Newspaper of Evening Star, March 12, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 12, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: Tl'H'.UV Mirrk 14. I?6I, Spirit ef ibf ntralai Pr?i The Intilligtneer argues that the organization of the Territories of Colorado, Nevada, and Dacotab has been effected by Congress upon principle* which. If csrrledout, would lead to a speedy * and harmonious settlement of the national difficulties The Repmblieam, in referring to the secession movement, argues that its leaders are unable to control the elements of the revolution which they have inaugurated, and says: " It cannot be expected that the masses will long submit to the control of self-constltnted rulers, and we sboa'd not be surprised at any time to hear of an uprising against the authorities at Montgomery " ** -- . c<?. .M. A v I v/.i i ? t uc kj t*? r mam u uc vi the tlr*t, if not the first newspaper to open the eye* of the people of the border States to the fact that the South Carolina oligarchy were enabled to raise the ready money necessary for paying the expenses of their revolutionary measures,'only by levying forced loans or taxes; Illustrating how it was done, by publishing the alleged case of the Hon. Wm. Aiken. The truth of our statement of what was then being said concerning it among ai ?' ? - - ' ? - - ?- ? *? inr aiiuoiuni^u nrrr, was vcucuiruuy uenitu uui only by the Charleston Mercury and a cousin of Mr. A , but tbs Mercury roundly awore that not a dollar bad been forced from a single person In aid of their revolution. In the meanwhile the Hon. Wm. Aiken has himself made no such denial?not be. We were treated to an amount of vulgar, vituperative and blackguard abuse by the eceasi oilpapers, for In that case and, subsequently, bowing that such downright robbery of individuals was the only available resource for obtaining the means to strengthen the usurpation of the government of the people of the South, that would have appalled one who did not believe, with us, that no higher compliment could be paid to the efficiency of one's labors in behalf of his country, than the abuse of its enemies. au now rauize mat meir present uovernment Is coating the people of the seceded States ten times as much as the Government of the United States used to cost ihem, and that capital and labor within their limits are paying it all, so far as It Is being paid for. Precisely how it is being paid for, in part, is shown conclusively in the letter appended below, the authenticity of which no man will deny. It speaks volumes against secessl >n, In language which no property-holder or laboring man in the border States will fall to appreciate: showing, as It does, that already utter ruin Is fast orertaking every man In South Carolina, whether he bad hundreds of thousands worth of property to lose, or the mere pittance formerly received for his us; won u a mecnaoic. It shows, too, tbat no man who deserves to thrive, has thriven through secession; or rather, that no such man can possibly thrive where matters are as therein described. Surely, nothing has been done or ia being done by the Government of the United States ttaa' mikes it desirable to the people of Virginia to exchange the state of things existing In their State now, for that which exists In South Carolina. We doubt if even the crazy mcnmona txamtner will attempt to point oat advantages In making such a change, though hasitating at nothing elsr In that way. ErrtcTs or Sece?sio*?Letter from Judgt Lyon, of SculK Carolina, to ? friend in Texas.? The Waco (Texas) Gazette says:?The following letter from Judge Robert Lyon, of Abbeville Court-house, South Caroliua, speaks for itself: Abbkvillb C. H., January 24, 1861. Dear Sir:?I desire you to procure for me and and by mail, a Texts Almanac. Six months since, I felt pe fectly willing to remain In South Carolina; but I can remain here no longer. At the election of Lincoln we all felt that we must resist In this move I placed myself amongst the foremost, and am yet determined to resist him to the bitter end I had my misgivings at first of the idea of separate secession, but thought It would be but for a short time, and at small cost. J n this matter, together with thousands of other Carolinians, we have been mistaken Everything Is in the wildest commotion. My bottom land on Lons Cane, for which 1 conid have uftit?n I acreT I now cannot tell at any p^ce All our young men nearly are In and around Charleston. Thltuer we have aent many hundreds of our negroes (I have aent twenty) to work Crop* were very short last year, and It duet now seem that nothing will be planted the coming season All are excited to the highest pitch, and not a thought of the future la taken Meaaengera are running here and there, with and without the Governor's orders We have no money. A forced tax is levied upon every man. 1 have furniabed the last surplus dollar 1 have. I had about 8*27,01)0 In bank. At rst 1 gave a check for ten thouaand, then five thouaand, then the r<*mainder It is now estimated that we are spending 8'25,00u per day, and no prospect of getting over these time* It was our full understanding when we went out of the Union that we would have a new Government of all the Southern States Our object was to W.I- V A ? - * -- - viiuh swui collision w:in Uie authorities at Washington, which all thought would make all join us Although we have sought s.ich collision la every, we have not y?4 got a fight, and the prospect la very distant 1 want the Almanac, in order to see from it what part of Texas may suit me. 1 want to raise cotton principally, but must raise corn to do me. 1 will need a thousand acrn of good land My force is increasing; many young negroes are coming on I can send to the field about 65, big and little. I shall make no crop this year. 1 shall start my negroes from here to J bn Brownlee, at Shrevepott, about the 1st of April. I will leave my lands here to grow up in pines. When we all get to 3hreveport, John Brownleesays he will go with me all over Texas I cannot live here, and must get away. Alanv are leaving now ; at Last lO.dOO negroes have left already, and before long one-third of the wealth of South Carolina will be In the West 1 desire you to look around and help me get a home. As ever, yours, Ruiut Ltos. Ccaiors qciBTJOKB ? We are a little curious to see what the Commissioners from the "Confederate St*t??" IbUhiI (a -? " ... ~ vi uui uoTern- | mei t. Will they ask an acknowledgment of their Independence ? According to their own logic, tkty are not a natiun. They have, a* a Confederacy, ? sovereignty. They are Stx Halt on* united by a voluntary compact from which any of them may rightfully aecede at pleasure Aa a Confederacy, tbey Aare no Independence, and to ask its acknowledgment would be simply ridiculous. And how can these Commissioners bind the Six Confederate Nations by compact or treaty? The Congress of*the Confederacy from which they derive tueir authority have no sovereignty, and cannot bind their respective "nations" by any law or other act so firmly that they cannot^ at any moment, escape from its obligation, by a simple ordinance of secession. A beautiful structure is this government, founded ob secession principles: W ill not all tne world hasten to acknowledge it with alacrity and ?dm!. ration f Cvtm' Cvtmm.'.'. Cctmi !! ? The very last dodge of the office-holders beets the current smartest dodges of the office-seekers, all hollow Thus, the two clerks 1b the Sixth Auditor's officeappointed from Connecticut and California, wboee resignations we announce to-day, are actually on the way to Montgomery to apply for office there, as Indignant northern sympathizers with secession, who scorned tj hold office under the Republicans: Cause why? (Same cause why Jack wouldn't eat his supper ) NoMiftATKP, Cosriamid, Ac?Robert Paine wae yesterday confirmed by the Senate as Dis'rict Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio Tte President nominated Ll?ui???ni ??-* ... ?? w?vmwi uwurich as Collector of tb? port of Boston, and Mr. McLnllnn, of Mssaachusetts, u Assistant Postmaster General ; alao, Archibald Williams, of Illinois, as District Judge of Kansas ; and Mr Dole, of Mm aame State, as Commissioner of Indisn AShlra Nohix&tkd.?We are satisfied that to-day, the Hen. Tbos Corwln, of Ohio, was nomlnsted for the mission to Mexico, and the lion. Amos Tuck, of V H IaK. * ?' " vuccr II l>WOQ, MftM. Several other Dominations probably went In today, strong thsm being that of a new Collector for Salem, Mass T ax OvTica-SBUiR* Caowo st the President's House aad In the Departments increases rather diminishes To-day It was almost lmpoaalble for one to work his way through the anxious ones, thus congregsted in the State Department yssifs la the vicinity of the Secretary's room, ' . CONGRKSSIONU. 9k5ati ?When our report closed yeeterday? Mr. Cllngman waa urging the propriety of taking under ronalderation hla aubetltute for the resolution of Mr. Focter, for the eipulelon of Mr. Wloftll 1'nnn rnnol nil I no Mr Mason and Mr Hunter addressed the Senate in opposition to the resolution offered by Mr Foster, and argued in favor of the nmendmeat of Mr. Cllngman. On motion of Mr Clark, the Senate went Into execu'lve session; and after some time apent therein, the doors were opened and the Senate adjourned. Tubsdat, March 1*2. SsifATS?The Senate took up the resolution of Mr. Foeter for the expulsion or Mr. Wljjfall. and Mr. Cllngman's amendment thereto; which, on motion of Mr Simmons, were referred to the | Committee on the Judiciary. Mr. Dumner called up tbe resolution providing for the pevment of certain expenses of the Deputy U 9. Marshal appointed to arrest N . B. Sanborn. On motion, said resolution was postponed until the first Monday In December next. The Senate then went Into Executive session. < i m m m ? Foet Scmtxr.?We see no reason to-day to change the opinion expressed yesterday, that orders to evacuate Fort Sumter had not been issued; or that such orders would not very shortly be Issued. We are very sure that while the chances are ten to one that Sumter will be evacuated as a strat cgoivBi urvrwuy (jiuwilljt BUI UI IliC policy U1 Mr. Buchanan in falling to act upon Geneml Scott'a original advice to place the fortifications In Charleston harbor In a proper atate of defence, President Lincoln contemplate* no action there or elsewhere Involving an acknowledgment of the right of secession, by the Government of the United states All here know well that while firmly bent on denying to the revolutionists the collision they have been so long and pertinaciously seeking, he will do uothing that will weaken the handa of the now rapidly growing Union party in the seceded States, as they will be weakened by Governmental action here involving an indirect denial by the United Htatea of their lawful right to regard themselves as still being Its citizens. Without a collision with arms, and with the door left open for their return to their allegiance as easily as possible, six months will find every seceded State bark in the Union; by action of the people of those Stites alone, involving the utter destruction of the authority of the usurping oligarchy. It will be remembered that long before South Carolina seceded, we predicted that the 4th of March would find six or seven States out of the Union, so far as their action could put them In that position, and the rest of the slavtholding States either In convention or preparing to hold a conventiou to determine what shall be their fu ture relation* to North and South. Has not that come to pass ? We now venture the prediction, that If the United States do uot Are a gun on land, at the South, for six months, not only will the bor. der slaveholding States Convention that will not long hence assemble, settle the question overwhelmingly against secession, but that the people of the seceded States will have themselves punished the authors of the awful crime agains-. Humanity involved In the late southern revolution, a thousand fold more signally than the Government of the United States could have punished them, had Congress voted a hundered million* to that end, Instead of adjourning without appropriating a dollar that could be used for furthering the cause of permanentdlsunion by gratifying the usurpers with war, made on the part of the Government. vv,< ? i. i?i?> ? ? - - wnjtuiug inn ecu woraing wen lor the good cause of the Union. The question of its final triumph la one that a few brief months, not years, will solve, as all true friends ct the Union desire it shall be solved. It Has Been for ths Umos All Aloxg ! ? Such is the argument of the Baltimore Su*t to. day! All its efforts to dragoon Maryland and Virginia Into exchanging their present condition under the Government of the United Statts for the state of things existing in the seceded States, as explained In the letter of Judge Lyon, of South Carolina, printed elsewhere in to-day's Star, have been essayed, only to save the Union!! Judge Lyon declares that the only hope of making disunion permanent was In getting the border States to Join the seceded States. South Carolina, In answer to Virginia's proposals for "reconstruction," told her Commissioner, In almost so many words, that Virginia was but playing the fool, to dream of such a thing; and the Montgomery Congress subsequently also said ss much to Virginia. Vet the Baltimore Sum, smarting under the Indignation at length manifested by Baltimore against the Insane treason that has pervaded its conduct for months past, to-day declares that it has only been striving to save the Union ! If a mf?rrIfnl Prr\vM?n/?? will K??* ?? 41 .....?. . av*.Mvaw T(t?l UUI MTtf me Union from the natural effect of the labora of suck of ita friends, it will be able, !Uelf,to take care of Its enemies, we apprehend. A Military Visit ? At one p. m to-day, the Army officer* now in Washington proceeded from the War Department in a body, to make an official call on the President. They were of course in full dress, as is usual on such occasions. Not Coxiirmrd yesterday.?Mr. Dole, of III., the newly-appointed Commissioner of Indian Affaira, was not confirmed yesterday, as alleged by some of the ncwspapera. He was, however, confirmed today. A sew Cos?dl at Liverfuol.?We are sat'sfled that the President has conferred the Liverpool consulate on Speaker Littlejohn, of the New York Legislature. Thi Milwauiie Post Office.?Mr. Jno. Lockwood has doubtless carried off this prize. Ills nomination to it has been determined on. Homicide ik Maryland?A few days since a German, known only by the name of John, suddenly disappeared from the employ of Mr Ahrend Ahrens, who resides on the Philadelphia road, some 16 miles from Baltimore Mr. Ahr?n? In bis employ two otber m?n, who were incited by jealouay to attack John in bla bed-chamber, and despite the entreaties of Mr. Ahrena, they dragged bim from the house and murdered him Their Jealousy bad arisen from the fact that John being a much better workman, waa somewhat of a favorite of Mr Ahrena, and received larger wages One of the parties Is now in tail, and a warrant haa been iaaued for the arrest of the otber. | i bz Convention Question in North Carolina?We learn, says the Raleigh Banner of Saturday, that the official return* from all but two counties are in. and tint no Convention haa a majority of about 1,2i?0. Thla settles the matter. The Remitter, published In the same city, aaya that if the Convention should not be called by popular vote. Gov. Kills will at once Issue his proclamation for the reassembling ofthe Legislature, and there is no telling If they will not order, peremptorily, the election of delegates, without giving the people the opportunity to aay whether or not they wish a Convention. The Palmetto Flag Displayed I* P*!tssylvaNIa ? On Saturday morning at daybreak, a Palmetto flag was discovered waving from the staff upon the top of the Jeffersonlan newspaper office, at West 'heater. The Journal in question Is of Breckinridge proclivities, and much excitement was caused by the circumstance At seven o'clock the obnoxious bunting was removed. Vie proprietor of the paptr declaring that It had been placed upon the building without his knowledge or consent ? Pkxla. Prtit. Dedication ?The Church of the Immaculate Conception, a maasive and elegant structure, recently erected on Harrison avenue, Boston. In th? sc uth part of the city, was dedicated Sunday, with the imposing ceremonies of the Catholic Church. The dedication termor, waa preached by Biabop FHspatrlck, assisted in singing the Pontifical Mass. In the evening Bishop McCloakey, of Albany, preached at Vespers. An immense throng attended the services mridii iitt Baltimobk ?On Monday morning. the rtmalna of a murdered man were found near the Washington and Baltimore Railroad, about four mi lea from Baltimore Upon Investigation u appears that the deceaaed waa a painter, mmrd Wlill^oi Snyder, aged about 36 years, ana who leaves a wife and three little children. No clue Uaa aa yet been obtained as to the guilty parties R as:ghatiom or Ntjoi Chui ?The PenMCola Observer of the 4th It atant, learns, on good authority, that .Major Chaae has resigned his position us comm inder of the forces at the Navy Yard and that Colonel Forney will remain la command until further orders from the Eiecutlve Department of the Confederal* States tfTTht lUirinent of the losses of life and property on the Lakta during the vstr ISM haa h? s?Hssfinrasss 3 / 1IEPAWTMKJIT *EVTH. A TmroiAiT Apfoihtmext?Geo Harrington, Eaq , of this city, wbo was chief clerk of the t Treasury Department under Mr. Secretary Cor- J win's administration of Ita affairs, to day entered , I upon the temporary discharge of the duties of ita ( Assistant Secretaryship, at Secretary Chase's re- i i quest. Mr. Harrington can doubtless et will < continue to hold the position, for which be la ad- I I mlrably qualified. For the sake of the service It < is to be hoped that he may content to remain in i the position. j Mr. Rodman, who waa lately acting aa the I Assistant Secretary, has returned to the discharge ; of the duties of the chief clerkahlp. i Ths Asmstkoso Casi CoraT Martial?The i following officers compose the Court Martial for < the trial of Commodore Armstrong, (to take place i In Ayimer's building in this city,) viz Commodore Stewart, President; Commodores Shu- 1 brick, Gregory. Strlnghiin, Mervtne, Paulding, Crabb. Breese, McClnney and Jnrvls; and Cap- i tains Nicholson and Hull. Judge Advocate. A. H Maeruder E?q.. of this city. Counael for the defence, Hon Philip Phillips, of this city. The court waa organized thla morning. ArpoiNTiD am) Removed ?George E. Baker, E*q... of Albany, N. Y , haa been appointed, to the diaburslng clerkship of the State Department, Ice Mr Edward Stubba, Jr., removed this morning?ealary *2,000 per annum. Rssioxzd?The following reeignatlona have recently taken place in the Sixth Auditor's office. Vix : w.. W. balnea, of La , f SI,200 per annum;) H. Clay McNulty, of Ct., (SI .400 per aunum,) and W. E. U. Keene, of Cal., (>1,400 per annum ) Ml Waehkx Corwin, of Ohio, has been appointed to a vacant SI,200 per annum clerkship in the Interior Department. Affairs at Charleston. We clip the following from the Charleston vsaam A# C4 k (? ?.?? paprio VI ?uc ?jtu l iliviill. W> are informed by the Postmaster at Black Mingo, that in consequence of the prevalent of small pox at Georgetown, the mail connection of that Post Office has sadly been disarranged Heretofore, the mails from Charleston, destined for Black iMingo, passed through Georgetown, and were dispatched by the Mars Bluff mall route. TheshipSusan G Owens, Captain No ton.from Newport (England), with a c*rgo of railroad iron, got athore yesterday afternoon while crossing the bar in tow of the steamer Aid. Assistance will be sent to her this day, which may succed in getting hrr efT Capt. Teck, of the steam packet Ceclle, who arrived here on Friday morning, repo'ts that the Buoys have not keen placed in the channel of i?t. Helena, as has been stated by a newsp pcr of the South. Captain D. F. Ingrabam returned to this city on Friday evening, and his family, Is with Lis brother, George II. Ingraham, Esq., in Laurense street. Tn th. .1- r>L ? 1 ..? ?? - m. w "*v %?j vr?ufr i?itrc?ry 7\B " eternal vigilance is the price of liberty/' would It not be well for our authorities to require that a limit l>e placed upon the number composing the crew of vessels north of Mason and Dixon * A considerable fleet of schooners has arrived bere within a day or two past, and by substituting a crew of ten where five men only are requisite. Fort Sumter, could, In time, be reinforced from the city bv small bonts at nl^ht, unless a strict watch be kept between the two poinU. If practicable, a limit should be placed on the number of men, according to the tonnage of such vesiels. and each one examined before she comes up to the city. It appears to the writer a little s'rnnne that Mnjrr An<lrr?on should permit thrte m>n to leave his employ, whom be mi<2lit have press* d intuservir.e at a ix'riod 11k** this, when collision is imminent, and iiis force so fir short of what may b^j required. It may be politic to pay these three men sin h very special attention as their precedents warrant. They may be bere as '-friends at court." ?ksxx. I SITKD Statu A KM v SDFPLin?Sailing of the Empire City?No Troops on Bor.rd ?The steamship Empire City, jtrown, tailed on Saturday afternoon from New Vork, for ttie purpose of taking 100 tuns of army stores to Indianola, Texas, j for tbe subsistence of the IJnlied States troofs, j who are supposed to have accumulated at that port to the number of over 1,000 men. Tbe original intention was to skip rations for 600 men for twenty days, but It was subsequently thought best to Increase the amount to rations for 2.0UO men for the same period?or 100 tons An Army offirer wer.t out In the steamer to superintend affairs, but he was not accompanied by a single soldier. The Empire City carries no arms or ammunition. It is supposed that she will emb*rk about f>00 troops at that port and return thein to N?w VnrW or possibly at come other point on the homeward roi'te This load, with that which the Daniel WebsW undoubtedly brought away,will diminish tbe number of United Stat- a troop* in Texas to about 1,500 men, of which number about TOO constitute a fine r?glment of cavalry. No sooner had the Empire City got clear of tbe dock than the steamer Star of the West hauled Into her place, and as soon as tbe weather cleared up, gangs of men were at work making preparations to take in coal sufficient to last her for about twenty days. On Sunday a double gang of men were at work putting in the coals, which were stowed in tbe bunkers, and when these wtr<* full tbe coal was dumped Into tbe fore and after batches, so thnt every available spare below tbe berth deck will be filled with that article. The engineers department were also on board all day, putting the machinery in order. It Is said that she Is to be despatched to the same place as ber consort, tbe Empire City, and that she is to do the same duty. She will be ready for sea on Tuesday. Sektimkut in "MiKstssiPPi.?The Alexandria Gazette says that a gentleman of Pittsylvania county, Virginia, a strong Secessionist, In Febru ary tas'. o*'in^ UlSMtltfled with the course things were taking In Virginia, went to Mississippi for the purpose of buying land and to remove bis negroes to that State. He baa Juat returned, and called on the Delegate from hi* county to any that though he bad thought Virginia was alow, "I hope ahe will be slower still;" tbat he saw but few of the substantial, wealthy proprietors in Mississippi wbo were not dissatisfied with the course cf event* youth, at the prospect of heavy taxation, and of no benefits unaer the new order of things that they could not Xpert under the old Union; and told him '-that if Virginia am! the Border States got such guernntees as would be satisfactory to them, they had no doubt tbat Mississippi and the Gulf States would return." He has concluded to remain in Virginia. Plain Talk ?John Mitchell delivers himself as follows in his last letter from Paris to the Charleston Mmpii - On the whole, { would beg moit earnestly to impress upon vou the conviction that In Europe generally, but In England particularly, you have no chance, no lotv.< standi, no pretention to be considered aa Christiana men, or pt-rhans as human beinus, except the cotton field alone, liut for that, and the Interests hanging upon that, you would be bunted from the face of the earth, and erased from creation by the indignan'voice of an outraced nineteenth centurv! It falla to you?It devolves upon you especially, you Southern men of America, to Drlng back men's minds to the manly and straightforward days of old?days when there were no poor houses, and when fathe s and mothers did not strangle their children U>t the take of the burial fees. No*-ftKSIDKXT ThaDIRS in charleston.? Several traders went to Charleston In the steam kin ri * .uiu Douiu v^ojoima, lor toe purp >se of enitifing In traffic there. Some persona carried with tctin quite a large quantity of shoes. After arriving in Charleston, these articles were taxed twenty per cent., In accordance with a law of the State, which forbids all but residents from establishing themselves as merchants. The good were seixMl, but, after suitable representations to the authorities. were restored to their owners, who returned with tbem to this city, having been obliged to pay the freight both ways without having disposed of their merchandise ?Boston Tiantllir. Th? Thkkatemkd disturbance i* Death of tk* K'gro Paul ?The negro Paul, arretted in Savannah upon a charge of murdering one Patrick Brady, and to protect whom from the i violence of a mob It waa found neceasary to InterJirae the military arm of Government, died In all on Friday from the effect of two gunshot wounds In the leg and foot, receivedVuring the disturbance. He protested to the last that he was Innocent of the crime charged sgalnat him. Important Militart Movkm**t ?The New Orleans Evening Delta of the 7th contains the following: Gen. Braxtcn Bragg, cf the Army of Louialana. baa been appointed Brigadier General of the Army of the Confederate States, and has been orderea to proceed to Pensacola and take command of all , the troops of the Republic there assembled, and conduct the operations against Fort Pickens. Q-r Wall street jump* with joy to-day over the Fort Sumter peace newa. About every thing it on the leap upwards. To-morrow, if war news comes along, they may go "down " One of the beauties of ln? existing state of things, is the ups and downs of Wall street.?AT. Y. Ezprtu. RimrokcxxBHTs to* Psnsacola and Foet Moroan ?The Charleston Mercury learns that the Rough and Ready Guards, Captain A. H Owen, and a company of regulars from Coosa county, recently passed through Montgomery on their way to Pensacola and Fort Morgan. Txlkokaphic F*at.?President Liacoln's In UDliral ? ?? *' t ug wt auiuo vurrf IQOUtt nd words, j was'telegraphed to New Orleans entire la the short apace of three hour* after the commencement I of lta delivery In Washington. ( \Tp The English papera atata that there are now 1 40 U00 looms Idle In England, and that In a few weeka. If the present difficulties remain unsettled, the number will amount to 10,WO. t -gMltmrt State CtiTfitiM St Loch, March 10?Afler some unimporant proceedings la the Convention rdtrraif, ' ludge Gamble, chairman of the Committee on Federal Relations, presented the report of that i Committee The report la lonjr and carefully written, and makes a faithful exposition of all tbe :1 re urn stances surrounding the position and affiectng the Interests of Misaourl. It recounts the bt1!s >f which the South may rightfully complain, admonishes tbe North that the hostile fanatical feelings towards Southern institutions, manifested bv large number* of the people of that sectloa, are productive only of evil, and expresses the hope that a better knowledge of the subject will remove their prejudice* Th-? report doe* not ? tume a threatening attitude toward* eltber KCtlon of the country, but points out the error* of both, and roncludr* with the following resolution*, which are a reproduction of the main feature* of | the report: R<*olrfd, That at present there Is no adequate cause to Impel Missouri to dissolve ber connec- ' tion with the Federal Union, but, on the contrary, , he will labor for ?ucb an adjustment of the eiTst- i lng troubles as will secure peace, the rights end equality of all th? States Rrsoirtd, That the people of this State are deTOtPHltr m - j .v ?uc iiiiwiuiiuai OI OU' coun- | try, and earnestly desire that, by a fair and amicable adjustment, the present onuses of disagree- i ment may be removca, the Union perpetuated, and peace and harmony restored between tbe North and tbe South Resolvrd, That the people of thia State deem the amendment to the Constitution of the United State*, proposed by Mr. Crittenden, with the extension of tbe ?ame to tbe territory bweafter to be acquired, * bisis of adjustment which will successfully r> move the causes of difference forever ~ *t ? * nuu: iuc nitna <>i national pontics Resolved, That the p?cp!e of Missouri believe the pear? and quiet of the country will be promoted by a Convention to prepare amendments to the Constitution of the United States, and this Convention urges the Legislature of the State to take steps for the railing of su<h a convention.

Resolved, That, in the opinion of this Convention, the employment of military force by the Federal Government, coercive of the seceding States, or the employment of military force by the seeding States to assail the Government of the United States, will Inevitably plunge the country in civil war, and thereby extinguish all hope of an amicable settlement of the Issues now pending. We therefore earnestly entreat the Federal Government, as well as the seceding States, to stay the arm of military power, anil on no pretence whatever to bring upon the nation the horrors of civil war. Resolved, Tbat when the Convention adjourns It adjourn to meet at Jefferson City, on the third Monday of December. Retolvtd, That a Committee be elected, the majority of which shall Lave the power to convene the Convention at such time and place prior to th? third Monday of December, as the public exigency may require. The report was ordered to be printed, and made the special order for Monday. Mr. Reed, whilst heartily approving of the temper and spirit of tbe report, dissented frem the plan of adjustment laid down, and asked leave to present a minority report on Monday; which wa| granted. Adjourned. ?mxMmmcn^nm rn*mm ??????? (V-5=?I.O O F.-COl.t'MBIA LODGE. No. 10 Uof Ths Offi. ers and M-mbers are r< quoted to a;t?nri a sp?c a' meeting THIS (Tueixlay) ?V ? "NINO, at 7 o'clo mak~? a ra igementi k r the fmeral of our deceas d Brother, Will'am KfiBAY Funeral on Wedneniav afternoon, at 2 n'rtlllrtlr M^mkur. r-f ? ?-4 ' "* * * v v. v? ..i.uiu 'iiiiBii/i ?;e 11 A'tffiiiniJ incited to unne wi l> n? If BKIIROK w. C'LVI'RT. N. G. fyijr-?OM ^ II 3 ?Heailq*iTtrrf Setoni Knttmft y_3 Militia, D. <.?l'te he d a d coinra-it otfioer-"f tlie Second < "ginif-ni w.II me-t TO AI J< HOW <Tn ???*) KVKNISG, a* 7* o'c'ock, at tt>e hali oi th<? Washington '.isht Itfan'ry, on I'a. av< nue, near Tenth *t ?>>Lth s:d?. Hy order. J AS. Y. DA V IS. Col. Commanding Sennnd Regiment M. I> C. M. P. FISH P R ?II ?? ...... ??UJ ! Ill % I I **V EASTERN LODGE, No. T, I. O. O F~^ 'lot 'i he moinbera of EaBt*rn Lodge, No T, I ii O. F., will meet at their lodge room <>n TUESDAY EVENING next, March 12th, at 7 o'clock, to proceed ' herefrom,in pr. cfi/ion, t<> vimt WaahinKton Lcdce, No. 6. iirotliera, come all, and be punctual By order ma 9 3t* r. M. PEARSON. Rec Sep. rv^=?4,l SAY, STRANGER, WHERE ARE 'JJ? you going ? You * c.n to he tn a great hurrv. "So I am. I am going to SM ITH'S. No 4b0 Seventh street, to buy a suit of Ciothea Tho peoplo ray he has a very nice a^aortment, and they ?ay he sella tliem ao cheap." .Vofr.?The laat vre eaw of the etranger, fin wan running up Seventh atreet Bingjjig out "SMITH. No.4<>Q" fe 2-6 w DEMI'SEY A O'TOOLE, JJf WEDDING AND VISITING CARD JiNGHAVERS. Importer# of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, tl.e most beautiful atylea. 32fi Pa. Av., be'woea 9th aid lf>tli ata , an 77 6ra W*?nmoio5, A~ NOTICE LI. Peraona are hereby oaiitioned aeainst ne5otiating the following desoi it>ed No'e, viz: Dated anuK'y .31, IftHI, drawn by Charlea Kio'z. parable 6" daya after date to h.a owe order, and ao ennoraetf. Said not* havin: been lout or mislaid, and the pay mentof the aaine havitg l?oen n ppeo 19 r-n ?? r<fv <r l/U, 10 H'' M HUSTON?The tohooner Mary a fin has ar ivfd ar d i? I o? <1i<icli*r < >.?> ing her freight. Sh?< wili l>e receiving iglit.^jg'to' f. r the above port TO-AlOKKOW (\Vtd noday.) Applj to HARTLEY ft BROTHER. 99 and 101 Wa er ftieet, mil 12 4t Georreto\rn. P. C. SPECIAL BARGAINS??everal fii.e Piano*, that h:ive bc>*u rented t ut durinr the p\?t winter to members of Oon?re?i, now offered ?t bar gain*, at Chickenng k. Son's Piano Agonrj. JOHN E 1.1*19, 306 Pa av., between 9th and Oth itr. Piaros aud Molodeona f r root upon casj term*. mar 12 /-^ * ' ? ? * * " ^ A ii D V/r ii a il U THH ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION. The subsoribpr will < ffVr at p-ivate ?ale a FARM con amirg '60 acres, at Annapolis Junction.,^. '1 lie coil .h uu?<l ihe miprovenientt-|fc:: consist ol a new modern st lo CotUje.oon ai -"i* l'g 9 room*, food pun p n' the uoor, a d a tliriv.n< > oai < orchard, i h.? situation of this larai it \ erf demraba to an} person doing Inin.e s in Kaliunore or employed in oftioo at Washington. S -as >n tickfs oao t>e procured so as to enable ti.o bidders to ride to eithrr city for s'x cents per trip, with a telegraph ai d post cflice and a first oiass station v, it iin two minutes' walk of the awellu g, in a leal'.h? a-id improving neighborhood. Ti.'e quantity of iand wi i be increased or Cin.i ished at the op. ion of ti e purchaser. ( Also, A FAllM containing SOjaores. with ail the improvement" ocmp e e adjoining the above. 'Iheabovo property wi I be disposed of at a bar t? >i, ?? vuo owurr ta aooui 10 vuil Europe Ttiha : One quarter oaeh; balance in 1 2 and 3 jr. arit Fur further ra. apply <o M BANNON, ma 12 eo2w" 32 St. Paul atreet, Ba timoro. t' REAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS ?One *ery 11 nice Ha 1 ft Hone* make for $'V; one-. ^sir-i vrj i!ioe Rosewood Chickerinss' niakeWBSi&a for'9100; one Ra ewoolN wtnan A Rro.'a'll *" * m*k? lor 575, at the M u:o More ol W. G. ME I ZEROTT. ao e a*e?t of Steiuway ft J-one' and Raven, Baonn ft Co 'a Pianos. ma 11 T NOTICE. IIE GOOD WILL AND FIXTURES ?f a Wood and ' oal Establiahn ent for sa e on very aooominoda'ini; terms. tor further partion'ars rip ply at the Star Office. ma 9 3" The fashionable paper and envelopes. Tinted Border, at DEMPSEY ft O'TOOLE'S, Card Engravers and Stationers, ma 9-2t 3'itt Pann. avenue. M EVENING DRESS FANS. . W. G M.T A BRO. Coll att*. tion to their lar*e Miortmer.t of Pearl Ivory and Saneal Wood Evenins Dress Fan* of all oo ora. M. W. 6alt ft BRO., Jewellers, 354 Pa. av.. ma 9-3t 4 doora woat of Brown's Hotel. A BAR ft BRO. RE Acain in the field with an immensely large atook or READY MADE OLOTHLNG and GENTS'FURNISHING GOODS We now offer ir?at inducements to peraons who boy for ca*h. Remember the place?ooruer ? and Beventa ata. mar8 Iw THK ONLV GOOD PORTRAIT OF PRE91. I DENT LINCOLN ever pub^ahcl. Just out and sect by mail free on reo?>Dt of 25 oenta. ire trade ana olube of twenty ?uppli?d at low prioes by _in&8 FRENCH * R>CHSTE1N. rp SHIR I S?SH RTS?SHIRTS. 1 HE Finest Re*1y mule Shirt4, the beat fitting Bhirts, end the most durablo sSuirte can only be bed at BaR <k BROTHER'S E?tabii?hment,ooiner of K end Seventh ?ts Htran*?ri m went of C<ean Shirt* wi.l find it to their advantage to give on a oa 1 mar >-lw PRESENTS FOR THE FOLKS AT HOME. a. a iew pieoe* ul now ami pretty M uaio or M u*?o Hooka, Ao . at 'hs Piao? ?t ?re of JuHN F. EL Lib. $06 Penn., between 9th and 'Oth treat*. ma I NURSERIES fep at LINN a_E N HILL, The proprietor invitee the attention of the pabiio to hia extenaive asaortment of TKEES and MIRL'BBKRY. Tli? at'jok < f Ornamental Hhado Treat in partioular ia oce of th* largeat, both in quantity and variety, ibat ia offered for aale in the tinted Btatea, and oonaiata of * ell grown and thrifty tre?>a. The atook of Ornamental EVERGREENS preaent* an a?aortment of Tre<>a of tbe fineat quality, tbe apecimeca being rrma kable for the vigor of thfir growth and aymroetry of form. Many of theae t'eea have been ahiftt-d aa often aa five time* in order to mal<iply their roota and inanre anooeaa in t.anaplauting. Of aeveial ttu usand thua ahited during th? la?t araenn not one failed to groy. The , list or Evergreens inoiudes 1,0uo White Pine,7to to feet high; Norway Kir, Balaam Fir, Hemlock j and other van-tiea of fine aiie and ap aearaaoe. A'ao, FRI'IT 1MEF.8 and ORNAMENTAL 1 SHRUBBERY in treat variety. ? ^ Theonoular caaJcgaeof Small Fraita, anoh aa Curranta, Gooeebeniea, Blaokberriea. Raapberriea, ( and Strawberriea. will re furniahed oa application through the Poet OAoe ? / AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEATER! !.? ? S W. 6l?W* koUnc Mfcn^fer ? J. T. R*t*oh# THIS EVENING. S*oond eight of the tucMMful debutants, MISS GERTRUDE ARGYLE, >v no will appear u PitTinUi In thebeaatifal play entitled I.N GO MAS. To oorelnde with the ftroe of HWISS 8WA1N9. PRANDCONCERTAND PKESKNTATION 11 of Colore to the WASHINGTON LIGHT ; Gl'ARl>t*,at the Odd Fellowe* Ha l. Nevy Yard, , an THI RSDAV IVFNING. Marefe 21 st. lMl.on 1 w loh occasion tome of the t>??t rocali*te of the pit* will appear. Particulars In iutare aivertiee- i r*y "r rr oi VyOmTiUf*. S 31" | ?QC AAlk nnn ?BLUE BOOK -InformV,^Pj''VHJ1UUU? ition u to til the Ofion in the aouctry, and valary. T?H cents. Contain* the same matter ai the Great Book coating #9 80. OmittiDC the nsm*e which are not r.eoea*ary. Catalogue of Curioeitiea at Patent Ofioe Lift ot Pat nta. Old Book bought and avid Cata orue ferm-hM. ALFRED HUNTER, Bookaaller. fet2-lm* Will*rd?' Hotel H^aa-e. WANTS. W/ANTED-V (tood LAUNDR^S* B^at of ** reference! ifquircii Apply at the Fbb;t , floune. It* | SHOWCASES WANTED-Anr person hav | irr Show cas*e for aale sr to rei t cm call at ! RIDDLK'S One Dollar Store, 302 Pa avenae. P':w"n vin an" in>h ?t? mar Hit ; WANTKD-ot a r-speoiaMe and oo i petent wom?n, a SITUATION m oook or t<i travel with a'ady. I n' Xc?ptin? al>le references given if required. Address Hox No. 8, i*tar Offiie. n ar '2 2i? | WANTKD-Kya tnidd'e-aged lady. a SITUATION to assist in icwii | and in?k? herself genera l? useful Apply at No. 335 E st-eet, t* tw?fn ^2th and 13th st?. roar 18 WANTED? !Jy an experienced vornan. a SITUATION to go traveling. Would liar* no objection to do general housework Good leferetoe given aa to cha actor. Acply at the Intelligence Office ou F street, between loth anl 11th. for two d?y?. It* WANTED ?A respectable lady with** a SITUATION as housekeeper. G'jol references tf required. Apply 441 Ninth street, betwe-n F and S>t? narll-n* AGENTI EMAN DESIRES i'.OA K D IN A private family for htmsel'. wife a-d nurse. U(iexc?*piiorab e references given and reeuired. Add>e?s* William." Sta' office irar 11 3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?Fro? 85 to 310,000 worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI Tl'R K ofa'.l kinds, for whioh I will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and, as usual, at the shortest notioe. R. bCcHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac., oc 9 4 ?>*? 7th i?t.. I>et. G and H east side. 1vanted-second hand furniture. ?? rersons d?c ining housekeeping, or having a nurp iis of Furniture on hand,can obtain theoash &nd (air prices by applying at 369 Seventh rt_ no 17 BUXTZ A GRIFFITH. LOSTAND FOUND. liMlUND-Attk* Pr^sideat's l ?rM a BRACEI LKT. whioii the owner ean have by rtesoribteg the ume and piymg f->r tin* adver'is ment. A B BOAR MAN, rnar ll St* Bank of Washington. THE GKNTl.^ MAN WHO TOOK a-OVKRCOAT an HAT f'om box No. 194, at the President's House, on last Friday evening.oan, by l"?v'ni t'ie nam-' at No. 74 Missouri aacna*. hare the coat a 141 tut left in plac" cf them. Tie coat left has a small am -ant in cath and a considerable i<uml>er of due t> 1U and oth*r papers, which are of no use to me, but may be of va.ue to the owner. mar 11 2t* A SOjQU R N E R. IOST?At the President's levee. >sst Friday J night a ? uff eolored BEAVER OVKRCOAT, with ?atin lining, containing pooket bo<-fc wl'h vflj lidh a b*bpm nnnai^tin? ?- ? olG.M yers, Ail'g'.n. Miohigan, and others. The | pennon b&vinc sail ooat will rec ivs Slit reward for aid pock?t b oK and rapes b* returning the same at the c of the National Hotel in thin oity.?a?o of Hon. 7.. Chandler, and no questions asked, or through the Poat Office. mi 11 3t^ O. MCA ER8. C* I An RF.WARD.?Ran away on Fridav Bight O I UU th' 8^h mutant, fr^rn the estate or jp th? late H H Evr rsfield. of Prino* George's oount). Md a h uht NFORO WOMAN, urnutS f.-et5 inches high; lorg back hair fnt dark lip* A rewvd of $50 will l>e p\id iftakei. m rricoe George'a <ouiity; loo tf taken out of the c>u' 'j and in the State or District of Columbia and ft 151 if taicn e'sewhere, in cither ease to be s-curea in jail so that I can get her again. M. K. DUVALL, Administrator of ma 11-lw* B. H. LO*?T? At the I evee !aat night, a soft HAT, and a heavy grey beaver olr th oaped OVKRCOAT (without sleeves.) The finder will confer a favor by leaving the-ii at this offior', or by leaving wo'd where they m*y b? got. mar 9 tf LOST?At th? Levee last night a French beaver cloth TALMA Had in one side pnoiet a handkerchief, and ! > another a pair of lined thread gloves. The person havmg ?aid coat will please leave it at the Tel graph office. Pa. avenue, between and 6th ?ts., in the care cfj. T. Caldwell, f ?r i he unde-.a gned. m?r9St* R.C. FOX. _ BOARDINGS BOAR DING.-A few p;eas?nt Rooms, with Board, can i>e had at No. '18 s:. mar 9 lw* FOR SALE AND KENT. ARARK CHANGE.?For ??'# or rent, that beautiful four abry KRICK WAREHOUSE, jjat fiui?h< d and ready for use, on Hen .avenue, between loih and 1 th ttrerts. One of the b at 9'ardt on the av-nue. for either a Wholesale or Retail ' ade S-atable for an* Merrant..e busin-ts The Bui ii g i< 25 lcet front by 87 m deptA. App y to C. WOODWaRD, No. si? Pe-n a?si.ue, brtwten 10th and 11th sts. ma H eo3t L"*OR RENT?A new tiir'e-stor* Brick DWKI,i l.l.Ntr II' ?USI-, oonlaimng 11 rot mi. No. 396 I, stre-t, noar Fonrt> enth? p.casan'ly sitoated. Inquire of CA.NiMAcK, Jr., itlu F street. mar II it C!TORE FOR RENT.?A large Storr-room on w? Pa. avecue, a<ij' ini ig onr auction looms, for rent. App v to WALL k. WARNARD. Aaction and CoinnrsMon Meicbants, oorner Ninth street soutn side I'a ?v>r p? roar 11 I^OR KENT-Th* BRICK HOI^K oo Tenth ?trfrt, b t <Mn K acd F. It h%a tan rooms wii.i c*? Apply to F. HhlDKR.on Seventh St., No. -J. 7 6. Met $8 par month to good tenant. The key ia at \V. i'eter?oa V two d jora above. ma 11 3t' FMIR RtNT-The ROOMS foentlj occupied by th* Hon J.H. Million. "I bey areweilftarnishsd a> <1 ; t>rpied with all the ne^earary coove nience*, incli:Jmr bath-ri?>rru with Potomac water 1 a<1i< ining the ludrooin. Perama having their own Oi>ok can have the u?e of the kitchen, or e<ee they can t>e aoo mmodat'd witu msals m th* neighborhood. Apply to GEO. W1LLNEK, 46* Ninth at., between I) and E w>ar > 2w L'OR RENT. SALF.. OR EXCHANGE FOR T OTHER PKOPEKTV-A FARM ofaboat 280 acres land, sitnaed about *)* mi ea *onihe&st from the Station Ueltaviii-. fr tee <??*orge's oount>,M&r>!a d. I hers la about 80 acrea in wood? balauc* cleared land and u-tier cultivation ; fa* a mall dwelling-house; barn 3' by 40 feet, and other out- buildings, and apple aud peach orchard J. K. KENDALL, mar 8-tf No. ft Four and a-hfclf at. 17>OR RENT-A first-ciaaa DWEI.LIN6HOUSE, on Gay street, Georgetown, furnished with all the modern improvements, me uding Potomac water. Also, a new three-story BRICK HOUPR, with beok-build ng attached, on L street north, between 14th and 15th atreeta weat, Washington. Conneoted with this resiuenoe is a a table and carriage house. Apply to FRAS. WHEATLEY, No. ?T Witir at.. Oeorge town D. C. mrT eotw FUR RENT OR SALE?The two tr? atorr briek DWELLiN6-HOUSES aitnated onand aljoininr tha oorner ot Fourth ard I) ttreeta, east of the City Hall. Apply to JOSKPH FUtilTT, No. 90 Louiatana ar. ?rar t-if THO THE MERCHANTS OF WASHINGTON. Amor ( th? beat Uu*ine?a Standi in thia eitv ia the Warehonr* recently erected ou tha aonth aid* of Pern, avenue, near tne oo'mt of Seventh atreet. The entire building, or euch portion of it m Bay be applied for, ia now offered for rest upon very nodera e t*rma. Arply to COYLK BROTHF.R8. Fourteenth atreet and Canal, or FjrZHCOH COYi-E, 393 C atreet. U* Wo' Pm >R RENT-A three atory bnok HOUSE.containing 8 room*, in good order, with gaa f xturea complete, on H atreet, between 4th and 5th. Alao, a two-atory briek COTTAGE, with large yard attached, oorner of F ?treat north aa > 14th at. a%at. To punctual and reliable teoanta the ttraa wul be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth atreet, between G aad H. no it-tr 17U)H R KNT-Tk. WI? ?T Pi AOB F idc immediately opposite the west wmj of tht City Hai.,reoeat.y oooupied by Chae. b. Wallacb m an offio*. Also the front room la Cie seooad lory and the third floor of thejam* baiidin*. For lerma apply to RICHARD WALLACHVNo. t i fi>iana ironic. ia 1? tf CpOK RENT?The fine BRICK HOUSE No r 100 Weat at, Oeorzetowa, at present oooa pied by the anbaonber. ft baa IS rooma, with |M and water thronghoot, a fine yard, stable ho , and Aw"? Ywood and coal. OU Will an rely get yoar money'a worth by oailinc at tae PIONEER MILL8, iiaiiwm car aar nf Stvtnik ttrttt mud Cmmml, (bfcO PACK, Acent) They sell obeaper aad aire better moaearo than aay othera in the ally?eat, salit. aad deiirared free of eharge. If two don't believe it. gire thePionoor MUlaatrial, aad be aakafttd. )? W-lT^ | fVFICEKB, PETTY OFFICERS. AMD 8eayj men who were oa board ot aay y. ft. ?hipa at the oaptare of any ?later eaa hare their elaiaaa far Boanty aad Head Money promptly ageaded to by AUCTION SALES. D. nlVVM A. tt'tl ? i* u? a ? iVo. 336 Mtiwr 7Ik D Itrmtl IJARDWARB.CARPKNTERy' TOOL*. ft?.. ll *T APCrlOH.?<? THI'RSOAV . Um> Uth irH., W* ?h% 1 Mil. IB fro?it '( oar Aartion Runct, % mtri M*ort*Mt of Har<iw?ra u? Ctrnttm' Tool*. oBiiatin* of? HisfM, l *Ati 9?Y?. Pl?n*?,thiwl(, H*teb*t?, BotU. RuX.S^utrM. How, t*oythaa, F??rka, fta. 3'baofbftiMor* > to ttaabova a, m th'T will ba aold without raaarva. Tar ma nuh. _ib? l?d 0 R FFN _ft WILIJAMR, Aaota By 6BFFN ft WILUA*VAo?tio??ara. A# 3*?. ecmir Vk m*4 D ftrmt* rOVKRNlKNT SALB OF C??NDRM*F,D V> OiD5tRCl9roiV - OB 9ATURDAV.U*M ipa#rt, va ?h*u a?li, at is o'oicok . at tha I'mtad t?t&?a? Ara?-n%l. Wtakmrton. o?a Guthna ft Laa'a Kiprriaratal Fna arm, with Carria?a. T*ra< ?Mh. _ _ orrtrr of Gao. P Rimwy < a. i. O ! L< ? ft U* If V I t MB A ma i-coaui um.b ? a TTiiiia^wc^wvw. E7"the above hai,bis posti*y*En on Mcoviit "l the run until W KDNtSDAT.U* 13th inetant, nn" hour and Biaoa. By orderof Vajor G?o. J) Ktmu; mar II-It OR KEN A WILLIAMS. Abo**. By BONTZ 4 GRIFFITH. ABBtioaaora Nearly new furniture ms Hoca* OLP Err next AT PCM.TT Armo*.???a WKDNbSDAV MOKNINO. Marah l*h. at ? o'oiock. we aha'l aal at the reaidaeoa of a a?tio man d?oliaiBg ho??eke?aiog, ob New Yo k are botwaan Iftthand 11th ata . a l kia Hoaaafco d Baraitare and t-iTeota. oomprnirg? ahugany ?pncg-aeat t*ofaa. Arm Chair a, Ua do Sila Chatra, Do Arm and N?raa Rork^ra, Wi nut Whatnnt 6ilt-fra??e Mirror, Mahogany Jenny Lind B*dataad, 1>0 MarMa toaDroaanc duroaua. Walnut W a?ratand.Toiiot Seta, Cottage Bedatevla. Car.e a?at Caaira, Hair Mat'.rcaaao, Feather Pii'cwa and Bolatara. Huak and Buak and <*ott?B Maurr* ?cc, Jtlank "la. Comfnrta. Quilta, Ao. Oak Kxtanaion Tt Me ? ak Dining Room Cnaira, Ciock*-ry and ?>aaa Ware, to., * o. 9a'i?t<>r and Cook 8tor*, with 6 itarea oorne'ete. ogather with a general a ao tm -nt of Kitohoa K quiaitea too cumeroca to mouUon. Tarn oaah. maUd (Rep.) BONTZ t GRIFFITH. Aaata. By BARNARD A BIJCKEY. Aaotioaoora, AgMI F1 t * Al.K OF FKEfH GROCERIES FINE O LiQVoaa. Ibom Pars. 4 c. at Acrrii* -Oa WKDSK90AY MOK MNO.' Uh iMIMt. at 19 I o'oh?ok, we will eell at the store of C 8triblir*? corner of Ga? and High itrMU, 6?o'(?lo*i, 0. C.. hi* came *to?k, eon?i tinr of a complete aa ortin"! t of Fresfl Family O.ooonee mod Tory fta* I Luuors Alto. ptc? Fixture*, which are rj oomplete, an*i alar*e Iron nfr. Terms littera* and made known at eale _m*ll_d UAKN \KP ? BUt'KKV, Awtt, MARSHAL'S SALF..?In irt?? of two writ* of fieri facias. issued frorc the Clark's vftee of tha Circuit Court of the Pletrict of Colainbia. for ! tha coanty of Washington. and to me diracted. I will e* pose to eahiio aala for oaah. Is front of tha ooort b jo?e door of >aid oount' en BATl RPA V, th? ?;h day of March instant, 1861. at lZo'clork m , tin following aerorihed property, to wit, vit: Lota ' No. tanHt.m^nreNo inn, ud Lot No. >,ia Square iht, ir the city of V\ aehlnftoa, D. C., tell nine r with all and siufalar the raprorcraeut* tuereon, and leviej upon a* the proe-rty of Andrew Rotbwel',and will he aoid to aatiefy jadi otitis N ?. 136 aod 13S. to January term, 1KI. la fa or ol 9ti'lman, Uennoka A Farber, aid Bamae 8. Stereos. W. 8ELPEN, U. 8. Marshal for ma 7 dU Distriot of Columbia. \1 ARt*HAL*9 SALE.?in rirt?? of a *nl of 1*1 fien faotas >s?ued from the Clark's Ofcoa of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washmctoo, and to me diraotad.I will exenoe to pubito sale, for each, in front of tb* Court House door of said oouaty, on FRIDAY, the J2>t day of March next, ISM, oomvecotcc at II o'clock m.. the following described propor t?, to wit, vie: Lot No. IS, in !^ua? No ~i ot No.S, in Square 42. Lot No 5, in &?uaie No. ?? Lgft No It, in Square No ft. i.ot No. 10, in feaaara N a. % and I ?t No IS in Square No. 78, a! in the ot? of I Washington. D. C., together with all and sagslar I the improvement* thereon, seised aod levied ?*un as the prop >rt> of Brook Maokall. and wit) be acud to satixfr jndioiais No. 4.V ro January term, IK', la favor of Booe, UrotOer Jk Co. f" 27 <k? W SELDEN. U. B. Marshal. f.f J. C. MoGUlRE & CO. Auotionearn. mHl flTRC'S Hill' or sun I r-o?**?? & Pwblui^o Horn am> Lot-Ob hat r)f I.AY Ai-TtENuON, M?fOh 90th. at 6u'otookr on 'he premiMi b? virtue 'I l<i?M of truit.diM Got b?r lota, l??>. And duly recorded in l.lber J. A- rt.. no. 1*7 <r> l 'i u et ?( . oieof tWe land ree ?>rds f"r WukiBttonooiniT, Distr ctof r.o tnbli. I sha'l sell !/ot No.l,n Roofere's obdivisioc of Sqaare No. 983, frosting 20 feet on north O Btreot, at the eorner of Tenth sc. weet. running baok m feet to an allty, together with the iw?roT>wetU, oonomtiDg of a twi story frBine Dwelling Hoase. oi>rt%ioJDg 4 rooms Terms : of the paraheee money in e*sh: the rsstdas in monthly tn?Ulir.?Ets of |JS, with la t*r* L. A.l ?t tue oust of the ?arch*?-f. B VV. REKD, Traatee. fe^Sawds J. C. MoGL'IRE k CO.. Auois. GEORGETOWN ADVERT?MT8 I/?UK RKNT.-T.'d la^e Bid comfortable r DWELLING on the oorner < f Hi?h and Pr a prot streets, witft ?tore. st*He?, 4i., it for rout. Poaceaaton to b* cive? on the lit of April. Apply to WALTER GOiJEY,cornerufSreen and Dambarton fti mar ? ?weo FISH ?FI**H?FISH ! ACKEREL, SALMON, AND LABRADOR H KKKING. 101 barrel* No. 1 Extra l-ab-a or Herrlnf, 117 do. No. S*?isl Mackerel, 72 do. No. 3 Medium do. 15 h'f. do. do. do. da. Skit do. N?? 1 Mackerel, | 5qr. do. do. do. H* kit* do. do. lOamallkita do do. 10 kits do. Pal mon. 10 sma'l kta do. do. Now landing from schooner Man Ana Mao*, and for aale It HARTLEY & BRO , _mar n 4t 69 and 101 Wat nt? Georgetown. Georgetown fish wharf for M KNT. M atom's Office, Georg-town, D. C.. i March 6th. 1M1. < Propo*a a. in writinc, wiiJ be received at thia of See until the 16'h instant for the renting ol the Oeo-retown Fiah Wharf for one year irom the lat i Monday in the present month. Tuna cash. Persons makinc bids will please seal the same, and i.dorse them **Pro?oaals for the Fish Wbarf." mar mtih HENRY ADDISON. Mayor. FOR RENT-A dseirable RESIDENCE on First street. (ieor#eti?wfi n C It .. -J with |M and water, and i* oonveniea* to tt>e faarkat ?m Omnibaa t*Usd. The Hooaa 1a loaatad im one of the beat neichborhooda m the town Ap ply | to JNO. T. BANGS. Arent. mat Mao IT* OR RENT OR LEA^C ?A vary dnairaba r Market or Hairy FA KM. in pe'leil ord-r, lor rent or le*?e Th*re la on it a er??r fortable and eapaciona brickdwetlina, with dry oe lara.and a pomp or good water at tJiedoor; aubntanual labet and out-boi.(tinea. Itiaoa the Hi{tiU abovn Georgetown, rdjoining the i orthern boa. .da'y thereof. Th> bailuingaar* in nxcellant order, and the la id ( i?t? acr-?, or laaa if required,) is in a fcne and highly cultivated condition. The dwelling and garden would ba rented aeparate y to a ra?>?ot>bl> and prompt tenant. Application to ba made to C'*AS. H"MIi.LKR. at iiia aiand in CanMr Market, Washington, or hia dwelling, on the HichW of Georgetown. fe n !w D JUST ARBIVKn 1 ER Prop#ll?r f. SoTinoKr. f'?HT PhiltriHpki*, b h*-rr:? *nH loo bftlf h&rreiaof Ma?*y,Colliat4. Co ' Pfcil?do pin* DRAFT A I.E. For br fwa ARNV k HHINN. D?f>0 BB< b PRIME CIDER A1I.Y KiiM't'4hrMkuoacr Ntrr Ann McOn from Iio?U n 'I hit Ci ier U No. i. U<l U for i?i? '* ,OU AKN V * SB.NN-S foti Union Bottling Poyit. Bni|l>l??. J VST RECEIVED? 10 hhkia. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS I U0bbi?.?. d RyoWHlfKY. ?0bM? HERRING ftod ALE WIVML an bb?. Crashed and R?fcn?d *UGAjS, BO b?r? Rio and J?vm COFFEE, i HENRY SCHABFKR. BARBER AND HAIR DRESSER, E STUIT, K?A* Sktbhtb, Opre?.i? tkt Poti CJU* iMpartwtmU, ||?l |.M tADDMllM "ll> WJ.-l aoaaoaiont aooowaKKtat.oa? for ifori'iu to kia MitbMri uo tk" ptbiio U? luary of COLD or I WARM UaTHS, at any iIm curing '?'irtr I boin hn charge? will bo nodera'e?twenty It* orata for ? Hi|i? hath, or |r? both* for ?)?Utr whoa tickets lor that number 11 pirebaood kol psid for in sdvsrios. Mr. Sohaoler UkM thu opportunity to iofora kio ea?t<> * ?.' tDftt thu dMir&hiOMdttlOB tv kit eetokif d -lit wrll in no luasor interfere with ku rogal*r pr<>reee;<nal beunee*. Ob theoo tnuy,k* ko*o? to ud to ki? ;roooc< fuc lUri f??r rearing groutt r. Mention to hie unerroi punoe in the lioe of 8H ^ VINO end H Wk DHKMi'NO. Abo 'o tho Ladiee who petroaise kiia la th? Uae of Cuttiug orTriaiaung tb*ir*?a corthotr ohi a - * '? kftir, k k>-f to ?a? (bat he ho* provided for Una better wnmni' dktim e, in kerirg ?t"d a imli room d appionnated it rxclaaiTtly to ti??tr eeo. fe? lm "I?VEKY VISITOR TO WASHINGTON ?j Sbocld Pcbcha?b PHILP'S WASHINGTON DESCRIBED. Tk*t i J Uu mUp ComfUu (rutds kook la (i< Afdin. 2 Ctpwai rrrr publtthtd Tfca V?lama oonta o? a ^omproh uin Hiatery ?f li>a "'itj irom it* litrii* to tk* P.NMt Tibm, with*' ?rj l?p nut Erut MnnatH w\ik it aa Um ttatt of ? oTtrinin t Elaborate D?-ar< letmaa * Um VtrtoM F?k!|? B?il4ia>*j Rail*, la lr.forroauo* i* r* pee' U sitespsf total lata coaraa: pMiruvt o! Ua r'Aoaa of lilorai U the Vi mitj, Ac . Ae. luiiritru wita a Mar at NiMnon lamyiwi SUtmntlt Bmmdjm Cnmum CZmtlL PClCkfM* ? *"?? Fr**by??ifoii rtc^?p'^1 ^ mm19#m Mi f%.ZSrtiuKktS V<w>r??