Newspaper of Evening Star, March 7, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 7, 1861 Page 4
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THK EVENING STAI?. , ODT l!l THE DARK O?* in th? da- k f w%nder ro?nd tor.uht The iimN bam <ii;oiy, an" the hour i? tn'd BJ ?hi??nn* wato^m*n, *e they ?rea4 their round* Aud la- m*lancho!? aid y<*r> cold. Out in the dark. Out m the da-k. ard yet wthin my frata A fire ia bur nine a??d tha lamp ia lit. And o d famtha- book* are on tne ahrl'. Yet 1 a.-n hr from viedom, son;, ajd wit. Out in the dark. Ort In the dark are men who bare nn homes. Who trend the streets beneath the fiick'riog light ! Of dying <amp?. and to the dismal eky Appeal for love, a* they bethr?ai the night. Oat in the dark. Out in the dark is she I loved in truth. The gentie b?ing whom alone I found To answer alt my lonaings and mr hopes : SaUiy we aid h'r fsir fjrm in the ground, Oat m the dark. Out in the dark, yet light from olimes above .Nourish the flower* that hioom above her h?a !; She is an angel now, though very sad VV itu cighs and tears, we mads for hsr a bed Out in thadark. Out tn the nark we live?yet not all dark la this, on: changeful line; for rays <>f light Fr?m the immortal and shine through th* clouds, Aud pi'roe the g'oom that ohil.ed me in the nigfat. Out in the dark. Ont in the (*ark. but waiting for the morning. And full of t.'us: that it will dawa ere long. Lost hopes. lo*t lovea. Oit p easures come in beauty Acd weave themselves into my silent song, Out in the dark. A K m iRiABLi Cask?A Mm Confess in# upon hit Dta:*bt4 is Baltimore 1 Murder for trkiek An?tker Man had been Hung.?Our reader* will doubtleea recollect the execution in Baltimore of (yimhrlll flnrr'a PPar* an/1 PwnKna in N ?Q f i? ? - - >. | ww V? VI V'J? BIIVI V J |'UU?? I II IUWVi ?WI murder Last Sunday a colored man named Geo. Orem confessed upon bis deathbed that he killed Wm King, for which Cyphus had been bung Cyphus strongly protested his innocence, and on the scaffold said :? ' You see here another Inno cent man who is going to be bung They have given me a false name?one that 1 never was known bv?and convicted me for what I dld'nt do. But I am going home to heaven to meet my God. My wav la alt clear there So jnstgood bve, rov frleoos." After the execution of Cyphus, Orem brrame very much depressed in mind, and finally disease overtook htm, and for several months be was confined to his bed King had I- en employed by Orem to sell oysters on the tree?s.?nd a difficulty springing upbetw-*en them, ; quarrel soon arose, when Orem stabbed King In li.f> br(*9lt With A i fV.lrnlfa Th* Witwoith Gc* ?The experimental Urine from the SU-pounder Wit worth gun at Portsmouth 1 as been brought to jin abrupt 'ermI nation by the discovery of a flaw or rent In the metal at the breech. The gun, which weighs four torn, bu been landed from the Stork gunboat, packed.and conveyed to the railway station to be forwarded to Woolwich. Many naval officers experienced In gunnery are of opinion that the princiole of the gun In wn*klng metal upon metal Is radically wrong. Thev argu<? that If anv foreign substance la Introduced Into the bore or the gun, such as a cinder f om the funnel, and should get between the inner surface of the gun and the projectile.the latter would Infallibly jam, and the gun would burst ?London Twin. fry La Mountain, the balloonist, is arranging for Uls summer a?rial campaign,which he Intends shall be opon a more extensive acale than in anv previous season He Is negotiating with various parties for the construction of a retort suitable for transportation, by which he will be able to manu facture bis own gas. ILT An item of late Chinese news is that "the rebels at Kiading, feeling the wants of the com forts of home during the cold weather, made a grand sortie on Nantslang and carried off every wuiig woman in ioe piace. The old ladies were left behind" CI7"It might be well, In taking any future ter ritory Into thi" Union as a State, to require from ber a bond with rracouabl* security, that she will not secede in leas than ninety days Perhaps there might be a compromise on sixty.?Prentice. The Commercial Bulletin stat*-s that the 13r-*ton mechanics connected with shipbuilding never had such an abuodance of work as during th? present winter. AtiKlVALS AT THE HOTELS. W1LLARDS' HOTEL ?A AStifes,NY; J M Butter. W B Thomas. W Elllcott, C Ogden, H A PurrWance. Pa; F L Nichols, Va: T B Fitch, O R Mumll \ V- U I) I ?- ? " "? - ? ?? - v.., , ii liy?hi, ra. n a r?priDgi, 111; 8 A Hopkins. NJ; J 8 Mayer. NY; G 8 Blod irett, Vr; O A Jessnp, Pa; J P Blearer, NY; J H Thompson. NH; T II Ilagm&n, US.V; R J Lear v. >11*. H Allen. Vt; DO Purine, Mm Perrlne. N O Perrice and ion, O; J Karnes, Q O March, F C Brewster, W D Kelly. J C Duba/way. Pa; O B?s too, NJ; O L Stewart, NY; W G D?fe, Pa; J C Ba*lev, Mich; O Bllas, 8 8 Benedict. NY; W T NlcboU, Vt: J C Currier, Mass; A 8 Welton and lady, Miss Welton, O; W D Ely, R T Ely, RI; Mtss Ely. Mrs U C Collins, Ct: B R Ray, G WIN son. III; B W Oakley. Ind; J P McGregor, Wis: H C Borden. O; 4 Bell, G Medrlck. Pa: T McEl rath,\J P Wilson. Hon W Wall, W Wall. H Dll lard. R G'Chase, w T Cam bell, A 8 Van Ben tbDfin, NY; J D Early, Md; L H Church, Kan: P Bran-bamp, J H M ear us, Ind, J D Flak, Pa; C A Flsk. Ill; c M Simmonds Pa; C L Rldgway,?; R 8 Sugner, NY; A Mitchell, Pa; J Stapes. Minn; H 8 Lee, Mass: C B Tre-o, C M Nlil. J M Pome my, Pa; F 8 McHenry and lady, Kan; Dr R T Bunt, Va; II M Parker, Mr* Parker, Mass; Mr Cormirk, Mr Cook, NY; W E Coale. A B New ton. Md; P CUrks, Va; H W Tracy. D U Bulson, W, Pa; C F Gardner. NY. ii .-i ? i?/ > /i Li nuritli -s H Urenory, A W Grlswold, T H Parker, Pa; G Northrnp, J Mor row, Mm Johnson, NV; J H Silloway. J Sillo way, RI G W Jarkaon, Na; H T Smith, Md; E E'-chiaon, \V Bsrmrd.DC, AN Hall, Del; J Hen ry, NJ; A Omenaelter, Pa; J G Erwin, Mich; O Ml on; E Crocker, Col Uptoo. Mass, J Lo thn p. NV; A FSftUh. Va; A Colby, Ct; M G Pend Cil; L Deane, Me; C Ellwan^er, Del; M H Durmal, .Me; N J Ilopklna. NV; Dr Cameron, \V!?; li E Muplenberit, A H Hood. Pa; G Her bert, 111; N T ValUles. W E Gleeson, Md; J B K;:.n-y. D Tromer, K D Mitchell, N k ; J Burns, A Fitch, Mich. BROWN'S HOTEL ?S Graybill, A Thomp son and ly, R C Lee, J Estrlcken, Pa; R Knotts, SC; H M Lewis. Tex; J M Beekman, R Poore B F Ferris and 2 ladles, S D Browns. L C Good, W O'B len. P B Gravelly, Va; J A Bunran, Nj T Barron and fc?m, J King. F D Jones, N V; E M Haines, J Gore, 111; T Humphreys and ly, NJ; H L Brown. Mtu C Brown, Miss Evans. Mis* 8 Jones. H Kilgore, W Smith, J Bowes, S H Coch ran, H H Hobbs E Baker and ly; Md; C Miller, Mo: J I W '.niton. T E Wlnaton. J Wallace, W n * ' Atd, j v r.vnDi, rij J W Klllun, O, E Powell, F!a. KIRK wood HOUSE?D Bulson, C Cardner, L H Chandler, !M North. T Little, S Cartrell, NY; J \Y Habcork, Kan; H C Rodger, O; E W Baua. traa, J E Evans, O M Friedojan, H H Kelly, Pa. f Rich, mellow and pure BURN side'S MONONQAUELA RYE WHISKEY, Cousoieiulonsiy distilled by Mr. James Baraside. oi Al:e<aay County, Penca^ in the old-faafuoned hi.aei' way, Iron taeahoie*st and most carefully ?? ect-?l ???, and in no case ever offered for aale an til adapted to wholesome ass by a?e It is at ouoethe most p<aiable,aa it is emphatically on? c? the pores) boveraces in tfte reaoh of the n':. 10. Tc the Invalid, a* we? as i/? th->se In health, it osBraends it^.: for its nnnvaWed qualities as a Ciiz;ulai.t of the rafest. aarest. and most heaefioect destination. and m??i? ? vi kuj uiuifc UiJUCCDIMW < pajeiciaaa are aa;a{ it in their practise with the Aw"" a^. ptKb OLD ft YE WHISKY.?On hand aaTara ET traci? of Pm OM Rye wht?ky, Copper ?h? bilad, made by tua noit rauaWa di?uiter? in Pana lf!mia, Maryland and Vir<im%, warranted para. Alao, lmportod Hratiiiea, Ha&&4*?y,Otard, Dapay m Co.. Jaiea R >bic*, to. A!?o, Peaou aoa Apple B-an<iy, pare Ho.iacd Sin, old Jamaica ancst, Croia H am, and Wiaaa of a very variety, all of aia^ca.-a t>raiyU. A ohotce .at of uiiara and To baaoo. YOUNG A lEMAltT.A^ %ai?-i* 9*a P*. bMw.ftth ?n?rf /0\ NOTICE. 1*1 .. REMOVAL. v V I Mr* rMBored hit PAWN OFFICE to *41 C BtrMt. b*twe?n 4* tuul *th str*?U, irnm* d.?Mf in tii? r?r of the Nation*! Hot*!. wh*r* U>* l>a*tn*M will M ooatinn*d *? b*r?tof?r* ?t tb* o J IS tm] fSUCHKHZBfRB. 275 ALk"* 275 JACKSON, PLASTERER 8, Pim^ Aram, HM??? lnth ud lltk nrMta. I* It WTKAVKMN9 TRUNKS. K Hit* ja*t r?o*iT*d tb* lM(Mt a*r ortment m u l i A.i auiia^AC for 1M1, I rap-r; #1J? by m?ii ' t h?w rofel by Oliver W?n4?l| ??i? . Iteo., e oUi; pno* #1.13 by matt. tw i..o ? ? 21 >78 P?pB. >r>ime. A SPECIAL BAMVAIN in two pianos, jeri'ct ? n?*.t?/tuiik4;?niMnio4i ajao, Ma4ode?B? for all or mat rtrj low. JOHN* FLLI*, p? >*., b*. ttth ?a4 lock *? f? 88 KATpB^eA|W6 IN riA|fC ? - L1 lokfriag Vor ?V0"; f" tt.9$s ry t* 38 ^ VWllb NervousHeadache -uiSS5?* Headache. By U.e dm of theee Pills the periodic at tack a of S'rrvoits or Suk Heatorhe may be prevented; ami If taken at the ooinmenoement ot an attaok imme diate relief from pain and aiokneea will be obtained. They aeMom fall in removing the Nausea and Htadachf to whioh fomalea are ao anbjeot They aot tently upon theboweia,?removing Cot tireness. For Literary Men, Students, Dfliotte Omtin, and all person* of sedentary habits, they are val uable as a Laratire, improving the apretite, giving ton? and rifor to the diceative organs, and ra storing the natural elasticity and strength of tlie whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long invest!Ration and oarefully conducted experiments, having been in use manr years, during which time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from Headache, whether origi nating in thenercowj system or from a deranged state of the stomach. They are entirely vegetable in their oomnosition, and may be taken at all times with perfeot safety without making any change of diet, and the ab senct 4f any disagreeable taste renders it easy to administer them to Childress, BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on each Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers in Medi ninAi A Bo* will be sent by mail prepaid on reoeipt o the PRICE, aa CENTS, AU order* should be addressed to HENRY C. SPALDIN8, IN Cedar Street, New York. THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDIMCCS CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER C*D /\If HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THEIR REACH. At these Testimonials were unsolicited by Mr. Spaldiau, they afford unquestion able proo f o f the efficacy of this truly scientific discovery. Masonvillk. Conn., Feb. 5, 136lv Mr Spalding?Sir: I have tried your Cephalio Pi lis, an I I like them so xotll that I want you to seod me two dollar* worth more. Part of these are for the neighbors, to whom I gave a few out of the first box 1 *ot from yon. Send the Pills by mail, and oblige Your ob't servant, JAMES KENNEDY. Haverford, Pa., Feb. 6,1861. Mi. Spalding?Sin I with you to seud me one more box of your Cephalio Pills, I Kar* r ten veil a trtat deal tf benefit from them Yours respeottully. MARY ANN bTQIKHOUSK. Spruce Crkrk. Hc?tTiweTo:t Co , Pa ,1 January It. 1861. s H. C. Spaxdimw?S?; Yon will please send nie two hoxn of your Cephalio Pills. Send them tm mediately. RespeotfuHy youra, JNO. R. SIMONS. P }*? I harm ttstil one lor your Pills, aH<f find tk'tn rxtrlltnt. Hsllk Vnxoii, Ohio, Jan. 15,1361. Hinrt C Spaldimo, E?jPlease bad inclosed twenty five cents, for whi<Ai ssud me another box of vonr Cephalic Pills. Tkty are fruit tk* best Pills I hart ever fried. Direct A. STOVER, P.M.. lie Is Vernon, Wyandot oo., O. Bivbrly. Mass., Deo. 11,186". 11. C. SpALbiiro. Esq : 1 wish for some oiroulars or i?rjo ioot 'iiua. to onus jour Cephalic Pula more particularly before m? ou?tomera. If 70a liarve aiiTthinc of the kind, please -ml to me. Oaeof iny ou<om?r*. who laau^est to aevere y 10k Headache. (uaoallv laatir.K twoday*.) imj rurtJ of an attack in ant hour by your Pill*, which I aent tier Retpect'ully youra, W. B. WILKES. Hk?noi.d?bc*o, Fkanklin Co., Ohio,/ January 9,ie61. \ Hkmrv C. wP4LDi!io, No. 48 Cedar itreet, New York? Dear Sir: laoloaed find twenty-five certs. 25.) lor which aeud box of Oephalio Pilla." send n> addreai of Rev. Wrn. C. Filler, Keynolda bu g. Franklin onuctv, Ohio Your Piilt work like a tharm?cure Headache almost insianter. Truly y?ara, WM, C. FILLER. YpaiLANTi, Mioh., Jan. 14.1861. Mr. fpALD 50?Sir: Not long ainoe I aent to you for a box <>f Crphaiio Piila for the oar* of the Ner voaa Headache and Coativeneaa, and received the nm?, and th>y had no good an effect that I teas in duced to send/or more. Pmase aend by return mail. Dir^t to A. R. WHEELER. Ypsilanti, Mich. From tke Examiner, Norfolk, Ya. Cephalic fill* MO'<m|lMh the object f?r whioh they were mace, v.a: Cure oi headache in all it* forms. From tKi Examiner, Norfolk, Va. They have been teated in more than a thousand caeca, with entire suceeas. From the Democrat, St. Clowl, Minn. If Ton are, or have been troubled with the head ache, send for a box, (Cephalic Pills,) no that yon may have them in cane ol an.attaok. From tke Advertiser, Providenrt, R. /. The Cephalio Pills are aaid to be a remarkably effaotive remedy for the headache. and one of the very best for that very frequent compiaint which haa ever been discovered. From tke Western A. R. Gazette. Ckiraee, III. We heartily endorse Mr. Spalding,and his un rivaled Cephalio Pills. From the Kanawha Valley Star, Kanatcka, Va. We are sare that persona auffennc with the head ache, who try them, wi.l to them. From tki Souther* Tn* Find*, y*w Orlenmt, i.a. Try them ! ion that are affllofwi and we are svre that your testimony can r>e aided to the already DnmeMU list that haa received benefit* that no otuer medicine oan produce. From the St. Lonit Democrat. J he immense demand for the artlol* (Ophtlio ia) ia rapidly increasing. From the Gaxttt*, Dar?nr?rt, I torn. Mr- Spa'dinc would not connect hie name with an artiole he did not know to poeeeea real merit. From ike Advertiser, Providence, R. I. The Uetimor* in their fevor ia atronc. from the ivw rvaptoiao e quarters From tk* D*ily Newt, Newport, R. I. Of haJio Pill* are taking the y laoe of all kinds.} trr A single bottle of SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUE will save ten time* ita ooet annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECE8! ECONOMY! DISPATCH! fTT"'A Stitch i? Tim Savm Nih* As accident* will hnpp#n, even In well regulated farm.ies, it is very deurat>le to rave nome oheap andtoonvenient way for rt pairing Fuiciture, Tuy?, Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE m?cte all inch eroergenoiee, and ao lioueehoM osn fori to b4 without it. It i? aJ way* ready, and ap to the sticking p^int. "USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." M B.-A Bratk aoooiripauiee eaoli Bottle. Prio eenU. Addieea HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 4* Cedar abeet. New York. CAUTION. a* oertaia ui.puooipled peiaoo* are attempting to aft*' #?&S?!a(*5uafca5!H? BAlTiaOKC LOC* HUiriTAL, HmJ IHi?tU ik* me:t C*ri*%%, Sf**4f, mtd mlt Eftttrml Rtmuly ta tk* World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE LET SO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY IMMED ATELY. 4 CVRE WARRANTEE, OR JVO CHARSM IiV FROM ONS TO TWO VAYS. Waak?-?< af tk? Baak,Btr!a'.ataa Afaatlaaa af lha KJdaayt aai tiaddar, ia?atac*.*ry Diitkarfta, Itscataity, CaaanJ H?r?a??,Latr*ar.Law tririu, Ca?. 'MlMi af Idaita, Palpitant* aftka Dinjiii flif'iiir iiddiFiii, Diiiui af tha Hud, Ykraat, (km, AFakiiaoa af Uia Laura, tlairach ar Vavala? tk?aa Tarrikla Diaardara ariainf (ran tslltary liMu at Tamil?lhaaa Draadfal and PaatraaUra Praaucaa vhiak nf in Mari.f ft iapaatikla, aaJ daatray ?ata lady tad MU4 TOBMB MSB apaalallr wka kava aacarr.a tka rietlaia af B? ltary TJaa, that draadfal aid daauastiva kakit vhiek anoaally avaapa la id antimaly frsra taaaaau-ia afTcauf 64an aflha maat ai alurt ulanu aivd hrilltat iotallatt, vka mirht atharviaa karf ii'rtLitd liauoinf taaataa whk tka Uaoaara af alaqaaaaaaa wakai la aaittay vka l'rtaf lyia, kij tail vtU rill m| taaaa, UA1UAI1. N1U1II ra?IOII,H TauiHaa ia>taarUda(Mt? 'Uri, kainf awataaf akyaiaal aitiaiaa, ainala dakllha, di/arisitiaa, 4a., apaa iliy carad. a vka plaeaa kimaali asdtr tka aara af Dr. J. may ratlft aa?1? aanlda la kit hacar aa a faat'.aaaaa aad taafdaatly rat* af au kia aktll aa a pbyiialaa. ornoi Ma. t aoiri rtBcuici tripir, lafl kaad alda fainf fiaca Kaltlaaara air a ax, a fav daaia (Na tka aari. ar. Fail M taakaarra aaaaa aad aiakat. Uttw KM ka paid aad aaatela a iwa). >L JUmtTOH, Maakara af tka lay a, Callaf a flirfawi, Vaadaa, natiall fraa aaa af tka aaaat airload Callaf ? la tka In had lutaa, aad tka fraatar part af vhaaa Ufa kaa kaaa apaol ia tka kaa ttala af Landau, Pant, Fkiladalpkia aad alaavhara, kaa al ratiaa mib* ?i lit ihi aawniaaing tnu that <hi itii hcawn; many traablad with ringing In tha haad ud uh vhmuliit; rraat DirvMUiiii, baing alarmad at aaddaa aaanda, baahnunaaa with fraaaaot blaahing, attaadad uar Haiti with lifuiniM ?f mind, *m amrad luititUlr. Tits PA&ricakAJi nones. Taing Maa and athara wha bar* lojarad ihatnaalraa by a aartaio prattle* iodalgad in whan alana?a habit fraqaaatly laarnad frara aril campaniaoa, at at achaal, tha (facta at which ara nightly fait aran whan aalaap, and if cat aaiad, randara marnaga lmpaaaihla, and daatraya bath alad ul badv, abaald apply imraadlataly. Tt?? ara iama of tha aid ana nalanahaly afacia pradaaad by aarly babiu af r*ath via Waahnaaa af tha Baak u< limha, rsiu ia tha Maad, Dimnaaa af S:ghi,Laaa af Maaaalai Fawar, Palpitnua-i af tha Na?rt,DTapapaT, Narvaaa IrriUbld ty, Darangamant af tha DigaatiTarancti aoa, aaaralDabUHy aympuraa af Catiaamptian, Ac. MXNTALLY.?Tna faarfal afatu aa tha nlad ara Mtii ba draadad?Lhi ef Manary, Canfanaa af ldaaa, Oaaraaaiaa af pmta. Kail Farbadinga, AraraiauafBacialr, alf-Diatraat, kara af lalitada, Timidity, a it., ara a an a af tha a Til a pr? dacad. REtTOia DKB1LITY.?Thaaaaada aaa aaw)ldga what la tha taaaa af thair daeilolnf health, laafhg thair Tigar,ba taraicg waah, pala, narraaa and amaalatad, having a alng?Ur appaaraaaa ahaa'.tba ayaa, caagh ar ijmptaisaaf caaaaapUaa DIBE A3JC8 OF 1MFRDDKHGK. When tha miagaidad and inipradant vatary af plaaiara lata ha haa lmbihad tha aaada af thia painfal diaaua.luaa aflaa bappana that an ill-timad aanaa af ahama ar draad af diaaarary aatarsnim Irani applying ta thaaa tit, fram ul raapactakility, tan liana kafriand him. Ulla lot* lb* ban da af if narejit and daaifniuf pratandara, wha, incapakla f cannf, llch bis pacamary aabat&nca, kaap hio tnltaf aaoth aftar maoth,araa lanfaatba araal'.aat f?? (in ba ab Ulnad,and 10 daapair laaaa bita with rainad haalv&taaijrt atar hia jailing diaappaintmant; ar by lha aaa af that dttalY paiaan, Mareary, haaian tha eaoatiti'.iaual ayirpiama af tblt tamkla diaaaaa, aach u Afactianaa'tha Eaart. vhraat, Maaa, kin.*;., pnrraaainf with frifhtfal rapidity,till dank pataa pariad ta hia draajfal aafaringa by aandinf la tbaiaa dtaaa?arad caan-.ry fram wbaaa baaroa oa tra?alar racaraa ML JOENflO W'C EE MEDY PUR ORSAH1C WUU1M AMD 1MFOTKNCT. By Uta frail sad inpanaiu ramady araakaaaa af lbs arraas ua spssduy aarsd cod fail rygui raatarad. Tkaaaaada aftba aaaai nsrvsaaand dakilltalad, wha had laat all kapa,baTt kaaa liaraadiotsly rsllarad. All impsdirasnts la Mtrilaga. Pkyalaal at Maatal Bia^aaU aaliar<a, l?a>a af PrasraaliTa Pawar, Marraas Irritability Tramtlinf ilxI Wsakr.asaar Sutituia aftis saaslfsirfa klad apaatdily cartd. es uy*?EM eky or tee runt. TIE MANY THOUSAND! carad atthia iiisntailaa vllhta tka laat aarantaen vaua, aad tKa namaraaa imparunt larft aai aparauana y?rf??>i.?i by Ui. Jahnaai, wilnaaaad ky ua Mpartaraaf tha pa.para aud maay atkat piraaoa, sMiaaa af Wk;ik kira appaaiad ajaiu aad again ksfar: l?a pakUa. ka H'Ui kit ?i?L.l'rf aa a ftatltaaa ?t ?kirt?t(> cad ftap?asi Mtiif, 1* * taKaiaat ru:uu> U Ik* aAlatti. )ia l*-ly J BOY FOR THE SICK AMD SrUFFERJN?. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED READ! APPLY THE REMEDY in REJOICE IN HEALTH. Friend, do yon suffer? Are you the vietim of uij of those numerous a* I in or. ts whioh arise tfom im Snrity of the blood.' What are the?, do you ask? lather ask, wfcat are they not.' The blood Is the o'iroe of life and health, an4 it is the first element of oar being to respond to any causo which affects tha system, m the poise infallibly attests. The ever prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating Erysipelas, the subtle Scrofu.a, tho agonizing Rheumatism, Ner vous Debility, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with it* torpor and dejection, ana the numberless ul> that Sesh ia heir to. derive their hideous origin from thje iqod. Deal kiiKhy then and gently with the blood. Use the vital-sing resources of nature for its aid. and suffer uo to commend to your confidenoe and ass that truly valuable medicament known aa MKS. M. COX'S INDIAN TEQETABLE DECOCTION. With regan' to this almost infallible specifio popular sentiment has spoken in deoided terms and the evidence* of this great efficacy are sus tained by oonstant avowa.8 of curat ire effects and Ui* happiest rasults from ita use are after ali other remedies and the best Radical skill have (ailed. uv* US NIT? IU CyilOlUBlOD, ([\m OOITIDOAIM ovrea are not sought from the illiterate and ioht noial, but they are rohnt^red from the moat re ap^ table sources and justify the highest term* in whioh it if possible to commend ao valuable a (JV<?oiho to pubiio t-pproral. We may add alao that the curative properti es of the medioine are equalled only by its restorative cffecta. the aystem recover ing from diaeaae vith renewed constitutional via or. For aaie by all rospectable Druggists in thia oitT, and by tne proprietor, MRS. M.*COX, None genuine unless her name la blown on the bottle and her aeal on the oork frr Price 91 per bottle, aix bottlea for At. WkoUidb AK*nt. K. H. T. CI8SKL, Dntfliat Georgetown, U C., Wholesale Agent for the Die triot, and will supply the trade at my pnoea. au 18-tr rwa. J. BOVEE DOD'S u IMPERIAL WINS BITTERS, . Are now balni aaed from Maine to the Great Ball Lake, an! the aniversal verdiot of all who bm the;n either as a or aa a btvirati, la that they are unanj?>si in the world. Dr. Doda ueed th?m saooei?f*JJy in kis praotiee for tf yeara before we parchajc* ' klT? tbe niA rirht in anfl present f?r sal# to the public. ?orth? our? of Intiyitk* Indigestion, Dys KT3i&, Pi)?, ??ei vs-is iJitct:?.*, 1- eiaale Com plaints, &?j<l a>i a\iM ray?trin? a tocic, they art ba joni (lc?bt a uoai tuYAaable reniady. Aside fron their a^iciur.l rc>ort<?e they are a rare, whole some *nc doi'.rhtnLi Disrate, produciiic *11 ths pie*s&nt extjl'traMag eCeiH of Bracdy or Wins without their iztJs.ri<??ta reeuiU. Let &U friends of niim??3itf ?'id all ndfooaten or t^mpcrance Mils ur ia BubaUtK'nc thusc vt'aaUe V"(Stable Bitters for th? tni.ufa? uu edvi>}r*i*i Lifuort villi waich tho crmrti y is floodel, and ihoreby ef :>ofu? !y md in bautsbiCK Disoaee and DrunfcenoM from the land. CQARLK8 WIODIFIELD Jt CO., Proprietors, 7* wflM%m street. New Yerk, J. rCHWARZE. Af* t, iVMflinKtoa, D. 0. DR. J. BOYEK DOD8' IMPERIAL 6IH BITTERS. Por Diseases of the Kidneys, Bladder and Urinary ' in. r ?uu oofooimy xor r emit? UMtrMUoni, ns*er fail to onrc, and we warranted to kit* taction. <;harleb widdifield & co., rroynetoria TB Wiliiani ?t., New York. J. SCHWi Set-IT J J. schWarJse. Aeent. WMhinctnn.IX C. fREEMAN | SIMPSOfl'jj The above PURE W H1SKY, Copp** Dutilub non Maltis Grain, being superior and unifojin ia tuality, and highly improved by age, is preferred by oonaumera to all other Whiskies, and partio* larly reoommended by the beet physicians and chem;?u as possessing all the requirement* of a Trut Tonic Inwiiorator mmd Rimtaial Agent. The Sohaylkill Water of Philadelphia, used to the distillation of thia Whisky, is proved by analy is to be the aofteat and pnre?t water in the United States ; and to this may, in a great degree, be at tributed the exo^llenoe of thie v/hiskr. For sale by FREeStaN ? SIMPSON. Phenix Distillery, On the Schrcylkih river, Philadelphia Offioes?96 Wall street, New York ; 10^ Boutfc Front street. prilade!*hiv m*'"-1* Another freah supply of good books. J nat reoeived by xRKNCH ft RICH9TKIN, 37% 1'KMN. A VKNCB. WAiHIIfOTOIf, I ife in the Old Wond by Krednka Bremer; S Tola , lim? , eloth; price $2 WV One of Them, bj Oharlea Lover, p%per 50 centa. Mf??nefio:n the Sea, by Charlea i>ickem, paper; 50wnti The American Queat on, 12""o, oloth . pnoe 60 oenta: by mail free on reoeipt of prioe. Ifeav; die O' upt at our atore for oaah. fe 18 EMV^ HUNDRED TRAVELING TRVNKB r arrivtvl this day, embraoini all ican-Mm ties and tisen of Sole Leather, Ladica'H^X Drees and Paotrin* Trrnka. Onr trunk^*""' alec room exhibita at tin* time the zr*at6?t variety of traveling re^ uiaitea. at moderate pneaa, to be found thia aid* of New York. Alao, every deaona ICrOIJ Trunka repaired or taken in exohanf* tor 09V ODM. wall, STEPHENS * GO* -M *nSfc.fca. ,11 ! PUBLIC ADVBRTI8BMENT. ? * pUBLIO NOTICE. ww i/V(< W| 1 (Xr'a | Pmblio notioe is hereby Riven that bonds tad oonpona annexed, of the deeenpUon hereinafter et forth, ha to lately been feloniously ebetraoted front th? AUitndT of tKa InUriA# Heaa * ?? same being the property of Mm United States tad held m trait for oertain Indian tribes. No: toe has also been given to the proper oSeers of the respec tive States to stop the ptrmat thereof; and all persons are warned against pnrohasing or mosit ing any of said bonds, and oospons, as the olaim of the United States thereto will be proeeouted to the uUnost extent. Kaefc bond being for the sam of one thousand dollars, via : Six per oent. Missouri Coupon Bonds, issued in June aad August, iwt. State of Missiouri.St. Louis and Iron Mountain R R. Stats Bonds. Bond No. 3037 Bond No. 1833 1S78 1827 lm 1997 im 2008 2007 1993 1994 1995 1891 1990 1892 1991 2003 2002 1992 2006 2005 2001 1822 1821 1820 1819 1818 1809 1817 1816 1815 1814 1813 1812 1810 1811 1808 2031 2033 4031 2001 2035 1999 2033 2000 2042 2009 *826 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 1868 1883 I860 1884 1870 1885 1871 188? 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 2045 2017 2047 201A 2044

2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 1826 99 bonds 1824 Not*.?Bond* No.>000, and below of this series, issued J one. 1857, and bonds No. 2001, and above that, dated August, 1857, parable at the Phoenix Bank. New York oitj, in lwf. State of Missouri six per oent. oonpon bonds, Tiz: Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad State Bonds? Bond No. 1863 Bond No. 1028 1862 1627 1861 1028 1860 1029 1H4W 1848 1847 \W> 1846 1844 1831 1836 1833 1834 1830 1837 1938 1830 1049 1640 1636 Irtll 1869 1865 1863 1801 I860 1801 1860 1868 1856 1864 18? 1823 18)4 1836 1820 1827 1828 IftKk 1618 1830 1014 1831 1615 1641 1615 1642 1617 1643 1618 1644 1619 1646 1620 1646 1621 1647 1611 1648 1864 1637 1634 1638 1631 1840 1632 1842 1633 1843 1623 1650 1857 1816 1636 1817 1630 1818 1639 1819 1841 1820 1623 1821 1634 18? Mboada Nora.?Thw bondi in datad Jinun, lin, arable at Bank or Corameroe, New York, la November, 1886?Interest payable ta January ana Jaly of eaon year. State of Missouri lUi^r gent. North Mlr Bond No/2952 Bond No. 16.^9 2940 lfijg 2939 l?Jl 2941 1M2 2942 1A4S 2918 It, 44 2945 1645 2944 1644 2943 1847 2947 1048 2948 1049 2950 2Y37 2938 1653 1654 1655 1652 1058 2921 2468 2513 2513 2514 2515 2516 2911 291* 2912 1040 1650 2922 292.* 2924 2936 2951 2953 1657 1706 1706 1707 2451 2451 2464 2456 2466 245T 2468 Ai r a ?V1? 1914 H3V 3460 m? 3441 Ml* 3463 ?17 2463 1918 3464 3919 3465 Ml 3466 3964 3467 3955 ? 1051 80 bond* Not*.?The bonds numbered ued in January, 185T; No 391 tuued in August, 18ffJ, arable Nev York oity. 2616 and telov, is o, &gd at ore that, at Phsmx Bank, MiHoari six Mr ent Coupon Bonde. vis: North Miwour I R. R. fiut* bond*. Bond No. 3773 Bond No. 3763 2784 *787 VTOA 1781 2782 277# 2783 2711 2712 2710 2725 2777 277? 2766 2768 2769 277?. 2771 278ft 2T78 27T2 nr r$4 2721 2719 2733 2722 2720 2716 2727 2724 2731 2766 271ft 2T14 2T64 2728 nm 6338 . *?T 5134 ft 234 6333 6333 6331 6300 6199 6198 6197 6310 6336 6307 6308 6309 ft 363 6306 Notjl?Tb?M bond* ft 361 5360 ft 349 6347 6348 ftltt 6190 6000 4999 4997 4890 4998 4889 4888 4876 6357 61 boada Bond of Nortk Carolina?Co?p*?n??M North CaroliA* mi per ?Mto. BoodN*. 35 Bond No SO* S3 . 501 32 soo 13 397 9 236 T ?M 349 203 348 1M 347 104 346 10 343 19 342 18 341 17 340 IS 339 13 538 337 830 336 323 339 3SO 331 333 333 334 13T 328 sir 318 316 29(5 239 8 II 10 103 101 100 99 103 6 38 33 16 31 98 97 96 95 94 too OJ 237 60 336 303 72 bosd* Notb.?'Tkaa* bond* arc dated Janaarr, MM, Dajabie January. MM. at B&r* erf Roynblfa, New York. Interact payable in J an nary and J aly. North Carolina per (?ti, Coupon Bonds. Bond N?. 833 Bond No. 786 832 736 831 758 830 750 829 760 834 761 8*5 712 8.H6 763 837 764 888 r?o 871 791 872 T92 872 ;r93 874 794 875 795 876 796 877 797 878 798 879 799 880 80ft w 9fl 846 80S 847 80S 848 804 846 805 850 806 851 808 851 8*7 853 8U *** 856 813 856 814 857 815 858 818 860 817 861 818 861 819 863 810 864 811 fULk amm 864 833 867 814 CkMO POO 836 809 836 879 81T MS as 881 899 884 849 885 843 731 844 732 843 733 734 194 North Carolina tlx par ?wt, Conpor boada. Bond Ho.'W9 Bo?4 Ho. 493 ?00 494 ?03 m 04 496 05 M 606 611 T 498 w?o 610 611 611 613 609 614 622 623 624 625 696 627 626 641 3! 616 644 646 647 648 646 64* aio 611 481 482 483 484 486 467 488 486 638 639 540 641 642 Ml 631 iS Ml 607 MS 618 636 616 17 616 618 616 It 617 466 614 467 iM 433 j r 470 646 60S 647 439 648 440 MO 443 MS 430 471, 431 473 433 473 436 474 437 476 437 476 430 477 436 478 436 479 4M 433 431 613 Ml kAA. 613 491 not Ho. flr Ko. ia te i<t 99 1M 1? 1&& US 178 1? 191 im m iss in 1* 1*4 1ST IM 1? 1* 1T? 197 198 1? 199 ISO 209 JJT 1* * 44 ho?dt 146 Two koB'ia for 81A* fMk, dtud A?nl, IWT. Bond No. 9 Bond No. 19 55? ?,our?%& aiwoitasfc. Bond No 1183 Bond No. ]]?f "84 119t 1194 1188 , Jiv5 iiar 11M 1188 llfT 1189 1199 14 1191 Tzsrx i~. trjeusxnjttvzfliz oiW.of ?h?f? i<nr?n? Dinittr*.utl <UM Ju.? ory, Mfl?: Bond No. 217 Bond No. 41J 1T8 419 994 476 297 477 409 491 413. 498 414 713 And of the folio viae cantors ia???d J Muir ?,] ?? n?a Kc KIX Ra?<I V? 1" 820 1358 $39 And of the folio nam bor? imb*i Juiirj Bond Mo. 1744 Bond Mo. 2655 Slip 28tl 2133 2892 3581 3066 2605 3121 ad of tb? following naml oraiaaacd Juikr; Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 *64 4208 3465 4209 3466 4210 3467 4211 3469 4212 3470 4213 3471 4214 3472 44^1 3758 4527 3894 4529 3941 4550 3942 4556 3943 4566 3944 4569 3V4S SMS 3985 4199 4200 And of the following Bond No. 6066 6196 6526 6369 ssss 6361 636} 6363 6364 6366 6366 6367 6368 4670 4671 4740 4761 48U raluued Jfcnaa*y?lMr Boni No. 6419 6421 6426 6427 6430 6434 6436 6437 6438 6439 6440 6441 6442 6389 6463 M70 6444 6371 6446 6S7J 6463 6373 6618 6374 6619 6376 6639 63T8 6631 637T 6633 687B 6T93 6379 6794 MHO 6796 6381 6m 6386 6T#T 6388 6708 6.587 6709 6388 6719 W8S 6711 6390 6713 6391 6713 S2 liU 6799 68)9 f A MIT 6641 M18 Ovriei o? TBi ifraiTiiT or th? Inftmioa. Deo?mber *,189ft. att-dtf J. THOMPSON, SterMary. GAS FITTING, &c. A WM, T. DOVE * CO. PLUMBiNfi. 6^^K^iAM riTTtN* CT Btor* on Hh rtr?*t, a tew doora north of P*. pLUMBR&B AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON A CO. Wotld (Mil UMftttontion ot wkit takers to tb?r SiU*Mortm?ntofFixt*rM dmiwiIu it? ictro otioL JkM fouowt. -K ITr H K N P A v n m u ? f u kbly to U>? proTi.ion. o7^?^id inki iiusrsafiEH^sftSffi! _ tad aootb?r, awled U<1 marked M t r**, < MtiaP* flao*. If yrevM to b* BooinUe .Jis!" W OETH OF BotftfftSoEB in TRUNK*. QT ?JJ Styfej Ml OmMimi, AT A. MUf UCtirKI OH CO* Btmtfm Nul^t irwt Moniotf oa uiakl * hkN d. I.Md and eaJv&citad \\ K iIa^TS and PaVEWa^H ,Ae mm vil^ i um W?? ? Hanci auperior UrmtMII, with knowledge, wa are prepa'od to introa into dweilinai with all the latest imp aroaptlj. ana at pncee that cannot rail to tali if 969 Pean., no M-dtMar 1 bet. 9th and loth eta.. aoath tide. We AS PIXTUKKt. E Mare ia etore, and are da< j reoetTing, 018 FIXT0R]SSo(9cUr?lf Mew Pattern aori Deeijne a&d F.nh, en pen or ia atrle toanyth|n? heretofore offrred iji ttui market. We invite oitiient receral It to oall and examine oar rtook ot Gee and Water Pixturee, feeiinn continent that we have the boet eejecteo ?tnck it Waehinrtot. Ail Work in the above line lntrmatad to *?r wulbe promptir attended to. r ' ' IfVDBm a. -,Mf ? iY?T^ | SN\ DER^(TMBgR Affp eAmrrTTMIL. Hm romoTMto S* eoTMr ofTwetJUi awf F?U. & is prepared to introduce Water and 6u n?oa m mo?t fkrorabl# Unas, and (unatiM nbrt J*tM on hand a lot of COOE1N6 and oUm STOVES, which h* will mUImi tfcaa twl.u I WIMM to gat rid of than. ao 17 QmoE JfOTICM IB