Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1861 Page 4
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?i ??w^mm THF rVEMWi STAR. A Pathetic Aprf*'M*n * of o'tr rra?^pri orer In Jersey" will re*> osniae the poip? of the following, which we take from th? 1 re ntun (N.J.) American : if ornrt noir**'? ?rrni. **Ahr?h??"-, ?p*r? ihn : Tone!' ?>" * * IIC.P n?ir f?f its tif?:, l or 'Oi.i Bi?t * p * !? it tfcere. If victiiM toi mufl h*v<>. -trike kt m? frieni Jo Yard, Ja tyhai flitu tn1 9f?*r D??r Atna'in, hit >m hard. Put ?p\r? i in* h ?al of And it will never ?ai' / Te Mem 'that mm oH c?< n A sittit.'on a rail '" Wn.u fin* Marry Him*?An old curmudgeon recently died In New York city, leaving behind J?-:00 l?l worth of property, and a will in which >.!? executors are d!rf ted to p--?y to h;? daughter S^OO per am 1101 until L?r marriage, then a fourth portion of the estate Is to be paid to her, provided oe aoft not m rry ?4>crson namea Frederic* K. SUettler If she marrir-a Sbettier then her entire j i ter? st in her fatter'* property is revoked. There may he i>ome people rurloiia enough to know whether ?t>!d or Shetiler wil! the win the fair maiden. Fxei ution or .Nkorok*?Tbe Murfreesboro' ?\ C ) C!t)r?-n stitca thirt two of the nesroea convi/-ted-cf being concerned in the murder of Mr AVrxiiinir. in Nor'hairpton county. on the 31st of D?n-emb?>r la*t, \v.?r?? binij i>t Jackson, N C , ??i> !* tnrday last One of the murderers waa l\ncb?d by th- excited inhabitant* at the time of b s arrest These two, a man and woman, have now paid the penalty fi>r their criuis. and tbe remtinini one concerned In the bloody tragedy, a t>oy bout fourteen years oid, is to have "a new ti ial. Tm Peach Chop or I'kx^stlvajua .?The rountry press of Pennsylvania give discouraging ?,-r?nrt? r*f tho i?o oonn that State. Tl?? extreme severity of the late "cold nap'' following immediately upon the springlike weather which marked the clos of February, ha* pi jip. d in the bud the crop of ls8l, and subjected the peach grower* of the State to a lo?? < f thousands of dollars. It is hoped that the peach t;? s la New Jemy and Delaware are safe. For* Corstkrfeitkr* Shot -?At Pocahontas, < Ten.) Wm. 8. Carper, bis sons. Geo and William. and hi* son-in-law, T Gruder. were arrested on the t!6th ultimo, on a charge of counterf iting gold pieces, and held for trial. On their way to prison they attempted to escape.when the citizens Bred upon them, killing tie old man. mortally wounding George and William, and Tlously Injuring Gruder Artil: er'*t? Waktkd ?Unon the authoritv of private letter, written from Charleston, Thursday evening, and which has been obligingly hewn us, we learn that four hundred artillerists ?" more arr wanted for the guns on the Itlands.? vo?'*?r? Guiritian. Alfrkp i* Cttba ?Great preparations ?re making In the ever faithful" island for the reception of IJtieen Victoria's son, who if shortly oxpec'ed to arrive there on board the stcamsnip !?t George. The same honors will be paid him as If he were a Spanish Prince. s RIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARD9' HOTEL ?J II Andrews and ly, I> E Field. NY; A Soloven, Cal; M F Ordell, E ogden. NY; J O Mott. Ct; J VV Falrchlld, Mr Mitchell. J N Judd. Hon \V L Miner, M F Mer"?1tt, Capt Shupedt, NV; DSeinr.Md. A \V Mach. 111. P P Vf-rren, C Gilpin, E Chase, W P Hacker, Pa; A G Richardson. Gov H C Clark, J P Rogers, N Bowen, W S Wood. S P Alleu, Mrs VV B Mitchell, NV; J B Gates. Cana; J A Baker, Vt; J T I f T>~ I u II -II ? Perter, NY; E K Foster, Ct: J II Rrownail, H B Edwarda. J Hlrkmaa \V f? Perrle, Pa; J A Walter, Kan; 8 Draper, D Duly C Savage. Dr V?n Wycb, A H Schuitt, N Y: VV Dutton, Ca!; B Barrow, BraxW H M Low, A (i Segur. NJ; Cora A W P^nnorb. IS\; F Me?Moak-y. NY; Lt Torli-rt. I'SA; T W Hart, O; J S Deway. J O'Sbea, M J Carlton. NV; R A Parri?h, Pa: Hon T Warner, Md,G P Deuler. O; D Tsifttrt. J S H-tld111411, J I) Ciiucroa, Pa; W 11 Codd, W Diickett, J M Mlliiken. Md; Col Hager, USA: Mi?? Griffin. .Mr Greenough. J C Griffin and lady. NV; W II H ivward. .Mas*:| A Whiting and lady, Md; I.t R D Minor, USA; H D Eoore, Mr Fry, E Perklua, Hon Judge Hainea, lion J J Lewis. Pa; Hon J H Groabech, O; J S l.arr/idc. NY; E P Terrv. Mo; W H Formal), 0;.E 11 Kimball, NY; C F Holebaud. Kan?as. W H Fry. W A Denkeil. NY; J S Robbs. J L Mannlield,' Ind; H C Craft, O; ?' H Sberrill and fimlly, Ind; B II Mills, NY; J Clapp and iadv, Ca!; E L Braland. F L Barred, NY: K E Smith and ndy, 111: G D Morgan, N V; S Malleu, Va; J Grobbi- T Latimer. E C Knight. W C Havaner. A J Bates, W Hillas. Pa; A F Naaon. Misa, Maj Kendrlck. Col Reynolds. W C Tan fl?ld, H >irC!e land. NY; I.t ll Eohen, liSN; VV Jack^n, W H Goodman. NY; G |V?crek, J H Haljtme, J M Button. M Elliott. Pa; J Caahmaii. W'T; <i O Gardner, .NY; J I) Hnnlfti. Mo; K S Young and lidy, J Cochrane, NY; B Paul, Dr VV S B:?..op, I S.N. J F McClellan, Pa; J Murphv, XY; J B Wluthrop, Macs; J Makinson.?; TV D Cuair. Md. NATIONAL HOTEL ?J Makini?on,T Adairis T Smith. Mr? R Smith. Pa; Aug Grenxcriwi h. Or??: E Perkins. Ct; W G Hubbard. Ill; S Townacnd. R M Jonrv T Harvey, J H Bell, I. M Bell, l>el; J Fro?kalowski. B F C'en.p, C A Dudd. J* B Dutrher, VV Hutchinf. H MarrU. J li Swain. G Morau, G B Brand. J 1) Northrop, NY; D S GtPgorv. NJ: H H>wlrv II M u.. i ... j mm ... . . VT B , mU i/COl , Ma*. P E Vinton. \\ la. W H Trench, DC; J R \Voodwortb, C P Montague, V Brent. B Cnmpton. A G Mvera, A 5 Duncan, J M Smith, Md; N W J?ean, Wli; R K Fiak. J B Santv>rn, Minn; II W Lord Mich; J Mitchell,?; H Fisher, Va; J Price and friend, Ee. BROWN'S HOTKL.?W M Burwelli. J Yeatmm. W ii P?-ter?. Va; J W Gorman, .M Young, Pe, 8 njer*. R Wllliamaon and ?i?ter, A Bartlett, mid ly. J Ryndert. NY; W C Kihii, Cal; Capt C S Winder, Army; G Stuarr, ?; G H Winchester, Md. Mr* C Holi T Johnaon and fam, Miss MJ Brown, Miw A I. Bcwpi. C Knappaud fam, M Oarothers, NJ; H Grii'-vold, O. KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?A McCoy. L Savage IS V; W H Perriifnan, J E Neall, Pa; E Lawtou, H' Muagrave. VSS; M 8 Young. R E W Adam*, Mo; C p B-illis, NC, W C Morgan, lil, C H Rog I era, Del. f It II L* 0<?0 , .*5 rHBlR PUWER ~7..\nJ dul! In ?!* ??* disorder^ nona:?ion Pr.~*iiib? lhfl Uon* J^hn T. Keanariy! Vw 10 ceuU, ??i , t j nt.-tii :(?r 12 oents to an* *<i drtV|- nHLA.NCIIAHi> A* AlOHU?7.M J?! Corner Pa. *v. and Kleventh it. Large inyoicfs of new miisip Ru"e' * Tolrran, Ko.ton. Slow !? r? 'Cl :0inr,Vl? Hail & ^>n. New Vork. Now op-n for inspection. *?? iuh. " f? x o JOHN F. ELLIS, * 'Oh Pa. a v.. N>t 9th and loth >>. OLD K1CU. MELLOW A Nil PURE ? R N 81 DE'S MONONOAHKLA RYE WHISKEY Ot Al^SVVvJferJ'Uli^ h7 iMr Jsm"8 ot Albany Ooifcty, Pei.;ia., m tne Hd-faahiofied ^ oht,|Mrt an'' wo?t oarefoll, ST,??^/?-? ! i d Ln P? cv,? c*or ?Werad for sale nilI e.<l*ptrd to Tkoleeoiiii a<a? u k.. >. .. onoe ifto r,io?t p&t%t*ble, it la emp i*tl<vvlj one of *h? r-ti'Mfi heveraceain the reaoh ot tr.e yuMio. T?> t>.? i nv?;id,as well r? ? > t5i'?9? in h'Vkith, it coiTim^n.Jp lUelf l r ita iii'-;vV.-1 ^uViti^a aa a at'iji'i ar t of tH? w4^kt, ev *>&:. 1<?fioent i**cription, avl i .*ry of th? m^Ht <iiB?(nnuiPhH bysiriana ar* aemj it iu their practice with the happiest reaulH. CLEKY <t STOCK DALE. Pronator a, Wa :.ut alra-r. Picia-jelphia. WM, C. CONOVEK. Agent for the Proprietors. 235 Pa. a*., M >4 am opposite Wiiiarda' Hotal. it SNMOl(rKi L. ? Q I liare removed my Q 0 PAWN OFFICE to 3 Si Q street, I>etween4>i Mid ntli ?tre*t*. mime rli&tXy in the rear of the \ntionai Hotel where the buaiueea wili (>e<*<l s* heretofore at the jAn.1 f I./wi; | H' A* * HM(ZM 275 "k,N 275 JACKSON. PLASTERERS, Pxnha. Avnnri, R?fw?*ii ifith ?sd 11th atrMts. ?e It u/ TRAVKMN8 TRUNKS*. v v K Have ju?t rooeived the largest assortment and D<>? offer tii* mult extensive yiritt?f?i u Stboi K lkathkk. LAWKS- DRK*s?|Hm a.\d PACKING TRUNKN HAT BOX * S,^I? Va' CARPKT BAGS*, 8ATOHKL9. Ac.. o,?. cti ]r on 2* tf S#4 Fv DUPO-STU GUNPOWDER^ For sale at mannlaccdrers snoee, by JOHN J. BOG UK, Gioumwu.D. C? S?U Agmey fm tk* DutruM *f Columbi?. A iarte sup?.?, embracing every variety, always on ham), ?n<l delivered free to all parts of the Diat iet Ordere can aleo bele/tatthe ffioeof Adams' Ktlf'w i.?m?*nv. WeaMnctnn. 0. CT feS-lavly TH K A MKRl AN aLMANAC FOR 1M1, 1 piper; pnce?l. hall o*U flJA by mail. F. a e Ve er, ? . e?r novel by Oliver Wendell HoIt:'*, 2 -ol? , Um >, o oth; price fl.75 by ma'l. I The Revo ut un in th? t m french & 29 919 >wnit a * i* bam6anv in two PIANim _*? _ ,??p%ss&rjan. < l* J? i li? I-Iilulrfidi for A tOl)' |)L< ' pc^fe J ' s-.- r?! Kno?for'M^ uVSWfW Mi.h- of VV ?;. v. RTJlKtOTT ""vLTT W i'A-\ r*KBKATIM SKi.i JNC CLoK rZ ?* w#aTf.c^,Hu wv)! ? />. C^CURE^or NervousHeadache A ^ CURE JL Headache. Br the us* of theae Pilla the penodio attaokaor W'rrout or Sirk HfdntKt may be prevented; and if takeirat the oommenoement ot an attaok imme- j diate relief from pain and aiokneaa will be obtained. They aeldom bit id removing the Wautt* and Htadncht to whioh femnlea are ao aubjoot. They aet gently upon thebowela,?removing Cot Iw MW. For Literary Men, Students. Delicate Females, and all persous of sedentary Habits, they are valuable as a Laxative, improving the appetite, giving tone and viror to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the hole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of lore investigation and carefully oonduoted experiments, ha?ing been in use many years, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from Headaohe, whether ongi nating in the nervous system or from a deranged state of the stomach. They are entirely vegetable in their oomposition, and may be taken at all times with perfect safety without making any change of diet, and the ab < .- v any aM?NMW m.u? r?n<S?r.< it M.<v to <r<imii?i*t?r rVm to tkildrtn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five aignatnrea of Henry C. Spalding on eaoh Boc. Sold by Druggiata and all other Dealera in Medioinee. A Box will be aent by mail prepaid on reoeipto the TRICE, as CENTS. AH order a ahotild be addreeaed to HENRY C. SPA I, DING. Cedar Stmbt, Nkw Vofk. fcg " ? THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDING'S CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A CDtTH IT 4 ivrn c/ro If /<rro n ?.'! uujl/ i /in i7 o u 1h> ky uix ut l!> WITHIN THKIR REACH. /I* Testimonials trrre unsolicited by Mr. FrAl.DI.ifl, they nffnrd unquestionable proof of the efficacy of thi.s truly scientific discovery. Mahommllk. Conn., Fob. 5, 1W1. Mk Ptalwo?8ir: 1 have tried tout Cephalio Pilit, an 1 / /ike them ?<? well that I want yon to serd me two dollars worth mom. Part of these are for the neighbors, to whom I favo h few out of the first box I got from jod. Send the Piils by mail, aad oblige Your ob't servant, JAMES KENNEDY. H avbkfort>, Pa., Feb. 6,1861. M*. Spalding?Sir: I wish you to send itub on# more box of tout Cenh&lie POU. T . ? > < - treat deal if benefit from them Yours reap?ctiullf, MARY ANN STOIKHOUSK. Pprcci Crkkk. Hcstiwotow Co , Fa ,t January 18.1861. \ H. C. i*rALDrn<5? 8ir: You will pjeaae aerd me two hox*a oi jour Cephalio Pilla. Send them immediately. Re?p<HJtfaliy yonra. JNO. B. 8IMONS. P ? ?I hare used one box (J your Pilts, and find tk'm excellent. Ukllk Vkehon, Ohio, Jan. 15,1861. IIsnky C Spalding. Eta.: Pleeae ftud inolosed twenty 6ve cent*, for whion send inear.other box of four Cephatio They are truly the bett Pills / hare erer i)> rect A. STOVER. P. M., Ce'le Vernon, Wyandot oo., O. HRV9VI f M ? ll*? <1 ,WA H. C. PpAtprjro. Ke<i: f wish for tome circulars or large show Nil* to brine yotfr Cephalic Piila more particularly before my cu*tomem. If yoa h??e ?;jjthin< of th? kind, please *-?nd to me. <>/iw?.f inj curtomirn. who is snhjeot to sever? ?iok Hea^aobe. (usually lasting twodays.) rcn.% tMT'J of an attack in one kour by your Pillt, which I sect liar Kerpect'o'Iy yours, W. B. WILKES. rkysolotbt ro, frawkli!* Co., OhlO.f January 9,ieei. \ Hp? C. WpALPiro, N?. 48 Cedar ?treet. New 7 ^ ,n?io.8e<1 find twenty-five cents. <o.) |or whioh send bo* of Ophaiio Pills " .send t? ad'tre?? of Kev. Wm. C. Flifer, Haynoldabf"g. I- rank in eoontv. Ohio iwt f-m* wir>K it*< a e/iarm?evT* Hetuiflth* nlmoft >nttanltr. Truly J-urs, _ WM, C. FILLER. Ypsilanti, Mioh., Jan. U. l?l. M*. **rALr>'N??sir: Notion* sinoe I sent to you for a box ' f Cepha 10 Hills for !ho oure of ths Nervous ri^*<laohe ami Oonti veiioss, auii reo?iv?l the sain*, ami ?A* p 4i>/ so good an feet that I tent i?ilurerl to srnil for more. i'iease ssn>i by return mail. Direct to A. R. WHFELER. Ypsilanti, Mioh. From the Era miner* Norfolk, Va. Oplnlio fill* ace <m?!i?h the object for which thou were ma^e, vi Cure of headache in all its tonus. Fbcm Ikt Er&mtntr, Sorfrlk, Va. They have been tinted in more than athcu*and rase*, with entire success. From the Democrat, St. Clo?d, Afmn. If you are. or bave been troubled with the head ache, send for a box,(Cephalic Kill*,) so that you may have them in oase of an.attaek. From th' A4vrttur, Provirlenr*, R. I. The CephAUo are said to be a remarkably off otive remedy for the headache, and one of the very i>e?t for that very frequent complaint whicn has ever been discovered Frcm the Western H. R, Hat????. Chicago, III. We heartily endorse Mr, Spalding, and his unrivalled Cephalic Piils. From tki KnnawSa Valley Star, Kanarrha, Va. \Ve are sme that persons iiiHarim witu n..n ?ll? iiCTWache srlio try them, wi I ?tiok to them. Frr-rn the Southern rolk finder New Orlenns, I-a, Tr? litem ' you that are afflict*) and we are sure that your tenlimonr can b? aided to the already mimerou* tie*. that hv reosived benefits that no otuer modiotne can produoe. fVow; the St. Louis Democrat. The immeuae demand for the artiole (Ceph'lio i PiUa) u rapidly increasing. j from the Gazette. Davenport, Ioiea. i Mr fading would not connect hit name with an artiole h* did not know to posaeaa real merit. Frwn the Advertiser, Provtdtnee, R. I. I The teatnnor* in their favor la atrong, from the m?at reapcotab e auartera From tht Duty News, J1i\rport, R. /. Cephft 10 Pill* are taking the ptao?ofall kind*. A ain(le bottle of SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUE will save ten times lU oost anuuai ly. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S P~RE~PARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY' *" DISPATCH icr a Stitch in Tiki Save* Aa aocidenU will happen, even in well regn ated famine#, it i? very tienrable to have tome cheap ai.d*oi>nvwiient war for r? pairing Furniture, Toys Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE ivet* ail each eme'tenoiea, and no houeehnld oa atTor.1 t<> be w.thout it. It la always ready, and a to the ?t:okintf point. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." d.-a nrmab ucompuiti etoh Bottle. Prio oaote. Add'??a HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 4? Q?d?r abMt, Nt* York. CAUTION. A* a." lain unpunoipleU p?re?baira?Uaioptiaa to i^lru .-fl >>a t^? tttstt.faotiiY tnlt?tiona of an Pitt-HAKF.D Ot.l K. I would caution all Mr . otu to tmiuu before puruhleing, am! aM tU&l the full u*o>e. lETSPALDING'S PRKPARRD OI.UK yti t <Vl*id* wrH??r; all others m ewtBdiiM ! oointorf^u K Wjnr KEDIOIXEF. BAITiMUH* LOT*. MuSPiYAi^ Wn XhiiMirii tk* m?i Pptvif. m*4 Mi, R*%i*df in tit (ForU, FOE ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. t?T FylLKF DELICACY PREYEXT. APPLY IMMKD ATELY. A CVRE WAfiHAyTJtJi, Oh HO CHAKVB. IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS. VmIiih if ui luk. Itriiiiiii (fit* ??<i Stadia?, t?T?'fr.ury Dtatkarfaa, itsfvianej, f?ai>>J VvhttiiT. HinniUM, Hy?y?M]r,Llc j?mi, Law Orinla,Cmf f?ai?u ?f idtti, ?(IM i?rt, T'/n.-ln, ! Ihnn*M *f tifh-*r Jiddtraai, D'laeaa aftba Naad, Tkraal, Rmih >kiu, IIkuwi ?f lb* kanfa, St*n>.ack ?r Sawala? tkaaa T?rnk!a Ojaardara an?ii>f frara limy *akiu *f Teiifc?:haat D??rdfai ar.d Dtniactivt Pri>;,eat ?ki?k rasdai Marmf a iapaaaikla, U'i daatraj k?la Barfy aad Mil4 TOWNS MB* Bayaalaliy wkt ki?? kaeaira ihi ?;c;laaa af Caliary that draaofal aai! daairaciiaa kakit kith anna*!'? iwaapa w So ?oliinaly |ra*a tbeatandi ifYori Man af tha raaat Maitad Ultnu aud krill&nt imallac:, ?f.? ~a:rht alktml kart nkitM iHtiiflki iff, wmj **:! Vltk fr! twl 4hu( HiUItlR. NAUIU r?*t3K3, tt Tiuj M?a Mw rU.ta, fcatnj inn*f ?kyt.4*l dikillty, daiifneitin, ft* , *t*aiil? carad. Ml ?fc? (lull kliaaall indtf Ik* *? af Di, 1. t a liftitnlli ic hit hacai it t ftalltttta Ml aaaldaally >My pan hi* e*?U u t yh**l*t*a. urrics h?.r ao>t* rtbomictrrijc**. lafl feand aid* f ng fram a!ila*ia tutu, a It* daw* bt* Ua tvrott. fn utt ttikiin autaul tuNr. ktmn ui ka yild ami *?ai*Ja a pi. juikvtcp, Mtaktr* af tk* *aj?l Calltjt aflarfaari, Vtadaa, miUM k?ra mi af tk* naat areloaat C*'.:?c** io tk* In Had tut**. and tha fraatar prrtafwkaaa iifa h?a haan ?p?nl in U? k**rut&la af Landau, Parii, PhiUd*l*iil* and iluvbin, ku tl <Ud Mm* *f th* ma it aitariabinf aaraa that I'U knawn; many traabi*d with rinjirr in tft* kaad and aan foinulni; rraat n?i**aa?ia*a, kalna alarraad at (add** aaaoda, kaabfaTnaaa with fraqaant hlaihinf. aitaodad in* Uaia vltk daranf amant af mind, waia carad loaidliUlTi TAKE PAATlCBkAa M0T1CB. Taanf Mas and Mhin wha ba?a injarad iiiamaalTaa by aartam praatlca iudalf ?d in vban alar.a?a habit fraqaaatty laamad fram a*tl eamwiDiaaa, ar at acbaal, tha afaata at which an nifht j fall *t*d whan aalaap, and if nat aarad, randara roaxriafa Impaaaihla, aad daatraya bath aiad aad had*, abaaid apply iirmadiitaly. Th*?a ara aan* aftfc* aad and nulanthaiy ilaiu atadaaa* by arrlv habit* ?f Taath ?ia t Wiiknau af (ha fcaak ?* | llinka, Fm',? in tb? ifaad, Piraoaaa ?f Sight, L?n ?f Maacalai Pawar, Pulpitauar. aflha rfae rt.PripapaT, Har?#?a Irritftfcli I 17, Darinf araam aftba Dif aaurarancuaua, ?o?nl DakUK? ItmMim cf C?i.tuiDf C;?n, ft*. MENTALLY.?Tia fanrfal alaeta ?n Ik* altd > aHktl ka <lr*adad?L?aa ?f Jlaroary, Canfaaian afldaaa, Darrcaal** f Spirit*, Evil Parbadinfa, ATtraiao af Saciatr, talf-Piatiaat, Wavaaf Salltada, Timidity, tts.,ui ? ? ?f t?a avlla pr?iatid. PERTOBI DEBILITY.?Tkaauad* a*? a?v)adft ?ki| li tha eaaaa afthan uieliainf kaallk, latiiif tkatr Tif*r,kaa*iata( waak, pula, narraaa and aattiatad, haTiof a alnfmlu pfairutl ak*mih? ayaa. eaajh ct aympiarra ?f ttuiaa^Uaa DISEASES Or IMPRCOENCK. Wkta lk? r iaj? dad and impradam ?*Utj ?f f I aaaara lata ka kaa lra>ik?d th* aaada a'tht* paiafal diaaaaa, it taa afiaa kappana that an lil-Uruad aanta af ahama ar draad ?f umaTary j aaiara nun Tram applying la i!imi am i4ic?iim u< I raapactabillty, e?a alana bafriaod bim. Na (alls lot* tha I bamla af ifuaraji; si-l ilaugninj praiandara, wha, incapable . af earing. lleb hia pacamary aaoatauca, kaap h:n wllag ! aaanlh aftar cnci-lh, ar ra lang ?a tha amallaai fi< can ha ahI taluad, :: I '! darf air laava nira with rain ad u awrt . arar bia galling di?jippaint>nant; ar by iba aaa af ihM daaolj paua.i, Marcary. hia-a.i tha '.afiatita'.ianal aynvptan a ?' thla | tambla m ' i, > oa f ic . > aha Haarl, TbraM, Ran, kin.ftc.. prograaair.g with frigbtfal rapidity, till dar.-.i put* a triad ta hia draadfal aafaringa by aanding him ta that aadlaaararad eaantry fram whaaa baarca na traralar rataraa ?*.. JUIIIUX IKEMEDY FUR ORG A WIG WIAUIN AMD IMPOTt-MCT. y thla g<ait aad In-.paruma rr a J y waaksaaaaf tha una) m apaadily earad aud fall ?ixa? raaterad. Yaaaaaada af tht aat oarraaa and dabillutad, wh? bad Itat All, bar# biaa tiaraaulalaiy ralUrad. All impadimauta ta M&rr.aga. Fhy?;?*l_?r Maata. Dlaqaall i anuwi, bn >i cmmuit rawir, mioii IrrlUkiUt; > Trvmklinf 9iU tUm;? ifiii auihirfl II kla< yttttfiljr rid. r*I>OK?tMtCTOf T*? ncn. TIE MA* V ?3 ODtANi'S e?r?J aMhit ihii.Wm vllkla i Ik* l?t >*T*ul?*a r**i?, >ui .*? ninitid inipamnk MJ apart.i?r.a p:r inat'j by U>. Jaeman. wiUitttjd ky lit Hfi'lin if I'll ^f>n >:J mtiT atktr p?r?? n?Ott? M > ?mcbk:'>Ftcnii<> tftlo end t{?? kt'nr: ttt ackllt, k?all tuorinf > * gtufrMta af riiluil' kl'lt*, ti ? ?eKfuel f?a:tattt ta >S? ?S!?M4. OY FOR l iTT^ICK AND bclFFKKING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED READ! APPLY THE KSUEJJY REJOICE L\ HEALTH. Friend, do you Buffer? Are you the victim of any orthose namercuB aiinienta which in?e troir. im rarity of tho b!co?l.' What are ther, do yon aek? 1 Katiier a?lc, wh;.t are tbey not.' Th* blood n the ! ouroo of Ine m l health, and it la the first clement of our bcint to respond to anj oauco wbioli affect* th? syetem, m t.^.e palse infmrib'.i attests. Tho ever prevailing Neuruijia, the irritating Krysip^lu.the t enlHle Soioiu'i, tho aconiiiuc Rheuiretinn, Neri toqb Debility, i)f apefan, Liver Complaint with iU I torpor md de>eo:u>u, ?ru th^ cumborlepa ilia that 1 fleeh is heir to, d Vive their hidaotjs origin from the blood. Deal kindly the* and gently with the blood. U<? tho vitfcl:nng resources of n%*ure for it* aifl. and auffer ua to nommend to yonr oocfidenoe and , kso uifti iroi7 v;uuaDie niedioaraeat kooiru aa i t*KS. M. COX'5 INDIAN WAxETABLE DECOCTION. I With re-gard to this almost jrifaUit.!e specific ' popular seutir..cit Las ppokcn in decided te'rrna anil the svidflc^n of this great efficacy are sua tamed by ocnetant avo-*vn of curative ofi^ota and th" happiest >e?nlla from its n?e are aftor all othar remedies and t*>c l^st nodical skill havo failed. 1 us s*t, in lono! usion, th*r oerlin ultra O'J.-es are not aonght froir. the illiterate and suaer ficial, but they are volunteered from the most resectable aources and juatify the highest tarma in winch it is poi.iible to commend ao valuable a apocihc to approval. >Vo may add alao that tne onrat! vo properties of tne medicine are equalled only by ita restorative otfoots, the system recovering from disease with renewed constitutional vigor. For bj all respectable fhurriats in thi? Cit*. and by the proprietor, WHS. M. COX, None tenuiao i.ul#pa her na.-ae is blown on the bott'e and u?r acal on the oork i l?3^,Pn?e ?l Pe>" bottle, six bottles for ftl. i wkoUtalt Agent. R. K. T. CiSSKL, Drntiiat 6<tor(etown,0' C., Wholesale Ajcor<t for the Diatrict, and will aapply the trade at inr prioea. iq IS- tr R, J. fcu vEIi DOD'B ~~~ IMPERIAL Wjys BITTERS, Are now toiDs ?aet! fropi Maine to the ?real Salt ;{? ,*"nl L*e ni??ra?l verrict of all who oae ?n?nn eltn<v as a or as a f???ra*?, i* that they arc uaa*r^? ?l in tfca world. Dr. Dods used Jiieni au-aMafaiiy iu U;? ?nu?t>.os for tt years before flWrchM* ?f lira *0:0 rlrhi to w*.nuf\otnr? aud pre*?at ?aRa far cala to tt.e pablio. Fortfca eare of Icfif.Mr Indicestion, DrafftMif. Pl:M, Kirwii rfitsaaes. Femalo Com fi*<n<7, ?ca ail rdta'nng *tonio,thfT ar?* beyond 4oiM c r*.oiS lim'sab's r?in!'.Iy. Aside fron their modioli.*'. proa*riie? ther are s. f<ir?s, hoie oine ami deiigntftl fc?T?ra??, yroduolns ?!' the jl?>astut exhtlST?.t>nc effccta cf or Win* withoc? tfic'r injiri >? rMslt*. fcoi al! friends of n-iniAuit* fti.d an' of t*:::yorance vats ua in e'al>9t:lnin? theao y?!?aMe Vegetable iiittera f"r the mineral ycutn* &c'i r-:!uitif :vi Li<tuoft vith whieb theeoa&try ia floodoc.and thereby ef f<v>ina.!y ai<i >u LunicfeiEj Ditoaso aiid Drankeses* irem tfc< iand. CHARLES WI.DDIFIELD ft CO., > Treariotors.l ? William rtreot, New Verk* J. SoHWARZE. Aeeni, Waahmctca, I). C. _.pR,.J.jy(jyKE l>ODS' wi-muAJL my BirrsRSs For Diabases ofliw Ki-lnern, lii&dder^auo "riMry Ortans, and ?8j?cially for Female ObBtruotioni. netfer fail to cure, and aro warranted to ti?e aatia ' &HARLE8 WIDDIFIKLD ft CO., Proprietor!, fS William?t,f Now.York, J, 3Ch vV ARiSt*, < jo y ly.r Ataiit. Wa?h;iigton. D. C. |pEMAN|sim^j W_ OLD jf OLD \ I**amily KTE/IFAMlIY RYE I W"B?V,Cor DlltlLUI vj u-niruuina mj ?u omcr \vn:?kies. and p*rtiou ; larly recommended by the best physicians and ! ohemists as aosaosoine all the roauir^menti of a 2Vwi Tonic Inniftiraior and Rtmcdtal Aunt. The Schurikilf Water of Philadelphia, used in Ihs disti! *uon of this Whisky, is proved liy anaiy sie to be the sorest and purest valer in tho United States ; and to tins may, in a great decree, be attributed the excellence of this Whisky. For sale by FREEMAN & S! tfVsON. Phoni* Distilierr, Ont^ie Hohnylk'li nrer, Philadelphia I Office*?9S Wall street. New York ; 109 South

Front street. Pi iladelthit a^-ly NOriIER~ FRESH SUPPLY OF GOOD HOriva Just reoeiv*d hy u?a"S^ C? 4 RICHSTKIN, "?'' '*"}" . oioth; prioe Q2 50. Vi?t.? Is*1"' ?J Lever, p^r 50 oenU. 50o?ntB ' 7 Charle? l'lokem, paper; gMrs^rf^Aum fatMi?onee.rUU re?*lr?d or * *? in tuhuci WALL., STEPHENS * CO? 'rank BaIm Room, - 3uu p*. imu. uiu*' > motv. 71 I A*A?. MOT* ? A?T?y, WJrffiSSte""**" uaCoirta ? ike Seranth J*di^tiEt^ri?inftiltt? f.m;.v.c.,x ssstlaute,?sii?to?L^ 1' SL" Vu? wiM w a,Sr PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pVBLlC NOTICE. PPiyMlltT OF THE IWTBJIlOK.t Public notice ia hereby given that bonda aad oo*pon? annexed, of the deeoription kmiaafttr Bet forth, have lately boon felonioeaiy abstracted from the eaetody of the Interior Department, the eame being the property of the United States aad held m treat for eertata Indian tribal Notioe naa alao been tiren tc the proper oftoera of the raapaotive St* tee to atop the payment thereof; and all pereona are warned acainat parchaeing or reeeiT in* any 01 mil bonda and ooupona, u the olaim of the United State* thereto will be proeeoated to the utmost extent Each bond beim for the aum of one tboaaand dollar a, vi? : Six per oent. Miaaoari Coupon Bocda, leaned IB June and Augnat. 1897. State of Miaaionrt, St. Lonia and Iron Moaataia R R. State Bonda. Bond No. 2037 Bond No. 1813 1876 1827 1W? 1822 l?v< 1321 1998 1820 2008 . 1319 2007 1818 1993 1809 1994 1817 1995 1816 1891 1816 1990 1814 1892 1813 1991 1812 2003 1810 2002 1811 lug*} iftna 2006 2o:u 2005 2033 2004 2034 2001 2035 1999 2036 2000 2032 2009 1826 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 IfiBI IBM 1882 \ 1868 1883 1869 1884 1870 1885 1871 1886 1871 1887 1873 1888 1874 188# 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2043 2018 2046 2017 2047 2016 2044 2015 2043 2014 20-10 2nis 2041 2012 2042 2<H0 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bonds 1824 Note.?Bondi No.anoo, and b?low of thi* eeriee, issued June, 1857, and boode No. ami, and above that, dated AiiKUBt, 1857, parable at the Phoenix Bank. New \ oik oity, in 1887. State of Miseoun eye per eenf. ooupon bonria. vii : Hannibal and St. Joieph Railroad State Bonde? Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 1*26 1852 1627 1851 1628 1850 1629 1K49 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 1846 1862 1*45 186A 1844 1861 183J 1856 1835 1858 1833 1855 1834 1*M lOM I C-W 1 nij 1837 1823 1838 1824 1839 1826 1649 1826 1640 1827 1635 1828 1612 1829 1613 1830 1614 1331 1AI5 1641 1616 1642 1617 16^3 1618 1644 1619 1645 1620 1646 1621 1647 lVtl I04S 1884 1637 1634 1638 1631 1840 1032 1842 1033 1843 1622 1660 1867 1816 1636 1817 1630 1818 1639 1819 1841 1820 1623 1821 1624 1626 90 bond* Not*.?These bonds are da tod Jftnnftry, LaffT, ftrablo ftt Bftnk of Comraeroe, New Vork, in November, 1886? interest payable lq January and July of each year. State of Missouri six per oent. Coupon North Mievouri R. R. State bonds. Bond Nol2952 Bond No. 1639 2940 1638 2939 1641 2941 1642 2942 1643 2946 1644 2945 1645 HI I A f Aff-n join 2#43 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 2949 1640 2950 1650 2937 2922 2038 2923 1653 2924 1654 3936 1655 2951 1652 2953 1656 1657 2921 17f5 2468 1706 2512 17(17 2513 2451 2514 1453 2515 1454 251# 1455 2911 1450 2919 1457 2911 1458 2913 1459 2914 14A0 ?1? SMI ?1? 1441 2917 24R3 **'0 2464 W19 2465 ?20 2466 2d54 2467 2955 1651 80 bond* Not*.?The bonds numbered KM and talow. issued in January, 1&57; No S10, and afore that, issued, in August, 1807, payable at Phseniz Bank, N#iw \ nrtt Altr. MiMoari aU fr o#nt. Coupon Bonds. ti?: North Mianonri R. R. 8t*U bonds. Bond No. T773 Bond No. 37(13 1784 1787 1786 1730 1781 1717 1782 1734 1779 1711 1783 1719 1711 2733 *711 2721 no 1710 1715 1718 *777 2727 *776 2724 1766 2731 ?">o HDD re# jr? 1770 2718 1771 2715 1785 1714 1778 17IH 1771 1718 1775 17* 1774 1723 1780 1711 1731 37(7 Mkndi Nori.-IM* boad* jlt# <uud JkIt. ten. mi. X 'UUTi&Sl Rfi' ts* I Mlwovt 8ii ?w wt totfe Railroad 8t*tt Cs?rM Bow. Bond No. ISM Bood Ho. IM 6269 6*1 6245 1268 blU ' ?26? *244 *264 6242 6265 5241 5263 6240 6363 6239 6261 6238 6260 6237 6349 6226 6347 6234 6348 6333 6196 6332 6190 * 6331 6000 6300 4W9 6199 4997 6196 4tm 6197 4W8 6310 4880 6330 4888 5307 4876 6308 6267 6309 6282 61 bonda 6308 Nort?Tkeaa bond* ara datad March, IM?. payable Maroh, 18*7, at Plxrnix BankTNaw \ ork iatareat parable in Janaary and J air of eaok rear. Bonda of North Carolina?Ceapon atx per oent. North Carolina aix par Mat*. Bond N*. 36 Bond No 303 33 801 32 300 23 297 9 235 T 234 349 J03 348 i04 347 1M 346 20 343 19 342 18 341 17 340 15 339 13 338 8 337 II 330 10 335 102 328 101 329 100 OUA AA O.W w 331 103 333 ? 333 28 334 22 227 16 32* 21 317 99 318 97 31ft 96 2Vrt 95 2X9 94 238 62 237 60 236 303 * 72 boodt Note.?'Tkm bond* ire dated Jumo, IWR, payable January. IMS, at Bank of Republic, Nev York. lntereet payable is January and July. North Carolina 6 per eeote. Coupon Bonds. Bond N?. 833 Bond No. 735 832 736 831 758 830 759 829 760 834 761 835 713 fU6 763 QM * WI I rn 838 TM 8T1 7V1 871 TBI 873 7W 874 7V4 875 794 n7? 790 *77 797 87* 798 879 799 880 ROO 881 Ml 840 HOI 847 803 848 804 840 805 850 800 851 808 851 807 an an u,rw Of 1 SB Si 8W 814 867 . 815 868 816 860 81T 861 818 86* 819 863 820 864 821 865 822 866 823 867 824 WWJ RH aw 8w 870 ? 827 883 828 882 839 884 840 . 885 841 844 732 846 733 734 104 bonda North Carolina aii per eont. Connor homta. Bond No. 699 Bond No. 49S 00 494 603 495 ?04 496 605 497 606 621 607 498 608 610 10 411 611 481 612 482 613 483 W9 484 614 485 022 486 S3 487 024 488 625 UU) i 6* 490 ; ?27 638 ?? &39 ?41 MO M Ml Ml Ml ' 615 MS 644 D| 646 Ml 64T US 648 US 646 Ui 649 616 ?? 637 6*3 ?1S 616 ?? 617 . 616 618 616 618 H7 465 614 457 4SS 458 645 470 646 60S 647 4SS 648 440 666 44S 66S 430 471 . 431 47S 433 471 436 474 ? is s 15 m 423 4&A 2! 411 Si' !2 491 lit Uml? 491 ulr,rt7JH ^ ?.f. XmuT^TT* &!& Uiority OX ftR Mt *? ?0??JWW? "* WWWTB 1^1 OTm yrntl? Ri,.ni4 CnaM>i. ?m??i ? -< Ortotor. MB, it tat,' ittSEofTtnEZ Bud No. 61 Bm4 ! . Ill U IAS M lil M IM } IM * II _ Bo?d Wo 91 BoU No IAS 9* IftS 99 IM 106 If6 iss i7R in Hi 1M l*S 1? l?S 1* 194 1JT i?& IK m irt m i8o m 1? 199 1? JOO 1*7 _ M4 ii bond. 146 Tvo bead* for 91A" ?*>h. 4al*d A?n,, im. Bond No 9 B*nd No 1* Plf*a?n boad? for $10* t*4k, d?t^l Oot^w IWT mm Parabi*M Bark of R*pa:>Uc, Oc? >??* iwr, via: Bond NO 1183 Bond No 1192 1184 1IM UU 11M 1188 1196 1187 UV? 1188 1197 1189 1190 l&bondf 1191 Tnuuti sis p?r coat. Coapoa Bond*, of ftl*? **oti, at loan <rf IW? pa??b ? in New A ,>rfc Clll? Wl ?ww?vnvwim Viru j m V *ry, USS: Bond No. 217 Bond No 415 178 419 394 476 297 477 409 491 413 4^8 414 723 And of tbe foiloviac iinb?r(iHi?d January.i** Bond No. 828 Bond No 1378 629 1366 850 And of tho following number a imuM J?nokrr,iM* Bond No. 1744 Bond No. *.s* 3110 2*tfl 2133 2H02 2581 *Mt6 2605 3121 And of the folliwini ninb*nlu??d* Bond No. 2149 Bond N?. 4207 2464 420* 2405 4200 3466 4210 2407 4211 3460 4212 2470 4213 3471 4214 2472 4431 *758 4527 vw4 4.S2V 3941 465<l 3942 455ft S94.< 4 MM 3944 45ft9 3945 4670 994ft 4571 3985 4749 4199 4751 4200 48*1 And of the following numbers issued Jtnuarr, 1W?. Bond No. 505ft Bond No. 5419 6195 5421 582ft 549ft 6369 5427 5:<ft0 5430 63ft1 5434 6382 64.18 5383 6437 6384 6438 6386 6439 6388 6440 6387 6441 6388 6442 6389 6461 637# 6444 6371 6446 6H3 6462 U73 6618 6374 6619 # 6376 6620 6378 6621 6377 6622 6378 6703 6379 6704 6380 6706 6381 670? ?S8i 6707 6386 *708 6387 6709 6388 6710 6389 6711 W90 6712 6391 671.1 6392 &7V9 6393 68.1V 6416 6840 Ml 7 6842 6418 Oniri or tbb CtrtnaT or tbb Iktkriob, Deoen; t^r 36, lBt?. a 12-dtf J. THOMPSON, Secretary. GAS FITTING, AcT AWM. T. IX) YK * CO. RE Now pipparpd to AXOOBto ur ordora trttt too* tUei rvhj be faTorH in th? PLUM BINS. FITTING IET Stort on rtrwt, a few doors north of Pa. Bronf*. vh?i* m lovad B oomr etc u?rrtmi?i igMgMggg; pLUMBERS AND 6AS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON * CO. Would 0*21 the attention of water taker* to their fall aeeortment of Ftxtvre* d* to ita mtr<>duction,aafoi o*?.-KITCHEN RANGES.BATH TUBS, WATKR CLoSEff. H()t WATER BOILFRS, K ITCH EN StNtff*. PIMPS. Cul froo. Wroutht Iron. I eivd and bkttciiM' W ATF R PIPES. HYDRANTS and PAVE WASH EBK. RIBHER HOSE. Re. UtriDt superior adrantagea, with pr?c?f% knowledge, we are prepared to lotrcdoe* Watei into dweiiint* Wl' j all the lateat lir.eroven en'?, jrompt^y, and at prio?? that eannot fail to ?atut? W9 Pe&n. aveiMie, bo 34-dtMar 1 hwt. 9th ar.d Mth ?.. south wHe. W0AS FIXTURES. K Jl?v?_m ?u>re. and are<tai j reoamnc. S.4S lift ft?v Pattern, ivi D^,,r? P?P*"y IB ?t? i? to KDrthiDc heretofore SSSftSjt'i ?SSa? " ?" - ~?-? "V"8*M/A"n\?.V 8NYDKR, He la piWMved to introdooe Water ami ilu umi mm yon nroru>w unu, ud (uuutiN orlire im bacd a lot of COOE1N? arl ?Uif BTOVK8, whioli b? will sellLou nu coot.?? i liiw to col rid of thorn. no it 6 ?* 8ealee WiiHiMTpic. JmlT It. lttr. NOTICE 18 HERbb > ft/rjfV, Tl at, wrw- ' IMi to tbo iroTitioiii ?f ibo oidinanrf of tlio <-?' oorataon approved Ma? tt. lMt. lb* ander?.jnad f bow pretrod."whoooror rotolrod in writing, a^ oa pro Mrm?at of th? foo of fifty ooct*,t> ;n?fK* WMlM, toot, arovo, ud UMrltic the i?eirMT of rotutratioc ofu; cm motor in no* in im? city. Erory motor, iffoaDdtaoorroot, wiilbo oondomaod, ad MoChor.oaa.od and martrt a? trno, wi.i bo plaoo. If pro\o?3 to bo aocarat* it Ha Mtaarvaaont of cas, it wi'.. bo aoaiod ao?.rr<l.h?!j. *r*"MM?r Odd r?J tj I? tf luiwtnr >J>d faur of 9m Worth OF BO&^&fs&OBB un Tll'NK?. Qf All 8tvUi mmd Qmmktiu, AT A ?ut uamci OH COST. Sun Jm Kmu mmd Anant fm S+U. Ail tkf tttook IB % pTBOOVRR'9 BTORE, HMof LMlK^.Orau'rCi.ildrM'aMaBHI ?r? row b? 9A*kM CT?*t MOrioMMUIMl IM9M Book beUw Mt|iu< eo't TW?uwuo? ? ( (M^NIC II tOIIWltd.U ?- *? ' 1 * _ JJt c,7 Jtw IT T* jj? ?* * or U gw&afe n^g SHr*a?L:^ * *?*$' gOOTB AMD SjjjST TO Rlf IU ...<?^"' * ?ys. ^ RtiY..Yl"'g Wot. ^ I "1