Newspaper of Evening Star, March 14, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 14, 1861 Page 1
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4 doming ^tu r. i ya. XVII. WASHINGTON. P. C.. THURSDAY. MARCH 14. 1861 N?. 2.517. THE DAILY EVENING STAR fUBLiaUED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR Bl'ILDI.IOS, of Ptxi^syiv^niM m**nus and lllA ?i., BT W. D. WALLACE!. Pajara Mrred la ^oJtHN by carrier! it |4 I W. or t> oKti per month. To mail inbacrlben It* prloe U $%ao a year, m arfeMM,- $2 for six months; 01 for three months; and for lees than ?<ree months at the rate of 13 oenta a week. Single o*a r?tt; in wrapper*, two canra. (T^AoraaTisaxanTsaaonld beeent to tho oBoe fcs(->r? 12 o'eiook m.; otherwise they may not appear aatil the neat day. Fall ef the Crystal Palace. [From the London Times, Feb. *23 ] Daring *11 Thursday the wind blew over the hills at Norwood with extraordinary fierceness full against the front of the Palace facing towards London. That it was more violent here than in other suburban districts is evidenced by the broken branches of trees, the palings, and even garden walls blown down in the neighborhood. Bat, although the pressure of the gale upon the whole surface of the Palace mu?t hare amounted in the aggregate to several thousand tons, not the smallest perceptible effect was produoed upon it, and. as we have stated, not a single pane ef glass was broken. All stood well, until about 7} o'clock on Thursday night, when, during one of the fearful pusts which then swept over the bill, some men in me carpenters room neara a nine erasnmg ?f glass and iron, anil immediately ran out on to the terraco garden. In another minute, with an appalling crash, th? huge tower fell over among some trees, and laj smashed into millions of fragments on the ground. In tlje course of two or three minutes more the rest of the wing went, by 30 or forty yards at a time, till a total length of about 110yards strewed th? earth, a mere mass of splinters of glass, wood, and iron. Anything more complete than the destruction it would be difficult to imagine. The appearance of the Tuin rather suggests that every part of the building has been carefully broken into small pieces, than that it has been merely blown down. A tremendous explosion could not probably have shattered the nlace more effect. ually. The woodwork is all in email pieces, the cast-iron columns are broken up like glass, and the rods twisted and torn into every shape. Fortunately, there was nothing in this wing but the empty pens used at the late poultry show, and a number of garden seat?; all these, of course, are more or less destroyod. As far as can be judged from the way in which the rnius have fallen, it would seem that the corner column nearest the railway must have had to sustain the thrust exercised upon it by the other columns yielding to the force of the stale. As the wind came in gusts, it is supnosed'the t?w?r must have oscillated to such a degree as to force the corner column, on which the main strain came, oat of its perpendicular, when, of course, it snapped at once It was no doubt the breaking of this which the carpenters first heard, and ran out on the terrace, when the tower, thus deprived of its main support, fell Instantly befere the next blast. It is a great proof, however, of the strength of the structure that when the rest of thrt wing was thus weakened and broken by the fall of the tower it was not instantly overthrown also. It stood for several minutes, and only fell piece by piece as the wind swept down upon it with almost f Kft frtr/? A aT a KiaWlAAMA TK/? ...WW v .. UV..1 ivaug. X. 11U Jll CUSIU Ul IUCM wiogs, however, id not be compared with the enormous strength and compactness with which the main building is put together. The cost of rebuilding the north wing, it is stated, would not amount to more than ?6,000. but as lately it was never used for anything but poultry shows, which can just as well be held in the ?outh wing, it is not probable that it will be rebuilt at all. The Border States?A Political Equilibrium?We are not one of the number of those who deem the separation of the Border from the Cotton States a political misfortune. As disintegration is an inevitable result, a division by a line of partition which interposes the Border States between the Middle and Eastern States, on the one side, and the Southern and Southwestern on the other, best satisfies the problem of a political equilibrium To horfftW t h A ornraadinn r?f* a rtAntmn rv*~< ro?it r- " ? ' -' ?II""',',-* Border.States, from their geograghical position, will form "a moral breakwater'' to the Cotton Btates against the ever surging, advancing ware of Northern Abolitionism In Maryland and Virginia, on the North, and Kentucky and M issouri, on the West, slavery is not a unit in I their internal economy. There is a large and increasing element of anti-slavery ia their population. There will be fever points of social CantriAt IK a n it nrA?nt Ij * - - I ?v . < u -?u H* AUV1 V ic, IUCI ClUi C? only impo.-i'ect assimilation?only partial homogeneity in the structure of their society a? compared with that of the Cotton States. If, however, theue border eommunities retain a oons<derahle slavery ingredient in their composition, this must compel them to form the balance wheel in the new machinery of Confederate States?the new political equilibrium which is about to arise on the western continent. It will be their interest and policy, until thoroughly abolitionised, to prevent encroachment of either tier of States on the other. There is no probability that the Gulf States will ver be inspired by a spirit of conquest adverso to the security of the Northern, Atlantio, or %T ?.* i. ? - - jnoriawcstcrn oiaiea. uu: mere ia tar greater probability that the desire of prop&gandism will animate the latter to extend their wild fanatical schemes to the injury of the former. A close political anion of the Border with the Gulf States would render the collision, whenever it took place on the question of slavery, abrupt, with nothing to break its force between North and South. An intermediate tier' of States would be a barrier that must render more per* feet the politioal equipoise. A balance of power ia inevitable ia tfiis portion of the western hemisphere. It could not be formed froai better material than of the States which intervene geographically between other St*tea of adverse _ :_i ?i _v:_v u euvi*t luoiiiuuvua, auu wuiuil WUUIU oiwbjo occupy with regard to each other a hostile attitude.?Charleston Neva. JX7* The Buffalo offlc?-r? arrested a wretch named Peter MctJlv?-rn, a brakesman on the Buffalo and New Wrk City Railroad, ou Friday afternoon, i barbed with violating tbe person of a young fcirl from the country, aged about 15 years Tbe veung woman, whose name we forbear mentioning, left her borne, alone, on Tuesday night, witb the avowed intention of going to Buffalo to seek employment On her arrival, at tbe hour of about I o'clock on Friday morning, .VScGi vern, knowing her to be unaccompanied, tendered his services In menrlng her a 1 dj'.ng place at a hotel. After tak(Mr her to several pWea, and being una hie, aa be told her, to gain admittance, he to?k her into a passenger car standing somewhere on the track, and detained her tLere all night. Some of tbe girl's friends, among whoa was her guardian, arrived 4a tK* i>itv M FrU?? In MiMnil' ? * *? wa M V mmm aiiu Kv *"(9 *V IUO oflcecf the Chief of Police, bis noun were placed upon the track, and toon round the brakesman and also the yoang woman. who had been placed oa board of an eastern bound train, Just about to leave The scamp was taken before Justice Bidwell, who committed to him jail for further exaonlaatloo, while the unfortunate girl was taken in charge and conveyed to her home by those who came for her Ssaievs Chabob Aoaibst an Abtist?The Philadelphia Dally Newa, of the 11th Instant, say* that Detective Henderson arrested a rc&u named George 3. White, yesterday, upon the serious charge of abducting and seducing a VAnno wi?l ai vtxin vMrt r?f rnr* Aft a h#?r. ing before Alderman Bel tier, yesterday evening, White waacharged with having first made tb*> acquaintance of tbe girl wben ibt wu attending achool, one year ago. It waa (fated that he baa been on term* of intimacy with her ever alnce. notwithstanding every exertion roads by tbe parent* to prevent It. Bbe teatiled to tbe criminal lntrrmurae between them, and notwlthstanding that tbe acceaed is a married man. the lafatuated girl expressed great affection for him, aylag he baa a vary ftaclBating mind Wbile is portrait painter by profeasloa, and baa tbe raputetloa of being an unprincipled fellow, this not b*tag tbe Irat child be baa ruined He waa committed for a farther bearing, and bla victim was aent to tbe Houae of ftafuge H7"! tbe Iunm of 1869 the Volunteer rite m?a of England numbered but Vteen hundred m?i. Now o force ?f omm baaMiad forty thou id men, perfectly rquiped, are fit to take the eld Th!? array has Its own ravslry. Its own artillery, and its own enKiueera, aa well at Its battalion* af Infantry. It baa been reviewed in di via) ooe of twauty tuooaaod each, aad ten thioan>d aaeo at Ume have been mu?tered In n mere oMBtry parade. The awtropolltan corps can, ?lS now, preneot 1b H fde Pgr* larger body of treef* than the whole (aland con tat nod Iniid twenty jmn ago. THE 'SUMMER HOUSE." In the winter of 1853-4 the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad was completed to the Tennessee River, where it connected with a line of steamers to Chattanooga for a number of months, awaiting the completion of the bridge. At this terminus now stands the town of Jonesville, Alabama, (then called Bridgeport); there were two hotels (!) opened for the acaommniintion nf thn triTnlinir nnhlti?- thn bent one stood near the railroad track, and was denominated the Summer House, from the fact that the floors had "shrunk" so much that a clever whisper uttered up stairs in one end could be distinctly heard down stairs in the other. Now it was Arnold's fortune (or misfortune) to be landed there (by the good steamer Lookout, commanded by Oapt. Todd,) about 12 o'clock at night, and had to stay somewhere until the departure of the train at five in the morniDg, so he aaked Capt. Todd whioh was the beat house; the Captain replied, "The Summer House " Accordingly Arnold went there The house was crowded, and all the beds bespoke but one, and souao twenty applicants for that, but Arnold being introduced and Touched for by Capt. Todd, was awarded the bed, and soon retired. He had been in bed about half an hour when the landlord came up, followed by a lire Yankee from Connecticut, who was a soap-pedler, and who was about twenty-three years of age, and I should gu&s rather a timid man; but he was excusable tor being timid, for only a few days before, in Dalton, Ua., a man had made a thrust at him with a bowie-knife, and he supposed all Southapnava ic n r a o 1 i It a viiivio n Ui v Hiiac> Well, this soap gentleman wanted lodging, and was not particular how or where he got it, and as he had come down on the same boat with Arnold, he (Arnold) had heard him spoak of his Dalton scrape. The landlord accosted Arnold in this wise?" Mr. Wilklereid, this i6 undoubtedly your bed for the night,and neither myself or any one else have the right to use or fchare in it without your consent, and I come to ask as a favor of you to let this gentleman lodgo with you; he oomplains of nervous headache.'' 44 Well, sir," said Arnold (rubbing his eyes and yawning as though he dad been asleep), 4 T Ua VA nA rtki A/t ? A?? rt V> i J al AAVtt f a. u?f w uw ui/jwvuwu iu uie ciccpiug nuii luu 11 he will run the risk of catching the 'sevenyear-itch' with which I am now afflicted." " Oh, I am not afraid of that," eaid the soap man. " But," said Arnold, "there is a greater risk than that to run; I am subject to ' spells' in my sleep, and very often bite people who are with me; sometimes bite myself, and some times use my weapons, (pointing to a brace of pistols and a large Bide-knifc lying on the window sill beside the bed,) but I rather think, or hope at least, that I shall net be troubled to nignt, and ir you are wiliiog to risk it you are welcome." Soapman.?Well, spose'en ye let the landlord take the weepins, and keep 'eui till mornin'! Arnold?Not exactly; I never let them go oat of my sight, for I always keep tho mcaue of self-defence in my own hands. 8oapman?Well, neow I guess yer will tell me how I can tell when one of them spells is a-comiu' on, won't yer ? Arnold?Oh, yes, as far as I know I will; but I only know from what I have been told by those who have been sleeping with me whon attacked. They say I grit my teeth and snap a little, and then begin slowly to move my body, and then comes the spell. Snanman?Wall. I'rii i mind /% ri?W ?fid so here goes; and under the cover he went. The landlord now retired, and Arnold could distinctly fee a smile on his countenance and a twinkle in his eye, as though he expected to see some fun before morning, and Arnold, for his part, was determined that the landlord should not be disappointed if he oould help it. Very soon thesoapman was heard whispering. Arnold said?l>id you speak to me ? No answer, (whispering continues ) Arnold?Did you speak to me, sir ? No answer, (whispering still going on.) Arnold (rather tartly)?What did you soy ? No answer, but the whispering still going on. Arnold?What in the are you talking about ? This brought the reply?I've been saying my prayers, sir! Arnold?Prayr* ? Do you pray .* arid xeil mnrttt in/1 ^ Sjiipman?Yes, air, I pray every day and night; and I've prayed for you to-night, too, and will ever do ao. Arnold?Well, ain't yon afraid you're wasting ammunition when you pray for such men as me ? Soap-man?Oh, no sir, for the Bible tells us "that while the lamp holds out to burn, the vilsst sinner may return " Arnold?lie can, eh? Well, let's go to sleep: I'm one of 'em ! While all this was going on the landlord, the conductor, the route agent (Jim McCarty,) and several others, were down stairs listening, and laughing "fit to kill." All was now quint for half an hour, when Arnold began to grit his teeth and snap The soap-man raised himbelf in the bed, and turned his eye<>on Arnold, who began to writhe his body into different ruapoc, OUU W IUI U31 UI." I1SUU LUWOTU lot window, where laid the aforesaid "implement* to kill." The soap-man coulds'and it no longer, but leaped onto the floor as slick as though he bad been "soaped"' all over; he fell over his chair of clothes, whioh he had left in the middle of the room, and in trying to recover himself (a la blundering horse) only made matt?rs worse. Now there waa no banister* or railings around the head of those stairs, and over he went, and such a fall as he got, one would V ? . lL Li L - ? LMl 1- * * * - u?g tuuugui uc wan Biueu, DUl no, OS WBjn I hurt. When the soap-men's feet struck the floor up stairs, Jim McCarty blew out the light below. Here went the soap-man, through the bar-room below, and into the ladies' department in the west end, where some fifteen ladies were stowed away, and who raised the scream. This brought lights in, and the husbands aad brothers from up stairs The landlord could with difficulty protect the soapman until the matter could be explained. This done, however, some three or four hot-blooded young gentlemea declared that Arnold should fight on the strength of it, but Arnold at first declined to do this, but dressed himself and tlMtdovn into th? htr-rnom an<t tulrl them he wu not a fighting man, bnt if nothing else would do them he eoald acoommod&te either one of them single-handedThe landlord, an engineer, the oondnotor, and Jim MoCarty, now aeeing thai a fight waa inevitable, aided with Arnold, and declared that he should have fair plaj, and the very moment that was known all agreed to paaa it off aa a good joke, and the belligerent young men called for drinks for the orowd, in whioh all joined aave the aoap-man, who didn's use any, and he waa allowed to ooeupy Arnold's bed tbc remainder of the ni^ht.?Old Spirit of ths Time*. IfT'Tb* editorial eorreapondeat of tbe Mobil* Register (secessionist) writing from Montgomery, give* the following hit at the egotism of " President" D??iS: Speaking of cabinet peculations, the best 1 b*ve beard Is one by a gentleman who know* President Ltovls well. * You are all wrong," be said, when everybody else bad made bis gusee, " I know exactly " " Pray tell us," waa tb? unanimous exclamation. For Secretary of Bute, Hoa Jeff. Davie of Miss.; War and Navy, Jeff. Davis, of Miss.: Interior, Da via. of Miss : Treasury r?i n?i> f Mta; Attorn*? Qene'al, Mr. Davis, of Mlaa." ? ITT Spelling nutcbn are all the rmuf la \Tlnat?d. Conn They on<! > Camp Hal!, Monday nlcbt, and collcctrd S40 in ten cent admtaatoca nine Mhwli In tbe town aent |r? p irked speller* Plratprin, Webatt-r'a ana bridged tectorial dictionary. They OMd up tU apelllnf book, two or three geographic*, and had.t? brine oot the dMte MmmnwK the abarpeet spellers would succumb MISCELLANEOUS. /0\ The old eetab'uheU PAWN OF- /Ov XWJLS"1CE, forraeny on Penr. avenue. Jl^jL O ?!>?tween 31 and ?>i rtc., has late!) O Q b-en removed to 351 C at,, between <>i and 6ih ats., hack of the National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! 10.000 to be Innned in email earns on (jold an?t filter thatches Jowelry, and all other artioles of value. Busme?e strictly and confidentially done. l)on't for net to call at No. 351 C at., between 4X an/1 mt m ""feWsm" 1. HKRXBERG. CWOOD AND COAL. ONSTANTLY On hand & lar*e assortment of the very beit quality of RED and V\ HiTE ASH COAL of ail sixes, whioh we will deliver to any part of the oity at trie shortest notice and at moderate prioes. 2.240 pound* to the ton id all "a?es. Also, HICKORY OAK and PINE WOOD in oord length or sawed *nd aplr to any airequired. SHERIFF A DAWSON, South aids Fa. av., K?t 3d an<1 IK its., fe 87-2w and w??t aide 4H at. ajul tha CamU. JO H N F. E L L I 8. SOLE AGENT FOR THE SALE AND RENT or CHICKF.RING A SONS' PIANOS, 306 PKXNA. Avrnbs. Between 9iA and I<>th Streets, . ma 2 North !Side 1 TMIK EUROPE AIM HOTEL, KKPT BY P. 1 EMRICH. at tho orrner of Penn.A - A avenue and Eleventh afreet, haa beenVfpAW greatly improved recently and now offer*JUMflLL greater inducement* for the patronage of oitizena and atrangera than any other publio house iu the | oity, hia prioea being leaa than thoae of any other I hotel on Penn. avenue, and hia aooommodatious for permanent or transient boarders unexoeptionahle. Tho bar aud restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already beoome very popa lar. bring all that oan t>e desired by the moat faa tidioua. Tne proprietor pledgee unremitted attention and oontiaued liberal expenditures to givo satisfaction to all, and thus renews his invitation all to aive the K.nropean Hotel a call. de 4 ti Jurtr HCUKITBU AI KKKNUH ft RICH SI F,IN, 270 Peim.avenn*, Washington.''The Pickwiot Paper*," being tne t?r*t of the elega^t hons*hould edition of the work* of Charle* Diokens; illustrated by T. O. C. Darler and John Gilbert. Riverside pre*?. Call asd examine th?m. Al?o, a a'-w supply of Dariey'* Illustrated Cow per, the finest edition published. fe ] THEINSURANCE COiMFANY Of THE STATE OK VIRGINIA. CABII CAPITAL J300.00O. Insures Merohaudise, Buildings, Household Furniture, ?c , against loss or damage bv fire. HEATH & KNOWLK8, Agents, Offioe?Room 18 over Bank of Washington. ja lo C D. L. MORRISON & CO.. p t niro i\in i? arwn * i ill ?? *-<?<" ^ ? & UVVIi AH JL/^ VyUITUI i sciun Anfl wholesale d<?aler? in MILL FEED, CORK MEAL, ft., Corner of 12th and B Rtreota, Waahington oity. 117 Oath paid for >11 lnnd? of Grain, no 26 ?m T PROCLAMATION O TUB CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, to. WuTW, At the present season o the roar CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, CHOLIC, DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA. DEBILITY. &.o.,fto., prevail to an alarming extent: And wktrta.t. It mutt be of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE lo ovary family to know <>f A REMEDY at onoo Saf*, Spre^y, and DR. MONTARDE, of Paris, offers his MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER 1 M the most CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLMNTS la order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that no imposition in intended in the sale of thla l?r??t Medioine. THE MONEY WILL HE REFUNDED t* all easts when the medioine tails to give entire eatisfaotio A afe. th?n m* ?. n,~- w.? f? uvu L/I UVVIO |UI DR. MONTARDE'S MIRACULOUS TAirf K M.I.Kit. tAke a* d;r?oted, And if no! periectly atufled Return to our Agent, D. B. CLARK. ESq., 4H Street and Pennsylvania Arena?, who will roftind your money. Prioo?8? and 60 Centa per Bottle. Pot sale at all Drug 8 to rot everywhere. JAS. MoDONNELL, Genera! Agent, jyll-eotr Baltimore. M IUI-HAM'S PREMIUM TRUNK GSoJU MASVFACTOXY, 499 8KVKSTH BTRfcKT, WAMIIKOTOW, D. C. Silver Medal awarded *y Maryland Institute of Baltimore. November 7, l.)fiO Also, Medal bj Ma'ropoiltaiiMeohanios' Institute, Washington, D. 0., 1857. 1 am constantly making. and always have on hand, of th* best material, every deeonption of Fine Hole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladie?? Dress, Wood Box.anJ packing Trunk*. Fellitier. Carpet,and Canvaa Iravelins Ptja, School Satoliela, Ao.f At Low Pricts. Membera of Copgrea* and travelera will pleaae examine n<? atoo* before purohasinf elaewhere Trunk* that are mado in o.her cities. Superior Leather and Isreas Trunk* made to or^er. Trunk* eovered and reoairod at short notioe. Goods delivered fme or charge t.? anyfpart of the ity, Georgetown, aud Alexandria. jag-lyeo JAMK3 S.TOPHAM. f \LD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE U OU RNSIDE'8 MONONQAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Conscientiously diatiUed by Mr. Jaines Burr side. 01 Allegany County, Penna., in the old-fashioned honest war, from the choicest and most oarefully selected Rye, and in no oaae ever cilCr^xl for sale until adapted to wholeaome use by ace It la at onoethe m?at palatable,aa it i* empitatioally one of tno pureaj beveragea in the reaoh of the public. To the lnvalid.aa well aa to those in commends itaelr for Its unrivalled qualities aa a atimuiMt of the aafeat. ra/eat, and moat beneficent description. aud many of the moat distinguished ahysiciana are using it in their praotioe with the St 8TOOKDALK, Proprietors, I 3?? Walnut street. Philauelahia. WM. C. CONOVKK, Agent for the Proprietors, UJA Pa. av., ae li-gm opposite Willards' Hotel. R E*MT0C^A L. X^X Owl have removed mr Q Q PAWN OFFICE to 351 Q atreet, between <K and 8th atreeta, immediately m the rear of the National Hotel, where the bnainoaa will be oontinued aa heretofore at the old utand |nol?-6ml ISAAC HKRZBKRO. COLD^HUAIOJENESS, 4c. COMPOUND SYRUP OPOUM ARABIC. Thia pleaaa'it anil popular Coach Heine iy haa been ao long known and extenaive y u??-o, t.nat nioit peraona have beoome familiar with ita extraordinary cffioaoy. It oan be had at all toe principal drug atorea at 25 aud oenta a bottle. ae 88 <'lm*eo4m* .HOTJiL RIJSIAURANT. x/ kimddo re*? leave /->v I to inform his trieoda and the pu: hc1^%l /-J generally that hehaa taken and fi fted up in a anperior manner the Reataurant at the aontheaat corner of .'?nn. avenue and Sixth street. He will at all timet he prepared to aerreal who may favor him with a

! SalfTwith the beat WINKS, LIQUORS and CIGARS. aa well aa OYSTERS ttAMK a d ottie deheaciea of the aaaaon. fe4-lm 275 Uk? ~ 275 JACKSON, FLASTSRMMS. PnmtA. Arum, RMvmh loth and M awU. le ?? U ONE PRICE ONLY ! E. C. STEVENS, 336 Pa. ? , oi l1 Mwkob 9th and loth ?U. WWfflMML flS^'isr?as: fc?uJd to SMITH'S, No. 4#0 8ev?nth at. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. Washington carriage factory. ? D StrtM, 0MWM* ??4 10(4 Strutt. _ W? h&Te iust finiahed ft cumber of firat olftaa CARRIAGES, Utah &a LixAt Wag ont, Park Fkmtonr. Family r*r |KALJ| riatti, and Bntntt, whioh we *111 aell ftt * ~ ?-* | ft verr am&li profit. Beint practical mechar.ioa In different bnwehea of the 5minN?, we flatter ourselves thftt we know I the a tries and toahtj of work thftt will tire uUi notion, combining hghtneas, oomfort and darabill ncnrnai promptly and carefully attended to fe" shortest noftoe and mott reasonable oaarrea. WALTER, KARMANN & BOPP, Coaohmakers, auooeasora to Wm, T. Hoot. M o-dij T CARRIAGES. HE Sabaeriber hannc roada atfdiOentte hi iMIory, mAkinc it now one of the ItriMtfjHML In the Difttriat, where hi* fnciUtiee forUHofeM mw.utactunnz CAKK) AQK fe 1*1*1 WAGONS of ?11 otiwot be anrp?Me<l, u.4 ff>?n his lone expenenoa :n the t>uiDe?*, he copea laciTO i?ner*J uUafkctlOL. All aindt af Camas m*24 Licit Watena *(>t a> kantL Ail RKPAI*3neatijdeia,a?4a!lerdeT? premH It ?uen4od to. CtMiikui Carrtatet toicer. la exehanee !er aaw aa*e. ANDREW J. JOYCE, 4 It- tf eereer ( 14th tM r. ataWood and Coal. G ALTS' CITT STEAM FIREWOOD SILLS AWD COAL DEPOT, "Foot or Sevbstmwth Street. Beltnt> War D*pnrtm'Ht. |JjT WOOD AND COAL of all tinda. Wood prepared to suitthf wants of each cu?tom?i, or de livfred cord length. \rr Coal krpt ?M Conl HmtSf*. <!PllV*r(M frpe from slate, dirt,and other impurities. Personal attention given to all order*. Je 15-tf T. J. A W. M. r,Aj T. piREMKN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 777.. .1*00,000. ftfiti corn r C stre" and Louts tena er., ortr Etnk Of Washington. INSURE HOUSES ANFOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. DlE-KCTO*?. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfem, Samuel Cropley, William Wi'son. Richard Jones, Jchn D. llarol??. jacoh tjidson, Andrew Rothwefl, 1 noB. Farker. RiaharJ Barry, B. B. French. N? oharge for Polioiea. JAMES ADAMS. Preeidenf. Ab?L G. Davis, Secretary. oo !< eo*m P HEADER, ERUSE The following nia'ement and then i'ldge of it? fsoU for jouraeif ABRAM COLE, of Brooklyn. N. V.. a well known citizen there, had auf?>red from Dyap^psia for ioiu? jeara, witho it permanent ie,ief, unt:I he tried AVER'S fll.LS, whioh taken accord>n< to the direotiora for tms ooinp aint, reaiored him to h> &tth in a few w?*eka. After an interval of some mon h a he has had no return of bia comp a.nt. GEO. W. CROSS, of Harmon), Texan, had an eruption on hi* u?ck. shouldero. back and leg. whioit covered about one third of hia h??djt. It k?*p* the parU affeoted covered with a scab, and being oitei. a raw tore. wa? of oourse very tnui.le-uine and diatrei.Mnc. It ao muoh unpaired hit health aa to unfit him lor buaineHB and k'pt him in norctar.t suffering. All medical aid faileJ him "hiilheto k AVER'S CllMl'Ol'M' EXTRACT *AKfAn ? it i t ? ? ' " * rAniuuA, wmonourM turn. tlnakin ctill ihuvi *<>in? lo&ri from the ulceration, hut it ia otherwise &K clear an an infwit*. JOHN H. AiluOK, Kaq , an eminent lawyer of Richmond. V*., took a c Id which nettled on hi* inga. A severe pain set in on the left tide, with a had cough, whie'i wmi aoon followed by tho ui:mietakat'le a\of oonnumptlon. \V h?nr^dined ?crj low he commenced tat.nR A YKK'S CllfcH PEC 11 ?R AL, ?hich eoou stopped thecooeli md completely cured him. Prrpa'tdby DR. J. C. AYEK A C"., Lowell, Mass n.a 13 eolm THE OHLY PREPARATION WOETHT Or UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE 4 PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN. LADIES, and GENTLEMEN in a:l parts of the world testify to the rffieaoy of PROF O J WOOD'S TIATH PVRTfiB itm'D ? ? ? ? .. wv-r IV A *. V*V <1 Xi I ? } and gentemen of the Pr*** are unanimou* in it* praise. A few testimonial* only can be hero giveu s?e oi-oular lor more, and it will be impossible for you to doubt. 47 Wall Strkbt. Nkw Yom. D?o. 2t 18?. Gentlemen : Your note of the 15th instant has been reo?"ived, raying that you had hf>*rd that I had been benefited hy tneuseof Wood's Hair KeEtcrati ve, an ' requesting my certificate of the tact if 1 had no objeotiou to give it. I award it to you ohee>fuily, because 1 think it duo. My age is about 50 years; the oolor of my hair auburn, and inoiined to curl. live or it vMri unnA it hAmn ta *?m ? ? ? ? 4 1 ? ?- ? , ?? ? ? - ? p??? ?? ? wai p on tnecmwn of my nead to lose its eennHiit.y and land'uff U> form np->n it. Kaoh of thesedisarr*eabilities incr*a*6d with time, and about 4 months since a fourth was added to th'*m. by hair falling off the top of mr head and threaten!ug to make me bald. In this unpleasant predicament 1 wm induced to try Wood's Hair Kestorati ve, mainly t<> arrert thu falling off of m* hair, for I had - -all? no expectation that gray hair could ever be restored to it* original color oxcept from dto*. I web, however, greatly surprised to find, after the use of two hot ties only, that not only was the failing oil arreted, but the color was ?estored to the jra* hairs ami sensibility to the scalp anddandruff cafd to form on my head, veiy much to the gratifioMiou of my wife, at whose solicitation 1 was iniac d to try it For thu. ftiaoni the niacy obligations i owe to her sex, I strongly recommend all nusl and* wiio va:ue the admiratl'<n of their viv>? to profit bv my example, and ui<eitif growing gray or getting had. Very respectfully, Bxn. A. Lavender. Bo (>. J. Wood A Co.. 444 Broadway, N. V. [y family arc absent from tbeoity, and I am no longer at No. 11 Carrol Place. SiANsrox, Ala., Jul* 2f\ 18*>9. n ? r* ? ^ a- ? " 1(1 nvr. J ? V* ooi?: utnr atr-lOUf "HHir R'ltor&tive" liu done my hoar so maoh ?o i ai.ioe I oomm6uoed thr? u?eot it, thatlviiih to m%k? known to the pahiic of it* efl eota onthe bair, wliien Are greet. A man or woman ma< fx?r.??<vrly deprived nf hair. an* by a reeort to your "Hair Restorative" the hair wi!l return more beautifm than ever; at leaal Una is ir.y experience. Believe it ail Youra truly, VVm. H. Kensdt. P, 8.?You can publish the Above if yon like By publishing in our Southern paper* j.?u w>.U get m ?re patror>as?? South. In-"' ?*veral of your certificates in the Mobile Meroury, a strong Southern paper. W. H. Kisedt. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. Pmov. O J. Wood: Dtar Sir: Having had the miafortune to lose the beat po lion of my hair, from ?he etfnnU of the yel.ow fevrr, in New Or.ear* in 1A51.1 was incused to make a trial ol your preparation, j^nd found it to anawer aa the very tiling nv-i"u. my umir auv inioi una [lOMJ, ami DO words ran express my obligation* to you fn giving to the afllioteu ouch a treasure Finlet Johnson. The Restorative ia put up in bottlea of three aixe?, vis : large. medium and ainaM; the small hold hatf a pint, and retaila for one dollar per bottle; the medium holds at least 20 per cent, more in proportion th&n the small, retails for two dollara per bottle; the large ho ds a *uart, 40 per oent. more in propor tion, and retails for A3 O. J. W<M>D Jt C<> , Proprietors, 444 Broad way.Naw York, and 114 Market street, St. Lonia Mo Sold in this o ty by C. 8TOTT, 373 Pv aveime. an 27 eoly.a!w French flowersop tup. very best %uiUity, and an extorsive variety. aA. At STEVENS'S WBSfi F?ncy Store, SSwJ tip 28 t *3*. hetw. ?Hh ?.nd 1Q:h <U. Dupont's gunpowder, For sale at manulacurrer* price*, by JOHN J. BO UE, GioisrrowiiJ) C., Salt Ajtenry f*r tk? Dittriei if Columbia. A larce auep.y, embiaeinc every variety, always oo hand, ?nd delivered free to ftil parte of the Diafiot. Order* can also be left at thenftoeof A dame* Expreea Oomiacr. Waafasnttnn. I). C. f* S Uvl? DEBT FANCY GOODS, TO SUIT THE TIMES, ** PR,C,?8 At STEVENS'S FANCY^Toiftcj* ?WLT' no a tf 3>ju>. Mv. eth eixt intti iU | INCOLN AS HE IS. _ . ,s?*v ewe?avju> poetbmt. __ ? The be?t Portraitret published of No. *78 Pmrii. Avxhcb, ? _ WMfainctoa, D. C. T'?d? %t low m>f 7 , *K^fc^C&7f1ftcfeSTEfN. 8T8 P?. ? .. nwl'rtwuoil H?.im I CLOTHING, &c. x MERCHANT TAILORIHV. ilew fall STYLES or cloths, cass1 MERS. and vesting* WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 38* l'enn*?lTania Avenoe, have ja*t reeeired a large rarietT of ii"Y Fall Goods, to wmoh tnej lante tits attention of their friend* and customer*. au 3?-tI GENTLEMEN'S READY-MADE CLOTHING. Oar present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S READY MADE CLOTHING offers to oltiaens and stranc?rs wishing an immediate outfit *up# nor in<liMeme".U, embracing, at this Ume, all style* and ^alitiee cf Drwi ani Hgo'nnr Garmenu and OverooaU in all varieties. Fine Shirts and l;Dder-olnthinc ot all kinds. Kid and other tiiovea of bent quality. Scarfs, Ti*s, Crarata. U ? t- - */w iioaioi j, ac.i dO. All OI Will on V6 offering at <>ur uvuat low prioes. |[7" Clothing mad* to order in the moilau peri or manner. WALL. 8TEPHJSNJS ft CO, no 16-tf -i-l'i Pft. avenue. f MITO THRPROF LES*C L OTH i NC STORE, vJ No. A(U) :*everjt!i St., to jet Tour CLOTHING, FURNISHING 6O0i S, HAT?1 and CAPS. fa??w WMKRCHANT TAILORING. E Invite oar castoBMrs.acd oitixem * eneraily. to an mapeo'ion of our prewr.t new, at^a^ tractive, and elegant aspnrtuent CLOTHS*. CASSIMtRKS, DOESKINS, V K STINGS, OVERCOATINGS. to. WW which we will make to order in aup?rior^"^ atyle a: very low prioca. WALL, STEPHENS & COoc 2.5 tf S3i Pa. av? betw, ?>tli aud loth ata. Dr. J. II McLKAN'S STRENGTHENING COBDIAL AND DLOOU PtRlf ltR THE GHEATEST^R^MFD^tn^ <4? WORLD, v^w-|ywU3. ^ { % SjkJF of *?cb ingredient More taESg,^^^taking. ; dualling. pradactar ? d*iieic?, aibilaraung (pint, u4 U? i BMt innllibl* nmlj '? rrnoTatiuf tb* 4aat**d ariuo, cud filtering til* alii, ?*f*ii!-f, and dakinuud turalld I* , httlth and atrangtfc. j Mr LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will affactaally ear* Li?ar Cantplaint, Dyavapata, J asdic a. Chrwte tr Nirvoai Dibllitf. Uiiaua, *ik, lad all diaaaaaa ariainf ''in > duordarad U*ar or Bto-aacb! I Dyapapaia, aankarn, lnvard Piira, Acidity ar Sickeaaa af 1 U* Siaitacb, Fmllnaaa af Blrod :a tb? Hod, Dal! Pun tr winmicf In tha Hatd, P&Jpitatica ?f U)a Haarv, Fliinaaa f Waiftit in tfaa *o:nteh, Soar Iracuuooa, Cbakirv ?r . afaeaurf Faalinf wban layinf (l.wn, Drynaaa or TallaW- I n*aa af tha Skin and lyaa, Kifht Baraata, inward Farara, ? r?>o in tba Small a.' tha Back. Chaat, ar Bida. luddan r riwhaa a' Baal. Dapraaa^on of Spiriw, Frifhtfal Hraama, , kanfaar, Paaaacdatiay * ar.y nar?aa? diaanaa, Baraa at Bla-ebaa an tba Skin, and Fa?ar aad Ana (n Ckilii ul 1 r?T*t.) <1 QTER A MILLION BOTTLES ba?a k?ar. aaid itr.rg tta laac ai mantfca, and in na Ir- f attnca baa tt foilad it ri'inf anura aaua'aetiati. Wha, tba-i. will aaffar frani Waaltnaaa or Oabtiitr wbaa McLCil'l ' BT*KK9TBCI>me CORDIAL will cara TO, t T 5a loiifVLf c?.n Mn?ij an adaqa?ta ida? af tba i:maa<tl- r aia and almaat ir.irnealaaa cbanf prvdacad by taking tbia O Card!?! In tba diaaaaad, rtabiii'.a'ad, and abnuarad natnu ijiki, vhrtbcT hrsk*d ifcvn kf HtMl. vttk by n*ta>*. t it by *iaki<ia*, ^? raUiad ana *i.?".??iif W(<>l- r isUm It Mittrad M :u rrmiin batlth *oa ? ( > MARRIED PERSONS, *? ?ik?r?, MiKini W in*bill*.* f*?i< wh*ta*ar tmi, will f M MvkttMl VrRiJItlThKNINa CRHlAfc * U>*- t in iifrmiii *T in iy?'.*ra; and all wba wi ba*c la 9 t?r?4 Ibaiai*!*** by lmpr*?*r icdclfaeea* vtll tad la till 11 C*fi:?l * ard *p??dy ramady. TO THE LADIES. ? MrhftANY ITltV^TIUIlO CflRPIAW I* * M'U- " 1fu *ad ?pi?d? can f?t iuciptant Canavirpiien, Wlmai, Obnraciad ar DiScalt Maniy*a.t??o,J ncautlnanea *f Onoa ar lr.T*lantair rNaCiarfa Ibaraaf. Falling; af th* W*n.b, _ 4iddl>ii*?, r<<titla(, an<T*U dliitui ineidantt* K*m?!**. TIIERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT nlTir aa lacgar. Ttka it aeeardiif ta diractuwia. It will t:atraifthaii, a- 3 in*ifor*t? yaa and caaa* tba J b'**tc a( baal'h ta ir.aanl ysar ?haak afalu. K??r? battla ta # varraotad ta ?*a aitiafactiac. ' FVK CHILDREN i If ramr chiMrao '" sickly, pmr.j ar aflietad, McbEANI " CO RIKA b will i?r.ka lham baallbf, fat, and tafcaau Pally nat t mamanti UJ u, and T" wUI M mutumI It I* d?lkin> la u.ka. OA VTION. C <w>r* af drsffltu : daalara win may try ta pain apan v yea hiii UU'.ar ?r a&raapartlia trtah, which tha? eu l >? <j< chair. by utihc ii 11 '?at aa rool. A ?c d aach mm. Atk A far McLEAira TRl^NGTHEN'.!1G CORDIAL, r.,4 uka *, bathing alaa It ia tba only rarr.ady that will rar.fy tha Viaad tharaafbl? and at tha hsii dm a'.ratf-han tha a vat >n>. Una taaapaenfal takan atiry mmiiif fuSi.f ia a rartain " praraniiaa far Cbalare, Cliilla and Kartr, Yallow Paaar, m an* prtTalant diaa-aa It is pa: ap Ld larri Ui'.'Ki. * anlr 81 V** kattla, ar t taltlaa far J. H McLiiAN. Bala propr'ator ?f thia CoHial; a'ao, M:La<n'i Vilcrmc Oil B kiuiaant. Principal Da pal an tba carnal af Third and Pioa luaiu, St. Laau, Ma. T WdT.Aan'i Vftlosnio Ail n M WMWMM mm V V*v*?***v WU AilUlillVUV| ( E BUT kimMKHT IB T*E WORL".) X Tba only aafa and eartain nara far Cancan, Pilaa, Tmaaort, #w?lllnfi and Branehila n Coltra, Ptrtlrui, Nit- D hI(I>, Waaknaaaof un MucIm, OitmIc ot U.Carcma'.ory Chaaii.iiiam, ufcaaa af tha Jotnta, Coatraetad Mcatiaa ?r X higaiBantt, E&r&*h? wTocthack*. Brsiaaa, Srraun, Praia C?ta, Wasr da, Clear*, f???r Sorts, Cakad Brmai, Sort || Nippiaa, Bam a, Bcaida. Mart Throat, or ant inflammation or pajn, i.? difarauca to* aa?ara or loi.f :r,a rtian ? mar t ?7?a aiiatad, Mi LEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT it a oarv.T ramady. *> Tbccaanda af "harean bainf* fc&?* baan ta<ad a lift of dia rs?<tkda and miaary by tha u? ef :hto tn?ala?tla raraady. j MtLEAPTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Wl'l rahara pain ahnaat jutar.t/ ntoaaiy, and it *i I claan, C yarifr and baal tha foalaat a-raa in an ir.crad'Ma ahort Uraa. FOR HORSFS AND OTHER ANIMALS. T H LEiNKCKLEBRJTI'.n 1 iv vi-vt ..-w . ? A* ralUMa rama?? for th* car* of 8fw.?io, l!>i./nol, Wiadf-il*, Bp tan, L'aoatanl Lump*. Noiln uKtil'mn. I x II n?r*r failad I* ear* fii( Ha*d, Fi*iaia, Ultf Rar.t.nj ftrraa, er Bwaany, If prepariy *pfhad. Far u Icrimi, BriJM, Btratch**, Crackad Htalf, CLaJai. Ssddl* or Oilar (ialla, Cat*, Bar**, ?r, it i* *a snfajlibl* r raniaiiy. Apply it ?* dir*ct*d nod * car* t* c.*n*io to *T*ry * iaaui.c*. a Thar tnl* o* Im(ii ?1Wi tka n?ay warthiaaa Li* I IT a at* D farad i* w>a Obmir* agpplT af ftn McLKANI CKLE _ tkATBT>XlM191EI*T. It viU car* *o? j. h McLKaK, Salt rrPSfliter, _ Omar Third *od Pis* at*., St. Lmu, Ma. " crarlm BTOTT, >T< P*. * ., Ml* *ftat la Wuhtcg t Uo ; R.S. T.ClM?L,0*a*?*M?B. HM-MWIr ' FOR STAMPING T w A I'ACKKT OF PAPER B S AND ENVELOPES T NO TO MATCH I CHARGE METROPOLITAN j BOOKSTORE. S PHI LP * SOLOMONS, Atentr for LantmWt ctMbrmttA Limem Par*", "Mtttorc'ium Mills," tc..te. 4 m a; 1 j 2t3tt P*. * .. b?t. 9tt and IMh it*. 1861 0 1861 " Commence the Year frith a Diary. 11 A TS'n&bl* Pocket Companion for rtfiatarinc ? mtran * ? na?( "'I . , ? of postace, kiminao, a blank apao I t aiem - landt lor every dar in tfte year, oa?h account ??>r each month, annual suinin*ri of aoovant payable and receivable. Dua't be without one of these useful little soavenire The n?oat oomplete, extant. *cd desirable assortment ever r?ue<1.o??ni arising twelve stz*s n.ed up*?r<t? 4>f M?? at*lee, M t*HIIAANGTON*? H-ikstore, Odeoc Buiuuu*, aorner of.?H (MM and dean t renu avenue. WATCH RE^NG ^r9|,.VE? WARE 1 have on* of the beet establishments, and farnished with aeomplete set of tools for repair Iv ing every description of ine Watches, and IM particular attention rive to the same, b? i#|b thoroachoomeetent work?a?? -4^,* ' rj iwcnj ion of s*aod*rd SILVER WARE. pl?;n %od orn&meot&l,mmCSvw under SI ?Bpfnr"iofr, which miout?meri will Lad 5 i fkTTI?! *??d fim?h to northern nr? d *?ld by dMlera in c*n*r*J and r*pr?t?>ntM u their ow. -uu-.ufiouarc. D k HO. Ho3n, ' , - >e 6 *3* P*.AT?pya. near flu* ?t, ^ gCHOOL AMD COLLMK OUTFIT*. j T*utk,> and Boj^^tkiug fmr ficAW W 1 M|Mf N . THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Tm nMiMl KaoUly aa4 Neva JhhH ?M U1U & ?tm MMh at I ?- - tectu IM aad 18 tcf ?u?r?n nbitaM Fr*4M M;ub{. Tuns-Oui mtmrimth, *? <*-" Btifi* ofj, par una. KIT* toym ? ? Tw^m ? It lavMUfety xi Him tt>? "Wwku?M Nrr?" e g??By tkroachoat U? oo**ryC^8in?l? aopMUa vmyrtnt mm b? pr?Mr*tf tt Ua outer, Imewilste y after tfca of Or **p?r. Pne?-THRKK CENTS TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. fifftwipimi CHANOF. OF HOL'M. Onwxl after HUNDAY, Nornihr Ml. 1?.?M trains wil. ran u follow*: LEirs WASHINGTON: Firtt train at ?jn a. m. fteoond Train at T* a. a. Third train at Xlf p. m~, Expraaa. Fourth train at 6 ?. m LEAVE BALTIMORE: JTirat train at 416 a. m., ExirtM. r^oond train at SJba. m. Third at*.! ?.m. Fourth at 4jn p. m., Ki?r?u. Tha first, second and third train* from WmIUicton ooifaaot tiiroaght o Philadelphia anil N?* Tha aeooixt and third onnnwt at WaahiacWta Jbnation with Irani for tM WHt, MA, M Northveat; aiao, at Annapolia Junction. for Aanapo is. For Norfolk take the * ? > a. m. toy*. tor tha accommodation of tb* vat trarai be tw*en YV aniline tor; and Laaral. a jaeeencer oar will b? attached to the tonnage train which laaraa at 11 a m. On Saturday tha 3.10 p. n. trail foaa to Phlladai hiaonlt. no XJ T. H. PAKBONW. Agat DENTISTRY. |^RS. I OCR WOOD-% DAB B Ft I- AB* P?w 11 pared to inaert TfcfcTHon VTlC A N-. ITK UAfK, ? now a..d improved ?< .> ftpftaa? When mtide on thia piM ?*r ?r?eotri VUU3 fortable to wear Mid mnoh oheap^r than an* other. Alto. Te-th inserted on Gold Plate, aid all Deatal Operationa of any kind t?i%t ma* l?e deeirod Of fire Hoom No 4. in the W aahinf ton Buikhn*.oorner Fa av. and Seventh at. ja m Smi* ma TEETH lVI. LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor a?d pat?tee of the MINERAL PIRATE TEETH, at M ler*la peraona It at hia ofioe la thia cltyAaflBB^P .Many paraona oan wear theee teeth whoH*J-u-u sacoot wear other*, and bo person oan wear othere who oannot wear theae. Peraona oalUn* at my office oan be a<x>nn-nn*la? ^ with any atyle and prioe of Teoth they may dee ire. L>.. W wuk wuv an pimoinr Ma W1I0 IM farMt. Bieane*. strongest, and mod perfect denture tba? krt can produee, the MINERAL FIXATE will t* more fully warranted. Room* in thia city?No. Pa. arena*, botwam Kh and Kith ata. Aiao, 901 Aroh street. Phi via! >hia- oeUtf EDUCATIONAL. r FEMALE EDUCATION. HOVE Parent* who with their daachtora to ro>eive a thorough and ayutematic adnoation. whera .heir phynca. training will reoeivadaily aod saeeia! kttention. under tharyoat approved aysiamofCa'is Jsenio* aod Gymnastics. ara respectfully inntod to nut the Union Female Aeademy, cornar Foureenth at and New York av. MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARD*, au 30-tf Wisiftk pEMALE ^ A R^Y 8CH OO L Mrs. 8. J. MoCORMICR. PiiKiru. The thirteenth annual aoaaton of Una Institution rilJ commence on Tuesday,September 1Mb, is tha incife rac'ntly occupied by Sylvester Scott, Las., <o. 1?0 King street The course of study pursued will oompri**all he branches requisite to a thorough English Ed o ation, and Mumo, French, Latin and Drawing. If iesircxi. ? ? i *- ? I Mkfitri.Mri. MrCorm^stc > repared to receive a limited nomfcer of p?pil# u E??f. iV ? h<\ o ?1' tu t, a, a Mrt of her oVi km & U. oa,7*' L'er ""mediate oare aad euporv. ion. 81?e will endeavor, a? iar ac e<??aible tj> ?nr fUtone* W,Ul tUC ??rt5Ur?SiRr Ek?SU litftrenee*.?R*T. Geo. H. Nortce, Rev IV * " -larnsu.D. R-r. D. f. Spri*,. Willuwn j JJ ' H-n% Sf^KS0 I? K<,iDniHl ^WMwr wmor F.vewu? Star, Waters Km j?1 ggtatia- ?"33ST*S5i?^ (SU v u 11 . Music and Lueumm at Profee*ora' pnoee. NoutrteharrN. uS-tf Cure Cong*, C?14, Howmmi*. In fiumt*. any ?r S?n ?v' of tht T*romi, Rtltrrr th* li'Til' klSlLlS turn. Bronchitis, Aikmm, alllkuMnM t Catarrh. CUnr *t%4 r?? ^MPW tttrmtrth to th* mki XalBP ' 0 ? " 8 Few are awar? of the lmjortauo* of obaoKinf a ouch or "Common Cold * in its firat etaie; tiat hich in the be* mm* w<>n)d yield to a mtk) rwne r. if netlected. eooii *ttaoke the Laota. Ttmrhtil Trochtt." cxmtam nt i1 miin 11mill IniiaO ate, aj.ay Pulmonary and Honchia* Irritation. 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