Newspaper of Evening Star, March 8, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 8, 1861 Page 2
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i. ^ ^i _ THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OkTY: FRIDAY March *. 1*61. 117" The new Dollar Wwkly Star, fuller than ever of Metropolitan new* and gossip, and choice literary residing, is now on our counter ready for delivery to tbe public. Embraced In Its entertaining content* are tbe following articles: WbatKaty Did : A Maiden's Summer Afternoca; Tbe Outpost?a thrilling narrative of tbe wilderness; Arteirus Ward on tbe shakers?asidesplltter; Impressive Scene at tbe Seventh Regiment Armory; Rarev's Lectures and Exhibition*; Departure of ex-1'resident Ducbanan and h's Progress to bis bome; Visits to Secretary Holt; Mr Corwin's Amendment to the Constitution; The New Cabinet; Alexandria Municipal Election; The Inauguration Ball; Arrival of Weston, the Boston Pedestrian; Ex Secretary Thompson's Statement Relative to Secession; Inaugural Address of President Lincoln, with a graphic description of tbe incidentssnd doings of the day: Visits of the New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, California. Maine, and other delegatlona to the President, General Scott, Gov Seward and others; Speeches of President Lincoln. Gov. Seward, Gen. Scott, Andrew Johnson, Gov Chase. Jcc , Ac ; Latest Telegraphic Dispatches from all quarters; Full reports of the proceedings of Congress and the closing boars of tbe House of Representative*, Supreme Court, State Conventions, Criminal Court, fcc.; Editorials on tbe topics of the day; Agricultural Correspondence; Articles on Horticulture and Gardening; Hints for Farmers; Household and Workshop Recipes, together with several columns of Local news, choice Miscellany, Poet/y, Fun and General Information. This Is Just the paper above all others for persons sojourning in the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or SI.00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit sf the .tlsrals| Press. The Intelligtnctr to-day is occupied with news matters. TV. ail. *# VI. m. ue aij^uci iubi iuc pwpic w? ? nginia reprobate the language of tbe Richmond EHqnirtr with regard to the inaugural of President Lincoln, and cay* it la "not by any meant certain that the people of Virginia will not sustain all that degree cf coercion which President Lincoln proposes. There is no reason for their opposition to it, and no sufficient evidence that they are opposed to it as a matter of fact." VsrorxDiD Rcmobs, Ac.?Our cotemporarles are publishing rumors that various local (District of Columbia) new appointments have already been wnrnAm ko ? a. U?. 11 V?u vc uu luuuuatiuu iur lunil , whatever One of them say? that Mr. J. Hollins McBlair baa been appointed Commissioner of the Public Building*, and Dr. Wallace, of Springfield, 111, (a brother-in-law of President Lincoln.) Marshal of thla District. The candidates for these offices are of course numerous. Besides Mr. McBlair for the Commiuionersbip of Public Buildings, we have Capt. Nathan Darling, Mr. Sam. Strong, Mr. West, Mr Job Angus. Mr. Ira Goodnow, Dr. Kemp of 111.. Mr. Fitzhugh of 111., Mr. Geo. Plant, it. (. For the Marshalship we hear cf Mr. B. B. French, Mr. Richard Wallach, Mr. George Harrington, and Mr. Jas. E. Wise of the District of Colombia; Mr. Harvey, of Philadelphia, Ft., (Washington correspondent of the North Ameri. (??,) Col. Lammon, of Springfield, 111., Mr. Lucas, of 111 , (Postmaster II. of R.,) tt at. For the Navy Agency here, we hear of Mr. A. \V. Fletcher, and Dr. Bowen. For oar City Post Office, Mr. Nathan Sargeant, and Mr Lewis Clephane. For Superintendent of the District Penitentiary, Mr. Gerhardt. Thi New York Times on Appointments to Office.?The New York Times, In a aeries of articles, is now doing its political friends in the Government infinite service (if they will but heed its counsels) in connection with the subject of appointmenta to office. It is warning them .with great force against appointing unfit men to stations of responsibility as rewards for partizan cervices. Surely, as it is patent that the disasters that have *? " - .u? pony ?rcw tor lot roost part out of auctioneering off all Government poets, from the highest to the lowest,?the bids being purely partisan services?the present Administration should Lave warning enough before Jts eyes to prevent it from running the same mad career: The spoils doctrine has not only proved the eventual destruction of the Democratic party, but bids fair to prove the eventual destruction of the Union; for a full share of the national troubles of tbe times grow out of the persistent dem?. gogtsm and utter lack of principle in which politicians of the Democratic party, high and low, have been by degrees educated, through the practise of putting up tbe offices, contracts, priv lieges, trusts,and honors of the Government, in all Its departments, as rewards to be paid for partlzan services only. A R nn?*?r* rUr*** ? 'PL- * .....v., vu?aii.u9.? i ue wiejjrapn yesterday brought u? a story from New Orleaoa saying that the people of Texas bad voted by a majority of 40,000 to acc-pt the ordinance of secession Imposed upon them by their recent Convention. We do not believe a word of It. On the contrary, when the truth reaches here, it will doubtlesa be found that hardly a majority of the vote polled by Texas in the Presidential election was polled in this election; and further, that the whole vote for acquiescence In the ordinance has not reached one third the whole vote polled at the Presidential election. A thousand to one, the story turns out as utterly uatrue as the late story that Sam Houston favors secession, which he has recently taken occasion In d#nv with hl? " ???' L' J luijuini, urn ms own Signature. A Diplomatic Rbciftio*?The representative* at foreign Government* accredited to thla Government yesterday paid their respects, In a body, to tbe recently Installed President of tbe United states They were accompanied each by 11 tbe official members of hi* respective legation, and each wore h i uniform or other court dress The scene wag a very brilliant one, and tbe levee (diplomatic) lasted about an hour, in the course of which President Lincoln was constantly engaffed in animated conversation with his distinguished visitors The Fasxca Missiox.?It Is understood that M?m Fremont ud Sumner ire the only two contestants for tbe mission to Psrls whosechsnces mske thsm serious ones. It seems to be under- I stood that the President has promised tbe mission to the former. At lesst his friends are making that claim la bis behalf. Ixfobtaxt RbsioxatIoxs ?Colonel Samuel Cooper, (of N. Y.,) Adjutant General, U H A , j resigned yesterday, his resignation to taks effect from the 1st lost Cap* John Withers, (of Tenn.,) Assistant Adjutant General, U.S.A., also resigned yesterday, his resignation to take effect from that day. Not Rssioxxd.?Wo *?_* ?? ? ' several fr en Heme a who should know, that tbe Item stating tbe resignation of Mr. Justice Campbell, of tbe Supreme Court, copied into tbe Star yesterday from an exchange paper, ts untrue. We are glad, indeed, to learn tbe fact. Tax Mission to Loidor ?Tbe following gentlemen are written down bere as being aerioua contestants for tbe ICngllah mission. Viz: Messrs Corwln of Ohio, Hale of N. H , Cbas. P. Adan.s of Mass.. and Wm M. Evarts of N. Y. Of course there are other contestants for tbe position. Ma Hksst Wi.iTsa Davis.?From all we can lesra ta tbe premises, we expect to bear in a day or two tbat tbe President has tendered to Mr m "W Davis, of Nd , either tbe mlMlon to St Petersburg or that to Com antlnople. A .New Awctaht Gen seal ?BrX. Limit. Col. Lortnto Thomas, second in rank In the Adjutant 6eoeraT? Oflce, baa been promoted to be Adjutant General, U 9. A , with the rank of Colonel, y1c? Cooper, resigned |JT We art requested to sUte that there will t* a public reception at the Executive Mansion this evening daring tbe usual bears, from to ten t'eiock. r i it .in ' ' - in mil 11 CONGRESSIONAL. ?bs*tb?When our report closed yesterday, Mr. Wlgfa'l wai addressing the Senate on the Inaugural address He said . A few months ago the acceptance of the Crittenden resolutions might have prevented seeeaslon, but now, If you were to give the 8outh a piece of blink paper and tell them to write up#n It any constitution tbev please, they would not for a single four years submit to the foreign policy of this Administration All the old Territorial questions are gone by; fquatter sovereignty la a dead Issue, a res n<1 judicata-. the question Is not territory, but it is the denial that sfsves are property everywhere that constitutes the ground of difference between the two sections Before concluding bit remarks. Mr. W , fora third time, repeated tbe warning tbatlf the Government of the United State* did not remove their troop* from "our forta we will remove them " Mr Douglas replied that he (Mr Douglaa) bad no connection or communication with tbla admlnlatratlon, and only judged of its policy by tbe aame meana which were la.the reach of every Senator?namely: the inaugural Itself He bad come to tbe conclusion that tbe policy of the President would be peaceful, and be rejoiced in that conclusion. He was with the President when be was for peace, and against him when heahouid change bis policy to thai of war. He thought that but for tbe holding of Forts Pickens and Sumter there would be no danger of collision. Heargued that It was impossible for Major Anderson to bold out much longer, and that it was equally Impossible to reinforce him. Tbe discussion was prolonged between Senators Douglas and Wlgfall until a late hour; when, on motion of Mr. Fessenden, the Senate adjourned. Fiidat, March 8. Sk*ati.?Mr. Grimes Introduced the following; which waa agreed to: Resolved^ That the order of lait session, setting apart a portion of the galleries for the diplomatic corps, be, and hereby is, rescinded. >ir. Foster offered the following: Whereas, the Hon. L. T. Wlgrall, now a Senator from Texas, declares he owes no allegiance to this Government, but to Tszas? Resolved, That he be, and hereby la, expelled from this body. Mr. Wlgfall not being present, the action on the resolution was postponed. Mr. Bright presented a list of committees, which was read and accepted. un uiouon 01 .?ir. sumner, cerisin paper* on tue table relative to the civil suit of S. B Sanborn, now pending In the civil courts of Massachusetts, were referred to the Committee on the Judiciary. On motion of Mr. Collamer, the Senate then went Into executive session. Not so.?The rumor of the removal of Mr. J. N. Granger (Senator Douglas's brother-in-law) from the Recordershlpof the General Land Office, said to have been made yesterday, is untrueNo such change had been made, certainly up to one p*. m. to-day. We may also mention the fact that the erroneously alleged removal of Mr. J. H. Leonard, the clerk of the General Land Office to sign land warrants in the President's name, grew out of the fact that, not having been specially authorized to sign the name of President Lincoln to land patents, (a* be bad been authorized to slgu that of President Uuchauan,) he was necessarily directed to suspend bis work until the former made known his desire in the matter, to the Interior Depart ment. The \Vigfall Expulsion Resolution offered to-day?see our Senate report?was taken up Ira mediately after the brief executive session of the morning, and Mr. Cllngman offered a substitute for it, basing the proposed action in Mr. Wigfall's case upon the fact of the alleged secession of the State of Texas. As a matter of course the Senate not acknowledging the right of secession, will not adopt the substitute. Tin Vacant Scpkkms Coubtship.?Opinions are very varioaa to-day with reference to this problem. It 1* now Insisted that Mr. Crittenden will not be nominated to It, and that either J udge Rutfin of N. C., ex-Secretary Holt of Ky , or Mr. George K Badger of N. C , la likely to be the lucky man. Skcrktaxy Sewsrd, we regret to have to write, is too unwell to leave bia chamber to-day. He is suffering under an attack of lumbago, and was cupp d this morning. We presume he will be able to attend at the State Department In a day or two. Ms. Kassk.i, of 111, appointed a day or two since to be First Assistant Postmaster General, not yet baring reached Washington, no clerical j changes whatever have been made in the Post Office Department, so far. Thi Cabinet Session of yesterday, until the reception of the Diplomatic Corps, mentioned elsewhere in to-day's Star, was devoted to the consideration of the condition of affairs In the South. Cosr.iMKD ?The nominations of Messrs Judd and Krit-stman, both of Chicago, 111 , to be U. 8. Minister to Berlin, and Secretary of that Legation, respectively, were to-day confirmed by the Senate Col. Casmus M Clay .?It se?ms to be under itood tLat this gentleman will very shortly be nominated to the Mexican minion. Bsok Notices. Histoet or thi United Netherlands, from tub Death o? William the Silent to the Synod o? Doet By John Lothrop Motley. Harper 4 Brothers, N . Y. We are indebted to the publishers, through Taylor & Maury, for a copy of this work, which Is now receiving such unstinted praise from European as well as American critics. As has been remarked, it is seldom that an American author receives from foreigu critics a tribute so unanimous to hts ability, Impartiality and breadth of views. In these volumes we have an Insight to all the hidden intrigues of the Courts of Pkilip the Prudent, of Het ry of Valols, and Elizabeth of England; and, as .veil, a narrative of the more stirring event* of their times of singular animation and Interest. Of fascinating attraction, too, ar? the historical portraits painted with great urraaia ana lorce; as of Philip, William the Silent, Alexander Farneae, Henry of Valol?, Henry of Navarre, Ileitry of Gulae, CJueen Elizabeth and the notables of her Court, Leicester, Raleigh, Walslngham, Burghley, and Sidney. Dr. Motley in the preparation of hla work haa hud the advantage of acceaa to the State archlvea of London, Pans, Brussels, and the Hague, and haa made capital use of these valuable resources. The handsome atyle In which the work (two volumes) has been issued by tbe Harpers, as well as tbe moderate price (especially in view of the fdet that It is a copy-right) will not of course least n Its popularity with the public. Personal. Hon. A Rust and family, of Ark , are at K Irk woe d*'. Miss Harriet Lane, niece of President Bu vru married at Washington, on tbe 4th lustant to James Carlisle, a prominent lawyer of ttiat city, wUo waa one of tbr counael for Sickle* at bis trial for the murder of Key ?N Y. Post. The above paragraph ia true, with tbe following exceptions: 1st. No such marriage has taken place, on the 4th or any ether instant; 2d. Mr. Carlisle was not the counael for Sickles at the trial mentioned. Cost op thk Agitation?The Salem (Ala ) Register thinks thf-re is not a public work, a single branch ?>f business of any kind, a single de* partment of human enterprise in this country, or one single Individual In It, but has suffered more or less by tbe present agitation Tbe loss to tbe couutry, It thinks, can scarce*/ be less than a thousand millions of dollars Thb Drouth in Cuba ofrnino a Market ? Owing to tbe devastating effects of tbe late aevere droutb In tbe island of Cubi, where provisions are scan e and blgb, tbe Government it aald to be about taking otf tbe duties on corn, rice, beans. Ctatoes. rye Hour, bay, baiua, bacon, fish, and d?all of wblcb articles are plenty euough In tbe Laited States, and may be sold to tbe distressed Cwbaua at fair but remunerative prices. ! Arrival or Ml Buchanan in Lancaster.? Mr Buchanan waa received in I^ancaster by a large concourse of people, on Wednesday last Tbe military and civic procenlon was several [ rqcarea in leugtb, and tbe arrival of tbe train waa i;reeted by a national salute, ringing of bella, cbeers, etc. II jT* Kmlnent Iron sblp builder* ur that la some tustaui?-s "a thousand decaplUted rivets may be found In the bottom) of an iron ball after one or more vovayes," and tbntasmart kick of tbr foot it often uflitlrnt to shake oat tbe rlveta ao titkndrd, and open an Inlet for tbe aea Many persous suppose that Iron ship# will, after a time, tease to te built 117" The Hon Mr. Howe, leader of tbe Nova Scotia Government, has announced bis Intention to bring before tbe Legislature of that Province tbe subject of tbe Union of tbe British Provences, DEPARTMENT SKWII, I East India Sqcadbo.v?Despatches from Flag officer StrlbllD? were received at the Navy De- t partment yesterday. He says that in consequence ! of the disturbed state of China, he had not until January 1st considered It proper to send any vessel to the Southwest. The John Adams had sailed | fA. u,nlll. Ql.m mm*A ?iinn^nnr/. Tk. I avi mnitiiia, ciaiu ouu ui^ik'j'viv. i u( cviii* merce of tbe United States with Slain, be sais, is of considerable Importance. and an occasional visit of a man-of-war to that country Is advisable, and in all the countries round the China Sea ana Japan, the frequent presence of a man-ofwar is beneficial to our commerce and our countrymen residing there. He expects to go North with the Hartford and Saginaw. Appointid ?The Secretary of the Interior bas made the following clerical appointments to fill vacancies in his Department Viz: Watt J. Smith, of Indiana, (SI,SCO per annum) to be tbe Secretary's private secretary: Elijah C. Mayhevr, of Indiana, (91.400 per annum.) and Warren T. Lock hart, of Indiana, (f 1.400 per annum.) Items Telegraphed frsm Washlagt?a. Washington, March 7? President Lincoln aaia mis evening to a roumern gentleman who called upon him to know bow his inaugural waa to be understood, tkat it meant peac*. Th? War Department to day received letters from Major Anderson, dated on the 4th Inst , but i they contained nothing of rspecial importance The moat friendly feeling exists between him and the South Carolina authorities. Postal facilities are still open to him, and the privilege of marketing to a limited extent continues to be granted him. Jose Marcelino Hurtado,latr Intendente General of the State of Panama, and so distinguished for his activity nnd energy in the support of the Federal Government of New Granada, baa been appointed Commissioner for the Convention under lha U..... 4 ... II- I * 1 ' ?v w?-.... >u.i Mtaijr. tic ii cifirtttu uere oy j the close of this week Highly Important from Texas ?A Baitl/ ProbabU.?The New Orleans Picayune of the 2d Inst., contains Galveston (Takas) dates of the '26th ultimo. The Texns forres under Colonel Fcrd, accompanied by Commissioner Nichols, fonnd at Brazos twenty soldiers under Lieutenant Thompson, about twenty heavy guns, and plenty of artillery, stores, ammunitions, etc Captain Hill had previously withdrawn hi* light battery, and with his party was on the way to Urazos to destroy the gun carriages and immovables there. On demanding of Captain Hill the surrender ?f Fort Brown, he called Captain Nichols and his men traitors, and sent to Fort Ringgold for 200 men. 11111 ). 4U.4 1? t- -J - i * * inn n IIJC1I *ny turn UC IB UC' CTIIII IlfCl lO defend Fort Brown to the last, and would not obey any ordirs from General Twiggs to surrendt r. The troopa at Fort Brown were in excellent health and spirit*. Texas t'oops were being sent from Galveston to reinforce Colonel Ford, who is at Browntville. Unios Skxtimknt tx Mississippi ?\ letter to the Louisville Journal, dated Aberdeen, M'ss , Feb. 19, say: "Before the recent elections in Tennessee and Virginia I said to a friend tbat I was of the opinion, If a rote could be put to the people of this State, a vote In favor of the Union would overturn secession from five to ten thousand Tbe electlona convince me that my opinion was well founded. At the election In this State about onehalf only attended, and about one-half tbe voters turned out for a drink of whirky f^o the people Were drai/OOnt-d. A<* aM>a**lnn th?* dav Kvpry little lawyer, doctor, &r , expects to be Vice President, or something else, in the new Republic, if farmed, and they therefore f ivor the idea. So you may see there are but few to spenk on the stump fcr the I'r.ion; and all who ex pert cilice, Ac , move and net more intensely than others The wishes of the majority ^re kept down And vet 1 feel confident the people of Mississippi, if properly aud fairly asked and tried, would go 10,(00 for the Union. The people of North Alabama refute to recognize the authority of the Convention, and at Athena celebrated the ?d February In an old-fashioned Cnion manner." The Senate Committees.?The following list of chairmen of the important Senate Committee* has been agreed on by the Republicans: Sumner. Forelsrn Attain: i-Mwnitxn Collamer, Post Office; King, Military Affairs; Hale. Navy: Trumbull, Judiciary; Doollttle, Territories; Chandler, Commerce; Simmons. Patents; Clark, Claims; Wllkinaon, Indian Affaire; Anthony, Printing. M?ssrs. Sumner and Seward were the only Republican members of the Finance Committee of the laat Congress The latter going Into the Cabinet, leavis Mr. Sumner the only rnembsr of the Senate entitled to it under the rules of courtesy usually practised. Mr. Fessenden, who is considered the ablest debater in the Senate, by accepting the chairmanship of Finance, becomes the recognized leader of the Senate, the place just occupied by Mr Hunter, of Va. Mr. King st?>ps in JeflVrson Davis' shoes, and Hale takes Mallory's place. rry=?TKACHLR9' ASSOCIATION -A special L_3 meeting of?he Teacher*' Ass-oia iou will beheld TO MOM ROW, at th<* Smithsonian Institution, at 10 a. nt. Dr. W. A Mvlkky, of Ga , ] wrl deliver a lecture before the Association on Er.gluh Orthoepy A fiiil attendance of the teachers and friends ol learning is invited. It J. S. UkHART. Sfc. fff UN IV ERHAL1SM. ? Suffering the Yen ? tie ante of Et"nnl Fire ? i hiophilcs fiskk will preach ?t the old T'inity Church on Si NDAY EVENING, and will endeavor to prove the final holiness and happin' ss of Judas Iscariot, of whom it was raid, Matt.2fc25?' It had b?-n good for th*t man if he i ad Lot been born," and of the inhabitant* of **odom who wee "set fortii an example, suffering the vengeacoe of eternal fire.'* re\ts tree ma 8 2'* |Ylf? REV. DK. LORD'S I.ECTU E ON IL.3 Madam* d? Ma nt*non, delivered T u tday I evemnz at th? Fir?r r*i....-1. l' and-a ha f utroet, if possihio trun^nd-nl in intere*t either o- his former (forts as wik so > mptiau cally attested by the de!igtr. o| the large and enthu i?* io audimce. Of the two r maimrjc lrc nr?? of thaoourse, by special request, the firt-t will be on Ro?o<e lOMORRUw (Saturday) EVK.NING, at 8 o'olook, in nam* p nee *ud the second on UaMeo.on n?xt MO.N DAY KVKN1NG. >vt thr> fame t|m? and plaoe. As these will be tho on<t opportunities to hear this distinguished lecturer duriug bis ro ourn in Washington, we oall the a<tar.ti->n of the pub:io again to tue f\ct, assured that whoever attends will b^ amply rejaid. Single admusion 25 ?ene, paid at the door. ina8 St* ry-g? YOUNG MKN'8 CHRISTIAN A8SOCI1JL2 ATloN ?Hull Penna. a>enur., orvo-itt Uroren't Hotel ?Hnion Prayer Meeting evory day th week, at to 5X o'olook p. in inar4 6t" SAY, STRANGER, W1IERK ARK lKjj you koii.k Vou deem to We in a great hurry/* "So I am. 1 am icoinjc to SMITH'S, No 460 seventh street, to buy a suit of Clothe*. The peatpie ?ar he has a very nioe assortment, and they tay he sella thein ?o cheap." Aote.?The last we saw of the stranger, he was running np Seventh street singing out' SMITH, No. 4<>0" fe 2-6w rKw^DEMPSEY A O'TOOLE, JJj WEDDINQ AND VISITINO CAKD EHGHAVERS. 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Tac inatgraax?As Attace as Foet.Scmtee Not Astisaslk. The Charleston Mercury vehemently attack* the Inaugural Itaaya: "If the policy and principles here indicated are attempted to oe carried out in full there will bawar?oprn. declared,positive war?with boom. Ing canaon and blood, and battle, In lea than tea daya from tbla date For to carry out hla threats, not only are the forts now in possession of the United Stat* a Government to be beid, but the fortresses along the coast now in possession of the Confederated States of Amertcs, are to be lipo>tutid" and "AsJrf" by the United States Govern But notwithstanding the Mercury acce pta the Inaugural as a declaration of war it doe* not advise an attack on Fort Sumter. Its policy on thia point having undergone a decided change since

the Confederated States have taken command of the military operations in and around Charleston. On this subject the Mercury says: But still we would say to our people, for the present, keep cool, and bid your time. The honor of this State is no further involved in this matter. It has been transferred to the shoulders of the Government of the Confederals States of Amsriea. Whether wisely or not, it is now too late to discuss. Our course now is one entirely of policy and war strategy. We do not profess to be accurately cognizant of the plans of President Davis If there Is to be war, there must be a plan and a policy for the campaign. These must originate rrom the bead* of the Government We have now nothing to lose by time?everything to gain. War six weeks ago might have placed Virginia now by our s'de. War would have been In the name of the State of South Carolina The glory, prratlge, ar.d historic fame, would have been ners It la no longer so The blood, will be hers, but little of the pr< fit That blood, bowtver, her people are still, as they have ever been, willing generoualy to shed. Nor will any foreign foe unmolested cross her border by sea and lnnd. Beyond this, policy and strategy must rule the action of the General Government at Montgomery. Their decision with regard to this harbor will be carried out bv the troops of Carolina That President Lincoln will attempt to collect revenue ofl' the bar la now beyond a question woaiiQPnr nt?rr lies tDe question in which alone this State it diretly concerned. What course Is then to be pursued by the Southern Government? There are but two open. The one, Immediate attack upon Fort Sumter; the other to besiege and starve out the fortress. To attack the fort will not remove the men.-of war from off our bar. What, then, will be gained? It Is a question. To declare martial law over the whole harbor. Including both shores and the wharves of the city, prohlblting all approach to Fort Sumter by night or by day, excluding from It all supplies of any description and all Information or communication to its Inmates. may be the policy decided upon. Salt meat and warm weather may most effectually do our work for us. To reinforce Fort Sumter is now only to hasten the period of starvation; for no ship-of-war can enter our harbor and land supplies Should sbe succeed in running to the fort, sbe will be under the constant fire of three or four batteries wi'htn telling and destructive dis muix. cnc mum dc i)un ?iy eawuyru in inc meantime our ships, or ships ladenrd with our goods for forelun ports, may continue their course as usual Kven should a blockade be declared It can in no way int-rfere with the egres* and Ingress of neutral bottoms in their ordinary avocations of trade. A duty may doub'le*s. for the present, be collected on such Imports as arrive Lere directly from abroad Of this a reckoning must be made in the calculation of costs, pro a: d con. A few months must settle the wholo question. And the taking of Fort Sumter immediately cannot, as far rs we can pt-rceivf, hasten that period We will be a little further when we have finished than when we brguu?minus some valuable lives. Tim WivruKS.?Tbe following report of the weatlior for the morn'ng Is inide from the Amit lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to tlie Smithsonian Institution. The ilme of observation : L/u. ft ? nl/.'/w.W U> I'V U # V V-W A March 8, 1861. Burlington, Vt clear, 5?, wind SE New ^ ork, N. Y clear, cold. Washington. D. C cloudy, wind SE Richmond, Va clear, pleasant. Petersburg, V? clear, cold. Raleigh, N. C overcast, 14?. Wilmington, N.C clear, pleasant. Augusta. Ga. clear, pleasant. Savannah, Ga. clear, 59?, wind SW Macon. Ga. clear. Columbus, Ga .......clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala cloudy. Grlffen. Ga clear. Jackson, Ala clear. Mobile, Ala cloudy, 00?. New Orleans, La clear, 64?. tBOX TUB WIST. Frederick, Md clear, mild. Cumberland, Md clear, mild. Pittabnrg, Pa clear, 34?. Grafton, va clear, pleaaant. Wheeling, Va cloudy, 32?. Parkeraburg, Va clear, pleaaant. Cincinnati, 0..... clear, pleaaant. Cleveland, O cloudy, hazy. Klgln, 111 cloudr, 35". Ottawa, 111 raining, 35'. Barometer at the Pmlthaonlan at 7 a m., (corrected for temperature,) 30,169; at noon, 30,390 Thermometer at 7 a. m , 30"; at noon, 42'J Maximum daring 24 hour?, ending 9 a. m. today, 37'; minimum 25*. j^AST WEEK OF THE SALE JAPANESE GOODS. Go at once and fx*mine thrift ' TK? most munificent ever imported' Conaiating in part of Punch Bow'a, Handkerohiefa, Card and Toilet Hoxea, luiaid St'aw Boxes. Plates. Dtoorated l oroelatn Cupe, Bovris, Saucers, Ac . 4c. SUPERB INLAID CABINEI8, Ac , 4c , Ao. Now is the only opportunity to make aeleotiona from this large A'aortmeiit of Japanese Gt ods. Selling at Lt*x Than Co*t ?* Japan .' 1E7~:J06 Finn. Avkncs, Undr Wil lards' Hotel. ^3 [Cr20fi Psn?i. Avssu, Unrinr Wiflarria' Hotcl._/Tl ma 8 6t One Dollar. 81-81-81- 81-81-81- ?l? ?1? #1? 81! 81-81-81-81-81-81-81-81-81-81'. 47GPa.AV. EVANS'S. 476 PA.AV. YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE OF JEWELRY IN OUR STORK FOR ONE DOLLAR. BPLKNDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE. -~?Sef* for 81 Elegant LAVA.. . S?ta for 81 Elegant GARNET ?? ??ufor #1 j r> 1 . . 3<ta lor 91 Elegant COR AT, and GOLD. 8et? for $1 Elegant MEDALLION **?'? for 91 Elegant RIM MOSAIC-. B?Jtafor91 Elegant PLAIN 60LD Seta for 91 Lviiea' GUARD CHAINS for 91 Ladies' CHATELAINE CHAINS, for 91 Ladiea' NECK CIIAINS _for91 Gent'a VEST CHAINS,(10different patterns) for 91 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARE, oonsistiQf of TABLE. TEA and DESERT SPOONS, FORKS, CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKETS, CREAM LADLES, TEA SETS OF KNIVES and FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES, CUPS, &o., Ao. Alao: A Larce Assortment of JKWRI.IV ve can toll at 50 oents per mriiele. boorsIbooes. CLOS'NG OUT OUR STOCK AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. #1.00 BOOKS S?llint for. JOeenta #1.25 BOOKS Selling for JO to 75 o?nta 2.00 BOOKS Selling for $1 to fl 25 NOW 18 YOUR TIME TO QBT BOOKS and JEWELRY LOWER THAN EVER BEFORE. CALL EARLY AT 4T6Pi. Av. KVAMS?? d. ? - ? ? .. ? . v i a. ar* mar 8-lin QHEAP HARDWARE! To thn?? who bui d or repair We offer cheap Hardware! NAILS. HINGES, "LOCKS, BCREWB and every oth?r article in the Hardware Liae are offered at priofta as will pay peraoni wantinr in any part r f the oity or neighboring oountry to give ua a eall before purchasing elsewhere. Don't forget the plaee, No. 483. Pa. avrnue, near Third itreat. ma 7 3t GEO. BAVAOK. t NOTICE. ^ UMBRELLA MANUFACTORY, 847 PUH Avkmui [ The aubeent-ar wiatiee to remoT* an lmpreeaion th\t has 5011* abroad that heintenda to eel I. out to uiuae ur uroun" Dusinesa. routing oi the Kind la intended. Bat he aimply w she* to mU hi a preaent took of Umbrella* and Paraeola at eoat to most immediate and pre?aing engagements, Having *k> tamed materials of hia fr>end? at tho North with the understanding that he wooM appropriate the Cooeeda to t>io above nraoN. laatom'ra are erelore earnestly aoliciled to givoMm a call _,pr*f1ltor" will please be patient and wait awhilaall wlJl eoano right. Nobody la hurt. m?7 ? DANIEL P1KECE Fbom tbi lotrmi Hind ?The New York Tribute baa the following special dispatches : NoMTsoiinT, March 6 ?If the positions of Mr. Llocotn'a Inaugural are soetained by the people of the United States, collision and dell ; war are inevitable This Confederacy will nere? , pay in owe to tbe United States Tbe only hope for a peaceful eolation Is tbe Immediate abandon* ment of nil idea of collecting tbe rerenoe by the United States, and tbe evacuation of all the Confederate forta The only practical laaue for Northern Conaervatlw* is to insist upon a peaceable separation of to battle energetically against the Northern Radical*, carrying tbe aprlng electlona. breaking up tbe old Union, and joining thta freab, Tlgorooe, liberal and expanslre Republic. A reconstruction of tbe old hulk uader Lincoln ia a practical absurdity. Mallory, tbe Secretary of the Nary, la making j preparations for war on a large acale. Tbe eity , and the military are quite gay. President Daris haa taken a aplendld white houaa here. 9. , Montgomcry, March 6 ?The roeir.bera of the Confederate Cong-ess are extraordinary workers. Tbetr H?lom about ten hours daily, and very little of time it consumed in Buncombe speeches The various Executive Departments are eve* | more irdostrlons. and are working literally day . and night in their aeveral bureaus The maenlnery of tbe new government Is being put In . working order with remsrkable rapidity. in case actual hostilities should oreni out, the policy here will be to sugment the export duties to a standard that will yield WO.000,000, while tbe ImDorts wilt be kept at the lowest Dosaible figure, for the purpcae ofr destroying the rev?nuea and crippling the commerce of the Northern State*. j The poMlble contingency of a want of food la recognised, and the preparatlona for cor a-planting are already on the moat extenaive acale. Excitement in Sr. Locia ?There waa quite a spirited competition among the citizena of St. Louia on Monday l?at In the dlaplmy of banners, and It nearly reanlted in a riot, vhe Minute Men of Mlaaourl, in their ambition to "follow ault," exhibited a wretched caricature of the Palmetto flig. which ao excited the ire of the Union men that feara of an aasault upon the headquartera of Minute Men were at one time entertained The I Republican says threats were made by parties In the crowd that "the flag must comedown," yrt no one teemed willing to commence th* attack upon It The Mayor, thinking some bad results might follow tbe assembling of the crowd, sent a letter to some of the Minute Men Baking them very politely to take It down They gave him some encouragement that his wishes should be granUd, but up to a very late hour last night "our flag was till there." The vastcrowd kept swaying to and fro all the afternoon and evening, but they did no more harm than to tread on each other's toes and use some very coarse language. One policeman, who appeared in tbe throng, rfr.eived a mud ball on bis left check, which caused him tn leave tbe u:?riipuoiikk 10 meir own iouy a sentry pas?-a back and forth on the balcony cf the ''Berthold Mansion," with a bayoneted gun, but that was the only appearance of lighting we observed. Notwlthi'ai.d lit! the huge crowd, the e vn no barm done?"nobody was hurt.nobody uttering." the Boeder States Politicians Looe Oct?By Article -id, section 1st, No 3, of the Constitution of the Confederate States of North America, it is provided that? No person except a natural born cftlr-n, or a citizen of one of the States of this Confederacy, at tfie time of the adoption of this Constitution, be eligible to tbeofBce of President, etc Commenting on this, the Memphis Bulletin remarks that this provision is not so essy of con ... .U..VU, oiiva i may ur wril UI lur |XllltlCl*UI In tbe Border States to nrdmbind it before "jiuin" tbe new Government Tbere it no difficulty in apprfbendlng the full meaning of " natural-born citizen'' aa employed by tbe framers of th?* great Constitution under which we have lived so lon^ and so gloriously prospered; but In lta new application there appears to be ambiguity In tbe expression itself Then, it will be alao seen, that all are excluded from tbe Presidency of the Southern Republic who were not citizens of tbe Cotton States at the time of tbe adaption of tbe Constitution Thla, it seems to os. would work to the disadvantage of tbe Presidential aspirations of all tbe Seceding politicians In tbe Border States, and alao of tbe State of Texas A Prophet i* his own Cocstrt.?The New Orleans True Delta of Sunday, commenting upon a statement of the Louisville Journal, to the effect that tbe Hon. Judab P. Benjamin la about to teat by a libel suit tbe truth or falsity of certain specified charges of felonious conduct brought against him, says: "We will venture a horse chestnut against a chestnut horse tbe case never comes te trial. Benjamln'a escapades are well known In > Mnntonm.... 1 -? . ?uv. j , uiiu lunciuui muag aim diciut they 110 doubt have contributed much to bla advancement. jXovs Vtrrem HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEKLY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE! IT IS THE BEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUALLED ! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPAS9ED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH Tn ivv piducd ? ui!v DRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVE TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this Wert, to be out on Fr\~ day Morning?price Three Cents?will be a remarkably interesting one. 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J a at RiooitikI, SMALL LOTS OP BEAUTIFUL ETRUSCAN BLACK LAVA Sa*e ENAMELED CROSS Sets ETRUSCAN CARBUNCLE Sets PE&RL AND GOLD pU ETRUSCAN ONYX Sou N. B ?Persona wishing any of the abovs Goods should call at ouoe as they soon will be gone. We have on hand, and are reseirini every day, Large Invoioesof THE FINEST PLaTED WARE, oonsiatiag of Breakfast and Tea Sets; Card and Caxt Baskets; Cream atid Swrtm PitrJurr Table, Desert, Tea, Sugar and Cream Spoons; Butter, Fruit, Tea, Pie?and Fish Knives; Forks; Napkin Rings; Casters; Salt Stands; Plain, Chased and Gilt Lined Goblets and Crusts. ALL rOK IlLI AT I^wm WHOLSIALI PE1CM GOODS WARRANTEDA8 REPRESENTED. REMEMBER : RIDDLE'S ONE DOLLAR STORE, mar 7 30tt__Pa. Av?_104 PRESENTS FOR THE FOLRS AT ROM*. A t?w pi> oi? of new ud pretty Mnue or M?uo Book*, Ao . at ?h?s Piano store if JOHN F. EL LIS. '06 Pons, avenue, between 9th aod otk N1CH%JlS&sfe/Oi*V* OF DEEDS J&S2SS tr 6-?* P R y EW TO?f K *if GEOR cfi^ MUkb A ff *i*RH InVha"R fTTc.nU. mtr < 3t W?tom WWtm. DLANKKTB ^gaESjaasSjt"^! ) ? AUCTION SALES. : \ Bj 1. C. MoUl'IRF. ft CO , AwimMm. on dozbn fink ca*f ?rat phaiM! ?" M4TTBB ?T<? *ORROW (fiitard\r) MOHMINU. M?reb ? h. at t" o'clock in Iront ?( thr Aaolion Rooiw, we aha.1 Mil. lor eocoaat of whem it ??a? ou?*rn? 96 do??n Maort <1 Mlterna Can* MM Ckatrs, loo9tnc!e Hctk hmunim. AM. A larc^^ii%atity n^ttMlUBtJParaitaraftad Hon* It ' J. C M??iHRF. ft CO.. A?to. Br 1. C. MoGl'IRK ft CO.. ANlionMrt VALL ABLK BOOK-* AX FR IDA Y KVKNIN6. M?r? . Sth. at 7 o . vaakalt < '! atth? Aoctiou ? ?*o?.a. mm?olleoUoi of valuable Book*. ia wluak ara Acoin#l?ti> m* of tha laitad Stat* StatnUaat A aW^ U'iY'fiSw fro* 1?? to IMywitk tW excrfi 'B of U,Mdto*l, f'*?f5??f ?m? nU to vo'vm* 4J. (KfalWuli; tw Ket lack; and Viraim* Rfa>liU?i>i of 1 ? ' iiiin of th* Coafraaaional 6l?ba aad Appaa ( lE.from th?* th toMU CoMMM, n+lm?\r*. (ut nf* umo't nf an K!vb)aaIiod for I R|iir<%! front*)* Mlw?h* P?etM,Wwto..??i. Pary'a Japan K*k? *?"?.* ro'B '4to* * Baory'i B indirjRo^ort Jn>li ,?i?, A of W?T?r1? N?t*1*? . And DimlK>r of BiitonM tod Medio*! Work*. Novo,*. P#' iodic* .? 4 o. Patent Otfiee R^^orta. Congroaaional Docawaat*. A p., Ac Trwowh. ?? ? & d J. O MMit >KK A CO-A?<? By WALL A BARNARU, Aaotiooeora. Cimrr Ninth tl. mm4 MMl Pa BAILIFF * BALK.-BT virt?* a wiit?fdiatrain aiainat th? footia ?cd ohatte.a af Marfan Kell?y, in favor of Kieaor Oi??f. for i>lt ?Vreara, I hare tovied on acd aoisad U? following good* and chattel*. 1 Stove, 1 ?idebmrd,3 Ftathor Boda S Counterpane*. 2 Pi ow?, 1 Bnlater, 1 Carpet, 1 Lcanc*- Chun 1 Tab!#, 1 Kirehoard.2 Curtain* 1 Hirmr 1 PI xk t R>? And 1 btrtbt kit? i.otio* that on SATBipAV MORNING. 9th irntact, at 10 'ibek.l will II. at public .action, for o<i?h. th? ?'nri?id gooJe .ad ch&tte>?. at the Auction Room* <J WALI,* BARNARD.Awti. m? 6-d J At*. 7. WILLIAMS. Conetable Bv J. C. McGl'IRK ft CO-A?fltioB*r?. Tin wark. tin ware at auction.OnSA II'RUaY NORMNS, Marofc Sth, ib front of the Auotiou Rnomi.v* lhalla.1 a larfe tot of new Tin toch ae? I In Pie Platee, Oyster Scot.opt, ma i and l?r*e Tin Pane, Water Buckets. Hipper*, : Sir-all and large \Vaah B trie. Tin Cope, Ao., Ae. Te'me cash. Sale eoerive. m\7 <1 J C. MiGUUc:* Co., Aucte By GREKN A WILLIAMS, Auetioneare. \a. Sifi rorner TlA and it itrteli If XTENSI VE SALEor Hockhold aspKitch j KM fcimtcki. ChiHA. LA** *xd < RlTlklT at Acctiom?On SATURDAY , Ihe 9th inatant wo aliali ?ell, in front of our store, at 1" o'clock a m. an excellent asaortmeU of new and second hand Farmture, ni: Mahogany and Walnut SofM, Hurraua. fiedsteada and Waahatanda. Cnatia, Tablet. Wardrobe* and Lobdjn, I Fine Extenamn Dining Table and rofa Bedatevi, With a gen?ra' and large assortment of Crockery. The above io' of Farnitara heougs to gentlemen leaving Washington, ana mutt be sold to t*e highi est b'dder. 'erms caah. I Will be added to the Bale? A large lot of valuable B ok*. naa7-d GRbKN fc WILLIAMS. Aaats. By GREEN * WILLIAMS. Auotionaara. no )*?, corner Tin ana U sirmi*. (JOVERfrMKNT 8ALK OF CONDEMNED VI Okdmakck Storks - On 9aTURDAY.the?th l'<iiart, veik-l] s?*U,atl2 n'eloek o.. tt the listtod e? Art? n%], WuliinfU'iD. ooe Guthrie ? Experimental Fiia irn, with Curias*. Term* cath. 1)? nrd-rcf Majnr G?<>. Rtmioi, j in> GW>;bN A W1M.IAMW. AuoU Hj J. C. MoUUIRE & CO., Auctioneers. GJOVERNMFNT J*AI.E OF LI MBER -On ISaTLRuAV AFTKRNOON, .Yareh 9th, at 4 o'clock, at the Met front of the Capitol, we shall ' 11 the l.un Iter u?fd in the platform and other purposes for t! e li an curs.: ion. Rt order of the uomfM'Sinner 01 pa? io Buiidinc*. TermioMh. J. C. MeGL'IRE fc CO.. | nia7 d AbcU. and Com. | Ay i. O. MoGL'lR K k. CO. AlMoatMl. J T^MUSTEE'S PALE OP SMALL FRAMB L)wii.liso Horn iXD Lot ?On SATUB.1?AV AKTKRNOON, Maroh 90th, at So'elock, , on 'he premieo? b? virtue of a deed of treat, dat*o 1 Oot ber Nth, IMP. and daly recorde.1 is Liber J, ' A. S.. No. 187 to i i? 55 at . ore of the and rae crdi f ?r Washington oounty, Dietr ctnfCoiimbu. 1 ihail ee'l Lot No. 1. in Rodlern'a enbdmaioc of S^nare No. SS8, fronting 30 feet on north O atreot. at t&e "orner ol Tenth at. weet. running hack tA feet to an alley, together with the imaroTWpenU. oonsistmg ofatwi atory frame Dwelling fl one*, o ?Ltvinnr 4 roosie Terma: 9T25 of the purahee* money in aaafc: the residue in miauiir inata'.meota of vita la ? A I - * ? chaVr. RrroT0;^'". fo ? tawda J. C. MoOriR P. 4 Atow. 9A^U rirta* of two writs of ttnlic u. from the Clark'i oflo? of in* Circuit Coart of tha lUatriei of Co!inM?, for i JSMSEL' ?/ VVVu,,^,l?,,; directed?! Will ?Tp?M to puhlio M l for OMh, IB iront of Ue 1 J?"* hiaaerfoorcfeaid oountT. on fATI EDAY. U*? h darof March ioatant,lKl.atl2o'oiork m . th^fo lowing deroribed proper?, to wit, is : Lo-e No? J<??. and Lot No. J, in I '?"<'? '?* city of \\ ar hinr'.on, D. C., U>I f.t?.rw,th all and Macular the mproYetaecta thereon, ixe.1 and ley ieo upon a* the property of j Andrew Fofhwei ,and will b> eold to aaUa/7 iudi i 2l? Ma?"'iia6 sn<L155 *? term, 186 ' ia fa ? ?or of t*ti Iman, Henricka A Farher. aLd Samue ?. Stevecs. * , . W. 8ELDEN. U. 8. Marshal for Dutrict of Columbia. MARSHAL'S SALK.-In virtue of a writ of I?I ici facias mned from the Clerks Office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for j the County 01 V\ ashincton, and to me directed, I ?iUex*>?e to public sale, for eash. in front of tU a M.1Sar ?r *iid ??> FEIDAV. ! the 9ad day of Ma^oh next, 1K1, commencing at 13 o clock m the following described property, to wit. *ia: Lot No. 15. in ^ta* No 4 . Lot Sio. 8. in . qusre 42. Lot No 6, in !*qua<e No. 43, I,ot No 1J '?* ^qSi%f??? ^ J ot *<V?-,n Square No.fB.aa4 w?2.?0 ,U V! No.W, al in the o.ty of Washington,!). L., together with all an-1 singular tit* improvement^ thereon, seised and lened udob ' m the property of Brook Mackall. and wil he sold | to jndioials No. 43. to January term. Ml, ia faror of Hooe, Brother A Co. I W SKLDEN.U.8 Marshal. Lincoln as he is. sti?i ewohatkt* poiitrait. The be?t Portrait ret published of HON. IBH AHiM LINCOLN, ?e*u*sre.) At FftfeNcH A Kl- OSTEIN'S, No. ?7S Pihxa averts, T\ ashmgU-n, 1). C. T^ade supplied at low mow mar? BEEF! BEEF" BF.EF!'!-For sale, ib qoaa tit>?e to ?uit surchaeerr, a lot of v*rr^*f# fine BEE", the best cf>red IB hikibar Bet fo ?<>me time. Kaiserf. irued and^^Jhp Ed b? Nelson (?!?* ? . of Virginia. Apply to VW. IN KIN"4. SU11 No 66 Center Market ma 4 * i iouvin'8 I'nBRE9?Ef> KID GlOVES! 'J UNDRESSED KID GLOTES' We haveinst reeaiv d frum Paris, Joavis's daik eolnrfo and blaok lTndres?ed Ki4 Gloves Alec, 1 Jouv.u's white, back, aid ooljrad Kid Glovas. . Hosiery of ail kinds. j Our slock of al kimle at f)r* R<ww<> > >- ? I and we will < tfar great harg?>'n? lor ouk. ' w?ar 2 6t \VM. R. Rh.KV * RRO. J^A.MILV UL.AN Kfi TS A.Nu COMFORTS. j We have still oa hat a a rood assortment of the Above goods. Also, H jus> keeping Goods of every I des.npuon, aU of wmch we a.e mIIili At oost for | Ifc TAYLOR A UI?TCHI?OM. YWOOD AND COAL. OU Will surely get yonr money's wortA by calling attae PIONEER MILLS, totukwn ?r nrr ?r Sntntk ttret and Canal, (GEO PA?K, A<eat ) Tliey mII o Wee per ami give better measuro than Any others in the city?cat, split, and delivered free of charge. If y jo ?ioa't believe it. |iv* the Pioneer Mills a trial, aud be satisfied. Ja H-Iy.r ; The bordki ?tatks?; ihkir wiwfR and duty ia the present disordered e.,DCiUi?n of tke ooautry; by the Hon. Jnha F. Keaaety, Prieo 10 oeats; sent by n?*il lo' IS eonts tn any audrosa. BLANCHARD AMOHCN, fot Coreer Pa. av. and Eleventh St. tf\FFlCEKS. PETTY OFFICERS, AJ<D t f men who were oc hoard oi any V- S. shies mk I ?k* ? -* : * , M.V i>.|>M?rc ? ?o j iikTtr tu have tb?ir cUim for Bounty and Head Money pro"iptjT b; SftHtti.S.."!.'?" "' c- *~L?ft?rDONT BE DECKIVl-O. BUT CVMk TO thp right ?',? to i?t joar CLOTHING, HATSard CAPS, At SMITH'8, No. Smooth it t*ttw ?> NOTICE. i BRHON9 Wiahinc Kurnitura aad Hmtj Article* Itaowd all time*, br oal'.iag oa J. A. BYETHENSON, Piad Good ^fecon/acd Cwefii Drimi W 1 ! ? c< wood and coal. Constantly on hand a iar?a m> tmeat o/ tM varj baat?aa!i!y of RF.l> aad v\ HITE ASH COAL of all nm, which w will d liver to aay part or the city at the ah or teat ootioe aad at iaodarata pnoea >,240 atnada to Ua too la ail aaoa. Alao. HICKORY OAK aad PINE WOOp la ord laafth or aawad and aali to aav a z* r*aiiirad. 9HEKIPP * DAWSON, South a?d? Pa. ft*., hot ad acrf Ot ata. (etT-tv aad weat aid* 4)4 at a.)d the Caaai. eni aarvL-w - tl SSU .yfpufi??*i?* i Mrtbu ipdebwd to m* mil plena* ?'! u< will* Sip,or I Anil baoonjpntlaa to |ir? tkoir nooonu* I jr* Assferaayrw