Newspaper of Evening Star, March 9, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 9, 1861 Page 2
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- ... the evening star. WASHINGTON CITY: SATTRDAY .. ?, 18411. Spirit of the Merntag Prm. The hu>Uif*c*T argue* that the taxes and tariff of the (reeding Statue have opened the eyes of the people to what they must expect In supporting their new Government, ana that a spirit of dissatisfaction haa already been engendered among the people with regard to the ability and pest course Of their leaders The Rtpublican says of the resolution offered by Mr. Focter: "The expulsion of poor Wlgfell at this late day, because he la lesa cautious In bis language tban other Senators who bold to tLe same doe trine, aud who are much more dangerous, would seem like flying at rather small game; and as be is greatly amusing, and witbal comparatively harmttfA fttst anrv^?ai) (a ft! tHno Kim anv /rramtar ^ V "I <W VIMf, Ul Ml ?MJ V ?v? notoriety, or exalting him Into a martyr." A* L xxxpbctxd Hitch.?The secessionists here have been eagerly expecting the arrival of ex Gov A. B. Roman, of La., the third ao-called Commissioner from the so-cslled Southern Confederacy; threatening war to the knife on the part of the acceded States, to commence very ahortly after hla arrival, when the Government of the United States shall have declined to recognize them In any other capacity than that of distin guisnea citizens of the States la whicb they respectively reside. We fsncy that if they await the appearance of ex-Governor Roman here on any such errand as that devolved en him, they will hardly be gratifled with the opening of their threatened war. The New Orleans True Delta, a staunch Union paper, gives the world to understand that the venerable ex-Governor will come hither In no suche*i aclty He wss a linioa number of the late Lou siana Convention, and though signing the ordinance of secession, Is believed, sioce, to have heartily repented of that act of Indiscretion. Not So?Some of the newspapers are stating that Mr. W. W. Lester, one of the most efficient and respected clerks of the Interior Department, (salary 51,900 per annum,) and the compiler of the best work on the land laws, regulations and decisions of this Government, has been removed. This is untrue. When a body of blatherskltlng secessionists in clerical positions under the Government here signed and published a paper announcing their intention to resign on the advent of the new a J ? a ???* * - ? ? ,<\auiiBia:rai;oit, .Mr. L.. very properly refused to append his name to It; that not being bis way of doing such things. He, however, resigned his appointment in the Interior Department on the 4th inst., before the Inetallation of the new Secretary into office Oat of that fact the story of his removal was, doubtlets, manufactured. Tktilow Wked, En ?Thia distinguished gentleman, after rbrief trip North, has returned to Washington It Iscurrently said that his present visit was undertaken in compliance with an intimation from President Lincoln of bis desire for Mr. W.'s advice in some affairs of importance. El*leaving Washington a few dayssince. learning of bis intended departure, some two or three hundred of his friends called on him at his rooms, at Wlllards', where he held a thronged, though unexpected, levee, for hours. a v ? ....... >u* TBI ri.HT?TlllT We understand that the physician to the U. 9. Penitentiary (Dr. Garnett, the son-in-law of the Hon. A. Wise, of Va ,) having resigned, the place has been filled by the appointment of Dr. Webster Lindaley, of this city. Dr. L. Is well qualified to succeed his predecessor, who is a physician of high standing in this community. The scniist?xdiscv or thk Pcslic Peistimo.?The contest for this position, In the discharge of the duties of which the craft, in this community, are of course much interested, la being narrowed down between Mr. Defrees, ot Indiana, and Mr. Barret, of the Cincinnati (O ) Gauttti The former la a practical printer. No jiosmhatioss were sent to the Srnate yesterday, and as they do not sit to-day, the thousand or two gentlemen now here from a distance, as well as those indigenoua to Washington, who are en the anxious benches with reference to offices Involving the President's personal action, are more nervous than can well be imagined. Keep ?ool, gentlemen; keep cool. Thi Ho*. Amos Trc*, or N. H ?The story that this gentleman will probably be called to the position of Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Is unfounded. Ws have ascertained that he will accept no office hers. Hia friends are urging him for the post of Naval Officer at Boston; worth about 97,000 per annum. AaaivsD ? Mr Kasaon, of Iowa, the newlyappointed First Assistant Poatmaster General, arrived here to-day. He only awaits the arrival of bis commission (from the Executive Mansion) to emter on the discharge of hla duties. He can, however, hardly begin the chopping and hewing with the postal axe official, usual on the advent of new Administration, until Monday next. Left thus Cards.? We hear that Messrs Crawford, of Georgia, and Forsrth, of Alabama, who propose to ask to be received by this Gov. ernment as quasi ministers from the so-called Southern Confederacy, called yesterday and left their carda for President Lincoln and Secretary Seward. Rxsissao ?The Hon. Mr. Clcnison, now of Missouri, (the son-in-law of the late John C. Calhoun.) baa tendered to the Secretary of the Interior hla resignation of the position of chief of tbs Agricultural Bureau of ths Patent Offire, which hs has filled so ably and so much to the satisfaction of the country for some time past. RtstexATiox Tesdxeed?Ths Hon. A. B. Greenwood, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, ten iM'm mtm resignation immediately upon Mr. Secretary's Smith's installation Into office. At the urgent request of the latter, be however consented to hold over la office unttl the President can have time to select his successor. Tm collsctoashir or th? Post or Boston. The knowing ones aver that the Hon. Mr Goodrich, of Mass., Las, decidedly, the inside track for this pooltion. There sre any number of aspirants fe* U?Use Hoa. George Ashman being Included Rbsisnsk.? I bomas DeKalb Harris, for maav -rears a clerk in the House of Representatives, resigned his office day before yesterday, and r star as heme to his native State, Georgia. SaeanuT 8*w*an is recovering, and hopes to be able to attend at the State Department on Jdooda y aest, as usual. A* Official Viair.?Thla forenoon the Judges, Solicitor* nod officers of the Court of Claims made an official visit to the President . _ PlFNMl. Tburlow Weed, of Albsny. and Commander Ward, N. T., are at Wlliards The N.Y. Evening Port denies authoritatively the rumor that the poet Bryant la competitor for the poet of Minister to Spain, or an? office la the gift of the Federal Administration ITT" The London Dally Newt aaya : The Great Eaairrn la to leave England the Irst week In March for Norfolk, Virginia, where ahe haa been guarantied a cargo, chief y of cotton, for England, the freight of which will amount to S75.HM). Mr. Train. A Boston, had an Interview with the Right Boo T.MIlaerGlban. ??- * - , , IM liner 01 the Board of Trade, and nbaltM a model of a treat railway Erracra or LiacoLa'a Isacoc?i>tioh i* Na?hviu.8?At the tlabe of writing thla paragraph ? haea bees living under Black Republican ru e for at-veraX hour*. Except a alight headache, ad aone little ooalety U know whether Blynnka la to g?t the Naahvilie Paat Office, vra experience ?o lacoavealaaea from the cbaage.?fHuAntlU fatrft, $tk. Fobt Scmtbb?Three aoldtera, wboae ml!a#" aoent u-rma bad expired, left Port Baniter wttfe dlK tiarze. on ?be eSty by U* ?n>l ete*uM>r Titer* la no (loubC U?i others would gladly receive dleebartre CkmtUttmk Cmuur. -i fcwtpp#r, >ut It U Krm4 IMftott | I Pmssidvut Lwcom'a Fi*bt Lztk ?a crowd wji anticipated at tbe White Houae laat night, but we tuppoee few expected quite ?uch a jam, after an adjournment of Congreaa. So denae waa the preaaure that handreda. after Herculean efforts to worm their way through the throng, gave Itnp la Jeapair, and went home without seeing the new President. Captain Goddard waa present with hia police, regulating the Insetting carrent as far as possible, but not much could be done where the aaaault waa ao fierce and persistent. It would have facilitated lngreaa and egreaa much If the mode of letting out the crowd through one of the large wlndowa of the East Room, someUmet adopted heretofore, had been followed laat last. Entering the oral (Reception) room, we found Marshal Se'.den at hla uaual poet. Deputy Marahal Phillips was thereabout, alao, and hia tact and energy was being a trained to the utmost In keeping the eager, jostling crowd " in the line of safe precedents," and so on to the Esst Room. Commlaaloner Blake, too, had hia handa full in attending to the preaa of appllcanta for presentstion to Mrs. Lincoln, but perforated the duty with his ususl unruffled politeness. But the downright, serious, hard work of the evening was that performed by President Lin coin, who for more than two hours (?.?. from quarter past eight o'clock till half-past ten) shook hands In right good earnest with all cornors, at the rate of twenty-five per minute, (as timed by a gentleman In bis vicinity,) or one thousand iive hundred per hour. At his left stood Mr. Lamon, of 111., nnderatood to be an asplr&ntfor our District Msrsbalship, and who, mayhap, was looking on to " learn the ropes." At the President's right was Mr. Lincoln's urbane private secretary, Mr. J. 8. Nlcolay. Yet further to the right atood Mrs. Lincoln, and In her vicinity were the ladles of her party, relatives snd others. Mrs. Lincoln seconded her knaKatiil ?? Aaaj! l? ? ? I wvf ?vi j f^wu ^uipmr iu a cordial, smiling welcome to ail corner*, and they both certainly made maiy friends last night among those not heretofore favorably Inclined to them. Oar lady readers will not forgive us If we do not furnlah tome particulars of tbe appearance of the Preaidential party, and for their benefit we may aay that Mr. Lincoln waa dreased in black, with white glovea, turn-down collar, and with hia luxuriant back hair parted down the middle. Mra. Lincoln wore a rich bright crlmaon watered Ilk, with point lace cape, white and red cameliu in her hair, pearl band and necklace, and other ormmenta of pearl. Mra. Kellogg (sister of Mn. Lincoln) wore a chaate aahea-of-roaes brocade silk, with diamond ornaments, and bair tastefully dresaed with white and red camelias. Mra. Edwards (sister of Mrs. Lincoln) wore a brown aatln brocade dreas, with rich crimson flowers and white featbera. . .Miss Edwards (niece of Mrs. Lincoln) waa dreaaed in a fine, embroidered, needle-work robe, with appropriate ornaments, characterized by a implicit)' and elegance becoming her youth. Mrs. Baker (niece of Mr?. Lincoln) wore a tasteful, lemon-colored, watered silk, with point lace trlmmlngi, pearl ornaments, and cherry-colored verbena head-dress. Mrs. Grimsley (cousin to Mrs Lincoln) was dressed in a blue, embroidered silk, with ornaments of turquois, and with white japonicas in her hair. In such a jam, It was impossible to tell who was there, and who wasn't, but amongst the visitors we noticed the following ?Hon Hugh White, of N. Y ; Geo Wise, of V?., (nephew to Henry A. Wise;) Hon. Ale*. Rives, of Va.; Prof. Shele d'Vere, of the University of Virginia; Hon. J. B. Varnum, of New York city; Mr. Baker, editor of the Springfield (111.) Journal; Secretaries Welles, Cameron, Bates, Chase and Montgomery Blair, (Mr. Seward being detained at home bM Illness;) Senator Douglas, Mrs. Douglas and her father, Mr. Cutts, Nathan Sargent, B. B. French, i.?q , mr. tocnara walUch and lady, Mrs. Horatio King, Ja*. A. Wise, (candidate for Police Commissioner;) Mrs. Judge McLean, Maj. Tochman and lady, ntt Jaglello; Lord Lyons, Vice President Hamlin, Dr. Thomas Miller, Superintendent (Census) Kennedy, General Carrington, Minister iudd (to Berlin; and bis private secretary, Mr. Kriestman; D. C. Enos, of Philadelphia, and daughters; Mr. and Mrs. Leslie, of Philadelphia; Carl Shurs, Col. Ellsworth, of the Chicago Zouaves, Hon. Amos Kendall, Rev. Mr. (vlirl?V Hov Hwrnn D rv~ 0 ^ i vjiwi* i.-uiiutiiouu, ACT. MJT. nam on, President Columbian College; Her. Prof. Schute, Columbian College; Rsv. Dr. Parker, Mr Rice, of Boston; Dr. Wallia, of the N. Y. Herald, and wife, dec., 4c. Of tbe Representative# present were Messrs. Potter, Allison, Boullgny, Morris, Curtis, Morse, Burlingame, Tuck, English, Evans of Texas, Goodrich, Lovejoy, Hutchins, Farnswortb, C. F. Adams; ard tbe Senate was represented by Messrs Baker, Wilson, King, Pearce, Chandler, Sumner, Foster, Simmons, Bingham and Trumbull. The Armv was represented by Major Ileltzeli, Lieut. McLean, Col. Craig (and daughter), Maj. McDonald, Captains Clark, Miller, Cullum. Cilley, Shlras, Ringold, Davis, Barry, Kingsbury. Woodruff, Palmer, and Franklin ; Dr.Wood (and lady), Maj. Ramsay, Msj Eastman, Col. Taylor (brother to Gen. Taylor), Captain Meigs, Colonel Sumner, Colonel Thomas. Lleuts. Beckwith and Griffith, Ac , Ac. The Navy by Captain Glasson, Lieut. Phelps, Captains Magruder and Maury, Dr. Elliot (and lady,) Com. Smith, Commanders Sands and Page. Mr. Lincoln bad occasion last Bight to acknowledge himself beaten in height. He noticed a gentleman passing him of such towering proportions that he stopped him, saying that he allowed no one taller than Llmself to pass him unchallanged. The tall 'un proved to bea Mr. Hatcher, from Loudon county, Va.,and he looms up to the extent of six feet seven iucbes. At half past ten p. m , Mr. Lincoln passed through the East Room, escorting Mrs. Col. Gates, Mrs Lincoln taking the arm of Hon. Mr. Farnswortb, of 111. Mr. Lincoln, after making the circuit of tbe room, withdrew to his private apartments, but Mrs Lincoln and the company remained for some time longer. The Marine Band was present, furnishing their usual quota of fine music, playing, among other pieces, '-God save our noble President " The last scene of the levee was a tragic one The mob of coats, hats and caps left In tbe ball had somehow got Inextricably mixed up and mis appropriated, and perhape not ona in ten of that largo aaaemblage emerged with the aame outer garmenta they wore on entering. Borne thlevea aeem to have taken advantage of the ooportunlty to make a graud aweep, and a very good bualneaa they mutt have done Some of the vlctlma utterly refuting to don the greaay, kinky apologlea for hata left on hand, tied up their beada In bandkerchlefa and to wended their way aulklly homeward. Thk Sovthhk Coraini and Ocokoia.?if we may believe the rep rta of aome of the newspaper enrreapondenta from Montgomery, the courae of Gov Brown, of Georgia, In taking Independent meaaurea of redreaa after the Provlalonal Government bad aaaumed the quarrela ef the aeceding State* with thoae of the old Union, la disapproved. The correspondent of the Mobile Register writes from Montgomery, February 25th. aa roiiowa: "The courw of Governor Brown, la tale aerond seizure of veaaele, la deprecated here. It la considered dlareapectful to the Pederal Government and calculated to e ruber rasa lta action Separate t*Ute action, It la aaid, waa a very good thing, ao long aa the Statea were aeparate; among Conredeate State* there muat be no other than confrderate action. Governor Brown forgot the distinction; and I auppoae, If one could have llatened to the proreedlnga of the secret araaion of Saturday and to-day, he would have beard the spunky Governor pretty roughly handled." A CimciL Wao?The Rev Dr Sunderland C-ached In Dr. Gurley'a Church, VVaablngfcm, t Sunday evening week. Hla text waa.-'\V here the body la, there will the eaglaa be gathered together.'' The correspondent of a Rochester KM | innocently deemed it to Illustrate tome (treat truth appll able to the present condition of the couetry But it waa undoubtedly Intendt-d te ?how that wbere Uic otficea were to be given out, plenty of aeekera for them would be found ? Louitrill* Jownal IP- A* afec tlooate wife, married only fortmight before ber bnabaad wm arrested for baralar* at OI?"> ? Aki. ?-?-? I [tied ^^-2 J?- ;??r I bv . new S di' w,he d?r ?ffcr *' ???"r ?? | I ^irSS^H I % I * . V. Sirati.?After oar report closed yesterdsy? ? Mr. Bright desired to offer to the Senate a list of the committees, which would be read Under j the rule, It waa the privilege of any Senator to object; but he would say that the list waa satisfactory to that aide of the chamber. The list, having been read as follows, was unanimously adopted: Foreign Relations?Mr. Sumner, chairman ; Messrs Coliamer, Doolittle, Harris, Douglas, Polk, and Breckinridge. Finsnce?Mr. Fessenden, chairman; Messrs. Simmons, Wade, Howe, Hunter, Pe&rce, and Bright. Commerce?Mr. Chandler, chairman; Messrs. I Kincr M nrri 11 Wila/in Pllnomfin Qsnl.K,,? 1 ? ?r?' > " j | and Johnson Military Affairs and the Militia? Mr. Wilson, chairman; Messrs. King, Baker, Lane, Rice, Latham, and Breckinridge. i Naval Affairs?Mr. Hale, chairman: Messrs. Grimes, Foot, Cowan, Thomson, Nicholson, and Kennedy. Judiciary?Mr. Trumbull, chairman; Messrs. Foster, Ten Eyck, Cowan, Bayard, Powell, snd Cllngman. Poat Office and Post Roads?Mr. Collamer, chairman; Messrs. Dixon, Wade, Trumbull, Rice, Bright, and Latham. Public Lands?Mr Harlan, chairman: Messrs. Bingham, Clark, Wilkinson, Johnson, Mitchell, | and Bragg. Private Land Claims?Mr. Harris, chalrtran; Mesars. Ten Eyck, Sumner, Polk, and Bayard Indian Affairs?Mr. Doolittle.chairman; Messrs. Baker, Oowan, Ten Eyck, Sebastian, Rice, and Nesmlth. Pensions? Mr. Foster, cbslrman; Messrs Bingham. Lane, Simmons, Saulsburv, Powell, and Mitchell. Revolutionary Claims?Mr. King, chainxan; Messrs Chandler, Wilkinson, Nicholson, ana Nesmith. Claims?Me Clark, chairman; Messrs. Simmons, Howe. Cowsn, Bragg, and Polk. District of Columbia?Mr. Grimes, chairman; Messrs. Anthony, Morrill, Wade, Kennedy, Clingman, and Powell. Patents and the Patent Office?Mr. Simmons, chairman; Messrs. Sumner, Doolittle, Thomson, and Sebastian PublicBufldingsandGrounds? Mr Foot,chairman; Messrs. Dixon, Chandler, Bright, and Kennedy. Territories?Mr. Wade, chairman, Messrs Wilkinson, Cowan, Hale, Douglas, Sebastian, and Bragg. To Audit and Control the Contingen: Expenses oftheSenate?Mr. Dixon,chairman; M?ssrs. Clark and J obnson. Printing?Mr.Anthony, chairman; Hessrs. Harlan and Nicholson. Engrossed Bills?Mr. Lane, chairman; Messrs. Morrill and Mitchell Knrolled Bills?Mr Bingham,chairman;Messrs. Baker and Saulsbury. On the Library?Mr. Pearce,chairman; Messrs. l? a r* * wiiaiiter anu i twnaen. Mr. Cllngman gave notice that when the resolution of Mr. Foster should come up, he should move to amend by striking out all after the word "whereas," and inserting: " It is understood that the rotate of Texas has seceded from the Union, and is no longer one of the United States; therefore resolved that she is not entitled to be represented in this body." On motion by Mr Hale, there were ordered to be printed for the use of the Senate, 2.WX copies of the act in addition to an act to promote ihs useful arts, approved March '2, 1861. The Senate then adjourned till Monday. Thk British Consulate at Chablritos? The London News of the ?!Oth ult , says: A copy of the following letter from her Majesty's Consul at Charleston, reported the reopening of the main channel to the harbor of that port, was lecelved at Lloyd's to-day from the Admiralty : British Consclatk, ) Charleston, February 1,1561 ) My Lord?With reference to my letter of the 11th ult., in which I bad the honor to acquaint your lordship that the de facto authorities of the State of South Carolina had closed the various channels leading Into this harbor with ths exception of Matfitt'a Channel, I have now the satisfaction to report that the main or ship ctannel is a^ain open and available for vessels drawing sixteen feet of water I regret to add that tbe liL'hthnilftf> Ucrhtthtn J?1 * uiiu uuuye, aauuca lU In my letter cf the 3d ult., have not yet been relighted or replaced. ^ Robt. Bphch, Coisul. "fte Secretary to the Admiralty. H7""Tbursday morning a fire broke out in a large frame bouse in New York, destroying the building and burning to death seven persons The following are the names and ages of the deceased : Henry Wood, a native of England, aged 36 yeah; bis wife, Julia Wood, also a native of England, aged 25 years; William Wood, aged 7 years; Henry Wood, aged 5 year*; JnMa Wood, aged 3 years; Isabella and Jenny Wood, twtns, aged four months At the earliest moment after the fire was partially subdued, Chief Engineer Decker and bis assistants commenced a search among the ruins for the bodies of the nnfortunato victims, which resulted in finding, In tlie back attic bedroom, the charred remains of the entire family, seven In number. The bodies were placid in a wagon filled with straw, and conveyed to the Twentieth Ward Station-house by Sergeant Van Hagan Those blackened trunks were all that remained of an entire family?father, mother and five children. From Mostoomrrt?The New York Tribune has the following special dispatch : Montgomery, March 7?The Southern Confederacy has received satisfactory assurances that It will be recognized by the chief European Powers. Its present cash resources are ample! and Its prospects of a loan encouraging. Should President Lincoln attempt to blockade the ports, or to Interfere with the commerce of the Confederacy in any way. retaliatory measures will be adopted, fo' wblcn the mear.s are abundant. The Judiciary Committee of Congress have reported a bill closinv til* rnnrti ><?ln>* 11 n ?_ vi?vi*u?in urui* tors In case of 11 collision between tLe Government. Akti-Sicessioh Mbetimg is Missiisippi.? There was an nm.-^ecrssion meeting at Smith's Store, Jones county, Mitt., on the 10th of February We learn from tLe Brandon Republican, says the Nashville Patriot, that "there were many speeches made on the occaseon protesting against secession and the increased taxation of the people on the part of the State, and railing for a still larger meeting at Tallaboma." The proceedings of the meeting were furnished the Republican for publication but were declined on tbe ground that the will of the majority of tbe State as eipressed for secession ought to be respected. It has come j to a prettv pass hat tbe freedom of tbe press must be denied to any portion of tbe people because the : majority is believed to be against tnem. The Patterson Case?The Loudon Standard of the 16th ultimo publishes the Judgment of the French Court In the Patterson case It declares! that Madame Patterson and Jerome Bonaparte, her son, are not admissible In their demand, and dismissed it, and orders that in the margin of the Act of July, luflO, containing the declaration of acceptance under benefit of the inventory of Jerome Bonaparte of the succession of his Imperial Highness, Prince Jerome, mention shall be made of the present Judgment, the plaintiff to pay tbe costs The Court grounds its Judgment on the fact that the question was settled by the Empero-'s family council abstaining from going into the merits of the case. An appeal will probably be made. Impoktaxt Decision ox a New Point or I , tu- n t-k ? ?? ? u>n ?mc nikiiiuuiiu r.nquirer nyi: "TUe general practice of the courts of the commonwealth has been to require attorneys practicing Id tbe courts to take oath In support of the constitution. Yesterday, In Henrico court, Mr. Cocke Introduced his law partner, Mr. Rosser, who wished to qualify as an attorney. Mr Kosser refused to take the oath to support the constitution of the United States. The question was argued by Mrs. Cocke and Rosser, and the court unanimously decided that the applicant should not be required to take oath, notwithstanding the earnest request of the commonwealth's attorney to continue tbe motion till next day, In order to examine the argumenta presented " Thibd Skizvbk or rns Uaii Coia..?The bark Cora, seized by Capt. Fuunce, of the Revenuecutter Harriet Lane, long since, on suspicion that she was going a slaving, which was afterward bonded, releas<-d, a second time, tried, and condemned by Judge Betts, and sold by tbe United States Marshal, was yesterday seized a third time just as she was getting underway to leave the uwri. one iiea unaer iae protection of the guns of the Harriet Lane, pending the proper legal proceedings to test tne probable character of her voyagr A new era appear* to have dawned In New York touching the flttlng-out of slavers ? N. Y. Tinttt. H7" The London Examiner aaya : England has already spent jE'i.OUUOOU in experimenting upon oceanic cables; and we are decidedly of opinion that a North Atlantic cable to bring the Old and New Worlda together by the route of Scotland, the Faroe Ialands, Iceland, Greenland and Labrador, over aaaa Infested by Icebergs and along Ice bound ccasta. Is a hopeless project that will not be, and ought not to be, attempted. Oram Tbixtt Emiobaht Ship* Drs ?There an bow over thirty emigrant abipe overdo* at New York, tome of which hove been at m dnce the middtoof January. Eleven of the laabtr ailed from Liverpool, alz from London, and tho remainder from Havre, Hamburg, and other porta. Theee long voyagee, of course, are owing to tho aevere weather and contrary win da {rr* Jeeee Way, a convict in the Chicago Jail, aetlre to his bedding, on Tharaday, and was removed to another cell, when bo again act tre to bla cell on Saturday. He used the Book of Revelation* of bis prison Bible to light ?p with; tho other portion of the booh bore evideoQf of cgreful and diK runlcativo axamiiiat!oi. BwV wvovv v I * m M i DEFARTU5IT NEWS. Rk*ov*d?Mr Sbeebee, of , a $1,900 per annum clerk In tbe office of tbe Ft fib Auditor of tbe Treasury, waa this morning removed. Also, Mr. Wm. N. Barker, (secessionist.) of this city, a *1,000 clerk to tbe offic of the Secretary of the Treasury. Rixsxsd ?Mr. J. N. Shepherd, of K?., a I,tOO per annum clerk in the First Auditor's office, resigned this inorming. I ' Items Telegraphed Irsa Wa*kla|t?a. W* sumo to*. March 8?Messrs Forsvthe and Crawford, two of tbe Commlaslonera from tbe Southern Confederacy now here, have as vet made no official communications to tbe Administration, owing to tbe aickness of Secretary Seward, and

an informal intimation that a little time would be agreeable The Comroiasioners have be?*n actively employed since their arrival in consultation with friends and unofficial intercourse having reference to the object of their mission. Tbe subject of the collection of the revenue at | southern ports, snd tbe reinforcement of Fort Sumter, Lave not engaged the attention of the Cabinet Great efforts sre being made to effect a peaceful solution of the question of the forts and tbe revenue I Ex-Secretsrv Floyd has published a statement vindicatory of tbe acceptances in favor of Ruaseil, Msjors 4 Co . and of their legality. Instead of there being S6 (Hi) 000 of them outstanding, he undertakes h> ahow that there are only about ?60U.<K0. He declares that the contractors have secured tbe*>e bv assignments of property ample for their protec tion, and that if the Government will permit tbe earnings of the trains for the year ld<Jl to be applied to the acceptances, they will be liquidated in that way without recourse to the mmm\ r*n?%A-?- tl 1 * * "* (wi^uuaciiM. iic maftrs it appear aiso iD&t t&e Government own the contractor* upward* of a half million dollar*, which )* equivalent to th? cuh value of the Indian trust bond*, of the abstraction of which Mr. Floyd repudiates all previous knowledge. He denounces the verdict and proceedings of the select committee with great severity, and says their sole object was political persecution and defamation. Navy ans Army DirriccLTias.?There Is very erlous difficulty becoming apparent In the management of affairs in the army and navy of the United states. In view of recent newspaper articles it may not be easy to realize the fact the entire resignation* in both these branches of the public service, amount to only a little ?:ore than one-eighth of all the Southern officers on the Army and Navy Registers. There are still 80S gentlemen of Southern origin in Government pay and doing duty, while only 127, all told, have resigned. Now those Southern officers who do not allow latitudinal consideration! to influence tbelr action, begin to complain that the " powers that be" seem disposed to act suspiciously toward them, to deprive them of privilege* and marka of confidence to which tbelr rank and term of service entitle them. Many will resign under tUe pressure of this erroneous idea. It may be well to >ay, however, that the black sheep still in the service are known.?New York Times. Thk Rmbczzlsd Tacsr Bonds.?William T. Coleman & Co., of New York, on Thursday called upon U S. District Attorney Roosevelt, of that city, and staled that their firm bad in tbelr possession nearly one bund ed thousand dollars' worth of the embezzled Indian Trust Fund Honds, which they had received as collateral security upon an advance made by tbem. They now desired to know whether the government would redeem them, as they wanted to make them available Judge Roos-velt told them to write to the Secretary of the Interier, stating (he fa'-ts, and asking bis advice, or to advertise the bonds for sile at public auction, first giving notice to the government and ail parties interested. The Ca.n.nkl Coal Bcsinsss Rcised?The disrovery of immense reservoirs of oil under ground, needing only the use of an augur to r^nd^r it avallahU hj?? nttAflu rnin^ uiiicu ?uc baiiuri coal business The works in this county and Taylor are lying unfinished and idle. Meanwhile, hundreds and thousands of persons are making money out of the oil business In our neighboring counties Coopers are in great demand, it being found impossible to have barrels made as fast as they are needed In a word, oil is the source from whence Wirt and Ritchie, and perhaps other counties, are drawing vast sums of money ?hlirion County Virginian To Clzax the Et* of DrsT.?When the eye Is irritated by dust or intrusive particles of sny kind,the sufferer invariably shuts and rub his i eye, and not (infrequently the removal of the Irritating cause becomes more difficult. The proper 1 practice ts to keep the ey? open, as if staring; i sort of rotary movement of the ball tikes place, the surface becomes covered with water, the particle Is gradually impelled to the corner of the eye. and Is there floated out, or can be easily removed. without any of the dlsa?reable consequences that attend shutting and rubbing. IP* Vanity Fair relates an extraordinary In, stance of New York detective vigilance. The Sollce discovered a Bbr on the wharf, from the 'mmed superscription of which they made out the words "cartridges" and " Pickens " Fired with zeal, they seized the Incendiary package, and reported a shi pment of arms prevented The owner appeared, how*ver.and explained to their luminous understanding that " cartridges and Pickeus" should read " partridges and chickens." 1?7" The coal fields of Masa&rbuaetts are reported by Professor Rldyeway a* not being workable by private enterprise, inasmuch as the seams sre coverrd up with what geologists term, the drift formation, which consists of s*nd, gravel, pebbles and ffoulders. The professor propnpose* that the State shall defray the expense* of boring to discover coal. T^=?NATIONAL voi unteers. atten .1 5? TION !?^ here will ?e a meeting of the Cnmpv y on MONDAY K V EN IN tt, at 7K o'el'k. Ev r* mem er will pleax* nttrnd. business ??f the utmost unpor tane? will o?>tne before the < < m E&r>y. By order ? f the Cwptwir. mwr0 2i? ASSEMBLY'"' CMURCH, COR^IR Fifth 3 . I -r\.- <.? ? - ' - , i - ? I IIW ivv. i?lr. IMCr AJ.LS. CI lil? Baltimore Cocf-*retic?. wiP p each nt II o'clock TO MORROW MORNING, an i t^e Rev Timo tht Stillmax, D D., of Da. kirk, New York, In h?>iug at 7,\? o'clock. 'Hie public are invited. l f nr*=? EASTERN LODGE, No. 7, I. O. O F IL5 Th? member* of Kasttra Lo<1*e, No 7, I O O- F., wiii lrret at their lc dg? room, u TUESDAY EV15NING next, March 12th, at 7 o'clock, topmcecd hrre'ronr .in pr'oeeMon, to viiit WaahinnUiu Led**, No. 6, Brotheia, ooine all aud be punctual By order. ma 9 3t* P. M. PEA RSON. K eo. Sec. ry-3=? WESTERN P R K 8 B Y T E R I A N | LLJ CIU RCH.-Rev. T. N. Hiuxll. of Hoet 'ii, formerly < f tfcie ci'y, wi'l p-?ach io thin o.iu-ch TO-M' RROW MORNlNr,.?tii?'? ?ha afternoon At 4 o'clock. 8uM?ot inthemornsnj-The worth of the aou and the r?T to lo&e it: and in th? ait'rnoon, th* worth of s&Iva;i<*n aid the way to aeoure it. It" YpMR. FRANKLIN NOBLK, BON OF 1L7 Her Muuo Noble, having been licraeU by the Preabytt-ry of IK C., will peach in t!*e Prea by t er an < hurch on Mxth at, near Mayland avenue, TO-MOKROW MORNING, the loth inft, at 11 o'olook. Rev. M*ao* Noblk will deliver hi* fou th diaoourae on the Citiea or the Bible atSK ? cl ck p. m Subjeot?Ancient Memphia and ! Theb?a. It* rr*j? t'NIVFHSALIBM.? Suffering tht VtnU H Ktanct of Eternal Ftrt.? iHKOPHlLua Fibkk : will preach ?t the old T'inity Churoh on SUNDAY | EVENING. ai:d will ei.dravnr to prove the final ; hoi mesa and hatpm*aa of Juda? iscariot, of whom it waa aaid, Matt. 2fi:2S?"It had been good for that ; man if he nad iiot been* born." and of the inhabi| tanta of 8<>dom who were "?et forth an example, | anf!er:n< the vengeance of fire." reata | lree ma ? 2t* I rf^p?.REV. DR. _ LORD'S LKCTU? E ON LK-3 Maawnew M%intfAont d6iiver6d Timiidftv evening at the Fir?t Prcthyuriau Churota. Fouraod-a ha r treat, if poaaiMe tranaoended in inter* e?t either o'hi? former effort* aa wai 10 emphatically atteited by the delight of the large and enthaaiaa ic audience. ... .. 111 W? V?ariV| Of special request, the firtt will be on Roscoe TOMORROW (Saturday) EVENING, at 8 o'clock, in nam * p ace nnd the second on Galileo, on next MONDAY EVENING. at the same time and flaoe. An these will be the only opportunities to ear this diatinguieheri lecturer during his lo ourn n Washington, we call the attention of the pubiio Mea n to Cue faet, assured that whoever attends will b'i amply repaid. Single admission 39 cents, paid at the door. ma > St* ry"g? YOUNG MKN'8 CHRISTIAN A8SOCIILJ* ATlON ?Hall Penna. arenut, opposite Brown's Hotel .? tJriou Prayer Meeting every day th s week, at Oi to 5K o'clock p. m mart-fit" rr*=?'7I SAY, STRANGER, WHERE ARK LU? you going ? You stem to be in a great hurtj?" "So I am. I am going to SMITH'bJNo 460 Seventh street, to buy a suit of Clothes. The peo- I pie say he has a very nioe assortment, and they say he sella them so cheap." Note.?The last we aaw of the stranger, he was running up Beventh street singing out*SMITH. No.4h0 " to Hw ry?=?DEMFSEY A O'TOOLE. LL? WEDDING AND T1 SITING the aoct boentifal ?tylo?. 396 Pi. At., between 9th and 10th ttL, j mr-faa Wmeimtm. T NOTICE. HE GOOD WII.1, AND PICTURES mt ft Wood ftnd ? o?! EeUbluh^ent for ?!e on wj l- - - *?.V? > I ;ir?t-ti;s"gi?r*dg?sr -"isiP I'HB FASHION A BUB PAPBR AND BNC??d Bnir&rera ard Stationers, HU ?2t IN Penn. ?wdm. m: w. l?rc* Maortmect of Pm Ivory tad 8m*U Wood MM 4d*n VMtolNtovrfXotoi, | AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON T H E A T EK! 1 1IT? g W. GLBHK Ao?in? Manager J. T. R*T*o*? THIS EVENING, Farewell Appraraace of MISS JOEY GOUGENHEIM* Who will appear la two popular oharaetere, PL9 WOFFIN6TON A ad CONSTANCE. la the beaatifol Comediee entitled MASKS AND FACES A'd the LOVE CHASE. Gt'AK Us*, at tbf Odd Fellow*' Il? I. Nnvr Yard, onTHt'RSDAV hVRNINQ. Mam* ?1et. 1*1. ?a w ioh o?ca?i<?n iomf of tne b*?t vocalists of t oitT will appear Particular* In fataro atvartieammt. By orHer of Committee. m>' > ? QDD PKLLOWg' HALL! co uratjos week. SIX NIGHTS MORE. Commenting MONDAY k TEtilNQ. Mmrt* 4. Cha-ok or Fe^orax** Ni?htlt. SIXTEEN STAR PERFORMERS. 4 Dupres A. Green's Original New Orleans and Metropolitan Double Minstrel Troupe Will appear at the above ball rightly in their vrand, unapproachable, and unrivaled kthioP AN ENTERTAINMENTS,ictrodncinf each evening new novoltiee, and all tne latoat gem* of Mir.strrlsv. Grand Matinee on Saturday Afternoon at halfpaat 2 o'clock The Braaa Band wi'l give a Seri nade In front of th* hall every meht previous to opening the doors. d'ors oaen at7; oonoetto comms-uoe at I o'el'k. Admission 2S cents; reserved peats 3" e?nt?. C H. DUPREZ, mar 5 Manager and Husinees Ag'nt. Qor nnit nnn ?blue book -infnrm ation as to all the offices in the eountry, awd salary. 3TH cents. Contains the same mau?r as the Great Biue Book costing ?3 9". Omittinc the names which are not necessary. Catalogue or Curiosities at Patent (>flioc ol Patents. Old Books lonht and s? Id Oat* orue furnished. alfred HUNTER. Bookseller. fe22-lm* Willarda* Hotel r>qnare. WANTS. WANTED TO HIRF-A WOMAN, to eook, "T wash and iron for thrre in family. Apply No. 365 I ?tre>?t. tW^een 13th and 14'h n*r9 ?t* WANTED- B? a rouut American girl,a P.aoe as lady's maid and sea-"stress. Adv one wiahmc her wtl p ease leave a note at Box 4, Star Office, end the will call. It* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?four MEN of good address a d re?prctability, to obtain subscriptions for a new work ju?t received. '< o luitibl* per?o a a stated talary or liberal commission paid. Apply to J. D. CARSON, Agent, UVTVIHH P fc? * 1> IIOW-rASKS WANTKD.-Anr person hav t' r Show eases for sail er to rent can call at RIDDLE'S One Dollar Store, 302 Pa. avenae, h?*?w?n 9th and loth >ti niar II at WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From |S to #UW*r worth ot SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK ofill kinds, for whioh I will $oarantv to pay the highest prices, and, as neoal. at tne shortest notioe. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stove*, fto., Of 9 Tth ?t.. bet. G and H east sine. WANTKD-SKCOND HAND FURNITURE, v v Pereons deniining hounekeepmc, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain thaoeak and fair prioes by applying at 3?>9 Seventh t>C no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. lostTni) found. f ?ST?At the Levee last nirht, a soft HAT. and Ij a heavy grey beaver cloth caped OVkKcOAT (without sleeves.) The finder will oonfer a favor by leaving them at this offioe, or by leaving word where they msy be got. rn?r f-tf fOST-A SI LVER BR BAST KI N. with the figJ ure of a d g. betwe-n the Center Market a d T'nth ?t. A reward will be paid if left with H. SF >1K EN, Jeweler, 330 Pa. avenne, between 9th and 3<Hh ?t? H* FOUND ?Taken by mistake, in the feramble at the Leveeisst night, a hack ole th OVERCOAT, containing peters doubtless of ?ome value to the owner. It Las been leltat thu offioe for exchange. mar 9 ?t LOST?At the Levee last night, a French beaver cloth TALMA Had in one side poo set a - - *1 I- - * ? a * uiiioiy ?uu in Huinvr a pur oi imwi inroad lores. Th* person harirg said ooat wlil please leave it at the TeUgrapft t-ffloe, Pa. avenue. heiwmo and 6th ?ta . la the care of J. T. Caldwell, fir the undersigned. mar 9 3t* R. C. FOX. LOST? I.aet ri*ht, at the President's Levee, a black ribbed cloth Ov KRCOaT, with re.ret oollarand facings l'he fiader will eonfer a favor oa th* o?ner by ?\ria< it at No. 33* 5tn si, between I nn-1 K sts , or at the Marble Worke corner New York av. and Fifteenth at. mar9 2t* THOS. H. DORIAN. I NOTICE. F The gentleman whot< ok an over ooat front the levee laat night wil" return the papers in the breast pocket belonging 'O Thomas Hi'! of 9aoram?nto, t'al.. either through the Po?t Offlc# or directed to th? ui der-i 'ned. at a tt Twelfth et, he will be welcome to the overooat and reoeive the tnanks of ita owi er. It* THOMAS FITCH. HPAKKN BY MISTAKE At the President's 1 Icree lau OVERCOAT oontainmg a letter, eon e vuiUcg rami and handkerchief The uin^r oin have the ooat by oa inc at 404 Est.. r o.ih, proving property And paying for thia adverliaoni?it. Alto. l<>*t tame nijht. atmr pace, a li - c* h o*<Jol"tn Overcoat; velvet ool ar : lower button off" on left hand aide; a net vo'itM oap in the p< ckrt Any p<T??-n narii i a coat arawerinc te a i?icnpt:on trili o'>i,f<?r ? favor t>y leaving it at 404 E atieet north, between tth ana U'tb at*. m? * >t* CAME 1O THE SUBSCRIBER, on th? 7th lna'ant. two HUKaES. oue grey and f?\ thei tiier a daik tay. i he grey horae lay^n bind in tl>? r.ght ?ye. The owner wil, *> ^ plea e <ome forward, prove property, pv e^argea, and take them away. jS'O F. t?RlME8, It* Soventh at road, near Firat Tollgate. Ij'OUNI)?A Of'LD BRACELET,at the Inaaruration Ball, which the owner oan have by proving property and paying ohargee. mar S St BOARDING. OOARDING.?A few p!eaa> nt Rooma, with I> Ko\rd tan be had at No. 4H at. mar 9 lw* BOARDING.?A gentlemana-^1 lady, or taro untie geutleinrn, can be accommodated with oom'ortab!? Ruomk on the corner of Thirteenth >t. and New York av. 4S* NURSERIES 4^ AT LINN A_? N HILL. T/ie proprietor invit?s the attention of the publio to his extensive assortment of TREES ana t HRUBBER Y. Tne it ck < f Ornamental Shade Treae in partioular it oca oi tin Ia>-??st, Ik?Ui in qaa> ti'y and vanety. that 1* oflVrrd for ?a e *n the L'n'ted btataa, aid consists of wall frown and thrifty traes. The stook of Ornamental EVERGREENS arasents an assortment of Trees of the finest quality, the t^pecimeoa being rem* k%ble for the vigor 01 their growth and tymmatrr of form. Maay of theaa have been shifted aa often aa fire times ia order to maliiply their roota and insure snoozes ia t ansplsuting- Of seva'al thousand thas s hi'tad during the last a'aaon not one failed to grow. The list or Kvergraeas iuoiudes ljOM White Pine, 7 to 10 feet high; Norway Fir, Bdism Fir, Hemlook and other vanities offne aise and apptanmoa. A'ao, FRUIT TKEFS and ORNAMENTAL SHRUBBERY in treat variety. The oiroalsr oa alogae of Small Fruits, aaoh aa C orras ta J3oose barjaa tB I aolr barri as. Rasp berries, uu guawucmoi, win [>in'nuD?a oitffliotttM throagh the Post Offioe or otherwiee JOSHUA PETRCE. Nurseryman, Linija*n Hill, nuT-wtw (Int.) nwr WMhlpttop, U. C. CO4 SEVENm STREET. COi O'Jt B*twn Louisiana at. and D ft ?)o4 A freeh supply of Groceries just reoelred. A good artiole ol' Browb Sanr at 7 oents per posnd, ?o barrels extra Plonr, best braeds. at ?7 per barrel, to do Familr Flour, best brands. Old Bearbos whisky aad Rye Whisky, lor medicinal purpose*. Old Frenoh Rrsndy, Port Wines, Maderta ao4 Sherry Wines, pure article for siokaess. Cordials of Tarions kinds. And a general assortment of goods asaally kept ia a first olass Grooery Store Ca ludeiuim*. ib ii-rowaw 18rael pemins. Lincoln as he is. Stcbl erh4tib Pobteait. Th? be*t Portrait published of No. 978 Pxhx*. A virus, Washington, D. c. T?adn wpplisd at low pno? war 7 jpAMlLY BLANKETS ANU COMPORTS. tWi have still on hand a rood aaaortaont of tk? ve?oo<l?. Alto, HoaatkMylar^ood* of *TV caption, all of vtuofc wo aro aeUiac at ooot lor TAYLOR A HUTCHISON V WOOD AND COAL. AfflSt R3i*?k'arLiTSfeS"Mr */ 5wwU* itml oad 0?1, (GEO PAHK, Agent) Thoy Mil ofcoap*r aad civ* b*u*r MMirt than any other* in tk? oily? I, fKt, asZ*at?TthSVioT.? r Muffa tnaj nld fco mtaft ?d .* 1 )a W-ly,r __ The border states; thrir wtwtR and duty in tba present disnrdo>-?ci <.Dditi?a of the ooontry; br ths Hon. John P. Keaaooy. fe??"BflwEJtMS3h? Con*r Pa. av. and Sioventfe at. I I AUCTION SALES. Br J. C. M Ol'IIK * CO.. AoeUon*r?. ! ttUTERlOR ROSRWOOD9KVRN OCTATB I ?7 Pn*o Posts st Caicssaiiao. Hawn?o*t rnatntrui Rnriiiotr t rnrrt at Pranc AocTtos ?On TUESDAY MORNINO. Ms-ek U. st til* reaideooS < f tW Hoi p w. yr?w I of T hi d si u C at* , osjoatt# Tiisfty CkrrV v* s Mil Mil all Us Fsratters m4 Ho?a?aok KfNU. I SiJm?TJo?f*oo< Ima-MttT* Pmao Ports ky Chieksnsc. _ . __ ^ , Or*fi c loth I' * no Cover, Walast Wkitsst, I liil* of eolid walut oarred par or P rafters, OSMiitiii of two ireda ion book Bsma. two 1 D.?? (M _ Pane* kairo. Pape-ior Broeeeia, Tkree-ply, m4 lafms OaiyOi Arm Ckairaand Rockers, 6a* Fix tors*. l)*op Lifkta asd Bkados, Six hat^aome Cum ber Suitoa. of aoiid oak. im_ 'sttoa. sad black atd aotc enameled, Wa'aat \\ rttisf Daek, walast Wardrobe, rottsga ftaUtoaul', ToiUt?*o*a, Bair ard Hsak Msttro#aea, Ppnn? Mattrsosss. i ifr^?'#?t Kxtoaaios tab.M, Wa nut rimrc Table*. 1 " ~ * ?^:a- St> 1. , Ltr|i IHIUI; O] THW riwM T?b:?Ci"l*rr.Pi'W alaiad Caator. Dmn?r, Daaa Tt anp "Tea Ww, Spoo. ?a:.d Fork a. ti J%a?ware, Waltera, Cloak. F^frif# at >r. Kitcben Utenaila, it. P. ST? All of the above is of axoellaat <U.ity ud bat iittla used. Term* caah. mar ? a J. t . McGUlEE A CO . A?to. Br OR F.F.N * WILLIAMS, A attoaaara. VFKY EXTENSIVE SALE OF SUPfcElOfi HtVamoLD AMD KlTCMBN F?llIltl?.-Ol TUEdUa Y, the lStk ira'ant. wa aha 1 aall, 1a froat of oar atort, eorner of SeveoU im U atreeta, eow ' roanoiDf tt 10 o'olook a m.. a wrr ?upenor aaj eoriaiei.t of aoarir M* Farm tore, belonging to a i aectleman dec.:i.ini boaeekeepint. Wa eninar|^ti to sift? Meboaanr. Walail ak Oak Tf? a Tetaa, Sofaa, and l,onn(e?. _ Mahotanjan*! WalnatCaator Am,Beaded,Foot|n. .^4 A?k?. rka... Mahogany an<1 Walnut ^artle-top Di ( wi other Mnreao? and S?idetK>?fd*. Mthoiu! ud Wn out Marb1* top CmMt, Side, SMmm OAoe aod ot?* Tabje*. Mtkniur, fine French kod otktr Mitttlif wiik C)o??t? tno Hat Racki, . t O^k Kxtrnnoi Dining Tab1* and Ckai'ite match, Wa na? W hatnot. Commode, Aiibai Daak and Table, Four fine Frenoh plate Gilt Gothio frame Minora* large iitt, China, Gla*? and C rockery War*, among whioh are? Fin* White Frenoh China Dinner, Coffeo and T? Set*. Boh'ir.iac and Fliat Cat Deoaatera, Gobiata, Wine* and ' umlnri, Window Curaina, Shade* and Coraica,' One lira Fainted Cottage Chamber Bat. I -arce lot of Bruaeala aid other Carpet*, Balfa?d other Oiloloth. Fine Sprinc and other Mattraeaee. B'ltt ra and Fillowa, a good lot of Bed din*. With a large and general aaeortment of Kitohaa Requ aite*. Codkmc and other Storee, A!?o, one large Iron Abeetoa Counting houaeSafe, With many ot)t?r article* which we deem aaseo- I eaaarf to ei umerate. Term* cacii in ca^rent fund*. 1 he attention of the pub ic ia reepeetfal y iirittd to the e*le, a* the Farnitare i* of a aaperior qaali ty. and the aale wili be well worthy their at?eatioa. n a 9 2t GREEN A WtLLlAMS. Aaata._ By J. C. Mcs I IRK A CO.. A uctionoera. GOVERNMENT HALE OF LUMBER ?On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, 4 o'clock, at the eaat front of the Capitol, wa ehall aell the lumber aaed in the platform and other purposes for the Inauguration. Ky order of Ik* Cotnmiesiouer of Pubilit building*. Term* ctsh. J. C. MoODlRK A CO., m? 7 <1 Aucts. and Com. Mercanta. MARSHAL'* SAL.K.?In rirta* of two writs of fieri Iioik. issusd from the Clerk's oftoe of the Circuit C?utt of the District of Colombia, for the count? of W arhiegton. ai d to me directed, I wi.i expose to pnhlie sale for oash, in front of the oourt h -us" <t?>or i f i?id onintr. ?n HATLRDAY, ths an'h da* of March instant, lS6l,*t 11 o'clock thi fo.lowing dorcritted property, to wit.^i? : Lot* No Jan>1?.iiih?i*'oNo 1(187, and Lot g^aarr 1017, in tne city of W ashington, D. C., tocetuer with all and tingalar the mpro Yemenis thereon, eeix?d and lovieu neon a* the property of Andrew Rotbwel'.and will b?aoid to eati?fT udi tale N"'s. IX and 133. to Janaar* term, lKl. fa tk or ol Stilman, Hennoks A Farber. sud daaM 8. Stevens. W. 8EL0EN. U. H. Ma'flMl for ma 7 dts Distriot of Cnlniba. \|ARPHAL*9 SALE.?In virtue of a writ ef l"l fie^i facias iesaed from the Clork'a OAoe sf the Circuit Court of the Distriot of Coif mbia for the County ot Washington. and to me directed. I will expoee to publie eale.for oaah. m front of the Onnrt Hoili Annr nf mm^id aahb^w ah PBIAa V the fid day of Maroh next, 1M1. ood?i*miu it 1i o'clock m . the following dttontiwi property, to wit, vis: Lot No. 15. in S^ca No 4?. Lot No. 2, la Square 42. Lot No ft, in Sqeare No.?, Lot No 1L in S**oare No %. Lot No. in. in J-euare No. a, im t-*>t No IS in ?quare No. 16, al m U? city or Waahiafton. D. C., together with all sing alar the improvement* thereon. Miied and levied im aa the property of Brook ftiaokall, aa* wtlJ be mm to Mkfeafr Jadicia-'e No.O. to Jaaaary term. l?tie favor of booe, Urotner A Co, fen ?tte W 8KL.i)EN. U.S. Marekal. One Dollar. si_si_?i??t??nii? 4T6 Pa.. At. EVANS'S. 4T? Pa. A v. TOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE OP JEWELRY IN OUR STORK FOR ONE DOLLAR. SPLKNDID ASSORTMENT. m A /? * n m ? ? IilVIUI LARUU.1V/L.Ei ... PH ior 91 F. era.-.. !.\V? 9?U for #1 El*|<u?t O A RNET ??U for ?1 El?iut JET SrU for |l E'ttut CORAL and GOLD 8?Ulu(|( E!?iant MEDALLION Sou for #I Elacant RIM MOSAIC Seta ft* fl Elegant PLAIN GOLD ? Sota far #1 Ladioa' GUARD CHAINS .for ?| Ladiaa' CHATELAINE CHAINS for *1 Ladioa* NECK CHAINS for 91 Goot'a VEST CHAINS,(10 diffaroct patterns) .for ?1 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WAKV oooeiatiac of TABLE.TEA and DFSERT SPOONS. PT>MLS, ^ CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKW*<, CREAM LADLES, TEA BETS OPJ KNIVES and FORKS, BUTTER ? KNIVES, CUPS. Ac., Ac. Alto; A Large Aaaortmnnt of JEWELRY,VfcMfc we oau Mil at an oanU ytr mrtid*. ? BOOK*?BOOKS. clos'no out our stock AT A GR&AY sacrifice. RIjOO BOOKS Soiling for JK Mate f LS5 BOOKS Selling for ... ?to*Mali MO BOOK8 Mm for. ?1 to #L* NOW IS YOUR TIME TO OCT BOOKS and JEWELRY LOWER THAN EVER BEFORE.'! CALL EARLY AT 476 Pa. At. EVANS'S. 47ftAt. _=SLiLiS 31RIDDLE HAS THE LARGEST, NEWEST AND Mill FASHIONABLE STOCK OF '? KVER OFFER ED IN TH1B OK AMY MU CITV, AT TUB LOW TEUI??K OXB DOLLAR FOR TOUR C^ftCM OF ANY ARTICLE IN THE 8TOVB. SPLENDID AS80*TMMtn\A^l EUfftst CARBUNCLE J?Bk ?| ^ tftnt J^AVA ET I H IMDMOSAIC In i Hut PL&.IN OOI.D ... <i||fa |( tylM.) for f 1 Al?o, Lftrc* AMo tasBt of JkWKLRY.vMl m flfta Mil ftt So oMti pm mrticU T J oat R^MtTMl, . SMALL LOTS OF fKAUTIPUt, ! i ifisssrfc*** srif**4* j w. *,. I THK F1NKSTPL* TED WASH., * Braat/mst and 7W 8*u; Card a*d*Za** !>?nnnat OMltmr h. .. it T mi.T ' . ? f ? " A Ml? JTWi 1 FtM Jfniwi; ForiLj, NapUm I Rt*r* ; CmjUr* ; 8+lt &t**dgp 1 Plain. 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