Newspaper of Evening Star, March 7, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 7, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS L"/ Though Tub Stab la printed on toe fastest vwau. prrsa ;n a?r south of Baltimore, Its edition 1? ? > l:rx? u to require It to be pat to press at an eorly hoar; Adver;l?*Tnenta, therefore, aboald be ?nt In b"fcr?- I > o'clock m.; stherwlse they may not appear natll the next day. Notice.?District of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted In the Daltmou 8xj? are received ?i ana lorwnmea from Tri ?ta* Offlce. t>ui!iADi?To-night oar citizen*, without re aped to party, inert at the City Hall at 9 o'clock, frrm whence they Intend to proceed to the real dence of Hon John J Crittenden, for the purpose ?f teader ng him a serenade, aa a mark of their appreciation of hla effort* to preaerve th^L'nlon. Tri Ohio \yt> California Dilisatioms xakb rvi Call* ?Ye*terdav afternoon the Ohio dete ction n.el at Wiliards' Hotel at 4 o'clock, from whence they marched in double file, under the direction of Gen. Mui*ff, to the Executive Man ton. for the purpoae of paying their reapecta to tb?- Prealdent On arriving at the White House they were *tationed along the ea*t aide of the Eaat nnom, wnrr? inr? were soon joined uy non .vr. Corwln A large allegation waa also present from Baltimore, who were ranged In line with that of Ohio Mr. Lincoln M>on entered the room, and without making a formal addreaa, In a few worda welcomed then) to Washington. The delegation Mr<re then individually Introduced to Mr. Lin cr!?; after which, the Baltimore delegation were *ntr??diiced by Mr. Devine, of Georgetown. The Ohio delegation then proceeded to the Rugby llous-, and called out Got. Chase, who, etepping out upon the piazza, (aid : I am very much Indebted to you. my friendi. for your congratulation upon a subject which, I must aay, was to me the moat painful trial of my life. 1 should very much have preferred, had It t>-en the will of the Chief whom you have placed In power, to continue In the service to which 1 Wi s callfd by the republicans of our own SUte. I need not say to you how much mere agreeable i; wouia nare oeen to me to naveluiimta tbe im plied obli^stlon under which I came to the people of our State, than to accept of any other service. Jlut you know when the time come*, in the course rf human events, when we mnat take oqr refuge In Abrahanvs bosom, [laughter.] we have noelec tion [Renewed laughter] Wherever the old Chief calif, we muat follow. Allow me to thank von for thia call, end to express to y?u the hope, which I unfalteringly entertain, that Ohl* will ever remain true to the cause of the Union and of tar Constitution. ["Good," and applause ] Let ine express the farther hope, tbat it may be in our power, by kindness, by conciliation,bv llrmnrss, to recall all those who have wandered from the fold of Union hack to it. [Applause ] I again return my thanks to you, gentlemen, f r this visit. caeers were men given lor ine union, ?nd three more for the President and Gov Chase, wbfn th?? detection moved off and called on Gen Scott. On srrivirg at his rwiui, corner of Sixth and D street*, the General came out upon the plat form and nddressed them a* follows: Fellow-Citizens rf Ohio .?God hles? Ohio and every other State of this Union. [Amen j Some of those State* we may have lost for a abort time, but 1 trust we thill win them bark, [applause,] and enfold tbTii all within the arm* of (hat Union which ha* given to u* so much honor and so much glory. But be that a* it may, whether tl.ev return to ua a* brothers or stand aloof as strangers, I thank God that we yet have left to us a great and a glorious Union. [Applause ] I thank God that we have vet a Government [''Yes," and applause I A short time a?o we were threatened with the destruction of the Federal Government, but I thank God that on Monday of this week a ne* President of your choice was duly installed int-> (Hire, [ 'It wouldn't bave been sj if it had not bren for you "'] and 1 believe that that Pre*! dent it ? tuated with the best intentions, gifted with sutfl-ient ability and wiidom, ant tilled witb a lively and ardent desire to do all in bis power to reunite the members of this treat Ke jmbilc, or at least to cont ibute to the glory, pros perity. ai:d happiness of the States that remain with us. [Applause ] I have long since ceased to be a politician, and am now singly and only a Union inaa, a so dier. and, I trust, a patriot. r-'You are, indeed!"] Fifty odd years of my life 1 have devoted to the service of my country, and I hope tbit I have been a faithful servant. ["You have!"] I do not desire to survive the Union. I mean to d:e by it. [Applause, and "That's where we will all die;"J No reward on this earth is so gratifying .to an old soldier as the ap probation of his countrymen. '.Vheu I look upon your faces, and hear your voices, your cheers, 1 feel that 1 have that reward [Applause ] The party then, after giving three cheers for Ueu i*cou. tare* for tee L nlou, and mn indefinite number for everybody eise, proceeded to call on Vice President llamlin At 4jt p m , tbe California delegation called in a body, 144 strong, upon President Llnceln. Messrs Kabe, Eugene Sullivan and Leland San ford, acting as a committee on tbe part of the del egation, introduced tbem to tbe President, by whom thev were received with great cordiality. Tbe President m.-de no speech The delegation tnrn proceeded to the mansion of Senator Latham, wUo invited tbem Into his house, and set forth toe California vlstage, in which himself and lady were heartily pledged by the delegation. Mr Latham afi?rw*id?made astirriag Union speech, In which be said that he had predicted In tbe be t : ?m i ? t i !._* i i / i ? giHUjiigui tuc national iruumes iuat uamornia would ^>) out of the Union. In this he bad made it mistake, which he had been happy to correct in the Senate since He wu rejoiced to see the Union spirit so unanimous there, and should not fait, so soon as his duties were concluded here, to use all bis efforts to the end of keeping her true to the Uniou. He should, when be arrived tbere, take tLe stump for the Union. It ia manifestly her true Interest, and her people understand It, too. to remain in the Union so long as tbere ia a tar or a stripe left Mr l^atLam was vociferously applauded, end concluded his remarks by expressing a hope that every, man of the delegation would get an office. FrOoi h?-re the delegation proceeded to the house of Seuator L'Jiker, wUo received tbem handsomely, but made no remarks They then left, and pro ceeded to call upon Vice President ilawlin and Senator Johnson Tbe Ohio aud California delegation* meeting at the Washington House at tbe ume time, a committee wai appointed to wait upon Mr. Ham lin to acquaint bun with the object of their visit. Mr. Hamlin topping oat upon tbe platform, My friend*: We present an illustration of that old aiiom, thit extremes often m>-et. I represent the eastern Mate of Maine, some of you tbe distant Plcllc coasts, while others from the banks of the Mississippi represent the old Buckeye State [Cheers.J I most heartily thank you for calling upon me. 1 trust you will excuse me from ad d'essing you, as my health will not permit it It would afford me Krra* pleasure to make a few farther remarks, if my health would allow, but 1 must be brief. I thank you for this visit, and wish you a happy return to your homes, with warm heart* and reidy bands to rally and to do. If need be, for the Ual> n (Cheers ] Tbe assemblage then crossed the street to call on Senator Johnson, of Tennessee, but as that vpnttrman w: s not in his room, with three more cneers for "Johnson" the party broke up. Alkxahdki* Misiciml Ei.*ct:ox ?The fol lowing is tbe result of the election for municipal ot&ccrs in Alexandria on Tuesday: Maj. Mayor, Win. B Price 911 Auditor, James A. English 1(JC Attorney, ?>*vid L Saioot 910 Puperiatendent of Gas, Tbos W. Smith... 141 S.ipt ?f Police, James Fadeley 474 Chief Englueer fire departm't, J. L Smith 850 Cfatrk of Market, T W hitting ton M7 Msaturer of wood and bark, J. P. Coleman 963 Ganger. 8 R Shinn 903 Collector of Taxes First and Fourth Wards, Wesley Avery 960 Collector of Taxes Second and Third Wards, John A. Field 1,010 Surveyor, C S Hallowell 678 Measurers of Lumber, W. H McK night... M7 W K Howard 94? Scattering 9. Assessors, P. G. Henderson 907 H. L Monroe oji Scattering 02 City Cimttl* ? Aldermen, BenJ Barton, O. H. Marshall, John T Armstrong, W J. Booth, E. F Whltmer Common Council, Lewis McKen ite, L 8 Jsmlenon, W A. Harper, Thornton Trlplott, G T W hilling ton. F W . A?hlry, Jss. S HiUowell, C. W Alexander, H C Dorsey, A. Jamieooo, Allen C. Harmon, R. H. Miller, Hnr t>:io?r4*n, jr , and J W . Atkinson rMi election apeaka well for the Union senti ment of Alexandria, and la an evidence of ber drtrrmtnation to ft&nd by the Constitution and the Union Tax Drrxxx k Gains Mi.xitsil Tbocpx con with unabated aucceaa to tickle the fancies and the ntlblo of the crowd* who visit them nl<tatlf It la a capital company Indeed, large In diimOm, u4 Immtnif In talent Tbe perform ances rjb of with culminating Interest to the end of the programme, and end in a blase of glory with tbe afterpiece, wblcb la always a bit of tbs moat undiluted fun. Green's "cheek perform ances" alone are worth the pries of admission. Tibatis ?Whoever lias read Charles Reade's remarkable novel from which (his couedf ta an adnptlM, wUi be apt to go to-night U see "Maska aud-FMM." with the charming MtasGougeahelm as " Peg WeAngtos " The audience, too, will u idoubtedly stsy and see Glenn ta his great Da'ch cbaraeter of "Van Spboff," one of the richest pieces of comic acting imaginable. j?rass. Ns 470 Ps. aveaoe. continues to draw crowds of eltiseas and strangers at s prodigious fca wsv Woks, plated ware, bracelets. m Scraivs Cocbt?Wrdnttdny.?Lorenio law yer. K?q , of Illinois. W in H Armstrong, Esq , f Pennsylvania. Andrew Lane. Esq , of Connec ticut, Clement W . Bennett and Henry L Knowles, K*, of New York, and Ge?>ree 8. Hale, Esq., of Masaschusetts. were admitted attorney! and coun sellors of this Court. No 197 The United States, appellants, agt. Jnmes Enrlght. Appeal from the district court v> ?; i nun ?mn tor in? norttiern district of California. On motion tit Mr. Attorney General Stanton, this appeal waa dismissed. No. *2*21. The United States. appellants, agt Mariano Castro. Appeal from tbe district court of the United States for the northern district of California. On motion of Mr. Attorney General Stanton, thta appeal waa dismissed No. 304. The United States, appellants, agt. Benjamin D Wilson, substituted for Juan Gallar do. Appeal from tbe dlatrlct court of the United States for tbe southern diatrlct of California. On motion of Mr. Attorney General Stanton, this ap peal waa dismissed. No. 99. Tbe City of Carondelet, plaintiff In error, agt. the City of St. Louis. The argument of thla cause waa commenced bv Mr. Hill for the plaintiff' in error, and coutiuued by Mr. Blair for the defendant In error. Mr Attorney Ueneral Stanton then addressed the Court aa follows: "Mav It please the Court, I hare the pleaaure of presenting the Hon. Edward Bates, who has been commissioned and qualifi-d aamy successor In the office of Attorney ueneral of the United States. In taking leave, air, of my official relation to thla Court, 1 beg to return my atncere thanks for the kindness and attention that have always been ex hibited towards me, and to express my profound respect for yourself. Mr. Chief Justice, and vour associates, and my earnest wish for the stability of this tribunal, and for the health and happiness of the Judges whose wisdom and learning adorn To which Mr. Chief Justice Taney replied: uThe Court thank you for the kind terms in which you have taken leave of them on your re tirement from office, and, In return, tender to yon personally the same kind wishes that you have been pleased tu express for them." NVbereupon^be Court ordered the commission appointing the Hon. Kdward Batea Attorney Gen er<il of the United Statea and the oath of office to bs read in open Court and ta De entered ou ita minutes. Adjourned. Polic* Mattkks ?Before Juttiet Donn?On Tuesday, Lewi* Hlgdonand Alex. Longdou were arrested by guardaman Macnemar. and charged with felonlouaiy entering the houae of Lewia Bcbrer.a and stealing a uniform coat and panta loon*, the property of Dehrena When diacovered by the guard, they had each a garment of the stolen suit upon them, and each accused the other of haying given htm the garment he wore They were both sent to jail to await the action of the grand jury. E. Lanaban. a lieutenant In our District military, and Frank Gauntler had a diffi culty on the avenue in the afternoon, and Gaunt l?r struck Lanaban, who drew bla aword and pursued (jauntier along the avenue till be waa arrested by the Auxiliary Guards Justice Donn, in view of the testimony, held both to security for npnra ma?io I? a - -*? ? ? ? * 1 r..wv. maim r Ai;r?, lire cuiurra, W!? ar rr?tod by policeman Lloyd for residing In this city without complying wl;b the city law. She wai fined 810 3S Geo. W. Bailey, of Virginia, wai arrested by officer Stanly, the private effl^er at Brown's Hotel, for disorderly conduct and drawings dagger upon a hackman. The weapon was taken possession of by the Justice, and Mr. Bailey was reauired to pay f2"i 94. Yesterday \vm. Dyson, col., profanity; ar rested by policeman Gill of the Seventh Ward, was fined S3 94. Wm. and Patrick Scanlon, boys, of Fighting alley, aged respectively twelve and fourteen years, were very drunk, and went about the streets attacking and beating rvury colored boy they met. They were arrested by citizens, and taken before Justice Donn, who sent them down to the workhouse for fit) days each. S C. H Boston was arrested by police man Ross for being drunk and dlaorderly; and wis also sent down for ."Mi ilsw Before Jmtie* Clark ?Alexander Crittenden, accused of profanity in the public streets; lined f'2.94 Francis Keen an, harkman, disorderly on the bark stand; fined ?3 06. John Moore, pro fanity in the public streets; fined 82 06. Criminal Cockt?To-day, Mr. Bradley, for defense, in the case cf the U. S agt. William H. Russell, called the attention of the Court to that case, and said the Court would recollect that at the last term the counsel for defense in the case bad put in a special plea of the act of Congress which provides that no man shall be tried for an offense concerning which he has been examined as a witness before a committee of Congress The counsel were now ready with the record of the proceedings of the House committee in the case of the abstracted bonds, showing what took place before that committee in reference to the matter at issue. The District Attorney objected to taking up the c?se, unless some member of the House committee were preaent In court. Things might have trans pired in the committer which might not have oeen placed upon the journal. r*iMumpnr^y Marshall, R. 3 Thompson, Davidije. Chilton k Magruder, other counsel for the defense, were In court, and urged that the case be brought up Mr Quid still objected that he thought it to be bis manifest duty to have some one of the com mittee in court who wis present at the time Mr. Russell was sworn. The Court a id that one thing ought to be done by the counsel before anything further was said. It ought to be ascertained definitely whether Mr Morris (the chairman of the committee, now in this city, who had been summoned by the defense) would consent to appear in court. The counsel fi>r the defense accordingly sent a new s'ibprna for hi in, and one was also sent, by the suggestion of the District Attorney, on the part of the United States No return had be?n made when our report lostd "Military ScA?*-Cmwj," a*d Military Cow-Scares ?The genius who corresnond*-' from Washington lor the Richmond Examin r, feels bad He saya the procession here on Mon day wis * i failure " "There were no military companies from a distance, and the only thorough ly drilled company of the city stayed at home? disgusted at the attempt to make their Captain engage to tight against bis native State of Mary land The few companies of Diatrlct Militia, marching badly and huddled up like wild geese, and two companies of Federal troopa, made np the military scare-crow to deter the sanguinary Virginians from their meditated assault upon bis Republican Majesty. Lincoln the First." We dare say our District militia won't take tbla assault so much at heart as to lay awake o'ulghta about it. Whether they march like geese or not Is a matter of taste, but they positively aver and declare that on no ocaaion have they been van quished?fey a tow' The thoroughly drilled and aisgosted company that ' stayed at home," will not probably thank the Exami*$r chap for bis discriminating notice. Visits to Sickktabt Holt ?On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania delegation, numbering about 4u0, m U DfX. irwii y nun Ml ^ 1 tc eipruB'on u> their high regard and appreciation of bit patriotic service rendered in tbe great crisis through which the country La? passed Mr. Holt, in an eloquent speech. welcomed tbem to bia residence, and re marked tbat when be entered on the du lea of the War Department It was too late to do much more than to pat a check upon the downward course wbich bad been previoualy pu sued He regarded the sect ssion from the Union of the Gulf States not unlike tbe case of a man who betook himieif to a cave, and resolved never to patronize tbe aun again because be perceived through a telescope a few small spots upon the face of that luminary. On the same day, a large delegation from Massa chusetts waited upon Mr. liolt, and on yesterday tbe Secretary received similar vialts from delega tions from Maine, Ohio, and Indiana. I.asd Wakkasts and Moskt?The business in land sale* of every description continues to be light. Little is doing among dealer* in land war rants. and tbe prices remain as last week For 16u to 80 acre warrants, 55 eta to purchase, 65 at ir; ?u a, ro,;ji per acre r.icuange uas oeen more lively than usual, probably from the amount of money of diatant SUIm brought Into tbe city by tbe visitors to Washington :?New York city, par; State, % per cent, discount; New Jersey, Delaware, Maaaacbuaetta, Kbode laland. 1; Penn sylvania and Louisiana, 3; Maryland, St te, 3#; Kentucky, 3; Obio, 4; Virginia and Indiana. 5; Tennessee and North Carolina,8: South Carolina, Missouri, Illinois and Michigan, 10; Baltimore city and District of Columbia, l# . Cbhtsal Guaedhocsi txstkbdat. ? Be/ort Juttie* Tkompion ?A. Jobnaon and John Car bery, d uuk and disorderly; workhouse <X> daya eacL Susan Mattingly, Frances Bover, and Ann Dove. do. do ; workbouse (Ml days.. Mary Donelly and J Singer, do. do ; lined 94 each To-day.?R. lletu, drunk and disorderly; aent to workhous* for 6u daya, in default of security and costs J. Keiaey, do; fined 94 II. C. Rogers, carrying a concealed deadly weapon about nis person; lined t'A H. Thi oeaxd concert and presentation of colon to Company A, Union Regiment, to-nlgbt, la an afftir that no on? will willingly omit aeeini;, in asmuch as tbe musical department, ftne as It Is to h*- has an auiiiiarv of no leas Interest tban a flsir presentation, la which the spokesmen are tbo eloquent Independent Jacksonian, Andrew John son, of Tea* , ud our owo fellow citizen. Gen. C*rr'.ngton, who can apeak to the purpose on oc ctalou. See the pWKMMM elan where. li m ifcft a Now, when everybody U suSertag from coughs, cr Ida, aitkiu, fce , ll tbe time to try Dr. Moore'* sa-jlll 1'iru droae. Tbelr etfact upon the throat And loage U meat beneficial, and with tbem no one need tear a long attack of any of these trouble seine alliaga. They *? pleasant to tbe taste, aad quick and effectual la their cure. Don't be with out them. If rou wish to eeeape the colds and coughs of March. _ 1 Fiaa Apikit.?Laat Bight, about 7 o'clock, the Are tons pules ware brought eat by a false alarm of Are, Stzblk's RuTilliiiT. Pmmflva.nta Av***e, No 5&2 ?Mr. Editor: We, recipient* of tb? hospitable attentions of "mine boat" of tbe above* named bouse, consider It onr duty Mn which we take great pleasure) to recommend the aforesaid es'abllshment to the patronage of tbe public. We MBM (a vaii 9 m+9-m ? nr^wm ",*k vu -W y v?i va*f) wnwgriB. QTCVir, WIIU UIB usual urbanity and obliging disposition, soon made us feel that we had friends in the Federal City. Although many miles from the Empire State, we felt at home at Steele's. Our boat ex hibited the disposition. In an eminent riegrie, to promote the comfort of bis gn?tta; this could be observed by hnlfan *jr?; as the untiring exertion* of our landlord and lady in oar behalf won from os our unqualified approbation Ilia bar coi<taln? tbe choicest liquors and Began; his larder la al way* supplied with tbe best that the market can afford; and everything ia "done up" in a atyle to be found only at Steele's. Thoae in attendance at tbe bar will pleaae accept our thanka for tbe gen tlemanly manner la which they endeavored to enhance our comfort. We cheerfully return our sincere thanks to friend Steele and lady for their many acta of kindneaa and attention to us, and aaaure tbem that we shall never forget the birds. oysters. tub, beef, veal, green peat,lamb, and his reehsrcbe way of serving them np. Everybody abould go to Steele's and taste tbe good things of It* B. S. B and Fiirast, of N. Y. Thr JoH.t Bitts mentioned In tbe watch-house report of yesterday, la sot tbe John 9. Betta who stands In the Columbian Market. J. S. B. Photosiams of tbe present Congreas ; also, all tbe promlnentmen of tbis country; for sale at Whlteburst's (iallery, 431 Pennsylvania avenue See likeness of Prince of Wales and suite. Also, photograph In oil and water. Album Cards, Ac. Hostkttkk's Stomach Bittiks.?The stomach is the fountain head ol acorn* of diseases which in fj>tthe homan syr-tern. Indigestion, bad enough Pit >t, generates diarrhcea, dysentery, faintneas, vertigo, palpitation <>f the heart, general debt ity, &o. Get iid of it, then, at once, by going through a ouuri- ot Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, a palatable and refreshing preparation, whion assnreiy relieves all complaints of the stomach and its dependencies as the sunshine mel's the snow. A course of (he medioine may not perhaps bsneoesrary. One bot tie frequently accomplishes a complete cure. Sold by druggists everywhere. maS-eoSt COUNTERFEIT WisTAK's BALSAM. We wou d caution the purchasers of the Biltam of Wild Cktny again?t an imitation article whioh has made ita appearance in many placet, and whioh might deceive the unwary by its reaeinb'ance to the genuine bottle. Of the mixture we need not speak. Unprincipled acoundrela can alwaya be found ready to oounterfeit any thing, by whioh they can put money in their pooketa, and they are sure to choose the iro t popular and well known article on which to praoMoe their villainies. It is a lamentable fact A L. a AL - * - tn*t mere art? also dealers in meduines who are w l.iriK to lend themso!ve? to oarry c ut this imposi tion, by t-e ling such traMas genuine, because they can buy it for less than half the cost of the rea ar ticle. Avoid suoh a man as ynu would a dealer in countnrlsit mor.ey, for lie is the greater scamp of th* two. They have never dared to forge the witten sir nature of 1. Butts, having a wholesome fear of the State Prison before tl>eir eves, fie sure, that you find on the outside wrapper the vriittn signature of I Butts. and you m\y rely upon lta being genuine. But none other. Prepared by Seth W. Fowl# & Co., Boston, and for sale in Washington oity G. t*tott, S. B. SV aite Z. D. Oiiman. John tfcliwarxe. Nairn h, Pa.mer, John Wiley, J B. Moore, and H. H. MoPherson; 111 uw'nciuwn uy It. 3. J', i; las *11, and (i. M. ft J. Southron, and by drutgiata everywhere. ins 5 1 w j \V*5T8 TO dtk IS thk UXIOH. I shall be peaaed to dye in tne Capital of thia Un'on all colors on *'l kinds of ladies' and gentle men's apparel. W. H Whutlit, Dyer, No. 383 south side Penn. avenue, between and 8th tts. Look out for the Blue Sign under the window, fo 23-9: Dyktso to Ltvk. Gentlemen, if you want adyein* man to live, have your coat*, vants and vests nicely cleaned or re colored at \V. H. Whbatlby'*, S?t*am Dyer and Scouror. 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Hi* funeral wiil take p;aoe from his parents' res idence, No. 74 Fourta at . to Htrmoni Comete-v, to-morrow (Friday >at2 o'clock. " DO NOT LEAVE WASHINGTON WITHOUT SUBSCRIBING FOR THE WEEKLY (DOLLAR)STAR! IT WIL1?CARRY TO YOU WEEKLY, AC COUNTS OF ALL GOING ON HERE, WORTH KNOWING! ITS ACCOUNTS OF WHAT IS SAID AND DONE HERE ARE NOTORIOUSLY THE CO.MPLKTP.4T RKSTAXn MOST SATISFACTORY IN THE world! THE PRICE 19 ONLY ONE DOLLAR PER Mar 5-5t ANNUM ! rjpHERE'8 A BETTER TIME COMING! Victims of Self A>>uae and Secret Dieea*e* nhould appy at SHUMAN'S Southern Medical Hnune. nn ter the Clarendon Hotel, corner Si*t!i itreet and P*. avenue, immediately oppo?it?> the National Hotel, and tr* Dr. Southet'a Celebrated Loudon M?dioicea. They aro warranted to cure the most iruient forma of Gonnorrhwa, Gle?t, Syphilis, Nocturnal Ktniasions, Stricture*, and Weakness of the Bladder in from s to 6 <fay?. The Remedies oan be aent by mai!. Office hours from 9 a. m to 10 p.m. f*18-lm 3 nun choice butter. ,UUU lus. GOSHEN BUTTER of the ' beat quality. ENNSY ery Al?o, PENNSYLVANIA BUCKWHEAT. CALVERT'S HONEY. KING A burchell, fe 26 oorner Vermont av. and Fifteenth >t. C DINNER PARTIES. IT1ZEN8 And Sojourners in Washington are respectfully reminded that the tubsoriber is pre pared to famish DINNER ENTERTAIN BIENT8, for any number of gentlemen. in & strle equal to that of any similar establishment in the United Statts and on very moderate terms. His Mites of Parlors and Dining rooms for the aooom nidation of Dinner and Supper Parties his Table arrangements. Cooks, Servants, Ac., are unaur passeri: as well as hi* W ines, whioh enjoy rnuoh oelebrity. He respectfully aaks a continuance of the patronage of the publio heretofore so liberally bestowed upon him.ard pledges his best exertions to give entire satisfaction. fe 111m C 6AUT1ER. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO STRANGERS VISITING WASHINGTON. A view of the National Capitol will be presented to all purchasers of Books, Stationery Ac, from the well known establishment of KRfcNt'H A RlCHSTEIN,aTSPa.aT., 35 2 near K'rkw?.od House. BEST NORFOl.K OYSTERS.-The under signed respectfully informs the^^ -?. pubiio that his establishment will l>e^^\ / ' AMn nit hi RnH /law nnhl aft?r tk? I of Mfcrokt. Hecan'f'jruiah an jr quantity of OYSTERS from one pint to a thou sand gallons. A;?o, LOHMTEK8.Cs AMP, FISH. <ko.( delivered to any part of the city free of charge at the lowest market price Let mi hear from you ia time. T.M.HARVEY. No. 291 C ?t., bet. 10th and 11th it*., fa 28 tf ipposite the Theater. 1TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take all kinds of Virginia money for my book debta and for Boots, Shoes, and Trunks. All persons indebted to me yyll please oa 1 and settle up, or I shall be compelled to give their accounts la to the hands of a colleotor, S. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, no 31 Pa. av.. between 9th aad loth ?ts ]\/fOORE'B WEST END DRUG STORE. 113

ifl Pa. aranca jocth sid?.?Stmngers ai.d^^ others requiring Mediome. Congrsee water T oth Urnahee, Nail Hrnshes. Hair Brushea^g ?id Coinha, Farina Colognes, Labia's Extracts, oilet Soape, Powades. Hair oil* aad Dyes, or aay aitioi# in the Drug Line, shoald patronize the abore well known eaUbliahment fe a tw rtia mtbTangkkh and visitor*.?vi?.. ? t ] ailu sem Jifti Tft. Washington T H K A T k R ! l.euiyi ? W. olvtch Ao'inc manager J. T. Ratmokd THIS EVENING, l?>?t Night bat Two ol th<> g?*?i omcdi?nc?, m ma 1 r\ 1.'\* I-* uu rf vd i uui tjr<.1 n r<i ."*i* Who wiH appear in her celebrated im?tr?orUi on of Peg Woffixstox, In the beautifrl Comedy entitled MASKS AND FACES. To eonolode with The Faroe entitled the DUTCH ACTOR. Von Sphoff*. .Mr. S. W. Glenn GRAND CONCERT AND Presentation of Colors TO COMPANY ?i," UNION REGIMENT, At the Smithsonian Institution, On THIS (Thursday) EVENING, Mtroh 7.1S61, on vhich occasion THE WASHINGTON SEXTETTR. uu a iiuinner 01 tne neat Amateur Vocalists of the oity will appear. Als<\ THE MONUMENTAL QUARTETTE, of Baltimore, will appear in auineof their ohoiee pieooa. Musieal director Prof. J. Hitz. Prof. Haimax will preside at the Piano. Programmi?Part I. 1. Overture?Tampa. Herold Washington Sexteit 3. Quartette?Come where mj love iiea dreaming.. ? ..Foater Monvm?ntala. 3. Ballad?Ah, I've niched to rest me Verdi Miaa . 4 Solo Violonoello? Fantasia Trovatore Verdi Muscrave. 5. Qaartette?Graveol Washington ....Magruder Monumental a. 6. Duet?La boani Watch Williams Seorgaand Louia Seibold. 7. Introduiione? (tarlier of Setil -e Rossini Washington Sextette. Dunng^the intermission there will be a Presenta ion vi colors, on me part or th* Ladiea, bjr the Hon. Andrew Johsso*. of Tenneaa*e, aad re oeived by tien. LdwaedC. Carrington. PaTTlI. 1. Overture?Semiramide_?. Romni Washington Sextette. 2. The Flag of our Onion - Chapman Monumental*. 3. Ballad?Rosy morning Verdi Miaa 4. Solo, Violin?Fantasia et Variation!. De Beriet T. Arth. 5. Quartette?Land of the W est Sterry Monumental?. 6 Baas Solo?O d Sexton<b? rrqueat* Ruaaell Louia Seybold. 7. Finale?Don Juan .....Mozart Waahington Sextette. Admiaaiou 25 oonta. Tioketa to he had at the door or of any member of the Company Door a open at 7 o'clock ; to commence at 8 precisely. It QDD FELLOWS' HALL! INAUGURATION WEEK. SIX NIGHTS MORE, Commneinii MONDAY EVENING, MarcKi. ChA>GK of Prookammi Nightly. SIXTEEN STAR PERFORMERS. Duprcz &. Green's Original New Orleans and Metropol* itan Double Minstrel Tronpe Will appear the above hall i?chtlv in th'ir frand, unapprosHiahle. and unrivaled KTHIO 1 AN ENTERTAINMENTS,introducing each evening new novelties, and all the latest gems of Mir-.atrelay. Grand Matinee on Saturday Afternoon at half past 2 o'clock. The Brass Band wi'l give a Serenade In front of the hall every night previous to opening the doors Dn^rs open at 7; conce-t to commence at 8 o'ol'k. Admission 25 cents; resorved seats .V o'r,t?. C. H. DUPREZ, mar 5 Manager and Business Ag?-nt. $85,00?,000.-&J!?TOVf.S3; in the country, and salary. 77>4 cents. Contains the same matter as the Great Bue Book costing ?3 5n. Omitting the n?m?s wnieh a?e not r.eces?ary. Oat alogue of Cariosities at Patent Office List of Pat ents. Old Hooka Itoucht and sclH n?r n a far. nifhod. ALFRED HUNTER, Bo^kwflfer.'"' f?22-lm* WilUrda'Hotel Squa-e. WANTS. WANTED?A GIRL, to do general housework. Inquire of JAMES DAL\ ,398 L street, he twee* Uth and 15th etc It* WANTS.?A nioe young girl wiahea to engare with a adj to go tr?veling. Any lady wanting a Kir I wit! do well by calling at No. 399 New York ar. between 12th and 13:h at. mar 7 2t* %VANTED? a young American girl,a F ace " aa lady's maid and sea^sfref*. Any one wiahing her will pease leave a note at Box 4, Star Office, and the will call. It* WANTED-A SITUATION, by a respectable girl, to do chamherwork, nurse, or waahing and ironing, and wonld have no objection to trav eling with a lady. Please call at No. 260 D at , between IS h and 14th. It* ANTEQ?By a respectable yoong woman, a and would make h^rrelt' generally useful. Would have no obiectiou to travel in thecountry. Addr?sa Box 1, 3'ar Offic-. mar7-2t* WANTED? By an American man of family, a i-ITUATION m M-eroiwr on ? f*rm, by one who thoroughly understand* the busineas. The b??t of refereroe given. AddreaaA. J. WHITE, Washington Poat Office, I), O. It* A RESPECTABLE YOKNG WOMAN wi?hea a Situation aa lady's maid and seamstress : tn derstanda dressmaking, embroidering,a;.d maoti n? -wing- Haa the heat of reference". Apply at James Spavlding'a Columbia Houae, C street, near the Depot. It* WANTF.I ? A steady, energetic MAN. *hn ia capable of conducti' g the bout ami shoe bnai nesa in all ita branciiea. Best re'erencs required. For pa'ticu ara app.y to R. A. McDO.N AM), cor ner of Tenth and L eta. mar 6 3t* VVANTED-A SITUATION, by a re.peotaWle " young woman, as chambermaid and nurse, and to do piam aewiug No objection to travel. Beat of city references given. Address Box 5, Star Office. mat8 2t* \*/ANTEOTO HIRE-TWO SERVANTr* ? ? (.nn ?k cook, the ot'ier to do waahine and trnn ng and ehamberwork. I''quireat J W.PUM PHREY't*, C street, between 4)4 and 6th. mar 5 3t* WANTED?A f?w *ood H A^DS f->r dressmak ing. at A. Hl'BNtK'8 Pans Drresmakiun Establishment. No. 506 Eleventh at., five doori a> ove Pa avenue. N. it ?Only the best hands W II he taken. mar 5 St" ANTED IMMEDIATELY?From to ?in .?i worth of SECOND-HAND FURN1 TURK of all kinds, for which 1 will guaranty to pay the hichent prices, and. a* u?ual. ai tuo shortest no tice. R. BUCHLY. Dealer In Furniture. Stoves, Ac., oo 9 IOI* Tth st.. (ft. G and H east nae. W ANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. ? ? Persons dec.iiuoK housekeeping, or having a surp'usof Furniture on hand, can obtain the cash and fair prioes by applying at .'<69 Seventh st. no 17 HONTZ & GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. T O^T?On Tuesday a'ternoon. while ridinr in JLj th? i eigh!?erliood of the city. or on Boundary t, a lady'a GOLD BRACELET. Tre finder wi l ] confer a favor on the owner, and will be liberally < rewarded l>y leaving it at thia offioc. mar 6 3t* 0 |A RKWAKn.-l.ont, about three dayi ago, 1 $IUa LETTER ENVELOPE, containing * oe.tifirate of depoaite from the Bank of Lexington, N. C., for #&(68: alio, a crtifioate of depoMte from the Banking Hon?e of Samuel Har is A. !*ons, : Ba timore, for $ ><). The alw>ve certificates, not bring endorsed, are of no value to any one hot the , owner. The finder will receive the above reward on leaving it at the offioe of Rrown'a HoW. mar? St* JOHN F. KOHMAN fr Z REWARD ?Lost, on Saturday, the 2d inat., <Jp*J between the oorner of Seventh street and Pa. 1 avenue and the steamboat landing for Mount Ver r o'1, an old fashioned tuck P*>CKRT BOOK, con tain! g come valua:.U memo.a-da aud several not.*s of hand, one drawn by R. T. Pieroe, dated August let. iHGd for .f i?3, at 1ft month*, pat able to tK.i nrrf?r nf I 1AT IIawa. ? ? _?- ? 1 i" '-iwvi vt rf ?t . iivwon , win pnpvio c I'lliJ ??r liable to the ownir. The finder will reoeive the nbov rcw? U by preeeutinj the Book ud papers at Peon avenue.! ma 6 St* C. R. DAY. ] LOST-FUR CAPK Will the lady who took a J three quarter mink mart-n lur ape at tho in < aocura! baii return it to the National Hotel, where { obe will find her own, which the left in the p'ao* of the on" the took. ma 5#* 1 LOST?A lady' GO. D WATCH awi CHAIN, i omewhsre between Mia*ouri anu Penn *y I vania avenue* ai.d the antnl grounds. fX) ynterday afternoon about SH o'clock A lib era1 reward will be paid the finder <>u delivei y at Mr. MoDERMOTTS, No. 4 55 Pa. av.,?r*ttlu? office. marS-dt" BOARDING. BOARD]NO.?A (Mtlaman a< d 'at*. or t*o ria *! per.t'emen, oan le aeoommodited with oomfortable Roomi on the oorner of i hirtaanth ?u and New York a*. irar?-*t* L^AROE INVOICES OF NEW MUSIC juet received from Ruim k. Tolman, Boston. Pater* k Bro , Ginomnati, Hall k Son. New York. Nov op?B fur mapaotion. JOHN P. ELI.'ft, ta? 306 Pa. ay., bat 9Q> and loth ata. WSCANT be BEAT IN SELLING CLOTH Yol ***'U 4 ?#T*llt* GEORGETOWN. ? Corrufndtne* / Tks Stmr. Gtounowi, March 7, 1MI In justice to oar fine cavalry cor pa, we would tat- that It was the Georgetown Mounted Guard. Capt Stuart, nnaiberlnf 67 men. which formtd . ^n.oa 01 idc muiniT ??cort to ex-President Burhanan on his departure from Wssblngton, and afterward* maneuvered on Pennsylvania avenoe. We understand that Mr. Mclatrre. rontr?rtor for tbe masonry of that magnificent structure, tbe Cabin John finite. Is making satisfactory pro cress with tbe work, under direction of C*pt. M C. Melz* and his able corps of aaaistants. See advertisement of potatoes for aal? In George tow u column. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. A RKROLCTION In relation to the rent of High street wharf Resolvtd by tk* Board of Aldtrmtn and Board of Common Count 1/ of Iht Corporation of Giorgttow, That the Mayor be, sod be la hereby authorized to advertiae the High atreet wharf for rent to the higbt-at bidder for one ysar, with the privilege of five years, from the expiration of the present lease. Kovldrd tbe present occupant shall hare the prlv fge of retaining pc-saesslon at S12S per annum, he giving notice to that effect previoua to that time. [Approved Feb. 33,1961. A Ri?olctiox in favor of Georgetown Gas Light Company. Rtsolved by tke Board of Aldtrmtn and Board of Common Council of tkt Corporation of Utorgetottn, That the Clerk be, and he la hereby authorized to pay out of tbe Uaa Light Fund to the order of the President and Directors of the Georgetown Gas Light Company seventy dollars and twenty-five cents, in full, for bill of gaa burnera to 9th May, 1860, and for adjusting service pipe. ? f f *? < cu. 1CV1. A Resolution to reimburse the committee ex pense* for sttendlng meeting of Canal Commis sioners Resolved by the Board of Aid' raws and Board cf Common Council of Ike Corporation of Georgetown. That there be, and Is hereby appropriated, the sum of ninety-nine dollars, and the Clerk shall pay the same to the order of the peraons hereinafter named. Tic: Hugh Caperton, thirty-three dollars; J. A. May ruder, thirty-three dollars; Esau Tick rell, thirty three dollars Approved February 23,1861. A Resolctioji providing for the maintenance of the poor and workhouse for the last quarter ending 30th December, lg60 Resolved by the Board eif Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That the sum of five hundred and thirty-nine ?J ??? ' - ? - - - ? uvunn nuu iniiriy-ri|(ai crnii DC, ins tbe u:n( is hereby, appropriated to defray the expense ol the Kor and workhouse for the last quarter, ending cember 3(1, 1-rtO. and that the Clerk nay the atne to the order of M. V. Buckev, I 8. Faxton, and Samuel McXight, late trustee*, tbey furnish ing the proper vouchers Approvea February 23. 1861. A Resolution appropriating fifteen dollars for a pavement washer at the bead of the market Retolrtd fcy tht Board of Ald'rmen and Board of Common Council of the Corpotatiom of Geo-gttoirn. That tbe Mayor be, and be Is. hereby requested to have a pavement washer placed at tbe bead of the market, and that the sum of fifteen dollars la hereby appropriated, or as much thereof as Is necessary. [Approved Feb. 83, 1961. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS POTATOES! R fft T A TO P a ? mm ?? ? A A V U D 3->l hu?hela of !Werc?ra, jno t)ti*he'* of Jack on Whitea. On hand ye: and for aale ch"ap l*r;o?a reduoed very much if 20 buaheia are taken. At JOHN M MAY'S*. ma*-3t No 69 High ?t.. Georgetown. For RENT-A firat-cJaaa DWELLING HOUSE, on Gay atreet. Georgetown. furmahod with ail the modern nnprovementa. use udmg Po tomac water. A!ao, a new three-atory BRICK HOUSE, with*ohed, on L atreat north, between 14th and 15th atreeta we?t, W aahingto*. Con nected with thta reaicenoe ia a atable and carriage Iioum. Apply to FRAS WHEATLEY, No. 3T Water at., Georgetown. D. C. mar 7 eo2w CGEORGETOWN FISH W H A R F FO R I KKNT. Matoe'8 Orric*, Georgetown, P. C.. I Maroh 6th, 1861. f l,ropo?a'a. in writing, wi'l be received at thia of fine until the lfi'h in?tant for the renting ol the Georgetown Fiah Wharf for one year Irom the lat MondaT in th? preaent month. 1 BRMa ca*h. Per -*a i ? - uui niBking diui win pieaae seai itxe mni?. and BiiUorse ihem "Proposals for the Fish Wharf.'* mar6-U6th HKXRY Al>l>iM)N, Mayor. PB OTATOES ! POTATOES!! POTATOES!!! 900 bushels of prim? New Jersey White Mercer* an1 Peach Blown jint arrived per sloop l.uey Isa bel, and for sale from voasel in lots to mnt purcha sers PETER BERRY, mar 5 3t* 83 Water st, Georgetown. 12*OR RENT OR LEA<E ?A vor* desirable r Market or Dairy FAKM, in perle;t ord?r, for rent or lease Tlinre is on it a coirf >rtable ami ca pacious brick dwelling, with dry ce a s, and a pump of good waier at the door: substantia: statues and Dut-buildinrs. It is os the Hight* above George town, adjoining the northern bouc-darj thereof. The builcingsare in excellent order, and the and sixtv acr?s, or less it required,* ia in a fine and highly cultivated condition. The dwelling ai.d rar len woind be rented serara:e y to a re>peotal>.e Mid prompt tenant. Application to be made to CHA9. H"MI :,LKR, at Ms stand in Center .Mar ket, Washington, or his dwelling, on the Hi?h'? of lieorgetown. fe 28-2w Pj JU8T ARRIVED. ER Propeller 8. Seymour, f'?m Philadelphia, rS barrel* and inn half barrels of Masaey, Collins tt Co's Philade.phia DRAFT ALE. For sale by feiS AKIVk *HIVN. D'iOO Blit-b PRIME CIDER AILY Expected per schooner Mart Ana MoGee rrom Boston. This Cider is A No. 1, and is lor ra:e m lots to suit purchasers. ARNY 4 SH INN'S fe 22 Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? 10 Iihds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, IS" bbta. ? Jul Ry? WHISKY, SSnbbls. HERRING and AI.EWIVES. 50 hbis. Crushed and Rogn>?d *lIGARt% So l<a*s R io and Java CO F F E E, 10 hhds.dow pnc?d) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOG UK. ?e 1* IBTN10N RESTAUR AN r, Souihw'ft corner Pa ?? orvi .StarrA tt. The nn.'r< sinned having taken toe above entab being remodeled aid refi'tod A . . A :tir?uehout, will open tins day to th*ir YfTMk V su'.tninersnndthevubliein general Their^jBLx n rn. j ? - ' ?> liar ir in fa wiui & i tin cwieeti irnt di of LilQUOR8thttth? niarket afford*. a* w-llailbe MoCor ALE?. PORTER.CIDKR.Ac. lOBA - JO, CIGARS, 4c., of the pureat quality. Tne Ealing Bir ha? all the deiioaciea of the im ion that wil Mt.nfj tne a^petitca o{ iii thr??f who nay favor thoin with a call with the b at ot GAM K. FIsH, COW 1.. Jco . Ac. < Y8TBBH aerred up n evtry atyle; in fact every thu g the fane* o( ?he hiq. may oall for ovn be had at theahorteat n<>tioe A free Concert wi 1 f?e given b? Proare-i'a cele brated braa* and string hand en Saturday evening. JOSEPH L. NORWOOD m*2-elw* RICIIAkD DOUGHERTY. HENRY 8GHAEFER. BARBER AND HAIR DRESSER, E Ptkbkt, kkar Sbvkntm, Opposite tkt Fo*t t'/? Department, li*a fitted up, in connection with hi* eatabiiahment. Douvft'Li^nt* for ?fl.>r<ici to hi* 3U'tmcr? and th? pub 10 the laxury of col.D or ? ' VAKM BaTHS, at any time curing bu>ine?* < hour* lit* charge* wil: o? moderate?tw*ntjr-fire I s^nta for a auuie bath, or five hatha for a dollar J when ticket! lor that numbar a.e purchased and | paid for 112 advance. Mr. Sohaaier ukM thi?opportunity to inform hia BiMtnmera that thia de*irab!a addition tu hitentab liahment will in no manner interfere vith bia recu lar p'ofeaaional batineaa- On the contrary .h" hope* | to aUd to hi* r rraent faoilitic* for io*uring vompt , * Hen''on to tra numeroua patron* in tke line of , 911 wing and HMK DRKS8ING. And to the Ladiea woo patronise him in tfc* lire r?f Cutting or Trimming tb?ir*ow nor then ohlldrea'a ' liaiY, h- bega to that he ha* provided for them < better accommodation*, in having fitted u? a ainati i room a> d appronnated it exclusively to tbair nee. 1 fe 28 lm |m;'okta> r to boi'SEEKEr*.**. 1 K. R. DURKEK * co.TJ t Snaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PUKE, But ground from frfch 8pio??, eeleoted and o!mm4 by us expressly for the purpose without rcferet.ce to oost. They are beautifully packed in tinfoil, 'ur,o<l with paper,) to prevent injur* by keopuig, itnd are rulr weight, while the o<-a.nary r viand Spioee are almost invariably short. We warraH them, in point of strength and richness of flavor, HEYOND ALL COMPARISON, is a nncle trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured only by ift* Kafl N^wS^ 8 rt. CHENCK'8 PULMONIC SYRUP. Dr. SCRENCK, of Phiadeiphla, finds it inpoe sib<e to visit Waahmrton everv week, aad hu made arrangement! to positively be id lite city the third Wednesday of every mosth. He haaa suit of rooms at the Avenne Rohm, | where patients can obtain adrioe free. He onH , ohargea when it ia neoeaaary to maka a Utoroagh examination of the l.uugs with the Respiroinetor. S. B. Wait* ia agent for JSohenofc's Puimokio Syrup, price tl per bottle, for the eare of Coucha. cl.lda and Consumption; Schenck'a Sea w'eed , Tome, priee #1 per botte, for i?yspep*ia; Soheuok'a , Mapdrake t*Jla, pnos SSeenta bar box. for Liver BUioaa Complaiuts and CoaatipaAU* of the How eia. lft. 8?h*"ci wouM be grat-fa to thoa* who ttv. as &siJ2Js iwi i' fn aft i norner flev< nth at- and La. av. <e l?-?i fhL'R ri^NNETB, UiTt), M>d KLATSofUi ohoioa. At STEVENS'*, bo a-tf 336, batw. 9th and loth tta. THE LATEST NEWS. TELEGRAPHIC). I barter Elrctltx utmvt, N Y , Mirth 4 -At tb< ckutM *Uc Hon held > thla Tillage yceterdar. tb? 4?awn?i were aucdewful on their entire ticket, with en* exception, The average democratic majority It 130 Bat*. Me . March ?larael Potnam, repvbll canf wu re-elected nay or y*wterday. Taor, N. Y.. March ft?Geo B Warrea, Jr tbe Union candidate, wu elected Mayor ef thla City to-day Tbe t'nlon mr* aleo elect Aaaeanora. Joatice, and a majority of the Ceencll Rome, NY, Muth ft ?Gilca Hawter. dcoae crat. waa elected fuper*iaor of thta town to-day by 300 majority PnraHKKBraii. NY March 6 ?Jamaa Bower, republican, waa elected Mayor of rooghhaepate to-day. The republican general ticket waa choaen by a am til majority One republican Alderman and threa democrata were elected, aad two republican mad two democratic Rnperrleora Rochictbk. N Y.. March ft?John C Naoh, republican, waa elected Mayor to-day by aboot ww nMjvriiy. I'lict. March S?DewlttC. Grove, democrat. la elrrvd Mayor by majority over ai-Senator Alrlc Hubbell. The democrat* also sleet tbolr csndl dates for City Marshal, City Attorney and J uethc of the Peace for the long and abort terms Tbe republicans elect the City Treasurer and < >rerseer of the Poor Pour of the new Aldermen are dsm ocrata and three republlcsns Tbs dem<K mt? will have ten out of the fifteen menbets of the Common Council. Four of the seven Supervisors are democrats. NisMirl Caiveatlai. St. Locis, March 5.?The Convention mot at ten o'clock, snd was opened with prsrer R(-solutions were ordering that the protest of Bt. L<oula agal oat coercion be redooed to wrltl at, and a copy aent to tbs President of the United Stataa Reaolutlona were adopted provtdlag that a Com mitter be appointed to wait on tbe Commissioner from Georgia and Inform him that Missouri dla aented from tbe poaitlon taken by tbat Stale, and very kindlv but empbatlcnllv declined any abars In tbe honora of aeceaalon with her. Gen Coulter and Gen Doniphan, th? Commla alooeri from Miaaourl to tbe Peace Congrsst, addressed tbe Convention by Invitation, on the state of tbe country. vi< u%'vi?, iu?i< u vi ?in iur cmif V/OnTfnilOVI to-day varloua resolution* were referred, declining co-operation with Georgia In tbe aece?ei?n noic ment, Ac. One offered by ex Governor Stewart, drclarea that no over act by the Government, Juati fvlng aeceaalon or revolution baa been committed. One, by Judge Orr, nara that wa have the beef Government In the world and Intend to preserve It. A resolution to refer the Inaugural of President Lincoln to the Committee of the Whole waa debated and withdrawn. Frsm lallfarata by Peny Express. Fort Kbakrbt, March 6? The California Tony Lxpress, with advicea to the 1Kb alt , baa arrived here The fort at the entrance of San Francisco harbor had been occupied for the first time by United States troops. In the Supreme Court, in the case of Fremont va Florerl, it waa decided that tbe bolder of tne United SUtea patent and landa under tbe Mexican Kant, poaaeased all the precious metals contained the landa Tbe Governor bad informed the Legislature that the number of fire-arms la possession of tbe dtate waa between four and five hundred muaketa, etc , generally out of repair. From all parta of tbe State favorable accounts baa been received of planting operations this s?-a ?on?the breadth of land sown In wheat being much greater than last year. There ia nothing decisive In reference to the Senatorial contest. The shipment of treasure would be licht The Yirgtala (siTtstln Richmond, March 6 ?The Convention to-day debated the resolutions Instructing the Committee on Federal Relations, (ottered yesterdav.) and then adjourned, on motion of Mr. Carlisle, who desired to speak to morrow During the session, however, the report of the Peace Commissioners was received Several resolutions on secession, antl secession, ind anti-coercion were received and referred The committee appointed to examine Into the lul.ject reported that, In their opinion, there bad been no movement of armed men towards the Virginia forts by the General Government Indi cating any attempt at atUck or coercion Later fresa Harass. New Oklkams, MarrhS ?Thesteamer Habana, from Havana "id, baa arrived Sugars were more active: Noa 11 tn U. ? ?. real* to 7 reals Slock, 10U.OUO boxes Sterling exchange lUatlo premium Sight exchanges on New York 2i3)|e. pre mium The grandest preparation were making for tbs eceptlon of Prince Alfred of England The Spanish bank bad mad? an iaane of two Billions Weather cool and bealtby. Business lively The l*itb<rB teagres*. Moxtsomi&t, March 6 ?On motion of Mr. Surry, it waa reaolved tbat the Judiciary Com nittee be instructed to inquire Into the exprdlaney >f prohibiting the importation of slaves into the Confederacy from the United State*, except those >wned by persons emigrating for settlement and esldence. Congress then went Into secret session. Jobu li Reagan, of Texas, has been confirmed is Postmaster General, ia the place of Mr. fcllett, f Mississippi, who declined Later Irsm texu-Tk? krcmlti Ordl aaace hatlfltl. New Omlkaxs, March * ?Advices from Texas ihow that the State baa rallied the Seceestoa ar linance by IO,liut? to i5,?UU majority. It ia reported that Governor Houston reslgna tits position. The Arkansas Isaveatlea. Lovibvillb, March 5 ?The Arkansas State Convention met yesterday, sod elected I n Ion of leers by ?> majority Alexandria Markets Alexandria. March 7.?Flour?Family S6 ;p? P.50; extra S5 super So \i<b ?. Wheat, rblte SI ->u#l 4e , red ?1 26s?1 Si Corn?white teadOc ; yellow 5*m?Oc; mixed 58a5tc. Rye SaOfi. Oats :te*3Uc. Corn Meat MaTfe per buabe). ^eds?1 imothy S3aS3 50 ; Clover a?25aS6tt; -laxseed SI ?0afl.45. Provisions? Butter, roll. ;uaattc ; Bacou Ilal3c ; 1'ork ST UUaS7 50. Lard ISiillr K ram 1 !?!*/ VVhliki'4iiirw BalUwr* nirktu. Hii riioki, March 7 ?Flour dull; Howard at. ind Ohio So -2o, tityMilU?5 WhtKitwdy. < d *125al3i>, white ?l4Ual<50 Corn akeady; nlx^ >Sa5?c ; yrUow 59*61; while 83.86" Pruvlaloni it-ady and unchanged. Coffee flmj ai 14 k^ A'hiiky lc lower, l itv and Ohio Itfa M?? t?r> Marktu. Niw Ymi, Uarrh 7?Flour quirt Wheat iteady and unchanged Corn Inner. ProvtaloM |Blet. Whlaky Arm at 16c. ruaadal. New Yoaa, March 7 -Stock* active and klgker. rhloapo and Rock Ialand 37 \; Ililnoia Certia. hares 7?]g; do. bonda *6: Lacroaae and Mil 10; Michigan Southern 38; New York Central 77m; leading U; Hudaon River R. R 46, Va ' 75; ?o.iitt. A Pf ilB OnntMl If mM ^ xoplf of i Slate paaa u ordinance declaring the ;onuectlon of that State with the Federal Union ilaeolved, and tbt lawa of tbe State than require la cltlxena to do one thing and tbe lawi of Federal iovernment require lta citlzene to do the oppo ?lte, wbtcb a ball tbe cltltnn of the State thus att ained obey, tbe State or the Federal Law??Nik fillt Union and Amtrxcnn A PUitur ^hiiim?If the people of n Onto. i>y nn overwhelming majority, decide tbat "tbe -i nnrcUoi of that State wltb tne Federal I'iIn" a not dlaeoleed, and that tbe lawa of the State re ) ul re It* cltltrne to be obedient to the lawa of the Pederal Government ahall tbe cltUen of the Stnte hue attuated obey or ta be Juetlflable In oontlna ng bla oppoaltlon to lit trvrtt**d wtli / IAj nopU, to the ConaGlutloa nod lawa of hU Male, ind to tbe ConetltnUon and law* of the United ?tatee? la tbe cttlaon wbo array a hlmnelf. nnd to ound endeavoring to array atberangalant the will >i id? peoptr. ?na ifiini im BttK im Federal iwi. not guilty of aedltloe?er nn?lif vune'?jvaiiriiu &tjit6uam* bmmmrr U7 Dr- Cumialng, the vrait lad jodgmeat >reecber, who* ment work on TrMUatteae bM i?ad a brr circulation, announced In a late ear non that te believed the earth would be periled Ire, and again become a paradlaa, "tbe nnbleet iroptay of redeeming lore " U7* A Ruaalan Col?at, named Uaehb. baring a a It of peaetoe killed aetreral mt bie aerfk. baa, it tbe demand of Ike Eaapcrw, oeea aeeteaoed to priaon for aeeeral vear. Form arty a reprlmaad wraa tbe oaly pualahmeat la aack eaaaa ICT la Cbleaga, III , boye an aalllag peatage tainpa ef tbree oeat deaomlaadoa at eae ?eat, ud agbc* to trace tbe matter te a flagon kin ma jrfi pnwd lMnlltk(. tCT Carl He hurt U *ma tW n granted by U* Ktag of Proaala, tkm {toaM that, having ai4cd tu tfea aacapa of a pwiua frw prim, hia ogrmm was ?M political. aMJKsa?sRyi?rsi: ballrd blm at he w ratarlag bla ytA aa4, re taUlag ao anawar, mtooofc hUa for t burglar