Newspaper of Evening Star, March 7, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 7, 1861 Page 1
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Qtfreumg Slur. V2t XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. MARCH 7. 1861 N?. 2.511 THE DAILY EVENING STAR xa rUHLf&hBD BVBRT APTERNOON fSUNDAVS EXCEPTED,) *T TM* %TAIl BUILDINGS, /'rtntiflwnim avev.114 and lllA It. 11 W. D. WALLAfn. r*p*r? mttwI in by owner* ?t < * r?*r, ct XI oocts p?r month. To mail subscribers t->? pnoe is #3J0 a rnr, m adv*+c*; $2 for si* month*; $1 for !hr?e months; ?cd for l?M thin months IX tfc&rat^ of tfoonts ft wook. Sin*le /ftM, "St c**?T\in wrapper", two cisti. irTA*>riuiTTr saould bo sent to th? o?oo h?! >r* U Ztiiy ? m-; othenns* thij Kij not MKv p t: >. t* t ? >'. day. tup ?L' w r i m Per<?nal Sketches e( IU Member*. WH. H SEWARD. SECRETARY OF STATE. Mr. Seward was born in Orange county. in 1k? state of New York, on the 16th of May, 1601. lie was educated at Union College, in that State, and took the degree of Bachelor of Arts in 182U, and of Muter of Arta in 1824. At the age of twenty-one he established him .-elf at Auburn in the profession of the law, and won acquired a lucrative and extending frictice. Karly in his public and professional ife be traveled in the southern slave States, and is supposed to have formed at that time the opinions and principles hostile to slavery to wbich be has since given expression. Upon other questions Mr. Seward's policy may be de-scribed as humanitarian. He is in favor of the education of the people?of the ameliora tion of the laws mud of the development of the mnt':rial resources of the United State*. In these respect* he has ever been among the foreuiost of American statesmen, and maj j'JSlly claim the praise bestowed npon him by his friends, and scarcely denied by his oppo nents, of being "the best and clearest head in America.'' Iu 1S30 he had acquired such in fluence and character that he was elected a member of the Senate jf the State of New York, then the highest judicial tribunal of rhe Stale, as well as a legislative body. In 1834, a: the close of his term of four years, he was nominated a candidate for the Governorship of the State of New York, in opposition to Mr. Wm L. Marcy, the then Governor, and later the distinguished Secretary of State of the United States. On this occasion Mr. Seward was defeated by a majority of nearly 10,000. In 1839 his party becoming bolder and stronger, he was triumphantly elected in opposition to Mr Marcy, the majority being greater than hu previous minority. Without having passed through the lower stratum of the House of Representatives, be. was, in 1S49, elected 10 he Senate of the United States for six years. He gave so much satisfaction that he was re elected in 1855. S P. ( HAS Z. S Ei'KETAUY OF TRE.VSCRY Salmon Portland Chase was born at Cornish, N. II , on tbs<>n^>si:e bank of the Connecticut river from Winasor, Vt., in the year 180S. When nine years of age his father died, and hree years after this bereavement, in 1S20, you?? Chase was found at the seminary in "Wortnington. Ohio, then conducted by the venerable Bishop Philander Chafe, his uncle. Here he rein-iincd until Bishop Chase accepted the Presidency of Cincinnati College, entering which, our student suon became a chief nmoug bis peers. After a year's residence at Cincin nati. he returned to his mnternal home in New ii imanure, ana snoruy aner resumed his studies in Dartmouth College. Hanover, where be graduated in 1S2*>. lie shortly after com menced the study of law in the city of Wash ington, under the guidance of the celebrated Wni Wirt, then Attorney General of the Uni ted States, ile sustained himself daring the /ears of bis professional studies by imparting instruction to a select school for boys, com posed in part of the sons of the most distin* guished of the nation. He was admitted to *hc bar in Washington in 182y, and in the fallowing year returned to Cincinnati and en tered upon the practice of bis profession, in which be soon rose to eminence, and in whioh ce * a* msunguitneu lor industry and patient investigation He kh.; ?ub#equently elected a member of the United State* Senate, and upon the expiration of bis aenatorial term he was put in nomination for Governor of Ohio, and elected- lie wad again put in nomination for Governor, and was again elected to that posi tion. ItXOY CAUEROX, SECRET ART Of WAR. Gen. Simon Cameron wag born in Lancaster ceunty. Pa. Reverses and misfortunes in his father's family cast him very early in life on the world to shape and carve out his own for tune. After having removed to Sunbury, in %? . i ? * - ? * ? .noriaumoeruna county, bis father died while Simon was yet a boy. In 1817 be came to Har risburg and bound himself as an apprentice to the printing business to James Peacock, who it still a resident of Harrisburg. arid one of its most worthy and respected citizens. During this time he won the regard and esteem of Mr. Peacock and all his fellow-workmen by his cor rect deportment, his industry, intelligence, 'and faithfulness. His days were deTotead to labor and his nights to study. Having oom ploted his apprenticeship, he came to Wash ington city, and was employed as a j >urney ibmu printer. In 1824. though scarcely of com petent age, he attained such a position and in fluence that his party?then in the ascendancy in the Congressional distriot? proposed to nominate bim for Congress, an honor which he promptly declined, as interfering with the en terprise in which he was then engaged. He was appointed-Adjutant-General of the State in 1828, anuffict which he filled creditably and acceptably during Wot. Shultx's term, and in W31. unsolicited, he was appointed by Gen Jackson as a visitor to West Point, a compli ment. at that time, tendered only to the most prominent citizens. ?w uu -iu^ic iuiu nuuiu acr ovrasriis ronn sylvania more indebted for b<r great systems of public improvement and public instruction. K"r did he hesitate to invest his own means, when prosperity and fortune dawned upon kirn, in enterprises of great public importance. In l&ii he originated and carried to successful completion the Harruburg. Mount Joy and Lancaster Railroad, surmounting difficulties and prejudices which would have appalled and paralysed a man of ordinary energy and de termination. In 1838 he was nominated for Congress, but declined. lie was engaged in public enterprises from which he would not permit himself to be drawn aside by any con sideration of office or personal elevation. In ls51 be was mainly instrumental in the forma tion of the Susquehanna Railroad Company, by which the upper valley* of the Susquehan na are connected with the capital of the State. There was still another link wanting to form a direct and continuous railroad to New York 0Utf. vn? great commercial metropolis of the U%ion Gen. Cameron's practical mind soon suggested tb<s mods and manner of supplying this want; and the Lebanon Valley Railroad Company waa organised. and that road built, and now consolidated with the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad. In 1832 Gen Came ron was elected Cashier of the Middletown Bank?a position which he held for twenty seven years. So that abont the year 1864 be was at the same time President of the Susque hanna Railroad Company, President of the Le banon Valley Railroad Company. President of the Commonwealth Insurance Company, and Cashier of the Middletewn Bank, besides be ing director and manager in several other in stitution*, and having a large private btuines# of his own to manage and superintend. Yet, notwithstanding the vast labor and responsi bility of these positions. be performed the du ties of them all satisfactorily and successfully. GIDEO* WELLES, SE<~R ET ART OF THE HATT. Mr tlideoa Welles, of Conn., is the North ern Seeretary of the Navy. Mr. Welles has been for upwards of thirtj years a leading re publican in Connecticut, and for much of that time has been connected, direetly and indi rectly, with the public press. He for some tine held the office of Postmaster of Hartfird. under Mr. Van Buren's Administration, and left the offioe soon after the election of Gen. Harrison In 1840. During a part of Mr. Polk's Administration he occupied an important po sition in the Navy Department Like many other prominent Northern Democrats, Mr. WeliM disagreed with his party on the subject of the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, whioh breach was still further increased by the Kan su policy of the Pierce and Buchanan admin istrations * *. ? -a2 ?w. a;,y 1. lie was i delegate from the State at large to the Chicago Convention, and constituted one of ti e committee to proceed to Springfield with official notice of Mr. Lincoln's nomination. He was also one of the Presidential electors. Nor was hia visit to Springfield the first time he had met that distinguished gentleman. While in Hartford, a year or more since, they formed a somewhat intimate acquaintance, which re sulted in the warmest mutual friendship and confidence; so that Mr. Lincoln has, in the se lection, no doubt acted as much upon his own personal knowledge and estimation of the man as upon any solicitation of prominent New England Republicans. MONTGOMERY" blair, postmaster GENERAL The State of Maryland will be represented in the Lincoln Cabinet by Judge Montgomery Blair, who resides at Montgomery Castle, near Silver Spring. Montgomery county. Md. Judge Blair is a son of Francis P. Blair, well known in Qen. Jackson's time. He graduated at West Point, went to the State of Missouri, practiced law in Mittouri, was mnde Judge, and was ap pointed by President Pierce one of the Judges of the Court of Claims, from which place he whs removed by President Buchanan. Mr. Blair is now in the prime of life and mental vigor, and there is no man south of Pennsylva nia who is more devoted to Republicanism, or who is more p)pular among the radical Repub .11 aI XT 41_ a it' * " itcaug an over me ?mrin ana ?vest. ile 18 a son-in-law of the late lion. Levi Woodbury, of New Hampshire, and brother of F. P. Blair, jr., Congressman-elwt froin the St. Louie dis trict. C. B. SMITH, SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR. Mr. Smith is well known in Indiana, and is reputed to be possessed of a vigorous intellect and considerable administrative taot and abil ity. He has been in Congress, and was Com missioner on Mexican Claims. In regard to his political faith, it is not certain that he has made any decisive declaration, but it is very generally presumed that he is a moderate Re publican. EDWARD BATES, ATTORNEY GENERAL. Edward Bates was born on the 4th of Sep tember, 1793, on the banks of James river, in the county of Goochland, Virginia, about thirty miles above Richmond He was the seventh son and youngest child of a family of twelve children, all of whom lived to a mature age, of Thomas Bates and Caroliue M. Wood son Both of his parents were descendants of the plain old Quaker families which bad lived for some generations in the lower counties of the peninsula between Jumes and York rivers. They were married in the Quaker meeting, according to the forms of that simnle nnti vir tuous people, in the year 1771; but in 17m the father lost his membership in the Society of Friends, by bearing arms at the sioge of York town?a volunteer private soldier under La fayette. In 1805, Thomas F., the father, died, leaving a very small estate and a large family. Left at an early ago an orphan, and poor, the son w is fortunate in what is better than a pat rimony, a heart and a will to labor diligently for promotion. Besides, several of his brothers were industrious and prosperous men, and treated the helpless with generous affection. One of them, Fleming Bates, of Northumber land. Vireinia. took him into hU fmnii? ?? ? sod, and did a father's part to him. He had not the benefit of a collegiate education, being prevented by an accident?the breaking of a leg?which stopped him in the middle of his course of study, and confined him at home tor nearly two years. In ohildbood be wag taught by his father, and afterwards had the benefit of two years' instruction of bis kins man. Berjamin Bates, of Hanover, Virginia, a most excellent man. who, dying, left behind him none more virtuous and few more intelli gent. In 1812, having renounced service in the navy, and with no plan of life settled, bis brother Frederick, (who was Secretary of the Territory of Missouri from 1807 to 1820, when the State was formed, by successive appoint ments, under Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe, and was second Governor of the State.) invited him to come oat to St. Louis and follow the law, offering to see him safely through his course of study. He accepted the invitation, and was to have started in the spring of 1813, but aa unlooked-for event detained him for a year. Being in his native county of Goocb uuu, iuiucu van was uiauo iur vuiuilifr^ 10 inarch for Norfolk, to repel an apprehended attack by the British fleet, and he joined a company iu February, marched to Norfolk, and served till October of that year, aa private, corporal, and sergeant, successively. The next apring he set out for St. Louis, and crossed the Missis?ippi for the iirst time on the 24th of April, 1814. Here he studied very diligently ia the office of Rufus Easton, a Connecticut man, a good lawyer, regularly educated at Litchfield, and some time a delegate in Con gresi from Missouri Territory. lie came to the bar io the winter of 1816-'17, and prac ticed with fair success as a beginner. In 1753 be was elected Judge of the Land Court of St. Louia county, and after serving in the office about three years he resigned and returned Hgain to the practice of law. He acted as President of the River and Harbor Improve ment Convention which Mt at Chicago, and in 1852 acted as President of the Whig National Convention which met at Baltimore. In 1850 he was appointed bj President Fillmore and confirmed by the Senate Secretary of War, but declined the appointment for personal and domestie reasons Mr. Bates was complimented with the honorary degree of LL. D., in 1858, by Harvard College. Some years ago he had been honored with the with same degree by Shurtleff College, Illinois. Army *sd Navt.?The following personal rrmv order* are promulgated : Major Bowen goes to superintend tbe Military Academy; Captain Morton, of tbe Engineer Co'pe, la to proceed at once to assume tbe important duty of Comman dant at Tortugaa, in Florida; First Lieutenant Porter baa been detailed for duty in tbe mounted recruiting service; and leave of absence baa been grauted to tbe following officer*: Lieutenant Pen den, Major Seldon, Lieutenant Ferguson, Lieut. Colonel Nauman About a dozen late resigna tions have been accepted. Tbe navy officers of the New York station were paid an instalment of their salaries a few days ago The army officers had received some funds a little time before. Tbe temporary lack of funds In the treasury caused a marked embarrassment in both branches of tbe service, both amonust officers and men. General Scott, It la aaid, vrlll endeavor to bare two regiment* added to the United States army the coming summer; or If that is not acceded to, be will endeavor to give double battalions to one or two. The proportion of mounted persons In tbe army la not so large as It should be, consider lnj{ the exigencies of frontier duty. Tbe (Jnltrd States corvette Germantown wblcb returned from tbe East I' dies last year, will be re idy for sea about tbe middle of Ap#ll. She was dtUHed to serve with tbe bums fleet In October l^at, but whether the new Adminia ration will e?d bar there is not known. Tbe United State* steam gunboataCrusader and Mob iwk are now almost ready for sea, and expect to bj ordered from tbe Brooklyn Maw Yard in a few days Tfcfir destination has not been named yet, but people think they will not return to tbe Cubsn coast for the preseut. A Pxtsctkd luscaaECTiOH ? An Insurrection among the slaves if Amelia county haa been de tected and suppressed In Its Incipient stage Some miaerable men having put Into the heads of t^oae creatures that on the fourth of March there would be agreat battle here at Richmond between their muter* and tbe Abolitionists, and that Lin iw m ? ~>uiw imoirai urigrcuinf loaeiiTtr item ana u iltd over the country into their bands. On thin b lief they indulged In aome foul a peculation* and b!o 'dy talk?one fallow aayint; for example that b? iuteoded to te to Caroline county, cut <Mf tha head of Ma matter who lived there, and would them bring back hia young miatreaa to live with hi in for wife. Theae things getting to the ear* of the cittieos, a number of them assembled in front of the j-tl!, and would bava sum ma illy executed the wretcbca (who had been plaoed there) but for tbe interference, in aur opinion inoet ill-Judged, of Mr. Lewis E Harvia. That gea>lea>an. we feet, waa then moved by very false autrcy.-Rnk momd Kxmmimtr. * * 1 . VA* \ J - ahIm * fet 0 r. MISCELLANEOUS. One Dollar. si? 4T6 Pa. At. EVANS'S. 476Pa.Av YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE OF JEWELRY IN OUR STORK FOR ONE DOLLAR. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Eleiant CARBUNCLE _SeU for #1 Elegant LAVA?-- ?....? ..Sets for 01 Elegant GARNET ... ..-- Seta for 91 Elegant JET ? ?_.Sets for SI Elegant CORAL and GOLD....... Seta for 91 Elegant MEDALLION ~.. Seta for 91 Elegant RIM MOBAIC ... __ .....Seta for 9' Elegant PLAIN GOLD SeUf?r91 Ladies' GUARD CHAINS for 91 Ladies' CHATELAINE CHAINS, for 91 Ladies' NECK CHAINS...... ?- for 91 Gent'a VEST CHAINS,(10 different patterns for 91 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARE, oonsisting of TABLE, TEA and DKSERT SPOONS, FORKS, CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKKTS, CREAM LADLES, TEA SETS OK KNIVES and FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES, CUPS. Ao., 4c. Also; A Large Assortment ol JEWELRY, whioh we can sell at SO cents per article. BOOKS-BOOKS. CLOS'NG OUT OUR STOCK AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. S1.00 BOOKS Selling for ... 50 oenf? ?1.25 BOOKS Selling for 60to75c?nt? #2.00 BOOKS Selling for S1 to S1 25 NOW IS YOUR TIME TO obt BOOKS and JEWELRY LOWER THAN EVER BEFORE. CALL EARLY AT 476 Pa Av. EVANS'S. 476 Pa. Av. fe 13 tr THK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. EMK1CH. 8>t tha oorner of Pecn.A . . A avenue r.ud Eleventh etreet, has b?en greatly imj>rovo?J reoout'T and now nfTum I I wuwi iMuuuvTiivuv* Mil ntn j/aiiuiiimn i?i and ctraugers than any other publio house in the citi, his prices being less than those or any other hotel on Fenn. avenue, and his accommodations for permanent or transient boarders unexception able. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already becomo Te:y popu lar. bMng a!! that can tie desired by the most fas tidious. Tne proprietor pledge* unremitted atten tion and oontiaued libera* expenditures to give sat isfaction to all, and thus renews his invitation *f all to give the H urnpean Hotel a rail. de4-ti JUST RECEIVED AT FRENCH A RICH STEIN. 27S Penn. avenue, Washington, "The Piokwiofc Pap-rs," being the hrst of the elegant houiehould edition of the works of Charles Diolc ens; illustrated by T. O. O. Darley and John Gil bert. Riverside pr us. Call a> d examine them. Also, a now supply of Barley's Illustrated Cow per, the finest edition published. fe 1 S OAUTIER'S RESTAURANT. OJOI'R N ERS In \\ ashington are respectfully informed that GaUTlER'6 RKSTAU A . . A RANT on I'*. avemi? r?K m/ilAal )3th streets, u one of the completeat, JUiBLX moatelecant and agreeable eatab tahment* of ita kind In the United Statea, bei g at al timea pro vided with the beat to ' e obtained in the marketa of all the large oit:e?, forwarded to him regularly byespreaa Hi* prio-?a are m< derate and hia ac O 'miiioJationa to furniah Hre%kfi?t, Dinner, Tea and >?pp?:/a to gentlemen rooming out, are un equalled by any othera in thi<? city. He addre*aes thia n tiro epecially toatangera, aa all oi'ixena and frequenter* of YVashingt n know w-h the superiority of hia boure. He ia prepared to ac o >ii.iTK> !a e to their entire aatntfaotioti any number of gentlemen whodeaire to U.kJ their Mea a away from where they lodge. fe 11-lm THE 1N8URANCK COMPANY or THE 8TATE OF VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 3300,000. Inanrea Merchandise, Buildings, Household IT lirnitiirA > A ifiot 1 a? a Am m* ^ r "* 11 Oft O UJ Alio. HEATH A KNOWLES, Agents, Offioe?Roon: 16 over Hank of Washington. )a 1" D. L. MORRISON A CO., T I.OUK AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And wholwvie d?aWs in MILL FEED, COHN MEAL, fe., fe., Corner of 12th and B streets, Washington city. ITT" Cash paid for all kinds of Grain an av^ro T PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, *0. Wksrtat, At the present aeaaon o the yeat CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, CHOLIC, DY8ENTERY, DYSPEPSIA, DEBILITY, A0..A0.. prevail to an alarming extent: And wKtftas, It must he of the FIRST CONSKOITF.VnK to every Hfctmly to know of A REMEDY at onoe or Paeis, ' 0ffer" JlIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER as the most CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that no imposition is intended in the sa'e of this Great Medicine. THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED in all tatts when the medioine fails to give entire satisfaotio *WrD,<W flftijfj, K-g MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, take as direoted, end if not perfectly satisfied Return to our Agent, D. B. CLARK, ESQ., 4% Street nod Pennsylvania Avenue, D. B. CLARK, ESQ. _ eet and Pennsylvania A who will refund yonr money. Prioo?3ft and 60 Cents per Bottle. For sale at all Drug Stores everywhere. J AS. MoDONNELL, General Agent, Jyll-eotr Baltimore. UTOPHAM'S KIT? PREMIUM TRUNK 9llu MANUFACTORY, 499 Sevksth bt*kkt, Wamiixotoh, D. C. Silver Medal awarded hy Maryland Institute ol Baltimore, November 7,1RG0 Aleo, Medal br Me'ropolitsjj Mectaai ios'Institute, Washington, D C., 1857. I am constantly making, and always have on hand, of the beat material, every description of Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladtet' Dreee, Wood Box, and Paoktn* Trunks, Pellisier. Carpet, and Canvas Traveling Baca, School Satchels, Ac. At Lot* Prte*s. Members of Congress and travelers will pl?as( examine my stock before purchasing else w her* Trunks that are made in o:her oities. Superior Leather and Ureas Trunks made U order. >? ' - - iiuhu guniru uiu repaired at (tlOrt notice. Gooda delivered free or oharca to anytpart of tlx ity, Georcetown, and Alexandria. ja?-lyeo JAME? 8.TOPHVM. CLARENDON HOTEL Rfctt I AlKAM'. BENJAMIN HOBU8 t>? leave ^ to iDlom hie fr.entls and the pir /.J general 7 that h? haa taken ar.d fitted VALJI p in a auperiur mann-r the Reataa- ^5W rant at the aoutbeaat onrnar of ann. avenue and Hixtii atreet He vill at all t.itira b prepared to aerve al who may favor him with ? akirTwi ' ' " cairTwith the beat WINES, LIQUORS and OS QAks.aa well aa OYSTERS OA ME a .1 othe dehoaeiea of the aeafcon. fe 4-lm CI ONE PKICR ONLY I CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " D Strut, B*tw**? 9tk ?d Wtk Strtttt, Wo have iuat finished a number of first olaea CARRIAGES, luoh as Li'kt fmncy Wat on t, Park Fkeaton:, Famxl* Car rt??ii and Butties, winch we will sell a a rerr final: profit. Betaz praotio&l meohanica in different branohea of the buaineea, we flatter ouraelvea that we ktow BatylM and a nahty of work that will rive aatta tioc, oombiainf Ughtneaa, oomfort and duraUli Revairinc promptly and oarefnlly attended to the anortciit and moat reaaonabie oharcea, WALTER, KARMANN * BOPP, Coaehmakera, aacceaaora toWn T. HmV M TT-dly T CAR RI ASK?. HE Scbsoriber hariai mace additienato hi factory, making it now one of the largeeta^BBuBL in the District, where hia faoilitiee forwKA@[ maontactnrine CARRIAGE A WAGONS or all kinda oannot be snryaised, and from hi long experience in the baameas, kt toyt to tire geneni eatisfao'tion. All kinds of Carriagea and Ligkt kept kici A.! *ErAIR0eeatlrd*aa,aidallerd?nipr*Mvt It attended to, StMi^-kui Carriage* token is Mahacg e fer Mf let. AKDKKW J. JOYCE, 4 to-tf rser mt Utk aad K rfto. Wood and Coal. gaITts' (ITT STEAfl FIREWOOD DILLS m COAL DEPOT, Foot of Ssvbntkknth Strekt. Below War Department. JCT WOOD AND COAL of all Kind*. Wood prcparra 10 ruu me wants or each customer, or de livered oord length.

ict Coal kept in Coal Hovfet, delivered free from slate, dirt, and other impuutie*. Personal attontion given to all order*. fe 15-tf T. J. a W. m. g \ l.T. * Birds, birds for sale.-i ^ve just r? cei?ed a splendid assortment of Birds froin,-*^. F.urope,< fGerman Cana ics, English backitjc Birds, Thrushes, Bull Finohes.Gold Pinches, l.t cets, t*ky Larks, Yellow Hammers. I have Pa."oqu?st?, Java S?arrows, Starlens, the Red momw parrot ani green and grey. 1 have mok ing Birds. rrd Wing Black Birds, red Birds, Doves, and Bobolinks; a)* > Trained ''ir?ls. Pnoe 26 cents to 3>' Cages o' all kinds f om 10 oent? to JOHN O'MEARA'S Bird Store, No .'>6(j f'a. avenue, at the Capitol eats. fe9-lm FIREMEN'S insurance company or washington and GEORGETOWN. Capital .1*00,000. r C street and Louisiana nr., over Bank of Washington. insure houses ANDOTHER PROPERTY AI>A1H9T LOSS BY FIRE. DntcTOU. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Rjjdfern, Samuel Oropler, William Wilson, Richard Joum, John I) Barclay. Jaaob Gideon, Andrew Rothweli, Taos. Parker, Kiahard Barry, B. B. trench. No charge for Policies. JAM MS ADAMS, President. Abkl G. Davis,Secretary. oo lO-eoOm A YER'S COMPOUND EXTRACT SARSA iY PAR1LLA. No oce remedv is more needed in thisoountry thina rel ab'e Alt'ratir*, Imt the rick ha'e t een o outrareoimly cheated l?y the worthless prepara Uo:iso' Sas*parii!&abroad, that they aredmsusted eren witnthera e. Yet thedra* cannot be h amed for the impositions from whioli the* have rutfsred. Moat of the ?o called Sar apartllas in market con tain little of the virtues of t-'arsaparilla or any thing else. They are mere elops? inert and worth less, whi e a oor-centrat e? extract of the motive va riety ot*4ar?apar!l!a compounded with Dock, Stii lingis, Iodine, e?c., is, a* it ever will be, a power ful alterative and an eff?o'ual r?m^dy. Such is Ayer'a Kit'act of Saisaparilia.a* its truly won 'er ful cure? o! the great variety of oomplainW which require an alterative medicine, lave abundant!* nown. uo not therefore, discard this irvaljaMe medicne. lietaufe you have been imposed upon by < mechinr pre ending to he Sarsapanlla. while it ?m cot. \\'hon j?u h*ve n??l jivm'd-ihfn and not till then, will you know the virtues of >-ama panila. t or minute parttoular < ol the disease* it curer, we trier y?n to Ayer's American Almanac, which the a?ei.t t>"low r.amed wi.l furbish gmtis to a 1 who cali for it Aysr's Cath#rtu- Pitu*, for the cure of Con tirenesa, Jaundice, Dyip'ptia, I mitt- ftion, Dysm fry. Foul Stomach. Erysipelas, firadarke, Pilrs. Kh'umatittn. i^nrtburn, arisinr fro-n DisorderM StomafH, Pain, or Morbid Inaction of the Botreh, F<atut-nry. Lot* of Appetite, Liver Complaint, Dropsy. Worms, Oirut, Neuralgia, as a Dinner Fill, ?.?</ for Pur ftying the Blood The? are Migir coat.d, so that the most sensi tive can take them plcasant'y, and they are the heat Aperie> t in the w. rid for ah the purposes of a family phisio. Fuck Zi cents pkr Box ; Fivk Boxb* fob 91. Uo not be put eff by unprmo'p'ed dealers with other preparations wlrch they mike more profit on. Uemaml Aykr's. and take no others. The sick want the b;si aid there is for them, and they should have it. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYKR & CO., Lowe'l, Mass . and sold by Druggists and dealers every where. fe >8 eolm THE OffLY PREPARATION WOBTHT OF UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE * PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN. LADIES. and GENTLEMEN in ail parts of the world testify to the efficacy of PROF. 0. J WOOD S HAIR RESTORATIVE, and gentlemen of the Press are unanimous in its praise. A few testimonials only can be here given seeei'oular for more, and it will be impossible for you to doubt. 47 Wall Stkkkt, Niw Yoki, D*c. an 18-58. Gentltmrn: Your note of the 15th mutant has been reoeived, saying that tou had heard that 1 had been benefited bv the use of Wood's Hair Re storative, an < requesting my certificate of the fact if I had no objection to give it. I award it to jou obee fully, because I think it due. My age is about 50 years ; the ooior of my hair unburn, and inclined to curl. 8<?me five or six years since it began to turn gray, and the coa p on the crown of my head to lose its sensibi ity ami landruS to form upon it. Kaoh of thesedisagree abihties increased witn time, and about 4 months since a fourth was added t them. by hair failing off the top of my head and threatening to make me bald. In this unpleasant predicament I was induced to try Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the falling off of in* hair, for 1 had really no expecta tion that gray nairoonld ever be restored to its original oo'or except from dyes. I was, however, greatly surprised to find, after the use of two bot utvomy, mm n"i on v was me ia ling on arresteo. but the oHor *ai restored to the gray hairs and sensibility to the soalp and dandruff cased to form on my head, very much to the gratification of my wife, at whose solicitation I was induced to try it For this, among the mary obligations i owe to har sex, I strongly recommend all husbands who vaiue the adnurati"n of their wives to profit by iny example, and use it if growing gray orgettin; baa. Very respectfully. Bkx. A. Lavxxdkb. To O. J. wood & Co.. 414 Broad way, N. V. My family are absent from the oity, and I am no longer at No. 11 Carrol Piaoe. Siamsto*, Ala-, July 20,18S9. i To Ploy. O J. Wooc: Dtar Sir?Your "Hair R??torative" has done my hair so much good sinoe I oommeooed the use of it, that I wiah to make kuown to the public of its ?ff acts onthe hair, whicn r are A man or woman mar benearly deprived of hair, and by a resort to your "Hair R,-?torati<e" .WAKaiP?.il I + H? i *1 -a. rue lioo win iqiuiu ui'Jio urtkuuitti indo over J Mil tin* is my experience. Beii^ve it all Your* trulr, Wm. H. Kknkdy P. S.?You can publish the above if you like By publishing in onr Southern papers y?u will get m >re patronage South. I aee several of jour cer tificates in the Mobile Meroury, a strong South, rn paper. W. hTkbnkdt. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. Pkof. O J. VVood: Dear Sir: Haviog had the misfortune to lose the best portion of my hair, from the effeoU of the yel.ow fever, in New Orreans in 1&51,1 was induoed to make a trial oi your prepara tion. and found it to answer as the very thing needed. My hair is now thiok and glossy., and no words oan express my obligations to you in giving to tke afflicted suck a treasure FiffLKY Johssok. The Restorative is put up in bottles of three sixes, is: large, medium and sina'l: the small hold half . a pun. and retail* for on# dollar per bottle; the me dium holds at least SO per oent more in proportion than the mall, retails for two dollars p?r bottle; the large holds as uart, 40 per oent more in propor tion, and retails for ?3 O. J. WOOD A CO., Proprietors, 444 Broad | way, New York, and 114 Market street, ?t. Louis Bold ia this otj by C. 8TOTT, ST ft Pa. avenue. au H eolyqUw ' C^RENCH PLOWKRSQP THE VERY BEST ? y, mm,5S^8xeVejJ|'S _ Fan or ftm,m aoM t hatw.9th and loth st*. DRBT FANCY BOODH, _ O AT PRICES r TO SUIT THE TIMES, CLOTHING, kc. |\J MERCHANT TAlLORiyU, IlEW FALL STVLBS or CLQTH8. CA89I MERS.aNU VKST1NGS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 39S PmujtIti nift Averue, hare jn?t received a larie variet* ol new Fall wmoh they invite the attrition of their friends and ountnmer*. ?u y>-tf /GENTLEMEN'S VI RE\DY-MADE CLOTHING. Our preaent aaaortment of GENTLEMEN'S READY-MADE CLOTHING ?ffera to oiUaou and atraoxera wiahinic an immediate oat fit ante rior inducement*, embracing at this time, all at?lea and aualitiea of Dreaa and Baaineaa Gar menta and Overooata in all vari'tiea. Fine Shirta ana Uader-olothing ot all kicda. Rid and other Glovea of beat ?ua lty. Scarfa, Tiea, Cravata. Sto?k?, Hoaiery. Ac.. Ao. Ail of wbieh we are offering at <-ur uauai low prioea. Clothing made to order in th? moat anaenor manner. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. no 16-tf 322 Pa. f ,2 O TO TH E PEOPLES'Ci OTHING STORE, "I No. 46fl Seventh at., to aet to?r CLOTH INO, FURNISHING GOOl>S. HATS and CAP*. _ fe2 6w_ W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Innte our cuatomera,and oltisena ceneral ly. to an mapeo'ion of oar preaent new. *t tractive, and elegant aasortmrnt of^BS PI HTIU n ft ooi af i_t? ??o -- M v/uv i sio> vnociiti c?n r.r*. uv/Pi?l\iniJ5| VfcSTINGP, ovkrcoatinss, *o. which we wilt make to order in superior' stjie at very iow price*. WALL, 9TEPHF.N5 A CO., oe 25 tf *9'J Pa. ?t., betw. 9th and l?th ?t*. Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AM) BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY t? tk* WORLD, aud tiie most Dkliciocb and DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL 1EVER TAKEN. It i* tlrtctto ?' n'.ile ud ftpu kit Ompoand, rf t?r?d by th? dittilU UMi *f raoii, . ?rb?, ?.,d berkt Y*Uow Black Root, Ca rmnpa- rft . ? pjflBV nllt, Wild Charrj fijPjB Bark, and Dandohoa liMI? omara into iu com- By} [W . Tht utirt HH z ^ y r*ii>odial priccipla ^ - CXXKmf of oaeh mf rodioni u Before taJongi^^^Vf^1" tflkin? ditulliuf, prodacia* * daiicioaa, fihilaraunf optrii, and U? nMl iafaliiblt rrmoly for ronovtliug >h< d:aaaaad ' tarr, and rti'.orinf tho al.k, aaffarinf, aud dobiliutod laralld to fctalth and airtuflfc, McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will efactaall; c?ra L.??r Complaint,, Jaan dita, Chroaie or I*?r?e?a Dobility, Diataaoa of lh? Bidntya, and all diaaaata anairj from a d:a?rdarod Lirar or Btomach, Dyapopan, Haartoan., Inward Pilaa, Acidtir or Bicknooo tt ha lorr'.cfc, Fell.oaa of Blcod to tho M?a4, Dali Pain Of vimriinf in tha Haad, Palpiruion ot tha Ham, Falintoa of Waif hi In lb? Btoraath, tocr Eractuiona, Cbokir.f of ifK aunf faal:nf ?htn down, Dryoaaa or Yai.oW uaaa of ina Bktu and Kyca, !*ij>t Ifiau, Inward Fa?ara, Pain in tht Small of tht Back, CMot, or Bido, Baodaa luko. ./ ..< - r* m imwuww wi ? *?! vi ?(?iiic?( * ri|ou*i i/rvtri<( L*nfaar, Dupacianey at ifc? i.arraM d:sa*M, Ittn > Biaic'.a* m ma Iklii ui >' * ! ul ini (<r CblU u4 Ftfll.) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES kin kaan Mid daring lha ill sntki, *ud la na ts ujici hu ufailad in firinf atura a'-oafacuati. WU. ttaa, wil) ??f?r frawi Wratuaaa or Dability whan M< L?ill'l rrRtnaWESlHfl CORDIAL will car* 1 Ma langvafi eaa < ?? 7 an rda<]Baia idaa af tba IrrreaJI ?U &:>d aln>?at icjraea)aa? cbanfa ptadacad by taking tbla Card'tl U tba d'.aaaaad, dabtiiUtad, and abauarad rar*a?a ayatara, wbatbcr brakan dawn by ateaaa. ? by diIvi, a? l?y?Jrad by atakoaaa, tba rclaxad and ar ?;rai?f uful iilau It lattarad ta iu priailt.* haalib uid ?!? * MARRIED PERSONSi at avttra, aauaciaa* af inability tram vbatavai Ulti, will ad McLCADI aTKKHtiTICNLM? COKOlAb a tfa taafb rtfautraiat af tba lyatara; and all vha mar hara in farad tbanaalraa by tupraaar indaif meat will lad la Uia Cardial a aaruto and rpaaiy raiaady. TO THE LADIES. McklAHl mLXIieraiCRllliiCOaDIAkU a *a?.r tfo ud apaady e?ra far laciplant Canaareptiao, Wbitta, Oattractad ar Dilcill MaortrsaUaa.l ncantinanca af On.ia ar loralactary Diacharra ibrraaf, Failing af tha Womb, iddinaaa, Fainting, and all dtaaaara incidatit ta Famt la*. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afrr oa 1 angar. Tiki It accardmg ta diractiaoa. It will atiraaiata, trangthan, and tarigorata } * and caaaa tt>* blaau af naaltb ta maant yav thaak agaui. Evaiy baula ta varrastad ta fr? i t i' ? FOR CHILDREN ii rtn cr.iiaran *rt (icaiy, p?i F ar ?HCDO. mikt All CORDIAL will m*kt Ultra btaltLf, fat, ud nLn: f'aUy Bat a nitratnt; Uj it, aud yaa will ka ca-i?iotad. It U da Uctaaa tataka. CA XTTIOK. Bavart af drBfftaU tr dtntri wha may try t* pain ipM jti aamt bittar ar uiuptrill* traab, which ihay can bay hasp, by t?.?inf it itlaat a? food. A>?id inch did. Aak far McLKAll'l VTRCMOTHENINu CORDIAL, ud taka n?chirf tlit. It it tha wily rantdy that will rtrify tht Blaad tbarasftilr and at tht n? urnt atranfUian tht tyattm. Oct uupMofil Uktu trtry inaming faaOnf it a etruun fitilnUft far Chaltra, Chilli aud F#??, Ttllaw Fttar, ar tor praralant ditaaaa. It it pat ap 1b larft bnttltt. Prict arily ? par battla, ar ? bauitt far #8 J. H Mi I,KAN. all puprtatar af tbia Cardial; aiaa, MeLau't Volcanic Oil bitimtdt. Prncipal Da pot an tut ceratr tf Third ud flat ttrttu, ?i Lout, Ma. MoLe&n's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIC SUT LIH1MEKT IH TIE WORLP ) Tht only ttft ud ctrtaio cut for Canctri, Piltt, Tm an, Bwtliltift and Brenchila ar Coitra, Para'"an, Nta ralfia, Waaknattaf tht Muaclai, Chrtr ic or ln.**mmv.ory Rhtucititni, Bufmia af tht Jainta, Cootractad Blotcltt ar Lifaoianta, Karasht arTeothaeht, Braittt, Bprmini, Prttb r*-!. w m_ m-.? p * v. ? V/Bia. n tauiu, wivvrt, * "WH, UtllQ DflMI, SOFA Nipplaa, Baroa, tea 14a, <?n Throat, or any iniammation ar Cm, Da diffaranea haw anara ar lanr tha diaaaaa mil ? aitatad. McLEANI CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia a eartaia ramady. Tboatanda af ham&n batafa Kara baan aarad a Ufa af dla arapitada acd miaary by tha aaa afthia iavalaabla ramady. McI.EAIfS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raliara pan. alraaat inatanta.naaaaly, and it will claan, panfy and haal tha (aalaat aoraa ia an wcraditla abort uaa. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEANY CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia lb a only aafe and raliabla ramad* for tba eara af Spavin, Rn.rbooa, Windfalla, Splinta, Cnnataral Lair pa, Nodaa ar Swaliu ra. It naaar failad to cara Big Haad, Pallanl, Piatala, tfld Ramir.f Boraa, ar Iwaany, if proparly appliad. far praina, Braiaaa, Bcratcbaa, Crackad Haala, Cfcafu, Saddle ar Ollar Gal la, Cata, Soraa, ar Woanda, it ia an lofailibia remedy. Apply it aa diraciad and a eara ia eartata la every taatacea. Than trtta na lanfar with tba many w?rthlaaa LtoimaoT* aftrad ta yoa. Obtain a atppl; af D*. MCLEAN'S CELE BRATED LINIMENT. U will cara ra?. J. H. McLEAN, Ma Proprietor, Third and Pine aw., St. Loan, Ma. CN_ARLEB_anrOTT,_tT? Pa. a*., aaia afant in Waahiac t*n ; K. a. T. 1,130 NO IfJIARGEJ FUR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH. METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE, PHI LP A 8OLOMON8, Arenti for Lawtnct t tfUbrMd Ltnm P?r?r?. Mttropo'ittm MtlU," #*., *?. ae V ly 334 Pa. * .. b#C 9t? and loth eta. 186! 1861 Comment* the 1 Mr ttnth a Diary. A valuable Pocket Companion for rrgiatermi events past. p'eacnt, and future; 0"utaimi:ft,ratca of poetage, almanac, a blank apao f >r mem randa for every day in the year, cash account lor each month, annual aummary of eaah aooount bt>t?t payable and receivable. Don't he without one < ? thoee uaeful little eouvenira The mont ermplote, eleeant. and deauableatiFortinentever ??ued,?f>m priaiug twelve bizea ami upward* of ftfty ttylee, at SHlLUNGToN'S .ionkatore, Odeon Uundiiie, corner of;?>? >treat and . da 20 Penn avenue. WATCH .BPA.R.NO AN^ILVER WARE I hare on* of tha baat eatabliiihmeiita. and fur niahed with a oomalate aet or tool* for repair Jv ibk every deeoriction of 6na Wal?M?, and #JW particular attention give to th? nun*, by s^Ul thorouch competent workman,ai,<l a. work tuar*!i tied Alfo.evary deacnp ion of atsmlard Ml.Y J.R WARE, plain and ornamental, mauufactu-ad aud^r Cm own auperviaioa, which m> < uft?>ir?or? will find aapenor in Quality and finish to ncrtiiera war* m>.(1 to daalera m genera! aad repraaeated M Uteir own manufacture. H. O HOOD. aa6 Ha* Pa. car 9th at SCHOOL AND COLLKGfc OUTFIT*. ruths' and Boys' Clothing for School mud Dross Wemr. glrafartSttSBS^<2R?CB for the eomiug aaiaon, ara invited to examine oar nmaata tritli "run deaorip Gartoer'f. m iacbatactial ar<d ftai TUB WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Vku UMUwl Ftatly u4 I quaint ? (rMtn r%ntj of uas ocr. t? oumA Ik au Friday noraiac. lUHI-Owi Sinct* oofj, pm Annan PIT* OOf in __ . Tm oopi?a oirevMM Mkftlit IWa ?? ? ? * copies < IB > mm to piwui at ttooonntor. y after Mm iMit of U? papar. Priaa?THREE CENTS TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. CHANGE OF HOVtS. On and titer "I ' ll r Ml I mill Mil ! *.?* trains Will run aa foil ova: leave washington: rat train at ?Jn ?. m. Tmitkt1#k.a. train at Lit p. m., E Jtpreea. rth trtin ?t ( ? m. LEAVE baltimore: Firat train at 414 a. m., Eipreea. 9ooooo train at IJi a. m. Third at S.W a m. Foarth at 4* p. ? Kiirin. The first, eeoond and third traina from Wwk incton ooiftioot tliroaitf o Philadelphia and New York. Ti.e aaoond and third oonnect at Waahinjtoa Juoption with train* for U*? Weet, South, aad Northwest; aleo. at Anoapolia JancUan. for Aa napolta. For Norfolk take the ? a. m. trai u. For th . ror the aooommooalK >n of the var traraJ hraaaWaahiriion and Laarel. a >aanatar will be attaohed to the leaaaie traia whioh tea On Saturday the UC p. m. train fftM to Phnadal - phi* BO ?-i T. H. PAR90N& A cent. DENTISTRY. DRS. I OCRWOODu* DARRKLL ARE PRE pared to insert TtTlTHon Vt'LCAM-^ 1Tb BASK, a new anl improve nxxle When irade oa this im; oom Portable to ww and much cheaper than any other. AIco. Te-th meet ted oa Gold Plate, and ail Dantat < ?peration? of any kind that may be deeirad Of fice Room No A. in the Waehingtoa Building.oor ner Pa ar. and Seventh at. ja ? 8m* M TEETH. LOUMI9, M. D.. the inventor and pa testae oftha MINERAL PLATE TRETB. at tenda peraonauy at hia o?oe inthicoityj Many peraona can wear theee teeth who oannot vear other*. and no peraon oan wear othere who oannot wear theee. peraona calling at my offoeoan be aocommodatad With an? atyle ai<d prioe of Teeth they may daeir*-. but to thoae who are particular and wiah (he pureet. oieanent, atronceat. and moat perfect dentare that art oan prodaee. the MINERAL PIRATE will be more fully warranted. foomi m thia city- No. 339 Pa aveo .between and 10th aU. Alao, 90) Aroh treet. PhflLdet phia. a oc U-tf nnrrn a ma AJLj. T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent' who wi?l? their duiihtfrs to re ceive a tbornggn Mid M?t^ni?tic edaoation. where tueirphfMcal training will reoeive daiit and crecis attention, und?r the igoat approved *j tem of Calif tft*nic* and GymnaaUcc, are reepeotfully invited n visit the Union Female Academy, corner Four teenth st. and New York av. MR. 4 MR?. Z. RICHARD#, auSD-tf Hrincipala_ 1 FEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL ' ALEXANDRIA. TA. Mrs. 8. J. McCORMICK, PainctPaL. The thirteenth annual MMion of t/iia Institution WiU?onimenoeon Tuerday, September 18th, in the * idse recently occupied by Sylvester Scott, Es*., o. 1*?0 Kin* street. The conrae of stndy pursued will ootuprieeaJI oathorouch F.ngltah Kda the hranchee requisite to oatu deai cation, and Mono, French, l*atin and Draw inf. i! In addition to day ? Solar*. Mm. MeCormiok hi prepared to receive a limited number of pupil* a* boarders, who. constituting a part of her own fcwn ily, will rte orxier her immediate oare and auj>ern aion. ?be will endeavor, aa lar * pusviMe. to ?ur round tnera with U?e comfort* and kiodl? lnAoeceea of Home. Rifrrtntt*.?Rev.Geo H. Nortotj. Rev. Dr. Km larriaon. Rev. D. K. S*pricf, \\ liTiatn p. Fowie. "".dear Snowuen, fcae.. Edmund t W itmer lenry Marl'CM, Km-. i?ewm MoKena e .^otiert M. Hbaton, K*^ . W. I) \\ allaoh ' Kveniii* War, Benjamin Wa?era. ale, Jr.,Eea.,CoL. John W.Minor, Lomoid a. A.aoklock k. Marshall, Meaara Car Tcura. Uurd, with Tuition in all the F.n* liah Braueltaa, #3m for the aniiual session? payaUe aeou -aaauaiiy. in advanoe. M usio and Laognagea at Frofeatora* prioea. 1Z7~ No extra charge*. an Jf> H Cmr* Cotttk. Cold, H?rsw. lm /hunt* nnt Jrruatitm mr Sera flftf ?/ t k* H*:ktn* Ctmgh m (oumv !???, Bromrkilif, A hmn, 4" Catarrh, Clear and girt strength lu the rotre qf UBLIC SPEAKERS and SINGERS. Few are a war* of the importance of eheocint * Couch or ' Common Cold" in ite fcret ??*e, tuat wiuoh in the begininc wnuid rield to a iniia rente dr. if neKleotod. soon attnoka the Lunie. "Buncn't Bronf.kiaX Trochtr." cumt&iai-nc cen>uioentingred> <inU, aiiar Pulmonary and ttionehial Irritation. "Tha? troahle in nr ThroH. (for BROWN'S whioh the "Trochet" are a apeoitio) harmr made me often a mere whie TROCHES perar* N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S thmr " * to PCBL,C TROCHE? REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great aemoa in tibduirn Hoa??1 BROWN'S wi**." REV. DANIEL WlaE. TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHbP BROWN'S! TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'P TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES iimoii insiam re.ier in tue die trecMing labor of breathing to Asthma." REV. A. C. EG6LESTON. . " Coatain no Opiam or anrtbios injonou*.' DR. A. A HA * ES, CktmiM, Baton, . _ - .. . MWMt oombina tiOD for u?r9Hi, DR. d 1 A ?imj>> and fie SHI, kc F. BISELOW. mm " Beneficial in Bkoncbitis." DR. J. F. W. LANK. f I have proved them exoellent for Waorrma Cocas." REV. H. W. WARREN. ?n(m. " Beneficial when oo*r?iled to peak, suffer in* from Golb.' REV. R. J. P. ANDERSON. St. Lvmit. " EffsctvaL in removing Hoarse neu and Irritation of tbe Throat, an common with brmiu and Sim Prof. M.STACY JOHNSON. Lm Ormmtt, (it. Teacher of Muno Southern Female Collate. ' Great benefit when taken before BROWN'S HotrwneM. From thfir put efeet. I think they will be of TROCHES Tuiuiton*. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S Pmidrat of AUwm Coil?f?, T?go. TROCBB8 4?Ily rpHE ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIESEMAR.1J and ?-Proteeted by Rota! Letter* Patent ?H Eoilarjd. and ?ecurecf by the i?ea!i of the Koola dc PUrmwi? de Pitta, and the Imperial College of Mediaiae. Vje&aa. No. 1 is invariable for exhanetion ud g>torrbw, and alt phyaioal dieabilttiee. No. 2 completely eradioatee all trMM of Um* dimiM that have bm hitberto treated by Um mi - KMiaaaad part ch>?i ?m of on?ai*a and eabebe. No. 3 ha? entire!j u^laotM tie mjirioii see of meroury. thereby inaaring to the lutrar wmmmf relief, dmp?rain* all lmMntSee. and root lac mm 1 't R^?*V"vtA R**No^ 1, J and S. are prepared: the form of a '.oiecfe. devoid of taate ai4 Bate and oan be earned to Uie vaietooat pocket in Ur oa?ee. a?d divided into aeparate doeee, ai mi metered by Veaeaa. I.aJlemand, Roar, Ric Sto. Pnoa #3 each, or l<wf nm for ff. nwk HVM MX and in #*T o?im,whereb? t*?ra ia im i nc of #9. To ba h%d. w holeaala and rata'l. of Dr. uARROW, of 194 B1 pwkw rtiMt. Nt* Vurk. immadiat^Y onrwMTtti a remittance. pr. Barrow will forward tb? Trieaemar to an* part af tha war*f, eaoiirely packed, and addraaea*. according to the ia it noti na of the writer. 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