Newspaper of Evening Star, March 11, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 11, 1861 Page 4
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Til K ENIfHi STAi?. I Phisisvatio* or Gbatx* and Otbvk Fucit* Jn Southern Rn?*ia grip** are k?pt for u ndine to 9t P?tf?hui;h, b? ^atherint; befow thevare fully rip*, and putting ibem down in alternate Ia>era with well dried millet grain*, in earthen pots, j The grapes must not touch each otber. and the ' pots are tightly sealed. They are aeid in this manner to seep sn entire >e?r^hud to become "Very sweet Id this conn try. packing in cotton is often resorted to The grapes are left as long as possible cn the elnes?at anv rste, until there have been aoove light frosts They are theu cut with asharp kafe, all imperfect berries are removed, and allowed to lie aome days in a cool place. They are then packed in cotton, ao that but few layers are formed, and stored in a pl ve as cool as possible, but where they will not fretie. Kept in this way, they arefrood until April. It is uia that cotton prevent or remrai me ripening of winter apple* or pears, while wool hastens this operation, and at toe same time gives green fruit a handsome yellow color. A French.nan, M. Charmeux.wbo has lately eielted groat astonishment by the exhibition of fresh grapes in spring and tarly summer. employs tho following method: The grapes are allowed :o regain on the vine as long as the weather permits. They are then cut In such a manner that a piece of the vino remains on both sides of the stem of ach bunch. It is best to leave two buds or nodes above, and three or four below. The upper end Is carefrlly sealed with wax; the lower is inserted In a suitably-sized vial, filled with water, to which, In order to prevent decay, a quantity of charcoal powder is added The neck of the vial la then closed around the bit of viae by means of wax The grapes thus prepared are either hungup or laid on straw or cotton. In a cool (not freezing) room, here they ke^p with no other care than removing such berries as occasionally decay. IL/~A Manchester paper says a new article of K.. *k? i.e.. r v i. viiuukk c iuuvuuocu i/jr mr Lair r rrui u iiraiy * the " boil duree " Tbia " bo's duree" or hardened wcx-d, wh eh has been improperly d'-scrlb+d as woc<f soflened and tiien hardened, la made IroTi Miwd :?t, \?hich, urider tbe influence of a kith temperature and the enormous pressure of 8.0 tons, sequins a hardness a good deal exceeding that of wood It la of a verv line grain, and foars so atmospherical variation; but its principal merit is its adaptation to moulding, and by the most economical processes forms ana impressions sre given which would require, in any way. considerable labor and workmanship. In Manchest-r there are only two places where the products cf this new art can be seen. It r In September 1SU5. a penniless young mechanic, lately arrived from England,encountered a piewani ncea zenneman. in nia wandering about New York, standing in the door way of his house He was made welcome to stop there till he could get employment and a home. Twentyfive years after, that *ame mechanic was employed by Major Noah, then surveyor of the port, to put toge her a machine, then in the Cu*tom-House, and take model* of it This was done; lmprovem*nts were made, and he died in 1833. The son s oceeded his father in the business and further improved It to what it is to-day; the machine 1? Hot's It) cylinder press; the penniless English lad w-i Rr.bert Hoe; the good samaritan was Grant Taorburn. The Wialtht Phtsicias* or I'aris.?The practice of M Ricord, the distinguished surgeon of the Hospital du Midi (hospital for veneral dl?? der*,) at Paris, is the largest In France?perhaps 1n the world; it is worth 3U0.<XH> francs (860,000) per year, and he wears decorations from every Kinclpal monar h in Europe. After M Ricerd, e largest practice is that of M. .\elaton, surgeon, which rescues beyond 200.OOUfrens M. Nelaton, who was rich by birth and by marrla<re, aims to b^ the richest surgeon in the world. After M Nelaton, come nearly in the name rank, Messrs. Trousseau, Rayer. Andral, and Velpeau. A Jkhp is Lccn.?A young Germ mi, who has been driving a ,?rage iu Ei Dorado county, Cal , recently received new* of the death of au un^ie in Germany, and the heritage of property of the value of 92U.0UU, and *>.000 per annum In cash besides. Ilr A majority of the Judges of the Supreme Court of Maine, it is now declared, will unite in an opinion that the Personal Liberty law of that ytate is unconstitutional. Ah RIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL ?L Mackall. DC; C 8 Ogden, T Webst r. Prof C D Cleveland. Pa; G S "Wright, Cal; J Eliicot', O; I F Falrchild, NV; ? "XV 3 Kakln, W Howell. Tenn; R C Bruce. B Eggleston. Tenn; 9 D Dillaye. N V; 8 B Todd.Ky; "\V Hltzel. DC; 8 R Dyer, Md; A Cambell, La Salle; DT Packer and lady, NJ; W Guninson, i?iu: a ? ir:<rauer and lady. G G \V ilaon and ladv. Va, W W Whipple and lady. Maw; B Raymond. Min Raymond. Md; Mlw L Baker. Va; 1) U Bug be*, Pa; J W Stapler, Cher Nat; Hon J N Arnold. Ill; J G Hagevoom. NY- B F Miller. Ill: Capt J Brltton. NY; F J Matht-\w?. O; C Smithera. Del; H TV Hlogett, III; A R McCl-.ire, K H Davia, 9 J Reld, Pa; J F Sneed, S K Sneed. Kv; A Sawyer, Mo, C K r acker nam, NY: Mr and Mri Fry. DC l.adler. !'! ; O Holman, <1 Dudan, Ma*a; Mr \Vb1? p?- i ??'- < " ? 0 " 1 " ?, wv, a w, ? w * * Kuan uKUpl DOriitU "11(1 W1V ^ Mt? B rtiett, W a Butler, T B Carroll. A Pell, C W Elliott, NY; J B PeJ'oody, Cal; E F Porter, A A DunnelU, Mw; B H Campb-11, 111: H Wat'i and ladv. Mis* Watta. Pa; S V Bovd. NY; R M Flah. Kan; J VV In^al ; NJ; \V H Ruffner, Va: I S Smith, NY; W Bebb. Tenn; H C Johns. Ill; M Mllllken. O; N K Whaler, NY; D Richmond, Ct; S F Van Bonhorat, Pa. NATIONAL HOTEL ?W W Woodworth Pi LP Bavne, G R Hollo way, D W Lowe, J W Revnolda. Md; B Iwn. Mr True, NY, W A Llgb'fall, NJ; \V M Reed. Me; Capt Br'tton, J B Bowfcn. N Y; J N WyckolT.Va; S Phelpa.Mich; W B Al'.'.aoa.?; GovCurtln. R L Martin, J V Cretawell, Col Gre^jf. Pa; G N Ruaaum, Md; J B.air. O; J J Bell, NY; A McDonald, J B Rnb' lonon. NJ; E Suter, Md; J K Haltrv. J Walbce ar.<i lg. NY; VV Sandaand ly. II Miller, 111; N Allen. NC; A Helbrook. Ore; J M Witten, Va; T Burreaa, Minn; J F Bradford NY; C A Sherman NJ; T FGrlncan, W Forsyth, G .Ylartlu, W H Gurley, Md. BROWN'S HOTEL.?J Murphy, H Jones and fain, Mlaa M E Thomas, R S Garret tann, S Cochran, C L Carter, S M Shoemaker, Md; J J Jamea and ly, J C Haaelton, A G Rlrharda. G R Andrew*, NY; W Mbomas, J Stevenaon, H Smith, Pa; T O Osborn. VV Taylor, J Brow and ly, Miaa J Brow, Mlaa E Smith, W A JeDnlnya, H Snowdfn. G A Bolt. O S Taliaferro. S Petera, J P Hunn'cutt, \V B Payne, Va; J F Rodman, W lUuston, D F Henvaeo, NC; C A Forsyth, Ala; Dr L A Blrda&U, Cal. KIRKW?H>D HOUSE-A McCullough, EG Hall: Md; H R Blgelow, Minn; C Kingman. Va; W M ?t? rm L t> Matron, O; 0 Staplea, G Mrtt, Cal; M Crawford, On; Hon G P Flaher, Del; A K Johnson 111; J BUn, NY; R Errett,Pa; H Branch, Mo; A R Adama, K P. OLD RICH, MELLOW AND 1'1'JIK B URN SIDE'S MONCNGAHELA Ki? WHISKEY, Coi.ceient;ou?!y uiafclied by Mr. Jaraee Bornaide. of A '.iOftriy Coubi FaBiii., la the oid-uwhioae*: boa?*' ii;,lto>t tie choi.v-mt and meat carefail j ea-^ohxi K y e, and is no oaae ever offered for ca.r KLUi adapt'd to wholesome um by ag ? It uat OLce iue ui Mt palatable, aa it ie em;!iat:ca'iy one ol lae b?rera??a in lue reacti of the publin To tne ibva.Ki.aa vttii a* to Ucse in health, it c inm<?r<t? neelr for :ts n&riv&Hed ?ualitiea v a tiiuB^aot of the rnfeat. mreat, aa-1 tnoat beneficent description, air! tusjy o( Vuc most dieUn*tiiebe<i physicians are uaiac it in taeu practioe with the happiaet result*. CLLitV * STOCK DALE. ProfriMtn. 3*d Walact street, rtuauelehia. WM. C. CO.NOVKK, A cent for the Pr&vrtetom, Zii Pa. a*., ew X g?n opposite Willarda' Hotel. PIKb OLD RYK WHISKY.?On naad aerera Dranda of Pars Old Ky? Whi?ly, Copper Dia toiled, made by tfce moat reliable diatulera in Penu ylvaaia, Maryland and 7 r*iuia, warranted pare,, imported KrAdtee, Ucnneasy, O'-ard, Dupuj aiio, reub tad A ppe Braatfy.fur* Holland 01c, oid Jan^oa aadSt. Croix Rom, wd Wjl* af?T?T variety,a^i of ratdard br*cia A. choice lot of CUrtr* Tobaeoo. YOUNG ar*EFHAUT.^?ent?, I|t4-W 4*4 P? hMw.ftth %n<1 l<*?h ra. (*\ MfSRViL. 9 w I >?? removed my 9 W Pawn office to Ml C atrMt, bttv*ra?K W?d Alt ?tre?U. immediate? i* the rear of the Natiocal Hotel, where the baetMM will be oontinoeil u her?tqfore at the oTtaad [no!6~*?>l IStAR BKR7H>:R6. 275 ALkKN 275 JACISON, FLASTBRSAS, Panu. Aram, www loth Md mil Itriwti. I* 1? \v traveling T&UNI8. Tf F. H?*? <u?t reoeived the utrteat Mtortmmtt and daw utfei the noat extoaaire v?rietj ?*ne O! soi.e l.kathkk.laoik^' dkk^b!*^ ??d packingtku^ch.hat boxi-s,^11" VA?.1I?Kj\ CARPKT BAGS, BATCHKL8,*O., m this city, wbioh we are mi! uc a? Ttrf iow rices. WALL. STKPHKN8 * CO . n?? *f Thk amkri an almanac for x**{. fritl fl, b?Jf oil? f 14ft by nut. K I ? V* er, * i.?w r.ovei by OiiTnr Wetydal) Bnlw'tj} ?oli. I2n ?- o'?>th- ?? , ,,,^?i.(3 0y mw1. I "ftjMfttV.cKFiiRS:25 f0l\ 87P P*DP. avenue I ^ prtciAL BARSATN IN two A* r :-ci ; Mv,i?ftoB?l*iiaori?Mi' * aIS; 1 M?'o4?oh tot uU or rest rri low. JOHN P. Kf-LIH, fa at Pa w., hoc 9th md loth m f^RKAT HAEGAW8 IN PIANOS.-On? Tory I bi ? fii-on, ?#Y#n-oot?T?. for , on* Chic k?-rtn? fur #U*>; on* Nawu.fcn #a,>yw"giri^feyttfvrfc"'o'T^r i ~J&CP, 20 CAlRr ^ >1 NervousHeadache neaaacne. By the im of these Pills the periodio attaoks of Nervous or Sick HeadacAe may be prevented; and if taken at the oommenoement of an attack immediate relief from pata and tie knees trill be obtained. They seldom fail in removing the Nautea and Headtuke to which females are so snbjeot. . They Mt gently upon the bowels,?removing Cotrtrswit. For Literary Mm, Smdmti, Dehoate Females, and all persons of tedmtary habit f, they are valuable as a Laxative, improving the appetite, giving tone and vigor to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elastioit* and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long investigation and carefully eonduoted experiments, having been in use many years, during which time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from Headache, whether origi nating in the ??r?o?u system or from a deranged state of the stomach. They are entirely vegetable in their eompositiou, ?nd may be taken at all times with perfeot safety without making any ohange of diet, and tkt ab unet of any disatrtrabU ta?t rtndtrs it taty to administir tkrm to ckildrta. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The senaine have five i*n?.?nr?? nf H?nr> p ? ? - ? ? WI Spalding on each Box. Sold by Drncciata and all other D?alera In Madioi net. A Box will b? ?ont by mail prepaid on raoeipt o the PRICE, Hi CENTS. All ordara ahoald b? addreaaed to HENRV C. #PALrflNO, 4?? Cedar 8tkiit? Nkw Voir. THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDING'S CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THEIR REACH. A* these Testimonials mere unsolicited by Mr. SPALDI5G, they afford unqiiestioH able proo f of ike efficacy of this truly scientific discovery. Masosvillk, Conn., Feb. 5,1861. Ma. SpALmwr.?Sir : 1 have tried your Cephalic PiIk, an'! 1 like them so well that 1 want you to eerid me two doi are worth more. Par? of these ar* for the neighbors, to whom 1 gave a few out of the first box I got from yon. Send th? Pil's by mail, and obhee Your ob't servant, JAMES KENNEDY. HAVKxroxi), Pa., Feb. 6,1861. Mr. {?paldi*g?Sir: I wish tou to send ire one more bo? of iou' Ophalic Pills, J have reetived a great deal if benefit from them Yours respectfully. MARY ANN 8TOIKHOU9E. Sprcci Creek, Hdxtinstos Co , Pa ,i January 18.1861. S H. C. Spaldiso?Srr: You will please senrl me two ooxex of jour L'epnaho Pills. Ser.d them immediately. Respeotfn'ly your*, JNO. B. SIMONS*. P K ?/ hart used one box <if four and find tkim exeelltnt. Belle Vkbxo*, Ohio. Jan. 15,18<M. Hi*bt C Staldiho, K?oPleat* find ir.olosed twenty five ocnts, for whioo eend me another box of your Cephafio Hill*. They art truly tkt bttt Pills I hart ?f)ir tried. Direct A. ftTOVER. P. M., Belle Vernon, Wyandot oo., O. Bkvirly, Mass., Deo. 11, IW*. H. C. Spalding. Etq : I wish for some mroulars or large show *>ilia. to brine yotfr Ceplnlio Pills more particularly nefore my cu?torrers. If you have anything of the kind, please send to me. ray onwim*r*. who ib suhjeot to aevere Mcfc Hea ache, luauallT laatiric twodaya.) tri* rurtd of an attack in one ktrttr by your Pills, which I ?ent her Re.?pectrnily yours, W. B. fVILKES. R?T50LDSBCBO, F>A5Kll!f Co., Ohio,# January 9,1881. \ Hfxrt C. ^pai.d'.so. No. 48 Cedar itreet, New York- Dear Sii: Inclosed find twenty five c<" t?. (25,> tor wiiioh aend bo* of ' Cephalic Pilla." >eud to a?l<!r*as o( Kev. Wm. C. Filler, Keyooldebu_*. F'at k in oo-.jntv, Ohio Your Ptil* work I tint a charm -eurt HtadacK* almo.'t iKitnnter. Truly your*, WM. C. FILLER. Yrsii.ABTi, Mich., Jan. 14.last. Mh. Spild'Jcs?Sin Not Ion* sines I cent to yon for a box < f Cepha'ic Hi:la fur the ours of the Nervous Headache ani Coati veneaa.and received the Mine, and tk*y had to food an tfftel that I was induced to sena for more. riease soud by return mail. Dtrwt to A. R. WHKKJL.KR. Ypsiianti, MiaJi. From the Examiner, Norfolk, Va. C?ph?!io Piiia acoomplnh the objfot f^r which th?* were mate, v.j: Cure of head&one in ail iu form*. From the Examiner, Norfolk, Fa. They have b*?n t?at?i in mors th\n a them Ml od ciwi, with entire snoeera. From ike Democrat, St. Cloud, Mtnn. If you are, or have boon troubled with the head ache, eend for a box,(Cephalic ?*j!la,> so that yon may have them in ease ol Rn.atiac*. From ike Advertiser, Providence, R. I. The Cephalic P:1U are said to be a remarkably effective remedy for the headache, and one of tha very ben for that very frequant complaint which has ever been disoovered From the IWestern R. R. Oaxttie. Ckiemc, III. We baartily enrforae Mr. Spalding, and hit unrival.ed Cephalic Pills. From the Eonateka Valley Star, EanaicAn, Fa. V\ e a-e auie that person* safferinjc with the head Wuo wuu ii3 uient, wiu niok to tiiem. Fr-m ike Southern Path Ftnder. New Orleans, Li, Tr? them ! ion that are afHiot?d and we are lore that your testimony can tx> added to the already turner ma >iat that hu reoeived benefit* that no ot^er medicine oaa pn>duo?. From tke St. Louis Democrat, The ifomeiiMdemand for the artlols (CephMio Pilla) it rapidly ineraaaing. From tk* Gaz'tte, Davenport, IotM. Mr- 8?aiding would not oonneot hl? name with an art io la he did not knove to poai?aa real merit. From tk4 Advertiser, Provident*, R, J. The teetimor* in their favor is strong, from the moafreij*ctab e ?a&rtera From tk? Daily Newt, Newport, R. /. Cephalio Pill* are ukinc the plaoe of all kind*. ICT A tingle bottle of SPALDINU'S PREPARED GLUE will mvi ton timet ito ooit innaally. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! BAVF. THE PIECES! ECONOMY! VIS PATCH Stitch is Time Savk* A* accidents will h&pp*n, even in well regulated Cfcwi i??, it i? very de?irah!e to have some cheap andtoonveiiient way fur rtpairing Furniture, Toy Croc*>ry, Ao. SfALDING'S PREPARED GLUE *i?eU *11 tncb m.ernecoiee. ftnd no houeehold oft tSorrt to be without it. It u always >e?dr. to the tUokin* point. - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N B.?A Brn?h accompanies eaoh Bottle. Prio * oenta. AddHENRy c SPALDING. No. 4? Cadar itrwt, Naw York. . CAUTION. Ac obtain tiepriaeipled person* are attemptini to p&n.i ..ii the uu?uk?*otinf peU.o, iimuuiuni of PkKPAKKU 1.1 i K. 1 would caution all Mrtoua to ei*m.Le before purol.fitlnc, and eee that the fell urn*, UJ-SfALDlNG'8 PREPARED ttLUR-TTI I sassr* bisks?* I ? 1 J MKDlCNW. j ik *?*, *?lw'A. BJl^T2UOK? j totik u>?irifiv Mri *a? oe.tflf HiiIfm mV ?? *. I i fiimiif w '*? Werltt, FOR ALL DISEASES^OF 1MPKUPKNC& LET yo FALSE DKLJCACX PRETEXT. APPLY IM.MP.D ATELV. 4 e*BK WAR K AKTETtl OR NO CHARGE IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Vuimi ?f U) iftlUNl llttl IUmji tad Kiddti, iaT?lut?ry niMlirj .1, Iteeteney, # * *! VirtmaiM, pit. U* liiifli.cir "low. ( lds??, P&lpitauan aflbt &rt,Ttf.iditT, lStxakiiaja, iiddioiu, Pinui ?f iht d, Tkraal, H?i? ar Skin, A Variant af tha kiojt, ttamck at Bavaia? Uaaa Yarrikla Duardara anaiog (i?m lalltary liMu at Tavtk?thaaa Dratdla) and Daiuictlva Praetieaa vkiak raa4*1 Mirritf* lnpaaokia, ud daatray kata lady ud MM TOM* MEM ifMUllv wka kiTi kicaict tki vtttiisa at alluty TIM, Ikat draadfal and daatntatiTa kak?t whiak aoaaall* avaapa tf a Bulimaly |n?i thaaaaoda af Yaaig Mao afika iraat asalitd taitnia aod krlliaat l'tal'att, *b? mijht alkarviaa k?l tatrastad lia;?n>oj Csaatca vhk tkaikaadara af tWeaaaaaa* vakadta tuiiiy iki l.tU( lyra, say tall whh rati MB* 4mm. MAUL! ACS. MiUlU MUOIt, ar TaurMaa imumMUi Mm rUga.kaiag iwin K phpaiaal THklM, Hfuli dthintp, dafrriniUM, ft*., JUT wha placaa hiatal? aadtr tka tar* af ! ?. I. aaaj rallgl It aaolSa la hit hana? aa a gaatlaoaa ud aaatdtatip rat i^to kii (kill u a pky alalia. orricE ik t aom r k>djulick ?teb?t, ( ft kind lid* jf?ing fr?a lilttani urtai, a faw daara (MB Ik* aarrot. Fail rat ta akaaraa aiai aad aaahtr. klUIH 1*1 k* paid aad aula alUaf. djl ioimitoi, Maahan aftha Eayal Callaga aftarg ?aaa, Vaadaa, raliaM fr*n Ma ?f tka i?a?t amiaaat Callagaa ia tka SaUtd Ttilr*. aad tka graatar part af wkaaa Ufa kaa kaaa apaot ta tka kaa* ttala af Lattdaa. Pant, Philadelphia aad alaawkata, kaa afr fattad hiii af u* maai aataoiaklng aarai that vara aaat knawn; many traakltd with ringing ia tka kaad aad aasa whao aalaaa: gr?at Dawaaanaaa, ha tog alaratad at aaddaa taaada, haatifainaia with frtqaaot kiathing, attaadad nal Kaaa with dafaagaaantaf mind, wara tar?d laa?dlatalT< TAKE PAETlCBkAK HOTICB. Yaftag Maa aad atiiara wka hara lajarad thamaalTM hp aanain praatiaa (adalg*d in wkaa alana?a kahit fraqaaaOp laaroad fraia a*il eampaalaoi, ar at ackaal, tka agaau which ara nightly fait a?ao wkaa aalaap, aad If aat taiadi Mndara nttnaxa imceaaikla. aad daatrava hath ml?a ui bad*, ahaald apply ioawadiatafy. Tftaaa art nna af tha (ad ana salaetbaly agaau pradaaad by aarl* habtu ?f yaa-Ji rill Waaknaaa af tha Saak aa< llraka, Pa in a in tin Maid, Dimnaaa af tight,]Laaa af Maaatlai h<ir, P*lpltetian af tha Baart, Drapapay, Waraaaa lrrtteatU ty.Darangamantaftha Dlgaatlva ranetiaca, Caaara.1 DibUlt) ayraptaraa af Canaaniptian, 4e. MENTALLY ? Tha faarfal afaataaa tha aalad III aMhU ka draadad?Laaa ef Maraary.Confanan af Ida&a, Dapraaalaa f CptriU, EtiI Farbadinga, Avaraian af Saelatr, alf-Diatraat, ka?a af aalitada.Tioudity, Mai af lb* a*il? pra iBCfd. MEITOII OBB1LITT.?Tkaaaaads ?aa Wkal la tha aaa<a afthair daelinlng baalth, laatng thair ?!gat, baaaralng aiak, pa!a, mrm and amaaiatad, taring a dagvlai appaaran t a akaat tha ayaa, c?af h a* aymptania af aaaiaaptiaa dinkaska or impkddsnck. WhaaUa iDiagaidadandinipradantTaUryafplaaja a lad* ka hai imfcikad th a aaada af thia pamfcl dlaaiaa, It taa aftaa kappaaa that an itl-iiraad aanaa af ahama ar draad af diaaarary datara bin fram applring la thaaa wha, frare adacatlaa aad taapaaukility, c?o tlana kafriaod kirn, la falla tat* lk? kanda af ignarsiu aud daalgning pratandara, wha, incaaakla af carii'.f, llcb Uia pacaniary aatatonca, kaap htm tnllag aothafiar manlh, ar aa laof aa tha amillaat fat can ka aktaioad, and in daapair laara fclra with raiua'l haaltfc ta aijrt a?at bia railing dlaappainlmant; ar by tba aaaafuAduoly pauan, Srlarcary, h&ttaa tha canatitatianal ayraptaroa af tbfa tambla diaaaaa, aathaa Afactlaoaaf Wia Haart. Thraat, Maaa, km. Ac., pragraaan.g with frightfal rapidity, Ull daatb aau I I inf. t* Qn drodTal taftrinra by ifnduif hira ta tkat a?dit?aT?r*d caanlry frara vbdi kaaraa oa iraraltr rittni ft. JOIMtOM'l MMEOY rOROMAIIC VIAUIM AMD IMPOTKMCT. by Uata rrtt t t a? Impartant ramady viUdiu ?f tk* mfiu art *y?*duy earad and fill ?if?r i tr.artd. Tkmiadt aftk* Ml a?rT?*i and dtkillutal, ?k* kid laat all kapa, ka?t k?*a lamadlataly ialla?*d. Ail iapadimiou t* MarrUf . Fkytlaal ? Mtatal DUacalllulitm, Wait #f Praara*Ura Pawar, Mar?aaa Irritability Trink!inf r.<t TTntaui > BxkaatUaa *flk* BMt fttrfa kiii ayaftlily cttad. KNr- KMTMf Of TBI PUII. riK MANY TMuCSAMIUcatad atthia inatiiattaa vltkla Ik* iui tavatitaaa and iha nintrtai lmpartaol llial1 lal aytiM'r ? pirftrrnti kt Ui. Jthnitr., vi'.aaaiad ky tk* taparitrt af Iki f'-fiu aei rnxry alkar fifiKt.tail**! ?l whrth Kara i?patM-l ??aln tad again kafaia tka aablla, ka Ma* kit ?t?QTi i* u a ??aUai*ai t! (h?ra*:*r aaa taiaaadkll tr. i* a a?*?l?ol firtnl** la tk* t rtlata-1. t?-ly JOY KOti THKStCK AMI S'JKFKKJNO. LET ALL WHO AH E AFFLICTED READ! Arr-LY THE REMEDY AMD REJOICE iiV HEALTH. Fri?nd, do you suffer? Aro you th? victim of any of tnoso^num_eri;us a;lir.f!Dta whioh aruo from im I puruy 01 w.e D:?oa.' w nature tiiey, do you ukf t Rather ant, what are they not.' The blood ia the ; source o 1 inofc!;i health. and it ? ''le first element of our being to respond to any c&use which affeota the system, if ti:n pe w ln/ailib.y atteata. The over i prevailing Nenralg ia, tfcs irritating Eryaipelas.Uie aubtle Scrofula, tho a?oni*i*>g Rheumat'*m, N?rvoua Debility, I)?*pejsi?. Ll*?r Complaint with ita torpor and dejsetu>n, and the numberless ilia that Oban ia heir to. derive their hideous origin from the blood. Dea! kinliy thes and gently with the blood. Uae the vitalix;ng rea<mrce? of nature for ita aid. and a offer us to commend to your oocfidonoe and ae that trniy Tenable medicament known aa Af US. M. cors INDIAN VEGETABLE PECQCTION. With regard to thla almost infallible specific popular Bantiiroat has apoken in decided torma ana the evidence of thia great elAoaoy are aua ' tained by oonstant avowa.s of curative effacta and th" happiest resume from ita nae are after all othei remedioa and tho boat raedio&l akili have failed. Let us say, in ooncluaion, that certificate# cures aire not sought the illiterate ana eater fioial. but they are volunteered from the moatra spectab'o aouror>e and justify the higheat terma In whioh it ia poaftible to oorr'.nen-l no valuable a apeoifio to public appr< va: We n;ay add aicu that the curative properties of the niediome are equalled : only by ita restorative effect;, the system recovering from i! with renewed constitutional vigor. For aaie by ail reapeotable Drujrgiata in thia oitv.and by tho proprietor, MHS. wl. COX, i N?ns teuuir.e un eaa her name ia blown on the botiie ard her seal on the cork VJ" Trice 01 per bottle. six bottle* for i. WKoUml* Afr*t. K. S*. T. CIS8KL. Druggist Georgetown. I) C.. Wholesale Agent for the DIb triot, and wifi en?piy the trade at my prices, i au 18-tr Da. J. BOVEE IlOU'? IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are now b*lng used from Mair.e to the fj reat Salt LaVo, ani tue universal verdict of all who uae t!i*:a either as a mid'twt or aa a btrtrnn, ia that th'y ar J ?r _?-the trorla. I>r. JKx^a used V.-y.>n ?3'>ns?9 ?Uy in >'? prroticc far lb years before we paroUar-ui cty .T Wi* w.a right to manufacture and prya.-st f?c ? a to the nu'tilio. Forth* ovre of Itc-?i?><t C?n^?.iapt!on, IndJi9t4ioit, Dyr p?<wia, Piia?. Kti'iau Dias?:-.e?, Female Com plairts. uci oi?.n r*i?<nag a ionic, tcey are barons doiibt 4 ant i2Ti;eab!e r-.ncdy, A?ico fton Lieir me<iio'.Pf'9rTj>?rlica thry ne a pare, wholeeome aid '"e: ghtfsi Bf-^?raje, producing all the t p.eararji 6K;.l!i3T*iing electa cf Jirai dy or Wine i without their iulirtoia re?>iit3. Let aj friends of ! finmftn'.U r 11 ^ - ? a - * , mil aru* *cs 'JI IPTQfSninOB Kill >;? is isbetituin* tails rainaL'.# Vet?tai>lfl fitter* for the ???.??*< tr.d cAniitratvl Linetrj with wi::o i Uie ooaatrr fi ?<.>dHl, and tncrobyef fao'ua It Rid in biruklux and Drsnteneii tr?na the I ted. 0UAKI.E8 WI.DD1F1KLD fc CO., trvtrieivr*, W?iii**n atrcte;, N"rw Y*rk? 1. BCHWARZE. At?n*? Wwhioctoa, D. C. DR. J. BOVKE I>OD9; IMPERIAL GIN BITTERS. ?ot Dimhm of MmJUAmts* Bladder and Unnar* urtftDi, aad esp^otallT for ?ratal* Obstruotiont. nefer fail to ccr?, and are warranted to flftua Charles widdifielo & co.4 Proprietor!. Tb William ty j?7 lyj Agent. W?*hin?ton. PTb. ;|Puh|sim^ I The above PORE W rtoM Malts? Gbaim. being anterior and uniform in tuality, ana htghly improvedbj age, ia preferred pr oonramera to all other Whiakiea, and partioularly reoommended by the beat phyaiciana and ci<emista as aosaeeaing all the (saniramenta of ft Tru* Tcnit Inviformtorwnd Rtmtdial Agtnt. I The BohnrlkiU Water ol Philadelphia. mad la the aieuKation of thia Whiaky, ia proved Dyanaly(la to be the eofteat and poreat water in tha United Btatea; and to ttaa may, in a treat degree, ba at trir>uted the exoelleuo? of thiaJVhiahy. i For sale by FREEMAN ft SIMpSON, hheiax Diatxllerr. . On the BohnTlkili river .Philadelphia .

Offleei?9ti VVMlatroet, New York ; 109 South Fro'it atr^et. P'i;iadei?iy*. war *>-!? A oy- Qonp Juet received by "nOK8> oyu?KIHCIt * RICHSTEIN,> jf 15*%Av"J0?' WA?M1NOTON, 110 la the Old Worid. dt KrednK urAm(. . o TOU , limn cloth; rit% Bremer ; J Ono ol Them, by Chii^e Lever, p\per sn oente ao'^ntf8 ?m S*a' hj Wck?o?, paper; The Amerioan Question. 10mo , cloth : tnsa na ass flayaaagpt*** ?*? ^v.^ Mmtwonmu T*wrf4or uten iatxohMtxf WA""^Sgjg^ ' t* ' Ci 1, Mgyf > . i I AM?,?ow.*AU?iy1.__' ' *" ? ..^prfjiysr, Will praoUM In t;.? High Court of Krrors m mliit Jaokaon,the Federal Coirt at Pcntot**. ( >? Conru or thsMvaatb Judioiai unmet cf Ml* PSSSIJ, * ? * ? PUBLIC ADVERT^SEM ENT. pUBLIC II Oil Public notice la b?r*by uren that booda *o4 oonpon* idoumi. ?' ?i>? << "" ? w? Mt forth, hare lately bMi felonioaaly abetraoted from the eaatody of U? Interior Department, the aame being the property of tiM United Ptatea and held in tmat for oertain Indian tribea. Notioe aaa alao been given to the proper vfftoera of the reepeetire Btatea to atop the payment thereof ; and all peraona are warned againat parohaaing or receiving any of aaid bonda and eoapoaa, aa the olaun of the United Statea thereto will be proaeented to the utmost extent Each bond being for the aam of one thouaand dollar*, vis: Six per oent Miaaonri Coapon Bonda, iaaaed in Jane and Aagnst, lift. State of Miaaionri, 8t. Loala and Iron Monntaia R R Ateta Bond No. 3037 Bond No. 1823 1878 1827 199? 1822 1821 1W8 1820 2008 1819 *>07 1818 1W3 1809 1994. 1817 1995 181# 1891 1815 1990 1814 1891 1813 1991 1811 2003 1810 2001 1811 1991 IROft 2006 2031 3005 3033 3004 3034 3001 3035 1999 3036 3000 3083 3009 1836 1877 1838 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 1833 1RR9 IRAQ 1883 I860 1884 1870 1884 1871 1880 1871 1887 1873 . 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 3030 2045 3039 2048 3018 2048 30IT 2047 301ft 2044 3015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2013 30t3 3010 3038 3011 ?>ni? VVD 1H25 . 99 bonds 1824 Noti.?Bond* No. l?w, and below of tbis scries, issued Jane. 1(WT. and hoods No. 2"ft1,aod above that, dated An rust. 18OT. parable at the Phcsaix Bank, New \ oik city, in IKJ. State of Missouri six percent. coupon bonds, vis: Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad State BondsBond No. ISM Bond No. 1626 1852 1627 1851 1628 1850 1629 1849 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 1R46 1862 1845 I860 1844 1861 18.12 1856 1R.U IRAQ 1833 1855 1834 1854 IBM 1821 1837 1813 1838 1824 1839 1815 1649 181ft 1640 1827 lft35 1818 161* 1819 lftl3 1R30 1 <114 1831 1615 lft4I 161ft 1641 16J7 1643 1618 1644 1619 1645 1620 1646 1611 1647 1611 1648 1864 1637 1634 lft*8 1?31 1840 1631 1841 1633 1843 1611 1650 1857 1816 163ft 1817 1630 1818 1639 1819 1841 1820 1033 1HJI 1(24 lft* 90 bonda Not?.?Th*?e bonda ar* daUd January, law, arable at Hank of Comineroa, New York, In NoTMnber, 18?? lntoraat payable in January and July of Moh joar. Btats of MImobm lix m Mot Con?on North Mirvoori ft. R. 8*au bonds. Bond No.{3952 Bond No. 1039 2940 1038 2939 1041 3941 1042 3943 10i3 3940 1044 3946 1045 3944 1040 3943 1047 3947 1048 2948 1049 2949 1040 n \ r a ?>* iM<) IT>5(J XW7 2923 2938 2923 1852 2924 1?54 2936 1655 2911 l?-*>2 2953 1?M 1?5T 2921 1T05 24*8 ITflS 2512 IW 2512 2452 2&14 2453 2515 2454 3516 2454 3911 *156 3W0 345T 3813 3458 3911 3459 3914 3460 Mil 3461 3911 3463 291T 3463 1918 . ? 3464 3919 3466 . 330 3466 54 3467 3955 , ? 1651 80 hoadf ?gg?liEH?G5&t i*ww a via v*?| Mmoui Nortk Bond No. 2773 Bond No- 2761 2784 1787 2786 - * rso 2T81 ST17 2782 , . 2734 2779 i * 2721 2783 271? 2711 2733 2712 2722 2710 2720 2725 2716 2777 2727 2776 2724 2765 2731 2768 2766 2769 2720 TT7ft Mia ? " ?llO im iris i 1784 1714 1778 1764 , 1771 I7J? ins sm 1774 17H 1780 mi 1731 1707 AO to* ?!a2w?KSSi5?'!M # / a NImowI 8tz-??r mil Paatf* ftAilrMi ?tt* Cotfoa Boms. Bond No. IS46 Bond No. ISM t2H Mil I145 5258 HI ?JN *243 6254 3242 6255 6241 .6253 6240 52>3 5239 5261 5238 6250 5287 5240 5235 5247 52*4 5348 5233 5195 S2S2 5196 >331 boOO 5200 4099 6199 4997 6198 4890 6197 4998 6010 4889 5tM 4888 6307 4870 M08 0167 6309 ? 6383 01 bond! 6300 Bonda of North C&roiina?Coapon six par mbL North Corollas an par otato. Bond Ho. 36 load No. 901 33 301 <3 300 31 397 9 336 T 334 >40 303 ?48 1M *47 104 *40 30 343 19 342 18 *41 IT 340 15 *39 li *38 8 ?T U 136 10 *36 102 328 101 *39 100 *30 99 331 101 331 I *38 28 334 22 22T 16 326 31 317 98 318 97 316 96 296 95 *? on A < 4-iv v4 238 M 237 ftO 236 ? 308 72 bond* Noti.?Theeo bond* are dat*d January, lusfi. payable January, IMS, at Bank o? Bepublio, New York, Interest payable in Jaoaary aod July. North Carolina 6 per eenta. Coupon Bonds. uona rt*. Bond fio. 735 831 736 831 758 830 759 829 760 834 701 W5 . 7(2 836 703 8ST 704 838 TOO 871 791 872 (792 873 ?793 ? 874 794 > 874 796 878 TWO 8T7 797 878 798 879 799 880 goo m mi 840 80S 847 803 848 804 849 805 8*0 80? 851 808 861 80T 858 811 864 - 811 8M J8IS 856 814 667 815 858 816 860 817 861 818 862 819 86* 820 864 821 865 on 864 823 861 824 868 825 826 870 827 883 828 882 839 884 846 885 841 7*1 844 732 845 7S3 734 104 bonda North Carolina aix pmr ?mI Co?por bonds. H..J Vo CAA ?k - ? ? 0VBU JT? MU HO. 493 606 464 661 496 604 466 665 467 ??6 611 607 498 668 tio . 616 ill 611 481 II 466 613 486 609 484 614 486 622 486 613 487 624 488 625 486 ?2? 490 627 648 ft 1ft IM ml 9 ml) at Ml s ms 615 MS M4 M Ml &31 mt its MS US Ml M4 Mt Mt Mt MS Ml MT Mt tit ?16 tti it tit tit *14 619 *17 4W 914 447 423 449 944 479 944 902 447 499 948 440 960 442 992 490 471 421 4T2 441 472 496 474 437 474 417 476 439 477 435 478 438 479 433 480 431 613 601 513 544 491 119 Wads 493 taU * . *1 Bm4 H*. U1 *1 1*1 ? U IM *? IM M *: ' IM # m * * ? Boad No 97 B<md No 96 Ml 99 164 1M T*i 122 ITS 123 191 U4 1?S 12S 1?S 12* 194 LS7 1?> 11* 1W ITf 19T 1 m 1M in iw l.? SO* 157 144 45 bosdo 144 Two boa<U f?r l^M Moh. d&ud April, 110*. Bond No. Bond No 14 Fi.'t?<n N>oda for il.M? ?Mk, dated Q?ot?i. uin tib P?rtbl? u wak o(Kifi?"?i Ootobor, WlfTU: Bond No. 1183 Bond No 11?2 1184 11M 1186 UM 1186 UW 1187 11M 1188 1197 1189 1190 lStoadi 1191 T^r?L trttssnsrsvistsk 011?, Of tb? fo. loving itmhwi, m4 iu? ?ry. lta: Bond No. >17 Bond No. 41* 278 419 294 478 297 477 409 - 401 413 498 414 721 And of U>? following cumbor* luwod JnaanryJKOt Bond No. 828 Bond No. 12T8 829 1366 830 And of tfco following iwbtn umd JuMrr^l* Bond No. 1744 Bond No 2855 2119 2891 2132 2892 2581 3088 2605 2121 And of tho following nnmbor* loraod January. MM. Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 UU 4208 346* 4209 346? 4210 3487 4211 3489 4213 3470 4213 3471 4214 *471 4431 *758 4517 3894 453* 3941 4560 3942 4556 *943 4 MM 3944 4549 3945 4579 3948 4571 3985 4749 4199 4751 4200 4681 Aixl of th? following nnmt>era imum! Jmo&rf, WSTi Bond No. 5056 Bond No. 5419 5195 5421 5326 5426 5359 5427 5360 5430 5361 6434 5362 6436 6363 6437 6364 6438 6366 6439 6366 6449 6367 6441 6*8 6442 6369 6463 6379 6444 6371 6446 6372 6462 6*73 . 6618 6374 6619 6376 6620 . 6376 66SI . 6*77 66S2 6*78 6793 6379 6704 6*89 ?706 6*81 6796 6386 9797 6380 6708 6387 6709 63?8 6719 6711 6711 M?1 * 671.1 6*M 67M 6*M 68.'*# 6416 S?U/\ -? Mir 6841 M18 Orrira or thb t>ir?mkT or tri Ikteeiob. December M. 1MR. a 13-dtf J. THOMPSON. SooroiMT. GAS FITTING, kc. A WM. T. DOVK A OO. . ... ARE Now prepare*) to MMiti ic; ortot wttt whic n tper ism be floored ib tfce PLUM BINS, GA^ FITTING irr Store on M etroot, t term door* north of Pa. kMML where m*T be Ned a onmalete aeecrtineei of CHANDELIER J? tjA other ti AS, dTEAMikI WATER FlATI'KERT ioti \w pLUMBERB AND G_AS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON A CO. Would oa<l the alteration ol water tax era to thaif tall aaaortmoat ofKixturea Dttrauri to ita introBOILERS. RlTCHEtf SINKt*. PUMPS. ?a* {joe. wr<>ti|at Iron. Lead and 6alTmniao<! \f 4HavinZ aapertor admntafea, with pmftftnl k"owled|e, wa are prepared to inttodaM WtMr into dwaUtnca with all the lateet tiranrreir eaia, pro?rpt j, and at p. ioea that oannot fad to aatuty. ? 9 PAUL avenue. bo M-dtMar 1 bee 9th and loth eta.. aoath aula, WG A 8 FIXTURES. E Hare ib atore, and are da< j reoatriaj, BAM FIXTURES ofonUrolj New Patterna andDeeia aa and FiaiaD.euperior la atria to anrUiMW horotofcru offeree Ln tiua market. We iBTftecibseM immI Ij to oall and examine oar a look of Gaa aadWatar Futurea, ft*- n cedent that we bare the baal siXKS Will be proaaptlj atterxlod in mar Mf ***** A J^SNTDE^pxBgH AMn OAX rm,M HU removed to tfe* oomer ofTwihk m/ P ??. Hf pr*par?-c to lbu-oclo? Water ud 6u i*h U>? moot fevombl* tarmt, ud (taraatiM sOsthwotioL o"?? owYjLysHt.rD *4l MOTICM IS HIKlt'C3WVS?lfL:2S?+ WoiTl OP oWWSom timTftCNta, Of tat StvUi mmd Qmmiitut. if A ?Ulf linifKI oa COST. 11 the (Hook im *.77 OOVKAD PTOEM, SSrbwfKS. ah Sttl-r* Ml^t *'?*t MCi.kMMuntl r?tMlMlltM(rrSS. Burn r>e<o^ origiaaJ oo?u Tb? aUf?Lo59 MIWM u Ko.icilMt.M g'fl indeeemeete^* b? to ptircrtMcn. Th* at>ove ?K>m^ru?>? a !?'? stock of tk? fcaMI ufchty, ud Ann conttwtwijho?,Bokli. tor ?<Mud iNtitiMi V" BSbT? for V. B^-Th? ?N)T? *toek, tilknii wkol* or*? mm t?ii UVJ*i brfUr opportunity Iku mam Bs^?sarga&'*'>' rz9 DOOTS AND m?, mn_m jsurqW. K^uK^aaysS? bm)? ol ? rtw? ><? work o? 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