Newspaper of Evening Star, March 9, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 9, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ?IKW noon. . Onoe, when the n*w moon glittered, H? *1 sorter in the ??t, I look?d anrnee my honider. And ? wild wish stirred my breait. Ovei tot white, ii?ht shoulder I looked ?t the eilTOr uorn. *.rn wian??a m ?>ru To eoice to put in the morn. Whenever the new moon glittered, So elender acd ao fine, 1 looked Across rar shoulder And wished that wish of mine. Now. when the weat la rosy, And the anow wrea'ha h:n*h below. And I see ?h? i?ht white e eeoent F^oat downward, aoft a ad alow; I never look over mt shoulder, A a I u?ed to !ook before; For my heart ia older and oolder, A> d now I wiah no more An Attbctionats Wit* ?A little circamWance, mya the Troy Arena, has juat cone to us through a friend of the parties, which we are tempted to make public It 1a as follows: A couple very well knewn In this city are at present arranging term* for a separation, to avoid the saandal of a judicial divorce, and a friend has been employed by the husband to negotiate the matter. The lateat mission was in reference to a valuable ring, given to the wife before mart rlage by the husband. "What," said the indignant wife, *'do you venture to charge yourself with such a mission to me? Can you believe that 1 can tear myself away from a gift which alone recalls to me the days when my husband loved m?? No! The ring is my only souvenir of happ!> nes? forever departed! 'Tia all (and here she wept) that 1 now possess of a once fond husband." The friend insisted The lady supplicated?grew obstinate?threatened to submit to a public divorce as a leaser evil than parting with the cherished ring?and at last confeaaed that?ikt had told it ?ix mmukt In fort! ID" They have a novel way of saving a house on Are In Richmond, Ray county, Mo , when there Is snow on the ground. One evening a new and beautifnl residence of Judge Dunn was dIs<ovwpd tn bp in flamM On* hunHr?/f nnH flftv stalwart men were soon gathered about, and whilst tome were engaged in removing the furniture. the others kept up s steady "lire" on the premises with snow talis The Conservator says: "At first the fire seamed to be little retarded by the shower of snow balls that were hurled upon It, bat it eventually began to wane, and was entirely checked having only Injured the west end mad a portion of the roof of the house." Tm*Gospo*t Navy Yakd ?In this great workshop of the Government unusual activity is being manifested in nearly all the departments. The sloop-of-war German town is being rapidly fitted out: is now receiving her topmasts shrouds and ther rigging. No one has as yet been spoken of m her commander. We suppose, with the speck of war now so di?~ernable, that busy times may be expected In the yard in a short time. The amount of coal, stores, ammunition, and ordnance there Is enormous.?Norfolk ha*. Rook Peotmt abai58t Recogwitioh.?Mr. Black recently addressed a circular letter to all foreign Governments, pretesting In decided term* against the recognition of the Confederated States as an independent Government, and assigning the reason at length which Induced the remonstrance. Tb? protest will, of course, be renewed, and perhaps emphasized, by the present Administration, so that when Mr. Yancey and hia diplomatic colleagues get abroad they may discover that recognition by the Great Powers la leu easy than was SU 3MM at Montcomerv Prisoners Let Loose in Geobqia ?On Monday last (says the Harria County Enterprise), du ring the preaence of a large number of persons from the country in our village, three prisoners were rescued from the banda of the officer*, by several persons in disguise. Tbey bad been arrested, and, waiving a preliminary examination, had asked for time to make bond. Before the time allowed them had expired, they were rescued and had disappeared. CarrcRiD?On Monday last, near Conrad's ore. Rockins ham county, seven runaway ncgrxs Were caDtured Sit of Ihmwm i?k?n h? m?i?? t?e?i. W Miller, and one by his brother. Tbey wsre a part of a gang of thirty or thirty-two who .had all started at one time. tUT" Some of President Jetf" Davis's admirers in Rome, Ga , are making preparations t> present him a fine buggy. Such a present to htm seems entirely unnecessary. We guess he will soon find the official bed he sleeps in a little buggy.? Robbiro Mails is Alabama.?The mall was robbed at Lafayette, Chamber* county, Ala., on last Monday night. Amount stolen unknown. AbLRTV A LS A T TbfR unrK rja WILLARD8' HOTEL.?H L Howlwn, U8Ni A Ltring. Va; G Ber^ner, Pa; J C Haywood. NY; D R Hawklna, Pa, J H Macv, J H Archer, NY: E Miller, Wla; C Banker, M?as: E Parham, M Tompkins. W N Cooke, C W Pedeo.D Dodd, Teun; L Dlekaon, Mlaa Dlekaon, Pa; VV J Drummood, Va; L Ovren, Ala: T J Pavw, F E Feltou, Pa; A R Stone. O; 1) P T>ler, Conn; S Morrla, Rl; P Vrtdenburg, NY; F Bacon, J A Eckem, w:i> oeacn, r*j; B K JVlntfgeCt and lady. NY; A T Bowie, La; 9 A Williams, USA; Com Ward, U9N: C J Storms, Mo; 8 T Hobbs. Ala; 8 B Be ens. J R Taylor, NY; J Keef. Vt; T B Wlgfall, Kan; C F Steel, J P Evans, P R Reed. Pa; A L Walt. Ill: Dr Grow, S Trevrr, O; T Weed, NY: S Padford, RI! G W Pell, 111; J M Bowen. NJ; H Cary, Mrs McMitrhall, Pa; H C Van Vorst, NY; C P Button, Vt; J A Towniy and lady, O; B P Millard, 111; A K'.rsh, Vt; R S Turner, J T Graham, D Pratt, Md. NATIONAL HOTF.L?Dr R 8 Blackburn, L P Bayoe, J T Graham, Md; B G Collins, NY; Dr Doggett. III; J 1. ark wood, Mo; G B Chase, Md; B FThurston, J S Minor, Rl; H Goodman, Eng; T RawSlntra. Md; G Sevrin*. NV: J W Rxmn Mm: T H~ Marshall, Me; K l)od>e and ly, Md; 8 DeVere, Mr Johnson, Va; T Stevens, Pa; J A Marin, lud; J Beataon, G T Smith, Md; M Johnson, A W Law* and ly, NY; i Oreiner, O; Mrs J no Nichols. Pa; J Bent, W Rigeley, Mass; D Stubbleheld sod If, Va. BROWN'S HOTEL?W A Jlnney, Captain A M Cartrell. W W* Craddort. M C Wil liams. Va: L Todd Ky; S Mart, J E Hollenbech, III, R S Foote, M Coley and ly, B C Moere. B T Cook, B L Fervnson, A H [.anis and ly, R S ftevs-?s, J T 8totes. ?, J C Lewis, J Ahrama, Wis; J Jones, O N Cutter, J Read, NC; S F Merry, \V M.-Pry, Ms; H P Urunter, Tex: E P Lull, USN; T M Marten, L W Rosenthal, Pa. KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?GD Robert. G White cai; C F Newman, W H Allen, Md; EMountjoy^ J R Taylor, NY; M L Young, Ind; G Gtbbs.WT; E E Barns. W G Webb, H Mead, Va; N H Wallace, A A Fisher, 8 C Darle, G P Smith, Is'; J W tikinson. USN; R BrlnkerbolT, O; 8 Coffin, D 8 Gordon, Ky; J L Bogg, >J; H Betts, NU. OLD UCH, MELLOW amd pii*k v/ BDKW31 BE'fl " MONONQAHELA RYE WHISKEY, CoMMBtioulr distilled by Mr. Jams* Barnside, ?1 Allegany Coantv, Penua., in the old-faahioned hone*'. *y, from tha choicest and moat carefully elected Rye. and m no oase ever offered for sale until adapted to wiioleeoaao aae by a?e It iaat ouoe the omi p%iatabie, aa it is einphatieai* one of tits pares) beveraees in the reach of the public. To the lnvali<).as veil astotnoee in health, it commends itseu for Its unnva'.led ^aaUties as a stimulant of the safest, sorest, and ir.ost beoefioent description, and mauy of the most distinguished ph/sieiansara aainf itin thaw praotioe with the "CLEEY1* BTOf^BALE. i'ro^ie^ra.b^ M v 9m A*"lt for } ?5^'** T)URK OLD RYE WHldKY.-Oa aand srrera MT brands of Pars Old Rye Whltiy, Copper Disti:.ed. made by tas most reliable distillers ib Peun ylrasia. Miry and and Virgin:*, warranted pure. Also, impoiWRraodias, Henaessy. OWd, Dnpuy ? Co.. J lias R?>bi n? *'? "? - f i?-i. ??? p?.6aR?ST;,^fi!iy!L. ?*\ ft J'SW.4 L. /0\ W V I k?M removed my OA j,?. c ?r. 5Sa fct, , " ?r.?*iy.KH. 275 ALlK" 275 JACKSON, i?4"rjAii 0i Pnw- Aruni, Hrtwvm ?*h ml 11?l> it. ?te. ? |> TRAVKMNU TKUNK8. E H?wjiitno?T(d tkiWfM M?ortment SJS a<f* *iivrsrEaiw8v^u o*? *f H..WWM. Thk amkii a.n almanac for 1m1, paper: pnoe *1; half ealf fljo by mail. K'? V^cer, a new dot*! by oTiwr Wendell I Hnlnaa-* ?!? ,0?- ?** Tru. 2eT? UtJFRENCH t* 103\ <73 Pang. >t?w. A STECI \L BAH6A1N IN TWO PIANOS, A ^rl^otiy mr, i?fl oa ?! at tMrifioM Also, Mekdecns lor ???or r?..t v?r* low. JOHN F. KLLIP. UU ?? P? ? ., b?C9th ?ml loth ?U._ i:RKAT BARGAIN* IN PlANO?.-On? Twry $ . ^oVicA. I NervousHeadache Headache. Br the o?e of these Pills the penodio attaoks of Nervous or Siek Headache may be prevented; and if t&kei at the eommenoement ot an attack immediate reiief from pain and aiokness will be obtained. They esldom Call in removing the Natut* and nuKHicne to wnion leir.aies are so suDjsot. They aot gently upon the bowels,?removing Cothmiih. For Literary Mem, Students, Delioate Female*, and all persons of sedentary habits, they are valuable as a Laxative, improving the appetite, giving tone and rigor to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLB are the remit of long investigation and carefully oondnoted experiments, having been in nee many years, daring whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from Headaohe, whether ongi nating ia the nervous system or from a deranged state of the stomach. They are entirely vegetable in their oomposition, and may betaken at all times with perfeot safety without making any ohange of diet, and tht abstnrt of any disagreeable tasti renders it easy to administer them to children. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on each Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers in A Box will be sent by mail prepaid on reoeipto the PRICE, lift CENTS. All order* ahoald b? add rM?ed to HENRY C. SPALDING. 4? Ckdar Strbbt. New York. TIIE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDING'S CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THK1R REACH. At the** Testimonials intre uu solicited by Mr. SrAi.Dl!*G, they afford ununfstion ablet proof of the efficacy of this truly scientific discovery. Mason villi. Conn., Feb. 5,1861. Ma Pr*Ll>i"o?Sir : I have tried y??r Oephalio Pilia, anfl I lik* tktm so tcell that I want you to ei'd me two doliara worth more. Part of thee* are for the neichbora, to whom I gave & f?w oat of the first box I got from yon. Send the Pilla by mail,a*d oblige Your ob't servant, JAMES KENNEDY. Haykefobd, Pa., Feb. 6,1861. M*. S^aldi*??Sir: I wish you to e?nd me one more box or you* Cephalic PilU, I have recti veil a great deal tj bene A' from litem Yours respect ul!y. MARY ANN STOIKHOU8E. srrcce Cbxkk, Hc."*ti^oto!* Co., Pa ,t January 18.1861. { H. C. SrALD!!*?? Srr: You will please send me two box?a of your Cephalio Pule. Send them immediately. Respectfully youra, J NO. B. SIMONS. P !? ?I Ki"e used one box of your fil.s, and /nd tktm excellent. Bills Vkrhoh, Ohio, Jan. 15,18ra. H*? ry C Spaldi.xo, Esq.: Please find inolosed twenty-five oenta. for whion send me another box of vour Cephalio Pills. They are truly tkt but Pills I hate ever tried. Direct A. f^TOVER, P. M., Beile VernOn, Wyandot oo., O. Beverly, Mui., Deo. 11,1360. H. C. Ecq : I with for ion* ctroulara or large show hilla. to brine yonr Cephalio Pills more partiouiarly before hit caatomera. If you have au?thin* of the kind, pleaae to me. Oneof my ouatomer*. who laauhjeat to aevere iMok H'-a'lacho (uanallr laating two dare.) was cured an attack in one hour by yonr Pill*, whioh **Reapectfu!ly youra, W. B. WILKES. Reyxoldsburq, Framlit* Co., Ohio.l January 9,1861. { Hfsst C. Mpaldimg, No. 48 Cedar ttreet, New Y<rk?l>ear 8ir: lao!?e?d find twenty-five oarta. :25,) (or which bo* of Op hah o Pilla." >end ad(*r**a of Re*. Wm. C. Filler, Keynoldabn-f. Franklin county, Ohio Ytmr Pill* work like a charm?curt Headache aim?tl inftant-r. Truly youra, WM. C. FILLER. YpaiLAMTi, Mioh., Jaa. 14,1861. Ml. ^paldirg?*lr: Not long ainoe 1 aent to tor for a box ??f Cepna'io Hilla forlhe oure o( the Nervous Headache ami Coativeneaa, and reoeived tUe urn", and thiy had so good aa effect that I teas ??dutrd to senn/or more. Piea.e aead b* return mail. nir??t tn r rygfiw-ft. YpsiianU, Mioh. From the Eraminer, Norfolk, Va. Cephalio Pills a^compluh ths object for whioh they vera mace, vis: Cars of headache in all its forms. From the Examiner, Norfolk, Va. They have been tested In more than a thousand oases, with entire suoeess. From the Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn. If yon are, or have been troubled with the headache. send for a boz,(Cephalio Pills,) so that yon may have them in case ol aojUtaok. From tAt Advertiser, Providence, R. I. The Cephalio Pills are said to be a remarkably effective remedy for the headaehe. and one of the very best for that very freqnent oomplaint whicn has ever been discovered. From the Western R. R. Gazette. Chicago, III. We heartily endorse Mr.Spalding,and his unrivalled Cephalio Pills. From the Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Va. We are sure that persona snfferinc with the headache, who try them, will atiok to them. Prcm the Southern Path Finder. New Orleans, La, Try them ! you that are afflicted, and we aro sore that yoar testimony oan be added to the already nura?tr:>ua -lit tnat has received benefits that no ot^er medicine oan produoe. From the St. Louis Democrat. The immense demand for the artlole (Cephalio Pills) is rapidly increasing. From the Gazette, Davenport, Iowa. Mr. Spa:dinc would not bodbmi ki. ??? -i" au Article ha did not know to poeaoea red merit. ** From ik* Adcertiter. Provident*, R. I. The UaUraorv in their favor is itroug, from the moat reapeotab e quarter* From Iks Daily Ntwt, Support, R. J. Cephalio Pule are taking the plaoe of all kind*. flT A single bottle of SPALDLNtf'S PREPARED GLUE will aaveten ttraea ita ooat annually, SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! | SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH Er"A frirtii 1st TIM? SAVM Nihb."VZD A? noeidentn will hnppen, even in well recanted (* iiiee, it ia very deaimble to hnve eome chrnp n&iCoouvenieat wny for repairing Furniture, Toys Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE ireets nil inch emergencies, nnd no boueehold on nffor<i t<> H* without it. It ia nlwnya rnndy.nnd a to thn Flicking point. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." M D ? D 1- ' " ... ... u-u accompanies eaoh Bottle. Prio 35 oonU. Add; ess HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 4S Cedar street, New York. CAUTION. 1 As o*'tain snpriocipled persons are attempttaf to R"pAasrD"&v.WFw:a,s;;?v^ eoa?to examine t-efore pBrefcasing, and sm that Is** fall DMM, H7??i'ALDl.NG*H PREPARED GLUE^D u ob the outside wrapper; all others are swi wiling ooBBterfeits. fe 19-dA.wtr i *-4- - vVl - - ' BAUiVUI ??W <y sunaou LOCK HOIFITU, H? Ditwmmtd tkt mmi Otrtmm, Sf**df,mm4mUI Rtmudf m? lit WtrU, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. XJtr iYO FALSE DELICACY PRE TENT. APPLY IMMF.D ATELY. A w>(/;sAivrffX' OR ivo char&m, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wntiwi at tkl htk.lulitaii ifltttMi*f lfc? tad lltdlu, laialinuri DMkii|?i, iBNUNf, ??af*al hHiw> ! Idcu, PalpiUUaci ?fth? H*?n, <ntditT, Dimnn mf lifht ar Jiddlntia. Diitxa* mf (Ka ImJ rn^mmm* aaa > Skin, Aliwiwa ( ika Uauga. tatmak M Umi Tarrikla Duord.r. analog fran lalkiiy ItMH ft Taath?ikaaa DtMiltl and Daauactlaa Praaucaa vkiak rw in Murti{i tapaaaltla, and daatxay kali Bad; aad MM rom MKJI apaatalij vkaktra katama tka rictlaa af Itlltuj TIM, Ikai draadfal and daauituit kaklt whiek aaosallT avaapa M aii antinaly gra?a ihtaaaoda f Yaaog Man .ft!,. Mat IS- I altad lalania and krlilam laullaat, wka mtrki atkarviaa ka?? aatranaad li.taning ft.aataa wttk tka ikaad.ra af iImuimN vakad u wnaf tk* lirlag l;n,aa; Mil vhk flU taaf4mm. MiUIifB. HAUIM PUI3II, at Tauf Mm taaiaapUtlag Mw rlag., kaiog ituiaf akyaiaal vaakaaaa, aigaali diVlMfi dafatiaiuaa, At., laatdilj aaiad. M. aha alaeaa kimtalfandar Ika M?a af 0?. t. M; NUh aaal* aanlda la kia ken at m a gaalliaaa aad MaldlatlTlW apan kia aktli ai a fkj.itlaa. O VT1CE Ma. T EOF?! r&BDKEICEITEBET, lafi a aad tidaj? wg fnm BalUnara iuiu, a f?w daaft kaa tka Mraar. rail oat ta akttrva aaa a aad amaktt. imtrr mat ka paid aad aaauia aitaai. be. iommtmrn, Maaikara af ika Bayal Callaga aftargaaaa, kaadaa, giaff faam aaa af tka naat amlaant Ollagaa la tka Vnttad Itataa, Uld t.*tB rtllltf Mft mf mrh+mm lifck kaa kaaa 1 Kile af^baodao, Pane, Philadelphia u< [ vkui, kaa rfUd Mm* ef the Mil aatmubinf caree that ?tn ITN tarn; many Miklll with rinfioc In tha head aad |M whan eeleep: mat aiirMWHi, Minf alarmed at saddta j HUda, W*braU>?u With freqaeat kiaahiof, attended mmtImh with diiufwm ' adad, vara land TAKE PAKTlCVkAJl MOT1CX. Tilaf Ilea aad athera whe have w)ared iheraeelvea ky aanaia practice iadalf ed is whan alana?a kakli learned fram e?il tarcpaoiaoa, > at aeheel, tka efecte M which art nightly felt eren whea eeleep, aad tf ?at amd. raadara mtrnagi Itspaaeikle, aad dinn;i hath ?lad aa4 kadr, ehaald apply immediately. Theee art hiiii efiha ead aad malaaakaly affatu pradaeee ky earlr hakiu af yaath Tin Weakneee aftha lack aad limke, Paine in the lad, Dimneee af Kifht, keee af Maeealat Pa war, Palpiutiao af tha tf aart, Dyepaper. MerTtae lrriUklU ty, Darin j a man i af tha Dig active rau ctiaoa, CaMral DakUity aymptpma af Car.aamptian, At. MENTALLY.?1The faarfal afaaU aa tha a lad at* eeaeh ta kc dreaded?Lata ef Memary, Canfaeian af Idate, Dearaeaiaa f pirite, EtiI Parbadinfe, Ataraiau af eeietr, elf-Dielraet, kare ef ialitade.Tiaidity, etc., ere erne at tka erlla fiedaeed. . p*i:U.TT -Tketeaada tia iew)adfe wkai a u>? ?? ! mair meaning tain*, laaingtsai? ?lgat, ?ttailing v*ak, palt, Dinni and tmatiattd, baling a alngalu ip^uwc nnttlii ayaa, ettgh arajroptarii af imiafto DHEA8KS Or IMPR8DKMCK. Wka?*fce aiag aided and impradtnt v alary af plinni tag* ka ku Imklktd the aaadt ef thia painfal uiaaaaa, It tea eftta kappana lhal an lU-Utnad tanaa ef akanit er dreed ef diaeevery detera him frem applying ta thaee vha, frem edaeatleu tag teapeenmity, em alana kafnaod kin. falla lata tkt kuida af ignerant and deaigning prtlandere, vba, incapable af earu\m, lich hie pecauiary aikatanca, kaap him Ulllag euUi after raeiiih.ern lang at lha ainalleat ftt tan kt ektalutd.endin darrtir lea?e him with rained beeltkteaijrt e??r kia railing dU?ppeinUnent; tr by tbt ait af UW doaty peteen, Mercery, hneten tka ceaetttarianal eymrtana ef thu terrible dieeaae.eacku Agecuana afliia Heart. Threat, Matt, km ,4c., pregreeaii.g with frightful rapidity, till deetk pi If t ptntdtahia draadfal aageringa by lauding blrateUataadiete*ered eaantxy frera wbaeebean* na trarelet rtiaraa H. JOBHIOat gKMIDY FOR OR0AKIC VliUW lain iitPnvvM/'v By Uli (Mat Mid ImHrum lamaSy vaakatM *f Ik* ilfui III ifttdlly cartd and fail ?lf ? i?it?rid. Tkiiauli af ik? ant n?r??i? ind dakllltaud, vk* kad l?tt all Wfi, kaTl ktaa ImiaadliUly nl!???d All iiapadiniacM ta Mtrr'? ji. Pkyiltt' > M tatal PlMialt aatiaaa, Lhi tf Pivii. Rlttau MUlMllh Tn>??hnf irn' r?ikx;i!i XakaatllM ?f ik* ?aat buN kiad ifi?%dil? caul. EMD< tUEMKKT OF Til MEIB. Tilt MANY TH IC1AMH1 tuid i||hu tniUtaUaa wUkte lk? rait ii'utin jtm, ami >ni imprnaat farfl ai ptrtat.cta ty l?r. J?*i?tD, vitntutd ky tkt r?r*Tttn tf tki F' firt aof nunj ?tV if ftr??n?, Q*u?tt *t wkttk kifi ifyuH'l agata aad t(iU <tftii tat itkl',*, ktal4*t kit alaauutg at at (latitat* tf Oinilli tti rttftaaalkllltf. ' ? t(>?l?at (imuiit U Utt>;?Utf )aa ^-ly JUV FOR THti SICK A.\i) SUKFIiRIN?. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED READ! Amr THE REMEDY R E JO ICE i" HEALTH. friend, do you cnfi>r? Are yon tbe victim of ftav oi mote numerous ailments whieli arise irom inpnrity of the blond? What are they, do too ask? Rathor what are tliey not ? T!ie blood is the sou'oe of Irie and hoa'th, and it is the first element of our being t > respond to any cause which affeots the system, aa the pulse infallibly attests. The ever prevailing Neuralgia, theirritating Krysipelas,the snbile Sorofula, the ar^nii:iig Rheumatism, Nerrotf Debilitr. Jiyspepeis, Liver Complaint with ita ; torpor and df-j't iior, aid toe numberless ills that C'ssh is heir to, derive their hisieons origin from the ?lood. Di al km<fcy the* and gently with the blood. Ise the vitalising rooouroe* of nature for its aid. Iand ruHV as to ooinmend to your oonfidense and use that truly valuable medioament known as rwnrt v With regard to tliis aimoat infallible apecifio popular aepliment has spoken in deoidedMrms ana the evidences of thie rrest efioacy are m' tamed by ooneUnt avowa.1 of curative oTeoU ard the happiest resalta from its use are after all other remedies and the beat niedioal skill have failed. Let us tar, in conclusion, that certificates cures are not aonght from the illiterate and auperftoial, but they are volunteered from the moat reaped table aouroea and juatify the highest terms in whioh it ia possible to commend so valuable a apeoino to pnolic approval. We may add also that the curative properties of the medioine are equalled only by ita restorative effeota. the ajatein recover: ing from disease witn renewed constitutional vigor. I For sale by all respeotablo Druggists in this ; oitT.and by tne proprietor, MR8. M. COX, i None genuine unless her name ia biown on the -i a- TZ I - - wtup ihiiu ncr itiai uq me OOrJC 117' Price f 1 per bottle, six bottles for ftf. wXoluaU a tent. R. H. T. C183EL, Dragcist Oeorgotown. D- C., Wholesale Agent for the Dlstriot, ami will supply the trade at my prices. an 18-tr DR. J. UOVEE DODT5 IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, < Are cow belsr utd from Maine to the Oreat Salt Lake, ani tao aniveisal vsrdiot of all who nse tliam either m a vmor as a btytram. is that tn^y are ttnsa>p*??4 in the world. Dr. Dods used them saoeessfailT in his practice for tt roars before I we parokaaed ?f kita the sols rieht to manuffcotars and priest th*a f?r sals to the pvblio. For the eareof Irxislsat Oansamption, Indi/estion, Dyspesaia, miss. Menresa Dis?ocos, Female Com plaints, r,nd all hw rssmrmc a tonio, they are barons docbt a most tmrafsable remedy. Aside from their medio; i*: pteperti?3 they z-re a pure, wholasome and del?fhtisl l>Te.i*e, prcdnoint all the pleasant ?xh.ll#r?'n; ereots of Brandy or Win* without their is'srtoss reaalts. Let all friends of Humanity and all a.lrooatee of te-uperanoe assis as in scbstituinr these valuable vegetable Bitters for the mimtrml psuMU and *dwit*rmtid Liwi with which the ooantry la flooded, and thereby aid in bac^hm* Disease ssd nmrirmMi ma thi lut, CHARLES WJJDDIFIELD * CO.. Fr*frl?tonr, 7? William street, Nrw Yerfc ' fyJSggtfS* DR. J. BOVEE DODy IMPERIAL GIN BITTERS. 8or Dimum of the Kidneys, Bladder and Urinary rgana, and especially for Female Obatrnotiona, never (all to cure, and are warranted to give aana l*#HAkLK8 WJDDIFIELD * CO.. >? J-flgJlgk. j+7-ly.r A tent. Washington. D.C. i rnrpuiu 0 JflttMAH ^SWPSQKjj The Above PL'FE W HlSKY.Cof*** Di?ntLBX> nn? M . ? * 'S^Wr*1^'"Swraar" ggifpHSSlfe fesaiMKr . . ' ? iiow z un j AW IWtW Front atreet. Philadelphia. "i?r Another fresh supply of good books. J oat reoeived hjr KRKNCH * RICH8TKIN, 878 Finn. At*kw*, Wa*his?toh, l ife iu the old Fradrika Bremer; 2 vol* ,12mo .cloth; priee 82 50. One of Them, by Charlea leaver, paper SO oenta. Meaeacefrom the Sea, by Ch&rlea Diokena, paper; SO oenta The American Qneation, 12-no, oloth ; pnee 60

oent?; by mail free on receipt of prioe. Heavy die cant at oar atore for caeh. fe U ?ive hundred travelino TRVNKB jglS^TIiLW Tmnrmii Dt?h ud Packing Tninlci. Oar trnnlr^^^? See room exhibit* at this time the greatest variety tmrwliBg reunites. at moderate price*, to be fcrot?w^rtB.?x^afiSK IBarI'KT BAeltPAT.'HEl.S, Ao. IH-Oia Trunk" repaired or taken la exaJuog* fltr MV ODMt WALL, STEPHENS * CO? mar C-tf LAJ14.JU I.ku?n> a><dBME^mhrtaa^ isrsspirjg fio? frsTCuth ?t, oppoatta Po?t Of. $ { "** " 7 *** . -tft 0 .k? - PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. p U C L I C NOTICE. Pnbhs notios is hsrsby girsn that bonds u< ooupons aansxsd, of Us description hsrsiaaftsr aat forth, h*r? lately bssn feloniously abstraoted from Us custody of Us Interior Dopartmaat. Us mm twins Us propsrty of Us United States ud hsU m trust for oartain Indian tribaa. Notios fens nlso bssn givsn to Us proper oCssrs of Us rsspsotirs States to stop Us payment Usrsof; and all parsons ars warasd against psrohasing or psositing any of said bonds and son pons, as Us olaun of Us United States Uarsto will bs prossoated to Us utmost sztent Enoh bond being for Us snm of ons tfeonsand dollars, tis : Six psr oenU Missouri Coupon Bonds, issnsd in June and Antnst, 1857. State of Misaionri, St. Loais and Iron Mountain R R. State Bonds. Bond No. 2037 Bond No. 1813 1876 1827 1996 1822 1WT 1821 1998 1820 2008 1819 2007 1818 1993 1809 1994 1817 1995 1816 1891 1816 1990 1814 1892 1813 1991 1812 2003 1810 2002 1811 1992 1808 2006 2031 2006 2033 2004 2034 9001 2035 1999 20341 2000 303] 3009 W28 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 1808 1883 1809 1884 1870 1885 1871 1888 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 204* 2017 2047 2016 2044 *2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bondi 1824 Notb.? Bond* No. 3000, and below of this series, issued June, 1857, nod bonds No. 3001, and above that, dated August, 1857, eajable at the Phoenix Dank, New Yoik oilr. in 1W7. State of Missouri sut peroent. ooupnn bonds, viz: Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad State D. -* ? ouuur? Bond No. 185.1 Bond No. 1(124 1852 1627 1851 1628 1850 1629 1B49 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 1*46 1862 1845 1860 1844 1861 1832 1856 1835 1858 1833 1856 1834 1R54 1836 1822 1837 1823 vim ioZ4 1839 183k 1649 1836 1640 1827 1636 1838 1613 1839 1613 1830 1614 1831 1615 1641 1616 1643 1617 1643 1618 1644 1619 1645 1620 1646 1621 1647 1611 1648 1804 1637 1634 1638 1631 1840 1632 . 184] 1634 1843 1632 1660 1867 1816 1636 1817 1630 1818 1639 1819 1841 * 1820 1623 1821 1624 1625 90 bo&df Noti.?Theee bonds are dated January, 1857, arable at Bank or Coramproe, Nov Vork, in NoYambar, 1886?lntereet parable in January and JUIJ oi eaoii fear. State of Missouri jri? p^r oeat^^on|?B North MiaBond No<Z2952 Bond No. 1039 2940 1638 2939 1841 2941 1642 2942 1643 2946 1644 2945 1645 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 3949 1640 2950 1656 2937 2922 2938 292S 1653 2924 1654 3936 1655 3M1 1653 3953 1656 166T 2091 ITAfc 2468 1706 3512 1707 2513 2452 2614 2452 2515 2454 2516 2455 2911 2458 2910 2457 2912 2458 2912 2459 2914 2460 2918 2481 2912 2462 2917 2463 2918 2464 2919 2465 2920 2468 2954 2487 2955 1651 80 boada Nor*.?Th? bonds aambarwl M6aad b?lov, la8s HSVCBMS NiVYo7k-oTt>7 ? * ' MiHoari ix^per o#nt Con^on^I^ndt. ti* North Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 27ft3 2784 2787 2786 2730 2781 2717 2782 2734 2779 2721 2783 2719 W? imttwM HJIOI# u 4MMH Mfl JU7t 2711 3733 * M 2712 3722 2710 2720 2735 2716 2777 3727 2770 3724 2705 3731 2768 3706 2709 2726 2770 3718 3771 2716 3786 3714 3778 3764 3773 3728 2775 2726 2774 2723 2786 2713 2732 > ? ns I ' ln t I Bead Ho. MO**"* *?^5 Ho. UN I ISM SMI MU iSM I ?SU t)M 8K 6,54 6242 5254 5J41 J2.S3 6240 6252 6239 6261 5238 6240 6227 6249 iSJ 6247 6254 6248 6223 6195 J2I1 61M 6221 6000 6200 4Wf 5199 4997 6198 4890 6197 4998 6310 4gg9 623? 4888 J>307 487# 6508 6247 6309 6262 51 as* Boada of Nortk Cwolin Coayo* tax Mr Mat North Carolina six por Mak Bond No. 36 Boad No. 303 25 301 32 300 23 ?7 ? 235 T 234 249 203 348 100 347 104 540 90 348 19 342 18 341 IT 340 16 aw 13 333 8 337 11 338 10 335 10] 328 101 329 100 330 99 331 103 332 6 333 28 334 22 227 16 326 21 317 98 318 97 31(1 96 296 95 239 94 238 62 237 60 236 303 72 bond* NoT>.-ThM? bonds ?r? dtted Jtnniry, 1M6, payable.Juoary. Buk of Republio, New Wk. lntreat payable in January and Jaly. North Carolina 6 por oraU. Coapon Bond*. Bon4, No. 833 Bond No. 735 832 736 831 758 830 759 829 760 834 761 835 742 8.H6 763 837 7*4 838 790 871 791 RT1 rot mm 873 J7M 874 rw 1876 T96 878 796 877 797 878 798 87? 799 880 800 an an 84? 802 847 803 848 804 849 806 860 806 861 808 86J 897 863 811 IS .Si! 860 814 867 816 868 818 880 817 861 818 881 819 86* 8M 884 811 805 823 886 822 887 824 888 826 889 828 870 827 882 828 882 839 884 840 886 843 731 844 TO ? 846 734 104 bondi North Carolina tlx p?r Mat Cotyor boada. Bond No.*699 Bo ad No. 493 800 494 803 496 804 496 606 497 606 631 607 498 608 tl? 10 511 11 481 IS 483 It 481 00 484 14 485 <H 488 11 467 14 488 815 489 * 490 27 538 38 519 841 540 at ^ 815 541 844 510 511 47 US Ml MS Ml SS4 Ml U? IM MS 6*1 MT 65S SIS SIS MS sir sis sis sis sis sir S14 447 422 4M S4S 470 US * a# M8 440 MO 443 MS 4M 471 411 471 4tt 471 4? 474 437 474 417 470 410 477 4g 478 410 470 4M iM 421 , 611 601 r ill M4 ? 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Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 3405 4309 3400 4210 5467 4211 34*9 4212 2470 4212 2471 4214 3472 4431 3758 4527 3*94 4&20 3941 4560 3942 4550 3943 4500 3944 45A9 3945 4570 3940 4571 3985 4749 4199 4751 4200 4861 nd of the folio wing numbers iwu?d J tnnary, U5Ti Bond No. 5050 Bond No. 5419 5195 5421 * 5S20 5490 lj iw 6360 64M MM 63*2 MM 6437 6304 6438 6365 6439 MM 6440 6307 6441 6368 6442 6369 6461 6370 6444 6071 6446 6373 6461 , 6173 6618 6074 6610 6076 6&1? 6070 6621 f i 6077 6621 6078 6700 6070 6704 A 6380 6706 6081 6700 ? M86 6707 6380 6708 6387 6700 * 6388 6710 6380 6711 . 6390 6711 *391 6710 91 6799 6S9S &RM 4416 6846 MIT *642 M18 Orrici or thi ^ icbbtabt of th? Ihtbbiob, Deoember S, 1MB. a 13-dtf J. THOMPSON.Soorotarr. GAS FITTING, Ac. A WM. I. DOVE * CO. I AJIB N<vw prepared to uooate act order* VHI FITTIN# Ijy Storo ob 9th ittwt, &?t 4oors north af Pi, pLUMBEU AND GAS FITTERS _ u J. W. THOMPSON * CO. Womid call the ettenuoB ol wkxmt taker* to tfcear 1*11 *?eortment of PixtirM dnmmh to iu MwBOILERS. KnfcHCT llN^pfPJuP^SHi rron. WroMht Iron. Lead ud UiinnKM Wim wMFH|&aJ Harm! eaperior ^rutMN, with r~r? ttoe I knowledge, w are prepared to lattodaee Wafter into dvoilinca with all the lataot ! n i rn/m_ promptly. and at prloee that oaonot rati to ?b?|.' noM-dtMarl hotKliuiwuaRSISL W?i8 PIXTVKK8. I K JUT* IB MOT*. MM! V* 441 J r?*MTlBf, BAM FIITCHBS of entirely Nrw ntt*ra?ui) Dmmm AAdPiniM.aupenor in ittlt to%ny thief beretoAn pfftrr*d id ikia market. W? lorn# oitiMw Mrp It to oaU arid uamiM oar atn^k of Gaa and Witv Ptxtmrea, felloe ooaUaat thai we have Che hoi Mle^Uxi atook in WMhinr'nn. | )! Wort in theabor* Uaetatraatod toav Mra ViHbe promptly attends to. I. 8NYDE^L UMBER AND OA8 rnTWL H >18 '?T,T?^to the eoraer orTveifth aaa ? ato. sTtg pmc o^iaygBtarn * ' r .j i 11 I' i ? ?"*? ' ?nt LD?0?;t)0fc iortM. 11, WoRTH or BofWIioC a>? TRUNKS. 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