Newspaper of Evening Star, March 12, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 12, 1861 Page 4
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> THE FAEWNfi STAR. I TO "SALLIE AND I " "Wo two ar? unmarried?J->and n)j?e'f? Thou*hn? tip eta If aiuioua o be la:d on the h^r ?ot la-?kir)r eroujth to propose ; jii'i pnymj nnn?f3-o?u?-iii ?? ?i"',TO Witn buttons O. K. aa e ooeaetonal > ??! A' <i by part' a ia diapenan*wUh straps | W ith ut {' at lu oor ioci". cur hearts, or our tu*i, A"rt mode ate meaia? that ia,wealtn jojs fun, we two are bachelors?iry**tf and Jo ? or lack of the ri$M tort of damsals?\ ou Know. ? A a for coquettes?neither Jo nor myaelf la a free loving t-eau, nor wandering elf? And Mean?*?<?' *? ? a:lor?s us in tavu; W h 11 at Wi'tiaadouMe .<*.. 1 weapon of pan. ]a - ame'a shimns tern.-le" we m*y enter not, Whilst a'"mam ion of roid ' l- an uuoonjuzal apot, And the c?l i th? ktrd w? either w u'.d chuoae. la not on* f h? ft mi! y circle of? Fltts, For the "wile of our boa m '?m?a<vf and Jo Willi anr-ther tineas sort of a sir!?You Know. Neither one wiahea?ror Jo nor myself? To u.a-iy f r r?ion*j. f?r " ak'* of tne pe f. Wesak nut)fO?- temper and?b??ety apa*t? Fair lorka nn o)jrr tea. wirh Iti id nan or keart; An averace ol w:*dom, vt:ieh implies, we oonf<?ss, M > (as e for extravagant livin* and dreaa. Vi ( unsu lied of toure) ad J d to thia, A-)do ti r' fci.e traits," whivjti a-e n-veramn*. Wo Id ma e up ih maiden whom myr<?lf and Jo "Would teittcr one) cladiy make Mr*.?'You Know. Mant yours ir.en?like Jo and myse.f? "Would, ratnerthaa inarry, be :ai 1 oa the sh*lf. For oar * love for the wo<ten"?to ftnr it 1 &a crown. With tie unmbciless fclliei which fashion Ins own We f ar nr.t to kia* love's d-mpl?s away? B it wb f >ar the' *?ie tcrinlUs," wheie fashion has way. Afi if there he 'eft t-nA-K*?rf -w< ir?id her oaat < ff h?r f >l!j and coire t our aid Witk but moooiate view*. ;ik* mv??lf and Jo. There a.-* bam?ooagn left, lor suoii giils?Yo? Ki.ew. A FomTtrs* Lost by a Littlb Ridicclb ?The lut of the Irish Lord* Fitiwilliam wag under t joi to have mad? a will, leaving the bulk of bis p-operty to hit friend Lord Onslow, when one mo-nin* at breakfast the expectant heir, helping himself ?o rrr<m. brought the rim of h'.B cup in contat t with the rim of the cream jug to prevent ft drop from falling. Lord Fitxwillian contended tljat this w?s ill-bred a-d showed a want of re jjiiniirnt, m>i?iiiuCn 91 bOrQ UDIIOW Up TOlfclDT have touched the part of the cup which touched the rim of the jug. The ctt'endine p^er turned the objert on into ridicule. and hi# name was .forthwith erased from the will ID* in the Knglish Navy, during the last o? ficial year, more than one million of pounds were expended in building forty-nine ships and vessels, nearly two hundred thousand pounds in altering uniaunehed sailing vessels to steamers, and more than three hundred thousand pounds In c? nverting vessels launched as sail-ships into screws. ILT" A reckless fellow, smoking a cigar, while in. king carina ;?# ?, at Jackson, >11 u.. on the l!Kh ?lt., dr ipped the ashes Into an open k?*jr of gutipowd-r, w hich exploded, blew up the place, and nearly killed four men. fO~Tlie long of the new itate of thingi. Hall ColumhiaiU: "T *ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL?S B I'ratU, Vt; C C Overton, <" S Oirden \V R ~v*. . ? ??.-"i. ">l ' * Jenkins. NJ; C L Moore, Kv; K Jarvti, O; J M Dutton, VV Carryl. Pa; VV Terlll, E C Sprague, NY; B J Dodkte, C C Hoff, USA; J L Cociir-tn*', Pa; T M Clarke, CI; K W Ilraisdell. G Hu>-a~k, J Forter, 111; J F BurJberwortb, NV; D VVaab bagh. B dford; N C?!r?ill, IVnver: S Hnlmen.N J; 'VV Phillips, \V Whitting, Man; J Ottenbelmer, Cal; C >m Armstrong and lady. t'SN; J B John*, Pa; J B Birleiijh an t adv. NH; Dr 1, H Striner. Md. Mr Putnnm. NY; VV W Curtlr, Ill; \V 11 MorMll, NJ: C K Pike. VVU: B F l>ami.?. Ill; Dr D S M** ruder, I <A; G H Latbrop, N.M: NV F Murdoch, Dr C H J li Jotin?<>n. NV T Valliant, G R Price, Md; XV H Casaaday. Va; Mr Benedict. NV: Com Mervlae, I78N; W I* Harris. w r* * ?? - - ~ ? j o ivr?-i'T, r'n\ w Daniel and lady. Md; J ConTiolly, Ent?; J Uriee, A S (iunnutt and lndv. Miss Guonftt, H J Raymond % V; Com Stewart, U8N; Com i'rabb. Com McCl. :ey, Tom String ham. L'SV J A P"v and lady. .Me; Mr Stevens, O; G Harding. J b Harding. Pa; B linnimer, H t.orivnt. J T Sherman. J T V\ ri^bt. N J; ("apt Nicbol oD. L'SN; Ml* Albert. M m S Pettlt, ?; A W Tbryrewnt. NY; ??r,v A H Feeder, \V B Tbnmsi. O J Rlcbie. P'.. C F Manson. J NNMether>>ee.M^w; A L Rice. NV;R B Johnson. RI; O Turner, <). A 9 Havener and ladv. Miss Havener.?; N E Coal*, Md; \V H Smith, NV; E StibArr. F S Corkran, Md NATIONAL HOTEL ?S Small, E L> Rich. G?; A A Mince, Ensfj G G Stone, F S Stone. Mm; Dr !. B Todd. Kv; A Van Yerhtln, J B Howe, NJ; n M Dodge. Iowa; G A Hammond and Iv. Va: H K-?r? a w ? ? , _. .. .. .....CI, rj DVTTfn*. N D Stoop*. S l> MikhIv NY; Sfc Ritter, Pa; A B Wilson, Mot, J L Stevens. T \N Atkins, Ga; A P Fulkerson. Mo; P M Bawdon, Miss, T D Stetson, NY; J MeCliatock, R B Dorsey. Mn Porsey, C F. MM**. L Grover, T Rawlins* R T !> ? !?. Mii; C A Ph?Tf?, VV G Carrver. A II Emfrion Mas*; R F Bokhara, USA H R F.norh, 111; R J Haldeman. Rev Dr Dewitt, G W Harris. Pa; Gen Wa'.bridge, Mi h; P Mtirgoumda. D C Bruce. J 3 Ctnpman. Md. P Qulgley, J C Aiken T K NVale. L>r Gritnsh^w,?; E J Smitbera. Del; A J Baldwin, USN; K G Roberts, Mo; I) Gold. Ill; C J Abbott. ?; A S impson and ly. Me; E K Rlreand iy,?, R H Stuart Ya; H J Raymond, NY. BROWN"* HOTEL ?S M Dent, J S Morgan, J Lur' er ai d f^in. M;ss D Jobnsan, Miss F Hurwe!l, Ya, H Hawson. J M Biddle. Pa; G Seybold, A Jacob, NY; N B Waik-r, O; J A Clark, III; J A Th'mis. T Crawford. M S Fuller, t> Cochran, ? Cox. Md; Hon J E Holmes, SC. KlRKWiKJD HOUSE.?LeR B Settle, Tenn; J M Witten. G B;ik?r. Ya; Com Gregory. L'SN; W I' Fergus n. G M Hanson, Stibbina, O smith, Md. J D V\ Ha; W H Sunders. A W llaberchum, Ala; J Cieor^e, Tex; J Quackenbough, ff^HK HORiiKR STATES; THK1R POWER 1 and dot* in tf;? preseiit diaorde ed erudition Of th? ooutitry ; bt tha Hon. J.-shn P ? ? m rnce 10 ceuta; ?<?"t t* ;*.? to'12c?nt? to ai;y atldreaa. HLA.NCHARD Jt-MOHUN, fe 9 Corner Pt. t7. and Eleventh ?t. A RUE INVdtf^ OF >EW MUblC j ju?t receive! Jrom Rnscei 9l Tolruan, liost< a, Petor? 4. Bro ,, ll&.l & Son. New Yjrk. Nov opua tor iasp?oUon. JOHN F. ELLIS, le Jf, 3Qft Pa. av.. t>?t sth and loth m. OLD RICH, MfcULUW AND PURE li U R N 81 i> E'H MONOXGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Con^ci'^,U'>j?.Trti9ti!:ed ?.y Mr. Kuraside, cf A:.??r.Ljr Ci'ii* t7, Po. r.v, m the olti-fa*innn?<i wun. war, iroT. i ohoinnat and n ut oarefnily *?icotod it ye, and in wo omo *v?r uaor*d lor sale until a'iapt'ri to vhjl??oKM o*e ht a;e it is at ono? U.e uMt paiat?i>le,as it i? eu?p&aixcal;y cut of tn? purest b?veraj?s in the roach of the put'.io. To the In*, a.u, as we.l as to fiose in health, it oorarr..j:*:a iu?ii for its unrivalled qualities m a Lipuivat oftae saiect, surosl, and most beneficent deec.ipUon. ?a*t many of the most dtst.n*uishe< fcysiciaas are atnn ;t in tceu ^raotiee with the Lks? s?t result*. C1>KKY * STOCK UALK, Proprietor*, 3!iP Walnut street. Philadelphia WM. C. CONOVKK, A sett for the prof>' - -Z Pa. %t., 10 It /."I oi.poi.ita Wizards' Hotel. PL R h DLU K VK WbitfKY.?On ha.vl ecv.'rs brafcde vf Pare Old Rre Whl? K y, Copper Dis tiiled. made by tin r'ust rpuab.e diet*! era :a Petnayivaaia, Mary *nd and Virginia, warrauted pure. A.eo, imported Hraaaice, H^imeeey, Card, Dupr.y * Co.. Ju e? KoU:.s, &o. Also. Peaoh aad Apple Braady, pure it oh' :? J C:a. old Jamaica andSL Croix Rum, and \Yiiui of everv variety,all oi standard brands. A chutc* lot of C'sars and Tonooo. YOUN8 k KEPHAK f^AcenU, ae U-lv J*? Pa. a*? 9th sod loth ?u. 9 0 1 have removed raj V ? w pawn oVfick to 3ft 1 Q street, between 4X *i.d 6th etreete^ immediately th* rear of the National Hotel, xitere tbe bueinee* will be ooatinued as heretofore at the ofcil.&nd (no1 fo?AO HKKZB> r'l. 275 allen 275 JACKSON, ' PLASTERERS, P*nti*. Avran, RMvmb inth mi) 11th ?freete )e 1* * 7" traveling trunks. IT K Hare juet reoelved the largest assortment ud D?>w offer the rcoet extensive wi<"z: fli.i ? ? ?d VArKING '^AT BOK/^8,S3J8 Vai l&Lft, cakpkt baus, !JAJUHEL?, *c.. IB this Oitj, which we M-* Miliac ?t r?rj to* new. WALL. STEPHENS * CO . iwM tf IVt H?. ???nn#. U PORT'S 8UNPOWDK*, For m.? M unulaotvrftra ^new, by JOHNJ. BO?iL'E, Giomitows.DCV So** Atmuv f*r tkt District 9/ Cmtwmbi*. /???! mZ?rgff?3?JXM--!lw ^?1 ? ,? ? ??i me Ul?( im. unfi can iiob? left U th*oftoe of Adam^ WMhinttnn. D. C. f? S-lawlv THK AMKKl AN aLMANAC FOR IMi, p4p*f: pi #1. t>a'f oilf S1J0 by mail. K i V? er, a ror?: Fy O iw W?imI?11 HoIiin.2 ? )? , lim"?, C olh; *r,o? $1.75 by mail. Th? H?to at on m tfce Ssjo'h paver: prio# 25 oeara. at FRK.NC.4 t RI'^HM'KIN^, (it\ 37 8 P?pn. a??i u?. A PPEClvI. B.KkgaIN IN TWO PIANOS, X\ p?ri?etir rew, ie?t on tale at taertfioas Also, Mtlodaoaa (or aal? or rent v#r* 'o?. JOHN V. BfXI*, fag ^Oft ^ a* , b"t. m> and loth ?U. Vl"' . * riAN08.-0n? r?rr 25 aA.t?r K.rj^s^-.'^s^iS % _v.gjic.jb. CUR? * CURE NervousHeadache * ^ CURE Jt ^ irin&S w Headache. Or the n?e of these Pilla the penodie attack* of ytrvov* or Sick Htadacke may be prevented; and if taken at the commencement ol an attaok immediate relief from pain and eioknea* will be obtained. They ?eWom fail in removing the Nautta and Htadatke to whioh female* are eo subject. They act gently upon the bowel*,?removing Cottivm*st. For Littrary Mm, Student t, Delioate Female*, and all person* of sedentary habitt, they are valuable a* a Laxative, improving the mpintit*, giving tone and vifor to the digeative organ*, and re fttonnn the natural elastioity and ?trength or the whole ayitem. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the remit of long investigation and oarefully oondnoted experiment*, baling been in use many years, daring vhioh time they have prevented and relieved a vaat amount of pain and suffering from Headaohe, whether ongl nating in the nercouj ayetem or frcftn a deranged atate or the * torn nek. They are entirely vegetable in their nompoaition, and may be taken at all timea with perfeot safety without making any change of diet, and the ab sence of any disagreeable taftt renders it easy to administer them to children. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The lenmne have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Drnggiats and all other Dealers In Medicine*. A Box will be aent by mail prepaid on reoeipto. the PRICE, a? CENTS. 11 orders ahoald be addresaed to HENRY C. SPALDIN0. 4S Ckdar Stbikt, Niw York. THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDING'S CEPHALIC PHJ.S WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEED V AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THEIR REACH. As these Testimonials mere unsolicited by Mr. Spalding, they afford unquestionable yroof of the efficacy of this truly scientific discovery. Masonvillb, Conn., Feb. 5.1861. Ml. Spalding?Sir : I have tried your Cephalio Pills, ani I like f*?m jo well that I want you to end me two dollars worth more Part of these are for the n?ichbors,to whom I gave a few out of the first box I got from you. Send the Pills by mail, and oblige Yonrob't servant, JAMES KENNEDY. Havk&ford, Pa., Feb. 6,1861. Mr. Spalding?Sir: I wish vou to send me one more box of vou'- Ceohalio pilla. I ? great dtal <J benefit from them Yours recpeottully, MARY ANN STOIKHOUSIS. Sparc* Chskk, HusTi!?aTo!? Co , Pa ,( Jar.uary 18.1881. 1 H. C. Spaldiko? S?r: You will please send me two box*? of your Cephalio Pill*. Send them immediately. Rf-apectfu'ly youra. J NO. B. SIMONS. P ?I hart used one box oj your Pil.s, and A+d tkim excellent. Ukllx Vkbhoji, Ohio, Jan. 15,1861. Hmt C Spald'no, Ksq.: Please find moloaed twenty-6ve eenta, fox which a*nd me brother box of lonr Ophaio Pilla. They are truly the best Pills I have ever tried. Direot A. $TOVKR,P. M., Be:le Vernon, Wyandot oo., O. Bevfrly, Mas*., Deo. 11,186". H. C. Spalding. E*q : I wmh for ? ,mn ?i or large show bills. to bring yotfr Cephalic Pills more p*rt;ou.ariy before rai customers. If you have ai.Tthint of the kind, p.tase s-nii to me. Or.enf my customers, who is suhjeot to severe SMok Headache (usually lasting two days.) wax cured of an attack in one hour by your Pills, whioh I sent her Kerpeofu ly yours, \V. B. WILKES. R>t30ld*brb0, Fraxklix Co., Ohio,! January 9,1661. s Hkxrt C. ^paldiko. No. 48 Cedar t treet, New Vork?Dear Sir: Inolosed find twnnty-five oc'ts. 25.) for w-iich send bo* of * Cephalio Pills." >end to *ddr ss of Kev. Wm. C. Filler, Reynolds'io-g, Franklin count*, Ohio Your Pill* work like a charm?curt Hsadacht almo't tnstanter. Truly y<>ura, WM. C. FILLER. Ypbii.asti, Mich., Jan. 14,1861. Ma. ^pald'So?Sir: Notions sinoe 1 sent to tou for ft box of Cepka to Pills for the cure of the Nervnu? Hoarfaohe and Costiveness, and received the wm". and tk y had to good an effect that 1 teas induced to send for more. Please aond by return mail. Direct to A. R. WHKELKR. Ypailanti, Mioh. From the Examiner, Norfolk, V'a. C?phalto ?-t;ls aoorrniluh the objeot for which they were m&fe, v.z: Cure ot heaUaohe in all ita (orma. From the Examiner, Norfolk, V*. They have been tested in more than a thousand oases, with entire saoeess. From the Democrat, st ? ? ?. "??j If too are, or liavf bwn troubled with the hevJ *ch?. ucil for a box, < Cephalic bo that yon may have them in oase ol au.attaok. From the Advertiser, Provident*, R. I. The Cephalio Pilla are ?aid to be a remarkably effeotive remedy for the headaohe. and one of the very bent for that very frequent oomplaint which naa ever been diacoveredFrom tkt Western R. R. Oateite. Ckieato, Til. We heartily endorao Mr. Bp&idmg,and hla anrivalled Cephalic From the Kaniiwka Valley Star, Konaicka, Va, W e are aare that per*ore at<fT?ring with ths headaohe who try them, wi<l ttick to them. Frcm tke Soniktm Pntk Fih4*t. A'?w Orleans, La, Try them ! ?ob that are afflicted andweareanre that your t*atim?ny can b<; a-ided to the alrrndy numer-uaiiat that ha? rooeived benefit* that no otuer medicine caa produce. From tke St. Louis Democrat. The immeaae demand for the artlole^Ceph*lio PUla) la rapidly iucreaaini. From tk* Gazette, Davenport, /?im. Mr. ^rnt'dtiiK would not oonneot his name with an &rtiole he aid not know to possess real merit. From the Advertiser, Providence, R. I. The Uitimor* in their fkvor is strong, from the most respcotab e quarters From tk* Daily New$, Newport, R. J. Cephalio Pills ?re taking the plaoe of all kinds. P* A single bottle of SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE __i*s - - win vim Umea it* ooat annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUE! SPALDING 8 PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH trr-A Stitch i* Tim 8avn"-TTI A* aoo'.denU will happen, *ren In well regulated fiamiliee, it ia very desirable to i ave eome oheap i ar.dtoonvaiiiont way for rrpairiaf Furniture, Toye Crockery, to. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE mftta t:l aucb eire'renoiee, and no houaeholri oa atfor t to be without it. It ia a way* ready, and a to the (ticking point. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOU8K." M B.- A Bru?h aoooiop&ciea ecoh Buttle. Prio * centa. Addreaa H KNKV C. HPALDINO, No. 4? Codnr iliMt, New York. CAUTION. Aa o^'Uin unprit.oipie<l petaona are attempting to palm <>n the nn*u?peeting pahj.o, imitationa uf my PREPARED Ol.l' E, I w??ld caution all Mr tuu to examine before purobfiaing. and aee that ETBrALDING'S PREPARED OLUE^D la oa^tjy outaide wrapper: all othm niw awindUac I MEDIOLNES. m. jCttMTMR, ; * iLTivnKi ibtx HOtriTAJL, 8h DifmnrtA tkt m? n (X?m, Spttdf, mmd mi, Efutvml Rtwudf in tkt World, FO* ALL DISEASES^ OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY IMM ED ATELY. A 9VRE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAROM, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS. VukiiHifUi lut,S'jl?nrii Afkttim #tki (Mm u< Bladdtr, itrtlwajrj l>.?ck?rj lainiai;, *?a?taj 9?ktliiy, dtrTNii.tu, Diif(Nf,UtfMr,W* IpiriU, C?a ( ?fiit t.rt, TCmiduy, Trtakliafl, Dinaui { lifbi c juldin >u, Piiiui fth* ad, TkiMt, mi ?r Ikio, AftbUkct ?f tkk > ?*?)*? ??. ;vi. i _ r_ _j V???? i viiivi* ftiiiTug iivui avuwij ?>m p T??th?Ur?-.1?*l lud Dtctractiv* Pr?*u??i wbitk rrad?r 1ap?Mikl?, u4 dMIrvy k*u B*dy ud Mlad Toimaiu fttlallr vk* kiTi k??*rc? U? m(tm *f bllAiy TtM, Ut> dr*?dfal ud d#?u?m?? ?*?u vhicb uiuilt twttpt it u aumtiy gr??? i^sMtndi ?f Ytmoj M?a *ftbt n?i ?tlltd ulinii uvd krillint tnUlU?l, vk? nnrht Mk?nri?? k*r? atrtcttd liittsiaf ftaitti wttk Ik* tktaaar* ?f ! ? ??m iilil u 1*11117 ui IWlag lyft, ?*y Mil vttk fill im|. 4mm. MAJLRIACB. UAUIII PUIOlll,?i TiU| Mil MiwpUUii Mifi rlaf*. Ming mini MyciMl vnkiM, wfull dikllitw, dtlitmitm, *?.. dOr ?ar?d. ka >K? m!armm Itinu farrfii lk? a/ D? I ? - ? ? r?" ??? ? - " w? r?- ? ? / ??* ?" aaaij iwfdi In hit kauar a? fiatiamaa tad wildlilljrM; Ufa kit skill at a phjiittaa. orric* Ha. t wowrn rtiixiici iri^n, lsfl kaod aid Iimi| f?aia feaJtinata atitat, a f?v daan tna tka MtiM. Fail n*( taakaarva uai tad auHi. fclltaw awl ba paid tad iMialt a i tan>. ft. JOEMCTOft, Maakara ?ftka Eayi! Callaf a iflirpiu, kaadaa, rradaaM (Mm ana af tka aaat saiaaat Callaf aa ta tka altai Butaa, aad tka ftaatar pin af arkaaa Ufa kaa kaaa spaat ta tka kaaaiula af Laodao. Paria, PkiUdalahia aad alaawkaaa, kaa afr faaiad tar.n af taa naat aataniaVin* aaiaa that am ana knawn; n>*aj traakltd with tinging in th? httd tad Hit vkic ulitt; irnt ctrtaat^tu, ktir.g alarmtd at ttddta ad*, kathflTnait with frtqatnl klatniag, atltndtd uai (an vitk dcr&nfMaim af mind, fin mid ImdtalllT, TAKB PAKTICVLAJI WOT1CB. Tmd| Mia udMliri Yb? htvi in)at?d ikiraitlnt hy t attain pntuct indalgtd in wfctn alant?a habit frtqatally laarntd frara (Til campiniaot, at at tahaal, tht tgtctt m which art nightly fait t*tn vhtn atlttp, aad If nat tutd, ttndtre raarnigt Impauikit. aad dattrayt bath mlad in badr, thaald apply immtdiataly. Tkata urt taint afti.t tad ana nalanchaly tf ttit aitdaat* by aarlt habiu af Ttath ?i? i Wttknttt aftht B?ck had Brati, Paint in tha Bud, Dirniiit tf lighc, af Mataalaf Pavtr, Falpitauan af tkt Btart,Dr>pt ptTi Htitaat IrrllaklH ly, Darangtratotaf tbt Digttuta rancutnt, tstrtl Dibility lymptamt af Car.tamptiaa, Ac. MENTALLY.?Tiit ftatfal fttttaa tbt aiad at* ailbM ba dittdtd? L??? of Mtniary, Canfatian af ldttt, Dtpttttlaa, KTil Far^adingt, Attrtiaoaf tacittt, tlf-Dwtr?tt, I battaf alitadt.Tiaidity, at*.,aft taat af tbt t?ili pit1 "iliTOII DRRlklYT.?Tbaaaaada aaa u*Mfl vkti I* tha caaaa aftha.r daclmioj baalth, latin* tbalr ?irar, ba BiDf vaak. pal*, oarreaa jcd amaciattd, kaainf aalofalaj ipfltiiaii abaatth* *y*a,c*afh ar ay tup tain aaf caoa?ptlaa UlltA8KI or IMPRCDBHCB. Wbas l>? miag aodimpradant 'auij af fltuirl lad* k* kaa imbibtd tha aaada af thia painfal dlaaaaa, ll taa afiaa kappana that an ill-urcad aanaa af sharna ar draad af dutatary daiara hiru fram applying ta tbaa* wha, frara adacagaa aad raapactabUlty, can alaoa btfrlaad turn. Ha (alia iota tkt bauda af igDiraat ?ud daaigmng prataa1*ra, wha, ineapabl* af caring,. tlch hi* pacaaiiry aabauuica, kaap bim tnltag aftar man lb, ar aa lang aa tha aiaallaat fa* can ba abtalnad. anil in daapair laara bim with raioad baalth la tlrt a*ar blajailing diaappaintmant; a? by tha uaa af inMdaadly panar, mircii;, oaatau UjI dr.i'.itauaoal lymptinia if tkla lirnbla diataai, aacb at Aficuwii e'vl,i Mian. Thriat, H?l, ktu.ftc., pr?gra??::.g wuh frightful rapility,till d??lh pall* ariid t* hia drandful kjr landing hliotitkatudiatiTirtd enntrj fram vbauiairM ui l?i?ilii riiafaa K. JOBmOUX AtMEDY FOR ORdAMIC WIAUIH AMD IMFUTKJICY. Mj tkla gmt aad Imairiiiit rimidy waakoiaa if tki aigaal Ml ipudily eand loci fill ?igar riaiarid. Tkiaaaada flkl bn| oiriiaa and dikiliutld, vki had lut ail k?pt,kiT| klU IraraidlalilT WltTtd. All Irapcdiini'i'j ( Majrlag*. 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The Mood It tlie orroe of lfle ai.'l health, and it is the first element of our being to roepocd to any cause wtiic!i affeots tii? system, as tiio false infallibly atte3ts The ev? frevaiiing pie'.'rt.!;i?, the iintating Erysipelas, the ubtio Sorofu!tho aruniaict Rheumatism, Nervous Debility, Orspeysii, Liver Complaint with its torsor and deje 'ion, and the nurrberjsss ills that flesh is heir to, derive their hideous origin from the blooi, Deal kindly the* and gently witii the blood. Us? the vitaliirng resources of nature for its aid. ; and snffer us to commend to your confidence ana ise that truiy valuable medicament known as fcf P c mr r*r% r? o lyDIAN vSo'S^ABLE~JiECQCTIOT1. V? uu regard to thia a.inoet infallible specific popular sentiment has spoken in decided terms and the evidcnoes of this treat effioaoy are sustained t>y ooustant avow&.s of curative efficU and fch? happiest recalls from ita nee are after ail other remedies and the beat medioal skill have failed. Let as eav, in conclusion, th*t oertlfioates oures are not soufht from the illiterate and superficial, but they are volunteered from the moat respectable souroes and justify the Inchest terms is whiob it is possible to ooinwend so valuable a specific to puniic approval. We may add also that tue ourative prnpertiasofthe medicine are equalled only by it* restorative effects, the system reooveri l?? . >. J tuft IIUUI 'jmvci u #1111 rniiCWPti CUIISlilQllOCftl VIEOJi I For imvIj by all reepeot&ble DniRciet# in thi? I oity.and by tne proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None gonuine unless her nameia blown on the bottle and her ??&! on the cork Price 91 per bottle, six bott'es for ML \7*ol?'*l$ Ar*nt. R. S. T. CiSSKL, Druffiit Goorjetowni 1). C., Wholesale Aient for the Dlr i triot, and wiii supply the trade at ray pnoec. | ac 18-tr D" E. J. iiOVKE liOD'H IMPEKIAL WINS BITTERS, A'e row Mrli f n?pd fropi Maine to the ttreat Salt La?e, anl t^e auversii vcrdiot cf ail who uae tnem either ?c a or an a biytratt, is that ; th-'y ars crecr^ao.*: in the world, lit. Dods need ihmn rtc~r<+*rf*z ii * H km L ?* mu/ ?mi<* fiwv*'vo i?/t a# j?J&rs uoiurw i *5 crotw*; c: Kirs tae solo riiii: to manuiaotnr# | *r,d pre?;nt tiiSia '?r iri'a to the ?nbho. Forth# osiccf Josif.'aw^ Cvuremetion, indicention, Dir pe?r.u, Fii?. K?.v?3s 0ii4U<<, Female Com r ?K>3, tn<i ill QftjiM r*?ii-inj a IcniG, thry are beyond do*bt a r* ;st lETAlaal.e renedy. Anideirons i rrair irfd'cinsi rrc.-irt-.rt ther are a mra, wholei sorae and i'.nlijtrfai J?r?ora?e, producing ali th? I p!;?asaat exaileratmr e?>et? of 3randy or Wine i without tiitnr inisr.oaa r?cuitr, I.?t c.U friend a of ! nu. i&ci'T aud ali aavoa*tos of temperance aula oa ie aubat'tniu; thee* rilaable Vejetable Bittera for ths wtiHirst aud tltcittratt l L\i*ort with which the ooaiiiry 1? flooJea.asd thereby ef! feotua It aid tn baching Disease and Drunkenes# trea the land. \ CHARLK9 WLDDIFIELD & CO., rTWfrleiors, 78 William itreet. New V?rfr J. PCHWARZE. Ate Li, Wat h .niton, 1). C. DR. J. BOVEE DODB' imperial air.' birrers. For IMaoaxea of the Kidneyi, Bladder and Cryiao i Orcana, and especially for Female Obatrootiona, . Dover l'aii to cure, and are ?a: lacted to (ire aatia taction, I OliARLES WIDPIFIELD A CO.. Fropnetcr*. 79 William st, New York. J. SCli WARZE, I j* Vly.r Agent. Washington. P. C. IFREEM1N .klMBnii'f ... ?a vj WBSilll vyn i | M OLD W OLD \ ,1 FAMILY RYF'iFAHIIY RYE The above PURE W H18KY, Cof m Distill*? ftox M altzd Gxai*. being superior and uniform in anility, and highly improved by age, is preferred by ooniumer* to all other Whiskies, and partioilarly rcoomnr.ended by the best physioians %na I obominti m ?u ??< SchuyikiiT\Vittor of Piiiladelph.a, used In

t/I'hii /f it' Whiiky, is proved by analy acd ??reet water in the United I ma*?jn ? creat defree, be attributed the azoeilenoe of thu Whiiky. For m..? oy FREEMAN^fc SIMPSON, Oflico" tt?nv&h Sokcyikm^wrfphii'SeffSla A MOTHER FRE?HI "UPPLY OF GOOD books. ?ua% iwooi*?a PT -RKNCH k RICH8TEIN. 218 PxifN* *v1kij*, Wa.SH1!??TOR, l ife ia the Old Worid. hr Kredrika Hremer ; S vol* , 12mo .cloth; price 82 50 One of Them. by Charles L,ever, paper 50 oenta. M-daaxe fium the bea, by Charles Dickens, paper; 50 oents The American Question, 12^o , eloth ; prtoa 60 cents: by mail free on reoeipt of prio*. war; dis o^unt at onr store for oash. re 1> CMVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS i arrived this day, embracini all snsli ?wi^ ties and sues of Sole Leather, Ladids'HMfl Dress aod Pwkir.t Trunks. Our trunk^ "? ales rooraexhihitd at this tame the ere*test variety of traveling requisites, at moderate prices, to b? found this side of Nevr York, Also, sreiy descri*| toon of ??? " wal DUALSI VALlOBEt I OARPKT PA6S, BATCH ELS, Jtc. IC^Old Truck* repaired or taken In exohaof* wiU" "mSe 2Si. BHtf B-tf ?aa P>. wwn. I. *. *. bAMAJl. . MOT*. I. k 41111, L??AE.MO?. practioe 'cwrt^V^Ponto^, *?& PHOS I?l WW BE PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. | pUBLIC N O T I C E. DpuntniT or m lmuot.i wBHaj?h S?c. si. iw. { Pablio BotiM It hereby (Itm that booda Mi eoo>ona Maned, of the deeoriftioa heretaoftar eet forth, Mats lately bora feloaioaaiy abstracted from the oaetody of the Is tori or Department, tho use being the ?rcp?rty of the U mi tod Statoa ud hold in troat for oertaia ladiM tribeo. Nottoo Mi alao been given to tho proper ofioera of tho reapoe tiro Stotoa to atop tho payment lhareof; aad oil peraoaa are warned againat parohaaing or foootvinx oay of aaid bonda Md ooupona, oa the o .aim oi UM u niiaa Btato* th ereto will bo proaoostod to Um ntmoat oxtoot Ksch bond boini for the ram of on thonaand dollar*, ri? : Six per oont. Missouri Conpon Bonds, iaraed in Juno and Asiiit, 1S9T. State of Miaeiouri.Bt. Lonla and Iron Mountain R R. State Bonds. Bond No. 9037 Bond No. 18S3 1878 1827 1W6 1821 1WT 1821 1998 1828 2008 1819 2007 ftl8 1993 1809 1994 1817 1995 1814 1891 1815 1990 1814 1892 1813 1991 1812 2008 1810 21)02 1811 1992 1808 2000 2031 2005 2033 2004 2034 2001 2036 1999 2034 2000 2032 2009 1829 1877 1828 1878 1829 107B 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 1868 1883 1869 1884 1870 1886 1871 1886 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 2048 2017 2047 201# 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bonds 1824 Mots.?Bond* No. *000, and below of this series, issued J une, 1B37, and bonds No. sow. and above that, dated August, iaS7. pyabie at the Phceaix Bank, New York oitj, in 1887. State of Missouri aut per oent oonpon bonds, vii: Hannibal and at, Joseph Railroad State Bonde? Rond No. 1R53 Bond No. IdM 1852 1027 1851 1028 1850 1029 1849 1869 1848 1805 1847 1803 1840 1802 1845 1800 1844 1801 1832 1866 1836 1868 1833 1865 1834 1864 1830 1821 1837 1823 1838 1834 1839 1816 1049 1820 1040 1827 1036 1828 1012 1829 1013 1830 1014 1831 1016 1/141 1010 1042 1017 1043 1018 1044 1819 1045 1820 1640 1821 104T 1011 1048 1884 1037 1034 1038 1031 1840 1032 1842 1033 1843 1022 1060 1867 1810 1030 1817 1030 1818 1039 1819 1841 1620 1023 1821 1024 1026 90 bondJ No*a.?TbM? bond* w d*t?d J*n**ry, 1M?, f&T&ble at Bank of Oommeroe, New York, in Vj/>uAmlvAr 1 Mfl In*f t in latin*** V ? VIMWI I 1WV tM?VI VV? |F?J*VIV U* VMM W| J MiU Jaly of eaoh ye*r. Bt&te of Mlaaoari atz Mr o?nt. Coupon North Mia?onri K.R. 81* ta bond a. 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OAS FITTING, Ac. Awm. T. DOVK * CO. _ RE Tivw pr***r*4 to %ay ord?ra with FITT1NC CT Store oc 9th atr??t, a frw 'loon north of Pa. a?s?3Sfi?*wiiBia nmnK riAlVRbB, M tT-lf pLUMBERB AND GAB FITTERS i, W. THOMPSON A OO. i I Would e*ul the attention ol fwr taker* to thotr tall assortment of Fixtare* aeoessari to ita introd_QCtjoti,Bs lo ?owa_- fclTCHKN RANGES.BATh TLBS, WATER CLOSETS, HOT WATER BOILERS, RITCHEN BlfikH. PUMPS, Cm( rroa. Wroaiht Iron. l/ead and 6a.vai.iMKl U A- ( TER PIPES, VdAaNTS and PAVE WaSHBRB. RL'BMER BOSE. Ao. Harlnl superior advantages. with prsctiaa k"owled(S, ws art prepared to introdaes Water ibto dweiilDii with all the latest itnsrorsfrecte, proaptiy, and at prioes Uiat oa?not fail to satisfy. 999 I'enn. venue, ao M-dtMar 1 bet 9th aad lou sts.. sotth side. W6 A B F1ITDKKB. E Hat* ta store, and are da. j retdnu, &A8 FIXT COCA'S of entirely New Pattern* and Designs aac Finish, perior la strls to anything heretofore offered it this market. 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