Newspaper of Evening Star, March 8, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 8, 1861 Page 4
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Tin: r.vF.jsixn star. L IF? ?a * L?bi(*r Th? following llnft t?n I.ob?trr," from !h? Knkkpr^orkfi will be refel??l with Kr>-at F*''ln to ir?ke flc" ' Ui.ti a cla^ra, *hankt, Tu*a*dre<1by t. etin* fik* "?e kindl<*?l cinder. *n ? r- " c i' 'I Jnitfll Ctnkl, (9?e hi? biogr*; isr ty F 'or Pia'ar.) T> ? lobster ha* b<> t?ir. <t rrijtna per s? n"r t"'' '~1 the realm* of ooean, Nirni in l?s ?h?Ji ?nch flavors r?'eth?-e b?. I h? though' It. r t- iny * mrach with emo'iuB ! Th? flak* tail! th? lis n!?w!' go i,l meat! All pink and p *f v. iik ? s t ion J-'? o^n>p>X!on ; Th""oora" ro>jU?- thin iiwt Ii?b we m*?i, Th? nnetnons ^roonnora f ii<>.*. upon ri'MOctior : These blent wi'h 'rnira- ? oi'. '?.re condiment*. And )ettitee,erirp ami fre?h, form such a salad, ,n' bonne- bouck* pre -enta. T;i too.iM m?oh.ii!i! I in >at close rnr ballad. Ta*tk? Cask or Politician# ?We were in the barber'a ?hop the other day, mya the editor of tfce Boaton ?nturday Evening Expreaa. when the f*tber-1n-!?w of a well-known pollt'can w?a apaak'n? of the future prostata of hl? aon, who was defeated lately aa a candidate fnr an important position. " Oh, be w'll not Buffer. air," said vattr; " his roontry will take care of him. air !" J"?t then a fit old jfentVman, with hJa fare all lsther, growled ont: ??If his country don't, tkt *??en %mill Kavt to HoVRDS DlSTBOTRU BT A RaILWAT TllATJf ? C?1 brat-d among bunting packs were the .Meath fox honnds cf England, and by a recent casualty their notoriety la destined to be grea'lv Increased. It te^rcs tbat the entire park were following a fox. wbleh bad crcss~d the railway trark a few milea from Naven. when the midday train came thunder! ig 'long. and before the engineer could atop the engine the hounds were chopped, mangled and destroyed. A PaIII Mthtiit Th> Partaim laillaa driven to dispalr by the Zouave* And why T Because. notwlthstandlne their Ion? military tramps throneh muddy* streets, the white gaiters of the Zouaves, reaching from the knee to the ole cf the ahoe, are always spotless This is a mystery that the fair Pariiunnrt, with all their ingenuity cannot fathom And, therefore, they art miserable. A Nokthxb* Slave Statk ?The latecmsus has developed the fact that New Jersey is still n lave State, the "peculiar Institution" on her soil never yet having been abolished, although It has nearlv died outund<?r what banlel Webster would cm uic -- nwi ox uru mf population or i>iew Jersey is &14 U80 white*. 24,936 free colored, and igkt slave*. JET In N*w York, yesterdsy morning, three small children w??re found in a sink with a lauje weight fastened about their necks. As the bodie* bore mark* of hav ng bt*en preserved in alcohol. It ts presumed that th?y had been subjects for medical student*. Thi Inacgcsal.?A lengthy synopsis of the in^ stu^ural address was transmitted to St. Johns, N I*.. early Monday evening, to be forwarded thence Vy st?Mih tuKSto iiit^rren' the steamship Fnlton, bound to Europe, of! Cape Race. LT7" For topographical and historical purposes the l*r*nrb Emperor has ordered a photonraph ?mii. unaercbargeofa competent officer. for every re^im^nt in the aervic ; the system has been successfully tried by the Guard Imperial. Thirty thousand dollars' worth of diamonds, in ricbaetaandmagnificeutsingleartiales, were sent from N'?*w York last week to Montgomery, Ala . for the inauguration ball. Cr* Some dozen applications for patents have been made by the cttizers of States which bav?> ?ceded, and In cverv instance thev make oath that they are citizens of the United Statea. !*ome industrious young lady in central New York ha* made an elaborate wrought thibet dressing gown aa a gift to Mr. Lincoln. It contains 1,199 yards of stitching. fTT- The navigation of the Hudson river h>s been resumed, although the river is vet quite fall ?f lottlnv lr? Til. fi.l1 ? ? ,> ,! I viiipiruiriii UI tmmcri wi 11 take up their rou.tea this week. Try On Friday, fifty-two swans were placed in the N?-w York Central pond, which was filled up to the usual summer level. A HRIVA LS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL ?W J Warden, Va; D B Burnell Fa; F Moore,NY; S Andrews, NJ; C Adams and lady. Pa; N A Kankin, O Johnson III; O J Storms Mo; E T Gar?on. N M Fisher. W W Nerinson, R M Corwiue. O; J S Fancher.NJ; J N HaiMay. J W Clark and son. L F Whitney, R A Wild- r W C I <>av. NY; C F. Kine, Mo;W P Dis'rwjv, N V; J R Frees*. Judge W Waterman, NJ; G F Nesseli. Fnd; L Wl don, 111; P B Brown. I) Pratt. K Ifn^n VV n n #- ^ I Ettlpg, A Murdoch, Ba; cf II Hackly, NY; J B ffeUbury. NJ; T N Bond, O; D B Keith, Ind; Dr H C Camera, W 0 N'ahocron, A Knott*. G M Ru**t rra, .Ma; S Pdt'ne, Ct; C Pence, J Acker.Pa; G M r,rf. *n NY; W Jeasup, C Albright, P S "White Pe; * E ilooker. Cal; W Hall and lady. NY; A Caldwell, Va, T Sham, Md; B D Raj:*d.ilf, R D Edward', Tenn; D Luther, Pa; A S Walton and lady, M ,aa Walton. Mass; H C Burten. Del; J Brad y, J P Duhl. J M Corrill. Pa; C Faund- rs and ad',-. W P Dale. PI; DG Kav, O; J Norton. Ma<; J L'*ly and lady, Don Carlo* Euo*a,.!-Jd ul' bt"r, Mr? J Lealy, C Hooper, C Wir... P-. AC Woodruff and ladv. M l*s vVi?>d ruff NV; J N Partridge. T J Jordan and lady, T Mc?*arkl?? a?td lady. .Mas*; Mra D C Murray. J 'iis'i i r<tron^..\V! L?t L TVSlltsmi. USA: F q Inn. J B Ferris, T Murdoch, Md: W "White, >4. NATIONAL HOTKL.-M G J Ernov, ?; E Dirk;.ell. I r, H.ter, Wt?; G MilUton, Maa?; I) C Br -r Md. J H Phlnney, Pa; T St John.Ala; G N Ootids. Tenn; W \V McKaje and lv. T J ?rKiij!. C F Wale i, H Harwlll. Md; L H Dorpi.ley. P. ; L Zimioer, F B Hundt, Va; A Hoyt, Mess; J l>aicer. M: :h; J H L'^vd, M<1; I> B^sruley. <>; T> ' u kl-v. Pa; H H Hate* NJ; Dr Fi?her i t, \V I'art, NV; W Nevisun, M Flatf-r, ?; J H Nsk* N My i-k, J W No-tfc, Mini: Mr* L Lyji-a i. \lr? ?ickiicr. XV !*neeker. K Fit^h, NV; A t. Sf of, C C Morn, W P Jirmon, V?; Dr A Crane, La, J W \\ h'.te and ly. NH; L Cutter. I. Han !.e",. K \V Keyes, \\ li; O King. Minn; D 9tonf. Pa; D Mitchell, Del; A W Barlow, Ohio; T P?ltn?v !U<|. ->? n ~ " _ ,, <vuu ucwev, MlClly H tflwards. Md BROW N 3 HOTEL ?G Gue?t, H Lyona. Dr Wir'j jJ f m. A Ki?w?, A F Chappin, J Fairbnik, vv K*en. J R Strotber. S Strother, Va; E Heall, J M ? n*on. Del; S Corpour, J H ilines, I.*; J P. ma d lv. M H Scott. \V A Kirk; A M Berk Md; O Gr&tz. Mo; L Davey, la; R Sanderson. Pr J \V Lef*.w:cb, G Baker. W Speer. Tenn, N Dennv, O; T ' Downs. 1ml; H K White, Tex; H Wllaon 1 1 R M Jounton. SC; B Klliaon, T Pbardtr, T Mewea, NY; W F Mullen. Maaa KIRWAOOU HOUSE?J M Taylor. NV; T AV Oor tim, Md; V S I borpe, O; W N Beall, L'8 A; Dr Harris Pa, C S Monroe and lv, Ma*. A SabUsk:, Tenn; H 9 Uallaher, Va; Hon A Ruat and fam, Mr r*te*>bia?, Ark; Dr C 8 Fox and ly, C CUwen^er, NC. / ^LD RICH, MFLLOW AN1> PURK LI BURNSIDK's MONONGAHELA KYI WHISKIY, Comfcsentlooaly distilled by Mr. Jaanea Ijuroeide, el Ails*an? Coaaty. Penaa., in the old-tmhionM honea. vay, fro?c tnechoioaet and moot ca/cfallT eeleotm K?e, and in b-j oaae ever oaerH for aaie nntil iwapUd to wboleeorne aw brace It la at oooethe >?<??t paivAbie, as it 1a emphatioaiiy one of the > >-? ) b?vnracM in the reach of t;?e public. To the Invalid, aa vail as to th<-?e in oommeoda itarlf for ita uanvali'M ^uaiitieaaa a a*t& x.aot of th? aafeat. nrsst, and moat beneficent rteecripuon, and manr of the moat distinf aiabeo ?h#sioiana are aainf it in their araattaa with t)?? 0 "?r' I no Ift^iin 1 l**AA^ H^KR'/ttv o'ii Jlfl 275 ALL KM 97ft . Jackson, * * A 8 T E R B M 8. fwsi. Armi, >nH nth atTmmta. j. If $zsti:&C'~iSHS?51?? VA>1PM?. UAKPKT BAGS, l*\TCHKL8,lt?., in this MtTt vbiob we are as.l ur a' erf low ?ric<M. WALL* STEPHEN? * CO , wff tf Pv avenge. T- HE AMKR! AN ALMANAC FOE 1961, f>*y?r: yrio* 91; h*.f o*!f #1J0 by m&iL E?? Ve or, a o.? bf Ouwr Wendell Hn!w*f,l ?oi? , 12m c f?tb; ?r:o? $ 1 75 by mail. Til* Ktvo at on to t b? sonih ?ri2? ? m i, <U FRENCH k RICHJTEIN'1*. foil 8T3 Pann. >vw n?. A8PECUL BARGAIN IN TWO PIANOS, terl'et t naw- Uf??- ?i--' ? Meiodecm for uie or rent tutt ow *" * ('RM1UAKOA1NS1N PIANOS-OM , lev'B-oi'Urt, for ?' "? VMry i i CURE 0* NervousHeadaehf? Headache. By the nee of these PiKe the penodio attaoka of Ntrvou* or Sick UtadatK* may be prevented; and If takes at the oommenoement ol an att*ok immediate relief from pain aad aiekn*>> will be obtained. i ney leraom itu id removing the nausta ana Htadatk* to whioh females ars to subject. They aot gently upon the bowels,?removing C?tFor Literary Mm, StviUnt*, Delioate Female*, and all persons of sedentary habits, they are valuable an a Laxative, improving the appetite, giving tone and vigor to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elastioity and strength of the whole syst?m. The CEPHALIC PILL8 are the resalt of long investigation and oarefhily oonduoted experiments, having been in nse many years, during which time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from Haadaohe, whether ongi nating in the Herrcmj system or from a deranged state of the stomach. They are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at all times with perfeot safety without making any change of diet, and the ab ttnee of any disarruoble Init rtndtri it taty to administtr them to children, nnvmr np pnnuTrn DPIWO . vr vvvmunrQIlOi The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers in Medioines. A Box will be sent by mall prepaid on reoeipt o the PRICE, 20 CENTS. All orders should he adJreseed to HENRY C. 8PALPIN6, 4* CXDAR Strsbt, New York, THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF sPAMHNtt'S CEPHALIC PILLS, Wll.l. rilWIXfB il l WUl> oircuL-n , ? unv ctrrua FROM 1IEA DACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THK1R Rf'ACH. A* thet* Testimonials irrre unsolicited by Mr. Spalpisg, they afford nwjue.stiotiable proof o f the efficacy of this truly scientific discovery. M a?ox villk, Conn., Feb. 5, IRAK Mx Ptaldiwo?Sir: I have tried your Op halio Pili?, and / hkf tk'rn so wall that I want you to end me two dol'ars worth more. Pari of tne?earefor the n<M<hbor?, to whom I gave a few out of the firet box I cot from ?nii. Ivrd the PiLi by mail,a??d obll*? \ our ob'^er vant, JAMES KENNEDY. Havk*?ord, Pa., Feb. 6,1861. Ml. 8raukks-^Sk I wuh you to e?nd ire one moro box ofTon'C-ph%Jie Pill*, I Have rettived a SMI deal tf benefit from tketn Voum reepeotinily. MARY ANN STQ1KHOU8E. Brnrcx Crjbk, Hcsiimior Co , pi ,1 Jaia&ry 18.1861. \ H. C. SrALmwo-Sm You will pieaca send me nediatfly* ,0a' Cephl!l? ^llln' Houd the?*> ?mReepeotfnUy yopw. JNO. B. SIMONS. P S ?I /tare vsed one box of your PiUt, and find th>m excellent. Rxllb Vbx.xon, Ohio, Jan. 15,1331. ? Spaldiho, Eta.: Pleaee find iooloted twenty fivo oenta, for wtajcn aeod me brother box ... . .. a n.r-1 are irw| IM Ce*( / hart tvtr tri'4. l?.reot A. UTOVER. P. M., Beila Vernon, Wyandot oo? O. Hivkr.' t, M&h., Deo. 11,13W. H. C. ?p*T.Diro. E*<j: I wish for aoine oiroul&ra r laric<< fhow to liriuc your Cephalic Filla more particularly before mr cu^omera. I( you h*ve ai)?th'!it of ths Wind. pie??n ?<*nd to me. (>-.e-"?f my ou4jm*r?. who la auhjeat to aevere Hiok Ilp^'aone. (uiurIIt tasting tworiny.) tea* rurtd of an attack in on* kour by your Pillt, whioh I aent her Retpeot'n !y yours, W. B. WILKES. Retxcldsbuko, Fkakelix Co., Ohio,* lanparv Q l oCi ' H*w*t C. sp4ldi!?o, No.?(>daritroet, New i"1 ?K Kr: fiM twenty-five o-mti, <25,1i for which setd box of Oshalie Pills." >end tn addr-i. of Kev Wm. C. Filler, Reynoldah'R^ktin coast*, Ohio i sr. ffisjsr* "* ?"*"? Truly yoarx, WM, C. FILLER. Vpstr.AifTi, Mich., Jan. 14,1861. Ma. SpALD'SO?sin Not long since I sent to you f'J* * **>* uepha io Hitls for the cure of the Nerrfr^If ?nCortiveness, and received the *r'dAad *? food am effect that I teas imoi s**d/or more. Please sond by return mail. Direct to A. R. WHKEJ,KR, Ypsilanti, Mich. From the Erimrnt, Norfolk, 7a. Ophaho iMli aon<>mplMh the object for whioh hey w< re mace, v.x: Cure ot headache in all iu Frcm tht Examiner, Norfolk, Fa. Th*y have been tested in mora than a thousand cases, With entire anoeene. u,Ma Ptnm I A* LHmocrat, St. Cloud, Minn. If you are, or have been troubled wifh the head?oiie. send for a bo*, < Ctpha'io ?*iiU,> ?,j that yon may ha.-3 them in oase of an.attaok. From tke Advertiser, Promidmu, R. J. eflJotiv/r.iniJd^for *h? hliuliuhe? th? From the Wettom li. R. iiatttie. Ckisno, III. We heartily endorae Mr. Spaldint, and hit unri railed Cephalic Pills. From the Katwwka Valley Star, Kannirha, 7a. We are anrethat persona aufTerinr with the headache, who try them, wnl etick to tnem. From the So*!h*rm Path Finder, JV?*e Or/eon*, La, Try them! yon tha? are afllioteri and we are sure thai your testimony oan be aJded to the already Dum?r^aa Uat that Uaa received benefits that no otaer medicine oao produce. From iht St. Louii Democrat. The immenm demand for the artlola (Cephalio PltllllinM^I. i~~ - From tk* Gazette. liaronrort, /mm. Mr. Ppa'dmc would not oonneot his name with an article he did not know to poeaeee real merit. Frym ike Advertiser, Provident*, R. I. The teatimorv in their favor la atrong, from the moit reepiotab e quartern From tkt Daily New*, Newport, R. /. | Cephalic Piilaare taking the piaoeofall kind*. IT7" A SPALDIMJ'S PREPARED GLUE ? j will unteo tim?? itsooat annua! 17. 1 SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH in?A Stitch m TmaBAri* .nix?."-/ti i ? ni accident* will happon, even ia well regulated { fapiiliea, it ia very Ueairable to have aome cheap Rnd'oourecient war for repairing Furniture, Toya Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED QLUE meeta all auoii en ergeuoiea, and no houeehold oa aflord to be without it. it ia always ready, and u to the (ticking point. M USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE.** N B.?A Brm?h aooompaciee each BotUa. Prio IS oenta. Add.eaa HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 4S Carfai aUeet, New York. CAUTION. A> obtain cnpricekpled p*i *>c? Ere &tt*rrpti?r to pa:ir. aiT ?e the ar.eatpeotirg pnnj.o, imitations of luy PREPAHKD U?.LK. I wofld caution all ??rwh t<? ?iknr.i r before psro^nainj, and that lk<* full itante, ICTSCALDING'9 P8 EPA RED GLUR^dl l? wit it*; uctau* yirupper, all otheft are awtr.dlui? M?bUHrf?it# t* 1?-d4wtt r MEDlOiN'-'iS. * tOUXSVrU IJALTimo** I.OC1 lUlflT&L, Htu Lriu+iHrtd tkf C*u*mm, gsu<iy,m%4 mi\ Ejfitnuu KrfXftf m lit WerlH, FOR ALL. DI8KASKi? UF !MPlUDENC? LET NO FALS? DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY 1MMED ATKLY. A CVRK WARRANTED, OR NO CHAMOM, IN 1BOU ONE 70 TWO DAYS. Wutnu ?r Ui l?ik.Binawr*a AfittlMi ?f U? ad Siat'dar, tV'bharfaa, lupttictj, Ml ??at|ny, MiniiMHi, Pyay??a?, Wmr*ar,\?a* airila.CM* *?aiai. ?f Iiia-a. P*lpi;?ran ftBt C?*rt,T'tmi<;::j',Tr?nikluit?, ?f ?ijht ? ttddii-aaa, lhaaaaa aftka Maad, Hml| Mcaa tt Iku , Aliti fn af ;h? kinri, lunuct a* B??ala? ?k*aa Ttrnkla Dtaardara inaiof fram Salii&ry IiMu ?J Ta??h?ihaaa Priaiihl iri Dtmtini Pnilitu vkitt ttm4?r Bfarrlif a liapataia!*, asd daairar kau l?dj tad Mla< TUI1I Nil ?y??!a!iy ?ti ki't kacanaUa ?i?-t?aaf Bali'ar; 'tot, Ikat drairfal and datiraeti** kakit which aanullr aval pa tt as wr.nmaly gra?a tbaaaaoda afYamnf Kan aftka n? aaaJtad lalanta and latallaai, ??a im* ht atkarviaa karl tt'fuatd I'.atanirf Boataa ?t:h ikt iktcaara af tlaoaaaaa at wakad t? m?ij i>i l7r?, U7 Mil vtu fmJJ t?f (UM, MiUlilE KAIIIIU rBUOHI,?rT?U(Uli MttMiliDif k?'?* WW * fkyKMl vHkuH, MfuiTTAiMi, daftr-niUM, *?., aaaadilr ?ir?4. ( *t? -l?e?? ktmaali ?ndi> U# um *f ft. |. ralifl ?lj aanliia ia kia ka;.ar ai I (MIIibu ud iMiliiUfitl) p?a> kia skill m a pkytialaa. urrics hi. 7 bostb nisuicsirviT, lah kand lidt rciof fr?n kill; mart tit at, a l?V daara flwa tka aaroar. rul ul titkiini tui ut iukn, Umn Mat ka ptli aad taxtria a maf. DK. JUIHTII, Msakara afika Ear*: Ctiltn af Barf ?aai, telta.mtM , frtia ana af tka mil tmiutat in >)..! a ud Ua graaiar put af what* lift ha* kaaa ifiaiUUlkN' aitala af Latidan, Pint, Philadelphia and ilatvkui,kai * " factad Mm* *r tha ratal aataoitkinf mil itit vara * * knavn; rainy traaklid with rtafinv la tka kaad ud aan vkin utiif! (rut D*r??aan?**, kiln* aluail at hMm aadi, kuhfaintaa with fraqaaat hlaahing, attandad HM kau vttk iirufioiat af mind, vara aarad laai4kiilT< TiU PAKTlClkA* M0T1G*, TMafMaa and atbari vbahava m)ar?d UaraatWa* ky taruin prattle* l&daij*d ia vkta alana?a kaklt frtqaaalif laarnad fram *ril aarapaoiaoa, ar at aahaal, tk* *ff*au *4 vhlah ara alrhtly fait aran vkta aalaap, tad If aal *b>*4, randir* tmsMaikla,aad daauayi katk alaliM wuy, iDfcia apply irac?QI?t?IT. Tumi &r? aama ?f tbt aad and malaatkaiy ky aarlr hakita /raatk Tilt Waaknaaa aflha wtk aM limka, P?ir.? in th? iit&d, Ptranaaa af lightjLaaa af MaaaaHl Pavar, Palpitaiiao af lha a?rt,Dytpapav,NarTa?a IrriuMU ly, Darang aroao* aflha Dif ?iut? F BaCUana,Casual Dakillty ratWmi of Canaaiopuau, Ac. MIMTAUT.-Tht riufil aVuu aa tka slid ui BMk U bi draadad?Laaa af Mtraary, Canfasiao of Idaaa, Dapraaalaa af Ipirita, Evil Farbadinfa, A*araiao af Sadat*, alf-Diatraal, Utaaf Salttada,Ttra'.dl(y, at?.,ar? mi ar Ua atlla fitdasad. MERTOM DBSIklTT?Vkaaaaadi ?aa aavjadffa vM la tha aaaaa aftkair daeltntnf haalik, laalof ikalr T fw,k?Saratof vaak, pala, ntrraat and araatUtai,sirlnf aaiofmlsi appauaaaa aaaat'Jha ajaa, easfb araymptainiaf taaaas^tiaa DUKAaU Of IMF8.DDENCB. Wkta Ua miafaidad and impradant ?ataiy af p'.aaiart ladi ka haa imklkad lha aaada af tola painfal diaataa, it taa aftaa kappana that an ill-iimad aanaa af ahama ?r draad af diatsvarjr i ui.u i vi (i B Kh'Tittf Ulttt III, IT?.H 'IICl'.iMUt rttptelabUity, ean cftnt ktfritnd him. hilt tnW Ut htndt af lfntrant and tittirninf prtltndtrt, wh*, intaaaklt | af earinf, (Ich hit pacaniarf tabtWDet, kttp him tnliaf nth altar mant*, tr at ltof it tha traallaal ft* t*n kt rt' taintd, and in dt?p*ir Itirt bira with raintd ki?lti:itlfk ' ntt hit falltnf ditappauitratnt; ar b J tht ait af tMR dttdlt ! paUan, filtreary, h-.ttto tht aacatitauarjl> af ikfi | ttrr.klt dlatatt, tach a? Af tctiant af tJit Hi&rt. "Thrtf t, Matt. I Mkin.Aa.. pragrait:. f nth fnjhtfal rapidity, til! diath pitt I [ ftnti it b:t ctiicitM taftrinftky ttodinf hire it 'Jstt ntt?a*trt d caautry frtra vh.ti* taaroa ua nattltr rtttrat 1 BR./uairauN'azK"-iKPY roioMAmcvKiuni AND IMPOTICMCT. By tkt: IT*at a.1 iiopartact ranstdy vtaknttt af Ut trraai art tpttdilj rna >'a!i ?i{*r rtittrtd. Tkalttadt a?tkt I ........ r.- BS1 IHl ?11 ?} , ?*? I ktk~< InmidUUij I All Itpftdimtnte t? PkytUtl It MtaUl B!?a?\ll' luilni, k?> t' rr?-.Mi1.'*# riwir, Hiifin Irfluklilt) i Tr?t??i;r,| nd Wuhtiix IliictUM ?fU? BH1 flllfl Iklai c?n< >utu smr orrn run. T S r MAM f Vk'CiAHJa cmiit utthu loailtaUaa vlUU Ik* Utt ii'iaun ;i>ri md tk? ratrtrami impartial it|4 tlaptmirtii f*r4?mn) hy Dr. Jabiitan, viloauad ky ui | ta?*rk?r* af ttia F*p?r? lad rainy riatr aariana, eatlaaa at i nkk km ?gam aja4 aja!a ?af>ia ?ka ?aklla, kaj aldia k'i aiMKi.uf ? a wmgimb ttllly, la a iiflai*al f luulil la ika t4 ?t?d. |ta M-ly JOY J OU THKfilCK ANI> rMIFFEJUNG. LET ALL WHO APE At FLIC7 BJ) READ! Amir THE REMEDY | REJVICK HEALTH. i Friend, do yon BLjbr.' Are yoa the iotim of ut ! e? those nnmeruae ailirent* wltfch into rrom im lirjtf of thi bl'iod? What are thfy, do yoH tiki Rather mIl wbar are they not! The biood :s tfie onroe of ine and health, ard it is the first olement of our being to test pond to any cause which * abets tn? ayatem, a* the palte infallibly attest? The ever * ?ItTPlLn': the irritating Erysipelas, the i nbtie ttoroiola. the ajoniainji Rheumatism, Nerj yons Debility. Dyspepsia. Li^er Complaint with its S?r?or *nd dojecfipQ, and the nnmberless ills that flesh la heir to, '..eriTe thoir UmIsoub oris in from the blow!. DaaJ k<r.<hy thes and jeat'y with the bJoocL Uiy ?o TitaliKiDi roaoaro^t of n&ture for lu aid. anu aoflcr us to oommend to yonr oocfMenoe and . lie that traly Tenable medicament known as | VUS.M. COTS INDIAN TUGSTABLE DRCQCTION. I Will regard ka this a:mo?t infallible specific ^ ser.tirr.ent baa spoken in deoided terms ana the evidences of this treat efficacy are sustained bj ooaatant *row\.? of ourativa offaota and to? happiest reacts from ita nae are after all other remedies and the beat meoioal akili hare failed. Let ns say, is oonolusion, that certificates onres are not soojht from the illiterate and superficial, but thoy are volunteered from the noatrespeotab.e sources and justify the highest terms in whioh it is possible to commend ao valuab.e a speoiBo to public approval. We may add also that the ourativ* properties of the medicine are equalled only by its restorative feci*, the system recovering from disoane with renewed constitutional visor. Per sale by all respeotable Druccists in this cit?,and by the proprietor, MRU. M. COX, . 'UIUDU lici UAUIO II LMUWU UU IIIC bott.'a ana tor seai on the oork IG**Pno? 91 p? bottle, aix bottlee for ft. Wkol*^ A*tnt. ft T. CISSKIj, Drnfri?| Beorjotown, D C., V* hoiet>ale Agent for the DU *"?t, and "M1* the trade at my price#, au 18-tr DR. J. BOVKE UOD'S " IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are now being aaed from Maine to the Breat Salt liate, *ni tie. ?ni?erijal rerdiot of all who nee them eucer as a or aa a btviragt, la thai they are nnairpn-si in the world. Dr. i)oia aaed L?mJrU * il;3 ?[XctJl50 ^or tt yeara before _ . y, .. . 01 HIM HO R'J.7 I."U? tU lUCC. 3 101111 a.""i preq*nt :k-M xer ua'e to trie public. For the pure of CecacEStioc, isdiaeetioij, Dya- I peyaia, Pi'M. K?rv?ca l>isaiu?r. Female Com flaicir, ?&<: all ?M4H r^a-nnj a tonio, they are 1.5f oud dombt a mvet inv*"*?hle remedy. Atide fron their nj?-d:cia?! p.-ojarUea iliey tro a pure, wholetome &Ld lioUjlitfii fit! froiucir.e ail th? I 'Asn.t eiailer4*.lss ei'^tt of Brandy or Wise without tlir'r iciar-'o?s reaalte. Let all friends of | ncin&aity and ali advocates of temper&soe aula ns in mtbatituiCE thoae rubble VnjjrUblo Bitters for the x*in*rml p*ite%* tuJ fMtcrmUd Liquors with wl.ioh tlie oocutry la Hooded, and thereby eifec'niLiy aid in !.ra;oiun* L'lseaaeasd Dmakeueae frea the mud. _ CHARLK8 WLDDIFlftLD fc CO., treprletora^T* W^liam atreet. New Yerfc. J. SVJHWARZK. Arjnt, WHlusgton, D. O. PK. J. BOVEK DO08' ? ... IMP&PIAL GIN BITTB&S. For l?sa&?e? of the.Kidagy ?,B;adder ?na Urinin Orj^ns, and ?ajocially for Fomale ObitruoUona, taction *ro warranted to mt\? i cn?ARLKB WIDDJFIELD * CO., FrojriMon, 1<i \Vi]ham ?t?New Vork, *? * 1r.r A,entJW^^u,n.^K'0. j [HUMAN ? SIMrSOHJ JfAMiLY RYDIFAMID'0IYO ^VHlSEEiAmrTsi4Fv74 'sms/mmm 'jh/^.few'is^ fsaHsidri-.* ? r?? *<i*hi ?h on & WhiBky, is proved \)j ?n*ly I &tataa?I~J K^?st ??r??t water in the L*nited fix , if t*' thii mix, in k rroRt deiree m it. ! tribe tea the exoellenoe of thiOVhiikr. ' I for nie by FAKE.Vf Afok SIMPSON. i >orK: 1 *? OTHER FKErtH PUrPLY OF GOOD Jo.treoe.vad by B??K* o??R.ENC? 4 RICH3TKIN, if . ? *('*' ^TIXPI, Washington , "in"1 ? S World, by hrednka Bremer 2 T?{? .12rno , cloth; price $2 50 i>rem?r , 3 One of Them, by Charles Lever, piper 50 oente. 50^nuX? f'OIQthe Se&> b* Chaxie. Uickeru^ipir; K merlwin Queat on, 12-no , oloth ; nrioe 60 o un^ 2?22?' of priM- v ?i Trnnk?. 0?r trunk^H?

Sf ^ ** tiiu time the cmatest vmrictr B.S$yp,ffi5,tStriR6HS5 for^w on<J.r J re?Wr?ror Ukea ia a??hMf* WALL, STEPHENS 4 CO.. * AW TRY, '* *tml wiji iSf * ?00, No' % ! i 0 I PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pu OLIO R on C B. DuimmoT YUlHTC*ioa,{ w*tki*ftm,ThK.n \m. \ Pablio notioe U hereby given that bond* and ooaponi annexed, of the deeorlatioa hereinafter ot forth, have fetelv hm~ blnBin>*i> * from the onstody of the Interior Department, the am? being the property of the United States aad held ! trait for eertaia lad las tribe# No: lee aaa also been girea to the proper oAoera of the respeetive State* to atop the payment thereof; and all persona are warned against psro basing or reoeteing any of aaid bonda and oosposi, as the olaim of the United Btatei thereto will be proaaeated to the utmost extent. Eaoh bond being for the sum of one thousand dollars, vis: Six per oeat Missouri Coupon Bonds, iasaed in Jane aad August, l#sr. Stats of Mtssioari. St. Loais aad Iron Moaatala R R. State Bonds. Bond No. >027 Bond N? IBM 1878 1827 191* 18JJ 1997 1821 1W8 1820 2008 1819 >007 1818 1V93 1809 IWM 1817 1Mb 1818 1891 1815 1990 1814 1892 181S 1991 1812 2003 1810 1R11 1992 1806 3006 * 1031 2005 2033 3004 3034 3001 3036 1999 3030 3000 3033 3009 >836 1877 1838 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 183] 1882 1808 1183 1869 1884 1870 1885 1871 1880 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 204? 2017 2047 2010 2044 - 2015 2048 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 20-10 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bonds 1824 Note.? Bond* No.tooo, tnd balow of lki? MriM, iuuM June, 1857. and bonds No. SOW,nod abora thiu, dated August, 1857, payab.a at the Phaaix Bank. N?w York city, in 1887. Btate of Miisovri buc Mr omt. oonpon bondi, Tic Hannibal and St, Joseph Railroad Stat* Bond#? Bond No. IBM Bond No. 1638 1863 1627 1861 1028 1860 1629 1*4# 1869 1848 1866 1847 1863 1*46 1863 1846 1860 1844 1861 1832 I860 1836 1868 1833 1865 1834 1864 1838 1813 1837 1813 1838 1814 1839 1826 1649 1820 1640 1827 1636 1828 161S 1839 161* 1830 1614 1831 1615 1641 1616 1642 1617 1643 1618 1644 1619 1645 1020 1040 1021 1047 1611 1648 1864 1637 1634 1038 1631 1840 1633 1M2 1633 1843 1622 1650 1857 1816 1636 1817 ?30 1818 39 1819 1841 1820 1623 1821 1624 1626 90 bondf No*???Thaw bonds ar? dated January, lwr. J&rabla at Bank of Corameroe, New Vork, in [ovwnbar, l?6-intarMt pajabie in January and aljr of eaoh roar. Stat* of Minonri tlx Mr ooot. Con ?on North Miarouri R. R. 6t?u bonds. Bond No^3952 Bond No. 1039 2940 1?38 tm 1641 2941 1641 ' 2943 1643 2946 1644 2946 1645 2944 1(146 2943 1647 2947 1648 2048 1649 W49 1640 3050 1660 3937 3823 3038 3023 1653 3924 1654 3936 1654 3951 1652 3953 1656 1657 2021 1705 MW 17C8 >512 170T 2611 2452 2514 245S 2516 2454 2616 2455 *11 2456 ?16 2457 1812 2458 291* 1469 3914 2460 ?1? SMI ?1S 3463 3917 3468 3918 3464 3919 3465 3920 3466 3954 3467 2955 1651 80 boodi Nori.-Th? bonds nnmbered 1516 and Mow. iss??d in January, 1857; No ?10, and ?tore tW P? in Aunust,l?7, payable it HMuus Bank, New York oity. Miwoari aix fr Mot. Co??on Bonds, tic North Missouri E. K. ?t?ts bonds. Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 2763 3784 3787 3786 3730 3781 3717 3783 * 3734 3779 3731 3783 3719 3711 3733 3713 3723 3710 2720 2725 2716 2777 2727 2778 1714 2765 2731 1768 rw 1769 2729 3770 2718 1771 271* 1785 2714 1778 1714 1771 2728 177* 272* 2774 1721 2780 271* 17*2 ?? 1767 MM* jfcr SS'K5VCWGISZTSlKR * W* ?X1 Wtt iM i>44 ?)M MiS MM 6J41 MM 5*1 U6I 5140 6J61 tr.w uu 5S38 UM ?237 6140 5IS5 U47 &3S4 5)48 MM 6)96 tiivi m V1W 6*1 6(KK! MO0 4iw 6199 499T 6198 4A00 M?T 4996 M10 4M0 AJ? 4M MOT *V6 M06 6*57 &309 M62 tlboftd? MM ereetHTtutis JuurrimTh} of mm f?i. Bonda of North Ctwlln Oopo? iu pm Mat. Nor^ CnroUan otx jot oonta. Bond 5*. 36 Bond Ho. tot U Ml n m ? ?7 9 3tt T 334 MO 101 MS IM M7 104 MS SO . MI 19 111 10 ? *<9 ?41 IT MO II *39 It *38 8 M7 11 838 It U* l?t >28 ltl tn loo uo 99 Ml 103 S3I 8 ?? M woo JO M4 n nr 16 *1 sir 98 3J8 97 816 9? ?6 95 S39 94 338 6t ?7 60 336 303 73 bonda Noti.?Th?M bonds arc dated Juwrr. iml North CaroliM ? Mr OMri*. Conpoi Bond*. Bond Nt. 833 Bond No. 735 8Ji TM 831 758 830 760 819 700 834 761 835 7M 830 761 817 704 838 TM 871 791 871 792 R73 *ot 874 m i874 796 876 796 877 . 797 878 798 879 799 880 m 881 801 846 892 847 80S 848 804 849 805 " 850 806 851 808 851 807 861 811 854 All 855 tSlS 856 814 857 815 858 816 8*0 81T 861 818 861 819 861 810 8M 811 865 811 866 8H 86T 814 8rt8 815 8M 816 870 817 88* 818 881 839 884 840 883 fUl T31 844 TSI 84* TM . 784 104 boodJ North Caroiia* sis f*r Mat. Co*joe bonds. Bond No. 599 Bond No. 49S 600 494 808 498 M4 498 808 497 808 811 W7 498 808 819 Alfl til w?w VIA. 611 461 6U 461 611 461 609 464 614 484 633 416 636 46T 634 iSS 635 469 636 469 637 546 0? 4)9 641 MO 58 & *15 Ml 644 4)9 4a MI Mr * us 648 m 64ft M4 64* M? 6*6 ftS6 6M ?ir 661 111 ?19 fir us 618 lift S! MT 465 114 457 42] 45S 64ft AJ A ?<? 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