Newspaper of Evening Star, March 12, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 12, 1861 Page 1
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M i * (jftattw Sta r. ' ? V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. MARCH 12. 1861 N?. 2.515 ?Mi?????????I?? ?j? ???? # THE DAILY EVENING STAR n r UBUHUED E VBR Y AFTERNOON, reVMPAYP EXCEPTKD.) AT THK STAR iriLDINM, C*rntT of Frnnsy'vMti* menus mnd lllA St., BY WW 9 Vi VT AlitiAVn. eerved la ptottfM bf atrritn it l< k y *?r, or SI oeats yer month. To mail aabeerlbera fee f rioe i? f a rwr, im ?4eonc?, |i for all rcontha; ?1 for thro* months; and for lew than ttirve months at the mta of 13 oonti a week. Bint ie "yiea, oitKcaan ia wr&ppara, two cmits. fCT Aar**Tikmiht9 would beeeut to the oSoe More U o'o.ook R.uolharwiaa they mar not MHV matfltbo aextday. LllBEtU BROWTS TH ANKSGI VINO DINNER. Simeon Brown atood in the doorwaj of hia father's kitchen, in the early dawn of a fair May morning; hia face ahorn of all its wonted toyouaneaa, like an autumnal foreat, when the ieavea haa gone down behind the bleak, gray kill*. I've got to go, mother," he aaid, at laat, addressing a middle-aged woman, who atood folding a small parcel, before the cleanly coured dresser, ''and I may as well go atonoe ?come, aay good-bye !" " Yea. you re got to go, an' it 'ill break vour old mother'a heart, Simeon, an' bring down ier gray haira in sorrow to the grave," ahe answered, in a petulant, grieving voice, as ahe put down the parcel, and came and atood beside him. ' No, mother, no?don't talk to," he aaid soothingly, "jou know I'm obliged to go?it'll be the beat for oJ all?we oan't gat on if we Btmj here !" "Ye?, we can, Simeon?jes, we can, bat you've got abore jour old home, an' y?ur old mother, an' now?" " Liabcth!" The voioe of h?r husband silenced her querulous complaining, but she put her apron to her eyes, and rocked herself to and fro in the abandonment of utter despair. " I shan't be gone long, ' continued Simeon, his voice trembling, in spite of all his efforts to steady it, "not more than two years at the farthest, and then we'll all go, and have a nice little home together, and you shall oall your last days your best ones." Her face brightened up a little, but she asked half in hope, half in fear : ' But if you fail, Simeon?if you fail, what then'" A sudden shadow dashed out the sunlight from bis brave, young faee, but it returned again in an instant, and his broad chest expanded, and the muscular cerd in bis bronxed wrists worked visibly as he replied : " I shall not fail, mother ?** His strong faith somewhat reassured her, and she looked up almost cheerfully. 41 Well, maybo you won't, Simeon?I hope 00, at any rate?you always was a good boy, an I trust the Lord '11 help you." * x trust so motner; tne sun's 'most up; I malt be off; take care of yourself while I'm gone; good-bye!" ' Good-bye, Simeon; good-bye, my good boy ?that never gave his old mother a cross word or caBsed her a moment's trouble in his life? God bless you!" He held her in his arms for a moment, and then turned to his father. " Good-bye, father; do the best you oan until I return !" " Good-bye, my son; God's blessing go with you!" 44 Here, Simeon, stop a moment!" called his mother, as he turned toward the door, 44 I'd most forgot 'em, an 'I made 'em on purpose for you?some u' the seed oakes you always liked so well, think of your old mother when you eat 'em." Simeon dropped the little package in his pocket, draw his hat over his eyes, ana steDned oat. Faith Hunter, hia foater-siater, wu awaiting him in the yard. "I'm going down a little piece with you, Simeon.1' she Mid, ' and ao you need'nt bid me good-bye." " He drew her hand through hia arm, and they walked on aide by aide down the winding patbway, the dewy paatarea and browaing kine around them; and overhead, the cryatal heavens emblaioned with the saffron dawn-tint* of the opening daj; abe, waiting for bim to speak first, and be irresolute as to wbat bo should aj. Tbere was, in his heart, a great tide of feeling, wbioh had been steadilj deepening and gaining strength ever since a winter night sixteen years before, when his mother came home from the death-bed of a friendless widow, bringing with her a little, helpless habe, and told him that she was to be, from henceforth and forever, his sister. And she had been, ind aVAD mnrn thin * aiatAw urv? if ?? ? ? - ?? ?mmm-mmm - | |fVI ItHpOj I a OUVU a thiog be possible. Side by aide they trod the flowery paths of ohildbood, sharing every pleasure and pain, and joy and sorrow, almost the same existenoe; hand in hand they entered upon an untried road of youthful anticipation; bat now they were about to separate and all the mighty lore, which had grown np ia the youth's heart, and strengthened with hU strength, was struggling fiercely for esoape, but he resolutely kept it back. No matter if that timid little girl at his side was dearer to him than all the rest of the world, than his own life even, he most not speak it to her then. 6he was nothing but a child, and he had no home, no inducement?nothing but his strong hands and brave, young heart to offer her. Yet how oould he leave ner, how could he go away, without some alight assurance that he would not be quite forgotten ?" Ilia love was great and strong, and entwined itself about its object with an unyielding clasp that oould not be torn away without almost uprooting life itself; he knew and felt it, and trembled at the bare possibility of being forgotten . " Faith," be said, at last, making an effort to steady his voice, "do you know that I am sorrier to leave von than anv one else, not *t*d i mother excepted ?" ''Are 70a, Simeon?" she asked innocently, uplifting her trustful eyes to his face. " Yee, I am, Faith, and I want to know if you'll quite forget me when I'm gone away7" " Why, how eould I, Simeon, when you're been so good and kind to me7?no indeed, I shall never forget you!" "And will you be glad to see me when I come back, Faith?" " Why, to be sure, Simeon; what make* you ask?" " Because I want to know?you're sure you'll be glad ?" 14 Very sure, Simeon." " Very well, I shall be baek ia a year or ao, and shallexpeet you to keep your promise." " I shall Imp it?and you've given me so nany little things, that I want to give you something, and I've nothing bat this?it's my little Bible?I want yon to to take it, Simeon, and think of ma when yon read it." Hi? strong hand trembled as he unfolded the lt?i. ? ?-~? r? ?? 1 * ?<* uwku? At ww fiiwuj, atUOlM thing, daintily bound in moroooo, with ailver cleap, inecribed with theaimple word, "Faith.' Ilia ?jm filed np with teara m he looked at it. " 1 don't know how to thenk you fer thia, Faith?whr, it almoet seema like oarrying you with me, amoe it's got your name on it. I'll read it every day, end alwaya keep it here, Faith," he aaid, dropping it in hia breaatpooket, and buttoning up hia ooat, aa if he wanted it eloee to hia heart. By thie time they had reached the gate? the old red gate upon whieh they, had awung together a thooaand timee in their happy child hood. " I moat go back, now, Simeon," aaid Faith, atruggliag hard to keep back her teara, "aunt Lubeth will want me to. help about the milk* ing?good-bye!" " Oood-bye, Faith; take oare of youraelf, and of mother." He tore hia hand from her lingering claap. threw hia knapeeek acroea hia ahouldcra; the old red gate eloeed with a ringing clang, and Faith turned tearfully homeward. chill November wind towed and whirled the dry elm leave* on the common in front of Reubaa Brown'a oottaje, and blew the thin gray lock* about hia forehead, aa he atood in tae yard, harnearing up the old-faahioned, - a _ a " Hadn Yyou better hare jour yarn mittena, Reaben?" sailed hia wifa from tha doorway, "tbe air a bitin' eold, aa' wa'll bava mow before ai^bt, I eao tell by tbe way the wind . " Maybe I had, wife," he replied, gathering up the reins and mounting the creaking seat. " Ran, Faith, with Renben'a yarn mittens; they're under the lonnge in the baok room? hurry, ohild!" Faith ran oat, her pretty ourli blown about her face, and olimbing on the wheel, held the reina until the old man drew the mittens on. " Harry back, Reuben," oalled Liabeth, "I don't want my Thanksgiring dinner to spile with waitin'. " Ato. a*e. wife!" Old Dobbin pricked up bla ears, and started forward; tbe old-fashioned buggy went oreaking down the lane, and was soon lost to sight bj the swaying elm boughs. " Now, Faith,'' said Lisbeth, tucking up her sleeves, and tying on her ample linen apron, "if ever we was spry in our lives, let's be this morning. They'll be home by 2 o'clock, and it's most 10 now; an' there's the beef to roast, an' the turkey, an' the minoe pie to bake; an' goodness me, I wonder if the bread's rU!?yes, indeed, iest as light as a feather! It's jest the nioest tning in the world for Simeon to get home on Thanksgirin' day, ain't it, Faith ?n Faith said, 141 es, ma'm," very quietly; and the happy woman went on: " Poor Simtnie, it's been many a day since his old mother cooked a dinner for him?an' he always liked my cookin*. 'Mother,' he used to say, 'I never saw any oneoook things as nioe as yon do.' How lucky it was, Faith, that you made that raisin cake yesterday. He always lifted it. I remember when he was 'most a baby. I can see him now, with his brown curls all a dancin' round his rosy face. He used to i<>ti<h hnlH n' mi <!? ?n' say, 'Mother, won't you have raisin cake Thanksgivin'day ?' Bless his dear heart!? the best boy that ever lived ! Never give his old mother a cross word, or caused her a moment's trouble in his life ! I know he ll enjoy his dinner. Chop up them apples, Faith, an' we'll have the pies on in no time." Faith did as she was bidden, tripping round with a drft and quiet handiness that made hor sweet face all tne more attractive; and by twelve o'clock the huge turkey and great rnnnH ftf Hvara r\i?olw mince piea and the mammoth loaf of bread were fairly done. 'Gettin' on finely, Faith, said Lisbeth, stirring and beasoning a bowl of gravy. ''We shall have dinner in good time. You may get tho table, and then go and dress yourself. What'll you wear? "iour new merino frock, won't you ?" " I don't know, ma'm," said Faith, blushing and averting her face. " I would if I was you. It's the prottiest dress you've got, an' Simeon always liked to see us dressed well. I shall put on my brown muslin that Reuben bought when he went down to sell his wheat last fall, and that dove-silk shawl the deacon's wife gave me, an' mj new cap that Miss Stebbs made. An' you wear your blue merino, Faith, and the gold chain that Simeon ? ?? *nn T .?'ll ? - ?? 0 ?. ? J VM y A auun li it pvaoc him." Faith did not reply, hat a happy light lay in her soft blae eye as she tripped out to set the table. * * Two o'clock foand everything ready?the old walnut table covered with the finest linen, and the brightest and prettiest of everything that the oottage afforded spread out in tbe center of the best room; the round of beef smoking at one end, the huge turkey at the . i * - * - - - - omer; ana me mimmotU loaf, rising, mountiin-like, amid a profusion of berry-brown pie* and oakea,while tne sideboard groaned beneath heaps of yellow applea and atone pitchers of sparkling cider. In the doorway, nicely robed in her brown muslin and dove-ailk shawl, her dark hair (juat beginning to be streaked with silver) put smoothly back beneath her best lace cap, stood Lisbetb, her face all aglow with anxious expectation Faith flittod hither and thither, shaking out the folds of a curtain, or re-arranging a branch of evergreen, looking quite proiijr iu uor new merino, me necit ana sleeves edged with a fringe of misty lace, and her auburn curls streaming over her shoulders like waves of sunshine. It might have been a consciousness of her own fresh loveliness that brought the rose-flush to her cheeks, and made her pause onoe in a while before the little oval mirror, to assure herself that Simeon's gold chain waa all right, with the clasn iust in front. It might have Seen something else, be that as it way, Faith was not to blame, for that which we often term maiden vanity deserves a far holier name. [to bb contixubd.J Riaki vm Rn? n?a ~ . * va> wrww A ??? IWP? The Philadelphia Ledger My* the sale of brats bars for gold one*, wbicb was successfully tried a few years ago, has been repeated within a day or two, a German of this city having been swindled out of *520 by that means. The bars sold are about six inches long and an inch and a half wide, and a quarter ofau inch tblck, and colored to bear a very close resemblance to sold. In order to effectually deceive, the party who wants to sell has a file coated with particles of gold, which he rubs en the edge of one of the oars. Tbe particles of the genuine metal filling Into a piece of paper, they are taken to a jeweller, who, nrnnniin^lntr tham ? - ?uvmu gi'iW) ? ua? uoc 11 rc^aruru a sufficient to satisfy of the character of the bare. | This waa done In ihe caae referred to. The German wbi told that the pirty offering to sell waa on tbe point of leaving the city, and that be could not remain to grtthe ban coined. Believing this, and that be waa about to make a handsome turn by tbe operation, be became tbe purchaser of most valueless pieces of metal, under tbe idea that he was buying so much gold Lvniciors Mistake in a Tbanhlation ?Miss Cooper, daughter of tbe novelist, in a late work entlthd ' Pages and Picture*," gives an amusing account of the blunder of the translator who first rendered her father's novel, "The 8py." Into the French language. Readers of the book will remember that the residence of Wharton family was called "The Locusts " The translator referred to bis dictionary, and found tbe rendering oftbewordto be Ltt Saunttrtlltt, "The Grasshoppers." But when be found one of the dragoons represented as tying his horse to one of the locusts on the lawn, it would appear as If he might have been at fault. Nothing daunted, however, but taking it for granted that American grasshoppers must be of gigantic dimensions, be gravely Informs his readers that tbe dragoons secured b'.s charger by fastening the bridle to one of the grasshoDDers before the door?annarantlv tan<ltn<r I mm - - - ~r I / ~ for that purpose! Tui Pmcbssior or the Eqcmoxis ?In consequence of the preceaaion of the equlnoxea, tha tarry he*vent are continually changing their aspect from every portion of tbe earth's surface The early racea of mankind beheld in the far north tbe glorious constellations of tbe southern hemisphere rise before them, which after remaining long invisible, will again appear In those lstitudea after the lapae of tbouaands of years. Tbe Southern Cross began to become invisible 5*2 deg. 30 mln north latitude, 9.000 years before our era, since, according to Galle, tbJi constellation might previouaiv have reached an altitude of more than 10 deg When It disappeared from tbe borlson of the countries of the Baltic, the great pyramid of Cbeopa hid already been erected more tnan 500 years ?Humboldt A Gioantic Pbojict ? It laaald that the Emperor Napoleon baa given hla aanctton to tke project of building a railway between Calais and Dover Tbla undertaking, probably the moat atuprndooa in tbe history of the world, contemplates the tunneling of tbe British channel between the two points above named?a distance of nineteen miles It is intended, we believe, to i bnild a number of stations, or Islands, along tbe ; route. Tbe bed of the channel slong the proposed route has been ascertained to b? of solid rock, which will render tbe proposed tunnel, when completed, impervious to water. Contractors are bosv preparing their estimates of the probable expause of the work. trr In 1850 South Carolina tried tbe experiment of building up a navjr, and appropriated *500.000 ' toward two steamships to carry cotton, snd at tbe tame time b? ready to convert Into war veaela. One teeuehip w?i built, but theSUte *ot egr*gionaly swindled by the contractor Tbe ahlp would not perform tbe duty required of her, and ifW tumbling about front mm port to another waa fUMlljr Ml to rot lo oo* of tbo doeka la England MISCELLANEOUS. C DINNER PARTIES. IT1ZEN8 Arc Sojourner* tn Washington are respectfully reminded that the tubecriber l* prepared to furmsh DINNER ENTERTAINMENTS, for any number of gentlemen, in a *tyle equal to that of any aimilar establishment in the United Statee. and on very moderate term*. Hie nitee of Parlor* and Dining-room* for the aoonmmndation of Dinner and Supper Parties, hi* Table arrangemeets, Cook*, Servant*, fce., are nnsnr puie?; Mwi-1. as hi* Wines, whioh enjoy much oelebrity. HCTeepeotfally aske a oontinnanoe of the patronage of the publio heretofore so liberally bestowed upon him, aod pledges his best exertions tojcive entire satisfaot.on. fe 11-lm C GAUTIER. /Ov The old estab'ished PAWN 0*"- /<?v JL JLPICE, formerly on Penr. avenue.XwJL O ?oetween 3d ard ?ta. haslatoljO Q b >en roinoved to 351 C st., between aud 6m its., back of the National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTJCE!! NOTICE!f! 10,000 to oe loaned in small sums on bold and Pilfer v\ atohes. Jewelry, and all other artioles of valae. Ba?ine?s strictly and confidentially done. Don't forret in rut.11 m? TVn. .151 f! mt Ksrwasn *\z and 6th sta. ft37-3m I. HK.RZBF.RO. CWOOD AND COAL. ONSTANTLY On hand a large assortment of the very beat quality of RKD and WHITE ASH COAL of all a.zea, which we will deliver to any part of the city at the shorteat notice and at moderate prioea. 2.24Apounds to the ton in all canes. Also. HICKORY OAK and PINE WOOD in oord length or sawed and split to any sise required. SHERIFF &. DAWSON, South side Pa. av., bet. 3d and 4)g ft* , fe ?7-2w and west side ih at. and the Canal. JOHN F. ELLIS. SOLEAGEXT FOR THE SALE AND RENT CHICKEftING &FSONS' PIANOS, 306 Pkxna. Avanu*. Between 9;A and l"fA Streets, ma 2 North Side. ?-pHK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. JL EMRICH- at the oorner of Penn. A . A avenue and Eleventh atreet, haa beonycSftV greatly improved rec.VitlT and cw offer* freater inducement* for the patronage of citizens and strangers than any other publio house in the oity, his prioes being less than those of any other hotel on Penn. avenue, and his accommodations fbr permanent or transient boarders unsxoeptionable. Tho bar and restaurant arrangements of ths European Hptel have already become very popu lar. bring all that can be desired by the most fiutidious. Tne proprietor pledges unremitted attention and continued liberal expenditures to give satisfaction to all, and thus renews hn invitation *f all to give the Huropean Hotel a call. de4-ti JL?I Kbl htVKU AT KK KNUH ft RICHSTEIN. !i78 Fenn. avenue, Washington. T'he Pickwick Papers," being th* Lrstofthe elegant househould edition of the works of Charles Oiokens; illustrated by T. O. C. Darl?y ami John Gilbert. Riverside pr as. Call acd examine them. Alio, a nrw supply of D*rley's Illustrated Cow per, the finest edition published. fe 1 SGA UTIKR'd RESTAURANT. OJOUKN ERS In VVashinp ton are reipoctfnllj informed that G A1) T 1-KR'S K KSTAI! - a . . ? RANT, on Fa. averue, between 12th and yjfJSk# 13tu streets, is one of the complctest, most eleeant and agreeable eetab ishmetis of its kind in the United btatos, bei g at al times provided with tho i/ost to ' e obtained in the market! of all the large cities, forwarded to him regularly by express His prio-. s are moderate and his acO''miiiodations to furnish Breakfast, Dinner, Tea and >upr>eiB to gentlemen rooming out, are unequalled by any oihers in this city. H* addresses this n tice especially to strangers, as all citizen* and frequenter* of Washingt n know Will the upeuority of his house. He is piepared to aco-'inm.M.'a e to their entire satisfaction any number of gent.emen who desire to take their Mea s away from where thoy lodge. fe 11-lm THE INMlBANm f>OMP*l\IV V V? U V'^tUI Ail | or THE 8TATE OF VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL ?300,00n. Insures Merchandise, Buildinia, Household Fnruiture, Ao., against loss or damage by fire. HEATH #: KNOWLES. Agents, D ...? 1 c n. _L. ./ ?ar li & vmuT?muvrr mm ui n uiuo(X?D. jfc 10 I? D. L. MORRISON Sc. CO., LOUR AND GKNKRAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And wh.oUMMile <ie&iere in MILL FEED, CORN MEAL. jc.. # ?., Corner of 12th &:.d B etreeta, Washington olty. 17~r CMh paid for >11 kinds of Grain. au 85-6m T PROCLAMATION O THE citizf:ns of WA8HINGTON, GEORGETOWN, fto. IHiWl. tt the present lemon o th* year BUR, DIARRHEA. CHOL1C, dysentery. DYSPEPSIA, DEBILITY, Ac., Ao.. prevail to an alarming extent: And \*k.irtat, It must be of the first consequence to erery family to kn?w of A REMEDY at ono? Syi, Spudy, Rfktmcimmi, DK( M"N i ARDLi or Paris, oners ma MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER as the most CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order -to satisfy THE PUBLKJ that no imposition i* intended in the ?le of this Great Medioino. THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED t? all casts when the medielne to five entire satisiaotto MIKAOL'MIL'S I'AIN KIM.ER, I take as direotao. a ad if not perfeotly satisfied Return to our Agoot, D. B. CLARK, EiKi., 4H Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, who will refuud your money. Prioe? Hi and 60 CenU per Bottle. For sal* at all Drug Store* every where. JAB. MoDONNELL, General A cent, Jyll-eotT Baltimore. TOPHAM'S E3K58 PREMIUM TRUNK QSfO MANUFACTORY, 499 8bv*STH ST***T, WA?HI!??toi?, D. C. Silver Medal ^warded hy Maryland Inatitnte of Baltimore, November 7, i860 Al?o, Medal by. VleropolltanMeohariioi'lnatitnte, I Waahiugton, D. C., 1857. I am oonstantly making, and alwavs bare on hand, of th<* best material, every dc-boription of Pin* Rol? Leather. Iron Frame. Ladim' Drees. Wood Box, and Faok'ne Trunk*. Pellieier, Carpet, and Canvas Traveling Bag*. School Satchels, Ao., At Lew Prtc*t. Members of Congress and travelers will plaaae examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere Trunk* that are made in o;her oities. Superior Leather and Dreea Trunks made to opter. Trunks oovered and repaired at short notiee. UIIUUI usiireiau nwoi onsfig in in;i;tfl 01 the eity. Georgetown, and Alexandria. ja 23-1 two JAM KB S.TQPHAM. COUGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, Ac. TTLRR'8 COMPOUND SYR UP OFOUM ARABIC. Thia pieaaant and popular Conch Remedy ku been ao long known and extenafveij ua?d, that iboit peraont hare become familiar with it? extraoral nary efioaey. Itoanbehad at all the prinoipal drug atorea at 26 and 60 oenta a bottle, ae 28 r Sra*eo4m* ews to miorm nia mecat ana the pu.lioV^ /.J general.y that he haa taken and fittedVlLJ# op Id superior manner the Ke^tanrant at the eoutheaat eorner of . eon. avenue and Sixth street. He will atal) timee be dehoaoiea of the aeon. fa 4-Ion rr ON* PMC*ONLY! m _ "Sssm'^fi?t\u \ ? CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. TT J) Striet, Aimm 9th find 10tk Strutt. We hare jnst finished a number of first oiaaa CARRIAGES, ail oh a* Light Hr?f cm park Phta'^mt. Family nar-WlW. rwu, Bu'fit f, which we will sell atJC=3B a r*r? small profit.

BeiDc practioal mecfcanios in different branches of the business, we flatter oarseivcs that wo know tba styles and *uaht/ of work that will gire satif nation, combining lightness, oomfort and darabtli "fcepairini promptly and carefully attended to Use ahortMt notice and ipoat reasonable charree. WALTER, KARMANN& fiOPK Coach maker*, auoceaaore to Wm, T. Hook. ?W-<lly T< CARRIAGES. A HK Bmbaeriber having mane addition! U hi (Mtory, making it now one of the :argeet *JKgkm, ia?he DiatnotTwliere his faoilitiee forWTOg an aiaoturinc CARRIAGE A LIGHT*!=*WAGONSof all kind a oacnot be anrpaaaed, and (ram hia long experience in the bumea, he hcpea tafive general eatmfacUon, Au kilMU of CarriagM and Light Wagena k*?t ? ^.TnHrAlRSnaatlr 4 ana, ami all orders prea^t It attended ta. Seeaid-haad Carrlagea taken inecehanceferam a?u. ANDREW J. JOYCE, 4 la 11 mmra?T ml Utte and K ata. Wood and Coal. gaITts' CITT 8TEA9 firewood iiill9 un COAL DEPOT, n ?-? ? TOOT OF SEVENTEENTH STBEBT. Etloxo War D'partmint. C7* WOOD AND COAL of all Kinds. Wood prepared to suit the wants of eaoh customer, or delivered oord length. ITT Coal kept m Coal Howes, delivered free from slats, dirt, and othor impurities. Personal attention given to all orders. fe ls-tf T. J. Ai W M. r. t r t BIRDS, BIRDS FOR SALE.-I tave jost recei > ea a splendid assortment of Bird* fromui* Europe, of German Cana-ies, English Backi^y Birds, Thrushes, Bull Finches, Gold Finches, Linets, Sky Larks, Ye low Hammers. I have Parro<|U0U, Java sparrows, St&rleu?, th? Red Mooaw Parrot and green ar.d grey. 1 h*ve M- eking Birds, R>d Wing Black Bird?, Red Birds, Doves, acd Holtolinkt; a so Trained Hirds. Prioe 25cent?to $5" C*ges o< all kinds f om 10 cent* to 91' JOHN (VMKARA 8 Bird Store, No 566 Pa. avenue, at the Capitol gata. fe9-1tn FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 77T...S300,000. Qfci eornjr C ttrttt and Louisiana at., over Bank Of Washington. INSURE HOUSES AND~OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. r?.- ? A/1?AVIVI1B| Geo. 8ho?mak?r, Samn*l Redfarn, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Richard Jones, John D. Barclay. Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rothwell, Thos. Parker, Riakard Barry, B. B. French. No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President Abil g. Davis. Beoretary. oo 10-eo?in Ayer's compound extract sarsaparilla. No one remed? is more needed in this oonntry than a reliable Alteiativt, but the ?iok have (>?en so outrat eously oheaUd by the worthless pr?pn.ra tionso* Sa.svariila abroad, that they aredtsgusted oven witn the na i-e- Ye* the drug: cannot be h amed for the imposition* from which the* have ruffered. 1 * _/?V - - tt-J o * mi'ai ui uin fo otura s&r apiiii.u in mvktt contain little of the virtue* of Sarsaparilla or ary thing else. They are mere slops?inert and worth lr?s, whi a oor.oeotrate^ ext'aot of the ivotive variety of Sarsaparilla compounded with Dock, ?tti Imgi*. Iodine, etc., is, a* it ever will be, a powerful alterative an<1 an eff*o:ual remedy, such is Arer's Ext'not of t*arsaparilla.a* its truly w^n-'erful our?' o: the great variety of complaint* whioh require an alterative nied.oine, i.ave a'lundai.t t shown. Do not therefore, di*oard this ii.valuable inedio'ne. he3au?e you have baen <nip<*?ed npon by I H'.me'hinc Pre ending to he Sarmpanlia, while it w*k rot. When you have u?ed A yea's?thee, and not till thpn, will you know tha virtue* of Parsapariila. For minute particular' ot the dmra?es it cure*, wo reler jou to Ajer'i Americin Almanac, which the atent below Lamed will furbish gratis to a 1 who call for it AitR'a Cathartic for the cure of CosJaundite. Dyspepsia, Indifestun, JJy fry, foul Stomach. Erysipelas, H?adathe, P>'es. Rheumatism, Heartburn, arising fron Disordered Stomach, Pai?, or Morbid Inaction of the Hoieels, F.atvlrncy. Loss of Appetite, Lifer t'ompiaint, Dropsy. IVnrmt, (rout, Neuralgia, as a Dinner Pill, a*dfor Pur hy\ng the. Blood 'I'nAv jlrfl Mipcp > ? *1"* "*?4 - . - - --o - ? , . V? k'lav HIP HU'BV B1 lit? I tive cau take them pifiinant'y, an J they are the l>est Aperiei t iu the w ri*l for all tti^ purposes of a family phj*!o Frici in Ck.NTu rwt Box; Fiv? BOXK* F'?R 91. Du not be pot off hy unprincipled dealer* with other preparation* whioli they wake moie profit on i>en<and Atkh's, and take no other* The Mok want the b.-ai aid there is for them, acd they should have it. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYRR t CO., Lowell, Mass . and sold by Dragguu aud dealer* everywhere. fe 18 eolm THE OHLY PREPARATION WOBTHT OF UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRONAOI FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLEROYMEN. LADIES, and (JENTLKMEN in ad parts of the world testify to the efficacy of PROF O.J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, and gentlemen of the Hr?ss are unanirnou* in its praia<\ a iew leaiunomaia can lie hero *'vru aeeoicular for inore.and it will he liapoaaiole for you to doubt. 47 Wall Stxebt. New Yoke, D*o. 20. law. Otntlem'%: Your note of th? iSth instant hu bo?n reoeived, saying that yon had hoard that 1 had been benefited by the uaeof YVood'a Hair Keatorative, an requesting m* oertihoate of the fact if I had no objection to jnre it. I award it tojou oheei fully, beoaaae I think it due. My age la about fiO years ; the oolor of my hair *ubum, and inclined to ourl. &>rae five or six years ainoe it began fci turn gray, an1 the roap on the crown of my neari to loae ita senaibi ity and dandruff too form upon it. baoli of theae diaagrreabilitiwa inen?aaed with time, and about 4 montha sinoe a fourth was added t > tnem. by hair falling of] ths top of my head and threatening to make me Dai a. In this unpleasant predicament I tm indncM to try Wood's Hair Kestnrative, mainly to arr??t the falling off of rar hair, for 1 had rrally no expectation that cray hairoould ever he restored to it? original ooior except from dyes. 1 was, however, greatly surprised to find, after the use of two hot ties ouly, that not only wai tne falling off arretted, but the o'*li>r waa -ettored to the gray hairs and sensibility to the saalp ana dandruff e?a*ed toform on my head, ve.-y much to the gratification of my wife, at whose solicitation I was indaotd to try it For this, among the ma;.y obligations 1 owe to her aex, I strongly recommend all husbands who vA!UO thu t/imirnnnn nf thnir wi?r*?a ***-<??? K? ~ ? 1 ? " . W . VV |FI VU? WI II. ? example, and nxe it if growing gray org?ttan? 6a d. Very rejp-ctfnnjr. B?*. A. Lave.ndkk. To Q.J, Wood & Co.. 444 Broadway. N. V". My family are abaeat from the oity, and X am no longer at No. 11 Carrol Pi&oe. _ _ ? . 8iam?t<W, Ala., July an, WW. lo Paor. O J.Wook Jitar $tr?V our "Hair R'atorative" haa done my hair eo muoh good ainoa 1 oomraenood the na" of it, that I wiah to make known to the puMio of ita rd eota onthe hair, whion are great. man or woman ma? f>? nearly deprived of hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Re?toran?-e" the hair will return more beautifu< than ever; at least this ia my experience. Believe it ail Yours truly, Wm. H. Kxksdt. P. 9.?You can publish the above if you like By publishing in our Southern paper* you w;ll get nr>re patronage South. I see several of your oo'tificates in the Mobile Meroury, a strong South- rn paper. W. H. Kxmxdt. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATITt. Pmov. O J. Wood: Dtar Sir: HaviDg had the misfortnne to lose the beet portion of my hair, from the effects of the yeliow fever, in New Orleans in 1 >51,1 wa* indnoed to make a trial of your preparation and found \t to answer a* the very tiiirg ne <led. My hair is now thick and glossy,, and no \r" raj uuii|iuona to ?on in gmug to the %ffliot*d ?uch fttreasure Fixilxt Johnson. The Restorative ia put op ia bottle* of three size*, is : large, medium and small; the small hold hall a pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the medium holds at least? per eeat. more in proportion than the small, retails for two dollars perVtttle; the large holds a eaart.40 per oect more in propnr tion, and retails for MX O- JiWQOD i CO., Proprietors, 444 Broad jray, New York, and 114 Maaket street, St. Louis Sold in thia e tr br C. BTOTT. S7C Pa. snnit. >n rt eoly^Uw" ' I FRENCH FLO WERBOF THE VERT BEST r ??!?,. .ad i. a|L! no n t *? . h*w. >th SpduttSBP jw? affiSSffi"-r j CLOTHING, &c. NMEKCHAI*r TAILORING. EW FA LI. STYLES orCLOTHS, CA8S1 MKBS.ANU VEST1NGS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3*4 Pennsylvania Avenue. have just received a arse varietr of new Fail Goods, to woioh they invite the atestioc of their friends and customer*. au si-tl 4 JENTLEM EN'S RE\DY-MADE CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'# RbADY-MADE CLOTHING offers to citizens and strangers wishing an immediate oat fit snpe nor inducements, einbraoi-ig, at this time, ail styles and eaalities of Drees and Business Garments and Overcoats in all rari'ties. Fine Shirts and Under-clothing of ail kinds. Kid and other Gloves of beet quality. Scarfs, Ties, Cravats, Q?/v/?tr. It*.. - - * ?* ' * * uuBici j? O.U<< (l>0< Ail OI WI11C0 WO offering At < ur usua low pnoee. |l/~ Clothing made to order in the m<i?t ?upf nor manner. WALL, STEPHENS A Co., no 16-if 322 Pa. arenne. j Z^QTOTHEPF.OPLES'Ci OTHIN08TORE, No. 460 sjereiith at., to ret *our CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOOajS. HA'W *nd CAPS. fo2 6w j W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our hMMMMiIM oitisen? general- I ly, to an mapeo'ion or oar present new, at _ ^ tractive, and elecant aMortnx-nt of^BB CLOTHS. CA9SIMEKES. DOESKINS, Wh VkfiTI vnc nuL*D/>nii?iMra - ywtm ? KT ? ii! v Wj \/ * Ci K V 1 1 D Of tt a. \ W which we will make to order in perior^"^ tyle at Tory low ?no?a. WALL, 8TKPHFN8 A CO.. oo 25 tf 322 Pa. av.. betw. 9th and loth ?t?. dr. j. u. McLean s i STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AXD BLOOD PURIFIER. j THE GREATEST REMEDY *n tlu WORLD, ^jjj^^EVER TA' r <ur | > ana Ttfiu -i kl* Compo?nd, pr?ETwifl t?r?d by th? di?ui!*feV > ? tioo ?f r*oti, . irbi, and kirk*. Yellow B,|fl B'nck Rp?, fcnipinila. Wild Chtrry ju9 V B*rk, and Dtndaiiaa ^Kl ? ft bt?n inu iu e?n- J r?i0?J'U prycipla ?jkmK*?Ji ' of aach inf radiant la taking, ilatlHinf, pr?J?ti?' a daucioaa, aahi.araunf aptru, and th? nut mfallibla rama if ra-iOTatinf iha <iuuiC lyiua, and rtctrinf tha tick, iafaru.f, and dakllitaud iovalid va haaltfc and itraafth. MeLEAPTS STRE XG THE NINO CORDIAL Will afaciaailj eara Wi?ar Coarlaiot, Dyajapaia, JaaodJe?. Cbranic ar !tar?<<aa Dabiiuy, Diaaaaaa afiha Eidnaya, i aid all diaaaaaa eriairf from a diaoidarad kivar or Storaacli, Dyapapan, aariaarc, Inward Piiaa, Acidity ar Bickoaaa ! 1 tka Rteraach. Tallnaaa ' Blcod ta tha Haad. Dali Pain rw wiramuif in th? Maad, Pelf"'.>un of tilt Riw, PaJlr oa* f W*tgbl Id ti>( :*?r.*eh, Sosr Kracvauor.a, Cbokir.f or ^ affoeatmf r**ling wfc*n lijinf down, Dryt<*** or TuioW. j aaat of tfco Skin and Cy**. Wight Ivttu, Inward Fi*in, ? Pain la tha Small of the Pack, Choit, or Sid*, Sadd*9 7itthis of Boat, D*pr**eion of Hptriu, Prifhtfa] Droamt, f beng-aor, D*aa* or any r*r?oaa dia*a*?, Bora* or : lotcb** on th* Skl^, atd f*?T*r and Aga* (o* CklUa aad , r??*r.) ? OYER A MILLION BOTTLES . ka?* b**a ?oM <J*rin| ut laat ol* matitbe, and la bo In- f tana* bai tt failed In gt'iog oiiUro oauafactioo. Who, t>on, , will e*g*r from WriaiM rr Debility whan MckEARl SYREKATS CMIKH CORDIAL will car* yoa 1 Ho Uugatg* can aoDOoy an adoqaat* idaa of tfc* lmaodi- r at* and aimaot ir.lracoioae charge predated ky taking Cue 0 CordUl la lh? dUeaeed, dehilivated, and ahauered nervosa eyatern, whether kraktn #wu ky caao, weak ky oann, { or lapatr?4 ky f'.akna**, B* r*l*tod aad anairaog orguU I uUu U rooter*d ta it* priAme health and ?iga* MARRIED PERSONSt or otkan, aaoeeioaa of Inability from whatever eaaoe, will { tad MCLBAH1 ITtUPJTRCNIMS CORDIAL a iho I roach regeoeiata* of th* eyeteni; and all who n>\? ha-a la { tared I roe my Irapreper Indelfoncee will tad to Ihle * Cardial a aartaln and epeedy remedy. TO THE LABIE8. , MckSAIfS STRRK8T**N!!*Q CORDIAL to a aor*r- ,, elgn aad ?p*ady car* for loelplont Conoatnption, Whltee, nk.lnrl.i? rt.a - .! I. 1 n or lora'sourr Duchur tboroof, Fallinf of tb? Womb, _, r?iou. (, *n<f?l! diooaooi incidont M r?m*i??. ? THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT for no locjor. T?k? h accordipf 10 diroeuoct. It will .in ?!?; , otronffthoo, ?rd iOTi(3r%U yoa and ctaoo tb? , blaora of baaltb t* ir.oant T?ar eh??k t ? r? ??,.. ? i omi ud la fi?? MtitfkCtlM. [ FOR CHILDREN \ If romr ebl'drtn ar* otekly. pu> or ilicud, MCLEAN'S COED'Ak will rotko ihom b?, hh?, f*t, and robaot. Delay rot ft maniaalj UJ II, vnd T*? will b? oooiatod. It W <tUclou totako. CA UTION, C Eewrrt ' irtfgU* or daaltrt who mor try to yairo apon ? ?ov >?ui? bit'.or or ?*r?*p?r'U traah. which tboy err bay rf rh#kt,'Dfit U]ii'ui*:d. Atat.1 tucta raon. A?t I for "jcl, rAwl rrRESGTHENIMG COEDI&L, and t?k. J MHl| ? ? It ia tha aely riraiiy that wit: tariff tha C>? ; tha.-aajhlr i?a at tb* t!m* trangihau tL* a/ ;? *. On* tak*n *?*ry i-oraing faatin( ia a cartain pr*r*n;iT* far CboUra, Chi i? acid Ka??r, Y*llov Ka?ar, or _ any pr*?al*u; dU*aa*. It u pat up 1b larj* bottlaa. Trie* * ijy SI par bottia, ar t?uUa f*r $1. J H M LKAPi, la proprietor of tbia Cordial; aiaa. McLean** Tolennic Oil ? biuunaou Pnocipal Da pat aa ta* c*rt>*t of Third and Pin* atr**la, ?l Uiii, Ma. 1 McLean't Yolcanic Oil Liniment, E (TIE BUT UNlMtKT !H TIE WORLP ) 1 Tk* only aafa and cartain car* for Caucara, Hilaa, Tm on, Idlllnp ud Bronehil* or Ccnira, Punkau, Nam- F rair-'-. WaaknaM of Uia Maaclaa, Chronic or liJammetory ftjvaarrtuam, Stifc*** of U.a Jmi.u, Contracted hloeclee or 1 h:f*me>.u, Kara'ha orToothacha, Braieea, luuiia, Kreah Cota, Woanda, Clear*, Pa?ar Sore*, Cakad Braaai, Bora )j Nipplaa, Barna, Scalda, Bora Throat, or any iolatniaalioc or arjo, no diftranea boar n??ri or loaf ;he dietaae may ? fcae* axiatad, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT i* cartain r*m*dy. E Thaaaaoda af r.araan hainfa ha?? haan aavad a lift of dla arepitad* and mi**ry by tb* aa* of thia tcvalaabl* ranady. <j Mcl EAPTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT WIM r*li*?* palo a I moat l?*unt&a*?a*ly, aad it artll clran, * parify and h*al th* foalaet *or*a ia an incredible abort urn*. FOR HOHSFS AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT th* only aafa ? and r*liaU* r*m*dy for th* ear* of Sparta, RiiVbooe, Windfall*, Splints, Dune taral Lamp*. Nodaa ar Swellinra. 1 It aar*r failad to car* Bif Haad, Pollenl, Fbiala, Old ft.auninf Soraa, or Sv**ny, if properly appUtd. For c Sprama, Braiaoa, Scratch**, Cracked Rial*, CLa/ee, S.ddl* r Collar Gal la, Cat*, Bar**, ar Woand*, u ia aa uifaliibl* 1 ramady. Apply it aa dir*et*d aad a car* ia cartain m atari 1 iMtUM. _ C Th?n tnl* Iwpi With tb? mm; varJilM* Llcin tnU s ifiriiltlM Obt-iia a iappl* af D*. McLEAJIt CELE- _ RATtD UIH131KWT It will Ctrl to? ' J. H HcLICAN, Ml Pnrhtwr. Corntr Third and Piiii ?u., Il tnu, M?. ? CBARLEfl BTOTT, 174 P?. ?., Hit ir?l ib Vurnif i? . R. T. CU?IL,UM'nt???. M'UtWtjr 1 1 PGR STAMPING 1 3^^* A PACKET OF PAPER I ^ AND ENVELOPES 1 NO VO MATCH. I _ ?t the r /NU h Dr*r MlHnULI METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. 6 PHILP * SOLOMONS, iltilll /or Lavrnui't Linen Paptri, "Miils," tr., ft. V 1; 339 Pa. ? .. tMC 9t! and l"th at*. 1861 D,AJLIE8- 18fij Commence th* Year trttA a Diary. A va'oahto Pooket Companion for r*>*i?t?rini events pa?t. prefect, and futui*; <x ntatiiinryato* of poetace, ain>anao, a blank epae f r vera randa for eve'T day in the fear, oa h ao<< mat frr eaoti month. A.nniiA.1 mi mm a. r # nf A^iunt Ki. - arable awl receivable. Don't he without one of j there umful little aoavemra Tr.e >r < ' o< nip-te, eie tant. and dealiable a??*?. tmer.t ertr > priaiotf t?rel?e aisea nod upward* of <irty atjlee, Jt" * 8HILUNGTON-8 ft.-ok.lore, Odaoc Buadioc, ooreer of.4H treet and de2" renn armue. WATCH REPAIRING ANDSILVER WARE manufactory. I I kaTO one of tha baat MtabliahmenU. ami fbr I aished with aoomplew set of tool* for repair tv ui( every d?*eonpuon of fine Wtiohti, andrK] ] particular attention give to the earn*. by >4km thorough competent workman And a. wo'k mimn- 1 tied Al?o, every descnp ion of caodard SI LVKB f WARE, plain aud ornamental, inaiiufaotired u.nler J my own supervision, which my customers will bud far rapenor in f nality and finish to northern ware 4 old by dealers in general and representeela? their 4 own manufacture. II. O HOODf e 6 *3* Ha. tv?uii> nrr.r *fi ?t. j SCHOOL AND COLLK?? OUTF1 n . I Youth*' mmd Boft' Clothing for School mud Drtss Wear. ' phrdiM tafvwda wiU> 8oh<x>i ndc?!i?g#Oatfit* ' -tor the oynuM on, are inTit?*l tn exaimne oar . K???S}w.*Kf? ^ mf,t DOY* I 1^Hre "* * emm ? oat their ekilriM* I; THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. flu asMltaBt PuaLy u4 Nwi inml ? kimsi 4 trwtw nnHj ?f latarwfeof f?m iWl ?u h* oaad la ?ay U?w-? nMmM Friday mcruag. PiUlt son. Mr ' " i-iwooynf 4 r> .-- ___ , . I ? TvaotrirttoMi~ F * m it iZTaaabiy oontAina the "WwkiniM Nmm" LH?t hM made 7\* D**i? BV?mim Stmt oirevM* o iMMmlly throuf hout il* oouotry. IT7"Single oopie* (in wrapper*) cm be procirat W ttiecoucter. Immediate y a/t?r th* i??ae of Ik* paper. Prioe-THRKfc CENTSTBAVKLEBS' DIBECTOBY. b*lT. riiAvcc /IP noft?? On and after' St'N*OA V."NberBU. IMn. the trains vih ran a* followi : LKAVR WASHINGTON: Pi rat train at ?jn a. m. geeond Train at 1.?n a m. Third train at lit p. at.. Exr*<t, Fourth train at 6 p m. ^ LKAVR BAl TIMOR E: Firat train at4.Ua. hi., Expraee. Second train at BJ6 a. m. Third atS.1"p. m. Fourth a' 4J0 p. in.. Kxpreet. The fu?t. *eo?>nd and third trains fro* Wash ^ttyn o >n?ot ttiri>u*V o Philadelphia and New The seoond and third oonnect at Waehiaftoa ) unction with trams for the Weet. $o?th. and Norttiweet; also, at Annapolis Janotioa. tot Aa napotis. For Norfolk take the *?a.a trai<>. K or the aooommodation of the ??' travel be tween \N aa hi niton and l^aerel. a faeaeacer oar will be attached to the tonnage train w hi ok isavee it 11 a m. On Saturday the S.1" p. m. train goee to Phila4?iphia or.r. no T. H. PARSON^ A cent. DENTISTRY. DRS. I OCRWOOD-* UAKREI.L ARE PREpared to invert TtKTHnn VI ITK U A J* E, a new aud improved mode.fttJBi# When made on thia pan they are ooro vii " fortable to wear and mneh cheaper than any other Also. Te?th inserted on Gold Piate, and all Daatai [ iperations of any kind t- at mar be deeirad OfSre Room No i. in the Washington Buildm* corner Pa av. and rteventh st. ja ?o Ira* TEETH. LOOM 19. M D.. the inventor and patentee jfthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at-^K^ leDds personamiy at his nffloe lc this oitj AmOmmf Man* per?on? can wear th?e t**rh k?*UiLW jannot wear others, and bo person oan wear otfcwi ir no cannot vear these. Persons calling a: my office oan be accommodated nth any style and prioe of Teeth they may deeiret >ut to thoee who are particular and wish the purest, sleane*, strongest. and most perfect denture that krt oan prod use, the MINERAL PLATE will be nore fully wsrranted. Rooms m this city?No. 339 Pa.aremabety Ith and 10th sU., 907 Aroh street, PkllaSet >hia. oe U tf EDUCATIONAL. r female education. HOSE Parent* who wish their dauchters to rewive a thorough and systematic education. where heir phyatca! training will reoei re daily and specia^ Ulcntion. under the most approved system of Calls .Hemes and Gymnastics, are respectfully lanted to risit the Union Female Academy, corner Fo?r eenth st.aiid New York av. mr. A mrs. z. RirUARDf, an 3?-tf ri isiipsli Female hoarding and day school ALEXANDRIA. VA. Mrs. S. j. MoCORMICK, Pbircipal. The thirteenth an. jai session of tnu InsUtotioa wiii cpmmanoe on Tuesday, September 18th. in the loune rooently occupied by Sylvester Soott, Em., <o. ISO lcr street. The course of study pursued will MissrlHsJI ho br&nches requisite to a thorough English Eds ation, and Mueio, Fieaoh, and Drawing. U lesired. In addition to da* scholars. Mrs. MeCormick *s >repar<?d to reoeive & limited number of pupils as >oard~rs, who. constituting a part of ner own fanijr. will be unfl^r her immediate oare and supervinon. She will endnavor. as iar as posmbla. to ear ound them with the comforts and kindi' infiseuoes if Home. Rt/rrmctt.?Rev. Goo. H. Norton. Rev, Dr. Kltaa larnson, Rev. D F. Pprigg, William B Fowl#, Ed?ar Soowden.Kea.. Edmund F. W itmer c:: te Si WWffiS editor Kvemng Star, Benjamin Waters. Ks^ Jas intwisle. Jr., Ess.,Col. John W . Minor. Loadoaa flessrs. black lock' * Marshall, Messrs Cor Jrothera. Taufa. Board, with Tuition in a 1 the English BraaehM. |3<?for the annuai ression?payable semi annaaily. a a<tvanoe. Music and Languages at Professor*' prices. No extra charges. auS-tI /V*. /" ? i. ? ? ** "tl ill 11^ ?.??? v v??n, i p?o, xicKsrasiiiif, /#* i^VVi/vV /wma any 'mtatiM v 8*rt ^ "U' of tkf TKroat, h*i\*Tt ik* n ~ m Ml (wnimr k 'M< MilLlI ?<> , frotKtuii, 4i*m?, f Catarrk, Clmr rmA rtr< y/BMPyf to tkt rn? *f PUBLIC 8PKAKBII ^Hiiy am> SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of oheofcing A 'ou*h or * Common C< ;r' m iu first ?ta?e. that rhich in the benn.ns would ?ie,(*. to a mile ret* ?, if netlectrtH. eoonat'e?ka(he I unte. "??o?ei?'? fTPHtkial T\ork*t." couiain-r.* ueiuuToent ingredlcti.tut; Pulmonary and Uoucha Irritation. "That trouble in mr Throat, (|br IROWN'8 wfcioh the "7>?eA#?" area specific! having ma<le me often a more wUe'ROCHEi* perer." N.P.WILLIS. IROWN't; ROCHES REV. B. H. CHAPIN. "Great eervioe in subclaim Hp*jy?IROWN'f mil." REV. DANIEL WISE. .ndpuL',1 " Almost instant relief in the dlaK JCHt tre?*irr tabor of breathing pec n I Ear IROWN'S 10 A8"^. A. C. EGGLESTON. 'ROCHES *' Contain so Opium or aaytMag injurious." DR. A A HAVES, tRO WN*S Ckemi*t. Bottom, " A umpr and pleasant ??Uu kwbcc Uon lor u<ir?Bi, *0." IROWN'8 ? 04 ton 'ROCHKP - "'"'-it i,,own,s -,.... u. ?jrs; ,0CB?!W~"laWEV WAIKEN. IROWNT? Bi$um. "ROCHEt? * IROWN'* *EV- r aft!!*,. 'ROPHRf* " KrricTTiL li nponu Hotrw K d?m *r?d Irritation oflbe Throat, ao DOWN'S w,th Bafc ^ "? rROCHES. >"* * 8TAC^?^2SS^.. irown-BI 9m*vsSSBrm "ROCHES "?"*? b???it wbM Ukra brfow and lilar prMobinf.M the? iniiil IDHU M'tt HnRTMDita Prom tkmr Mat - rrhTnY 'ROCHES Ttnttft to ma. R?V. E. ROWLEY, A. M. IROWN'P President of Athena College, Tens. rEocaKe de 1 1y pHE AULrSUFFICIENT THREE. TRIE?EMAR.1J and f-Proteeted br Royal etters Patent of Ktg.aLd. and eoett'txf V? the teals of the Eeoie de PWmacie de Paris, aad the nperial College of Medisine. Vietaa No. I i* cva*sable for ei lmiUoh aad aatorrbaa, .nd al' phymeal disabilities. No. 2 completely eradioate* all traoes of thepe lreases that have been hitherto treated by the nae? >? and perntei< us nee of eoeaiva aad enbabe. No. S baa entirely supplanted the injnrioss mm of neronry. thereby Insuring to the saJTerer speedy elief, d.?p?rsini all impariUea, and rooting oa TRIKSKMAR. NotUwd 1 ir* praaarad ia lie form of* iosaaga, davoid of taata mad ?ix.*iL k.nd ota ba aarriad is tha waiatooat pookaC ts.M a Un omm, ?nd dindad uloa*MrtUiloiw.iai4 niniatrrad by Va'peaa. Lallwaad. Rou, Rioord. to Pnoa #3 aaart, or roar ana for 99. wfeiab mx tod IB #t7 ?? ". *k?rrtf taara la ? ??DC of 99. To ba bad.wbolaaaia ul rated, of Dr. HARROW, of 194 Biaackar atraet. Naw York, mmadiat* * osracairir i a raanittauoe. I?r Barrow nil forward tba T rnaiwr to ur part oftba wot 4, taoaroly packed, tad addraaaac aaoordiac to Um laitroou na of tba writer. Tba Book, o? all otbera, tbat aboald ba raad bf an with damaaad aad brokan down aoratitaMooa "Hainan FraTltT, or Pkraioloctaal Raaaarabaa " It ia baaatifWHy illaatraf* and treat* ? -natHy of U1 Ua ir<?? obm tbat la variably davsio* tk.? a'raa. aoosar or later. raaalbng from tba T-^iluaa lad vibauac habita of aarl - tnatk. n.w?niitiirn to viotiB from *k*pat the mmin" sstopeZMistta tsst f? RV'fljt SNwar^iWvfwv loort Mow MAodoagal, No? York. Fnm * 3^* mt. d , -js11 vja&Kswc isra- "wN ?K/S4rt'?5 JBK-/U U oo?\ Omr iu> | u .^n* u4 ml *wrt-M i.? TAYLOM ? gTT0?<?O? MkMn^?U(^AW?fc3 f??? ! i ?