Newspaper of Evening Star, March 6, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 6, 1861 Page 1
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WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. MARCH 6. 1861 THE DAILY EVENING STAR M rOBUSHED BVBR T AFTB&NOOIf, <SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) IT TILE STAR BUILDINGS, C?nMr /F?*nsyl**mm wwim and IliA H-, BY w. If. nALLltU. P**?*a Mrvad ia n?ki|ti by wrrtora M |4I year, or XI owti par rk.bUi. To nail aaboortbora Ct* prioo ia #3J? a roar, w iftiici, $2 for six montiw? 91 for throe inontha. ud for loea ttu three monii* at the rate of U oenta a week. Single aofi??, ojit carTrt ia vraypera, two cairn. 07*A9tritTiumnaiMald bo aeot to tto ofloe Mo.# ;*?'o?oek otborwiM they mar aot appear ar j! ;he next day, ' y v? nave Men nouiing of lata in the speech-making line to "taka down" the nib Joined , GREAT SPEECH OP OEM RILEY, In tht Houtt of Representatives / Missouri, February 8, 1861. After a lone end heated diacnaaion on the reference of a oill amending the eharter of the ?ity of Carondelet to a Handing committee of the House. Mr Riley obtained the floor, and addressed the Honae: Mr. 8peaker: ? Every body ia a pitching into thia matter like toad froga into a willow awamp. ??n a lovely evening, in the balmy month of Jane, when the mellow light of the fall moon fills with a delicious flood the thin, etherial atmospherio air. (Applause.J Sir, I want to )>nt in a word, or perhaps a word and a half. Taere to b? a disposition to fight. I say, if there is any fighting to he done, oome on with jour corn-cobs ana lightning-bags ' lApplauen] In the language of the ancient Aoman, ?' Come one, come all, this rock shall fly From Its ttrm bas*, in a pig's eye." Now. there has been a great deal of bombast her* to-day. I call it bombast from "Alpha" to -'Omega.'* (I don't understand the mean iug of the words though.) Sir, the question to refer, is great and magnificent question. It in the all-absorbing question?like a sponge, mr?a large uumeasurable sponge of globe ?bape, in a small tnmbler of water?it sacks up everything Sir, I stand here with the -weapon? I have designated, to defend the rights of St. Louis county, the rights of any other county?even the county of Cedar itself. fi>aughter and applause ] Sir, the debate has uftramed a latitudinosity. We have had a little black-jack buncombe, a little two-bit buncombe, bombast buncombe, bung-hole bun combe. aud the devil and his grandmother kno*s what other kind uf buncombe. [ Laugh ter.] Why. sir. just give some of 'em a little ^utbern soap and a little Northern water, and quicker than a hound pup can lick a skillet ihey will make enough buncumbe-lather to wuh thn golden 9<xk that roams abroad the aiure meads of heaven. [Cheers and laugh ter. J I allude to the starry firmament. The Speaker.?The gentleman is out of or der He mmt confine himself to the question. Mr Riley.?Just retain your linen if you l>le?4e. I'll stick to the text a.? close as a pitch ylaater to a pine plank, or a lean pig to a hot j*in rock, fCries of' Go on;" " You'll do."j I waul to say to these carboneriferou* gen tlemen, these igneous individual- these deto nating demonstrator?, these pereginous volca noes. come on with your combustibles ! If I don't well, I'll suck the Gulf of Mexico through a gooae quill. [Laughter and ap vlaose.l Perhara vou think I am diminntive tubers and sparse in the mundane elevation. You may discover, gentlemen, yon are labor ing under as great a misapprehension as though you had incinerated your inner vest ment. In the language of the noble bard? " I w*s uot bora in a thicket To be scared by a cricket.'? [Applause.] J>o. we have lost our proper position. Our Croper pesition is to the zenith and nadir?our pads to the one, our heels to the other, at right angle with the horizon, spanned by that azure arc of the lustrous firmament, bright - with the eorrusoatious of innumerable constel lations, and pp>ud ss a spookled stud horse on oountry court day. -[Cheers.) ' But how have the mighty fallen," in the language of the poet Silversmith. We have lost our proper position. We have assumed a slonhindicular or a diagonological position. And what is the cause f Echo answers "bun combe,'' sir. ** buncombe." The people have been fed on buncombe, while a lot of spavined. ! a i * _ j ?? i riBgovura, asuiiiruDj, wiua-giuea, swyn eyea, split-hoofed, distempered, poll-eviled, pot-bellied politicians have had their noses in the public crib until there ain't fodder enough left to make a gruel for a sick grasshopper. (Cheers and laughter.J Sir, these hungry brats keep tagging at the public pap. They say "letdown your milk, tvicky. or you'll bare a split bag." Do they think they can stuff such buncombe down ?ur craw ' No, sir; rou might as well try to stuff _ butter in a wild cat with a hot awl. {Con tinued laughter.] The thing can't be did. The public grindstone is a great institution, ir?yes, sir, a great institution. One of the greatest perhaps that ever rose, reigned or fell. But, sir, there is too much private cutlery ground. The thing won't pay. Occasionally a big ax is brought in to be fixed up, ostensibly for the purpose of hewinx down the cnarled trunks of error and clearing out the" brush wood of i^noranoe and folly that obstruct the public highway of progress. The machine -whirls; the axe is applied. The lookers on are enohanted with the brilliant sparks elicited The tool is polished; keenly edged; and, while the public stare in gaping expectancy of see ing the road cleared, the implement is slyly taken off to improve the private acres of some "faithful friend of the people.*' What is the result ? The obstructions remain unmoved. The people curee because the car lags?or, if it doe* move, 'tii at the expense of a broken wheel and jaded and sore-backed team. I tell 'you, the thing won't pay. The time will oome when the nasal promontories of these disinter ested grinders will be put to the stone, instead of their hardware. [Applause.) I am mighty niiaiu vuo uiavuiuc is gviu^ Wl?iup. X UO grOABO u giving oat thundering fast. It i? beginning to creak on axis. Gentlemen, it is my private opinion, confidentially expressed, that all the > grit" is pretty near worn off. [Applause.] Mr. Speaker, yoo must excuse me for my latitudinoeity and eircumlocutoriness. My old blunderbuss scatters amazingly, but if anybody gets peppered, it ain't my fault if they are in _the way. feir, these dandadinal, supersquirtical, ma - Itogany-faoed gentry?what do they know bout the blessings of freedom ' About as much, sir, as a toad-frog does of kigh glory. Do they think they oan escape me? ill fol low them through pandemonium and high wa ter. (Cheers and laughter.) These are the ones that have get our liberty pot* off its perpendicularity. rTU they who would rend the iUn an?l stripes? that noble flag, the bleed of our revolutionary fathers en ^alined in iu red. The purity of the cause for . which they died?denoted by the white; the ' blue?the freedom they attained, like the asure air that wraps their native hills nod lingers on their lowely plains {Cheers j The hi?h bird of liberty sits perehe<t on the topmost branch,, but there is no ssesssiou suit oa his glorious tail. I fear be will no more spread his noble pinions to soar beyond the asure regions of the boreal pole. But let not Missouri pall the lust feather from his sheltering wing, to pluoie u shaft to pierce his noble breast; or, what i? the same, mahe a pen to sign a secession ordi nance | Applause.J Alas' poor bird, if they drive yoa froo U>? breaches or the hem look of the North and the palmetto of the South, oota? over to the gum true ef tbe West. and we will protest jour noble bird*hip, while viUr grows and ftf< runs * (Immense applause.) Mr. Speaker. I subside for the present. Pol'ticxl ? In the Fourth Cougnsalonal Dis trict of Connecticut, tUe Republican* hue* eena natcd for re eiectlwo Orrta f* Kerry, wfco brtoiiys to tbe eu Inch" branch af the party Kerry 's district last April gave m Republican plurality uf oaly on a total vote of 94.000 la the Mm Dtotrlct Dwlf bt Lcoiuls la neAiuated for re-dec ? Interesting Haittai Extviita? Dtllcltn Dacki ! iMaer Aaron vu a tall, strapping fellow, near 17. Yon nerer aaw a more auscepuble youth. Being good looking, the girla were ell aaailj (mitten with him. They used to flock to the oountry on Friday evenings. Talk of a colt! There ia no auch romp aa a town girl turiMd loose in the oountry. She raoee, ahe jnmpa,the olimba the treea, ahakiag the wild berriea down upon the timorous bea uz beneath her. Oh, ahe ia the moat beautiful, winning, delightful oreatnre in th? world. Moae waa much jonngerthan hia cousin. He knew Aaron waa taking on about that hauahtv lass, May Stelton. And May was in lore with Aaron. May and Tronp, and Sue and Polly, all came ont on Friday evening, with Moee't sister, Angelina. Muse got off early Saturday to let Aaron know; Aaron was for running over to his aunt's. ' No," says Mose, "bring the gun, the wooda are fall of aqairreU. We might kill a docen in walking tbe two miles." The road led along tbe creek bank. Aaron was in a brown study, thinking of May. Moae wag looking up in the tree tops and among the bushes, anxiou* for a pop at something. It was the shadiest and quietest of places, bo far and no game. " Let's leave the road a bit, and go to the head of the creek," said Mose, "it's so out of the way nobody ever disturbs it." " We'll see something there!" And they did. Let it be dated July 24. " See!" hissed Mose through his teeth. "Whatisit?" asked Aaron, aroused a little. Mose nut his hand to his ur 44 Ducks?the biggest kind!" ' This time of year?" 441 see 'em " 4i GiTe me the gun." 4- No?couldn't think of it.'" Klick. klack. "Well, blaie away?they'll fly if you go any nearer." 4 The bushes are in the way," said Mose, bringing the piece down with hw shoulder. ' S^oot anyhow !" said Aaron, running up. "/? $ the girls in a stoimmin." They aat down like snow flakes. They were white ae the pstticoats strewn on the pebbly beach Their teeth chattered. A long silenee. At last Aaron looked slowly feround at Mose with the meanest sort of a countenance. Mode's fitce, as be returned the glance, wai a regular sheep looking one. ' Can they find it out?" 4* I reckon uot, if we're ?ly." 4- Let's climb up the tree, it leans right over them." TU - a -1 * ? xucy crept aiong use snaae? rney reached the tree. Mose being the lightest, gave the gun to Aaron, and climbed far out on a branch over the creek, and got into a ?*juirrelV nest Aaron wasn't bo high. It was a pretty sight, of course. You've read about nymphs, syrens. Ac.? They couldn't compare. IIair loose, floating on the watar, arms, Ac., glistening in the water. Polly as white as snow, Sue was plump aa a partridge in pea time, and sat on the waves like a bird in it* nest. Troup wan slim all over except the upper works. Aaron promised not to look at Angeline, if Mose wouldn't wink at May. Impossible Angelina sported gracefully like a native of the element, and May was a black-eyed houri, eoulenr de rust, from top to toe. They splashed and paddled, and chatted like mad. boon the tree began to shake. Aaron had a terrible back ague, and Mow betran to smoke and barn, commencing at the ear*. There waa a loader noise than usual among the unconscious bathing beauties. Aaron stretched his already elongated neck, at the tame time hitching the gun forward Unfor tunately, the trigger caught in a vine, and it went off with a deafening report. It was the climax of the adventure. Mo<e tumbled from excitement into tha creek, plump right iu between Sue and Polly. The gals they dove badly, strangled, and ran up the bank, their white back* gazed at bj the eyes of the fish hawk that had pounced among them. They are robed in a twinkling, but not one with her rislit <->** * ">" dashed into the woods. ^here waa a terrible scream as he ran right into their midst. All split in different directions, and came drop ping in one after another at Mose's mother's. The boys took a long turn into the woods and did not get back before night. Thej said they had been deer hunting and hadn't seen the creek. The girls appeared to believe them. Lavrch or thb South Carolina Floatmq Battkrv.?A Charleston letter sires the fol lowing description of the launch of the floating battery at Charleston: If I bad ysked any attache of the Press in Charleston if he thought Lieut. Hamilton's _ l.aa * * i * 1 * iiuii-j;i>ivu uuBuug ouierj woum do launcnea this morning froin Mr. Marsh's ship-yard, he very likely would have told me that he "really did not know; it was talked aboat; it was un certain, ' Ac. I told one of my specials that if he saw them greasing the ways, or doing anything stirring this morning, to hurry and tell me; so at 7 a. m. he rushed into my room and informed me that everything was ready, and Lieut. Hamilton would give the word in a few minuter. Arrived at Palmetto wharf, I j saw a small crowd gathering, which each mo- { ment increased, as the news spread through the town. By 8} o'clock at least 6,000 people were present, and the unknown quantity, eall^d by many the "slaughter pen," rolled heavily and clumsily into her new element. They haven't christened her, and when they do, it is uiy private opinion that it will be done in the blood of all who embark in her. I hope the Richardson Guards, in particular, will say their prayers, even if they never did it before, and make their wills in some sort of earnest ne?s, for they never will see Charleston again. It will be another Balaklava charge without the glory of that superb act of daring that Ten nyson has immortalised. God help those who do go, if the tide should turn her round and present her unprotected rid* to Major Ander on'a death-dealers, at only 600 yards. Only the gun-side is plated, and the roof ?f that part looks very like an old-fashioned rope-walk. The machine fell into the water with a strong list to the starboard, as the tailors phrase it, drawing on the gun-aide full seven feet, while on the other, not more than four. Lieut. Ham ilton is ata ambitious man, and first brought himself into Palmetto notice by his extraorai nary appeal to his ex-brothers of the American Navy to tear down the Stars and Stripes when ? tl... W. J - -L J *f? ?*?i iucj u?u ? ouiuw,nua ftiicr oiiuug iDem ignominously to the aut to bring the ships into any Confederate port. The Lieutenant Ik brave mas. even onto rashness; he can give no better proo/of it than hia intention to head the buys who ere ambitious of seeking a bloody grave It trill take some time to ret her baf Taflted and to get her guns properly mounted, and then we wait for tha idea or March. nT"A husband, supposed to be in Philadel phia, retorned home to Brooklyn, a few nights go, and found hie wife a been t at the Academy of Music, with a clerical friend. Her lengthened abaene* did not tend to quell hie rising indigna tion. which waa increased, when he found an affectionate letter from the pastor,"Inviting her to a ate* little gave supper after the performance waa over that uveal ng. Arm lag himaelf with a raw hide, ha waited till the cotter left the pair at hi* d ^or. and fell upon the aatontshed mission ary with. seal untMnpered bydtocretion. At l<st, taring the sgillar up la a buffalo robe, be f oas him into thsaieigh, and giving the hotw a fnrieua laah with the whip, be 4isappeired be OOTth theetar-Utfht The hwtead la still imp'a r.sble, a ad threatens a divorce. J?T At a bovdfag bouM at Mllledgeville, the 1j?W amlf MISCELLANEOUS. One Dollar. Sl-Bl-Sl-St-Sr^Sl-Sl-Sl-Sl-81! >1?>1?SI?>1?>1?>1?>1?>1?SI?>1! 4T? Pa. At. KVANB'S. 4T6 Pa. A*. YOUR CHOICB OP ANY ARTICLE OP JEWELRY ! IN OUR STORK FOR ONE DOLLAR. SPLliNDID ASSORTMENT. Rluut CARBUNCLE?? f*"tm fn, *1 Elegant LAVA-- Beta for 91 Elegant GARNET Beta for ft Elegant JET Seta for 91 Elegant CORAL and GOLD. ?Seta for tl Elegant MEDALLION Beta for 91 Elegant RIM MOSAIC Seta for 91 Elegant PLAIN GOLD ? Seta for fl Ladiea' GUARD OR* INS for 91 Ladiea' CHATELAINE CHAINS, for 9t Ladiea' NECK CHAINS for f 1 Gent'a VEST CHAINS,(10 different yatterna).. for 91 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARE, oonaiating of TABLE, TEA and DESERT SPOONS. FORKS, UKfcA.Yl riTUHKKS, CAKE BASKETS, CREAM LADLES, TEA BETS OP KNIVES and FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES, CUPS. fto? ho. Alto; A Large Assortment of JEWELRY, whloh we can sell at 50 oenta rtr article. booksIboors, CLOS'NG OUT OUR STOCK AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. 9IXX) BOOKS Belling for -jflneote $1.26 BOOKS Belling for 60 to 75 cnta BOOKS Selling for 51 to <?1 35 NOW IS YOUR TIME TO OIT BOOKS and JEWELRY lower THAN EVER BEFORE. call EARLY AT 4T6 F* A v. EVANS'S. 4T6 Pi. A v. Ladled, Call Early AT RIDDLE'!* ORIGINAL ?l STORK. RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL ll STORE. No. 302 PENNA. AVENUE. No. 30U PENNA- AVENUE. Additional invoioet ju?t reoeived of New ad Beautiful Jewelry. Fhom Ouk Entirs Stock you CAN TAKE YOUR CHOICE for only ONE DOLLAR. co K A.L. ?nd jG^LD SJETg tm ENAMELED TWIST SETS, MEDALLION sets, ~ loman MOSAIC SETS. RUBY and VASE SET LAVA and BEAD SET. VASK and BRILLIANT SETS, CAMEO ao*l G^)l6jSTOP&^SErs^ Wssfcispfe BOQUET aiwl RIBBON SET*. LADIES' NECKLACES, LADIK8' NECK CHAINS, CHILDREN'S NECK CHAINS, CHII.DKEN'S ARMLETS, GENTS' VEST CHAINS, GENTS' WATCH KEYS, GENTS' SEALS and CHAINS. 6ENT8' ?Lh.EVE BI TTON8 and STUDS, THLY10LES. PENS. PENCILS, glNGS, SILVER PLATfeD SP6oN?, OBLETS, CUPS, &o. Kverytiiink ia tlie store new end perfect, and guaranuou m> m lucn an r<pr?MHlM It/" ErTy article, mamtfcu-vred for the regular retail trade, and warraute<t to be the same quality M is retailed from five to thirty dollar* each. YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR, Rr*?akdlbsa of Coat. A* thia great tale continues but a short time, persons ilesinug to snpply themselves with Jewelry at these unheanl cf prioes will please call oarly at ?Ur ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR 8TORK. 303 Pennsylvania.avenue, between 9th and lot!, streets 1) \V. RIDDLE. JET Remember the Nnmber?30*?as we have no oonnootion with others, professing to sell at our prioet, in this city. Received this day a large invoioe of SILVER WARE, consisting of Breakfast and Tea Sets; Card ana Cake Bankets; Patent Strup Pitchers; Butter Dishes; Fruit Knives; Tea Knives; Forks; Table, Dessert, and i ea Spoons; Tobacco Boxes; Sugar and Creain 5poons; Napkin Rings; Butter Knives, in sets and single; Knives and * orks, in set*; loe Cream, Pie and Fish Knives; Breakfast and Dinner Castors; Double ana Single Salts; a large variety of Plain. Chased, aud Out Goblets, Cups, fto. All tho above artioles to be sold with out regard to origiral cost, at from .)1 to ?Sf>. and warranted to be what they are represented, and folly 100 per oent. less than they oan be bought. ?-ir jov ra. %v.. Mt 9th and 10th stu. THK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. A EM RICH. at the oorner of Penn. A . . A avenue and Eleventh street, has greatly improved recently and now offers^UdBJL greater inducements for the patronage of oitizeos and atrangera than any other publto house in the oitj, hu pncea being leaa than those of any other hotel on Penn. aveuue, and hta aooominodationa for permanent or tranaient boardera unexeeption able. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already beoom* very popn lar. being all that can be desired by the moat fas tidioas. Tne proprietor pledges unremitted atten tion and oontiaued liberal expenditures to give sat isfaction to ali, and thus renews bi? invitation alt to give the European Hotel a call. de 4 -ti CROCKERY, CHINA, 4? v tu kuio ik voi j i?ro diiorv- VP merit of the above goode, to whioh we invite the attention of all purohaeert wishing good artioes at reaeou&b e prl-es. Alto. superior CUTLERY and PLATED WARE. KEROSINE LAMPS inrreat v&wet). CHAS. 8. FOWLER A CO., Wholesale and Retail Dealers. fe23 6teo Odd Fellows' Hail, Sevenths^ best Uh h iti. French flowers of the very ?uaiity, and an extensive variety. At STEVENft'8 Fancy Store, nog t 33ft. t<tw.ftth and UK, 1U8T received AT FRENCH A RICH~ J STEIN,9T9 Pon:i.avenue,Wii?hiniton,*,The Piokwioc Paper#," being the first of the elegant househoula edition of the works of Charles Dick ens: ilTistrated by T. O. C. Darler and John Gil bert Riverside prise. Call acd examine them. a,so, a new eiipply of Parley's Illustrated Cow per, toe finest edition published. fe 1 GAL"TIER'S restaurant. OJOVRNERS Jn_washimton are respeotfnilr informed that UAUTIKR'S REST A I) A ... A RANT, on P?. ivenuo, b?t*Mn Uth andyf!^V 13th ittMU, ia om of the eompJeteat.XgjHX montelecaut and agreeable eetab.'ishraent* of lta kind ia toe Lnited Mates, bei?g u ruled with the beat to r+ obtained i ali timea pro ; in the market# by expreaa. Hiapriosar oummodatione to raraiah and 8 upper a to geatlenn or ?;1 the large eitiea, forwarded to him regular!? Hia p(io?a are moderate aqd hi* ao i Breakteat. Dinner, Tea __rr?_ - jen rootling oat, are nn equallMby any others in tlua oity. lie addreaaea thu ni.tiee especially to atrangera. aa alV oiuaena aad freaaenter* of waahinicfjn know Well the Superiority of hia, house. He la prepared to ao oommudate to their entire aattafcefion any number of gentlemen who dasire to take their Mea a away from wkere they lodge. fa ll-lm THE 1NBUKANCK COMPANY or THE STATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL f309,4HH*. InrarM M?robandiM, Bnildiagt, Household Pnraiture, Ac,,agaiaat Iom ordftUft by fir*. HEATH * KNOWLK8, Aetata, U , UBirilUKONLY! HMflmwm J?s- p* 1 JW*""" SteiK;^; CARRIAGE FACTORIES. < UTASBINSTON CARR1A8E FACTORY. " J) stTt*. Awm MA Mi 10a Sttmi. cStJte&Tisxii xssriuitm**m Wagmu, Park Pktatqnt* Patr.xl* Cmr tb? Btrli mail profit. t praotioal maohaaioa in difaraat branch* Mtaineaa, we flatter oarselTM that w kao? MRiul ..uU?.?r.?L. ??._? ? -t? -

? ??? , ..-. >1 WVIK mm Will HTI MDf i combining li(htneea, oomfort ana duibui fcey iM ha promptly and careful it attended to the Aortic noticei?d meet {""^blo oharm W AIi i Jutv| a A A lu API rl vt pUr * Oo&ohmakera, raooeuora to Win. T. Hook. ay W-dly Tib S?beeribe?Aia*di ^fade addition! to ki W iJttONo of ail klada cannot bo anrpaaeedi from rib lent experience in Ike buiawa, he hoy? to rive general eaosfaution. All kxnda of Carriage* and Vlcht Wacona keyt or ^u'r KPAIES leatlr 4eae,a?4all ord?n prompt 4 M-tf wrMT ef Utk and K H? Wood and Coal. G ALTS' CITY STEA9 FIREWOOD BILLS ARC COAL DEPOT, Foot of Sbvbrtbbnth Stkbbt. Below War Departmrnt. fD* WOOD AND COAL of all hinda. Wood prepared to <utt the wants of each customer, or de iivered oord length. 117" Ctal kspt in C*al Housts, delivered free from lata, dirt,and otlier impurities. Personal attention given to all orders. feIMf T. J. fc W. M. GALT. BIRDS, BIROS FOR 8ALK.-I have fast r+ oei*ed a splendid assortment of Birds Iromjsc* Europe, of German Cana iea, English Blaok Birds, Tlirusbee, Hall Finohes. Gold Fiaehes,*^ Linets, f*kj Larks, Yellow Hammers. 1 have Parrofjne's, Java Sparrows, Starlens, the Red M<??aw Parrot an-1 green ard gre*. I hwe M ok ing Birds, Red Wing Blaok Birds, Red Birds, I)oves, aod Bobolinks: also Trained Hirds. Prioe 26cents to $50 Gates o' ail kinds f oin 1" oent* to ?l*,at JOHN O'MEARA'S Bird Store, No 566 Pa. avenue, at the Capitol gati. fe ?-lin piREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. ttpiiai Ii00,000. Qtlei com r C Urett and Louisiana av., ovtr Bank Warktnnton. INSURE HOUSES AND~OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Dntacrou. 0?o. Shoemaker, Samuel Red fern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Richard Jones, John D Barclay. Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Kothweil, Thos. Parker, Ri?hard Barry, B. B. Frenoh. No obarge for Polioies. JAMES ADAM8, President Am G. Davis,Secretary. oc 10-eo6m A YER'S COMPOUND EXTRACT SARSA JY PARILLA. No one remertv is more needed in this oonntry than a rel able Alttrativt, but the tiok have been so outrageously obnat'd by the worthless prepare tionso' Sarsaparlila abroad, that they are disgusted even witn the na > e. Yet the drug oannot he b amcd for the imposition* from which the* have snffered. Meet of the po ualled Sar apanllas in market con tain little of the virtues of garsaparilla or any thing else. They are mere slope?inert and worth less, whi e a 001 oentratH ext-aot of the aotive va riety of Sarsapanlla compounded with Duok, Stii liugia, lod-ne, etc., is, a? it ever will be, a power ful alterative and an efi>o;ual remedy. Such is Arer's Extiact of Sa'sapanl' its truly wonder ful oure< o: the great variety of oomplamts which require an alterative nudian-*, rave abundantly shnwn. Do not therefore, discard this ir.val^abln meCic:ne, beo&use yen have lK?en imposed pr-n by i i rae'hmg pre ending to be Sarse.parilla, while ir ( w*? r.ot. \V hen you have used * tuk'ii?fhen and | not tilt tiien, will you know the virtues of ?ar*a- i P*rii!a. For minute particular- of the disrates it ourep, we refer you t.-> A?er's American Almanac, wition the aieit l>?!o? ramed will furbish gratis to a:t who call for it , Ayer's Cathartic Fn.iji, for the cure of Cos ( >??**.<, Jaunditr., DytHptia. Inditrstim, l/ysen fry. Foul Stomnrk. Er\stp*las, H'Odarke, Ptl'S. Rh(VTnnti*m. Heartburn, a mint fro ?? Disordered f'omae.k, Patn, or Morbid In ar I ton tj the Bovtlt, J 'iatulmru. Let* of /freti't. Lirrr C?mp mnt, ( Brop>y. Worm*, (terut.NeureUgia, as a Dinner Pill, , for Pur frying tfte Blood ] Tns? aie J-ug?r coattd, so that the most sensi tive can take them pleasanty, and they ara the j best Apnriei t in the Wurld f<>r ah the purposes of a a family physio. Fmci 25 crsts pre Box ; Five ? JioxBs r-m #1. I L)o aot be sat off bv nn?rinm?'?it ?'" other preparation! which th?y make more profit "n Demand A yes's, and take no other*. The sink want the best tud there ia for them, and they should have it. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYKR & CO., Lowell, Mass . and aold by Druggists and dealer* every where. felSeolm PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AHD BLOOD RENOVATES Is precisely what Us name indicates, for, while aleaeant to the taste, it is revivifying, exhilarating, invigorating and strengthening to the vita, powers, and at the ?ame time revivifies, reinstates, and re new* the Blood in a I its original pn'ity, and thus at onoe restores and readers the system inwlntrabls to attacks of dutast. It is th* only preparation ever offered to the world, so ohemioally and skill fully combined astobetne most powerful ?on;e. and at the same time so perfectly adapted to. as to aot in perfect accordance with the laws of nature, and henoe will soothe thr wudtest stomach, and tone up the digestive organs, and thus allay ail ner vous and other irritation. It is perfeetiy exhiiara ting and at the same time it is composed entirely of vegetable*, yet so combined as to prodnoe the most thorough tonic efieot, witnout producing any in jurious oonse^ueneee. bnoh a remedy has loi>s Wen felt to be a desideratum in the raedioal w-?ln. ior 11 n*e?s no rueuiua-i bk 11 to see that rtehility fallows ail &ttaok? of diseace, a ad proceed* and in deed lay* the system open to the ineidious a'tacks ot many of the moat fata!, such, for example, a* the following: Consumption, Indigestion, 1>yhf, >pn i, ? oss of Appetite. Faintnesa, Nervous Irritability, Neuragia, Palpitation of the heart, Melancholy, Night swat*, f Augor, Giddiness, Retention of. a* well as Painful obstructed, too profuso, or too eomt Menstruation, and Falling of the Womb. Theeeul depend a pon general debilitr. Thi? pure, healthy tonio Cordial and B-ood Renovator i? aa are to oare aa the son ia to riae and aet. There 1a no miatak* about it . But thia 1 a not all If the ayatooi ia weakened we are open to biliona at taoka, the liver becomes torpid, or worae diseased, the kidney a refuse to perform their fu notions, and we are troubled with aealdinx and inocutineso* of unue, or invoinntary disonarge oi the same, pain in the baok. aide and between the uhonMers ex oeedin?ly liable to slight colds, ooiigha, and if en osecked, soon emaciation follows,and the patieut goea down U? a premature crave, flat aaaee wiil not allow uh to enumerate the inanv ilia to which we are liable in a weakened condition ot tne arsteiu. Bat we will v.; in this Cordial and Blood Renova tor von have a perfect- sa'e, pi aaant and effaetaa remedy ior ioaaof App tit*. uuiouaneaa. Flatn lenoe, weak apd slok r?ton?ach. Lantour. Laver v;ompiAmt, uitiueanu Kever.oran* Uiliour att&cl Cot tiveiiASd, Aoiditj ofthe8t"maob, Nrrvonin#??, Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, beproeaion ofSpi'ita.Sorea. Pimple* on the Face, or any dn arising from impure blood, such aa Sorofu.a, firjsiHaa, Bronchitfa, Coach, ids, ud all that elaaa ol disease* oal ed female Wfalmess. and enumerated above. Wi mil aleo aaj the traveler expooed to epidemiea, change of climate and water, will find it a pleaeant. aafeand sure remedy, and no one ehould ever travel with ont. Reader, try it, for we aeenre yoa yoa will find in it a friend indeed, as well aa airi?-i.<l in oe*d. All persona of eedohtarv habita will find it a per - ieot preventive oi, aa well aa a cure for tho-e ail menta whioh they are particularly exp< ?*d klenoe mir>t?ter?, atndenta, attorney*, llterart gentleman, and ladiea who are not acouat med to maoh out door exerone, will find it to tHotr advantage to kMf a bottle constantly on hand; and above mothers or Utoae becoming inch, wtil to through that Boat dangerous period not only with all their accustomed strength, bat aafe and free from the thousand aihnoata ao prevalent among, the female pr Id. In abort, la indeed a mother " " ' . U* CLOTHING, kc. Nkw cum WALL. STEPHKN'9 k CO., 399 P Miner lw nia Avenue, hare Jut r^oetT?d ? Urrc variety ol new Pall Ooovli, to wmeh they invite the attntine oftbeir fri?IMl>kM< nmtniMn -- ?l? f^KNTLEMKPTS u RB tDY-MADE CLOTHING. Oar preeect aaaortinent of GENTLEMEN'S READY-MADE CLOTHING offer* to eituena and atraogera wiahing an immediate oat fit a?pe nor inducements, embracing, at thia time, all trie* and eualitiea of Dreea and Business Gar ments and Overoo%U in all vari'tiM. Fine Shirte ard l.'nder-olothing of all kind*. Kid and other Gloves of boat qea ity. Soarfa, Ti*e, CravaU, St<v fe?, Hosiery. kc., tea. Alt of wiuoh we are otfennratowr ureal low prioee. ICT CloUnn* m&de to order in the moat anterior manner. WALL. STEPHENS A CO? no M-tf JS3 Pa. avaaaa. t JQTO TH E PEOPLES' CIOTHING 8T"RE. U No, 460 Seventh at., to ret tour CLOTH ING, FURNISHING GOOfcS, HATS and CAPS. ___ TeS6w W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite oar customers, and aitisena general ly, to an inspeo'ion of onr preeent new, at^a* tractive, and elegant assortment of^H CLOTHS. CA8SItfliRFS, DOESKINS, Wk VhSTlNGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ao. 1W which we will make to order in enjerior^^" style at very low pnoea. WALL, STEPHENS A CO oo 35-tf 394 Pa. av., betw. 9th and l<Kh eta. Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S STREN GTHEHIN0 CORDIAL and blood FCRIF1E&. THE GREATEST REMEDY tn tJu WORLD, ud the moat DSUCIOVS AKD DELI6HTFUL I COK DIAL EVER TAEETtr h U atrietW a aei MUlt Hid Vaftta kla Canipomnd, pra tattd by tba du'Jlla Cmi ?f mu, v?rtt, ni krkl. Tallav Dack, Bioad Rnet, Bl*ck Roat. line p* rtila, Wild Cbarrr ark, *od Dajidaltaa star* taW iU cam Tot anura aativa a. |? g rtmtcui priaeif I# tfueh infr?di?Dt u taking. diatilliof, pradacia; * datieioua, axhilaratiaf aptrH, ul tha km tomlibla raai'T tor r?noT*ui.f tha fiHiwl irnia, acd r?iuriii( tha del. taftrtcf, ul dablliutad La t?1M m haalth ind auanfth. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will Iwiull) cbm L'??r Computet, Dmip^i, Ji? diet, Chraaic ar Nar?o?a Debility,Diituum tha Eidnapt, ud all diuuai arla<of fram a diacrdarad Uaar ar tacaaeh. Dpapapaia, Ittnbim, Inward Pilaa, Aeidhp ar Weboaaa af tha llNutk, Pmllnaaa af Blrod la tha Haad, Dail Pun a* vtmmtof In tha Haad, Palpitation af tfaa Maart, PalLnaaa ar Waiffct in tha tamach, Scar Erwctatiaata, Cbaktn* n affacaiinf Faaltnf whan laji' f dawn, Drpnaaa ar TallaV aaaa af tha Skin nod B???, Nlfbt Bwaau, Inward Pt?ara, Pun la tha Small af tha Back, Chaat, ar Mda, Baddac Plaahaa af Brat, Dapraaaion af Bpuita, Prif htfmi Draama, kufitr, Daapacdaaep ar uf aarma dtaaaaa, Baraa af BJatcbaa an tha Iklo, aad Pa?ar aod 4n< (at CblUa aad hnrj Orfit J MILLION BOTTLEB ba?a baan aald daricv tha taat au caotha, aad li Mb u.DCa Kai it fail ad in (vHof ??' aauafaeUaa. Wba, than, wfll amjftr fram ffiunm ar Dabiiitp wtian MckUll trxxifcrvxifmc CORDIAL will cara jmm 1 Ma '.-.ofaafa ean aanvap an adv;aata idaa af tha InaadJ ita and almaat nlrwilMa ehanfa prodaead bp taking thia Cardial la tha diaaaaad. dabtllutad, aad ahaMarad tanaai ipatam, wbtthar brakan dawn bp aicaaa, watt bp aatva, at tiapairtd bp (Uknasa, tta ralaxad and wntamng arfaai latiaa U raatarad ta ita jriaUaa naaJU and wigm MARRIED PERSONS. m a'.Hara. taoauan af iaabtbtp fram whataaar aaaaa, will lod MctmAJtV irnwnntmo cordial a tha "??c* rapaarua ?*( tha apata?; aad all vha iaa^ bara la >ilU! a Mnili and ajratify r*m*4* TO THE LAB IBS. MckXANI ITKi'MSTIEN1NO CORDIAL to Mtn itfn aad ipaady cart far lccipiant Caoaampuon, WhitH, Jkatraciad ? DiRcalt MaaatraaliaoJ ncantiaanca of Urtaa w InTaiantarr Diacbaraa Uimf, Kailiqf af tb* Wank, tiddiuaaa, Fainting, and aU diaaaaaa iocidaot ta Fantalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Itfn oa lacfar. Ttka it according ta dtractiaoa. It vill tinaiata, ilranfthaa, acd inrifarata yoa aad aaaaa tba ilaam af health ta rcaant yaai abaak a|au. C^ary katUa U ruraaud ta {In aatiafactioo. FOB CHILDREN If yoar e MM ran ara aiekly, pan/ ar aSietad, MckXANI 30KD1AL will makt tkan haaltby, fat, and rakaat. DaUy tat a ir.amant) tty it, ud yaa *11! ka aac viaaad. It ii da Idaii ta Uka. CA VTIOlf, Ba vara af JrajfHta ar daalara wba pmt try ta palm apaa >aa aama k:Uar ar aajaapanila traah, which tbay eu hit ,haip, by uru( it U lut aa gnod. Avoid aack man Aak ar McLEAIft BTREfOTHEimiG CORDIAL, and taka laibtrij alaa. It ia tha only raruady tbat will purify tba llaad tboroafhlr aod at tba aama lima atraafihan tba ayataa. Ona takao arary marninf faadng ia a caruin irarautira far Cbolar*, Ckllla aod Fa?ar, Tallow Farar, ar iay praralaat diaaaaa. It ia pat ar la lar*a koulaa. Pnea >n!y 91 par kattlt, ar Ibattlaa far #S. JT . McLEAN, lalt prapnatar of tfala Cardial; alaa, McLaaa^ Volcanic OU Limn ant. Principal Da pat ae tha oarnar af Third aad Flak atratta, Rt. Laaia, Ma. VflT^ail'a Talnanifl ftil T ivuvau u v vivnuiv Vii MLUliUDUkf (TU BEST LINIMKMT HI TMK WORi-P.) Til anlj aa/a tad eartaia Mr* far Cutin, Pllaa, T*. art, Bvalllnfa an4 Braoebila ar Coitra, Panlvaia, Niv rutfia, WiihiH <f tfca Maaelaa, Chronic ar 1. J ? amatory llMUBMiaa, IuImh af Ua jotoia, Coatraetad Maaclaa u Uifarnanta, Eara?bt ar Toothaeht, Bmati, hrtmi, rratb ?ata, Vmdi, Clcara, fi??r lam, Ctktd BrMit, Bara Klpplaa, Bama, Bealda, fcfi Threat, ar ae? laltniuUM ?r mid. aa difiranea baw aavara ar Iwr U>a dmiM miv uti t lit ltd, McLEAJCB CEbKB&ATkO UM1MXNT it i ciruin rtictdT. rbnunda af barnaa bain fa ba*a baar. itnd a life af dit Iripmli Hid miaary by tba m af ilia iaralaabla ramady. McLBAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Till raliaTa J*u> almaat iattaaia.naaaaly, and it will elaaa, pmnfy tad baal tba faalaai mtm ia aa Inert dibit abcrt urn*. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN* CELEBRATED LINIMENT it tbt only aafa uid ratiabla ranady far tbt tart af Iptru, Riarbaoa, K'indfalla, Bpliau, Unnataral Larap^ Hodtt ar Svii.mra. It aa?ar ftiitd to emrt Bif Haad, Pailarll, Kiaiala, Old Laaoiof Boraa, ar wttnr, if pnttrit acpliad. Tm tprajnt, Braiaaa, Beratcnaa, Craebtd HatU, Cbaftt, Baddlt w Collar Gaikt, C?a, Baraa, ar Woandt, it ia aa tulai libit rtrotdy. Apply it aa dirteud aad a tara la cartafci ia a vary 1 ? 1 E 1 B 1 E 1 E 1 I 1 Then mil l?rn vt* tb? mu? uctklw Ulfiau Ifnii w ? %. Ohuia Pftlr ?f D? MCLXAHt ClLx UaTU) UXIMKHT. k will till TO*. J. H.~McL1Ca?!m? rrwrilM, Cniu Tkird ud ru? ml, Be Lw>,lU CMARLU BTOTT, >78 Pl ir, Mil I||di la Wukiq m^.S.T CUlCL.OMfftuwii. hM-UWI; FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPKK AND ENVELOPES WO MATCH. UUm METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. NO ^HARGEJ PHI LP A SOLOMONS, Aft * /* Lmur nut's ctl^bra red Litmm Pi i MWi." **.. *-e. a* ly SM Pa. ? .. h?*. tt> and loth 1861 1861 Covt.Mt.uc4 th* Year unth * Duiry A rt'ubli Pookat Companion for ragiatariai *T?iU past, present, and fntarf; onntaiein* .ratas of postage. aimaaao, a blank ?pae f r meia raoda for every day in tk* year, oa?h aeoount W nana iiionib. annual nmnmry of ?uk aoooaat tells payable aad ree. ivabia. Don't be without one of umh useiui mua aowvaaira i m mom aompiet*, ud de?ir&VieM?oitn>er.t ever *aoeJ,o?tn tenting twal?a ?i??i fnd n?vard?. of fifty atylaa, at MHLVIN6TON';* BookatmV (Mm Bui id i nj. eoriwr of.?S atrwt aad da to P?m ?T?ni>. WAT0H?KJAajJtNej?&8{)r?E. WAR It 1 h*T* on? of Ua teat aat?k4iabr*aU. ud ftiahM with a oomplata aat ufloot* for rtpair U| a vary deaoriation of fcaa Wuohea, and j in* avary daaanatioa particular Mtamfioe f\rt to tlta^ . ararydanorip iob c5au.nd*fd &n.VKft jiakB^idornanjeuta., UiMii^ntu sU under WCSStfirartKS&S'iS te THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. !C^8laeleeoyi?(la WTBffees) Miteprociratf at th? conotor, ttnmadi?U r after tli* ihh ?f U* Kr?. Pro*?THREE CENTS TRAVKLKK8' DIRBCTOBT. The 6 "rt"?ie>oiHJ Vdo uur Jtrtaoi ft-o? Wui ^fgU'a coifnoot Uirokctf o Philadoipkia aad Nair Tt?e aaooad tud third ononoot at WukiiftH Jaaction with traiia for tlv? WM, fosih. aad NortiVMt: *' ?>, at Annaaotl* Jaaotiaa, ror Aa oapo'it. For Norfolk tak* iko* 40 Mi>. For th* rcommixiiUoji of tk* m trmval ka twoon WMhimftoa and LtttiL a pa*a*nrar oar vill b? attached to tka tonnacaffain vtiah laavoa at 11 a a. On Saturday th? S.10 p. m. train rooa to Pkiladai ikn only. no ?-i T. H. PARSONS, AfonL DENTISTRY D|Rft. I OCKWOOOLk DARRELL. ARK PRK pared to insert TtETHon V['LCA> . g'Ufc WR BA!*R, a new aed tmprovf*; mo.1f USS hen made on this pan oom r " fortabie to vmt and muc'i oheap?r any other. Also. Te*th itiMi tad on Gold Plate, and IT Detu. Operations of any kind that mar be desirad Ot tos Room No S. ib the \\ aahingtoa Baitdiai.aor ner Pa a*. aad Seventh ?t. ja ?0 tm* Sth'e MInWaL*Vi?ATK tend* persoually at hi* ofioe io thta itr AJSS Many persons oan wear theee teeth sann<* wear other*, and bo peraoa oan wear other* rho oar.riot wear these. Pen* &? ca. nc at my <,?oa?i be accomodated rlth any style and pnoe of Teeta they may deeirs^ >at to those who are particular and wish the paraat, sleaneet, atroraeet, and reost perfect oentnre that uroftn rrodaee, the MINERAL PLATE wll' be core rally vwruM. Room a is thia oity?No. 38S Pft. irMnt.btl Kh u4 10th ata. Alae, ?0T A rob lUMt. Phil itiift oe 15 tf EDUCATIONAL. r FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Pkrrct- who viah their wifUira to re wire a thoroi?h and araiemfttio education. vker* heirahyaieftl trtimnit will reeeiredejlr ud ageoia intention, under the iqoet approved eyatem of Celie Mnioa nnd Gymnftetioe, ftre respectfully invite- flu nait the Union Femaie Academy, corner Fo?r eenth at. and New York ? . MR. it MRS. Z. RICHARDS, fta 8D-tf . Prinoiffcja. pEMALE BO^RDIT^AND^DAY SCHOOL Mra. S. J. MoCORMICE. PmiwcrpAU The thirteenth ututi nmoi of Uia IoatiUtioa rill apmmenoe on Tueedny,September ltta. id the K>a?B recently NMW by sylreater Soott, Eeq . Po. ISO King afreet. The oonrae of atndy puraued will oomprlee ftll he bmeohee re^maite to ft thorough Enthah Ma unim MlUCi rrMMl, Kin AM DrtTtlf, It laeirod. In addition to day eebolar*. Mn. MoComuok ie irepared torweina limited nornh*r of pupil a M warder*. who. oonstitating a part of Woe ova M ly. will ba andar her immediate oara and aaparvi ion. She will endeavor, aalar aa poeeibla. to ear nod then with the oomjorte and kindly IummN iome. __ Ktfttnu**.?R Om.H. Ncrton, Rot. Dr. KIim lameo?. Rev. D. F. Spficc, Wll.iaru H Fowl*. ' c" Edir.uad F. WitMr Board, with Tnitioinn V^eEn,.^ Braaohae. 1300 for the aaaaal mmioi?payable aaau-aaaaally. i advance. Mn?io and LuiuarM at Profaaeora' pnooe. H7- No extra oharcea. aa M-tf CW? Cottgk, Cold, Hmtimuii, M am if 'rnlafim er Sort mm of tkt T>r#ai, htluT* tk* ffarktnt Couth n C mmmy fiow. DrmKiou, 4Um, t C*??rr4, Clrar and riot f treat tk to tin Toict of PUBLIC SPEAKBR8 us SINGERS. Faw are aware of the importane* of oheetlaf a pn*h or "fioiiaa Cold'' ib iti l t mtnmm ?w?? hich in the b^f ia;nj votld y to a i r, if neglected. soon?tt??k*-be Lon??. tramrkt+l Trtk*?." <>ooteJn -n| c'mtimTc dU, ft.i?j P?!n>on?ry ud 8 ocohifti I That trombltjia^my Throat, i for ROWPCS'vlueh the ROCHES ? KOWN'8 ROCHES IROWNTS ROCHES tROWN'S 'ROCHES ROWPTS arc "R-p'STitu*" MI nwu?< tkatr em to Pvmuo ' U>. B. H. CHAF1N. Almost lnatftot relief m the dje ibc lftbor ftf br??U.:E.| pacu .Ar to Aft - m A. C. EG0LESTON. *$vyggr Roches | cr- ? ,_| DR. A. P. B1SELXJW. " Coatftia bo iftjsrloftft." nurrnc ROCHES IROWN'8 ROCHES IROWN'8 'ROCHES IROWN'8 'ROCHES IROWN'8 rROCHES IROWN'8 'ROCHES' IROWN'8 rROCHES Bp* IMi IhArt W?o] x?H?i tot WARI R?2L " Ben Mi oi*l vhor ooayalM V ,p'"tV:vFr-Ljf p. aSd^son^ Prof. M. STACY JOHNSON. Lm Orn?.<k ?r?n boMfct vkN tkku b?f?r? ?ft?T fTMCLlLf PtinnYtRj will b? Jaot. it Ml 1tV ROWLEY. A.. M. PpMt/lMit a# A tKuni HaIIm*. Timl. ruc-HfranMnttoza" 4m 1 ly pHE ALlrBUFF1CIBNT THJLBfL TR! EKKMA R, 1. t ud f-Proteotod br Roto! .ettor* Patent of Buiaud. fctxi iMiidf by tfc* Ma of Up Eooim tt Vt,* u.Kc .r o? FtTu, mat U? m?cria? Oo. ?coof V??D?o. No. 1 u iBToTaablo fur Mtn???tion &u4 DAtorrbM, j><1 ait1 yhy?io*. ?iik?1 ^Xo^t cy^ri^>toiy ^trvc^ u?jrtoM #out *.<! pornioioM om of oomjv* u4 oaboOa. No. S Lm ectirolT pyioatM tt? mjorioot mm of raarr.therebr lBsartng to tho wfaw ^W?y oiiet MW oli lunnUM, im rootlog m tt.r ?Mft ?ng dind^d a|y-porotj do?M|. m tJ sigiafyXVS: . mss* wigs K^r^tEX. wrarM; pmIim). ud udrtMM inordiai to lk? is *Thf Boot! oTJTffSarm, UM abo?M bo na^ ty rsSrnisSSaia aaSr* it is fcaMtifcJIy iU?rtrM*4. m* trwto ? n??Aly ??f til ttM ?T?f omp Ut%t lavanofct? th-n. '?' *>? mmmt or later, revolting fr*?w tM> va4 riUttiM Mkiti or wri initk, HKWMq'tV'ri to notm from ahao-inf tto f>aitio?i of u>? otiki Mt.ud. ft not ?k?tktd hi Dm*. Mine aJlt'0 facetious of mji)k?"4 ? ? h'<nr?? lira, atoo W at** %o?ltnf*na(oatf oatiaaoi* toMkfUr Mirt|oW, IN BMkw at t ?r loora Mow Nwioaffl. Xw fork. Pmc *s SillViri, jr_ 8IL* mto jars-"* stfSbft i&5L5ttrjeffWU I Ow k to tori* aa4 w?;l < ?? * * :n "?iw,tfivu.? . --TO..-,-. Anew lot or, ???mo i,-? l?r!SfcffinT'*****y*rT 10^*t'n