Newspaper of Evening Star, March 8, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 8, 1861 Page 3
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I ? I I ! <?i?iHM I l.OCAL NEWS r L r Tboujrh Tn 6t?i to ptlrtrt on the tuteat u-m {*>? in a?r aontb of DMUbicit, (to edition . r- ? ? I rij -iit; 1% ?v ur put W }IIUI ? U ^ rly hoar; Adv??rtl*emrn%i, therefore, should be rat In Vfcrr It o'clock m.; otherwise they may act appear until the next day. Notiea Pirtrtct ef Columbia Advertisementi * be Inerrtrfl !n the Raltwoii 8cm are received al and forwarded from Thi 8ta.k Ottce. S?*?*AD* TO Ma. CftlTTXSDKH AMD Oman.? 1 .act night the tf?M b>ile. parlor*, bar-room, billiard ailoon, Ac., of the National presented an appearance not unlike that of an Iminenae beehive in >qaj, wltc*i a ucw cuiudj iv iuoui lofniigmc mm aet jf> ftor themaelvea. Aulom offlce-aeekera necvrmalv paced to and fro, tmdlng on corna and acting cuaBed" for their pain*; wirepuller* In title knot* about the rooma, In low tone* and "with myaterloua geatlrnlatlona, turned the acrewa tb it abonld elevate tbetn to the Elvatan apberta of office; atrolllng innate murderera fiddled and harped and harped and fiddled to admiring crowda, wboae attention became anddealv diverted as tue "dtah"' came around; while otbera. In grim Hence. like ralnlatnre volcanoea, puffed forth huge clocda of itnnke, and peacefully meditated on the vanitiea of life It having been announced tk.> . ? i ?- i???J---J ? .* > > . i wa? w uc n-iiarreu io non J onn J Crittenden at Kmc time between the hours of nine mud sunrise. lbs crowd received momentary addition* from without, while the shriek* of catgut grew more awful, and "cutsin" more abundant aa the honra wore awav. At the City Hall an impatient concourse waited the appearance of the hand, and, to while away the time, the Tangleletted Guards performed on a dog trot a series of brilliant evolutions to which the wildest flight of Hardie's imagination never aspired. The Marine Band, numbering fifteen pieces, made their appearance about 10 o'clock, and after '-Dixie" proreeded U the National to serenade Mr Crittenden The procession, together with those already at *ne nowi, formed In front of the building, and Ina few moments Mr. Crittenden appeared at a front window, and in abrief speech ei presaed his appreciation of fre honor done him and his solicitude for the country. He was about to leave the city, and it gave him great pain to bid so many kind friends farewell. They had always been kind and respectful, and he did not know what be coald do for them. He bad been under obligations to them for many vears?longer than some of tbose present had lived. He should always remember them. So long as be was permitted to do public service, be should be proud to perform it. But in public or in private life his duty was alwavi tho ?nm? 1 ? ? ' , - x*?a?v. | <# VN'?* J aac U'iu U J^Uk III political life for nothing but to do bta duty ile Lad only sought to deserve the approval of hit countrymen. aid be bad not sought in vain. This nianifetation clearly proved it, and for it tbey bad his sincere and heartfelt acknowledgements. He had already served longer than a Roman vetrnn. Thirty years was ttie longest a Roman bad to serve, but he bad served forty yrars?ten years longer than the Roman. He Lopt d be might now be permitted to return without any reproach** of failure in bis duty lie bad >i en fearing tbat the destrnr tion of the Union was drawing near, but be hid hoped that the people mid Congress would sustain it. He believed in the Intelligence and virtue of the people. He kn?w that their hands were strong enough and their heart* patriotic enough to do it [Good ] It was not the people who had caused the dif Acuity, but It was petty politicians, who ran about the crow roads to stir up and mislead the people [Good, and applause "] He had be?n North, East and West, and bad never seen anv of that hatred which had been manifested by designing men. Let the people alone and the country would do well enrugb. If they would take core of tbe Union the In ion would take care of them. He then eloouentlv nortraved the H?nHiuitnn? *n?i oppressions which the people of the t?outh would soon suffer, and concluded with an affectionate appeal to stand by the Union. The party then proceeded to call on Gen Scott, who was somewbtt unwell, but who finally appeared on the platform and said : My fellow-c'.tizens, my countrymen : You have done that which my enemies never did?you have raught me nipping. [Laughter and applause ] But your music and your cheers are enough to vrake a patriot from the dead. [Cbeers ] 1 learn i that you have just called on my diatinguished *cd honored friend?the man who has stood up so nobly and fought so bravely for the Union?John J Crittenden He is a man of wbom von mav well be proud An honor to bis country, and an i honor to the age He will go to hla home with a ! nation's blessing resting upon him 1 cannot speak to you lone I am in point of clothes elm oat baked, ana the night air la penetrating. Hoping that you may all have a pleasant aleep, hoping that none ?.f you will be scolded by your wives and children for remaining out at thia late hour of the night, hoping that none of you may net colds or coughs, and hoping that you may enjoy oil tb? happiness of a prosperous and united nation, I bid you good night. The band after played several national aira, then called on Senator Douglas. Mr. Douglas soon appeared at tbe door, and Counting ? chair, said: My frio-tids and fellow-citizens of Washington: I am exceedingly grateful for the comnliinent which tbi? visit implies. 1 infer from a note In the evening paper tint yon hare bern paying ycur respects to that distinguished sad patriotic man, John J. Crittenden. .No man deservrs aa much credit aa he. In the struggle be baa been in the front of the battl- All his beat energies have "" Wen spent in the service of bis country, and now, Mr hen old age baa come upon him, h>- has struggled manfully to preserve the old Union I believe the clouds arc passing away, and 1 trust that our ^ truant brethren may yet return and join us onte more la paternal love. The Constitution is higher thin any party cr platform, and when men abandon the principles of the Constitution for the princl * rl*s of a party, the people will rise up and repu?' diste those principles iind put down the party ("Good'" "That's so!"l ^o long as the Constitution is In danger, so long will I forget party, and planting myself upon the Constitution, I will oppose any asstulU upon the Union, come from what source ttiev may. [Cheers J 1 will not f detzln you any longer. 1 am sorry there are ro many, as i wish I could take you Into my house; "J but as no house In tbe city could accommodate fv jour numbers. 1 must content myself with sc-a SBowledKi ?2 my ob Rations to you for this comt pliioent and bid you good evening The procession then formed, and, passing down Third street, called out Senator Johnson, of TenMr. Johnson expressed bis gratitude for such a manifestation of their appreciation of his efforts to save the Union. He did not believe that there was the le^st shadow of a reason justifying secession. The s'outh had a majority in Congress and ' they could withhold money and cripple the ad. ^pninistratlon, If they bad been so disposed. Bat . they bad gone out of the Union simDlv because ' they tad tbe right, witbouteither consulting their r-" own or tbe nation'a interest. Tbey had gained Botbing, and lost all. The people bad been bnrr" rled and dra^/cd Into secession by disappointed politician* wbo were aspiring after office and the emoluments of place, and when these men found tbat tbey moat go down tbey made tLia desperate truggle to elevate themselves at home. He pitied tbe people wbo bad to submit to such rulers He had met with tbem daily for many months he m. lad knowu tbem intimately for ycara, ait^^va* perfectly acquainted with their ideas of ti^fern- Ui-nt, and lor himself be would rather be a * fiibjeet to tbe autocrat of Ruaala than a citizen of the Southern Confederacy. He felt confident that Tennessee would remain firm and true to tbe Union. She had fought tbe battles of the Sooth on many a field, and abe felt that abe bad been wronged by them He believed "TShat tbe South could sret more in tbe Union than ?libey would ever obtain oat of it, and be was wlllUeSfcg to retnala and battle with fanatic* for the Union He waa confident that Tennessee could gel all her rigbta secured to ber by tbe North, and aha would not vet sacrifice herself for a mere ab traction. If she could not get ber just dues from si< tbe North, aba would never Join a aoulhern oli.t??*srthy, but would units with tbe otber border VUtes and aet up i government of their own They then pro. drd to call on Mr Etherldse, of Tenn , who was atopplng opposite the National, bat as he was unwell he aid not apprar. Three cheers were then given for Mr Etberldge. three for tbe Union, and three for the stars and stripes, when, after " Yankee Doodle" by the band, the crowd qaletly dispersed Elofuoht i* Hioa Li??, ahd Mmusi at Willabm' Hotel ?A Washington correspond , ent of the Orange (N J ) Journal writes to that paper of a highly romantic episode in high life, which occurred In our city a few day* since lilss Jean? W , of Hampton, V* , an accomplished and beautiful young lady of eighteen.was wooed and woo by a merchant of high standing In that place; but who, whu referred to "papa,"' received a stern "No " In due time two gentlemen, Intlma'e friends of the parties, were dispatched to Washington for the purpose of making irriix<aKuu iw '< i-jr uu arriving at Willarda' tbe gentlemen euga^ed a ulte of rooms, and a carriage wassecured to meet tbe tvuantaat tbe boat In tbe morning at 3 o'clock After many delay*, disappointment*, fee , Rev. Or Bntler, of thiacity,wa*called upon toottctate, and at half past six la tbe moralag tbe kaot wu tied aad tbe twala mode one Tbe party remained t tbe hotel a few days, and then started for the North on ? bridal tour - AcciM!*t ?Yesterday afternoon. Mr Charles Coll) as worth, an employee la tbe macbtae shop of tbe ordnance department at tbe Navy Yard, ia 40 dajsin?! vurojvu (qc ibup iui iinn h.uu? ?ur,r* piece of iron and Ml oror again* aomo BMcblnrry, breaking hl? arm on mm Tbac?-8o?? acwnp yfrtoy Mlowed the wife of a gentleman I rough tbe Capitol building, and behaved loaultingljr to her Ho g irco^w.ied, tad tko lady't kw?mad to look' w Tii Cd*c**t and the lis presentation to Company A, Union Regiment. drew a large gathering to the Smithsonian Institution last night, Including unlfbrired delegation* from aeveral brother <-ompar.l?a Tbe music, by tbe Sextette Band of tbla city and the Baltimore " Monumental*,'' waa excellent, and many of the pieces were repeated, especially all auch aa breathed a national sentiment. I'pon the conclusion of the first part of the musical programme, Major J?well, of tbe Union Regiment, came forward, and having stated bia rev r eta that In rnnvn n?nr? nf nn>niMi)<l>?ni?>M. merits the Hon. Andrew Johnson wu unable to be present to make the flag presentation on behalf of the ladles, proceeded to perforin that duty himself, In a neat little address to Capt Carrlngton. This flag he said be presented to Company A, Union Regiment, in the name and on behalf of the ladles of the Third Ward. They could see (displaying the flag) the thirty-four stars emblazoned there. [Cheers ] Not one was blotted out, and God grant that not one ever may be. [Loud applause J The fair donors were their wives, daughters, and sweet-hearts. [Laughter and applause 1 Their eves were as bright as the stars upon this Dag, with cheeks nearly as rosy as Its red, and virtue a? pure as its white [Applause ] We have fallen upon troublous times, ana if any lnvatlon of this city should take place, the ladles would look to company A for protection. They would not look In vain. The hearts of this company beat as true to the Union aa did those of the lllxu ..r if w uv wiut* vi viurti uujc. Orn. (Harrington, In reply, said It wu hardly necessiry for hlra to say to a Washington audience that be was not a soldier by profession. But he was always ready to say a woh for the gallant company to which ne belonged, and always ready to respond to any compliments to the ladles of the Tbi d Ward [Applause] He proceeded to give the history of the company, as going to show that an appeal is never made In vain to the patriotism of the American people. A few weeks ago they were a band of raw recruits, and " none so poor to do tlieni reverence " Friends were doubtful of their success, and enemies had predicted their speedy downfall. It was said they would never organize. Then, that they would never uniform Then, that thev would never get commission! Nest, tbat tbey would never get arms?that tbey were dangerous men to trust with cold steel. Tbey were d.-.ngerous men, but only to the enemies of out country: fGreat applause.] They had surmounted all obstacles, and m>w numbered 131 loyal and able-bodied men? the largest company tbat ever paraded the streets of Washington. Tbey baa learned company evolutions, had their uniforms on their backs?plain though they were?their arms in their bands, and an overflowing treasury of $5. [Laughter J Last, but not least, they bad this beautiful stand of colors, presented by the ladles of Washington. This flag should never be wrested from Company A, as long as a shred remained, or a man of the company was left to tell the tale. [Cheers ] ucucioi t-armiKvun proceeded in glowing language to describe our glorious country, where peace, pieuty and fraternal love so lately sat smiling at every door, and added in elevated tones, " This Union can never be destroyed!" [Cheer after cheer, in which tumult of applause one white-haired old patriot In the audience attracted all eyes by the fervor with which he cjacu la ted, 44 Never! never! never!"] Whenever it is undertaken. Company A will be found 4' bobbin' around*' to aid in driving the demagogues with shame and confusion to their holes. [Laugh1 ter and cheers ] Proceeding at considerable length in the same animated strain, he said that be would here answer the question many times propounded to him, If the State of Virginia should secede are you in favor of a dissolution of the Union?" To this question he would answer 44JVo."' [Tremendous applause ] To the same question in relation to Maryland he would still say "No;"' and if nsked ii mere would ever be a time whea he would favor dissolution he would answer "Ye#,"?on that av-ful lost day, when, in the language of the immortal Henry Clay, we are prepared to dissolve not only our connection with the Union, but with tbe world ! [Loud applause ] Tbe concert and presentation was a success in I all particulars, we are glad to say. IXTIBVllW or thk PRKSIDKXT with ih* Fo?Ambassadob* ?Tbe Diplomatic Corps, in full costume, yesterday afternoon paid an official visit to tbe Preaident by previous arrangement, as is customary on tba incoming of a new Administration. They were accompanied by tbe Secretary of Slate. Mr Seward, to the White House, who first presented to the President Commander Fe gauiere, in* Minister from Portugal and the long- I est in the diplomatic position In this country, who ! made an address In French, a translation of which had previously been furnished to President Lincoln. It was of a complimentary character, and expressive of the good will and feelings of their respective Governments toward that of the United States, and for the success of the Administration. All the Diplomatic Corps, be said, entertain the best wishes for the peace and prosperity of ?he country, and for the continuance of the friendly feelings now existing. The President briefly replied with much warmth, heartily reciprocating, both officially and personally, the kind sentiments expressed. Commander Fegauiere then Introduced respectively the other Foreign Ministers, and then the Several Foreign Secretaries of Legation. Thi*partt>f the ceremonies having been concluded, the members of the Cabinet, by invitation, entered the reception room, and were Introduced to the Diplomatic Corps. Mrs Lincoln wa< afterwards presented, and for ,u,i,uk? iutic wo" a general aHU u:irrsir<illl':u social conversation. Cocstkrfkit Monkt ?On Tuesday last, three men hailing from Pennsylvania, and severally namedSamuel Br ed, RIcL'd Jones and S Pugb, were arrested and sent to the workhouse ou a chirge of vagrancy Subsequently, a roll containing the sum of S390 was discovered, under circumstances to warrant the belief that these men h?d had it In their possession. They were taken to a room to he searched, and whil? tbe search was proceeding the roll was dropped on the floor. I'hev are on the Bank of Wyoming, Pa ; Brandywine Bmk, Del ; Western Bank r,f Pbila ; State Bsnk of Louisiana; Harrlsburg Bank, Pa ; and Merchants' Bank, l*. O Tbe notes are all well counterfeited, and would pa*s readilyas genuine. Yesterday afternoon the three, in company with some half a dozen others of the same sort, were taken from the workhouse to the cars and st arted out of the city, under charge of Officer Gorman, of Baltimore. Liiorai or VjUITH' THEIR It KCAPTUBK -? Two convirt* made their eacape from tlip penitentiary yesterday afternoon atljf o'clock ? Fugett and Atwell?both employed In the broom shop. The officer attached thereto la Wm. B Maxwell, considered an efficient officer. It Iscustomary, in order for safety, to have the offal of the broom corn removed to the stable ouUide of the prison, to be converted into compoct for the use of the garden The offal la generally put into a large bag and conveyed to aaid place, accompinled by an officer. Maxwell being the officer In charge of thla department, went with the two convicta mentioned, and in a minute or two found them absent; butgainlng their track, although abend of him, brought both back in the course of half an hour. Both parties waded through the swamp waist deep. I'nder the circumstances, the officer is certainly deserving of much credit for his intrepidity. rcriim i/CtCKT?i tursaay? jas M . Ashley, I.f?i Geiger, and E. P. Bassett, Ks^s of Oblo, K S. Smith, Esq , and K. DelatiHd Smith, Esq , were admitted attorneys and counsellors of this Court. No. I Wm H and Charles Belcher, plalntlffli In error, agt Wm. A. Linn; and No. 31. Wm. U. and Charles Belcher, plaintiffs in error, agt Wm.A. Linn. The argument of these causes was commenced by Mr. Pblllips for the plaintiffs in error, and continued by Mr. Stanton for the dejeneant in error. Adjourned. Ssbznads to Sknatob Huux ?Last nlgbt the friends of Senator Harlan p>ocured a braaa band and honored him with a serenade at Clay's Hotel Mr. Harlan, in a brief speech, expressed bis {gratitude for the compliment, and hoped thsy would all prove true to the Union and the Government It was necessary that they should stand by and sustain the Administration; and if they am so, mey oau noioing 10 Iear irom am^DlOg politician* and secessionists On concluding bis rfntrki the band played several aira, and finally dispersed?tbe crowd meanwhile joining in with tbe Crittenden proceaaion, and with tbem waited upon Mr. Etberldge. Wt liab* that next Sunday afternoon tbe Sunday Sebool of St. Aloyaiua Church, numbering over aeven hundred children, will celebrate tbe firat anniversary of tbe Sunday School. Father Hoyle will addreaa the children; after which, there will be a dlatribution of preinluma. Tbe Catholic Sunday achoola of the Dtatrlct will meet them at 4 o'clock at St Patrick'a Church, when tbey will form a proceaaion, with banners and mualc, and march to St. Aloyslus Church Tats win la the last which the Duprez Jfc Green Mtnstrels ?p*nd in our city; and it fa probabla that those who have delayed calling in at tbelr entertainment* will now improve the opportunity offered to-night and to-morrow afternoon. No company haa ever drawn larger houaea In our city than the New Orleans Mlnatrela; and the attractive inlluencee aeem to be increasing in power as the time for their departure approachea. Don't fall to be at Odd Fellows' Hall to-night. Thi SiaAMsnir Mr Vinson which haa been aahore on the Jereey coast for several day a, Ilea easy Her cargo ia now being d lac barged, and will be reabipped on board of the Montlcello, which leaves New York tomorrow at 3 o'clock far Waabington. Tbe Mt. Vernon, we are glad to learn, baa sustained no damage whatever, and wttl probably float off as ?oon aa bar cargo la diacharged. In THI PCBLISHKD PKOCBSDIMS* of tbe late m???ing of the Board of Truateea of Public Bchoola, we Inadvertently omitted mention of the name of Mlaa E. Rarnaey aa having paaaed a favor Bbl# examination before wuplning commit**. wwwih, last The Republican Association held Its regular weekly meeting last evening, Vice President Coombs in the chair. The caucusing hour was devoted to the circulation of everybody's petition for somebody's place; and so absorbing was the pursuit for signatures that It o vs.,. 1-11,. succeeded in restoring order. There was acme tall "snickering" too, when, inatead of notifying tbe wife warn that the reading of the journal of the laat meeting waa in order, be cried out. In a load voice, " Petition* are in order, gentlemen.?? Half an hour waa then devoted to " my petition,'* when? Mr. Plant moved that this meeting do now come to order, and that, in consequence of tbe absence of the secretary, Mr. A. C. Richards be elected aecretary; carried. Mr Richards took his seat, and waa busilv en gaged for some time afterwards In taking down the names of the numerous applicants for mem m*r?Dip, id* cnairman ana ottier leading members In the meantime practicing hard at *' my petition," which was constantly presenting itself for primary consideration. Among the longest of these documents was one from the Fifth Ward, wherein " your petitioner' besought for the place now held by a conspicuous Fifth Ward politician as lamplighter It Is unnecessary to say that no inan present refused to affix his sign manual to this paper. As Sam Weller hath It, " onthecontralery quite the rewerse;" for no sooner was it announced that " my petition" Is for L?m C?r's place than there wag a pell-mell rush towards the bolder, and " my petition" was overwhelmed with names. Aft? r awhile, the Chsir inquired if there was any other business to be done besides signing of petitions. [Laughter] A resolution complimentary of the parties who ir? nnHlnrr I i n si *-?? " ? ? * 4 ... >uc - vuuiuittuua" car over iu rugged path la the procession on Monday was adopted, and the Association adjourned. AlkxasmiiA Itkms ?We clip the following from the Alexandria papers: A gentleman by the name of Sllcott living near Leesburg, In Loudon county, formed the acquaintance of a man on tbe steamer George Page on her last trip from Washington yesterday evening* which soon ripened Into an intimacy. Atnignt Mr. Sllcott was Invited to take a walk by bis newly made friend which he readily accepted, and after walklne through various alleys and byeplaces, he shrewdly suspected his friend's intentions were none of tbe (>est, and as a precaution, took bis clasp kaife from bis pocket and opened tbe large blade. The friend observing this movement, immediately drew a large dirk knife, and commanded Mr. gilcott to put up bis knife, and hand over his pocket book, which order was punctually complied with, when both took opposite directions in double quick time, the one a loser to the tune of from 813 to $17, the other calner of a corresDondlnc amount Th? M?mt baa not been arrested. The steamer Thomas Collyer, on her trip to Mount Vernon, yesterday morning, ran aground opposite Mount Vernon wharf, and her passengers had to be landed in her boats. She got off In the evening, and reached this city three or four hours after the usual time. Fox, the man arrested some time last week, at the instance of detective officer Gorman, of Baltimore, as a pick-pocket, and who was released on bail, yesterday evening appeared before Justice Price for trial, but as no evidence was produced against him he was discharged. Arrival of R. \V. Clapp.?R. W.Clapparrived this morning by the 10.30 train, in charge of Deputy Marshal O'Keefe, of New York, arrested there upon a charge of obtaining money upon fraudulent papers, of a banking bouse in this city. He is a very genteel looking young man. of about'28 or 30 years apparently, and a well educated and polished gentleman He was taken before Justice Donn to await an examination. He did not appear to b? at all troubled bv the fact of bis arrest, after the justice told him he was entitled to examination and hi* case was bailable. I'pon the testimony of a partner of the firm, Clapp j was committed for a hearing when his attorney sb:?ll arrive from New York. He was immediately taken Into custody by Detective A R Allen. Tbe offense is the obtaining a large amount of money upon a certificate of deposit? In a bank which had fa'led, backed by the introduction of respectable parties in this city. Reported Insurrection in Montgomery Cocntt, Md ? Rumors were prevalentin Georgetown yesterday of a ne*ro Insurrection In Montgomery county, Md , and It was reported that the volunteers at Rockville b;id been ordered out. A gentleman gives us the following account from a letter from a friend in Montuom^rv pimntt a man rode into Rockville night before la?t, under whip and spur, evidently scared nearly to death, and declared that the negroes were collecting in the county, about four miles from the village, an4 bad a pole erected with a li^ht on it for a signal. This spread the village in a few minutes, and the Rockville volunteers wi-re ordered out. Thev proceeded to the spot, and discovered tbat during the day the farmers bad been burning brush, and two or three stumps which had taken lire were still burning, and these caused the alarm. Our informant says there was no indication of uneasiness among the negroes. I,k*vk-takixq?About three o'clock yesterday afternoon, the clerks in the Treasury Department assembled in one of the large rooms In the south wing of the building, and were addressed by General John A Hi*, the late Secretary, in a few Hitwnv -MU irmai H. ni IUC ("UniUIIOn the clerks were individually introduced by the chief clerk, Mr. Rodman, and each hid Mr. Dix good-bye, expressing at the same time their deep regrets that tnelr intercourse had been of so short duration. The Geueral leaves for New iork in a few days. Theatkr?To-night, Miss Gougenheim takes her benefit as "Constance" in the " Love Chase," and as *'Mrs. Ormsby Delmalne" In the '"Serious Family.'' This is her last appearance but on?, and the opportunity to see her in two such parts as she appears in to-night should be improved Those who have witnessed Miss Gougenheim's acting will regret her df-parture from the city, and win long remember her brilliant personations. Compact K.?Thi? morning, quite a numerous compsny of persona were assembled about Judiciary Square, wlille a tiqund of Company K,'2d Artillery, were engaged In drill as infantry. They were very closely observfd by several officers of our newly organized volunteer corps, who. doubtless, were able to gather some points from the mode of Instruction pursued by the officer. Guardhouse?Juttiee Thompson ?Jas Barrv and Ellen Barry, drunk and disorderly; committed OOdnys. Wm Thomas. drunken vayrant; do. H.C. Rogers, drunk and disorderly; fined 58 Jacob Smlthman, (soldier,) do: fined (2M Louisa Burns, do ; committed 60days. William Sanderson, do.; do. Oeeoos Dkj.eoatio:*.?This morning, the Oregon delegation, numbering about fifty, called on the President for tbe purpose of paying him their respects; but, as he was occupied with his Cabinet, he could not receive them The delegation Intend calling on him to-morrow at live o'clock p m. The Ball Saloos ?Workmen were engaged yesterday and to-day In removing the ornaments and fixtures from the Union Ball Saloon, in Judiciary Square, preparatory to the final removal of the structure. Criminal Corar.?To-dav. Edward Sniiiwun wu tried on a charge of assault and battery on John Alwortb, with Intent to kill. Thia case was pending when our report closed. Photoosahis of the present Congress ; also, all the prominent men of tbls country; for sale at Wbltehurst's Gallery, 434 Pennsylvania avenue See likeness of Prince of Wales and suite. Also, photograph In oil and wcter. Album Cards, CotTNTXKVKIT WlftTAl'S BALSAM. We vou d caution the purchasers of the Balsam of Wild Cherry against an imitation artiole which has made itsappearanoe in many place*, ami whi<?h might deoeive the unwary by its resemb'ance to the cenuine bottle. Of the mixture we need not apeak. Unprincipled scoundrels can always be found ready to oounterfeit any thing, by whioh they can pat money in their pockets, and th?y are sure to ch<?ose the irO't popular and well known article on whioh to prao'ioe their villainies. It is a lamentable iact that there are alao dealers is medicines who are w l ine to lend themselves to oarry ut this iinpoai lion, uy sailing anon traMM senuine, MM ihey oan buy it for 1m* than half the ooat of the rea article. Avoid suoh a man as you would a dealer in counterfeit mouey, for he is the greater scamp of the two. They have never dared to forge the written signature of 1. Butts. havii>g a wholesome fear of ifie State Pi ison before their <-Tes. Be mrt th*t yen find on Ik* out tide wrap fir the writttn Signature of I ??ti?,and you may rely upon its being genuine. Buy none other. Prepared bv Seth W. Fowle & Co., Bo*ton, and for sale in Washington oity G. Stott, 9. B. Waite Z. D. Oilman. John Sohwarse. Nairn & Pa.iner, John Wiley, J B Moore, and H. H. McPlie-iun; in Georgetown by R. S T. Ctss-U, aud G. fc J. Southron, and by druggists everywhere, ma 5 iwj , , . Pimnn. Parsons desiring pennies will always find them for exohange at the Star Olfioe counter. if . To rax Aftlictkd !?Be sum to read the advertisement of McLean's Btren*(henm* Cordis.] mi) Blood PuAfier. in another oolumn. tf DIED, On the7th initant, CHARLES H CLARK, ia the 23d year of his ace. Hu funeral will take plaoe on to-morrow (Satnr day) afternoon, at 3>i o'clock, front hia late re?t> denoe, Potomac it., Georgetown. Hit friend* are invited to attend, without further notioe. On the 7th iMtant, ELJZABKTH THKRE8A, Joungeet child <*f Pbilip S. and Luoinda Pile?, aged jeara and 5 month*.

Her funeral Will take place from the residence of her parents,U etree* eouth, between 9ih end 10th e'reeueaet. Navy Yard, on to morrow (Saturday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock. The frterde and acquaint f*w>wi 01 me laimij are rospecuuuj lovited. " f AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEATER! . .9- W. GLIRN Ac'ing Manager J. T. Raymond THIS EVENING, B?w fi t AbH anaitlnU I ?? ' _ rv.,.. . vi; i_KM? ? Hive I'Ufc I'Ur ? | MISS JOEY GOUGENHEiM. Who will appear a< CONSTANCE, Id the beact:ful Comedy of the LOVE CHASE; And aa MRS. ORMSBY DELMAINE, In the delightful Comedy of THE SERIOUS FAMILY. It QDD FELLOWS' HALL! INAUGURATION WEEK. SIX MfiHTS MOB P Comm*ncinK MONDAY RV EN I NO, March i. CHATGK OF PROGRAM:** NiGHTLT. SIXTEEN STAR PERFORMERS. Duprez & Green's Original New Orleans and Metropolitan Double Minstrel Tronpe WiH appear at the above hall rightly in th'ir frnnd, unapproachable, and unrivalod ETHIO',AN ENTERTAINMENTS.introducing each evening new novelties, and all the latest gems of raiaiirnav. Grand Matinee on Saturday Afternoon at halfpa* 12 o'clock. The Braaa Band wiU rive a Serenade in front of the hall every night previoua to opening the doora Dcora open at7; concert to commence at 8 o'ol'k. Admission 25 centa; reserved seats .V centa. C. H. DUPREZ, mar 5 Manager and Bumness Agent. nmi Ann -BLUE BOOK -Jnform^cVI}Ul/U?tlUU? ation as to all the Offioea in the country, and salary. S7X oenta. Contains the aaine matter aa the Great Blue Book ooating 33 yi. Omitting the names winch are not neoeasary. Catalogue of Cunoaities at Patent Office List ot Patents. Old Books bought and sold Catalogue formatted. ALFRED HUNTER, Bookseller, fe 22-1 m* Willarda' Hotel Square. PERSONAL. MR. EDITOR There appeared in yesterday's Star, in po ice report. '"Francis Kteoan. dis w?rd. is untrue. The remark I made was m?>re mouth, and 1 wont to the station house and was fino?l $3.06 for disorderly and prnfanit', which ia untrae. llt?> FRANCIS KEENAN. WANTS. Any lady or gentleman or fami ly going to California and wishing a waitingmaid to travel with thein will please address Hoi No. S, Star Office. It* Show-cases wanted.?An? person hav ir g Show eases for sale or to rent can call at RIDDLE'S One Dollar Store, 3rtii Fa. avenue, between ftth and 10th fts. mar? 2t ANTED? A respectable WOM AN, to do gen* eraMiousework. Must be wejl^recommeuded uu iiutMimu ui worn. Ap;i; m i << iiiirieemn St.. Itetween Ha.avenne and D it It* WANTKD?Ins fancy and millinery store, a oumpctent SALESLADY and a good 1 KIM MKR. Gooii wages paid to those who can oome well recommended. Inquire 34H Market Spaoe, between7th and 8'h sts. It* WANTS.-A nice young ml wishes to en ea^e with a ady to go traveling. Any!*df waiting a girl will do well by oalltnn at No. 398 New York av . between 12th and 13:h bt. mar 7 2t* WANTED? Bt a respectable yonng woman, a SITUATION as chami ermaid or se- motrees. and would make her*el( generally useful. Would have no objection to travel in ihecountry. Address Box 1,8'ar Uffic\ mar 7-2t* l\/TANTEi:?A eteady, energetic MAN. who n ' v capable of conducting the hoot and shoe business in all it* branches. Beet reference reau:red. For pft'ticu ars app :y to R. A. Mo DON A LD", oorner of Tenth and L sts. mar 6 3t* WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From *5 to ftlfljirri worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK of al! kinds, for which 1 will ruarantr to pay the highest prices, and, as usual, at the shortest notioc. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, &e., oo 9 40** 7th St.. bet. U and H east side. WANTEI>-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. " Persons declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain the cash and lair arioes by anplyinc at 369 Seven'h st. no 17 BONTZ tc GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. ? FOUND-AGOLD BRACELET, at the Inauguration Ball, which the owner caa have by proTing property ani paying eharges. ma? ? 3t LO'T-On Tuesday a ternoon, while ridinr in thej eightwruood_nf the city^or^n Hounaary i, a itay ? ijiii.u KK * UEkBT. The finder wi 1 O"lifer a favor on the owner, and will be li^erai y rewarded by leaving it at this offioo. mar fi St* O |A RKWAHU.- I ."Ft. about three day* ago, V I " a LKTTEK KNVKI.OPK, oontai'iin* a certificate of depnsite from th - Hank of Lexington, N. 0.. for ?S (-68 : alio, a crtibcate of depo>ite from the Ranking Hou*e of Samuel Har is A s?ona, Ba'timore, for $8-0. The ab.tre certificates, not b'-inr endnr?fd,are of no value to ar.y one but the The finder will receive the al?>ve reward on leaving it at the ofRoe of Brown's H< tel. mar f. 3t? JOHN F. HODMAN ffij * REWARD ? Lo*t. on Saturday, the 2d inst., between the corner of Seventh street and Pa. avenue and the steainb?at lending fr-r Moui.t Vernon, an old fashioned tuck P? ?CKF.T MOOK, contat ui k some vaioaMe meniora da ar.d sever a not?s of hand, one drawn by R. T. 1'ieroe, dated A uguat lat. lhfio for ? 133. at in months, parable to the order of J. W. Ilewea; tha papers are only valuable to the owner. The finder will receive the above reward |,T presc-iting the Uook and papera at Perm avenue^ ma 6 3f C. R. DAY. BOARDING. BOARDING.?A gentleman a"d or two sincle r(M,t'em?n, can be accommodated with eomforUhlo Rooms on the corner of'J hirteenth ?t. and New York av. nar 6-3t* HERE'S A BETTER TIME COMING! Viotims of SeifAbuso and Secret Diseases should apply at SHUMBLVS Southern Medical House, under the Clarendon Hotel, oorner Sixth street and Pa. avenue, immediately opposite the National Hotel, and tr? Dr. Soutney's Celebrated London Medicines. Thfy aro warranted to cure the most viru ?nt forms of Gonnorrhaea, Gleet. Syphilis, Nocturnal Emissions, Stricture*, and Weakness of the liladder in from 3 to6 days. The Reiutdivs can bs sent by mail. Office hours from 9 a. m to 10 p. m. f? lS-lm IMPORTANT NOTICE TO STRANGERS VISITING WASHINGTON. A View of the National Capitol VV .ll be Pbksbntkd To everr purohaser ol Book*, 8ia ioner*,Ao . from the well known establishment cf FRKNOH A RICHST- IN Booksellers,Stationers, and Periodical Dealers, No. 278 Pa. avenue, near the Kirk wood House, Washington. U. C. mar 1 8~ni*A CHOICE BUTTER. ,UUU LU'S. GOSHEN BUTTER oi theyery best qna'iiy. AI*o, PENNSYLVANIA BUCKWHEAT. CAL, VERT'S HONEY. KINfi A RITRPHWI.r. fn 26 omner Vermont av- and P'ifr*??nth tt. IMPORTANT NOTICE 'IO STRANGERS VISITING WASHINGTON. A viev oi the Nt'ma?l cap>t?I will bepr?eent<>d to all purohaa-MS of Booka, Sta'ion?:y ? , from the veli kn >wn cataMithmentof FRENCH A R1CHSTEIN, 278 Pa ? ., I? 25 near Kirkwcod H"ui\ Best Norfolk oY?TERs.-The underauned reapetfully inform* the ^r? pub ic that his esahliahment will l>ef ) open night and day until after the ith^^A^Av o- March. Heoan funiinh ai.y quantity of OYSTERS from one pint to athouatnd gallons. Also, L.OBSTKhs,Ci AMS, FISH. Jto . delivered to any part of the city free of oharge at the lowest maiket pnoe Let ma hear from you intra?. T.M.HARVEY, No. 281 C at., bet. 10th and 11th ct*., fe 38 tf opposite the Theater. MOORE'S WE9T KND DRUG STORE, 113 1"1 i'i. ivENrt south sids.?Stranger* ai.d^^ o?hf>rs rr^air uf MrUici'.o Congress VVatar.^H T nth Brushe*, Nai! Bru?Ses, Hair Hrusnes^p ard Com a. Farina l.oi sues, Lubin's tj:no i. Toilet Sua|>?, Pot aHair > 1 i an ) Ujfi, or an* a tio e m the DiUK*, should patronise the ahovo wet! Known Pst\Mi?li"ient fa gyr gCiiiiNCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP. Dr. RCHENCK, of Philadelphia, fiuda it iinpos ibe to visit Washington every woek. and nas made arrangements to positively be in the oily tue third Wodnesday of evory month. Ho has a suit of rooms at the Avenue House, where patient* oan obtain advice free. He onfy """?" ?np? ii is ucv??B?r7 10' a inor- nm "" ningtiou of the Langs wjlii the Respirometor 2; Waiteu a*eut for Softenok'i Pulmonic ?yro>. pnc? f 1 per bottle, for the oure of Couche, Coidg and (Tonmirp'ion: Sohenok'a Sea \Vc?h1 Tonic, pnoe SI per bottle, for i>>tpepsia; Soheuck'i RiTft&fc* i ' P???JS<?nto ber box. for Liver BiIiom Complaint* and ConatipaiioB of the Bow 1>T- Soheuok would be grat-fci to thoae who i A ~ .wn ??!? by hlJ reinediee if they won id leave thoir oertifioatee ot oure with s. b. wa!TE, corner Vov^nth ,t- ?p<1 f,a ?y. 4e 1?-Sm ikUK BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of the ?/t?irZ l?t*et ety e?, and in all oaaea inade of tkf beet material, Call at onoe and i?tf?? ohoiue. ai HTk VKNH'a ?" 336. hctw. 8th and loth ?u. DIJPONT'8 GUNPOWDER, , Pju lala at m*nuJ"voLffrer? price*, t>y JOHN J. BOGUIS, Gkursxtown.D. C? . . & *? Attnct for tkt District tj Columbia. On4?r? can a)?o b? laft attheoffioeof Aumi' Egg CmwT. Washington. D. C. fa ?-lawly 1 &""$32; GEORGETOWN APVERT MTS 11V NOTICE.?The Srat aanual mee'inc of Ui? LL.7 WnI End Building Aeaociation of Georgetown will be held at th? Council Chamber, on MONDAY #?xt. th? ilth idiL, Ml o'o.ock p.m. prcriou* to which nn election will be held for ofi cert to mtto during the en-nirr year. The Judge* will be in attendance at <K o'clock. Bt order man 3t V\ H.LlAM KING. ft*c ,rw? WHt KKAS, it ku pleased Alpighty God, L? in his i'finite aUdom. to take from na Da tid A xaon, in the prime of life and midat of u?efulrrts, an?i it ia oar gratefui duty to offer eome tribute of affecNoa to hla memory : therefore. be it Rr?o red 6* the Ve??? Cmtktlit fVwarfi' 5eo?fjr of Get rtttricn. D C., That, in the drath of the "?oem80dt the > ciet? bar* loat a sea'on* and char liable member; that we deeply armpath re with the family and friend* or the d?c*aaed in their aad bereavement : and that a copy <>t the rM?lationa b? transmitted to the (kmtly, published, ao<l recorded w th the minntea of oar prooeedinta, and that we weaMhe n*ual btdreof mourning thirty daya. It* Yip* WHERE4!*, AL.VIUHTV GOD IN hT? i|J infinite wisdom haa a?*n proper to o'one the mortal career or Sampbl Kainbt, late preai dont of the Voanc Catho.ic Frienda' Societr of Georgetown, and aince no where fcaa hia loaa been more aiccerely felt tnan by tM? Society; aa a teatij -r --- uiuuioiui liiir irrp Iiminj [riei Of 11 Rerolred, That if (terlinx into?rity, en'arted benevolence and ardent, nnpretended piety *Ump value on oharacter. and fire a name to be chenthed in the rmn ?r >[ . - ?i a will h? ho lone remembered That if a faithful and oonsoiaatioaa diseharce of the duties which d-rolr* on man in all ths interratinit relation* of this life claim app auae, then la he richly entitled to our admiration and imitation. That we fleeply sympathise with the family and frieDdsof the deceased, and that aoopy of these reao ti'iona be transmitted to the family of tha doceased and published. That we wear the u'ual badge of mourmag for thirty day*. aud that these resoutiona be ree-rded with the propped in<s of the Society. It* POTATOES! i , , potatoes:! 9W bushels of Meroera, 3W? bushels of Jackron W hi tee. On hand yet and for aale cheap. Pricsa reduoed very much if 20 busheiaare taken. ^ ^ QfAt JOHN M MAY'S. WW . v;? QM ?l.t IfllOl H1IOVII. FOR RKNT-A desirable RESIDENCE on Firat street, (feortetown, D. C. It ia tnpplied with gas ?Dd water. ud ia convenient to the Market auo Omnibus r*tand. The H< use is located in oneofthe bsst neighborhoods in the town Apply to J NO. T. RANG!*. Agent. ma 6 3t?o GH EORUETOWN FI3H WHARF FOR RliNT. Mayor's Offick, Georgetown, D. C.. I Mareh 6th, 1881. S Proposals. in writing, wi'l be reoeivedat thia of fioe nn?il the 16 h in?tart for the renting ol the Georgetown Fiah Wharf for one year Jrom the lat Monday inths present month. Terms cash. Persons making bids will please seal the same, and endorse them'"Propofcali fi>r the Fish Wharf." mar6-tlflth HEN RV ADDISON, Mayor. F\m OK RENT OK LEASE-A very desirable Market or Dairy FAK.M, in perle?t ord?r, for rent or lease. Th^re ia on it a corrf.irtabie and capacious brick dwelling. with dry cella s, and a pomp of *oi?d water ?t the iliior: ?iih?t*ntia: ??>H out-bui.dinca. It is ot the Hights above Georgetown, Adjoining the torthorn boundary thereof. Th? bniloinro ar? in excellent order, anil the land (sisty acres, or less if required.) is in a fine and highly cultivated condition. The dwelliric atd garden would be rented separately to a respectable and prompt tenant. Application to l>e made to CHAS H< *M I t.LKR , at Ms stand in Con'*r Market, \Vashioston, or his dwelling, on the Hichts of Georgetown. fe 28 2w JUST AREIVKD, ER Propeller S. ScTtnonr, from Philadelphia, 75 barrels and l<? hail barrels of Ma?sey, Collins & Co's Philvie.phia DRAFT AL.E. F->rsaleb? fe22 AK.MV A SHINN. n'JOO BBI.fe PRIME CIDER AILY Expend per schooner Mary Ann McGee Iroin Boston This Culer is A No. 1, and ta lor ra.e m lots to suit purchasers. _ ARNY & SH INN'S fe 23 Union Bottiipg Depot. Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? 1" hlida. prime Porto Rico SUGARS, ISO 1.1, RtkWHIsKV, bins. H ERRING and ALE WIVES. Sfi bbls. Crushed and Refined *UGARS, 9> l ags Rio and Java COFFEE. Mhhds.( 1>>w priced*HULASSES. For pale by JOHN J. BOG UK. **10 FORMAL K ANDJRENTT FM'RNISHED KOOM^-A Parlor and Be1room. l'o a permsr.e. t tenant rei.t very moderate. 434 corner F and Thirteenth >t?. It* ITM'R RLNT-A tr roe stor> t rown front brick r DWKM.ING, situate <>n Thirteentn street. bet?een Land Man Jlchinrtu avenue, one squire north nf Frr.rkl n K?>w Said bouke is furnished with saa and water-fiitures : with bath-room. Cnq'lire at WM P. SHEDD'S Fancy Store. No. 508 E'eventh *t. mar o-3t* fr*OR RENT?The ROOMS rfoently occupied by the Hon J S. Mil son. They are we I ftirnmhfx4 &'d Mirplied with all the necessary eonve ntenre*. inch ding bath-room < with Potom*o water) &d|f ining the btdroom. Persons having their own ooolt tan have the u>e of the kitchen, or else they oau i e acc mino?lat?<l witi m*als in the neighborhood. Apply to GEO. W1LLNER, 464 Plinth st.. between D and E. mar ? 2w L'OK RENT, SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR T OTHER PROPERTY?A FARM of about 23>i acres land, situa rd about iS mi .es rouiheaat from the Station lieltsvili*. Pr nee George's county, Maryland. I hero is about ?> acres in woodbalance cleared land and ui der cultivation ?.* m. en a 1 dwellir.g-hou?e ; barn 30 by 40 fret, and ether out-buildings, and apple and poach orchard. J. K KKNUALL, nr ar 8-tf No. 5 F^ur and a-half at. LAOR RENT? The spacious elejtanily furni?hed r HOUSE, 390, corner C an Third nta , suitable for a Cabinet officer, or anyone who would wiab to ei teitain, there is no more desirable house or eligib e locat on in Washington. mar 6 St* |?UR RKST OR SA'.E?1'ho two five rtor* T brick DWKM.ING-HOUSKS situated onand a'lj i.nine the oorrer ol Fourth a d 1) rt.erta, ea>t ?f the City Mail. Apply to JOSEPH FU'i 1 TT. No. 90 Louisiana av. ma* 5 tf l^t'R Rf'NT-'The deairaU'e and convenient r R E91 DENCE. now occupied by Senator Kenn (iy, on Sixth itreet, ju<t north of the L'nita-ian Church, will >elor rei.t after the adj< urnment of the Unit-d State* Senate. Apply t.? THOMAS HLAGOEN, No. 499 Sevetth street weat. fa l.Vga? 3w I^OR RENT, in the Firat Ward?thr.e ?quar?g r we?t of the War Department?a amall OFFICE, with back room, or the former may answer for a shop: and par'oraand Chaining*, separate, or auita ol Rooms, furnished or ni>furn;shed ; cioae to the Ave ue. Inquire at this office. IA S IMulf FOR RKNT?A three story l>r:ck HOUSE,coatainin; a room*, in good order, with ga? fixtures oonipleto, on H street, between 4th and 5th. Also, ? two-story brick COTTAGE, with large yard attached, earner of F street north an i 14th st. east. To purctiia. and reliable tenants the terms wtil be moderate. Apply at 440 Twelfth street, between G aari H. no 13-tf OR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the building immediately opposite the west wins of the City Ha!., recently oooupied by Ciias. S. W? !ach M an office. Also the front room in the aeoond story and the third floor of the same building. Foi Minis apply to RICHARD tVALLACH, No. 4 I .ociriana avenue. ia 13 tf L^OR RENT-The fine BRICK HOl'HE No. a 100 West st., Georgetown, at present ooou pied by the subscriber. It has IS rooms, with ess and water throughout, a fine yard, stable Ac , and is in a good neighborhood. App'y to J AS. A.MA?RtU>ER. _ oc?tf FUJBXjZO baths. HENRY SCHAEFER. BARBER AND HAIR DRESSER, E t?tbkkt, nkar SbVKSIH, Opposite tke Port Office Drpartment, h*a fitted up, ?ii connection with hi* eatabliahment, oonv>Huieiit accommodations i?r nflor- iu? <o hie cufr>m<*re and th? pub la the luxury of COLD or WARM U*THS. at any tiii?? curing t,-usii.e<* hours H ? ehargea win of modeta'*? twenty fcve ofnts for a tiuti* bath, o' five (<aths for a collar when tioketa tor tl.a: uumt*er a e purchased and pv-l for in advance. Mr. Sohaeler takea thiaopportunity to inform hia cnatonnera that tbia deairable addition U> hi* establishment will in no manner interfe-e with hia regalar profeaaional buaii.eae On the contrary ,h* hnpea to a>td to hia rreaent faeilitiea for inaanng prompt attention to Ira numerous patrona in the line of SHAVING and H *1K DRK8tflNG. And to the Ladira wi.o patronise him in ?h? line of Cutting or Trimming tb?ii\>? nor their childrea'a hair, hp bega to :ay th-.t he has provided for them brttfr ao. omm dati u a, in having fitted una email room a- d acprooriated it rxoluaivtly to th?ir use fe28 lm A-.AH A M M A C K ? 8 fn&f REST/t VKAXT, No. 90'2 Pa. Avkntb, Jj, West of \V illarUa', ^laK Whfre can b? found, the year th-ouxh. all the Dehcaciea that earth aad water urpasaed in this country o* Fiance. Gent em?u who lave lak-n r oms cm find at all hours piev ant and comfortable Koomito l>in? and Breakfast, and have their meala to cott to suit theina'Wea, aa a * od meal can he set tor 26 o?nta, and from that to $10. Meala aerved to |>artiea at their rooms ; no extra charge only for vime of. errant. Mr ook aha'. 1 at all time* compare with the neat honaea in thia oountry. Witt, an experenoa of hftnaj year*. I flatter mvae'f that, with my undivided attention to bu'ineas. 1 can please the moat faatidioua, or any o'her man. Aa regards Winea a#d Liquora and Cicara, the* ?peak roluuM for themeelvea. fe26 Bt JOHN D HAMMA' K, Proprt<?tor. |MPOKTANT TO BOUBKHKEPKAtt. RLDUiIEK*CO.^ Outran teed not only jifflKMwmssss^-sissu by a* ?xp"?ui7 for the purpose without reference /fin2S"^?T ** M mmHWt packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to prevent injury by keepins! ^ftKKgfcVfo. T arge arroiflH or new mihin I ! ? mra.ftT.Nt ^MriMKik I II THE LATEST NEWS. TELEQK APH10. Fnm Ni* Von, March Tb? iWmff Rrtnn, from f^outLampion on tbe !Wth ult arrl red ber* to-nlrkt. It bat bffB derided that the at earner (irwi F.astern wlli aall for Norfolk, Virginia, where ahe will load with eotton, a cargo of wblclf baa been promt ted for her Tbe steamer Auatralaalan aalled on the 1Mb ult., but nothing baa been beard of b?r alnce A motion in the Houaeof Comment, on tbe 1Mb ult .for more equality In aaaeaainir and Imltt the Income tax, *m carried by a majority agalnai the Government The Italian Parliament waa opened by Victor r.mniennel In peroon on the 18th of February The proclamation for the emancipation of the erfa of R unla would be laaued on the 3d Direct nrgotlationa between the Bank a of JM 1'eteraburg h and France, for the exchange of 3fl.UK),(Mi franca la gold for the aame amount 1b alleer, were In progreaa Fieali dlaturbancna had been rommevtd against the Chrlatlana In Cochin China The demand for dlarnnnt >1 tU Rank nf r??. land wu ltmiud. lu open market tbe tern* were lower. MiaMnri State ( tirriUH St. Loci*. March 6 ?Among tbe resolution* offered to tbe convention tbia morning, and referred to tbe < ommtttee on federal lelatlona, waa one moving tbat a convention be called of all tbe Southern State* which have not aeceded. to meet at Nashville. Tenn , on the 1Mb of April. Another, providing for such nmendmenta to th4 Conatitutlon aa ahall aecure to all tbe State* equal right* In tbe Union. Another, declaring tbat no reaaon exlated wby Miaaourl ahouId eerede; that it would be hlghlr injurloua to do ao Another, declaring thai the states having oner bound themselves together, could not dissever their connection at pleasure. Another, that Missouri should adopt s policy according to ber true interests and Invite sn effort to msintaln the I nlon peacefully and unbroken. Col. Dontphsn offered resolution declsrlng that sny attempt to use coercion by the federal government would Inevitably result in civil war and military despotism The Virginia Csaventlsn. Rictimokd, March 7 ?In the Convention to-day Mr Carlisle made a speech against the pending r^tnlutiAB i \??? (K* rAmantti^ ?1 Relations to mnke a report pledging the t*ute to realat Mr. Llncoln'a policy of coercion, and requesting tbe Legislature to make tbe needful preparatlona for tbat purpose He denounced It aa a treaaonable meaaure; upheld tbe right of tbe Government to collect tbe revenues In thr s? ceded Statea; vraa agreeably dittppolnted In the picilc tone of Mr. Llncoln'a Inaugural; on ?o*ed any action or coercion by which Virginia abould place herself In a hostile attitude to the General Government. He believed in tbe power of the people yet to res ore ths I'nlon. The Convention adjourned without any action. The Ssatkrra Csagress Mortooxikt, March 7?Mr Clayton to-day reported a bill providing that, In tbe event of a rfiiiflir.t or a ri?iiiftal hv thp I" n StaUg In nise the Independence of thi* Confederacy, no Court in the Confederate State* shall have cognizance of civil case* bycttiiens of the United State*, and that all civil case* pending shall b? dismissed A resolution was adopted authorizing the PrcaIdent to instruct tiie Commissioner* to the Enro. pean Courts to enter into a treaty for an extension of international copy-right privilege* Capt Braxton Bragg wa*confirmed as Brigadier General, and Maj. Win. J. Hardee as Colonel of the 1st Infantry. Firee?Sevea Perse as Beret te Death. New Yobk, March 7.?A two-story tenement house in West Fortieth street was burnt thla morning, and a man named Henry Woodsmlth, his wife and two sons and three daughters were uurui m> uraiu iur?. wniry, a?r bod ana i nun named Luce were alto badly burnt. An Inquest Is being held. The firemen indulged in a fight after the fire. Herd's gin distillery was also burnt this morning, and Mr. Reed and two men were badly burnt ou the face and head. Dcsdke. N. Y., March 6 ?A destructive Are occurred nere on Thursday, which destroyed thirty-five dwellings a church and two taverns, and all the stores but one. The loas is estimated at SlUU,UtO, which is insured. The Feeling la New Or I earns Niw OklkaHs. March 6.?The opinion of leading men here is that Chsse and Blair are the most objectionable men In Mr. Lincoln's Cabinet Great confidence is expressed that Mr Seward, from his avowed opposition to coercion, will inaugurate a peace policy, drop his irrepressible conflict principles, and Immortalize himself Mr. Cameron is ridiculed as the Mrs. Partington of the War Department. In th? rnnvont'nn tKn roanlndnna InfrnHn^oX te-day. objecting to the tariff further (ban to secure revenue, as also that securing the public domain to the State, sre not Intended to throw obstacles in the way of the formatlou d a Southern Confederacy. The New Mexicaa Mall. Ihdtesdxhck, March 5 ?The Santa Fe mall, with dat?s to the 18th ult., arrived to-day on time. There was extremely cold weather in Santa Fe, and more snow had fallen than was ever known before Large numbers of Indians were at Fort Wise, but were entirely friendly. Colonel Loring, of the United States array, who is to take command of the department of New nciico. ana unvia u n uiumt, posimnsver 01 Santa Fe. are now here, and will leave by next Friday's mail. The Effect ! the iMtfiralli New Orlrui. Miw Op. lean*. March T ?The Inaugural was generally construed here as a declaration of war. The Legislature has passed a resolution approving of the course of Gen Twiggs It is reported that Fort Brown, on the Rio Grande, hns been surrendered to the Texan troops. Peusacola advice* state that Lieut Slemmer :s raising a sand battery east of Fort Pickens. Tbe work on the land batteries opposite Warrington is being continued. SrcrHlti .UiTfmfiUla Virginia I.yschbcfg. V?., March 6 ?A petition, lamwoualy signed by the immediate supporters of Messrs *pe?-d and Slaughter (member* of tbe State convention,) ia in circulation, instructing tbem to Tote for an ordinance of secession Goomos, Va., March ? ?A large meeting was held bere to-day, and resolution# paved urging the convention to eote for immediate secession. Sentence *f Death ( ted. Tkkntox, N. i .March 7?The sentence of l.mila lVilil?nh?ra?r ta h* bunv veslerdsv. bil been commuted to imprisonment for life He will be pardoned if the trial of hi* wile, now under Indictment for the murder, shall result in her conviction Rhsde Islaad Politics. Providkhcb, R I., March ?The constitutional I nion and democratic conventions to day nominated Wm. Cprague for Governor, and tbe rest of tbe present Cute olBcera The demoerata also nominated George H Browne for Congress in the western district. alttasN HarktU. Hiimon, .March Flour declining tendency and lUc. lower, Howard at and Ohio SS, with no aalea Wheat firm, red f 1 23al *7;'white Sl-40al 65. Cora Ktivt; frilowiMle. Previa iona dull; meat pork *17; prime tLSJO. Lard t\c. Coffee firm at 12jfal3c. Whisky lc- lower, at l**e. Haw Tsrk NarktU. New Yoai. March 8 ?The breadatuft markets re quiet and generally anchanged The provision market la quiet and steady. Whiaby la firm at n%c. is the fountain A?ad ?H sooras of UlSSaSCS WtilCIl ISIt t the hainu system. Indiraettoa, M ??Sfk r r tr, generates disrrh<ra, dysontery, WltMM, verUio, psliitstioo of the Msit, |NMi deoi ity, to. Get rid of it, than, st onoe, by (oinf through t o< urs of Honnter't Stommch Bmert, a pslttsbl* S id refreshing preparation, whies assaraly rs teres S'i U uf tht stomach IM its ti^peodeac.** its th- ?nn?hine mel's the mow A course of ths medioise msr not perhass be nsose?arr Om bottle f.-eq u> ntly aooomp i?n*e a eon piste ears bold by druggists everywhere. ma (-eo? Coroh* ?Tbe suddaa changes of oar eh mate are sou roe* of fsimtMry, B'onrkuU and r.i^Tif IMHM wni| proT>s * ? 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