaM. daaaaar alias ail t'-a raaatioc* of aakond. a*4 hnnnci him. tap by ate( to a li a?*ri naaad aatiiaei* <l*atk. t<oid h* Dr UA? ROW, 1*4 BWckw it H. Fa' tioort tj-iow Maodoairai. >a? York. F"* ? -a srjsctw^ d . *?..?M> io<toc. D-C. 4* tl S1L* ISfflfc.'EKSC toll-L4W> W?M? Mllinc at half tM- origins p>M? * ' other rood- of mmn d*>?r p ioii wr *r* K>U *< 14 ktooit Ow .to k U Art* 1 *? "'? ' > ?T dMVtBMi. Ml * I | _ fstl TAVUll FgJWWEW?i*i :4K^5 A "KW LOT Or 8pHN? HAT* Jf*T 0liv TV k-% c KKV. A. C. EG6LESTON TROCHES M Co at* in do Onum or *nr?iin? nynrioB*. ' DR. A.. A IF M. BROWN'S I CktwtxH, Bono*. nplttixl flf?nt waMU' 1 *i>RMVr. Bie ELg BROWN'S TROCHES, boa BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S, ? ( prnT?4 then natUmt for TROCHES WARREN. BROWN'S LAN K, of ' r>n, BROWN'? TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES 6 KV. fiTVp^YN DEjTS^j ' Eftktiu la rcmonaf Ho^r** n??a ic?l lrntabor. of the TL-o?t *o oomnon with bruiua ud Biim Prof M. BTACT JOBNfON. Teacbn of xL\iTtFu&?c rwnai* Coll*f . " 6re*t benefct wh?n taken before and after M they prevent