Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1861 Page 2
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'I HIt. WASHINGTON,OM'Y: WEO^FSOIY ^ rth 13 1?MSpirit ?f the >1*ruta( Prw 1 he Inte.ligrnr r thinks tcmt the people of the Breeding states re t-.iclned already to protest acrlnst the tplrtt of liitiu.idatio.i a:?d moraJ coercion by which the lvaAm of the recession movement attempted in soni?* q uarter* to crash out all popular opposition to heir authority. The Rtpvblica*, In urging the appointment of Republicans of this city to District offices, say*: ' 1 here Is no doubt at the fact, that tte general e:.timet,t anion*; our political opponenls in this District, * h<> arc not themselves seeking offires. is. tr at tfc? Republicans are entitled to the Inrnl appointments ' This has been expected, and no considerable nuin>?er of onr Cltii?ns ever thought of dm plaining about it " Kotr Scmrkh ?it is conMdently beheved that the withdrawal cf the troop from Fort Sumter waa direttt-d this morning?the inevitable military nece??lty bequeathed to Pre?ldent Lincoln throi ^h ihq policy of his pr?dec*sw>r. a* we hsve lately taken occasion to explain. Th* PttX?X?T CoSSTITTTtOS, -VADK IN ?Rciit !?It U Slid that tlie Montgomery Congress Lave completed their ti?k of making. ins*er?t immmrnj " P*' lUaUCUl \>Vil?IIIUliOU 1 ?T ?UC I W HI. ^ govtrnrr.eut of ?be people of tl.e Gulf States ' Not a nit n Wr of that Congress holds bit plae.eby popular election. I be Congress its-lf was improvised *?y the different Stite Conventions, the disunion majorities of wh ich. (except, possibly, in South Carolina,) were elected in every instance by w eful minori ies of the popular rote. In no State have tuey yet dared to submit their usurpation to approval er disapproval by the people, acting in ?be;r sovereign rapacity, it the polls. Nor do they enterUlu the least idea of submitting this * Permanent Constitution" to be accepted or re jerted by the mam They propose, instead, to put It through tbc mere farm of submission to the ?eii-perj eiuaiea conventions or tbe several Uulf Staid. The instrument, as far as its features have been made public, contains many poiats designed, evidently, to build up in the South, at tbe expanse of tae rest of the community, sn aristocracy based on the ownership of si&vt-s only, that shall be hedged In with such privileges as will eventually enable them t.> carry out every where under the jurU.liclon ct their proposed permanent gov eminent, tae ideas so elaborately >et fi>rth by the Hon .Mr. Spratt, In hi? recent pro-African-slave trade and aati-white-labor-at-the-Sout'u letter. Tbf a" o i it;::', the creation of such a naked, Inexeusabic and anti-Amer car. despot:soi, should be tssayed among anv portion of our people in ttis liberal and tnigh'encd age, se-ru?, at first glance.<-heus:b.e. Nevertheless, all must row realize the fact that to such a pass has Rbett & Co ' usurpation come so soon Does any ?a~c man dou t that the life time of Itie monstrous outrage civil liberty which the oligarchy sre thu* seeking to perpetuate, is to be measued by hoars and days, rather than by yecrs and decade ' D e. any one imagine that the people of the Gulf States can much longer be kept mderthe unqesti ne l despotism of their present rulers, witb liberty of speech and liberty of prtrs jrcne.aui taxation (uot permitted to be questioned) 1 icr^astd tea fold upon theca?with all their industrial pursuits destroyed, and no man's life or j>roj)?r?yanywhe-e vuerette oligarchy cliim jurisdiction * The Vacant Briuadikk Gk.nksalship.?Yest-rdny, n Cabinet council, It was determined to r n.inr.ta Col Sumner *o this position. A? a confluence, the Army officers now here are in tcb jrrat-.C d. indeed. Col 3 obtains the position in * eordance with tue regular order of promotion in the service Hence much of the satisfaction cf his brother officers, one and all, with his selection ; is, Lad Major Anderson been selected, perhaps a 1 u::drrd of them wou:d have been overslaugbfd 'i ter? _re causes enough existing, tending to the dt-T&crallzaUoii of the service, without the perpetration of an act of injustice to It, likely to make a ?-* - - - * n? uiaconiemea. under the influence* vt the idea that length of active ar.d efficient military service it not hereafter, at heretofore, to secure proa.ot'.on in turn. No other officer of hit grade in the Army of the U 8 Watt a fairer rt u ere bril.iaLt professional record than Colonel f^umner ; nor hat any other performed more la boriotit active duty. Under every administration ? f ihe War L)rp rtment. Col. SuH.ner h it ei joved the entire cor.lidence of hit superiort. Under euch circumstances, to have denied him his pr?ts.otion in regular turn would have tx-en grutt in i?t'ce, indeed : and *? i/lail ?? ?? - tainlc^ all the facts of the case, the President Lai promj .:> declined to do ?o. Major Anderson deserve# wel of bis country, as all know, having fairly earned the honors which doubtless await Lisa?promotion by two brevets Oct qroxdam cotrxporart, Mr Brown-e. late editor <>f the Washington Con*''t*tion. t?-it now Assistant Secretary of St*t? nnd-r tlje government of the iih?tt->pratt A Co. oligarchy, is sa.d to have bren in Washington?ptrdu?last week or the week befjre, for two or three fl?ys. la the meanwhile there Is all sorts of pother about the tr ie ownership of the types, press, Ac., of h.s me journal. The pres* has been attached, we bear, by one or more late employee* of the office, for money cl'lmed to be due. In a financial point of view. no'.withstanding the many tbougaud* squandered by the Government In the vain labor of trying to put life into his paper, it proved frc-ni first to last the greatest financial fiasco known t-> the history of the affairs of the I'ress iu this country But for the superior rla'ms of such tSnan- i ciering secession leaders as Mr. Goddard Bailey for instance, to the title, in the distribution of u e boners ?f the oligarchic (OTernineDt, (when it is fairly elaborated Into the limited monarchy advocated by Senator I verson's home organ,) we should Insist that it shall reward Mr. Brown-e, ia vie# ? f hi* late presence here, perdu, and the latter day financial history of the Constitution's atTain. with bis allege*! family title, with a change of but a Ingie letter only? Marquis of SIy-g<>. Bisifits or Sicuss t 5 ?The people of the eeeeded S'laWs, under the oppressive government of the United SUiee, got their letters by mall for a postage of *ir?? e nd. The new government Imposed ujon them, charges them uitfcta the Confederacy five cents. All letters g?lnj{ out of the Confederacy, to points within the United States, are thus made to pay tight cents, live U> the Confederacy, and three to the United States This is postage reform Hurrak/or secesnun ' Tbe United State* charges no duties on exports, andeotun from the southern States has always been exported free. Now, the Confederate states have lmpoeed upon it an export duty of one eighth f a cent f#f ptuni Hurrah for mmsiios.' 1 he cotton nlinlfn k??. k 1 ' r ? ) ?VI^?W|WJC, ICCflVCQ I free of duty from the northern, wesleru, and middle S atts, per annum, rnillloas of dcllirk' worth of manufactured articles, on most or ?ll of which the Southern Confederacy now requires them to pay duties, hurra-a-a for ttcessio* and frit trait' Tariffed at both tndt, and taxed tn the middit" Caftai* Maws aiid aftchitkct Walter ? We hear that on the 2d of March Captain Meigs wrote Architect Walter, dismissing him from hi* position In connection with the prosecution of the work on the extension of the Capitol, and that the .alter replied, dec)log Capt Mauthority j ao to do, and Intimating bit purpose of disregard- j Ing It. Whereupou Captain M directed tbe > architect's room In tbe building to be kept closed against bis entrance, offering to permit hiin to 1 re poo ess any prlvata paters or property af his j awn tbat might be la them Mr. Walter is said 1 to contend that hs holds tbe position by Pres.- j dential appointment, and Is therefore not remov- > able by the Superintendent of tbe work We presume thst the President will shortly sett!*- tbe question, which if not settled promptly bids fair to renew tbe former vexatious tronbles to ronn~-. ! tioti with the pruwcntlon of tbe work on the 1 building. Tk.nskbko aso Acciftid ?Tbe President h-<i : tendered to tbe Hon. Franc * E Spinner,of New | York. :at potlUm of V. 8. Trewurer, which ihat gtL'.emin t>u Accepted. A better ejection, ao . Ur u tbe pab]]e Interest te concerned, could out j fewbeeaaede rOSGHtSSIOMAL. ??sat* ? When o?ir report closed ve?terd*r, tbe Seafte vva? in executive teMicn Soon afUr the door* were reopened, and they adjturncd. Widsi#day, March IS. Sematk ?Mr Hale offered a resolution Instructing the Secretary of the Senate to pay to the clerk* and page* employed In the Senate during Ita fitrn session. the uaual per diem compensation; agreed to Mr Douglas introduced a resolution Instructing the Secretary of War to communicate Jo the Senate what forts, dockyards, arsenal*, and other rubllc property within the seceded State* is now rt actual p; aaess.'on of tbe United State*; whether the I'nlted Stat?*s has power to reinforce those now holding Federal property; whether It be deemed necessary to rapture and reoccnpv the stolen rmperty, *nd If ?o, fcow many sotdifrs would be required. Mr. Mason objected. A communication was present^ to the Senate from the Secretary of War, transmitting to that Ix-dy a copy of the correspondence with Gen. Shields relative tu the transportation of troops over the overland route. Referred to the Coinin'ttee on Military Atf<t!rs Mr. Ffaaenden offered a resolution expellln* from the lk? ??n>l/irl or tlm seceding States, upon tbe ground that they had renounced all allegiance to this Government. La'd over under the rules Mr Sumner made a report from the Committee on Foreign Relations. m the Prteident's message relative to Mexican aft'aTrs The Senat? then went Into executive session. Thi IUsimis* or thr Depaetments?There is so murh gord sense and so many Bound suggestions in the following brief extract from a late Washington letter In the Philadelphia I.c/tgrr. as that we give it space In the Star, to-day: Able and experienced clerks In the Treasury Department say that the work of revising accounts under the new tarltt' will be more than d >ub!ed. It does not follow, however, that additional clerks will be employed; for If Mr. Chase dismisses aeceaaloniata'and incapable persons, and suppMea their places with inen of ability, every call for diligence and induatrv at the Treaaury can readily be answered. It la aaid by tteoae in hia confidence that he propose* to restore the Department to that condition of etflclency that exited previously to Mr. Cobb's mismanagement of 1 ta aflairs. and that old and able aubordinatea wi'.! not be removed by him. Something of the same sort may be inferred from the remarks of Mr Montgomery IV.air to the clerks of the Poat Otttce Department There la a law requiring tbe examination of p?raons whose appointment to clerkahipa may be contemplated But the law hna been much evaded latterly, to aubaerve the wishes of f'ecretarlca wi o deaire to furnish plarea for amall politicians, even If not fully competent As a consequence of this sort of things in the Penaion Bureau, probably one quarter of all bounty land warrants issued under the act of 10.50, were granted upon fraudulent or i 11*11 tfirienf TV,!. v.~. rected und?>r Mr \Vhitiri?'g businesslike administration of the p.ff-iirs of the otlice; but many millions of dollars have b?*cn lost to the G -vernment by appointing small partisans to responsible posts. The new patent hill provides for fifteen additional appointments Every man doin^ business at the Patent Office desires the designation of accomplished men, and also, that its affairs shall not be confused or obstructed by renovitijj the able and experienced men now connectcd with the office Observer. The Chief Clerkship or thk War Departm p.jtt ?It affords us great pleasure to Lave it in our power to say that Secretary Cameron has confirmed Mr. John Potts, acting chief clerk of the War DeDartment lk? ? r of Us affairs by Secretary Holt, in the position of the Department's p rmanvnt chief clerk. Mr Potts has grown up in the clerical service of tbe War Department, earning gradual promotion through twenty-live years of efficient labor. No man could be better qualified far the position, nor could tbe appointment of anyone else have b*en likely so to lighten the labors of the Department's new chief. Rev. F. 8. Evans ?Our old cotemporary, the Rev. F. S. Evans, now of Baltimore, is Lere laboring very hard to secure the prize of the Naval Office In the city of his residence. We had in t.mes past many an editorial "bout" with him. yei we sincerely wish him well. If length, activity and ardor of service in the cause of the partr now in power ia to secure the position he alma to get, the Rev F. 8 E. will doubtless bear off the priie; as we preautne he can exhibit tea arara obtained in battling for It, to one that can be shown by any of hla competitors. Notabli* Hire ?The now venerable, a? wrll as well known, Hon. Truman Smith, of Connecticut, again turns up among us, looking even younger and handsomer than of old. His army of warm personal friends greet bim with pleasure, go where he will in Washington. Marshal Rynders. of New York, Is also here, n* gay, apparently, as a man sure of getting one of me r>e?i nncM in tbe President's t*ift, instead of t>elng, as be is, sure of losing his one on 'em. Xomixatzd Ykstkrday?The only nominations of ifeiier.1l interest sent to the Senate yesterday, In addition to those mentioned iu yesUrday's Star, were these of Willard Phillips, to be Collector of the Port of Salem, Mass , and Kufus Hosmer. to beConsnl General at Frankfort or-thrM.iin. We stopped the press yesterday to ann Mince nomination of Castlus M. Clay, of Ky., to (k- Minister to Madrid. Nkw Mrsic ?We have received from Met z-rott a pretty new son;; and chorus entitlfrf ?>ai. He May.'' Also. the Musical Bouquet, containing Prrnu'i song "Ood iare our noble Union." Also, "Captain Kldd," bailed; ''Bygone Hour?," by OesUn; and "God lave our President." a* played by the Marine Band while President Lincoln was taking bis oath of cfllce. Application* for (JfFics are coming so thick and fast on tbe Secretary of tbe Treasury, as th:i* five of his clerks are now required to open, glaiice over, file and brUf them! 1'iider such circumstances, for him to read them is a physical impossibility. No one man living could accomplish the task. Nomixatu?n?.?The President to-day nominated F.dmonds, of Mich., to be the C?>m uiNiviia vi iue utnerai L.a'<a Office He sent to tb: Senate & large batch of nomt nations shortly before the btar went to press. Personal. Com Gregory, U S. N , is at Kirkwoods'. Hon J. E. Holmes, ex-.Vl C. from 8. C. Is at Browns'. R.F Beekham, Cant Robinson, L*. S A , and A J Baldwin, U S.N , ar>-at the National. Mayor Bigelow, of Newark, N. J , met With a aeriows accident on Saturday, breaking one of his ribs, by fulling from a new building John Covode. of Pa . and Charles H Van Wyck. of N Y , have taken an active part In the N< w Hampshire canraa during the past week. The wife of President Davis, emulating the custom of the White House, is yivlng rrceptionsat the "executive mansiou" in Montgomery. Dr W S B shop. Lieut H Krb?n, I.lent. R D Minor, Com Perinock, U. S. N ; Major Kendri-k. West Point; Col Reynolds; Barr<-.s B az Han Legation; Hon Thomas Swann, Mil : Hoi. J M Omm* ?- ? "- ? - . _ ... uum, juuijc names, l*a , lion. Jo?. J Lewis, Pa ; l?t?ru:. Torbert, IT. 9 A ; and Col. Hnger are at Willards's The B"?'on Traveller of yesterday savs ? " A rumor has been In circulation several weeks that the Hon. ?V m Apileton, member of Congress elect from the fifth district, contemplates resigning on account of Impaired health, ana tint K F ljurant. , will probibly be the candidate to All his place. Ills friends expect that he will receive the nomination, which, la their opinion, is equivalent to an election." In the Virginia Convention, yeaterdsy, H< n George W Summer*, o:?e of the most eminent orators and a leading iron in Western Virginia, nude a strong speech In opposition to sr. ctwlon. He exprewd fnll confidence Id the evemuai reatortiMon of the Union ID" The K entuckv Srr saionitU have Issued a clri ulir advising tLe irun.ediate institution of ineasar<s In all trie comities ot tlie State for the election of delegate* to * Convention to be held at Frankfort on th>- 'AHh of the present month. W. Holden, tbe editor of the Raleigh (N C ) Standard, received his third challenge for this season last week. He refuses to accept or re ract ir^Thom.. O ? ?. - - - a wr-aimy pianier, arlven to laaanlty by depreciation of negroes, cut hit throat til Jack?on, Mlaa , taat week. 117- Fifteen bablea, all l?n than six mouths old, wrre cJir?U-n?-<l In the Northampton Massachusetts Catholic Church last Sunday. CUT"It ia snid that the ropy right of "Dixie's Laud'' has glv?-n to the author ?4,Ml). lis/" Ur Guernsey la now th? editor of Harper's Msgazue 1^7" There were fifteen deaths In Nsw York city if small-pox lut weak. Motto or thb Confbdbbatb Statbs ? K PluJk... a?4 * " " r,v?. (mi or tk* many. I ? DEPARTMENT SEW*. Th* Orriciis or thk Watsh Witch.?Tbe following It a list of tli'* ci3c?r? crdrrpil t<> duty In the U. 9 steamrr Water v\ !tch,n<v+- flu.ngfi.r sea kt tb? Philadelphia nivy yard Viz : Lieut. Cctnronndlng, \V. Roncltendorff; L'.euts , J. L. I>sv1s, C. H Cushman T H Eastman; Matter, ; A V. R'fd: 1st Assistant Engineer. Charles H. . I.orine; 3d, \\m C. rjelden. E Scattergood and R Driver. Afpci!ttkd?Mr. Mark H Cobb, of Pa . b*a been appointed Dlaburaing CWk of the War I)e- ! partmeut, (talarv S"i .000,) vice Mr John Potta, : promoted to the chief clerkahip of that Department. Prof Maaaon. of TVnn . bra been appointed to a flf-a'-cl*** ($! ,2t?0 per annum) cierkahip In the ['cat Office Department, to 1111 a vacancy. Remoskd ?T Cooptr DeLeon. a clerk of class one (#l,yi)0) In the topographical bureau of the War Department, (a native of South Carolina.) has rtra'.yried. Removed ?Mr. B P. Porter, of Pj , a 91,200 c'e k In the Census Bureau, was removed yeaUrday. Franck and tiik Cotton Conffderacy ?The Porls Constitutionnel, to which it Is anid. the Emperor of the Frenrh frequently contributes editorial articles haa the following remarks on the secession movement In tbe I'nlted Sta*' a; Wa beiieve the time has come to rectify ctrtaln desertions which have been propagated through the medium of newspapers In the southern States of the American republic, in relation to the attitude which France intends?o observe toward th? Unlt? d StnU-s. Some correspondents have averted that our Government had given South Carolina the assurance of our sympathy, and ev? n the prornis* of its support should It be needed France, which remembers with pride the part sh* took in the war of Independence of the L" nited States of America, has never ceased to behold with a sincere satisfaction the marvellous progress and unheard of prosperity of her ancient transatlantic ally In pretence of the events which now threaten to rend the I'nlon asunder, she can but experience a deep feeling of regret Far from encouraging the viouri nf t^P i^i?nnlAnl??o -???^ * - ?-?.. a..!w vi |Ruucipnia|{ || tbe perpetration of so deplorable a fart, France would see with pleasure the settlement of the ditllcultiea i:ow existing l>etween t!i? North and the South of the great republic. 5he would be happy to learn that tbe avntiment of national Union but lately ao deeply seated in tbe heart of the nation, haa brought them together ?gain and restored to ita former integrity the powerful Confederacy of the New World. Effects of Secession ox Trade.?A prominent merchant of Memphis, Tenn., states that since the accession movement began to affect the channcla of tr:'d?\ the bualnrss rf Memphis has doubled,?and that the Memphis and Charleston railroad baa been actually choked tip by the pr^-asure of cotton com lav Into Memnhia and siinnilM I follg over the road to Charleston. The official s'atenients of the Harbor-master at ] New Orleans show that only half ss many vessels have arrived st that port from s -award, during the j last month as during the corresponding period last year. The agent at Cairo, of the Illinois Central rail- j road, collected li-tsl week *103 (Mi freight money ' on supplies j;oiri^j over that rente, to the South, i through Memphis and the port* in Kentucky and Arkansas Th-ik Indications of the changes which secession jg ?-fF-ctlng in th"course of trade, are significant and oujbt to be alarming to the j people of the Gulf State*, who are losing their cemmerce at the same time that they hrc spending thrir money lavishly In "playing soldier" iike a. squad of school boys. A Socth ('* Mark?maj?? Fires at n Mink n-d hit* his Captain ?Th?" Charlts'.on Merrnry of* the 11th inst has the following : Ahnut two o'clock yesterday afternoon, < l!i<--r Hicks nrresWd Iyaac Johnson, charged wish sl:ooMit? j Captain iu-?n, at the foot of Kroad street. Mr. Johnson did not deny tt,e charge. Hr w; ? on a rait, and fancied h-- saw a 'aiink'' on tbe wharf; anxious to test the quality of his uati and bis buckshot, he tired at the mink and hit Captain Stedman. who was in the same lii^, but fortunately at a tfiet'er distance. One of the buliets lodged in Mr r?tedman's head, and w:;s extracted by l)r. Wragj;. The wound, thou^ji painful, is not serious, and as the matter was accidental Mr Jo tins on Will donbtleaa be releas?d to-day. Oil paying the necessary flne for infringing on tbe city ordinance. He objected to b>in_' crre?;ted, however, inasmuch as be considered himself outside of the eity. and lie thinks the officer assumed a grave responsibility in arresting a free citizen without a warrant He will plead his own case before the Mayor this morning. The Famous Floating Batteio a Dkad Failcrk ?Th*1 Albany Evening Journal says: Charles Fe:'rson, formerly a clerk for Wendell &. Felt man, of this cltv, hat just returned home, iifU-r several months' sojourn in Charleston He left to avoid being drafted into tbe regular armv of the SoHtbern Confederacy Abont every third m,n I. A.I ' ?> - ....... ,, uinncu I1C IIU W18U 10 DC SLOt at tJV, or to shoot northern men The much-t-tlked-of floating battery is abandoned as a total failure. Mr I'earson was present when General He-ture^ard first saw it The Genera! laughed at it; and soon after it was launched it raj sized and siink. When the disaster bef. 1 It, the Charl*stonims said it was never intended for service, but merely to amuse tiie impatient hotspurs who insisted upon storming I ??rt Sumter. Valck of Government Property Surrendkrkd is Tkxas?The San Antonio Herald glvis th>- following list or the property deliv<r>d up tbTe, on the surrender of the U S troops : 1 HH) niulti. valued at SSU ea-h. 890,000; 5<J*1 wagons, valued at flto ench, S'.'.UiO; WO hordes, valued at ?150 each, glt'i.UOO; COO, valued at #50 each, S"2.? IKX): tools, wagon-material, Iron, mils, horse* ?ml mill* aluo .Ml' mm. - t orn. $7.tH>0 ; clothing ? 150,Win; commissary stores, ?:.> (ixi; ordnancestoresHOM.OW?total S1,:?9 ..WO, ? x< lusive <>f public buildings, to which the lederai Hovffimifnl ha* ;i title .Much ??f tin* above pr?>j>erty is estimated atlbe original cost, i's value L?-re b< ing milch greater, bein'? vvortb to the Mate at a million and a half of dollars. Ths ? artillery i(uui allowed the companies nre.vniutd Bt Shootiso Affray in Baltimore ?Yesterday afternoon, about tbr-e o'clock, as policeman Jas lJ Lingenfflter was patrolling hi* b- at, be observed a man named (Joskley in a drunken state, acting in an otl'rnsiwe inanr.t r to p.;.?er? by on the street. On approaching Coakley, ard advising iim 10 m> away Pit! l>e quiet, (,'oakley bteiM anary. and ;:fir:r leaving the ncr.iis<d. the olflcT wu st-srtltd by a report of a pistol in Ihr ii-.mis of I'oakley. The officer turned around iit'd faced the latter. when Coakleyilred :<^ai:i several times, j;razin;r the officer's arm, and wounding him in ttio breast and ri^ht thijjb. A youns^ l.tdy who was standing in a book store was struck in the ankle and seriously injured It is thought the will be a cripple for life. Coakley ienuw in jail. New York Stock Maukkt ?The New Ycrk Tribune of yesterday sav*:?There was a very exciud and buoyant Mock Varket this iii'ming, with lar^e transaction* in all the iead.n^ fancies The rem.rt of tti?- *>r ?i.?. ? * t .un uuvrrmfieni IO abandon Fort Sumter brought about tbis change frrm previous dullness TLe movement ?u ltuiked upon a# a peace measure, and a* removing one. of the m st dangerous points of collision. Consequently the short* rusbed In to cover, Ibe bulls followed the ir lead, and in the contest for stock the prices were put up frem % to -X per cent The Crittenden Compj iment ?Thefollowing Is the resolution adopted by the Richmond Convention on Monday: Kesoivtd, That the thanks of the people of ViruiuU be, and they are hereby most cordially tendered to the Hon John J Crittenden for his recent able, zealous and patriotic ett'^rts in the Senate of the United States to bring abort a just and honorable adjustment of our national ditli| cutties " Anion*; the sixteen nays to the resolution was the Hon. Henry A. Wise and all the prominent disuriiouists per in the Convention j Ii_f Tte Lansing correspondent of the Detroit Advertiser says that the reading of the President's Inaugural before the State Legislature was frequently interrupted by loud applause. At the elose. the Senate suspended the operation of parliamentary rules, rose to their feet, and give three rousing cheers Meanwhile, the German artillery were tiring a national salute, bells were peal- I ing, and a general good time being had by almost every one SENATOR CUSOJIAS RtrrDIATKD BT ims OWN District ?The vote In the Mountain District for d* It-gat** to the Convention it. siys the Kalelgh Rfgisttr, a very decided repudiation of Senator I Clinniuan's tire-eating proclivities. His own I county Is dead set against him. Jl_7" The ahip Victory, before reported ns Laving gone ashore on Friday on Currituck be;tcli, Wint to pieces on Saturday during th- heavy kturin Ship cud Cargo are a total loss The schooner Thomas ?. I'ratt is also ashore off Currituck. I [?7~ Tbe Charleston correspondent of the R 'eh. niond Dispatch says: Are you aware tbat Got. Brown, of Georgia, Hon. Wm L. Yancey, Hon Mr Benjnmln, lion Mr. Wlgfall and moat of the leading mm In thesecession movement, every* where, are Carolinians? lE^We learn from a gentleman direct from l.aii' a?ter, that .Mr Buchanan la lying seriously 111 at Wheatland, from a nervous nflWlion superInduced by the txcesslve political excitement he has lately experienced.? Baltimore Clipper. |[T The soldier who smuggled In th? k??i wblch wii fired from una of the Morris'Island batter lea on Friday morning, aa reported In the Courier, baa been arrwtod.?CAariatiM Ctmrur Item* Trlrgirapbrd frm n iihia|i?n. Wsshixotok. March 12 ? R is known that tb* Intention of the i'rrsid'r.t It t?> 9rst nil the vacancies which exist and m ?* filled during lb* ; prwm k-mio oi m* "f nal* Ezceptinjj in a lew instance*, other appointments are deferred until tbis i* done. In the meantime applicants are required to file tbfir papers in the proper Departments It is understood that Senator HnnU-r will offer resolutions in tb? Senate on Thnraday. recognizing the inder-e dence of the Coaferierated States Ttey will, of co irse, be voted down, but they ?re t"> be introducedaaa meanaof ?*?casionlneanother excited debate, in the hopes thereby or "firing | the Southern heart" of Virginia I r?pnaior i.mrsani dob iiifcffflrd in tjetung a trl! weekly trail tervlce of four horse coach** from I San Franrltco to L<*t Angelos wlib a weekly tervice to San Diego. The contract has alto been clo*.-d for the removal of the Rutterfleld Company I to the Central route, with a tervlcef-oni St. Louis to riscervllle. California in tixteen daya Tte two Commissioner! of the "Confederated States," Messrs Forsyth and Crawford. hav>* not y?-t had an Interview with the Preaident They are in teleyr.ipbir correspondence with Prudent Davit, sr.d awaiting the arrival of Gov Roman An exritlng rumor watiSrN thlt afternoon, of n ua:r- 11,1 111 mr ? it oinei, rrstiri njj in me resignation of ssrs C!>*?e and in?ir, and the appoint inent of M?-s*rs Gilmer, of North Carolina. >ad F.tberidge, of Tennessee. Of course It was wholly untrue, a,though another strong rentes' took place in the Cabinet tr?-dav over tbe nomination of iMr. Crittenden to the Supreme Court, which wu

ayain rraolved upon over Mr. Chare's oppt sllion. ; It Is now ssid that h'.s nomination will be sent to the Senete to morrow., dili.K, UOK:DA i;KLLA :?Tb?? Charleston corr-spoiideiit of the Richmond lliiintch Is becoming terribly oracular In 1 is coiniir.m'ratlont to that jaurml His letter of the 7th i::?tant Is strongly spiccd with the following sr.n^tr.cary hint* : The project which I hint?d at ysterdiy of an Invadiug army, I And is i;ow the order of the day, and that the bittie will be changed front South Carolina to another localitv not ttn ttiou?and mil^s from >01. is in mv judgments fixed fact If I were to prrdirt thai in sixty days the cUy of Washington would be r?.z< d so that a plow snare should be run over the place where now Lincoln nervously rests. n:>d that magnificent monument of former greatness, the Capitol, would be blown *ky-htgh I might not in such a predt' tion be a false prophet. I, like many a southern man, have a few cents I ,, |n ?).- -II * >u.fK? > *ua? twd uuiMiuifiii Dr-gun yean ago to the memory of George Washington, which monument, if left to black republican keeping. I hope to see rent in twain from top to bottom i*ome of your submission readers may mil this vandalism. It m itters not with me what they call it; that monument will never be allowed to stand on bl.ick republican soil, and you may take tbr>t as another prediction. If vou will lock to the Courier of the date of the 8th lust von will fee my Invading plot Llntrd at there ? The southern heart is tired row. and that fire will not be easily quenched, nor will it be. I few, un>ss it he nuenrh*-ri in IdnrJ " We heard heavy cannonading reiward this morning, sit about snnrise?the city vai azog. It turned out th:t the Crusader" was ejpec'ed last night, k:i<? ti e ^uns were "shotted," ar.d this j mornintr 'hey wcr? unsbotted. The UrtitJiuj kvittery Is now ready for mounting, i and ltey wait f. r two he-ivy guns of the D.ihlI ghren order J he front of the battery is about four Pet tli'c.I;. made so by fo^ir tLickue** * of palmct'* lo/s :ii?i the planking and iron If they c;*.n ever ^<-1 !i semrt lv anchored, Anderson miy vent his raire a?d it will .*.11 t-?? abortive. Ahd-rs.>11 tns not ^ mortar in liis ;ir1<">n xt .ill, and if he throws shells it will l>e out of a Coli.mbij-d. and they 2"* s.'nd t'> \>t- entirely u..suited t? that work. I ort Sumter is tiie hollow tree, Anderson i* the old l>uck hare?tr- will smoke him int. srhengtheslni t1ih dkrescks <>V f > h t plckk>s ? j he Importance of the recent move of l.ieut. Sleminer in erecting a sand battery to the eastward of I'ort Pickens, Is thus explained by the MoMle Daily Advertiser of the 6th instant: j Th-: sand ba'ttry defends the only land ap! proach to Fcrt Pickens, which stand* on the exItreme western point of Santa Rosa island The island is aomr 10 miles lonf, but very narrow, in sorm plaot-n beinir scarcely more than a third of a mile in width. The battery stands on a narrow pirt of the island, and is an effectual outmost to prevent surprise from a s'.ormin^ force If we are to come to blows with Lincoln's Administration we shall want to take Fort Piikens and will try; and as we bdVe no navy, and our battt-rios on the main land can only pliy nt long taw with the powerful Island fortress, which can more than bold its own at that game, and destroy any attacking force approaching in boats, the must feasible method ol tiack is to throw ? powerful force on tb* :*anta Rosa Island, several iijii?-s to tb* eastward,crowing them overfmai the main jana across a s<v.;n?l (bout a half mile, more or less, wid>*. On^e on tije island, their programme would be to pish down on Fort i'lckens aiid take it l>y overwhelming assault We understui d that blutiHier has taken every care and precaution In hit power to ?-trern;then b's drfiiiinon the island side of the f< rt, and no v w<- are advised that be has provided an outpost work of d<fence; nnrt If It b* nothing more than a station for picket guards, tt will answer toe purpose of effectually preventing anything lite a surprise Tiie Island, however, affords ?he > viniy ??? Hinting regular i t _c approaches I y an kiny force, and yet this for.-# could be exceM'vcly nn!!C\ed in tbe day time by the shot and a Lit-II* of a rquadrcn playing upon them in fiank from the <>n!f or bay \\ e hope tbe worst will not come to the worat, and that we ahali get the fort easier than vi K nrniit; but if we iSo not. tDia smd battery of Lieut. Slemnier's :s .1 iiiitttf of intereai, and will pluv a [ art of aotne Importance in nn attack on t::e only plan in which we can quickly gain p< s<- ssion of Pickens Heavy Ditiiabsk of Shsli. a?d Shut ?The Pet-raburg F.xpress relate* that on Saturday last, while a drnv he: vilv loaded with l??-i:n-i? shells was froreedlng up Syc-imore *t . the tuil-boird came oil", iu co- sequence of the pressure c*us? d 1 by tl.e bulla. wbi'e ascending the bill near the Store of A! wr* .McIl'Vniiie. Son .V I'n the Iron pilUall i<ver the pavement The Wf'jjlit of thts~ death-dealing mi?*ilts may V j'<il^?d from the faet that w!i?rever one of them touched the pavement. it mede a hole three or four Inches ?!eep They were gathered up, one by one.aj?a'B y\ic> d on the v?bicle, &nd hauled to the southern d?*pot Their destination is Poiith Carolina. Several tbousind have preoedtd tbem since the 2lat o.' J nuary, but the tt.d is cot yet. We are crr-dlbly Informed that the order* Si'endv tiven the establishment vrh'-re thfse are man Jt"artnr?*d cannot [ t-sxlbly be tilled before the 1st of January, IH<>? fO^The Nev Secretary of the Navv r-sides in Hititfurd.'M , rtsdoes hi* predecessor. Mr Toucey, and the Hartford Times.a Democratic.and almost < ?ri.- UKIII jum ii 11. B iya ui 1Mb a|)(H>imm> n': "The bead of tije Navy Department will be a post of nr.uftiial reiponsibility. and anything buta sinecure. This cttlce is ranked an a higher j?nde In the Cabinet ili-in tee Post Ofli-e, and events clearly indicate that it is to be, during Lincoln's : dininlstT'ition, a much more iinpo one Gideon Welles, however, is notthe roan to shJnk from the responsibilities of any po?t which he has accepted; he will he found firm In the diifharxe of hi> duty, and wc can only trust that he will take a broader and more just view of what his dnty is, than we c ould Lope to expect from some of the men by whom he is surrounded " JH7" The New York Hera' i stys that ?he present crisis has iiiont seriously atlt-ct- d the lnt?*rtsts of the publishers of books Several strong houses have found themselves compelled to ask accommodation from tbelr creditor*; one very largely engaged in the southern trad*- ha* stopped, and advertises to sell off its stock for the price of the white paper on which the books are printed; and this is only the beginning. Now-a-days people have no leisure or inclination for romances We are commencing a new era in the world's history. With the dawning of each day com* new and stirtling events, and truth is Indeed stranger than M, linn Southern Postagk Stamp?We law a letter from Florida this morning on which was one of the new Southern postage stamps. The letter on which tUis stamp was placed was market! as paid, and tune through as a distributed letter from Siva .nali 'I he Postmaster could not recognize it, and ordered the regular postage to be collected on it ubvii delivered It will, thert-fore, go among the uncharged letters, and three cents will be due <>n it when it is called for The P stmastcr will write to the Department immediately to know if those postage stamps can he at knowU diyi'rf ?MnrmIL /It" Tub Inaigukal in Mobile ?The Mobile Dally Advertiser, spenking ?( it* i?*ue of an extra, on the receipt of the inaugural, say?: The rush on our odlee was without precedent !n all our experience of Mobile journalism Had this office be*n Fort I'lckciis, It would have been captured bv escalade In two minutes, such was the gathering and so iniftetunus the charge of curious and indignant citizens on our counter. If the only copy of Lincoln's address had been Eut In tte keeping of feleminer, be could not ave held the Fort any longer than it would have taken that crowd laat nigbt to get to Pensacoia Bay. Fobts Scmtkk and Mopltbib.?A eentleman who arrived from the South a day or two since, relates an anecdote that was current in Georgia, though but lltlle was aaid about It in Charleston. The gunners at Fort Moultrie recently anchored a rice tierce equal distance from Forts Moultrie and Sumb-r, and tired some twenty or thirty shot* at it wi'hout ?ffrct Major Anderson watched their proceedings for some time, and then aiming and slotting one of his large ifuna, ablvercd the tierce Bi me urn snot.? Boston TravtUer. {?7"Gov. Magoffin, of Kentucky, bad hla left arm broken at Its oocket on Sunday iaat, by tba upaotung of ? stag* coach at HarroAaborf Army and S?ry Jltwi. Colonel Crnwiwi, of the Ordnane? !Vp?rtmeat, hat been ordered to pxoceed at once U> Jt. Loula, to aMLme the ccn'rol of the military crdoane? there t The Unlied Putea Corvette Conateilitlon of the African Squadron will be relieved the com In* Sumiwr Ste la the flag-abtp, ia commanded by C-.|?taln Nicholas,and baaeaptured aeveralalavera. j n?* ^onsw.iaiion was rebuilt from tlie old cran of that name Tberrls considerable discussion colng on aa to the intended distinction of two artillery officer* of the armr who left New York in a Ha?ana steamer aome weeks since, under "sealed crders." It la said that they h>ve got into Fort Sumter, notwitbstanding the v'jjf lance of the Cbarleatonlani One of them is a gentleman of considerable experience ia tbe aclence of fortiflcitiona The rumor la probably a boa* A private Hoard ia understood be appointed to investigate the alleged d;saflr'-ction" i.i t'ue army. The anthorttiea of tbe War Department have not received any intimation of intentions, or dissatisfaction among any nn.t . r. .flk. .L ?- " fii tur u<n'|i rni tuoar in r*a? r.vrn cf the iv.ter it is siid that a thousand true men will still remain in t'ue fedrnl service Tbe distribution of our naval foreea, as jfivfB in the Naval Re^istrr for 1w6l, is as follows : V cixit. OicttiiMia. Can*. Ten Horae fleet 11 2 4?0 172 II.ISO Mediterranean fleet 3 t**l 4? 5,192 Fariflc fleet 6 1,418 M 7.3?2 African fleet 7 1.5^3 1?4 6.441 China fleet 4 700 36 4,375 Special service 3 S50 Ki 4,5t*7 Total 34 7?7 54.7 4:2 Ti e Armv Register for lfOI gives the total en lis'.-d rnra of the Ana? a: n.yS; *g?rnj*te, 19 I2"2 There are 10P romp-inlrt In the ditlerent rpfflmwli If all thee* Wfn* subject to the In- j creased tll^wancrof the reelm? nts s-rving In distant station*, the to'ni enlisttd would be 17.647, ar.d the atrgr^iii.te 1? WG Lieut Hudson, the officer in coxmand of Bed- ' loe'? island, .New Vcrk barber, is about to have ( a prop- r battery mount-d, a? much for the purpose ?.f drilling bit artillerist* as for anv other cause There is a larpe quantity of crdna ice rul'b'nh now on the Isl-ind; hut only about el^bt cannon art- in yoed order Tber-ate about sixty men to work tLe guns *?'<i garr son the pl.?ce. the greater part of th?m be'.ni: ex?**rleuc?d soldiers i. drt^ctiment of forty m?-u hat bitrti aent to 6tdloc's laland from Fort Columbus Tnu Wutbh.?Tke following report of tbe j weatlier for tbe morning lk mnde from tb?.- Amer , lean Oonw>lld;itml Teie^r^ph Llue to tbe Smithsonian institution. Tbe tluae of observation s about 7 o'clock March 13, 1961. Burlington, Vt snowing. 81?. > w t uit, iM. V ...cloudy, foggy Philadelphia. Pa warm, wind NC Washington, I). C.......-cloudy Richmond, Va clear, plearnnt. Petersburg, Va clear, pleasant. Norfolk. U cloud jr. 51?, wind 8 Rr.lelfjh, N. C clear, 54 '. WilnlDgton, N.C clear, pleaaant Cfcarleaton. 3. C... clear, 51. wind rt\V Augusta, (in ...clear, cool. Ssvanniih, Ga clear, 5o ,wiiid SE 1 Macon, Ga clcar. GrtiTen, Ga .....clcndv. Mo'i'gomeiy, Ala clear, pleasant. JfvK?on. Ala cl?*ar. Mobile, Ala clear, 54?. New Orleans, La clear, GO?. fCOM THE WSST Frederick, Md cloudy, damp Cumberland, Md cloudy, pleasant. Pittsburg. l"a raining, 42". Grafton, Va cloudy, plearant. Karkt-rsbnr^, Vu raining, mtld Harm*r, O. raining, warm Cim-intiatl, (J cloudy, mild CifVrlaud, O overcaat, HP. Uaroiatier at tie .^mltiiiontiu ai 7 a in., (corrects ft>r temperature,} 29.0MV at noon, V9.918 Thermometer st 7 am, 5! at uoo'tt flo Maximum during 21 houra, .-riding 9 a. m. today. Oo ; minimum 4ft )f*. Norfolk Affair*?We glean from the Porta- J j m^uth Tranacrlpt the following lteina: F. O. Winnerqulat, a German m>>aicl n. and ! supposed to Lave bef*n once connected with tbe j 1 Crtap troupe of tLeatricala. who v,g,t? d the tvro ritif'l snii'-P t'mo aan aitlcM* -* 1 Atlantic Hotel. in Norfolk, on Friday night last, about 11 o'clock. This morning, on the fi*g staff in fri nt of the Norfolk n?v;il fndmoui. the flag of Sou'b Carolina v as flying Instead of the red, white and ; blue, to the grtn! delight of number* of p?opl??. j Therr another discharge of workman from t the navy-yard Saturday night We |irrsuiue that this thln^ willconlijiiir until Virginia d< termlnea whether st.e will rt main in or go out of the Union, i Wben this is done, we may expert active times, j Ibe first requirement of the South i? a navy. ! street CaRS to BE PROPEi LKD BT StBAM IN St Louis ?The Evening Newa, of this city, sa : >lr Ctarl?-s Rldon. an ingenious machinist, is engaj-td at the \V??tern Foundry in mak ng an apparatus to propel the afreet cars through the agency of steam The furnace e:,d ifjnrr are 10 oe upri((DT, ana placed In Tront of tlii* car, occupying a *pa<e of shout three feet square. The < lylinders ate to be three inches in t diameter, with a nine inch s'rok?\ and will give a power equal to that of about three horses. I Coke will I) u^ed for fu*l, and tbe stemi will be 1 coi!?ieiiP?*ii in a large water chamber under tbe eats of the car, to prevent too free ear ape of tbe ate.-iiii Into the streets In toe opinion of throe ' who have invtst'jjatrd tbe machinery. there is j every prospect of its being entirely succrsiful for : tht> purpose designed Missixo Fishimo Vimiu.?The Boston Jour- ! nnl says : "We are paired to hear that four of the 1 George's Bank tithing fl?>et. from Gloucester, are j missing, and w re probably ]>*t In the heavy and j coid westerly t;ale < f the ?th February, and their crews, numbering forty rr tifty men, perished. ! i nis wiuier Ilitilnz Is carried on at two gr?U ' sacrifice of life If It were not voluntarily engaged , In by the librrmrn, th?* world would pronounce It the hnrnbest cr.ieltv to s-nd men. f?r a rr.eager remuneration. upon ?ucb dangerous s-rvlce." IUhlokzga Branch Mist ? The Atlanta (Oa ) Inte 'iyei.r. r let-rns tint the superintendent of the United states branch mint at Dabionega now bold* that property, with tttll.UOU In gold coin contained th?-rf in. for the State of Georgia, under a written order from Gov IJrown. A Town Skckding fko* a Coi'rtt ?8c?tt Tuwimhin I I-' r| ... . ......... vvninj! uwa, u? inilJiiy j ttTfdi'd from tbe coutljr. and '?rt up for ltct-lf " 1 A li*t of ?rievancea was p numerated, and coin- j irnesinnerg were appointed to confrr With other j dilLtle ted tOWnitbif*. ;V~' ???PANV C, W. f.. I B -.Maet .it your | 1 :i arint i* I HIS h VLNlNti, ?' i alf fast7 ' o'o'offc. Husiresa of imporia oa ?i I be bromlit b-('.:.e tiie i.itct.LK amifu at'en'Mnc?> r qu-axvl. It* W.M. Ffr.H L?>ON.C?r a?o. "\*V ATTENTION. FKDKlt A I. ? IFLKS.? "7 Y <>u are n itih -d tnv there will be a nt" tirrof hn Company on THl'Rs?AV. March Wt'v nt t hA ir.rn %r it ?"?" ?J... J. * V.l V. . >IK UIOIIIIU' VI n-,1111 -J <1 c K ' A,it 11 a<t n<<a'ce i- t,??!rt*o ? thrro will be nn emotion 'or . rptain and other important offiiorr. I,? in.'cr of tli?'omranv. n?a IS 21* X|-"' fAV, STRANliK*, WBKRK ARK ! . yj'U i ou n o;n *o 1*5 in % tro%t h*ir- i ry. *>mi I ar?. 1 aia goin* ?o S.M.TH'S, No 4?>0 b**v?nth street,to ??uy a suit of CiothtiS. The ?oo- 1 pie ho tins a very asoe assortment, and tuaj tar he yeili them so cheap.'* Note.?The last ve uv oi the stranger, he was miming up Seventh street imping out "'SMITH, Xo.460"P fo J-?w ? the most beautiful stales. 336 Pa. Av., between 9th and lotii sts , ' an t7-6n? Washihwtoii. fT,0 THe7aDMI&krs rn." tuTTu ? iTfcNS. WM. HUGHES, Florist, Seventh st, Island \\ ashtniton has engaged a oompetent man. who thoroughly understand* the business in its various tranches, who wi'l oevote his entire attar, t on to L lnP ? ?ir making new Gardens and keep Gardens In ample order during the summer montha ma 13 eo& WM. HUGH118. x bni st Thefol C?win?[statement and then judge of its fiots for yourse:f ABRAM COL.E, of Brooklyn, N. Y., a wall known eitiz n there, bad suffered from DysV?sin SUaYi'HN'h'WJT TW '?l'?runtihe ineti ay fcK J* eilj,*%mhtch taken aooordin* to the direotio* for this eomp aint, restored him to health in a few weeks After an interna1 of u ma in''ii ii k hp rat- nftO n<> return <f hia oomp a rt. GEO. \V. CKUaS, of iUrmum.Texu, had an eruption on hia n-ck. ahouldera, tack and leg, % hioft covered al?out one tnird of hia body- It kep* trie parts arfeot'd o.vered with a aoab. and being oiten a raw fore.iai of cooree ?*r? tri>ui>l??ome aud dint estinc. It so much impaired hi* health aa U> unfit him tor buaineaa and k?pt hint in n<>Dtta't ufieriuc. Ail m?dioa< aid faile I him mi it he to k AVER'S CoMPOUNU EXTRACT HARBAPAR! LLA, which cured him. Hia akin anil ahowa kom> ac&ra from the nloeration, bat it ia otherwi-a aa olear aa an mfmta. JOHN H. SHOOK, Eaq , an eminent lawyer of Richmond, V? , took a cold whioh aettled on hia lunga. A aerere pain aet ia on the left aide, with a I tad oough, whio i waa aoon followed by the anraiatakalle aj mptoma of consumption. V\ hen r?duoed ttt low he coinmenoed taking AYER'8 CHERK \ PECTORAL, whioh aoon (topped the oough an<l o -mplstely oared him. _Prepticd by DK. J. C. ATKB * no > iUktt ?!! 1 tut.iin aimet ?':v?y?ia; &** lAuSl Ali)i ?l?^1 iron 10 ?e?u to ait. u I J* j ? AtlCTIPX .-A I ES. Br J. C. M?MlKK A CO.. A ?<>tiMtM?er* NEW ANII PK ONP-HA\D CAKRUtiF,9 at Avctiom.-Oo tATOKpAY M?i?MN6. Mtrtt IStS.fct 1? <>'oio_k. 1b froat Ol tki Aantion Ro tti *. we ehe'1 | ? 1 fir*t e!n< b?* No tip BccfT. 1 B??T?rr-wi( Rorkawai. 1 new Two mm Oe?n Ctn ?ir, 1 ford r**?ecter benmntown ffljin,newly done ne. 1 Tvo-eeat r^inmer Cwri?(*, bat little seed, 1 y coed Hdkct, euiUbie for a ph?aielan Term* oteh. ma >3 d J.C VcGl lP F. k Co.. A ecu. Uj (iKKKN A VMI.I.I A M S, Auctioneer! JVe. 526 ttrnt T;K ** I D ttrtrtt 11ARDWAR K, CAR P ENTERS' TOOLS. 6r . M .? _it? TUi Hmitv tkalllk iut w ?h% 1 m?in frott ? f r??r Auotjoa Ronm.i (*>orral Mrortnieot <?f mrdw?-f ?na iirntun' Tool*. coru?tin. of? Hirers. I ? fc? planes, Chisels. H?to!>et*. Uolts. R nies, V^tisree, R<-e?, !*e?tr>e?, F"rk?, ? . Theatt*?t.or of builder* > request*! to UieftUor* n o, m th*j will to told without rfwrre. mIriTda**k' OR FKN * WILLIAMS. A??. Marshal*# ?al.k.?in nrt?e of t?? ?nu of 6er< f&o -x% i*r? vi from the Clerk's o#o? of the Ciroait Co>i;t of the Distriot of Coivinbi*. for the count; of Washington. And *^ine direetod.I Wi I e*ro*o to fmblie tale tor e?sh, in front of the court h >usf doitr if Mid point'. n !* A I I'R P A Y. th- 50 h ill* of Ma'oh littut, Uo'oloek m . th? to lowmf Ascribed property, to wit. ?i? : Lole No JwHinrjiwoNo 1<*7, and Lot No. 8, in ?< ?"> l<'?7, ID thti city of \N a?hiu?iop. D. C., with al. and ?mc?!ar the raprorfm?i,ti thereon, and lavieu upon > < the pr.,?ertj of Andrew Ro?fcwei',%t.d wili f>-?o,d To na'iefo jndl 01% N " l2f">aod 153 to January term. MM. in fa Tor o: J*ti i.i>an, ile.nck! x barber. $id 6am?? J*. S.even. W. SFLDKN. U J* Ma**hal for ma 7 dt? DuMm <>f OmMMi IlfaK^HAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of 1" fi?n faoiM imiimI from the CI?rt'iOfio? of tbe Circuit Court of the U^tri^t of Columbia for theConn'y oj Wanlrr.rtori. and to ine directed. f will exf>*e to pnb!?c ?aTe. f?r oaah. 111 front of the Court tlouno ?t.?or of Mid ooud?t. on FKIf>AY, Ui' *2J day of Ma-cb next, '8Kl. oomivier.oinc at IS o>5oek m the f- lowing de cr:! rd p:opertr, to wit. VIr: Lot !* ?. li, tit !*m;a e ,%o 4, l ot No. 2 in !>qii*re 42. Lot fVo {, m No. 4>, l.ot No li, in square No .? . l ot No. 10. in >?juare No. K, and I ft No 13 in hquare No. 76, at 10 tl>e ?.?? of Waaiimc'un, I). C.. together with al an<1 tingn ar tli* unprover>.ei't? thereon. lzed and levied ?*?> a* th?> f'oe^rtT of Br -ok Maokall. awl will be > d t'? ratitfv jiidicia a No. 43. !o January term, 18G1, i? invnr of Hooe, Urctfirr A Co. f- Tl <? ? W fKLDKN. V. S Marabal._ IPK<'M BOSTON -The acboonerMary Ail Ma??* lu ?r iv?-<l a <1 n i.owdi-oh?r? >?g-ir* her fr?uht. Mh? wt|; tie t?wlviii( f r tue atnive port lO-MOKKOW < urnaj.) Afpif to ?1 ARTI.KV A HROTHKR. 99ar>?1101 Waer ?tre-t, ma 12 4t 0?Q'getoWB. P. C. Sr*t IAI. HAIMtAOS ?several (ir.e l itn >i, Oiai ii&ve be?u ren'#l out duritif the ?a?t wict?rtom Onir'n. now ?i(fcron ?t t>%rEftiQ*. al Cn.ok. r.m & Sou'* I'mr> A c^hct. JOHN f. KI.I.W. 306 Pa nr., between 9th *rd rtih ?t?. Piano* r:.<1 M'1o4*odh f r rent upon t a?) terrna. m?: 12 RKAT BARGAINS IN PIAN?M. -One rer? t nice Ha 1 A s?m?' make for ?'y>; ? wry mo* R.-'cwocH Chioikennr ?' inak>lE93?Et for ?n" Rn fwnod N irin?u A Mro.'efll " " ni?k? lor 8?5, 8.' th? Mu?io Store ol \V. O. MK'I ZEKOTT me asent of Steinway A f-on?' and Raven. Bao- n & Oo '? ?i&not. ir.a II SK 1 N G PRINTS. S Wt yards beau iful Hamuli Prints, for Spm* TM4*. 40 doa??n Jouv in's I'udressed K:d GWvm, in blaek a'iri ds'k colors. jwi ?i< z.'n Jouviw's Iwtt Kid Glovep, :n all color*. >*un I'nibr I'm and Para >ots W* arc <??i j r covin* new goods, and celling them verv eatar f?>r casli. W.M. K. RILF.Y * URO., No. 3(>, central storw, Bet worn 7tti and Pth ?ts., jrrar 11_2w*r? Opponite Center Ma'kct. HOMK-M&UK BOOTS AND SHOES, For I.AD1E?% M !????' SXD CHII-DRK"*'* Will, i L^^u'nt y i- fir rrtrf 3. At J. ROsF.M'l HAL'R. No. 16 Market 8pac?, im j Pa av . bet. 8' h and '?tn ?U * IPUIi XjI CEATII87 HENRY St HAKFKR, BARBER AND HAIR-DRESSER, K *I?K S*Kvr?*tH, Opwcnte fif Pc*t (jlfk*. Department, h*-? up, in coDuAction with tur <*pta^'iikhmi>nt. c?n>(r':iei.t ?M?o<>fnm..aat <'n? f.?r rff >rrnni to his cu*ti:<i?r8 and ?h- pch n th? luxury of COLD or WARM B'THj*. at any U?re during hu?irn?e? bouia I! a oharree *i? ,n mrxjera'?>? twenty -fiva o nti >>*r * ciut'e heth, or fivt- batha f?r a dollar when ticket* :or that bumtter a e purcfcaaed and pM't for ir. aJvai ce. .Mr. Ss;:.iie<rr i%ke? this opportunity to inform to a onatorrr -s ti<\t t"is <1><atr?i>ie addition t?. hi* f tt: lit n.? ? >i.?r i ? witk. k - ? lar rM-lc?<! !>?' bu-?"??r < tn thecor.trary ,h?> hope* t<> ad<l to i<i? present facial*** for tacurinc yumpt Btt?>r.t'i>n to > '* anmer' u? putrot.* in the line of SH \ VI N<? M, i M M? DKKtMMN?. Aii.1 'n ti? ! acir J w u palrociz* him in th" lin? of C.ittiaror Tunmire ti? nor thm> ohlldrea'* hair, li? be*.* to m* :tiit iie nan provided for them better ao<"<> mm (!?:i : ?, m i.avict fitted n> a amait ro ?m a- d app.ouriaKxl it exclusively to U.eir use. (Ill 1m vkkv visitor to Washington A telttl ITIMMM PIIILP S WASHINGTON DESCRIBED. 7"*tj is ikt rm')/ i'nmpUtr Hit it booi to the Kattoaai Capital tver published. Tha Velume oocita i ? a 'ompreh-nmve History of the >"itv from it* K*r ic?( em^nt tn ih? IVetent Time, witis * ?rj Imp riant Event < < nn?ctnl with itaeths ?r?t of ixtTfi iinunt. A F.!aS?r?t? Dff'irt'oin ??f the Varioas Publio liBlldin. s; R.-lia 1?> 1. formation I r* f*c' to all the l?<j>ar!mei.t? of the <iove-nii.eut ; .Mode ot Tna4?ti>j! Uu?i:>e?? wth the I'?'k!ic ; the Kti(U?ttr of Official Inteicorrce; Deec iption of toe P:aot>? of lnt?r- st in the vri ir.itjr, 4tc .&.o. lLLmB*TU) With a Map am> Nrxtioci Ka?*AVI*0*. El-tontiy Boumd * frVirn*om C.oth. PlllCr, O.NK ('Ol.uAR. Fre> by u?\il on r c 1 ' of th<* ont?!i?h <1 prt?a. f HI LP & C(lL(?MO\S' M? iropo'.tan Book p tore, mar 7 eolm 332 Pa av., Del. 9th and IfCli at*. A __ BAR * KRO. /1Kb At<s;n in ?h- fc~< : with an iuirr-r seij .ar*? took of KKAi'V MM)V. ? LuTHING and GENTJ*'Fl:EN?SHfNU GfKJDS \V>n?w offer grt-at indi'ow nt? to person* who bay for ca>h. ItemrmiHir the p '.aco?corner E and Seventh ets. uiar 8 I w fl'HK ONI.V <iO?l? I'OKTKAl T OF PRK8 1. IDKV T I.IN 0!?X ever p*lii?h?l. Just out ?..<t *e ?t l>; mail fr** on >e3?:j.t <>f *5*n:U. T<s.e trade and eifaba of twduty cuppUed at low h <><- > by _ins.8 1 KCNCII ? RlCHrtTEIN. .'ii;n i o??n tw IP??HIKT8. I ii K Finest K-a i? rra?ie Shift*, the i>e?t fittiDc 8hi"U,&>nl the nasidurtblt sixrta can only t<e ho.J at BaK 4. MKOTdES'S ti'Al iu:,n?tt?,on'n?rrf K and Seventh ?tg Mrnugera in ?ant of Ci?an Shirta wi.l find it to their iMivaotace to giv? an a cc. 1 mar 8 Iw Yr W OOD AMI CUAI.. OU Will aur??l:? **t you- monetr't worth 1-y oaiiinic at tne PiO * KFK MILLS, em nrt oj Hertntk utrot psd Cm?i, (<iKO CAbK, Ac eat ) Tlte> ? tl o.-tMpt-r and *ive better measure t-i*c an* otli?*r<! in tii? city?< cut, split, ano tleuvere I fiee of c!iar*e. If v a tfon't Iwheve it. jive the Piooe^r Mi.ih atrwi, and We eat.rti'-i. ja !7 W.r PRESENT* FOK I UK FOLKS A l' HuMt. A f<"W ?l^l> * nf n?>? u ? " ? r ? v. ?? w ?UU .nHBIO *t mi*io Bocks, Ac . at ?he Piat*o Store ?-f JuHN F. ELLib. *06 Pecn. avenue, betwreo 9th aad ?th etreeU. ma 6 0*-"FtCEKS, PETT V Of FIBERS, AXD Sea men who were oa I oard ol any U. 8. ?hip? at the capture of any slaver eac have their olaima for B"ui<ty and Head Money promptly attended to by apoltiufc to or addreeainf C. P. WALUCh, Waehin?ton. |> C. ja I gOKE.NCKt PULMONIC fYRt'r. l>r. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, feed, it impoa aibte to visit VV aehiactou en ry week, and l?ae made arrangement* to po?iuv*l/ be in the city the third Werineeday of every montft. lie hat % euitof room* at the Avenue Houee, where p&uet'ta oan obtain adnoo tree, lie oniy charges v hen it it uaoemary to make a thor.'ucn examination of the l.auge with the R^epirometor. 8. B. Wwte it acect for t*ob?riCt'a Pulmonic Syrup, price #1 per Lottie, for the oa e Couche. Cold* and Coueumption; Sobeacfc'a Sea eod Tonic, price ft 1 per Inr !>? ?. li-u 2Soer.ti bfr t^ox, f?r Liver ruLd fct *"**? *? tl>o.e who l?r? IsTir ?rf!fi?i7 hl* r*nM"1'p? if would eTrntr ?! C*r* W,t* * B. W AITK, eornur w?,? ntr? rt. I,* ay. 4* JMPUHTAXT TO hOl'SfcfcKKi'Kiii? B. fc. btK&ttV:* CO.'S BTiIBOT tfiUPlOXMI. 6 sifMUi*c not orJv AB^OLUTKLY AND PKRFKtTLV PI!Ri. t bi 8,le*e,eeteot<>j "* a1**-"'* t, "l? '"'/" * *iUo?t rff*rcoc? J.4. . < ,f^rw. ^ >r^f8?l iniarj by kooaint, HnfaJt'?JLU ivw* ' tb? oraioatj frs>* tni inv?r??t>iy ?ho't. W. wvrul ? ?ry UUIy qj I | 1NCOLN AS BK I*. wJ p** ** At?C. T-?4? .u,tiiH M ;^y.;u c n