Newspaper of Evening Star, March 5, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 5, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OUT: TCESOAY March 3, ISM. Spirit ( the >1?rBlnf Pr? The ItUtUirtnctr savior the inaugural addren : "It leaves to confervatlve cltliens good reason to xpect a conciliatory course at the bands of the new President, snd certainly demands that he should be allowed to vindicate, by his practical policy, the justice or injustice of the hopes In spired by the pledge be makes." The Rrfmblic&n says of the smendroents to tba Constitution adopted by Congress, that the only basts upon which Southern men roald predicate appeals to Southern apprehension has been tsken away, and If the Union Is to be broken up, It cannot be because slavery is not as safe as It was Tat IxAtacftAL.?la thl? city there art no two opinions relative to the ability of President Lin coln'* Inaugural. All regard It aa being a Stat* paper of great force of reasoning; while all friends of tha Union of all parties assent to most of Its conclusions. The few dlsnnlonksts left among us to-day?nine-tenths of them having made themselves scarce here since Saturday night last? of course fall to see propriety In Its exposition of the President's obligation to execute the laws of the land ss far as he has power so to do. How aver, It was not to be expected that those who recognize right In secession, Integrity In whole >1# rnhharv a n<l ?( #> ? I m - - - J ) BUM * 4* U? 1KB pcrjuij W UC1V ?uc oaths broken were merely taken to maintain the authority and Integrity of the United State*, can or will realise that the bead of the Government reeta under any obligations whatever that make his duty conflict with the success of the scheme* of the disunion conspirators. If the positions of the inaugural had met their approval, as a matter of course they woald bsve justly deserved the roodemnatlon of all good citl sens We presume that President Lincoln doea no: (aa he should not) regret that the enemies of the Union refuse to endorse his views. He may, however, be proud, Indeed, that hla Inaugural haa utterly exploded party here (as it must to a great extent everywhere else) so for aa the duty of stand ing by theUnlon is concerned. It (the Inaugural) proves that he enters upon the discharge of the awful obligations that rest on him, in an eminently proper spirit. That is to say. that he realizes that his Executive mission Is one of teace &nd risid justice to all sections alike, and that bis policy determined 011 Is to seek to conquer?to achieve the spprobation of al?by forbearance and con Illation, where to forbear and to fleli may not involve infidelity to the highest trust devolved on man. The tone and temper of this paper will stim ulate the friends of the Union in the border slaveholding States to persevere la their work of putting down the spirit of disunion in their midst; because carrying conviction to all fair minds that they will have powerful aid from the Government here la producing the dtsired coun ter revolution in the South, which Is to be the result of removing the prevaleut Impression In that Quarter that th? onlip* nt - r J v? ment It to be aggressive upon Southern rights guaranteed by the Constitution. That impres sion once completely removed, and tbe question of the reconstruction of the Lnlon upon its late basis becomes simply one of time; for no free and Intelligent people will long continus under the government of an usurping oligarchy when they may, really at will, live under such a govern ment as that of the United States was, towards them, up to the moment the late successful con spiracy against it was exploited. A Mistake Corrected? ' Observer." the Washington correspondent of the N Y. Timtt, docs the Star great injustice in his letter pub lished os Saturday last, evidently through mlsap Drub#nil on of flnt v- * * m ? ?? ? ? ouibuuecoiiimenira. Thus, be represents the Star as having advised a combination In the Houm to prevent the passage of general appropriation bills until the plan of the Peace Convention had been accsded to by Con grew The Star did no each thing. It simply assured the friends of Union In the South, that the south ern dlsanlonlstaof Congress were aa Justly respon sible for the defeat of the Peace Convention's propositions, as the altrs Republicans; sa they (the former) could by such s combination have eaally compelled the latter to yield the enactment of the measures referred to. We knew well that there were no more deter mined enemies to tbe enactment of the proposi tion* of tbe Pemce Convention than tbe southern disunlonists, one and all; and alao knew that the disunion press and speakers would endeavor to conceal from the people of the South the feet that the southern ultras fairly shared with those of tbe rtorth just responsibility for the fhllore of tbe propositions before Congrets. The Star t purpose was, simply, to make that fact plain, by showing ?oW thtr (th0 i?iutk?rn HUntiU-1-*-* -?,J * _ . ? -i.u4w.uw/ toU1U U1TC # * Insured their adoption If they bad dealred auch a consummation We have fought faction man fully throughout thla great contrst, and were not dlapoeed In the last hour of the battle to sacrifice tbe principle of obedience to law for which we bad contended ?o earnestly. We favored no such 1 resort to an unlawful yet customary parliamentary '( expedient; bet held np before the eyee of the southern people the fact that their represent*- < fives?the endorsers of the propriety of the i of the forts, arsenals, money, &e., of the (govern ment?who did not share our scruples In such matters, In felling to use such a parliaments'? expedient as In other similar cases they frequently resort to, demonstrated beyond possibility of de nlal that none are more responsible than them selves for the failure of the late Congress to adopt the Peace Convention's propositions. " Thi Empire is Pkac*"?So says Napoleon Hor Is " the empire" less ' peace," here, than in France. Those of the North who would destroy It are already as Incensed against the manner In vfalcb the Inaugural has hedged around the policy of the new Administration against the possibility of war, than are the dlannlon conspirators of the South?the men who not long since urged the steddlng of blood at Fort Sumter to precipitate Virginia into revolution. The latter will instantly proclaim that the Inaugural means war, because they ardently desire It; while the former, who desire the same consummation, will endeavor to draw conclusions from It favorable to their own jn?ane poller. As In the ?r >.? i-?- ? of enator sfewmrd, in a week all will compre hend that the iaaaf oral means conciliation and pseaa, despite the efforts that will be eaaayed to heat the popular mind Into a contrary i m press! on. Ail aboald be willing to try the policy of the mw Administration upon Its merits If it be peaceful and wlee, all win eooa come to realise the tact, however much It may be mtsrepreeented by friends and foe* at the start If not, In slaty day* It moat neceeearlly be changed by a recon etraetloa of the Cabinet,as the oolr possible mean* ?f preventing aa entire disintegration of the Oor era meat- - wtll nigh disintegrated already DmcioSBLt Cool ? Messrs Hemphill mod Wlg fall, we beer, leave Washington this ereolng to uiume sseta la the Montgomery Congress, u repreeentstlves of Texas la that body* la view of the remarkable speech delivered by the Utter oa Sunday night, la the Senate of the United States, tt la emlaently proper that be sboald thus translate,himself to that latitude, aa, under no other Government on which the ran sblnea could socb a speech have been made with impunity, by r,?? ? tMMuoa, Ana la (be dlaeharge at nek reapooelbUlttea and duties aa Mr W wm, k^ courtesy, regarded aa discharging It U to be kspsd that the QUt* will preserve hit remarkable irMfh Trhlrh out-Wigfall-ed all hit previous ao aharactertatlc senatorial oratory?twUtim tt lut rmttm, without cro*alng a I, dotting ao ?, or facing Um pscullarltlea of 1u grammar Above til, lta moruU should be preserved for all time, aa evidence of the tendency of disunion sentiments; for do other such warning against them can pos sibly be kept before the eves of a patriotic people. Fbom the Texas Faostisn?Th ford Wblteuian ltarna tbet many families ? > ih? frontier ir? destitute of breed, and without Itiv i 0( purchasing lt.^ This la occasioned ? .. n ^mwg i?. * oia la occaaioned br tb? iiamtH led Ian raids that bar* devastated tbe frostier. The W hlteman says there baa been bo ma 11a to cr trmd Jaohsboro for Booths. No one ooald bo lodoooi t? oorry tbe ao^s ftf 9mt of tbo Ail Umviuiiiis RmtiTtoi ako Rs BCEE?Ths Hon. Joseph Holt publishes letter this morning In the Inttllifncxr, In answer to the Hon. Jacob Thompson'a (late Secretary of tbe In terior'a) recent boast that by telegraphing to that end be aecured lor tbe Star of tbe West the hostile reception with which she met In emylng to re lieve Fort Sumter. To show Its character we quote It (Mr. Holt's letter) as follows: " We have her* a distinct and exultant arowal, on the part of tbe Hon Secretary, that, while yet a member of the Cabinet, he disclosed to those la open rebellion against the United States informa tion which he had derived from his official po sition, and which be held under tbe seals of a confidence that, from the beginning of our history aaa nation, had never been violated. This step not merely endangered the highest public inter - teresta, but put In imminent Jeopardy tbe lives of two hundred and fifty Innocent men, who had never wronged the Hon Secretary, and who. in proceeding to Charleston "harbor, were simply obeying the lawful command of their superior officers Tbe armed enemies of the Government he waa serving, under the solemn sanctions of sn osth, were, as he declares. ' thus put upon their guard,' and the frail vessel that waa bearing auc cor to lta friends ' received a warm welcome from booming cannon.' It could not be leaa than of fensive to tbe heart and to the Intelligence of tbe American people to comment gvavely on this hu miliating tranaaction. Its true character has al rendv hppn Hptprmi n<>H hv thp nnhllr vnlrp nnri that'voice will doubtless flndTu echo In the judgment of history." He exposes the truculent mendacity of Mr. Thompson'* allegation that tbe errand of the Star of the West waa a tritk conceived by Gen. Scott and executed by blmaeif (Secretary Holt) without the President's knowledge, by republliblng the well-known correspondence between Mr. Thomp aon and tbe President on tbe former'a resignation, wherein the latter ao promptly refuted the same statement wun reference to Mr. Thompson's unfounded allegation concerning the circumstances giving rlae to the "countermand" of the order* for -the ailing of tbe ateamablp,which reached Nrw York only after ahe bad railed, be says : "The 'countermand' spoken of was no: more cordially aanctloned by tbe President than It was by Gen. Scott and myself. It waa given, not be cause of any dissent from the order on the psrt of the President, but because of a letter received that day from Major Anderson, stating, In effect, that he regarded hlmaeif as secure In his position, and yet more because of Intelligence wbtcb late on Saturday evening reached the Department that a heavy battery bad oeen erected among the sand hills at tbe entrance to Charleston harbor, which would probably destroy any unarmed vessel (and nrh urai th? ??? vxr?. > ?li-w ?' - > - -- ? ?v W*W? W? ?? V ?/ " UIV/U llli^lik u? tempt to make It* way up to Fort Su mter. Tills Important information satisfied the Government that there was no present necessity for sending reinforcements, ana that when sent they should go, not in a vessel of commerce, but of war. Hence the countermand was dispatched by tele graph to New York, but the vessel had sailed a abort time before It reached the officer to whom It was sddressed. "This plain statement is tubrr.ltted in the belief that, before an Intelligent and candid public, it will afford a complete vindication of my conduct, as well as of the conduct of that illustrious patriot and soldier?Lieut. Gen Scott?whose stainless honor certainly needs no defence at my hands against the aspersions of the present or of any other assailant. ' It is well known that a persistent falsification of the policy and conduct of the late Administra tion, in its relations to the South, has proved a potent instrumentality fur lntlamlng the popular mind of that distracted portion of our country, and thus giving an ever increasing Impetus to the revolution; *na the fact, that the telegraph and >uc piaa uovc oren unaer me SDSOlute direction of those controlMng this movena?nt, hu rendered resistance to this Instrumentality Impracticable Whatever purpose*, therefore, were expected to be accomplished by the circulation of the para graph which has been exposed, will probably be attained, since the antltode now offered cannot possibly pursue the pclson into all its ramifica tions. If, however, thl* explanation sball secure to me the confidence of those true-hearted patriots who still love oar Union better than all tbe spoils and nnv? ? - 1? ' i .. ?.WH uuii*c} men i ball little regard the condemnation of men who, for the laat two month*, have incessantly de- i nounced me throughout the South, simply and olely because I have refused to blacken my soul with perjury, by betraying the Government of my country, while in lta service. J Holt." On the whole, this letter from Mr. Holt'a pen j la a valuable link in the cb lnof the history of , current American public affairs, and is destined to play an important part in elucidating the con- < duct not only of the enemlea, but of the patriot , friends of their country who occupied positions , of responsibility under the late Government of t the United States. 1 Th* N*w Cabinet ? President l.inmin t. .... derstood to have nominated hlaCabinet at 2 p.m. to-day, aa followa. Vit: State Department, Mr. Seward; Treaaury, Mr. Chaae; War, Mr. Cam eron; Interior, Mr. C. B. Smith; Nary, Mr Welles; Poatmaater General, Mr. Montgomery Blair; Attorney General, Mr Bates We take it for granted that tbeae nominations will be imme diately confirmed, aa the changes in the Senate made since yesterday morning give the Republi can party the power thus to confirm them, unless their opponents seek to delay action on them ; which they have no disposition whatever to do. It la understood, further, that all the gentlemen named above are pledged to the President to sup port in good faith his policy of peace and concili ition, which to-day he f eely avowed to all with whom he conversed on the subject. Ovrrlasd Tbaim Attackxd by Idiaxs ?On Wednesday, Feb. 6tb, the overland stage was attacked In Arizona by Indiana, who wounded one man and killed ana wounded several mules. Other trains bad b rely escaped destruction by being a little ahead of time. A conductor on one of the stages having been sent to one of the itatlons with dispatches of the affair. when near Tucaon found by the roadside the bodies of eight men, two of which were chained to the wagor.s, ind bore the appearance of having be?n burned it the stake. The road was birrlraded for several mllri. >ni< or??t ' " , v.vikuiciii i'icvjii* unonK Ine citizen*. Several hundred dollar* bare been sub icribed towards furr< ltblng a ranger company. ;rr John Mitcbel writes to tbe Charleston Mercury, from Paris; that tbe Spaniards begin to take alarm from their fears of tbe designs of tbe Southern Conffderacy. The Kpoca, a Madrid paper calls for additional reinforcements of Span lib trope to be sent to Cuba, and "earnestly warns its government that the danger?which was remote, contingent and visionary while two le pa rate nations and two incompatible systems of loclety were neutralising one another in the American Union?becomes Imminent, now that rach is shaking Itself loose of tbe other, and pre paring to go Its own way." Siktimiht or Socth Cabolina.?We admit :he right of tbe National Intelligencer to make extracts or quotations from any journals, and to lraw therefrom any legitimate inferences. We >bject, however, to any Inference or assertion con cerning tbe action, wlsbes or position of a State, unless on adequate authority. As a fact we assert that South Carolina, as a State, and hv >r a Urge majority of her citizens, approve* and lupporta the action at Montgomery ?Charleston Pewrtsr. C7-There wm a breakdown of 2a3 per cent, on Male and Railway Stocka. and of 1 % per cent, on jorernanentaecuritiea In New York, on Saturday, parly In the day, on the political accounts from VVaahlngton, which were conatrued as lesa favor ible to peace In the afternoon the market re covered Dart of thed?rlin? ' "* i- -* ...?- . uu ivriayj I'nlted States Sixes, new, MJf; New York Cen tral, 75^ per cent 177" La?t Saturday, Uov. I .etcher and Mayor Mayo, ct Richmond, together with several mrm Mr? of tbe Virginia State Legislature and Con rvntlon. paid a visit to Fortran Monroe. Every ihlng pasted off most pleasantly. U^T" The Tremont House, Chicago, one of the rery largest structures In the city, Is being raised >y screws. There are five thousand of these under h<? house, and a gang of five hundred men to su perintend them. The dryhouse and peg factory of Ladd, Gordon k Cc ., at Holderneas, N H , caught fire tn Wednesday, but the eltliens buritd tht build mg in tnoxe. and saved II. fI7" A mad dog rushed Into an apothecary'! hup, In Baltimore, Sunday morning The doors vers Immediately closed, and the a off shot with i re?oi?er " JPlPm r*.Bi'/1V f'l4Ced Pi?tol i? bl? mouth. Hc,a| Vermont, tt*other day, euppoeing t unleaded, *nd pulling the trigger, blew out hli ml ne. lt~r~ In Bt. P<t:r*burg, the annual revenue to te government front bouaee of lll-repute, which re alwaye taxed, la aald to be about S500.0U). lET" The convlrta In the penitentiary of Mtala let I *re engaged In manufacturing tenta for the rmy of the State. Wm L. Yancey, In view of hla appoint Mat aa Mlutater to England, hu rea'.gned hla eat in the Convention of Alabama. IfTOn the let of January there were over 8,000 tn erican* In Parte, many of whom are perma ert resident*. H7* George P. CrUwell recently died neer loont Vernon, M ch , of eongeation of the brain, i perlnduced ?y violent tooib-oche. CO *OR CUIOiliL. Tuesday, March 5. t*mati?The Sen?te met at 1 o'clock. Mr. Hale offered a resolution ordering to be ap pointed a committee of two to wait upon tne President to Inform him that the Senate was ready to receive any communication he waa pleased to make to that body. The resolution was adopted, and Senator* Hal* and Donfflki trrm innnlntMl. who nt nnrm ??. tffdfd to the discharge of their duty. Mr. Trumbull moved that, a* the committee would not be able to report aoon. the Senate take a receas for half an hoar; agreed to. Tbe committee haying returned, reported that the President would communicate a menage to the Senate in writing department news. Rksio*kd ?Capt George W. Lay, of tbe Sixth Infantry, US A .by local rank a Brevet Lieu tenant Colonel as an Aid to Lieutenant General Scott, has resigned. He Is a Virginian. Personal. -Horace Greeley, early this morning, wended his way to the White House, looking as satisfied and as contented as any philosopher could, or, as somebody expresses it, "as tickled as if he had a nail in his foot." Th* North Caiolina Election ?It appears to be certain that North Carolina baa zone aj at nit "prompt action," bnt not for aubmraatoB. The Raleigh Standard (Union paper), speaking of the result, aaya: " In speaking of the successful party aa Union* lata we rauat not be undersood aa saying that they will aubmlt to the administration of the Gonri ment on aectlonal or Black Republican princi Bles, but that they are anxloua to preserve the nlon on a Constitutional baala, and to obtain ucu guarantees as win ie*? 10 a permanent re construction of the Union. The Unlontata enter tain hopes, and nearly all of them strong hopes, that the Union can and will be preserved, and they are willing to show their faith in this respect by their works They are opposed to disunion at this time, and would regard it at any time as fraught with numerous and great calamities; and they are also opposed to the attempts which are being made to Mexicanlze this Republic, by breaking It up, and Incurring the hazards of revo lution, simply on account of the election of Mr. Lincoln to the Presidency." THK E*D or THK BoNAPAftTK-PATTKKSOS Cask ?This cnae closed in the French Courts on the 8th ultimo, and judgment was to be rendered on the 15th. The indirect imputation cast upon the honor of the French by Mrs. Patterson In sewing her pipers in her garments, and in leav ing some in tb. - country, has had rather a preju - dlrial effect against her. It is thought that the judgment will be similar to that of the Attorney General; so that matters will stand as before. The Baltimore children will still bear the name of Bonaparte in France or elsewhere, and they will iiui uc rcproiicnea wnn liiegmmncy ; dux iupy will not, at tbe same time, be admitted to the uccession of the Prince Jerome, nor to tbe rank of Princes of tbe Impeiial family. Tbii strikes one, however, as a strange compounding of the law, and sounds much more like a decision man ufactured for a contingency than & regular opera tion of justice. A Mas Stabbed by his Wiwn?Att'mpttd Sui cide ?An affair was rumored about tbe city yes terday, connected with which are circumstances that we do not deem it proper to mention at pres ent. It appear* from all that we can gather, that on Saturday night last, a Mr. Raymond, who does business In tbe Second Market, was severely stabbed by his wife, tbe act being Instigated by ioalousy She then attempted to destroy her own life, by taking po'scn, but the tlinelv attendance of a pb\slrian frustrated tbe intention We are Informed that th? wound inflicted upon Raymond was not fatal. The parties rrside on Second it, beyond the corporation llmiti ? ft?<hmo?J Dis patch. |I7"In the Superior Court at Rast Cambridge, Ma?a.. Judge Urlgham baa given judgment to the plaintiff In the ciae of H. O. Waldron vs J. M. Stone. The former Is a painter, and waa hired In 1S56 to paint "Fremont and Dayton'* on a sign. Mr. Waldron presented a bill for S10, which Mr. Stone refused to jmiv. Suit was brought In the lustires' Court, and the amount recovered; but Mr. Stone appealed. The defense was that the work waa done for a club of which Stooe was merely agent; but Judge Brlghim decided other wise. The U. S. Mist.?The depoiltaof gold at the 1*nlti*<i State* Mint In ' K>nrces for the month of February, amounted to ?5.244.918, and from silver to 9153 381. The total r>f gold and silver deposited w? f5 398,177 Copper cents received in exchange for cents of the new laaue, 818.7W. The gold coinage Id the aame time was 7.438.018. The ailver coinage wu 1121,700. Cents coined. S12.000 The number of pieces coined. 4,256,153 The total coinage at the mint In the months of January and February, (15,717,816. 1X7" The new great coat adopted In the British army 1a thus described: Double over the boulders, no cape, partly double down tbe back and in the sleeves to be below the elbow; two lapaclons pockets behind, the edges piped with red; a band, also piped, confining the coat to wearer's back at pleasure; shoulder straps for tbe t>eltsare also piped, and tbe fore part of tbe skirts made to loop back t? the waist when on the march. fl A ?*? * * gj. f *m w>?v*tvai UIUU ut UU1UIC1I) WII li CAS III* iustrioiisly examined the Pennsylvania oil re ;lnna, saya that the rpports of large returns are In lated by those holding land; that ln*te<d of wells yielding 26 to 3D barrels per day, 5 to 3 lit nearer amount; that the wells fall soon after being work ed; that where one succeeds, two fall, and be believes that f3H).0U0 mo e have been spent than produced In the oil regio us. Pbksidkxt Davis.?We hare reasons fordmbt ng whether President Dav'.s will visit Chariea nn as soon as was intimated In our dispatch pub lsbed in our last issue It was confidently stated hat be h%d left Montgomery, but dispatches ecelved since leivc us lu doubt.?Charleston Cou rier. Om or thi Failures?We are Informed that l few days since a tlrin In this city succumbed to he pressure of the times, with as It subsequently ippesreel, liabilities to the extent of thtrty'tbous md, and assets to the extraordinary amount of tight dollars ?Bottom Traveller, February 28. C"7~The number of persons killed and wounded n Texas by the Indians during the past three months Is estimated at 470. y*5p?THE CITIZENS OF ILLINOIS NOW in Washington will in^et in from of Wil aras' Hotel, on TUESDAY, March 5th, at 3H 'clock p. m ; from then"* to proee?'l to thn Pr?-i i nti*l Manaiou,and pay their respects to Fren lent Lincoln. lt_ v^=? YOUNG MKN'B CHRISTIAN ASSOC I kjf ATIOIM ?Hall Penna. a< enuc, cpvo'itt brown's Hotel ? I'riou Prayer Meeting evmy day n we?k, at 4S to 5H o'olook p. m mar4 6t* ATTENTION, ZOUAVES, COMPANY I 3 E, W. L. I. B.?Yi ? are h?'f by ordered to >tten<1 tl-e retnl*r monthly meeting tne oore*t to >a held at the armory on Seventh at., on TUhS )AY EVkNING, the 5th instant,at7K o'cloo*. "'.very m# mber is expected to be punctual in hi* at endanoe. By order. J. TYLER POWELL, Lt. Com. R._BETTS, Seo. ma 4 ft* i^?I SAY, STRANGER, WHERE ARE kj* you goitK ? Yon it?m to he in a great hnr y7* "So I am. I am *oing to SMITH'S JMo 460 leventh street, to buy a suit of Clothes. The peo >le ?ar he ha* a very nice a*aortment, and they iay i? sella them ao cheap." Note.?The last we a if thu k- ?- - : " - * * ?D? , no w? lumiiim up MTtmn iitm ilngint out SMITH, No. *60" fe2-?w >qg=-i>EMP8EY * O'TOOLE, IT WSDDlSo Importer* of fins WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moit beautiful style*. 3*26 Pa.. Av? between 9;h and loth ?U., M *7- m W a nmnaron. BEEP! BEEP!! BEEF !!!-Por tale, in quan tities to ?uit purobasert, a lot of verj ine BEE*", the heat offered in 'hia mar >t fo tome time. Raised, (raxed inZMmJmm ed h? Nelaon Gi^?pd, of Virginia. Apply to W. -.INKIS"*, Stall No. 66 Center Market ma4 St* nil A P I L U I\? on main , mamu*- 17 !.' nrii^UlHU. L* No 307 7 th ?t , \Vaahi *toro!f. D C., COMMISSIONER OP DEEDS For all the St&tea a.nil Territories. J. 8. CuMMiacioNKR, Notary Public Gkmual Aoiht mar4 3t* |7 VISITING CAKD8 T OR ftran;era, engraved at the ahorteat poeai ) notice by _ mar J-# PEMPSEY t, O'TQOt.R rHK FASHIONABLE NOTE PAPER, Tihtid Bo*d*b, To be had at DEMP8EY * OTOOLR, Card Engravers and Fanoy ?utior.?r?, mar 2 St Pa avenue. 8 A N A?l A 8! ORANGES! 1500 8veK HAVANA ORANGES, 25 bunches BANANAS, JBat received, per a'eamahip Baltimore, at PKA M WON'8 Pratt Depot, mar 2- St 491 Eighth at. near Pa a venae. inlTVIM'B I! M OD ?0-0 r* win " ? rrvn* p'mcTOV, v ' w? L olor*d ? ootib'i wKjb lotiftfj of ftl] kinds* Our atook of?ll *ind? of Dry Good* it vrj larg*, ^n r *" bro. lOBN ' ^ KOR THE MALK AND RENT CHICKEIMNG ARSONS' PIANOS ^ 2 ?*tu>*m M^mmd l?aa?rmt. J The Iitiiwal la Marylaai That influential paper, the BaititnoraAnoerlcan, ays of tbe Inaugural of Preatdent Llacoln : No one will deny that be hu oast tbe iasue presented with a firmness and franknesa tbat are

in themselTea commendable He does not expect to be mlannderatood, and he foreahadowa bla pol icy with a directness tbat prortdes for no future evasions or change of programme. It la hardly probable tbat the cltitena of tbe Southern Confed eracy have waited for this Inaugnral with the ex pectation tbat It ww to contain relinquishment .? a.-< ?? ?- - " - ?- - v> tTMtcv auMlurily ID IDC BCCfGfQ OWWij or a promise to recognize the Government there set op, and If tbey have, It ta not probable that the address will leave them In doubt upon this subject. "Whatever may be the differences of opinion throughout the country upon the various subjects of which tbe Address treats, It will be verv gene rally received as an honest and outspoken svowal ?r tlia Ik.?- J? ' " ?r? ?? u< ?uO IICW Attttl I UlKniUOIl . I \ II CCT" tain that It furnlahea no pretext for diannlon that haa not existed alnce the November election Mr. Lincoln refera to hla own apeecbea, which be aaya be baa never recanted, In which be diatlnctly de clare* bla Inability and blalndlapoaltlon "to Inter fere with the Institution of alavery In the State* where It la exiata;" be alao quotes from tbe Chica go platform, In wbleh there la a resolution that contains the same general doctrine. He does not Kofeaato address arguments, motives or appeals to e Dlaunloniat per st, but with a simple eio 2uence that ought to be genuine be appeala to the seling of brotherhood that abeuid exist wherever there la a heart to be touched by a recital of tbe blatory of our country. As the representative of bia party, we do not see how Mr. Lincoln could bave said less that was liktlrtobe offensive to to those holding different views from hta own. And if we reirard him aa the r?nr?a<?nt?ttv? nt i?i? nation, the onlv portion of bla Addreu that can be construed offensively la that portion which moat emphatically lnalata upon the essential nnltv of the nation whose destinies Lave been confided to hla hands " The Baltimore Sun. aa was to be expected, abuses the Inaugural without atlnt. The Frthaagt thinks the measures of Mr. Lincoln "mean war." The Clipper brartily commenda the Inaugural "aa a genuine Union addreta worthy of the fnlleat approbation of every conaervatlve Union-loving man In thePootb aa well aa in the North and not in any wav obnoxious to the ultra, but honeat advocates of Southern Rights." .. u?? ?nv v ii|iuia j a pen siy. The Alexandria Gazette (ays : " It Is not a?ich an one at wa vriabed?nor ia it such an one aa probably will conciliate or aatltfy iboae whom ha peaks of aa 'dlnsatiifled* In the South " The Alexandria Sentinel call* It a -'war docu ment," and aays, "We may now expect atlrrlng tlmea " The Wbathir.?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to th<? t^ltL sonlan Inatltutlon. The tune of obaervatloa la nbout 7 o'clock March 5, ISfll. Burlington, Vt clear, 24?. N?-w \ or*, N . V clear, cool. Wilmington Del clear, cold. Waahln^ton, i>. C clear, wind N D l.t Jk lr- * * i\icaiuuuu, v ClPar, 4J#W Petersburg. Vn ...clear, pleasant. Raleigh, N. C clear, 50-. Wilmington, N.C clrar, pleasant. Auzutta, Ga clear. Savannah, Gr cloudy, 50?. Macon, Ga. clear, pleasant. Colnmous, Ga clear, pleasant. Griffen. Ga clear! Montgomery, Ala clear, cooi. Jackson, Ala clear. Mobile, Ala clear, W. New Orleans, La clear, cool. fbom tiik wist Frederick, Md clear, pleasant. Hagerstown, Md clear, pleasant. Cumberland, Md cloudy, cool Grafton, Va cloudy, cool. Wheeling, Va clear. Cincinnati, O clear, cool Cleveland. O snow squalls Harmer,0 clear, pleasant. ilarometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a m., (cor r?ctM fnr SfnpDpratnrn \ 90 Ottl* n^n on (wi Thermometer at 7 a. m , 37'; nt noon, 3S? Maximum during 24 hours, ending ft a. m. to day, 80'; minimum 35X*. DO NOT LEAVE WASHINGTON WITHOUT SUBSCRIBING FOR THE WEEKLY (DOLLAR)STAR! IT WILL CARRY TO YOU WEEKLY, AC COUNTS OP ALL GOING ON HERE, WORTH KNOWING! ITS ACCOUNTS OF WHAT 18 SAID AND DONE HERE ARE NOTORIOUSLY THECOMPLETE3T, BEST AND musr SATISFACTORY IN THE WORLD! THE PRICE IS ONLY ONE DOLLAR PER Mar 5-5t ANNUM! gALE HORSES JUST ARRIVED. HORSE* FOR SALE At ROBERT J. RAINEY'S StAbl-a. Eighth it., between D and E. Several jood and fanov cv d ivin; iiora", ei her mreie, double, or TJ-Oft nnde' the ?adril?. Ono sood Jer?!?? tram <"w* 1 One fast-trotting Hone. Iiesuiifi'l in style and lo tion. On* large tised Horse, suitable (or farming or family carrisre. All p?rson* in w*nt of good and fanoy (took of Horses will p.oaae call at the Sta ble^ mar 3-5'* D ANC1NG ACaDEMY At Fkamlin Hall, Corner of Nimik mrf n ???, Prof. L. G. MARINI haa the hojiorto announce to hi* patrona ai d citizona of Washington oa that hia la?t qiartrr of the tea*')* will com- wW mei:o? on T0E9UAY, Maroh 5th, 1861, whm/fA he will prepare hi' pupil* f<r hu Mar Ball hfli Daya au'l hours of tuition, T ii?fday, Thuriwla> ai.d Saturday, from 4 to6 p. m., for mi-ae? and mentor*; and every Mor,iia?, Wfdnoaday and Friday, from 8 to 10 p. m . for ladies and gentlemen. mar 2 St* (In'el'igencer.> gAL.Tl.MOKK AND OHIO RAILROAD. Special Notice to Western Travelers. tOB TUESpAY and WEDNESDAY MORN ii^*ys,9in *n:ibih &d extrA train wili I?avo Wa*hm*-ASiE JHI ton, oonnfcMng =? at Washington J unction with mail tram from Bal timore, whioh arrive* at Wheeling and Parkers burg at > p. in same evening, connecting thence with t-ain* for all parts of the West. South and Northwest. W. P. SMITH, ma 2 3t Maater of Transportation BUGGIES! BUGGIES;; BUGGIES!!! I have on hand and constantly putfirg up first class Buggies, which will he sold to suit the times. Al?o, several gocd Second-hand Butgle*. mar 11W KOB'T H. GRAHAM,8th st. P NOTICE. ERSON'S Wishing Furniture and Heavy Arti cles Removtd can, nt all times, calling on J. A. STEPHENSON, At Railkoao Pspot. Find Good Wagons and Careful Drivers. 11m IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ATHANGBRB VISITING WASHINGTON. A View of tk? National Capxtol Will bz I'resihtsd To every purchaser ol Books, Stai-rnery, fcc, from the wait known establishment ? ! FRr.Nf'H A. RICHST^lN Booksellers,Stationers, aad Pe riodical l)ealers. No. 3TS Pa. avenue, tear the hi kwood House, Washington, 1). C. marl fJNION RESTAURANT, aoHiAUMtt corner Pa. ar. mud Sixth si. She nndereicned having taken trie ?liove est&b being remodeled and refitted A . . A throughout, will open thie day to th?irY??AV en?t"mer?sn<1 thepnblio in cftneral. Their JJUflLL Bar m fil ed with a 1 the choioeat brands of LIQUORS that ?h* market afforda, ai well aa the be?t of A LKS, FORTKK.ClDKR.Jto. TOBAC CO, CIG \RS.Ae., of the pnreat quality. The Latin* Bar net all the delinaoiea of thetna on that will eattefy the appetites of all thoee who may favor them with a call with the brat of GAME, FISH, KUWl, &o-. to. ? YSTEKS eerred up in every etyle; Id fact every thing the fancy ol the mini may oali for em be had at tne*borteat notioe. A free Concert wi 1 be given by Proapnri'a cele brated braeaand atring band on Saturday evening. JOSEPH L. NORWOOD raij-erlw* RICHAkD DOUGHERTY. J8LAND EM PO RIUM. onAiws DVU 1 Of SHOES, HATS. CAPS, READY MADE CLOTHING, fitrnishYng GOODS At Psieae to auiT tni Tikis, For Cask. 10 COLLARS FOR 2fi CENTS MILITARY CAPS AT US CENTS TO ?1. GEO. C. HENNING, Seventh ?L, fcgr-lw near Smithsonian ground* COAL. a large aaa'ntmfrt of red ana W HITE ash COAL of all a.xei, vhioh we will d'livtr to afcy >ert of the city et the ahorteet notioe and at mod erate prioea 3,240 ponnda to the ton i* aU "aeea. Alao. HlCKoRv^ Oak w/^n, - P WOOD AND V^ONSTANTLY On hand i the t*tj beat quality of R E U Be nth (id* Pa. ? ., Wet. 3d and VX ?U , fo?7-tw and we?t iidc *3< at. aadth? CM?1 Inauguration Ball* TUCKER'8~OOIFFURBS AND GARNITURES ADR NDW ??iin?i ? ?" *? COMING BALL. TM BROADWAY. **-!? NBW YORK. AMUSEMENTS. Ao'iag Miitiei J.T. 1Ut*ow? THIS EVENING. MISS JOKY GOU6ENHKIM Will ftppttr for the ia?t Um? la th? Scottish f jtAnNIE DEANS; Or, The Hkabt or Mis Lotbiar. T? oonolnd* with Tin areatinf CorcedUtte or PY1NQ FOR DOVE. lt_ QDD FELLOWS' HALL! /.vacouration week. SIX NIGHTS MORE, monday EVEN I SO. A/.r.i CiAtvat or PmattMHi Nmitlt SIXTEEN STAR PERFORMERS. Duprez h, Green's Original Hew Orleans and Metropol itan Donble Minstrel Tronpe Will atpear a* the abore hall ?Ight T in th'ir frand, anapprotohaHl*. and nriralod ETHIO an ENTERTAINMENTS.latrodeeiag aaok eveainc now noT?,u?i, ksd all the latest |?m of Minctr'liT. Grand Matinee on Saturday Afternoon at half pa?t 3 o'c ook The Bra** Band wi'l (ire a Sereaade in frost of th* hall every nisi t previous to opening the doors. D era oren a> 7; oonoe-t to oomattnoe at I o'ol'k. Admission 35 cents; reserved erats y cnU. C. H. DUPREZ. mar $ Man\ger and business Agsat, \1AMMOTHPROMENADE CONCERT, ifl TUESDAY, Marohfttt, AT TBI INAUGURATION BALL ROOM. By the Principal Mmm or tri L*TE OKRMAMA SOCIETY. The Beethoven Society, Together wtti a a I M M E y S K 0RCHE8TBH, l'i?lertho direction of Cnablss L?i?*chow, Eiq. pRroBAMMi?Past I. 1. Marohe^o Hnore?Hrophrti... ..... Mejarbeer J. Overture? M'r j With of Windsor .. Nioolai 3. Wiior-V-nu* Rewrn (1 4. Overture - Gsii\ Lair* ? Roeeini 5. Fl^/rie hj Em?t?^olo Trombone .... L^neohow 6. Oailop?Catii aner ? ..Luinb)e Ta*t II. 1. Owetcra? Zampa .Herald S. Wa *'r? l)rcatn?onth3 Ocean _.Giirfl 3. ??v?riure? ti*d 11* ... Flo tow a ' a ?!-:? ? ? * * iiKkuum nni?? UiUUO, iSttf CpiQ(iOH K?nn*f.' &o. 5 Final??^tinliop. Tiokete Fifty Centa. for aa'e at Metserott'a Ma rio }*t<-re Doora open a*. 7; to oommeno* at 8 o'o'oek. mar S AAit Ann ?BLUE BOOK -Jnform ation m to nil the OAoea in the unt j. nil salary. T7H oenta. Contain* the aari<e matter a? th< Great Hue Book ooeunf 83 SV Omi'ticc tli# nMi??a whio'u are not ceoeaoary. Cat alogue of "urioe.tien at Patent Ofiioe Lift of Pat ents. Old Hooka bought and a?ld Cata'ocue fer nithad. ALFRED HTNTER. Bo< keeller, f- 22-lm* Willarda* Hotel (iqaare. W A NTH. %V" ANTED?A GIR from 13 to 16 fttri of a*e, *' to Mailt in taking care of a baby. Apply 350 G ?tre?t, near nth. It W ANThU.-A respectable younf woman wiahM "" to ergage wi<h a lady that is about to travel. Address Box No. 9, Star Office. It* WANTED?A rood COOK, WASHER and 1RONER. Slave preferred. None need apply unless well r?*i. inmenaod. 664, corner of Sixth and G st* . Inland. mar 5 8t* WANTED TO HIRE-TWO SERVANTS? ' ' one as cock. the other to do waahinjr and ir^n r.e and oh\mb(*rwork. Inquireat J W.rUM PHRES 'S, C street, between 4S and 6th. mar 5 3t* AliENTLt.M AN DESIRES BOARD FOR himself, wife and nurse, in a "Private Fami ly," from 1st April. Unexeeptionab e referenoes riven and re?inir*l. Address Family," * tar Of fice, until the loth inst mar 5 2t* tv r a vtc rv * c ? ?* * " ^ ?*/ n.i * nu-A icw ha-* i>3 I >r oreiamak " in*, at A. HL'BNER'8 Pana Dr*??raakins Es'&Mishment No. 506 Eleventh it., five doora a*K>ve Pa avenue. N. B ?Only the beet hand* w II he taken. roar 5 8t* WECK88JON MONEY WANTED-<>ol4 to 7 kiv? in vidian** for Snath t.'aroiina or tf*orc? billa. Call aoon at No. 441 Ninth at., between F aad 0. mar V3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A oompetent * MAN-SERVANT, to attend to dinin#-r<?om work, fleet referenoea reouired. App!j to MRtJ. GEO PakKER, oorner Vcur acd-a ha'f and C atreete. mar l *t WANTED IMMEDIATELY-From 96 to Silicon worth of 8EQOND-HAND FURNI TUB E or&Il kinda, for whioh 1 will cuarantrto pay "he highest prioee, and. u u?us-vat the shoriMt do toe. R. BLCHLY, Dealer In Furniture, Stoves, &?., oo 9 40S 7th it., f-et. G &n<i H eaat eLae. LOST AND FOUND. Lost-fur cape win theiadr who took* i three quarter mink marten tar rape at the ia ; auxural hall return it to the National Hotel, wh're he will find her own, whioh aha left in the p'ao* of tlie on- ?he took. ma S 3t* I Lost-A ladj'a oot.d WATCH and chain, aome whore between Miatonri ao<i Pann- I ?y iv*i.ia av<M,no* acd tho ' apit?l croncda. I yetcrday aft moon about 3>l. o'clock A Uh Abb i XI 'J? P*I<1 'ho tinder on d?iiv?i? at A?r MoDLRMOTf S,N?. 454 P.. ^u'th" mar sy J U'ANDEKED AWAY FROM HER HOME ! A iiltla COLORED OIRI., namSdA ' jcorgonni a. as**) 6 or 7 imr> i?(> i,., u.. A i No. 402 New York avenue, n^r Thiite?n.l? ?l,,nn Mond?. the 4th of March instant? o\uunt (real diatrea* to h*rag?.i crandmoth er. Any information of her would t?e thankfal.y received. II" (J'OL'MD? In one of the omai(rai??. on Fridmw ia? JL jl mutant, a FO 'KbT BOOK,oomaining a email am of money. The owner ran bare the same?tiy d??crit>!ng it and paying for thi* ad venisement?on app loation t-? JAMKS H. FPPKRMAN, West Gate, Capitol Grounds. mar t X* LOST?Last evening, 'ither on the ATecue or ! seventh i-treet. a ?>0' D BREaBTPIN. The finder will I* reaa'ded by returning it to R. C. BT.-.VENS'S Fanoy Store, 336 Pa a*. ma 1 A-.AH A M M A C K ' 8 i KEST* VHANT, XiuSLL No. Si09 Pa. Avenue, West of WillarUa*. l^KMK I Whfre can be found, the year^^^^^^^ j th:ough. a 1 the Pelicaoies tha' esrth and watar can prolin e and aerved by co<>ks who oann t he ; ?ur. a**'1*! in this oountry o F an^e. Gent emen wbo ;iave talc n Monu cau find at all hour* ple%?ant bud oomf >rt?ble Rooms to Dine and Breakfast, and ; have their meats to oo?t to auit thems?l?es, aa a I od meal oan be set for 25 o?nts, and from that to ; 9l(>. Maala served to parties at their ro^ma ; no extra charge only for time of servant. My atook hall at all time* compare with thereat houses in thia country. With an expenenoa of fifteea tears, I flatter myself that, with my uadindad attention to business, I oan please the most fastidious.*r any other man. Aa regards Wines aad Liquor* and Cigars, they "peak volumes for themaaiTM. fe36 8t JOHN D HaMMACK, Proprietor, ?r . ? Ynuuu AHIU UUAL. , OU Will sorely lit your money'* erortk by sailing at toe PIONEER MILLS, eer < Her of Ferentk iItkI and Cmnal, (GEO PAGE. Acent ) They ??ll obMper and lire better measure than any otnerg in the city?out, split, a&d deliv ered free of obarge. If Toa don't believe it, give the Pioneer Mills a trial, and be satisfied. ja 17-ly.r I I D REMOVAL. | R, MUNSON Hu removed his Ofioe to No. 304 Pennsylvania avenue, next door ve?t^?b of EHis's Musio Store. f ADIES THICK WINTER BOOTS of Kid , Li Moroooo. G<iats Skin, Lastings, Kittoned, Laced ard Velvet TMnmed.B^H so Misses Boot* rftbe same style*, arefMl eelling from 50 osnU to #1. per pair, lover* Mb ' """ I'i&ENTBALK. IMo. 16 Ntrkit SfM* P*. ? . bet. KC and 9th street*. Whit* Kid Slipper*, with and without heels. PKNN VlOiamtfi' ??M Capita.U .. f 1.0 T1,138.tO ' The lntored of Waahmrton will p etae eall be tween tbe hours of and It o'eloek to reoeive their aorip dividend of tt per oeet. opon tne oaah pre miums paid in 1*0, and ? per cent, oaah upon aerie ? * ? vitra hu" icsuoil iruiu is ? to IW). All InfOnatllOa on Lif? Ibiuiibm free of cli*ri* iutlN IjhtffcAsrk power [noadlUoa IMWIT. 1MM *W I VI kHV IlVHi # VIUI ? ? awwwj sent brmmlfoMJ e?U touiM BLA.NCHARD * MOHCK, Cor?r P>. ??. and Eltr?tfc it. D??7n55 ?ro*w, *.?tw>ic:4?jr>jK:|; AUCTION SALES. Br I. C. MoGUIRK * CO., AkUowm. VALUABLE BOOK"* At At'CTION.-O? rflBAy KVKNIN6, M*ra Waakali aal ttlkt Aa?tior. K'-Ami*. a w> ? #!! - iMHii oo"f?tioa of Tfclaab!* B> oka, 1a whioh I >! ??! Aooi Mw Mt of Um United Stfttaa Btata'.aa at Urf'. 10 Tola, H?, A a?t or N U'a R'liitr from 1*11 to MM, wilfc tkt tiwtli n of roln* 44, acd toe oopt*a of t*a^ kt??ifnta In rnlina U. eoatAloiac th? Kan tccky and Virfiftla Rho)iI|oii*ffflHI. SS ?" of Ut* ConfTMM?Ml Glob* u< Af dix.from till tktoMtt Co?f r*M, Bttnfa K?po-t of an Kxp oration for ft Rftiimftd (Vtjb til* Mimiu i>i to llM PxlM, W ?>ll.,?lo. P* ry*a J M?a Kj pMlU?i.l roi* . ?tof E?rj'y B *?d^y Report f roil, (to, A d rar?l? Mt of Wftrrrlf Novftla, Aud niiirt*' of Hiatorioal acd M?dio*i Wwki, J*or*l?. r*r'?di->? *. A* Patent ofRo* Raporta. Coo(r**M(?sai DomhnU, 4 p.. Ac. T?'im ea>k. _ t?,6 4 J. C MoC.IURK A CO., A?f. Or GRF.KN A WILLIAMS. Ai yKRY BXTBNBIVR PAWN BROKKB*ft J if ? ImSBBBMS 1^Ll On TFE?DA x Mi W KPN fi ? ?, at 10 o'oSook a. m.. w* aba.! **'1 at ? Rtjon a, (vorc*r tk MnJ) a r?*?a ft wf IftTf* KJr. ImOo14 and Bilw Hi&Uftf Cu?,L?m ftad othrr Watohaa. Gold N*ok ftod F<<b Ckalna ftftd Rr*a*t?iaa, Lftdiaa* aaptrior Gold Pisa ftad Bftrriftca, mm(1* mr WMJ-Inc Appar*'. rack aa? R,\nk?t, C AM * > - otber dkawla. Bilk ?r.<i otk?r Dreawc. Clot* Cap* %n"1 Coau. Fbi*. ke. OnLimon'i w?*na* Appar*! in a|H? ' Alt-. HfTOYMi, tiini MO Pirtoii, ad mMj otbar artio:** too to fn? will oo a?m with WaUfcaa. *rni OMh ia eoie, . UAACBEIZBRia, Pmknkv. ORKKN a. W|iI1a&?, a??a. TRUSTKK'8 *ALK of RKAL K8TATE. Bj TiriM ?r?dwd of trail. **ctit*d to aw bw Kick rd Wiljiastaad wif*. r*?ordad ta Aiasaa iri% Coanty Coart, ia UM ITTNo. *. Ml* 4H. ad at their r^aa*?t I wtl ? ffar tor aaJa. at pat>lia ?"CU< u. tu th -ni?b*?t ?Md?r for c*?h, o? WBI> NE*wA\,tU#?th d*j<t M?reh, 1?1, i* ftv t of t ? Mayor olio*, in to* oitr or A.*n?irm, at IS o'oloot m ,? tract of Im4 in th? wtotj of AMI ?n :ria, oot>ta>?inc at?.?t m MiM. ly la* on taa Co lnmb.a 'ornrike, about SS mi!M IrtmUii oity of Wubtnilou feat d?? H. H. BKRRV. Trmit?. \f A K9II AL*8 SALE.?1? mtua of a writ of 1*1 6?'i fwiw tatueqfrom ?ho Clerk Olfio* of th? Circuit Court of the lhatriot of Columbia for the C unt; ot Wftakiactoa. aud to mudiraetaa, I will expose to pub'io *..<-; lor oaah. in front of tM Court Houw door of u*Jd ooutty, ou FRIDAY. th? rM day of March next, lKl,?uinm*MiDi at It o'clock m th? following ijMenhod property, to wit, vix: Lot No. is in No 4'. Lot No.t, iu f-qun-r 42. Lo? No 6, in S*ua?e No. 43, I^ot No U. ia rquve No A6. Lot No. 10. in fuuara No. m. Md I ot No 13 in fauar* No 76. al in tb? oitr ot Waehinrton, D. C.. together with all ud t?r?,?r the laieroTeir.ent* thereon. mu?1 and lened aeon M t^e pro??rt? ??f Brook Maekall, and wi'l be eold t > ratiafv judioiaia No. 43. to Jaoaary term. IM1, la favor of Hooa, Brotiiei A C". f- 2T du W 8KLDF.N. U.S. Marahal. Hf J. C. MoGUIRF ft CO, Anationeer*. TMRUSTEK'S SALE OP HOUSEHOLD AND KtTCbB.f FrkKirrsE Hoiiii, ticaiii*. Wagoxh, Cast and Cow. ftc-Br virtue 01 a deed of truat from J ->bn Bohlarer, Jr.. hearing date on t e lit da? of Jan-. itW.aad re corded in Liber J. A- H. No. ITT, fjlio 96 et ee?., the i<Bl>?orit>er ai l eell. at enbie sale, oa FRI DAV,the9th d?v of Meron, IKI. at the late reel d<noeof ?aid John B >hle?er, J r , oa the c enter of B et. noit t and Fifth et. ea*t ? 2 Kookc*e??, 1 8 *fa. S ' runt on. 5 Ta lee. S Bureau^,3 ca: pete, 5 Be^teada, Bfdi aad Bed dine, 18 Chairs, 3pair?oa'ee,I Clocks. 2 L?okiDc ? %*e??, 3 Sauoiic# *iaohioer.2 Kettlee LoffCn/ck-rr an* Glaw Ware. Lot Kite e l'ten?:l?, 2 Horeee, 1 Cow. 2 Bustle, 3 W&ione, 1 Cart I'tof H?rnM? Tfmi: All earn* <>f $S0 and under oaah: all anaaa orer 9"BD-1 und?r f 5 at 30 days;*:. ?a?a orer 950 an unuer #l'? at 90 ana #0 d\ya: m4 ail ot fKOand over M 90, <f>ani *0 data* credit. *or roM witn ?pprored enduraera. Uearicg icier eat f om day of u c. hale to co mm en oe at 10 o'e'oek a m. CH^S..i WAl,t,ACH,Tr?iUa feJ8 -eofcde J C MoOUlRF. A CO.Aecto. r.j J. C. McGUIRE * CO. Aaotioneara. TRUPTEE'8 hale OF SMALL FRAME Dwii.li5g Horn Lot -Ob BATUR - HAY AHTLKNOOM, Maroa 9r>th, at fto'eloek, on 'he premise' h? virto* r f a deeu of traat.ditrd OoUber lrti, l&j9. and duly recorded ir. Li bar J. A- No. 187 to i?a M et ae? .0 lol the land rec orda f t Washington cnuuty, Diatr ct?f Colawbi*. I aball ae'l Lot No. 1. in Rwifern'a aohdivision of m?are No. *>8. fronting 2? feat on north O Hi ?at. at the rornar 01 Tenth at. we?t kuk no feet to an alley, together with the tiraroya?nta. ofa tv> story frame Dwelling Hoaae, oot.tMuin* 4 rooma Term*: #225 of the pnnhoae money in o*?k: the ( us n iu ntniT ln?l*.m?r.t? of f?. with la t?ra t. A 1 oou?eyatcinf 't Us oust of thspar ehas.r. U \V. R KKDiTriittf. fa XVSawds J. C. MottUIKE * Ctt.. Aim. FOE SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT?Ths threa-atorr Brisk DWELL IN 8, No. 335 Eighth it, tutwew^ K aad L sts, oontaininf ten cood r omi. futonhsd with l*i. Apply to E CLEMEN i 8 nsxt door. m*ri rost* FOR RFAT OR SA' E? rhs two firs story brick DWELUN6-HOUSE8 situated on tad adjoinint the corner of F. ur-and-a half and D ete., east of the City Hall. Apply to JOSEPH Kl) 61TT.fto 90 bomaian* a? ma- 5-tf FOk RENT?A BRICK HOUSE, with siiht room*, on the ea?t aide of Thirteenth St.. So. 383,l>*twe n New York arenue aad I sL Apsly at north vest oorn*r of Twelf h and K ate., or r?f ED T MAT HEWV.No. 39, th:rd story Trsaearr u i miB|. nn S-St * IT'OR RENT?Tbat old ntkh iihfd grooery aad JT pronai n ST A Nl) with lb* dwelling attaehed, oa he Corner oI I ourth street ?U New York ?? - rue Fur rart.cciars inquire at No. '241 FourU treet. w?-at mrte. waST.ThAStt FREDERICK 1PPINR. For sale or ivXchanoe?a farm of 10U half mil* north of Fairfkx Court H"u?e. Va. Fair buildioc a, orchard. Ac . at pet aore Two third* of prioe will be lakM la western land, wall locate, at oaah r?i??; the bal anoe oash or an additional II* aeree adjoiniac new buildinca. ynunjc orchard of tree*, beat ia tha country.o: all kindaof f ait. One half of t be w hot* will lie teken in weatern and; baiaooe oaah. For furth'r particular* f a I ipon or addreee the eab ?orih-r at Coait Hone*, Va. m?4-n' W. AN8LBY. . I?OK RENT-A large three-etnry BRICK HOLSE situated on the nortkrast ooraerof Thirteenth ?tre?t and New York arenae For further rartica ara inquire either next door, oa Thirteenth atreet. or to J. T. ^ENWICK. Na. Ill couth F atreet, between 4H aad Rk atreeu, 1 aland. ma 1-M' T aL?, . r^C.%HuANT9?r WASHINGTON. .5- i* th b**t Stands in thi* citr la r r? r*o*ntJf erected on the aoaUi aid* of P?ra. aven??. near the ?o ner of Seventh itrtH. 71 ^ ^Mll*i2f *uoh portion of it mm may Sa > apphad for, it not offered for rem upon Terr mod ra* fraja. Arply to COYLE BROTHERt Si".. rtreet and Canal, or Fll7H["oi COY l K. 393 f! itriiki *- ? ?? w rilMUGI F| Oft RENT?A throe story book HOUSE, ood t&i ni tig S room f ,1a (ood order, aith |M kx turoe oomplete. on II street, between 4th aad AOw Alto, a two-story brick COTTAGE, wiU iargp yard attached, ooraar or P street aorth aa< 14th U, ease To puooiual atd reliable tenants tba teran will be moderate. Apply at 446 IVaUtk treat, betwaea Q a ad H. ae l*-lP Ddft R K NT?The deeiraMe and ooinmnt IT RESIDENCE, now ooeapied by Wen*tor Kea dy, on Stxth street, jn^t north of the Uatianaa^ Cknroh, will tm for reut after Ue adjournment of^ the Unit d States Senate. Apply to THOMAS BLAG L'EN, No. 499 Seventh street west. -* I?lHli?W FOR RENT, in the First Ward three stiiija west of ths War Pepartpeat a saall Ob. PICK, with baek room, or the former snay tartV* for a shoe: aad Parlor. u<) ? bosra. H.aotuu fnu for a ?h?n bok?_ for id ad MMb#r - ^^BfW^F34'