Newspaper of Evening Star, March 14, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 14, 1861 Page 2
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1 Ii? EVKMW* ^TA11. WASHINGTON CITY: TntRSDAY >1?reta 14, 1*1. Spirit *f ?l?e SI?rnJP| rre?a Tbe hUilltfnrtr thi* ir.oriiinf it devoid tn newt Ibe htpublicam. In a l?ngthy editorial, nrge? tbe policy of evacuating Fort Sumter, and taja: " If the withdrawal or tbe troops la determined by tBt* nec?esttr?and this, In our view, cou'.d aioD* jutify IV? then It involves no snrrender cf principle it Is no ' acknowledgment of tbe defeat of th? Federal Government,' or that 'the laion Is already chisel*, d. past all possibility of reconstruction, except by tbe most abjcit concessioos ? ?? _ Thii* L**t D<>do* ?Newspaper bluster and baseand unmitigated street blackguardism baring utterly failed to drive a sufficient number of thow sleeted to tbe Virginia Con rent! on as Union men te tbe support of tbe schemes of tbe secessionists. to secure their triumph, the Richmond disunion wipers are resorting to the depopuiationdodge. They are proclaiming that hundreds of the State's wealthiest slaveholders are making preparations to abandon their Virginia eatateaand remove their at^rots to the Southwest; and that, as a eors# q ience, VirginU'a merchants and me. sh?n!cs should see starvation before their eye?, and her landholders the utter ruin of the market value of their real estate. Now, happens that we have, Juat ow tbe river here, a practical Illustration of tbe effect of the removal of alavts tn large numbers from a portion of Virginia, that tells a very different tale, Indeed, front the predictions of the Richmond Enquirer, fjammir, and Dispatch. We refer to Fairfax county. Wan and boy, we have known Fairfax well nigh half a century. We knew It when the proportion <f slaves to free white laborers In It was as great as now exists in at^y of the lower conntles of tbe St^te, where the yalue of fair cultivable lands continuea to average under ten dollars. We knew, la old times, tnany estates there, of from oue to ten thousand acres each, to be practically abandoned by the removal of their owners' negroes to the Southwest, and then old out In lots of from one to live hundred acres to white laboring men, at from S3, |o, 87 I) SIO yxji swc. wuibii cikUUS uau cuiur w uc v\unu an average of S3u per acre, before the secession game commenced. We know that tiie change in the svstem of the cultivation of the (oil there, through Its practical abandonment by the large slaveowners. has not only increased lis value from tbrea to five hundred fold, but that It hss so diversified the employment of the people of tbe county as to double the value of the proceeds of every labonug man's labor, in It We know that it has multiplied vltco'.s, workshops, manufactories, Ac.. 4c., In Fairfax, and ptrbaps doubled the productive population of the county. And we knniv Ika srv/ i-wl ? w-4 intiliiataUl -- a u v s luxt 111C SUVM1 OI1U HIUUOVUBi tvil dition of the laboring whites there, has improved by the change as though by magic. Log cabins chinked with mud, have disappeared cn the linus of tbe laboring whites, and a class of rural buildings and farm improvements equal to those occupied by the sune class anywhere in tbe I'aited States, has taken their place. The former almost invariable herring (at,in those days, SI 50 per thousand,) and the then lntvirable ashe pone only, no longer form the staples of the laboring white mail's food In Fairfax, as of vote; for, os a etas*, the laboring whites of that crunty are es well off and have around them as many of the ubatantial cooforis of life, as any other white laborers in the world. With theae facta before our eyes, we confess that we see nothing so very alarming In the threata of tne R chmond disunion newspapers, that many ad7ocatea of bringing Virginia under the dominion of Rbett. Spratt A Co.'a pro-Afrlcaa-slave-trade and anti-white-labor usurpation, design abandoning the State for a more congenial clime That is: to tboae deeply Interested, es we certainly are, in the glorious Old Dominion's continued substantial prosperity ar d rapid progress. The politicians who can perceive no other Interests in Virginia except the alleged (but not real) interests of those who now propose to abandon their Virginia estates, if those papers are leaking correct representations, have been the millstone around Virginia's neck for nearly half a csntur>, aud if they will only follow, too, In a very short time comparatively, Virginia will be reinstated in fcer proper relative nosition?that < r I J * the first State in the American Union In popu!*tiou, wealth, tbe arta, manufactures, lmprovtmcDta, mining, Ac. B?>to.i'? Dkbatb* or Co.hsrkss.?From the publishers, D. Appletoa A Co , X. Y., through J bhtlllngton, the a^eut for this city, we have volumes 15 and 16 of Benton's Abridgement of tbe Debates of Congress, extending frosn 1&43 to 1920. In noticing the previous volumes of thta work we'have spoken of It with tbe bearty commendation iU merits deserve. .Nowhere else can be found all the leading f*eis of our country's political history so comprehensively and systematically grouped Of conceded lir.psrtlallty as well as ability, and embodying the careful labor and thought of h'.s faculties when at their ripest and best, the illustrious compiler was justified In expressing tbe belief "that through preparing it he had rendered a great public service to the Union." In fact, tt has already become a standard historical work, and la not only deemed an indistensible on the shelves of every State Library la the Union, bat!? being ordered largely for the liiuiinn ci omer countries Of course cur iUUhimd, legislator*, and all en^agrd In public life can nowhere else (or in such compart bulk certainly) find the requisite data to post themselves accurately upon all tue grrat natlon&l questions presented In the past history of tbe country. It la in fact * ureal political text book, and so carefully arranged and Indexed that tbe reader finds any dealred reference with least lBMglnabie trouble. N?w Ton Naval Orr.cs ? Tte contest for this position seems to have narrowed down between the Hon Henry Bennett, formerly a memW~> -? n v* wngrcu iiom Ui?t State, and Mr Phillip Dsrshelmer. of Buffalo?the Inevitable Philip, on aoch occasion*. When Pierce wu elected be came bltber on a similar errand, and won the Buffalo poet offlre. When Buchanan Mrae elected be also came bltber on a almllar errand, but won nothing His fanny say!ngs and doings around the W ashl ng ton hotels, 1b the bitterness of his disappointment on that occasion, graced all the newapapers of the day, It will be remembered That he la here again on tbe opening of the Lincoln administration, on b'a present errand fairly entitles him to the soibriquet of Tbe inevitable Philip, on such occasions. Twa> A- * mm UIUT UA1*I? Ca?I DiClDED? Tliii morning, Chief Juatlce Taney rendered the d-claion of the Supreme Court of the Lnlted State* )n the celebrated cam of Mr*. Gen. Guinea. It ?m la her favor on all tha points involved, and waa tha unanimous Judgment of the Court. The court-room was crowded, and Mrs. 0., -who wn present. received tha hearty and unfeigned congratul itiona of bar host of friends who were thera. Tha amount Involved Is said to be some two millions cf dollars, covering back rents for fifty years confirmed to her by ths decision. In the ordinance of _ HV? iWUg ! DCr adopwd by I .ou la! ana, provision wu made that )?s adoption should in no manner change tbe legal right* of parties to Loot si ana nits pending before U 0. Courts. So tbit action of tbe State will not affect her right* under this decision. Dbclixbd ?We hear that the Hon. Thomas Cerwln yesterday addressed a letter to tbe Preei dent, tbanking him kindly for bis tattering tendtr of the Mexican mission, hot declining to accept It. It la aaderstood thai Mr. Corwia was ?? W appticaBi I Of aay poaitioa aader the uwutl*e branch of thf Gomnmeat ( , Arrouru-Mr. H. Barrlaa, at Nrw York, was - Amy appelated to the Chief Clerk of ** epartmtnt, xut Mr. Cbaa. H Welah . M ? ... nn ? We laaru that Mr. John L. city, ha* a at baaa appoints Solicitor 4 Clalaaa, aa erroneously stated by a uweary tki* mora tar T-r-i ' * ,1 ? ;?i rOMGRBMIOflAL. Si!?at??When our report closed rrtterday, th?- Senate wti In executive session Soon after the duora were reopened, and tUey adjourned. ? Thursday. March 14. Vi.iati?Nr. Mason Introduced a resolution tr>?t lifting the Secretary of War to Inform th? Senate whether any portion of tbe militia of the Pis'rlct of Columbia, or any officer thereof, baa, tnre tbe 1st of July last, been drafted Into military service; and, if to, with what pay, by what authority, and for what trme? Laid over under tLe rul>i Mr Douglas moved that hla rraolutlona offered yesterday, relative to the public property in the seceding StM-s, be taken up and conaidered. Mr F?ss?>nden was opposed to taking it up, as they had commun'cations from the President to act upon. Mr. Hunter hoped that they would take up and adopt the resolution, as It wiis probable a revolution would soon be Introduced by some Senator to authorize the President to treat with the representatives of toe Southern Confederacy, and It would be highly Important for the Senate to be well laformed with regard to the occupation of public property. Mr. said he should vote for the resolution as he intended'.o introduce a resolution authorizing the proper authorities to treat with the Southern Confederacy, and he wanted to know all the facts in the case After fom? further debate by Messrs Douglas, Mason, Fessenden, the yeas and nays were ordered. resulting?yeas 16. nays 38. Mr. Douglas then argued that as the resolution vrflft th? flrct nn th#? tikVil* th* vnfp rilH not affect it, but It could only be laid aside by a motion to postpone it Tb? Chair decided tbat the resolution was not before the Senate. Mr. Douglaa appealed from the declaion of the Chair. Mr. Breckinridge hoped that Mr. Douglaa would withdraw the reaolution. After acme further debate, Mr. Douglas withdrew hta resolution. Mr. Feasenden moved to take up bis resolution off'-red yesterday expelling the seceding Senators from the Senate. Mr. Douglaa demanded the yeaa and nays, which resulted?yeas 28, nays 13. Mr. Fessenden proceeded to address the Senate wnen our report closed. ? m m ? Confirmed.?The following is a 1 'at of the nomination* conSrmed by the Senate yesterday. Vix: Geo. Harrington, of District of Columbia, to be Aaaiatant Secretary of the Treasury. John Z. Goodrich, of Messaahusetts, to be the Collector at Boston. John J. Speed, of Kentucky, to be Tcstmaster ai L.ouisvaie, Ky. Luciui G. Fisher, of Wisconsin, to be Postmut?r at Bcloit, Wis Wm. H. Vesey, of New York, to he Consul at Alz Li Chapelle I>eWltt O Llttlejobn, of New York, to b? Consul at Liverpool. John P. Baker, of Nebraska, to be Indian Agent at Ottoe, Missouri Agency. George Win McLellan, of Massachusetts, to be Second Assistnut Postmaster General. A IIand*cmk Comtlimiint ?The Senate yesterday waived their rule to refer all nominations for examination by a committee before acting on them, in the <-ase of onr fellow-citizen, fieorge Harrington, Esq , nom'nated to the Assistant Secretaryship of th? Treasury Thus, bis was instantly confirmed A Cabinbt Council.?The Cabinet came together this morning st an early hour. Appointments to office necessarily requiring Senatorial action at this time, we presume, occupy their attention for the most part The council had not adjourned whtn the Star went to press Renominated.?President Lincoln has renomvi* pv.a d tw.a-t-.--4 * juiivru i?ai. X^UM. u. m Ui lA.nuurion OI Hia , (T1PHT Washington.) to a second lieutenancy In tLe 4th artillery. Mr T. was nominated by Mr. Buchanan, and that nomination not being acted on, fell through. Tu* Prkiicrk Iscrsasi.ig ?1The clerical force engaged in opening, glancing over, briefing, and tiling applications for office addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, was tbis morning necessarily increased to seven. So they go. H_J~ We are Indebted to the pnbiiaher*, through Mmra Taylor t Maury, the agent* for Washing* Ihn. /or a copy of the North Rr?tl??> Review for February, containing elnven article* of average ability. PrrNaal. Hon. D W. Voorhee*, Ind., 1* at Brown*'. Hon. W. H. Hoopsr and family, Utah, are at Kirk wood*' Hon C M. Clay. Ky : Isaac Sherman, N. Y : Got Hick*. Md ; Jules Legralle and family, n?.u - - ~ in a_* a aui) air at ?? iii?trU5*. Hon Mr Rice. Consul to China; Gen Nye, v. Y ; Col Allen. Mass ; Hon. Daniel Ullmann; Dr Todd. Lexington. Ky ; Hon John Forsytbe and lid v; Gov Crittenden; Judge Bates, Attorney General; Judge Nelson, Supreme Court; Hon. Jndge Harris, U S S , N Y ; Hon. J. H. Raymond, N. Y.f are at the National. A SorTH-?iDK View or the Cmisis.?The Alamo (Texas) Express says: From the complexion ofaft^lrsln our Sta e little can be gleaned of a definite character Bankruptcy and ruin Mem to be following swiftly at the heels of the secession movement, and, like an evil grtnlus, sec'.fslon itanda ready to spread war, famine, and pestilence In our midst. But who can fathom the future? Sufficient unto hun<an wisdom are the even's of to day. He who rules the universe alone can dispose of to-morrow. Things are bud enough now; th?y mtty be better; they may be worse; God grant that they may be better The same paper also say?: Our secession friends are making dull work this time "*It's a pity somebody's haystack don't catch lire. Something of this kind i? verv murh n Respectable southern pipers condemn in nounmeasured language the seizure of Federal property within ttie limits of their respective State#. Thus the Van Buren Fress la indignant at the seimre of tbe U. 9 arsenal at Little Rock. Ark , and ?a>?:?" Th? act will meet, aa It inerita, tbe ni:q >*11fl?-d cor demnation of ererv decent man in the Stste, whether aereaaioniat or Unionist. Contrasting strangely with tbe feeling or tbe conduct of that 11w)rii band In the lower part of this State la the sentiment of our people here in reference to the occnpanta of the garrison, within five miles of this place. We look u">on them aa our defenders and frienda, and the people of Crawford and Sebastian counties will turn out en masse to resist any Attempt on tbe part of any people to dislodge them from tbeir annronrUt* I _ , ,?, -J-? long u Arkansas remains in tbe Union " TZT H having b*-en stated that goods shipped for nnn-aecedliig Stat-?, by way of Savannah, would be made to pay duties t that port, tbe collector there says: " Duties will not be required on E?ods passing through this port, and destlaed for Sfatt-s not belonging to the Confederates. Unless instructions to tbe contrary shall be received, the only obligation that will be required is. that stirh goods will, in good faith, pass to their destination, and not be stopped in tbe Confederate States." j| Wn> M Martin, of Columbia, S C..a yi-ung man of promise, and well known to tbe re*d?rs of tbe Carolina Fress as a writer of ability, died at Columbia, oa Wednesday laat, of pneumonia, contracted at Morris Island, Charleston harbor, during bis stay there as a private in tbe ranks of an artillery company. {JT* At Wheeling, Va., on Monday night, James M .ane, whilst under the influence of liquor, soot Rich trd Hadden, Inflicting a wound wblch will probably prove- fatal McUar.e escaped to Bellaire, where be committed suicide Ti:*sdav afternoon. Both parties belong to respectable families. iprThe speech of Hon. George W. Summers In tbe VlrglnU Convention has produced a profound ? fleet It is now conceded that tbe p oposition for a Border State Conference will be adopted, and that the adoption of an Ordinance of Secession is an impossibility. ni^The New Hampshire election, for S?ate officers mad Congressmen, took place 0:1 Tuesday, and mulled In the complete triumph of the Republicaca They elert their State officers and Congressmen by lncreaaed majorities This result was fully expected. ff^The Atlanta Intelligencer Is going msd upon lure:.diary documents, and wanta Georgians to mob their own people for taking certain Union papers from Tennessee. (17* The Mobile Mercury, one of the first pspers is AUbsms,, If not first, to come out aa an open advocate of accession, has rtceatly died of starvation. uv email great prevenmre agalnat troat A fir* < f damp rubbish placed at each corner of a garden during the night will suttee to keep off froet \L~7~ The New Haven Clock Company inakea 0bfi clurks per dar?VM.OOb per year The palnttacof tLe glass doors la secret 117" Pr?*'d?-nt Davie threatens to Issue letter a of Marqu" None of bis letters that we have ever areu wt-M letters of mark ?Prtntit*. 1?T Navigation on the Delaware and Raritan Canal will be opeued oh t^a i?th Inst. ? i . % ? ; ,-^Vi ??t >$-**?* i>kpakt>ie??t mew*. Tbb U. ^ Mediterranean ^ca!>?ojt ?Tb? N?*V Drpurtmpnt havr rwWed rinpatrtn from i ommoaorr Hen. eonr.mniiainn idib nquaaron, dated 1" f?. flag-ship Richmond. M'-wiua. lfi:h February. ult. The lroquoia arrived at Naplea on the 30th January, and waa remaining there. Matter* continued greatly unaettled at Naplea, and an attack on the citadel at Uaeta waa daily looked for. On the 15th February an accident /w*rn*rr?/l rMiiltina In th? H^th of John Pitt. gerald. seaman, and aerloua but not fatal injury to Joseph Helmmlngs, leamau. and Lorenzo Mealina, musician ? i m m ? That Accidental Shot ?The Charleston correspondent of the Philadelphia Inquirer, (rep .) writing on March 8th, gives the following explanation of the "accidental" shot flrcd at Fort Sumter ou that day : On passing down Meeting street late last night I saw that the official residence of Gov Pickens, and the headquarters of Gen. Beauregard, were till open and Illuminated I saw messengers fi.iss from one building to the other, and imaginng that some roup d'nat was In preparation, I determined to be up early this morning, and on the look out for squalls. About half-past four a boat left the bnttery, containing Gen Beauregard and staff, and within an hour from that time the guns commenced firing blank catrldges, and at about half-past six a ball uat fired, which struck Fort Sumter near the gate. 1 was watching most Intently with my glass, and saw Major Anderson, who had been watching the whole proceedings, open bis battery cn that side. A boat?which itrnnirf* to UV. WRI in th? rrnit rnnv?ni?nt ar^t for the purpose?waa inatantly despatched under a flag of truce, Mejor Anderson mercifully awslting Its arrival. An apology waa made to him. In which he waa asm red that the shot w?i? purely ttorMontsl ') fho nflli->?? <n ?*? I ? - ^wv.ovu. <U? viui CI iu vviiiuiaiiu uafii!^ ItU Idea that tne gun contained a bill. You can take these different facts, In connection with each other, and put upon them youi own contraction Having moved about Charleston a gr.-at deal lately, and having heard the almost unanimously expressed opinion that Msjoi Anderson would capitulate on the first attack, I have no hesitation In saying that it w?sa plot, t|>< design of which was to test his loyalty to hit country, and his country's flap- I am happy tc tell you tbit they are perfectly satisfied, or ratuei entirely dissatisfied, that Major Anderson ti neither a coward nor a traitor. The men wh( expected that be was of Twiggs calibre are en tlrely deceived, and the promptitude with whlct he opened his battery this morning proves thai traitors need not expect no quarter from him. I have heard from the best authority, to-day that General Hcauregard considers the artillery I ** ? - - ? - ? wnouy lnsumcieni M> reaure FMX^ u inter, (M decides that It muat be ahelled. If he bnd anj doubt before, he must be must have l*-en con vinced this morning. fingularly enough. It w<u one of the lsrgpst puns on the Point that wai ' accidentally" discharged this momlng^nd on< of nearest to Sumter. It only "grazed th< skin'' tfl tbc walla, and w? otherwise harmless CiURr.KsToN Affairs.?From the Charleator papers of the 12th ins! : We hear thst Uovernor Pirkena hia alxty bnn drcd and sixty keg* of powder en rout?\ wblcl WfiS s'ulpp^d from Wilmington on Monday morn int for Hilarity, having just arrived there from the North A bill of lading for twenty-aeven hundred oth^r keira of powder from the North, per order of ?iov<-rnor Pickens. was also rerv iv^d *t Wilmington on Monday morning?making In all thirty-three hundred and sixty kegs of pnvdf*r Two heavy ten-inch mortiira froin Rirbmond, ordered by Govprnor Pickens. in /iditit.?.n to those alrrsdv arrived, were shipped from Wil. inlngtou ou Monday morning on the NorthpisVrri R-ilroad. Also. four hundred nine-lnrh ar.elli and a large amount of shot. Arc. When i he Palmetto Flag waves over FoM Surr.ter. wlirnct* it will r.nlv ha r.tnnmul *>. >>? o?? ffr*d?* Flag, shall we not huve n j/ra;id rvactintion jubilee and ce'ebratioii' Let ti? h?ve also an illumination We are gratified In being aMe to state that th? batteries on the Ship Channel, which are of thf heaviest kind, are now in a high state of preparation and ready for almost any force that inay attempt to enter our harbor. We believe the rein forcement ef Fort Sumter by the Government a< Washington now to be an Impossibility. Out troop* on Morris' laland and Sullivan's Inland arc in very line spirits, and in thorough drill. It 1i estimated that there are in all about 3MI0 men at the different fortifications, ready for any emergency THK CoXr.RBSS of thk Soi'thib* CON7KDKract -?The Senate, under the Permanent Const! tution, will consist of two member# from each State?fourteen In all, for the present The Senator* (hall he chosen for a term of six yeurs?to lit elected In such a manner that on everv two yeari thereafter one-third of the whole shall consist ol members fresh from the people Asa matter ol course the first Senate will comprise three clatsei of *euators?first, those elected for two years; second, those elected for four vears; second, tbos? who may be so lucky as to get six years at the out set. The mileage *nd pay of members of Congress Is cut down to the lowest figure?eight dollars pei day while In session, and ten cents per actual mile traveled between their homes In going to 01 returning from whatever p)are Congress may sit Correspondent Charleston Courier. Thk Travkl t<? Washington.?It li worthy ol remark, that sinc?* the inauguration of tiie successor to President Buchanan the travel on the Wash. inuton branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad has materially increased, and for several day* p*st the increase has been more clearly manIfested. The last train of yeste-day afternoon consisted of eight large pa&seuger cars, all oi which were tilled with a goodly proportion ol offlre-seekers. It is almost needless to say thai many of the passengers were Baltiim reans, Imbued with the usual degree of patriotism, and anxious to serve their country by securing a share of the loaves and fishes.? Bait. American. I n th? Georgia Convention a resolution bai been adopted requesting the Governor to otter a reward of $500 each, for tho following works, to t.e written or compiled by citizen* resident in the Confederate S'ates of America, viz: A Spelling Book for the use of Common Schools, an Arithmetic, an English Grammar, a Geography and two Reading Hooks, one for beginners uud f?i more advanced scholars; the prize to be awarded by a committee appointed by the Governor, and the books selected to be published and printed within the Confederacy, and the copyright to b? owned or disposed of, by ths authors or compiler! of the several works. Thi Virginia "Oil Fevir."?The excitement growing out of the dlscovrry of oil in Virginia continues unabved Th? Wheeling Intelllgf-n- ei savs: '-Kanawha river is literally covered with flat boats, and th?? boatman ?r? ? "" - ?iW ?v?v vii n auiKCi Th'-y nsk two dollar* a barrel for taking the grease to Parkersburg. The producers are only willing to give a dollar and fifty cent*. Land* are leased ou t>otb slde? of the Kanawha, at enormont rates, the leases extending from four to five miles into the interior The number engaged in the production of oil from Parkersburg to Burning Springs Run la not less than 4,000.'' IJ^In the recently published life of the Rev. Dr. Bu?h, the eminent Biblical commentator, It is said that he early learned to believe in God and the devil, and used to pray to them both, "lie knew," savs bis biographer, '-it was no use tc flitter or cajole the Lord, outthedevll, he thought, might be somewhat appeased in this wny, and hii prayers to this personage, therefore. psrt..ok somewhat of the nature of r.nmnHm?nt ?nH .-v~~ J .? 0>'W> UV ?UWTTledgrment of his splendid abilities, by whl-h h? thought to gain Lla favor and ward off aome ol bia wiles." tr^Tbe preciar majority In Tennessee against Convention was 11,975 The vote for delegates to the Convention, the true test of the strength ol Union and Dlaunton, with several counties to bear from, waa as followa: Union. Dlaunlon Eaat Tennessee 30.003 5,577 Middle Tennessee . ,3u.8t>9 i) W8 West Tennessee 'M 001 o Total 8fe 6<j3 24,749 Union majority...64.U51 dTThe Commissioners appointed to audit and pay the expense* incurred oy the John Brown raid, have made a report to the Virginia Senate The fl-st part of the report affirms the allowance already made to the Hillsborough Guards of SI,3?7 12, but states that th?* captain and first lieutenant, Inasmuch es their election was never r?rti?iwt to tbe Executive, were allowed but the pay ol P'lv&trs In thecal of the North Fork Rifle* who were allowed 6'J, the Board alsc adhere to their decision. Ify Gov. Houston, of Texas, refuses to acknowledge the State Convention, and oppose) Texas joining the Southern Confederacy The Convention on tbe other hand claims sovereign powers and is proceeding to consummate the union of the State with tbe Confederacy Gov Houston is stated to be raising troops on his own account. Gen. Twiggs's reception in New Orleans, on tbe 3d lnst, Is described by tbe Delta as most triumphant The whole city greeted him as he passeu through the streets !n a barouch drawn ny t?ur horses, isdies waved tbelr kerchUfs, men cheered, kc , Ac. The General made a speech ol thanks, during which he was choked by emotion. mr Savannah papers lament that the ladles bsvs not yet honored the Convention with tfcelr pretence Thus tu. we " " ?"A ?* ? , ? uok one dm deigned to smile upon the '-assembled wisdom,'1 although oue-thlra of the hall has been set apart tor them. Uy The high Court of Error* and Appeals fol the State of M sslss! ppl have afl rmed the sentencs of death against Jim White, a slave, convicted of the murder of bis wife. The Court ordered tbit the Sheriff execute him on Friday, the fctd of March. w i ? i - ' Viemt T#l fLTftolifd frftM W thlaciAA* XVAftHiwroK, March 13?Commiaalon?r? Foriytb and Crawford have received audi aajiirancea from high source? of the pacific intentions of the i Administration in reference to the southern forts, that at presentthey will innke no official demands Pending the movements looking to the evacuation of Fort Sumter they will remain quiet It iasald that their Instructions contemplate a disregard of forms and etiquette in the attainment of results A specisl mtsaenger left here yesterday for Fort

gumter The Baltimore appointments hare not yet been taken np, and will not be until those of the Free Statea are disposed of. A number of Baltlmoreans, who claim to be Republicans, are here seeking office, but I have reliable authority for statlntr that th? annot Iitmpn t* for \t uri lanrt m-III h* frnm the I nion rank*.without regard to Republicanism Moat of (he Republican applicants, whose personal unpopularity Induced the President to e* ape from them by a night journey from liarrisburg. will undoubtedly be rfwappolnted Tbe peace policy of the Administration will embrace tbe policy of conciliating rather than Irritating the Border states, and an effort will be made to give the appointments in all of them to those who will be most acceptable to the great mass of tbe I'nton men, wi'hout respect to previous party predilections It is said that Jamrs R Patridge, Esq , of Baltimore will probably receive a foreign appointment. It is said that the Republican Senators have held a caucus and paisrd resolutions oppos ng the abandonment of Snmter, and also deciding to accept the resignation of the seceding Senators, informing tbe Governors of iheir respective States of the vacancies. Thk Mjssiso Stkamer Atstkalaiiia* ?This steamer la now In her twenty-fourth day from Queenstown, having left that port on the evening of the 17th of February, and conaidf rable anxiety la felt In tome quarters In regard to her safety She la an A No 1 direct-acting propeller, of about 700 horse power. She haa two engines, with ninety-inch cylinders and three feet six inches stroke. Her hull 1a iron, and wis built in Glasgow, by J i O Thompson, In 1857 She la 1 TOO tons register, with three decks Herdimenslor.s are?length. 3*20 feet; beam, 4*2 feet; depth of hold. 31 feet. #he Is a mtdium clipper build, and Is rigged as a ship, being able to spread a large surface of canvas. She was formerly engaged In the Australia trade, and broke some of her machimry on a voyage from Australia to. Southampton, and was obliged to make more than one-half of the trip under sail alone This she done with credit to herself, and proved the necessity of having canvas as an auxiliary to steam. ' Her agenta in New York ere ef the opinion that ' ahe baa r? tu rrd to Queenatown, and that aome tidln^a of her will be brought by a ateamer In the 1 cotirae of the we- k 1 Aa far as we bave been enabled to l?arn, abe bad about fifty paaaengeraon board, which, with the crew, would make a total of about 150 peraona She bad a moderate freight, and about $53 000 In on board Tbe veaael la owned 1 l?y Burns A Mclver, of Giaaaow, and ahe la commanded by Capt E. M. Hockley. IT7~In I Nil, the adult women of England numbered atx mliliona; three of tbea." all mlVliona 1 labored for th^ir aubaiatencc, and two of thr* 1 millions were unmarried. and dependent on tbrlr own exertions for aiibaiatence. ' nf^COAHTY KIHON^Tht In P. B. I|_3 wi 1 p'tacn a Ciiarit* Sermon in S' /* "i>nn Ch:ir-h on SI. ? J)* \ , t.i* I7tti tnfttirt. *t tho II o'; ! >ck Mt?', in ft'd <"f t!i i numerous ohjeita oft tiari'v. to whic.i ti.o \ onng Datuoiio Frieatia' 1 S Clat> IS IcV' l vl. 1 m%M-3t J ^>1E* J K A N F. <"o- *->o. O^TEA'-HKIIS* ASSOCI ATI" N-Th* Twch?r? ?ill lit) il a ?pec??l niee?n c S \ TUk DAY, March lSth.atthe Smithsonian ln-titii ' 10 a in l?r. W A Mdlkkt, of (ieoritia, will deliver a lecture on Orthoepy. i ri nd? of leai mug are invite I to a'tpn.l. ma- i? 2' J S, DnHAHT.Sf. nTS**PANktiYKIC OF ST. PATRICK.?Toe U_3 Rev. a. A. Maguikk,S. Jv pa ' -r of St. A oynue. wiil preach the raneiyrc of Ireland's l'a"on SM' St. Patrick'* t'huroh.on fcUN DAY, the 17th instant, at the 11 o'oIock Alas*. Tr.e collections of tite day will be devoted to t he sufT-rln(r poor ' ! tno "itr, to be dispensed by th? f*ociety ol St. VinoeLt de Paul. ma 14 3t J. J. KANE, Sec. rrW?ST PATKICK'* DAY-The celebration J. ? cf irelM/d'* Nntional Fentr-al by the PH<ENIX soci KTY wim take place at G ah tier's, onMONrAY EVKNINO, 18th mutant. t'er?oos wnftirir t'i p?*ti'Npate in the crlebra'ion can pur* i cha. e tick et? at Uauti?r'?; Mr Lackey's. S >vaiuh St.. between K *t?.: Mr. I.inn*.'? f * rue, between l$'.kand i?th ?tg . and Ivfr. hr<>?>'a, , Fourth 8'.. Itelwf>fn G and H st?. Ticke'* 42 ' ? 14-TIi,?*M?* JAMBS KYAlC.i?i f rVy?ATTFNTION, FEDERAL FIFLF.S.i 'L3 You are herein notified that there will be a me'-tint of the Tonipar.y on THURSO*Y. March , 14th, at the wrmMH jr, (lluoi Bii' <1i at "'c'.k A full att?-n ianee in fl'-sireti. an there wi I l>e an election for Csptam and <ther important officers. Mr order of the Company. ma 13 2t* . rr?=""l SAV, STRANGER, WHERE ARK ii. H you (toil:* ' V'ou em to he in * treat hurry. "So I am. I ain jtoinp to SMITH'S?, No 460 ' Seventh street, to buy a cult of Clotfcea. 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It Is needleas to I mAA Ik.* n.til 4* t. a -? a ?a ? 1 ? ?ua?, uuMi i* is runurmru una curnra on* oy actions and results, there will be and should be ( no intermlaalnn or relaxation of our preparations, which have progressed rapidly and favorably for several days " Tbs Charleston Mercury says:?"All wilt be rejoiced that the blood of our people Is not I to be shed In our harbor, In either a small or great degree T? those who have troubled : themselves with vague fears of wsr on s large s^nle, snd the horrors of war extenalvel?, tbe will K? s* n r*? m m tK* ? -- M ??ir ^'Jiruri??n>n UU bet-n grirvous How far thl? discretion will ro- . \ lrlfv the hopes and stimulate the efforts of r?- I I constructionists throughout the South Is a matter to be discovered by observation, The temper and intention of the Northern people has now been so thoroughly developed and exposed to the | ( eves of ail those at the South who will see, that i we trust Union menders are too late In their at* ; tempts upon the virtue and Integrity of our peoples Crusted egg shells and friendship abused 1 can never be mended. We have no doubt, how- 1 ever, that Herculean efforts will be ansde tn thst I , direction, snd must only take good care of these ! weaker brethren at the South, whose sentiments i trp t'ronp#r than M?*An a? 11? ? i? - ? >u\ ivowii. VI ?* u?? it ?r j h ?u*r past rather than the future. The Strait jacket was a valuable Invention But In the meantime, the prospect of having Sumter is very pleasant." The Richmond Whig says: "We need not stT that we receive this intelligence with great satisfaction, which It enhanced by the reason asslga<d in explanation of the decision to which the Ad* ministration Is said to have come in the premise*. In making stirh r. concession to the ca?*e of con- { dilation and the preservation of the public penes, i the Federal Government will strengthen ltselt in the hearts of the people throughout all the Ststes In which a spirit of spprehension now prevails " The Richmond Dlsgntch says: "Lincoln hss been compelled to choose between permitting Major Andersen and bis command at Fort Sumtrr to be starved out, or withdrawing them from tbs fort Having no means of reinforcing tbem, he may be compelled, from purely military considerations, to evacuate the fort, and we expect to see this act, forced upon him by necessity and not from motives of peace and justice, quoted as a f>roof of his pacific policy. In the m-antlme. it s a far more Important matter for Virginia that the troops now at Washington be wlthdrswn, and not kept where their only object Is to hold a rod over the head of this State, and be in a position to reinforce Old Point In twelve hours " 11 AVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEKLY STAR. 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J Ii? situation of thia larin rende-a it .err des'rab ? toan; peraon doing bu?me?a in Mainmort) or e-nplryed in offioe at Waah'ngton. f sim tioke'a e%? be procurtd ao aa to enable the holder* to ride to eith-r city for cents per trp. with a tflfg'ach ai d poat cllioe and a brat olaaa a.ation within two minutea' walk of the dwelling, ia a ' onl h? a:id improving neighborhood. The quantity of ar.d wi 1 be iooreaaed or dinuuiaheii at til) opuon ct li't purchaser. A Lao, A FARM containing 2TO teres, with all the improvement* c inpie'e the above. The above property wi 1 be diapo**d of at a bar ga n. a? the ownor is about to visit Europe T-in.s: One a>:art-r c\ah; ba anoe in 1,2 and 3 y. ata For further taiticu.ars apply to M HANNON, inal2 eo2w* 338t. Paul street, Baltimore. I AST WEEK OF THE SALE 4 or nojz UUUUS. Go at onet and tzamitu Ih*m ' Tht most magniJUent trtr imported! Conaiating in part of Punch Mow;*, Hand Kerchiefs, Card and Toilet Koxea, Inlaid 9t aw Boxoa. 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Ci'lrtH ami Consumption ; Sohenok'a Seaweed Totuo, prioe SI per bottle,for Dyapeeiia. ^oh^nok'a Mandrake P.Tla, prioc 35 oenta b?r bo*- for Liver Bilioaa Complaint* and Constipation of the How- 1 ela. Dr. Soheuok wonid be gratofai to thoee who teve been oured by h:a relied tee if they would i ire their certificate* of oare with ft. B. WAIT It, | oorner Sevr nth at. aad La. av. <??-> |MPOftTANT TO HOUBKAKKPBRS. K. R. DURK^fc^O.jB^^ 0 varan teed not only AB80LUTKLY.AND PRRFFtti.V ?? ? 1 lfl ft?Swt^EuwSfcrt, T^smMU^^OfSk jgajj OTT?swssfa m _ | M FUNCI4UOI8lilM, | AUCTION SALES. Br J. C. MoGUIRK A CU.. A(eti?oMii Tin wark.. tin wark at acction OnHMl RDAV NORMN0.M?rtkMU,ii f'nnt of the A*<*tioa Room*. w? thill m I a ,kri* lot of now Tib War*, inch m1 In Pi* I'latM, Oyatftr SooIom. ftma 1 and lwi* Tin Put, Wator FiuclteU. IHppers, a _.ii - \r..k a i?i> T.? r.M ? ~ ? - i auu I?I |v ?? wu u ? w i i ? m ? f?, ?v., ??. T? ma caah. S1*!* m%14 * J C- MoOi:i??s k Co., A??tt B NOTICE. V Virtu* of ? writ of ft. fft , iNi*d by Jm Coll, E-q. and to mo directed. I hereby give t?o? that I hftre tftkan onder and writ I .Mowing Machine I ThiNh n( Mftrhine.l Buvcr. 1 ? art. lot ??! old \Vft?..r Whee**. 1 C 00k. which wll ho 00M to tfto lii|k?*t bidder for ?wk SATI RUA\, Mtk.oa th? fftrm of C?r'< Vtooobit.or the late Dr. Him Melon, deceaaed 8ale to take piacoal f o'clock. It* THi'MAt* PLI MSILL. Bamf. Br GREEN A WILLIAMS. A?<KloM?rt. CAi.K BY ORDF* OF THE ORPHAN*' C5 fortr of mi PnaoiiaL K?rrTi or r*? b*T? BimncT K amdom. DKraaaiD.?Oa MOV A > , th* ?>kUi in?t*nt wo thai I aril, ftt |<*o clock % in., ftt the corner of Twenty ftrat ftn<) I atroeta, Firat Ward, fttl the Ptnck. Material. T?h?Ic, Ao., id the Whoelright and t<hop ef the 4toefta'd, Tlx: Tho Wood Work of now Cftrta fttd Wagona ooaplrte, Lot of Seasoned 9poke*, Hobo. Follcoo tad Timber. Kta of Bar ftnd Scrap Iron and Ptoo), la of W heelright end Biftokrmitha Toola. Bellow* ftnd Anvile. 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Ma-ahal for ma 7 dta Dietnot of Columbia. lYIAR^HAL'!* SALE.?In virtue of a writ of 1*1 ton faatae issneri from the Clerk's O?v* of the Circuit Court of the Distriot of Colombia for the County o( Washington. and to me directed. I will e?p??e to puhlio sale,for oaeh. id front of the Pnart Un>.< ? .A ?- fDlAlV tj ?nv uv\m *?i wi?i waiitjf vn r n 1//1 j th* 72i day of Ma-oh next, 1W1. oomir^ocinf tt It o'olook m . the following d oeeri hed property, to wtt. rix: Lot No. IS. in S^ut * No- 4'. lx>t No. X, in Square 42. Lo< No 6, in gquare No. 43, !^ot No 12, in bquare No K. !>ot No. 10. in Square No. 63. and l.ot No 13 in Square No. 16, a, in lh? city of Washington. D. C., together with all and ?inga>ar the1 mpioreirents thereon, aeised and levied upon a? the property of Brook Mackall. and will be aold to saMcfv judicia's No. 43. to January term, 1MI, la fa?<?r of iiooe, Brutner A Co. f-77 df W gELDEN. U. g- Marahal. r i n n l r has the largest, newest and MOST FASHIONABLE stock of a* xj w u u n. ir ever offeb ed in this or any other city. at the low terms of ONE DOLLAR FOR YOUR CHOICE of any article in the store. SPLESDID ASSORTMEXT. Elrcant CAFliCNCLE S*U for f I (torant LAVA Sou for St ie??nt OARNK T Sou for #1 tf ant J FT _ SoU lor ?1 l?gant COR AL and ?OLl> ? _ for it W?i?ot MKOAl.l-HlN S*U (or at e o*ant RUIN MOSAIC Sots for f i K PLAIN l?OI d ? Sou for 91 I ad tec* GUARD CHAINS . for fl I arfioa' CIIA l ELAINE ClfAlN?.ior ?1 InlirV NErK CHAINS lor 9 1 Genu' VFST CHAINS, tlu ftjlci L.. (or 91 1st, a Large Assortment of JEWELRY, wmeh we can tell at 90 cents ptr art tele. Just Reoeived, SMALL LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL fTRUSCAN BLACK LAVA t?ete NAMELKD CK?t[?S Set ETRUSCAN CARBUNCLE Sets PKARL AND GOI-P Seta ETRUSCAN ONYX ..Sett N. B ?Porsoas wishing any of the above Goods should ceii at oi.ce a* tbey soon will be goae. We havo on htnd.suri ere rece.ving every day, l.arg? invoices of TM r* V ?'Ci **? n - ? ? ?. ?? ? i ud rut Ttu WAKE. <k ntutinj: of Breakfast and Tm Sets; Card and Case* B islets ; Cream and Syrup Pitekors; Table, Dessert. Tea. Sugar and Cream Spoons; Butter, Fruit. Tea, Pu. ani /*V*A Km res ; Fo, is ; Napkin Rings ; Casters; SaJt Stands; Plain. Chnted and Gilt Lined Goblets and Cnps. ALL rom SALE AT WWHT WHOLESALE rllCH. GOO OB WARRANTED AS REPRESENTED. HFMEMBFR: n mnr r?c akc a ? ? ? wns> wbban SIUME, mar7 ana P. tr ana FK?'M BOSTON ?The ehooner Mary Ann Nl?r?^buir irrdrdi? rovduchvi inc her freicht. She will be ' olivine freichl for th?tbon port TO-MOKROw I W?d-"* WKhy.) Ap:; to HARTLEY * BROTHER. 99 ud 101 W? ? >tr?et, ma 12-41 Geo ?etowa. P. C. SPECIAL BARGAIN'S ?*ever?l ftoe PiM?t, that have be?n rente J oat daring the mt viat*r to nirmhera o' ConirtM. now offeree ?t bargain*, at Cutokeriag A Son's Piano Agency. JOHN FT ELLIS. S06 Pa av., between 9th and inth at*. 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