Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1861 Page 3
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y I "local news 1 ) / Tki Jf t Ti i M?i. If pr|rt?-<4 on the isj't*t t. .1 prt* in n* With of P?-l?ltuore, lta edition I }t t, i-rf+ m "r i* lobe pat to prm at ?n 1 V?u*. therefore, should be i ? ct - ** O'clock m.; "'.kerrlie they may f aoi ?at>l the ae*t day. + mmm l>l*rlct of Columbia AdTertlawnemta lc ^ !isert?l !a tbe Caltimoki Scr are received m, yid forwnrded from The Stam, Offce. camisal Cocbt?Trial tf the Alltg'd Wigvi? R' ?\V ben onr report closed vesteidav, at evidence f">r the prosecution In tbe above case ?i?l closed, and Mr Davidge, for defense, wm ?'dressing bis opening argument to tbe Jury, and eu roncl'*dlng bts remark* ealMd? JoJku Hcirhan, who testified lie was at the^wlg w*m on me nignt in question. *rer IK l? ft tbe national Committee room to go to tbe * Constitution office witii (iov. Stevens: A cfowd j p?-v <1 up tbe street as we got In the carriage. Jf After they got p->.st went to Cetrtlitutlon office, and then can.e back aiH p'<t tue horse up After he got hack, be beard 'liat a democrat bad been shot ?t tbe wigwam. Went out there, and saw l>r Cleary trylwg to get the crowd to desist. He wore at tfeeth, and told them to go beck He recognised witness, and got witness to help him *?<ones were being thrcwn at the time WltneM T?cog!,U'?i Cl-arv's voice, and went into the crowd t.i see if it wis him, when he noticed witness and go* witness to help blm. This *-?s Just af!?-r t - ii ffirilltv b?'?iin wit'i.nt tVilnfc* Wl? i ?: bau stood on tfe? opposite ildc of the street f?me minutes be went i?to the crowd Jrnr Wll ett th?r? with Cleary. yaw Johnson, i'-r.obo. s;id other* afterwards at the guardhouse. it;v? knew the f'resof many tn the crowd, but imttttir mints llsd no conversation with *\ lllett or C'.ei?y that night about the attack. ?';*-?ry \n*s doing his utn:o*t to |*e'.fy and d'? V-rw t{?! cr> v.d Didn't stop any time at tbe rir?tlt?ti(m ? W"i Cngkt (pol'ceman) sworn ?Tfstlfledthat > ? v s nt the wigwam cu that night. When he y- t r?- there was t large crowd !n the street in 17. It .u Iw k?I Ibtrr xini? man shots "boh i" at the crowd, as witness thought, and witness ' hiaed hlin Came hack and get between II * rrntril H hnfiilinfr ir !????- W 4 1_ )< >t and i)udiry there. Cleary wti not racouit 4 ?\n% the crowd to d<? anything. Witness spoke li> \\ Itlett, who said he was doing nothing. Heard some one say " Volunteers," and asked Cleary to g? t them away. Cltary said something ?t-oot not being aWe to irct them away. Presently hf a-d Willett went and told the crow d to fall In. It ? ns pretty dark. Saw a man throw a stone, ?"d ch:.sed blm, but did not catch blm. When Wilms* i ot there t')erew?s a light up stairs Supi?v .MelJenry got there before witness did. Know. J bit Tolscn; has known him six or eight mouths, the police know him pretty will. Ktem w h it witness ha-, heard he has never beard anybody *v, they would take his word. His reputation for tri'th and veracity is very bad. \\ itress wouldn't beiieve Mm os: fcis oath. Cros?-cxamined ?Suppose the crowd had not b-en Ifccre long when witness arrived They o.ily remained some ten minutes after witness got there. Henrd noisy demonstrations. Some one cried police. Heard two or three pistols. The man who lired the " bub tail" was at the corner of Second and Ind'ana avenue. Witness thought be at tbe crowd, but be inlgbt have shot at tbe wii;w?m He was seventy-five or eighty y rds from the crowd. The crowd wns right at the \v;j;wjni, and close tdcrthrr. The mau who tL'ew the stone w:.s in a little crowd out of the dh m crowd Wan there but a fsw minute* before h spoke to Claary and Wilit tt Soonafter witness spok>- to them, they yot the crowd to leave. YV itii'*? kvas there till they all went away. When C'l-ary tol<l the crowd to fail In. Leswore at them Didn't hesr him sny M fail in, you have done your ?t itv il:)t known Tolson well on to a year. ' remember when witness first Leard his tharacter for truth questioned. He has been f5?lk?d of amouj; the police, and by others, as betu^ unworthy of belief Didn't see Oreager therr Saw Dudley standing near Cleary and V iiiett and doing nothing Witness remained & few minutes afw the crowd left Or. E'ivard Morgan, sworn.? Witness knows Cleary and \\ iliett ana James K Jonnaon; don't ?..v wnuui'u ! <> auuwi i/iuxey L> idlev, Cleary and Wiilett are men that no one In cur section of the city would hesitate to give g an excellent character. They are men who stind " well lt? the community V. hen under the influence of liquor, Johnson is. in witness's opinion, a cr-iy man These men ire very popular among their friends and among their political opponents. W iti.ess knows nothing of this attack on tue wigwam, except whit he 1ms hetrd. Cleiry and Wflit tt inve fc.ld witness that they were at the wl?wain I hey didn't say they went for Wlllett sai.l be went off with the crowd, under the Impulse of the moment, but without purpose, or with any particular design. They ssid the wlgwnm wis attacked or sacked. They said certain rmrties were there, who had not been prosecuted. \V flues# has had but little conversation wish the111 on the subject, and the amount of the conversation witness has, he thinks, givtn to the j iry They said there were others there, who M'-re mo.-e'lu fault limn they, who had not been T?mmj If B rry, sworn.?Witness belong* to tb* National VoluuVers?joined tli#m on the first of Octot-er. There wan no meeting of that organization on the day or uight of tbe Piesideutial deCtSoa H .n't think Wlllett or Johnson belong* d to thai crganixation. On that bight witness \v;*s at Brown's Hotel at a late hour; tound tiie door lor-ked?learned there had been a light ther? Heard them say "let's go to the W lgwatii " Hitii'-ss recognized none of tbest.- defendants in that crowd Witn-ss then went to ?he tel?vrsph ofiire with some friends, and then fcome, ai.d to bed. \V itaeas lives in the vicinity ?>f l..e wigwaus. but knew nothing of the attack til next a*y WitatM was not at the headquar- . |t? rsof the democratic club that ntvht Vm H Themis, sworn ?Testified that he was I at the Wigwam on 'he night hi question. Whs there when the attack w*s made l>on't knew unvbndy who wn engaged in the attack. Stood I.' i i.e n.rnfr 01 ?econa ana Indiana avenue \v ent through curiosity to the place. It waa on witness's way home. Saw the crowd coming . up from Brown's Hotel, ar.d heard that they nv ere going to attack the Wigwam. Crowda ?>f |* s ins had beea going to the Wigwam all the evtniog. Witness s?w the crowd Ur*t up Veyond the telegraph ollice, and some one was ji r-mning ahe?d frying, '* here is a crowd coming to dttick tue U itjwdin " Witness was at the l corner of Kour snd-a-haif street. and in company \?t<L La Truite When the crowd turned to go to the Wigwam, witness turned off to go home, and had ^one but a short distance when he he-ird u pstoi shot and turned back to the place. A li j tt was in tue second story of the building whtu witness ifot there, at?d* saw persona i^oln< la aud coming out. Didn't know any of theai Many of tbem appeared to be clerks Ji-veral of tiiem were s .itt.eru clerks who have since left the city Siw Dr Cleary just before the Icrov .1 1-fi, and beard bit voi*e at he told tbe r;K>\*a tr> '-come iway." Didn't see a solitary |>er> >a mere wok is indicted. mvc Cleary Sup \-v?- one hundred persons ft 11 in with the crowd <-.s it txift&ed a.oug to the wi^wraai. Heard Cleary b?y that he was intoii<aiea that night Think t-.e kiooii was clouded Could v-< :hc crowd. C? d hare recognized a person tbe length of the cut'rt ruoni SJiyor sworn?Kaows Cleary, Willett, J ii-a, Dudley, ai.d Creamer Has known them v-ry well t;:e pas! turee years Ktvi di Wlliett, ? . . - w D and Johnson as highly respectable iilhiiS,*ud utterly Incapable of embarking In ?i > fderly proceedings, knows nothing of tb'.s tu<:k on the wigwam. "j-? F. Hilt J* y (tax collector) sworn.?Wlt1 ji'.'n knows cleary, NVillett, and Johnson Don't 1 k , <* anything against either of tneui Cleary is . ? clerk in wtUiess's clflce, snd is a very quiet \\ man He is the last man witness would have t ippos.d would engage In disc derly proceeding*. Oeary de-Urn to wiiuesa that be was not guilty ?.f tin* cfcirue Witness think* tie nld be w..s laere for the purpose of calling the crowd off. HoofnagU ?worn?Was at the wigwam on the night in oueati m. Followed the crowd ttnere. Magulre, and Lewis were with witness. VVhen the crowd started from the lire. ktxi/ld<e headquarters, witness was there Creager dtd not go with the crowd, which nunIn-red upward* of 100 men They cried, utfo,for the w gwam Witness and companions were a square behind them Creamer stayed with witness at the enurcb, corner of Third street, till the police came, and then got away. y firm ft ; policeman) sworn ?Was at the wigon t! ? uiukt In niiotnn Siw there aud look bold of hiiu, and be turned towit >* ? and Mid tua' if witutaa would let biui go be would try to vet tbe crowd away. Tbe crowd was thru breaking ihe d?or opti tfoiu<* twentyfive of them went iu. Heard ao noiae in?ide, aud doe* not kn<>w what wia done tbere Mr IXnvldgr here proposed to submit the caae to tiir j irv without argument. Mr Ould agreed if tbe Court would explain the Isw of ri'?t to Ut jury I hi* tbe Court did at length Tb<- cue a vttben given to the jury, who retired to tbetr room L'izy M&gruder (colored) waa then placcd on trial on a charge of larceny of a revolver aud twelve sb'rt* from Je*ar ti Haw. Tbe jury re turned a verdict of acquittal. To-day, Tbomaa Furguaon, (col'd,) waa tried on ! ct rge m larcet.yof iwo |?n or im roou, ?ln?-a *t *r fr irt John G Fum and convicted Kona. (col'd.) wm tiied for atea.tu^ a coat, vamrd at to, from Wall, Stevena * Co. Verdict guilty a* lad cted J pb Tbonika, (col'd.) wm Uien placed oa triai for Kralin^ a coat froaii John Watera. Thii ci?? wja pending wben our report t ioard I aejurt iu th? wigwam riotcaae wer? (till out. Tms .Matt O'Bmas meat!cued In the watch report* of MmmUt'i 8 if, la not Matt O'Brtoa, f t.uim as tto Capitol it# M Kt'rixG or tbi Rkpcblicar Association* or Yni Firth asd Sixth Wiim ? Tkat Executive Committee?Xl agoing to j>ay /???, if it don't make n fellir a Republican, tc ?One of our .'rpcrWa took a lltt> excursion (by the OTerl&nd rout?) to the Navy Yard last night, to attend the meeting advertised as follows: " The Republicans of the Fifth and 9ixth\Varda will bold a meeting at Odd Fellow*' HalJ, Navy Yard, this (Tr^sday) evening, at seven o'clock. Punctual attendaece required. " By order of the President," Jte , 4c. It Is ne-dl<-ts to inform our readers bow our knight of the pencil, fortifl?d with the anticipation of enjoying a ' merlin' what la a metln'," stalked forth upon bis errand through disrml streets and acroaa more gloomy Commons, now stumbling In the darknew nvt-r misplaced curbstones. and then plunging Into treacherous man traps, with an occasional' drip" into some of tLe many culters which abound In tbat neighborhood?how, upon reaching the Hall, he Innocently broke in upon the enjoyment of a harmless "mifIngtary kumplnv," one of whose member* was energetically giving Jessee to certain atreaka of republicin doctrine?how, after knocking off a section of hi> boot-toe agai nit a scraper in the third stcry, he finally reached the council chamber of the organization The room contained four desks, two gas burners at one end, and a couple at tbe other, a row of ancient " onaarlin' " aeata, a president, secretary, twenty-nine privates, and he of the SInr. The President having called tbe meeting to ?<>', u ^ ^ ^ t A ^ i t _w mi- IICUBUH" naiiKU w rApiaill wuy uc uou not performed the duties Imposed upon him at the last meeting a orresponalng secretary. He didn't underatanr . uly what these duties were, and he wanted a Utile Information on the subject. The Secretary.?Wby! It was about the arrangement of the Executive committee. >Fr Hensbaw ?Oh! yes, that's It, eb' I did attend to that Well, 1 suppose its not out of ord?-r to make a report of the proceedings of that committee President ?No, sir. Mr flemhaw ?Well, we bad a meeting at the Avenue House, and a resolution was offered bv one of the executive committee to nominate candidates for r fit 'es, from tha Marshal of the District to the Warden of the Penitentiary. S"ome of the committee had committed themselves upon their nominations, and had atated that they had particular friends wLos?- claims they should urt^e as candidates for the fat r.fflr ?s, and he fe!t that St w.i? no more than just that tbr other association! should have something to say Rbont it. Hut they hod choked *ff every attempt to increase their number, and he had concluded to let tbem alone. Mr Willet said he wasn't a member of that association, but belonged to the |>aretit association He didn't know whether he had any right there or not if he wasn't a member, he would like t.-> become one. The President informed .Mr. Willet that there was no question as to bis right to come In to thvlr meeting Tbe only question was as to his joining. Mr Henshiw proposed that Mr. Willet should be forthwith made a member. Aud It was done \l Uctomor. \1? D.-U?l I -1 u?ii ..... ...I I i < oiurui, 1 BUUUIU n?e 1U know if this is a republican association? Itsr-ems to mv mind that it ain't. I think if a man sign* our constitution and p.ivs bis initiation fee be becomes a republican, and eligible to a voice in tbe parent association. Mr (i< ntbasv explained that a person could not be eligible to an ofllee in tbe parent association unless be was a member of it. Mr. Bateman ?Well, if tbe parent association thinks that a member of this association ain't a republican what's tbe use of paying fees? Tbe President?That's not it [Mr Hensbaw? "Oh! no-o "J He must belong to tbe parent association to be a member of the executive committee Mr. Bateman subsided. A cordial invitation was then extended to delinquents to pay up; anrt while the im-mbers were eagerly listening to the heavenly music cf "chiucapin'' money? -Sir Bateman gave expression to his desires not to be misunderstood in the matter, and to know if a man who joiued there wjsn't a republican;? if it didn't make a republican of hiin. what whs the use of paying fees and fooling away his money ? The President reqursted Mr. Henshaw to take th? chair, as he had business which called him away. Mr. Henshaw shut bis eyes, "aril" bis teeth. and with the air of a martyr ascended the platform. He said: " I believe the President has a riht to put anybody In the rbalr he has h mind to; so I suppose there won't anybody object. If anybody wants t-> j?aydu?-s here's* good opportunity, as there Is no other business " Here the Secretary remarked to the Chair that this was very dry business ; to whlrh that dignitary respor.d-d. "very dry " But we were of the opinion that, from the way tobacco juice rulnod down upon the floor, a life preserver would soon become Indispensable. After some further time spent in chewing and spitting, somebody moved that the Chair make a innwh The Chair seemed rather Indifferent to entering upon the performance of such a feat, but would give a Mug if they wanted It. A Voice ?Anything to keep u? awake. The Chair ?I supposed that there was to be something of importance to be laid before the meeting upon readin&the notice, but as such is not tbe esse. I will entertain with great pleasure a motion to adjourn. Mr. L'ttie wanted to know a little more about those fees, whether in order to become a republican tnev should piy them to that association or to tLe Dre&ent association Tb? Oh-i r being app?rent!y somewhat drowsy didn't understand Mr Little fated Lis case again, but tbe Cbalr couldn't decide The "nieetln'' then adjourned. Alexandria Items?From the Alexandra papers we glean the following : Several memb?n of the Baltimore Annual Conference, and the Lay Convention of t'- it Cotiferei cr. were In our city list night on tnelr way to attend the sessions of tt.os?* bodies which meet In Sta-iiiton to-morrow, (Wednesday) About 150 nwmlwrs pTM<-d over the Alexandria and Lynch* | burg road th'.s morning. j A private dispatch from New York states tint i me ni onur?.|o urn vea u.ere lo-aay. -ilia will leave f?>r this place to-nlubt She reporU seeing the Mount Vernon swinging at anchor inside the bar at 5 o'clock p ra yesterday, with lighters alongside. Her cargo is not thought to be much damaged. The canal la now open its entire length, and bus.ness has agal n commenced in earnest, eight boats loaded with coal having arrived tc-diy for th'- various companies, as will be seen under the head of canal commerce. Evans, 47rt Pennsylvania avenue, is ahead of competitors in the auallty and style of jrwelry?at 1?ast no the ladies all sty, who have so bountifully i supplied themselves at his store. Goaud examine bis jew?lry. pocket knives, and pldttd ware, at p'ices irr?sistahle His stock of books, at reduced prices, are fait going off, and as be Intends to remain here but a few weeks longer, now it your time to buy a book of blm before it is too late strangers visiting th city, give blm a call and see for yourselves whether tbue thing* are so See advertisement in another column. Tufater ?To-night a fine bill at the Theater, tihikspearr'a immortal comedy of "Mmh Ado About Nothing," with M iss Gertrude Argyle as Beatrice, the whole to conclude with the capital far-e of the "Maid with the Milking Pail " Grangers visiting Washington will And our Toe.itre one of tbe cosiest and most enjoyable r>s?rU imaginable To our own citizens we need say nothing to confirm them In tbelr favorable opinion of this well managed eaUblishment. ctxtkal Gcardhovsb Casks.?The docket thia morning exhibits tbe following cases: Jno Pierce, ror throwing s'ones In tbe street*; ruled for trial. Isabella Fenny, col., drunk and disorderly; fine and coats, St 15 John Edwards, colorea, do ; workhouse 90 days. Aekivxd at Twelfth street b'ldge, canal boat Kate, with 114 tona Cumberland coal for C M. Keys. Hostittve's Srf>mach BtrTXKS.?The general eir-ct of ihis (te.ighttnl tomo. in all ooniplatnt* incident to fema e?, i a? given t a wide- pread oeia hrity *.m -nr tha s'x. Liwly invalid* have b<*n do<t>r*u and drug<*d ovrrninob. They have been vict.nna-d in hevtr. and parre hr a legion of uestrmn mongers; hut it may be said with oonfidenoe that in this ran arkah e tuvigorant they have found exactly the ttimulint adapmd to their delicato orcabtxi'ion and peculiar funotionil .disturbances. Attnadawnot womanhooi, in tbe seas>n of ma t-rnit^,in the oiism of nfeand when enfeeb ed by n?f?, up (smnr (f? mar roij upon lite renovating p'W^rofthueioMlent aud palMab>e preparat on in evet jr exuei.rr. A? a ewe for Dyaprpaia. and all o >wpiair.ta of the tomaoh and boW'-l?, it has lake i the ea l of *11 other a t- rativea Mid tonios ro'd by dr jg*i?ts everywhere. ma il eolt F*f?JU Tim PoSTMAKTBS AT Ll?M>N- Md L ?bon Po?t Cvric*, Md.,Nov. iith 180n. S*tk W F vl> 4- Co. l> Ltlainrn: I-or the la?t three or four years I have t??en ?iiff ring fiom colic and pilet, superin* r uctMJ hy a ?e?i r.uirv ooouptti in i have triod vari?ju' thing* wi'h iru ff r-utaucooss A f?*w m nthi a<o <ron ag?i.t oame round here. and naked in* to I t > the ?>x?genatrd Bi tsrs Afer u*ing on- t>tI had ire ivniptom* of* nolin. hut tci'kout pa n. A atrugnle commencei between :ha Uitlorx an I t ie ! 'cisa, hut I Koft taki :? tho Btl-ra r?<n:aily, and the ili?raa* k pt ou' or th*? vav. I hare na<l no ojIij tiuue, either with or wi'hout pun. I*h\ll,hows #r, k?'poi to a third bottle, ff tie pile* hare n>t return??l eiti*r. I feel rare the <>*?g>*n%te?l Bi t ruia aluaWe m*d>elne for oaees of md'gettipm. an I there ia ro doubt thi? is a fruitI tl a '"J'oe of many p?i?fit: I would r?o omin?nd all th.?? wh iaa ha* tit ia impaired to try hn tiil'era, for half ear complaint* may he traced to Dytti #>na in tome of it? multiario.n forma TMouaa i_cct, Po-tmaatdr. Prepamd bj fteth W. Kowie & Co., Boatou, and for wue in Waahicftoo oiti Q. Stott, ft. B. Wait* Z. D. Oilman. John 9ohvrar?e. Nairn k Pa mar, John w..ey, J B Moor*, and H H. *?Pha'e..n; in Oenrgetovn by hTA r. Ciaa U. and G. ? . fc J. ftnnthron. an.l hv drn/riats everrvhere. mall lvr Covshs.?The sudden change* of oar e'imate are source* of Pulmonary, Bronchial nod Asthmatic J Jfections. Experience having proved that umpie ; remedies often act np^edilr and oertaimr wh*n tak n in the tarir ata-eaof the diaeaie,reoourse 9 vould a; onoe be had to 4* Brum's Bronchial Trothtt." or l.osengee, let the Cold, Cou*n, or Irritation of th? Tnroat be ever so alight, aa by this preoaotW a more s?rious e'.laok he offeo'uallr warded off. Public Sr*ak ri and SiMfi will find them effectual for oiearm and strengthjdiii in oioe. S -e aJv</ti?en;em de 1-Iy HoyiopATSTc RKMXOIU All of Dr. Wlnmphr<r?? % Co.'s specific Homeopathic RomMies pn^ u> expressi* for f?n>:l* use, in boxes, at H ' t.-.l JO Cent* eicii. 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DIED, In thia oity, on Monday afternoon, Mareh 1 Ith, after a protrao'ed llln^fs, WILLIAM K , seoond *?h of Thomas K. G;ay, Esq., in the 26:h year of hia age. Tlie friends of the family are requ-sted to attend hts funeral, At 3 o'clock thi? (Wednesday) aitprR?on from the residence of l is father. No. 301 Maryland a enue, between 4H ar.d 6th sts? Island. On the morning of the 13th inistant, L1ZZIE. the jounce t daughter of S. . a I C. I);-- - in the Itfc y?ar of her age. Th?> relati v<?? and friend" of the family are invited to attend her funeral, on Thurnday a'toruoon, at 3 o clock, at Ne. 609 M ?t. * ^HERE'S A BETTER TIME COMING! Victims "f Self Al'nse and Secret DiceaKn* should app'y at SHI/MAN'S Southern Medical House, un ler the Clarendon Hotel, corner Sixth Btroet anJ Pa. aven>ie. immediately opposite tho National Hotel, anJtrr l>r. Soiithey'n Celebrated London M^dioine*. Thty are warranted to cure tho most viru ent form* of Gonnorrhcpa, Ole^t, Syphiis, Nocturnal K mission?, Strictures, and \V< ekn??'< of the Hladdor 111 from J to 6 <1*y*. The Remedies oan be Bent by mat!. Office hi ur? froir *) a. in to 1C p m. f*? 18-1 m 1MPORT A NT N(>TICE TO KTRANGERS VISITING WASHINGTON. A View of the National Canitol will be p* b*estfi> To every purchaser <>l liookx, Sta'ionery, ft a . from the wel, known e? al>ii8hm?*nt of FRKM'H ft RICHST^IN Hooki"eliere, Stationers, and Pe rioiioal Pea'ers, No. 21$ Pa. avenue, near the Kirk wood House, Washington. L). C. 1 tuia CHOIi'K bu'l'tkr. ,UUU LUS. OOSHEN BLTTKR oi the very befct quality. Also, PENNSYLVANIA BUCKWHEAT, CALVERT'S HONEY. KINO A BURCHELL. f" 26 corner Vermont av. and Fifteenth nt. |^AM1LV BLANKETS AND COMFORTS. Wo have still on l:and a rood assortment of the aliovr joot!s. Aiso, Housekeeping Goods of every deaaiiption, all of wtiioti wo a;e sellinc at ooetfor cash. fe21 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. P NOTICE. ERSONS Wishing ! u'" ture and Heavy Arti clen Rcinovfd can, st a I ti-net, ?>y eal.uii uu J. A. STEPHENSON, At Railboap Dkpot. Find Good Wagons arid Careful Drivers. mar 1 lm OIK BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of the very latest and in all casus inade^aCk of the best material. Call at once an>i xetCBUF oh<):oe. . At STEVENS'*. Zf9: noZJ-tf 336, betw. 9th and l?tfi ?t?." 1TAKK NOTICE! WILL Take *'1 kinds of Virginia mwj formjr book debt* and for Boot*, Sho**, and Trunks. Ail por??ii? mdeb'ed t? ine wnl pi^&ce ca i aud nettle up, or [ F,ha!! be ciHup. led to give their account* into the hauda of a oolieotor. S. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, no 21 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th *t? RA PMKRRY. CTRAWBKRRY. ASPARAGUS AND HEDGING PLANTS. 15,I'M RASPBERRY Pi ANT', tw-nty va itien, ir.c ultng '"Be.lo de Foatenag," (which is hirdv fti.d pr'xluotivo bearing a tine full crop d'iring the autumn, with but little attention ) "Gaitawi??a.",,Hudeon Antwerp," and other*. 'Triumph do Uand." ,-\ ictoria," *Oounte?? de Henoot^'" Hovey'* 8??<l!ing." ' Alice Maud," at d Viiim I- 1 i\n >1 Dr.nnir/^ wi U!3 IhDSl upprOVSfl van ti- * So,!**'roots of GIANT ASPARAGUS. 20,000 USAGE 0?< ANG K PLANTS, for hedging. Orders strictly attended to, and packing done with proper care. JOSHLE PiKKCE, Nnricivroan, Luma-r. Hill, mar7-eo2v (Int.iweo) Near Washington, D. C. RIDDLE H A8 T H E L\ R G ES1', N EWEST AND MOST FASHIONABLE STOCK ?F j" 13 w e xj xi y EVER OFFER ED IN THIS OR ANY OTHER CITY, AT THE LOW TERMS OF ONE DOLLAR FOR YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE IN THE STORE. SPL FX DID JSSOHTMEST. Elegant CA R BUNCLF S?ts for $1 j'leieet (?AVA . Sot* fur .tl Kieiant UAKNE I" ..^ets t?r .$! E J K I' S??ts for ml K!?*?at i'OKm, ard *OLD -?'s lor .*1 l*eg\nt M K t> A L LION S?*t* 'or ? 1 K euftut IUJIN MOSAIC Pels for AI E esant PLAIN GO I D Srt*for $1 I fcdios' GUARD CHAINS for ?i I agios' CH A FLA1NF. CIlAlNs.J r M J-adifV NK?K CHAINS for$l Gents' V EST CL AlNS.flocilTjrei.t tyioa ) for SI Alan, a Large A?*o't:r?nt of J fcWELRY, which we can eell at 5<i cents per article. Just Received, SMALL l.OT? OF BEAUTIFUL fc'TD lTQP A V Ol 4PV I itfl ?J --- EXAM El.ED t'KHS-i Sets ET111 " SC A N C A K iV IS C L E t?< ts PK*Rt, AND GOi.D S*ts ETRUSCAN O.NYX fc-et? N. B ?Pt"r?ocs wishing any of the tthove G?>ods fb.'u d cail at oace a-s they Boon will be ni ne, We havo on hind,and ere receiving every day, l.&rS" invoices of THE FINEST PI TTED WARE, consisting of Brtakfast and Tea Sets; Card and Cave Baskets; Cream and Syrup Pitchers; i. awe, i/esserz, xen. cougar and Uream. Spoons, Butter, Fruit. Tea, Pie. and Fish Knives; Furls; Napkin Rings; Casters; Salt Stands; Plant, Chated and (Jilt Lintd Goblets and Cups. ALL FOR SALK AT LUWTMI WHOLKiALI PRICES. GOOD8 WARRANTED AS REPRESENTED. REMEMBER RIDDLE'S ONE DOLLAR STORE, mar 7 308.?-Pa. Ar 302 ?A8T WEEK OF THE SALE a or JAPANESE GOODS. Go at on'.t and examine them '. Tht mott magnificent ev:r imported: Confuting in part of Pnnoh Howls, Handkerchiefs, Card and Toilet Moxes, Inlaid St aw Boxes. Plates, Droorated Poroelain Cups, Bo wis, Sauoere, Ao , Ao. SUPERB INLAIO CABINEIH A o., tco , 4.0. Now ia the only opportunity to make aeler>tiona from this arge a?sortmeat of Jtpaneae Goods. Selling at I.ess Than Cost t* J a ran! n7*a06 Pix.i. Avisrt, Under Willarda' Hotel. C^iO# PEKN. Avenck, Under Willarda' Hotel._/~TI ma8 fit as% NURSERIES ^ AT LINNAEN HILL. The proprietor invitea the Attention of the publio tn Kit tnnai w* 'fu t L'J J .... , ? W1BXX..I..VU* vi a t%c<?<o ana ^ HKUBBKR Y. The stock of Ornamental Shade Tree* ir particular is one of th? latest, botli inquati'y and variety. that I* offVrrd for sale in the Unted Mates, and consists of veil grown and thrifty tre?s. The stock of Ornamental EVKRGKKKNS presents au assortment of Trees of the finest quality, the specimens being rema kable for the visor of tlifir growth and symmetrr cf form. Many of these trrts hari been shifted as often as five times in order to multiply their roots and insure usees' in t ansplanting. Of several thousand thus shi't*d during the last season not ono failed to grov. The list of Kvergreens includes 1JSJ0 White Tine, 7 to to f>?t high; No/wav Fir, lltlsam Fir. Hemlock and other vari-ties of fine sixe and app- arsnce. A so, FRUIT IMEK8 and ORNAMENTAL SHRL'RBF.RY in great variety.

Theoiroulsr oa aiogue cf Small Frnits, suoh as Curracts,Oooseber ies, Blackberries. Ra*prt?iri?s. and Strawr>ernea, will te fuaiehed on apelioation throach the Po?i Ofioe or otherwise JOSHUA PEIRCE, . Nurseryman. Lin noun hi!!, ma (>nt.) near Waahimton. U. C. gfflMEttOgg . ; r. < >* *. 4ft U / ? AMUSEMKfiTOv WASHINGTON THEAT E R ! T.MUM .3 W. GLIXS I Ao'in* Manager J. T. Ravmosb THIS EVENING. Third nif ht of the succMcfuI debutante. MISS GERTRUDE aRGYLE, Who will ?p;r?- as Beats c<, In 3h*k*pcare's c one iy ot much ado about nothing. To conoinde wit* thefirceof MAID WITH THE MILKING PAIL. .???; nnn nnn -blue book -inform v'l 'i/|vuu|i/vvi aver as to mi the OOioea in th? 'untry, nnd salary. J7.H erati. Contain* the m&'tfr ak th? Great B.ue B >ok coating S350. Omitting ihe n%m** whioh are not cooes?ary. Catalogue or Cunomtiev at Patent Office List o( Patents. Old Booki Ihj ighf ard sold Catalogue fnrnifhed. ALFRED HUNTER, Bookseli.r. fe?-im* WillarJ? Hotei Square. WANTS. \\f ANTEH? By aresp?etab'e ?nm?n, a SITlTAfw Ti<>N as oook, washer, and ucner, or to do ohamberwork. Arply at No. 97 K at., bet?e?n 21st and 23d st?. It* SITUATIONS WANTED, by two resectable rnung women. one an c;?ok and the other as ohamlK rmaid. Can oom? we I retommende.1. A/! (ifrns Hox No. 9, Star Officc. It* \JkJ ANTED?A WOMAN.todo??ner?l hcuse ? v or* R ^oomm^nda'ion" required Apply to H. N. LANSDALE, 546S Eighth at, between M and !>i ?t?. It* A GERM AN, so tear* of ase, having no family, wanU a Situation n* sardener. Apply at No. 115 Bridge ?t.. betwe*u High ar.d Cougr*ts aia., G- orgstown mar i.t-y* WANTED?E?ery b >dy to kn w tha'Socbold A Uro.'a calebafed lia timce Tomato can b? h"id at, Stal's No 3^9 Center and 93 Northern mai iw. ..i!lV l*J-3lw IJMR.M HAND WANTED.-A comoetenTand kteady colored man, aoonnti'med to farm work, can h*ar of a f,?o1 ?itu#tion by caliitiK at JAMS'* E. THOM PSUN'S Grocery Store, on the nmth aide of Pa. avenue, between 3d and 4>? st?. mar 13 2t* WANTED-Bt an exprienced English woman, a SI'I U ATION to attend upon a lady, or to lake charge of a child. la a good plain seamgtres*, and ha* no objection to t.*.\??l. <iood reference given if rcqinr.d Addrce E. H..Stat Offioe, inar ^3 2t* SHOW-CASES WANTED.?Any peraon hav ii (t Show ra?os for ?ain or to rent can call at RIDDLE'S One Diilbir Store. 30? Pa i?nnn? botw *i. 9th an^ 10th 'tw. * mar 13 It WANTKI)?lir * fspeoat-le and competent woman, a SMTl'ATI' ?N as oook or t travel With a lady. t'n'xcptiofable referent* given if r? quired. Address Ui.x No. 8, Star Offioe. mar 13 2l* WANTKD-Hya middle-aged Iftdy. aSITUATION to asaist >n ft*wing aid mak? Iicii-r!f genera I* usefal. Apply at No 335 li 8t-e*t, be tw"<r. '2th ami 13th st-. mar 12-2t* AfiKNTl KMAN DKSIRFS i'OAKI) IN A private family for hunsel'. wife a-d nursa. Unfxcptiorahie reference* given and reqai-ed A'ld-ess' William." Sta*<?ffica mar 11 St* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From ?5 to AlOjOOn worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK of all kinds, for which I will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and. as usual, at the shorten notioe. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac., _oe 9_ 4ft* 7th ?t.. hot. G and if "ant side. WANTED^-SECONO HAND FURNITURE. Persons declining housekeeping, or having a snrp!i!s of Furniture on hand, ran ol>tain the cash and (vr prioes by applyics at .169 Seventh *t. no 17 IION'TZ & GRIFFITH. lost and found7~ (OST?On Tuesday morning, a lady's MUFF, J from a carriage, between 4jf st and the \Ve?%t i no nnncr win i.e BUia'.ilj revrai<l"d bv leaving it at No^J09 H st. mar 13 3.* I 0*T? On the 6th insfrviit. in front of Wi lard*' Hi trl, a ilh'iit BUFFALO ROBK. A I>b9ral row&rd wi'l l#o paid t"? th? fender on leaving it wtn GEO. H\LL, ?'oaohinaker, oa Ta. aveiive. between 13th and 13)* at*. it* \TI TORINK L?>ST.-Loat,a!ady'? Furdrink) Vietorina. w Tuesriar, IJth imtaut, between N<>. .165 .Ma?~achu*ntta avenue and Rev. Dr. Sundorand'a Church The finder will be ?ottablv rewarded by returning the Victorine t^ No. 365 Mam, av. mar 13 2t* or; HFWAKD?Ln?l,amink fur VICTOR ?NE. in the^o'cloekp. m.omnibu* from Georgetown. or on J .tt st. The above reward wiil b? paid to any one delivering the article at the southeast corner ol Gay and Ore n ?ta., Georgetown ; or at thn office. mar 13 3t* IOST?Yesterday morning,between Center Mar j leer and E street, between 3d and 4'h et*., a SUM OF MoNEY, confuting of ?SSin Virginia and or.e Philadelphia rote of .f20 1 will give a r< w?:d ol $20 if the Mm? m r- turned to me,either r?i m* in v.nucr iYinricei, or at iny resiceiiee. marl3 3t* OfcoRGK KMMKKT STRAYKDOR feTOI.KX FROM THK 81 B orinrr. on F iday !& t. a Btinil monkea^^j colored PUFFY; t.a<1 whit* breast ai cl ?\ > >r?y n-ok, and a ?o tf.r'o whi'e f. et. Ar.y per -3? son returni- < said do? w:l! he 'iia-l? rewarded bv K. CAM PBKLL., east side Sixth mr!>et, between F a-.rt 0. ina 13 3t* _ Atttm Frraideut'* l.erse a ICtAOGLfeT, w!noli ths owiier can have by d?*Oi it lag th? tAme an't paying for this a.'.varns rnent. a B BKAKMAN, mar 11 3t* Bark ol Washington. IOST?At the P-frKidont'a !ev??. i*?t Fu'dar 4 nnht a cdored IJF.AVER OVKKCOAT. witn faun linit k, containing p<>okct bo k v;i hvaluatV.e pap> r?, consisting of notes in frvor ?. di M / i 1- Al . _ i ' II U. 1<I y TB, n nrffna, .uicniiran, ?n<i O'llPr-. I !<e po inn hiving co<it will reo iv<< .*!? reward f ir sanl poakr-t i? <>* and ?*por? hv reium-ng t!.e strne at the office of the Nat onal Hotel in this city. caio of Hon. Z. ?'l and>r, and no question* ankM.or tli'ough the Post Office. maM^t* O. MOYKR8. LOST?At the 1 .evee !ast right, a ?oft H \T. am! a heavy grey heavero;? tii nspod OVr.Kl'OAT (without s et ves.) The finder will confer a favo' i>v lea* lug thei at this offi.; , or hy leaving *o:d wner? they irr.y l?e got. mai 9 tf BOARDING Boarding.?a few p:ea?*nt Rootn?, with BoMd, can be had at No. 'J9 4>t s.. 9 Iw*. PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AMD BLOOD RENOVATER Is precisely what its name indicates, for, while ploa?ar.tto the lasts, it is revivifttng, exhilaratir.*, lnvitoratnn and stren thentos to the vita powers, and at the "ante time revivifies, reinstate, a:.d rouewt the BIoo<l lu a 1 its ontina! pu-itv.and thus at once resiortx ind. rtudrrt t\t systrm invulnrr*bl? toauaekr nf disease. It is th? onty preparation ever ottdreu to tne world, so chemically and skillfully onnibined astobftns n ost pow<rrfnl tome, and at the t>&ra.< tune s<> perfectly adapted to, as to ant in porfect acoorda.ic* with the lawn of nature, and heiioe wiil tocthi the Wcai'.st ttomark, and tone up thr digestive pr^n*, abu thus alia; ail net vims and oth<?r rritatinn. It n iuir^i:> A*h>>r? ting and at tue naino t;rne it ia c?mpoaetf entir?iy of vegetabiea, yet ao co.-nhin??i to prodnoe the most thorough tonic etT-ot, without producing ar.j injurious conBe^u^noea. hnch a reinody has lore been felt to l>t> a draideratum in the modioal w l.f, for it n??*da no medioal f k. II to *e* that dfhihty f Hows all attack* of diseas". and proceed and in deed lays the cyatem open to rhe inaidioua attacks ol T>ar.y of the most fatal, auoh, for example, aa the i following: Consumption, Irdigoation, Dyapepvia, i osa of Appetite. t-*intn?s*, Nervous Irritability, Seuragia, palpitation of the heart, Melaiiohoiy, lght swep.ta. Langor, Giddiness, Retention ol. a? well a*> 1'ainful obstructed. too profuse, or too ao?ut Menstruation, atid Faiunr of the Womb Theae ali depend upon general debilit*. Tht* pure, healthy tonio Cordial and H'ood Renovator i? aa aure tocureaa the aun ia to nao ands?t. There is no im?tak? about it . Butthia ia not all If the system is weakened we are open to biliou* tacka, the liver beoomes torpid, or worse diaeaned, tt-.e naneya r*:ua? to perform their fu\ctioii?, and we Are troubled with acaldiun and .nontiue ce of urine, or involuntary diaotiarge ot trie aaine, pam in the hack, aiue and between the ?h'.u!<Wa fx oeediutly liable to alight oolds, coughs, and if un checked, aoon emaciation foiloxa.and the patient goea down to a premature crave. Urn aoaca wi l I not allow ua to enumerate the man* ilia to whioh we : are liable in a weakened o<>ntmioi: ?>t trie ayatein, 13ut we wil! any in thia Cordial and Uiood Keaova tor yon have a perfect safe, pi aaant and effeotua remedy for ioaaof Appetite, tuiiousneae. F.ntuteuoe, wait an<i eick Moroaoh. Lancour. Liver Compiair.t, Chilla and Fever, or an' lJ:liou-attack Coitiveriew. Aoiditr ofthe St niaoh, Nervouaneiia, Neura ria, Palpitation of the Heart, Depression ofS?pi-iu. ffortm. i'lmplea on the Fao?, or any diaeaae anting from impure blood, auoli aa Serofu a, tiryaipelar.. Bronchitia. Cough,diffi^u ty of fJreath ing, and all that cast of dia*a?ea ca! ed female weakneaa. and enumerated above. We willa!?o oil mate and water, wtli find it a pl^asa^t. safe ? nil cure remedy, and do one should ever travel with out. Re*d?*r, try it, for we assure you you will find in it a friend indeed, an w?!l as a friend in reed. All persons ot sedet.tary habits will find It a perfect preventive H, as well as a cure fur thoee ailments whioh the; are particularly exposed HenoJ ministers, students, attorneys. literarr jtnilomen, and ladies who are n-t aoon*t med to maoh oatdoor exerci-e, will find it to their adva-it-vge t<? keep a bottle oo>i?tanlly on hand; and above a11 motaerr or tnose heoominr such, will to through that most dangerous period not only With all their aoousiomed strergth, but safe and free from the thousand ailments so prevalent among the female portion of the world. In short, is indewl a mother coroi?i. try u oia ana y<mnt; no lo get runui risk of dway; it will relieve and prove eniphstioallya Rtttorattvt Cordial and Bloo* Renovator. u. J. WOOU. proprietor, 444 Hroad?ar, New York, and 114 Market Street. St. Louie. Mo., ud ?>'d by all good Druggist*. Pnoe One Dollar per PROP. WOOD'S U KXTntf a Tnrr nr\ D n r J r Airs BLOOD RENOVATOR. ,TOTT' ???mm???wrnmm GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS ICfkA APPLES ahd POTATOES. ?OUU BL8HK1.8 PriiuPoturMtodavbtrr?la No. 1 Apples, dai t Zfrot#4, and lor Mi* on Oivai. ii lot. to .ait ' *x*?yG%rATPtL9 wtr H 8t 109 W*t? ?t., M AC K E R EL? LA BRADOR No-1 Extra Labra or Herring, m do. No. S Mackerel. 7*.., do. ho.SMediomd<?. 21 il" I0, do- do. Jblfdo. No tllMHral, *?r. do. do. d0. ?"kifk i?s do. ! ? ?n?ai; kit* .lo co. !?,ktu? ._ i?. Mrncn. 1<> tma 1 kit* do. do. Now la.iding from Kb?oi?r Mary Ann Mftff*. # HARTI.ET k. BROT mar 12 4t 99tnd 101 Wat rat., Georgetown. GEORGETOWN FISH WHARF F Ol . i a i uk * urrici, uwrftown, D.C t D , . March 6th. 1MI. < Fropo?a!a. in. writing, wi I be reared at tbia of Boaua.iltha 16?1? .n.Unt for tae rentir* ol the beorratown Fiah v( harf for one Irom tfce lat Monday in the preaent month. TB*sa cash. Paraona making bida will ploaae aea ?he ?ame. and acdorae them "Prcpoaala for tha Fiah Wharf.'~ marfe-tieth HENRY ADDlgKJN, AM)or. POR RKNT-A deairahla RESIDENCE on .l '' atraet. Georretowii, D. C. It i? ? applied with gaa ?nd water, and la eor.vecien' to the Mar 'a''1'Omnibna Stand The Houaa is located in I"r??niwrno?ai in ine lovu Apply to JNO. T. BAfxGS. Agent. ma6 3t-<) |TQ{* P OR JfEA-E ?A vory doairafca * Market or IHiry FAKM. m perfect ord*r, for rent or )e?*e. Th?ra is on it a curr f,>rtabie and capacion* brick d welling, with dry oolla a, and a pump of good water a' the door; auh?tantia: tabes and out-bui.(lings. It is o? the HighU above GeorgeSJ.Yrn,? *?joining the northern boundary thereof. Th? buildings ar* in exneilent order, and the land ( txtj acrja, or if required.) i* in a fine and higiily cultivated oondiUon. Tha d weiiing and garden wouid be rented epa'are j to a respectable r?/? uf m iTbb *0 ' ? to t ? ??. mi nud in Center Mu. ket, W *,hington. or hi* dwelling, on the Highta of Georgetown. (efi-tw P,._ _ JUST ARRIVED, LR Propellers?. ^>>roour, from Philadelphia. 7? .and 1,10 h%Jf l*rr*!?of .>'a?ae), Collina A Co a Philadelphia DRAFT AI.E, For aaie by AW NY A 8H1VN. D S00 BBI.5S PRIME CIDER At L * r.xpeet<Ki per eohooner Mary Ann MoGee rr??m Boston. Thi? Cider la A No. 1, and la for bale in lota toauit purchasers. , ? . ARMY A SHINN'S 1* a Unton Bottling Depot, Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? lo hhda. prima Porto Rioo SUGAR? I5n ?.!,i?. oi,l R,e WHISKY, Mil KKI. U T D 6 1 V n ../I * l IMtTifna u?' i???? . iiiiiinMw auu ? V r>?. 50 bbla. Crushed Aiul ReGnwd 3*' litits K io and Java COFFEE, in iili'lh.tlow priced) MOLASSES. For sale hj JOHN J. BOGUE. w 10 TOK ^ALK AND REST. ukyitTrk for sale and house FOR RKNT.-lh!l hon?e i? tuorouehly l?rniihcd, ail of which wil. be disposed of uroa v*ry ivA?.o''at.le terms. Al*n. t|.e h<.u*e whic/i it l?ri;e. cent al an > oiinrn, v ill be I >r ;**ut on the first of April. Address "Furniture,' through theoitj P<-st Office. It* FOR RENT?The'hroe-story Frame 1)VVELLl.\G-HOl'SE corner of Tenth a <l H street* and i ut two squares from the Patent Offi3*. ?t oontaii.o 8 rooms, a ^ood oel ar.ani kitch n. with k&s th osfhntt. tv| : i .? (> rented lor a ; oarding nuiiir. i i|niro ! ] n. ii. .ncr AHl.A^l corner or Pa. live' uc a mi Uth -l. mar IS Jwmi* I/OR KKVr^A~Tuur-ri..ry t.ri;k l?\N> LLING1HM ?>i? Thirn ?t?eet treat. No 371, immediately ?-ut of the Oi'y Hail, c tainirg 11 Twins, with *a!onn, fvlor, gac, bathing-roam, wa?i*r-cioaet. and l'oti.n ao water in tlic yard?II ir. coin pet* order. Immediate po?*9a?ioc r*n be hail. h> ap-tltinr next door, to G. W. PHILLIPS, Deputy Marsha*. inar 13 tf |?OK 8A LE, (or exchange for City Property,!? r A lii^hiy improved FARM of 600 acre*, lying aron the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. 22mi!e? aiKiv* Washington City ; to be r;i?pow"d of all together, or divided to ruit cuntoiiiers ; conta niog amp'e buildings, orchards, *0. Pertor* desiring to purrhaee or exchange wij arid rets the undersigned,(uesoribmg property, stating priai>. Ac ,) at Ter.all jtown, L?. C.. or applr to him at his resi? u"utr, 01 m- men i>riace, ?v?>nincw;n MKMOL nil.- 13-2t* WIL? lA.M KEI>I>IXG. COB RENT?A new thrre-?tory Crick DWRIr r |,INti HUl'SK, ooniainmit It focm?, No.395 L near Fourt- enth?p.e?*an*lr ritna?>4. taqni-eof C. CA.ttMAlK, Jr., Stl'4 F street, mar 11 St STORE FOR RRNT.? \ !a-j? Store-room on Pa. avecue, anj< iniour ?uc?:on room*, for rent. A;p x t>> WALL A BAKNAnO. Auction and ? omm'ssion .Meschanti, corner Ninth ?tre<?t ar.d > Bide Pa avt-cup. mar H |7>OR R ENT?Th? HRICK HOFSE or, Tenth I etrcet, b< t eon E and K. It ha? ten niuiu with p m App'y to F. HblCER.on Seventh ?t., No. -J76. Kert .$18 per month to rood tenant. The key ie a: VV. P?ter*on'a, two doortt ai.>?re. mall 31* FOR RENT?The north HOUSE of th* row of new four storjr limine* on Fourth et , between I) and E ?ts.. No. 3S6, fronUn* the City llali rquare Po^gei?ton riven diately. Applv to WILLIAM H. PHIL,LIl\ Attorney at-Law. No. 40 l.ouifiana avenue. ma tl eotf t?OR KENT?Ths ROOMS recently oicupiod liy the Hon J S. Mil,?oi!. 'J hey a>e we.l furcist, 1.0 and rupp led with &li the uweasary conve nieitoef, iimi ainjt ^th-roorm with Potomac water! aaioinicg mo bedroom. Per?or>t< having their owe 0 <ik (tu havo the n-e of tue kiiciien o, e ? they can tx> ?'?o cunouftt'd wit i m in th* neighbor hwd. Apply to ??EO. VViLLNEK, 464 Ninth gt.. l?etwetii D *i:tl h. mar 8 iw l/OR RENT, SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR 1 OTHER FKOPFRTY-A FARM cfabou* Zn acres l*n I, *ilu&'ed about i), mi et rou'he&st from tho *?t&t:on. fielUvilie, Ffi.ce Oeorjre'a cokotv, .Ma'yla d. Theri :s about 6-t acre* in wood? ba.a-.o<? ired iainl anri u- dor cil':v*t<on ; > a< a r. <l ?ri11 s-ijouM?; barn 50 by 4>i fret, and < th. r out, and arpieand peach orchard J. K KENDALL. narBJf No. S F nr and a-iiaii tt. LpOR RE^T OR SA 1 E?i'ho l?-.i five ?tory r brick DWKLMNti-H^'USES aitiiatel on and a'*j:?inij>c the oorror ol F"urth ? d D ?? ?et?, ?a.ft of rho City Hff.l. Apply to JOSFPH FL lilTT, No. 90 Louni-lan a/. rra- & tf FI^OR RENT?A three story brick HOUSE,containing 8 rouin?A in (?o??di order, with fix turcs cwmpirve. un ll mrevt. i-erwocD f(L %nQ Mft. I Also, a tiro-story brick COTTAGE, w'.'a laree yard attached, ooraer of F street north an 14th i>t. e;ut. To punctual and reliable tenants the terms will he moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, betWLjn G aid H. no 13-tf FOR RKNT-Tiie FIRST FLOOR of in? f aiid ic* immediacy opposite the wm? wins of ti * City Hal.,reoeutly oocupied by Oiaa. y. Wa'lach &a a.i office. Also the froct room in the second Mtory and the third floor of the ranie bvildicc. For apply to RICHARD WALLACH.No. tf ' nmnim areriie. ia 13 if UOK RENT-The fine BRICK HOUKE No. r 1 (to West st., Georgetown, at present oocu pied by the eut?criber. It has U rooms, with rai and water throughout, a fine yard, stable Ac , and is in iKood neighborhood. Apply to JA8. A.MA6RUDER. oe 25 tf One Dnllur. S1-S1-S1- si_si_8i_f I ?si??si! Si?SI?SI?#1?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI! 4*6 Pa. Av. EVANS'S. 476 Pa.Av. VOI R CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE OF JEWELRY IN OUR STORE FOR ONE DOLLAR. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARUUNCLE -^.SeU for ?1 Elegant LAVA...? SeU for St Ekgont O * RNET SffUforSl Elegant JET . ? SeU for 31 Elegant CORAL and GOLD SeU for St Extant MEDALLION Pete for ?1 kinohl kim mora if *?? r?. *1 Elegaut PLAIN GOLD Set* for ft Ladies'GUARD CHAINS for ?t I julico' CHATELAINK CHAINS for 8\ Ladies' NEC K CHAINS. for #1 Grnt'sVF.Sr CUAINS, (10 different patterns) ? ?.... for ?1 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARE, consist! nic of TABLE,TEA an<l DESERT SPOONS, FORK*, CRKAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKETS, CBtt^M LADLES, TEA BETS OF KNIVES and FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES, CUP?, he, ho. Also; A !/?r?e Afsortmeut of JEWELRY, which we can sell ttofl cants per art trie ifuirn^-iinunn. CLC8 NG OUT <U R STOCK AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. #L00 BOOKS SWIint for ilowi'i 1.25 BOOKS Seihuc for -.. .80 tn 1* o*nU #2.(<0 BOORS Selling for... fl to ?] S NOW IS YOUR TIMK ro a*T * BOOKS and JEWELRY /111T 1>U Til A V WDD Ot. f> -\B ? ii\r * t i<i\ lain r> * ri\ or,r J iv ? CALL KARI,Y AT 476 Pa-At. EVANS'S. 476 Pa. AT mar 8-lra PU I'RE OLD RYE WHISKY.-Oc baad M?en t r?jjd? of Pur* Old Rye Wbit ky, C"?f?r l>iatiUad, mad* by tn? rcoti roltate Uutillo't in Pons jivav.A, aud Vugmia, warranted aura. Alto, imported KraitJioa, nuisuj, Otard. Ix-paj u Uu., Jules Rohina, k.a. \iao, Peaob and \?iif Brand;, par* Holia-.u Oic. old Jamaica ti.aH Croix H?m, aud Wibm oj every r&riKy, ail of raod^rd brands. A abate* lot of Clears aod 9m uJTr THE LATEST NEWS. TtLKOaiFUIO. Tlf Yirftaia CiiTHttn. Ric-BMOftD, M a re h IS ?Mr. Summers *i?d' a powerful and effective speert three houn long Uv dir. ?tronjrlr advocating the pe*ot proposition*, and eetnn.ei.Lng upon oach article (a tarn. He urged such action as would meat tbe views of the whole Stat*, and showed the foil7 of paaa ng aa ordinance of ?c*astoa for reference to a divided people He said that Virginia oaght Irat to command the" peace on all aide*. and thaa call a Border ?*taU? CaafrtMM w?tk ik< lrf tlons > sn acceptable boats of adtnataeat 7 b? Convention should then adjourn over tad await tbr result H?> had fall coattdeaee of an eventual restoration of oaloa aad harmony F.s-Prealdea* Tyler replies to morrow Richmond, March U.-Tbr speech of ti W Summers to-day produced a profound seasatteti. and la regarded ?a the ablest of the kt'.oi The Union men are In extaciee about It, and cons'der the arguments unanswerable There Is bat little doabt that the Bor4er Stat* Conference will be called, but the adoption of to* Peace Conference resolutions aa a basl* is lasi err tain. Some strong secessionist* sir tbs Convention will not pass the secession ordinance at prva ent, but tbtt Virginia mnat ultimstely secede on less ber just drmands are granted The Mtsseari Ceaveatiaa 8t Loris, March II ?Tbe Convention met -sf 11 o'clock Mr Birch called attention to s common'cation In thla morning' Republican, hlntlnir at aa-cr conspiracy to force Mtaanurt out of th? Ti l<xif and oSerrd a r*aolutlon to appoint a committee to Investigate tbe auhject, and. if paaaible aacertalu tbe name* of tbe couaplratcra; which paaaed, 52 to Jn The minority report from theComtuItt** algn?ri by Meaara Redd a ad Judge Hough wm then pre aeated and read by the 9ecretarv Tire r*po?i opposea tbe National Convention recommen J*-o by tbe majority report, and prnpo*-* a Con vaat'o* of tbe Border Slave State# :ntt??d, to be held a* Nashville, to decide upon aucb amendments to the Conatltutlon aa may be satisfactory to tbetn It alao recommends the Crlttond -n p'opusttto a to tbe Nashville Conveutioa. without, huwrve*. tnakln? It an ultimatum, and ad vlaes ib? snnnim meut of Commissioner* to Delaware. Maryland. Virginia, Kentucky, Tennesaee, Nortb Carolina, and Arkansas, to aecurt tbe co-operstion of tb?a? Atal-n to the li?'j?eui? nt A debate rniurd on tbe majority report, but the Convention adjourned without taxing action t'rem Dravtr City. Dsnvbb Cstt, March 7?Hundred* are proe pel ting In the Golden City Digging Mills are resuming operation* pretty generally throughout thr Gregory mine*, and In some case* bin yields are being made, partly on account of the new patent for aavlng gold being ucc?Mft>Ur operated. Hull Sc Depeyster. of the Gold Dirt district, last Wff k rruihM Ihlftaoii mrAm nt -.? ?(*?? .< ' ?? from which they got a little over >5 ir?) Roat A Kendall's mill In tbe Mountain Cltr, which yielded 914 per rord last yielded yesterday by tbe new gold saving process over pen per ? out fr<>m tl*e same quart? A irjr.n named J T- Sbeller. waa lost In an avaUnr'i* n tbe mountains near tbe North Pork of South Platte Uat week Nothing new from S?n Juan or New Mexico ?>i received yesterday by tbe Military Express Krem New Urlrasi New Oklwa>?. March it.?tieneral Twlggs declares that the Government shall not reverse its derision against him tie consider* It m being the cause of tbe most distinguished honors ever conferred upon him Tbe l.ouls ana Convention baa adjourned to Wednesday It Is waiting to receive the Constitution from Montgomery, wbicb was completed os fstnrd?T. The opinion Is entertained that the Convention has plenary power to ratify or reject it, and p'r contra. that it should go to tee people 1 be Inaugural excitement faas subsided The news from Waabington tbla iiiorning. that the Administration would order the evacuation of Forta Sumter and Pickens, Is vlewad as a Battlement of the question in favor of a peace policy The Ssstkers < eagres* Momtgombkt, March 13 ?The proceedlaga la the Congress to-day Were unimportant. A leteaa is daily expected and It will certainly be announce<i during the week ^ ^ __ ^ r resident i/ooo uu irni wj vae several ewevon ventlolta ?ertMed copiea of the permanent Constitution for ratifloation. The Alabama Con Ten Hon will probably ratify it to-gaorrow Vice Preaident f*t?-phens has gone to hla real* dence at Crawford vllle. Federal 1 roapa Preparing ta Withdraw. New OiLitxi. Mar>*h 12 ?Texaa advteaa aar the troop* formerly stationed at Camp Ringgold have arrived at Port Brown on tbeir way to the total The steamer Daniel Webaler waa waiting oujtdr the Brazoa to transport the Federal troopa It Ts reported that 1.500 Teidns were stationed on the Rio Grande, and that reinforcementa were still arriving. Tbf collector of the District of the Brszoa has reaigtied and resumed the discharge of Lis duties under the nutboritiea ef the State Important Judicial Dectsioa. Niw York, March 12?The Poet of this evening etatee that the I'm ted States Circuit Court of Miwiwlppt baa rendered addition in regard to the I?*cro*?<> land ^ra-it bond eerlouelT affecting the validity of number* above 2,500 The tlrat issue being number? below 2 WW, are bald to be valid on their par value, while othere ere onlv ?;ood for tbe amount which the Company reel! ted rotn their sale. ftew Hcnpahlre Electiea. Concord. March 12?Tbe annual election for State officers and members of Congress took place to day. The returns do not *bow a large vote, and tl ere Is very little excitement As for as h-ard from the Republicans maintained about tbe s*me majority as list vear. Berry, (Rep ,) for (fovernor, has been elected r?v about 4.UOO majority. Tt,r entire Republloaa Cor.^resstonal tick-1 ii elected, end the Republican* have a Urge majority in the Legislature Ilea. John Bell. Nashville, March 1 ?Hon John Ball arrived in this city from Washington to-day The views r.n the Inaugural, and advice to Tennessee, wblcb have been ascribed to him in the telegraphic dispatches from Washington, are authoritatively contradicted (The report w*a to tbe effect that Mr Bell retrardt-d the luaugural as warlike, and reccmint Rdtd TfnnnwewiecMC j ir.rut ef Military SUrH. Niw Vckk, March It ?The steamahlp Empire City is still anchored at Quarantine. I'b?itnmtr Star of the West sailed for the Brazoa thla afternoon The acbooner M P Hudson aalied hence to-day for Fort Johnaon with I cargo of cannon, . provUious, etc. Another steamer U loading for Fort Jefferson at Governor's Island. 1 he Grsi|ia Isareatlsa. Savsioab. March 12 ?The Convention to-day transferred the furts, arms, arsenals snd nailtions of wnr to the Confederate States An ord! t anre was paraed sppropristtug half a million of dollars to support the Government, and suthori? 5 na tbe Governor to Issue seven per cent bonds (or that amount. From kl avasia New Oblbais, March 11 ? The steamship Bienville, from Havana 7th Inst., has arrived at tt.ts port .-n^a' in Havdna was fisaa ate reals The stock In port was IMOUO boxes, against 118 000 boxes same time lsst fear Molasses was dull; clayed was quoted at I if*? reals. Freights were improving. Reported ( eafi?catiss Contradicted Acscsta, March 13.?'Tb# report of tb* aataar* by 't?v Brown of tbe Northern stock in the Macon and Western Railway ia denied President Iraac Scott atatea that there ia no foundation for the report liTitettaa Accepted. Bonos, March 12 ?Senator Crittenden baa o?ceptrd tbe Invitation of the city fovernmaot, tad will vialt Boston aoine time next weak. Mm. Crittenden will accompany him. Mlchifaa LffUlatari. ? Uktkoit. Mich. March II.?After an aalMftad debate, tbe Rous* haa Indefinitely |justiitnai tbe consideration of the bill for tbe ropoal of Mm N aonal Liberty law, by a vote of 43 afaiaalM. Maalelyal Elect I? Baksoi, Maine, March IS ?At tbn mnnlelpal 'Ifrtton yesterday, Iaalab gWrtann, republican, was re-elected mayor by 750 majority. LlihU Inlmbke4 Moan. March 12 -The Ughte at Mobil# Pet?t rd S?ud Island bare been extin(uiahaA by ar&ar of Um commander of Port Morpt Alexandria nUurktU ALtxaimiA. March IS ?Flour?PaBrilyJC Ma 17 00; extra ftS.7&*96. sopor S5.12.lS IS Whoi, wbltetl *4-?l to; rod fi 10aSl 33 Cora?white OOaSlc ; yellow 5m?OOc ; ml ted JO adit. Rye WahO OataflBattc. Cora Moal?aT?c per boahel Budi iimothy f343H; Clover It ttaSt Flawed SI 40*91 43. Preejloas Buttoe, mU. lOrtitr ; Kkob llalSc.; Pork ? 0047 <0 I Mr* Italic E**a 14a lte WhtokyMaSOc il? ltiA#F* tfAirtMoii, Much 13 -Flour dull ui h-e*?. Howard street and Ohio & I*, City bo buyera Wknl active, red 1.43*1 *i wM* 1 4tal.V>. Cera declining teadeaev le 1-wrt J*..1 m&i*r ?S5'?a *