Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1861 Page 1
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m _ ' ' - TilK DAILY KVKNINU STAR la fVBLKHED BVBtir AFfEKNOOIi, <s*V*PAYH EXCEPTED.) AT TMK STAR Bt'lLDlXttft, f*??M ? / r? ?i- ? - i * ? . i / (Stoning V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. MARCH 13. 1861 N?. 2.516 V WT r?9T vr f ?juf 11<4 K , 1 W. D. WALLACU. Fapore Mrrwt in pftcka?ea by carriers it 94 ft y?ar, or si c?nu per month. To m&il s?becrib*r? ho pnoe 19 f3jo a rmr, ? ? adranct; 92 for six H>nth?i f 1 for three months; ftnd for less tfcftn three mnothi M the rate of 13 cents a week. 9mcl? opiee, os* c juts in wrapper!, two csnts. O" AcvntHMisTf soould be sent to the ofioe b*l<?re 12 o'c.ock m.; otherwise they m?y not appef atil tV next day, MMawumBBBMaMaMHDMaBan L IMS K Til BROWN'S THANKSGIVING DINNER. (COHCLCDEP.L Two o'clock pas#ed, and at last the old corner clock struck three; still thoy had notoome. "What couid detain 'em so long?" said Lishetb. giving the fire a rigorous stir, and moving Reuben * coat and slippers a little nearer. " The dinner'U all be spiled, and they'll have an awful ride. The snow's beginnin' to fall row, an' it'll be a dreadful storm, I know by the sound o' the wind; it roared just thin way, kind o' mournful like, just before that great pnow-stonn, when the hen-house roof fell in and smashed all my poor chickens. Dear me! how fast it falls. 1 do wish I'd a' thought to send ?iineon that yarn tippet; he always was subiect to sore throats, and this'll be sure to give tim one. Where s his slippers, Faith?the new ones you worked for him? Why don't you put 'em down to warm? He'll want 'cm when he rrmtm Kara ' 6 Faith brought out the slippers?pretty black velvet ones, flowered with golden braid?and ymt them beneath the chair in Simoon's faror- i ite corner. *' Now. pat down some apple* to roast, to heat 'em a mujr o' cider, and see that the gravy's warm, burely they'll be here soon." Faith did this also, and then brought out her little work-basket, and sat down oefore the glowing hickory fire, making a great effort to appear calm. But it was all in vain; her Sogers would tremble and flutter, and her cotton? tangled in a most amazing manner. Four o'clock came, the snow descended in thick, heavy sbowers, and a cold easterly wind whistled round the corners, leaving the frozen uaio iu KUiio piaucj, auu in oiucrs. piling up the white drifts in great freezing mass**. The chickens sought their nightly roost, the cattle flocked to the barn-yard, and the pony came up to the bars and whined for admittance; still they did not come. The Thanksgiving dinn?r grew cold upon the table, and Lisbeth stood in the doorway until the white flakes lay thickly on her gar ments. ' Somethin's the matter. Faith.'' she said uneasily?*'1 know there is; they wouldn't stay this long if there wasn't " * The boat may have been delayed suggested Faith. ' Yes. or the buggy broke down. Reuben said one of the linch-pins was loose. Dear me' it s too bad'?the Thanksgirin' dinner II be epiled ?fter all our fixin.' '* #**#* Another half hour went by. Th? wind r?se io a shrill, wild blast, and the snow came down in smothering torrents The chill, gray gloom of twilight began to settle down, when dimly visible to the eyes of the weary watchers appeared the sombre, bonnet-shaped top of the old-fashioned buggy. ' Here they come, Faith ! here they come eried Lisbeth, springing down the steps '-Stir the fire, and let's run down to meet 'em Poor (Simeon, I know he's nearly froie !" Faith sprang up. and in her excited haste overturned ber work-basket, sending its contents in promiscuous flight over the smoothlywaxed floor, burned her fingers with the poker, came well-nigh scorching her new merinodre??, and at U?t. flushed aud tremulous, ran . .. i :.i?.L VII' WV J"IU IJIKUCIU. The old buggy came on with a slow, uncertain motion, and after several tedious momenu, paused at the little gate. Lisbeth pressed forward, closely followed by Faith; but no eager face looked out to weloome them ' Where's Simeon?where s my boy?" cried the fond mother. uO, Faith, he hasn't come ! Reuben, where'a Simeon But Reuben did not answer, or even make the sligh'est movement. With his face whit# ani stony, his hands dangling helplessly beside him he sat in the remotest corner, staring out upon them with a vacant, unmeaning stare " Reuben, what's the matter ?" almout screamed the frantic woman. "Are you sick ?dead?frozen ? Oh. for heaven's sake, speak to me !" Slowly and almost mechanically he arose from bis seat, and clambered out with feeble, tottering step*. Reuben, Reuben?speak to me!" continued T - - : l~i as 1? ' - jjirvsiu, gri3|uug uin aria ncrceijf. " n nere 6 bimcon?why hadn't he couie home'" "He's g?ue!?Le'U never come home any more' never, never' ' said the old man incoherently. groping with hia hands in the pockets of his coat. " Gone. Simeon gone!?my boy never come home anymore! What do you mean, lieuben ?" " Here it is," he continued, in the same wandering tone; " here it all is ! He'll never come home any more !" Faith grasped the paper from his shivering hand, and following his pointing finger read in the deepening twilight: ' By telegraph from S . The steamer Oceau Queen, that left this wharf at six o'clock this morning, took fire on the passage. Although prompt and vigorous efforts were made tr* rPH/?iiA thA nftniflnrrova J - ??? ? ~ "?? lii^j IV kUU BU'lUfU" ness ?f the catastropbe only two were saved " " Simeon was one of them, he was one of the two." ("he said. her face blanching, and her lij>s growing rigid. '5*o, no?I ve seen 'em?seen 'em both; he'll never come home any more !" 'What is it?" cried Lisbctb. still unconscious of the dreadful truth, her voice dropping down to a tone of piteous entreaty, * where is Simeon?where's my boy ??tell me he's not dead, and I can bear anything else " But tteuben did not answer, bur the ter-rs rolled over hi- wrinkled face, aud it was enough. The storm swelled higher and higher, and to,war-is midnight raged around the httla New England cottage with appalling fury The hickory fire bad burned down to a few flickering embers, which threw a fitfui glow over tho Thanksgiving table, and over the bowed heads of the three disconsolate mourners as they sat there in tbeir terrible desolation. This was tbeir Thanksgiving day, begun in hope and joyous anticipation, but ended in the ery blackness of utter despair. " Oh, I can't stand it," sobbed Lisbetb; " I can't, I ean't; it's cruel?wicked? wrong. He was all I had?my only child?my aarlin' precious boy, that never gave his old mother a cross word, or caused her a moment's trouble in bis life: my baby, that used to sleep in my boeom and lay his little head against mv cheek ?an' now he s in the river?in the cold, black water, and we're bere, living, thinking,breatbinf. bv the warm fire Oh f mn't mnH it T eto'i; I wish I could die and end my misery." Reuben was too deeply affected by this sudden outeuab of a mother 'a grief to apeak asin51 e word of comfort, and his own heart waa too eeplv wounded For a few momenta the three a%t aide by fide in aorrowful ailence; then the old man roae up. and taking down the family . bible, and opened it, and read: "Come unto me all ye that are heavily laden, and I will give you reat " Precious, life giving word*. We read them night and moruing, and hear them Sabbath after Sabbath from the sacred desk, yet never knew their full meaning, their true eonaolation, until aome great calamity aweepe awny every earthly prop and st^y, and we have nothing els* to lean upon. All this waa felt in (hat little New England cottage, and the old min'l Voir? mu nn litrn a >10111111# kru.a i> the din of the winter tempeot, end on the great surging deep of their hetrts fell a mi l bat peaoeful oalm Still the storm raged on; the wind rose and fall, and whistled r >und the gable*, driving the ibow bof'ire them in great treesing drifts. It voold ao?n be morning rose, and gold and Iurple would dapple the eastern horizon, and isperae the storm and darkness; but over th? night of their denotation, no morning would ever break. Wm that * ?tep in the mow or oalj the vote# of the tempest1 A step, aurelj. for it come?, crunching the freezing drift*, and pluses on the step witn a quick, determined sound. And now there is a rap, short, sudden and eager. Reuben rises, it is some of the neighbors with tidings of the lost steamer, news that the body of his boy has been found, perhaps. He Opens the door?tha wind sweeps in, bringing with it a cutting shower of sleet, and also a happy, hopeful face. "How are you, father?" The resonant roioe rings through the silent dome like a peal of sudden joy. The old father hears it, and falls in his son's embrace; the poor mother hears it, and rushes forward half frantic with delight; Faith hears it in the solitude of her little chamber, and hastens out, her sweet faci alternating between smiles and tears. "0, Simeon?0, my boy !?they told me you was dead, drowned, lost in the river; they wanted to break your old mother's heart, but you wouldn't let 'em; you've como back, Simeon. nover to leave me again?" "Never to leave you again, mother?God willing." He held her to his bo?*m for a moment, and then went round to where Faith stood"Now, father and mother," he said, his voice vibrating with emotion, as he took the ?:.! 'a 1 ill.t t.ll ? -1 - jvuug giti a uiu'i| let me iqii juu vi uijr uu* liverance?for delivorance it was?from the very jaw? of death. It was God's providence first, and next to that, Faith's little Bible; she gave it to me the morning we parted, and I always kept it about me, and it proved a precious talisman. I went on board the Ocean Queen this morniDg, with the rest of the poor passengers; but just as she was leaving the wharf, I found that I had left my overcoat hanging on the railing of the bridge. I didn't cire for the coat, but Faith's little Bible was in the pocket, and I could not part with that; so I jumped ashore just as the boat pushed off. And now. father," he continued, turning to the old man.who sat in his leathern arm cnair nia3?nj : 4. T ?iiu uiaojiou uauus auu sucaunu^ ojw, - JL will say,with your permission, that which my heart has long felt. I have succeeded in my efforts, even beyond my most ardent expectations; in the far We.?t a comfortable home awaits us, surrounded by fertile acres sufficient to yield us all we need. I love you, Faith; I have always loved you, ever since that winter night when mother brought you home to be my little sister. Bo more than sister now?be my wife, Faith!" The auburn head went down upon his shoulder like a flash of sunlight. Lisbeth stood in silence, unable to comprehend the scene; but after a while the happy truth burst upon ber. and she clasped her arms about them with a ,)ojtul cry: "My own precious children, and wo shall all live together and never part again; shan't we, Simeon ?" " Never part again, mother, until death parts us," said tne young man. solemnly 'Get his new slipp?rd, Faith," cried the happy mother, laughing and crying by turns, "they'll be all the more aoceptable now, think a heap of 'em, Simeon?she most worked her eyes out ovor 'em." Simeon put on the velvet slippers, and sat down in his old place. " Now, Faith, run for the gravy, while I stir up the fire; we'll have our Thanksgiving dinner after all." "Thanksgiving breakfast, I should say, mother," laughed Simeon. "Well, it'll do just as well?we've seen a groat many in our day, but this'11 be the ban piest one of all, won't it Reuben'" " The happiest one of all, Lisbeth," said the old man, smiling through hi* tear." A Phantom Carpbxtek.?Certain odd noise* have perplexed the worshippers at St. John's Church, in Detroit, f?r some time past. The Free Presi tells thi3 story of the cause : These sounds *ere abundant at night, and caused great perplexity among the neighbors, who, through wonder and other sentiments, were unable to sleep. An investigating committee was the consequence, which, after arduous service, principally expended in break-neck excursions on the ridge of the roof, and flerilous slides dtimi in<*lin?il nlincs anrl poles, discovered the cause. A loose board in the roofing was tho source of it all. It was a very peculiar board. It hung in sucl> a way that, when the wind whistled through the building at night it pounded like a bummer, and squeaked like a saw. and thus made a very go >d phantom carpenter. Then it mado eccentric sorties this way and that, and pro- I duced other sounds such as might hare emanated from a posse of stone-masons in full t blast, and was even accused by some imaginative people of having articulated in good English the words " more mort," as though the ghostly bod-carriers might have been dilar at:- 1 - ? ' * 1 tvjjr xit mis auu in mnsr ways entirety Hi variance with the proprieties of the place, it managed to make a great deal of noise and create no little talk. A Mob at5ava:*:iaii.?During nearly the whole of the forenoon of yesterday an excited crowd of several hundred were eolfee'ed on the bay, In front of the Exchange, for the purpose, it was said, of rescuing the negro Paul, charged with the murder of Rrady, from the otllcers of the law. It was supposed he was in the polled otti-e, but it appears ne was confined at the jail, and two negroes, a mar. >.nd a woman, w?-re under examination on the charge of harboring the principal offender Our Mavor iwlim th? - ??i Union, promptly rrdered a coinpanv of military and a large aetachinent from the police to the spot. Thf-se formed In front of the Exchange, when the t?*o negrors were brought out, and thus formidably guarded, march?*d to the jail, where they w?-re securely locked up. The excited multitude having threatened to storm the jail for the purpose of rescuing Paul and burning him, the Republican Blues we-e also called out and were stationed in i front of the building, where they remained during ; th* day and night. I'p to the hour we write, no | attempt had been made to execute the threat, and ! should It he done, it will be attended with no Inconsiderable amount of bloodshed The promptn**sa and vigor displayed by our authorities In this case are most commendable. They prove that daylight mobs, at least, cannot succeed In their purpose in Savannah, and that even the black ...... .? tu iuc n^uw i^iiarauuru uv iuc law* of the land ?Savanna* Republican, 7<A. An Austria* Vikw or the Fall or Gakta.? Austrian journal* are now expressing the liveliest apprehension* respecting the consequences which the fall of Gaeta may have at a not distant time upon tbe fate of Austria. The Austrian Gazette says that the pacification of Southern Austria will place 100,000 men at the disposal of Austria. "The fall of Gaeta," savs that paper, "must necessarily react upon the Roman question, and France, pressed by England and Sardinia, cannot d? otherwise than abandon tbe Pope, as she baa already abandoned Francis II, o'.' Naples. What can prevmt Piedmont from declaring war against Austria the day tbe Italian Parliament sitting in the Qulrlual,shall decree the war* If France baa uiade the promise to remain neutral should Austria be attacked by Piedmont, bra not M. Schlelnltz declared in the House at Berlin that Prusaia had no engagement towards Austria lu reference to Venetla. "Tbua," proceed* tbe Gazette, "Austria la left alone to uphold the struggle agalust Italy. If she is strong enough not to be afraid of It. she has yet a great deal to apprehend f om the allies wbom Italy may find in the eaatern part of th# Kmnlr# " A nnth*r VUnna ,w , ........ . pl^'l " [' fuWIie Post. expresses with still greater force tbe concern and uneasiness prevailing In tbe Austrian Cabinet. Blown Down?Tbe Palmetto (las, which wai raised near tbe First Market Frldav afternoon wiih such a flourish of trumpets, was blown down &ttur-lar morning by a violent gale, or ratberthe p-'le snapped In twain, and tbe upper portion witb tbe flag attached topped over upon tbe nei^bborlnK roof We Learu that some of tbe party who were concerned in tbe elevation of the na/ nave accepted tbis accident as an auspicious omen, or m indicating a supernatural d sapproval of tbe demons! ration in which they were engaged i Tlustf lhfifiM h*V# ?K?? ?k. -*?* | Virginia hu a flat; aa well aa Sooth Carolina, and ! If tbey were not willing to let the star* nod strip** ; fioat upon tbe breeze any longer, that tbe drtlgn j i.pou that ffcii:, and tbe motto, " Sic Semper Tyrannia," are quite aa worthy of the homage of Virginians aa the ' palmetto and r?ttle?n?k? fiitk'r.ond Whig. MISCELLANEOUS. DINNER PARTIES. J IT1ZENS And Sojourners j*i Washington ars respectfully reminded that the rub?crit>er is preP\reii to furnish DINNER ENTERTAlNMfc>i I"S, for any Kumher of gentlemen. in & style equa. to that of Any similar establishment in the I cited States, and on very moderate terms. His suites 01 rariors anrt uinm* rooms lor the aooommrxl?tioD of Dinner and Supper Parties, his Table arrangements. Cooks, Servants, Ac., are unsurpassed; a? well as his Wines, nhioh enjoy much celebrity. He rcspeotfnlly asks a continuance of the patronage of the public heretofore so liberally bestowed upon him.aud pledges his best exertions to rive entire xatisfaotion. _fe IMm C OAIIT1KR. /On Tl'e old established PAWN W- /0\ A. A^'CE, formeny on Penr. avenue / WJL W %|i>etween 3.1 a?d sfs., has lately |# U b-en <emoved V> C St., betweea <H a.,d 6ih hts., back of the National Hotel. IMUTIUE: inuiiue:: WUTIUE::: 910,000 to oo loaned in sir-alt luma on liold and Wil *er v> atones Jewelry, and all other articles of value. Busine'g striotlr And confidentially done. Don't forget to ga ! at No. 351 C st.,Ketweon 4X and 6th sts. fe27-3m I. HF.RZBERG. C WOOD AND COAL.. ONSTANTLY On hand a larce an* >rtment of the very best*uali?y of RKl) aod HITE ASH COAL of all 8ize3. whioh we will deliver to any part of the oity at the shortest notice and at mod erate prices. 2,240 pounds to the ton in all <-a*es. Also. HICKORY OAK and PINK WOOD in ooid length or sawed and split to anr s'z? r?quired. SHERIFF A DAWSON, South side Fa. av., Net 3d and 4X *ts , fe ?7-!w and west side 4>* st. and the Canal. JOHN F. ELLIS. SOLE A'lEWT kOD Tilt >1*1 L- ? V M D L'VT * VIV A II ii kJXi 111/ Ail A/ Uliil I OF CHICK KR1NG i SONS' PIANOS, 306 Pbn*A. A vknc?. Betwten $th find l??fA Sirteti, ma 2 North Side 'T'HK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. 1. EMR1CH. at the corner of Pern. A . A avenue and Eleventh street. Ins been yrMLy greatly improved recently and now offers JiSlflLL greater inducements for the patronage of oitizoim and strangers than any other puhlio house in the oity, his prices being less Mian those of any other iiotel on Penn. avenue, and his accommodations or permanent or transient hoarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very popu l&r.being all that can be desired by the most fastidious. Toe proprietor pledges ui remitted attention and oouhftuea liberal expenditures to givenat notion 10 an, ann thus renewa hi* invitation ' all to eive the Kuropean Hotel a call. de 4 -ti JUST RKCK1VKD AT FRKNCH A. RI<'H SSTEIN, 7'* Penn.avenue, Washington, "'The Pipkwiois Papers," boms the first of the elegant hou?ehou!d edition of the w<<rks of Cha-les Diokena; illustrated by T. O. C. Uarier ami Jtfhn 'filbert. Riverside pr-bs. Call a:<d examine them. Alio, a nsw supply of Daney's Illustrated Cow per, the finest edition published. fe 1 SGAl>TIKR'S RESTAURANT. OJOL'RNKRS In Washington are reepeotfully formed that GAUTIKR'S RF.^T.M1 i . . Jk RANT on Pa. averue, between lith andyjvMkV 13th streets, is one of the oompletesi,XIii||&X inoft eletant and aereeable establishments of its kind in the I'nitsd States. bei ? at a! times provided with tJie best to 'e obtained in the markets of all the large cities, forwarded to him reeul&riy bv express Hib prions are moderate and his ao OoamaoaMions to furnish Breakfast, Dinner, Tea and ^uppe:? to gentlemen rooming out, are unequalled hy any others in thin city. He addresses tins n tioe e-peoially to st-augers, an al! citizens and frequenter* of Washingt n know will the superiority of his house. He is prepared to accoinmoriaie to their entire satisfaction any numr>er ol irontlemen who dcr.ire to lake their .Mea ft away from where they lodge. fe 11-1 in THK INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE 8TATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 5300,000. Insures Merchandise. Buildings, lloimeltoid Farniture, *o , against loss or damaje b? hie. . HEATH tt KNOWLKS, A cents. Office?Rooir. 16 over Bank of Washington. ja 1*' 17 D. L. MOK ItlSON A. CO.. T LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And wholesale dealers in MILL FEED, CORN MHAL. 4re.. ft., Corner of 12th aud li street*, Washington oity. irT" Cash paid for all kicds of Grain- au 26-6m f?1 PDf)fM A M 4'!<1/kM 1 O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, 4a. WKtrins, . _ At the pr?Bont >(uon o the rear CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, DYSENTERY, CHOLIO. DYSPEPSIA. DEPILITY.*c.,4o., prevail to an aiarmiug o*fnt: And ttnertar,, It ir.uat be of the riKST VUHBHICVWIVB to every family to know of A REMEDY at onoe Snf?, Spceiu, anJ FJlrirtont, dr. montardis, or Paris, offers his MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER a* the mof>t CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE AHOVE COMPLAINTS In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that no imposition is inUnned in the sale of tMs (ireat Modioir.e. THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED ti? all cans when the medio>ne fails to give entire satisfaotio Ask, then at any Drag Store for DR. MO.VTAKDK'S MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER. I take u directed. and if not perfectly satisfied Return to our Agent, d. ii. CL\RK, esq., 4K Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, who will refund your money. Prio??35 and 40 Cents per Bottle. For aale at all Drug Stores everywhere. jas. McDonnell, General Agent, Jyll-eotr Baltimore. ??!? TOl'HAM'S Cirre VU PREMIUM TRUNK *551? fl MANUFACTORY, 499 Sivkjcth Strkkt. Washington, D. C. cuver jneaai mww ?y ?HymM institute of Baltimore, November 7, I.**) Al?o, Medal b? Ms ropolitnnMociiarios'Institute, Washington, D C., 18J7. 1 am oonstantly making, and always have on hand, of the best material, every description of Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. LadiM* Dress, Wood Box, and Packing Trunks. Pellisier, Carpet, and Canvas Traveling Bags, School Satchels, Jto., At Low Prtre*. Members of Congress anrt travelers will please examine my stook before purchasing elsewhere Trunks that are made in o<her oities. Superior Leather and Dress Trunks made to or^er. Trunks oovered and repaired at short notice. Goods delivered free of charge t >?nylpart of the oity. Georgetown, and Alexandria. ja23-lyeo JAMES S.TOPH1M. ROUGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, Ac. TYLKR'9 COMPOUND SYRVP OPOUM ARABIC. Thia pleasant and popular Cough Remedy kaa been to long known and ext?naiv*iy u? d, that most persona have beoom* familiar with it? extraordinary rffioaoy. ltoan be had at all the prinoi< pal drug atoree at 23 aad SO oent* a bottle, ae 28 fJrn*??o4m* LA R K.N DON HOTEL RESTAURANT. BENJAMIN HOBBS rega leare^^. /?v to iuform hia frienda and the pu:lie(^9A f_ J generally that he haa taken and fitted^S\^Bv up in a auperior manner the Redtaurant at the aoutheaat oorner of enn. AVenUA anrf Hivth mtr+mt Ua wall t prrMr'dtoaerve aTwho may lavor him with a the boat WINES, t iQL'ORS and CIGARS. aa well aa OYSTER^ tiAME a d otU dehcasiea of the aeaaon. fe 4-1 m H4?,Nn ONE PRICE ONLY! R. C. STEVENS, 336 Ha. av , no 22 tf K?tw^n Qr I. 1,?r K CARRIAGE FACTORIES. Washington carriage factory, " I) Strict, H'.t\9ten 9tk and XOtk Strut W* Kt?f4 u.* c Ua>I ?? ??* - - w , J .ur? Uiiisuru (ft numiW 1)1 Bl? OiMI CARRIAGES, suc-h u LitKt tnncv. JWtB Wti*cnt, Park Put* terns. Futntlv Car a*rf Buttttf, * inch we will ?ell>t-? ? ? a ver* sitia.11 profit. Being praotioal mechanics in different branches

of the bnsine**, wo flatter onrselves that we know the styles and quaiity of work that vili give satis faction, oombiiung lightness, ocinfort and durabiil ty. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to the shortest not ice and most reasonable oiiargea, WALTER, KARMANN & BOFP, Coachmakem, successors to Wm.T. Hook, ap r-dly Tcarriau ES. HE Sibaenber having made additions to hi factory, making it now one of the largest^jflSML In the District, where his facilities forwRC^ffT aanaiaotnnngCARRIAGE A. LIfiHT.^E3K WAGONS of all kinds MMl be nipL and from tan lone ex>en<?cce id th? baaineu, ho kopM U jiTo f nerr.l Batisfactioc, All kinds ?f Cam&cH act Vgkt Wm?s: kspt ?> kacd. ( A.^RK^T A1I8nvatlr <?a?,aidall rderu prompt < l?-tf Mnr *f Uth c-vM F wtm. Wood and Coal. GALT8' CITY 8TEAB FIREWOOD SILLS altd TOAL DEPOT, Foot or Skvkhtkknth Strkkt, Edoro War Dtpartm-nt. rrr WOOD AND C(TaL of all unds. Wood prepared to suit the wants of each customer, or <le liver?d ooril length. \lj~ ( o*l k'pt in Coal }{ovstf, delivered free from late, dirt, and other impunties. Personal attention Riven to all order*. fe 15-tf T. J. It W. M. BiLT. Birds, birds FOR salk.-i tave just received a splendid ast>ortmentof Birds from zfjtKuropa, of Gorman Cana Ks, English B&ckVi/ Birds, Thrushes, Bull Finches. Gold Finche*,-'*Lmetr., Larks, Yeilow Hammers. I have Harroquets. Java Sparrows, Starlen*, the Red Mocaw Parrot an 1 green and grey. I have M-cking Bird*. r?>d Wing Black Birds, Red Birds. Dove*, aod BoboMak*; also Trained H iMs. Prioj /s cents t< ^5" Cages o' all kinds f om I" o?r:t? to g>r<?,m mra more. r\i<> 3R8 Pa. avenae, at the Capitol rat*. _ fe 9-1 m EMREMEN'S INSURANCE COM FAT. V k of WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Ca p?to 1 7." .. 1200,000. Ofic' tor* r C ttreti and Lamtsinnm ar.t over Bank ?lf Washington. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Dixkctovs. Geo. Sh^makrr, Samnel Redfem, Samuel Croploy, William Wilson, Richard Jones, John i). Barclay. Jaooh G.d?on, Andrew Rothweil, Thos. Parker. Kishard Barr*. F. B. French. No charge for Policies. JAMF.8 ADAMS, President AbblO. Davis, Secretary. oc l^-eoSm AYKR'S COMPOKN 0 EXTRACT SARSAPARILLA. No oca romei!* is more i<e:?ded in this oountry than a reliable Alt*rntiv?, but the fiek nave ^een o outrateously cheated by tne worthless prepara tionso'Sa s*pariJa abroad, that they aredisgusied even witn tne ni* e Yet the dm* oannot be b amed for tn? imposition* from which the? have suffered. Mont of the to called !*ar aparilias :n market contain little of the virtues of ^areapanlla <?r any thinse'as. They are mere slops?inert and worth ( ???. urhl fe a OO'iOAntrt t V,? ri?t>-of Sarsap&riila compounded with Dock.^tii lingia, Indine. etc., la, ? it ev?r wih be, a jtiwerftiI alterative and an ffffcnal r>*m*dy. Such is Ayer's Ext: not of ?aratfp*ri!ia,as ita truly won "erfui our?* of the ?reat variety of ooxnpiamts wnicti require an alterative medicint*, lave abundantly ihi'wn. Do not therefor?, diwcard this invaluable medicr.e, because yi u havebetn imp">"?d np-n i>y a< me'lung rre-endins to he S.-\raapanl;a. whi'e it was rot. When thu have used Avm's?then, and not till tlipu, will you know the virtues of >a.r?apariila. For iniuute particular* oj the dn??a:'ce it cure?, we relcr you to Ajer'fi Aoirrican A!ina?*ic, which the acent t>*iow tamed will fun ish gratis to a 1 who call for it Ayer'h Cathartic Pit.iji. for thwciire of Cat tivetust, Jnundirt, Dyyprpf-ia. inditesticm, iivsen t>ry. Foul Stomnr*. Erysipelas, Henia-ke, Pt'.'s, Hkrumntism, Htwtbvrn. arising fro-n IHsorde.t'd Stomath. Pain, or Mortid Inaction of the Ho:e>els, Flatul-nry. Loss of Appetite, Liver Comp nint, Drnv.-y. Worm', (fowl, S>uralgia, at a Dinner Pill, a.vlfor Put Ayin* the Blood Tne* are Mifc&r coat> d, ?? that the most sensitive can tak^ them pleasant >,and the; are the boat Aperio. t in the w. r!il fur an the purp->?<? of a famiy ph?mc. I'rick 25 cests pkr Box ; Five Boxb* run ql. Do not be put off by unpnno:p'ed dealers with other pi epAra'.ions which t hey m.ike more profit n. i/eniaml Atu's, aiid taka no others The i<'k vrant tho b a. aid thero in for L:?m, aud the; shou.d have it. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYEK A CO., Lowell, Ma?s , and Bold by Drug^icta ar.J dealers every where. fe 13 eolm THE ONLY PREPARATION WORTHY OF UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN, LADIES, and UEKTLRMEN in a'l part? of the world tentifv to the 'fficaov of TROF 0 J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, and Koat!em<*n of the Pr>-ss are unanimous in its pmiso. A few testimonials only oan Jw here given see oi cuiar lor more,and it will be unposbi&o for you to doabt. 47 Wall Strkkt. Niw York, D?c. 20 la*? (rmtUmtn: Your note of the 15th instant baa been reoeived, ?ayme that you had heard that 1 ha<l been benefited by the use of Wimd'i llair He ttorative, an requesting ir.y certificate <>| the(act if I had no objection to give it. I award it tojrou cheerfully, because | think it due. My ace m about 50 rears ; the color of iny hair auburn, and inclined to curl. 9<-me five or ix year* sinoe it beran to turn gray, and the srtaip on ineorown of my head to lose itc senkihi ;ty a id landmff" to form up<>n it. K&oli of these di sacreeahilities increased with time, and al>out 4 mouths since a fourth was added t < them, by hair falling off the top of my head and throfttenii.g to make me bald. iu this nnplenoant predicament 1 was induced to try Wood's Hair Kestorative, mainly to arrest the tailing otf of mv hair, for i had 'eal!r no expectation tnatjray hair could ever be restored to its original oolor exocpt from dyea. 1 was, however, greatly surprised to find, af'8r the use of two hot ties only, that uot only waa trie falling off arrested, but the o?lor was e?tored to thegray hair* and enBit'i ity t.i the hCMp a&c dandruff cm?1 to form on my head, ve.y much to th? gratification of my wife, at whose solicitation I wax induotd to fy it For thia. among the ma* j obligation* I owe to har ?ex, I itrorcly recommend all nu?band? who va ue the admirati n of their wivee to profit by in* example, and use it if growing grat or getbii< r>a d. Very reBpeotfull*, Bf.n A. I.avkndkr. To O.J. Wood A Co.. 444 Broad<c*y. N. S . My family are absent from the oily, and 1 a:n no loi.ger at No. 11 Carrol P ace. SIAMsto*, A'*., Jul? 20, 18W. To I'bot. O J. Wood: Drar Sir?Your "Hasr R'storatipo" hu done m; hair > much joch! m oe I oommenced the use of it, that I ?ish to make known to the publio of its eff eoti onthe hair, whicn are great. A n;an or woman mat lienearly depri v-d of hair, and by a retort to your "Hair Resturati<V the hair will returu more beaurifu> than ever; at least thia is my experience. Be:i?ve it all Youra truly. Wit. H. Kfkept. P. 8.?Von can publish the ahove if you lik* Hy publishing ir. oar Southern papers yi u will tet m >re patronage Kiutn. I s<o several of youroe.-- I tifioatos in the Mobile Mercury, a strong Southern paper. W. H. Ke>kiit. WOOD'S HAIR RKSTOHATIYK. Pmot. O J. Woon: Dear Sir: Having had the misfortnne to lose the best portion of my hair, from the eHents ol th? j'l.o* lever, in >ew drlwn in 1R51,1 wa? inrfuoed to make a trial of your preparation and found it to answer a* the 1 orj tiling needed. My hair is row thick and glossy, an-1 no words oan express my obligation* to ?ou in giving to the afflicted suoh a treasure Johnson. The Restorative in put up in bottles of three siies, viz : large, medium and small; the small hold half a pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the medium holds at least 30 per sent, more in proportion than the small, retails for two dollars per tv>ttle; the large holds a quart, 40 per oent. more in proper tion, and retails for 93 O. {. WOOD * CO., Proprietors, 444 Broad way, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Louis Mo ?oin in tnia o ij t>j u. btu r r, 37# Pa. avenne. an 37 eoly alw french flowers of the very best r quality, and an Mt<9n?n ?v;^ri?tj ^ nA. 41 fiuiay Store, v?Gl no a t _ "iSn, imw.tti, Mi.i id'hju. Best fancy ?00ds, at prices TO SUIT THK TIMES. CLOTHING, kc. IVJ MERCMA.V7" TAILORING. Hew fall stvLks* cloths, cami MF.RS, A xN 1) VEffTlNOS. WALL. STEPHENS & CO., *s?a P*nnBylT? nia Avenue, hsve jmt r*e?iv?i a large variet* o( new Fail Good*, to wnioh tto?y idvU? the aiteatioc of thair fr:cmi? and ouatomers. ?u Sn tl r2ENTLEMKN*? ? ll rk inv.MAUP ni nniivr. Our present Miortnient of 6RNTLKMKMl RKADV MADK CLOTHING offer, to citisena and strangers wishing an immediate oat fit superior inducements, emhr&eng, at this time. all tjlea aud qaalities of Dress and Hntine** Garments and Overcoat* ir. a!l van?ties. Fine Shirts and Lnder-oiothing ol all kind*. Kid a-id other Giovoa of hest qua lty. Scarfs, Ties, Cravat*. Sto<-k?, Hotter;. &o., Ao. All ?f winch we are oSerine at our usuai low prices. lL/" Clothing made to order in the moat superior manner. WALL, STKJ'HENS A Co.. no 16-tf 3'2'i Pa. avsiiie. f_JO TOTHEPKOPLES'Ct OTHING MT<?R E, }zfp?'v4if?&st!&^1?.a?s0u cimth i v uvui Ci iia ? ^ nna i CAPS. WMKRCRJffiT TAILORING. K 1crite our caa'oonera, and oitixena generally, to an inspection of our present new, at_*^ traotjve. and e!f*ant aatnrUnr*it "f^al CLOTHS. CASSIMfcRKS, DOKSKINS, T\ VfcSTLNGS, OVKROOATINGS, Ac. AT which we wil! make to order in superior*-^ ftyie at very low pneea. WALL. 8TEPHKN9 A COoc 25 tf 3 tf'i Pa. ?v? 1>etw. 9th and I nth at*. Dr. J. H. McLEAN8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL 1 WVk Df nrn r?i ouvw riinir ibiv. THE GREATEST REMEDY tn tki WORLD, tJ^ETER TAKE.V. ntlflC V?JtUkit OmpoBnd, pr*> H^^nF * * di?<ill*- ( livn ?f . ?rbt, * nd ttrh Y?1 ww V 1 Blfck Roc, Rir>*p?- f2 ^ rill*, Wild Ch?rrj VgX B?rk, *d4 P*dc2?Ii?? bKH nitr* into it? c?ra TT rarr.adial pri: CI( of aaeh ii'(rtd<?' . la * ^*?a' Before taE5*-^|?;;ffi?}Aftcr taking. dlatlllinf, pradac-ar ? Wicwn, aab|i?rauii( tpirtu and ?Ha naat Infallibla rama i? far rai>a?*Uijf tka r ajtia*, and rtaiaring tha tick, laJ.ruif, and dakilitaud Invalid la kaaltb and atranflfcMeLEAITS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will tftctaally ear* Li?ar <?.r, plaint, Drarapaia, Jauidie?, C-r.oic n Ninoai inability. HImuh afiha Kidnava, aad ail diaaiaaa ariair.f from a diasrdarad Li*ar a* j-uacb, Pyipapnt, laartaar toward Pi:aa, Acidic* ar Si-k. m af tka I'.oniachi Kallraia af BicoJ ta iSa Ha?.!, Pail P-in ar wi'onuiif in tha H?*d, Pi'pu.Uee af tb.Hacri, Phllnaia ar V a if hi in tha '.amacii. ar Kracuuona, or afai'.t'.rf Faalinf whaa l?y1'awn, I>r? cr Y ![?*oau af ihi Skin and l??, !fi(r>it Rwaata, Inward Fa??i. .I. U ilu ?( ,V.? l,'k ( k... m. A. i_li Platliaa af Baal, D?pr??noi> of (tptnia, Frifliifai Drrarca, ktr(?l, DllHr.ll tj *' *"f diaaaaa, !? (( ? Bla'ehaa at. tna Ckln, acd Fa?ar ard Aral (m ChiUa and rtati.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES lift ka?n ?ald darnj ~ l?at an maniba, and in na laaunti Sal It fsilad in fi?>' f an'jr? aeuafacl*au. *'h?. than, will aafar fiasn Wailin" <t DtSili^ wbao McLEAK 1 rmicKeT3iuM:??c- cuauial ?iii car* ?? * Ma 1-infaafa eui an adaqaata idaa af tha intrants', a aid alna*. miracalaaa char fa frtwlacaJ hj taking i. a Cardial la tha <1:aa?aad, dabiliu*.*4, and ahauarad ear??aa ayttar?, wfeathar arakan (towi. ij aicaaa. waak by natan, cr IraOfd by altknaaa, ?.a ralaxad ajid tr.a'.mif aifullailas la raataral ta its prtauna baalih and tijar MARRIED PERSONS, ar tliura, aaoaciata af icakilur fran; vhuatt'etiM, will (ad SJciEiK'l ITHMU'lMSSISe CORlUAL a taar??j^ rigauarataraf tha aja.a.-n; ai d all v.ia mar baaa in tual Ibtmaltat k; irapraaar u.dalgaucaa will tad U ikla Cardial a aatlalo and ipaady raintdy. TO THE LADIES. M< LEAHY m>.CMeTRIkniN<l cORDlAbta a a??aralan aad tpaady cara far incpiar t Canaampum, V'.'naa, Oaatraetad ar U.flcalt Mauatraatimi,! ncontinauea af Ur'oa ar inralantarr Iru'.'rj(* thrraaf. Falling af tha Wank, lddinaaa. FalnUnf, aid all diaaaaaa iceidaatta Famalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT af.t oa lanfar Tiki it accardiuf ta diracuana. It will at'.malita, rs'j(ihan, trd tnvifnrrta *'.4 uni iba ki*#:n af haa.Ji ( irvxnt ? ? thaak afam. l'tr? bau.a ta wirrajuad U jt*a aa'.iafaciiao. J-VR CHILDREN I? yaar ebildrau in aickly. pai f or, YcLtANl ClIKDlAb will rcaka lh?m har.ltby, fat, ?rd rabaat. Palay rat a maroant; Ity it, and will ha taatiaMl It ia dail?iaaa ta laka. CA UTION. Viwra af draffuu ar daalart ?hi rny try ta palm ?r?n y#a anna bluar ar aaraapanlli traah, which thay can bay [ eha-", by a lain* it n i?ai a fod. A???.1 aaeh man. A at lar rtrLFArt*# TREHoTHENIKr. CO?OlAU, and uka csinir.j alaa. It ia tha ably ran arty that will partly tha IlH't >?ro?jl.If and at tha aaira lima atrar.fthao 'ha ayatara. | Out ta.spccr.iai u.kan a?ary mamm j faaOnff ia a cariaia pri'l4iTi 'ar Cbalar*, Chilla and Fa?ar, Tallow Fatar, ar any rra?a!arii tliiaaaa. It ia pa; ap Is iarga (xxilaa. Pnca a:?ly #1 par bnt'.la, ar ' at'Jaa far J. K M?LEAN, alt prapnator af thia Cardial; alaa, Mcbaan'a Tolcuic Oil kiniraaot. PnneipaJ Papat ao tha carnar af ThtrJ and Fir.a airaata, It. Lauia, Ma. lEcLean't Yolcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LIN'.MENT III THE WURLH ) Tka nfi and cariAtn car* for Caocara, Pilaa, Tmmara, allirfi ai.i Croocbil* or Court, F*ral**ia, N??ir.-lfta, Waaknaaaaf lb* V.uc.h, Chronic or lt.fiamnmory Sufr.aaoof tb? Joir.ia, (^artraetad Mnc^i ar fcifr. rntr.'i, Eartaha a> Tocatiacba, Brvuaa, Snr>ma, Krtab Cata, Wtviili, L'icara, F??ar Sorat, C?kad Ura<ai, Sort Kippita, Earn*, Sea Ida, Bar* Throat, cr any loSaiicnatinn n &in, na difaranca bav ?'i*? or Ion* tha rttacaa? may b'.Ti anatad, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia a eanain rarnady. Thobtaad* af banian kawja ha?a ha an oaaad a Ufa af di? ?r?; i'arta and miaary ky lh.? oaa rfthaa inaaiaaMa rarrady. McLBAPrS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rail*** pain almaat luatattanaooaly, and it *U1 elaaa, parity and taal tl>a faalaat #oraa to an tacradibia abort una. KOR HOHSFS AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia iha only aafa and raliabla ramady for tba etra of Spavin, RinrMaa, Wiodf a !lt, Spiin'a, Cnoataral Lnmpa, Nodaa or ftaralluijra. I U oavar faitad to cara Dig Haad, nlla'il, Ftaia'a, Old a..,?in> Mr.r.m Mr I - If >- U.J ? -a ? --/I | > vymi l j r ti pr? ?.?. Bnuti, Semen**, Crc.ktd 8**i*, Ccaf**. Saddle r Cellar G*IU, Cot*, ?or**, ? Wovndi, it i* a* mfrlhbl* r*m*4y. Apply it u dir*ct*d ud a car* i* cnuiu in *?*ry Innate*. Th*n till* o* l*nf*r wilt tb* many v?nh!**?>ln* ff*r*d in mr* Obtain a *nprl? *f On. MtLKAN'3 CtLK BRATfc.D LINIMENT It will cur. roa. J. H. McLKAN, Bel* Pr?pri*u>r, Cem*r Third and Pin* at*., 8i_ Lou.t, M*. CD ARI.KS HTOTT, 175 Pa. a*., *?l* afant in Vuh?| Un;K. S T C1MKL.G*?f.mwn uM MWi; f FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPKft S AND ENVELOPES NO VO MATCH, j *l tii? ruAD^r OnMRVJt.1 MKT Ron) LI TAN Vll BOOKSTORE. PIIILP A SOLOMONS, imli Jot Laurent*'* ctitbrmted Ltnm F*p*rs, "Mttrorc'itan Hills " +t., fr. (w> * lj 332 Pit. a v., b?C 9t> and 10th iU. 1861 B'A?L'E8. fgfl, Continence the Year tenth a Diary. A v?'ual>te Pock?t Companion for rpgia'erint event* pa?t. grM#nt, and futnrt; e ?ntaii.ii >yttri < f post&c*. almanao, a blank apao f >r r.:?tn fa: <la r..I.. ... ?>.. - ? - . r . VI V.Wj IN ?MV J , ua"' W "HUI ? I rt,!l inonh, annual summary of o\nii aoo>unt hi Is p?u''l* and receivable. Don't l?e without on* of ti.ese usefullittie souvenirs The n.ost e? mpiete, oicicant. and desi> able assortment ?rer prising twelve siz?* and up? arris of fifty styles, at SHlLLIN?iT??N'S* ,;.-o??tore, Odeon Buudinc, corner of.4W rtreet and tfeK Penn avenue. WATCH REPAIRING AN DSILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of tha best establishments, and furnished with acompiere set of tools for repair Jtv inc every description of fine Watches, and particnlar attention five to the sam?, l,j d^mI thorough competent workman And a worktnar*ntied A!' o, every descnp ion of standard SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental, msnufactn ed under niy own supervision, which my oust triers will find far superior in quality and finish to northern ware old by dealers in gen*r%! and repr? saute-: as their own manufacture. H. O HOOD. M 6 P*.. twiim poxr 9th M, gCHOOL AND COLLE9IS OI TK1 TP. Youths' and Boyi' Clothing ft School and Dress W?ar. Pareoti and fnar.hans w:?ul? ?o fcri.ish tli?n ?LiWi-?u auJ wat<l? viti. Sv :?.k?i w.J ? oil. g*OutiU ui the coiuiu? kuvirod i ?xan>i:u? our rfiieiit nrf* uul orwm> M f>ut tin*ir children J MNMfc THE WEEKLY POLLAR STAR. TfeU MMti<B(FMi!yu4 N?va Jmtmt~? lutiti a tratttr nnrtj of .ttmmtiut rm*tm Uu ean b? o??d it uj *tMr?M Fnd?y mormuf. Tw*M??Ok9k, tmnrth. to ?wn. Stag:# copy, f?r kBcani 01 M Fit* oopiM ? 4 r% Tfm oopv* . __ ?_ t m Tvntr fntofiH. It lavaaaMy ooctun* the HWHUi|tN Hm" U?r hM Md? TV iM? fMMN otrmi?t? o f?o?nkIlr throngho?t th? omMrj. fETSin*o oofiM (ia *r?p^rt > ?M to ?r?r? at lie ooantar. Imnwlittt y after U? mm ?f Mm PM?r. Prioe-THRKfc CENTS TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. ralt!' *pCHANGK OF HOl**8. On and afW SUNDAY. NoTnntwr ?h,* trair.i will ran m foilowi : _ leave Washingtont Flr?t train at cjn a. m. Saoond Train at 7.<0 a a. Jhird tram at 3.1* p. m.. KipriM, w UUIUI uuniut m. ? _ lfavk Baltimore-. Fir?t train at 4.IS a. m., Expraaa. ?eo<>Dd train at 8.36 a. m Tiird at 3.10 ?. hl Fwirth a' p. m., Kiprwi. The firat, aaoond and third train* from Waafeincton ooBiiaot tJirnu?iit o Phuade.phia aod New The second and third oonneet at Waehinftoa Junction with tram* for th* \\>?t, South, and Nortnweet; a!*i, at Annaaolia Junction. for Aa napolia. for Norfolk take the * 40 a. in. train. ror in* ?ooomtnortation or ttio vat trarol bo tw?M ?\ Mhinrton and Laurel. a oar will b* attached to tb? tonnage train which cave* at II a in. On tHtarday the 3.10 p. m. train (?m to Philadai~S3 T. H. P.'.KMINt^ A|?nt. DENTISTRY. OCKW(H)IL? nARRKLLAKEPIK""rt TfcETHon 'TI n 1 _ ma _ it* ba!*k, a new and imiroTed no^f ccm When made on this pan twr fe oom ^Cuud fprtable to wear and naoti cheaper than any other. Also Te-th inaerte.! on Gold Plate, anl all Dent* Operationa of any kind that mar be deairwi Of. fice Koom No 5. in the Washington Bundm*.corner Pa av. and Sevanth at. ja to *** M teeth" * ^ D., the inventor and patent** of the MINERAL plate teeth, it _jt i teud* peraoua.iy at hia oftoe In thia city.?JE3 Many persona can wear theae teeth wh<-<G-c-^T nai.not war others, and no peraon oar. wear otbera wh? oannot wear tteaae. Peraona oailu.g at my offloe oan be aoootnnodaiwl WIT! acT strlea-vt orme of TMfh th?* but to those who ere partieu ar and wish the purest, c.eane*. stroncest. and most perfect denture that art can rroduee, the MINERAL PLATE will more fully warranted. Room* in thia oitr?No. SS0 Pa.?T?t ie.t)?*^ ?th and mtfa ?u. A so, 907 Arch street. Philade' pint. oe U tf Educational. TFEMAI.fc EDUCATION. HOPE Parent? who wish their <UMichtere to reeeire a thorough and systematic eduoation. wbe** ti>eir phyeioal trainm* will reoeiredailt an>1 specie attention, tiu?ler the igoat approved erster. of Calif tnfemcsand OtninasUoe. are respectnriv inrited to visit the I'mop Female Aoademf. corner Fourteenth at. and N*w York av. MR. fc MRS. T. RirUARP?, an an-tf frt?ifla. I FEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL ' ALEXANDRIA. TA. Mrs. 8. J. McCORMICK. PailtctPAU The thirteenth annual aeeeion of tins Institution wiy pominence on meeriay, !*eptoniiier Itth, in honfe r?o?ntl) occupied by 9ylventer Scott, Km., No. 1*0 King itfWt The course of study pursued will comprise ail the branches requisite *i> a thoronch Enclisb Eda cation, and Muaio, Frenoh, Latin and Drawing. if desirea. In addition to day scholar*. Mri. MeCormiok la prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as tx>arders, who, constituting a part of her own fain ily. will ne li??r immediate aare and sup-rv i aion. !*he will endeavor, as tar a* possible,to ear round them with tiieoomfortsa;id kindly icflueraea ol Roma. Riferrnr**.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton. Rev, Dr. Kill* Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprigg, H. Fowie. Erq., Edgar Snowden, Em., Edmund F. W itmer Em? Kerry Marbufy, Esq.. Lewis McKenxie E*a., Robert H. Hunton, , \V. D Wrfllaoh Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters. Esq.,Jas Entwisle. Jr., Ks^.,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun u.avtiwi a iw?r?ii?.i, NMtri tor lirettm. Tumi. Board, with Tuition in til tha Eqgliah Branch*#, for the Miiion?payable semi in advance. M u?ic and Lai<(nu*i at Profntori' prioea. IHT No extra chargea. %u ?-tf #Curt Cough, Cold, AoariMMt, Infiu-nza M( JmU'lOd (r Sortof Ikf Throat, RtlUr* tt< HieJr-nt Couth m Cnuinnf I.on. Sronrktlit, iiiiM, # Cotorrh, Clntr and if< (9 (A* VMM of PUBLIC 8PEAIEII awe LINGERS. Pew are aware of the importance of cbdcrini a Couch or "Common Cold m it* first itu*; that which in the be^iaia* would field to a ratio rente dr. if n??c><5ted. aoonattaakathe Lunca. "Brown'* Bronehtal Troth**." oonta?BL?ii demuToeot injredi enta, allay Pulmonary and Bionehiai Irritation. ? That trouble in my Tkroat, (for BROWN'S which the "JVotio" area ?p^ci6el harinc mad* me often a mere whia TROCHES perar." S.P.WILLIS. HROWV'O > " 1 noomMBd Lbair uae to PtraLic fnuua TROCHES *KV. E. H. CHAPI*. "Great aernoein aabdainc Bn.m BROWN'S mm." RKV. DANIEL WISE. TROCHES " Ain.oa* OriHt relief in the dietreeainc i*bor of bre?thlnf pe<-o.,ar BROWN'S to Asthma..** ukuWIN * REV. A. C. EGGLKSTON. TROCHES "Contain do Opiam or tarthinc injurioua." DR. A. A RAVES. BROWN'S rkrmtu, troches tST" BROWN'S: ?.iT TROCHES " Henefioi^jn F BROWN'S. ^ . 'Mmtm, I have proved them exoetiect for TROCHES Waornwo Cocos/* _ REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S1 Bmm. T.nrarJ when oomjelied to r.ow? TDMPnra " KrnrrfU. to rmmnu Hovm ,KUtBt" nesa and Irritation of the Throat, ao BKOWN't* ojir^ion with muiiu and 8i?e TROCHE? "' P~< H BTiCV^JOJINeoN^ BSOWN? ' TROCHES "?reat tx>nefit when taken before and after preachin*. aa they prevent BROWN'S B;-rr,r ??? TROCHES ROWLEY. A- M BROWN*? President of Athene Collete. Tecs. TROCB EB. ^55N d? i ir 'pHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIEVEMAR. 1.8 and J-Proteeted bj Roni Letter* Patent of England, tad ?*currd by th? Sea's of the Eeole de Pbarmaeie fl* Pim, and Um Imperial ColTeee of Medismo. V term No 1 ia invainable for exhansUoa ud natorrhea. and al ph?*ov dtnabihnea. No. S completely eradioalM all trace* of thooe gjmmmm that have boon hitherto treated by the aaa foul BliU periiioi ui wi wra ohuvdi. No. 3 has entirely eappiankad ikt lajarloea aae of mercnr*. thc-et.r luunnf to the asftrar apeeoy re lef. dispersing all imparitie*, mm rooting oa the renomofdinma. TR! K*F. M A R, Not. I, I and J ara prepared in the form of a loMua, devoid of taate aadmli, and oao be oarned it the waiatooat pocket. N.ui in tin oaaea. a?d divided intoaeaarate doeea, aa ad nuniatered bj Veipeaa. lAlleaeod, Roax, R oori. Ao Price #3 caeh. or foar oaaea for 09. vhieb savea 93. and IB #27 oaaea. whereb* to ere u * HV iDg of 99. To be had. wholesale aad retail, of D*. HARROW,of I?4 B:eec?er atreeC NawYerk. Immediate ^ on receiving a remittance, l)r Barrrv will forward the Tneaeiear toany part of the wxwd. aeoarely packM, and a<1dreaaec aeooHiag to the in at recti na of the writer. The Book, of al other*, that ahoald he read W* men with Md Hrokoa down *or,?rtUutior. is **HFrfcUtf, or Phjaiotocioal ftaooarohaa " It ia baaatifaliy illaatr?t#d. and treat* - oat-'y of all taa aymp " ?" that lavmriab t daialoa than. >aa. aooaar or }*tar. reaB.tiog fro* the fa F > and vitwtiM kabita of *arl? /oath. ir.oaaaoit^tin* the riattaa from ihar.n* the nation of the awtn mor.iaJ atate, and. il *m cr>*afc*d m tima daaa?ratinc all t> a furctiom of ?ar.hond a~d briptn?? hi in. atoa by at** to a li*?nn? aod anttwHi *o.d hy nr. *?Afc *OW7i*4 B a?>ek*c at a?*. f*r door* b?low IHinylnoia., Na? York, rnoe is oonta Seat fro* arory *bw. Bold aiao by ft. C. Ford. Jr.. I?m? Mora. Wait tattoo. D C. degfn S,L? ISSIBk. Wilis 181!* "WN WMM Uwir ort|in?! *ri?? \ other cuod* of mn d*??r p i?tn w*?r* ?*i.1 ?? n.{ it oo?t. Oy >*o ? ? vi* km) w-.l . , jWTT. m Ttvum ? Hl'Tl'w !?<?* CLOTHING H?T? art ? AP*. Cm. m r HMITH'B No 4M K?v?, to ? , opp,*iu f .?t Q>o?. f* i It A NEW LOT OF 8' RIMS HATS Jl-r th'BSSi2i?'"'t'"7U "-S r.v