Newspaper of Evening Star, March 11, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 11, 1861 Page 2
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H!E EVENING STAK. WASUINCION CITY: MOintY narth 11, 1M1. *j?tr?t ?l the Marnlni Pff?? The In'elitemr'T Jirznf* that, in the prcarnt apert of the Mif, the of Forta Humter and Pickt-ns by onr Government, on the one band, aa a lac their po**e>> 10* by the Government of the Sccedlng Stat<s on the other, arc both quratli na ti S u?L.. .m vii- - - ? riiQfr w-ciiin* Uv'ji* r man ci pvmn; and 11 ?t the new Administration might, by Liking priority In tL?* way of conciliation, do infinitely more to consolidate it# power than by paaaively await. ng tLe piegrtss of even'.* with a heart for any fate The Rtf ubl can erguts that the abolition of slavery ir. the Bo. d?-r states will be greatly hastened by the secession movement, even if the acceding State* should return to their allegiance; but if two Confederacies arc farmed, the fugitive slave law would become a nullity and the Border States would be compelled to remove their alaves to the interior of their Confederacy, thereby commencing the work of circumscribing the area of slavery. K Ri's* or Tkkror m Richmond ?Tbe Richmond dtsuuionists, not content with tbe virulent abuse which their disunion newspapers are sloweing upon all friends of tbe Union In the Convention, have Inaugurated a ststem it mob violence against those gentlemen when they appear on the street#. Hardly one of them can now venture out, without expecting to be Insulted by biases and scoffs from tbe street mob which under their auspices, have apparently taken aa complete nosaesaion of tbe cltv as the - ' t Pings ever bed of Baltimore in times past The upshot of their proceed lags is that instead of snccoeding in overawing the representatives of th? people of the State In the Convention, they re fixing them more firmly than ever against succumbing to the purposes of those who propose to govern Virginia hereafter after that fashion? the fashion now prevalent in the seceded States, where, to speak and act In favor of the Union as made by our fathers, is now adjudged a crime worthv of the ounishment of death, areordinsr to the threat* of their disunion press and orators. We rejoice that disualonlsm has thua early exposed lta true characteristic* and purposes in Virginia The sixty thousand majority cast by the people of the Old Dominion against If a few weeks since, will not be a circumstance to the majority with which the conspirators against free speech, a free press, American popular liberty, and the future of white labor In the South, will be overwhelmed In Virginia's approaching Congressional elections, nnder the influence of the popular knowledge of what disunion really means, as so forcibly exemplified by the reign of terror sought to be Inaugurated at Richmond, as explained above The Virginia Convention, we can now state positively, will not pass an ordinance of accession. Elected (an overwhelming majority of the bod}-) to protect and secure the liberties of the people of the State, they now realize unmis'akably wherein lies the real existing danger to Virginia. That it surely lie* in placing the liberties of the poplin the hand* of the small minority of the Stnte, who to secure the future supremacy of the governmental ideas of the Hon. Mr Spratt, of >outh Carolina, in Virginia, essay the Richmond indignities and terrorism against the people's representatives?means signally worthy of their aim; rather than in continuing Virginia uuder the Government which up to this hour has aggressed her in no particular, and has been the author of blessings innumerable enjoyed by her people. Fost Scxtsk ?In the course of a few remarks In rejolndffte Mr W'gfall, Mr Douglason Wednesday, stated that be had been assured by military luthority equal to any In the country, that the works erected by South Carolina for the prospective reduction of Fort Sumter have rendered i>s reinforcement with less than a force of ten thousand men on the land and all the Navy of tbe United States operating in the harbor of Charleston in aid of the enterprise, a military impossibility. We have to add that we have had intimttinni /> tVia ssm? ' J?-*? -* * ^ MU>v vu^i ifvm uisuiiguiioea officers bete. If this be true, as s matter of coarse the Government cannot possibly essay the undertaking, aa it baa neither the 10,UU0 men required, or a t*the of tbe Navy o( the United states at present command for the service; nor has It tbe pecuniary means at command with which to make preparations for undertaking the movement at some future time. Mr Douglas added, that Maj. Anderson's stock, of provisions could only last thirty-one days longer. Assuming these facts to be correct, it follows Indisputably, that Maj. Anderson'scoinm ind must be withdrawn from Charleston harbor in the course of tbe next month; as, even though Congress were called together to grant tbe supplies requisite to justify the to reinforce, the requisite . preparations could by no means be made In time to relieve the fort ere starvation overtook Its noble garrison. Such bids fair to be tbe upshot of President Buchanan's policy In that quarter. In * military poVat of view, holding Fort Sumter is a serious embarrassment to the Government only, not an aid to any portion of its pos lkU m * Mum p?<iiia who reierence to tfce future of tbe seceded States; u two steam sloops-of-war laying off Charleston harbor would be quite as efficient a guard on its entrance; and, besides, fir more unassailable under existing circumstances tfuui Sumter E*-8ec?*ts*t Fuotd ?The defense of himself in wtlch this gentleman has recently taken occasion to reply to the tx parte trial be no* long alnce underwent at the hands of a partizan committee of ihe House of Representative*, Is destined to create quite a sensation the country over; Insomuch as U carries far more conviction to tbe mind of the reader than the document In which he is arraigned. We regret that want of space absolutely precludes us from laying It before the ?cor'* readers as an Important chapter in the history of the times, as well as a warning against the practice ct trying men on tz parte testimony, and tn secret, by congressional committees ; a growing evil against which we have frequently protested, as revolting to all the principles of American Institutions. He seally makes out a very strong case ?f entirely proper conduct on his part la connection with issuing acceptances to I Russell, Majore A Co , and of entire ignorance on Ills part of Bailey's abstraction of the trust-funds bonds and subsequent substitution of his misapplied acceptances for them. A much stronger case going to show his lanoccnce, than that of tbe committee, to ahow bis guilt. Tbe whole subject matter will doubtless soon be ventilated In tbe United States Court for this district; and, we mey add, that it'now seems to be understood around the coart-house thst Mr Floyd will prove his case precisely ss be reprtaents It In the pamphlet referred to sbove. Tax Maw Yob* Citt Orriccs ?Saturday's session of tbe Cabinet Is understood to have tbe question of tbe loading New York city appointments. Thus It 1* understood that Hiram Barney gets tbo custom-house, Joe Hoxle tbe post offlce, siid Abraham Wskemsn tbe caval ctflce Tbe sjperlntendoncy of tbe brsnch mint, marshalahlp, nary agency, Ac , 4c., In New York, have not yet been dlapoasd of, we learn. There w?te at least half a dozen applicants for tbe three others irtt nsmed above, each of whom bad troops of friends on tbe ground. There was much swearing and threatening around tbe public balls of W lHards' on Saturday algbt, owing to tbelr disappointment. But. It matters not who bad suecoded, tbe partisans of and expectanta at the bands of tbelr rivals would have raised tbe d?1 after tbe same fashion, precisely?elss they differ wonderfully from soy others of tbe ofllce-seeklog tribe we ever knew, and we have known them all and witnessed all the "didoes" they ba*e cut ever Since tbe patronage of the Government comgirntd to be sdmlnistered on the theorv that " t? the victor* belong the apokla." WiHTi Nothim^?Tbe awry that Mr. C. C. Waahbura*, of Wiacouain, late of tte House of Re^rewutallvM, la a candidate for the Commlaaooerti-ip of the (ieaeral Land Ofllce, la untrae. W e are vmj aur* that be d??|m no place whatever under the Oovrruoeot ' ; i ? SHin*4L. No?r?t, Mar< b II. ?On motion of Mr Foster. tb? resolution ofiercd by him on Friday cxpfillng Mr. Wig. /all from the Senate. wu taken up. Mr. Clinuman Inquired If bla amendment was in order. and asked that It be read. Mr. Foster aald be bad offered hi* resolution without conoulti ?g bla friends and upon his own responsibility He consldcr?d it due to that body not to allow a person to sit upon the floor of the Striate who avowed himself a foreigner and ? citizen of a State tbat bad made war and aggression npon the rights of the UDite.Wtatea He bad no peraonal motive* In offering It. bnt did so as a Senator and as rne who felt it was no mere than due to the character of thit b-tdy. He did not offer it because Texas bad passed an ordinance of secession, but because the gentleman from T<*xas bad himself renounced all allegiance to the Government, and declared that he bad 110 claim upon thla Government. Mr. Clinginan thought that as Texas was no longer a member of the Unt ed States, the expulsion could only be based upon that fact, ar.d consequently hts substitute was only appropriate to the occaiion. Mr. Clingman was speaking when our report closed. Thi Baltimore ArrotSTJtiSTs ?There Is an active lobby at work here just uow of the friends of various aspirants for leading Government offices at Baltimore. Francis S. Cork ran, lumber merchant, and an original Republican, Is puihed strongly for the Collectorship of that ro t His competitor* are Judge Marshall. VV. E. Coale, and Wm. F. Murdock. The Postir.astership of Baltimore la sharply contested by Dr Harris, luaurancc a^ent; Judge Bond of the criminal court, and Wm. T. Maddox, postmaster under Fiilmore. The friends of Cbas J. R Thorpe (Democratic clerk now in the office) have some hopts of hla being promoted to the place, in consequence of the shirp quarrel among the other aspirants. Rev French 9. Evans, lately of thia city, Jaa. Jeffrey, of Hartford county; Bryan, of Dorchester county; and J. B. Chaplin, are after the Naval Officer's place. James F. Wagner seems to lead the hunt for the Collectorshlp. John S. tfprlght, William B. Beale, William L. Schley,and Wm. Gunnlaon, are prominent appllcanta for the Marahalahip. _ A Nkw Chief Clerk ?Mr B. N. Clemens, of Tenn , who for aome time past has held the position of Chief Clerk of the Post Office DeDartment. _ _r - , resigned It at the close of office hours on Saturday He was an excellent officer, and deservedly enjoyed the confidence of all In the department Mr. T. P. Troit was at once promoted to fill the vacancy. Mr T has been a clerk In the Test Office Department for eighteen or twenty years, and as a gentleman of education, character, and business abilities, has not a superior In the service of the Government In any rapacity whatever. He held the same position (of Chief Clerk) under the Fillmore administration. His restoration to it, now that his political friends are cgaln in the ascendency, has given great pleasure to every employee in tbe department. How. Johm A. Ka??om, who has just entiled upon bis duties as First Assistant Postmaster General, is not from Illinois, as has been stated, but from toe State of Iowa. In that State he has earned the reputation of an accomplished legal gentleman end an astute politician He was a delegate to tbe Chicago Convention, and took a prominent part In Its deliberations. Several years of bis professional life were ?pent In the South, and be married his esteemed and accomplished lady in this city, who is the sister of Hon Mr. Eliot, M. C. from Massachusetts. His friends predict that be will prove a moat agreeable and accomplished officer. The gentlemen from Iowa, who are his warm friends, complimented him with a serenade and a speech a few eveninga since. Thk Evacuation or Fort Pcmtkr ?We apprehend that the rumor prevalent to-day, that the evacuation of Fort Sumter waa decided upon in the Cabinet meeting on Saturday, la unfounded We are satisfied that no such order has be*n giv< n, or auch deciaion arrived at aa yet. Undoubtedly, however, the opinion is gaining ground here that both in a military and a conciliatory point of view that course inav yet prove advisable Waht# Something.?Gov. Charlea Robinson, of Kansas^o noted during the political trouble* of the Territory, U an applicant for the Commlalionerablp of the (ieneral Land Office, the office moat difficult to till properly for the public inlereat, ns well aa perhapa the at preaent best filled office, for the public interest. Beside* Mr llob'neon there are forty or iifly other aapiranta for the game j>oaltlon. U. S Maeshal for Maine ?We hear that Cbiirle* Clark, Ksq., of Maine, baa received th?? appointment of U.S. Marshal for that State?an appointment likely to be moat acceptable there, as he haa proved himself an officer of much efficiency in various positions of responsibility heretofore. A batch of nominations was sent in to the Senate to-day for confirmation, it is understood, but the debate upon the Foatrr resolution (for the expulsion of Senator Wigfall) bids fair to l>e a protracted one, and the Senate will hardly be able to go tuto extra session until a late hour. Secretary Seward has, we are happy to stite, recovered sufficiently from his indisposition te be at the State Department to-day, In the active diecharge of his official duties. It 1" The rumor placing the name of Mr J E. Harvey, of the Philadelphia Worth Amtrtean, antong the candidates for the Mar^halbhip of thia District is, we hear, unfounded. C7-Gov. Curtin. of Pa , arrived here on Saturday from Harrisburg, and had a private interview with the President and the Secretary of the Navy. Perusal, Gov A. G Cartln,of Pa , Is at the National. Hon George F. Fisher, of Del , is at Kirkwoods'. .... UV?... W * * - ~ ? hvm iHog ?i. Arnoia, 01 ill j J'rof. C D Cleveland, of Pa . are at Willards'. Four Scmtbk Fired i poji ?The Charleston New* of Friday evening a<v? : ' Karly this morning, between fl and 7 oMock. while cleaning out the guns at the Iron b-itWy, Cummi ngs' I'oTnt, a ball contained In one of tho guns st ruck near the gate at Fort SuiiiUt Maj Anderson Immediately opened bis battery on that side, but a boat being despatched to explain the circuit.stance as unintentional, nothing further resulted from the accidental discbarge. Ordered Off ?A lawyer, named Hani, in Lowndes county, Ala , was punished and sent off last week, for me king secret proposal to nouslaveholders for the establishment of an Abolition Society and tbe publication of a paper to be called the " Non-Slavtholde " He w*a for a time a law partner of Hon. W. 1. Yancev. It l?h?li???i he it deranged. So says the Cahnba Gaiette. Prelims about tux Treason or Twiogs.? Letters received from a prominent army officer at 8an Antonio, state that the conduct of Twlgg* excited great indignation, and while a large majority of the troop* were In favor of the South, a* they understood the cause* of dlff?r?nca, they were oupowd to the disruption of the Union, or the disbandni'-nt of the force* Has boh at Pf*?acola ?A dispatch received Jeeterday by the Collector of Savannah, from Col ohn H Forney, Commander of tbe force* at Penaarola, contains a notice that the lights for Penaacola bar will be discontinued from this date.? Sarannak R'pvbjitan, A Rumor?President Davis sent sealed dispatches to Fort Picket;* v*sterdav. and ?# i Lr best reasons for uvIiik (bat he regards war aa ce tain ?Atlanta (Georgia) ' Southern Confiderar jf," Qtk Collkob Commksckmsst ? At the eommeneement of Jefferson M?dial College Philadelphia, on Saturday, Irtf students graduated, of wb?n 10V where from the slave States. Among theaf latter wrre John II. Frsntz, iMdnev W. Lane, iTiomas W Simmons, Walter W sills and W. Sl*ckion Wilson of Maryland. Annual Fast in Mamachcsitts?Governor At.drew, of M s?ichuseiu. with the adviee and ronsent of the Council, has appointed Thursday, April 4, ss a day cf fasting, humiliation and P"?y" BoTi* v? 'I'yi.Ka ?A petition was presented to the tlxnse of IfelegaWs of Vir^lnl^ last Friday, asking that John Tyler Jones, of Harrison roaoty, may have the privilege ?f changing his name to juuii .nmor ?o(u jaoei LU~ The New Orleans papers announce th<> deatfe of the notorious Goo. Washington Dixon. 'r ?* 9 dkim ? m?: * r * Kn *. FfcFOET* Rt-LATIVK TO FoaT gr.MTER ?!m-l poitaut lr?trlli^?-nce ba* bet-n received at th" { \V *? hr>n-jrhT !.( fp?.m Phafll t'nn A 1 ' ? U| (M<? I* *<VI| < W?r ilfci* I who left Fort Sumt?r on the afv-ruoon of Tuesday last. ?* ports that salt provislors remain for only fifteen days, and tbat onlv a limited amount of vegetables' is left In the fortress Supplies of all kinds are running varv low Mnjor Anderson, howffr, was still able to procure fresh meals ana butter from tho Charleston market Rumors are current that General Scott will make a report to President stating that the supply of wood at Fort Sumter Is nearly exhausted Also, that their bread, salt, beef, &c , will be gone bv the first of next month, and that supplies obtained at Charleston cannot be depended upon for the subsistence of the garrison. Boariiof Examineks ?The board of officers, composed of Capt Ringgold and Commai.der* Davis and Mamv, have been appoints by the Secretary of the Navy, In pursuance of the recent naval appropriation act. to examine the data for charts of the surveying expedition under Capt. Ringgold, Commanders Page and Rogers, and Lieut Brook, a"d to report if they are ruch as to justify their publication. Aixt and Nm Affairs ?The two greatft?rtification* of Florida, Fort Pickens and Fort Taylor. are now In regular siege trim." and could bold out for eight months.were all the snldlert in { the South surrouudlng them The sixty tremendoua guns added to the latter, end tbe reinforcements of artillery added to tbe tlrst named, bave rendered them, in tbe (stimstion of able engineers, perf?ctly imi regn-ble to all probihlemeans of attack. The garrison are fed on the usual barrick allowance; but waste is prohibited Fort Jtfierson will soon be on a war footing. There are about 110 men in Fort Taylor. Governor's Island is once more almost filled with regula s. Notwithstanding the large numbers of soldiers drafted from it at various times during the past three months, nearly eivbt hundred men sit down to the meltable daily. Between Washington, New York, Carlisle and minor places, there cannot now be less than two thousand soldiers of the line, subject to the command of the chief officer of the Eastern Department, besides those "?;n the borders " The U 8 sieam frigate Roancke, now in the Brooklyn dry dock, will be fit for tioating oat in a week or ten days. She has been thoroughly overhauled, a large portion of rotten planking having been removed from her hull, which needed patching up and caulking in several pliers. Tbe great length of time she was left under the burning sun of Panama, awaiting tbe arrival of the Japanese Commissioners, and her subs?*quent unavoidable ex pomi re here, have left Indelible marks on this splendid ship Chief-Engineer King is pushing her machinery ahead rapidly Norfolk Affairs ?The Norfolk Day Book of the 9th Instant has the following: "Gen. Miilson, representing thii. the First Congressional District of Virginia arrived here yesterday afternoon, on the James river boat, from Washington via Richmend. Several of the General's personal friends, aud a few others wuoadmired hist*nicionsgr.-sp upon the Union and fruitless ? tt'orts to preserve It, did him tbe compliment of a salute, at which the General was no less surprised tlnn gratified. We are pleased to notice that the health of the General continues good." th? attfumskln u a? m ..v vuiiioui ^ nvanuftc, ancr a COIXipiCUS overhauling and repairing, Las resumed tier trips on the line between New York and Virginia, thus affording our people three opportunities a week for the transportation of freight and passengers be'wt-en this citv and New York. The national flag of the S >utbern Confederacy was displayed from the corner of High and Din wlddie street*, in Portsmouth, this morning 'I'he SUrg and Stripes alST fl.?at oppjsite the speaking stacd of the I iiion party. New Hampshire Election ?The fi'st general State election of th's year will take f lace in New Hampshire on Tuesday next, wfetn a Governor, members of both branches of th?! i eglslature, end three Representatives in Congress are to be chosen. In anticipation of this election the two State Democratic Committees met at Concord last week for the purpose of reconciling differences *nd effecting a re-unlon of the Democratic party. This movement is said to have been entirely successful, so far as the Committees were concerned. It remain* however, for the masses of the party to ratify this arrangement, and, even if tbey saall be disposed to sanction It. it Is supposed that the reconciliation haa been effected at too late a period to enable them to obtain the ascendency over the more perfectly organized Republican forces at the ensuing election. The Republicans, therefore, are confident that they will be able again to ! carry the State. A New Frkxch Vkssii. or War ?A gunboat, on a new mtxiei, passert through Toulouse recently, coming from Bordeaux, and proceeded to Toulon, where she Is to be prepared for sea This boat iaconstructed on an entirely new model, of which the plan la Raid to have given by th*Kmperor. It is composid of steei plate*, and will be propel I' d by two screws, set in motion by a machine cf fourteen borse power; it will carry but one piece of rannon. The l>oat is shaped like a tortoise The mouth of the cannon will i pass just over the bark of the fish, which will present an inclined plane to the en?-mv, over which the bulls will slide Theerew will ?>e completely sheltered under this roof, of which the force of resistance is so well calculated tuat the heaviest shot or shell cannot injure it [O" Among the recent arrivals at Montgomery, wr notice the name of ths noted New York politician, Geo. N. Saunders. 'V 3? OR t- R .'1 ?Henil'iuirt'r* Srronrf E'tiwt J J? Militii, I). ( '1 Le he <i a d cimianT officer* of the Second Ke^iir,->nt will nio-1 TO M -KROW (Tu.sdav) hVKNING. a: 7>4 oVo-k, At the ha!, oi the \V KHi.injton l.ifiht Infan rjr, oa f'a. avtnue, near Tenth *t. Itjonler. J AS. ^ . I>A VIS, Col. Oorffiiianding Seooiid Regiment M. I? O. M. P. F1SHRR. Arij't. m%ll-tt* rS-NAllx.NAL VOI.UNTKKAT I KN 1.x TION !-'* here will le a in'eUr.g of th? Cm pi jr on MO'-I'AY 1. VKN I Nl/, at "X o'cl'Jc. Kv. rjr me:nt-cr will please attend, a* basinets of the atlBOSt laifortanoa will come b?for? tks ? < ?? pftny. H> order pfthtCtptoili. mar 9 3i* ry-iiASTKKN LOUUK, No. 7, I. O. O K.'1 he number* of Kfitvn Lodge, No 7, ITT O F , wi.l meet at thoir kdge room -n Tt'KSDAY KVKN1NG next, Maroh 7 o'clock, topioceed .hireironr>,in rr< o?i!ion. to vint \Va*ii muton l,o<K'*, N?. 6. Uruthere, coins all aud be punctual By ordar ma 9 31* P. m. PKARSON. reo Sep. rkv. dk. lords i kotu t ??n jMadam* di Ma'nt non, deliv red T .u sday evening at the Firs' Pre?b* t??r>'xa CfiUfch, F?<ur.n t-a iia f stree-, if poesiblo tran?<Ktided in istore;t eufcer O'h:6 tormer efforts \?f;s ?o cally Mteste.1 by the delight of the large and enthu tiao'in audience. Of the two r> niainirg Ire ure-i of theof-urse, by pecial requext. the firft will be na Potooe'XO,VORROYV (Saturday) KVKMNti, a* 8 o'clock, in *amo p ace. end the deoond on tifil ieo. o,i next MONDAY EVKNING. at the nine time and pace. As the*e -aril- be the ou t opportunities to hoar this outingui be'l lecturer during hmoourn in Washington, call the attenti n of the pubio a<a n to the f%ct, a-sured that whoever aitcnli will b1 amply jepaid. Single admission ?5 sen i, paid at the door. ina8_3t* SAY, STRANGLR7^VHEKli ARK lL5 MMii! Vou em to be in a treat fiur| r/T" "So 1 am. I am koine to KM ith'S m? 1 tsever.tli street, to huy a nuit of Clotiiea. The peotle tar he naa a very utoe ainnrtinert, and they ray n sella tl.oin ho oheap." Note.?Tlio la^t we w* of the stranger. ho *&a runmnc up Seventh (treat ai af.flg out SM1T H. .No. 4 WO" fe 2-f.w rf^5=?l)KMP3EY A O'TOOLE, IL3 WEDDING AND VISITING CAMD ENOHAVBRS. Importora of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful sty lea. 336 Pa. A v., katween 9th and 10th ata , au 27-6m WAamwarow. KEF! BEEF!! BEEF!!!?For aala. in quaiTtitiea to luit purchaser*, a lot of ttt g||t| foe BEE-.the boat offered in >hi? mar Set fo aome time. Haiaed, erased andfak Ted b? Nalson <ii>>aon. of Virpi"ia. Apply to W. LINK! \**, Stall No. ftfi Center Market If I^REAT BARGAINS IN J'lANOS-One very VI nioa Ha 1 A Son*' make for ?'80; < ?>? very tuoe Rorawood Chickerinia' makrpBMSI for firo; one Ro ewood N wman A Mro.'a'il * " ? make for ?75, at the Mu*iol*tore of \V. G. MHI 7.KROTT. aole agent of Hteinway A fons' and Raven, Bao"p A Co 'a ?ianoa. mall TA CAR1?. IIE Attention of the pubicand persona furnuh inv ia '*? # ??!? ? ' * " .. ,..rvu>iuu; inviwru 10 me ttl? whioh will take ?iaoe at .No. S*i6, oorner of Movent!) and i) streets, in Iroat of our auotion Rooms, on Tu*s day. the lath instant, at 10 o'clock a. in. The Fw wuureisof an exaellent qualitv, and the ?ale will I be worthy their attention, aa ?he ?al? wili be po?itive. Oil REN 4. WILLIAMS,, mar lMt Auctioneera. g R 1 N O PRINTS. JIW yards beautiful English Prints, for Fpn 'g 40 dosen Jouvio's Undressed KidG'ovss,in blaok ami da> k colors. 100 do men Jouvin's beat Kid Gloves, in all oolors. Han Uinbttllas ami Parasols. Wo are dai y r'oeiving new foods, and sol.ioj them very obeap for aash. WM. R. RILEY 4k BRO.t .No 36, Central6tor?? Betv??n 7th and 8lh ata.. mar 11 3wao ? Opposite Center Tnotick. HE GOOD WIi.i, AND FIXTURES ef a Wood and ?'< *' Eatab iah-rent fur u.t on v*ij uooinm ^ii it g term*. For further particulars a# fly at the Star Otto*. ma 9 ?t* rrHK FASHIONABLE PAPER ANu KNCard Engravera arrt Htation<?r?, ma 3 at l'iiin.av?nu?. M EVENING DRESS FANS. . W. OauT * MRO. Call attention to their large aaaortmci t of Pearl lrory and Saaoal Wood Evening Dreai Fana of all oo ore. M. W. HALT k. BRO., Jewellers, 354 Pa? ? .. ma 9 3t 4 doors treat of Brown'a IfoMt. ' ..... ; ? ?- I1 Affatrs at * hari*?t??. I roi# tbe Cbirlctt'jn papcis pr( ^letn th* fol lowing items : * Dr J. \V. Dowalnc, a nittve of Columbus. Mtf8iwipL>i, and a graduate of tbe Jrfffrton College, t'hlladf lphia, has bwn appointed AwiaUrt Surgeon of the sAuth Ca:ol!na volunteers, and assigned to a station N\ eire credibly Informed th*t <?ev Brown, of Georgia. b*a attarhed tbe Northern atork in tty? Maron and Western Railroad, amounting to about f I.<"00,(0). We would ret ruthlessly disturb the quiet and repoee of Lieut. General Scott and his ward Lincoln. but we seriouslv believe that Washington city, and som? places not very far from It, and in the Middle Elates, are in more danger now tban at tbe time of the military Inauguration Tbe Military Dictator and High Cenatable of tbe Washington Despotism 11 puzzled wbat to do with bis myrmidons Let them be armed with John Brown pik^sand retained la Washington? they will be needed there. Three of the 32-pourders lately planted at the southern extremity of the East Biy battery were yesterday transferred to other polats According to the Courier of Thursday, the fortificatlona around Charleston have made formidable

progress within a few days, undor the energetic efforts directed by Brigadier Gen. Beauregard. The same paper notices the resignation of th* gallant Capt George W. Lay, late chief aid and military secretary of Lieut General Scott, snd intimates that the Confederated States will hereafter protlt by his valuable services. Rather Cool.?Under this caption the Mercury relates how a vessel, acting under the orders of the United States Government, replaced, a few days ago, the buoys lately removed from St. Helena bar. The fact being brought to the notice of the State authorities, prompt measures were taken to undo this gratuitous and somewhat 111tlmed harbor improvement The Courier denies the statement of the New York Evening Post that Maj Anderson commemorated the inauguration of Mr. Lincoln with a salute of 34 ?ans; no such salute, it says, wan fired, or?as It believes?intended Gov. Pickens issued on Friday a proclamation establishing martial law over that part of James' Island known as ' Fort Johnson," and extending a half mile on all sides from the wharf at that point. The Texas Military Movemkst ?C?p?. HiU Preparing for B'nr ?The schooner Shark arrived at Galveston on the 2d insC. from Brazos Santiago. She left that place on the 27th ult., and brought up part of the cannon, mortars, shell, and shot taken at Brazos. Bv this arrival the News has the following: Bbazo* Santiago, Feb. 27?A dispatch wu received here la?t night from Brownsville, to the effect that the officer in command at Fort Brown, Capt Hill, contrary to orders from Gen. Twiggs, it preparing for offensive and defensive operatlons. The guns are being mounted on our entrenchments to-day, so that if they should attack us before reinforcements arrive we will be prepared to extend the hospitalities of a warm reception to them. The steamer Daniel Wclwter has not yet arrived. though over due. She is anxiously expected bv friends and foes Yesterday a bearer of dispatches to her, from Fort Brown, came into our lines On the evening of the 2.5th, two men were arrested on suspicion of being spies They proved to be deserters from Ringgold Barrack* They are now in the ranks o{ the Houston Davis's Guard Extract from a private letter of the 27th, from the Rio Grande: 4 There came this morning from Col Ford, at Brownsville, a messenger who told us that in all probability we would be attacked to-night " The guards h?tve been doubled, cannon planted at the crostings. and all things pat upon a footing " Extract of a private letter of the 27th, from the same point: " U e are still at work throwing up entrenchments, and will place a battery of six large twenty-four pounders in position to-day and tomorrow, when we will defv all opposition. " There is a probability that the troops at Fort Brown will atl< inpt an attack on us, but they will tlnd thcmselvrs in a bad tlx. hs we are so well fortified, or at least will be by to-morrow, as to whip them with perfect ease " The schooner Shark leave* in an hour for Galveston. with cannon, mortars, ball and shell ' Fort Brown is very strongly fortified with thirty pieces of cannon, among which are the pieces that formed Bngg's celebrated battery at the battle of Buena Vista " Our troops are prepared to face the mus'.c " The News also has the following paragraphs: Captain Frank Hubert left fSrenham on Saturday, with a company of fifty Rangers for the Rio tirandf A letter from Col. Ford, at Brownsville. states thit be hud *elit an express to Ge;i McCulloch to send Mm four compares with a* much despatch as possible. Col. F is In doubt whether resistance will be made or not. but deems it necesfcary to be prepared for It. An official reply by Capt Hill to Gen Nichols' application on behalf of the Convention, for a delivery no of the fort, ?rin- -nd muntons under his control, hf? been recelvi d. and Is ??i.erally considered courteous in its tone. It In that ho < annot comply with the dtm without orders f.-?im h!s Government His reply was written on the -Jd, two days before he received Gen. Twites' orders About 1MI men arrived hcr^: last night and this morning from different points In the interior, who are desirous of joining t: e State forces now at Brownsville ai'rt Hraz # Santii;;o. The Georgia rernisat.s for Sale ?We find the following advertisement in the Savannah News of th? 6 h lost: On Monday, March 25, 1061, will tie sold, in front of the Court House, in this city, at twelve o'clock, tbe following New York vessels, to wu: amp Alarm J Want. 7-1 ft-!K tons iMirtbt-u | lylnir atHcsevau's wharf; also, the schooner Juiii A Halloc.k, 23? 37 tons burthen, lylnj; at Roberta' Saw Mill, with all their tackle, f\irniture and apparel?now held under military seizure for reprisals Sold by order of tbe governor of (jworgia. Te:ms cash Purchasers p*yir.j? for Mil-s l?7"Hon. Norinan B Judd, just appointed Minister to Prussia by President l.lnroln, is a native of Rome, in this State, where be was educated In tbe U^'al profession His pnren's were in very moderate circumstances, but worthy and respectable, and the son has worked his way from a moderate beyintng to an Important po&.tun Mr. Judd haslon^ been one of the most prominent lawyers and politicians in Chicago, and we believe has been on intimate t*rin? with President Lincoln for tnar.y years. We do not doubt (hat he will creditably represent his country at the Prussiau Court.?N. Y. Journal of Cornm*r.t ftj-The deaibs by drowning in the M :?s;ssippi appear to reach n terrible annual average Front the first of last July to the first of September last war. no f*wr thnn Hf<u.fnn? * *? U-,J 7 .. . . MM J-?VUI nv^u?.oio ncic UC1Q on bodies fout-'d floating, md tnat U f*r below the average number annually found from tbe breaking up of the lea to J une It i> to be feared that a good many thusfouud Lave been murdered, and tbtu thrown in. AUAR A HKO. RK Again in the field with an immensely large ?t?nk of HEADY MADE CLOTHING and GfciNTte' FL'RNiSHINO GOODS* \V* ?owoffer gr-at irid'ioein nU to p.^rs'-ris who buy for ca-b. Rtmember the piaee?corner E and Seventu ?ts. mar 8 iw 'lMIH ONLY GOOD FORTH.Al r OF PRF.8 1 I DENT LINCOLN ever publico J. juat out a"d rent by niail free on r*o-ipt of 25 cut*. The trade and oluba of tweaty supplied at low prices by ma9 FRENCH A RTHSTEIN. 'P SHIRTS?SH'RTS?SHIRTS. I HE Finest Reaiy mado Shirt-*, the best fitting Shirts, and the most durable ?iurts can only be had at IIaK A BKOTriE*'S Es'abiuliinrat.O'irnir ai E and Seventh sts Ptrangers in ?ant of C<ean Shirts will find it to their advantage to give us a call mar 8-lw PRESENTS FOR THE FOLKS AT HOME. 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Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but ground from fresh Spices, selected and oleaaed by us expresaly for the purpose without reference to cost. They are beautifully packed in tinfoil, '.'irir'SiPri'b? ' ?m The Virgtala < eatUa RiruMOJiD. March 10?The CoortooltW or Federal Relation* n'pd report! Tt*- I trrdny l i The maioritr of th? committee report a **!? ' of resolutions, of which tbe following It ?wm- < marr: 1 Tbe first mfiinx tbe doctrine of State rights The second declares any Interference with slave- ' ry by the Federal or other authorities, or by th* j p? ople, contrary to the Constitution, offensive and dangerous The third condemns tbe formation of geogra- 1 pblcal or sectional parties | . The fourth demands s fair partition of the Ter- ! ritoriesand equal protection therein. The fifth declares thst In s time of profound pe?ce with f- r*ij;n natlona, as bow exists, and 1 when no symptoms of domestic Insurfe UOn ap- I p??r. it 1? impolitic and offensive to tecumuIste within tbe limits of a State interested In Irritating I pending questions of the deepest importance an unusual amount of troops. munitions of war, Ac. Tbe sixth indulges In tbe hope of a restoration of union and fraternal feelings The seventh recommends a repeal of unfriendly and uncooatltutlonal legislation, and proper amendments to tbe Constitution. The eighth conccdss tbe right of Statea to withdraw from the Union for just causes Tbe ninth slludes to the position of the Fed- j oral Government ss disclaiming tbe power, under the Conatitntlon, to recognise a withdrawal Tbe tenth, without expreaaing an oolnlon on the ' question of power, desires to"confer upon the General Government tbe powers necessary to deal peaceably with the questions Involved and. if necessary, to recognise separate and combined Se- ( ceding States to make treaties and pass laws as ' such sfi*ration may mtk? proper. The eleventh recommends She people of tbe sister States to respond, at their earliest convenience, to the foregoing positions and tbe Amendments to tbe Con?tltution, and to a consultation to be proposed and held hereafter, in tbe event that Virginia fails to obtain satisfactory responses from tbe non-slaveholdlng State*, that she feels . compelled to resume their sovereign power* and I throw herself upon her reserved rights. The twelfth makes It an Indispensable condition that a pacific, policy be adopted towards the seceded StaU-s, and that no attempt be made to reinforce or recapture the forts, or exact payment , of imposts upon commerce, or any measure calculated to provoke hostilities. The thirteenth affirms thst Virginia would re- , gard anv hostile aotion on either side as hurtful and unfriendly, aud as leaving Virginia free to 1 determine as to her future policy. The fourteenth recommends a Conference of the Border States at Frankfort, Ky . on tbe last Monday of May. Tbe foregoing will not fully meet tbe approval of the Union members, because It apparently re- ' cognises the right of secession. Mr. Wise submitted the minority a list of demands and requesting tbe States to give their answers by October ne?t. snd in the , mean time that every step should be taken to pre- i serve the peace; that neither the General Government nor the Sectdtd States should commence hostilities; the Government retaining only a sufficient number of men in the forts, he . to pr? serve and guard the public property therein. Mr Harvle submitted a minoritv report, with three signature*, for tbe passage ol an ordinance 'of secession. Mr f^., I ? .V.?!??_ J II vvui. *?* * uijn-pri j u'/iuiuru niiuiuft minority report to the ? fleet that th* Government ( mutt Immediately ad^pt ino?snre? to afford the \ people of the Msveholdlug f?tat*? full >mhrances < of their safety In continuing a further association i with them under the common Government; also recommending the appointment of Commissioners to Montgomery to confer with tbe Confederate 1 authorities Thb WliTHH.?The fo.lowlnjc report of the we-atuer f?>r tb" morning la mode from ihe American Coa?">lid3t'V? ToU^raph Lint to ttie Smithsonian institution. The time of observation ; about 7 o'clock March 11, 1W. Washington, D. C clear, wind NW Richmond, Va clear, 3S ' Petersburg, Va clear, cold. Raleigh, N. C clear, 5U?. Wilmington, N. C clear, cool Charleston, 9. C p easant. 51?. Augusta, Ga dear, pleas-int. Savcnnan, Ga clear, 48', wind NW Mncon. Ga clear, pleasant. Columbus, Ga clear, pleasant. Montgomery, A'a. clear, cool. Griffon. Ga clear. Jackson. Ala ...clear. Mobile, Ala clear, 52?. New Orleans, La clear, 5P3, wind E w rom thb wist Pittsburg, Pa clear, 323 Cedar Rapids, Iowa clear, 323. Ottawa, 111 clear. Elgin, 111 cloudy, wind A Rock island, ill clear, 89?, wind S Cleveland, O snowing. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a m.. (corrected for temperature,) 30,297: at noon, 30.55? Thermometer at 7 a m , 29#'; at noon, 34?. Mexlmcm during 46 hours, ending 9 a. m. today, 5J ; minimum 28% ?A - I WEEK OF THE HALE J or JAPANESE GOO*DS. Go ai r.ncr nnd >xamih? tktm TK* most mngmtcent ever i<arorl?4.' Consisting in part of Punch Bow's, Ilamlkerohtefs, Card *ii<ITo?;ei ' oies, In aid bt aw Boxes Plates, iKoo atod ForoeKio Cups, Bowls, ^auoArs, to . to. PLTF.RB INI,AID CABINETS, Ac., to* to. Now is the only <>ppnrtumtr to make selections Iiom this ai?" a?bortmeiit of J*pa- e?e Goods. S'.lling nt Less Tktin Cost ?i* Japan! itt???at d a II./ *VU ( AVSAUI, Under Willarda' Hotel. ^3) ICjTSOfi AvtNt R. I'nilfr Wi!L?rdfc* Motel._ffl m? 8 <t i One Oollar. 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B*dl I Ccant?rpaa**. 1 Pillow*, 1 Kn ^?r.I < nrr*t,l l.< ?*. * Cbun I T'bia, 1 Fir*hoard,J ? ?'twM I Mirror, I CI tk KMlSiat. _ AM I ber*b? t:r?t rntio* ' nat oa SATURDAY M??KMNG, 9U lcattct, at la o'o.ock I win a?... kt puMio Auction, f >r c*n\.tlf t'orMtid |OOliu4 phatt*l?. at tt)?> A nation F < !*? f w * Li. a Barnard. Aa?t>. ira 6-d JA?. 7. WILLI A Ms. CcaataUa II^IN CO\*F.fJ ITKNCF. OF THK RAIX. th? ultia initrM^tv Tt'C8DA\. tr-.a Uth m?tn .t ma ll WML* BARNARD. Aacta. By 6RF.K* it WILLIAM*. Aactioaeera. ? 526. etrnr Ttk mmd D fJOVERNMKNT SALE OF CnNDF.MNKP *Jf ? ?ai<?c*>ra - Od 9ATCRl>A Y.thaMi n?ia-t. w??h' .l ?'ii, >? 12 m . at tk? t'ai >ta ?? A'a-na.!. Waging ton. caa GathriaA Li*'h Kxp-rim^uta. Fit? ara, with Carrara. Turn? rtlih B* ord rofM?i?rS?fl.D R*?*t m\ *-e:>A<11 GKKKNi WI LI.l AMP. Aecta. n7*THK ABOVE SALF IS POSTPONED rn Mootnt r f the rain until WKDNKSDA> ,tM I3*h 'nat-.nt. *a oe hoirwd place. By orderof Major G?*. li Kuiwr. maMl St GRKEN* WILLIAMS, Abi"i. By HONTZ * GRIFFITH. A?otioB*era L'KAKLV NEW FURNITURE abi> Hortir itoin Effect* at Piblic Accrio*.-ttn *VKDN KSDAY MOHN1NG. Maroh IStn. at 1* o'clock we tha I ?*i at the realJeooa of a ?eatleman deoiiumr hou'ekeepta*. on Naw Vo l avenue IkIitnu l?th and 11th hie Furn-tnre nod I oomridB|M\0 ?(*ny Sprinr-aeat Pofaa, Arm Chairs, t)o do Side OkMri, >? Arm ami "Vu'#? Rocker?. Wanut Wintnnt Gi frame Mirror. Mahogany Jenny Lied Hc.!itead. J'o Mart<le-top Ornaaing doraam. nnt W a?- ttnid, Toil?' Sett, Cottace Kede'eacle, Cane eeat Chaire, Hair F?a'her Pillow* and Bolster*. Hmk and Butt and ?'otton Mattrea?ee, Blanket*. Comfo'ta. Qunti, to. Oak fextenainn T.hle 1 ak Dinmc R Him Cha rt, Kiock? rr and <iiaae Ware, Ao., fto. a?i?t< r and Co k St' with fi (tore* oomp et*. Toje her with a seneral a^o im-nt of Ritohen K quintet t k? numer <u*Ho m?nti *n. Ta n ? oaah. ma <1-4 (Her ROXT7 % 1FF1TW. Asia. By BARNARD* BLTRKV. Auctioneers. Oeorfrtoirn. /). C. SALE OF FRESH GROCERIES FINE l.iccoa*. 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Marhle top Center fable, Satio Pamaik Covered Fanor ''hai-a, Supeuor Bru<?no>. Three ply,and Ingra.n Carpet* thronjiioot th* hoaee. Rrorae Iron Hat-trre. H*I> Chaira. Wa nut acd M ah many >pnn< aeat Sofaa, Arm Chair*and Rooker*, Ga* Fixture*, drop !.i(th t* and Shade*, t*i* handsome Ch*mb*r Suite*, of olidoak. imitation, an<1 tilack and cold enameled, Walnot Wrttinr I>*?k. w a not Wardrobe, Cottage Redatead*, Toilet Seta, LI . .. U w 11 *J a* _ iiik iiup* rprinf .fHWHVNi 16 feet Walnut K xtenau>n Taf>t#a, Wa nut Dining Tat.lea. I.arje quantity of whit* French Chiaa. TabeCrtlarf. fiiw_piated CMtor. Dinner. D?u rt anp Toa Ware, j*poo and Korku, Waiter*,C'oak. R?f'i|je-at r. Kitchen Utenail*. * t. P. All of me above it of exoe..Mt* a ad but little uaed. Tern* caai rriir 9 a . McGlIRK ft CO . A??UBj GRKRN A WI MI A MS. Auctioneer*. 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Boh'mian and Flat Cct D< caster#, 60 bleu. Wine* and liuifm, Window Cur'aint, !*h&d??? and Ooreto*, 0?e h?e Painted Coi:*i*(han.ber Set, I arte lot"f Bru?ttle and other Carpeu, Hall a'd other Oilo otli. Fine t?pring and other .Mattrewe*. Bolet- re and Pillow*, a toxd ot r, f BerfdHg, With a large and genera, airorlmert of uiIm K - q N aitec, Pnofc nt and other iMove*, . Al?o, r*ne large Iro-i Abeetoe Counting h<*a??Safe, With man* other artioie* whieh we deem umo e?*arj to enumerate. Trraifotili in ? n'rent funds. 'I he attention of the pub:io reapoetfal y iivttM to th? *!?, an tl I- urniture I* of a ?up?rior q?fc'i It , *nl tha aale wili b? w*l! worthy their at'entara. Mil 2t CRKKN it WjLLIAMS, Aaola. MARSHAL'S nrt?? of two writs of fi?n faoia*. kmimI from tb? Clark's oft9* of tha Circuit Cnuit of the Dutrict of Colambia^or tha count* of Wwh'.citoB. and to n* direct^. I wl;l a*poi? to pablia taie for oaah, to front of tha ?w>urt h mix oor if/aid onant*. *>11 MATT RDAY. th- 30*h da? of March iaaUuit, llo'el.x-k , th* fo lowing described propwrtj, to wit, ?im : Um*m Jin J and* in No lOfT, and Lot No.f^ia t?<juar?> IP' 7. in tb?i oity of W ailiinfon, 1). O, to im, ar with all and'.ar tha npiorrmwto tlirreon, viznd and lavieu upor, a? tb? prt,a*rty of Audrew Kotnw<tH,%od will beao.d to Mtiafy *4i em? N *. UV anU 131 to January term, inei. in fa roru:fti 1-iia.n, Ufuneki A Farbor, udltoaM S. Htfcvar.e. \V. 8K1.DKN. II H U?'? ma 7 du ~ ' butriot <?f \1A RPHA Lt* SALK.-Ib Ttrtji# of %_ wr? ef i?l fien fue.'ve leaned from II* Clerk fOMMf U? Circuit Court of lk( Dutntt of Coiumbfefor the County oi Wuhinrton, aod to ?e<lirectal will U(om to mMm * ' J'gtf.nlV Court House door of nM ooiaty, o? FRIDAY. Ue ?d day of March Matt, \m. iSrtx-<,TS^risSTi!ffi&Sfs. % aljjr.: A^lslM; > WLtoMufe/S. 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